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September 27, 2023 9:02 pm


The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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September 27, 2023 9:02 pm

On a Wednesday Drive, Josh reacts to UNC's draw in the release of the ACC basketball schedule, explains why the Carolina Panthers' injury problem isn't normal, Duke D-lineman, Ja'Mion Franklin, joins the show to tell what his reaction was when he found out Mike Elko was coming to Duke, with his prior history with Elko, Josh and WD raise morale in the Triad by discussing new fair foods and the next stop on the "Josh Graham Fathead Tour", in Weekly Positivity, and 6th man of the Tar Heels, BDaht, joins the show to give his take on UNC's schedule and to see if Josh know what it means to "pull up on you", in a session of Grahammar School.


This is The Drive with Josh Graham Podcast.

Three internet sensations, guys! Tune into The Drive weekday afternoons, 3 to 7 on WSJS. Welcome to a Wednesday Drive that is WSJS, News Talk Sports for the Triad, where the Dame-Lillard trade has finally happened. But Dame is not going to Miami.

Instead, he's going to be joining Giannis in Milwaukee. It's a three-team trade that just went down that could, it's not even an exaggeration to say, change the big picture in the NBA, change the landscape of things. However, that's not the basketball story I wanted to start with because the ACC released the full basketball schedule last night, the full conference schedule is out, and as it relates to North Carolina, Hubert Davis should be very happy about the draw that he received. The first break they caught was with their ACC opener. It's a home game for starters, and you're facing a team that's probably not one of the five best teams in the conference in Florida State.

That isn't to say it won't be a challenge, but it could have been a lot worse. You could play one of those top five teams and you could be playing away from the Smith Center. That's important that they got a game in that spot, because when you look at the calendar, they needed something manageable during the stretch between Thanksgiving and Christmas. That is the strongest point of their schedule. You knew that there was going to be an ACC game placed during that stretch in all likelihood.

It's good that it's a home game. It's good that it's a manageable opponent because that's the stretch of seven games where you've got Villanova or Texas Tech in their second game in the Bahamas. If they get to the championship or to a third place game, it's going to be Arkansas or Memphis or even Michigan that you get in the next game in the Bahamas. After that, it's Tennessee in the ACC SEC challenge, then this Florida State game, then UConn, the defending champs in their backyard at Madison Square Garden, then Kentucky and Georgia, and then you're back in Charlotte and you're facing Oklahoma. That's seven straight high, major opponents that North Carolina is going to face.

And the ACC placed one of the games there and it's not one of the more difficult games. So that's a break for the Tar Heels. They also don't play a road game until January 2nd at Pitt. They are the only ACC Big Four school without a non-conference road game.

NC State's going to Ole Miss. They also got a game thrown in December. Their ACC opener is going to be on the road at Boston College. So two road games in December, late November, early December for the Wolfpack. Duke is going to Arkansas, then going to Georgia Tech in the same week. Wake Forest, they have a road game at Georgia, a return trip from the game from the home and home that started a year ago that Steve Forbes scheduled. North Carolina, no road games until January the 2nd. That's probably my biggest concern with the schedule for North Carolina, because you've got a team with a lot of moving parts on it, a lot of different players that are there. And the first time you go on the road, it's going to be a three game road trip, three straight road games, and you're not playing any easy teams. Pittsburgh's given North Carolina tons of problems the last two years. Jeff Caple's team will start that three games road trip, and then they go to Clemson, who is a dark horse in the league, and NC State's very good as well. Those are the three road games that North Carolina has to open up their road slate for the year and kick off 2024. They also won't have to get on a plane until the final three weeks of the regular season. Like if you want to spin it back positively, again, I think North Carolina received a favorable conference draw. They don't have to get on a plane the final three weeks of the season. Four of the last six are at home, and the road games are regional at Virginia and at Duke. That's what North Carolina is dealing with.

So when you get out the yellow notepad, or in this case, the white notepad I have in front of me here, and you start charting down the pros and cons, the pros outweigh the cons. Your schedule is your schedule. You knew who the opponents were going to be, but the way that the ACC laid it out, I think did North Carolina, a lot of favors.

On Twitter at WSJS radio, if you want in, that's where we're streaming video. In addition to YouTube and Twitch, Will Dalton is the executive producer of this show, and he's still trying to process the Dame trade that just happened. It's not Miami, but Dame should be cool with this too, right? You would hope so, because I mean, Dame and Giannis getting together, you know, it's the two stars that was probably ridiculed the most in the league for being in a small market where it's like, Oh, if you go to the Knicks, you go to the Lakers, you go to the Clippers, you could have more.

And you know what? They just said, screw it, we'll do it together. Nobody ever says that about Jokic. Nobody says that about the foreign guys. They just don't really do that. Or I guess they kind of do, like you said with Giannis, but it hasn't really intensified yet. Maybe Dame's sitting there thinking, man, Milwaukee doesn't have beaches.

There's no state income tax in Miami. Not so much in Milwaukee. Hmm. We'll circle back to that trade shortly. The Carolina Panthers received more bad news last night. According to ESPN's Jeremy Fowler, starting safety Xavier Woods is expected to miss four to six weeks with a hamstring injury.

And while Frank Reich wouldn't confirm that timeline earlier today, he did say it's not day to day with X. Here's what Panther fans need to understand. This level of injury problems, this level of an injury bug is not normal. This is excessive. They are literally losing starters to significant injuries every single week.

I mean, literally, literally, not like the way teenagers use it. Literally each week, they are losing starters to significant deals here. Austin Corbett and Marquise Haines started the season on IR. The week after that, it was JC Horn added to that list and Brady Christensen.

Send me that cash out, family. That's after week one. After week two, Shaq Thompson. He's lost for the year with a significant deal, a significant ankle injury. And now Xavier Woods is likely going to be put on IR. You're talking about six starters there. That's like a fourth of the starters, more than a fourth of the starters that you get, offense and defense.

And that's just the IR guys. Bryce Young's missed a game already. DJ Chark, he's missed a game already. Frankie Lulu didn't practice today. Jonathan Mingo, he's in the protocol. Come on.

Here's the good news. Bryce Young, he should return to play this week. Frank Reich said that he did practice and then said this. There's probably, we're going to get to the point here in the year where there's probably a few players that are 100 percent anymore. So it, you know, it doesn't have to be 100 percent, you know, but he just needs to be able to function and play, you know, winning football.

And again, that will come down to asking him how he feels, watching him on the practice field, talking to the doctors and trainers, looking at, you know, how his ankle responds. You know, I'm not fretting over it. You know, it's going to play itself out and we're confident, however it plays itself out. Yeah, it's going to work itself out.

It's going to work itself out. In other words, if he's not 100 percent, but he's practicing, he's going to play. He's our quarterback.

We took him number one in the draft. So you should expect him to play against the Vikings. But when you look at the overall season picture, if the amount of turnover on this roster wasn't enough, if the number, if the 0-3 start wasn't enough, hopefully the injuries will be the the deal breaker for you and realizing this is a rebuilding season. It's not salvageable for them to get back into the playoff mix. That might sound crazy to you after just three games, but with all that's new and a new coaching staff and a rookie quarterback starting and all these injuries and starting 0-3, it's just not feasible to think that that should be the goals that you set. Now, things can become incredibly positive if Bryce Young turns out to be the guy and he starts playing well and he stays healthy, doesn't get injured anymore. That could make this an incredibly positive season.

But from a wins and losses perspective, from a wins perspective, namely, that's not salvageable anymore because this injury problem, it's not normal, it's excessive. The two big stories of the day, I think, are the ACC schedule release where we'll get into, we talked about North Carolina, we'll get into Wake Forest, we'll get into Duke, we'll get into NC State as well, we'll get into the ACC Big Four schedules individually. We have Duke and College game day. That's a huge topic this week and they're facing Notre Dame. Jameon Franklin is the defensive tackle for Duke who played at Notre Dame a few years ago.

So a big week for him, he'll join the show in about 20 minutes. The Dame-Loweard trade's obviously a big deal. Stewart and Greensboro is going to start us off here with, from a phones perspective, what are your thoughts on North Carolina's schedule and the Dame trade? In terms of Carolina as a fan and a season ticket holder, I like the fact there was only one nine o'clock midweek game and the rest of them start at seven and on Saturdays. So that's really good.

To hold you up real quick, that is a big thing people don't talk about. Like when you look at NC State's schedule, seven games they have start nine o'clock or later. Seven. Yeah, that's a big deal because a lot of folks, especially if it's midweek, may not come to the game at nine o'clock if it's Boston College or someone they feel like they should beat. And that doesn't get the team that competitive advantage. So I like the fact that the games are seven o'clock.

Now, it may be difficult getting in there at the chapter until seven o'clock coming from Greensboro. But yeah, I'm pretty pleased with that schedule. Real quick, who won the Dame trade? I think Phoenix did.

And I'll tell you why. With Yurkich, he's a guy that doesn't need the ball like eight does. They were going to lose him at the end, probably down the road anyway. I think that's good. And also they got Duke and Carolina guy. They got Little and Grayson Allen, which gives them some more depth. So I think Phoenix turned out well, but all of them turned out well, really. I think it was a good win-win-win for everyone. Yeah, I'm with you, Stewart.

Thank you so much for the call. For those who don't know the particulars of the trade just yet, Dame Lillard is now a Milwaukee buck. The Suns, as Stewart was alluding to, received Yusef Nurkic from Portland. It's a three-team trade, Phoenix, Milwaukee, and Portland. Yusef Nurkic, Grayson Allen, Nasir Little, and Keyon Johnson go Phoenix's way. The Portland Trail Blazers get Drew Holliday, DeAndre Ayton, some guy named Tumani Kamara.

Not going to pretend to know who that is. A 2029 unprotected first from Milwaukee. An unprotected pick swap with Milwaukee in 2028 and 2030.

And, of course, the Milwaukee Bucks get Dame Lillard. That's how it all shook out. You're on the drive with Josh Graham, WSJS. You can listen to the Duke football on WSJS. Game day is in Durham this week for the first time.

It's Notre Dame and Duke in primetime Saturday. And it's just fitting I got my Baltimore Orioles stuff on today because our next guest is the pride of Maryland who just so happens to be one of the defensive leaders on the Duke football team. It's Jameon Franklin with us.

Jameon, let me know if I've got my facts right. You're from a place called Ridgely, Maryland. They call that the Ridge, right? Yeah. You got that right for sure. All right. We're talking about the Ridge out that way. Does that mean you have a soft spot at least in your heart for my Baltimore Orioles?

I've got to ask. I mean, yeah, I definitely would say that. I mean, I've never really gotten to baseball too much, but my dad is, like, all about the Orioles. So, you know, I definitely watched a few games with him.

I'm sure your dad's been very happy this year the way that they've been playing. In the opener against Clemson, I remember you were involved on that blocked field goal, which reminds me of a story your old high school coach, Coach Neal, once told me. He said you were playing for Caroline in Maryland, and he said there was a game against Parkside where you were being blocked by both a tight end and a tackle on a punt, yet used both of them essentially as dummies to push them back into the punter and block a punt. You remember that?

Oh, yeah. I'll never forget it. It's the one and only touchdown I've ever scored in my life. I blocked the punt, took it, and scored, so that's not really something you'll ever forget, honestly. That's the only touchdown you've had in your life? Yeah, that's the only one, and I'll hold on to it yearly.

All right. Fat Boy touchdown this weekend. Let's see if we can get it against Notre Dame. You spent your first few years at Notre Dame, and the man who recruited you to go to South Bend was some guy named Mike Elko, then Irish defensive coordinator. What do you remember about those initial visits with Coach Elko? I remember him being the same guy that he is now, now being my head coach. I know that we had a full circle moment when he first got here and got the job, but the visits were great. He came to my hometown originally and really made an effort to get to know me and really set out the plan for me and his defense and everything.

So it was great to get to know him, and it's awesome to see how he hasn't changed one bit. It is kind of crazy, because some would just assume that, oh, you went to Duke to follow Coach Elko there. No, you never played for Coach Elko at Notre Dame. He left for A&M before you ever could, and you were already playing for Duke when he got the job.

So you describe it as a full circle moment. What was your reaction when you found out that the guy who once recruited you was going to be your head coach? I mean, I was ecstatic, obviously. I missed out on an opportunity to play for him.

He's one of the main reasons that I committed to Notre Dame in the first place, just getting to know him and envisioning the plan of playing nose guard in his defense was very eye-catching to me. But it was crazy. I remember vividly, we were on a Zoom. We had a surprise emergency team meeting on Zoom. We all assumed the announcing of a coach, and I just see Mike Elko pop up, and I'm like, no freaking way.

So from that point forward, it's been everything that I anticipated. Especially in the transfer portal era, you hear about coaches having to re-recruit their roster when they first arrive. Really an easy sell for Coach Elko to you. But were you serving as a coach almost, saying, guys, I know this person.

This guy's legit? Yeah, I mean, as soon as everybody, like, it's crazy because we're in a virtual space on Zoom, but you know, you feel all the eyes look at you and your camera box when that Mike Elko pops up because they knew that we had history. So yeah, I was definitely like, guys, just buckle up, you know.

I know this guy's a bot and always bring it to the table and, you know, just be ready for an exciting ride. Jamie on Franklin that's with us here from the Duke football team. As we mentioned with the transfer portal, you're going to see it more and more players going up against their former teams that they were once at. You're going to experience it this week. Does that add a chip at all, or is that something people like me on the outside over-hype?

I'd say it's a bit of an over-hype. I mean, the way that I see it, I'm more Duke than I am Notre Dame. I was three years there and three years here, but I got my degree from here.

So I mean, I'm a Blue Devil. Obviously, there's still a few guys that I know there, and I have the utmost respect for them, but I don't really, you know, play it up or over-hype it any one bit. You know, it's another game for me.

It's another game for this defense and this team, and it's an opportunity that we don't take lightly. You mentioned your degree. Speaking of what us media types do, I see your degree at Duke is in policy journalism and media studies. That's part of your degree. What's your level of interest in the media? I'm very, very interested in the media. I always see myself being an analyst on TV or something like that. I never really thought about fiddling around with a podcast or something like that, but as I watch those Kelsey brothers do it, it seems like it's a lot of fun, so I might get into that in the future. But yeah, I've always been interested in using my skill set as being a very social and active person and just transitioning in the world of sports. Given the Kelsey brothers, does that mean you've gotten into Taylor Swift in the last week?

Is that right? You know, I might have played Shake It Off a few times. But I guess since you're interested in sports media, does that mean you're going to be finding time Saturday morning to watch college game day?

I might. My roommate, Dwayne Carter, he's like a ritual guy. He always adds it up on his iPad when we're getting ready to get the day going, so I might watch a little bit. Yeah, because I always hear from players when you play in prime time. He has their rituals, has their routines. But when it's a night game, what exactly does that day routine look like? Because it's a lot of time before kickoff.

I'm not going to lie, man. I love playing on prime time, but I hate how long the day goes until we get to put on the pads and actually play. I just try to clear my head.

I listen to music most of the day, watch some film, get up on the tip sheet and just see how I can get an edge to play the game and get advantages. But I got to tell you, man, I'm a big 330 game kind of guy, you know, faster. You get the night.

But, you know, I love playing night games. It's just the long build up is what sucks the most. How early is too early, given where things are going? Because the biggest game in college football other than your game is USC in Colorado. And they're having that game local time in Boulder, kicking off at 10 a.m. Like is that too early for Jamie on Franklin? Yeah, that might be a bit early. I mean, we practice really early, but there's a difference between a game and a practice.

So that might be a bit too early. All right. Just taking note of it.

Jamie on. Let's hope this is foreshadowing for a block punt or a touchdown, your first career collegiate touchdown or something of the sort this week against the Irish. Best of luck. Congrats on the success so far this year. And we'll see you Saturday night.

Thank you very much, thank you for this platform and opportunity. As our Jamie on Franklin from Duke joining us. Big dude. Big dude's got to eat, which has me thinking. You know how to distract me around here, because right before the segment started, literally seconds before the microphones turned on, somebody more specifically, Lisa, who works here, pops in and brings in this delicious French dip or I assume to be delicious French dip from Midtown Cafe in Winston-Salem. And what Lisa does not know is that I am a fan of Midtown Cafe and desertery, namely the desertery part. Oh, my goodness. They have that bar over there, desserts that just you can't walk out without grabbing something.

And it's at a great location in Stratford. I have not had their French dip before. So you have some, too. I sure do. Of course. Both of us.

You know, he's got some do. I don't think I've ever had French dip, right? You've never had a French dip before. No. All right.

Well, I mean, it's cheese and you got do you have the sauce? That's important. I do.

I think. Okay. So I could do without.

But since you've never had it before. I mean, the dip. Yeah.

The emphasis on the dip. That's an important piece here, but I can do without it for now. Take a bite. Oh, the cheese, the cheese. That's the key.

We're going to give this a test run. All right. Yeah.

W.D.'s. Never had a French dip before. Nope.

What do you think? Yeah, it's good. They serve us breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner. I think they open as early as seven a.m.

I've sat on the outdoor patio, had some coffee. Sarah Bradford and I. Yeah. So it's right down the way. So shout out to the folks at Midtown Cafe and Dessertery.

They're family owned and been around for a while now. We're going to enjoy this food as you can as well. OK. We have fare tickets that we're giving away today. Does Kyle, the Amazon driver, want to give those away or does he have something else? He wants to be positive.

Oh, we got weekly positivity to do in a second. That's a good setup for that. If you'd like to go to the Carolina Classic Fair or win tickets to go or vouchers to go eat some biscuit king and high point, you get both by calling in and telling us something good. I think it's about ten dollar voucher.

It's good for some biscuits, multiple biscuits, biscuit, yeah, and high point. And then you get a pair of tickets to the Carolina Classic Fair, whatever day you care to go to. All you have to do is call in and tell us something good at three three six seven seven seven one six hundred.

Some programming notes. Jeffrey Griffin, he's got the Duke Notre Dame tickets and a parking pass that he'll be giving away either tomorrow or on Friday on Try It Today. So make sure you're listening in order to win those. My guess is he'll give them away on Friday. Also on Friday, he will be broadcasting from the fair. So if you'd like to see him there, we will be broadcasting from the fair Monday and Thursday of next week. So playing accordingly, three three six seven seven seven one six hundred.

It is time for weekly positivity. Oh, yeah. She thinks Brooks Robinson is the greatest third baseman ever.

So do you. Three three six seven seven seven one six hundred. Let's go to Kyle, the Amazon driver. Hi, Kyle. Hello, Josh. How are you? Let me think for a second. I'm good. That's very good. Now, I know you asked a question two days ago about college game day and your fat head in Durham.

I am very sad to say that Amazon will not play ball with me that day on this deal. However, however, when we no longer want to play ball, what do we do? We find a whole nother field, baby.

I'm lying. I'm not leaving. I will extend the proverbial olive branch to any one of the graham crackers or anybody that wants to hit us up. I will gladly hand over the fat head to them to take the college game that I'm cool with trying to facilitate this. If anybody would like to do what Kyle, the Amazon driver did when college game day was in Charlotte and that's be perched in the background behind Corso with the Josh Graham Boston College fat head that he has. He's offering his fat head to somebody who wants to ride on down the derm when Notre Dame's in town and hold up the Josh Graham fat head.

If you are that person, get at us. I do appreciate you extending that olive branch. And also one last thing I just wanted to note that my son will be in High Point this weekend bowling in his first ever travel bowling tournament.

So I'm very excited about that. Can I tell you a good place that you can eat lunch in in a high point potentially? Well that depends. Do they have the enormous biscuit? They do. Wow. There you go.

That would be and they're good. And you're you got yourself a ten dollar voucher to that. And perhaps some fair tickets as well. So enjoy that. Best of luck with the bowling tournament. And hopefully someone takes you up on the college game day offer Kyle. You all.

Goodbye. There he goes. Kyle, the Amazon driver. I love what you've written on my screen here rather than Kyle the Amazon driver. You have Kyle the Amazon.

And that's really how I feel about Kyle. He's great. The Amazon for short sweetened to the point. Tell me something good. Well speaking of the fair. You know unlike last year I'm actually going to try a good amount of these fair foods this year.

I'm going to do that. Yeah. And apparently there's some new things coming. What's on the menu at the fair.

So I've got five things here that I'd like to potentially try. Do they have the cotton candy funnel cake again? Is that one of those things. I don't know if it. Well this is all new things that's coming. So I'm sure they'll have the regulars.

I didn't know if that was a regular. So all right. What are some of the things that we might be eating at the fair. So there's something called gummy ramen noodles. No chance. I'm going to check that out.

OK. Yeah. They also have something called sugar waffles. What is a sugar waffle. I'm guessing it's waffles that has like the funnel cake stuff and sugar on it. I thought waffles normally have sugar on top of it.

I don't think so. Like you have the powder trigger that you put on one. Is that right. Usually. I usually put syrup on mine.

You can do both. You put sugar on waffles. Yeah. Wow. OK. What else. So they also have something coming called Caroline. It's a Carolina classic barbecue bomb.

What's a Carolina classic barbecue. I have no idea. But I'm I'm very interested. I don't know what any of this stuff is. I'm just telling you that you're just reading the titles. Well no. Yes. And it's things that are intriguing to me like that.

What is a barbecue bomb. What does that look like. I don't know. We're going to find out. They also have something coming called an apple pie macchiato.

Yeah. And then lastly you know a big coffee guy which the macchiato that is coffee. But another one they've got sparkling espresso.

I'm going to try it. We have one more pair of tickets to the fair that we have that comes with a biscuit king voucher too. God.

Norma's biscuit. Three three six seven seven seven one six hundred. I'll tell you something good Orioles baby birds birds tonight could be the night. The magic number is two now isn't it. It's two but if the Red Sox win at Fenway against those Tampa Rays those dastardly rays and the Orioles with Grayson Rodriguez on the hill win at Oriole Park tonight they win the AL East. What a story your birds are.

It's a great story. They have 98 wins or two wins away from a hundred. It's an amazing an amazing season that Baltimore has enjoyed and that is good wow and that's been weekly positivity. We need to make sure our guys OK. Next man of Tar Heel basketball because he's coming off of a tough weekend. He's still crestfallen after his beloved Colorado buffaloes got whacked and his Dallas Cowboys had a bad loss in Arizona.

VDOT is now with us. We need to talk about this trade though. It's a three team trade. Damon Lowards now a Milwaukee buck you're talking about Drew Holliday who's probably going to get flipped somewhere else going back to Portland in addition to they land who they got a book what's his face Aten from Phoenix that's going back to Portland as well. There's a lot of moving pieces here but who won the trade. I think Phoenix won the trade. Really?

Is there any person to say I don't get it. I think Phoenix getting up off of that DeAndre Aten that was big for them like they were trying to restructure his contract and that was one of the main reasons why Chris is now a Golden State Warrior because of DeAndre Aten so getting him out of Phoenix was big business he was playing well during the season but much like my Dallas Cowboys when it came to the playoffs he went missing. And I like the fact that Tar Heel bias in me I love the fact that Nasir Little is over there in Phoenix. Grayson Allen too right you're jacked about that. Not so much but Nasir Little I think that really helps them with depth and athleticism listen Grayson Allen as a Tar Heel definitely don't like him being a Dookie but Buddy can fill it up when he gets hot so at that guard position I think that definitely helps them especially with that three-headed monster that they got over there with KD Book and I'm drawing a blank but you know.

Oh you're talking about Bradley Beal. So everybody I feel like is saying Milwaukee won the trade and I get it if you get the star you won the trade. I'm actually going from Portland's end of it in that you get to this doesn't drag on into the regular season where you have your future guy and Scoot Henderson and Dane Lillard trying to coexist that would be very awkward you got to move them off to a place where you still did right by Dame you sent him to a contender it's not where he wanted to go but you're sending him to a place where he could still win and you got a first back you got two swaps back you got a guy who's going to fit really nicely with the type of player Scoot is with DeAndre Ayton and if you keep Drew around that's a good guy to have too or you can add more stuff by moving him as well. I think the fact that Portland didn't cave to Miami or into the public pressure to send him there for less than what they got here means it's a huge win for Portland and they moved off one of the worst contracts in the NBA and Yusef Nurkic so that I think all boiled together you can make a good compelling case that Portland won too. I like Drew Holliday actually headed to in some weird fate of events headed to Miami and Miami beating Milwaukee in seven games. Now this is interesting here because don't forget Milwaukee's getting a player that Miami really wanted it was Miami that beat Milwaukee in the playoffs this year and don't forget a month ago this wasn't like private conversation this is Giannis who was eligible to sign an extension telling the New York Times I'm not going to sign unless they signal to me that they're in it to try and win and what better signal of telling your star that than bringing Dane lowered and so I would expect in short order that you're going to get a Giannis extension sometime soon that comes from this as well that's a big piece of the puzzle too but let me ask you this right now betting odds they tend to fluctuate with the public when the Kevin or when the Bradley Beal deal happened there were some books that had despite the fact Denver just won the title they had Phoenix as the favorite to win now going into the day Denver was the favorite now it's Milwaukee who do you think should be the favorite I think with the firepower you gotta go Milwaukee I love Denver I love Joker I love Jamal Murray they are a force a tandem I'm interested to see what Golden State can do over there with CP but just on face value just reading the box scores and just looking at the starter the Milwaukee Bucks won a championship in less than three years with less with much less talent now they add Dame and they keep everything else if Chris Middleton can stay healthy Giannis can stay healthy healthy you got Brooke Lopez like they're tough they're very very tough so I can understand why they will be the favorites but I'll be very interested in seeing how the finals match up with them maybe versus the Celtics with them versus I know Joel Embiid has got them on the horn like what are we doing with James Harden I just like the way the NBA is shifting up right now with all these different storylines next year is going to be very dramatic Josh around and practices start in less than a week I still think Denver should be the favorite just because they have everybody coming back respect I can't you can I can you can have that argument I wouldn't bat an octopus yeah any anything stand out on the Tar Heel schedule I'm kicking off 2024 is gonna be a beast you know we get to start off at home with Florida State but then that's January 2nd through 10th like what we're at Clemson we're at Pittsburgh at Clemson at NC State like I'm like that's gonna be a rough you know ride that first week of 2020 and here's the thing I'm glad you highlight that because that's the that's those are the first road games of the year North Carolina is the only Big Four school that does not have a non-conference road game so they're gonna go on the road for the first time and it's gonna be three straight road games so that's really that's the point of the schedule that caught my attention too I definitely circled February 3rd of course those Duke guys come into town February 17th is gonna be a very fun game when Virginia Tech and Tyler Nickle come to town and I'm very upset that we don't have Pitts at home this year this was I'm very interested I don't know how that happened maybe you can explain that to me Josh but Pitt and Duke are the only two teams that I have not beaten well not I have not but we have not beaten since I've been the six man you're six man you could say we haven't beaten yeah no doubt well the schedule it it rotates where the the teams that you play twice it rotates you have the permanent teams you play twice and obviously Duke is one of those for North Carolina NC State's one of those for North Carolina but Pitts not so this year you only get them once and you can kind of look at the opponents and figure out what schools have an advantage based on who they play twice and who they only play once like when you look at Duke's schedule for example Clemson's supposed to be really good this year and they only play them once and it's gonna be in Cameron they only play Miami once and you know how good Miami can be they only play Virginia once so that's something if you want to look at it on Duke's end there's some advantages to that NC State I think caught a lot of bad breaks with the way that their schedule fell Wake Forest just wanted a home game to open up in ACC play they got that and they don't have one of the local rivals playing while the students are out on break so that's a win too I think that's a pretty extensive breakdown of the basketball schedules here how about we get to the thing people are clamoring for and that's grammar school Josh Graham has his own way of speaking and just when you think it can't get any worse Josh is going to attempt to learn B dots vernacular I'm going to put one in the air it's time for B dots grammar school brought to you by heritage hardwood floors when it comes to flooring they have no ceiling heritage hardwood when it comes to flooring they've got no ceiling but the ceiling is the roof you always remember that yeah I got something to bribe the listeners with we've got a ten dollar gift voucher to biscuit king and high point and that's going to be paired with a pair of tickets to the carolina classic fair if you can help me out with one of these grammar school questions I do have a caustic question to open you up with you ready you ready dot what is a french dip what is a french dip yeah it's like a dip that you put your chips and stuff in french dip like it's chip dip for chips right give them the x what the french dip it's a sandwich it's a type of sandwich that um a lot of my friends in the urban community don't know a lot about that has au sauce that you dip into it's it's like a sandwich and um wd had a french dip for the first time today I did it was quite delicious but isn't isn't that kind of a double-ended question isn't there an actual french dip that is a dip though am I thinking of see that I can understand this if you search the if you search french dip the sandwich is going to come up oh yeah I'm looking at it that's what it is like a french dip it's it's a type of sandwich it's no josh I get ruffles potato chips and I get french dip and I get my ruffle potato chips in the french dip sauce what the hell are we talking about it's french onion so I I I yes it's french onion that's I was thinking what it was because that's what I was thinking about french dip you can you can look that one up after the fact but that certainly qualifies as a caustic question what's the first thing we got hey those caustic words boy I tell you all right here we go josh graham what does it mean to pull up on you if someone says I'm gonna pull up on you what does that mean I know this one I think I know this one pull up on you I think that means I'm ready to fight yeah that's it I'm gonna pull up on you I'm ready I'm ready to do battle in a sense you know what's crazy is I really I really didn't even mean it in that context I really meant it it's just I'm just gonna come see you I'm gonna come to like you're gonna be somewhere I'll pull up on you but you are exactly right because depending on the tone if somebody says hey well say less josh I'm about to pull up on you yeah you might be ready to fight josh graham I'm gonna give you that correct yeah this is like it's like the dave chappelle game show on chappelle's show I know black people where there's the one guy who will say a completely different answer than everyone else and he's like well somehow that is correct like everybody like I think one of the questions was is pimping easy and everybody's like no it's not and then this guy goes hell yeah somehow that is correct yeah I guess you just gotta figure out hey speaking of dave chappelle I did an interview with wayne brady this morning no I wanted to ask him about dave chappelle but the way the conversation was going I used my better judgment and did not is wayne brady gonna have to choke okay what's what is the next one all right what does it mean if somebody says they're gonna run down on you run down on you yeah we said we just said what happens if they're gonna pull up on you that's pulling up but what happens if they run down if someone's gonna run down on you what does that mean three three six seven seven seven one six hundred hell hell uh we have a pair of tickets to the fair we've got cotton candy yeah you could rattle off some of the things that people might expect new items at the carolina classic yeah uh gummy ramen noodles gummy ramen so like gummies but it's wrong we heard you the first three times that sounds disgusting yeah barbecue bomb I don't know what that is but it sounds delicious and also there's uh you can get a uh biscuit king voucher too if people want to help me run on run down on you three three six seven seven seven one six hundred josh needs help run down on you okay I'm gonna use wd real quickly actually we'll go to the phones I last week I just feel I feel bummed out because I went to the phones and they kind of agreed with each other and then I struck out I still salvaged it in one last week I remember when I win but yeah who am I going to here I'm gonna go to already okay already what's it mean for someone to run down on you they're gonna criticize you oh like nakia yeah okay run you down I like that already thanks so much so I feel like at times people can run down on me in that context is that correct dot is that your final answer yeah that is a hundred percent incorrect you could still give him the biscuit king and all that if he wants it but run down on you means catch you slipping and rob you josh graham yeah you don't want the boys to run down on you brother if the fellas will say hey yo we're about to run down on wd you need to stop them because they're about to take all of the money out of wd but they're about to hold him by his ankles and shake them like this I wish I would so they can pull up on you and then run down on you exactly josh graham okay okay what's the last one I need to try and win this one here all right this is rap trivia okay not music trivia rapper trivia this is no music so don't sit back and get all excited what atlanta rapper had the snowman t-shirts banned from schools in the early 2000s again what atlanta rapper had snowman t-shirts banned from schools in the early 2000s all right let's let's go through the atlanta roller decks we're going main depree we're going with big boy and andre 3000 we're going through I don't know why I'm writing this down me either I don't know what that's gonna net me at all wow it is an extensive those are the only three rappers from atlanta you always name those three germane depree andre and big boy ludicrous I mean I can go through more if you if you'd like if you'd like me to go through more no it's not important just tell me that one do you want me to go to dave I do does dave know the answer he seems to okay dave who is it cheesy young cheesy I love how he's like josh needs help right now cheesy cheesy I put on for my city I put on for my radio show cheesy is that your final answer given how overwhelming that was yes that is 100% correct it is young cheesy man snowman banned from school no burr is not snowman oh wait that's that's gucci sorry and gucci and the snowman hate each other so don't ever say burr around cheesy or he'll run down on you or limo no I won't do that either there you go hey I got about one minute here dot were you cool with us you're getting the halftime show I am man I'm a big Usher fan my wife wants to go out there to see the residency in Vegas I want to take her for her birthday next month or so but I'm a huge Usher fan in that regard I think he's going to have a stellar performance and bring out some heavy hitting celebrities with him I think it's going to be a great show what's your favorite what's your favorite Usher song you don't have to call it's okay girl because I'm gonna be all right tonight let me ask you this as a Swiftie how do you like the Travis Kelce situation love it man are you kidding me this is amazing my wife hates it you know she's a huge so does Brittany Mahomes and Jackson Mahomes probably they probably they probably hate it too why are all the cameras no longer focused on our street hey why is nobody in our booth if Usher doesn't play burn we riot that's all I'm gonna say about that all right dot love you man talk to you next time appreciate the man dot
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