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Encouragement: Encourage Yourself - Part 2 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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October 16, 2020 12:00 am

Encouragement: Encourage Yourself - Part 2 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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October 16, 2020 12:00 am

"And David was greatly distressed; for the people spake of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and for his daughters: but David encouraged himself in the Lord his God” (1 Samuel 30:6).

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Will and in the fire, and traditional sure Bradley Junior welcoming you to one of the broadcast of the Baptist Bible we continue with the message. Encouragement. Encourage yourself. Indeed, we all appreciate receiving a word of encouragement often work the place where David was that we must encourage ourselves, we do so by going to the promises of God's word, encouraging our shelf in the Lord and then indeed we should be ready to encourage others that what I think the following the pattern that is set here by David is very worthwhile for us to consider. But I think as we look elsewhere. The Scripture we can expand a little bit so we consider the question how can I encourage myself in addition to learning what David did. How can I encourage myself when I'm really down but it looks like everything I tried to do wanted to do something that was worthwhile. I wanted to serve the Lord and wanted to help human right at the time I just felt like now and I member to be able to be successful in doing something I haven't done before. I have renewed my commitment of advertisement. Prato spent more time in the word I'm looking for things to smooth out and instead of things being smoothly fall apart.

One thing after another just blows up in your face you make the same Lord why is all is happening right now. This is a time where I thought I was gonna be used in a very positive way time that I was going to really get some things done that I neglected and hadn't been able to do in the past and then sickness comes on these financial problems, and are distracting me or I'm being criticized or misunderstood or misrepresented, and all these things are problems about family problems and problems at work and wherever you turn, encourage myself first of all, remember God is on the throne. Each one of these considerations I will give you a rather basic, but those are the things that we generally forget, when we need them most.

We know them.

We've been taught we've rated, but when we come to that moment of great need. Instead of encouraging ourselves.

We discourage ourselves because we focus on all the troubles think about all of our failures.

Think about all our disappointments zero saying no to some people like to just dig a hole and pull it in on top of and they spend a lot of time this: in all the stuff they can think about that has gone wrong, disturb them discourage them as pilot, but we need to remember God is on the throne. Habakkuk chapter 2 the 20th verse says what the Lord is in his holy temple. Let all the earth keep silent before him.

Everybody here knows that the not everybody here believes that the Lord is in his holy temple of the Lord is on the throne, but is ever been a day when you behave like somehow the Lord had stepped aside was not the you have behaving like everything was out of control.

Everything was chaotic.

Nothing was going right world fall apart and your little part of it was disintegrating more quickly than any other part of it. Everything was going downhill and going downhill fast. You need to be reminded. The Lord is in his holy temple. Chapter 3 this marvelous concluding portion of the book of Habakkuk chapter 3 verse 17 although the fig tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be in the vines. The labor of the olive shall fail in the field shall yield no meat of the flock shall be cut off from the fold, and there shall be no herd in the stalls is about as dark a scene you can make it. No harvest no crops in the feeling no herd in the stall easy to be discouraged what you say yet yet I will rejoice in the Lord. I will enjoy am the God of my salvation remember what was said in this book we learned that this word joy indicates that he wasn't just expressing it verbally literally meant to spin around just like a little kid that's happy and throws her hands up and spins around in a circle meant that that's what Habakkuk is saying, I will. I would enjoy am the Lord know people and specialize in discouragement.

If they saw somebody spinning around say well not much to that. That's is probably lot to put on the bodies and happy single Habakkuk with that kind enjoy. So just calm down brothers in the you know you maybe have been a little bit of minimally bad tomorrow and oh good times Last. I don't know some badge about to happen because anything good is recently happen it to just go turn sour is not how you encourage yourself in the Lord. Encourage yourself in field by remembering that even in the most difficult of times God gives all of the throne.

Secondly, how can I encourage myself remember that daybreak may be just ahead. We think of times of discouragement and trouble as being dark times.

The old adage says the darkest time of the night is just before dawn and that he indeed may be so.

In our experience, it may seem that we reach the darkest time of the night after the be so many problems at once. How can so many things been going wrong at the same time-for the be coming from so many different direction. Surely David would've felt that way when he comes here in thick black is smitten and burned with fire, and their wives and their sons and their daughters are carried away what worship situation could they encounter.

What is docketed as that was daybreak wasn't far away The 31st Samuel verse 17 as David pursued his enemies he found a young man who was willing to take him to where he could find those that had brought this devastation and it said that David small them from the twilight even on to the evening of the next day, and their escape and not a man of them save 400 young men which ruled upon camels and fled and David recovered all that the Amalekites had carried away and David rescued his two wives. They say the scene was dark.

He thought he lost everything, but in the short time he recovered it all and not only that, but in three days after this dark scene got word that Saul was then Saul was the one that had pursued him and persecuted him and try to take his life. Now when you see the reaction of David. There's a lesson in that for all of us because you might expect David to say, my, what a relief.

Saul has been after me.

Saul has given me some hard times. This is a great blessing to hear that he's gone.

David rent his clothes and went. He recognized that Saul was God's anointed and he had a young man put to death that had participated in Saul's death. Jonathan his dear friend had died at the same time and so of course it was a time of great anguish because of the great love he had for Jonathan. But, though there was a sense of relief no doubt that Saul would not be harassing him any further. And the second thing was that with so David is now officially teen.

So you might say, will surely David will just be lethal over it all, but he did not rejoice in the death of God's anointed yet and you can see that there was a turn of events which was unexpected when he looked upon as a flag and so devastated, burned with fire wives and children are gone. What's his lien. We wiped out totally. Shortly thereafter he recovers everything all their possessions.

Everything they've taken and is back safely with his wives and no doubt those that had thought about killing him. It's now reversed course and decide they dig a all right got there there ethical to respect him as that's getting ready to chili one day and following the next Josie fickle attitude of human nature. Yes, it was dark time, but daybreak was just ahead when the true in the case of Jonah.

It was a dark time when the storm is raging when the face while in England. No doubt it was dark inside the fish's belly, but I guess three days. He was spewed out on dry land. Daybreak was just ahead.

You know the story of the disciples out on the ship Jesus and told him to board the ship. They been rolling, rolling, rolling the getting nowhere because the winds are blowing is a great storm. The wheat waves are tossing the ship amount.

It's in the middle of the night everything looks terribly dark. What's one of the following seven Jesus comes walking on the water.

At first they're affrighted my seeing this unknown figure and cried out in the discover that it's Jesus, not an enemy, not some figure that's going to destroy them, but their dearest friend, Jesus got on board the ship and immediately they were land.

Daybreak was not far away the middle of the night began to wonder little daylight ever come we have a reach a destination but when Jesus came all fell into place. Thirdly, you can encourage yourself in the Lord. When you come to realize that even if circumstances do not improve. He is with you the wonderful to think that in every case when you're in the dark.

You're just a few hours to the dawning of the morning but is an always happen that way. Some troubles all the way some things don't get better.

How can I then encourage myself if I'm dealing with a situation that I may have to deal with the rest of my life about this burden would have to carry about the storm in the flesh, and would have to endure. I think I'm entitled to be discouraged by gotta put up with the situation.

If I got to continue to struggle with this loss.

This disappointment disheartening. This, whatever it may be, but to remember that even if the circumstances do not change God is with you will be most encouraging.

David said in Psalm 23 the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want you making me lie down in green pastures he lead me beside the still waters. He restores my soul he leads me in the paths of righteousness for his namesake VA though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil wide for thou art with me thy rod and thy staff they comfort that prepares the table before me in the presence of mine enemies without notice my head with all my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

What you say, the Lord is my shepherd, I will fear no evil, apply for thou art with me. She would forget that in our moments of discouragement. Number four how can I encourage myself in the Lord. I'd like for somebody else to encourage me, I'd like for some good news to come has been they like it is a value does have one piece of good news and that mean a lot. Everything I had recently been pretty bleak and pretty discouraging.

Remember this God uses my trials for a good purpose. Psalm 119 verse 71. David says it is good for me that I have been afflicted that I might learn thy statutes is been good for me. God use these afflictions in my afflictions. I learned his actions. That's when I got serious about examining his word. That's when his promises came to me in power.

That's what his instruction was more valuable to me even gold and silver and precious stone. I have found much to be learned in the time of my trouble without that God was aloof in the time of our trouble, we pass to the sorrows and there was no benefit to be derived from them was no brighter day to hope for. Indeed, we would be terribly discouraged but to know that God is at work, God is teaching me in these times of great trial, trouble then next. How can I encourage myself in the Lord. If my present difficulties are result of my own failure. There still is hope. One of the greatest discouragements that any of us can possibly have to deal with is being discourage because we have failed. We made a wrong decision, look back and say what would my life of been like if I had taken the right turn instead of the left where would I be today if I had made that that terrible decision back there years ago concerning my education or my career or my investments or how I use my time on the people associated with them. All in all, you can go or maybe something just relating to day-to-day living and you send, you failed to obey God.

You failed to honor Kim, but there's hope. Psalm 32 verse four David says for day and night.

If I hand was heavy upon me. My moisture is turned into the drought of summer sea level I modeling some ICN under the and mine iniquity have I not here and I said I will confess my transgressions unto the Lord, and I'll forward and gave us the iniquity of my C&C old what hope Satan is described as being the accuser of the brethren. Sometimes you join forces with him and you point the same finger back at yourself that he points and you come to the conclusion that there can't be much hope for you because you've failed. None of this is looked at with the idea of encouraging carelessness on our part or trying to defend and justify our faults, our feelings are RCN but is it not good to know that God is the God of all grace, is it not good to know that when David confessed his sin that he said Alfred gave us the iniquity of my sin. Is it not good to know that even when Israel had strayed in worship false gods. Jeremiah comes on the scene and cries return return return so Moses might have gone too far, but the messages return summonses of electricity resigning from the human race made so many mistakes. I'm such a failure so wretched just give up completely.

Return return is the message God is described in Romans chapter 15 as being the God of hope. He's the hope for the hopeless piece of one that is ready to help us in our darkest times you've heard me read this verse repeatedly. I think it's one of the most remarkable verses in the Bible. Psalm 102 verse 17 he will regard the prayer of the destitute and not despise their prayer they can read some of those verses that say that he's not high on to that one that is of a broken heart and a contrite spirit, and sometimes I comfort you, but there are times in your heart feels so cold you say.

I don't even know if it's broken, but whatever struggling me maybe see in itself. It may just be selfishness on my part and it is not godly thing I don't have a contrite spirit is upset because I didn't get my way. I just mad because life is difficult, and I don't think Arlene is hard written from another Davidson would've heard a few say on the radio it it it it told to get upset.

I told Reich to be mad, unaware they get nowhere in God's word are we encourage the angry cubit in the flesh. It's entirely possible tremendously. I don't understand Lord of your God of power and if you love me.

Why did you suffer this to come upon me, but even in your darkest times when you feel like your heart is hard you can't get the words together to pray destitute, you destitute of the right attitude destitute of a true broken heart, destitute of a sense of poverty. Jesus is blessed are the poor news. I will even know if I can qualify for that one thing about you. You can't get under this promise Sam and I'm destitute of the right attitude destitute of feeling destitute of faith destitute disco. He will regard the prayer of the destitute gang and getting lower than that you wipe out you don't have anything to offer.

He will hear the prayer of the destitute and not despise their prayer, but about Jonah look like his days as a prophet were finished. The Lord blessed him after he came out of the bed of the great fish belong to Nineveh and preach in the whole city repented. Admittedly, Jonah wasn't happy about the situation, but I caught still used in spite of his absence hears Peter denying his Lord, I dare say that night when Peter was in such great distress.

He felt like his preaching days were over. But Jesus appeared to them after the resurrection, and said Peter you love me do you love me feed my sheep feed my sheep feed my lambs and Larry was on the day of Pentecost preaching.

So even if your present difficulties are a result of your own failure. There is hope, because God is the God of hope. Finally one reason to encourage yourself is so you can encourage those that need help. One reason to encourage yourself is so you can be and encourage her to others. Everyone of us to have that desire, a desire to think about the hurting and the suffering in the outcast people who are struggling in so many ways in life so easy and in our culture today. Enjoy a level of prosperity. There's never been though many of the nation of the world anytime to enjoy the material things we have the reasonable day-to-day provisions are ours and fail even to think about those who are in very difficult situations, but it ought to be our desire to minister to those around us to encourage them. Do you not want to be and encourage her have not seen those that have suffered much, and you say I really would like to encourage and sometimes I don't know how to do it. I don't know what to say.

I like to encourage somebody's brother and the minister in foreign lands not likely to know what to say to them in a letter how I should go about encouraging them. How can I be in encourage second Corinthians chapter 1 verse four speaks of the God of all comfort. In verse three in the fourth verse says, and comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God. You not going to be able to comfort anybody else are to encourage them until you found the encouragement and comfort. God is described as being the God of comfort. As you then encourage yourself in the Lord they would like for somebody to encourage him to come give him a word of cheer to give him some support. To quote a verse of Scripture to give them anything the time he was he was facing man who are ready to stalling. He could do the one thing he encouraged himself in the Lord, the apostle Paul's and I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me recognize the strengths came from Christ, but he was the person pronoun I'm involved. This is something I can do I can do all things through Christ which strength me. I can encourage myself on the other hand, I can do a lot to discourage myself and think about all the things that are out of place all the unfinished business surrounding the tube perplexes me all of the people that have frustrated me in one way or another. All of the disappointments of life, you can you can put yourself down very easily. But I responsibility is to be in encourage to be as Barnabas watch encouraging all those around him, willing to take a backseat as it were, that God might use others that he himself was encouraging encouragement.

Encourage yourself by all of us learn more about this essential part of Christian living and true Christianity is not something that lived in isolation. We don't just think about ourselves. The ultimate reason for being.

Encourage this so we can meet and encourage her to apply our hearts, the wisdom of the study his word that we may encourage ourselves in the Lord.

Today we brought to the concluding portion of a message, encouragement, encourage yourself. I hope that this will stir our minds to realize how unnecessary it is not to wait for somebody to come encourage us but to encourage ourselves in the Lord and then to be ready to encourage others to next time, this is Sherry Bradley Junior bidding goodbye and God bless you and is and see all the hello this is a nice and I began in the and all

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