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March 30, 2023 6:01 pm

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The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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March 30, 2023 6:01 pm

On a Thursday Drive, Josh explains why Miami should be the model as Jim Phillips prepares to address the "ACC narrative", explains why today should put an end to the Anthony Richardson to the Panthers talk, 6th man of the Tar Heels, BDaht, joins the show to see if Josh knows what a "stallion" is, in Grahammar School, and to put a final pin in the UNC basketball season, WD tries to explain why he didn't care for "Fight Club" , in At The Movies, and Wake Forest broadcaster and former Major Leaguer, Lary Sorensen, joins the show to decide whether or not No. 2 ranked Wake Forest baseball has exceeded his expectations, yet.

The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham
The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham
The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham
The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham
The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham
The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham

He's amused Cam Newton. He's been insulted by Charles Barkley. When some idiot in the press asked him, if you know what you know now, would you schedule this game?

He's interviewed Matthew McConaughey. And he's taken on Big Blue Nation. He's just completely taking the wind out of my seat. It's time for The Drive with Josh Grant. Welcome to a Thursday Drive WSJS new stock sports for The Triad. Where now that Jim Phillips is saying that he's gonna be more aggressive and more proactive with basketball and he doesn't want to wait until September or October to do something, you should expect it to be a compelling, dare I say, transformative summer for the ACC. And if I were Phillips, when all the coaches get together at Amelia Island in about a month or so, I would point to Miami and tell all those coaches and ADs, this is the blueprint you have to follow.

This is the blueprint you should follow. See, sports is a copycat industry. Look at the NFL. The Philly Special, when they ran it in the Super Bowl, everybody suddenly had that trick play in their book the following year. You go back 15 years ago, the late Tony Sperano introduced the Wildcat. Oh no, Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, this is gonna change football.

Everybody then had a Wildcat package after that. When Russell Wilson fell to the third round and succeeded under six feet tall, team suddenly said, we need to find our Russell Wilson. We need to find our diamond in the rough. Here's Kyler Murray, number one overall. Here's Baker Mayfield, number one overall. And the same is true in basketball.

And since Miami was the face of NIL across the country, not just the ACC, and they reached the Final Four with this method, there's no longer gonna be a stigma attached to it. Everyone understands it. Everybody knows this is what you need to do. You need to adapt or die.

Everyone should follow their model. I'm looking at you, North Carolina. And by the way, side rant on that, Ish Masood entered the portal yesterday. Former Demon Deacon, he's about to play for his fifth different head coach in five years wherever he ends up. Hubert Davis pulled the trigger. 42% three-point shooter.

You need some shooting. Hit some pretty big shots. The go-ahead shot against Kentucky in Greensboro, which was a bomb from the right wing. That gave Kansas State the lead for good, and he had the three that was a dagger against Michigan State.

What else are you looking for? 42% three-point shooter out on the wing, has ties to this state, still have the New York connection, which goes back to the 50s with North Carolina. It makes all the sense for Carolina. Try to make that happen. But this is another way the ACC should lift up Miami. It's not just in IL. Their non-conference schedule should be the template that Jim Phillips shows to other teams.

How do we get left out? What's the secret to putting together a schedule that the Metrics will honor? Well, when I look at the, on this piece of paper, the top 25, make it the top 20 non-conference schedules in college basketball this year, Miami ranked 17th, which was only behind Duke in the ACC.

And what did they do? In addition to the ACC Big Ten Challenge, which is scheduled for them, I think they played Rutgers, they played Maryland in a non-conference game, and they played Providence in a non-conference game. They also scheduled teams that weren't in the 300s in terms of the other mid majors they drew.

UNCG with Coach Jones over there, and UCF, which isn't a bad game either. This is how you should put together your non-conference. So that way you don't have the real metric concerns that Wake Forest had a couple of seasons ago, and that Clemson was dealing with this past season.

So the NIL piece, that's one part of it. The non-conference piece, that's another part of it. Also, with all the changes we've seen in the conference in terms of the older coaches deciding to retire, not wanting to adapt. We know the issues that Jim Boeheim had with Miami strategy.

He was pretty public about that. He's gone. There goes the crotchety old man. Roy Williams didn't want to deal with it. Coach K, he's gone too. Jim Larranaga saying, this isn't an age thing. Older coaches, I'm 73. I can adapt to today's ways, and here I am coaching in my second Final Four. Which, here's how crazy the amount of turnover we're seeing among coaches in the ACC is.

I had to double-check this stat, but it's true. Jim Larranaga is the only current ACC head coach that has taken two teams to the Final Four. And I'm not talking, oh the only one that's done it with two separate schools.

No, I'm talking leading teams to the Final Four. He's been there twice. No other coach has been to the Final Four as a head coach twice in the ACC. Not Tony Bennett. Dubert Davis was, he's only in his second year. John Shire, just in his first year. There really is nobody else. So Jim Larranaga, he becomes that voice if he wants to stick around and continue coaching beyond this Final Four run. The voice in the room to lean on and to represent the conference.

Miami, with this run to the Final Four, and last year to the Elite Eight, they have become the model program, at least for right now, in the ACC. On Twitter at WSJS radio, will Dalton, wearing a Yankee cap, say... Now what is this? What are you doing?

What could this mean? I've got my Orioles t-shirt on. Uh-huh. We'll get to baseball in just a few minutes. We're getting to baseball now, my friend. We're gonna do this. Because? Please tell me we're not gonna do this during today's show multiple times.

Oh we're gonna do it because you know why? It is opening day. It is opening day.

It's opening action. You're rocking the Orioles shirt. Currently they're leading.

3-1. Adley Rushman had a home run. Yeah. Bad news for Braves fans.

Max Fried. Yeah. Left the game early. That's not a good sign. Yep.

For your first game. But they are winning 4-2 again. The Nats. Yeah they always beat the Nats. And then the Yankees.

Because I am wearing my Yankee hat. Aaron Judge, fresh off of signing his new deal. Fresh off fresh off of being named the first captain since Derek Jeter.

But barely talk. I know. Homer De Center, his first AB of the season. And then Gleyber Torres with a two-run shot in the fourth.

They lead it. 3-0. See if you can find... Against the Giants. Okay can we get rid of this goofy music now? Are you done? I'm done.

Thank you. For now. John Sterling is back. He's like approaching his mid to late 80s as the voice of the Yankees. See if you can find that home run call for Aaron Judge. I always enjoy his over-the-top home run calls. Assuming that he got it right.

Because he often gets his calls wrong. Which is entertaining as well. We'll revisit baseball a little bit later on. Plus W.D. watched Fight Club for the first time last night. So he'll review that later in the show.

B. Dot will be in studio with us in a little bit less than 20 minutes. Four weeks from tonight the Carolina Panthers will finally make their pick at number one in the NFL Draft.

Should have pulled up that chimes music to get things fired up. I'd be fine hearing that sound every single day between now and the NFL Draft. Which is again four weeks from tonight when Carolina is gonna be making that pick. I'm not gonna stall anymore for W.D.

here. The Panthers we know who they're not going to take. Anthony Richardson is not going to be the pick. Today you should consider it to be the death notice.

Like the date of death signed today. Anthony Richardson not going to be the pick because he had his pro day today. And neither David Tepper nor Nicole Tepper were there to attend. And the Panthers did not take him out to dinner last night. Will Levis he's probably out too because Teppers the Teppers didn't go to his pro day either. There apparently was a scheduling conflict.

But at least they took him out to dinner. There is no Levis buff. I haven't seen the story that says all the Panthers they might take Will Levis with the number one pick. So that's not gonna happen. I have seen those rumors with Anthony Richardson.

I doubt I'll see them anymore beyond today. Richardson he's the type of player who goes number one in the NBA or Major League Baseball Draft. Not in the NFL Draft. In Major League Baseball or the NBA those drafts have become all about upside now. You don't expect the guy to play right away. What are you gonna be in two or three years? Give me the skill sets.

Give me your physical tools and we'll try to develop those. In the minors, in the G League that's what we're gonna do. And they are not pre-packaged pre-prepared pro prospects that are polished. A lot of P's there.

A lot of alliteration. In the NFL it's different. You expect a top 10 pick not just to contribute for you but to be a future Hall of Famer. You're picking in the top 10 that's what you expect these guys to be and you expect them to give you something right away. Which the only two guys I think that are capable of that right now are Young and Stroud.

You can make an argument for Levis but again I don't think Levis is gonna be the guy. So it's down to two. So who would take the swing on Anthony Richardson that's picking potentially in the top 10? The Raiders took him to dinner last night and it seems to me given what we know about those organizations, these organizations, the Raiders and the Seahawks have Anthony Richardson written all over them. The Seahawks are at five. The Raiders are at seven.

They both have veteran quarterbacks so there'd be no rush to bring him along. Jimmy G signing with the Raiders. Geno Smith re-upping with the Seahawks after a really good year.

This was Richardson talking about his dinner with the Raiders last night. I'm not that confident you know I'm just thankful for the opportunity you know Lord knows what's gonna happen April 27th you know I'm just I'm just ready to get there and just live in a moment. But the dinner was great you know talking to the guys and get to knowing them and them getting to know me as a person as a player you know and just trying to figure out the expectations in case they were to draft me. You know what they expect from me as a rookie and what they're gonna expect from me in the building you know so just trying to get familiarized with that stuff and just live on.

I don't have him falling outside of the top 10 but I don't think he will be one of the top three quarterbacks taken in the draft which again is four weeks from now. W.D. did I buy you enough time? Well worth the wait. Just inject that into my veins. The sixth man of Carolina basketball, VDOT, has joined us in studio. We'll put a bow on all things Tar Heel basketball for this season in about ten fifteen minutes but before we get to that the newly improved grammar school the newest season. Yeah I was about to say I think you put too much think on it.

Okay. Yeah it's just it's just an added wrinkle. It's an added wrinkle like past seasons we did the locker room deal where I'd bring it up the players and then we'd use it on the show. Didn't do much of that. Yeah he was horrible with it. Didn't do much of that.

He was very horrible with that. It would get in there and get all staged right. Did I say it right?

Yeah like all the work is for not if you're not gonna execute it properly. Caulcastic question that was a wrinkle that we added to it for one season. The new wrinkle involves sound. It involves music. Some sort of question involving music that will be integrated into this and speaking of sounds B Dot had one request upon walking into the studio today and that is the NFL draft sound being played yet again. Oh it's one of the greatest sounds for sports fans to hear. Agreed is one of the greatest sports sounds complete cap that I requested to hear it. It's intoxicating. I just wanted to hear it.

Making stuff up. I just found an excuse to hear that again. But I did tell them when I was on the way in when I heard it I was like it does give you like you know that sound is synonymous with NFL. NFL has done a great job of just marketing and just branding and that sound is synonymous with NFL.

It's beautiful. And I know what no cap means because of grammar school so let's play grammar school. Josh Graham has his own way of speaking. And just when you think it can't get any worse Josh is going to attempt to learn B Dot's vernacular. I'm gonna put one in the air. It's time for B Dot's Grammar School.

B Dot free game during game post game. Brought to you by Heritage Hardwood Floors. When it comes to flooring they have no ceiling.

Y'all gonna write they don't. Heritage Hardwood Floors. When it comes to flooring they have no ceiling. If you need some floors man hit them up. Hit my folks up over there at Heritage Hardwood Floors. For real man at the crib, at the gym, at the office. You might have sidewalks out front might want to put you a little hardwood floor leading up to your crib.

Do that. That'd be different. I love hardwood floors. I do. I have great appreciation for hardwood floors now that I have a new puppy. It's like you know I have no problem if the dog would go bathroom on a hardwood floor versus carpet. That's fair. Although the puppy shouldn't be taking bathroom breaks in the house. You got to get that under control.

Oh yeah we've we've made great strides over the last week or so with Willow the dog. What's the first question that you have? Well I have to explain what this is first. This is grammar school don't step on my toes. Listen this is grammar school.

It's very very simple. I have three words or phrases or sounds that are used in the urban demographic and Josh has to get two out of three correct in order to get a satisfactory grade today. We haven't really shifted to a new season but we are adding different pieces and omitting different pieces so this is just a different wrinkle. We'll save that for the third. Do you want a caustic question real quick?

Sure. It's opening day for baseball. That's it.

Name an active baseball player. Oh wait. Nope don't you give me a race. You be quiet. Don't you do it.

I don't think I have to for that sport. Wait I'm almost there. Wait a second. Gosh so flashy.

It's my favorite. Bets. Mookie Bets. Major League Baseball I think is 8% black when 20 20 years ago it was close to 20%.

He found one of the 8% to answer that question. Mookie baby. Mookie Bets is the man. He be out there. His chain be swinging.

That's off the chain. Alright Josh Graham. In the urban demographic if he calls her a stallion what does that mean? Oh and today's segment is all about animals.

All about animals. That's great. Yeah yeah yeah. If he calls her a stallion what is he saying? She's got a big butt.

I'll give you that. Megan Thee Stallion. Yeah yeah but it's really saying that she's a thoroughbred. Like she's thick. It doesn't necessarily mean she has a big butt. It means just her entire disposition is just a thick person. She might be voluptuous. She might be but she's built like a thoroughbred. Is Lizzo a stallion? To some yeah.

Understood. Yeah some would say Lizzo is a stallion. That big old wagon she be dragging. You know what I'm saying. Lizzo get out there and get the blowing on that flute and tooting on that toot. I love Lizzo. She seems like just a good time man.

Like just good energy. We were talking about those tiny desk concerts. There are some really good ones like you two had one a couple weeks ago that was fantastic. A couple times a year one just really blows you away. NPR puts these together.

Lizzo is just one of the best that I've ever been done there. You can find that. Fair. Up next Josh you're one for one. Good job.

Thank you. Josh you and other members of the white demographic could not use this phrase but you may hear this phrase and I can use this phrase. But I can't say it on the radio? You can say it.

You can say it anywhere. You just wouldn't want to say it Josh Graham. What letter does this word start with? An M. Why are you turning red? An M. Why are you turning red right now?

I don't know. When we start talking about words I can't say I get scared. If someone says they're about to go act a monkey. Oh boy. Yeah if someone says they're about to act a monkey what does that mean Josh Graham?

Three three six seven seven seven one six hundred. There it is. Preferably somebody who isn't of the caustic variety. See that's the thing. Act a monkey.

A person of the caustic. Am I gonna get in trouble for saying that out loud? Possibly. You can say what it means you just wouldn't want to use it like you wouldn't want to say dodge you're about to go act a monkey aren't you? You wouldn't want to say that but I could say Josh tonight I'm gonna go act a monkey. You dig what I'm saying?

I do dig. Three three six seven seven seven one six hundred. I'm just scared. That's the number you call if you would like to help Josh Graham.

Three three six seven seven seven one six zero zero. I think what it means is we're about to get turnt or we're about to get you know drunk or have like a rager of a night. That's what it means that expression that you said. Yeah Josh you can stop sweating profusely under your armpits.

I am. That is correct. It's the equivalent to act a donkey. Have you heard act a donkey?

Get crunk. That's what people used to say ten years ago. That's a 2000s expression.

Who helped champion that? Was that outcast or no that was uh. I've heard Chris Rock say that one a lot. Yeah that's true.

He did say that in a lot of his acts. Okay so I'm two for two. I already have a satisfactory grade so now we're just having fun with it. I want to get the music one right. This is where we're going. Music all right. Now first of all it brought me to a very interesting question when I was thinking of this. Dog rappers.

Oh. Dog rappers. All right so now you think of a dog rapper and what dog rappers said.

What must I go through to show you ish is real and I ain't never really gave a f how people feel. I rob and I steal not cuz I want to cuz I have to and don't make me show you what the Mac do. Oh is this a 90s hip-hop artist? It's a dog rapper. Yes yes a 90s dog rapper. Oh I just thought about another dog rapper. Is that Snoop Doggy Dogg?

Let's hit play and see. I even did an impression of him 30 seconds ago. Who was that? DMX. Your dog gone write it was DMX.

What is that? Was that your DMX impersonation? I can't do a dog bark. You'll be hearing that again. Thanks.

See you gotta watch it. DMX. That was a DMX. But then I start thinking about who's your favorite dog rapper like Snoop Dogg, DMX, Bow Wow.

No. Not Bow Wow. Nate Dogg. Nate Dogg is a good one. Who's your favorite dog rapper? If the question is who has the best song like if you had to nominate one song like Nate Dogg's entire like discography I don't think would stack up with Snoop Dogg or DMX but you know he had some he had some great song. If you had to just narrow it down to DMX and Snoop Dogg based solely on music who's your favorite dog?

I think I'd go DMX. Dots here. Six man of Tar Heel basketball.

That's been Grammarzled brought to you by Heritage Hardwood Floors. Voice of a generation. We're gonna put last the last Carolina basketball season to rest for good next on The Drive with Josh Graham Since we've got the six man of Carolina basketball B Dot in studio with us I say we talk about this Carolina basketball season we view this like the final scene in the movie The Hangover where they discover the camera what do we do do we post the pictures do we keep them we look at it one time and then we get rid of the camera forever and all of the film that's I think what we need to do with this Carolina basketball season it's over and after this segment we move on. How do you feel about that? I've already done that so this is like re-opening the wound for me. But you went after Carolina fans a little bit this week the way that they some Carolina fans the way that they treated Caleb Love we had Taylor Vipilas join us from inside Carolina and the Lebatard show and he said talking to Caleb's dad I don't think people appreciate just how much he received it wasn't just on social media also in person at the Smith Center so you're privy to some of this and you're close to this basketball team when you went out publicly on your social media and said that fans should be disgusted by the way they treated one of their own the way that you put it what exactly are you privy to that maybe most Tar Heel fans might not appreciate about how much he Caleb got from the fans. I just think it's okay to voice your displeasure with the team even voice your displeasure with players and the way they playing or the lack thereof from game to game but when it gets to a point where you're being disrespectful and you're tagging players and like nobody saw that more than Caleb Love this season and even to the point of leaky leaky making I believe last season or the season before just talking about the anxiety and when he was in a bit of a slump and how he had to talk to Jackie Manuel to get right back on track and these players go through that type stuff a lot like they hear everything they see everything everybody sees everything that's the thing about social media you can ignore it as much as you want but you see everything and we're all human and I think it's so unfortunate that there are so many adults who if their child was in that same situation they will want grace they will want you to just understand that they're a child trying to figure it out but when you're not you're able to sort of remove yourself from that situation and I and I like continuing to say I said fans on purpose like I don't I don't separate the good fans and the bad fans we're a Carolina family we're fans so the fans when I talk about the fans were disgusting if that's not you I'm not talking to you but I am talking to the Carolina family I'm talking to the fans and all fans need to hold other fans accountable in situations like that we're all on the same social media we all see the same foolishness so we should hold other fans accountable because these are kids at the end of the day yes they are kids with an exceptional talent that they can play basketball on a level that you would never ever be able to achieve so yes they do have a higher ceiling but you have to understand if you're upset can you imagine how someone feels has been doing this their entire life but just can't get it clicking like and I just thought that was unfortunate and I'm blessed and fortunate enough to have a relationship with C to the point where I can just talk to him from time to time and when I when he made his decision I just told him that he would be missed and I just told him that I love him and I'm gonna be a fan regardless and he just told me he said that like I'm always gonna be tapped in he said your energy is infectious keep getting the Dean dome lit they need that like it wasn't the energy of man I'm glad I can be gone just thanks bro and that like he in his heart of hearts he still is a Carolina Tar Heel and he's still part of the Carolina family to me when the I'm Caleb love and I'm a Tar Heel video eventually arrives on the Smith Center boards video boards the reaction is what I think that still has yet to be determined we really have to see what Caleb love does next season what if Caleb love puts on a Duke Jersey no he'll I mean he won't but I'm just saying like we don't know what he's gonna do what if he goes to Missouri that makes sense and beats Carolina national Kansas like what you know so I don't know what how his story is gonna be written now I don't know if bill self's gonna give Caleb love the type of freedom that he had in Chapel Hill but Missouri Kentucky would Missouri certainly would Kentucky yeah certainly would I'll tell you this I felt it was time for both sides to part ways I still feel that way but listening to you I want to defend Caleb love a little bit here because what's about to happen to your point looking to next year he's about to be scapegoated when people talk about this past season they're gonna blame it on Caleb love even though if I ask those Tar Heel fans hey who was the leading scorer of this year's team they probably would answer Armando Bekat or maybe our answer was Caleb love and blaming the leading scorer for all of your problems that doesn't really seem fair but since he is it's kind of like how I felt easy II got when the NWA movie came out straight out of Compton he was the one guy who couldn't defend himself and he was dead so is it a coincidence that all the things that went wrong with NWA were easy ease fall probably not so the fact that he's not coming back I feel like he's gonna get thrown under the bus a little bit but to be honest I think that puts a lot of pressure on Armando I think it puts pressure on RJ to perform this year even more pressure now what what excuse is gonna be made now you got to perform no I agree and that's the thing for our Caleb fan like what do you want to happen this season do you want us to be great this season and well it was Caleb that was the issue do you want us to suck this season no you know what I mean so it's like it's like wow what what do you want to happen maybe have both play well at the same time that would be ideal Josh Graham like Steve Smith with the Ravens hey Cam Newton and the Panthers they're making the playoffs but when we played Steve Smith the year after they play the Panthers released him I was there in Baltimore that day he had a couple of touchdowns and he had the celebrations and he had some words too and to be honest with you somebody grew up a Panthers fan oh yeah it was cool watching Smitty right get back at the Panthers I bet I bet not like again and again I would like to say this too I do not think that the Twitter and the social media is the reason that Caleb love left Carolina no no not a chance like it wasn't that black or white their basketball basketball reasons and all types of energy reasons and that's what the team I would assume but it doesn't help it doesn't help on any level it doesn't help with future recruits that are saying it like Gigi Jackson the way the Carolina family flipped from the love for Gigi Jackson and then when he made the decision to go to South Carolina it was like I've had the pleasure to talk to Gigi Jackson and that didn't make him feel good and there are people that are played AAU basketball with Gigi Jackson that saw that same exchange be not since I got you here and there is more college basketball left to be played is it how much of the final four are you gonna be watching this weekend I'm watching that final four now Miami Yukon Atlanta that's the national championship San Diego State I agree with you it sounds disrespectful to say that but they come from conferences that have won seven of the last nine national championships they're not the power conferences that are fake power conferences that never win national championships like the Big Ten and the SEC no they're the ones that do the Big East and the ACC that's gonna be a great game but you know what else like look in Las Vegas in Las Vegas they'd know some things you know out west it's a two point spread for Florida Atlantic and San Diego State so Vegas is telling you they think that's gonna be a great game too and here's the thing about Yukon in Miami that over-under is 149 and a half and I think Yukon's favored by five points which tells you they're telling you 77-72 that's what they think the final score is gonna be and I'm thinking sign me up for that 77 72 77 73 yeah that's a high-scoring great basketball game that's what Vegas is telling you they think it's gonna happen this week I agree I mean Miami's got that offense that goes I have not seen Yukon play one dribble this season even when we were in the P with a P the PK tournament they were out there with us yeah I didn't get it I didn't see it played in like and I see there in the final four but I'm rooting for Miami man ACC let's bring it home and they got a former East Carolina pirate Yukon does Tristan Newton one of their better players just blowing out everybody in this tournament winning by 28 23 they had a 25 point win and 15 point win in this tournament no close games WD already knows what movie he has to watch next week the Brad Pitt movie it's baseball money balls the movie from 2011 that he will be watching last night he watched Fight Club for the first time so he can scratch another movie off of his poster we're making real headway with this segment I feel like so let's get into it it's over 20 years old now Fight Club starring again Brad Pitt unless you're talking about Star Wars movies aren't exactly wills thing but that's about to change because Josh can't stand it anymore this is movies with will Dalton okay for those who are unfamiliar WD hasn't seen any of the good movies so Fight Club is a great movie from 1999 but WD didn't like Fight Club so he told me earlier today so we'll ask him what he didn't like and what he did like then we'll get into the best quote and he'll try to guess what the Rotten Tomatoes audience score was for the movie so let's start with what you did not like well about Fight Club I would actually like to take back what I said earlier no WD because throw a pair I'm not sometimes you can like you can dislike a movie I know I can I did dislike it at first there it is but but B dot was right when he said it's better on the second viewing and I went back and watched kind of the latter half of the movie where things started to happen and it was better so but you didn't like it it's okay you don't have to be nice all the time I'm trying to be nice I'm telling you the truth I know you don't like saying you dislike things I have no problem saying I dislike a movie I did it earlier did you yes I let you literally walked in it so what you think well what movie did you not like that you're not willing to walk back I'm trying to there's done this for a year there's been movies I mean that there's been some movies in there that I was like man on I can't ruin it you didn't like Fight Club it's fine it wasn't the greatest what didn't you like about it um I feel like I'm talking to you the way that Tyler Durden talked to the narrator just let go I think what it is is you really have to pay attention to the movie in order to like pick up what's happening you were distracted I was watching it while doing things but it's just it's a it's you have to pay attention do we have to create new rules that when you watch movies you can't have your phone out and be on Twitter but you have to pay attention to these movies to understand do we do we need to have I think we might have to in order for you to pay attention to these movies inside this is what I an eagle described to be a thinking man's picture speeds you got to pay attention yes it just it was tough on first watch again this is what I'm trying to tell you I know but that's the point of the segment its first one first watch it was kind of tough to really like I was like I think what I didn't like about it on first watch was like why am I they're just fighting each other like why is that that doesn't get me all jazzed up like it's almost like kind of stupid okay they're fighting each other okay right so you didn't like fighting in the movie Fight Club well it's like why are they getting so much enjoyment out of fighting each other I found it kind of this is not a convincing argument for dislike I'm not trying to argue any one tried to explain to you I liked it better on second second and now did you like Fight Club or not I didn't ask if you liked it better the second time did you like Fight Club or not he was confused I'm just telling no thank you I didn't what's not black and white well then explain yourself I did and on first watch because it is such a mind bleep you have like on second watch I was able to pick up on things better and understand like oh like what's going on what did you like I read well I really liked like the 90s 2000 cyber ish vibe that it gave off if that makes sense yes like it kind of felt like I was watching neo at the beginning parts of the matrix a little bit with this character it is very much like that it's of that time the vibe was like that the matrix this movie walked so that the matrix could run and this movie aspired to be the like rebel without a cause for an entire generation and you could make the argument that it achieved that are you familiar with rebel without a cause I'm not okay it's a movie that is old it's from the 1950s but it's known to be one of the greatest movies of all time but probably not one we're gonna get to and at the movies with the wd I also I also liked the wrinkle at the end that I did not see coming like when he was searching for Tyler it's like oh wait this was me the whole time and right this was all a hallucination is like that that was done very well this movie is distinctive and it's dark it's not everybody's cup of tea that's fine but it is one of those movies that you will never forget upon watching it it's one-of-a-kind characters like Tyler Durden and like Marla singer you're never gonna forget those people and it's a type of movie that you don't really see made so often anymore because it takes courage to make something that can be reviled in this movie was reviled to a great degree when it came out it wasn't beloved it came out right after Columbine happened and there was an appetite for dark movies such as this that helped explain why people could be so angry to fuel events like a Columbine or like you see elsewhere as well in art from like Radiohead to what the Red Hot Chili Peppers sing about it is of its time in 1999 but those things certainly I think age well and are certainly relevant today too what's the best quote from Fight Club 99 like a monkey ready to be shot into space space monkey yeah it's pretty good I mean the first rule of Fight Club is don't talk about Fight Club second rule of Fight Club is don't talk about Fight Club the whole rules seen in itself it's pretty good the things that you own end up owning you is pretty much the quote of the movie and what it's about Marla had a quote about grade school that I can't say on the radio that certainly I remember I say certainly a lot during the segment and interesting a lot I need to vary up my vocabulary what do you think it scored in Rotten Tomatoes I'm gonna say 86 got a 96 Wow I've been off like that in a long time yeah so the audience scored it in 96 the critic scored it as 79 so there were some variants on this between how the audience viewed this movie and how critics viewed it but that's been at the movies with the wd I want you to be more forceful either you love it or you hate it what if I'm somewhere in the middle what if I didn't love it or hate it what if I'm just like interesting that's bad radio not if I explain why it's interesting then you have to be capable of doing that fair enough but you have not demonstrated in terms of me understanding why you dislike this movie I would like to understand that not because I love it I don't know if I do I don't hate it I like this movie though I don't love it it's not one of my favorites but I like this movie willing to say that but I I could be convinced if there are some things that I might be missing since it is opening day who better to talk to than Larry Sorenson the former big leaguer who doubles as Stan Cotton's right-hand man on wake football broadcast and wake baseball broadcast for that matter is well Larry joins us now and Larry before we get to Major League Baseball we need to talk about the baseball dekes because Tom Walters group is currently number two in the country in the d1 baseball poll after winning five in a row and nine of its last ten and look we knew they'd be pretty good when you got the ACC's reigning pitcher of the year back and rat louder and all but they were preseason number six in the baseball preseason poll like we knew they were gonna be good but even with that being the case with you having a front row seat for a lot of these games out at the couch have they even exceeded your expectations not really to be honest with you because I thought that the missing piece was defense and I think that they've done a very nice job defensively they've made 19 errors in the 26 games they played but 12 of them came in two games one of them down at Myrtle Beach during spring break so I think you throw the outliers out a little bit the pitching has been sensational and the hitting you knew would be there the pitching has absolutely been sensational even with the loss of Teddy McGraw who was expected to be probably a first or a high second round draft pick this year and he'll be out for the season and then Crawford Wade a left-hander is out for the season but the pitching has been great and Tom Walter admits that's the strength of the team right now tonight Wake Forest will begin a series with the Clemson Tigers in upstate South Carolina getting to Major League Baseball a lot of rule changes this offseason and I think impactful ones I'm wearing my Orioles t-shirt and I probably feel better about the O's than I have in a decade considering that you only play your division opponents 13 times now which means it's not half the schedule against the Yankees the Red Sox and you know those powers that we see in the AL East but also the elimination of the shift that has hopefully more hard hit ground balls getting through and becoming hits in the future which I know you love to hear as a former pitcher and then the other thing that's being talked about a lot is the pitch clock 15 seconds if a runner's not on base in 20 seconds if a runner is on and the effect we've seen in spring training I think last year spring training games went over just a little bit over three hours and then this year spring training was around two and a half hours a game so that seems to be positive too at least from a television experience when you look at it what do you think out of those rule changes or perhaps something else is most impactful well even the fans at the game seem to enjoy it more because the pace is so much better and let's face it the game is better when people are in motion when bodies are moving is when the game is fun so if you're trying more stolen bases which we've seen very conclusively in spring training teams tried to steal a lot more home runs are still going to come but you're seeing people in motion a lot more often and you're right about the times I think that that'll even out a little bit more I think we'll probably add a few minutes to the pace of the games once the regular season starts but I think it's been exciting for everybody and good for everybody and I think that most of the rule changes have been very effective what's the difference in the pitch clock to me is that players had a chance to get used to it in the minor league some and almost across the board all of the teams and all of the players have been for it they're just gotten it's taken a little bit to get used to it and at this point they played enough games that the teams have gotten used to it I mentioned this earlier Larry Sorenson's joining us a WSJS by the way that the world baseball classic was entertaining as kind of a jumping-off point nationally for baseball when you when it ends with Shohei Ohtani facing Mike Trout to close it out and they might be the most intriguing team the yank it's more fun when the Yankees and the Mets are both spending and they're both interesting I mean that new owner in New York the Mets spending a ton of money Aaron Judge he homered to this first at bat today for the Yankees but I'll put it to you who is the team in baseball you're most excited to watch heck the Astros are gonna unveil their banner tonight facing a team that has a lot of guys we watched watch watch play in Winston-Salem that has a new manager the Chicago White Sox I think that the Astros are probably the team to beat but believe it or not the team I get most excited about is watching the Detroit Tigers I'm from Detroit I grew up a tiger fan they're not gonna be very good but it's still my home team just like you're pulling for the Orioles who look like they have a pretty good shot at making postseason play this year I don't think you can put the Tigers in that group but you know that's the beauty of baseball Josh is that my team is gonna lose they're probably not gonna be a 500 team and yet I'm gonna be tuning a man as soon as that game starts and I'll be listening on the radio in my car and that's the team when I sit at home on a Tuesday night looking for something to watch on TV that's the game that I'll plug into oh yeah the Orioles played the Tigers in that ALCS which is the last time I was really happy as an Orioles fan in fact memory serves now that Seattle's made the playoffs I think Detroit might actually have the longest postseason drought they haven't been some since what 2014 I think it was 14 right around that time and it's it's uh it's been sad and it's been hard to watch but Scott Harris I think will do a great job as their new president in charge of baseball operations they need to get a GM I believe but they'll do that in short order and they're they're coming you know wait till next year it's hard to say that on opening day but wait till next year still resounds oddly enough this is the first time since 1968 that all all the teams have played a game on opening day Wow which is kind of a remarkable number it's pretty cool Larry Sorenson let's close with a team you know very well the Wake Forest football program which is going through it's spring practice you've been out there a few times what if we got a little bit of a look at Mitch Griffiths in the earlier in the opener last year while Sam Hartman was out what have you noticed about watching him and the dekes out at practice he's comfortable he's very comfortable the players are very comfortable with him he's been in the program this is his fourth year in the program so they know him they know what to expect Jamal Banks had a great line he said I've been catching passes from him since 2020 he said he's seen my drops I've seen his wobbly passes we know each other he said it's just gonna be moving another guy in to a great system they'll score points and I don't think that the Wake faithful have to worry about the offense too much happy opening day Larry thanks for doing this always a pleasure Josh
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