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August 17, 2023 6:15 pm

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August 17, 2023 6:15 pm

On a Thursday Drive, Josh explains how Bryce Young is the anti-Cam Newton, reacts to a legendary ACC basketball coach chiming in on the ACC expansion talk, voice of Charlotte FC, Will Palaszczuk, joins the show to give his reaction to Bryce Young's preseason debut, Josh breaks down George Bush trying to impact ACC expansion and what it probably sounded like, and 6th man of the Tar Heels, BDaht, joins the show to explain he is NOT in favor of Chickfila's new sandwich and to see if Josh knows what it means to "look like a lick" in a session of Grahammar School.


This is The Drive with Josh Graham Podcast.

Three internet sensations, guys! Tune into The Drive weekday afternoons, 3 to 7 on WSJS. You are on a Thursday Drive, WSJS, News Talk Sports for the Triad, where I had an epiphany today. It was sometime between walking Willow the dog this morning and eating a Costco hot dog for lunch. Yes, WD, I brought a sandwich bag of Lay's potato chips in, since the only potato chips you can buy inside the store are those in-bulk boxes.

Pro tip for everyone out there, as you should bring the Lay's potato chip in if you plan to have a lunch at Costco. Anyway, I had an epiphany about Bryce Young today. And once you hear it, and once you think about it, you won't be able to unhear it or unthink about it. Bryce Young is the anti-Cam Newton. They are the only two number one overall picks in Carolina Panthers history, and they are exact opposites of each other. In almost every single way, too, but let's just start with the football side of it. What is Bryce Young's strength? It's the mental side of the game. Processing and ability to understand the playbook.

It's the mental side of the game. What's his weakness? His size. How small his frame is. How short he is. These are the things that we hear about.

Now let's flip it. What's Cam Newton's strength? Cam's strength is his size. It's how big he is.

How hard he is to bring down. He looks like a linebacker. It's his frame. It's his size. What's his weakness? Reading defenses.

Going through his progressions. You have the physicality piece. The mental side of the game was what held Cam back. However, both were outstanding talents. They were both Heisman winners in college. Where did they go to school? Cam Newton went to Auburn. Bryce Young went to Alabama. The greatest rivalry you could argue in college football, or at least one of them. Their personalities are polar opposites. Cam is the ultimate eccentric. His press conferences, it might have been the most fun I've ever had covering a single player. It's Cam.

It's Zion. Looking at further down the list. Those two really stand out. And a lot of it had to do with the press conferences.

The outfits, the hats, the suits. He had nicknames for every single player on the roster. It was a show any time he stepped behind the podium. Bryce Young, meanwhile, is boring.

We told him that yesterday when he joined the show. When he arrived at the Panthers preseason game on Saturday, he wasn't wearing one of these hats that made him look like Smokey Bear. He wasn't wearing even a suit. He had a t-shirt on and an NFL PA backpack that he got at the rookie symposium a couple of months ago. That's the difference between the two.

They're exact opposites. Here was Bryce talking about this week his routine, trying to get a routine established as he gets settled in the city of Charlotte. I'm still, you know, I'm still trying to figure it out. I'm still, well, we're, yeah, we're about a week now, I want to say.

About a week now in, so. And then with the training camp schedule, you know, a lot of time is being spent here. So right now, a big part of the routine is when I go back to, you know, where I live and go and sleep. That's really been eating. Sleep has really been kind of all that I've had time for.

And a lot of the meals have come from here, too. So I'm still trying to figure that out, especially being in training camp mode. Bryce Young is the anti Cam Newton. And here's the good news for the Carolina Panthers. As good of a career as Cam had.

And it's a career that if you knew how it was going to end at the beginning, you'd still sign up for it. The fact you got eight exciting years from him, a trip to the Super Bowl, a 15 in one season, an MVP year. I don't want to downplay Cam Newton's career. It's a borderline Hall of Fame career.

This is the good news when it comes to the personality clash here and the style of play clash. Bryce's strengths and his personality are better suited for success in this league than Cam's strengths and Cam's personality. How many eccentric Hall of Fame quarterbacks can you name? Dan Marino, if you count him as an eccentric personality, John Elway, was he necessarily eccentric?

If you say yes to that, it's not necessarily in the same kind of way. How many running quarterbacks are all time greats? Mike Vick's not going to get into the Hall of Fame. Randall Cunningham, maybe we could consider him an all time great. But then when you look at the list of just the all time great quarterbacks, whatever your list looks like. Tom Brady's at the top. What's he known for?

Knowledge. He might have not had the best physical traits, but he had the mental side of the game down. And he's as boring as anybody is off of the field. You know, Peyton Manning, same kind of thing. Drew Brees. Bryce Young's traits better set him up for success. His strengths, his personality for a Hall of Fame career than Cam Newton's did.

Bryce Young is the anti Cam Newton. On Twitter at WSJS radio, if you want it on today's show, that's where we are streaming video. In addition to YouTube and Twitch, Will Dalton, the executive producer of the show. Earlier today in The Office, W.D. watched Dodgeball for the first time. Now, this is one of the most underrated, quotable movies of all time. Yes, I have about 100 that I could deploy right now and half of those I can actually say on the radio. I was about to ask how many can you say because all my favorites I can't say on the radio. Thank you, Chuck Norris. Yes. We're sweating like grease monkeys out here. I can't hold on to a ball. L for love.

So many good ones from that. So we'll get to that and at the movies with the W.D. a little bit later. Now that the dust seems to have settled on this summer's conference expansion cycle, we're now hearing from the college basketball world on the subject. And unsurprisingly, coaches aren't too pleased about this expansion. Coach K was with our friend David Glenn on the North Carolina Sports Network, and he hinted that football should just consider breaking away from the rest of the college sports programs. Yeah, I wish we would get to some finality there in what football wants to do and figure that out.

And I would hope that our university is part of that equation all the time. And then I'd like to see us do something with men's and women's basketball. You know, football is really one hundred and twenty schools. NCAA basketball is over three hundred and sixty. And it really that's more of representative of the sum all the Olympic sports. And, you know, it and the men's men's college basketball provides ninety eight, ninety nine percent of the money for the NCAA.

That's the key part. Basketball funds the NCAA. Football doesn't. It's a common misconception that people have.

So this is something it's not a new idea. But since Coach K saying it's going to get more exposure than if Josh Graham says it or really anybody in media, why shouldn't football just break away? They are not like the rest of the sports. They play once a week, 12 times a year, maybe 15 if you're very good.

So travel's not as much of a concern. There are only one hundred and thirty college football FBS programs. There are three times that in college basketball, as Coach K points out. This is how you save the Pac-12. This is how you save the ACC and you save regionality and rivalries and sports that are not named football. By having football break away and now you see college basketball coaches flat out endorsing it. Jim Boeheim. This is kind of amazing.

Our guy recently retired, still. Irritable, still having things grind his gears, still wanting to speak out on subjects. He yes, he was speaking to the athletic and here's the quote that he gave. Oh my God, these people. Always a great way to start a rant. These people. That just, it reeks of Boeheim.

A few years ago, someone said, let's get university presidents more involved. This is where we are because of it. This is all about money.

We all know that. But they used to make 10 million, then 20 million, then 30 million every time they spend it all. Now it's 50, then a hundred. It doesn't matter. We keep moving the line and they spend it anywhere. Where does it stop?

It makes no sense for intelligent people to be doing this. The logistics of football aren't so bad, but basketball, the other sports, what are they doing about the conference tournament? See, this is him saying again, football just kind of break out and become your own thing, become professional life. They haven't solved any of the problems of college athletics. If anything, they just keep making them worse. He's blaming the university presidents and here's the thing. Boeheim's right.

We agree with Boeheim. We do because they're the greedy ones. Business, good businesses. They're the greedy ones.

It's not the ADs that are wanting to do all this. They care about the traditions of college sports. They care about what it's always been, the history of it, because that's what they grew up with. That's what they got into this business for. University presidents, they don't have great business sense to use a Boeheim expression. They don't have as great of an understanding of sports. If you're listening to this show right now, odds are you have a better understanding than a lot of these university academic types do.

Good business. So they are the ones that are pushing for this and if it fails and college sports fails as a result, they're not going to be as bothered about it as we will be. But this is an unintended consequence of the expansion we've seen the last few weeks. WD, the ACC is the best college basketball conference on planet earth. The best one out there historically and probably still today. Big 12 is an elite basketball conference yet. They were the best college basketball league the last two years and they just got an upgrade. Think about the teams that have been added to the Big 12 this year and that are going to be added next year. You're talking about Arizona, Arizona State, Cincinnati, and Houston that are all being added. Houston, a national title contender, Cincinnati, a historic program.

Shout out to Wes Miller. Arizona, we know how good they can be. And that's already adding them to a list that has Kansas and Baylor national title programs. So watch out for the Big 12.

Those moves were not made because of college basketball, but the unintended consequence is Big 12 basketball just got really, really good. Couple of different touches from Charlotte FC coming into the area with it though is Kupana. Kupana in the area with a cross, a shot, they score! And Lionel Messi finally gets his goal. Will Pelagic joins us now from Charlotte FC and I'll tell you why I love that call from you.

You are perfectly in the tank for Charlotte FC. That was you calling Leo Messi's goal last week against Charlotte FC. Don't give anybody who might be listening just for Lionel Messi being in the game the satisfaction of an excited goal call. Willy P, you did your job. Trying to deprive Lionel Messi of anything is difficult these days, so we all have to kind of do our part in terms of that.

But appreciate you appreciating me and always good to talk to you, Josh. What's impressed you most? He had probably his best goal in MLS so far or in the League's Cup earlier this week where he had one from about 25 yards out that he hit with the left foot. What's impressed you the most now that we have a little bit of a sample size about Leo Messi's game now that you've had a chance to watch it against MLS competition?

Well that he's done it against a variety of opponents, Josh. I think we all kind of wondered when the resistance would come. Would it come against the Liga MX side?

There's always been kind of this back and forth about whether or not Liga MX at any level is better or worse than Major League Soccer. We thought it would maybe come against Atlanta United. Could it have come against Charlotte FC with the way that they play? Could it have come against Philadelphia Union, a team that was in the MLS Cup a year ago against LAFC, another tough customer?

Could it come in the final against Nashville? I'm not sure because I think the thing that's been most impressive is that they've been able to do this against all comers and it's not just Messi. I think we spent a lot of time focusing on him and I think Charlotte did so as well but the unfortunate point that was Charlotte's downfall in the game they played on Friday night was that it was the other parts. It was not just Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba and again those two guys are in the short conversation of the best at their position if not being the best at their position they're in the conversation of being the best at their position to ever play at those particular spots but it's the elevation of other guys like Benjamin Kramaski. It's the elevation of a guy like Robert Taylor who was basically doing nothing and as a result now that he's got Messi on the other side of his surface is having a worldly kind of season.

Joseph Martinez has had a renaissance, Leo Campana's had a bit of a renaissance as well so I think it's not just the fact that he's done it against everybody but the kind of efficacious effect that he and some of the other guys have had on his team that as you know Josh in the MLS season had just five wins to their name and was sitting in 15th spot in the Eastern Cup. Yeah the League Cup final that you referenced is going to be on Saturday between Nashville and Inter Miami. Sunday you have the World Cup final, all European final between Spain and who's Spain playing? England. Yes of course. The fighting Jessica Charman's of England.

You definitely couldn't have forgotten that. And quite honestly you know I want her side to win just because I feel like on the 26th of August she's going to be covered head to toe in Union Jack if they do so. I'm ready for the swag of Jessica Charman World Cup champion when it comes to the table if it does so on Saturday. And that's the next time we'll hear a Charlotte FC broadcast from Will Pelagic right here on WSJS. The last time I saw Will Willy P in person was with W.D. at the Panthers preseason game on Saturday against the Jets. So after watching that in person and then hearing Frank Reich after the game pretty much say yeah I don't mind taking it on the chin when it comes to preseason games I don't want to show anything that's what most matters to me especially with the new staff. After hearing his philosophy after watching how brutal that was what's your level of interest in watching tomorrow's Giants game.

I'm intrigued because he said the game plan is not going to change from a game plan standpoint in terms of playing Bryce Young. I do wonder how there's maybe a change in the intensity when it comes to the Panthers especially offensively whether or not they're willing to show more. But you know when the head coach says that we're not trying to do anything we're not trying to put guys in position to win.

We're not trying to show a whole lot. I feel like I take him at his word and you know that the freak out the residual freak out that has happened from Panther fans and I'm not sure how people in your show and on your station have reacted but the reaction was visceral. You would have thought this was you know week 17 and the Panthers are fighting for a postseason spot and they came out and laid an egg.

Look I'm not going to go crazy freak out until the games start mattering if the games start mattering and the level of play is not increased then I feel like you're apt and able to freak out. But in terms of trying to decipher what exactly the preseason will mean to this team. I think Frank Reich takes the standpoint of the preseason's first spots 25 to 46 on the roster it's not for spots 1 through 22. My favorite reaction that I got locally was we had Bryce Young on the show yesterday and somebody said why are you having this loser on the show this guy lost.

Really? That's my favorite reaction that I got. The Matt Rule era sucked guys I understand that but like there doesn't need to be a blatant distrust of authority when it comes to what I think is probably the best staff assembled by a new coach in the last three to five years. Now I understand that doesn't mean anything to wins and losses necessarily but like I'm going to take Frank Reich at his word that they got more up their sleeve than what they showed against the Jets.

Yeah fair enough Bryce Young went 23 and 4 in two seasons in Alabama loser loser Willie P loser. Why are you wearing a Tennessee shirt by the way? What's our philosophy on the show W.D. when it comes to gear? When people give us gear, swag, stuff, we wear it.

So Hypel gave you some gear is that what you're telling me? I won't say who at Tennessee gave me gear but I got a tour of the facilities and I was there and had a great time last year and you know. I will say this.

Who hates Tennessee right now I don't know. Their game day spread for the media is eternally slept on. They know how to welcome you when you're up there very much so. Speaking I think that's a good transition to Chick-fil-A their announcement.

They're not a sponsor of the station or of the show so you could speak freely of how you feel about this if you'd like. They're going to be doing something that they haven't done in nine years later this month and that is debut a new sandwich. It is the honey pepper pimento chicken sandwich. You also got the caramel crumble milkshake that they're debuting. Well Pelagic how in are you on this? You know your brand name is associated with food when you are literally the 13th person in the last two days to ask me this question. So I'll respond by saying this. I'm a little disappointed that it's not on the spicy chicken filet and that it's on the regular filet because I've not necessarily been and this might be a hot take I'm not as much a fan of the regular chicken sandwich as opposed to the spicy chicken sandwich that they have. So you and me both.

I'm wondering if I can get it on the spicy filet I'll obviously have to try the original of a big pimento chicken sandwich. He's frozen. I think we might have lost Will Pelagic. We lost Willy Pig. You know what it was? Oh there he is, there he is.

Big OG chicken sandwich technology got you when you started like slandering the original chicken sandwich. Whoa! I think that's what happened. You know what it was it was it was their pleasure to take my feet off it was their pleasure. On that note George Costanza it Will Pelagic gonna walk out of here a winner as always the voice of charwoodfc thanks for doing this we'll talk to you soon. W.D. watched dodgeball for the first time today so we need to figure out what movie he's going to be watching next week what immediately comes to mind movies with 10 20 30 40 year anniversaries attached to it. It feels like summer is about to come to an end with high school football starting tomorrow we'll have mount tabor and grimsley right here on wsjs next week week zero of college football wake forest will open its season two weeks from today so we'll think about that revisit it in a bit but we've got to get to this Brett McMurphy news from last night where he tweeted out condoleezza rice and george bush george w bush are contacting acc officials to lobby for those for their respective schools to get an acc invite in parentheses george bush smu condoleezza rice stanford pat 40 was the first to report this he also tweeted no word if marshawn lynch has reached out on cal's behalf i'm just here so i don't get fined you hear that politicians are now weighing in on acc expansion condi rice she's pushing for stanford and here's what's interesting this could be effective what we've learned more than anything over the last two decades is that university presidents are the ones that press the button not the ad's the university presidents are the ones that get final say and i'd say these presidents are far more likely to be swayed by politicians such as condoleezza rice or political figures i should say like condoleezza rice than the ad's would because they might look at it and say oh well stanford you have a lot in your endowment and you have a fantastic academic background maybe maybe we will vote for you let's not forget that the acc was one vote away from bringing in cow and stanford so if condoleezza rice condoleezza rice doesn't have to move a mountain here she has to convince one of the four schools nc state north carolina clemson or florida state that voted no to say yes that's what they need now george bush has a greater hill to try and climb because smu wasn't really the school that they were talking about they weren't among the schools that were seriously being considered considered for a vote and he's advocating for smu which is interesting because i get he was the governor of texas but he didn't go to smu he didn't go to his school in the state of texas he was like one of those harvard yale guys but wd here's what i imagine he did i bet you he got jim phillips on the phone or he got university presidents from the acc on the phone at the end of the day jeff and i bet you he pointed out that the sec and the big 10 they're like terrorists for the college sports world they're just rut wreaking havoc and we need to fight back and after making that speech to jim phillips and to these university presidents he ended a speech on this golf course this way i call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers thank you now watch this drive very satisfying it's unbelievable we don't do politics around here but that is bipartisan that is bipartisan and how funny it is the way that he just said with a with a grin on his face i call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers thank you now watch this drive the sec and the big 10 they're those they're those terrorist killers now watch this drive yeah watch his drive can you imagine like ending a a press conference or meeting with the media that way talking about terrorists it'd be so great if roy williams instead of getting mad at me for asking an unusual question just said josh you know i'm not gonna answer that question it's absurd you even asked it now watch this drive also just isolate the sound of his club hitting the ball one of the most satisfying sounds not just in sports but in the history of sounds oh yeah the sound of a ball a golf ball being cleanly hit sounds majestic it's beautiful you want to see his swing i don't even need to see the swing it is immaculate i just need to hear the sound beautiful it really is become such a bizarro world try to explain this headline to you four years ago oh well see after covid we where things kind of you know college sports was almost suspended for a year and such you know we now have uh you know your microphone's on by the way wd there you go yeah yo you see that this thing uh we we had all this conference movement in texas and oklahoma joined the sec and usc and ucla joined the big 10 and now you have the big 10 taking washington and oregon so the acc is looking at stanford and cow does that all make sense to you um what's covid probably the response to that stop these terrorists kill us that's it sec and big ten because of the recommendation of east carolina football coach mike houston wd is going to watch or already has watched the movie dodgeball he's going to review it it's a segment we do every week called at the movies with the wd dodgeball is 19 years old came out in 2004 colors vince fawn and ben stiller and it's a comedy classic why because we're still talking about it on a radio show close to 20 years later let's break it down at the movies with the wd okay we got a few categories here to break down what wd liked what he didn't like best quote which should not be hard for this one and rotten tomatoes trying to guess between five spots or five points what the rotten tomato score is for dodgeball what did you like about dodgeball which i had forgotten has like a secondary part of the title a true underdog story yeah when i saw that i was like wait is this a sequel to dodgeball or and then i realized it was the only movie um ben stiller's performance as white goodman just overall was had me rolling the whole time you want me to drop a fun fact for you i would love that do you know the name of the actress that is that stars in dodgeball you you know the character's name you probably don't remember the name of the actress the blonde that's also katherine yeah katherine christine taylor's the actress in real life ben stiller's wife really ben stiller and christine taylor married hmm did not know that a lot of the jokes in the movie about her throwing up in her mouth at the idea of dating ben stiller yes and hitting him in the head when he tried to ask her out and such that's his wife yeah just that whole scene between them when she comes and goodman's trying to get himself do you think ben stiller's better in this movie than vince vaughan is yes really well he's more funny but he's also like more outrageous than vince vaughan's you're right because vince vaughan is kind of he's a little more down the earth he's doing the vince vaughan thing of being very understated it's a different type of humor that vince vaughan brings it's very old school x vince double down vince from swingers that we're seeing and this is kind of the renaissance of vince vaughan where vince vaughan's doing this movie he's doing old school in the same year in 2004 and then that gets him wedding crashers and then he's in major rom-coms with jennifer aniston doing the breakup doing couples retreat where essentially it's just him going to hawaii with his friends to make a movie which is a move that a lot of people do adam sandler's done this move many times hey the movie's set in hawaii when really it's just vacation for him and to get the cast of his friends to come you just shoot it in hawaii that's kind of the move that a lot of people have so you like those performances and patches of houlihan anything with him was hysterical to me yeah shout out to hank azaria who was young patches of houlihan in the video cut up where he's wearing the jacket and such shout out to hank azaria a great comedic actor um how about this it's a sports comedy i love it like we don't make these anymore like when's the last sports comedy you could remember like if you are of a certain age then you know exactly what i'm talking about we used to make these movies all the time like in the 70s it was the longest yard and it was slapshot in the 80s it was bull durham in the 90s it was you know take your pick water boy happy killmore major league multiple major leagues it just seems like after this movie and if you count the bench warmers slash you know whatever that ice skating movie was with with uh will ferrell and the longest yard remake we just don't have these movies anymore we don't really have sports comedy so it's just good to watch one what didn't you like about dodgeball i had trouble with this one i had trouble finding something about the movie that i didn't like um i don't like the fact that all my favorite quotes i really can't say on air that's not ideal for this segment but um i i really don't know what i didn't like about the movie to be completely honest wow i couldn't critique anything from it how about the lance armstrong cameo you did it yeah you love that like that cameos in this that firmly places this movie in 2004 where vince vaughan is supposed to feel bad because lance armstrong walks up to him at an airport and guilt trips him for wanting to to quit like on moral grounds oh lance armstrong who had testicular cancer yeah he's telling you that you're you're gonna tell lance armstrong that you're gonna quit when in reality if it was set even a year later because i believe 2004 was the same year that all the lance armstrong doping accusations drop even a year later he's not cast in there and if he was vince fawn's like who are you to talk to me are you kidding me lance armstrong get out of here so that firmly places it not the that's the worst of the celebrity cameos the best being chuck norris and william shatner it's the bylaws the bylaws what's the best quote for dodgeball no one makes me bleed my own blood w h i t e i'm just gonna narrow it to my favorite character in the movie which is color commentator pepper brooks played by jason baitman that's bold strategy cotton let's see if it works out for him that would still has passed the test of time i just love when the play-by-play guy will say things like oh and the tides of turns he's ball-less and the jason baitman jumps in with he doesn't have any balls cotton or it's a shocking upset wow i'm shocked by the way and like like those quotes there and like balmy blazer i realized that's where that came laser yeah taser yeah laser i didn't realize missy pile played fran missy piles one of the most beautiful women out there and they just uglified her to be fran in this movie oh i i knew that who i didn't know who the actress was but i knew whoever that was was probably gorgeous yeah just made to look hideous in this movie her face yeah made to look hideous yes i'm glad you clarified other evidence yeah and that's been i didn't rate it oh wait that's right yeah let's see if you can get within five oh 92 76 wow and that's been at the movies with the wd the drive with josh graham only on wsjs the sixth man of tarheel basketball is with us here v dot tell the people what m a f a stands for mafa make america fat again which is why we need to address some tension here as you um come into the show we're going to get the grammar school in a bit when i spelled out the sausage bow berry biscuit to bryce young yesterday the secret menu item that you've told us is the dot berry biscuit i didn't say that when i said it to bryce i had to get to it after the fact and explain that the dot berry biscuit's a thing b dot played a role in this thing being on the menu it's a great mistake on my part and to try and fix the problem i want you right now to remind the people why it's called the dot berry biscuit well maybe over 10 years ago 10 years ago somewhere in there when i was working at the hip-hop station there in the triad area folks were just telling me about different hacks and they told me about the um sausage biscuit and if you substitute the biscuit for a bow berry biscuit they'll actually do that so i wasn't the person to invent it however um once i got word of it and put it on the radio and had people going there were different bojangles that were calling up management wise telling us to please stop mentioning this sandwich on the radio because like their people are calling up saying hey can we get a dot berry biscuit and they didn't know what a dot berry biscuit was so they have to explain to them what the dot berry biscuit was the exact same thing happened to me with chick fillet chick fillet i would go and i would ask for a lemonade and i would ask them to put the strawberry puree in the lemonade and make a strawberry lemonade it is not on the menu it is not something they do but they would make the strawberry lemonade so i put that on the radio people would go to the to the chick fillets and request this to the point where chick fillet put out a national we are not making strawberry lemonades then they had a frozen strawberry lemonade at chick fillet there's a lot of things that i've done to influence the culture uh josh graham i don't brag on it a lot but when you are in situations where you're talking to somebody like bryce who's endorsed by bojangles or will soon be endorsed by bojangles you you are in a position to let him know hey this isn't a secret our homie b dot who is a part of the show this is a situation that he introduced and bojangles won't even show him no love for it bryce maybe if you requested enough you can get beat out some props that's right that's why i i take the l in that regard but to make up for that you've got you mentioned chick fillet have you heard about so this is not like the cauliflower sandwich that you tried and you were not a fan of in studio the triad was one of the two markets they tried it out in and there's a reason why it didn't get a nationwide rollout because it was disgusting i told y'all right then that it was trash it's pointless why would you try to fake out your your your taste buds and say hey i look like chicken i smell like chicken uh-huh but i'm a cauliflower so in two weeks they're going to roll out or august 28th they are going to roll out something new it's the first time they're debuting a new sandwich in nine years are you familiar with this i am not okay are you game for the honey pepper pimento chicken sandwich no why not that sounds great that sounds great are you man you guys are so caustic nobody likes uh what was the cheese you just said pimento cheese pimento do you think they were trying to rope in black people by making it sound like lemon pepper like lou williams ears perked up thinking did you say honey pepper or lemon pepper it was right they tried to get the black demographic right until they mentioned the cheese right until they mentioned the cheese let me tell you something i remember going to vacation bible school and at vacation bible school they would bring in them little sandwiches you remember the little sandwiches they bring in a little chicken salad a little fish and the pimento cheese and they were always orange and nobody ever wanted the pimento nobody ever wanted that's the devil's food why are you bringing the devil's food into this good christian church place don't do it don't do it at vacation bible school don't do it it makes sense chick-fil-a they don't offer it on sunday they keep it right in the theme of that whole church thing and they bring pimento cheese chicken sandwiches to vacation bible school and i'm not with it josh graham no no hell no how about the other thing they're rolling out a caramel crumble milkshake i'm 100 interested in that i'm 100 interested in that i have to go to the dentist next week to fill three cavities josh graham because i cannot stop eating a bunch of candy and a bunch of sweets but that right there you just mentioned a lot of things i like i like milkshakes i like caramel i like crumble whatever the hell that is it just sounds real touch touch touch and i want some of that yes yeah you just reminded me i have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning so i can't wait for that all right let's get to grammar school for this week josh graham has his own way of speaking and just when you think it can't get any worse josh is going to attempt to learn b-dots vernacular i'm gonna put one in the air it's time for b-dots grammar school brought to you by heritage hardwood floors when it comes to flooring they have no ceiling heritage hardwood floors when it comes to flooring they have no ceiling yes three things you're going to throw at me three things to get me ready for you know football season going back into locker rooms and needing to relate with people who understand the urban vernacular and might even speak it dot you kind of i think i might have hinted at what my question was going to be with the chick-fil-a question do you know what is in pimento cheese that's my call that's my caustic question can you tell me what is in pimento cheese orange dye orange dye is implemented uh do you want me to give you do you want me to give you the answer all right yes please well pimentos is a thing but you also have like mayonnaise is what it what's most commonly known for being in pimento cheese you got to have some mayonnaise in there why is it orange josh graham well i mean that's an excellent question i don't know why it's orange well it's probably the mixture of the cheese and the mayo that makes it orange right yeah there is cheese in there so i guess that kind of does makes sense but there you go dot mayonnaise when in doubt that might be the white version of you know reverse grammar school here that when in doubt if it's food related guess mayonnaise throw mayonnaise in there throw some mayonnaise in there all right what do you have for me all right josh graham um and when i get done can i tell you i think the acc freshman of the year is going to be this year does he play for the tar heels nope he does not okay all right that's what we call a tease in the biz by the way in the business um if someone is looking like a lick they are looking like a lick we've had the word lick before if someone is looking like a lick what are they looking like i'm gonna say that you're you look like goofy like you look flaky you look like somebody that can't be relied on that you don't want to be around that's what it means to look like a lick that is 100% incorrect darn it yeah a lick is when if someone looks like they got a lot of jewelry on and they're out of place they look like like you look like a lick at the travis quarter concert like i'm sure someone was like oh we could rob the hell out of him what i was like wearing a t-shirt i was wearing a t-shirt and shorts i look like a lick oh it looked like i got a bunch of cash on me but you just looked like you look just yeah not necessarily a bunch of cash you just looked like you could be robbed very easily vulnerable got it okay you look like a sucker it's essentially what you're saying where we go or do i yeah or did i just do a frank reich thing of adding the r on something that didn't need an r a sucker you and your hard r's you and your heart what's the next one if we're playing if we're playing spades if we're playing spades you get 13 books at the end of one hand if we got filled out of those 13 books how many did we get how if you've got what out of how many wheels wheels yeah if we got wheels how many books out of 13 did we get three three six seven seven seven one six hundred i am struggling here if you've got wd have you ever played spades before not much and it's been a long time my grandfather introduced me to it but that was like a 15 years ago and i've never tried playing since i've so i don't know a lot about spades wheels out of 13 i'm going to assume since they're like wheels do i have anything to bribe listeners with we had a pair of diamond rio tickets a pair yeah anything to help this man three three six seven seven seven one six hundred if you have wheels out of 13 books in spades how many out of 13 do i have and suddenly the phone lines begin to jump that's what i like to see potentially getting some help here in grammar school okay wd who should i go to here very quickly jeff and winston salem jeff what does it mean to have wheels out of 13 man roll the windows up you're going down you're going ten okay there you go going down going ten okay i'm cool with that was that right dot he said you're going dime d-i-m-e which is correct time he is 100 correct you're going down on wheels you're getting 10 bro 10 books okay understood so i at least have a shot going into this last one last but not least to my pals in winston all you have to do is me what do dudes use beijing for what to what do dudes use beijing for correct what do men use beijing for beijing's a place dot use beijing for beijing is a place we're talking about a place like that's where lebron and the the redeem team won like a gold a gold medal in 2008 correct there is a beijing location but many men also use beijing as a product now you've gone to the phones am i still a lifeline dot will have to answer that yep okay help me out wd i believe this is a hair product that you use to cover up the fact that you're balding like it's a black product so it kind of like covers it up i guess makes it look like you have so when you go beijing it's like yes so it it's not like going home it's not like coming home it's like covering up what yeah it's like a hair product to cover up that you're going bald i think got you okay i'm gonna go with that since wd wanted to jump in there hair guy wd is 100 correct i don't take any credit for this win today i got two out of three but wd the audience they came through two out of three so kill the music because i'm now on edge here are we talking basketball or are we talking football acc player of the year or rookie of the year football all right he goes to duke university he is a freshman by the name of quay brown he wears number 14 he played at easter site high school he just scored two tuds in the scrimmage he's a mismatch offensively because he's so so all he does is scores touchdowns quayron brown will be the acc freshman or of the year in football quay brown shout out to uh gee where's east for scythe high school located uh wd i can't remember where i think you're thinking of curtisville that's right that's where east for safe is dot uh real quickly on the way out wd has the choice of watching terminator or actually the audience is choosing for him and you're helping too terminator one or two jurassic park speed or something about mary uh for next week any of those stand out to you for wd god speed was so amazing the first movie of that's the one that i wanted just a bunch of people on one bus for freaking hours man i'd say you gotta watch speed sandra bullock was amazing like it still holds up i watched it a couple months ago on accident i say speed that's that would would have been my choice too jurassic park is cleaning up in this poll so i'm trying to figure out whether or not to listen to you and my you and my intuition or to listen to the audience in the poll so can't go wrong with jurassic park either man jurassic park was great and then you can watch the one that just happened recently but if you've never watched speed just the whole idea of them filming it on a bus for 90 minutes give or take it was just a great movie man no doubt that you're the best man make america fat again my friend we'll talk to you next week make america fat again
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