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March 5, 2020 9:54 pm

Matt Slick Live

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March 5, 2020 9:54 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses socialism and its implications.--2- Can you explain the context of 1 Corinthians 5 9-11- What is meant by associate with---3- A caller wanted clarification on an analogy Matt used in his socialism discussion.--4- Who is Junia---5- Was God the father the head of Christ in authority or the source of Christ---6- What denominations-churches do you promote---7- How do I go about finding the right church, when there seems to be so much corruption-

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Matt slick, why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is written about all I got more you have questions about Bible doctrine.

Why rent what happens is people circling the latter half of the show because of work traveling whatever but if you want give me a call please do know we get calls from all over the world ready for 15 years, five days a week, though enjoying it. A lot of good times. I am so thankful.

Thank you all of you who are supporting us who like the show go bless you and bless us in this locker said five open lines give me call 877-207-2276 so the missing thing about doing something really different today said you will often do is just pick a topic to teach on and the winners will be calling to talk about government. I've been doing some research and what I do when I do my research projects.

As I creeped out much and I do them because I can on my word program. My large monitors. I can put in certain links I can see things instantly and it helps me with all kind of informational kind of stuff we been hearing a lot about socialism and the social Democratic Party things like that me tell you what socialism is and you understand this is really important really significant socialism was a political social system in which private property and the distribution of income or subject to the social and centralized governmental control. That means is that the means of production, even certain areas of ownership of property and businesses are to be controlled by other governmental systems so it means that government then becomes the mother and the father becomes the controller of everything. This was socialism in us, and it is wrought with all kind of problems. Socialism is the issue of redistribution of resources, redistribution of wealth redistribution of things. The form of communism and is where the government owns production and distribution, and the government decide what's best for the majority of the people, which means that the minority the people can be overlooked and the rights can be� Say wiped out. Now democratic socialism is what these people are on TV are are espousing and that is a form of social control governmental control with a limited state power where the democratically elected officials will regulate the production and distribution of wealth. In other words, it's informed socialism. Except this was the Democratic elected people. What happens to people when they get control. They want more power. We see this this is kind of tobacco happening in politics today noticing on the Democrat and Republican on the constitutionalist.

I believe the Constitution I think it is to be of help.

And that's my position, but nevertheless even illustration of what socialism does and look at the caller's company in her liquid� Say that there are 30 students in a classroom.

10 of the students work very hard and they get a 10/30 get 80s. 10 of the students just don't work that hard, and they get CDs 10 of the students don't work at all and they get F's's we have 30 people, and 1/3 work hard to get A's third don't work hard. They get sees 1/3 don't work at all. They get F's in a socialistic system, the redistribution of attributes the redistribution of the wealth redistribution of power for the overall good so with the socialist teacher decides to do was average all the grades for the benefit of of the whole.

And so he says everybody will this average amount in everyone to see the people who getting F's like this because they don't do anything and they benefit our dignity motivated to work harder?

Because people who do work hard are going to be sacrificing their hard work for the sake of those who don't work hard to socialism.

The will those who get A's in the class does work very hard. They are not gonna want to work hard because they're not rewarded in a manner consistent with their hard work and so they work even less. The people who are in C getting sees what they're thinking while on earth to do much of anything so they might decide it's evil people are doing a work organelle start doing a lot less. The overall GPA just decreases the overall product decreases the overall quality of the education decreases the citizen illustration about socialism in and it is within redistribution of the that the commodities redistribution of wealth redistribution stuff and it's taking from those who work hard and giving to those who don't work hard. It's punishing those who work hard and not punishing is pretty rewarding those who who don't work hard all and so this it has a deleterious effect on the economy.

What happens is if things get bad people don't want to work production slows the economy then becomes less productive because it becomes less productive. The government then tries to pass more laws and regulate production and taxation and production distribution of of things in order to get the economy to stay healthy. But this de-motivates people because no more regulations are coming in, telling them what to do in Venezuela. Just so you know, 1992. It was the third richest country in the hemisphere.

In 1992 in 1998 Hugo Chavez was elected president and he brought in a new constitution with socialist policies, socialist ideas, or tell you what they were in 2001, so Shabbos pass laws and the redistribution of land and wealth in the 2004 private healthcare was completely socialized so healthcare issues were completely socialized in 2005 stiff fines and prison terms were imposed upon those in the media who criticized the leaders in our 2006.

The Shabbos shifted is in Venezuela shifted buying military equipment from the United States and started getting from Russia in 2007 all higher education became free in 2009 the socialist banned the private ownership of guns. Check this out.

The socialist regime Hugo Chavez in Venezuela removed the private care healthcare and socialize it. I would meet a government run felt that social higher education was to be free and they took away people's guns in 2012 Bernie Sanders said that the Venezuelan economy. Government was at the American dream. This would Bernie Sanders said in 2012. It is in the BBC notice everything back to my notes so in 2007.

Chavez announced that key energy and telecommunications companies would be nationalized so then over the government's take over more and more. This is what happens in socialization is the, the government takes over more and more power because things are working efficiently why they not working efficiently because the individual who is responsible for his own property, his own business to run at the way he sees fit. Or she sees fit is the best person in that position to know what's best and work most efficiently for his benefit and the benefit of his family and to be to increase production in a socialist system that is removed and so they will to move and to work is lessened, the government comes in and imposes strict regulations of what can and cannot be done.

You cannot run that efficiently and on economy doesn't work very well at all. So in 2009, the voters approved a plan to abolish term limits. That meant that the people in power could stay in power in the 2012.

Government enforces so please control basic goods. This this was to inflict to battle inflation in 2014.

Opposition letters were leaders were imprisoned in 2016. Her food and healthcare shortages that became widespread in the from 2014 to 2018 2 million people left Venezuela and fled to neighboring countries. So in 2017. The Constitution and elections were suspended and as you know, Venezuela is is doing very, very, very badly. This is what socialism brought to them. These people who want socialism in my opinion are liars and hypocrites with those of political leaders because they swear to uphold the Constitution and then they work against the Constitution by instituting socialistic ideas when the Constitution does not allow that. The three branches of government are meant to prevent the government from getting out too much power and so we do not want the government to have power. The government must be minimalized. It's supposed to have minimal responsibility where democracy but were not really democracy or Republic clinics when the difference in a democracy treatment majority rules. So the majority vote for something, then it doesn't matter with a minority stake in Republic majority cannot remove constitutional rights were Republic, a Democratic Republic because we as a constant to be a Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and omit understand that in making the laws and democracy, the majority just to make laws and they can override the rights of any other people, but in Republic the electric elected representatives.

Do this and we have to understand folks that when people get in power. They want more power they will do what is necessary to ensure their own power and security. This is happened time and time again throughout history and governments fail because of it. Rebellions Revolutions have because of Mrs. history so just telling people that dog try to warn people against the rise of socialism and its bad news.

It's not good.

I would suggest anybody listening. If you're socialist you like the stuff go study history go study Venezuela to save this ghost go do a Google search of Venezuela and see what socialistic principles got in and have a Constitution there was suspended, how they had free education. It had free healthcare and how gun ownership was removed exactly the same thing that the socialist party.

Here are trying to Institute we've Artie seen this happen in real time within our lifetime and is failed and Venezuelan government is. This went down and other governments that have socialistic principles of the same thing and when. Just let me know okay I study everything will talk about everything so well me I look constitutionally for the constitutionalist party. That's what I will like you think there's a break through the lines 877207276 McCall McCall 772072276 man's leg why all this account number two Corinthians 5 1911 and you hope there cherry pick a couple of verses and honing in on a couple word here though we know we can easily see it in the context of the whole chapter, especially in verse nine there honing in on dealt with.

Don't talk to and burned alive and not even eat with the shoreline is wondering if he could expound on that idea is five is in the context of the rebuking of immorality and the beginning of the chapter there is a man who is having relations proper relations with his father's wife in this kind of immorality is the context of what's been spoken grotesque immorality have nothing to do with them, avoid them. The immoral people in the word immoral. There is porn us so talking to the sexually immoral people is not talking about my brother becomes a Mormon and I don't associate with errands like that for the count. That word if that's damaged talking Q or more in the Christian Fellowship. But don't accept Christian Fellowship in kind for the congregation circular IL not to associate with immoral people don't have anything to do with those wicked people like that students to steer clear of her in the congregation claiming to be Christian because then don't judge outsiders later. While it is there in the congregation says I did not mean with all immoral people decided to not write at all at all okay try to get I did not at all mean immoral people of this world or with the cover, swindlers, idolaters, for then you have to go out of the world actually wrote you not associate with any so-called brother if he's an immoral person or covetous right dollars were violent or drunk or swim equals eating meant approved of their fellowship approved of them have the same same importance amen emphasizes does our culture so so-called that means someone is living as a hypocrite. They are calling themselves a Christian but they are in morning. And there's that word porn us again there covetous idolaters through filers of drunkards, swindlers do not regenerate is not the behavior regenerate. So what they're doing is there tend to be Christian, and they are associate their living in a very ungodly way, don't associate with distance yourself while having separate lifestyle have anything in our great and they should be considered an outsider left the Lodge. Now it one more question that the Cairo crater in the church today You think we want like I need people everything you even though the Christian faith.

Paramount glory and intolerance likely fact about the beginning of chapter and parents that have children openly checking out then on like that the Christian is a difficult thing because we had to have a child who's not a believer, I have a daughter that's well known, and that she's definitely not a believer, I still love her.

She's a welcome over here yeah yeah about walking it over like the Lord with whatever you know it you know well here it is your own and there's a certain strategy to know because they know who I am and what I've done in my life. You know I met slick the urologist is not the boastful, but the poor kids grew up with this so it's a bit different. I'd be very careful what I say and so I will, I hope and pray that others will say the things I would say to them and listen to yeah okay so when they come over yeah yeah definitely I think the church ever yes picture to one of my better churches, but there's church discipline still occurs, usually in reformed churches. Okay, I really overall, like anything I have it out whenever here's like you talk about this on the radio. It always makes me want to start a church to do it right, you know like I could do it right, you don't slap me down for that is just come on you know what do they want to go exegetical.

He verse by verse.

Stick with the Scriptures to historical redemptive preaching. Talk about Christ. Get rid of of moralism abandoned women pastors and elders, not homosexual is not an alternative lifestyle this with the word of God says teaching the truth of the gospel and heavy doctrine as well as as white doctrine and forget what gets me when I go to church in the first 10 minutes of the sermon is an illustration story slick draw with his you need of the word gray word sums think and story exactly about themselves usually write themselves and experience it, you know, the word of God is powerful enough, you start with a story. Depressed people to understand the word you do your job okay I'm whining. Okay think that my great to go blessed. All right, just in front of the phone to Richard from Richmond. We lost and let's get over his Batman voice here. Jeff from Richmond, Virginia hey Jeff, welcome on your all right by God's grace earlier reference and not as the Democratic way. They only understand why the would be important of that program. I am what and why that would be, but I'm curious why what are that and in reference number. I'll tell you why people vote for socialism is really simple, uneducated, they don't know what it means to work real hard and be rewarded for what they want. There covetous and they want the rich to pay what they have to help they want what they have to winterize our view the brain and what I'm talking about right Mark one, that are that are very intelligent. They are very example and because they like an individual so much trouble they are willing to vote the other way and very to me that the failure will yet be gambling what I'm very intelligent people who are voting the wrong way and cannot just scared to death that lets you understand because what they're doing is blinding themselves by the minute voted right back after these messages we have two lines 87776 Matt slick why all still there are all right. So intelligent people will make stupid choices intelligent people generally have good motives are good reasons for wanting this kind of thing. Generally the concepts that socialism espouses are such things as fairness to people. The reduction of proper poverty, the distribution of wealth and power and more equal fashion. The development of equality in the ability to educate the idea of socialism is good in that it wants to generate the people within it. Want to see the betterment of more people. That's the idea. The failure of socialism is based on the idea that people are basically good and that's just wrong. People are not basically good to basically evil in their hearts. That's not to say that each person is super evil is just that we are by nature selfish.

We are not very altruistic. We have to learn how to be giving with the learn how to be altruistic and it's not exactly easy and so the problem is what Eric about I give it with a baby doll. You don't have to keep that there are lots you know you don't, well, you know. All I know it. I get that.

But if the other party question that I had this part of the country of well and the and the lack of number and all that Democratic way of doing things is it they say that even though it's proven to be a bad thing or the map.

Is it possible that that would work in reference to the number of people that we have an all in the process getting fell out of no we already see the abuse of power with the government. We already see that when bureaucracy gets involved.

Efficiency decreases we see the gases in our own government.

The nationalized healthcare thing is a joke if you want to start the yet here's how it needs to work. If our president had the ability do all the stuff you could imagine present slick but somewhat I would urge you, I think it would be spiritual. For example in healthcare is to privatize all of it and to open the borders between the states is much as possible and let private companies work and compete with each other.

Competition causes the improvement of the service, the perfect perfecting of the service, the more efficiency of the service and so when people are competing with each other.

They will work very very hard to secure their own futures because they want to produce something that the population going to want and if this if the people were allowed to do what they need to do without government regulation.

Say what they have to do we go you one abusive course of certain the government does need to come right in and break up monopolies and abuse of power away and I get that.

That's when the job the government so it needs to be in there to protect people from the abuse of power, which can occur in the private sector as well as the governmental sector, which is why we have got to show we have the Bill of Rights and socialist government. There is no real Bill of Rights because the socialist government can change them. The socialist government can say that the social structure is what decides what is true. For example, Christianity would.

It's on the way out persecuted Christians are persecuted in any Republic.

We have certain ineligible rights to freedom of religion, for example, in the First Amendment, but in the socialistic system that can be suspended doesn't really matter. The Bill of Rights is not an issue with his initials, with the majority want the majority want the Christians to be imprisoned than that there's nothing stopping you from passing laws for that socialism potentially is that they would know that that's basically what it is, in fact that's what might was working in was the principle of socialist idea and they had to have scapegoats and things like that people have no idea how that socialism is the reason they don't is what I was at Eric brightness. The leftist media does not do its homework. It's not in for truth. It's into agenda.

They want the week the month of revolution occur in America.

It may happen, but not the way they want first brought a lot of what I think it directly. Part of the report on all the ridiculous. Many people don't understand that right and so what I told people is do your own homework. I have an out but I recommended twice before is called conservative news Pro out on my phone. I have an android conservative news Pro and it lists very at 123 about 10 or 15 auto conservative news sources didn't go through. And I just like and I also recommend that people go to eyeball news folder. The epic times. They also recommend go to USA Today and look at CNN and see what the left is saying and compare and just just like that. I like that I and off. I've been there and make it let me tell you still there or thank you very much.I would think I'm getting ready. I thank you, RMM got Douglas okay before he gets the next caller wanted, I remembered a story from seminary. This is very very important that this is true friend of mine in seminary who is from South Africa. The subject graduated 91, he was watching the apartheid news that is interested in it because he's from South Africa.

He flew into San Diego and was there for a few years to do was to his master the divinity and we became friends came to school one day and he was absolutely astounded by what happened was watching the news and there were riots in about apartheid and he's looking on the news and he recognized his Street. He recognized the houses and the street that he lived on re-brother was. He recognized with Michael that I bought was in trouble. He immediately got on the phone and called his brother.

He said are you okay what are you talking about the civil rights of watching them happen right now and he says there's nothing happening.

Look at your window and look at it with nothing happening.

Nobody out there and my friends at she was watching the news. It was live and that there was live riots right there and he talked with his brother was right there said nothing's happening and he did say spreader said two months ago there was a kind of a mini riot. He said about a different thing. They were using that news in that clip in order to create false news false information and was being presented.

This is what he told me he said he saw it and he verified it with his own brother never forgot don't trust the media folks don't trust when one group is in control. You can trust their integrity and honesty. You can't unless it's Jesus Christ came. This is why the Constitution has a division of of the powers we ought to have that division of powers in place to talk with more time with those on why wait I said everything looks good on the phone with Brent from I will show we lost Amazon first Peter 221, which I would love to talk about. Look at the Courtney from Ohio Courtney welcome you on the really and are now.

I got more stories are. I resisted talk about politics books because it it offends people appealed. I'm just realizing that we need truth in the world. We don't need can I talk about the person you talk about it many times, but communism we could talk about oligarchies we can talk about all kinds of stuff about capitalism what it is dictatorship and how things usually decay like it even read the get this offer so much information I could even read the early constitutions of the United States states. The 13 states and they required that the legislators that the elected officials. Christians in good standing in a church I art they could not hold office because they realize here's the thing about someone like Hillary and someone like Obama. I don't know trumps a Christian or not a high know someone who knows him or knew him and said he was a Christian so leave that there are those who claim to be Christians, and really are, where they can do when they get in power want to honor God. That's right okay right back okay get a break coming up right back after these messages give a call if two open lines 877-2072 like why all 07 Ohio Courtney about three and I sure my I want to go back out though I agree that delete that there is family of God church like writer like okay I'm reading that I read today about union and so I thought about coming out that I cry early to write me a wrong way and I went a carrier� You care by reading it a couple paragraph okay will first of all what you want to see is Julia is eating yesterday about not Julia is a little thing about be careful about you. I would not teach, you can lose your salvation and the superwoman pastors and elders if you can you can lose your salvation, and the question becomes what do to keep it.

This is the question you have to ask it they say here's the rules you do to keep a thinner cult is you don't do in our salvation is not to say that I should say their cultic stuffs it or not Christian because they know people can be saved in varying degrees of ignorance and people regret.

I am too many things but when you have a denomination that says that you can lose your salvation.

The question you have to ask is what you do to keep it. If they say what you can go to movies hypothetically you can't watch R-rated movies that were dresses, whatever might be a list of things to simplify those things that are going on a spec with an object if they do okay is moral things, but they do teach, you can lose your salvation. So then I got yes is problematic because you have to find out what is it that you teach and then sometimes within some groups that teach you can lose your salvation becomes a uppity and that you're not going to see movies you're wearing dress pants is a woman that the saying that they do that but I'm saying this kind of a thing can happen is we can be very careful of that is a Symantec to look into, but also they definitely take pastors and elders and they do use Julia as an excuse for that but they fail to. I read your article. Okay good so you know that this is not that they shouldn't do that. There's a kind of apostles and juniors record a rift references a male by origin and epiphanies and and others. In fact, enrolled in 67 this is great. Andronicus engineers my kinsmen and the word Cosman there were kinsmen is in the masculine, so it's saying that they things, a mask, so you know I wish that I wish I would wish the AG would call mythical member tardy status and regular individual investors I'd say please when we can. I would love to hear your running entries and you justify the practice of.

Artie few alternative translations forklift fail dated widely by contemporary and angelical scholars are authority over and over. Both means are found in literature for the next paragraph taking the whole second meaning as well and are better than the first meaning leading memory verse 12 as women came from one everything comes between the external fine father had a fight that God for Dan authority over on and then they referenced on a precast but not attending to definitely hear it all the evidence and can fail and I would like either how they fit that guide like I know there is better to put your video Donnie God's problem right right because you can't have God the father be the source of the sun and talk with eternal generation of the psalmist debated Dr. within Christianity because so what does it mean that the son is eternally generated from the father will eternally generated they see some state the P proceeds from the father does seem to say that in Scripture to some degree we still don't know exactly what that means your discussions about it.

Theologically, if I were in a debate with someone from the AG and they would bring that up. I say can you tell me exactly what that actually means. They wouldn't be able to because no one really knows. We come up with theories, but the issue here is that what they're doing is they are abusing the word of God and that they are clearly rejecting the word, which says that the pastor is an elder first Timothy 517. In first Timothy 32 and Titus 1527.

The agenda of excrement.

Three. The elder is to be on there. Many of us will not cause a man of one woman. It's specifically in Scripture that had no hierarchical they don't care when I read that part crying right now pray God that God and I don't have God have authority over you because he's made on the log license for for me for little while lower than the angels. He was 29 spring under the law. Jesus had to have someone that he would call God and so he would do that. John 17 is manifestation of that, among other verses and stuff the AG. I recommend people stay away from because of these is and in my recent in my research, 80% of the denominations that affirm pastors 80% within two generations start affirming homosexuality good.

So I challenge the balance publicly challenge him to a debate on this issue with the pastors a challenge. They won't now. You know you before I could. Generally speaking, reformed churches tell this churches are better. Generally speaking, but not always, if generally speaking, if he did denomination has were united in it. It's bad for some weird reason, but United reformed is good now. Calvary Chapel is not reformed and I go to cover Chapel and so some cover Chapel's are good and some are good or and so it's a good safe place to be and they don't affirm pastors and elders. They don't affirm homosexuality because they don't affirm reformed theology.

But you know what that's okay to start a dealbreaker for me and so just do what you that it will, and also there's an article on car what to look for in a church go there and check it out and don't want things got ask people don't think about asking this. Do you have any unbelievers on your worship team because I used to go I knew a church in San Diego that had an unbeliever who was being paid to be on the worship team in order to lead worship of the believers took towards the, the infinitely holy God of the universe and they said to have them do this now protects. Maybe if I start a church that would be many people in it. I was preaching this week so you like a Thursday exit. So anyway okay okay right okay escort goblins on the phone with Andrew from Georgia, Andrew welcome you on the year right now. Would you okay good I am your your driving from North Carolina to Georgia. I don't know, and I got my friend because I've been having question for ages, and I never really know you at all. Maybe with the reason that I started listening to your channel and call you and I'd like to actually change my question. What will I grew up religion. My mother, my father are devout Christian. They're great people but as I went through life. I started to have a very bitter, bitter emotional response. Okay, I think mainly one because my mother, my father very different kind of relationship. I think you probably do find it a cultic listening. I made drafted hair in a bond kind of more apostolic kind of is this word united apostolic ring a bell technically doesn't have different name, but it very very different, strange religion, but the one time my question is all history and all the things that I religion I great because so many churches making money hand over over people and I don't want the pork that I have my own my own relationship with the Lord. Now I feel that that my thing is I go about finding the right search would do is go to my website Carmine for her CRM.oh well, go check it I'm okay currently working from is 25 years okay and go look up the article what to look for in a church and also email me if you want give your cell number and I'll call you sometime. We just blab and I would love that guy. I really do need help I important in my life. I don't know will tell you what you don't know who I am, but my last name was slick for real reverence slick okay you can trust me, you can laugh and mock my name I get a kick out of it very straightforward okay always tell if you like it that the most important goal. Good.

So you go to and you can email because it's at the bottom of the email website and say hey on so-and-so culture. So here's my cell give a call sometime okay. I'll email you later, Smith good, there is the music. A Richard from Richmond want talk about this and was on December churches that is call back tomorrow is talk. Hope you enjoy the show.

The Lord bless you and by his grace tomorrow

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