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Inflation tanks markets, again, while midterm races tighten

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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September 13, 2022 12:45 pm

Inflation tanks markets, again, while midterm races tighten

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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September 13, 2022 12:45 pm

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Provider will give you a real offer for your call within minutes. Then the come to pick up your car and pay you on the spot. So to get a real offer on your vehicle and minutes. Download the app or visit and Fox News orders. You always seeking solutions never selling is Brian kill me. I want one to the latest moments of the brain told me Joe Lieut. Col. Allen West the bottom of the hour I got a get his military take on what's going on in the Ukraine, as they are making a massive push offensive and the Russians do not know what to do will discuss that and also take your call to 1-866-408-7669, the Queen still dead and where I'd taken a long time. The barrier it will be next Monday I am failing happen zero but you know we do have some breaking news on the economy and it is not good Wall Street responding negatively. It's off about that was off about 550 560 points this. It looks like the Fed can have to raise interest rates again. Guess why because it looks as though inflation went down only slightly sound down 8.3% they expected more. What's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three: order secure the border is secure. But we also have a broken immigration system in particular over the last four years before we came. And it needs to be fixed. Are you not support her broken buses are flowing across the country, law claims trump broken but does anyone believe that look at the stats, the massive impact on the negligence on our country by your administration. Miss VP retail price of gas in mom when I was doing would Megan guess what this down dollar and $0.30 since the start of the summer continued down inflation reasons alive. Barely inflation is high utility skyrocket for the bite administration. It's a reason to celebrate because there will be at least the numbers are heading in the right direction by pulling him, especially this early stage with you and see the campaigns fully get underway. John Federman is leaving in some of these early polls, but he's not doing database poles on capturing the leg movement and a lot of these Senate races. There really aren't and that's Josh Reischauer of politico 2022 last major primary, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, are heating up with the balance of power in the Senate at stake and I'm not overstating that.

Keep in mind if you ever want to get the podcast if you can't listen to me live or you want to listen again. It was of the whole show. Just go to Brian kill me to work where you get your podcast you feel most comfortable of the inflation numbers 8.3% was 9.1% before the president took over was 1.8%. That's how much it's kind .01%. The core inflation, which they say is minus gas utilities it 6%.

That's way too high. It's way too high because you need me to say this, you pick up me to pick up you go to buy a car would ever it is. Everything is higher wages went up about 5.4%. If you decide to work. So that's the that's the situation our country right now. The present today's can have a big event is going talk about the success of inflation reduction act. Good luck with that.

I mean, this is not the time to pay could take a bow about inflation plus even if it was the ultimate inflation reduction act is no way he would have time to click a kick in. So please don't be na�ve to think it is an and by the way, if you just look at the student loan forgiveness more than makes up for any best case scenario when it comes to the inflation reduction act so that money goes into the debt.

It doesn't mean we for forgiven as a country means those individuals onto pay between 10 and $20,000 back the August consumer price index, a prediction was a percent.

It is so it's higher than they thought.

That's why the markets acting acting up so severely at this hour and will take a look at that. So in politics. This is really exciting because New Hampshire will find out what's gonna happen. Why is New Hampshire so interesting because Maggie sounds considered the most vulnerable senator in the Senate. She's got to her approval ratings in the high 30s. And if God governors students are the run for the Senate he be up by about 20 points. No one probably even a run against him but it's it's Don Bolduc against more so John Morse and Morse is the preferred candidate for the governor and for most mainstream Republicans and Bolduc is a successful general that believes the election was stolen and they just says some negative things about Gov. Sununu governors who knew obviously listen to our show yesterday is not taking a personal so he says if this guy wins it's no problem.

A part of the reason why he's winning is because he only raised about $800,000, but the Democrats thought he be these you want to be, say, putting millions on him.

You might not think that's ethical am one of the people that doesn't think is ethical but I'm na�ve. I guess I know some people try to help other candidates by may receive full but full-blown ad campaigns against the other against Chuck Morse I should say I'd say John Morse I was wrong so my multiple Republicans are vying for, but as of 2 1/2 weeks ago. Bulldog had a substantial two digit lead will see what happens next in when he comes to Maggie's son. She is vulnerable head to head with Morse or bulldog. She has basically one or two point lead.

She is going out of her way to act like Republican. She's against the student loan forgiveness. She's against the ball though she voted for the many bill back better plan that seem to have duped Sen. Joe mansion with Democrats have amplified so much in the states and affected the election. There had to spend 19 million across eight states in the primaries, amplifying candidates they think it would be easy to beat in the general election. I know color me na�ve to think that but if you really think our election, our elections are in danger and that democracy is on the docket and on the ballot. Why would you propel people that you think would find it want to throw the election take over democracy, even though I don't believe that is the case why would you want to do that well because a receipt be the general went there not winnable to the American public or the people in that state. Say your candidates to extreme. I think I want to go with the other guy or woman who you might deem as extreme. I do not believe that the red wave is over. I do not believe it's been thwarted or stopped.

I don't really believe the polls. I know Lee's Eldon seems to be on the march, and if you can make a dent as a Republican in New York where it's to no one.

Democrats are in favor and independence will probably be to ultimately decided when you have three major Democratic candidates come out cat home office oldest about Saddam endorsing the Republican you know something support. They say JD Vance is in a dead heat with him right in Ohio and they say easily for John John Federman in Pennsylvania. I find it hard to believe even the Washington Post's command said Federman's got approved that he's medically okay nobody wants him to be sick.

No, wants to be debilitated, but I do think that we all know that when you interview a candidate I know what he can do or she can do an offender is having trouble speaking let alone thinking, don't you think that should come up. Don't you think that should be discussed without people saying you cruel. I have a doctor ridiculing me because I had a aneurysm skews me a stroke on a note ridiculing except the debate before early voting that's I think is your obligation. Here is Killian Conway in which he seen so far, cut seven Sam are pouring in every $3 million tear pump out Balzac thinking that human being that last for many volcanic ants, Maggie Hassan strategy and blame at the Republican you think is quote unelectable a silly word and learned that a second has really backfired in other races so far and one question for Chuck Schumer Joe Biden Maggie Hassan and Chuck Pappas and other Democrats such little faith in your candidates and your incontinence that you're playing around Republican primary.

It's unbelievable that you have that much money you think you want present buying has been that effective the of the economies are doing great. The Afghanistan withdrawal was an absolute abomination China you can say the trade deals have been effective.

You can say. Gas prices are low enough, we can actually run on some bar success. Even though you could name.

Four. Five pieces of legislation, a run on Dr. Oz weighed in on the people he's running against, usually against the guy that doesn't want Joe Biden to compete with him in a purple state that I understandably did the elf was a red stain near Democratic president doesn't really work for you, but purple states like Pennsylvania and Ohio. You think you would help, but Tim Ryans wants no part of them there and John Federman wants no part of him in Pennsylvania for Mammon's Dr. Oz. He says Federman it's frustrating for him because he cannot compete cannot compete with Federman because Federman doesn't even go out and campaign most of his snarky comments come from somebody else.

Some are probably college kid who knows social media and you won't debate cut to. I can't pay a lot. I been the 200 places around Pennsylvania over the summer John Federman to Mike Alex maybe half a dozen spoke of her total 25 minutes or so.

We he just hasn't answered questions from the media from the voters or from me so it's not just the debate is gotta get out and start defending himself and is not doing. He's hiding and here's the thing you he is waiter T is Bernie Sanders in Pennsylvania in a hoodie. He is somebody this for zero cash bail all the things the people of Pennsylvania. On the surface would find distasteful. But if you have a sympathetic figure who 65 wears a hoodie got attorney tattoos doesn't really accomplish anything, and some say charismatic, I don't see it, especially the way he speaks out an overly satellite before stroke.

We doesn't sound great.

Now listen to John Federman rallying a pretty good crowd over the weekend cut three are the way I know this is what I want to say that again don't press women off this decision should be to Dr. Martin will and a real doctor right you don't want to give any accolades to a experience claim surgeon: real doctor as if he's on the soap opera not really more from Federman but for once to be the first sounds like you said like you wanted to be a you know what I would do if I was not first right of the monster right now it's so good luck with that is no they almost every political expert will tell you to lose if the Democrats were able to retain the Senate you're losing 20. The numbers are overwhelming in losing 2024 you blow up the filibuster just like you did when it comes to judges then you have Supreme Court justice being affirmed a simple majority actually want to do that. I didn't think you want to do that.

It doesn't really make sense to do that betterments going to have to at one point compete, go ahead and get in the debate stage to give an example so I could have the most supportive audience in the world. The monks referred for you and with you guys and I could have the best management in the world, which I have at Fox, but if I was to suffer some type of illness or injury that stop me from be able to speak coherently. I would not be able to go on the year. It's not a matter of having a big heart. You gotta be able to do the job and I don't think it's bad to for Dr. Oz to ask in a ethical way. Can this guy actually compete for the job and for Democrats may be asking for a mauling into say if he can't, I think we should be able to put another cavity and then go ahead you not, but would think would be that much of a problem real quick. I never heard this before. I know when there is sitting presidents like Bush 43 in the last few months. John McCain did want to compete with them when he got the nomination they met behind closed doors only one photo wasn't popular at the end the economy collapse in the Iraq war. Even though the surge was fantastic and deserve credit for that ever was. Focus on the collapse of the economy in 2008 that's just reality.

Don't take it personal. But if you have a president that now is between 38 and 44% approval in some polls.

Why is it that you can't even say that he's doing a good job was in the center. Mark Kelly has been one of the biggest disappointment in invisible empty suit since he got the job in filling in Arizona two years ago cut six seen on the job they think you know I know I first of all, it's not my job to give him a report card.

I would say no mixed reviews. Wow, what a shot to the solar plexus that is by the way, I would say no problem if you were speaking out along the way like Joe mansion was if he was saying. I got a huge problem with that bill back that we have any money for that. What we do and when it comes to this massive spending would we need a rescue plan for 1.9 trillion trenches gave us 800 additional 800 billion at December.

How does that make any sense. So what happened in Afghanistan, I can sign off on but he doesn't do anything and they said like I don't really want to campaign with them and don't want to comment on got a job based on 1-868-408-7669 or describe your brain kill If you're back at work and you can't really call this is the brain kill each radio show people for the kill made.

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Go to if I Fox news podcasts network and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week to bend Dominic's podcast.

Listen now by doing a Fox News five is so busy he'll make here and kill me put yourself above others in the wall of the continuously it's what he's got a lot of career back massive middle-class tax hikes, but these tax hikes that affect them because he is not paid his passes seven times about that you want middle-class tax hikes, but you're not paying your own 67 times stunning to me at a nonprofit. And he also has some properties he owns, but is got tax liens. He ignores them. He said they fell through the cracks is crazy to think that you wouldn't straight edge attack situation before your run will be crazy to get yourself in shape for a run. It will be crazy to not sanitize the fact that you endorse Bernie Sanders in 2012 and 2006. Excuse me, 2016 and then say well I'm not for that a more of a populace. Now mainstream person. Also, he's anti-law enforcement bend you over glistening in Arkansas. A been show want to make a quick statement on Dr. and the Trump situation that Democrats keep talking about Trump and how he did it. Hated hated that they don't talk about the issue here network dock arrived talk about it if you don't care that betterments not out campaigning.

Talk about the issues that you were worried about what gets the voters and I think today was answering Tucker's questions last night and ideas do anatomies book 2000 people on Saturn Sunday talks with the issues but he asked on his opponent got a contrast yourself you say for example you for the tax that you like.

Would Trump put forward before the corporate discount corporate tax rate, you should be proud of the fact these are self-made multimedia success story. I would not run from the fact that he has motto for five houses may be why would care yell for the sky works. You know I watched him in the street two blocks from Eureka leaves our studio ready for the pandemic and there was a car accident. The guy was having a heart attack Christian score he cozy pulls a guy out and starts giving him CPR. That's what this guy does while raising a family of four. I would not run from his success but he does talk about the issues but he so dramatically different from Fetterman. It's almost as if Fetterman will go out there and put himself out there and denies actually who he is. So that's the challenge. Here's the other big challenge is it what's happening in Ohio because Tim Ryan thanks the Coban Tim Ryan is running as a Republican. He's putting down but he's putting down Joe Biden. He says buying should not run again. He said the Democratic Party that were there were Democrat has a bad name. Bad connotations on it because the direction of the party right now even though he's voted with the party and Joe Biden at the gun every single vote.

Every single one. So when people look at the poles he see a dead heat with a little bit of deception of what exactly is happening or the people of Ohio being duped into thinking they're electing another Sen. Portman it's really not another Sen. Portman, a JD Vance, I get it easier is an author self-made success story.

A guy came from rural America or the beach all the way to Ivy League America. While serving the military doesn't have political experience of man. I like that life experience tell you, so they say they are in a dead heat and if they're in a dead heat usually that the tie goes to the Republican because of the way Ohio's been trending from one of my points. We come back. I want to talk about the success Ukraine's having no a month ago. This it look possible with Ukrainian said keep your powder dry. We got a plan and start getting on the offensive, and I noticed got a B in the summer and fall, and they've done it for getting thousands of miles back. They've liberated hundreds of cities precise personal power is America's leather team in the palm of your Fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News five or wherever you get your project will gain close to Fox and friends, we can hear my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture to politics and business. Subscribe and listen. Fox News five just information you want to truth you demand. This is the Brian kill me show happening with 19th thing Ukrainian taking that territory by casualties along the way the games have been in everyone bike life Ukraine. The operation guided secret for now. Generally from reporting from the front line. Unbelievable was taking place now. The Ukrainians of totally switch switch from holding to what they had trying to stop the offensive by Russia.

Russia has really made many advances since April and now over the last five days.

It looks like the Ukrainians are taken back about 3000 mi.� and cures on is the next focus and they're getting closer and closer to the Don Bosch region and they might be, and they deny it, but they might be doing some guerrilla operations inside Crimea when those nine point exploded you think there was stop the spontaneous combustion.

I don't think so when you think that one are you that pro-Russian officials daughter sadly got in the way. But she was speaking out against the Ukrainians pro this invasion and she blew up in a car bomb you think that was by mistake. Russians have been more ruthless in the Ukrainians could be but so for word were seen was seeing some unrest inside Russia were 40 local elected officials signed a petition calling for Putin to resign so far not a word back.

How weak is he. He just fired his commanding general, 16 days in two getting the 16 days prior to getting the job. A Lieut. Col. Allen West joint just now Col. put on your camouflage for second and just your decades of military experience help.


How did this happen, you know, history is taught at the Soviet army in the Russian army today, going back to Afghanistan, 79 to 89 they're not really good to sustain combat operations, logistical support, and what ends up happening is that they don't really train their lower-level officers and noncommissioned officers debate with the correct initiative like we do in our military there very top-heavy there very you know general centric as far as orders and commands. Sit down so they don't have a lot of flexibility and when you're going up against an enemy force like the Ukrainians now in their own homeland there a lot more flexible a lot more adaptive and what they have done is they have expended those supply lines of operations for the Russians and they have really done a great job now going into smaller unit tactic operations and they have protracted bids long enough that they were able to produce a large counteroffensive and now the famous work against Russians is that winter is coming along and that's really going to forestall them doing any type of advancements but the one thing that has to be taken out as the Russian artillery because they're just going to sit back and try to have the ability to just pound the Ukrainians and that's why sending them the Highmore system which brings a little bit more parody and artillery range that will greatly assist Ukrainians so far Ukrainians force to continue making taxable gains in Tucson all blast now that's in the South that's present so that was taken almost immediately. It's very a very hard tough sledding but you the military expert. I imagine they didn't have to take some of the cure son forces and move them over to stop the advances in the north, don't you think were they going to say we just want to hold onto the South. One thing from the perspective they may be looking at solidifying days down in the South could cut off any type of Russian support to Crimea because they understand the strategic the logistical importance of that peninsula and also getting back (see lines of commerce and soul band.

They can focus later on the door because you want to look at where you see the Russians having those extended lines of communication, supply lines, the rest of the going to be a little bit more fortified when you look at areas in eastern Ukraine, northern Ukraine closer to the Luxembourg when you start to talk about outside of those have strategic importance for the Ukrainians so you want to make sure you can get those games first, then you can focus your attention labor productivity and the thought that there couple of things people worried about the CD Russians look so bad right now look so desperate they've used to rotated through are currently using 80% of their fighting force. They don't want to do a draft. They said that will cause additional panic and possible some unrest so they calling a special operation.

But if the Russian start getting desperate people worry about what they're capable of whether it's blowing up that that nuclear plan and making it seem like the Ukrainians didn't or clearly read leaning on the Chinese in their big meeting this week and ask them for some direct help to look at this and say this word getting involved in and providing help because you know they're also looking there may be making some incursions against Taiwan, and they don't want to get involved in a two front conflagration themselves and so when I look at you just talked about it in your opening. How domestically. This was start to turn against Vladimir Putin in Russia there are now starting to lose the propaganda battle at home that's going to be detrimental effect upon them. And yes, you're right if they created draft that means that things are not going very well, but yet we see that with the forces they have there not be an effective so Vladimir Putin right now finds himself in a real conundrum. As far as what to do and I don't know if the Chinese want to reinforce failure for successful sure reinforcement failure that can also come back to bring a bad light upon them as well.

Also, the Russian military, according to these to the study of war, the Russian military command may be suspending the deployment of newly formed unit C Ukraine due to recent Russian losses and overall downgrade morale. The force or continue making impactful gains in cures and as I mentioned in the force continued targeting Russian military assets and positions in cure son from afar. Now the question is to even though it's Ukraine fighting on their home turf. Sadly, there's a sense of their making so many gains that they're worried about their supply lines is that is that legitimate.

You need a lot of forces to guard against your extended supply lines. Well, you know, even though your homebase you really look at what's been happening with their electric grid.

Other sustainment that they have been a lot of their logistical support is probably coming out of Poland and so that again is a creamy reason why you need to make sure you have air superiority and air dominance so that the Russians cannot use airpower to cut off their supply lines as well. But you know they should be able to sustain themselves a lot better because it is their home turf.

But if you're fighting and in small scale operations that reduces the strain on your logistical support base and I don't think that the Ukrainians are looking at conducting massive maneuver force operations, and so that can negate the fact that they would have a problem with gasoline, ammunition and things of that nature. Push pull, Harris. Speaking of the weekend after 9/11. And of course the one year virtually since the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, said this about the threats to America now that Al Qaeda is back in Afghanistan she doesn't see that is the problem. Cut 25 I began by asking the vice president about how over two decades. Our focus is on the shift from foreign terror to the threat from within. I think it is very dangerous and I think it's very harmful and it makes sense week or so you look at everything from the fact there are 11 people right now running for Secretary of State.

The key phrase is the integrity of the voting system of the estate. Call election deniers. You've got what's at sending what message that's on the wall. Love you couple that with people hosted a high select offices in our country who refused to condemn an insurrection on January so instead of saying Al Qaeda will concerns over here is location there back in Afghanistan and yet we see the Terrace and across the border that we know she pivots and thinks Republicans are the biggest threat their political opposite is happening, you know you want to talk about domestic terrorism and black lives matter of form or burning down neighborhood domestic violence and terrorism limitless talk about Inauguration Day for president trump the violence that happened there.

Washington DC. Let's look at effective vice president, Harris as the Sen. to get violent demonstrators released from jail by helping to raise bail fund.

So this is all political and Mrs. you know I watched an interview with Chuck this is delusional and if you are Islamic Jihad is in knowing that this is an administration that is pushing for wide open border policy. I'm looking much else right now because they they are ignoring you they don't not do not see you as a threat and and we have opened up our border and we know that we have is terrorists that are coming into this country because you know we've got some but we've got to but then we got some 800,000 got away know what they are right. Zapata may occupy Hillary Clinton Mark Warner on the ark is also the same thing to worry about, domestically and extremist Republicans.

It's just a it's absolutely criminal that they bring up Republicans.

The other opposition party is the problem.

Meanwhile, they've taken about 40 cell phones from trump officials or affiliates are getting ready for January 6. And guess when the kernel to go now to January 6. Findings right in the middle of October.

Is that amazingly wraps out right before the election. They think that may be an October surprise, but I think is going to work against them because when you start to politicize a weapon. The federal government against the political opposition that not work very well and is really the essence of Marxism and socialism and communism is to attack your political opposition and look at the subpoena that the DOJ merit ball and just put out against some of the former members of the trump administration asking for email communications about them discussing constitutional issues. This is unconscionable with what is happening right now right yeah I mean it's it's amazing the second placing a Stephen Miller got a subpoena they want a cell phone's mother officials they want Mike pence to testify that when Newt Gingrich to testify and imagine what they might've taken out of Merrill Largo anything that could be January 6. Friendly, they might say hey guys, I don't need this anymore, but you take a look at it and that's what could be happening. I want you to you or Frank McKenzie said your general Frank McKenzie was in charge gave the president advice that you should not that you should really pull out of Afghanistan cut 31.

I know you have since leaving your position shared that she size present Bible not to draw down his ear out to leave a residual force of 2500 troops in Afghanistan.

The right is the commander-in-chief to keep his own counsel reject the advice of military commanders if you felt so strongly why didn't you resign once a civilian leadership makes a decision, even though I might disagree with that decision. It is my moral responsibility to execute that were to resign is not in the biz not enough in the history is not. It is not something that US officers are typically done and it sends a very bad signal is a political act by an officer who must lead and must be and remain a political view group. McKenzie's decision not to say anything till after he retired and stay on the job.

Being in uniform about that because you were supposed to support this leadership as part of the Goldwater Nichols act, provisional services, I would have resigned myself. I can't speak for the general but if there was general wealth in that situation that I give you my counseling you dictate my counsel. While that I'm going to say I probably should not be part of this team because you going to the direction they want civilian general West and I will tell you exactly what transpired but you think about this. Joe Biden once said Barack Obama's decision to go to zero in Iraq will be one of the greatest foreign policy and military decisions ever turned out to be a complete disaster because we invited ISIS fan is of exact same things got happy here. So between Obama administration the bond administration we see that history does repeat itself and I just shivered to think about what's going to happen with the resurgence of Islamic Jihad of terrorism, especially as you display the vice president to think that a Republican and the constant social conservative like me is a bigger threat than Al Qaeda ices or the Taliban. That's amazing because I think that if he threatened to do that, politically, Biden probably wouldn't want to ruin it because he could not deal with that you Miller really resigned because of this, and then if McKenzie says I can't do this. It would've been so much pressure on Biden to not go through with it would've been effective because you want this on the back your baseball card the worse militaries at disaster in modern American military history. No, it is on his resume, and I think that we have yet to see the full ramifications of the consequences of that horrific decision, like a said we saw what happened. Barack Obama made the decision, the court don't quite remember what former Secretary of Defense Gates once said that you know and all his years there and watch the DC chilled bonnet never made a good foreign-policy decision in this is like general manager said they try to convince VP Biden that they need to keep a force in Iraq and he blew it right off and that was the advice he gave present Biden, who executed it. No wonder he praised it were all doomed on Carlisle West.

Thanks so much. Thank you, Brian.

Go get them.

We come back. You gotta come join us.

186-640-8766. I will talk about the border and what's going on now, as we are bossing illegal immigrants to Chicago, possibly Philadelphia, New York and Washington DC and want to get to Chicago or Boston or elsewhere.

No joke. Jack challenging conventional thought and wisdom with Brian kill me. Fox News can't just networking these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox News time or wherever you get your favorite contest from his mouth to your ears. Brian kill me, but was in fall 2016. The Washington Post in Wisconsin showing Joe Biden about 17 points in the state by one point, so pulling him, especially this early stage, witnessing the campaigns fully get underway a lot of Republican money is pouring into these big battlegrounds. I was just in Pennsylvania and John Fetterman is leaving in some of these early polls, but he's not doing the debates. He's not agreed to debate his worries about his health after having a stroke and camping clearly has momentum to the polls on capturing the league movement and a lot of these Senate races is also a lot of money to attack ads against the Democrats and there's a right approach for Republicans of the good to do this you gotta bring a crime you gotta bring up the border. You gotta bring up inflation and not just say it's bad is better spent with wicked wood we were doing before they lost the White House with who we were doing when it comes to inflation before we lost the White House look at what we were trying to do when it comes to international relations. Here's Larry Cutler with his best device cut 13 written in the past month or so on how the Republican Party is blowing the midterm elections, especially the Senate now. One key point here never absolutely never believe what the mainstream media and their liberal pollsters tell you never second point, Washington Post, New York Times, MSNBC, etc. crowd is arguing that the Biden Democrats are going to do better because of the brilliant legislation recently passed. Please do not believe this either virtual polls during the so-called inflation reduction act show that the inflations are going down the princes could have a big pressure today is a inflations going down fairly and I don't think it's time to think about.

I think if they could blame it on whether for cancellation or someone turned ankle. They should postpone the fastest-growing radio talk show. Brian kill me. Thank you much for being here about you to Brian kill me, Joe, different 46 in midtown Manhattan heard around the country and around the world, especially in Ukraine whether making miraculous gains and the Russians running for their lives. They're going to get desperate soon will discuss that. We also this hour Tom Foley of former Democratic assemblyman and Atlantic City Mayor who is not happy with the direction of his party speaking up into a simulcast on one of the top shows no cable morning company. They'll be looking for sharing you guys with his audience in any corridor standing by the former Chief of Staff or Bush 41 and 43 so let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three, sponsored by crunch fitness interested in owning your own business in a growing $30 billion industry checkout crunch fitness number three order secure the border is secure. But we also have a broken immigration system in particular over the last four years before we came in and it needs to be fixed right broken border buses are flowing across the country, claims Trump broke it. But does anyone believe that. Let's look at the stats and the massive impact of the negligence in our country. Price of gas.

When I was doing would make this one down dollar and $0.30 start of the summer. The continued complexities of July, right out of Marcus down 700 points because inflation came into high utility skyrockets a divine administration.

It's a reason to celebrate. I guess this afternoon somewhere on the in the Rose Garden because at least the numbers are heading in the right direction. They can proclaim pulling him, especially this early stage with you and see the campaigns fully get underway. John Fetterman is leaving in some of these early polls, but he's not doing database the polls on capturing the league movement and a lot of these Senate races. I guess not. We will see Josh crash are weighing in on special report last night, 20, 22, the last major primary, New Hampshire, Ohio and Pennsylvania are heating up.

Diverting Victor candidate for the balance of power in the Senate at stake with me right now is any court, White House Chief of Staff knows a job nose watch as well as anyone, any welcome electric primary election day New Hampshire at 7 AM New Hampshire guy and I coastal Massachusetts guy was I Massachusetts but New Hampshire small University plank appears universally appear retired. I live in New Hampshire and was proud to go to the polls to vote. I was one of the poorest people in 7 AM Chris is running for another term we surprised with the governor signed that's run to the Senate is not surprised but I know that he understands the role of a governor and the wall of a senator because his brother was a senator or governor. The governor and the truth is going to get frustrated when going to the Senate because in the Senate.

You're one of 100 making a choice as a governor you only obligation entirely. So there's a big difference between being a legislator and an executive and I think his role as an executive was more satisfying and show that he could make a bigger difference than just the ticket was one of 100 senators in the U.S. Senate.

Dumbledore is been the recipient recipient. $3.2 million from Democratic groups busy thinking to the easiest to be when he faces if he does get the nomination against Maggie Hassan.

Overall Democratic groups have given $19 million across eight states, the posterior candidate they think of more extreme and unelectable. Have you ever seen anything this purvey.

I've heard about this happening in some braces, but this is a flat out tactic you surprised that I don't think the right way in our democracy party system and we should respect the role of each party. I don't think the Democrats should be running ads about Republicans in the primary and to show you how desperate they are to maintain control and I don't think you're going to be successful. I Don Bolduc today. I voted for Chuck Morse I think is the one that can be Maggie Hassan and and I'm a proud supporter of Christian movement, and was running for reelection.

So that's what my child. I know Don Bolduc.

I respect him and think highly of them but he's not the one that can beat Maggie Hassan unlikely Hogan student Marilyn pieces on the can support Republican that wanted and Cox and they were Democrats to just posted up his campaign. He put about $200,000 and they put in millions anyone but God talk to Gov. Sununu yesterday.

He says I absolutely will vote will push for more's endorsed Morse campaign for Morse, but if Bolduc wins I will get behind him. I think that's the way it should be done, don't you, as a people do not completely with no one saying that I think has the best chance of maybe Hassan and I think would be a really good US Sen. Don Bolduc is a good campaigner. I met with him the last time he ran. But if Republican nomination. Maggie Hassan of the opponent on the Democratic side, and she will because she basically antipode something about, but you basically unopposed in a lot I think it's important for Republicans to be able to be in control of at least one branch of our Congress. So I'm I can't think of can be tough to hold when the Senate but I want to see if we can do it and it's important for the party so was dramatically different from Dell Trump when you look at the policies of Dell Trump about the strong border. The tax cuts get the corporate tax rate down build up defensive redo tray deals I imagine no one on the Republican party was against those policies.

We surprised there summed up by Pres. Biden as Amanda and Maggie extremists, and the fact is people are sending kind of ahead suspending and saying tactic is that for the midterm's will for reelection. What is your take on the tactic about Donald Trump. I didn't like her personality. I don't like the vitriolic bricks of the debate, but he certainly had some good policies and that's a credit to the team that he put together to help get those policies and a credit to the leadership of the Republican children Congress so that's what we're going to pay attention to what I am a Republican.

I'm not a lie know I'm a Republican and stand probably for the Republican Party. I agree with many of the policies of present Trump and his team put in place, but I don't like the way you lead and I think he's tarnishing our democracy. So I'm coupled by how we have the politics of personality is not what I like I like policy to dominate the debate. You also sit down and set political circles in a way I never will like to experience it. You have very few people can replicate when they sit down and look at these policies. Whether it's Rhonda Santa Soares Nikki Haley them not to be too much further. Then Donald trumps we put together there may be some nuances, but for the most part the Republican parties on the same page on the policies and 74 million people in all-time record voted for it. If you present Biden. Why would you look at that and say I'm going to stamp everyone like Hillary Clinton did with the terms of deplorable not showed up to vote in the Republican primaries in the past are not deplorable people.

I do think Donald Trump is applied person, but the policies that Republican stamp are not flawed and they make a difference in their very important and that's a little workforce we need to put people in the Congress. We need to put people in the White House that will keep America with a two-party system that is viable. Recognizing that the will of the people is most dormant. The most important word in the Constitution is a very poor report with its our government. Everyone should be involved and I don't want anyone excluded.

I want everyone to be involved, even people I disagree with. I want them to be involved because the tricks that's the nature of our democracy and with the example for the world to polish our democracy.

It's pretty tonic right now but it's up to we the people to get out to invoking the policies that make a difference vote about the personality of policies and get some good candidates for the thinking about running for president and many of them will be able to outline their policies pay attention. That's what makes the difference in the corner just in the distinctive color over gray column last week in the Wall Street Journal, and he talked about with you guys when reelection was a big push led by James Clyburn to overturn the delegates elected the results in Ohio and say we can get new delegates in there and would've flipped the entire election can bring us back to that time and how that was in one some ways to 2000 2004 election with the beginning of this challenging of elections, which I think is bad all around. Clearly remember the Supreme Court George W. Bush had about the Supreme Court said that the boats were legitimate in Florida and done deal to go in November 2004 campaign came in the Democrats again tried to claim that it wasn't the real solution. The solution to we the people spoke for the court's role such way that elections count and they make a difference, and it's important, Rose column was exactly right. But the important thing is good leadership makes a difference monitoring officer naturally pick leaders now that will fight for good policy. I was with when I pushed involved in politics the right of American politics had more rugged and French today tends to have more friends than log to let people know that it's okay to stand on the road and bring perfection to the debate argue part, but have the courage to work for perfectly good if you can't get your view of perfection. I know I just I think is you go ahead and get some lawyers challenge things that you think are on the unsavory but the most we got to stop challenging elections because it just it just is detrimental to roles decided we can trust any of this. Go ahead. Do your research get involved. Make sure the precincts are set up to some problematic precincts get in there before the election.

Once the elections done. I think we gotta stop this massive challenging of the tallies down to people who were involved in conducting the elections very noble, very committed to doing a good job. The grassroots of America that are working in the polling places when I went out about this morning, I was greeted by neighbors and friends but with their working the polls. They want to do the right thing that I respect the will of the people and its our democracy will Republic we pick our representatives. That's the democratic process in this country. So get out and vote have confidence that your vote will count know that the election process is secure. I'm a big fan of local governments and the Republican Party is always been government closest to the people governs best scotch local election officials conducting elections mostly honorable. They want to do a good job at night I can honestly say New Hampshire the best in the country. So now we have 911 21 years passed and I some of the ceremonies were just fantastic around the country. I love singing the national anthem at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey two years ago there was taking a knee so II enjoy that. But I was shocked at how many Democrats from Warner to me or kiss to VP Harris have mentioned and have mentioned that domestic terrorists is more of a threat than Al Qaeda and Isis.

Meanwhile, we notice it Isis with an Al Qaeda is back in Afghanistan listen to, Harris got 25 I began by asking the vice president about how over two decades.

Our focus is on the shift from foreign terror to the threat from within. I think it is very dangerous and I think it's very harmful and it makes sense week or so you look at everything from the fact there are 11 people right now running for Secretary of State. The key phrase is the integrity of the voting system of the estate. Election deniers you've got. And what's that sending what message that's on the will love you couple that with people certify selected offices in our country who refused to condemn an insurrection on January 22. They all use this opportunity to say our biggest threat from with in.

You think they're missing the threat of Al Qaeda going on around the world, which happened in Afghanistan where we've given the tele-band of white again. How was people like to support people who are going to be enemies of this country to pay attention to. I think the threat of terrorism is very real. It continues to this day. We have to be vigilant. Note 21 years ago on this day the president went from the Oval Office to the hospitals in Washington DC to see some of the victims named in attack on the Pentagon.

I'll never forget that day. He then went over to the Pentagon. He shot at flag draped over the Pentagon. He said that this would not stand and did everything he could to protect this country from future terrorist attacks. Every president following him should make that their number one priority and I think it is the people in this country have the responsibility to polish our democracy and we gotta get out there and do that so I don't like the extremism in our politics today and I look.

I was I was in tears. On January 6, 2000 last January which is a terrible thing. What happened terrible, terrible thing, but it is what it is to move forward. It's election season. Could people to serve in Congress could people to serve in state government. And that's the way we polish our democracy and that we can do what the president and the vice president, how was her job was supposed to be protecting our borders. She's not down there protecting the border. I don't think you done anything to protect the border down there and she hasn't done a good job of demonstrating that we are paying attention to what's going on around the world. No terrorism should enter this country from another country.

I don't care where it is and she should be all ears and eyes and motion on doing that America has a vibrant democracy with what the debate celebrate our democracy. Yes, there are extremists on both sides of the political aisle and we got demonstrate to them.

Bring your view perfection to the debate.

Have a good debate don't have debatable islands and then empower people to make a decision that represents the common good and work for good. And that's the way to do it absolutely tricky time in the present 21 years ago was paying attention to those who were injured in the Pentagon. He was working with the phenomenal team from the CIA to the FBI to military forces in every branch and he did a great job of standing up to the world and building a coalition that fought tele-and that coalition is still there today and we gotta make sure that we respect that and let's not forget all those people who died George Howard to his mother handed bushes I had and she said this is my son's bad name is George Howard.

Don't ever forget him as the president said don't worry about me. He said America may move on. Made me but you don't have to worry about me. I will never forget and thank you so much and that is in the George Bush museum any court.

Thank you so kill me talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show we come back Tom Foley with this form democratic sentiment Atlantic City mayoral candidate and why those important to is one thing I brought up last week is until some Democrats stand up and say I'm not happy with the way things are going places like New York. I think did in Virginia. Nothing to change so with crime out of control with the taxes going through the roof with Gov. Hogle coming out and saying things. If you're conservative Republican watches go to Florida I thought were at what point do Democrats gonna say my quality life is just terrible. This state is fantastic. The city offered so much but I gotta find a way to change the culture and maybe try the Democratic Party or forth the Democratic the Republican Party force the Democrats to deal with Republicans resulting God God state legislator holding now supporting him is his third Democrat does come out and said I'm supporting Lisa Eldon when I was upstate over the weekend from Albany to Oneonta to Schenectady, I saw more Lisa Eldon signs that I think you should take upstate Gov. Hogle has no real constituency in New York City just Democrats to the party does. The question is will the party take a chance on a guy with a conservative background to understand he would be in a blue state that has a military background it doesn't run from Donald Trump but will not run the state like downstroke would because he knows he's representing all New York will find out a radio show like no other, kill me dear support the president and his reelection vent working on my own election and that's all I'm focused on right now. Would you support my Harris ticket in 2024 and looking squarely towards 2022 and reelection ahead of me. I'm not talking about the 2022 elections in 2024. I'm just asking. Not that's not the question yeah go to bed.

The rule Democrats in all running from and then Mark Kelly said this yesterday on what kind of job. The presence doing God's dissenter from Arizona to get six years cut six is the kind of job you think you know I know I for slots not my job to give him a report card. I would say no mixed reviews right it is your job to speak up about the direction your party, which is led by him Tom Foley, a former Democrat assemblyman Atlantic City mayoral candidate joins us now and Tom welcome you are former Democrat are currently a Democrat Democrat, Brian, and it's getting harder and harder every day just can you imagine what happened to our party all my life I've been a Democrat. I've had several offices and not served in the statehouse and let me tell you it's not the same party friends of mine that I serve with garlic each other and saying what the heck happened to this party. We were part of working people of the United States and now we just seem to be followed by the wayside. Teaching 60 kidney gardens in first grade.

Worried about pronouns and all this nonsense is going on.

I ideally recognize it anymore. It could be difficult for me and an honor to be with you and I met you before that Harry early dinner in Atlantic City and he is he is Mr. Atlantic City and just click on that he's there also Democrats ruining sports for women for girls allowing transgender transsexuals to compete. We saw what happened this year in college swimming and guess what's gonna happen to the 11th grade or 12th grader you, you can have men and women playing each other competitive sports and basketball and soccer didn't do anything else. What happened to title IX I mean a title IX was supposed to balance court to make sure that women had an opportunity to participate in your sports and now you have guys doing her sports is just ridiculous.

I look at this nonsense is going around the country. People have got to realize we need to get leadership in there and I believe that the only way to get leadership in there is to make sure the Republicans win not only to Congress but the Senate because until that time you heard what some people are crazy people are saying the guy with the Evers name is EEE's got he's going to change the filibuster going to do away with and he's going to make sure that we do away with the courts in every credit device does United States put down the Supreme Court. I mean, what the heck is going on in this country and in Brian.thank you very much for bringing this out to people and merging all my Democratic friends all over the United States to wake up and realize that we need a balance of power near and happiness president Joe Biden name is ridiculous only supported the issues that Mr. Trump did here in Atlantic City. He had four casino hotels I was instrumental in getting the fourth one and and we were able to save thousands and thousands of jobs and we had we had a peaceful world back then look at the I can't believe it almost 2 years now, how to present Biden has not only messed up United States that messed up the old one thing we can even staff.

We can every every branch of the service has missed the recruiting goals so and then we can't get people to become police officers anymore though the fund.

The place now and desperation is backed off that phrase, but they don't back the police. There are some people in his own party and in your own party.

Cory Bushing company that still say define the police reimagine law enforcement, which is crazy. Soon, so Tom who did exemplify personify the Democrats for you.

President when he's in time. So why would Democrat right as you know, and he supported the lights.

Part of me so I can tell you right now we need people like that attitude back in the office that I don't see Democratic Party doing it anymore. Back then I voted for Bill Clinton.

I met President Clinton and I thought he was a great guy but he had the right thing to do, but we had a balance government. We had a first time we ever had a balanced budget is because we got a Republican Senate and Republican house and we got things done me in and asked if back the light and Brian until we wake up and see that United States of America needs to be the leadership of the world and I don't see this president happen that type of attitude. That's why we need Congress to write his energy know we talked of these things in their valid we are now.

I'm also responsible being responsible to the environment but I'm not for doing it in the in the allowing us to be susceptible to defense and right now as we go to solar panels and windmills and basically give up on fossil fuels gradually and act like this is progress while they build 700 coal plants in China and don't have to don't have to curtail any of their missions for another 10 years. What are we doing Brian. It's crazy and I just want to touch on police and fire to because as you know I was a 30 year firefighter and also director of emergency management.

So I've known my brothers and sisters in the fire police and emergency services all my life and I am telling you he's he's destroyed them around the Police Department as far as fuel consumption.

We were an exporter fuel just two years ago. And ladies and gentlemen, do you realize that and now we our enemies to give us fuel to give us gas and we have only the millions of gallons of oil and natural gas within our own country and all just take a look at the job the first thing is I get to know this because the Keystone pipeline. I mean come on wake up America.

How did you let this happen to yourself why would you take Crusade cut 14 people with the rights protected that that is a common sense agenda that the overwhelming majority of Americans agree with and so the corporate media doesn't want to talk about it at all. It's our responsibility to lead and explain listen was America better. A couple years ago we had the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years or is it better now when people are hurting across this country was America better when gas was two dollars a gallon for four dollars and got gallon under Joe Biden was America better when we had the lowest rate of illegal immigration in 45 years, which is what it was the last year the Trump presidency was America better now with utter chaos and 4.2 million people coming across the border illegally complicated. Everybody knows there is a Democrat out there that can defend this policy failure and so they count on the media just to change the topic and inflation stays now came across couple hours ago. They .3% decline .01% in the present can say at zero anymore because it's extremely high and then the core inflation without gas is gas, food and gas is about 6%. So everybody's feeling it. Tom Foley went grocery shopping, one bag I got ground beef and chicken.

It was over $120 Michael about my cardio day, which I used to fill it up for $38.

It was $66 more. The fixed-income is because we haven't had a cost of living in New Jersey yes please firefighter over 12 years and we don't get Social Security like a like everybody else get that's the problem that I don't know a lot of people know that, but in reality that's the reality of the situation we have we have police officers in older firefighters that are living off $2000 a month and how they do it is just amazing to me that the people don't wake up and say listen, we need to change what's happening get back to work more in United States of America and the only way I see a common Celtic crew sound like a Democrat from the old days, right there, take a break simulcast and at the moment but Tom, you sound like Jeff Andrew right before he switched parties and you sound like a typo Democrat that would do well in New Jersey because Murphy got the scare of his life in the last off your election and doesn't look like I said I imagine you have a lot of success as you run for Atlantic City Mayor Tom Foley. Thank you.

We come back I'll be doing simulcast and FBN and then I'll be able to take your calls right after. So get aboard 1-866-408-7669 diving deep into today's top stories Brian kill me now. There Brian kill me show joints. FOXBusiness is finally in company with Stuart Varney live on your radio and on FOXBusiness.

Here's Brian kill me back everybody in matter moment to go on with Stuart Varney. Still, the commercial and then I'll take your calls at 1-866-408-7669. Keep in mind to were waiting. Today a probably OS major pride. This is all as primary got Rhode Island and you have New Hampshire New Hampshire. The results here could make or break the Senate. Now I could say that in Pennsylvania I could say that in Georgia I could say that really the Turks of an upset Colorado Washington state for Republicans for in Ohio. I guess for Democrats. Their great hope of flipping as he was, was constantly exploring a ton of money. Maybe I'm up to hundred billion dollars to be Ron Johnson Wisconsin but in New Hampshire Maggie Hassan with somebody looked is so vulnerable because the people know him.

She's got 34% approval rating will find out who the Republican opponent will be in on the Pennsylvania side will see have not seen some big poles but for the most part, Osborne trailing according to reports, but to me the people of Pennsylvania have to be to hold a Pat Toomey suit this seat have to take a real look at Federman's not his height. I don't feel better about a stroke but understand to when it comes to that seat when it comes to that seat doesn't really seem to represent the people Pennsylvania. Let's listen to Stuart Varney and Brian kill me joins us abroad. I want to talk about something different away from the markets for moment CNN host performance in Brian Stelter named a fellow at Harvard's Kennedy school of government is going to discuss threats to democracy and how the press can respond, the former mayor of New York. De Blasio gross failure. He's going electric hobbit what's going on without premier academic institution Brian dear brain-dead and here's why I'm not saying these are intelligent they have no idea with the general public is about this country is about 40% Democrats 40% Republicans arrest in between. If you are an elite institution is only a finite number of of Ivy League institutions.

Yeah Harvard Springsteen: really speak for themselves and hear them you think of excellence but no longer. Now you going to begin to think of partisanship me to watch Brian Stelter on a regular basis and think he's actually breaking down media and not anti-foxy war. The whole book about how bad Fox's with some phony scenarios and things it never took place, and now they say they say Harvard is the perfect guy and then de Blasio. This failed mayor, who by the way.

Early reports are. He's a total zero nobody appreciates them member. He showed not only was he bad his job making decisions that were detrimental to the city. He was also lazy got high all the time showed up late for work weighed on his couch in the office with the newspaper over said after spending the morning working out on his own. So this guy is somebody that I would not pay two cents to take a lecture from in their hiring of his fellows totally brain-dead move. I don't understand it but I got to talk about the mayor of New York Eric Adams he's ordering a 3% budget cut got costs across all city agencies including the NYPD and he's blaming inflation. How can you cut the police budget when crime is rising like this you can and what you do should be reinstalled and a letter should've left it impervious to all these cuts and save 4% across the board to take 435 million out of education, 50 million out of homeless hundred 57 million are going to be coming across off of the NYPD. They can little afford to do it. Plus the all these empty positions always retire recently going to save money there for the most part, this is a lazy way to look at. I want 3% across the board will wear the needs where's the waste go in there and get you hands-free roll up your sleeves will tell you department heads to come back with cards. What else you doing during the day, give up a few nightclub appearances don't go to a few celebrity events and sit down and find out where the money's going because you cannot up taxes anymore. First thing I would do is make it a lot offensive to get some the most successful people in New York back in New York governor Hogle told everybody who's not a Democrat to leave and go to Florida tell me that's going to help your tax base to go ahead and start fracking upstate and started asking the state to maybe keep more. The money here will we work right now at 48 and six Manhattan because a lot of the money is generated in Manhattan that fans out across the state and across Long Island maybe go there but to look at law enforcement say we gotta cut we got a Titan is a joke. You and I both woke in New York City. I don't think is back to normal yet as I look outside at sixth Avenue right outside our building. The foot traffic on the actual traffic on the street. Nothing like it used to be nothing like it because people don't want to come back to work in this city look at the New York Times 1300 journalists they want to work on remote family back on enough Manhattan. Yeah, I think you hundred percent right.

And thing is to a lot of them cite some of the reasons and I don't know who's legitimate, who's just lazy, but sometimes I crime the random nature of crime. The stuff that we all see every day that you show on your show and we watch internetwork.

These aren't actors. These are reenactments. This is live stuff happening so crime is one thing, some people still freaked out by the pandemic and number three. Some people just don't want to interrupt a life that I want to stay at home and their moccasins or flip-flops in the dead of the British people probably: and they want to sit there and they want to just call their day decide to work four hours a day go to Dunkin' Donuts and come back again I will say this I take the train home about three times a week. I stay there I get on the train in the most busiest time possible. I have never first time in 25 years. Over the last two years I have never not gotten to see and sometimes after 230 your wrestling first seat now. Sometimes I hop on. After doing the five at 630.

No problem get to see so that you shows you either end of the traffic is baguette now, but mass transit. No one feel secure in the subways and for some reason, even though it's safe.

I believe on a railroad no one safe doing that is is a long way to go. Cut the budgets I can make anyone better.

That's a good indicator Brian, thanks a lot. Will see again soon. Still had around the divine right ego is Stuart going to give some quality time. We appreciate that. I never did bring that up is to get a headline but think about this Brian Stelter who is the partisan media critic at CNN to partisan for CNN, but he's perfect to join as a fellow at Harvard so he goes to Harvard were they thinking he parted ways in August on a Sunday show he's known for. Even his critics and his supporters is a polarizing media personality and who spends his time and made his career by criticizing present trump perfect Harvard nothing about this magical in the class and going all great. This is CNN anchor. I did watch now is teaching me a class when you cut a grade of any get incredible that they would go out of their way to change the stereotype on the Ivy League institutions that their way to the left.

Instead, they hire people to get fired. Who way to the left.

Once it is term limited out de Blasio was the personification of all ineffective liberal politicians and Brian Stelter somebody that people laughed at when he pretended as if he was a media critic might saying he's not smart or enterprising. I'm just saying he's partisan. And guess what he's got a job to go to Harvard for Lisa semester.

I'm not sure what's gonna happen to us in any particular that's can be interesting to see where that network goes because they didn't didn't have and they have a rating. I mean we do better at 11 o'clock at night where I would say we do better at 4 o'clock in the morning and they do it 8 o'clock at night. No joke.

I use the brain to meet you.

Goodbye right now. Get tickets to see me live close and Brandon, Missouri, Mississippi is always seeking solutions for selling is Brian Kelly.

They want to let his moments of the brain. Tell me show coming up. Surely Scott mad the bottom of the arrow there and try to make sense of 9/11 and the Democrats, going out of their way to acquaint with the think is the I guess mag agenda with Ms. this chief terrorist fear, we should have and we should be guarding against a 21 years after 9/11 Scott man also talks about Afghanistan. The disaster and the fact is rule overstating the over the horizon capabilities of our Armed Forces because we to God.

So art is our year sorry he is the number one guy in Al Qaeda. Yes, Bo. Just to think that he's the only guy from Al Qaeda in Kabul is folly of the day from swami is here. He's also got a brand-new book out will gonna talk about that but first let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three order secure the border is secure. But we also have a broken immigration system particular over the last four years before we came in at night. I hear yeah that is that is quite interesting because you have somebody's quest declared that the border is closed.

We know it is not. We also know they were being overwhelmed the number of the number of illegals come to our borders now at 1.9 newly without trump left was 450,000 you tell me what's better.

I'm not great at math, but I'm great at that price of gas. Not when I was doing would make you guess what this down dollar and $0.30 since the start of the summer. The continued complexities in July that is present but inflation is high utility skyrockets a divided White House. It's a reason to celebrate. Guess what the new inflation over just came he came through 8.3%. The present might want to rethink his White House press conference today calling him, especially this early stage, evidencing the campaigns fully get underway. John Fetterman is leaving in some of these early polls, but he's not doing database holes on capturing public movement and a lot of these Senate races and we pretty much all given up on poles happily that's just cross our own special report last night from politico 2022 last major primary New Hampshire as well as Rhode Island and Ohio and Pennsylvania are heating up as the balance of power in the Senate is at stake. They could have Ramaswamy join just now think welcome good beer. I congratulations on the book. It's fascinating. I'm not through all of it, but I hope to be by tomorrow when you join me on one nation. With this weekly journey. When nations called nation of victims identity politics and the death of merit and the path back to excellence. I did not know was a book I caught the end of your interview last week I thought to myself that's exactly been talking about.

I might talk about matching intellects. I'm not talking about I just talking where's the work ethic about dart that guy. That woman swore the you you network them. If you don't get the job you gonna blame somebody prompted you to to focus on this research like you did when it was sprang to SQL to locate rights of, this is a book I wrote last year about corporate America cynically expelled exploiting progressive values to be able to aggregate more power and even more profit for themselves. What I realized by the end of the books it takes two to tango at the end of the day that only works if there's a general population of consumers of millennial and chintzy consumers included core falling for the trek into this book looks upstream to the culture to say that what is it about the vacuum of identity in the heart of a generation. What is it about that vacuum that allows what capitalism to thrive.

That was the topic of the last book so that that's what caused me to take a deeper dive here some sort of a sequel to Woking.

It's about our culture. Though this is not a corporate America. This asked the question of what's the vacuum. The black hole of identity at the heart of the American soul right now and my theory is that when you have a vacuum that runs that deep. That's what allows poison to fill the void in one of things I had done over the last couple of years is critique that poison one at a time. Identity politics will culture, climate, religion, whatever that whatever the toxic poison may be we can stamp out one at a time, but when not solving the problem. Unless we fill that vacuum of American identity that hopefully dilutes the poison to irrelevance and so I look in the mirror and say that look, I'm not doing enough of that myself.

That's what this book was about. So now we have this thing called quiet quitting with people who just wanted such a bad job to get fired and collect unemployment others to the pandemic obviously is not their fault it's China's fault they got lazy. They say way of this job is not rewarding enough to fill you back to work is still in the New York Times over 1500 employees refused to go back they said they said my unit is going to protect me. I don't want to go back to work five days a week, or at all work from home, its prevalence is what exists in the book is victimhood fits laziness like a glove is one of the things that we see right now is the antiwar culture team called the anti-work movement, the great resignation was accelerated during the pandemic will you have a generational reluctance to work to achieve. It's not enough to admit that laziness or sloth or life preferences would be good enough. They wrap it with part of the grand struggle against the oppression of capitalism during Ford, one of the eight when the great leaders of the so-called anti-work movement and read it says this all the time.

It's about fighting against the colonialism of capitalism, the oppression of capitalism and that's what gives its staying power, because then it's not just a matter of being lazy or making life choices but you wrapping around with a moral veneer of legitimacy.

That's what makes this permanent. It's not just about the laziness and the lack of work. It's the moral indignation that comes with it not for them: on the line where you book it has great perspective on on her history. Go back to people being blamed like a general long Street being blamed when Gen. Lee didn't listen to him. He dies a couple years at five years after the war doesn't really never really blame Wall Street for it was his decision to go right up the middle at Gettysburg and they got annihilated right that's right what Stonewall Jackson dies and he becomes a legend lead ice doesn't do enough defense and long street pays the price and history. He becomes the victim of this rewriting of history but it's an inaccurate rewriting of history is an inaccurate writing is. That's one of the things I do in this book is that this book isn't for everybody for something Lexi cares about looking at American history.

Even Roman history as a way to gain insights into the present.

That's the audience why I hope that you get some thing out of this book and wanting to love about looking at history as it takes us out of the present for a second right now were wearing such sigh loaded chambers with respect people who can engage cannot engage in political discourse receiving people pulling out of political debates. Today it we can engage in political discourse when were tethered to the present. But when we go to history.

Somehow, that allows people to take off their constraints a little bit cited trace a lot of the pre-could a post-Civil War reconstruction era history were victimhood culture was actually born I get began with a lot of the jurisprudence that began in the back of the reconstruction era that taught people to think of themselves as disempowered classes and victims US constitutional law. In some ways actually been demanded it, but I go all the way back to Roman history document how victimhood created this historical lens of how we see long street general long street versus say Stonewall Jackson actually one of my favorite stories from the book was even the way we look at Roman emperors rights so that the depths of tinea Severus of the black Emperor. Here's the one I was taught in high school was the so-called black Emperor. One of things I learned in doing the research for this book is that he can see himself as the black Emperor.

He was only named the black Emperor in the last 40 years by Americans who wanted to celebrate a black conqueror because that's what the American moment demanded back in the Roman era. They can see each other as as having anything other than dark eyes, dark hair, dark skin. It didn't matter. They were citizens of a nation is if you go back to history and see what actually happened.

It gives you a different filter through which you can actually see the present couple things I remember this go. Not initialing your book, but I remember reading in the 1880s. People feeling and worried about my generation. There was so tough during the Civil War. Everyone fought ever picked up a gun. We've gotten soft as a country.

After 1776, we find the war of 1812 and was soon they try to rule lateral generals and there's one difference is car keys say what happened to that attitude would happen to Argyle without tough anymore in our greatest generation became the greatest because he had to be the world went to war. So a lot of it is the circumstances in which are born correct necessity may demand even for the upcoming generation to but I think that such an inspiring point. You just made Brian which is that this point I make in the book as it relates to Rome by the way we think about the rise of Rome in the fall of Rome one of the great discoveries again it into writing this book.

Going through my old historical knowledge but but bringing it brushing it up again is that there was no rise and fall of Rome. There were many rises and many false and the same goes for the history of the American experiment to there have been many rises and many false and once he said that gives us hope in the current moment to to say that you know what we might do cleanup might not be done with this whole American experiment. After all, there were many rises and many falls we might get a nadir but actually it's good to be about the agency that we as citizens exercise disabled have the next revival right again it just like we did it just like we did back then as it made the early 1800s. We have one of those moments. Now we got through before we get there again because of your black or of Eurasian you or if you are poor. If you're rich, there's always a way. This owes excuse are quite you can grab if you choose to try one of the points he book that I'm going to challenge you because you said no one will ever bring up is walking is about Asians and about American about the Indians whose grades should probably go through the roof and even though the SATs are extremely high GPAs are extremely high. It's hard for them to get into these Ivy League schools because there's so many others in the looking to diversify and it's not flat out merit-based affirmative action hurting the extremely bright minorities exactly right in Harvard what one-mile matters used to describe this years ago as the so-called Jewish problem that was Harvard's words not mine. The same thing they effectively have the Asian problem now that they just went on along axes of merit including American be defined many ways can be musical exceptionalism could be athletic exceptionalism, but could be academic. The population would it turns out, be disproportionally Asian is a 400+ point gap in terms of what it takes to get into a top university on the SATs to be an Asian applicant a black applicant mightily 1600 loss of working its way up to challenge affirmative-action Claris yeah there is an and and and so I think legally it's interesting it's one it's one of the few cases if you go back to Ashley Sandra Day O'Connor's opinion about 2025 years ago. In the early affirmative-action cases they it was one of the few cases where they put an ex parte on a constitutional principle. What is it about 20 or 25 years from now, we expect that these policies will no longer be necessary, may not even be constitutional under lock a circumstance will change now were hitting about that 20 to 25 you're markedly interesting to see what Supreme Court does I delve into some of those arguments in this book, but it goes beyond the legal dimension of this I hope this report comes out of the wrong site on the right side of this by rejecting affirmative action policies, but the deeper question Brian is what is in our culture that makes us demand these policies in the first place right to see each other as victims, on the basis of the color of their skin. The more we tell that narrative the more we create the new oppression that comes from the narrative of victimhood itself, and that's accepting the greatest shackle on black identity.

Today the thing is, holding that thing that creates most black victims is the narrative of black victimhood identity right people till you get stuck in a black I believe that we should be able to debate these ideas in the open without regard to what skin color. We have to that's part of what makes us American and we forgotten that Vic Ramaswamy here is book is now out as of this as of yesterday is called nation of victims identity politics and the depth of merit and the path back to excellent. So here's it. They say if you get up everything you told your parents and you teachers that America's racist and you're a minority or black egg. Okay, I have an attitude I'm ticked off.

Why is it that the world is against me. So if I'm 68 1012 it's come going to have a little a little bit of a chip on my shoulder exactly in Clancy and let you know if I was part of the 60s to it just does work and was advantage to wake up to the world against you overcome and find a way and there was more of an attitude of that during segregation in the South than there is right now we have more of a level playing field than ever before. I totally agree tightness in the Indian-American community right somewhere immigrants came to this country and first generation family some. I was born America. But first generation. We have one upbringing, scrappy underdog mentality merit focused hard work get ahead, put your head down and create your own destiny when I'm beginning to see in the second and third generation, even among Asian Americans is now the reinvention of thinking of yourself as a person of color, odor, were not one of the privilege people were one of the people of color, inventing a victimhood narrative that going through hardship that axes their parents their grantors are the ones of the went to the hardship guys not easy get the guys that easy.

Other ones were reinventing this narrative of thinking themselves and recasting themselves as victims because because the ethics instructor. That's how you get ahead in America today where just following their incentives and like so many times porch really tells the story you actually use that you can benefit from feeling at the underdog.

Michael Jordan gives a speech in the Hall of Fame, and he talks about the 10th grader. They got cut from the varsity team JV team most encouraged by JV. I frankly used it as momentum. He put six round-trip take Tom Brady rest of his life used to bring Grace cornerback Abby to seek drug traffic. Although most teams are passed up on me. The patriots who best of five times. It benefits you to feel as though you have something to prove every day use it to your advantage. Where's that mentality more with the Vegas we come back because we do have some economic numbers.

I had a really tap into your mind.

Economic by where were going as a country who's in the brain to only show double learning something new every day, Brian kill me show the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me longer that inflation remains well above the target that the greater the concern that the public will start to just naturally incorporate higher inflation into its economic decision-making and our job is to make sure that doesn't happen and were committed to doing that job and I guess that means by raising rates because right now inflation community .3%. The markets responded with a drop of 880 points was about 500 when I started the show with me right now is that they cram swami's book is excellent. It's now out. It is called nation of victims identity politics, and that the merit and the path back to excellence.

You also great knowledge of our economy here in Drupal. Where will you think were heading with with the economy had. He's gonna raise rates which the reaction she talked about this a little bit in the in the book as well. So there's a big difference between raising rates now and raising rates. Let Santa Paul Volcker under Ronald Reagan okay because back then HIV raise rates. What he did you shrink in the economy you're purposefully doing it to fight against inflation's.

I think there's there's no path out of an inflationary crisis like the one that were in that does not run through raising rates. We has undergone addicted to easy money skiing artificial snow as I say that's in the last 15 years have been a key CAT scan artificial snow forever. However, the key is to raise rates in a period where you also have economic policies for the actual economy that unlock economic potential to counter the effects of raising the rates themselves under Reagan what you give a direct literary agenda given a gender that spurs private innovation. Given agenda that gets government out of the way of private businesses tax reform tax cuts that allow the economy to thrive against the backdrop of aggressively raising rates as opposed was happening now is planning double whammy just so well that this spending. The spending is is is up was put in a separate category for an academic interest inflation, which then creates the need for for raising rates even more, but against the regulatory environment and against an unfavorable potential future tax policy environment that once contributes to not some not going to Connie possibly shrinking the economy in real-world terms.

At the same time that you're also raising rates and so that's the potential double whammy we think about the risks for recession, the risks for economic contraction. That's what you worry about, which is really different than the last time we had this kind of inflation.

When you had to raise rates to stave it off as at least it was against the backdrop of Ronald Reagan's policies that were at least economically, stimulating rather than a comically depressing place into the mindset right now because you might look at the economy.

Rates are going up. I can't do this and can't it I can't do that, or where is my opportunity. How do we overcome this.

How do I get stronger mentally. That's right, absolutely.

If you think about this from the standpoint of you'll have to let young founders attend Silicon Valley or whatever grew up over 10 year period where anything that rhymes with tech had money raining into it tech biotech health tech cleantech fin tech any rhymes attacked while building great businesses for most of American history was actually really hard to do because access to capital was more scarce. Now that means a disconnection be a good thing for greedy entrepreneurs to say that you know what, in order to get funded have to ask you have a real business model that works and to prove it. Not just write something down on a piece of paper. That's actually good for our economy, our culture over the long run into is fundamentally a mindset to how we overcome this rather, I cannot believe how bad the economy is, I can't believe how I want to buy a house.

No, I can't which way. Unfortunately, we were in a time go and pick up his book nation of victims will have more than this one nation cyanide, 8 o'clock. If you're interested in Bryan's talking about your with Brian kill me is our assessment that if we left Afghanistan if the Afghan government felt that the Taliban took over and over period of time both Al Qaeda and ISIS would be able to regenerate that is still my opinion today is like a little time for them to do that I will have a year that's Joe McKenzie saying that present in take his advice. He won only 1200 men.

There is what he told me to leave.

I just left that worked out well. Dinner with Tenneco Scott man doesn't think so. He's conducted coordinated test force pineapple as we left our allies and some bar citizens behind. After we left Afghanistan always alter the brand-new book bestseller operation pineapple express incredible story of a group of Americans who undertook one last mission and honor the promise in Afghanistan. Col. heed the general talked about his prediction of the child and coming of the Al Qaeda coming back. That doesn't take a lot of expertise to predict that. Are they there Brian and thanks for having me on.

They are caught reconstituting at level that I think it's surprising everyone, I just interviewed by Lieut. Gen. Sammy said.she was the last commander of Afghan special operations forces that he had hundreds of well-placed commandos and special forces people in the country and they have all validated that Al Qaeda foreign fighters from north Africa, Southeast Asia, Iraq, Syria or inside Afghanistan and actively training right now on the very Afghan national army compounds that are in Helmand and Kandahar that we were on just a couple of years ago structure built right that's right and the other thing that this isn't necessarily a popular position that I take within the senior military community. I agree with Joe McKenzie's assessment, but it sure would've been nice to hear that from him a year ago and it would've been even nicer if he or some of the other general officers or abnormal would've thrown their start on the table and resigned over this and I think a lot of enlisted sergeants on junior officers sharing that sentiment. I don't think I'm alone and that yellow that was actually asked of him on face the nation and Cusick usually had to say that question cut 31. I know you have since leaving your position shared that she is present by not to drive down to zero out to leave a residual force of 2500 troops in Afghanistan, right. The commander-in-chief to keep his own counsel and reject the advice of his military commanders if you felt so strongly why didn't you resign once civilian leadership makes a decision, even though I might disagree with that decision. It is my moral responsibility to execute that order to resign is not in the biz not enough in the history is not.

It is not something that US officers are typically done and it sends a very bad signal is a political act by an officer who must need and must be and remain a political really is a political active thread and you stores because of the military operation you're asked to do that you don't agree with. I don't get that to you. I don't and here's where I differentiate with all due respect to the general and I think just again I interviewed scores.

Brian of warriors. To date, 20 years to this fight and they're all saying a lot of the same things which is to say that it's a moral imperative not to resign when you're given an order that that may hold true until it starts to violate legal grounds or moral grounds and granted there was nothing illegal about this abandonment, but it was certainly immoral.

The wholesale abandonment of a partner force that we had served with for 20 years.

The explicit abandonment of the promise of the special immigration visa holders but also our partner forces. The Afghan commandos, the Afghan special forces led heavily and to special operators, and other advisors. You never leave a partner, and to do that wholesale and ask the veteran community to take on that Schaumburg load is immoral and it created a massive moral injury in our community were 73% of veterans feel betrayed Brian so I do not subscribe to that. I believe we were put in a position where this was an immoral act and senior officers elected that resignation.

I would love to see this is been nothing. I remember general Millie was talking to Jennifer Griffin and they were trying to see all the people that they got out there in Germany visiting some of those who did after their bombing, the bombing that killed 13 and he said well maybe we do the wrong may wishing to try to train them in our Western image skews me going there for years at all different levels of government.

Now, in retrospect out one week you said what may we train the wrong what's wrong with I can't believe he said that with a clear with a straight face. We tell you a train to many certain way. You know we we tell you to make it to World War II reenactments and I don't think you just taught about a fight and can coordinate not only that, but when you when you step into something like you started biting partners. You know there is a long-term commitment to that, and you certainly know to his pointing out with you.

Train them in the Western way of war where they have requirements for surgical strike helicopters and operational fires and intelligent mind if they need to keep the Caliban update and did you pull against Gen. Sadat talked about this and then you pull all of the contractor's report in June, with no warning.

Gen. Sadat was fighting in Helmand with his core and he didn't hit his aviation officer walked to him and said sir they just pulled all of our contractors. We can't fly that he was in the middle of a fight in Helmand if we let them know like that is immoral act and I don't see how you dress it up every body that fought this thing and prosecuted this thing for years knows that. Listen, I don't think, for example the most part it to 20 years you would think that they would have enough chopper pilots themselves that they would need contractors but there be enough there to do it themselves and I don't think anyone said I'm not going to elect a politician to any office if they teach them how to use our helicopters will relieve some buying despair to the billions we left behind when we decide just to get out. The other thing is, keep in mind every praise I think of Bush talked about getting out Obama to guarantee we get out do Donald Trump maneuvers to get out and then Joe Biden just pulled out haphazardly had some leader come in and said it is to our advantage to the American people to keep a presence in Afghanistan look at what Venice and South Korea. Look how it benefited us in Japan and I know it's good to be an active war zone. But here's why it's necessary. I think the American people are educated this point to understand the problem, take them at face value.

When you think well on that one back to the helicopter. I was talking about in the maintenance of those things and even our military told the contractor support not about birds with lot. It would stop immediately and felt that we cut their legs out basically is what we did but it's far as you know, what was the other place that you want to meet at the point is that if you explain to the American people that it seemed to manage our national security. Keep a presence there, like Japan and South Korea and other places like Europe, then even though would be a lot harder and more active.

That's that's the nature of the world Marin. I think we would've understood right that I think I think it we would just stop and look at this thing up like okay for going to get out of there.

What must we preserve at all costs. What needs to be protected, what the homeland needs to be protected and what grew up in Afghanistan in the first place was the fact that there was no grappled intelligence capability of substance. There was no partner force that could be an antibody to Al Qaeda Amish on the student know the lines were screaming for us to work with him so that he could counter bin Laden. In fact, he was executed or assassinated before 9/11 because bin Laden knew that's where we would go to the northern alliance so we've been here before, but this is what drew us and with the absence of a partner force.

The absence of an underground network. Brian we glad for 20 years.

To put this in place to build that partner force and then we wholesale abandonment you abandoned it in the blink of an eye and I am telling you.

Every administration since this thing started has been woefully underwhelming in their ability to just explain to the American people right that the violent extremists that use Afghanistan for unfettered safe haven have a long-term narrative.

The strike at home and the only way to prevent that from happening is to disrupt them with counterterror forces and to build a local partner force that can do it over the long term we were almost there and rebound on all of it I know anything is neither was looking to get out. It's usually there are allies we precious to get out. In fact, we told everybody to get out without telling NATO yeah you think about that relationship. I mean we have squandered relationships across the board on this that were going to need in dealing with Russia in dealing with China with a reemerging Al Qaeda and Isis. Literally it reacted like this planet. We acted like this to our friends, and everyday life. We would be completely alone and whenever bad times pain there would be nobody outside. That's exactly the pathway. I think that were on right now with this journey that were doing and how we treat our allies and that's why like in the book. I talked so much about what is the promise made to you and how far would you go to honor him when you look at it with the double amputee Goldstar mom to jump into the fray to help their partners versus the senior generals and admirals. It is a stark contrast in the questions about the dangers here at home.

First off with this theme was a 9/11. I love the ceremony. I love that would happen in 9/11, the Pentagon, either. So I was heartened 21 years later see people care I was loved the Star-Spangled Banner at MetLife Stadium with the co-crowd sang two years ago. We were also debating taking a knee and now listen to, from, I don't get you about politics is work to your advantage for Mark Warner Hillary Clinton to, hairs to make orchids they had one theme and it wasn't look out for Al Qaeda cut 29, Mark Warner, stunning thing to me is here we are 20 years later and the attack on the symbol of our democracy does not coming from Terrace, but it came from literally insurgents attacking the capital on January 6 so I believe we are stronger. I believe our intelligence community has performed remarkably. I think the threat of terror has diminished, but I do worry about some of the activity in this country with the election deniers the insurgency that took place on January 6 that is something I hope we can see that same kind of unity of spirit is better as much is January 6 was terrible. Do you believe it deserves the same breath, and attention is Al Qaeda and Isis.

I do not I do not. I don't think that that is not that I take. I believe that that you know that that that that was a terrible event but I think that when you talk about the external threat of of Isis and Al Qaeda in the way that they are manifesting. I think it it it it deserves far more attention on that now. What I do worry about Brian is the division in the country. The factions in this country.

I've spent most of my life. Like a lot of my brothers in tribal areas and I see how that in and the pathway were on right now with the division in this country and in the way that we focus more on our differences, that what we have in common as veterans we are very very worried about this a lot of veteran Sebastian younger says in his book Drive you know it's it's easy to see why so many veterans are ready to die for their country but they have no idea how to live for it, because the entire nation attorney. I worry too about the lack of willingness to serve. So I did sir I know I am saying not tainted. I'm not condemning any individual to the fact that every branch of the Armed Forces is short of their recruiting goals is scary it is and if you look at the numbers you know one of the things that most social blankets believe we need to have a stable democracy that you know what that even though Congress had plummeted trust in the police have dropped. Unfortunately, but the military held strong Brian for really all the way through the war on terror coming out of the 80s under the Reagan era, you know you had very hot trust in the military, like in the high 70s dropped from 71% 56%, and 11 points about drop of trust in the military bought Bobby by the US citizenry 11 points happened after the fall of Afghanistan. So when I hear Joe McKenzie and Millie and others talking this way like the numbers don't merit out the American people are losing trust in this amazing institution that is the Department of Defense and of the recruiting and retention numbers are starting to reflect as well and so that willingness to serve people. Young people like what happened happened with this abandonment and I think a lot of them are like you know what, I don't think I want to be a part yeah, and Scott decided to sue big picture question when you see the way you guys adjusted to the battlefield to the demands of avoid urban warfare. Will you God and how to get involved in urban warfare, then what happened Ramada Inn in Falluja and the and would happen how you adapt in Afghanistan, it became clear we want to occupy. We want to train and leave and then when you watch the Russian struggle in their first sustained combat really since World War II, and the inability to adjust unbelievably in the ability to fight. They have no officers. You have to look around and say man is a big drop between wanting to. I think right now what I'm worried about a lot Between the leaders and led particularly at senior officer level, I believe there is rampant careerism to the point that you know it is starting to really become palpable in the ranks and you're starting to see the dissonance between the leaders and the land and the absence of trust and when you get that.

That's the kind of stuff that you get that you seen with the Russians Ukraine one thing that always defined US military is that the American fighting warrior will will will go anywhere run through walls and if they understand the answer to one question why my bear, what am I doing and and and right now we have we have violated that we created a moral injury.

Brian that is causing a massive effect on our population, 81% spike in the VA hotline since August and it goes all the way back to a systemic abandonment of our allies through the Syrian Kurds, the Iraqi police means mocking arch. I mean it's been and our veterans are starting to look at this and say wow you know you telling me that we stand shown up at Shona@Europe.your shoulder, but then that's not what our actions are reflecting and back on the moral injury will decimate our ranks. If our leaders don't wake up I started dressing us right now. Scott may congratulation on the bestseller is book operation pineapple express incredible story of a group of Americans who undertook one last mission and under promising Afghanistan Sumer McKenzie thought about and kept his mouth shut.

They form together and a operation to save Americans and their allies when America American Armed Forces picked up and left because they were commanded to do so. Thanks God I appreciate the voice you got it we come back I'll take your calls and find out there's indeed Maureen O'Brien to meet you kill me radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show there are 351 municipalities in Massachusetts and 1073 Duncan Billerica has three on Boston Road. Further down, 495 account of snow is Duncan desert. There is no more than absolutely none knows best. Up until this year they had to.

Now they're both closed neighbors are handling it like you might expect, yeah, that sucks. There's nothing fun to do and Dunkin' Donuts was the one place where everyone likes to go bummed out now because I've been traveling further way to go to Dunkin' Donuts yeah yeah you have to travel now over a mile and 1/2 ridiculous. Don't live in Stow anymore. You think it's worth moving out because there's no ducks yeah I'm sunset. Is this real mean where'd you find this that is Dunkin' Donuts have moved out of with 100,000 with 1073 decadence locations. Shocking development Massachusetts three and 51 municipalities that the average town. The state has three Dunkin' Donuts in this town lost it all in their act and their panicking to move out think is the only thing to do in the whole town we give you travel like Cooperstown is a great place and he gets an unfair reputation as far as nothing to do there is great restaurants. This play is Dunkin' Donuts is the center of attention will contact business. I don't believe the anger this is unbelievable leasing former Massachusetts congressman for the fourth district reacted by treating who let this happen. Yeah Joe Kennedy that there is majors.

This is old town has said and Hannah travel a mile, or with only a mile and 1/2.

My guess is you are get on a Ferris wheel or something happens that we let be better or you like that American children commandment endocrine center half a mile a minute to burn off those calories and Dunkin' Donuts over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources a fox in your box, whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox news or wherever you get your

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