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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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April 29, 2024 6:08 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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April 29, 2024 6:08 am

Where do the Phoenix Suns go from here? | Jalen Brunson is doing it ALL for the Knicks | Which rookie QB has landed in the best situation?

Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence
Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence
Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence

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Visit or download the app and sell your car from your comfy place. Good morning to you. It's a Monday. It's a monkey Monday. We'll call it that. We're going to monkey around on this Monday.

Although there is going to be a radio show from Syracuse tonight. My last one before I monkey off onto a honeymoon. So you're going to have to take everything that you can get from this final hour this morning and then four hours tonight into tomorrow morning if you're one of those people that professes to miss me.

I don't actually know if I believe you. I appreciate it though. I will not miss being on social media. I will not miss watching a bazillion sports events every week because it's the springtime. I'll be taking a break from sports as well as from social and really excited about finally getting away and doing a honeymoon starting on Wednesday morning.

And since our flight leaves relatively early we need a ride to the airport. I won't be with you on Tuesday night into Wednesday. So no more shows in studio until mid-May. But we do have the one tonight from Syracuse as I wrap up my second class as an adjunct professor.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence. Happy almost May which is kind of crazy right because it's the last we just finished up the last weekend of April. It's the last couple days of April now.

They go by in a blur if you work in this industry. Whether it's the NFL draft that floats your boat and and kudos to Detroit we'll get to that coming up. Whether it's the hoops and hockey playoffs. Whether it's March Madness which is how April begins. I know the Masters wasn't quite as enticing for as many people this year but gosh think about the WNBA draft getting as much attention as it did. Everything that Kaitlyn Clark does makes headlines.

I even called Candace Parker Kaitlyn Parker on accident because Kaitlyn is so much part of the vernacular right now. So it was bigger, badder and better than ever this April throwing even more women's sports into the mix too. And that means the month has flown by. It doesn't really slow down honestly. It doesn't slow down until gosh mid-June. Maybe late June but just when you think it's safe to come out and and pay attention to your own life and not sports. Okay that's me. Just when you think it's okay to pop your head out and see what else is going on the NFL reels you right back in. Then you're weeks away from training camps. Wow let's not talk about that yet okay. Let's take a break at some point during the summer.

Welcome everybody. Wait is that from Detroit or is that from Philly? I don't know what that one's from. I feel like that's from Philadelphia.

Probably. Where's his intro in Detroit where he's egging on the crowd? Even the guys behind him from the Lions were egging on the crowd but I still think the Detroit the Detroit booing was far less emotive, far less energetic, far less intense than what we've gotten in previous years with Roger Goodell.

I think Lions fans are too happy right now. I think it's because Eminem was up there. So they wouldn't boo him right but he was trying to get them to boo Roger Goodell.

I think they just love Eminem so much that you can't like it just doesn't work. Not to mention Barry Sanders was still on stage and Megatron was there and Amun Ra and Jared Goff and yeah Aidan Hutchinson. So it's hard to boo when there's so many Detroit icons that are up there. I get it but I also think yeah true Roger surrounded himself with people that would incite cheers rather than boos but I also think that Lions fans are in a really good place right now.

They've been in this good place in decades so what is there to be upset about? They booed enough over the years. They were also really pleased with themselves because I've seen this multiple times on social from fans wanting to point out we set a record for attendance over the course of the three days of the NFL draft and yeah 700,000 plus. I've seen so many people who attended the draft in a media capacity or in a capacity in which they were working with a football team rave about the energy and the electricity even when there was nothing happening on stage and for those people who have never been to a draft truly there is nothing happening on stage after that first round when the commissioner or the the the side commissioners are out there right when you've got assistant commissioners and you get into the later rounds of the draft they don't have the bands they don't have the light show it's not nearly the same. That first round is done with all of the bells and whistles to make it must-see TV on a Thursday night. It's built for prime time. The later rounds of the draft uh-uh not nearly as dressed up and yet the fan support and the excitement the adrenaline it continued so good for you Detroit I'm very impressed.

I feel wind underneath my freaking wings. Clearly Dan Campbell does as well it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on Twitter, Facebook what you loved about the draft of Detroit fans you definitely deserve a ton of credit as do Knicks fans in front of you as do Knicks fans in Philadelphia drawing the ire of one Joelle Embiid and then also Rangers fans making their presence felt in DC as they sweep the capitals out of the playoffs so we're starting to see the second round already take shape and that includes some firsts and some seconds and some thirds for the Minnesota Timberwolves. For the fourth game of the series against the Suns at least it was competitive but honestly if you watch this series it was about as lopsided as it can get and this wasn't a 1-8 but it felt like the Suns had not a whole lot to offer against Anthony Edwards, Karl Anthony Towns, Jayden McDaniels, I mean this was lopsided in favor of the Wolves which is not something we say very often. Now Towns with it. Cat left side steps through along the baseline drew the foul and he hit the shot off the glass it's a three-point opportunity for Karl Anthony Towns 7-0 Timberwolves run it's 102-99 bounce pass right side to Mike six to shoot got to go and gets it back turns fires deep three on the way and he drains it calm cool and collected Anthony Edwards up to 29 points and one-on-one against Bradley Beal beat some baseline rises and hammers what a finish by Anthony Edwards big-time dunk by Ants. I told y'all yesterday or day before yesterday whatever the last time we played that I want to kill everything in front of me so once I knew we we had a chance to sweep them and you know I mean why we want to go back to Minnesota I mean we know the recipe they came out and competed they played hard tonight it was very tough but I mean big shout out to my teammates man they came out and competed at a high level throughout the whole 48 minutes and they trusted me at the end man so big shout out to those guys. 31 of his 40 points in the second half and that dunk was dazzling that was sick yep it was sick as well Alan Horton on the Timberwolves radio network then you hear Ant himself on the NBA on TNT yeah the way that he's elevated his game and it started in the regular season when Kat went out and at the time the Timberwolves were hovering near the top of the Western Conference people wondered whether or not they'd be able to maintain in fact I think most people assumed they would not without Kat he's gone for weeks but Anthony Edwards stepped into that void and we've seen a different player emerge almost like he stepped into a phone booth I know people have no idea what that is stepped into a phone booth and came out as Superman didn't that used to be how he would do it oh yeah yeah he would go into a phone booth Clark Kent and come out right as Superman but that was old school old school now he just starts running and pulls off the suit and dusty I don't know takes flight I feel like that's not very inconspicuous but also the phone booth wasn't either because it was no clear you could see through the windows in the phone booth at least there's an effort right how many people who are listening to the show right now have ever been in a phone booth you think I don't know you have not been in a phone booth right I haven't seen one in forever maybe at old school tv shows in fact I haven't even seen a payphone in years but when I was in Green Bay a few years ago for a game they actually have one on the wall in the bowels of the stadium just for fun did you use it no but I did take a picture of it it's after hours with Amy Lawrence so this was Clark Kent emerging from the phone booth as Superman and Anthony Edwards never looked back even when Kat returned and it's been great to see the two of them go go to get like go and move forward move the franchise forward together I like the one-two punch and then in addition you have Rudy Gobert right and you and I know people can debate about whether or not he was worth what the wolves gave up for him but at least in this series they had more than enough firepower Mike Conley too I would talk about OG for the timber wolves he was in double figures to go along with seven assists Kat has a double double Edwards dynamic it all results in a first in timber wolves history Devin Booker threw traffic down the lane runs up the shot it's blocked Anthony Edwards swats it away timber wolves control the loose ball Conley will lob it up into the front court McKeel's got it the horn sounds the ball game is over the series is over for the first time in franchise history the timber wolves have swept a postseason series they win it four games to none over the suns for just the second time in franchise history they're moving on to the second round and it is just the third time in franchise history they've won a postseason series I couldn't be happier I couldn't be happier one about getting the win finally again the monkey off my back about getting through the first round damn someone burned oh okay oh okay say less say less I was just making sure we're safe in here um um but playing with my man playing with my man on my right man it's just it makes more special to be able to do it with someone that I got so much admiration for so much respectful and um future so bright for him I I gotta put my sunglasses on in a way because it's so bright for him obviously it's Ant who's sitting to his right and what did they say that was a cart backing up is that was making that noise the first round damn someone burning oh okay say less say less say less say less I think one of my students used that recently you want to talk about street cred and cool that's Carl Anthony towns yo yo yo yo I gotta put my sunglasses on in a way we don't get to hear the yo yo yo yo yeah yeah yeah yeah the laugh at the end makes it yes so congrats to these timber wolves the only problem is Chris Finch may not be available to start the next series but maybe because as a high seed they would be home they will be home but Mike Conley collided with him on the sidelines in the second half in fact it was late in the game and according to the wolves Finch now has a torn patellar tendon and right away as he was falling to the ground he was grabbing his knee he couldn't walk he had to be helped off the court felt so bad for him just minding his own business doing his job and and I'm sure Conley feels terrible as well so Chris Finch is likely going to need surgery but if nothing else is he able to withstand the pain and is he allowed to travel can't even coach the rest of the way that we don't know but it is a torn patellar tendon for Chris Finch if you haven't seen the collision oh they show a close-up of it not that you can see the the tear or anything but just his face and grabbing his knee right away it's one of those instant pops it's like a football injury you see that happen like on the football field of the legs swing around and players got a key back I never thought I'd see that on a basketball court yeah well and a collision like that crazy but Conley Conley was the one moving Finch had no place to go he fell into some fans there along the sidelines but had no place to be able to avoid him it was just an awkward hit and the way he went down on it ouch so thinking about Chris Finch but mostly this is really impressive and a major step for the Timberwolves these are not your daddy's Timberwolves did your daddy like the Timberwolves 20 years since they advanced to the western conference finals against the Lakers I believe only the third time in their franchise history they've ever won a series and for them to sweep also a first now for the Suns this is a mess because they've got their big three they got a brand new coach he's won a championship what went wrong Devin Booker I would say the details um you know I've been on a pretty much a pretty successful team um Katie's won the ring coach Fisdale has been a part of the Miami Heat um I mean coach Vogel won one with the Lakers and I think all everybody would say you know these are the time that the details matter and it's something that you know we kind of passed by and you know didn't think was a big deal but came back and bit us in the ass the Devin Booker ended up with 49 points but it wasn't enough Kevin Durant he says they're still early in this reload I don't think it's a rebuild you can't call it that but he says they're still working on it and he doesn't think it's a throw in the towel type of situation now remember the Suns looks so horrible in getting beaten by the Nuggets last year at the end of that series that Monty Williams paid the price but they brought in Bradley Beal and this was supposed to be the punch again you talk to Booker you hear from Kevin Durant it's not the offensive firepower that's the issue it's them in this case getting beaten on the boards turning the ball over it's just a matter of paying more attention to the details and doing the little things right the basics we put this team together with the mindset that we have a three to five year window you know that every year we're gonna have a chance to we have a team that has the firepower to compete for it that's Frank Vogel I can't imagine he's a casualty though this is an embarrassing way to go out to get swept as for KD apparently Anthony Edwards is his favorite player to watch in the NBA so he's very complimentary of the 22 year old ant but also he may not be 22 anymore don't question whether or not he still cares for me individually I live and breathe bro like I have nothing else but like you know at this point in my life I got a lot going on outside of basketball but what I mainly focus on is ball bro so like yeah I got motivation I love to play I'm gonna come back next year you know ready to hoop you know so yeah I don't think you should question that so don't question KD and whether or not he's contemplating riding off into the sunset for all his other projects and don't question Alex Ovechkin because he's also gearing up already for next year talking about next year's though the sweep by the Rangers will be a positive or could be turned into a positive can be converted into a positive experience although now it's got to sting I still can't get over it no points in four games there's got to be very few stretches in his entire career in which he's had no points in four games first time it's ever happened in the playoffs but gosh Jay you must be oozing with pride over your Rangers it's it was nicely handled the series took care of business sweet got out reserving is there very reserved in your praise well they took care of business for round one we got bigger goals but it's it's an improvement from last year yeah all the way home yeah so two sweeps early on the Timberwolves and the Rangers they become the first two teams to advance in the hoops and hockey playoffs Clippers and Mavericks turned into a much closer game than what it should have probably the same could be said for Pacers and Bucks without Bobby Portis somehow the Bucks managed to fight scratch claw their way back into the game before the Pacers pulled away coming up next though Joel Embiid not happy with the fact that it sounded like Madison Square Garden in Philadelphia and also sifting through some of the headlines of the NFL draft Detroit you were damn near perfect I loved it love to see it love to hear it really proud of 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quarter ties it at 76 with a free throw coming this is after hours with amy lawrence oh did someone say jaylen bronson all right i wonder how much he was spurred on by the extremely vocal nix fans in philadelphia i told the story earlier but i had been listening to the beginning of the game on the radio because i was finishing up some baking i had it rolling in the other room on dvr so when i get into the living room i take it off mute and something happens for the nix and the crowd goes wild and i did a double take thinking wait a minute i thought this game was in philly oh yes yes it was and yet as you hear behind the nix radio network and even the sixers radio calls not only is it too much jaylen bronson it's too much new york noise he's got him beat one on one here he comes to the left side between the legs trying to set him up now behind the back shot clock is down to two bronson's got to go fall away jumper front rim gets the roll bronson's got to get it across the timeline and bead is running with him bronson does gives it to heart on the left wing we're down to a minute to go bronson on the left side brings it to the foul line flips it up and in and the nicks have a six-point lead in the final minute timeout philadelphia and bead fires a quick three no good rebound josh hart time expires nix are one win away from advancing to round two they will take a three games to one lead back to madison square garden so you can hear the reaction as bronson is pouring in 47 plus 10 assists og and anobi has a double double a huge advantage on the rebounds for the nix for the nix i mean it was physical and it was tough but if you could be on the road and have a crowd presence like they did honestly it felt like a side theater from madison square garden which they have by the way okay i understand why juelle and bead while he started out trying to be not controversial or maybe unquoteable but as he kept talking he talked himself into this is pissing me off disappointing um you know i love our fans um think he's unfortunate and i'm not calling him out but it is disappointing uh you know obviously you got a lot of nix fans and they're down the road and uh never seen it uh and i've been here for 10 years um yeah you know kind of pisses me off especially because philly is considered sports town so you know they've always shown up and uh i don't think that should happen agreed and he says philly's supposed to be a sports town i've been here 10 years i've never heard that before i don't know why philly fans would give up their tickets it's been a good series maybe not believing that the sixers can even the series though they played well in game three i would say maybe more accurate is the fact that a lot of them could make money off them so a lot of these tickets would be sold secondary market from season ticket holders or maybe through corporate or maybe their giveaways that's probably not the the majority of them but some of them are distributed by corporations sales marketing that type of thing still though if this is a high profile series and nix fans want to be part of it they're likely to pay top dollar so you can understand why there would be some philly fans who want to recoup their investment and then some still though that stinks i also think the price of a ticket at madison square garden is so insane that a lot of nick fans in the area there's a lot of buzz about the nix right now they go oh what's a you know two and a half hour drive on a sunday down to philly and they can get a ticket for probably 200 less minimum like because the tickets are that insane in new york right now i i think a lot of people just made the trip thinking they want to go see the nix can't go see him at the garden let me go take a drive to philly right although i don't know how many tickets would have been available like walk up i did hear that game three wasn't sold out though so maybe nix fans heard that as well and decided they would take that trek as you say no i think you were right with the secondary market where philly fans saw they could make money did you check it out no i i don't know i'm not sure i can and see what they were going for but i just think that i think that nick fans were willing to spend like because 200 say for nix ticket is really not a lot if you're talking about here in new york i mean oh trust me it's a lot but if you're a nix fan you can't go to see a nix game for less than 400 at msg especially in the postseason when they've not been there in so long right so i think maybe they just thought it saw a little bit cheaper of a ticket it was a little bit of a trek but it was a weekend it was a nice sunday i think that's also where it came from the last time the nicks were a two seed was when carmelo anthony was there right yeah yeah so the the nicks are making quick work of the sixers and i love the formula i like that fib and i'll started this rebuild on defense and they brought in the pieces now granted the front office for the nix has had a bunch of mistakes misfires right so it's a revolving door if you look back to draft picks and some of the free agents they brought in nix fans have waited and honestly it was the same way during the tenure of carmelo anthony as well i mean it it was i know he was the the major point of drama there but constant change with coaches front office players around him and it's been that way to the point where i mean thibodeau was on the hot seat in year number two but stuck with the defensive plan and it was ugly for a while julius randall kind of a disappearing act for one full season and now he's been injured for a couple of months some nix fans would tell you they're better without him though can you imagine what he would bring to the table in terms of the rebounding and the skill it's just hit or miss with him anyway it's not hit or miss with jaylen brunson not only his career playoff high of 47 but the most in nix franchise history that should tell you about this franchise turning the corner and they don't care if it's ugly og ananobi with another double double we don't shoot the ball as well as we wanted to especially from three but we made timely ones and then just second chance possessions just if a shot goes up just trying to get off the class get another possession you know drain out more clock and get another good shot so yeah we think it was a good performance but we didn't matter the nix fans had a lot to do with it but the formula certainly works and if you're holding a home team whether whether it's an actual home team or just a home team that's getting not much of of the cheering from the crowd but if you're holding the home team to only 16 points in the fourth quarter you can find confidence and flexing muscles in that defense we just can't get like in the rhythm like offensively as far as like what we wanted to run a couple times um you know we got to that's on me and kalo to get us organized organized and get us a good shot tyrese maxi referring to kyle lowry is kalo i don't know for me that'd be a little bit too much like jaylo i'm not gonna call him kalo we have someone in the office that that dudes call silo i mean at least it doesn't rhyme with jaylo i never really made jaylo and kalo or kevin love does he get called kalo do you think he could he doesn't really strike me as a kalo he's got gray hair now too it strikes me as a kevin the miami heat on the brink as well at least i'll be around for the first round of the postseason i don't think all the series will be done by the time i leave but you you and i were joking about the fact that the first round would still be going when i came back from the honeymoon i think there's a chance sixers nix game seven if it goes to it you'll make it back for that it won't be in for two weeks so good for the nix i like this iteration of the nix i love the josh hart who by the way missed what all seven of his shots yesterday i mean he's a beast when it comes to just the defense and the rebounding and he works hard but the offense wasn't there dante di vincenzo started out super cold uh so that's why the sixers built a 10-point lead in the first quarter and then i think it even got up to 12 in the third quarter again and i think that's why the sixers are in the second quarter and then i think it even got up to 12 in the third quarter again but the nicks just reel them back in and they have this ability to again make their opponents look ugly i did 17 offensive rebounds it was terrific uh offensive rebounds are sexy and joelle mb played every second of the second half he gave it everything he had you cannot fault this guy in any way for effort just leaving it all out there and he had a really impressive stat line just that the rest of the sixers were less than effective in the fourth quarter gosh now that we've seen what the nicks have done in games two and four their confidence is through the roof and we'll see what they do moving forward to the two seed now who's going to battle boston could you see the next doing it that's a question they get to that point all right on twitter alaw radio also on our facebook page glad to have you with us it's a monday we're gonna deal with it you are listening to the after hour this episode is brought to you by progressive insurance whether you love true crime or comedy celebrity interviews or news you call the shots on what's in your podcast queue and guess what now you can call them on your auto insurance too with the name your price tool from progressive it works just the way it sounds you tell progressive how much you want to pay for car insurance and they'll show you coverage options that fit your budget get your quote today at to join the over 28 million drivers who trust progressive progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law after the end of a good fight you deserve an ice cold reward medulla the mark of 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carolina with the eighth pick with the eighth pick in the 2024 nfl draft the elena falcons select michael penix junior quarterback washington with the 10th pick in the 2024 nfl draft the minnesota vikings select jj mccarthy quarterback michigan with the 12th pick in the 2024 nfl draft the denver bronco select bo nix quarterback oregon this is after hours with aimee lawrence roger gudel introducing six quarterbacks taken in the first 12 selections on thursday night's nfl draft and we talked a lot about it the history that was made and also the fact that there there is no standing pat where you are and not looking at the future even the teams that have the best quarterbacks you're either renegotiating contracts trying to figure out a way to pay your qb and still fill out a roster with competent players or in the case of the falcons you draft the guys replacement but raheem morris has a point they were paying attention to what the packers did a few years ago green bay model was something that we talked about and it's been proven to be right last year so hopefully we'll be right with them that of course referring to jordan love who they drafted in the first round going back now gosh four years ago and it set off a brouhaha and got aaron rogers unders in a bunch totally fun he's a liar it's after hours with aimee lawrence congratulations to another nfc north city while we're talking about green bay and getting it right detroit got it right detroit nailed it nailed it you crushed it lions fans you're happy i'm happy for you this was the perfect time from the category of you can't make this stuff up coming off their first conference i'm sorry their well their first conference championship game in 30 plus years their first home playoff game home playoff win in forever same thing early 90s it's a redux there are a lot of lions fans that weren't alive and don't even remember and so to catch the draft in detroit right after they have a 12 win season and win two playoff games is terrific way to go bravo commissioner goodell it's funny how these things happen for the nfl somehow we knew right it's the Midas touch no matter what the nfl does it turns to gold but detroit deserves the credit it was awesome a record number of fans over the three days of the draft and we're going to be hearing about it now i hope it gets dwarfed by more playoff wins more excitement but yeah to have 700 plus people attend the draft now wonder what the ratings will look like on tv too but they were making noise the whole time and while we're reintroducing those quarterbacks caleb williams he's already talking like he runs the place i'm here uh roams here king and island you know top five defense that we had last year um you know special teams all the new rules whatever you know it's all it's you know we're here so i'm excited i know everybody's excited um the bear fans are excited from what i've heard and seen um and and there's no reason to duck you know attack it you know head first um and and go get it he was so fired up about being drafted the screech i could tell you about the screech but it's not as good as hearing the screech we can't even believe that came out of caleb williams if we hadn't seen it of course and heard it what about the pressure though he's been under it for quite a while now he's been criticized and dissected and examined under a microscope under a spotlight every way you possibly can and you know that it hardly ever results in positives when you dissect a person and every little action over the course of a couple of years you examine it to the hilt of course there's going to be blowback and criticism he does not care which maybe makes him the perfect guy to serve as the next cubie of the bears just do my job um don't focus on all of that i'm always gonna have scrutiny um i mean i do things like i paint my nails i'm always gonna have scrutiny over that huh um i wear i wear funky clothes and things like that so just do my job on the football field win games um you know i think uh you win you win a bunch of games here uh you'll make a lot of people i'm a majority happy you think he paints his own nails or he goes to get a manny i think he paints his own nails do you it's hard to do can look pretty messy i think you got practice do you have any guy friends who paint their nails zero absolutely not my husband would be mortified if when he was sleeping i pinned his nails and he woke up and he had color on his nails what color i would have to be a bright neon pink just because i think that's what caleb paints his nails actually huh i wonder why he likes it i guess yeah all right but you're sure he does it himself no i'm not sure okay i just think i would think that he does that's my guess i kind of feel like a guy who just became a millionaire multi-millionaire might actually hire someone to do it but only because it's really hard depending on whether you're left or right-handed it's pretty tough to do the other hand well you got to get those like things right the finger thing the things i don't know what they're called like you put your fingers in them separators is that really all they're called separators seems like they'd have some sort of better name than that oh but it's not just that it's not just about separating your fingers it's about holding your hand steady and only painting the nail as opposed to the cuticles that are all around well you like can do that right you just like wipe it off or you can't do that uh you can get messy it's messy but you know you just kind of slop it on there and then just clean it after try that and let me know how it goes it's after hours with amy lawrence so good for caleb williams and he mentions rome that's roma doomsday i don't do that's too much like doomsday roma doomsday who was teammates with michael panics so then panics and adunze get drafted back to back eight and nine and it was kind of neat to hear his response on serious xm nfl about whether his qb expected to go that high man i don't think he did honestly i i haven't talked to him you know in depth about all the things that were going to happen you know i know he he was talking to several different teams but you know i don't know if he talked to the falcons to that extent but so you know i'm super surprised i'm super excited to get on the phone with him and get his reaction to you know it all going down but man again super happy for him i know he's gonna kill it and then jj mccarthy another one that people kind of question a little bit eyebrow raising only because of how high he went and the fact that the vikings moved up a spot to get him but i kind of think it's funny now that you've got a jj and a jj two jj's boston jefferson jordan adison uh-huh aaron john no just justin jefferson christian daresaw uh brian o'neill i just met him uh earlier you know garrett bradbury all great pieces you know there's so many more that i can sit up here and just list all of them but you know a lot of great pieces that make this organization what it is and you know justin is just a key part of that and you know he already let me know i go by jets so we don't get any confusion there um but uh yeah it'll be it'll be great to get that connection going with all the guys and he's definitely a key piece to that that's fantastic he let the the rookie quarterback know i go by jets so that's the answer who's jj which one's jj well it's not me dude i've outgrown jj that's a kid's nickname that's all yours you could address me as jets you can address me as mr jet that's mr jets to you all right talk to you tonight from syracuse it's after hours with amy lawrence boom this episode is brought to you by progressive insurance whether you love true crime or comedy celebrity interviews or news you call the shots on what's in your podcast q and guess what now you can call them on your auto insurance too with the name your price tool from progressive it works just the way it sounds you 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