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August 26, 2023 1:49 am

Matt Slick Live

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August 26, 2023 1:49 am

The Matt Slick Live daily radio show broadcast is a production of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry -CARM-. During the show, Matt answers questions on the air, and offers insight on topics like The Bible, Apologetics, Theology, World Religions, Atheism, and other issues-- The show airs live on the Truth Network, Monday through Friday, 6-7 PM, EST -3-4 PM, PST--You can also email questions to Matt using-, Please put -Radio Show Question- in the Subject line--You can also watch a live stream during the live show on RUMBLE---Time stamps are approximate due to commercials being removed for PODCAST.--Topics include---05- Calvinism.-15- The Chosen.-22- The Rapture.-32- Why did God use the snake for a symbol---35- Unspoken prayer request.-38- Who or what is the Holy Spirit---47- Genesis 6- 1-4, The Sons of God.-54- Michael Brown, Calvinism vs Arminianism.


It's Matt Slick Live! Matt is the founder and president of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry, found online at When you have questions about Bible doctrines, turn to Matt Slick Live! Francis, taking your calls and responding to your questions at 877-207-2276.

Here's Matt Slick. If you're new to this show, what we do here is do apologetics. We defend the Christian faith. That's what I do. I enjoyed doing it last night. It did and I was brutal! But I'm getting to the point where I don't mind.

There you go. 7-2-2-7-6 and if I don't hear from you, what I'm going to do is go into the hate mail and some Radio questions now. I actually got a hate mail. I actually got one now normally I would save it till Friday what we do hate mails. That's tomorrow, but you know we do some wacko mail We do some just Q&A and things like that, but I got to get into this this this What?

What do I do? Okay, I got it. I got it. I did I got a hate mail. I can't find it all that is so frustrating.

Oh Man, I love hate mail. You know if you Okay, here. We go. I found it. Okay. I Found the hate mail.

Oh, I'm so excited so look. I'm going to read some hate mail Okay, just one and I you know there's something wrong with me obviously because Because I enjoy it so much. I've always enjoyed hate mail when people are just email something vitriolic I can't read everything that they say because sometimes it's pretty foul But I do enjoy hate mail, and I'm going to reach with it right now I'm just excited Yeah, Matt slick you're completely wrong and you completely make actual Christians look bad And you do more driving a wedge between people in Christianity than bringing people to the true religion Man, it's a run-on sentence now. Here's one of the things I always do When I'm discussing hate mail is I analyze the grammar and syntax Because look I have to take a big breath and read the whole thing like it's like they've written it It could be hard sometimes. I mean I'm 66 I'm not as young as I used to be take one big breath and then go on for five hours reading something no I mean you got to be merciful to me here all right, so I'm completely wrong, and I make actual Christians look bad because I'm driving a wedge between people in Christianity And then that's what I'm doing. He says okay I've heard a lot of your work, and you can do nothing, but boast and berate your opponent I love that I could do nothing, but boast so that's all I do I give you see and you can understand a logic here when someone says the only thing you do you do nothing, but boast Well if the here forget If you do nothing, but boast how can I also berate? Because logically if the only thing you're doing nothing, but this then you're not doing anything else So if you're doing nothing, but boasting then you don't have time to berate anybody So how can I be doing nothing, but boasting it also berating people because then it's not nothing it's tough doing he should have said you mostly boast and Often berate that's what he should have said now.

It's not true, but that's what he should have said if he's gonna get into some good Good grammar. You know and stuff like that and so I just love this stuff I do I just do if you hate me I wish you didn't, but if you do And you want to just have some good hate mail right on the air just email it to me at info At you can say Matt. You're an obsequious craven sycophant you can say You can say you know you You can say you have streporous moron you can do whatever you want You know and and I will just probably go over the air and read it now I've had a couple of I told people before this on the radio, and I had some Christians write me some hate mail People who love me they wrote me some hate mail And it was fun to read because I could tell they were just trying to fill the gaps hey Here's a hate mail for you that you couldn't think you know you don't think any faster than a glacier moves You know just stuff like that, so it's pretty good So I'm just there's more to this hate mail. I'll get to the rest of it, but I'm just I'm enjoying it All right, I am all right. That's not what Jesus taught us to do your Calvinist e Calvinist e I have never heard that word before I've never read that word before Calvinist e view have Warped your mind on Jesus teaching.

There's no punctuation. It's just your Calvinist e view have Warped your mind on Jesus teaching wow we're not good I understand what he's saying and I what I wish this person would do Paul What I wish you would do if you're listening is to call me up and discuss it on the air You can you can say you don't like God's sovereignty You can say you don't like the fact that God chooses and predestines and elects people That's what the Bible says You can tell me how you don't like it and maybe how you follow the blonde haired blue-eyed Caucasian surfer Jesus You know standing at the door of your heart asking permission for you in your wisdom to let them in Maybe that's who you I don't know I follow the one who elects and who predestines because that's what the Bible says and if anybody doubts it call me up And we'll discuss it and I know you know I talk about this on the radio actually years ago I'm doing radio didn't my to over 20 years now 18 five days a week and what two years one day a week So I've been in radio for 20 years when I first started doing it of you know five days a week I was pretty much told that my different networks Don't bring up your Calvinism And I said, but look because they don't want to cause needless division because it's a controversial thing people say and I see Yeah, only if you don't believe the Bible It just makes them. Oh, whoa you know and so So you know for the first like six months when I was doing radio five days a week I didn't say anything about reformed theology people call up You know and they say are you a Calvinist and I do you know ignore the question not tell them the truth I said well.

Yeah, I am and Then they go how could you be well? This is how and we'd be discussing it I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people say that they got so upset With everything that I was saying and then they started checking the scriptures, and it's like well That is what it says that that's right there, and so any rate anyway, so my Calvinist view have See Calvinist see would be a single you know singular, so it should be the view has not have as plural Warped your mind on Jesus teaching. I don't know I just find everything I'm teaching in Jesus anyway And it is ashamed and it is ashamed more and more Christian influence the influencers Oh, I guess I'm a Christian influencer Thank you, and it is ashamed more and more Christian influencers are becoming just like you driving people from God I don't drive people from God I try and get them to believe in the true God and not the tripe that's being taught from so many Pulpits all across America with the feel-good blonde hair black occasion surfer Jesus image And it's all up to you and your wisdom Blah blah blah, and it is not okay Anyway And I'm telling you the Christian Church in America is not doing that well No, and and mostly then there's some good churches and for good preachers out there.

You know a votey bacham man He's good. Okay, and the washer these are good preachers I wish I was a good a preacher those guys, but I'm just telling you what the scriptures test, but no no No, what do they do? They go no g you know ask Jesus into your heart And you'll have a wonderful life and and Jesus has a wonderful plan for your life And he wants to be healthy and wealthy and it's up to you It's up to you in your wisdom to just let him and give him permission like one of those worship songs I've heard it says you know God I give you permission to come in and do something like what a heretical piece of crud I give you permission What a bunch of just theological tripe it is horrible. I need to do a whole section on analyzing Analyzing modern day Christian lyrics in songs because a lot of them are really bad now. I like Christian music I love modern Christian music.

I do but sometimes you hear some stuff. It's like oh my goodness You know you should run it by a competent theologian who knows know some stuff instead of just writing it hey it rhymes So it's okay. No, it's not Yeah, I'm just getting off the off the rails here hold on Okay, so I'm gonna reread the last sentence, and I'll continue just a little bit more of the hate mail And it is ashamed more and more Christian influencers are becoming just like you driving people from God You should reread your Bible and pray on your understanding of the gospel messages I hope and pray you won't Be judged too harshly for the people you have sent to hell Hmm now. Here's that that's the end of the hate mail now I could give a lesson how to write a better hate mail because you need the proper grammar I need to you know to know what it says it makes sense, but also I would say then tell me what the true stuff is Because just to throw mud and you know you're just bad. I don't like you. You're no good all right. That's fine Okay, what I do wrong. Oh, you know no. I don't what I say You know that you're wrong. Oh, don't lie to me. You know I get that I get that from people You know I do you know yeah, you're so stupid so the thing is that I ask him for specifics and When you ask for specifics?

Sometimes they get uppity they get obstreperous they get boisterously recalcitrant They become vitriolic Okay, the the contrary to some nephrous. They do all this kind of stuff Pentecontemporaneously trying to sound intelligent, so I love big words So there you go there you go And I wish that they would tell me what I've said wrong and also what the right thing is because it's just you know complaints You know I feel refreshed. I do hate mail refreshes me Man is that what that's weird? So let's get back to that That's weird So let's get on the air with Joseph from Utah Joseph welcome you're on here Hey Matt I'm finally gonna be able to go to that church that you American recommended finally because now I'm getting Sundays off So I'm happy about that the question. I had though was actually about the show the chosen What is your order your thoughts on that show? Well, I've really enjoyed it yet. I've watched every episode and there's a bit of a controversy of late on it with a pride flag on set and I wrote something and then I need to revisit that article in that They allowed it to be there because People can wear crosses they can wear different things and hats and shirts and someone had that and so they weren't So you know that's all I know, but I don't know all the details.

We need to find out more details but aside from that I've enjoyed it and I'd rather the gospel get preached than not preached okay, and that Jesus be proclaimed Hold on man. We got a break. Okay. Can you hold on sorry ma'am? We had a break okay?

Hey folks who write back after these messages three open lines eight eight seven seven two zero seven two two Seven seven two zero seven two two seven six right back It's matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six here's matt slick I gotta stop reading the text between the shows made me laugh all right. Let's get back on to What's here with Joseph Joseph you still there? I'm still here All right, so I've actually forgot where we were with all the chosen. That's right We're talking yeah, yeah, there's a text in Philippians 1 15 through 18 It says some to be sure preaching Christ from envy and strife let her do it out of love Etc the former proclaim Christ out of selfish ambition I'm skipping stuff what then only that in every way whether in pretense or in truth Christ is proclaimed and in this I rejoice yes I will rejoice and so You know I do rejoice at the chosen is Is well done millions are seeing it and that Christ is being proclaimed so that that's good Yeah, okay, so the problem my mom is having with it She's saying that I don't remember seeing the stuff in the bible and like well You know things like Nicodemus because they don't tell you everything about Nicodemus in the bible So this is probably based on historical knowledge of what he was like during the time that he was you know for the show But she's like I don't understand it, but it's not in the bible michael think about things like even not every part of his life Was in the bible just bits and pieces of his life when he became king yeah, there was more of it, but For the most part yeah, it's like the movie. You know ten commandments. You know with charlton Heston There's a lot in there literary license taken to make a movie work And this is expanding a great deal, and you know I don't have any problem with that long as you're not violating what the scripture says The scripture says Okay, and the other question I had had to deal with the discussion that you were having yesterday I only caught the very tail end of it. It sounded like you guys were talking about the rapture and how the rapture Ain't the bad people but not the not god's people no No, the rapture is the the taking of the good people into heaven that's going to happen But the verse is where it says two men are in the field one is taken one is left people commonly refer to that as rapture Verses those verses are not about the rapture.

They're about the wicked being taken in the context I show this to people that they're stunned. Oh, but I can read it to you. I can show it to you in scripture.

Okay? You might want to hear it you want to know yeah, no, okay, I yes, yes, please, but definitely Okay, I'll tell you what um What i'm going to do is go to uh, I have on my bible program. I have it open I'm going to go to matthew 24 37 and luke 17 26 and What i'm going to do is read from matthew 24 And then i'm going to go back to luke 17.

You'll see. All right It says for uh, okay Nothing of the son of man will be just like the days of noah for as in those days before the flood now notice this They were eating and drinking marrying and giving in marriage till the day that noah entered the ark the they okay And they did not understand till the flood came in hook them all away So who's the they? it's the wicked and we know that because we go to We go to luke 17 26 it says Uh, they were 27 they were eating they were drinking they were marrying the same thing as 24. It says in back to 17 Of luke 17. It says they were eating they were drinking they were marrying They were being given in marriage till the day that noel entered the ark and the flood came in destroyed them all So the ones who were destroyed are the ones who are eating drinking marrying and being given in marriage you with me Yeah, okay, that's what it says, right So luke 17 27 Says that the ones who were eating drinking and marrying and being given marriage are the ones who were destroyed in the flood That's what it says now we go to back to luke 20 matthew 24 Uh as it wasn't those those days before the flood they were eating they were drinking marrying giving in marriage That's the wicked until the day that noel entered the ark and that they did not understand till the flood came and took them all Away so the coming of man will be there'll be two men in the field one will be taken and the other will be left Two one will be grinding one will be taken one will be left who's taken The good or the wicked? Okay It's the wicked.

Okay. Yeah, so that's what it says. All right, and and Yeah, this i'll show you something here but and that you go back to luke 17 because same things being talked about there Talked about there and they asked them they said where lord where are they taking them?

Where's it gonna be taken? And then he actually answers the question The ones who were taken he says where the body is. They're also the vultures will be gathered That's what they're taken to so Those verses are not about the rapture now the rapture occurs as the theodians 4 16 chapter 5 verse 2 The rapture is real now when it's going to occur. It's a different thing But these verses which are so commonly referred to as rapture verses have nothing to do with the rapture And why is it that pastors all over the united states are teaching this and not reading the context and doing their homework If they can't get that right and it's so easy How can we trust them to get other stuff right?

That's more complicated. That's my question Okay, yeah exactly and I don't think you're pushing people away I think you're helping to open eyes to people who are blind still get to see the truth So I think you're doing a great job matt Well, thank you for that. I appreciate that And you know a segue off of that what you just said one of my philosophies is I tell pastors preachers teachers to to preach To send the church house what I mean by that is don't preach to please people Preach to the church People preach the truth That pleases god and the nature of the truth is that sometimes people are going to be offended They should not preach to get people in If they are doing that and judging the success of their ministry by how many people are in the seats Then they are committing a form of idolatry a form in that they're looking to statistics and numbers of people As the measurement of goodness and not the faithfulness of the preaching of the word of god by the word of god by god's standard And so they're putting something else there that they're looking to as success rather than faithfulness to god's word And this is something that we all have to be careful of and i'm guilty of it too in that If my bible study has a lot of people I feel better.

I feel more affirmed, but I have to always remind I remember and remind myself that i'm not there to please them. I mean, you know, I am and you know, I mean, you know Ultimately i'm there to please god and to preach what god wants So if people don't want to hear it, then that's between them and god Hopefully it's by the issue of that and not my just bad teaching style and and difficulty stuff like that But you see my point though Yeah, exactly I see. I I totally get where you're coming from Um, I like all your messages every time i'm on my way home from work.

I listen to you and I Agree with you 100% So i'm on your side matt. You're doing a good job Well good. Well, praise god. Praise god Um, you know what i'm going to probably be going down to utah in the next few weeks uh Just and I might mention it on the air if i'm going to be down there for a day or two because a friend of mine Bill McKeever and eric johnson are going to be opening up a nice building For ministry work be going down there for grand opening whenever that happens and some other stuff So i'll let people know over the air. We could all meet at that place and uh, have fun. It'll be fun You know i'd like to meet people on the radio.

Yeah. All right, matt. Well I'll let you get it to other calls because you know, you people want to be heard and talk to you and I just appreciate you And god bless you and you have a great rest of your day You too man. God bless and thanks appreciate it All right, that was joseph. Let's get on the air with john from salt lake city. John. Oh, man Boy, there's the break. Sorry, john Right there with the music.

Can you please hold and we'll get right back to you after the after the break? Hey folks, if you want to give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six be right back It's matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six here's matt slick Hey everybody, welcome back to the show. Let's get back on the air with john from salt lake city.

John welcome. You're on the air, man Thanks matt, um, my question is I don't understand why I believe god says and does everything for a reason, but I don't know why He used the symbol of the snake like moses his staff turned into the snake and then out in the desert He said does it? You know look when he lifted up the snake in the desert those that look to it were healed yeah, and to me kind of the symbol has always been a bad thing and I don't understand why he would why that why he used Okay that particular symbol So jesus says in john 12 32 If I lift it up, I will draw all men to myself lifted up And he became sin. So we start with christ and we work backwards and when we see that the The serpent that the brazen serpent that was lifted up and people looked upon that serpent then they were Healed they were uh made whole That serpent was a symbol of sin Jesus became sin on our behalf second quintess 5 21 he bore our sin in this body in the cross first peter 224 So those who looked upon that image By faith were healed those who'd look upon christ by faith will be saved will be healed from their sins That's what's going on. That's why that Image is used because the thing that the devil wanted to use To damn becomes the thing that god uses to save So the serpent in the garden Slithered and did all that stuff and deceived and ended that so it's a symbol of sin So the issue of raising the serpent to brazen brazen means judgment to the uh, the bronze serpent Is has to do with uh judgment because it can withstand heat and fire And it's it's typologically of judgment Now as to the the issue of why Um turned into a snake, uh, erin's rod. I don't know about that one That one I just don't have a typological Understanding of it I yeah, I would know that was mogus's staff anyway, but yeah, yeah, okay I actually have another question.

I'd like your opinion on it. I've been uh, kind of church shopping and Okay, and Um, I kind of have a bad feeling about churches that allow unspoken prayer requests Because I have a family member that Is in the occult that is Straight up against the church and they will use that as to say I want you to fail They're the ones putting me into request. Wait, wait, wait, I don't understand.

Let's back up. Unspoken prayer requests Are allow unspoken prayer requests. Okay, let me let's talk about that So you what's an unspoken prayer request? How do you have a prayer request if it's not verbally asked? That's what i'd like to know because i've i've seen i've noticed that they'll you know If they have here's our list of prayer requests and they'll see somebody's put in an unspoken one and that's what I don't trust Okay, because well then I know for a fact people go ask people will actually request just the opposite they will People on the occult side will be hold on.

Hold on. That's a different topic You need to go to the elders and and ask what's this about an unspoken? What does it mean unspoken? So it might be that someone has written a note and say please don't share this publicly, but I need prayer with death or about or whatever it is and so then Uh, they might say there's an unspoken one.

Maybe that's what they mean if we get it. We'll find out what they mean Okay, okay Yeah, I know from personal experience that some of those are being used against you Somewhat Some an unspoken prayer An enemy of the gospel of the church will say agree with me in prayer that I want you to fail Okay, you're confusing me even more. So we're talking about a church service here where they have prayer time and that people use that To condemn others and and have them just be destroyed. Yes, but that that's not what would work No, it's not I don't get it because in a you know, i've been a church, you know many thousands you know thousands of times and uh You know, you have prayer requests you lift them up.

Okay, so you talk about the unspoken So you need to go find out what these unspoken things are instead of assuming That it's somehow a negative prayer that people are saying it in there and you don't have to worry about that because prayers Are answered by god and he says yes. No or wait So that's you know, that's what you gotta do. You gotta find out. Okay? All right Okay, thank you, all right, um Okay. Thank you You're welcome. All right.

God bless. Okay. Bye. Thanks. You too.

Oh Okay All right. Hey, we have four open lines. If you want to give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven Two two seven six. Let's get to fred from texas fred.

Welcome. You're on the air Fred, can you hear me sir? I can hear you. Yes, i'm here. I can hear you. Mm-hmm. So what do you got?

How are you? You sound pretty slick tonight, sir Yes, I am slick that is totally true Yeah, I know my jokes land like a lead plane over the ocean but So I just wanted I just wanted to uh ask the question for a dear friend of mine and hero that listens to your show So Can you explain how the holy spirit is a real person? To the audience and to uh people listening on clubhouse Yeah, see person we don't say person, uh the way you and I are a person individual beings The theological term person in reference to the trinity has a slightly different meaning Some very similar but it's slightly different in that uh a person Theologically has emotions is self-aware can speak and say you and yours and me and mine has a will can love can hate and so We as persons can do those things but our personhood is not limited to the physical because what we are Because what we are internally in our spirit our soul is where our personhood rests likewise with uh with the holy spirit the holy spirit Has these attributes of personhood as well the holy spirit loves in for example romans 15 30 now I heard you brethren by the our lord jesus christ and by the love of the spirit or uh in romans 8 27 it says uh, and he who searches the heart knows what the mind of the spirit is So the spirit has a mind and then the holy spirit speaks in acts 8 29 For example, the spirit said to philip go up and join this chariot Oh acts 11 12 and the spirit told me to go with him without misgivings in 13 2 And while we're ministering the lord and fasting the holy spirit said set apart for me barnabas and saul So we see those kind of things we have that I can read more but i'm looking at my my article I've written about this on the holy spirit. Okay, it's called verses showing identity ministry and personhood of the holy spirit I'm just reading through those And so the holy spirit has awareness of goodness That's acts 15 28 the holy spirit can be lied to acts 5 3 can be tested acts 5 9 Makes overseers acts 20 28 can be a witness Uh acts 5 32 can be resisted acts 7 21 So, uh, there's lots of stuff like that and there's more there's a lot more attributes and stuff that the holy spirit tops. He loves you know Um, I mean romans 15 30 and and stuff so he speaks As will and so he has personhood. That's what it is Okay Okay, and uh, sir, how do I how do I present this information in a way? As to not like win the argument so to speak like I don't want the w So to speak I want the person on the other end of the uh conversation to understand That the holy spirit is a person he He is not an it it is not an it it is a he how do I how do I?

How do I correctly? correctly Ask questions Say can you if the holy spirit is just a force and non-personal can you then? Maybe you could work out work through these verses together. How is it that he speaks and has a will and loves? And says you and yours and me and mine Since that's what the other father does and that's what jesus does. So maybe we can work them out together and you ask them To to go through those verses Okay All right Are you thank you, sir?

Yeah, come here, sir. Thank you very much, sir Yeah, um go to the article there. Um, Go to the article on karm. Have you been to the website

Uh, I have not You got to go check it out It's my website that i've been working on, uh with some help from a few others, but for almost 28 years, okay And it's had 157. Okay. Well, thank you.

So it's big and so And just look up versus showing the personhood of the holy spirit. You'll find it in the list. Okay? All right Okay. All right. Well, thank you. Thank you very much, sir Okay.

Well god bless. We'll see you Hey folks, we have wide open lines. Nobody waiting. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276. We'll be right back It's matt slick live taking your calls at 877-207-2276.

Here's matt slick Hey everybody, welcome back to the show. If you want to give me a call, all you got to do is dial 877-207-2276 I don't think we have anybody waiting. That looks like an odd little thing there All right What i'm going to do is go to some, um Some emails because people sometimes email me and if you want to email me a comment or a question, all you got to do Is just send the email to info at info at and uh, just you know, put it in as uh, okay, so we do have people coming in good and um, Just put a you know radio comment or a radio question.

That's all you got to do. All right Let me just jump on it. I don't know.

That's something kind of strange. I'll wait. I'll just do an email And i'll get to that first. Okay, let's see Let's see. Let's see.

Let's see. How about oh, that's a long one I can't do the long ones. Hello. This is so-and-so you asked me to compliment you I did. Okay. So your voice is very very nice Please send me the resources you mentioned during our conversation tonight. Thank you for Uh, you know what? I don't know the context of that.

Uh, don't know what when and where so Sorry about that. I do get compliments in my voice though. Uh, that's kind of neat. Let's see. Um, Okay, let's get to let's get to this let's get to carson from utah. Hey carson. Welcome you're on the air Hi, can you hear me? All right. Yes, I can. I hear you fine.

What do you got man? Well in genesis, I believe the term comes up twice, uh, the sons of god and i'm speaking about it says It's uh It's uh, it says that the sons of god looked upon the daughters of men and took for themselves wives and In my family we kind of Debate go back and forth through this who the sons of god are I lean towards angelic creatures and like angels and I want to agree with you. I agree with you so, uh, I just had a search in my bible program for the term sons of god in the entire bible and Several occur in the new testament, but it's different than the old testament So let's go through the ones. I think there's like five in the old testament sons not son, but sons of god plural and if you want you can write these verses down and uh I'll give the address you can check them out Now, so first is genesis 6 2 that the sons of god saw the daughters of men who are beautiful and took for themselves the wives And then in verse four, you know, genesis 6 4 the nephilim were on the earth in those days and also afterward When the sons of god came into the daughters of men job 1 6 Now there was a day when the sons of god came to present themselves before the lord and satan also came among them To present himself before the lord and job last one is job 38 7 when the morning stars sang together And all the sons of god shouted for joy So those are references to angelic beings And if you go to genesis 6 2 and 4 This is a bit of a different story But it's a bit of a different story And it's a bit of a different story And if you go to genesis 6 2 and 4, this is a bit about interpretation If you say well, I think that the term in genesis 6 2 refers to angels and they say well They think the term in genesis 6 2 and 4 Excuse me, uh refers to like the the line of seth or big people or whatever it is Then the what happens logically is that the term in the context is now To be examined and the context doesn't tell us exactly It just says the sons of god doesn't say what they are So what we then do is see how the term is used elsewhere and in other contexts. It's in the context of angels So then we can rest assured that it's in reference to angels Okay I've even uh, well, thank you for that.

Yeah. Yeah, i've even heard that in in jude since jude quotes Um scripture that alludes to enoch that they've used a passage from jude to support this as well I I said these things I can't get them to budge Oh, that's okay. Um, but it's uh, jude six, okay, and and uh angels who did not keep their own domain But abandoned their proper abode. He is kept in eternal bonds under the darkness of for the judgment of the great day Just as sodom and gomorrah and the cities around them, etc So they went after strange flesh So and i'll also go to daniel two and i'll show you something there, but the jews, uh universally taught that the nephilim That the sons of god in genesis 6 were fallen angels And if they want to say that can't have relations with women to show me a scripture where it says that that's the case And they say well show me where it does well right there in genesis 6 and since angels can appear And we can't even recognize them they can appear as people that means with sweat that means hair It means uh on your face. I mean you can't even tell That they're not angels So they have the ability to manifest in great detail And so this is what the church taught until the 500s And also what the jews always taught and here's something else.

Okay. This is out of daniel 243 Which I always like to put together with this to show people Is that this is Nebuchadnezzar's dream? And it's the of the statue of gold silver bronze and then the feet are with clay and dirt and The the ladder the clay the dirt deals with the last time the end times so in In eschatology and it says in verse 43 of daniel 2 and in that you saw the iron mixed with common clay They will combine with one another in the seed of men But they will not adhere to one another so they'll combine with one another in the seed of men Well that they can't be the same as men Because they're combining right with each other in the seed of men. So what is the they that's going with the seed of men? That's a sexual thing so go to there and show them and that's at the end times and when you go to 24 37 it says it was the days of noah, so shall it be the days of coming instead of man? Noah, I believe that noah's flood was there to destroy the nephilim My opinion is that the nephilim was a breeding program authored by the devil to thwart the arrival of the messiah by negating the uh the genealogical line and if you go to uh Genesis 6 9 it says these are the records of the generations of noah noah was a righteous man blameless in his And it says in hebrew says in his generations Is his ancestry was oh wow Yeah And the okay the passage from daniel is new.

Um, so Bouncing to the dude, uh, if I can ask to follow so I have the time sure Go ahead. Does that mean the sin of the angels is because they weren't they're not supposed to you know, and It's clear the scripture is clear in heaven. They don't take wives. Is that their sin that they came down abandoned their Posts for lack of a better term and committed sexual morality and then it it uses and To compare it to thought of demora.

So it's saying the angels had sexual immorality Yep, just like the people of homosexuality and all the lgbt mob that was going on back then And jesus says it was the days of noah So sodom and gomorrah is tied to the days of noah in jude It looks like it and jesus does so and so it might be That the present time if it is the end times when christ comes back That the rise of homosexuality in its aggressiveness and demand and takeover will oppress the righteous So something to think about Okay Well, thank you so much Okay You have a nice night. Okay, you too, man. God bless. All right. God bless. All right.

Let's get to Uh, let's see Grant from utah grant. Welcome. You're on the air Hi, how are you doing?

How are you doing? Um, I got a question about uh, michael brown You know, uh The person michael brown the the jewish guy Yep He says he says that he was a calvinist before now. He's not and he says that calvinist is is wrong Okay, he could say that. Oh Yeah, i'd be glad to debate him on it I've got his cell number and uh, you know, I haven't talked to him for a few years I asked his advice on something once when I got called in the daily show And uh, he's a good guy. He loves the lord and um, he's friends with uh, james white He's a well-known calvinist and and they've had their friendly discussions and disagreements And uh, right, but I disagree with uh with with uh, dr. Brown on that totally disagree with them I'd be glad to have a nice friendly discussion live with them and say well about this What about that and you know go through and show some stuff.

That's what I would do. But uh, he's a brother in christ And you know see Here's but people will come along and they'll say well calvinism is just wrong well Then if i'm a calvinist that i'm saying pelagianism is just wrong or armenianism is just wrong, but I don't say that right I don't try and cause division in the body of christ What I say is I don't agree with many of the aspects of armenian theology But to brothers and sisters in christ and leave it like that because I don't want to cause division and we've got to make sure that we don't Okay Yeah All right. I listen to them occasionally, but when he starts bashing on calvinism, I just Shut it off or turn to something else Well, uh, if you could find this is one of the things I want to do I wanted people to if they could because I don't have time to research every single thing Is they could find me videos from latent flowers from you know, uh, from dr. Brown and uh And say hey matt, look at this this video. Here's the url and this is the uh, the moment You know like 23 minutes and 18 seconds start there and this is what he says then i'll look Because sometimes people give me a video it's two hours long. This is where he said it I'm just going to delete it.

I'm not going to look you don't have time for that You don't have time for that, right? So if people do that then I'll do I want to sit in this very this chair like a new chair, but I want to I want to uh Then put the videos up on the screen and start analyzing them And go ahead and do commentary. That's what I want to start doing Okay All right Yeah, and you know, I i'm a new calvinist, I guess because I've okay finally, um Seen the light I guess you would say okay And I use oh I like I was mentioned before that I Grew up in uh, not I wouldn't say grew up in but I attended somebody's got church for a while and I've Come to find out I read I read myself and I come to realize that a lot of the things they were teaching was not from the bible You got that right? Assemblies of god I wouldn't trust that denomination. That's right.

Yeah, so I just kind of just grew away from that and Started reading my own and I I'm very leery about going to other churches one day Because everything is is messed up there's a lot of heresies being preached and I just seek the truth and That's where my heart is to seek the truth and I I listen to yours I I listen to yours because I hear a lot of truth in it And I just I just I I try not to miss a day without you listen without listening to your shows because it's very um, um, like the like the bible says shire iron sharpens iron And And I I just want to grow in the lord and I I do it the best I can to do it But like paul says I do the things I shouldn't do but I do I don't do the things I should do right And I just I just want to just pray for me, you know um i'm in in the utah where everybody's like mormonism and And and everybody wants to be god Yeah, I know I get down there every now and then because i'm up here in idaho in the boise area And the music is going to start here any second and if it hasn't already because it should it by now But um, I get down every now and then i'll let people know when I get down there And then we can meet at a restaurant a bunch of us and uh before okay That's okay. All right. Yeah, cool. Okay. All right.

Appreciate it man. Thank you. God bless. Okay. God bless
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