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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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June 11, 2024 6:08 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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June 11, 2024 6:08 am

Which coaches right now are in a "prove-it" situation in the NFL? Who is already on the hot seat entering the 2024 season? | Can McDavid and the Oilers rebound? | A strange moment in the Blue Jays/Brewers game.


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I'm pretty excited about some of the topics that we've got. We're throwing them around and people are taking offense and laughing and making fun. You can always tell when someone feels defensive about the topic or when you've struck a nerve because they'll write back with something like, why do you sound like a man? I'm offended. Right.

Or yes, they'll pretend not to care like Aaron Rodgers does, even though you know he really does. How could you possibly say that? You can't cancel me. You don't have my number.

You're not gonna have my number. Between Rodgers drops, which is Jay's favorite, and between the Mike Tomlin drops, which are my favorite, then throwing Dan Campbell and the very eclectic and quirky Mike McDaniel into the mix, although I've noticed Jay, this is going to be a problem this year. We've got a Mike McDonald in Seattle. We've got a Mike McDaniel in Florida.

We've got a Mike McDaniel in Florida. I've already done the opposite twice, man. They're not making it easy on me. No, that's hard.

Yeah. So we're asking you, in light of Mike Tomlin losing his lame duck status for 2024, much to the chagrin of vocal Steelers fans, I don't think it's the majority. I honestly do not think it's the majority of Steelers fans, but social media generally tends to reflect those who are unhappy.

People don't take to social media to tell you how happy they are. At least not on Twix. Twix is more about expressing your displeasure, your disappointment, your outrage. It's a cesspool.

It is definitely a cesspool, and it's one in which people generally tend to tilt negative. So on Twix, what I hear from a, I would say a lot, some Steelers fans is how much they can't stand it. The Steelers' standard should not be just getting to the playoffs.

When was the last time they won a playoff game? That's on Mike Tomlin. He needs to go. We have a Steelers fan who calls up, though, and I ask him, who's a better option?

And his response is, there are lots of them. Essentially wants to take a flyer on a young offensive coordinator who's unproven. Well, that's not the way the Rooney family operates.

It's not the way they roll, and so they disagree with you. And yes, now Mike Tomlin has a three-year extension that keeps him in the fold, theoretically, until 2027. He's no longer a lame duck. And we had known that they were working on an extension because both Tomlin and the Rooney's addressed it when the season was done. I feel like if you don't acknowledge the quarterback issues that they've had, even at the end of Roethlisberger's tenure, they were more and more reliant on passing, even when he was healthy. They were far too reliant on passing. And so I would say the last three seasons that he was with the Steelers before he officially retired, including the one in which he got hurt in week two, I think, week one or two when he was out for the rest of the year, didn't he get hurt against the Patriots? And then they had their home opener, and that was it. He couldn't even last through the second game. It was very early, yeah. I feel like maybe I have the team wrong, but that seems like what comes to mind.

Sometimes the details all get merged and melded and melted together in my brain. But even the year that Ben Roethlisberger was hurt, if you include that year and the two years around it, he was throwing way too much. They were way too reliant on the pass anyway. So you take those last couple seasons of the Hall of Famer's tenure, then you look at what they had around him. And some of you have reminded me about Duck Hodges, Devlin Hodges, Mitch Trubisky, Kenny Pickett, Mason Rudolph, who finally got a shot to start for reals this past season. And what happens?

Well, he takes a job somewhere else. Why? Because they bring in Russell Wilson.

Okay. Also Justin Field. I know they got Russ for relatively cheap. And Justin Field, same thing. And if there's no better option and that's what you have right now, I understand that it's really difficult when you don't have a quarterback. It's generally the issue and the challenge and the plight of a third of the league every year. You don't have your franchise quarterback. You're looking for your franchise quarterback. You're using stop gap QBs until you can get to your franchise quarterback. I mean, about a third of the league goes through that every single year. And some teams are stuck in QB purgatory. I mean, the Bronco situation is not all that different.

Although in the wake of their Hall of Famer retiring, it's been a few more years than what the Steelers are dealing with. So in my opinion, to not have a losing record in any stretch under Mike Tomlin, to not become irrelevant at any point under Mike Tomlin. And I don't mean for playoff wins necessarily. I know that's the standard. You want to win another Super Bowl.

I get it. However, in light of the quarterback issues, which is not all on Tomlin, but in light of the quarterback issues. To still be part of the playoff conversation, especially especially in the AFC North, which is currently the toughest division in football. To me, that speaks volumes about who he is, his standard, the culture, guys who want to play for him. He's accountable. He doesn't make excuses. He's no nonsense. He's constantly looking for something better. He's never satisfied. Yeah, I think there are at least 32 teams, I'll say at least 25 percent, at least eight, maybe 10 teams that would take Mike Tomlin right now if they could get him. Maybe more than that. Going conservative.

Josh finds me on Twix at ALaw Radio. Steeler fan here who's happy with the Tomlin extension, don't know many other head coaches who could win with the carousel of QBs we've had to use the last few years. Plus dealing with an aging franchise quarterback coming off major surgery prior to the picket era. I like that he uses the word era. I'm going to assume he's being tongue in cheek there. The picket era that lasted what, two years? Not even two years? Yeah, not even. I appreciate that, Josh.

Thank you. So with Mike Tomlin not wearing lame duck status in 2024, our question tonight, we're asking you on both of our social media sites as well as taking your calls, which other coaches in the NFL are in a prove it year? And let's be honest, the numbers would indicate that about a quarter of the coaching staff, well, the quarter of the head coaches, which, of course, means the dominoes drop for the rest of the staff. A quarter of them turn over every season.

It's pretty drastic. So what other coaches that you think right now are in the hot seat or right now need to make a statement in 24 or they could be out in the cold? I don't think they actually do pink slips anymore. These days you find out on social media.

It's a social media post that lets you know that you're out on your ear. Who was the coach years ago, I think it was Alain Vignot with the Golden Knights, and they fired him and left him in. Left him wherever they were on a road trip. Was it Boston? Somewhere on the East Coast. Somewhere on the East Coast, right. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence.

Good morning to you on Twix at Amy After Hours. That's our show account or you can find mine. And then our Facebook page, too.

And our phone number is 855-212-4227. Brad is in Buffalo. What do you think, Brad? So I live in Buffalo, I'm a Philly fan, but I think both Sean McDermott and Nick Therionne should be on the hot seat. Nick Therionne, a year and a half removed from taking a team to the Super Bowl. Yeah, but the class last year, it was clearly on him. He had been the head coach.

He should have rented the ship somehow, some way. Yeah, and I do agree that the whole coordinator mess, that's, I wouldn't say it was all him who created it. Because they lost coordinators to other jobs. But the people they brought in were not good fits. And that was definitely on him.

I don't know that I would say he's on the hot seat, though. That seems pretty quick, considering they made the playoffs in his first year. They were a bit of a surprise out of the NFC East.

And then, of course, got all the way to the Super Bowl and were NFC champions. I don't know that one, I mean, the collapse was bad, but one down year when you're changing coordinators. And now, think about it, the guys on the roster will have three different sets of coordinators in three years. Yeah, but if they come in at 500, you'd have to consider making a coaching change.

All right. As far as the Bills are concerned, ever since the 13 seconds, they've just been going backwards. Hmm, they definitely have wasted some opportunities, and I know that stings both inside the locker room as well as outside the locker room. And as far as most common, he's one of the best coaches in the NFL. He gets the most out of his roster. I would agree with that. I definitely would agree with that.

And now the longest tenured. Brad, thank you so much for your phone call. I appreciate it.

Thank you. Now, Jay, you and I had the conversation about Buffalo and Sean McDermott. And you actually made the statement.

Now, this was early December, I think, last year. You made the statement that if the Bills did not make the playoffs, whether as a wild card or as it turned out, they ran the table. They won their last five in a row and grabbed the AFC East title. So they stayed defending champs in the AFC East that week, 18 of the season, right? And so they were able to catch the Miami Dolphins and ended up as the, what was it, the two, no, three seed, four seed. I don't remember now what seed they were, but they were three seed. Three out because the Chiefs were ahead of them and Ravens. They had the same record as the Chiefs, but the Chiefs were ahead of them, yes. The Texans were ten and seven, so they were the four seed. Texans were the four seed. So the Ravens were the one seed, Chiefs were the two, Bills were the three. Yeah, okay.

All right, that makes sense. I do know it's frustrating because they seemingly haven't capitalized on Josh Allen in terms of getting to a Super Bowl. You just have to consider what else is happening in the AFC.

That's the hard part. Think about all those teams that fell short in the Western Conference when the Golden State Warriors were going to five straight NBA Finals. There were other really good teams there.

They didn't need to fire their coaches. It's just the Golden State Warriors were that good. Well, the Kansas City Chiefs are that good. They're a generational team.

And so to say that it's all solely on the Bills, it's not just the Bills in a vacuum. You have to consider what else is happening in the conference, but I do agree they've had some very painful near misses. Cincinnati Bengals are in that equation too, even though they've had Joe Burrow, then they've not had Joe Burrow, then they've had Joe Burrow, then they've not had Joe Burrow.

I think the rise of the Texans and the year before the Jaguars are a big deal, but mostly it's Kansas City and then it's Baltimore in there as well that's made some noise. But I don't know that you can put Sean McDermott on the hop seat, hop, hop seat, hop, skip and jump. I don't know if you can put him in a prove it situation in 24 considering they did run the table and win the division last year.

I don't know. That seems drastic to me. And not to mention the front office has gotten rid of what feels like half the veterans on the club. That's where I was going to go with it this season, where it's what are their expectations?

Is this gear going in? Do they expect to win the AFC East again? Do they expect to be better than the Dolphins? Do they want to just get in? I mean, they don't have a receiving corps right now, really.

Think about it. They need Josh Allen to be Patrick Mahomes in that he raises the level of all of these guys and turns them into viable options. They got rid of how many guys on their starting defense. So are the expectations still the same in Buffalo? I would say yes as an outside perspective, but if they're not- Because of Josh Allen? Because of Josh Allen.

That's the only reason. Yeah. But if you're on the Buffalo staff and you don't think that or you want to get this kind of, do you call it a rebuild? A retool? I don't know. A reload? A reload? Maybe, but they didn't really add.

They just subtracted. So, but I don't know. I feel like that's where you got to assess if you're Buffalo, what your expectations is here. And how is that on McDermott? He's not the one that makes those choices. So how is that on McDermott?

He doesn't do the roster. I think the fact that they made the playoffs last year and won those five in a row speaks volumes about him and his coaching staff. So I don't know that I would agree that he's in a prove-it deal, but maybe some people do. In the AFC East, though, while we're talking about it, I think the Jets are definitely in a situation where Robert Salah is on the hot seat. There are a lot of people who thought he would not survive. And the only reason he did survive 23 is because Aaron Rodgers got hurt four snaps in, right? So if Aaron Rodgers is healthy and they still finish 7-10, which likely wouldn't have happened.

But even if that was the case, you can't build an entire team around Rodgers and then blame it on the coach. But if they don't do it this year, oh, he's out. I think it has to look good, too. Look good doing it? I think the Jets have to win. I think the Jets have to look good doing it. I don't think it's going to fly if they're, you know, what's the phrase, I'm getting by with the skin of their teeth every week.

I think they're going to have to win convincingly. And it's going to have to look like it's not an absolute carousel for the Jets franchise. It's not a roller coaster.

A roller coaster, that's what I mean, yeah. What about the Bengals? Because I've seen some people list Zach Taylor going into a prove-it year. Again, I kind of feel like that's maybe a little unfair, considering that Joe Burrow's been hurt for a large portion of two of his last three seasons.

I think that'd be unfair, too. I thought about him as well, but I think with Burrow missing all last year, you've got to at least give one more full season before you really assess that. If Burrow's healthy, of course. We talked about Doug Peterson.

Maybe Jerry's out there, but we talked about Peterson. Let's see. It feels like almost every coach has turned over in the AFC West, except for the Chiefs. In the case of the Raiders, they've turned it over, what, three times in the last two years?

Goodness. Josh McTandals didn't last long, so they moved on to Antonio Pierce, but he gets a shot with no interim tag. Broncos, of course, with Peyton now, and the Chargers, they're just starting over, too. So yeah, the Chiefs, still the team to beat in the AFC West.

Only team that finished above.500 in that division last year. Mike McCarthy. He's up there. Yeah, he's been a popular answer tonight as well.

The only Nick Sirianni answer I heard was the one we just got on the phone. What about the Giants? Ah, I know there were some people who wanted to see Brian Daybal bounce last season, but I'm not sure that's fair. That's a tough one, because he still hasn't gotten a chance to pick his own quarterback yet, either. So, I mean, it doesn't seem like they love Daniel Jones, the Giants brass.

Well, then why give him that deal? You mean the coaching staff? The coaching staff, I mean. I mean, it wasn't their guy.

They did win, made the playoffs overachieve, so that's why he got the deal, I guess. But do they really love him? I don't know. It hasn't seemed like it.

The devil you know, the devil you don't know. Let's see, in the NFC North, we just saw the change. Where did we see the change?

We didn't see a change at Coach. No. O'Connell, Eberfluse, obviously. He might be on the hot seat. Well, do you think?

I don't know. With Eberfluse, how can you change the quarterback and go to a rookie and then put your coach in the hot seat? That seems kind of tough. The Vikings, though, with the way they finished last year, that's a tough one because they now are starting relatively fresh at quarterback. A lot of people are pointing to Dennis Allen with the Saints and saying, no way, he needs to be gone. We know the NFC South is a revolving door. I know Todd, Todd Bowles, it's not football season.

I'm having to recall these names. Todd Bowles has kept them on top of the Bucks on top of the NFC South, but it's not like they've had any breakout season under him. Of course, they're also transitioning after Brady. But the Saints, the Falcons, the Panthers, that's all they do is change coaches and quarterbacks.

That's all they do. That's gonna happen anyway. Right, it's gonna happen no matter what. What about in the NFC West? We know Pete Carroll is gone, so one of the longest tenured head coaches.

He's out. Rams with McVeigh. He says he's staying and he's committed, so that's good. He almost feels like McVeigh is kind of like he's got a lifetime contract with the Rams where he'll choose when he wants to go. And last year they were a surprised playoff team, which is good. I don't think the Niners even have to worry about that. They've got a choke hold there, right? Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch and then the Cardinals, they just are coming off the first year with Gannon.

And no, Kyle Murray, excuse me, for the first half of that season. So I don't know. There are definitely some candidates. Let's talk to Sam who's in Birmingham. Sam, welcome to After Hours. Hey, Amy. Hey. The first thing I want to say is congratulations to Bob.

He got blessed. That's very awesome. I listen to you all the time and I haven't called before, so I want to say that. Thank you. And the other thing, I think Mike Tomlin, you know, the fans should be complaining about the front office or anything because they had no plan for, they went with Ben for too long and then they had no plan to transition from Ben.

So Tomlin, for the last six years since they did win a playoff game, has kind of been hamstrung by quarterback play, in my opinion. And I agree with you that, you know, on every front, he's an excellent coach. And the other thing I wanted to tell you is that I'm from Pensacola. Who needs? And after you go to the Binghampton Blue Angels show, and if you like it, which you will, you need to go ahead and book a hotel at Pensacola the weekend after July 4th. That's when they have their summer show. Neat. So not only will you have an excellent beach vacation, but you'll also have a financial show right outside your window if you get a hotel right on the beach. Nice. I love Pensacola. I've been there before. Yeah, as a teenager, but it's a beautiful area. Yes.

Yeah. I grew up there. I've ended up in Birmingham, and I can't wait to get back to Pensacola. My mom and my sister and brother still live down there, so.

Gotcha. But yeah, so enjoy that. It was awesome to hear about the Blue Angels on the show tonight. Yeah, I can't wait to see them in Birmingham. I mean, it's close enough for us to be able to drive there and to enjoy it.

And it wasn't a real expensive ticket. So yeah, this will be the first time ever seeing them. I can't wait. You're going to love it.

And now I'm looking forward to the documentary that you were talking about. Oh, yeah. Oh, check it out. It's awesome. I will do it. All right, Sam. Good to talk to you.

Thank you. We've had a correction, and now I remember. It's all coming back to us now, Jay. The Bills were the two seed. Kansas City went on the road, remember? And had to win on the road. Right, because that was his first playoff game. Yes, that was his first playoff game.

So lots happened. Sorry. Yeah, it's been a long time since the NFL playoffs.

But thank you for correcting us. Sure, people are out there yelling at the radio. There goes the perfect show.

There goes the perfect show. Wade on Facebook says, more years of mediocrity. This Steelers fan is very disappointed. All right, does seem like the disappointed Steelers fans are always more vocal than the ones who actually appreciate Mike Tomlin. But I think Sam made a great point. Although he does have input on the roster, let's not pretend like Tomlin has no oversight.

But the idea about him making this roster completely on his own and the quarterbacks and how that's been a mess. I mean, there's some authenticity and some truth to that as well. Sometimes you have to make an omelet when you have a bunch of broken eggs. And if you do that, it turns out to be relatively tasty. Well, that's actually a success in and of itself. So which NFL coaches need to prove it in 2024?

On Twix, at Amy, after hours, speaking of food, and also on our Facebook page. Yeah, it's close. It's not as close as we would like it to be. But there are mandatory OTAs going on this month. And then, of course, coming up in five weeks' day. Five weeks, we've got the start of training camps.

Oh, heavens, I need to enjoy my summer now before my life is not my own again. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Look around. You can find cars like these on Auto Trader, like that car riding your tail. Or if you're tailgating right now, all those cars doubling as kitchens and living rooms are on Auto Trader too. Are you working out and listening to this ad at the same time?

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He has to make a save against Mikkola and then seconds later It's the equalizer and the tying goal that made it 1-1 through two periods here Jack Michaels they're on Oilers radio and We really need to figure out who the play-by-play announcer is for the Panthers radio network considering They are two wins away from a Stanley Cup Doug plugins Doug plugins. I Believe okay, we're gonna have to look it up to confirm how he's maybe someone who's listening to our Miami affiliate I'm in fact, I should have asked our guest but someone who's listening to our Miami affiliate on am 560 WQ a.m Can let us know that we have the right pronunciation of that when I'm not sure I just go with Panthers radio network or the Utah Yeti radio network. I'm still on it. I'm on the Yeti if we can't have the banthas or the the wampas the wampas Or the Wookiees, but I'm definitely on I like the you Yeti It sounds better than Utah.

That was just a chance to hear it right there. Like you Know that stinks that stinks the Utah Hockey Club is even worse who thought that was a good idea Oh, it's probably some 12 year old who loves soccer and who wrote it in but apparently these were narrowed down to these six Like they had a group of it was all fan voted and now these are like yeah the best six So I'm I'm the I'm on board with the Yeti not that anyone asked me to vote for but the Yeti's growing on me It's gonna win I think Can't beat a Yeti Blizzard what if they go with the Blizzard? I think that's sponsored by Dairy Queen.

You just have to it makes me want to go to Dairy Queen I have to have it on your home. It's unfortunate And I guess there are some people who are afraid of blizzards can blizzards be intimidating Maybe for all those people who don't know how to drive in snow, but honestly, I like blizzards So it doesn't seem like Odin. Yeah, blizzards are tremendous. They're beautiful fire peaceful I mean the Utah Blizzard and they get to a state like a final it's in June and temps in Utah are in the 80s Anyway, we don't get to vote clearly because we can't take the whole thing seriously I think we do get to vote actually we do. I think anyone can vote we're voting for the Yeti I don't know if you need to be a Utah resident to vote.

I'm not sure check your license You do it when you vote this year, like actually vote in the election. They check your registration Sure It's after hours with Amy Lawrence, so yes, we've got Oilers we've got Panthers tied at one but you know what was different about game number two of the Stanley Cup final as Much as the Panthers didn't like how they played in game one They did get the shutout because of Sergei Bobrovsky in game number two. It was more their style This was their identity limit the number of shots limit the quality opportunities Leon Draisaitl only had two shots on goal Connor McDavid only had three shots on goal though He did have an assist on their first score of their only score and in the third period They end up with a first-year Panther who does the damage Caposo a shoulder into a bander cane on the far side of the ice out the line the puck played down low Ekblad now it's a post on the right side around the end boards Evan Rodriguez here in the near circle looked to play it on Nick couldn't get it through another try shot He scores Evan Rodriguez And he beats Skinner short side the Panthers have their first lead of the night It's 2-1 what a laser of a wrist shot that was Ekman Larson straight on Rodriguez to Lundell Anton Lundell near shot lets it rip Tipton they score Evan Rodriguez gonna stick on it and the Panthers make him pay it's 3-1 734 to go in the third Evan Rodriguez has two Special Trying to embrace it trying to stay in the moment it's two big wins for our team and I think our we've already turned the page and we're getting ready for game three if you didn't know this is the furthest distance That a Stanley Cup team has both teams have to travel to get to the other arena So they've never had a Stanley Cup final that pits two teams that are further apart geographically and so that's why they have an extra day So they are not playing again until Thursday game three is on Thursday. So nothing tonight.

No hoops. No hockey Instead we've got game three of the NBA Finals on Wednesday and then hockey again on Thursday And here are the Panthers who've never had a lead in a Stanley Cup before this week and now they're just two wins away And I thought it was kind of cool that Rodriguez is a first-year Panther and yet he fits in if you missed my conversation With Mike Cugno of CBS Miami. I asked him the question of why Rodriguez fits in especially when and he called it a moving train when he wasn't on this moving train that goes back to last year When they were the eighth seed and they lost to the Golden Knights in the Stanley Cup final So it's kind of cool to see them in this redemption tour and and they're getting so close but man, they're all business and last night's game may have come at a cost so there was a hit by Leon Draisaitl to the head of Alexander Barkov and so now we don't know the status of the captain Maurice was not happy but he was careful about what he expressed in the postgame This isn't the Oprah Winfrey show My feelings don't matter This isn't the own network my feelings don't matter again though according to Mike Cugno He was he was really upset about it and earlier in the game They didn't lose Trying to think it was the five-minute major and the ejection But the Panthers in that case is that Listerine that he came back. He was off briefly and then came back So still if you're without Barkov who's one of your best players and your leader That can leave a gaping hole.

So we'll see what happens But maybe the extra day can make a difference as for the Oilers they get to go home So that's huge. You could imagine the crowd is going to be crazy and Connor McDavid while he did admit the effort is not good enough and they've got to figure it out He also dares people to doubt them. It's another opportunity for our group to Come together and dig our way out It's supposed to be hard. It's supposed to be difficult And I'm excited to see what our group's made of I'm excited to see our group come together I'm excited to see Us fight through adversity and looking forward to people doubting us again I'm looking forward to it. What did Roger Federer say in his commencement address at Dartmouth? You're gonna fail a lot as an athlete or really in life.

You're gonna fail a lot Really in life, you're gonna fail a lot. It's what you do with that failure and how you deal with that failure And they've got the right attitude but still there's a major sense of urgency here and If it makes it feel any better most teams in the NHL can't figure out the Panthers So yeah, this identity of theirs it is forged through the fire They've been working on this now for a year plus But they've been a team on a mission and I don't know how you could be upset about the Panthers winning a Stanley Cup Unless of course you're Canadian but winning a Stanley Cup after what they did last year or what they you know Ran up against last year and the fact that they've never had one in their franchise history, too So that's pretty sweet. Just the rats though. I could do without the rats.

I'm sorry. I know I'm not a Panthers faithful It's just why rats we see plenty of them. I know there's a story behind it octopus of all about that rats Could you imagine being one of the people who has to clean the rats off the ice?

Not the best job. No, I'd rather clean the rats on the octopus though Really? How come because the octopus is like real most of the rats are just faking.

Oh, I thought they were real I mean, maybe some people have real ones. I wouldn't put it past them. So you told me that the Octopus sometimes get hidden in people's shorts.

Oh, yeah all the time. That's how they get it in You have to like smuggling right? You have to smuggle it. So what did they do with the rats? I think they give them away some nights. I don't know but everyone seems to have one Do you think people smuggle rats into their in their shorts? I do. Okay, that's Disturbing. Let me just run to the bathroom real quick peek around That would work at Madison Square Garden actually in New York that would probably work at the old Boston Garden, too I remember the players used to complain some of the visiting teams is back when I was a kid They would not only complain about the fact that the garden either had the ace AC blasted in winter So it's freezing cold in there or no AC in the warmer months, right?

So that the visitors are really uncomfortable but also that there were sometimes critters that were Prowling around gamesmanship. Oh, yeah. No, thank you. Nope.

Nope. Nope Let's see Michael says on Facebook. You're 100% correct on the Panthers announcer Doug plugins. Got it Okay from now on we'll identify him personally Alright coming up There was a really funny moment I know that there's many other moments that you might like to talk about as Blue Jays and Brewers fans, but there was a really funny moment that Caught the attention of not just the announcers But the fans and became a major listen as Selenia tells us why she chose to vaccinate her daughter I definitely felt like the pros Far outweighed the cons the diseases that I am protecting my child against They're still here and at the end of the day, it's my job as a mother to keep my child safe Talk to your child's doctor and learn more at why vaccines calm brought to you by Merck After the end of a good fight Deserve an ice-cold reward Medela the mark of a fighter you've earned this rich golden lager with a crisp refreshing taste because you know The bigger the fight the better the world you put in the hours the energy You are a fighter and the della is your reward the della the mark of the fight trick responsibly beer imported by Crown Import, Chicago Illinois Tune in is the audio platform with something for everyone news in order to secure Convictions in a court of law it is essential that we conclusively sports clock at four Doncic Let's step back three Music And even podcasts whatever you love hear it right here on tune in go to tune in calm or Download the tune-in app to start listening no matter what you're a fan of Texas has the trip for you. There's the Trip to Texas and the Trip or maybe you're the kind of fan who'd prefer a trip to Texas or a Trip either way go to slash get your own for the only trip to Texas that matters Yours distraction in Milwaukee last night and also Juan Soto is back which I know the Yankees are thrilled about It's after hours with Amy Lawrence. You are listening to the after-hours podcast Three Two and hard left side face it past the lunging wit Trickles into left field Soto races around third easily scores Torres to third Wilkins in a second another timely hit for Alex Verdugo gives the Yankees an immediate one nothing Lee a one-line Base it for Jose Trevino That's what he does the Mayhew scores from third here comes Grisham throws cut off Jose Trevino doesn't miss in these spots who runs single it's for nothing Yankees in the fourth road onset one two Grounded softly up the middle Torres ranges right charges throws on the run got him Blaber Torres makes a play and Carlos Rodon bears down to complete another spectacular night This is after hours with Amy Lawrence the voice of Emmanuel Babari our Sometime colleague here on the infinity sports network one of the rotating announcers for the Yankees Radio network in the wake of John Sterling's retirement so yes to the delight of the Yankees and their fans Especially as they've come out of a torrid month of May and are trying to keep it going in June Juan Soto returns and the Yankees win again on the road at Kansas City big deal now With so many games to go and with Soto in a walk here and the fact that he's contributing. How did he feel?

That's pretty good I know it's the agent, but get the feelings even so a couple peaches out there and take some hacks It felt very good. That's good when you get out there and take some hacks I do like that anytime you can take a hack just be careful How you hack because sometimes that can exacerbate injuries just a regular baseball bat, too I know that if you ask Luca Doncic to take a hack right now that probably wouldn't feel so good considering He's dealing with a midsection Soto goes one for three also has a walk in there and I right back into the lineup at the two-spot as the DH But the issue of course is whether or not this is going to be a problem moving forward. Do you have time to heal?

I don't know. I mean I've been doing a lot of treatments. I've been feeling good I've been seeing a lot of improvement definitely is not gonna go away that quick, so we keep working on it We're gonna keep doing a couple things for the next for the next week and so and see how it goes after that left forearm inflammation How many Americans do you think are listening right now and have some type of forearm? Inflammation and think wow I wish I could take off the weekend Sometimes baseball injuries are a little bit frustrating fingernails Yes blisters Right sometimes, but I know that with the season.

That's twice as long as say the NBA the NHL You got to be careful. You'd rather have them for the long haul especially with how they're playing right now, and man How about Carlos Rodon when was the last time you thought? Man Carlos Rodon one of the best pitchers out there seven straight wins All right, then But good for him and in terms of the standings.

It's June. It's too early, but just know that Juan Soto is back It's after hours with Amy Lawrence the Chicago White Sox. They're in the same plate by the way You don't even need to know their record to appreciate Ozzie Guillen Who's the former White Sox manager and obviously is a guy that would like to see them improve? But also really enjoys making jokes at their expense, so this is his latest from NBC Sports, Chicago yeah, he's He's in pain What's this it's a cactus okay cactus?

I'm gonna sit on it that my hair a little less than I just watch today's game. Oh My goodness What did we just experience there's got to be a video of that it's NBC Sports, Chicago it's a TV network there has to be video of Ozzie sitting on a cactus and And experiencing what he thinks is less pain than watching the White Sox on a daily basis Is it out there? Oh? Yeah?

Did you retweet it from our okay? Is it a cactus with very large thorns? It's a cactus Yeah, okay, but a little baby succulent that isn't going to bite you essentially or did he sit on an actual cactus No, it's not like one of your picturing like out in like the Arizona desert But it's still a cactus though.

There's definitely some prickers in there all right. Let's check it out. You can check it out I'm checking it out right now on our show twix at Amy after hours NBC Sports, Chicago and Ozzie Guillen their match made in heaven. That's hysterical actually Not quite as funny well, okay, that was funny, but what happened in the Blue Jays Brewers game on Monday This was amazing it turned into the highlight of the night the old one Swinging Guerrero loses the bat on a foul ball it goes way off to the left And gets stuck up in the netting it is suspended above the third base dugout And I don't know how they're gonna get that down. I think Vlad's gonna get a new bat potentially Because you don't want to shake that netting and just have the bat fall 15 feet down it's way up there well I bet a lot of those fans are trying to figure out a way How they can get up there and get that bat? That went way over to the third base side So the bat gets stuck Vlad flings it on accident. He just loses hold of it, and it goes I mean it's it's flying it quite quite a clip so it's a good thing the net was there But it gets stuck in the net and it's hanging. It's dangling. It's not secure It's dangling and and moving around above the White Sox dugout So they get this long pole with a ring at the top of it and in between innings They're trying to get this bat down, and it really becomes the like the Sideshow if you will almost like a circus Sideshow at the stadium as they're trying to get the bat down and then two innings later people are still Watching with bated breath. We'll update you on the bat saga in just a second first the pitch to Kirk called strike one And I think you can guess what just happened from the sound of the crowd the loop that they added to the long pull and hook Was able to yank the bat out of the netting and on to the top of the dugout Oh one pitch to Kirk popped up back to the plate Contreras holding his mask in his right hand jogs toward the first base dugout makes the catch still with mask in hand One down to the Blue Jays get the bat back Maybe for Vladimir Guerrero jr. To use he would be to a fourth this in him honestly in a baseball game in the middle of June when we're not talking about stretch run or playoff pursuit That's far more entertaining the bat dangling there and all the efforts that the ground screw went through to get that bat down the fan reaction Is my favorite yeah, and you can hear it Obviously on Bruce radio. Well, you can guess what happened. That's Tremendous good stuff.

I mean, I'm not sitting on a cactus, but feel free if you'd like to Which NFL coaches are proving it or have to prove it in? 2024 we'll get to more of that coming up on the hump show. Have a great Tuesday. We'll talk to you then Thanks for listening.

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