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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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August 31, 2022 6:07 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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August 31, 2022 6:07 am

Will Jon Gruden ever get another chance to coach in the NFL? | An MLB whip-around | Cynthia Frelund explains her side of the Baker Mayfield controversy.

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Good morning to you if you are waking up on your Wednesday. I feel your pain this morning. Generally, I don't have any trouble staying up overnight.

I'm pretty good at it. Night owl is when I operate at my best actually is late night and overnight. I tend to have a different kind of adrenaline. We'll call it after hours adrenaline.

Anyway, not tonight. It's one of those nights into days where I'm traveling and I know it's crazy, but I don't sleep. When I'm traveling, I don't want to waste the day.

So I end up going home, finishing what I need to at the house, taking care of the pets and then going straight to the airport, which is what I will be doing today about mid morning and catching the flight. And so I don't sleep well on planes. And as it turns out, I did not sleep well on Tuesday. Oh heavens, it was just one of those days where sleep was really hard to come by. So about three hours of sleep on Tuesday.

I know that explains why the show sometimes has odd words in it or thoughts. I actually think I've kept it together pretty well on this edition of the show, but it's going to be a challenge to clean anything when I get home. At least my suitcase is mostly packed, but I do have a house sitter, so I can't just leave without finishing. I did clean the bathrooms. The floors are mostly clean. Her room is made up, but I still have dog and cat things and some vacuuming to do. Actually giving, given vacuuming versus cleaning my kitchen floor, my tile kitchen floor.

That one is a lot worse. It gets so dirty so quickly with people and pets tracking in and out. I know I'm part of that.

It's amazing how dirty we get in my family sometimes. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio. We're live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios.

When you need cash out of your home and a simple way to get it, Rocket can. So if you're feeling the heavy on this hump day morning, well, I'm with you and I'll be awakened with you for most of the hump day. I don't think my flight lands in Houston until four o'clock central time, so it's a long haul. I got another 11 hours to go before I'm even off the plane and then this is what happens when I get to mom's house. Now she'll be home from school by then. Her husband will pick me up at the airport, so she'll be home from school and they'll probably be hungry.

I'll probably be hungry and they'll want to eat and then she'll want to talk and visit and all that fun stuff. And usually what happens is I tell her I'm just going to take a quick nap and she will not let me sleep all night, of course. So I'll take a nap and she'll come in and wake me up. Sometimes it takes more than one attempt to wake me up after I've been awake for nearly 30 something hours. I mean, it's been 35, 36 hours before sometimes.

I don't think it'll be quite that bad today, but it'll at least be 30. And so then she'll, you know, she'll want me to get up and I'll feel like I got hit by a truck and it won't get better until I wake up Thursday morning after sleeping. But the good news is that I don't have to worry about waking up to walk my own dog on Thursday morning. So that's fantastic.

The last time I was in Houston, I had my dog with me, so there was no sleeping in, but I might be able to sleep in on Thursday. That's what I'm keeping in mind right now. A flight and sleep at some point. So good morning to you. I hope that you're far more refreshed than I am. You can find me on Twitter, ALawRadio, also on our Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence. We have really covered a variety of topics on this show already. Everything from John Wall and his revelation and his encouragement to some of the cuts from NFL cut down day to Cynthia Freeland and her interesting day.

And what really happened with Baker Mayfield will actually let you hear that explanation just to be like completely transparent. We had reached out to Cynthia Freeland to appear on the show because she does routinely. She's one of our favorites and she's a friend of mine. She's the commissioner of my fantasy football league. Anyway, she had last week was on the East Coast, so it was a little bit harder for her to join us. So she wanted to wait till she got back to L.A. So producer Jay reached out to her on Tuesday without knowing that she had kind of been in the center of a firestorm.

And if you don't know, well, I suppose you will explain it here. Coming up, a simple conversation with Baker Mayfield turned into a big brouhaha. But the whole thing. Well, you know how it is with the NFL.

Everything gets overblown. And so her explanation of it is. Well, it's. It's accurate also, but it's she puts it in perspective, which I appreciate. So you'll hear that from her.

But we did a lot of fun stuff with Cynthia. She's got this new formula. I don't know where she comes up with all this unique math, but she does.

She loves it. She's the queen of data science. She's got a new formula and some analytics that. That rival wins above replacement in the end and the Major League Baseball, excuse me. So she's got kind of this formula that works for the NFL where she. Can can assign value based on various factors to different players and how many wins they're good for. Now it's analytics, of course.

I mean, it's. You know, you take it with a grain of salt, but it is interesting to see her plug in the various factors and come out with these numbers. And I'm just always fascinated by the formulas that she is able to generate.

She's always got some new statistical category, so she's a lot of fun. She loves football and she loves math and she's made a career out of combining the two for the NFL network, and so we'll hear from her. In addition, we will have a QB news before this hour is up, but for the first time, John Gruden speaks out on the emails that led to him resigning from the Vegas Raiders not quite a year ago.

We we still had him as the head coach of the Raiders this time last year, but he was making an appearance and he wanted to be Frank. He did not want to. Avoid the questions he didn't want to avoid the topic. What he wanted to do was not only tell his side of the story, but also admit to what he did wrong. I'm not going to say anything but honest things here. I'm ashamed about what has come about in these emails and I'll make no excuses for it.

It's shameful. But I am a good person. I believe that. I go to church. I've been married for 31 years. I've got three great boys. I still love football. I've made some mistakes, but I don't think anybody in here hasn't.

And I just asked for forgiveness and hopefully I get another shot. I don't know if John Gruden gets another shot as a head coach. I would be surprised by that. Although Mark Davis obviously loves him, but now Mark Davis has Josh McDaniel's maybe as a assistant coach. I could see that we we have seen guys pop up again after time away as assistant coaches. And he did have opportunities to be a college coach. He had turned those down before to stay in media until Davis offered him a 10 year deal.

He's 59 now. And as you hear him say, he's sorry. And he's asking for forgiveness for these emails that were leaked and then published in various newspapers or online. And it was a lot of offensive language. The part that Gruden doesn't understand, I think the part that a lot of people don't understand is how it was only Gruden's emails that were leaked, even though there were upwards of 650,000 emails collected in this investigation of the Washington then Redskins. But the Washington football team, a really extensive investigation about workplace culture and about the toxic environment that was created under Daniel Snyder. 650,000 emails and only John Gruden's got leaked. So either someone had a vendetta against him or this was done intentionally. I mean there's a lot of different theories and he's filed a lawsuit because he believes that the NFL and the commissioner chose to leak his emails to force his removal. I mean that sounds very conspiracy theorist and yet there's a reason why only his, I don't believe in coincidence, there's a reason why only his emails were leaked. If you remember there have been attempts by different news organizations, by different media organizations to uncover the rest of the Washington investigation.

But the commissioner has managed to dodge that to this point. And so instead it's John Gruden who gets exposed, not that he should be protected for these things, it's just you can understand why he would believe that he was targeted, why he was exposed on purpose where so many others were protected. It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio, John Gruden Tuesday at the Little Rock Touchdown Club recognizes that he's been a target and that the news cycle, the media cycle can latch on to something and spin and spin and spin out of control almost. I get choked up you know because there's a lot of misunderstanding out there right now.

What you read, what you hear, what you watch on TV. Hell I worked at ESPN for nine years. I worked hard at that job.

I don't even want to watch the channel anymore because I don't believe everything is true. He goes on to say and I worked at the same place, I know a lot of it is just trying to get people to watch but I think we've got to get back to reality. So John Gruden speaking out for the first time since his resignation with the Raiders who then had Rich Basaccia as their head coach and actually went to the playoffs and finished with double figure wins. Now of course it's Josh McDaniels and Basaccia is the special teams coach in Green Bay which I think if you're gonna have to start over and land somewhere new, well that's a good place to land. People are coming here to play with me.

Well you know that too. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. So we will do some QB news coming up but Kyle Shanahan speaking out about Jimmy Garoppolo staying with the Niners. Now this is a conference call so the audio is a little muddy but you can hear it.

It's just not quite what you would expect if he was sitting at a podium. He says that they wouldn't have kept Jimmy Garoppolo or wouldn't have wanted to restructure his contract if he weren't a legit number two behind Trey Lance but he is behind Trey Lance. Trey's our starting quarterback. I mean that's why Jimmy wasn't an option unless he came in as a backup role and that didn't become an option until it was clear that at least so far that no one was given the exact opportunity. So again the audio is a little bit dicey just because he's on a call and it's being recorded off a call but he does refer to the lack of options for Jimmy Garoppolo and the fact that Garoppolo had to agree to a backup role. But I don't know how many people out there are buying and this includes our former NFL QB turned analyst Sean King who joined us on our last show. He actually believes this is the right move for the Niners because they have a veteran option who knows how to win should Trey Lance not pan out.

And that's the dilemma. I think that's what a lot of analysts were thinking it would be better to avoid but hey if you're the Niners I get it you want to break in your young QB he fits the offensive system of Kyle Shanahan and in addition to that he's athletic he's explosive he's cheaper because he's on his rookie deal you moved up to get him in the draft last year so of course you want him to work out sooner rather than later but you also want to win. And they got to the NFC Championship last year Trey did get a couple of starts but Garoppolo was the far better option.

Has it changed that much? Is Trey Lance now commensurate with Jimmy Garoppolo? I mean he has a higher ceiling to be sure but he also at this point is higher risk higher risk higher reward than a Garoppolo who you know what you have when he goes on the field. I don't know if I'm Kyle Shanahan I of course am preaching the fact that Garoppolo's the backup and this was the best option for for him to stay here but I'm also I mean I I'm also recognizing that he's the best option for us at backup as well and with a young starting quarterback and with the injuries that are so replete in the NFL you never know when you're going to need a backup wouldn't you rather have Garoppolo than anybody else in the league?

Sure you would. By the way it's eight days until the NFL kicks off just saying it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio what was the reaction of young Trey Lance to Garoppolo sticking around? Trey and Jimmy have a great relationship I think Trey actually likes having Jimmy in the building and Trey was very grateful how Jimmy was to him last year and we feel very strongly from the two people that Trey will Jimmy will give that back to Trey this year they'll do for Trey what Jimmy did for him in the year before. We shall see it is great intrigue around the Niners again they made it to the NFC Championship last year and of course they have those aspirations they've got a talented roster they've got some of their roster questions settled spent some money this offseason Deebo Samuel is unique and he's a weapon yes so is Trey Lance but if it doesn't start out quite the way they expected in a division that is tough do you consider making a change and even if you don't consider it what are the chances the media never brings it up hey you've got this other guy who actually played in a Super Bowl for you who actually has helped to guide you to a couple of NFC Championships any chance you might use him instead nah are you even thinking about it oh he's gonna be so mad about the quarterback questions if they start out slow alright on Twitter as long as I can keep surviving press conferences never on Twitter a law radio we're not gonna take it easy on you coach also on our Facebook page on our YouTube channel named after the show super easy to find we are so happy that you're with us on this Wednesday morning I don't think I'm to the point where I'm delirious tired yet am I making any sense producer Jay yeah you're making sense are you sure seemed a little hesitant there no everything's great gosh all right I don't need you to be disingenuous in there you see the generous grin on his face like I gotta sell this everything's fantastic a okay thumbs up thumbs up you're like when I give a thumbs up but I do not like it feels very condescending or dismissive when you give me a thumbs up it's not meant to be when was the last time you actually use that outside of the radio studio I don't know only because I'm doing like 400 things here like an octopus so that's the only way I can just a nod works fine a smile works fine thumbs up Amy that is can I tell you next to K so you ever had people I don't do that no you don't you don't do that I'm saying next to people sending you a text message that's K that it's annoying and rude and I think it's done on purpose the thumbs up or okay emoji is just as bad like I someone sent me recently a thumbs up response to a text I'm like no context no no words I mean they didn't respond no words they just a thumbs up yeah that's rude it's annoying is what it is and I think I think it's meant to be it's meant to be that way it's snarky it is very snarky it's snippy is what it is or the okay emoji it's like implying that like I'll do it but I'm not happy about it or I don't like what you said but I'm gonna pretend like I did something yeah yeah along those lines it's definitely meant to send a message yeah there's something underlying when you when you send that yeah so you know what I did when I got it I deleted the entire text change it was like see how you like that yeah done texting with you if that's all you've got to say not even have a great day sleep well just okay emoji yeah I think you made the right decision it's not okay to send an okay emoji never we'll never get there as a society coming up another big home run for the leader in Major League Baseball and another leader in Major League Baseball hits the IL plus have you been tracking how many wins the Dodgers have now oh my gosh they're obscene it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio you are listening to the after hours podcast season two hit well to right Aaron judge has done it again number 51 for judge he's 10 away from Roger Maris it's a three-run shot and the Yankees have opened it up it's seven to two try to stick to my game plan and start off the night you know too hot with the strikeout but uh you know the guys picked us up and you know got us some early runs and a lot of all to kind of relax and go out there and stick to our approach this is after hours with Amy Lawrence thanks for hanging out with us on the hump show if you missed anything you can grab it on the podcast after hours Amy Lawrence calm quick trip around the bases if you will of course if you're Albert Pujols it takes a little longer if you're a tray Turner well you zip around the bases the Dodgers the Mets they were squaring off at Citi Field they had rain meanwhile the Yankees were on the west coast in Anaheim where they ended their three-game losing skid and Aaron judge wields the big bat another crack home run 51 on the season then you hear him after that he did have three hits and three RBI though he laments the strikeout that he has to open up the game for the Yankees they were able to survive despite having to really go deep in their bullpen because their starter Jamison Tyone was hit by a comeback er and left the game after two plus innings yeah it's happened to me a few times where I've taken him off the head and stuff so you know thankfully this one wasn't some something like that but it's always scary you don't have too much time to react he took this one off his back so we his follow-through from throwing the pitch had him turned backwards toward the plate and the ball kind of bounced off his back I can't remember exactly what part of his back and then kind of bounded away toward first base but definitely was out you know it's the danger of that position being right there Yankees though maintain that lead atop the Ales for now we're in a holding pattern even as we head into the month of September you guys it's August 31st seriously it's legit August 31st for every single time zone in the United States right now I'm delivering you the okay emoji okay I'm not I mean I'm glad for the fall because I'm done with the summer it was it's been a it's been a summer in many ways and I'm ready for it to be over it's a long game it's been a long freaking game that's for sure all right so Mets and Dodgers two division leaders the two best records in the National League they were going head-to-head at Citi Field on Tuesday to one Canada drills at left field way back long gone this game is tied Marchetta Barry's one into the seats and left payoff pitch and this ball is head in a center field a base hit relax on a three-two pitch he reached for it knocks it into center Freeman scores and the Dodgers lead at four to three Brandon Nimmo representing the tying run Reid sends one home and it's a ground ball off the glove of Reid he picks it up long underhand toss and the Dodgers win it Jake Reid he is pumped up down there with his first career save and the Dodgers hang on to win it by a four to three final score to win their 90th game of the year 52 games over 500 and the Dodgers first in Major League Baseball to get to 90 wins just an incredible game to be a part of you know super thankful to just be back here you know in LA and have trust to you know be given the ball and that opportunity just means a lot you know so just kind of a crazy full circle thing being back here in New York but just an awesome game and just thankful to be part of it. This is one of the one of the great moments for me personally I just had a chance to spend some time with Jake and he was really emotional and said that it was more emotional than his major league call-up and just you know for him to be on the taxi for seemed like a week but to be ready when called upon obviously our bullpen was in the thick of it so to be able to rely on him and he was going to finish the game however that meant and it was just good the way it worked out and just so so happy for him. That's the voice of Dave Roberts speaking about I don't know if it's his new closer but in a closer situation a save situation Jake Reid a former match comes in and gets the save and Dave Roberts is thrilled for him and you hear Jake on Sportsnet LA the fact that he's back in New York and told his manager now that this was more emotional for him than his call-up and if you haven't seen the end of this game I encourage you to do it. Jay actually described it as Jay Green celebrated like they'd won the World Series but you can imagine the years and years I mean he's not a young guy what is he almost 30 I think and so the fact that he was cut by the team that he just earned his first career save against I mean all of that makes it a very emotional moment. Yeah the atmosphere at Citi Field it just started pouring too and the crowd was like screaming you know that classic O chant and it was like you know it was bases loaded or it wasn't bases loaded it was man on first or second I believe so they had a chance to tie the game maybe take the lead and walk off so the crowd was in there and he yeah he celebrated like they won the World Series because you can tell he wanted that one. Good for you Jake Reed a little bit of vindication a little bit of uh-uh to your former team or you could just send them the K in a text that group text K basically what he did not the F not the middle finger I mean no the K is more effective this wasn't Baker Mayfield you should have just sent a K just group text to all the Mets all his former teammates K thumbs up emoji anyway the Dodgers are obscene they're now at 90 wins and there are others who are in 80 plus wins and that does include the New York Mets and so it's it's a two-horse race right now I don't know if you could call it even a race between Dodgers and Mets for best record but those are the top two teams in the National League so it's kind of cool to have them facing off two more games Clayton Kershaw will return to the rotation coming up on Thursday they're bumping Dustin May and Clayton will return from the IL against the Mets at Citi Field I will not be in town but if I was I would do absolutely anything to be at that game that that's got to be amazing I'm a huge Clayton Kershaw fan all right before we wrap up here and get to the update I just want to mention Justin Verlander who's sitting on 16 wins tied for most of the majors is also hitting the IL slash DL slash IR I don't even know what they call it anymore but it's best case scenario for Verlander as far as the spectrum of calf injuries go I feel like this was about as good a news as I could have gotten specifically because I did you know I did feel a pop and so usually that is attributed with some with some muscle damage so fortunately the pop that I felt was my fascia and and not the muscle so all in all you know I think this is about as good a news as I could have hoped for you ever noticed how he and Max Scherzer former teammates go so in depth when it comes to their injuries like so in depth it's amazing how much detail they provide I don't know if it's just a it's a thing for the two of them or it's a I came out because I had a tight hammy former tiger thing all right coming up it was an interesting day for one Cynthia Freeland of NFL Network after she relayed a comment that Baker Mayfield made to her about week one it Panthers versus the Browns turn into a big brouhaha so we asked her what happened and then a little bit of QB news to tack on as we head to the top of the hour ready break you are listening to the after hours podcast the Browns are up to the line third down a goal at the giant two and a half Janovich leaves the backfield goes to a wing left side here's Mayfield turning play action fake to jump looking fires into a wide open caught touchdown they got it it's Hooper this is after hours with Amy Lawrence on Browns radio Browns radio network it used to be Baker Mayfield now will be Baker Mayfield for the Panthers in week number one oh that's gonna be so good and considering what we heard from Cynthia Freeland about Baker's attitude toward week number one well it's become even more interesting now it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS porch radio we're bringing back a couple of questions here with Cynthia because she's always fantastic queen of data science for NFL Network and the second question is about Baker but before we get to that why don't we J play the snippet that got so much attention so Cynthia went on a podcast and she talked about an exchange that she'd had with Baker in Charlotte I walked up to him like I'm so excited to see you like kick some butt especially week one I like cannot wait and he uses some expletives and I was like I just hope you're like raising I'm gonna flip them up I'm gonna them up is that what his quote was all right so that's Cynthia Freeland and the host it was around the NFL podcast and that made the rounds in Cleveland and as you can imagine lots of reaction you're gonna hear her explain because I asked her what happens with Baker but first I want you to hear this because this is really interesting too if you're getting ready for your fantasy football draft J one of one of the one of the new formulas she's developed essentially charts how many wins a player is worth now this is only on the offensive side of the ball at least for now though she says it does apply to defensive players but I asked her to kind of explain how this formula that she developed can can rank NFL players based on the number of wins that they will mean for your team yeah so I framed everything in probability of earning a first down or touchdown so keeping the ball in your possession and then ultimately led that to how historically that's mapped to wins or not wins right so losses right so when you look to see how each you know team then side of the ball then position groups then individual player how it sort of breaks down so they're contributing to the bottom line the win or the loss you can actually sort of pinpoint how each player relative to each other is their same position is doing so you know we I do it in terms of the win shares it it ends up being a metric of games but it's not a perfect science because if you say like it Rogers were six wins or whatever and then you say like you know Patrick Williams over six point one wins it's it's not like you know obviously games can't be fractional if you don't have Aaron you don't get six there's always some different there's always some difference between it so it's just look at you know the the value of Aaron versus the value of Patrick this year and look at the difference between the six one and the six there who are a few non quarterbacks that were near the top of of this list or near the top when you worked out all the science this is the first year so usually you get like a pass catching running back will almost almost always have one of the highest win shares mostly because they're on the field for so much volume so you that's historically how it works but for the first time ever top five I have a tight end so Travis Kelsey he broke into the top five in terms of win share which is super fun and you know look at his red area of production over the past two years not just his but the the win share also takes into account how a player impacts the game when they're not the subjects of a target so when Travis Kelsey is on the field it makes it a better opportunity for the running backs to have space or for the wide receivers to have more you know more separation so things like that and Travis Kelsey his impact in the red area the past five seasons is just unmatched so it was actually pretty cool that he busted into the top five because usually it's you know passing running back and then a wide receiver and then but this year he snuck in it's pretty fun what happened with Baker I mean it's really not that big of a deal but I was at the it's at the end of the game the you know the bills played the Panthers I walked up to Baker I offered him good luck I I truly want to see Baker go out and light it up I mean the first overall pick he's got a lot of firepower he's a good quarterback we've seen very good production from him it's not like you know something crazy and I enjoy I have covered him since before he came out into the league so you know I remember like doing a lot of analytics on him because remember back then he was quote unquote very short meanwhile we have much shorter quarterbacks now right when oh he can't be an overall first overall these ridiculous stuff right so now you know I want him to prove everyone wrong like I spoke to him after the game and just the same as I would tell any of my girlfriends who are you know going to a wedding and having see their ex I basically was like give them the revenge body you know come with a cuter date show them what they're missing out on so at the end of the day like I just was we were having a conversation about that and I was supporting Baker and you know he agreed with me because let's be honest what's he supposed to say in that situation he's supposed to be like you know what I don't really want to beat anyone this year let alone the ground you know like it just and then it you know but it took on a bit of a life of its own and it's okay because look I don't I know my intention and you know there was we were on a field it was not a you know it was not a text message exchange there was no whatever in that regard we were on it we were on a field after a game and I was offering support and then I was I think there's a lot of people who take the time to say mean things about Baker I was taking the time to say supportive things about Baker and you know I I shared it and kind of got a little got a little did a little out of context but you know whatever it's kind of like if people stop and stand back for a second and they're like oh a former player wants to beat the team that didn't give him a long-term contract right is there any surprise like it does it's just it's a little silly it is silly and I think most people would say that they agree with you they want to see Baker do well in week number one against this former team because of the way it played out and because of who they replaced him with I think if people are being honest so yes a little bit silly just out of curiosity did you hear anything from him after all this uproar I heard I heard a lot of stuff not from Baker directly you know I I think that at the end of the day this the people with the best egos meaning the ones who are gonna actually win I didn't hear anything from them and they didn't even know what's going on because the good people are focused on on football I like how she says that the good versus the bad like the light side versus the dark side the good are focused on winning football games I said this to Cynthia I said it earlier I'll say it again I'm pretty confident that outside of Cleveland I understand outside of Cleveland you don't feel this way nor should you although maybe there are a few Browns fans who would like to see Baker Mayfield exact a little bit of revenge in week number one but I think I speak for many football fans when I say I'm pretty sure a lot of us would like to see him throw for 300 plus yards and three or four touchdowns in a victory over the Browns maybe that's the only loss the Browns have all year maybe there's always that possibility but it there's this element to it that a lot of fans will want him to get a little vindication just kind of hey see what you're missing I like how Cynthia points out that that's what she would say to one of her girlfriends show up with a cuter date let him know what he's missing boom it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio by the way Deshaun Watson is now officially serving his suspension with the Cleveland Browns so he left the training facility on Tuesday and that is the start of what is an 11 game suspension though he cannot return to the facility or have contact with the team until mid-october cannot practice again until November 14th as for Baker Mayfield he no longer has Sam Darnold or Matt Corral who will back him up in Carolina he's gonna stay healthy we know he'll play hurt but now it's PJ Walker who has been elevated quickly to QB too it happened pretty quick but you know me just over the over the process of training camp and OTA has always been preparing to just always be ready that's the way you got to approach it you know especially you know plan being a bad in the backup roles you have to just be ready no matter what never know when your numbers call so just always got to be ready stay prepared yeah it's uh that's one of those situations where you're just hoping if you're the panthers that Baker stays healthy all the way through think about Dak Prescott right now the only quarterback on the Dallas Cowboys roster and Pete Prisco and CBS Sports HQ points out well technically one is all you want if you're playing your backup quarterback for more than one or two games usually your team is dead anyways and that would be the case for the Dallas Cowboys whether it's Will Greer, Cooper Rush or Brady Quinn comes out of retirement it doesn't matter if Dak Prescott isn't playing your season is over CBS Sports HQ and NFL analyst Pete Prisco so the the Cowboys are likely to bring someone back but had to make some space and had to make roster cuts as many teams were making tough decisions on Monday and Tuesday certainly didn't turn out to be the decision that we thought for Kyle Shanahan and the San Francisco 49ers and Jimmy Garoppolo but there is some resolution to that quarterback question what about the quarterback question in Pittsburgh hey Mike Tomlin oh hey coach Tomlin uh are you ready to name that starting QB no I'm not I love him he's the best wait can he wax poetic I like it better when he goes on a little bit this is from Monday I might but you guys not gonna have it today again like I told you guys the other week man we're not gonna make knee-jerk reactions and statements following the performance we'll go through our proper professional procedure we'll evaluate the game we'll meet with our front office people we'll have discussions we'll talk internally we'll talk external possibilities we'll go through our normal procedure this time of year and we'll disclose it to you at our at our leisure to be quite honest with you and our leisure I love that professional man of leisure I love what Bryant McFadden told me about Mike Tomlin that this is just he's funny he's a funny dude but that he speaks like no one else in the NFL and and of course he commands respect 15 years no losing records this is the first time though without Ben Roethlisberger as his starting quarterback all three moved their units I mean that's just what you need to know you don't need to know anything else about the quarterbacks in Pittsburgh right now their units all three moved their units which means that all three are viable options that's what he told us earlier in the preseason all right peeps I was halfway delirious for the show if I said something that made no sense just nod and smile or send me a thumbs up emoji it'll be fine I'll totally get it I am out until next Tuesday night I'm taking my summer vacation late I promise that I will return though and then we'll be close to the start of footballs I'll talk to you then it's after hours on CBS Sports Radio boom!
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