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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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October 14, 2022 6:29 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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October 14, 2022 6:29 am

Another Thursday Night Barnburner / Ron Rivera's has had it / Brian Robinson's remarkable story


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The Locked On Podcast Network, your team every day. Happy Almost Friday. It's a thing. It's a thing when you work overnight. It's a thing when you work hard throughout the week. It's a thing. Happy Almost Friday.

If it's not yet a thing for you, you should make it a thing. Because when it's a thing, you obviously get a little more juice going into the weekend. And so producer Jay, who's not here tonight actually to take a night off for some personal reasons, producer Jay and I have made it a thing where we do in fact congratulate each other on reaching the final show of the work week. And we do in fact congratulate each other on almost getting to Friday. So on this edition of the show, Carlos is filling in and I will wish Carlos a happy almost Friday because I don't know what his week has been like, but I know what my week has been like. And in a monsoon in the northeast on Thursday night, Carlos, happy almost Friday. Happy almost Friday. My week wasn't bad.

Not bad at all. It's never as good as yours. What? How do you know? Oh, because you don't want to have my kind of week. How do you know about what kind of week I had? I would assume. You know what? You know what happens when you know what happens when you assume.

So I shouldn't assume. Maybe your week was terrible. I hope it wasn't.

I hope it was great. Well, that doesn't speak much about your week. Was your week terrible? No, it's just I never have a day off. So I'm just, you know, all my days just kind of blend into one.

I hear that. Usually I'm bringing up the wrong day here on the show. I rarely know the date once a week.

Maybe I know the date. Well, in light of that, thank you for giving up an evening off to be able to come and work with us here on After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You can find me on Twitter, ALawRadio. We will endeavor to keep up the same level of insight, analysis, goofiness, entertainment, all of that without producer Jay. I know that he is your favorite on the show. So I regret to inform you that it's me and Carlos tonight, but I'm sure, well, I'm relatively sure that Jay will return when the weekend is done. So there you have that assurance.

I did not actually chase him away. Not yet. So on Twitter, ALawRadio, and then also on our Facebook page. And at some point in this first hour, we will put up the Game of the Week poll because, and this is NFL, you know, there's no way. People ask me, why don't you do a college football poll?

Oh my gosh. Because there's so many games that I feel like people would get really mad at us if we tried to narrow it down to four, it would end up coming down to ranked teams. And there's so many good match-ups, especially in October with conference play that have nothing to do with rankings. They're more about rivalries and history and pomp and circumstance and tradition. And so that's the reason I don't do a college football poll. Plus every single year there's a game of the century and it drives me crazy.

The media hype is outrageous. So this is an NFL poll. Now we could obviously do a baseball poll like we did for the wildcard weekend.

We just didn't get on it earlier in this week. So maybe we'll save it for the point at which we get to the championship series. Either way, we do have major league baseball postseason. I don't want to bite off more than I can chew tonight.

That usually ends up in someone choking. So we've got our Houston game, Houston hosting Seattle. And then we've also got a triple header coming up on Friday. And did you know there's a quadruple header again on Saturday with all four of the series. They're in Fuego on Saturday. So if you are planning to hang out and watch college football and be a college couch potato on Saturday, well then you'll have some baseball when there's a commercial break.

I'm joking of course. Baseball is an attraction in and of itself. So all four of the series are taking place Saturday and then we'll see how many games are necessary on Sunday. So that's what the weekend looks like. Baseball's loading up because of starting a week late and starting the playoffs later than usual. They're trying to stick to this pretty strict schedule and hoping that people will spend some time watching on Saturday.

I'm going to play golf on Saturday. So yeah I may miss the beginning of the Braves Philly series that takes over Philadelphia. That's the first game of the four on Saturday. It's a big weekend for baseball and once we get through this we're down to the final four.

So a lot to talk about. And of course NFL. The kickoff to week number six. Washington at Chicago and oh the jokes about Thursday night football.

About TNF on Prime. I tend to be a little more subtle when it comes to my jokes but I did put this on Twitter a little while ago because I'm blown away by the amount of money that Amazon paid for these games and not just for the rights to broadcast them you guys. They also paid for the announcement of the announcers.

Al Michaels, Kirk Herbstree which I do think they bring some good entertainment. I'm not sure people tune in just for them but at least they provide a commentary that's fun, enlightening, interesting. So Amazon paid for the rights, paid for the announcers, paid of course for all of those former players and broadcasters who are part of the pre and half and post game shows. Paid for the reporters, the equipment, the travel and I'm not saying you should feel badly for Amazon because the company clearly needs warehouses for its warehouses for its warehouses of money. So they're they're fine.

Nobody needs to worry about Amazon and the the Bezos family. But I can't imagine they're thrilled with the product the last two weeks and this is a recurring theme with Thursday Night Football, Amazon or no. It just happens that the last four teams we've seen on Thursday Night Football have struggled to score touchdowns because it happens to be two of well four of the offenses that are scuffling more than any other and actually Washington generally tends to put up some points. Thursday Night Football is just a it's a tough night to turn around and play and some of you pointed that out so this is not anything new. We just have to suck it up on Thursday Night Football and remember that it's the start of a brand new NFL weekend and there's more to come.

So we're going to whet your appetite. We're going to give you a preview of week number six. Happy to take your calls but we're of course going to start with what happened on Thursday night in Chicago. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.

Carlos, if you wouldn't mind putting our our Rocket Mortgage Studio read up on the screen for me so I do not forget them. Here's what stands out to me about the Bears performance on Thursday night. Three trips inside the five yard line, no points. You know that's hard to do right? That's actually not easy to do when you're a professional football team. Three trips inside the five yard line and no points and it's not like it all happened early or it all happened late.

Nope. They spread it out. Their futility was sprinkled throughout three of the four quarters. Justin Fields throws an interception in the first quarter. Khalil Herbert, big fan, is stuffed at the goal line in the second quarter and the very end of the game Darnell Mooney bobbles a ball that had he secured initially looked like he was over the goal line but because he was bobbling it and then the the defense of course his momentum carries him back out of the end zone or at least the ball. Remember the ball has to be in the end zone when it's being possessed. It's not really about the person it's about the ball which is why guys who are daring and risque can hold the ball out over the goal line even if they don't get there. As long as the player is not down on a knee or a butt cheek or an elbow or a blah blah blah the ball just needs to cross the goal line but because he didn't possess the ball he didn't cross the goal line but because he didn't possess it firmly when the ball was across the goal line and because his momentum and the defender kind of pushed him backward when Mooney catches the ball he's not into the end zone and he never gets back into the end zone. Chicago three trips not just inside the red zone so they're officially over three in the red zone not just three trips inside the red zone but three trips inside the five yard line no point. Now there were certainly some positives for the Chicago Bears although it's kind of sad that they wasted 238 yards rushing.

Are you kidding me? You just racked up 238 yards rushing against a fellow NFL team a defense that that actually did have some success I mean the Washington commanders were all up in Justin Fields grill all night long he got battered similar to say how Matt Stafford was battered last week bruised I'm sure really has got some pain that he's got to nurse through the rest and at least for the Bears as much as the loss is sucky for them at least they now have a mini bye right so there's that benefit to playing on Thursday night although it only ever feels better for the winner but yeah Justin Fields got bashed and battered and bruised five sacks a dozen quarterback hits trying to get rid of the ball early now he also had some impressive runs there's one in the fourth quarter as they were getting into the red zone for the third time that shows off his athleticism to be sure and how many people are going to remember that past Friday when it resulted in no points so it's unfortunate for the Bears they wasted 238 yards rushing nearly double what the commanders had each team had a touchdown so I suppose that's progress from Colts and Broncos a week ago we actually got subject to overtime with that one oy gag me with a spoon I don't I can't do the accent for those of you who know the 80s reference the 80s have some good stuff my nieces tell me all the time the 80s and the 90s are back onto Amy oh great so I'm sort of relevant and I mean cool would be taking it way too far they do not think I'm cool but at least I'm relevant I can speak their language they wish they were part of the 80s and 90s they're so cool unto Amy yes that's awesome 400 yards of offense for the Bears one touchdown again that is not easy to do that actually takes some really impressive wasting of opportunities so we're going to break down this game I do want to say it was great to see Brian Robinson out there he had the touchdown for the commanders his first start as a rookie out of Alabama but obviously delayed by what he went through to recover from getting shot in the preseason his his teammates have been so thrilled to welcome him back and to see him understand this opportunity and that it's not just football anymore right and and I remind people all the time football is not life or death actually I think I might have texted that to you Carlos didn't I earlier yes you did now why did I text that to you what was what was the text that you sent to me I said that this game has me questioning my life right so he was being melodramatic let's be honest he was being like a 16 year old girl and so I responded by saying to him okay it's football it's not life or death let's not hyperventilate over it of course being sarcastic which is what friends do actually sarcasm is my love language so I I use it fairly regularly but in the case of Brian Robinson it actually is was life or death and so he's never going to see football the same and I actually think that that's powerful even if it's not football right how many of us can say that whether it was our own personal experience or the experience of someone that we know someone that we care about either they had a serious health issue maybe they battled cancer and beat it a terrible accident one maybe that should have left them for dead or should have killed them if you look at the car you see the circumstances there's all kinds of moments in life that remind us that it's fleeting and it's precious and it's not to be taken for granted and certainly this is the case for Brian Robinson it's football yes but it's nothing compared to the revelation of man how close you might have come to having all of this gone and so it's amazing that he's back he was playing his second game in five days not even two months since he was shot twice in his leg in what was an attempted robbery and the Alabama product was able to score his first career touchdown so awesome to see his teammates so fired up for him and also to understand his newfound perspective again I say it's powerful kind of puts you face to face with your own mortality and makes you realize you can't take this for granted every day is precious and so I'm excited for him we've got a fired up Ron Rivera this is the Ron Rivera that I love he's passionate he's disciplined though I think even more so because of his background where he came from how much he values discipline and order how much he values treating his team like men how much he values respect this last few days and it's of his own doing some of it has been really difficult for him really challenging for him he stepped into it earlier in the week and again this is on him it's he can't blame anybody else and I appreciate that he's spoken up and said bleep I had a bad day and then he apologized to his team and also gave credit to Carson Wentz who's not going to hold it against his coach at least not publicly because he could have made it a thing and he's not because he could have made it a thing and he's not but Ron Rivera said earlier in the week when asked the difference between the commanders and all of the other winning teams in the NFC east his response without hesitation was quarterback and even though he tried to circle and spin and explain the damage was done I love Ron Rivera I respect him so much I hate that this has been so frustrating for him the last few years it's not all entirely on him but certainly it's it's part of his responsibility and they've had a revolving door at quarterback and so maybe it would have been easier when the media reported on Thursday that it was Dan Snyder who wanted Carson Wentz don't you think it would have been easier for Ron Rivera to say yep that was the owner's decision and except that creates all kinds of problems so whether it was or it wasn't and I'm not going to tell you that he's lying when he gets fired up and he defends the decision to bring in Carson and explains with swear words explain explains the reason why he also wanted Carson there and how he did his due diligence I'm not telling you he's lying because I don't think he is but he could have let Dan Snyder take responsibility or or essentially refuse to comment on the story so yeah it looks like it was Schneider's decision and not his but after the mess he stepped into and the mess he created for himself earlier in the week good for Ron Rivera for taking ownership yet another reason why I expect or respect him excuse me I don't know how long that situation is tenable in DC in fact it's a powder keg right now and I don't just mean Ron Rivera and Carson Wentz and the fact that the team yes just ended that it's four game win streak but it's only two and four I mean the situation with Snyder they've got owner's meetings in New York coming up next week I don't know if Snyder's welcome I don't know if he's there I just know he's starting to pop up now and the stories the reports doesn't sound like he's changed much in the course of his suspension if you believe the stories so we have a lot to talk about as I say you can find me on Twitter a law radio and then also on our Facebook page I'm excited to connect with you as we head into another football weekend I just want you to know full disclosure I walked into the building and realized my black top was completely covered with dog hair fantastic it's because it was pouring down rain in my neighborhood and and Penny does not love it when I wipe her down with a towel Penny my Australian Shepherd slash golden retriever who is who's hairy I mean she's hairy and she does not love it when I have to wipe her feet because she's a drippy mess so I have to kind of hug her to wipe her feet otherwise she scoots off of the off of the mat and is tracking her wet feet through my house with my hardwood floors so I drive a drive a tight ship or I I sail a tight ship I run a tight ship I run a tight ship like I'm in the navy or something I run a tight ship in my house and I don't allow dogs with wet feet to go all over my hardwood floors that'll be the same for kids right don't you love how I think I'm in control and so I have to hug the dog to be able to wipe her feet and then I got I didn't see it because it was it was dark in my house it was dark in my car and I get into work I'm like oh you've got to be kidding me whole front of my black shirt is covered with dog hair so it's a good thing you can't see me although if you can see me or if you could see me I bet you would laugh if you're a dog owner you would definitely laugh so on Twitter on our Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence just getting started we'll dive into football coming up next and then of course we've got yet another humongous moment for one Yordan Alvarez uh which I kind of feel smart since we had a whole conversation with about him last night with Steve Sparks thanks for hanging out with us here on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast.

You're listening to After Hours with Amy Lawrence. We'll make the most of our time together, aight? Pleasure to speak with you. I always have a great time. Huge fan, so glad to have a female voice on sports radio. I love you, I love this show. Girl makes the rules around here. You are absolutely right Amy.

I listen to you every morning on my way to work and I appreciate as do millions of others that you report like you do. Love it when chicks call the show. Boom! It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence.

Amy's taking your calls at 855-212-4CBS. Fields owner said he's recommending a St. Brown right of the formation. Snap, take, fakes the end around. Now he's going to throw to a wide open rip and he couldn't reach him. Out of his hands, out of the reach of his hands on the blue NFC logo on the right corner of the end zone. It's third and four. What I like about the play, there is two fake handoffs that completely confuse the defenders. That's why that tight end was so wide open and that's usually a throw that Justin easily makes.

Equimania St. Brown to the right. Pederson motion takes turns, gives Khalil Herbert. Dives and the Washington commanders say they've turned him away and that's exactly what has happened. The runner is short of the goal line. Didn't get in. Two trips inside the 10 and no points for the Bears. Oh and that was just a precursor of what was to come. An interception in the first quarter. Khalil Herbert stuffed on the goal line in the second so no touchdowns at that point and the points were once again hard to come by on Thursday Night Football on Prime.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio. We're going to get to some of the other big moments from the perspective of Washington because obviously these are successes for the Washington defense but the very end of the game comes down to yet another opportunity for the Bears that they need to capitalize on. The slide awaits the snap.

It's down. The kick is up from 48 yards. The kick is no good. Bears have a decent field position to start what they hope can be a game-winning drive. Bears left to right shotgun again.

Snap is back. Fields with a shoulder shrug. Now going to leave the pocket room to run if he wanted to. Slows down to the 45. Cuts up field. Hits the gas 30, 20, 15, 10 and down the bounds. Inside the 10-yard line. Justin Fields on a Fields trip to the five with 52 seconds to go. Montgomery the long back.

They put Fields under center. Takes the snap. Gonna stand on the pocket. Throws right front side of the end zone. Darnell Mooney. The catch. Darnell Mooney. There's no indication.

Discussion underway. No call made. Has he shoved out of bounds? Does he have the catch? Did he hit the pylon?

Which is it? Hands on hips with 30 seconds to go. Is a catch short of the goal line. The winner of all of the ball. First down Washington.

Turned away in Chicago. It was a theme on Thursday Night Football. Jeff Joniak and Tom Thayer on the Bears radio network. So for first-year head coach Matt Eberfluse he sees his team fall now to a third consecutive loss. In the NFC there's still plenty of opportunity.

It's not like there's a ton of separation. Though the Vikings lead that division right now with a four and one record and it was it wasn't just the fact that they wasted the these opportunities but 238 yards rushing and then the fact that when it comes to those plays on the goal line you have this athletic quarterback but there was a missed throw and just not using the weapons that they had in a way that would allow them to capitalize and allow them to come away with at least something inside the five yard line. It's all about execution you know it comes down to six or seven plays and I told the guys listen it's it's we're right there we're right there you just got to keep believing and keep believing in what we're doing how we're doing it and we're right there and we're going to get over that hump right there. I think he took a step forward I really do because because the the you know he was the toughness you know and able to the ability that what's for me the ability to take the ball and drive it down at the very end to give us a chance to win it that's to me what was the improvement okay was there other moments you know that he we need to clean up and offense needs to clean up sure but we have the drives down there and if we punch those in the game's a different game you know it's good that's 21 points right so for me that was really inspiring to watch him do that at the very end to take us down to win it you know at the very end and again we came up short but we got to do a better job next time. Everybody's mad I mean nobody's happy about his loss you know it's just we always get told that we're almost there we're almost there like me personally I'm tired of being almost there I'm tired of being you know just just this close I feel like I've been hearing it for so long now but on you know at the end of the day all you can do is get back to work that's the only reaction you have live and learn and get back next week and you know keep keep going keep getting better. Justin Fields, Matt Eberfluse you can hear the complete opposite end of the spectrum with them Matt actually says that it's inspiring it's inspiring am I the only one that didn't think that was inspiring to watch and I get the whole if we get into the end zone those three times that's 21 points but they didn't they didn't even get field goals in that case and on these Thursday night games or at least the last couple field goals are so valuable you know the decision making the execution just a mess and I'm glad he sees progress the fact that they got into the red zone is progress okay but man is that setting the bar really low and then you hear the opposite end which is Justin Fields so frustrated he does have 88 rushing yards nearly half of them coming on that that big scamper with about a minute to go that got them into the red zone 14 of 27 for just under 200 yards passing and a touchdown and yeah he was under siege a bunch the offensive lines not always helping him out except they had 238 yards rushing and still somehow did not get into the end zone so that's a bit of the Chicago perspective coming up we're going to talk about the Washington commanders because it's not just been a win for them to end their losing skin but it's also been a week in which they have dealt with a lot of drama swirling around them some created internally some generated externally so we'll do that next it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. and he oh he got it back I think he got it back Christian Holmes is in a tussle with him at the six yard line Washington had a golden opportunity to get a fumble at the eight and now Cameron Cheeze is pointing the way Washington got it Washington it's a turnover there was a scrum under that pile Zaylas Jones dropped the punt and Washington has the ball to six second goal here two tight ends both move in motion to the right side of the line Robinson standing next to Wentz at the six yard line now here comes Curtis Samuel handoff Robinson up the middle of the line heading towards the goal line and in touchdown touchdown Washington the first career rushing touchdown for Brian Robinson Jr. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. A lot to unpack in that particular sequence but yeah the Bears with their missed opportunities the Bears with their mistakes and their miscues opening up short fields and into those moments the commanders role Brian Robinson love it you hear Bram Weinstein and company on the commanders radio network and so to see Brian Robinson get his first NFL TD was awesome and we'll hear from him coming up but the commanders weren't great offensively themselves two of 11 on third down they only had 214 yards but when you give them these shorter fields when you kind of tee it up or put the ball on a tee I should say serve it up on a silver platter you know me I'm constantly mixing my metaphors it's really difficult for a pro team to not capitalize on moments like that and so yes the Bears with a muffed pun opening things up for the Brian Robinson touchdown that's the only one for the commanders in this game however the defense came up big over and over it Sam Mustapha on the ball checks being made the line of scrimmage snap back fields feels the pressure throws hit as he delivered and he had no juice on the throw he swallowed up on the play by Washington's push up front Justin on his back right now and slowly getting up with help from teammates with 14 seconds left in the first half that dinged him a little bit he's bending over and he's trying to get himself right as he heads back to the huddle this time they rushed three and dropped eight in the pocket he's got to move up again he throws on the crosser and it's caught over the middle dropped by Pettis breaks a tackle first out of the 45 four seconds left in the half they take a timeout they get to the 45 and now Justin hit again getting up rather slowly and this one taking a little more time to get himself right and with all the attention going on about the safety of players especially the quarterback position and he's he's bent over pretty good here he needs some help Jeff Joniak on the Bears radio network yeah he was taking a couple of ticks here or there after big hits to just breathe and then there was also a sequence of course on the sidelines where he was going through his yoga breathing and I'm pretty sure that I don't remember who was a reporter Al Michaels they were talking about the fact that he's big into yoga and that he was doing some some some six counts my yoga instructor uses those some four counts and six counts you inhale for four you hold for four you exhale slowly for four or you do it with six so he needed all of that to keep going five sacks a dozen quarterback hits of course the interception he did have close to 300 yards of total offense and the Bears were able to get up and down the field against the commanders but they were unable to capitalize on their opportunities and the commanders did just enough and again that means Brian Robinson getting in to the end zone for his first time as a professional football player starring in this return his start with the commanders and so awesome for him 17 carries for 60 yards and then that fourth quarter touchdown that was so instrumental for the commanders and this moment great right now I'm so excited like for the past six weeks you know you know everybody know the story of just how how things been you know just getting back out here on the field was one thing for me but to be able to come out here and start the game and you know kind of lead my team to the victory on the road you know it's big time for us man it's just you know something we could definitely grow on you know you know kind of build up on this momentum you know get back and you know just find new ways to get better and you know I'm just gonna continue to you know work on myself you know come in week in and week out just you know find ways to improve you know help my team I've said it since he came back obviously the the real life side of it was cool to get him back last week and then huge to get him in the end zone this week for his first of hopefully many but especially the point in the game critical crucial point in the ball game that we needed to score we needed to get in and I think we kind of all knew we were gonna we're gonna give him the rock a couple times down there and he got it done for us and I was I was happy for him proud of him and like I said hopefully the first of many I'm just so thankful and appreciative for you know all the guys in that locker room man they you know they would show me nothing but love you know care throughout that whole time and I can't I can't think do nothing but thank them you know for just helping me you know kind of get back on my feet you know just pushing me every day I came in the building you know you know just telling me you know I got a purpose for me and I'll just keep going you know my time gonna come you know and I and I I stayed true to that you know I came in there prepared every day and now look at us that's awesome and that last cut there about the locker room support is on the TNF post game show 17 carries 60 yards in his first start and a fourth quarter touchdown that was huge to put the commanders in front after a Bears muff punt it's after hours with Amy Lawrence you can find our show twitter after our cbs you can also find me on twitter a law radio and on our facebook page too and we'll get up that after hours game of the week poll when we have the opportunity but let's transition a little bit to a couple of the other controversies that are surrounding the commanders this week now the the Ron Rivera comment about quarterback being the one element that separates the commanders from the other winning teams in the NFC east he has no one to blame but himself however even after he apologized on Tuesday and after Carson Wentz indicated hey he went in front of the team in a team meeting he explained what he meant he apologized to us he accepted responsibility they were gonna let it lie I'm assuming or it would have died at some point if it didn't have extra fuel then comes this report on Thursday that it was Dan Snyder who forced Carson Wentz or forced the trade for Carson Wentz and that it had nothing to do with Ron Rivera that it wasn't Ron's choice to bring in Carson okay so then you want to talk about fuel to the fire that adds to it so post game even after a win they don't turn the ball over in this game which is huge for the commanders he has to answer questions about these reports that it wasn't his choice to bring in Carson honestly I'm gonna I'm gonna speak my mind for a second for honestly it's been hard it really has you lose four games in a row and everybody wants to get you you know just get on you and they've played their asses off they have they play their asses off for everybody they come out and they show up they work hard all right they don't complain okay they hear all the stuff and they got to deal with it I get them I respect them for that because they're resilient they come back everybody keeps wanting to say I don't want anything to do with Carson well I'm the guy that pulled out the sheets of paper that looked at the analytics that watched the tape in the freaking when we're at Indianapolis okay and that's what pisses me off because the young man doesn't deserve to have that all the time I'm sorry I'm done passionate angry obviously frustrated and even coming off a win that's how edgy and tense things are right now with the commanders and again he created the issue himself initially but this one this report this moment was external and and there's more of course in fact if you didn't listen to what Al Michaels had to say later in the game or you're watching on prime to catch this uh Al Michaels brings up the reports that are swirling around Dan Snyder there was a report today on ESPN alleging that Snyder is accumulating damaging info on other owners and Roger Goodell is leverage there he is in the middle to avoid being voted out of the league are Michael Smith reporting before the game Snyder is the subject of five different investigations or inquiries for sexual harassment a toxic work environment financial irregularities this has been an ongoing story for the investigations and all of that and the owners of a meeting scheduled in New York on Tuesday it is not currently on the agenda fields under pressure just my feeling I think what the league would love is for Snyder to sell the team not have to go to a vote but just sell the team because it's becoming major problem around the league obviously Al Michaels who's been in the NFL for a long time sharing that report was done by ESPN that was released and if you haven't read the stories well you may want to go ahead and do that but this idea that Snyder in order that he cannot be forced to sell the team and and that's an extensive process so going back to the summer time do you remember when Roger Goodell was called to testify on Capitol Hill quote unquote he actually did it via zoom but he was called to answer questions by a committee investigating the commanders the Snyder's business practices the NFL investigation whether or not it was protecting him and he was asked repeatedly by one congresswoman about causing Snyder or forcing Snyder to sell the team and Roger Goodell came back with I can't do that I don't have that power and he's right he works for the owners they don't work for him he's the CEO of a company that features 32 owners Green Bay Packers situation being a little different of course but still there's there's ownership there he works for them and they've got bylaws and they've got bylaws in place and yes they could take a vote and they could force Snyder to sell and so what Snyder is doing according to this report is compiling dirt damaging intel if I'm going down you're going down with me if you're going to out me and expose me then I'm going to make sure everybody knows about your skeletons in the closet I'm going to make sure everybody knows about your dirty secrets you want to screw with me watch how I can hurt you you want to take away my team my livelihood blah blah blah watch what I can do in return a Snyder scorned right and one of the quotes in there is that he's told people privately they can't bleep with me meaning they can't they wouldn't dare try to force me to sell my team because I can get back at them in ways that will hurt them he also had this quote and take everything with a grain of salt because Snyder is like a a cornered rabid animal right now the NFL is a mafia all the owners hate each other but the report is that he's gathered enough secrets to blow up a bunch of owners including Roger Goodell it's after hours on CBS Sports Radio some fans gear up for game day but some fans follow their team every day that's why the locked on podcast network has a daily podcast for your favorite NBA team every trade every overtime win every game our local experts cover the biggest stories around your team every day search locked on plus your favorite NBA team on the odyssey app or wherever you get podcasts the locked on podcast network your team every day some fans gear up for game day but some fans follow their team every day that's why the locked on podcast network has a daily podcast for your favorite NBA team every trade every overtime win every game our local every game our local experts cover the biggest stories around your team every day search locked on plus your favorite NBA team on the odyssey app or wherever you get podcasts the locked on podcast network your team every day
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