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Hope Through the Scripture - Part 2 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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November 15, 2020 12:00 am

Hope Through the Scripture - Part 2 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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November 15, 2020 12:00 am

“For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope” (Romans 15:4).

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The Baptist Bible lowered no gums to you under the direction of Elder Lucero Bradley Junior, pastor of the Cincinnati primitive Baptist Church will will and additional share. Bradley Junior inviting you to stay tuned in front of the message of God's sovereign grace. No no I in no and will need to know is a one and talk to people who are struggling with the discouragement, as result of the pandemic.

I would like to be able to send you a little book with entitled things can be better today. Now we know that all the troubles of life are not going to disappear in a days time, but the way we view them makes a big difference.

So if you just request this when writing this will send it to you. Our address is the Baptist Bible Auerbach 1737, Cincinnati, OH 45217, we continue today.

The message of hope through the Scriptures are text Romans chapter 15 verse four for whatsoever things are written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope. Already that what is intended by the patients of Scripture and now are looking For Scriptures as being a source of comfort that Isaiah 49 verse 13 saying all heavens and the joyful earth and break forth into singing old mountains for the Lord hath comforted its people and will have mercy on his afflicted. This acknowledges that God's people are sometimes afflicted a are suffering there in trouble of various sorts in a position where they desperately need mercy Lord has comforted his people.

He has bestowed mercy upon upon his people and his afflicted.

But Zion said, the Lord hath forsaken me, and my Lord has forgotten me. If you have been there and the place were cussing like your prayers are not being her nothing was going right deeply troubled sign consent, although people said God is forgotten about us has forsaken me he have forgotten me. Verse 15 can a woman forget her sucking child that she should not have compassion on the son of a rule game they may forget, yet will I not forget the hold.

I have grave in the upon the palms of my hands all in spite of the fact that there are those dark season.

The Lord's people may feel to be forsaken.

They conclude that God has forgotten, but the Lord question. Can the mother forget her nursing child. It seems incredible. The mother could yet we know that we read in the paper from time to time of a mother that does just desserts for child even killed her own child. So he acknowledges that while it's preposterous to think of that happening. They may forget, yet will I not forget have grave, I can't forget your name is in front of all the time system and then Deuteronomy 3327. The eternal God is thy refuge and underneath are the everlasting arms. What a comfort to know.

I may feel like I'm sinking in my field going down for the count. I feel like I can't go any farther. But underneath are the everlasting arms want to support the everlasting arms of the Almighty God.

Underneath, to lift us up. And so there are many words of comfort to be found in the New Testament to find yourself frequently going to the Psalms that are so full of words of comfort and consolation. The matter what the difficult situation by but then there are examples of well numerous examples of God delivering his people from formidable injuries greatest example of courses, the children of Israel being delivered from Egyptian bondage seemed like we hear about that a lot of the Bible talks about over and over again. The children of Israel reminded of that great delivered. They were still singing about eight generations later. It's talked about in the New Testament. It was a marvelously that this whole nation of people who were now slain and could not possibly have delivered themselves were brought out freely, God part of the waters of the Red Sea and brought them across, and they sang victoriously on the other side of the horse and his rider at the thrown into the sea that we think of the experience of getting started out with a large army towards others. Too many win the battle you seek glory to yourself not to reduce the number numbers brought down to 300, 300, God gave them the victory. They didn't even have to draw sword Midianites became confused in the darkness and destroyed their own men.

When you read something like you may be disheartened. You may need comfort you may feel to be so small, so insignificant, so we how my going to make it in your turn to the Old Testament and read about God delivering a whole nation from bondage, delivering a little band of 300 million against the hosts of the Midianites and the stories that are so familiar. David, a young man going out against Goliath, a giant and because God was with him should not come to you in the name of the Lord.

A believe the battle was the Lord's, and that's a lesson we must never forget is as soon as we think it's our only take it in our own hands, we complicate things with become even more descriptive or withdrawn to read about Daniel very committed young man, a man who knew that if he continued to pray his life was in danger, but he didn't hide away. He prayed with his window open so that all might know he was continuing to pray to use. It was cashed in the deadlines but the angel came and clothed them. What comfort to sushi when we read these accounts we read of the three Hebrews being thrown into the fiery furnace so hot that the man who cashed them in or themselves destroy, but these three young were safe.

The king said it would not cashed in three NORC for the fourth of the 4% of the and they came out without even the smell of smoke on when you need comfort plenty of places to go.

The Old Testament Scripture to read about how God delivered for you the week. The persecuted brought them safely and then just a basic lesson. Genesis chapter 5 verse 22 and Enoch walked with God after he begat Methuselah 300 years, and begat sons and daughters in walked with said later and Enoch walked with God and he was not for God took in, walked with God want something comforting about a man walk with God is not for 300 years after Methuselah. So if I can just walk with God linkable walking with him. I'm going to commune with him and would pray for him to pull out my heart before I'm going to go to his word for guidance and instruction. I will seek to obey. He's going to be constantly on my mind in walked with God when the cameras in our book expresses it like this. I love the quietness of the morning peaceful beauty of the day. I love to go there to mob our public down head and pray all joy and peace.

It gives me to talk to Jesus in a prayer.

It gives me hope and consolation.

It lifts me from every care hold back his grace and mercy God that when it's finished. I can say when the evening sun is setting. I have walked with God today.

What more could we ask on this Pilgrim journey and to be able to say I have walked with God today. That means that we pray without ceasing, we can always be in our closing prayer. Not that we can always pray out loud, but were in the spirit of prayer and all that we do throughout the day walking with God. Walk with God and then the third thing a text says hope of the Scriptures consciously learn patience, endurance, perseverance, and because we find comfort. Therefore, we have first of all, as we go to the Old Testament and come to this wonderful declaration of truth that there is hope to be found.

This whole that we can have by recalling his mercies had seen so vividly in the experience of Jeremiah which is recorded in Lamentations chapter 3, beginning with verse 17. Here he first describes his miserable state that has removed my soul far off from peace.

I forgot prosperity. I can't even remember better times.

I forgot about those happier days. Those times of prosperity and I said, my hope is perished from the Lord remembering my affliction and my misery, the wormwood and the goal wormwood talking about being in a bitter state all all for the low condition. Jeremiah the prophet has reached the say I was in such a low state.

I forgot about time to prosper is completely down my whole is perished from the old house.

When one comes to that dark station say my hope is perished. As I remember my affliction and my misery of the wormwood and the gall. My soul had come still in remembrance and is humbled in me as just hit bottom but want to go start coming back up this I recall, to my mind therefore have I hope just as I got down to the end. I remembered something I recall some things to my therefore have I what did he recall it is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning great is thy faith.

The Lord is my portion safe muscle therefore will I hope in him.

It is good that man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord of justices down saying my hope is perished, he began to recall the mercies of the Lord his compassions fail not his and his mercies are new every day.

Great is thy faithfulness the matter how dark the night, the matter how low you are in the family. Surely as you recall the mercies of the Lord have to say the Lord is good. The Lord has been gracious.

The Lord has never forsaken me, even though I've been at those moments and I said what the psalmist is not mercy clean gone forever.

It was evident that it mercy was not gone, he still sustained. He still held me up. He still know God is faithful. Great is thy faithfulness and choice of the Lord is my portion, it's in him and I want to trust our hope is in him good for a man that he should move. Hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord. So here's an example of hope hope by recalling mercies of the patch and then a second example will look at is hope that anticipating deliverance in the future of the book of Habakkuk chapter 3 reading verse 17 Habakkuk 317 although the fig tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be in the vine, the labor of the olive shall fail, the olive oil wasn't significant part of the economy that can these and he says the labor of the olive shall fail in the field shall yield no meat. The flock shall be cut off from the fold, and there shall be no herd in the stalls. Such a pretty bleak picture going right. There's no parts unable to bring in the harvest that we would've anticipated yet when I rejoice in the Lord in spite of the fact that I've had a great loss of great set by the fact things are just not right on the ground like they normally would. At the heart of the season but I'm still rejoice not in my circumstances but I'm an rejoice in the Lord. I will join in the God of my salvation, Lord God is my strength and he will make my feet like time speed and he will make me to walk upon the high place so just as we have an example of recalling his mercies. We have another example of anticipating his mercies saying when the time is rough, as here described. I'm still going to rejoice in the Lord because he's the same yesterday today and for ever. Then the hope that we have of the resurrection. The letter to Joel once again Job chapter 19 verse 25 for I know that my Redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand in the latter day upon the earth and all the skin worms destroy my body. Yet in my flesh shall I seek God, whom I shall see for myself, and mine eyes of the holder not another the moraines be consumed within the truth of the resurrection was not as clear and vivid in the Old Testament as we find it in the New Testament after the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the lengthy description that Paul gives evidence for Scriptures chapter 15. But here's Job in these ancient times, believing in the resurrection. I know I would be relieved. Things went dark. I'm going to deep troubles with my Redeemer lives, and he'll stand only earth in the later times, and though my body decays the skin. Worms destroy my body get in the flash flashing I believe is as in resurrection and then David speaks to that in Psalm 1715. As for me, I shall hold my face in righteousness shall be satisfied when we with thy likeness old or blessed hope. What wonderful anticipation. We should have looked forward to that great day of the resurrection of the day. Jesus Christ comes back with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and the dead in Christ shall rise first and those in our lab lazily caught up in the air to be with the Lord and so shall we ever be. These bodies here that are weak and frail, these bodies here that will ultimately go down in the rays not in weakness but in power. Not in this honor and glory not tainted with sin and are suffering the results of it.

But a glorified body like the body of Jesus Christ. So when we go through our deep valleys when we go through our trials and troubles to look forward to that great day say part of our problem is that we get focus on the troubles of the press you spend a lot of time listening to the news these days you can begin to feel hopeless even with Canfield to discourage the thief got her psych set on that great day when your body will be raised in the likeness of Jesus Christ and the anticipation of living with him forever free from sin, sorrow, all the consequences you have the biblical hope is not as people sometimes use the term young person said well I hope I'm going to pass this test may not started or prepared for. But there are still hoping they got your fingers crossed. Well not talking Hope. Biblical hope is a firm conviction that the promises of God will be fulfilled is not an idle wish its assurance about what will come to pass, when the burdens of life are heavy. The plans are disrupted sickness drag you down for time you feel hopeless the equipment to remember that God is described as the God of Romans 1513 says now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so when you have you have joy you have peace and you have it as you believe as you believe that you may walk around here hope have the time to.

Here's about to use the expression you say Harry well I'm hanging in there is handing is not what the Lord said, I wanted to abound in hope. I want to have a lot I wanted to rejoice in hope, I wanted to have peace in believing, and is going to be through the power of the Holy Ghost is not something that you just work up pressure will it's by the power of the Holy Ghost. And then as you utilize the Old Testament Scriptures. In particular, in the New Testament as well give you that added assurance and comfort that you need so desperately for Paul's prayer was that you might abound in hope, and as you abound in hope you can then minister to others. Back in the text that we read initially. It's interjected in a unique place really in the previous chapter Parliament talking about how Christians need to be patient with each other that there were some of believe in eating meat and some cover some of believe in observing certain days and some of the and he said you need to bear with one and the strong need to bear with weak and then he interjects right into that discussion and continues with the following what we have looked at about another words here was a lesson that dealt with your attitude toward other people and he quoted that passage from the Psalms that concern Jesus Christ saying that Jesus bore many troubles because he was connected with his father in heaven when he declared. I'm a father one. This brought great opposition, but his concern when he came here, he said, was not to do mine own will but the will of him that sent he was subject to the father's will. He wasn't thinking just about himself. He was thinking about pleasing the father and the lesson that Paul is drawing is that we must not be selfish and self-centered. We must consider others. If we follow the example of Jesus, we want to be able to help and encourage others, and that's what he saying out in this 15th chapter that I wanted to abound in hope and he says I myself also am persuaded you my brother, that ye are full of goodness filled with all knowledge able also to admonish one another and not just thinking about yourself you rejoicing in hope you're finding comfort in the word, then you ought to be able to admonish to encourage the Council one another. You're full of goodness. Not that you are good in and of yourself, but for the grace of God, you become a new creature in Christ Jesus you been transformed so the fruit of the spirit is in you and your kind considered loving now being filled with that goodness, and with knowledge is no need to try to admonish her counsel somebody if you don't have the knowledge to do if a person is just pulling out trite phrases that they've heard, but they don't have a biblical foundation for that's not going to accomplish anything, to the glory of God. But all that we might abound in hope, and that we might pray that all of our church. Every member would be abounding in hope and that we can therefore be able to admonish one another, encourage one another to trust in our Savior Jesus Christ. Can you today say with the apostle Paul in hope of eternal life with God that can knock five prompts before the world began was not saying like us. Hope I'm saved.

No, he said I've got a sure foundation.

My hope is Jesus Christ. I'm in hope of eternal life. God promises for world began, and you say that today if not, I pray that you will recognize that there is only one hope for fallen sinners and that is Jesus Christ. The way the truth and the life, believing on him. The present hope for the future hope for eternal life is in the sovereign grace of God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Indeed, we can sweetly rest in those promises that he is given us that he believed was on the song everlasting life.

I hope that you take time to write this week.

Let us know that you listen to the program until next week. At the same time with the Lord richly bless you all will the Baptist Bible hour is come to you under the direction of Elder Lucero Bradley Junior, pastor of the Cincinnati primitive Baptist Church address all mailed to the Baptist Bible hour Cincinnati, OH 45217. That's the Baptist Bible hour Cincinnati, OH 45217 and

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