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The Christian Worldview
David Wheaton
December 03, 2021
GUEST CAL BEISNER author Biblical Foundations for Economics The government printing and spending trillions of dollars on social programs or paying able-bodied people to not work or taxing the income-producing to fund all manner of entitlements food health care housing education child care retirement have become commonplace in American society Three weeks ago Nov in part of our program on economics Cal Beisner director of the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation defined economics as moral philosophy applied to man's marketplace relationships In other words one's moral worldview will lead to certain economic policies For example the moral judgment [... more]
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
November 19, 2020
Open calls questions and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio Questions include--- - Do you know anything about Tod White--- - Do Hasidic Jews have any biblical foundation for their belief that they are the ones to -usher in the Messiah--- - How do you respond to the idea that Christians are supposed to be giving and sharing with the poor and so socialism is what we should be supporting--- - Matt discusses the rise and results of socialism in Venezuela -- - Is there anything good in socialism--- - Are you for or against welfare--- - A [... more]
CBS Sunday Morning
Jane Pauley
September 06, 2020
According to recent studies Americans spend billion dollars a year tending to their million acres of grass So no surprise coronavirus has made quarantined Americans -- fanatics and novices alike -- lawn-care crazy Former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok talks about leading Crossfire Hurricane the Bureau's investigation into the Trump campaign's connections with Russian officials and how he came in the cross hairs himself A new YouTube documentary This Is Paris reveals a never-before-told chapter in Paris Hilton's life that the socialite and social media influencer says was too painful to talk about until now Those stories and more on [... more]
Matt Slick's Top 6
Matt Slick
March 09, 2020
Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live This week Matt talks about socialism Harry Potter don't give money for blessings and the History of John Calvin For more great content like this or to donate to the ministry be sure to visit carm org CARM is a c non-profit Christian ministry dedicated to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ and the promotion and defense of the Christian Gospel [... more]
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
March 05, 2020
Open calls questions and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio Questions include--- - Matt discusses socialism and its implications -- - Can you explain the context of Corinthians - - What is meant by associate with--- - A caller wanted clarification on an analogy Matt used in his socialism discussion -- - Who is Junia--- - Was God the father the head of Christ in authority or the source of Christ--- - What denominations-churches do you promote--- - How do I go about finding the right church when there seems to be so much corruption [... more]
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