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Best Of MSL 2020 10: The Trouble With Socialism

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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March 9, 2020 1:00 pm

Best Of MSL 2020 10: The Trouble With Socialism

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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March 9, 2020 1:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. This week Matt talks about socialism, Harry Potter, don't give money for blessings, and the History of John Calvin.

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This is the Truth Network. The welcome mat is why founder and president of apologetics found online car and openers to recalling our talk about government. I've been doing some research and what I do when I do my research projects. As I create outlines and I do them because I can on my Word program my large monitors. I can put in certain links I can see things instantly and it helps me with all kind of informational kind of stuff we been hearing a lot about socialism in the socialist of the credit party.

Things like that, let me tell you what socialism is and you understand this is really important really significant. Socialism is a political social system in which private property and the distribution of income subject to the social and centralized governmental control. That means is that the means of production, even certain areas of ownership of property and businesses are to be controlled by the other governmental systems so it means that government then becomes the mother and the father becomes the controller of everything is what socialism is and it is wrought with all kind of problems. Socialism is the issue of redistribution of resources, redistribution of wealth redistribution of things. The form of communism and is where the government owns production and distribution, and the government decides what's best for the majority of the people, which means that the minority the people can be overlooked and the rights can be.

Let's say I wiped out now democratic socialism is what these people are on TV are are espousing and that is a form of social control governmental control with a limited state power where the democratically elected officials will regulate the production and distribution of wealth. In other words, it's in the form socialism, except that is what the democratically elected people. What happens to people when they get control.

They want more power.

We see this this is kind of tobacco happening in politics today noticing on the Democrat and Republican on the constitutional assembly the Constitution.

I think it needs to be of help. And that's my position, but nevertheless uneven illustration of what socialism does and look at the caller's company in her liquid was to say that there are 30 students in a classroom. 10 of the students were very hard and they get a sense of 10/30 get 80s. 10 of the students just don't work that hard, and they get sees 10 of the students don't work at all and they get F's's we have 30 people and 1/3 work hard to get A's third don't work hard. They get sees 1/3 don't work at all. They get F's in a socialistic system, the redistribution of attributes the redistribution of the wealth redistribution of power for the overall good so with that, the socialist teacher decides to do was average all the grades for the benefit of of the whole. And so he says everybody will this average amount and every will get a seat. The people who getting F's like this because they don't do anything and they benefit our dignity motivated to work harder? Because people who do work hard are going to be sacrificing their hard work for the sake of those who don't work hard this is socialism. The those who get A's in the class does work very hard. They are not going to want to work hard because they're not rewarded in a manner consistent with their hard work and so they work even less. The people who are in C getting sees what they're thinking.

While I don't do much of anything so they might just get sees what people are doing a work organelle start doing a lot less. The overall GPA just decreases the overall product decreases the overall quality of the education decreases. This is just an illustration of what socialism in an is the redistribution of the that the commodities redistribution of wealth redistribution stuff and it's taking from those who work hard and giving to those who don't work hard. It's punishing those who work hard and not punishing is to be rewarding those who who don't work hard all and so this it has a deleterious effect on the economy. What happens is if things get bad people don't want to work production slows the economy then becomes less productive because it becomes less productive. The government then tries to pass more laws and regulate production and taxation and production distribution of of things in order to get the economy to stay healthy. But this de-motivates people because no more regulations are coming in, telling them what to do in Venezuela.

Just so you know, 1992. It was the third richest country in the hemisphere. In 1992 in 1998 Hugo Chavez was elected president and he brought in a new constitution with socialist policies, socialist ideas, tell you what they were in 2001, so Chavez passed laws aimed redistribution of land and wealth in the 2004 private healthcare was completely socialized so healthcare issues were completely socialized in 2005 stiff fines and prison terms were imposed upon those in the media who criticized the leaders in our 2006, the shot is shifted is in Venezuela shifted buying military equipment from the United States and started getting from Russia in 2007 all higher education became free in 2009 the socialist banned the private ownership of guns. Check this out. The socialist regime Hugo Chavez in Venezuela removed the private care healthcare and socialize it and would meet a government run show that social higher education was to be free and they took away people's guns in 2012 Bernie Sanders said that the Venezuelan economy. Government was at the American dream.

This would Bernie Sanders said in 2012. It is in the BBC notice everything back to my notes so in 2007. Chavez announced that key energy and telecommunications companies would be nationalized so then over the government's takeover more and more. This is what happens in socialization is the, the, a government takeover more and more power because things are working efficiently why they not working efficiently because the individual who is responsible for his own property, his own business to run it the way he sees fit. Or she sees fit is the best person in that position to know what's best and work most efficiently for his benefit and the benefit of his family and to be to increase production in a socialist system that is removed and so they will to move into work is lessened, the government comes in and imposes strict regulations of what can and cannot be done.

You cannot run that efficiently and on economy doesn't work very well at all. So in 2009, the voters approved a plan to abolish term limits. That meant that the people in power could stay in power in the 2012. Government enforces so please control basic goods.

This this was to inflict to battle inflation in 2014.

Opposition letters were leaders were imprisoned in 2016. Her food and healthcare shortages that became widespread in the from 2014 to 2018 to million people left Venezuela and fled to neighboring countries. So in 2017. The Constitution and elections were suspended and as you know, Venezuela is is doing very, very, very badly. This is what socialism brought to them. These people who want socialism in my opinion are liars and hypocrites with those of political leaders because they swear to uphold the Constitution and then they work against the Constitution by instituting socialistic ideas when the Constitution does not allow that. The three branches of government are meant to prevent the government from getting too much power and so we do not want the government to have power.

The government must be minimalized. It's supposed to have minimal responsibility know where democracy but were not really democracy were Republic clinics when the difference in a democracy treatment majority rules. So the majority vote for something, then it doesn't matter with the minorities think in Republic. The majority cannot remove constitutional rights were Republic, a Democratic Republic because we as a constant mail Constitution and Bill of Rights and omitted a standard in making the laws and democracy, the majority just something make laws and they can override the rights of any other people, but in Republic the electric elected representatives to this and we have to understand folks that when people get empower. They want more power they will do what is necessary to ensure their own power and security. This is happened time and time again throughout history and governments fail because of it. Rebellions happened revolutions have because of Mrs. history so just telling people that it on. Try to warn people against the rise of socialism and its bad news.

It's not good. I would suggest anybody listening. If you're socialist you like the stuff go study history go study Venezuela to save discussed.

Do a Google search on Venezuela and see what socialistic principles got in and have a Constitution there was suspended, how they had free education.

It had free healthcare and how gun ownership was removed exactly the same thing that the socialist party.

Here are trying to institute we've Artie seen this happen in real time within our lifetime and is failed that an Venezuelan government is this went down and other governments that have socialist principles of the same thing and when.

Just let me know okay I study everything will talk about everything so well me I look constitutionally for the constitutionalist party that rivaled that's like there's a break through the lines 877-207-2276 McCall 772072276 this is Michael Brown. I want to personally invite you to join me here on the line of fire brought your calls, your comments make up a good part of our broadcast NVR a great having you as our listeners so join me for the next broadcast with special interviews for special interaction right here on the modify for more information go to ask Dr. is a mess Matt's way to get away.

Matt, let's get over to his Batman voice here Jeff from Richmond, Virginia. Jeff welcomed on here you all right by God's grace and I would think a earlier reference and examine their not informed her that the date democratic way of the day. I certainly understand why the would be important of that program. I am what? It would be. But I'm curious why the eight what are that and in reference to the right.

I'll tell you why people vote for socialism through some uneducated. They don't know what it means to work real hard and be rewarded for what they want the covetous and they want the rich to pay what they have to have they want what they have to winterize our view, the brain is that what I'm talking about right by my market is Mark going that are that are very intelligent. They are very example and date because they like an individual so much trouble they are willing to vote the other way. To me in that the failure at Bentley up and it will yet be damned when you want her to death on the backup area, intelligent people who are voting the wrong way and just scared to death that lets title I that was originally understand the type of silver because what they're doing is blinding themselves by hatred get to that. The minute voted right back after these messages we have two open lines 87776.

Matt's link to get away. Matt all right they will come back to the show Jeff from Richmond.

Richard still there are right. So intelligent people will make stupid choices intelligent people generally have good motives and good reasons for wanting this kind of thing generally, the concepts that socialism espouses are such things as fairness to people. The reduction of proper poverty, the distribution of wealth and power and more equal fashion. The development of equality and the ability to educate the idea of socialism is good in that it wants to generate the people within it. Want to see the betterment of more people.

That's the idea. The failure of socialism. It's based on the idea that people are basically good and that's just wrong.

People are not basically good to basically evil in their hearts. That's not to say that each person is super evil is just that we are by nature selfish.

We are not very altruistic. We have to learn how to be giving with the learn how to be altruistic and it's not exactly easy and so the problem is what will Eric about I give it with the baby, how you don't have to keep fit for that though I didn't get the you know it you eat that cookie know you LOL you putting it all. Ironically, Alec. I get that. But if the other part of the question that I had this part of the country of well and the and the lack of number and all and that Democratic way of doing things is it they say that even though it's proven to be a bad thing or the map. Is it possible that that will work in reference to the number of people that we have an all in the process getting fell out of no we already see the abuse of power within the government. We already see that when bureaucracy gets involved.

Efficiency decreases we see the excesses in our own government. The nationalized healthcare thing is a joke if you wanted to find out what you here's how it needs to work if if our president had the ability do all the stuff you could imagine presidents like but what I would urge for. I think it would be spiritual. For example in healthcare is to privatize all of it and to open the borders between the states is much as possible and let private companies work and compete with each other.

Competition causes the improvement of the service, the perfect perfecting of the service, the more efficiency of the service and so when people are competing with each other. They will work very very hard to secure their own futures because they want to produce something that the population going to want and if this if the people were allowed to do what they need to do without government regulation. Say what they have to do that we will be the one abusive course in certain the government does need to come right in and break up monopolies and abuse of power away and I get that that's wanted the job, the government, so it needs to be there to protect people from the abuse of power, which can occur in the private sector as well as the governmental sector, which is why we have got to show we have the Bill of Rights and socialist government. There is no real Bill of Rights because the socialist government can change them.

The socialist government can say that the social structure is what decides what is true. For example, Christianity would.

It's on the way out persecuted Christians are persecuted in any Republic. We have certain inalienable rights, the freedom of religion, for example, in the First Amendment, but in the socialistic system that can be suspended doesn't really matter. The Bill of Rights is not an issue with his initials, with the majority want the majority want the Christians to be imprisoned than that there's nothing stopping them from passing laws for that socialism potentially has nothing would go that that's basically what it is, in fact that's what this might was working at was the principal socialist that I did idea and they had to have scapegoats and things like that people have no idea how that socialism is the reason they don't is what has happened here just the leftist media does not do its homework nodded for truth. It's into agenda.

They want the REIT they want of revolution occur in America. It may happen, but not the way they want first brought a lot of plot.

I think it directly. Part of the report on all the ridiculous network. Many people don't understand that right and so when I told people is do your own homework. I have an out but I recommended twice before is called conservative news Pro app on my phone. I have an android conservative news Pro and it lists very at 123 about 10 or 15 I know conservative new sources didn't go through.

And I just I compare it off and I also recommend that people go to eyeball news folder. The epic times. They also recommend go to USA Today and look at CNN and see what the left is saying and compare and just just like that like that. I like golf. I've been there and make it out but that the tell you still there. Thank you very much.I was the crappy thing about all of the radio. Thank you. RMM got Douglas, you okay before he gets the next caller wanted. I remember the story from seminary. This is very very important that this is true. A friend of mine in seminary who is from South Africa. The subject when I graduated 91, he was watching the apartheid news that he's interested in it because he's from South Africa.

He flew into San Diego and was there for a few years to do is to his master the divinity and we became friends came to school one day and he was absolutely astounded by what happened was watching the news and there were riots in about apartheid and he's looking on the news and he recognized his Street. He recognized the houses and the street that he lived on where his brother was. He recognized with Mike and that I bought was in trouble.

He immediately got on the phone and called his brother.

He said are you okay what are you talking about the civil rights of watching them happen right now and he says there's nothing happening, said look out your window and look at it with nothing happening. Nobody out there and my friends at he was watching the news as it was live and that there was live riots right there and he talked with brother was right there beside nothing's happening and he did say spreader said two months ago there was a kind of a mini riot. He said about a different thing. They were using that news in that clip in order to create false news false information and was being presented. This is what he told me he said he saw it and he verified it with his own brother never forgot don't trust the media folks don't trust when one group is in control.

You can trust their integrity and honesty can't unless it's Jesus Christ paying this is why the Constitution has a division of of the powers we have a lot to have that division of powers in place and now a moment of truth with Matt sleep Jesus said he is the truth.

If you are a Christian you need and ought to regard. Truth is six 3 million. This means you can't tell like lies. You can't assume it's okay God understands no sin, for example, my wife and I we told our children the truth about Santa and we have no problem with that because we were not going to misrepresent.

So what we did was truth is, this has been a moment of truth with Matt sleep is Matt slick to get away. Matt arrived with telephone to Aaliyah from North Carolina. Welcome here. Hi hello I know that's what it's about is not witchcraft, it's about the Colts it's about magic, it's about sances that spells it's about all kinds of things. The Bible says that can know the thing about it is that I read one of the books that I've seen one of the movies and whatever but the mom and dad.

Your parents have to decide they have to be the one to decide if you can watch it and what I did with my daughter as I let her watch it with me.

There and we talked about it through and she was able to understand that what was the Google is bad in it and she was very articulate very intelligent and very young age assignment. Your friends are talking about it and so wanted to see it under my control that there's so anyway and I try to be a killjoy about it, but I don't recommend Christians watch it deliver children watching student witches, potions and ghosts and spells magic wands, broomsticks, and what it and the author I read an article with the author of that I forgot her name but she hates Christianity she is against Christianity right are you there now all I agree you see that to me is a violation of what what should be done in school should not be included. Encouraging the children to study things that are all called I would I would go complain if I was a parent I said I don't want my child to be involved with this because it's teaching are called principal since teaching sances is teaching. I do spells how to summon spirits and why is it that the school would support this kind of thing because it's the article witchcraft. Why would a school be doing all will he care all I now will will and I agree. I don't recommend that Christians read it unless they want to study what's secular secular world is promoting in its war against Christ because think about it. What is doing. Go ahead and Good.

Now I will I will tell you if you were my child I would be going to the principal of the school and I would complain Nancy, I do not want my child in this class learning witchcraft say that I would do that. I think all parents should do that. I think that if teachers are using Harry Potter to do whatever why they teach and if you can do anything they want to do thing like that. Then use CS Lewis, the one the lion the witch and the wardrobe has witchcraft in there but he's teaching Christian principles and help the other stuff is bad when it what Harry Potter is doing is teaching at the witchcraft stuff is good long science sances and spells, and I understand that there's games and things in communities that are around the idea of using the spells and I talked to someone who knows about witchcraft and says some of those things in there are pretty accurate and witchcraft is being promoted children and the parents need to make waves, make an appointment with the principal and so you do not want the child and I'll tell you, if any, any of your listing of the severe parent the pit. The principles and the teachers are generally told how to handle you.

Yes, we understand really nice okay and they try and just call me, well, you know, and I just said look I told we had some stuff happening. I had to go talk to principal and I said I will not permit this.

I do not want this you need to stop my child. Okay go all right.

Aaliyah got a folks, we have three open lines give me a call 877202277 stand nearby your support actually ask for recurring small, that's fine because it helps something decisions based on some of Africa's so the Lord bless Matt slick taken away. Matt Robert will be rolling welcome Iranian or not like you may have a question about all the battle think that in no you cannot.

What I'm about to be calling you and telling you, may give you a copy. See if anything is that my would you insulin called me and what they call me that you know they matter to me and I don't give me a bout of damage a minute and write them dollars starlight day and night.

That's the spot is not godly to say now send money. Let's say that you and I became friends and go, or acquaintances, and I had a dream about you. That was from the Lord. I call you will write and say hey this lovable block. If you have a good use of money for that sick know you will not, I would say no. I would deny it because it's visit the prophecies is not something to be sold or to be benefited from financially, materially, it comes from God. So when people do that and all that. That's is horrible prophecy some money to break that calm and not all okay maybe I will call you not familiar with that You need to enter the sure excessive thinking 12 you okay yeah that's where my Monette now and then it talk about Revelation and didn't appear to copy.

I don't know how people say that he was talking about himself that John called up to and he thought about it though. Well follow. Paul is probably the one who was caught up in first significance 12 to the don't know for sure the reason they don't know is because it doesn't say who it is now in relation John has a vision with his vision, where he's caught up but it seems to be different than what is. A segment is 12 where in the body or out of the body does not know that means that to.

He may have five have died. Which is why some people think. Some commentators think of when Paul was taken outside the city, and stoned and left for dead and that maybe the time when it occurred. We don't know this is a theory, but Revelation is a vision given by the Lord to John and you.

In this vision. He was there. So he was still in his earthly body at that time and segment is 12 to with her in the body or out of the body I do not know and subscribe through heaven over that was. I lean towards I do is talk myself.

The client about you a lot and grateful to you that you did that in no I little back in the daily value will I'll know you know Marella and I stop by I send money. A stop at nothing now. Apple we will send money to have things I want to get on NRB you want to be on TV and put things in a year to if it works by God's grace. If I was on. If I do by God's grace and I say to people we need to pay the bills to stay on the air. I would say we need to pay the bills to say on the papers on the air do that radio is like us on the air just support us and if you don't okay the Lord will put upon the hearts of the people he wants to support and if he doesn't want to show on the air, it will go off the air we move forward we do something different.

That's how it works about the church of Matthew and click Jane Hess. It Matthew 11.

Log St. Matthew stairs.

It's a pretty common name, I'm sure, and the Texas is as big as most Europeans countries. So no, I haven't heard of it. They grab bag know me know. It is a certain amount of money. Now don't do that.

Don't do that so many money to do that it's it's charlatans, soffits, let me tell you never need to hear this. If someone says they have a word from God for you and send money to whatever it is, itself, charlatans it's fake.

It's not godly it's failed. I like that yet that's what it is that no that kind of thing is pretty much since he it is pretty much a standard across the board meeting this charlatans try to get money when follow. Okay I feel like I don't thin it now probably lately on a nightly.

We secondly second you the blessing that comes from God is not based on how much money you give the blessing comes under faith in your trust in Jesus Christ he made.

He may strip you of everything so that you have nothing left but your faith in him and they have to be the greatest blessing because when you go to heaven.

It's two greatest rewards with people do. Here's what I want you to get your blessing now. Right now, give me the money negative. Bless right now. It's a form of of feeding on people's greed on people's desire for security and financial gain. After appealing to the sinfulness and you as well as others, myself included, that we want to have. We want to be blessed. We we want about ourselves, is what we'll do is were susceptible to listen to people like that. If you do this you will be blessed when you bless I should do it in the and they look like they're succeeding but they're not. This is charlatans top. This is false doctrines.

False teachers there wolves in sheep's clothing. So for example you may only use this as an example.

I'm on the radio right now were on someone 16 stations. We would love to be able to get on more stations in order to do that we need more funding so if anybody wants to fund us, please consider going to car better work.

See and you can set it up there and then email us so you want for the radio if that's what you want and if you do that God might bless you and if you do that things might get worse for you because the enemy doesn't want the Christian gospel to be spread. It could go either way. If you don't want to give up and don't give that's that's possible to be.

Just because you give money doesn't mean it was a blast. Sometimes malathion believe that it had gotten so bad tidings okay will be to move out here. Robert the five bless so tired of this charlatans.follow you blessed Matt slick taken away.

Matt, let's get to see Chuck from North Carolina, Chuck welcome the showing on their thank you, Matt, Matt, I like the video last night on the baptism with the vertical right very Frankfurt school. I know you're familiar with it that way. Maybe my theory is now Monday the with theory theory.

For a couple right. The critical now. I don't know what brought critical right theory is critical race theory and mentioned that his well it you know it from the Frankfurt goal okay. Here you know about that you know you critical race theory look at him.

See critical race theory examine culture and religion, categorization, phrase, lawn power, okay okay so do that so okay so what about reader.

I'm here Matt, I don't know what brought you know about that below, all within the bat and biked, and whether know now that particular some issues with us in a Baptist convention, but hopefully by festal man okay Albert Mohler You know the conservative from you about what can I had felt like that. I believe and the video is saying of Albert Mohler on you to and you can lock it like over an hour but it was interesting Bart that very you know and thoughtful.

Your provider with the Frankfurt will write the they were common and they wanted the Western civilization based continue destroy the family.

Now a number of things that they wanted to do and they were very elect a lot right. Matt is the one that I communist nickname of American Columbia universe one reading up on a social Britannic it says so. The critical race theory the view that race instead of being biologically grounded in natural is socially constructed race is a socially constructed concept functions as a means to maintain the interest of what the white population that constructed it came right up number nine break with right now.

They say that normal, whatever notation on that and what exactly does it there agreeing to because not having studied.

I don't know authors difference views of what critical race theory are so check it out, but right yet like hell yeah with my poor memory of my night was that white people their product or the yellow well you know there have been inequities throughout history. From all races, as they call them skin color satellites. I display the one raised a human respect for the sake of this conversation, prejudices and oppression have occurred with all people all over the world. Throughout history, and to focus on one race as the oppressor is is convenience here since Western civilization is dominant in us because of the Christian work ethic is been woven through its history put a man I met at that's better for filling the right that's right. That's why I what and I don't mean down the right, like, but it the barrier for all of the product that rep or make absolutely a lot, and that's what gave America. My goodness, you know, they've been market John Calvin with the Bob and Beth Martin). The Back Bay with America that live there no America now and will John Calvin actually because he wrote the Christian the Christian religion which is considered to be the one most important book is not the most look of a thousand thousand years to continue with that thoughtful thought. It'll don't know that I can find this out in school but that John Calvin he was French and what he did after he became a Christian, whose lawyers actually brilliant and multi-Institute of the Christian religion before he was 30 years old and fantastically valiant work and so the Puritans who were Calvinists who followed with Calvin said abroad over to this country as many people dead who were performed in Plaza Reformation were under persecution for the Roman Catholic regime and some of the Eastern Orthodox So they fled some forms of persecution and a lot of them want to come over here and creating a Christian nation, so these Puritans these Presbyterians what they did was they brought the Bible and they brought the reformed ethic the reform ethic basically is the extraction out of the Scriptures of such things as you have the right to private property which is contrary to constitute what communism and socialism is a writer prop of private property and you have the right to benefit from the work that you put in in business and or your land. Whatever it is, but you are to hold these things in regard and honor to the Lord Jesus Christ that was supposed to happen and so this worth work ethic for private property of working hard for the glory of God, trusting in him in nature and in your ability to work and in the harmony of others within culture and society. These are some of the elements that John Calvin brought out the Scripture and they were woven into our early culture along the great resources we had at work now, does that mean that the Indians they were just trounced on was horrible how they were treated. That was not done by the Presbyterians. It was not done by those who hold biblical theology. It was done by any people came over and reap the benefits of that was laid the foundations of Christian theology and culture strength stuff is what you call two of the lines 87720776

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