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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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April 30, 2024 5:33 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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April 30, 2024 5:33 am

A first-hand witness of the NFL Draft in Detroit | Did Amy just accomplish a world record? | Watch out (again) for the Florida Panthers.

Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence
Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence
Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence

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Download the app or visit today. Hola. It's me. It's the last time you're going to get me though for a little bit. You can sit if you want.

Bye, Jacob. I've got students in, students out. We're hanging out. It's my last time here on the campus of Syracuse University for another year, presumably. Let's assume they want me back. I don't know that.

So you know what happens when you assume. But we just finished up our last class and Jacob, who was from last year's class, the inaugural art of radio class, was here for a little bit. He's been into our main network studios, huge Yankees fan.

Sometimes I just want to say, Jacob, let's talk about anything other than the New York Yankees. But he loved the class. He passed it on. He told people some of his friends and classmates took the class this year. And so we just finished up. We had final projects.

If you haven't yet checked out Twitter and actually, Jay, if you want to, you can share this on Facebook, too. I did take island cookies, which are Jay's favorite, as well as some oatmeal caramel chewy bars to class. And about halfway through, we're listening to their final presentations. I was a little bit nervous because more than half of the Tupperware was still there. And I took a big pile of baked goods. And so I think I may have guilted them into eating more of them.

Anyway, so there is a photo if you're into looking at baked goods in pictures. And so that was my way of saying to them, thank you. And then this is what happens because it's a little bit of a larger class and we have to listen to the final projects. Some of their radio segments were a little bit longer, which is good.

I'm glad they had a lot to say. The time ran out. We had one left to go.

So it's already 830 Eastern Time. They're supposed to be able to walk out. And it's not just the fact that our class is over. It's the fact that that was the absolute last time slot for a class this semester. So this is their final class. Some of them have finals. Some of them have final projects. But this was the last chance they could ever, they would ever have to be in class.

And in some cases, it's seniors, it's grad students. Anyway, so I said to them, I know the class time is done. The allotted time is done. If you stay and listen to the final project for the last student who had to present, guaranteed A. I'm looking around thinking, shoot, I hope they've all earned A's. But yes, guaranteed A to anyone who stayed.

So they all stayed. I was really thankful for that. I'm gonna have to continue to work on my time management. But yeah, if you want to see the photo of the baked goods, you can check it out.

No, I do not hand deliver nor do I mail order. But on Twitter, ALawRadio and Jay will put it up on Facebook as well. So class is done.

Still have a few hours left here on the show from Syracuse, 855-212-4227. We're working our way through the NBA playoffs and what happened. Also Travis Kelsey has a message for Chiefs fans, which is funny.

We'll get two Celtics coming up. But also I'm not kidding about this. I feel like I may have a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. Not because I've done more radio shows than any other chica in the history of sports radio in the United States.

Although maybe at some point I'll own that one too. But I don't know how it happened. I'm not even sure I can claim that I'm extremely smart. But I swear to you coming up in 17 minutes, exactly 17 minutes, I will tell you and I will have photographic evidence that I may be the only person on the planet who's ever done this.

Pretty excited about it. But Paul is still here. Paul, I gave a microphone to. I trust him. Hi Paul.

Hello. Don't make me regret this Paul. I will try my best. Okay so Paul is a grad student who's done as in done done except for what do you have left to do? Well we have a test we have to take to officially get our degree but your assignment was my last ever assignment for school. What? Well thank you for not mailing it in. Just you did a good job. I tried not to mail it in.

Paul has been here three weeks in a row. So some of the students in the class don't actually have radio as a career goal. You though, what would you like to do now that you are about to graduate? I mean sports talk radio is the dream but just being in sports is the dream. So the goal is sports talk radio but right now I'm just looking for a job. If anyone wants to if anyone wants to hit me up it's mccoypd00 at Oh my gosh.

If you get a job because of that I'll be I seriously will be taking a cut as your agent. Where are you from? D.C. but northern Virginia really reston Virginia. Gotcha so where are the commanders practice or training camp it's training camp training camp so that would be ashburn so yeah pretty much nearby. Huge commanders fan loved the pick. Is that weird to say huge commanders fan? Yeah it is because I've been they've got a history of all of what two years?

Yeah I've been a fan of the other name and at the draft you could not find one person who had anything that said commanders it said interesting the former name interesting um so I don't know if we've sold any merch to be honest with you but it's weird to say but I'm getting used to it and but I do think they'll change the name soon to be honest with you. So Paul had this incredible opportunity to go to the draft and I found this out last week because he was here hanging out during the show and you were so now maybe at some point you got excited about it but you were so kind of even keel about it I would have been like I'm going to the draft and you're a student and had this privilege of being able to get a credential for the draft through new house because Syracuse university is known for all over the country for its broadcast school. What was it like for you to be there in Detroit with on the first night 275,000 crazy people? I mean well first shout out professor Stonski for giving us oh yes she's the one who hired me so yes yes and then I mean it was nuts just because we so we got there like 1 30 we left at 5 a.m from Syracuse drove there went to the hotel then got there six and a half hours before the thing started it was packed already really it was like we couldn't move and we tried doing fan stuff and it got to the point we ended up losing the audio which was terrible but it got to the point we had to stop doing it because we just kept running into people because we were just trying to run around you know like and we were tired of saying sorry to people and being rude running into people. Oh you mean actually running into people? You don't mean like hey I ran into somebody I know you mean like actually bumping into people? You couldn't move like there was a so I was interviewing someone and then there was this Packers fan dressed as any Packers fan should be and I was like we need him. With the cheese head?

Cheese head full nine yards he had every bit of Super Bowl memorabilia jacket pants everything like we need him and I probably ran over like six people trying to get to him. Wow. And it was like we just can't do this anymore and there was so we stop and I'm like I'm thirsty but we couldn't get to the media room because there were just so many people so I got in line to buy water there was this woman who we interviewed probably 30 minutes after we interview her I get in line I probably in line for 20 minutes get the water and as I'm leaving she's still in line to get food.

Wow. It they couldn't contain the amount of people. And this is still pre-draft? Pre-draft this was at like maybe four so we were still four hours to go and the city of Detroit wasn't ready for the people but the people were ready for the city of Detroit in the draft and it was electric.

That's awesome. It was you could hear the crowd from the media room. So the setup was what a huge corral a huge roped off area well if you didn't have tickets to be underneath? Yeah so well it was where we couldn't get underneath where like the super fans were but super fans yeah where they put all those super fans which I think is where that Packers guy better have ended up being but it was weird so like there was down by the waterfront they had the fan experience so they had super bowl rings trophy everything you could ever want to do as a fan and then if you walked I don't know half a mile that's where the stage was but it was packed the whole way. Whoa a half a mile of wall-to-wall bodies yeah outside outside and it was cold right it was freezing the first night the first night like I didn't I didn't go down there for two reasons the first night one it was cold and two you couldn't move mainly it was cold so I was nice and warm in the press conference area but the amount of people that just showed up to be there that like we ran into a dude wearing a Syracuse hoodie he had no idea who Fran Brown was if you're in Syracuse at the moment you know that is he was just there because it was to be there right and he drove there just because it was to be there wow and also with the Lions being this is the best the Lions will probably be have been since probably in my lifetime when I'm 24 the city was on fire the Tigers were in town well they're always in town but they were playing home games so just it was perfect perfect M&M comes out the crowd erupts Big Sean performed before it started he's from Detroit you brought out Barry Sanders Cal I mean they did it perfectly and Barry Sanders comes to the podium cheering Goodell comes up booing Calvin Johnson comes up cheering Goodell comes up booing it was hilarious 275,000 people were just it was the greatest experience I've ever been in my life Paul is with us here in our control room it's control room three on the campus of Syracuse University and giving us his perspective on the draft had an opportunity to cover it with a credential but you said that you weren't outside when the picks were taking place so when you went back to the media center what could you hear of what was still going on out there you could hear the crowd but it was weird because we could hear the crowd but I think it was the second night and it was still like 200,000 people that didn't change it was still just as crazy it did I people were breaking into the event because they were turning people away it was too full so like they were like pushing over like the barricades and just coming in but Detroit you're nuts we couldn't hear like the fireworks but we could hear the people wow and so it was like what is actually happening right now and but when like the lions traded up night one and they drafted Tarion Arnold and when he said I'm home you could hear the crowd just lose its mind and it was like a moment just in time of like if Detroit wins the Super Bowl it of course will be bigger than Tarion Arnold getting drafted but that might be the biggest moment in their history right now they waited they waited for that they waited for that moment and they've they've earned that moment and we're in there and it was just cool to experience it because it seemed like all the reporters in a way are still fans like when Michael Penix got drafted the loudest gasps you've ever heard just like the crowd was gasping and it was like because that was my first ever experience getting to do something and it was cool to be like oh I can still somewhat be a fan and still report on it sure but I'll never forget it I just it was my first ever time like I said doing something like that and if I get to do it again and just I you can tell I just it was giddy and awesome and I don't know what to say yeah well and there was long hours too over that weekend so then you were there thursday friday and saturday yeah we went all through how much changed on saturday were you ever back outside no we never we never I mean I I want to say I don't know the exact amount of people that showed up but I do know 700,000 plus I do know a hundred thousand had to show up saturday to break the record and I know they broke the record and that was that being made public in Detroit you need a hundred thousand people said it oh okay good I said it and so I think Detroit heard it and they showed up because day three we we were like all right we're going to show up and we're going to try and do some of the fan we're going to try and do fan stuff again and it was just not going to happen like you would think people it won't be as many people it was just as many people at least it looked it and the overhead shots of day three it was hilarious because it was like us and like four other people in the meeting room everyone had left because really it's day three okay but you looked out the window because we were so if you were looking at the stage we were to the right of the stage up above okay so if you looked out the it was just as much of a c like I've heard that in between pics there's nothing happening on stage maybe not opening night but what actually goes on in between pics I don't remember her name but she was hosting a show it was I think it was maybe it was Colleen Wolf oh I might be wrong on that network I might be wrong on that blonde yeah we had her on our show from Vegas okay so she was on stage she was on stage day three I don't know day one and two um but I only know she was on stage day three because we did decide to take a break and we went to Greektown which is great go to Greektown um and get pizza because Detroit pizza is fantastic um and so we were walking back and we saw her on stage but it I don't know what goes on in between but it's not like the crowd dies down no I mean and it's just selecting players and you if you're lucky like Bill's fans were there they didn't have one they waited all night didn't get a pic but I know they cheered for everything just because the crowd cheered for everything that's neat and when the Cowboys came on the clock the amount of cowboy sucks chance that everyone did just because it's the Cowboys and when the Packers came on all the Lions fans booed and everything just played well and it worked well and it was the best look the NFL could ever get yeah and even though I've always thought the draft should still be in New York put it in Detroit every year well it's Green Bay next year they have a lot to work with I think is gonna be good because it's Green Bay but I don't think it's I think Detroit just set the bar way too high and no one's gonna top it all right challenge accepted I think by Packers fans in that same division Paul what did you learn covering this event or an event like this for the first time um just go up and talk to people but to be fair we were Syracuse stuff and the amount of people that just came up to us just because of the school like Sarah it was weird like I'm walking day three one of the few people that were there in the media I'm just walking to get food and a guy goes Syracuse because I had a Syracuse hoodie on and I was like yeah and he was like graduate of 99 and I was like of course you are and it's like day day one we have a club Paul well you're about to be in the club as a graduate well day one this guy from Chicago never went to Syracuse probably's never even been to Syracuse he just comes sits next to us he goes mafia and we're like great thanks and being a I am a huge commanders fan I will say here's a tip professor Lawrence in class says you shouldn't say what your team is I'll just break that right now on air this is not your radio show true that's a good point no this is a sports talk with Paul um but uh so I'm a big commanders fan and we were they were the only they were the only show there I think it's because they're trying to change the way they look in the media but it was Santana Moss and Brian Mitchell I grew up watching Santana Moss Brian Mitchell was on the last Super Bowl team and I just went up and was like can I just interview you guys and they said sure and it was midnight because the Reds the commanders had the last pick of the third round they were on air from seven to midnight and they both gave me 10 minute interviews of in-depth answers when they didn't have to do that they're they have all the money in the world they're not what did you do with that audio you better have that I have it saved okay I'm making a package with it about comparing Jayden Daniels and RG3 and what the new um ownership coaching staff can learn from the mistakes that were made with Robert so very good and this is for an assignment no I'm just doing it I was gonna say you told me you were done that should have been part of your radio show your radio segment that you did well that's awesome congratulations on covering this event the NFL buzz is unlike any other buzz that you'll experience in sports it was I've I mean I've known just if you look at the ratings the NFL is the highest but that solidified it well the professional arts and class says the world can agree on two things the NFL and dogs that's it she's right Jay how about that my line works on the students we agree on nothing in the United States of America except for football and dogs it's accurate well thank you for giving us your perspective thank you for taking the class thank you for teaching the class oh you're welcome are you excited about graduating or being done I should say I am yeah because I've never enjoyed school personally so to be done with school is great I did this half just to have a higher degree than my mom oh so now I've beat her love you mom um but you're gonna have to send her this portion she's gonna want this okay good but uh what's next what's next well like I said email I don't have a job yet so McCoy PD 00 are you going home to try to look there um well so new house has this great setup to where you can apply to be training camp with a couple teams so you got patriots patriots packers commanders panthers they did not have this when I was here so I'm I've applied for that waiting to hear if I get it um the local radio station in town galaxy sports mean I'm gonna go shadow them later this week but right now just waiting for graduation relaxing and applying I'm so excited for you that's amazing and you did great in the class I'll say it again Paul's my favorite student he's been here three weeks and around now that and a dollar will get you a soda out of the vending machine really but still maybe not even actually you might need a dollar 25 these days that's true so I'm glad you're here but also really excited for you well just shout out professor stompsky yeah absolutely I've talked about her before although sometimes I forget to use the professor and I just call her by her first name I have to say professor not supposed to be doing yes well awesome thank you thank you for having me you're welcome so Paul part of that group the second ever run through the art of sports talk and sports talk radio here at Syracuse but because his opportunity is unique I haven't covered a draft yet really excited for him and proud for him and I said to him you don't need to reinvent the wheel or come up with some different topic when you do your final project which is a radio segment just go with what made your experience this past week unique and tucked into the end of his grad year too which is pretty cool all right coming up I mean Paul's cool and all but he's not going to be in the Guinness Book of World Records for what I feel like they they need to include me I can't say anything else because I'll give it away and that is a poorly framed tease but it's true Guinness Book of World Records needs to take note I will have photographic evidence I might be one be one of seven billion people on the planet who's ever done this thing this thing it's the technical word on twitter a law radio on our facebook page two it's after a call from mom answer it call silenced instacart knows nothing gets between you and the game that's why they make ordering from your couch easy stock up today and get all your groceries for the week delivered in as fast as 30 minutes without missing a minute of the game you have 47 new voicemails download the app to get free delivery on your first three orders while supplies last minimum ten dollars per order additional terms apply this episode is brought to you by progressive insurance whether you love true crime or comedy celebrity interviews or news you call the shots on 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Doors take us to summers away or winter adventures and afternoon getaways your dedicated fidelity advisor can help you open those doors by working with you on a comprehensive plan to help you reach your wealth's full potential because doors were meant to be opened visit slash wealth investment minimum supply fidelity brokerage services LLC member n-y-s-e-s-i-p-c. Hours with Amy Lawrence. You are listening to the after hours podcast. This is after hours with Amy Lawrence I love this song it's from karate kid producer jay tells me that paul is getting love on our twitter our show twitter nice yes donna says fun interview with your student paul he has a future in the business remember how eric's bolster started awesome good to know i'm not sure that anyone actually jotted down your email address but you know what if anyone reaches out to me paul and lets me know that they would like to hire you i promise that i will pass it along and here he is still so much life and energy i would be dead to the world if i wasn't working right now and all i did was teach a class well i drove to there's that and i've got the drive home on tuesday we'll call it late morning early afternoon my husband has left the packing to me because i asked him to please not take away the joy that i find in packing we are let's see just over 24 hours from heading to the airport at a very early hour we don't need to go that early but our neighbors giving us a ride and beggars can't be choosers so we will be on the road to the airport in about 28 hours yes i'm counting but before we get to that you guys i can't believe it happened twice but it did the photographic evidence is now on twitter jay are you putting it up on our facebook page as well it is up you may remember actually jay remembers it was a couple years ago it was before i got married before i even met bob i hit wordle on my first try and i'm sure there are plenty of people out there who've hit wordle on their first try lucky guess the original moment when it happened i used the i used the word tepid all right i took a screenshot of course because i wanted to be able to show people that it actually happened well you're not going to believe it because i don't believe it it happened again on monday morning my brain is mush because i just come off the show i'm trying to pack a few things before i have to take a i just got a three-hour nap before i had to hop in the car and drive up here to syracuse and i think i was probably mindlessly looking at my phone just to help my brain calm down decided to do wordle and i hit it again on the first guess thank you is this a world record producer jay is there any way we can find out if this is a world record i could try to do some research i need to know if there's anybody else out there within the sound of my voice who's ever hit the first wordle twice twice jay stopped playing actually jay and i on our youtube account have a video of the very first time when he and i tag teamed and played wordle we'd never tried it before we were idiots we were so excited over wordle we made it a whole big video if you haven't seen it it's actually really funny only because there's a a close-up cam of the two of us trying to figure out where we should guess and how we should guess and then the anticipation of waiting as the letters get revealed when we finally got it i i admit that we screamed oh yeah absolutely oh we partied like it was 1999 uh so yes we we did it that one time together jay did you ever do it again no i actually hadn't played it again i haven't played it again that was your first and only time ever doing time when i was a winner gotcha okay so you quit while you were ahead it is fun though i had a great time playing it it's it is fun i just didn't get back to it yeah it is fun i have continued to do it i enjoy it it's good exercise for my brain and i never thought i would get it on the first try again but like i said photographic evidence are you putting it up on facebook it's up okay cool wow i don't feel smart i can't claim that i feel smart or anything because i'm not sure there's any intelligence involved in it at the same time there's got to be some skill now my key is just that i change the word every single day i do i actually try to come up with words that i haven't used in a while and i don't even try to come up with oh words that have four vowels something along those lines it's not really strategic it is a just an educated guess of a word that i haven't used before i don't know how many people use the word tepid i actually do use the word tepid so to nail it when that was the word craft is i would say more common vernacular but come on jay just admit it you want to you would like to have this claim to fame you want to be me for this it would complete my life but here's some stats yes oh please all right so it says on average 0.2 to 0.5 percent of people guess right on the first try so it says on any given day there's roughly two million people playing wordle and about 800 million and about 860 people should be getting the word on the first try says that seems like a lot wait hold on you said two percent it says 0.2 to 0.5 percent so it says out of two million daily players about 860 should be getting the reward right on the first try that is a lot but what about getting a second word on the first try second uh word i don't have the stats up but that seems definitely a lot higher hmm it does i mean i guess 860 out of 2 million is it sounds like more than it should be but it really like it's only what 0.2 it's really not a lot if if that's how many people are playing daily then you're right 0.2 is a sizable number except yeah that's it does sound like a lot of people even though compared to the broad scope of the number of people who are playing now how many people have gotten it twice in there i will not be deterred i'm sure i'm waiting i'll i'll take anyone out there who wants to call in or find us on social on twitter alaw radio also on our facebook page after hours with amy lawrence if you're out there and you've hit wordle twice maybe you've hit it three times or four times on the first try that would be crazy right i just check out the photographic evidence and yes it's my phone i didn't steal it from someone else's phone and i didn't do it i actually didn't post the photo earlier because i didn't want to ruin anyone else's flow if you were big into wordle and and you have a streak going and you didn't want to see it ahead of time i swear i didn't look there are websites out there jay where you can actually get the answer or get clues i did not look for answers i don't cheat i was the kid in school that other people try to cheat off of i do not cheat cheaters never win so i swear i did not look for clues i did not take hints i did not look anywhere else i just was hanging out well hanging out i was trying to relax i don't even remember how i came up with craft it's out there now so and also it was yesterday's word uh technically depending upon where you are it starts over at midnight eastern time i think or maybe it's midnight wherever you are huh well i may have ruined it for someone in alaska or hawaii because because it's 12 33 a.m now on the pacific coast that the time zone yeah here's the funniest part of the story my husband and i normally do wordle at the same time over breakfast we enjoy it and i wouldn't say it's competitive but we like showing each other how we got to the actual word he was so proud of himself he comes upstairs he got the word in two i don't remember what his initial guess was but he had craft in two so then i flash in my phone no can you imagine all proud oh i did it in two what a day what a wordle for me oh nope sorry you smarty pants you had to one-up me didn't you well i can't help it if i'm brilliant i can't help it if i'm brilliant i'm a monument not a moment that's right thank you deon i'm a monument at wordle not a moment it's happened twice now lightning strikes twice it's got to be a record of some sort also what do i win what do you think jay what should i win for this wordle should send you some sort of that's true i need wordle gear some wordle swag a t-shirt wordle swag we're big into swag we like swag on after hours i think it's appropriate i do too speaking of swag have we ever had the the bracket winners claim their swag not yet but i reached out twice right yeah pretty soon that swag is going to someone else you wanted one right uh i might considering the fact that the name of the network is now defunct oh true and also it could soon be a collector's item considering that yeah we don't know what happens at the end of this year if the network decides to replace your favorite host and go in a different direction well that swag becomes a lot more valuable you have to buy some protective cases could you imagine but mostly though i have to say sentimentally because it's a photo of me well it's a not me sorry it's a photo of my dog on the back of the swag that makes it more valuable now since penny is on the swag that's important yeah yeah okay i need to steal one have you ever sent oh forget scent have you ever communicated with your friend franklin no would you like to tell other people who franklin is no there is a listener named franklin who swears that he won survivor island now producer jay tells me he did not jay what was the issue uh he didn't win well right but how come he thinks he won i don't know maybe it was a could have been maybe a defunct island that had been used in the past maybe that was after hours but it wasn't the ones that we were currently using to play with okay so jay swears and would swear on his next can of soda that franklin did not win survivor island but franklin is determined i will give him credit for his perseverance every single day even if i'm posting something to do with my wedding or the honeymoon or a story on the show a topic that has nothing to do with anything related to after hours swag he continues to persist daily he is asking where are my winnings that's what he calls them my winnings i haven't blocked him i don't have the heart to block him if you're gonna do it it's gonna be all you jay no i i did talk to him so i said i'll send him one i just gotta send him one wait you did talk to him and tell him that you would send him something i did jay yeah now the the credibility of our show is on the line because he got so like angry and like wouldn't stop and i was like i'm doing it and then it just kind of was like the more he does it the more angrier i got well true however you gave your word yes i did okay well then now it's not just you but it's me on the line so can you please send him his swag swags on the way well let's not be fatuitous it's not on the way yet but it should be on the way you promise yes but the time i get back from the honeymoon you will have sent franklin's swag it'll be set i hope it gets there i'll use um fedex not ups i'm not not the postal service oh my gosh i caved actually my older niece's birthday present i didn't feel like going all the way to ups so i sent it i sent her birthday present via the postal service i got burned again this time i actually used priority so unlike the wedding flowers i use priority i'm not kidding you jay it took a week mr birthday she was already on vacation with the family before the package arrived it took a week with priority to go from new jersey to northern virginia it's a week on purpose at this point i could have mailed an envelope i could have i could have driven it there and only driven like 50 miles a day and gotten it there quicker that yeah i was so angry so angry so i got burned not once but twice thankfully the package did arrive but her baked goods while they were in there her roommate had to open up the package to put them in the freezer she did not ever gift in time for her vacation so i was upset about that so now i know never again ever ever ever again i thought we established that already we did and we did and i didn't learn the first time and i got burned again and actually stamps are about to go up to 73 cents a pop i'm one of those old school og holdouts that continues to write cards and letters to people just to make them smile when they get something in the mail that's not a bill or a piece of junk so i do send people cards i do and i know jay still writes out cards too though he doesn't use the mail he just hands them to me but i do really appreciate having the opportunity to surprise people that way right they're still it's archaic i know it's like a phone booth people don't know what phone booths are they wonder what snail mail is but i like it i like doing it we wrote all of our thank you notes for the wedding by hand bob and i we we wrote all the cards out by hand and mailed them same thing with the wedding invitations all that too so i still send cards in the mail but stamps are going up to 73 cents a pop not to mention you can't buy a card these days for under five bucks that's like your gift a dollar for a stamp almost and then and then five bucks for the card cards are getting expensive and they're also getting less funny i've noticed i don't know that's true they're not nearly as unique and creative maybe although uh we had a family member who just celebrated their birthday a male family member and i we found a card that was kind of funny it said why do old men wear black socks with their sandals and the inside of the card i'll give you a guess do you know what it said no you're one year closer to finding out oh god so that so that one we liked anyway yeah i may be about to divorce myself from the u.s postal service altogether and i've been a disciple of the postal service for years i don't know what to do that's right fool me twice shame on me on twitter a law radio check it out it might be a world record i need someone at wordle well it's actually the new york times oh dang it i should have used the new york times handle in my tweet i suppose i could pull it down and repost it right maybe or just include them in a quote tweet yeah i need to know what i won i would quote tweet them they owe you something and if anybody else has ever done that before twice lightning does strike twice this is pretty cool that's my claim to fame jay i think you need some swag some some wordle swag that would be pretty cool it's after hours with amy lawrence from the campus of syracuse university where man that sunset is gorgeous grill patio sunset hard to get better than that unless you're browsing carvana's inventory while you soak it all in oh burger time so sit back get comfortable carvana's got thousands of cars under twenty thousand dollars just waiting for you i can stay here forever carvana where car buying meets comfort meets convenience download the app or visit today after the end of a good fight you deserve an ice cold reward medulla the mark of a fighter you've earned this rich golden lager with a crisp refreshing taste because you know the bigger the fight the better the reward you put in the hours the energy the tough labor you are a fighter and medulla is your reward medulla the mark of a fighter trick responsibly beer imported by crown and port chicago illinois listen as selenia tells us why she chose to vaccinate her daughter i definitely felt like the pros far outweighed the cons the diseases that i am protecting my child against they're still here and at the end of the day it's my job as a mother to keep my child safe talk to your child's doctor and learn more at why brought to you by merc paul is getting love on our social media now nice you are listening to the after hours podcast a shot in front they score they score it was poked in in front and the panthers take a three one lead with 854 to go here in this third period matthew kachuk looked like he reached in he was out front with barcomb they were both whacking away it looks like it was barcomb who got the last contact with it the panthers stretch their lead to three one fans to their feet the final seconds will tick away it's going to be a 6-1 win for the panthers here in game five that's the game that's the series the panthers win this edition of the sunshine state showdown and punch a ticket to the second round of the stanley cup playoffs this is after hours with amy lawrence on the panthers radio network that had to feel good because the lightning had gotten the best of the panthers in each of the three previous stanley cup playoff clashes and so finally a little bit like little brother going through a growth spurt and getting taller than big brother bigger than big brother finally able to defeat big brother and so what a relief that has to be for the panthers feeling like a load but also you tune up for the next round with a very competitive opponent and a recent stanley cup champion it's after hours with amy lawrence so first round series in the books for the panthers as they move on and the big storyline in this particular series and we kind of talked about it a little bit with lebron and the lakers now that they're done at the hands of the nuggets is what's the future of steven stamkos a guy that you would think would be in the hall of fame and if we haven't if this is it if we don't get any more of him it's always it's always tough to think about right like did i pay enough attention did i properly revere him in his last opportunity did i even notice that it was the last game was it something notable i always feel that way when it ends kind of abruptly it doesn't end in a championship which uh let's face it that's the the way that the majority of careers end but now we'll wait to find out um if if you're not patent manning right you don't go out on top demarcus where you don't go out on top but this is one of the storylines coming out of the stanley cup playoffs now so jad i don't know how much time we have do we have time for any of the audio okay so to chuck to chuck could chuck uh finally getting past big brother just such an amazing feeling um you know coming here uh well not just coming here but throughout the last however many years they've been probably the team you know not only in the east but team in the league they've had the most success most successful playoffs and um you know taking it uh taking two wins over florida the past two times they've played in the playoffs so to be a part of this team and just like um hear the hear the crowd and this is this is a big series for us we always knew that you know for us ultimately to win it all it's probably gonna have to go through tamp at some point so just an amazing feeling uh closing out here and closing out at home like a little extra juice for that one and as for stamco's heap like lebron not thinking about the future right after the lightning get eliminated john cooper though the coach of tampa bay did say quote he feels like a bolt for life right now it's a murky future don't exactly know what happens next but did he just play his last game with the lightning did he play his last game at all his frustrations over the lack of contract talks last summer may indicate that there's a parting coming up but he's been he's been established in the nhl but also with the lightning really the soul of the lightning for quite a while it's after hours with amy lawrence on infinity sports network this episode is brought to you by progressive insurance whether you love true crime or comedy celebrity interviews or news you call the shots on what's in your podcast queue and guess what now you can call them on your auto insurance too with the name your price tool from progressive it works just the way it sounds you tell progressive how much you want to pay for car insurance and they'll show you coverage options that fit your budget get your quote today at to join the over 28 million drivers who trust progressive progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law after the end of a good fight you deserve an ice cold reward medella the mark of a fighter you've earned this rich golden lager with a crisp refreshing taste because you know the bigger the fire the better the reward you put in the hours the energy the tough labor you are a fighter and the della is your reward medella the mark of a fighter trick responsibly beer imported by crown import chicago illinois listen as selenia tells us why she chose to vaccinate her daughter i definitely felt like the pros far outweighed the cons the diseases that i am protecting my child against they're still here and at the end of the day it's my job as a mother to keep my child safe talk to your talk to your child's doctor and learn more at brought to you by merc
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