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Lost In The Sauce

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May 11, 2023 6:06 pm

Lost In The Sauce

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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May 11, 2023 6:06 pm

On a Thursday Drive, Josh explains why the Carolina Panthers schedule matters a lot when it comes to when Bryce Young will start, discusses why he thinks the Hurricanes will go ahead and end the series with the Devils, tonight, in Raleigh, Panthers writer for The Athletic, Joe Person, joins the show to break some news regarding the Panthers schedule, WD decides whether or not he was entertained when he went to the movies to review "Gladiator", and 6th Man of the Tar Heels, BDaht, joins the show to react to D'Marco Dunn entering the transfer portal and to see if Josh knows what it means to "put on" in a session of Grahammar School.

The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham
The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham
The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham
The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham
The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham
The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham

He's amused Cam Newton. He's been insulted by Charles Barkley. When some idiot in the press asked him, you know what you know now, what you scheduled this game. He's interviewed Matthew McConaughey. And he's taken on Big Blue Nation. He's just completely taken the wind out of my face. It's time for The Drive with Josh Graham.

You are on a Thursday Drive WSJS News Talk Sports for the Triad where it's NFL Scheduled Day. And if we're being honest about it, the presentation of it all is kind of absurd. There are always leaks and there have been today. We already know who the opponents are. We've known that since the second week of January. And teams do a little bit too much on social media.

Just a little too much. Except the Panthers because they will always be the schedule release video goats and everybody else is playing for second. However, don't let the nonsense of it all today take away from how important the schedule release actually is. It legitimately matters and your favorite team season could be swung two or three wins or two or three losses based solely on where these games are placed tonight. Real advantages that coaches and players and executives and general managers really care about are going to be gained tonight. The placement of your bye week.

Not having it too early. Or if you're trying to break in a rookie quarterback like the Carolina Panthers are, maybe it benefits you to have that earlier than usual. Playing cold weather teams that you're set to play on the road in September or October rather than in early January or in December. Playing younger teams earlier on in your schedule. Playing the older teams with not so much depth. Especially in the trenches later in the year. These are things that are being looked at that are gonna be examined and talked about at great length and those are just a few to name. There are real disadvantages too.

This mostly stems at time preparation disparities. How many times are you playing teams coming off a bye week? When you play a team coming off your bye, are they also coming off a bye? Or coming off a Thursday night game where they get three extra days of prep?

Those types of things can really play to your advantage. Do you have to play multiple Thursday night games? Now that that is allowed this year, somebody's gonna get screwed with that.

I don't know who it is. Are you gonna play Saturday games in December rather than Sunday games? That's one day less of prep. Are you gonna play a ton of primetime games?

That's something that can work to your disadvantage. These are all things that you should break down and factor into the calculus of how well your team did when it comes to the schedule. As it relates to the Carolina Panthers, we are excited to see how they're gonna reveal the schedule.

On social media, what are they going to do? They've put some teasers out that it's gonna be a film type of deal at a movie theater and Jeremy Chin and Dante Jackson are involved with something and Brian Burns and Derek Brown and JJ Jansen wearing like these very, you know, fashionable, we'll call them spectacles, the Panthers long tenured long snapper. For the Panthers, everything's gonna be viewed through the Bryce Young lens.

Everything. Oh, the Panthers are playing the Texans in week eight? Good, that's a lot of time between week one and week eight to ensure that you get the two, the first two picks in the draft going head-to-head with each other. The first games in Atlanta, you hear a lot of people say, oh Bryce Young, he's played a number of games in Atlanta, where the SEC Championship games at, so he's no stranger to that, it looks like the first two weeks are going to be Atlanta on the road and the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football in week two, which if I'm looking at it from the Bryce perspective, and this is something I want to ask Joe Person when he joins us later this hour, that actually looks pretty good for Bryce. You have the entire offseason to get ready for that first game, and then after your first game you have an eight-day prep for a home game against the Saints. If I'm talking about getting the quarterback ready and easing them into it, those are not very difficult games to open up with. It's not like you're going to Seattle, you're going to New Orleans to open things up to really hostile environments. No, you're opening in Atlanta, they don't have a great edge rusher, you don't have Michael Parsons lined up on the other side, or the Neil Hunter and, you know, Z'Darius Smith from Minnesota to deal with. It actually seems that that falls pretty well for Carolina. The Green Bay Packers, it appears, will be coming to Charlotte on Christmas Eve, that's a Sunday, second straight year. The Panthers will be hosting an NFC North team on Christmas Eve. A lot of today is preposterous, it's fair to say that, but the schedule release itself is very significant.

Advantages will be gained, disadvantages will happen too, and real ones at that. Will Dalton is the executive producer of this show at the movies with the WD later today. WD needs more of a thinking man's picture. And that thinking man's picture, Ian Eagle, is Gladiator that he watched last night. A lot of athletes use Gladiator as a hype up vehicle, getting people ready to go, get them ready for games. Ray Lewis said before every game he played in the league, he would watch Gladiator. And he plainly ripped, ripped off of Maximus grabbing the dirt, like he does his little celebration that he did when he comes out onto the field, he grabs the dirt first and rubs it together the same way that Maximus does. And some say that LeBron might have ripped from that as well when he does the entire, what's he putting in his hands? It's like talcum powder when he does chalk.

The chalk and that too. Did that movie get you in the right mindset today? I'm all fired up. I'm entertained. Yes, at my signal, unleash hell. I put a poll question out there, maybe we could get to this later in the show, in fact I have two poll questions today. The Gladiator related one was, is Gladiator a sports movie? A lot of people voting on this, 86% saying no it is not.

Well the truth is, we'll discuss that later. In about 5-10 minutes, Heisman odds have been released. Sam Hartman and Drake May have the same odds. Who's gonna have a better season? Drake May or Sam Hartman? You can vote on those polls at Josh Graham Radio, at WSJS Radio.

WSJS Radio is where we're streaming video in addition to YouTube and on Twitch. However and wherever you are listening or watching the show, we appreciate that. If you're watching you see that I got my Orioles gear on, fresh off the 2 out of 3 win against the Tampa Bay Rays and I have for the fourth day in a row overalls on. On home ice, the Carolina Hurricanes can close out the New Jersey Devils tonight. It is a 7 o'clock puck drop at PNC Arena and... They're gonna wrap it up tonight. The Canes will not make the same mistake twice.

Stuff you can talk about. Fool me once, oh shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Their only home playoff loss in the playoffs thus far, WD, was game five of the last series. The last series went this way.

Home win, home win, road loss, home win, and then they lost game five before closing things out in six. This series has played out, the first four results have played out the same way and if you remember that game five last series, Carolina should not have lost that. Carolina should have won that game. They had a couple of mistakes defensively that the Islanders cashed in on but they out shot them, they out skated them. That was a huge missed opportunity that I do not think they miss here especially considering the Devils, they have, they should have a lot less hope than the Islanders do, or the Islanders did at that point. Jersey has been belittled, dehumanized in Carolina's three wins in this series. The margin of victory in Carolina's three wins in this series, 17 to 3 including a 6 to 1 win on New Jersey's home ice.

Now you're going back to rally where you've lost 11 to 2 in your two games and you expect good things to happen knowing that you have to win three in a row? Take the Islanders, they believed they could win in rally because three of the four losses they had in that series were by one goal, two in overtime. So the odds suggest Carolina's gonna win tonight and they also suggest, I guess if you're just playing the odds at it, that we're gonna get one close game right? We've already seen NHL history made where in the first four games there has been a goaltender change in all four, that's never happened in NHL history before this series. The last time the Canes played the Devils in the playoffs it was the greatest closest series that we ever seen before, this is the most lopsided series that I've ever seen. So I mean the game hasn't been closer than four goals. I'd venture to say that that will change in a closeout setting for Carolina, but who knows, maybe Carolina wins 8 to nothing tonight, I don't know.

I do feel like the Canes are gonna win though, they're not going to make the same mistake twice. As I mentioned, Joe Person, he will be our guest in about 20 minutes or so at the movies, that's today with Gladiator, that'll be in our four o'clock hour. And the sixth man of Tar Heel basketball, B-Dot, will take you to grammar school, will be giving away Daniel Tosh tickets during that segment.

Let me deliver on some things that I forgot to last segment. The question was with the same odds going into this fall for Sam Hartman and Drake May to win the Heisman, who do you think has a better year? 55% of the poll on Twitter say Drake May is the favorite, something we'll discuss in a little bit because W-D per, I forget whose recommendation it was that you watch Gladiator, it certainly wasn't Ian Eagle's recommendation, but W-D needs more of a thinking man's picture. You will watch Gladiator, or you already did, we'll talk about it in a bit, is Gladiator a sports movie? 87% say no. So that's where we'll start our conversation with Joe Person, plus we got some Wake basketball news that we'll get to after we chat with Joe. Let's start in the obvious place, Joe, is Gladiator a sports movie? Oh man, I don't know, I'd say no.

It's a historical drama with the little entertainment value coursing through it. That's a pretty good assessment. Joe Person from The Athletic, here's what's great about him, on schedule release day you need to find the insiders, the real insiders, and here's how you know whether or not somebody's a real insider. If they're, you know, if their bio says they're an insider, they're probably not an insider. Joe Person doesn't need to tell you he's an insider, he just gives you information. The Athletic has covered the Panthers for a long time and just about three minutes ago he tweets, how about them Cowboys?

Dallas will be in Charlotte week 11th, Sunday November the 19th per a source. This is how I want to approach this segment, Joe. I'm gonna view you like an apple tree and I'm just gonna try and shake you as often as I can here and see if like rather than apples falling out like Panthers nuggets fall out. What is today like for you in terms of rumors that are going around and trying to get that stuff confirmed?

You know what, I kind of like people sort of poo-poo, to use one of my mom's words or expressions. They kind of downplay schedule release day. I like it.

Here's why. I am NOT a guy that tips draft picks. I don't think having a pick 15 seconds before it's announced is breaking news and I do think that sort of spoils the punch but I think today I think most people like you said, Josh, yourself and a lot hopefully a lot of fans and listeners and readers like to see these nuggets and plus it's just, I don't know, it's so overdone and over-the-top that it is kind of nice to drop some of the more interesting ones. I don't want to like put out the whole schedule. I'm not that guy but I'll try to like pick my spots on some of the primetime games and some of the more interesting matchups like you said. How about them Cowboys? Okay, give me one game.

See, Twitter's consumed a lot differently than sports talk radio is. Just give me one more game that you know when it's happening but you haven't tweeted it out yet. Give me one. You know what?

I'm trying to think. Do you know when that Bears game is? Do you know when the Bears Panthers game is?

Yes, yes. Okay, when's that game happening? That is Week 10 Thursday Night Football in Chicago Soldier, venerable Soldier Field. That's fine except here's what I told one of my Bears buddies from the athletic. I wanted a Saturday night in Chicago.

That's one of America's great cities. I don't want to like pop in on a Thursday morning and leave Friday morning. That stinks but I guess that's how the cards are dealt. Yeah, I gave four predictions for schedule release day and it sounds like I'm gonna go three out of four WD. We said that for the first time since 2014 the Panthers will open with an NFC South opponent. The Falcons are that.

Okay. I said that the first two games were gonna be on the road because Charlotte FC is playing that Saturday night right before Week 2. Well, Monday night gives you a little bit more of a turnaround. The Saints are that Week 2 game it would appear. So we got that wrong WD.

That's an X. Yeah, we got that wrong. I said that there would be two primetime games on the schedule which hasn't happened since 2018. You got the Saints and according to Joe Person right here the Chicago Bears are gonna be another one. That's it.

That's a ding. That's a bell and then I said that the Bears or Texans would be one of those primetime games and I just think there's a lot of punch to that one. It's pretty exciting but this is what I want your thought on Joe. I opened up today saying there are a lot of absurdities to today like you know you'll have the schedule release stuff that teams put out and a lot of stuff leaks during the day. We have the opponents going in but the the actual results of games in the fall could be swung positively or negatively based on the placement of these games. Coaches and players talk a lot about time preparation disparities and talk a lot about when buy weeks are and talk a lot about hey we're playing at a cold weather city in September or October. That's a lot better than going there in December and early January.

How far are you willing to go and talking about just how important the placement of these games are? Well as I was sort of kind of getting a jump start and writing some of our copy that'll be published on The Athletic tonight, for instance looking at the Falcons in week one who have beefed up their pass rush significantly with Kaleis Campbell. They just signed Bud Dupree not long ago. They were pretty bad, very bad pass rushing team this year, last year. Looked like they could be better this year and so that'll be an interesting test for Bryce Young.

I mean that's been the audience it has been the one constant through this whole off season. How will he hold up? Will he get hit and break in half? But here's like to go a little deeper on that matchup, that week also at least that week the Panthers will be without Austin Corbett.

Outstanding starting right guard as he recovers from ACL surgery. So you're right that we know the opponents but seeing when everything falls during the schedule and what's like I like to look at like what is like this looks like this could be the most meaningful stretch of the schedule whatever that turns out to be. So it's yes it's the NFL so everything in the NFL does is over done but there is some interest and you're right some strategy that that ends up coming out of tonight. Yeah let's throw everything in prime time. They used to have the hall of fame ceremony during the day now it's in prime time. We used to do the draft during the day let's put that during the week in prime time and spread that out.

Hey let's do the combine have quarterbacks throw in prime time everything they touch turns to gold. Last thing for Joe Person on twitter at josephperson read his stuff from The Athletic. What was the highlight of Jazz Fest featuring our favorite band the Avett Brothers? You're nice to ask and so technically that this is the interesting thing at Jazz Fest they were not part of Jazz Fest but all these cool musicians show up in New Orleans that week and they played this actually was almost better from my from my where I sat they played this historic Sanger Theater downtown New Orleans on Canal Street and so and thank goodness because Saturday when they played was a mess out at the fairgrounds it was a rainy day and muddy but once I kind of cleaned up after watching Dead in Company I got to go in the dry cozy confines of the Sanger Theater and watch Scott and Seth and Joe Kwan and it was a mellow show my friend it was they did play a kick drum and they played a couple upbeat but it was rather mellow and and I didn't hate it it was I was just enjoying the beautiful music yeah we got color show at Merle Fest and it was also a mess weather wise a few weeks ago when you saw Dead in Company was Mayer with him John Mayer? He was oh wow very cool I had not seen them with John Mayer I haven't seen them probably in I don't know 25 years um I think I saw them once after Jerry Garcia passed but but it's been a long time so that that was that was fun too Joe Person I'll let you get back to breaking some news thank you for uh spending the time with us it's good to hear your voice hope to see you sometime soon all right brother thanks for thinking of me of course there he goes Joe Person from The Athletic spending a little bit of time here we got two breaking college basketball notes to share I said that I had something related to Wake basketball I do and I see WD rocking the Wake Forest gear that you could see on our YouTube stream Twitter and Twitch so Wake's going to be playing in a Charleston basketball event in November we don't know who the opponents are going to be yet but here are the teams we know are going to be there we don't know the matchups but we know which teams are going Houston's going to be there Kelvin Sampson that'd be a pretty good test no knocking Wake schedule if you got Houston St. John's is going to be there Steve Forbes versus Rick Pitino sign me up for that my dad's alma mater Towson going to be there in Charleston I'm sure he's really jacked about that but this breaking news note that literally dropped two or three minutes ago might be more significant to a lot of people listening DeMarco Dunn just entered the transfer portal from North Carolina whoa did not see that coming I don't know I did did you yeah at the start of it because you knew something or just the hunt you had well no I from the start of the off season I was told don't be surprised if Tyler Nickel and DeMarco Dunn entered the portal I'm like well what about Seth Trimble Trimble's gonna stay that's what I was told don't be surprised if Dunn that that was it because really they're kind of in the same boat like you see like potential for talent and all this you know DeMarco DeMarco Dunn's in the same boat as Dontress Stiles in this this conversation too if they were dudes wd they would have played he averaged 2.7 points done done 2.7 points okay you're not going to get me to feel moved one way or the other I put him in if you're asking me what category does he belong in does he belong in the Seth Trimble box or belong in the Tyler Nickel Dontress Stiles box it's it's the latter I would agree with that right it's it goes back to you know Brad Pitt breaking down players in Moneyball oh that guy can really hit then why doesn't he hit good oh yeah DeMarco Dunn oh this guy's this guy oh man he could be a real player this guy can really stroke it then why doesn't he play good oh it doesn't play that much why doesn't he do that I mean he doesn't think Hubert wants the guys who play you don't think Hubert wants the good players on the floor I agree with you but he did start to put in some good work towards the ACC tournament I do remember that just to clear that out there but I'm with you on the bigger for that standard we're talking about the University of North Carolina I get it I get it I'd much rather have that open roster spot if a reclassification happens yeah if something happens during the summer where somebody you might not have expected to pull their name out of the NBA draft does so or if somebody's just unhappy like Dawson Garcia didn't work out but in principle he showed up in July remember North Carolina last year didn't have room for Gigi Jackson because they filled up I'd rather have that roster spot open at a place like North Carolina than giving it to DeMarco Dunn who in two years has demonstrated 2.7 points and I mean that with all due respect it's probably best for DeMarco that he goes somewhere else just like it was better for Dontress Stiles and better for Tyler Nickel that they go other places we're talking about North Carolina basketball here Hubert clearly has a high standard for it and he should and we looking at it should probably have a high standard too before we go to the movies with the WD we know who the siren sounders are going to be for game five in Raleigh tonight canes devils Carolina a chance to close things out on the first period siren Naeem Hinds who I believe is from Garner played at NC State once upon a time he was once an Indianapolis cult he's now a Buffalo Bill remember after the Damar Hamlin situation the next time the Bills played at home he ran the opening kickback which is one of the best moments of the last football season he'll be on the first period siren the second period siren is going to be Daniel Cormier from the fight game Daniel Cormier going to be on the siren and on the third period siren someone I saw at Merlefest just a few weeks ago Marcus King South Carolina native we'll forgive him for that considering now he's performed Merlefest and he's going to be sounding the third period siren I am a fan officially now of Marcus King those are the siren sounders for game five later on tonight now let's go to the movies with the WD gladiator edition unless you're talking about star wars movies aren't exactly Will's thing I don't get it you want cups of swine but that's about to change because Josh can't stand it anymore this is and the movies with will dot it okay so we've discussed is gladiator a sports movie it seems the people on the poll on social media don't think it is I think they're dead wrong 87 who voted on this poll say no it's not disagree vehemently with that I've come around on the idea that there will be a sequel that is also directed by Ridley Scott coming out next year for this movie starring the little boy Lucis now grown up Denzel Washington's gonna be a part of this that's pretty exciting let's get to gladiator 2000 it's your first Ridley Scott experience because I take it you hadn't seen Alien or Blade Runner any of those I have some movies The Martian no so this is your first Ridley Scott experience this is my favorite Ridley Scott movie what did you like about it well being a Game of Thrones fan and we had a discussion about this earlier this type of movie or show or whatever it is I'm a big fan of kind of the medieval you can make the argument that this movie crawled so that way Game of Thrones could run and I agree you might be right about that like I've read something that Joffrey the chair the character from I said character from glad from Game of Thrones was pretty much just pulled from Commodus Commodus from Joaquin Phoenix's character is essentially Joffrey and Joffrey is Commodus and you know Russell Crowe's character has a pet wolf I mean yep do what you will with that information so you can see the ties that Game of Thrones maybe doesn't exist or at least not the way that it existed if not her gladiator and how popular gladiator was I really enjoy the action scenes in this uh specifically the scene where Max Maximus is about to be killed early on in the movie by the guards and then he just annihilates them this is what's great about having Ridley Scott do it he wouldn't have agreed to do this movie unless they let him have these big set pieces where that's not CGI like you would see in 2023 today those are people thousands of them hundreds of them being shot in the opening sequence with a bunch of different garments that they created specifically for this and all the stuff you see at the coliseum like everything is so thoughtful and put together which kind of gets to the bigger point it's a big budget non-superhero action movie that we just don't make anymore and if we were gonna make something like this it's always with a series in mind oh if gladiator was done in 2023 it would be oh it's a three movie deal and they wouldn't have a close-ended story on it like there's zero chance spoiler alert it's a 23 year old movie that Russell Crowe's character would die at the end there's no way that would happen today you spend all this money on a movie oh we got to make sure we get two or three movies out of it and I think that would also affect the quality of the movie like the power of the end of this movie would be taken away if it didn't end with Russell Crowe's character dying so I kind of long for having big budget action movies that have you know characters that are new original characters rather than the comic book superhero type situations that are just prolonged and stretched out so you can get as many sequels as possible and try to extract as much money as you can out of it I kind of long for that um and that's what struck me as I watched last night also the fight against the undefeated fighter super cool with the bangle tigers that scene of the movie and that dude's armor was so cool so cool we who are about to die salute you what didn't you like this one's pretty obvious you warned me yesterday you and gray one of our salesmen here warned me about this the scene where his family died it's tough I you didn't have to do that Ridley Scott you didn't have to have the feet dangling and then a second shot we we didn't need to do I I said out loud a couple times in this movie some obscenities in my house sitting by myself watching this movie did you really yeah few obscenities were said out loud like holy bleep really what why like when Joaquin Phoenix's character Commodus is talking about what his son said as he was being butchered and his wife what she sounded like we wow we went there which kind of gets to this is a compliment but it's what didn't you like comp Commodus might be the most evil movie villain ever full stop like he hits all the notes it's like a meeting happened how do we create somebody who's what are the worst traits we can find okay how about somebody who cheats yep incest incest with your sister yeah like killing family members like your dad for power I mean you know not anti-democratic you want to like just get rid of the senators and the senate that's tough every this I can't find somebody who's more evil in a movie than Joaquin Phoenix's character Commodus and Gladiator for real and you know a villain's really good when you hate the actor too or people there are people that hate it just keeps ramping up the entire movie yes like how much you dislike this person what's the best quote are you not entertained it's just not why you're here at my signal unleash hell is pretty darn good defrost right times we should say that we should say that at the start of every show if I'm a football coach and I want to get people jacked up I'd be like at my signal unleash hell let's go let's go go to war ready right now are you in danger of becoming a good man's pretty good I think you've been afraid I mean the slam of you're gonna fight me sure you think I'm afraid I think you've been afraid your entire life bars it's got bars it does okay rotten tomato score you've been really good at this I have in recent weeks let's see how you do for gladiator 2000 I'm gonna say this got a 92 you sneak in there within five eighty seven percent for gladiator duh pretty clear that's been at the movies with the wd when b-dot takes me to grammar school your chance to win tickets to see daniel tosh at tinger center later this segment dot joins us now six man of tarheel basketball and with tarheel basketball in mind there was uh some news in the last couple hours that demarco dunn has entered the transfer portal from north carolina today is the last day of a 60-day transfer window in men's hoops if he tried tomorrow he might not be guaranteed immediate eligibility elsewhere and since he's not a grad transfer he wouldn't be able to transfer immediately by those logistics so he had to if he was going to enter the portal do so today pretty late in the process obviously dot how surprised are you that demarco dunn is in the portal um a little surprise you know he wait he waited to that midnight hour as they say in the bible you did what i'm saying i didn't know if he was going to do it but you know there may be some truth to these rumors that elliot cadeau will be reclassing i really don't know demarco dunn leaving does now open us up for three um scholarships that we have available um the player what's my god is going to that went to crate and it's instilling the nba draft oh yeah yeah there's still conversation that he may be coming to chapel hill as well the reality is as a person i really enjoyed demarco dunn man like i mean he was a nice guy seemed like he worked hard always had a smile a lot of people say he was the smartest tar heel on the team as far as scholastics and um academia was concerned um but he just never just panned out to be the shooter that i expected him to be i thought he's going to be a dead shot shooter sort of in the same vein as kerwin um he did get better from freshman to sophomore year but i'm just i'm starting to really believe and i and i hate admitting this um on your show josh graham but i'm starting to have to agree with you in the idea that coach hd just sat these guys down and said listen you're not going to get more playing time next year than you've got in the last two years so you can either continue to stay here and try to make it work or your better option may be trying to hit that portal that's why that's why i'm not moved by this like again i know tar heel fans get attached to some of these guys i get it but hubert's let you know how he felt about this guy over the first two years he averaged two and a half points a game and it's probably best for him to go somewhere else like styles going to uh georgetown or tyler nickel going to virginia tech you're going to get more minutes going to those places and it opens up the scholarship which i think whether it's kiddo reclassing or somebody becoming unhappy during the summer when another transfer portal window opens a la dawson dawson garcia even though that didn't work in that instance who's to say that somebody great doesn't become available that you want to have an open roster spot for and probably hope you would hope be more of an impact player than unfortunately demarco dun was the last few years not it's also nfl schedule release day your dallas cowboys will be visiting the carolina panthers according to our friend joe person who was with us earlier on november 19th that is week 11 the cowboys will be visiting charlotte they will open the season dallas will in primetime sunday night football against the new york giants do you get excited when the schedule comes out or does that not move you either um doesn't really move me a lot i try to go season to season right now i'm in basketball nba basketball season that's where i'm locked in although i did see that um you know me josh so you know my favorite number is 11 um for my dallas cowboys to be coming to charlotte on week 11 it's a bit um serendipitous i thought that was pretty cool so i'll definitely be trying to make sure i'm at that game we've had the primetime game the last couple of seasons opened up the season on thursday night i believe in tampa i went down there for my birthday and we got beat by tampa bay um so i'm used to my cowboys having those primetime kickoff games um it being a conference game against the giants should be interesting because i mean you automatically start the season after week one either atop the division or at the bottom in the cellar of the division so it's a lot you know on that game but i'm expecting the cowboys to do some good things this season as we cowboys fans are expecting our cowboys to do every season yeah uh-huh dot uh since you're in nba mode wd and i have a great disagreement about how we see things currently in the nba he's entering the second round i give wd credit in this regard despite the fact the lakers were the lesser seed against golden state and miami was an eight seed again with things stacked against them after upsetting milwaukee he predicted it's going to be a mil a miami lakers nba finals going into the series i felt that the winners of the nuggets phoenix series and the winners of the boston philly series we're going to meet in the final thing i still think boston can win that series against the sixers but the winners of those series i like denver to get there no chris paul again tonight for the fourth straight game and we'll see what happens with sixers celtics that's my read on it the winners of those two series those are pseudo conference finals wd though is still in on the lakers even though ad being out and losing last night might stir a little bit of concern where do you stand um of course i'm definitely rooting for the lakers to beat the warriors you know i'm anti stuff and i'm pro lebron more than anybody you probably ever know but i think i saw it with you and the idea that i think that phoenix denver series is the western conference champion i just think joker is too much and if um book and kd can figure it out and get past the number one team in the west i think they're one way to the finals nba finals no doubt about it and on the eastern side of fame man i did not see the celtics imploding the way they did at home game five i did not see that and from that i got the 76ers taking this man i think it's too much mb i think this is his year to be great and i love james hart but i will tell you this of course i'm rooting for the sons i would love to see a denver 76ers nba finals i would love to see joker versus mb mvp pass versus mvp present in the finals i would love to see that i i'm gonna call my shot though boston's gonna win the next two and win that series because we saw this last year milwaukee took game five on boston's court a year ago and then they went to milwaukee one game six that felt like a pseudo conference final two with respect to the heat and back-to-back years odds are and game seven they they won on their home court again i just think they're a better team and also james hardin and doc rivers blowing series in the playoffs hmm never heard that one before but the thing about it josh though i'm the only contrarian retort i would have for you is marcus smart is not very smart and it seems that the coaching from um um was emay adoka yeah last year him yeah last year his coaching style was a lot more beneficial to where the celtics were trying to go it seems like this year marcus smart is taking entirely too many closing second shots and i think that's going to be the doom it is it is funny i heard somebody say this i want to give him credit but i can't remember who it was it's like marcus smart probably is going to be traded this off season because he that he probably should be playing a role that he's over qualified for but he's wanting to play a role that he isn't good enough for so it just doesn't really seem to fit for marcus smart now let's get to grammar school if you want to help me out we've got daniel tosh tickets go see him in greensboro uh if you can help me out with a grammar school question three three six seven seven seven one six hundred he's gonna be at tanger center and those tickets go on sale friday let's play the game josh graham has his own way of speaking and just when you think it can't get any worse josh is going to attempt to learn b-dots vernacular i'm gonna put one in the air it's time for b-dots grammar school nobody better than b-dots free game during game post game brought to you by heritage hardwood floors when it comes to flooring they have no ceiling thank you very much jay billis for letting the people know how great i am and thank you very much to heritage hardwood floors for sponsoring this segment when it comes to flooring they have absolutely no ceiling how are you feeling today josh i'm feeling good i got overalls on because i lost a bet um what is that all about i saw that on your instagram but i didn't know what the bet was i just saw you know yeah in a month and a half we hadn't really been pushing the youtube channel the way that we were we were supposed to we had like 200 subscribers in a month and a half so i said last tuesday hey if we get to 300 by the end of the week then i'll i'll wear overalls it happened in two days so yeah people people wanted it they clambered for it you're right left on them robert says i should go shirtless on friday with the overalls tomorrow on a rhinestone cowboy friday i haven't decided if i'm going to do that yet okay i got a call cast it question for you and again if you want to win the daniel tosh tickets three three six seven seven seven one six hundred are you ready to go dot ready okay carolina hurricanes they have a chance to close out the devils tonight where are the devils from the hell the blake the devils are from hell the devils the imps the um all of the hell because his name is lucifer he actually started in heaven josh i don't know if you knew this but he was actually the musical angel in heaven yeah but he tried to go against god god kicked him out of heaven and now the devil is doomed to hell the hockey context the blank devils oh the new jersey devil there you go just just make sure yeah the new jersey devils i i didn't know hockey you know we're just trying to test that's one of those lucky ones for me that i i knew that there's a couple of men it's only like four hockey teams i know 100 anywhere else i'm going to struggle i'd love to know those teams at a later point what's okay what's your first grammar school question all right if somebody says i put that on what are they saying um i put that on yes i put that on blank what are they saying three three six seven seven seven one six hundred crap already what i think about when i hear i put that on the last of the three questions you're going to ask is music related where i immediately go is to young jeezy put on is an all-time hit one of my favorite rap songs ever oh i love young jeezy let me ask you when he says that he in that context it's not the same context but when he says i put on for my city what is he saying josh ground he's rapping for a city representing that's right i put on for youngsville north carolina and for the tryouts every day josh you tell them i'm trying to think what what's the uh go-to like one liner that distinguish that sets uh young jeezy apart no i'm thinking about hmm this is gonna bother me all right i put that on i'm gonna say that means that i put that on blank i'm gonna say like you're carrying something so it's not exactly repping but you know you talk about like lebron the night or lebron last night he had a chance to win and clench but it didn't he was he was gonna put that on steph curry put that on what a last night yeah that's what that's what steph did give me the x yeah x amount please yeah put that on put that on means to swear like if i say oh i'm the best pa announcer or i'm the best arena host in a in the acc and i put that on my kid oh yeah i see i could have helped you with that yeah yeah i don't get it put it on my mama so you put it on your mama you're swearing at your mother no like i swear oh like you're you're like saying something is legit you're putting like an exclamation point on it yeah absolutely and you put it on something that you wouldn't dare lie about like you put that on your dog yeah okay so it'd be like i am the greatest sports talk radio host in the triad i put that on no no no you have to put it on something you have to put it on something that's important to you so what what's the dog's name oh oh i put that on my mama i put that on okay yeah yeah yeah yeah there you go i got you i got you understood understood okay what's the next one the next one what does it mean to be lost in the sauce lost in the sauce yep three three six seven seven seven one six hundred because i gotta get this one right i need some help i'm bribing you with daniel tosh tickets who i love that's a very like he had a stretch kind of like dane cook did like 15 years ago where he was huge for like three years daniel tosh had a had a run dot that's not 2.0 joint yeah or whatever it was called like that junk was lit like he was the he was low-key the pioneer of that like the tv in the back and just voicing over videos and stuff that everybody does now tosh point oh is damn near the originator yeah yeah and it started like a a he kind of pioneered a run of like deadpan dark-ish comedy like shock humor that anthony jeselnik then took with him and i've seen him in person i haven't seen daniel tosh but i'm interested in it who should i go to first here uh wd uh you should go to mark in advance okay mark in advance what does it mean to get lost in the sauce that means you're drunk i was thinking that but again i have to get this one right is he right are we right uh b dot is this your final answer yes that is incorrect okay let's go to the next caller to see if he can tell me what lost in the sauce meant see you and i mark in advance we were in the same place but i'm gonna see if the next caller can help pinch hit and win these daniel tosh tickets and also help me because i swear dot that was the first place my brain went lost in the sauce that's not that's not a bad guess i can understand why you and mark would guess that but that is incorrect who am i going to julius and winston julius lost in the sauce help uh that means it means you're confused i'm confused lost in the sauce is that right doc that is correct there you go congratulations you're going to uh just for some clarity it means you're confused in whatever's going going on like you know what sauce is sauce is when you just got swag yeah if you got but if you got too much swag josh you can get lost in the sauce you can get caught up in all this swag you got and people making you feel better than you are and you can mess around and get confused thinking you're bigger than what you are and be lost in the sauce i've heard cam newton make that reference before that he was lost in the sauce last one all right song time are you ready i'm ready i'm ready the lyrics are cutie the bomb met her at a beauty salon she had a baby louis vuitton under her underarm she said i can tell you rock i can tell by your charm and as far as girls you got a flock i can tell by your charm and your arm i'm pretty sure it's a lil wayne song oh man tell by your tongue no no no no no no it's um it's jay-z you should know this you really should it's a jay-z song but oh wait wait wait she taped my body oh it's kanye jesus walks is it kanye jesus walks go to the music oh no i said the wrong song title idiot it's gold digger no i was i russell wilson did i threw a goal line pick oh no no i sang the hook i sang the hook and got the wrong song i sang the hook you love kanye you shouldn't have got that wrong i'm disappointed i'm disappointed myself and i just want to tell your audience um that uh jamie fox is in this song with kanye west and jamie fox is um fighting for his life in a hospital in atlanta georgia and i just want the listeners to pray for jamie fox he is one hell of a uh just a person he's a great actor he's a great singer and artist and host and um our community is really grieving jamie fox fans are really grieving um as he fights for his life in atlanta georgia so i just wanted to put some love out there in the atmosphere for him all love man thanks for doing that and we'll talk to you next week dot see you soon
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