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Latin America's Criminals Are Headed To America...And Biden Is Giving Them A Vote

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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June 17, 2024 7:00 pm

Latin America's Criminals Are Headed To America...And Biden Is Giving Them A Vote

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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June 17, 2024 7:00 pm

A mother of five was just brutally murdered by an illegal immigrant fleeing El Salvador's new, conservative tough on crime policies. But illegals aren't just coming to America to commit crimes — Joe Biden's administration has a new plan to deliver massive amnesty and turn illegal migrants into Democrat votes. Former FEC commissioner Hans von Spakovsky helps Charlie dissect the threat. Mark Davis talks about the DOJ's refusal to prosecute Merrick Garland for contempt of Congress.


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Praise God for how He's been using this new tool to bring the hope of the Gospel and the truth of God's Word to the world. Hey, everybody. Today on The Charlie Kirk Show, Mike Davis joins us and he has a really good recommendation for who should become Attorney General.

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Go to Joining us now is Mike Davis. Mike Davis is from the Article Three Project.

Mike, welcome to the program. Mike, walk us through the technical side of the contempt of Congress, Merrick Garland. So is it true that Merrick Garland makes the decision of whether or not he gets investigated for what he did wrong? How is this possible, Mike Davis? Well, he can make that decision right now, but he won't be making that decision after January 20th, 2025, when President Trump is back in office and his acting Attorney General actually follows the law here and opens a criminal probe on Attorney General Merrick Garland, who was held in contempt of Congress.

Remember what happened here? You had Merrick Garland, who sent pop Trump White House Trade Advisor Peter Navarro, to prison for contempt of Congress after President Trump asserted constitutional executive privilege going back 250 years to George Washington so presidents can get candid advice from their advisors without fear they'll be pulled before courts or Congress to reveal that advice. You had Merrick Garland's prosecuting Steve Bannon, one of President Trump's top outside presidential advisors and executive privilege, according to the Office of Legal Counsel at the Justice Department. It applies to outside presidential advisors.

He's heading to prison for contempt of Congress after assertion of constitutional executive privilege by President Trump. But then you have Merrick Garland's here. Merrick Garland's released the transcript of Special Counsel Robert Herr's recording with President Biden. So I don't know how you can claim executive privilege when you release the transcript.

You have waived executive privilege. Yet Merrick Garland is trying to claim that the audio recording of this conversation between Special Counsel Robert Herr and President Biden is somehow covered by executive privilege, even though they released the transcript. It is legally frivolous, what Garland is asserting here. And then he ran to the Office of Legal Counsel, apparently, and got a memo from his subordinates saying, hey, our boss Merrick Garland can't get charged with this.

He can't get charged with contempt of Congress because of executive privilege. This is a frivolous legal argument. I can't believe that the Office of Legal Counsel, which is supposed to be the general counsel for the executive branch, binding on the executive branch, went along with this frivolous legal argument. And again, when President Trump's back in office, his acting Attorney General on day one should open a criminal probe. Because remember what Merrick Garland says, nobody is above the law. And that includes Attorney General Merrick Garland. I completely agree. I want to take a D2 here for a second, and we'll get back on course of what we are talking about here, Mike.

But it's very interesting. I think that Donald Trump's vice president's selection will be one of the most important VP selections in modern American history, for obvious reasons. But I think who he selects for Attorney General will be equally, if not more important. People have floated you for Attorney General, which I know you'd be terrific.

Let's say that doesn't work out for whatever reason. Can you give us, A, some names, or at the very least, B, some criteria for what Donald Trump should be looking for in Attorney General? I believe his second term, God willing we get one, by the grace of God, will be made or broken more based on who he chooses for AG than even for VP, Mike Davis. So I can't get confirmed as Attorney General. I was the chief counsel for nominations on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

I always tell people I'm too charming to get confirmed. There's no way in hell the Senate would ever confirm me to anything, especially as Attorney General. I want to be Trump's viceroy, because I don't want to be accountable to courts and Congress. But in all seriousness, for the Attorney General, you need someone who is bold, who is fearless, who's not going to be cowed by the left, who's not going to be cowed by the right. You need someone who's going to look at the Constitution, look at federal statutes, and follow the law and let the chips fall where they may. There are people out there who would be fantastic, a fantastic Attorney General for President Trump. I personally like Mark Paoletta a lot. He is the former counsel in the vice president's office.

He would be terrific. That's a name. I like it. That's a good one.

I'm writing it down. He's so good. He's close to Justice Clarence Thomas. He helped Justice Clarence Thomas be confirmed. He's a very good man. He doesn't need the job.

He doesn't need the money. He has a fantastic family. He would be the perfect pick for President Trump for Attorney General, because he's shown over the years in his defense of Justice Clarence Thomas against the left-wing attacks that Mark Paoletta fears no one.

He's not going to cow to anyone. He's worked on the Hill. He's worked in the executive branch. He's worked in the Office of Management and Budget as the general counsel, which is a crucial job. So he thoroughly understands the executive branch, the Supreme Court, the lower courts, Congress. He would be the perfect pick.

I'm sorry to put you on the spot here, Mike, but this is so important. We have to start really building this out because I do not want to see another Bill Barr. I don't want to see another Rod Rosenstein. He also has to be somebody, and he gets a really bad rap, understandably, and he deserves it for some reasons. Jeff Sessions was an objectively great Attorney General except for the fact that he recused himself and he blew up the entire administration. Otherwise, he was great on crime. He was great on gangs, all this other stuff, but he was not the right person because he couldn't handle the heat. Who else, Mike Davis, should we be looking at for Attorney General?

You need people who are bold and fearless. I love Jeff Clark as well. Jeff Clark should be a great candidate for Attorney General. I don't know if the January 6th investigations have made it where it'd be hard to confirm him.

I still think he can get confirmed if President Trump wins by two or three points and picks up several Senate seats. So someone like Jeff Clark, who has been a Senate confirmed top official in the Justice Department, he's led several litigating divisions in the Justice Department. He's a brilliant attorney.

He's fearless. If he can't be the Attorney General, he'd be a great White House counsel. Here's my biggest issue. I don't want politicians who are worried about their next jobs. That's why people like Mark Payaletta and Jeff Clark would be great because they don't need to worry about their next jobs.

People like that who can just go in there and do their jobs on day one. Do the cleaning house at the FBI and the main justice that desperately needs to be done. Open critical investigations, civil rights investigations against these Hamas supporters who are terrorizing Jewish Americans, particularly Jewish college students all across America. We can't have two systems of justice in America where Joe Biden and Merrick Garland have politicized and weaponized the Justice Department to go after Trump, his family, his top aides, his allies, while this Biden Justice Department gives amnesty to Joe Biden and James Biden and Hunter Biden. Every scum bag Biden who's taken over $20 million from Russia, China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the biggest trouble spots in the world.

It seems like every Biden family member is on the payroll except for the six year old granddaughter who they don't want to claim. The Biden Justice Department gives amnesty to BLM and Antifa and trans terrorist and abortion industry activists and Hamas supporters. This is unacceptable. We're throwing little old lady Christians in prison under the Federal Face Act for praying at abortion clinics, but we're not going to put trans terrorists who are terrorizing pro-life pregnancy centers and Catholic churches.

We're not going to put abortion industry activists who are doing the same in prison. This is unsustainable. This politicized and weaponized justice system. These are republic ending tactics by Joe Biden and Merrick Garland in the Biden Justice Department.

And the only way this ends is to deliver real justice for real crimes starting on January 20th, 2025. Mike Davis, Article 3 Project. Excellent work.

Thank you so much. Thank you, Charlie. Hey, everybody.

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Go to Click on the preborn banner. We've been warning about the open border for quite some time. In fact, we warn about it in our book, Right Wing Revolution, about how it's an intentional way to destroy a country. In February of 2023, as Bukele was locking down on crime in El Salvador, thousands of people started to leave El Salvador. And they came to America. In February of 2023, an individual by the name of Martinez Hernandez came into the country, into America. Joe Biden did not do any background check on this person. Joe Biden did not care where this person was from. Joe Biden just said, come on in. Welcome to America.

Bienvenidos. That is the American regime fled El Salvador. Martinez Hernandez then went on to attack in Los Angeles in March of 2023 a family.

Brutally attacked a nine-year-old girl and mother during a home invasion in Los Angeles in March of 2023. Nothing happened there because we don't deport anybody in this country. No one decided to go after him or find him. So he just disappeared. We have no track and we don't know who these people are.

So he just vanished. About ten months ago, a young lady by the name of Rachel Morin decided to go for a hike in Maryland. Rachel Morin decided to go for a run or a jog or a hike, put up Cut 52. This was Rachel Morin.

And she went for a hike. And Martinez Hernandez, after he brutally attacked people in Los Angeles, after he broke into our country, raped and murdered Rachel Morin, a mother and I think a mother of five is what they're saying. So Rachel Morin is now dead, similar to Lake and Riley. The Biden administration hasn't commented on this. Of course, they're responsible. Joe Biden is directly responsible for the death of this young lady, Rachel Morin.

Very similar to the Lake and Riley case. And I say this, I don't say this lightly. If you are a young lady in this country, I would not feel safe jogging on trails. By the way, this just happened in Scottsdale. Last year, a young lady jogging on a trail, boom, murdered.

This is the country that they've created. Rachel Morin just wanted to go on a hike when she was raped and murdered by an illegal alien from El Salvador. Victor Antonio Martinez had already committed, this is the key, he'd already committed a murder in El Salvador. And instead of being locked up by Bukele, now the safest country in the Western Hemisphere, he fled to Joe Biden's lawless America.

The 37-year-old mother leaves behind five devastated children. So when you come to the southern border, Joe Biden doesn't do any background checks, he doesn't do any DNA checks, he doesn't care who, just come on in. So Victor Antonio Martinez says, okay, I'll come on in, go and brutally attacks a nine-year-old in LA, and then goes and rapes a mother of five. And in reality, that makes this a homicide of not just killing the mom, there are many victims in this.

Those kids are still alive, but now they're raised without a mother. All because of Joe Biden's open border. These sorts of crimes are happening daily. Joe Biden literally couldn't care less. In fact, he wants this to happen.

This is by design. It is harder to board an airplane for American citizens than it is to come into the southern border. This is Maryland County Sheriff who blames Joe Biden for the murder committed by an illegal immigrant. And if you want to know how evil the American media is, just type in Rachel Morin to your search engine. Almost none of the stories mention that this guy's an illegal.

Almost none of them. Baltimore banner, Rachel Morin, Victor Martinez Hernandez arrested. DNA evidence connects Rachel Morin to El Salvadorian. No one mentions the fact that if we would have at least been doing background checks, El Salvador had a red alert on this guy. Red alert.

There was a red alert tag, and Border Patrol does not even do a background check. And this guy goes to LA, he goes to Maryland, commits crimes, and they ended up arresting him in Tulsa, Oklahoma. If you are a young woman in this country and you vote Democrat because you want to be able to murder your baby or whatever, you might get murdered while you're going for a jog.

Play cut 53. And I want to now direct these comments to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and to every member in both chambers of Congress. We are 1800 miles away here in Harford County. We are 1800 miles away from the southern border. And the American citizens are not safe because of failed immigration policies. This is the second time in just two years that an innocent Harford County woman has lost her life to a criminal in our country illegally. Oh, this is happening in every corner, every county, every state is a border state. No background checks, no DNA swabs. And they're here to murder your daughters, to go after your wife and your kids.

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Check it out right now. Joining us now is Hans von Spakowski. I hope I said that OK. Hans, welcome to the program.

Former F.E.C. member and election law reform initiative from Heritage. Hans, I want to talk about here Joe Biden's mass amnesty in the previous segment, we covered the tragic story of Rachel Morin, a mother of five in Maryland who was brutally murdered by an El Salvadorian who came into the country with no background check, no idea who he was. What is Joe Biden's plan to give citizenship or amnesty to the two illegals here in this country? Well, look, they've already been giving an administrative amnesty to aliens. Aliens who cross the border illegally are just let go and said, well, maybe you should appear in six months or a year for an immigration hearing.

But in the meantime, they can disappear into the interior of the country. And he's not supposed to do that. He's not allowed to do that under the law. And he's doing it anyway. And that's why, as you know, in the last four years, we've had the estimate is between eight and nine million aliens have come across the border illegally. That's more than in the entire, I think, decade prior to that.

I want to play here Cut 20. This is NBC News reporting. Biden is hatching a mass amnesty scheme for hundreds of thousands of illegals. So the people that are raping the women, raping innocents across the country, they're murdering, they're coming in the country. Joe Biden wants to make them American citizens.

Play Cut 20. And new this morning, multiple sources familiar with the White House's plans tell NBC News that President Biden is set to take executive action as early as Tuesday to protect hundreds of thousands of undocumented spouses of U.S. citizens from deportation. So help me understand this. 53 percent of Latinos want all illegal immigrants deported. So these are criminals in the country. So how is Joe Biden able to do this? Well, he doesn't have the authority to do that. If you'll recall, that's something that Barack Obama tried to do with his programs, and the court said you can't do it. So this is just another example of the president defying the law the same way he's doing it with student loans. The Supreme Court said you don't have the authority to simply write those off and forgive them, and yet he's been doing it anyway. I mean, his contempt for the rule of law and his belief that he could just issue an executive order, for example, suddenly making individual citizens, the law doesn't allow him to do that. And if there's anything close to him thinking that he's got dictatorial powers, I mean, that's it right there. So this is remarkable to me, and I don't want to ask you to comment on the politics unless you're comfortable doing it.

What is Joe Biden thinking? This can't be popped through with the American people. This is really radical stuff. Well, it is really radical, but you need to understand that all of the individuals who came into the White House with him, I've been dealing with them for the last 20 years in Washington on the far left, and all of his closest advisors, the folks who are at the Department of Homeland Security, all of them are open borders individuals. They think that our immigration laws are racist. They have no intention of abiding by them, and I think they came into office thinking we need to, if we only have four years, hopefully we'll have eight, we need to sweep aside our immigration laws and bring in as many aliens as possible across the border in the United States so that it's impossible for us to ever remove them from the country.

And that will help us both politically, eventually with votes, and will help us change the American culture, which those folks in the White House hate. So Hans, help me understand how many illegals are going to vote in this upcoming election. The New York Post has an article how non-citizens are getting voter registration forms across America and how Republicans are trying to stop it.

Is this their big October surprise? Are there going to be millions of foreigners voting in our elections this fall? Well, look, we don't know the numbers.

What I can tell you is that we have nothing in place really to stop that. You know, when you register to vote, election officials aren't doing any kind of check. They're not verifying the information. They're not making sure that you're actually a U.S. citizen. They just take the name and address that comes in on a registration form, and suddenly you're a registered voter.

How big are the numbers? We don't know. But look, just a couple of years ago, the Secretary of State of Pennsylvania was forced to resign after it was revealed that the Pennsylvania DMV had been registering literally thousands of aliens for many years. Ever since then, Pennsylvania, a state government has fought to prevent having to disclose how many aliens were registered and how many of them voted. But the estimates are a minimum of 10,000, and it could be a lot more. And that's not a rumor. That's something that really happened. Those are facts. I mean, so they're trying to break the law, it seems.

So do we have any indication? What states are the worst offenders right now for illegals that very well might be voting in our elections? California is clearly the worst. They've got probably one of the worst voter registration systems in the country. Not only do they do absolutely nothing to verify citizenship, people are registering to vote.

They really are encouraging it. They switched to an automatic voter registration system. So when you go in to get a driver's license and illegals in California can get driver's licenses, the state DMV automatically registers you to vote. They don't ask you if you want to register.

They simply automatically register you. So California is probably going to be one of the worst places in the country for this. So, I mean, I know people that have left California and they still get ballots.

And even though they tell the California government, I don't live here anymore, they still send out ballots. So help me understand about the swing states, Arizona, even Texas. I mean, every state seems to be a border state right now. Of the battleground states, how many illegals potentially could be in the system in Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania?

Well, the way to look at it is not just illegals, but aliens in general. Look, there was a study done about a decade ago looking at survey data from across the country from individuals who had registered and voted in the election. And the authors of that study, several professors, estimated that depending on whether it's a presidential race or a congressional race, you could have anywhere from about 2% of the aliens who were in the country voting in a congressional race. And they estimated, for example, in the 08 Obama race, that over 6% of the aliens in the country that actually voted in that election, 6%, as you well know, could make the difference in a presidential race.

Oh, yeah. I mean, it seems like there's no, I mean, obviously, from the federal government, there's no concern because they want the illegals to vote in this regard. And so what do you have to say to the people that say that this is an imaginary problem, it isn't happening? Let's say Trump were to win by the grace of God, what can the federal government do to investigate this and permanently end this? Well, one of the easiest things that could happen is for the Justice Department, which these days just ignores that problem, to start looking at and coordinating with the Department of Homeland Security to get their records on aliens, particularly those who have themselves reported that they were registered in voting. That's something that they know about, DHS does when people apply for naturalization and citizenship. But the other thing that DHS could start doing is finally cooperating with state election officials to use their databases to find aliens who are registered to vote and have voted in elections.

That would be a massive project, but it's one that ought to be undertaken by a new Justice Department, hopefully a new Department of Homeland Security. Hans, excellent work. Thank you so much. We love heritage and we appreciate your commentary. Thank you.

Thanks for having me. This immigration issue is unbelievable. And I mean, if you have women in your life, wives, daughters, understand the El Salvador murder rate is the lowest in the Western Hemisphere. Venezuela's crime rate is down significantly. El Salvador, they just rounded up tens of thousands of people.

That's the way you should do it, by the way, to start mass arresting of criminals and put them in jail for the rest of their life. El Salvador is super safe. You can walk at night in El Salvador. By the way, do you feel safe walking the streets of LA at night? Do you feel safe walking the streets of Chicago at night?

The answer is no. Do we really live in a free country? You can walk the streets of Budapest at night. You can walk the streets of Abu Dhabi at night. Not the streets of New York. Not the streets of LA. Definitely not the streets of San Francisco.

Streets of Seattle and Portland. Where do you think they're sending all these people? They've opened up the prisons of Venezuela. They've opened up the jails of El Salvador, and they send them to our country. And then they start raping women, murdering people, arson, home break-ins. Here in Arizona, every single day, there's a new break-in from a Central and South American gang squad. No one really does anything about it. They just do it with total impunity.

And that's what we're dealing with here. We are dealing with savage animals. The El Salvadorian MS-13, you look at this story here of Rachel Morin, and that is exactly what Joe Biden and his team want. They want blood in the streets. They want disarray.

They want discord. They have no concern about the well-being of this country. And you are seeing the downfall of the entire civilization there.

And it starts on the southern border. And we talk about it in the book, Right Wing Revolution, How to Beat the Woke and Save the West. You guys can get your copy at That is Maggie said, just ordered a couple books. Thanks for letting us know that we can order books without giving a share in the proceeds to Amazon.

That's right. So at, you could bypass Amazon and actually save money, by the way. And you can even get a signed copy, too.

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That is promo code KIRK at, promo code KIRK. Okay, everybody, let me tell you what we're going to do. We're going to put together a little graphic. If you register 25 voters, I will send you a signed copy of my new book, Right Wing Revolution. If you register 100 voters, I will put you on the show to tell your story. If you register 250 voters, we will fly you out to Phoenix and you guys will have dinner with the top 250.

This is all before mid-September, so let's put together a nice graphic there. It is the voter registration game, low propensity voter registration. Find patriots, register them to vote. Find patriots, register them to vote. Get them on the early voting list, and this should convict you.

That really is the new word, right? Conviction. Right Wing Revolution, how to beat the woke and save the west, We have to harvest the low propensity voters. It is more important than ever. It is the harvest for all of them.

That is, So this is how CNN covered our amazing event in Detroit, Michigan. This is how CNN covered it. They called this a far-right group.

Play cut, too. And I mentioned how Trump is. He's tried to court black voters this weekend, but he's also trying to rile up folks on his right flank. There's a far-right group called Turning Point USA, Turning Point Action.

He's going to this conference to speak to them this weekend along with some others. And Democrats are going to try to take advantage of the fact of the person who is running this group, Charlie Kirk, and the things that he has said in the past. Though I do wonder if the associate – Trump has all sorts of associations with lots of people with views that are objectionable to a lot of people. I think it's Trump himself, what he will say there and what comes out of his mouth that is much more detrimental to his standing with women and, you know, perhaps other groups.

And if you're a woman who's not offended by things that Trump has said and done, then you're not going to be offended by Charlie Kirk. Exactly. Yeah, national review. Really great. CNN continues with mean tweets of our coverage of the People's Convention.

Play cut, 14. Democrats are going to try to take advantage of the fact of the person who is running this group, Charlie Kirk, and the things that he has said in the past, including this. Young ladies present a great opportunity. They are not conservative. They've been sold a lie through culture, through media, through even some of their parents that you basically have to go pursue this corporate trajectory and that men are always the problem and suppress your biological impulses. A lot of them are on birth control, too, and birth control, like, really screws up female brains. You know, he also has suggested that women over 30 are less desirable. I take real objection to that.

Bless his heart. OK. Your options run thinner if you are a young lady trying to find a husband in your 30s than your 20s. It's a biological reality.

I didn't make the rules. The dating pool shrinks. I guess I'm far right for wanting to promote the nuclear family. MSNBC or NBC, I guess MSNBC also covered our event. This is Dash Up Burns. We'll be watching this together for the first time.

Let's play cut, 56. Yeah, Jose. So Charlie Kirk and Turning Point are looking to play a big role in this election cycle. The foundational mission of the organization was to bring in young voters into the conservative movement this cycle.

They're also launching a ballot chasing initiative in partnership with the Trump campaign in Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin, where they're trying to turn out low propensity voters, trying to get them to vote by mail, early voting and voting in person. But Charlie Kirk, the founder of the organization, is a sort of a right wing provocateur of sorts who's known for making headlines about some controversial statements I asked him about. Just what you mentioned, Jose. Take a listen. The former president here in Detroit, before he's coming to speak here, he's meeting with some black pastors.

He's really been trying to reach out to the black community, bring them into the fold. You've said some you've said some stuff on your podcast and you've advocated against DEI in that context. You've questioned whether you could trust black pilots. You've advocated for maybe. What did I exactly say to you?

We can play the clip. You should say, according to United Airlines hiring practices, they will lower standards and increase racial. I'm not debating what you said. But in the context of that, you've also questioned whether MLK should have a federal holiday. How do you convince black voters of the Republican Party? We just held the largest minority outreach event in the conservative movement, our blacks at liberation organization that we were really warmly received. I think black voters aren't falling for the nonsense of white liberal siren songs of racism.

They want their country back and we'll see what happens. I think my favorite part is I didn't fight. I was like, yep, yep, correct. Yes. What's the point? Learn how to fight. Learn how to win at right wing revolution.

That is That was the first time, by the way, I saw the NBC clip. By the way, this is part of our book, When the Left Tries to Shame You. You see, that was an attempt at a humiliation trial.

That was an attempt at a Soviet tactic. Again, she's a nice enough person, Dash. I have nothing against her personally. She's got to pay her bills and all that.

I have nothing against her. That's That is Right Wing Revolution. Get your copies right now. How to Beat the Woke and Save the West. Right Wing Revolution. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us, as always, freedom at Thanks so much for listening, and God bless.
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