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November 19, 2020 3:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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November 19, 2020 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Do you know anything about Tod White---2- Do Hasidic Jews have any biblical foundation for their belief that they are the ones to -usher in the Messiah---3- How do you respond to the idea that Christians are supposed to be giving and sharing with the poor and so socialism is what we should be supporting---4- Matt discusses the rise and results of socialism in Venezuela.--5- Is there anything good in socialism---6- Are you for or against welfare---7- A caller continued the conversation regarding socialism and the response of Christians.--8- How can I best engage members of cults who don't want to tell me immediately what they believe---9- Do we have the Holy Spirit in us in the womb---10- Why was America so powerful previously-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
The Masculine Journey
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick.

Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research what is really found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a max Y rises your questions at 877 Matt slick Smithwick life will really have a good time listening and cola question if he was putting the Bible you whatever questions will talk about all kinds of things so recall we are five open lines of 877-207-2276 children with a cough from Cove.

I didn't officially have.

It was testable to didn't have it with the neck to get a fever and my wife had fever for nine days. My daughter had fever and so got it so still that caught my cough/how that goes.

Hey if you want to watch the show if you are interested not while you're driving around or driving but you can go to Corbin org CAR on the right-hand side of the page you will see the links for watching this on a big deal to sit here and sit on the blab not that exciting, but there are people in the chapter 33 and right now usually the 7080 90 and a good conversation all right locally on cannot hold on and we go now on to say something truly good to forget stuff like that.

You probably doesn't have an interview after your thinking about something like I sent myself in the garage yesterday to get something like standing there in the garage. One might hear yeah that happens LOL no big deal to open lines want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's just jump on the line and get to Mark from Connecticut's work welcome your near the I did okay there you go in with somebody every day. Good glad you are laid out on what you remember. I got anywhere about why somebody that the heretic are connected to listen to.

Okay, could you give me some information you have anything uncommon about him know we don't have everything documented, but it's set I've seen some of his videos of sheets of the stuff and just shook my head going on this guy's horrible afternoon. It was was a while back but Doug asked it with neck. I am not the right of expos on him and other people in a preacher and teacher section here pretty soon going for his robbery with the site so okay if the guy wants all information right thank you Raymond God bless. Sorry about that. Hey if you want to give McCall folks reopen lines 877-207-2276. You say that's we've got to basically almost all the articles found on converting from the old site to the new site and running a spider on both the old and the new.

And then what will you be doing is comparing the spidered information and make some final adjustments to got some formatting issues to go and hopefully it won't be today or to but that might be in a week or two, three, four, five, that kind of thing is open just depends on how many issues we find, because there's always gonna be something forget the goal is to actually have it released by the end of the year so we are making a lot of progress and let you know about that.

Keep praying to practice. Click read something else praying for us okay and I was really appreciate all your prayers.

May the Lord bless you in them.

Okay three open lines 87720776 is good to Lisa from Raleigh, North Carolina Lisa, how are you I think all I like all hanging with your neighborhood. The role of here in them by and I wondered you know anything about that yet.

By now, we believe that the Messiah, it was not Jesus and that they want to help him command by spreading it as a go spread and doing what was necessary for the Messiah to come and they missed him they blow what looked that's what they ordered the Jews very dedicated Jews so foundation for their belief that they have the ability to share in Messiah.

No, because of because Jesus already came, Jesus is the Messiah.

They missed time so they don't have any biblical warrant that their argument logic had to talk to some of them. Maybe there's a Hasidic Jew listing and call me if we can talk and say well the Scripture that Scripture, when I finally talk to Jews as when it comes to the issue of the Messiah. The verses in the Old Testament and very clearly about Jesus. They were either reinterpreted or defined a slight textual variant in something from someplace, some time ago and that they will focus on that anything they can do in order to get rid of who Jesus really was and so you are because of a partial hardening has happened to them. So that's why nothing very man and picked up all bring and their long-delayed dialect. I get argument and believe that's what he does he repent and believe in Christ that's been going. I okay got bless alrighty folks for open lines of 20 McCall Lake 772072276 is good on the phone with Mike from Connecticut might welcome your near oriented. How you respond to maybe like that when I have dealt with it personally. But I'm just predicting the company. When people talk about social, and communism. Kind of like dang Christians are supposed to be getting anything like that going to live the life sharing of our good everything I know hope is all the other green socialist and everything there, using environmentalist socialism, not the greater good of humanity and how do you combat that can go about answering both for yourself all yours. When asked to define what socialism is.

Most people who like socialism don't know what it is. Do not know what it is they think that is helping people is socialism. That's not what socialism is not what it is is a political and social system of government and rule which minimizes private property minimizes private property and rights of individuals. It reduces them the transfers of power from the people to the government's will match the scale. Okay, you entered it. The scale is balanced all right and let's to capitalism. Capitalism and democracy and a republic with several public is what we are Republican. It is a democracy Republic.

So with what's there the scale is pretty even of human rights per citizens rights and governmental power that might even be that the human rights people's rights are little bit heavier than the government to listen make this a socialism within the scale tips that are direction a lot and communism. The just over the bottom. Doubt the power of the state so would understand is that in socialism the it's the redistribution of income. The redistribution of property they want equality in all areas there's a problem with equality in all areas. It sounds good. Want equality and opportunity. We want equality in social abilities want equality in governmental economic areas. So the problem with this is that people are not equal people are not equal. I've a friend who can bench press 400 pounds. I can't do it. I've seen him do it 13 times in a row. He strongly I'm not equal to him and strength.

He's not equal to me in Bible understanding. I have friends who are better at me that a lot of things and I'm better than that Lotta thing. We are not all equal in all areas of their want to say is we want an equal opportunity. We can't have an equal opportunity for everybody when you have an equal opportunity for everybody then you are forcing everybody to have a redistribution of opportunity that is not commensurate with their natural abilities. Some people are better singers like me. I can't sing for anything.

I mean, I sound like a couple of male catching heat in a blender.

That's the fighting was turned on. That's month net me a good day will know it would.

I want you opportunity for singing places doesn't matter. It's not gonna work. So when you have the reduction of excellence that different people have and you you round off the corner so that everyone is equal with Everett is equal to nobody better than anybody what sounds really great. Sounds really nice success, not reality, because in order to have equality among everybody. You have to have a certain people that are forcing that equality upon everybody and then taking in the the abilities and rights and privileges of property thinks of some and giving it to others will wait a minute, what gives them the right to force redistribution. That's what socialism is in the absolute moronic stupid stupidity of the leftist media which is in cahoots with the leftist Marxist agenda.

I absolutely believe that I do because they promote they promote socialism. They don't say what it really is nobody focuses on how socialism was destroyed, countries and cultures before they all want this stuff will do it better will do it right the Eric it's so anyway it's a socialism is a political system in which private property is reduced. Ultimately, it is forfeited and the income is redistricted out, redistributed, and in order to do this at that a centralized government in order to do that yet that more government control and the more government control you have, the less private property rights, the less personal control you have, so does not encourage private property ownership in business, but he prefers that government ownership and control of everything for the benefit of everybody else. So who should be the one to decide who gets what and the money quality. Here's another danger of this equality.

Things are. You got me going, but this is another danger of the quality I run an area under the ministry and in our statement of faith.

We state state clearly homosexuality, lesbianism all the stuff is sinful and we state that a proper understanding must be adhered to for anyone to work with car if everything to be equal, then I'm not allowed to say that they can't work for me, based upon their so-called sexual orientation.

So what they can do is equality act right.

The equality act becomes soup up oppression and become at present because those who don't agree with them are forced to agree with them and approve of their actions. That means the First Amendment in the practice of religious freedom is now to be trampled underfoot.

This is what socialism will bring and always it leads to the oppression of people, the silencing of people. The confiscation of the property.

Also what's happening within the leftist wacko Marxist agenda. Is there no developing lists of people who don't agree with the political status quo.

This is what Germany is like you hold on one of our culture for Vermont to call 877-207-2760 right back after the mass Y call 770-7276 charismatic sling Mike you still there to become a go get going. Sometimes you have more questions because you don't I can jump on this topic. For the longer you know about all really disturbing the doublespeak and everything that they use now and really like the most nauseating part on so doublespeak is a 1984. The novel yeah yeah really really know. But depending on the Christian perspective, and I know there's a couple verses in the Bible where it will you not to be a provider for your family and obviously you know being an able-bodied person being on welfare and thought like that. Not a Christian value does not. The Bible actually talks about government and there is a biblical form of government and a lot of people do not know the pilgrims came over here they were Calvinists. The pilgrims they actually developed a biblically-based governmental system, and it became inculcated to the people and then woven into the Constitution. For example, a representative form of government.

The set of Exodus 18, where Moses instructed the people to select representatives of them to represent their groups in matters of self-governance.

The set of Matthew 18 private property rights of Exodus 20 and X5 the principle of liberty and freedom of a second printing three Galatians 5 capitalist principles met 2521 you have never worked. You have the right to do with your property, whatever you want George witnesses and fair trial and with dual witnesses and the right of self-defense. These are some of the things that are talked about this. Some of the things in the Bible about government system and so this was.

This is why America was so successful is because it based on biblical principles. But here I really never heard this before the timeline of Venezuela is a became socialist so you read it okay generating revenue.

Check this out. In 1992. Venezuela became the third richest country in the hemisphere.

In 1997 became the second largest purchaser of F1 50 trucks in 1998 Hugo Chavez was elected president through the roof the letter.

The Le Varian bola variant revolution and brought about a new constitution that brought socialist principles in 2001, Chavez passed laws and the redistribution of land and wealth that socialism right there restrictors to be so meant about 2001 of the country voted for socialist president and income equality and why because they like the idea Everett likes the idea of getting other people's property and money to get a vote for that.

Okay then keep going private healthcare was completely socialized in 2004 and 2005 Chavez signs decree.

A decree to eliminate large estates and removal of private property altogether the redistribution that that he's in control of now has to continue in 2005, there were stiff fines and prison terms imposed on those in the media who criticize public figures that wouldn't happen in our place. The other three major networks cahoots but you know airway and then outfoxing left so we could watch parts that remind you, folks, I recommend you get an app on your phone called conservative news Pro conservative news Pro. I strongly recommend you get it you will love it if I will politely want to give McCall folks 877-207-2276 him to continue reading this list, but I want you to give McCall arrive five up in lines 87720722767 2005 Vista Venezuela. The socialist paradise right Chavez signed a decree to eliminate large estates, removal of private property and that stiff present of a turn for the media in 2006, Chavez's a shift buying military equipment from the US to Russia in 2007 he announced the key energy and telecommunication companies will be now nationalized all was at me.

That means that the government will take over all telecommunication companies and energy producing companies that they will be the ones the government will be the one to control how it's to remember the government takes more control yet understand folks, the increase of socialism is a decrease of your rights to your power its increase in the power the government is only so many units the power to go around 100 units of power, right, and if it's 80% you and 20% government okay but 70% viewing 30% government what happens when is 90% government 10% you this is what socialism does, it shifts the balance of power to the government. We don't want government controlling us.

We want to control ourselves. Self-governance will be one so what Chavez did in 2007 as he encouraged or he demanded announced the key energy until communications companies will be nationalized. That means that advertised companies will not be wiped out many to come over in 2007 all higher education becomes free, who's paying for all this to so far it sounds good kind of because redistribution issues except there's problems they started manifesting about them and I 2007.

He also said eggs on mobile and ConocoPhillips roof were supposed to hand over operations and they refused the key energy until communications companies write everyone to do that and Conoco said not to do that Exxon Mobil weaknesses are property and so they are kicked out of the country and in the the government that took over their property for basecase theft 2009 socialist band private ownership of guns and why would he want to do that. Why would the left want to ban guns for the private citizens. Why, because then they can't defend themselves and enforce their will on the government. The government has to be the one in control. The government does.

This is what socialism leads to folks and it eventually leads to communism, then voters approve a plan to abolish term limits in 2009, the why would the truth that you just did is reeks of corruption.

All that I see corruption. You know like people voting fraud all over the place it here today that 2.7 million votes were in that dominion software that were altered by that software, and in the presidential election.

2.7 million were altered to show up and/or were switched over the switch for this the kind of stuff you cannot have a democracy Republic work. You cannot trust elections, it will cause problems at every level, 2012 in Venezuela. Government enforces price controls on basic goods to battle against inflation.

This is exactly problems he would. The governments are taking over everything.

The efficiency degrades see when people are in charge of their own lives. They run their lives more efficiently than outside organization telling them how to do things, telling them what to do, is just a simple principle of truth, and someone to kick these companies out of the area. They started taking over their property and starting to run everything you don't have efficiency because of that costs that you have to have fresh laws about the more the break as they do folks.

Hopefully that's like why call 770-7276 charismatic sling only finish up on this bit about the Venezuela timeline might be interested.

What happened in 2012 I mentioned over the government forcing price controls nested battle inflation in 2012 Bernie Sanders praised the Venezuelan American dream. That is really scary. In 2014 20 people dying. This suppression of an antigovernment protest senior member of its equator guns, so that when the people protest that the government kills off the list in 2014. Opposition leaders were imprisoned in 2016 for food and health care shortages become widespread 2017. The Constitution elections were suspended 2019 armed citizens massacred by their own government in 2018. The UN says that 2 million Venezuelans fled to neighboring countries where work where we can afflict to audit by the way to say this When the is a coded where the government do shutdown a lot of stuff liquor stores were essential casinos were essential and abortion clinics were essential was considered nonessential schools to educate our children just below the virus rarely affects children. Churches were considered nonessential.

You can have singing going on. Churches are being tech more and more by the medians and that's saying nothing about it. You know what you cannot. You can't apparently can't gather the revivals but you can certainly gather to burn and they were certain released prisoners so that they did get the virus can get Megan.

This is insanity. This is insanity. If someone wrote a novel, a dystopian novel and put what happened in 2020. In the novel with people. I say that your ridiculous would never have. All right, let's get to John from Georgia hey John, welcome your I met all rights are you doing I'm good.

I wonder, do you think any form or anything good about tomorrow, would you just say socialism.

It bad and wrong and we shouldn't have is our strength since inside a socialist. The concept of fairness, the reduction of property okay didn't want the rich to have great power or strengths within socialist ideas can look at a problem with this witness not to dwell more bluntly. Do you agree with Amy, policy that could be what you say. I believe that welfare are you for battle against the I think welfare should be double to churches and welfare need to be very very very carefully done. I understand that people have problems and you can actually decant working at you need help. No problem I can see that it is occurring when it becomes a system that rewards the lazy that's with bad so when you say welfare. The intent of its is good.

The limitation of its very bad and that's a fact lost so the weaknesses of socialism is that the government owns production and distribution to decide what is best for the majority of people based on the analysis and opinion of those in power those in power are not always able to understand the details necessary to to run society at large to be efficient in production and distribution of fishes look were best at running our own lives.

You want me coming into your home and telling you what you need to do and I don't want to come to my home. Tell me what I need to do. You run your own life or on my life with the government out of our lives as much as possible so that we can run our own lives and socialism is nothing more that nothing more socialism is largely a government takes everything, it becomes the teat upon which we suckle in order to be fed and comforted becomes a laborious and evil taskmaster for this problem of Scripture just a wretch from East Coast to just welcome here you doing that right smack in on stupidity like working at van with your with your thing on third with everything that they you know a lot of written think the bras about the fate of our country and you know all the quote unquote quick rate in the lead with I think of an oxymoron but they brought by an off day.

There is a net there is evidence that Bradley right there that's true depravity being that the teaching that we are touched by sin and all that we are heart, soul, mind and body so yeah it's rears its ugly head in all areas from a few stick to a sacred little political systems of social systems and things like that is why we need the truth of God's word. We just be the truth. Right, and that they they like that they you know capitalism is evil because you know it it will work great in that breed is gonna ruin anything you can regulate, then you can't regulate private disk is greed suddenly exempt from socialism. No one is green, then in socialism or communism course with the people say this, a capitalism leads to greed will all but does it what's wrong with me working my tail off and getting a better car than you might have that wrong. I worked hard.

But if I get a better car than you or vice versa say that your business so you don't praise God right.

I look around and you know everybody all torn up about what's going on everybody is all up in arms than I did on they and you know the reformer about right for long-term use of gravity surrounded by totally depraved individual once when you do the right thing you expect is a good thing not to do the right thing that is for sure you do the right thing, and social systems become oppressive and I'm I read recently called Carl Marx's comments manifesto and I was in all series I was looking for to I will witness this and read the strength and I was surprised by how many talking points that the socialist leftist are using on in the media the same talking points that he was raising them in the comments manifesto I'm seriously. It was weird. So yes, I've been reading it and I have that it a lot but it explains all of that unity would lead a frightful fate ready the man they have laid mind. They don't want to take responsibility for their own act and therefore they want to put that with comparability on something bigger than them. That way they can say what was the path all the following order decided not to Germany. I will make that comparison on your right get better but yet it is true. In fact, my dad was in World War II, Korea and Vietnam and so I grew up watching things with him World War II movies, and various things and so I have a little bit of an interest in that kind of stuff plus I used to live with a guy who was one of Doolittle's Raiders when I was very young week we stayed with him and his family first retaliatory raid on Japan and so you know it you have a limit of an interest, so I studied a little bit just a little bit. The issues of of Nazi Germany and the same kind of things that the Nazis did to gain power control people. The left is doing the media and the government desires it and it's scaring me. It is not mentally when I was brought out Sarah Eric like that all the media, and I get blocked. Brandon had a net exactly 1 of the things that the Nazis would do is that if I'm not politically down that I'm making there proving my point exactly as they did. They stopped the opposition from voicing an opinion expressing a disagreement they stop them from doing that. That's one of the tactics of the propaganda machine of Nazi Germany. This is exactly what's happening here with the nurses of society here so me. We as a replacement for Facebook and parlor as a replacement for twitter so I'll be moving on going over those anyway still used on the other ones for the furthering of the gospel.

The best I can but I recommend people move over and check these out me. We MD W EE I believe it is and parlor check amount and I signed him up I'm I'm on home and do that and also recommend people get so a conservative news Pro app for the phone Pro versus i3 boxer five bucks or something. It's awesome is awesome so you know what I believe very strongly that preachers, teachers are supposed to speak about politics speak, but on the sexuality. To speak about abortion supposed to speak about righteousness and truth supposed to do that and read a verse it's very important verse of the needed notes Ephesians 511. This is what is says Ephesians 511 do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness but instead even expose them. That's what the command is exposed to whatever everybody loved it a break.

Okay, let's go to right back after mass, like why call 770727 charismatic slave, Dave, Raleigh, North Carolina walking on air right now.

We got about the other nine and well that guy and I didn't know it at the time to get anyone tell me where live you look it up on the website and go to your website to figure out what he actually believes because he wouldn't tell me what he believed in conversation that he was claiming to be spreading the good news is the way it maybe I can tell you more about encounter to get in contact. My question okay I am now work at an Nonnarcotic taxation but out in the parking lot and I was basically not felt by idem lighthearted me.

I tell him in the parking lot and I moved to a different part of the parking lot to work on a different dispenser onto the deal dispenser and he pulled up to do it and if the bank trying to be slick unintended and I was literally about to tell him and hanging out in a diesel, right and get out and handed me this black out of the Apollo track bar counsel, Jack and Fanny Hannah spreading the good news, then heated to talk about nothing and saved onto religious buzzwords that let you question them more than it really well. So my question a when they don't like when they are going there trying to talk you goodbye and I don't want to tell you they are or what actually believe what you stated might have. How hot stage with. I met many people like to say what they really are, and generally people I tell the truth of who they are with Lutheran because that's the hide in a telemedicine would you try to hide something and I am asking you to give an answer is first Peter 315 says to give an answer to everyone who would ask you a masking switcher student and generally speaking, when some church to go to a cinema to talk to you to play game work I have to do 40 questions to figure out where your rat and said to talk to you so if you want talk to me which church to go to if you want something were done talking.But I think what okay fine by click and overdone. We move on and not always, but when the things you can do is this. Ask him what you believe the God. It is only one God and all existence. I'll place all time world mission society teaches that the Trinity is really an office held by three by the end of the God changes form it teaches is a mother goddess baptism necessary for salvation. Other work necessary to what you do is going to find out ask you always want do this within a group are not sure about pass with her view of God is what Jesus is and salvation start asking questions. Yeah I did. I do not care direct and how do I get to heaven, and he wanted my own particular client.

My client I go to the website and find Marinol like well you tell me how I can heaven Napa very time and he went directly answer for you and he well that will there's a lot of things that you not understand and start talking about keeping the law and then I asked him okay while your part in the law, so do do I need to keep the law. If you keep and a hand on a 30 MB so you do you just do the other thing is right, and he's not answering and fill in the calm of the carpets and looking out into the questions and defending the situation. Use of Micah Micah say look, here's the Bible says and if you don't agree with the Scripture says your lost you into believing with this us in equal to versus that's why tell people memorize Scripture's that you do when you did fine, but right okay now I kind and doing well, where I start talking about me coming and you cannot keep the covenant any keeping Old Testament law and I told him I like now you and fitting it, and the way you break it the cup that is my blood going out technically and snow.

Technically, yes, no, the new covenant is not instituted to the death of Christ that he was something he was nine, 15, 16 and he was a 13 so he was going with the new covenant was going to be. It was the new covenant, which is not ratified till he died. Okay so you know you right when we get a bunch color so they going okay you did fine. You did fine.

I I good keep it up. Let's get to Kim from rural Hall North Carolina Jim welcome you on the year. Batik you will be why you know the you.

And you take your first draft, I notice in the question what okay you have me be like a spirit being. Continue you received a great then that we are alive in your life. Your live inferior human being in the womb I do it swimming my spirit being winning by spirit taking fate of the Holy Spirit.

Identify was in the womb. I know that John the Baptist was certainly possible, but we are not. Most probably, that's correct, you okay okay okay thank God bless. All right, let's get to James Raleigh, North Carolina James Rainier. I don't ever do right by God's grace I quick question that America became fully not believing in socialism. Great how the code know believing no digit they became part because what he did not believe in the U.S. Constitution enabled people to work hard and the minimal involvement of the government allowed progress to occur. That, combined with her great resources in this country allowed us to prosper and avidly and I will be the first segment is a lot of atrocities that occurred by lot of peanut account account account but I'm not.

I'm not and I'm not really conservative. I believe in about but I know it ideal world, it can't be about another account is equally a little bit on that. I think America became great. I mean basically which out the black of the bank of jealously maybe to some deadness that sounds great.

The South but what about the slavery, the enslavement of the Chinese and did you also know that the work something like 200,000 white people who were enslaved, also in America.

Did you know that no no no no black that had nothing close to the evil of black slaves in America. Not great it was that you do not like where to go from most of the with code Africa wheels and I'll leave. I can misunderstand this understand this understand this about this and it was Shannon.

I'm just telling you the lien holder. Goodbye Sgt. I don't like that I don't like it when someone won't listen.

Now I'll say it again, black slavery was a travesty.

It was wrong. It was not done in the name of truth that was done in the name of oppression.

There were also Chinese and whites go to a far lesser degree, who were also enslaved. We can't just say it's only the Blacks that were abused because everybody was the Mexicans were also abuse the American Indians were also abused.

Who did this certainly was the Christians who go out and end use the Bible actual Christians to the Bible doesn't teach this kind of thing doesn't teach this. So it was a lot to be said. It's a lot to be said is a touchy subject but what we need to do what needs to be done in America is the past needs to be forgiven and moved past because you do not build for the future by tearing down the present because of the past a lot of things were done wrong in the past but a lot of things are done right was a lot of of progress made and it wasn't just because of the slaves in the South and North didn't participate. To that extent at all. That's right understand in my studies. So the prosperity of the North was greater than that of the South. And then there was a you don't bloodshed to free the slaves so you know what would need to have in this country is that we need to remember something you would tell you know we've all been. We've all been assaulted of all been had things happen in our past know if something happened to my ancestors five generations ago and summoned five generations ago was mistreated. I'm not get a hold that against some people group. Luckily go and attack the people group and said you need to pay me money you give me this you to give me that because what happened from your ancestors five generations ago they had nothing to do with it. See this kind of a thing just breeds contempt and it breeds jealousy and it breeds resentment. What we need to have is the ability to forgive and to forget the Bible says in Ephesians 431 let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to another, tenderhearted, forgiving each other. That's how it's supposed to be what upsets me is when people start bringing up things that happen hundreds of years ago and then make demands on people's work that now that is doing the opposite. It is remembering bitterness is remembering wrath and remembering anger and is causing more problems yesterday atrocities everywhere.

My ancestors, my ancestors were mistreated as well and you know what. Personally, I was mistreated.

I moved 26 type of leftovers old. I got all kinds of stories that I gave you have to deliver the past you live like the past live in the past like before folks like that back tomorrow by God's grace will talk you then

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