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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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August 31, 2022 6:05 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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August 31, 2022 6:05 am

John Wall speaks personally about his mental health | Jane Doe in the Matt Araiza case speaks out | Ask Amy Anything!

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The workweek right here. We have reached the pinnacle of the mountain about to jump off actually and depart in and leave you high and dry to go through the rest of the week by yourself, but you know what some of you have left me high and dry at producer J let me high and dry.

Oh yeah you already went on your extended summer vacation and I had to be here to hold the fort.

Now is your turn. Yet something. It's my turn.

Finally, to be able to jet out and I'm actually yes taking a jet. I haven't done that since April nonsense. I went to Wisconsin in April. Have I flown and I know it's been dicey this summer so I but I'm not know it's only Wednesday and the flights and the airlines I'm using are generally reliable. I've done this same flight and airline multiple times to get to Houston, but because of any number of things that could go wrong.

I suppose I should be prepared for the long haul at the airport about public if that's what it comes to that's fine. The pencil be taken care oven is to make sure I don't fall asleep while I'm waiting for the plane and that I missed it somehow know that's not me.

I don't sleep on planes I don't sleep upright. I don't sleep in public places I to.

I'm not one of those people who can let my guard down. I guess enough to be able to sleep when there's people staring at me or walking home had 100's, is not working and what does it matter if you're looking it's just I can't. I mean by still often my my bag my wallet like I just I can't adversely have you were sitting in in the row. I'll see your window or middle. I almost always choose Windows so on the way there I have an exit row on the window that's a perfect sleeping spot on the point. It is just have to I don't but I don't sleep with.

There's people moving all around. I don't sleep generally when were taking off so wealthy. I haven't slept on the plane since before my Africa trip, so I went to Africa in 2011 2011 while cable is over a decade ago and on the way there we were in the plane for 20 hours.

It included fuel stop, but we were on the plane for 20 hours. I took Tylenol PM and slept five minutes sucked. That sounds really warm.

It was awful. On the way back we were in the tube for 24 hours because were going were coming from the East Coast of Africa and going going into the headwind and I slept. Not all and not since then, have I been able to sleep on planes I don't know something Baroque on that trip and I've not been able to sleep on a plane since 24 hours in the year just it was awful nosy miserable just I was miserable the entire time because to two weeks. It Africa was hard physically, we can't in the bush with it with their times were without electricity and running water and all the custom so it was a physically difficult and challenging trip and the way back I guess were just a lot of sorts.

Oh gosh, our group came back with parasites that like all kinds of stuff yeah I was. It was a rough physical trip. It was shot or anything like that going to the shot not coming there going yeah we take malaria pills would take all kind of different shots had they had be tetanus all kinds of stuff that we are on a lot of different meds what it was worth. It is worth it to do the ministry to work with.sweet kids day 400 kids showed up. It was insane by a couple stations. One of my was tug-of-war they will keep tugging and pulling until like there there off the property dentist. They drag the other people. Eventually they have to yell at him to let go, but also we did this game where we got as many kids as we could onto a giant enormous tire, how many kids can you get whether it's like clinging onto the people in front of you are in the middle. Or, climbing on 90 is a mass of bodies, but the stuff that that they find interesting and fun and fascinating and they can be entertained by a rope or a tire or face paint. We had a face paint station 400 kids will need to know now how many kids got on the tire. Oh it's a good question. I have photos I photos all have to look into. We had so much fun. Oh my gosh it was it was incredible but yet it was also challenging any way to know how I got on that Africa planes it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio you could send your questions for ask Amy anything were to push it off now. 30 minutes from this point on Twitter after hours CBS or you can find me on twitter.

A low radio and then on our Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence you want to make sure you check out our YouTube channel as well. Not only do we have a new video that will soon we think be shared exclusively to our YouTube channel. It's called the after hours after party accepted, it dawned on producer J and I that after hours. We don't actually feel like having a party because were soaked. You never know what you to get wood to exalted people do to be struck. Those it was that answer you want to make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel because there will be some exclusive content that will be posting there in the fall and that also we've got your chance to join us on survivor island. So, better late than never. I know it's a little bit later than what we've done in the past but producer J has re-opened survivor island for business and this is our version of the survivor pool that the thing that I tell you is that set you better watch out because I will shove you into shark infested waters and you'll never know what hit you, but here's the deal you get to do it to me because I've never made it past week six and a survivor pool ever had a good run last use I got to week five. I got to the second month you got will then I got to week six, but I died in week six, because I did swim with the sharks a week six is I've never made it past week six. I would remember if I had never made it past week six goes out after we two or three. So, to show you how I did. I stink at these so I keep trying anyway. Don't we have an office pool as well. Did you join.

We do have one. I have enjoyed euros to join, no, not yet. In fact, I just found out from Cynthia Friel last hour that were actually gonna have our fantasy football league, again because I was kinda nervous about whether or not we are getting our lead to good anyway. All of that to say football is busy with got a lot of fun ways that were going to expand the after-hours universe and one of those ways that we want you to be part of one of those activities is survivor islands.

So join us if you do have the link did you post the link I haven't of you. If you are in our right orders in the league make a poster in her blinker. Okay, lead and then will pin that to the top of our twitter and Facebook pages and will promote it. The issue of course is that I'm not can be here for the next five days. So Juergen have to do without me. That's kind of the problem is were we need to put on social because I'm not good to be here to promote it though, let's do that are show twitter in our Facebook page again same place that you can set your questions for ask Amy. That's where you'll find the link to survivor island but as Jay started to say before I cut in so rudely I a few were part of it a year ago or the year before that will then the email should automatically generate and come to your inbox because you were part of it before. It's inviting you to rejoin about that. Okay, I think we took took care of all the business to take care of all the business business figure who correlates her so much business this time of year were live from the rocket mortgage Studios when you need cash out of your home and a simple way to get it. Rocket can that after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio. It's baseball season and it's football season. It's not basketball season, but this is important and maybe you saw the headlines, but maybe you haven't yet heard John wall in his own words at 31 years old. He's gone through a very difficult stretch of his life personally and professionally over the last three years may remember he was traded to Houston and things went so horribly wrong. James Harden mass when he refused to play but then the rockets course word trying to rebuild and they didn't even want to play the last couple years so three years in a row now. He's been limited with injuries with coalbed and then the rockets decision not to play him only 40 games for John wall, over the last three years that's fewer than chai rearing for heaven sakes. 40 maybe 40 games over the last three years. And while all of that is happening. He loses his mom and COBIT and challenge after challenge after setback after setback after dark time after dark time and so he was at a garden dedication earlier this month. Mrs. dedicated to his late mom at the Salvation Army in Raleigh, North Carolina. His mom had been a volunteer at the Salvation Army before she passed away in December 2019. She was facing breast cancer and she died at the age of 58. His grandmother died not long after that. At the same time he was rehabbing from a torn Achilles. We a lot of us have been in stretches of our lives where everything seems to be wrong.

Everything points to. There's no way out. I'm stuck to be this way forever.

Seems like there's no hope there's no light there is no way out. There's no future. It's nothing but darkness and grief, pain, sadness, struggle, and professional athletes are not immune to that we think of Doc Prescott.

He went through a stretch like that as well, where he lost a brother and had a lot of other challenges that he was going through. Again he's just one example. There so many examples that you can think of Alex Smith what he went through Carl Anthony towns losing his mom but also a number of family members struggling with coalbed over the last couple years so John wall recently sat down had an honest to Frank open conversation with all of these challenges in mind about what the past two years have been like for him, go to mom.

This is there is a month ago and all those other boys and I have family body monthly is not motivated me so that all the don't like right about his building a lot of this report is a lot so a lot there right off the top you hear him say at one point in time I thought about committing suicide and over the course of the pandemic going back to 2020. The numbers among young people specifically that he's 31 so not the same age group, but every group of Americans saw a rise in the number of people who had suicidal thoughts or who considered suicide again in large part results of the isolation and the pandemic and so he is certainly not alone. He's not probably even in the strict minority there are lots of people, hundreds of thousands of people that can tell you a similar story.

Whatever they were facing in their own lives. Obviously, the pandemic and coded exacerbated it.

Loss of loved ones, the injuries, being away from the team. Everything else I appreciate his candor, and I know that it's becoming more common for athletes, celebrities, musicians, stars in general household names to admit their struggles with mental health to admit that no matter what it looks like on the outside that they've had struggles that have led them to the sky dark thoughts and dark places, and by him speaking out. It reminds a basketball fan here or a basketball fan there maybe is facing similar things and wondering what's the point of going on. There is no hope you're not alone, and I like to his encouragement to talk to a therapist because it's extremely helpful. I did it when I was in college I was struggling with some issues pertaining to my father, my family, I went there eight weeks event and it the break through the end of it changed my life. I've never been back to the place it changed my life and so the encouragement to talk to someone, but also his reliance upon that the mother of his children and his boys he says were all going through times nobody's got it easy.

I went to find a therapist.

A lot of people think I don't need help I can get through at any time, but you gotta be true to yourself and find out what's best for you and then what a perspective that I can get through this I can get through anything in life and now is a member of the Clippers so feels like it's a fresh start, but thank you, John wall for speaking out for being honest for telling the truth and not exhibiting this false persona. This false bravado.

This false sense of I'm invincible because a lot of celebrities may seem like on the outside I'm invincible he can't touch me nothing to hurt me. I'm tough, which means I can admit weakness. I'm tough, which means I can admit that I'm feeling pain or that I'm struggling now these are still real people.

They had incredible talents and skills and abilities in his case of the basketball. Kevin love case of the basketball but football players.

Brandon Marshall talked about his struggles with mental health get a really good at what they do. So my it.

It doesn't mean that you don't face mental health challenges, and that you don't struggle with the rest of life and so I appreciate John wall John wall foundation releases conversation as he was honoring his mom with her garden dedication definitely talk to someone, admit it, we need help. It might seem easier to keep it inside. But it's not it'll eat you up from the inside so good for John.

I'm glad he's in much better place and I can't wait to see him on the possible court again it's it's been a while since we've seen him dominate its after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio you are listening to the after-hours podcast man and already it feels like we can't get to every time you would like this during the summertime. I'm sorry, not the summertime is like this during the springtime before we got the summer where it also had the same feeling to it no matter how much I try I just can't get to everything I could do nothing but that will never redo scores, but I could do nothing but go through all of the events and the happenings and not give you my opinion or react to them. But that's not why you tune in and so I guess we'll just continue to be in a place where four hours isn't quite long at its after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio. Thank you for spending a few minutes with us. Our hump show middle show of the workweek. You can find us on Twitter after hours CBS and coming up now inside of 15 minutes. Your chance to ask Amy anything you can do that on her Facebook page as well. After hours with Amy Lawrence will get to us in QB news coming up next hour.

For instance, there's only one quarterback left on the Dallas Cowboys roster after roster cuts and suddenly Baker Mayfield has PJ Walker as a backup. We also are waiting for a decision from Mike Tomlin about his starting quarterback, but this is funny though, are you ready Coach Tomlin to finally share the name of your QB one all right great Kyle Shanahan as well. Reacting to the Jimmy garrotte below.

Contract restructuring the fact that he will at least for now.

Remain a member of the San Francisco 49ers.

There's just a lot happening in and will get to as much as we possibly can. John Gruden speaking out for the first time since he was forced to resign resigned. He was only fired he did actually reside and Mark Davis swears that it wasn't his decision. It was John Gruden so you hear from him again to that in these couple minutes before we hit the bottom of the hour and the updates I want to make sure you hear what I heard on Tuesday afternoon I turn on my computer and I open up a browser and my browser often shares news items or sports stories or even entertainment elements that the browser thinks I might be interested in nine I can tell it's based on what you've clicked on in the past for sure at the very top was a link to a CBS this evening. CBS news story that was done on the Matt Araiza situation. I know it's not just a lawsuit against Matt arrives at their other former San Diego State athletes that are named. He was the one though who people are talking about because he was in the NFL when the lawsuit was filed last Thursday. This became public. We had heard from the bills we'd heard from the attorney for the alleged victim. We had heard statement or received a statement from Araiza's family. We had not heard from the young woman herself until this CBS story.

As I watch the whole thing is actually on my twitter a lot radio. I would encourage you to go and listen to the exchange with a reporter, but also to hear what the young woman had to say back to him in a retweet it right now.

Again, a law radio. These are just a couple of snippets. She is 18 years old. This incident that she outlined in the lawsuit happened last fall when she was a minor 17 years old and it's disturbing.

There's no way around that. And this is Jane Doe she's not been identified in these clips are there short but I want you to at least hear her voice and hear a couple of the details that she shares having to deal with this horrible traumatic experience that I never asked for a down on the bed face down and they took turns assaulting me from behind other things.

So just a couple of short clips. There's more.

If you check out the story and the peace that was done on CBS evening news. You'll hear her of her face and body are darkened so there's no way to tell who she is, unless you would recognize her voice just even hearing that very short clip from her version of of what she went through on the night in question makes me sick to my stomach. CBS also asked for comment from the attorney for Matt Araiza and then when you hear him. You will hear Jane go react to that deep pockets of for you to group report on behalf of Mr. Rose got really sick to the stomach.

I reported that day after it happened I was 17 years old and I had no idea Araiza was so she has filed a civil lawsuit at this point, presumably because the authorities have not filed criminal charges and it's now been nearly a year and we heard from the San Diego State football coach Brady Hoke as well as the athletic director that they are just now starting their own investigation because the San Diego authorities told them to wait until the official police investigation was done. The last I knew, the less I read the district attorney was considering whether or not to file criminal charges but I can understand why she went. The civil route. It's been almost a year since she reported the assault since she went to the hospital since she had a rape kit done by the way the story that CBS did it, and please just go watch it on my twitter. It's there. It includes the photos that were taken after the night in question. She is bruised and banged up on multiple parts of her body.

Or that's what the photos would indicate.

So there were photos taken from the authorities and forensic evidence that was collected. She did do what a lot of young people are free to do, she spoke up about what she said happened to her at 17 years old. I admire her bravery, even now I can only imagine the trauma if what she says is true. You hear the attorney say that it's a money grab and I haven't heard any money listed, but she says she had no idea that he was a football player or punter and that it has nothing to do with it that she went to the authorities right away. So we've now got Jane Doe speaking out and you could hear her voice along with Matt Araiza's family and a statement and of course the attorneys in the bills to who I think would prefer just to step out now and not have to deal with it again and to that end, of course, they they caught him on Saturday. Again, check out all my twitter a lot radio and all you have to do is Google it.

It's out there coming up next asking me anything part of the hump show that a couple minutes left to send your questions to either twitter or Facebook. You are listening to the after-hours podcast sues after hours with Lawrence time to asking any sort of asking me back will call the OG the original spot that we got been tinkering with it, moving it around different portions of the audience will hear that it will probably continue to move it but on the condition of the show. It's back where it's found a home. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio. Thanks as always for sending your questions to our show, twitter, or to our Facebook page RHA can I tell you something really quick before you do this, I would ask you a question. Why why on twitter is are you ready why is this training in the US buttonhole surfers brought the been on the watch turning that is a been really Donald Culpepper know that I do so is yours on I don't buttonhole surfers referring to the bed that's doubly abandoned town. I'm not looking. I refuse. Anyway, that's my question for you now to return to that one assumes the wrong reason.

So what is capitalized far.

I was so since you will be going on vacation in a matter of hours and going on an airplane half discussed was appropriate to start with. Nancy wants to know what is the funniest weirdest thing you've ever seen going funniest or weirdest ponies or weirdos or both. That's interesting.

I mean, when we were in Africa.

The weirdest was the smell. Oh my gosh, the smell of airplane in Africa was just brutal. So that was something that I mean is one of those times were you wish during a bath but that was like pre-mask wearing. For the most part, that was definitely weird. It was audit like Africa just smells differently in many places in many cases and we stop to refuel and the car I think and then just gosh the smell so that was one thing, the funniest that I received an airplane. I mean, you know, their people have pets now and it's crazy like people bring their cat and their dogs and like everything else on the plane. I mean I've had all kinds of experiences and interactions of people that would creep me out like people who don't stop talking to you.

That kind of stuff but I would say out the story is not it's not funny. Actually it was scary as heck but my two experiences of the play that I always think about people asked about flying. Number one couple years ago I was going to Ecuador and there was really bad fog in Quito in surveys he rerouted us to another city in Ecuador and twice they tried to land the plane only to at the very last second pull up and take off again because the fog was so bad they couldn't see the end of the runway, but twice.

That's inflation of landing landing landing the setting the setting to setting the [like pulling up. Oh, it was horrifying.

So that was one thing that happened twice the same plane same night happen twice before they finally decide they couldn't land there. That was one thing not as scary though is what I was coming home from Ireland going back to my college days and we got hit by lightning or with the plane was in the store. Maybe the plane and get it directly by lightning. We dropped 100 feet in the air like we got hit by something rocked by either thunder, lightning, something like that will not my thunder by lightning and the plane just walked out and you should've heard the screaming in the airplane to Moorpark was, or if I mean it. It only dropped 100 feet and that it will bring thing like it.

It was like a roller coaster like that competent patient with the bottom drops out of you, so that the plaintiff utilize billing the plane stabilized by the it was trauma it was traumatic, and like grabbing people next to us that we don't know yeah that was probably the scariest. I don't fit in windy situations and planes were the wings are tipping back and forth without the scariest ever because we literally got hit by something and go we just dropped out of the air in the screaming and they all meet it was crazy. The plane yesterday. We came back safely. Hi we did without scary following up about one of their all those dramatic stories. Robert is driving or flying which you prefer well on a road trip girl so I love driving, but I understand that flies a necessity when you can't especially go to Houston to have done the drive in at 1600 miles one way or going internationally aired so I I don't dislike flying, but I love having a car and packed up in a cooler all my stuff just so you have a big road trip girl road trip stories along those lines of driving hundred point know Micah. We've all had scary close calls.

I'm assuming that been stranded before on road trips, but yet nothing more.

I thought I was gonna die. The last one here on the vacation. Stephen just are you going to try not noticed it on your vacation know my mom telling me that we should go to Galveston but I also know it's a holiday weekend and I can only imagine Galveston is going to be wall to wall bodies and that's not really something I want to do my vacation. Spend time hanging out with about 8 million other people on the beach. Not good for the will itself. I think it's within an hour, but my mom is actually north of Houston so it would take longer for us, but really the point.

It's like everyone and their brother will be in Galveston over Labor Day weekend, so I'm good, yeah. So we went to a Mets game is region.

We did and I think that might've been where is questions barred from moving up to be wrong. But God bless you what I had a name. He's got boys what is so yes have you been to all MLB, NFL and NBA field stadiums and location now been to a lot of them but of course not all all of them will be quite be using serious thinking is I've been to baseball and baseball, football and didn't say NBA and NBA been to all of them. Wow, no been to a lot of them but I'm deftly not been to a hold of most of baseball baseball for sure for a this one comes from a guy that you, as I question even though was that he could possibly even serious. I think it was also just a know this will come from a guy named J this is a question that I'd probably not as beautiful at similar names. J you had a coed softball consisting of characters from Star Wars to you and who would beautiful roster couple dozen the goats because he's got all the wisdom do or do not.

There is no try the greatest teacher failure is Yoda who is the code right and I think that if you would compile your roster of Jedi you would be a pretty good place because they can manipulate with the forests where the ball goes and how it goes and they can also prevent you from being able to swing your bat. It correctly and accurately. The right to object to having they could do all that without lifting a finger or opening their mouths. So I feel like you get to stock your team with Jedi my new favorite Jedi is Kayden Jared. By the way he comes from Star Wars rebels, which is an animated series. I just finished the four seasons he he's also by the way, one of those voices at the end of the Risa Skywalker.

When Ray is hearing all of the Jedi, be with me, be with me, be with me. He's one of them. So yes I would say Kayden Jared and Asoka I love you so good now to she was in the clone wars what we do with Darth Vader you make him the catcher. The umpire to be closer. The closer I organized Darth Maul no role to close at all times. Darth Maul actually lives like he's got 17 lives in in so he whether he's got legs or doesn't have legs is also a formidable force that will be run over you want to play center field buboes that can play shortstop. There's nothing that he can't get you, but I mostly want Jedi because it doesn't matter what you try. There's no way that that you can beat them they cannot they can see it happening before it happened. Catcher maybe so. This one we're talking about earlier in the week so Colleen can use no pumpkin spice is out of creamer. No pumpkin munchkin creamer from Duncan.

Thank you so Thomas asked when you start listening to Christmas after I put my Christmas tree but sometimes not even then right away so generally I would say midway through December and Les were talking about Handel's Messiah, which is my favorite Christmas arrangement and that would all listen to a little bit earlier be. I'm not a huge Christmas music person.

When I think the road trip though my gosh this year I to go twice to northern Virginia, the state of a week leading up to Christmas. I drive twice to northern Virginia home.

I got anywhere be listening to Christmas music then so I don't have road rage. With all that traffic probably early to mid December.

I'll go nutso with it carpet or wood floors, hardwoods, ice cream cone cup or Texaco connect for I always have snowball fight.

Oh you know me, I'm all about the snow good New Hampshire girl takes no any day of the week markers messy and my kiddos on Sundays are currently writing on the tables. Good thing there. There washable markers because they get them everywhere so I'll go was crowned teacher student done with my student days.

I'm not doing homework anymore. I can teach people how to do radio never going back to class again mobile or PayPal Zell are you not a Zell person I have become one recently because I used chase and that's what partner now so recently I have a habit people ask the question then will PayPal with the cash Is there a cash Like that. Now I'm a Zell person wants to know when you go away without penny who takes care of our did she stay at the house. She does now.

I got a brand-new housesitter.

I'm trying out Rob, thank you for your concern.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio

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