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REShow: Andrew Brandt - Hour 1

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February 17, 2023 3:05 pm

REShow: Andrew Brandt - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 17, 2023 3:05 pm

Kirk Morrison fills in for Rich.

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Use the Advance Auto Parts app to build your bundle and pick it up at your nearest store. Self-channel analyst Randall Chamblee. NBA writer for the athletic, Zach Harper. And now, filling in for Rich, it's Kirk Morrison. Oh man, happy Friday, happy Friday. Hopefully for everyone who gets the long weekend, right?

Is that how you say it in Canada? You get the holiday. The holiday coming up for everybody. President's weekend coming up. Welcome in, welcome in everybody.

I am Kirk Morrison. In for Rich. Rich having a much-deserved vacation time. Relax. Rich is taking the long weekend.

Yeah, he took the extra long weekend, man. But I'm so happy to be with everybody as always. I got my guys here with me. I feel like these are my cousins. I always see them when I come into town. It's like, oh cousin Kirk in town.

But I'm always great to see Brock with Del Tufo, TJ, man. Love y'all. I don't understand how I didn't see you guys in Phoenix, in the Arizona for Super Bowl weekend.

How about a good call? Where were you posted up? I was posted up a little bit everywhere. I was doing TV hits and hotel hits from the Chiefs and the Eagles. Been around. I was covering Eagles for a couple weeks with their run to the Super Bowl Conference Championship.

But Phoenix was great. I will tell you this. I have not recovered yet, fellas. I have not recovered.

It was like that. It takes about a week to get back to, first of all, the time zone. Because it's kind of tricky. Because you always think that Arizona is Pacific, but they're really Mountain Time Zone. Yeah, they don't change. They don't change. I have buddies who live there, they were like, I don't know, we don't change. We just stay the same.

I'm like, all right, cool. But now I got to keep looking at my clock and you're like, okay, I'm always on Pacific time. So I have to add an hour. Your laptop updated automatically.

So I'm constantly adding an hour. That's what was going on for me in Phoenix. But an unbelievable week. The Super Bowl was great. I know you guys have been talking about it all week.

What a great game. It came down to the two best teams. Obviously the Kansas City Chiefs took over. But in classic Bill Belichick fashion, at some point it's on to next year. We have to move on. And so in moving on, for me, that's what I think this weekend is really all about. This upcoming weekend.

Because you got to move on. So what in your first weekend, the first weekend everybody, this is the poll question for the day. You can reach me at Kirk Morrison on Twitter, at Rich Eisen Show. Reach out to Brock, reach out to us because I want to know. I honestly want to know what do the people who love to watch competitive sports, what is your show this week? What will you be watching this week? What is your game that you'll be watching?

Because there's a lot going on. There was no NFL. This is our first weekend without the NFL in a very long time.

Think about it, since Labor Day of 2022. If you count August preseason. You can go preseason if you want to go preseason. I mean if you're thirsty enough for preseason football, we got to talk. But no, we haven't had a weekend without the NFL in a very, very long time.

So that's the first thing I thought about and I'm asking out to our listeners, to our viewers out there, what will you be watching this weekend? Is it going to be NBA All-Star Weekend? Is NBA All-Star Weekend still a thing?

Are you gonna watch the festivities? First of all, I will tell you, I don't know who's in the dunk contest. I probably, if the guy walked in front of me, I probably still wouldn't know who's in the dunk contest or the three-point shooting. Okay, yeah, the skills competition. Oh, by the way, I know the NBA has always had the skills competition, but six and a half million people watch the Pro Bowl games, by the way, in the NFL.

Just wanted to throw that out there. Pro Bowl games were hype, man. I was there, man. It was different. It was cool. It was actually really cool.

So, the NBA has to kind of live up to it, to what I think the NFL has done. So, will you be watching the NBA All-Star Weekend or the Daytona 500 will be on Sunday? 2.30 p.m. Eastern Time. Oh, by the way, someone's got a birthday on Sunday. This guy right here. So, I'll be, you know, having a, you know, a little shindig at the home. That's just me and my kids and my wife. Just, that's it.

I'm not doing it. She's like, what do you want to do for your birthday, babe? I said, I've been on the road since August.

Like, I want to be at home. Is it a big birthday? Like, what number is it? It's 41. Okay. Yeah, 41.

It ain't nothing. It's 41. I did the fall last year, okay? Yeah, you know, the 40th birthday was last year. This year's 41. We all know today is one of the GOAT's birthdays. 6.0 and that's 60 for Michael Jordan. So, NBA All-Star Weekend. Michael Jordan's his 60th birthday. Probably still won't watch much of the NBA All-Star Weekend.

I watch Bits and Pieces. The freshman versus sophomore game. What is a game, what is that they do on a Friday night? It used to be the Rising Stars. Where it looks like a JUCO, like an AAU tournament on a Friday night.

It was actually kind of sick. TJ, do they still do something like that? Then they started doing the Euro versus the... Right, the world versus... World versus the world.

That's it. Do they still do that game? I know they're doing like a skills challenge with all three of, with Giannis and his two brothers over on the team.

Let me book this. Giannis hurt his wrist too. With the NBA legend, the current star, and the WNBA star, that was always fun.

They were trying to put something together. So, hey, look, I'm going to figure it out in terms of what will the NBA show me? Will I be watching?

Will they pique my interest? That's the whole big thing. So, yeah, like I said, NBA, you got Daytona 500. Oh, if you're jonesing for some football, Brock, like you said, because you watch preseason football, the XFL 2 debuts this weekend, by the way. So, part two, the XFL. Will you be watching? I actually have a couple of friends of mine who are coaches. So, yes, I will possibly be watching some XFL. I got a couple players. I know young guys who didn't really get a fair shot in the NFL. Injuries, all that, and you kind of get, you know, in an NFL where, what can you do for me now?

Some guys weren't able to do that. So, we get a chance to watch some XFL this weekend. Also, too, the Genesis Open. That's right. Tiger Woods has returned to the Riviera to his, I guess, his tournament. He's the host of it. Minus two to start on Friday, on Thursday.

Currently, and you're my update right now. Tiger is currently minus one. So, he's in that superstar Hall of Fame group with Justin Thomas and Roy McIlroy.

Roy's having a great day. They're teeing off on 16 right now. They were the early 730 local tee time. I was out there walking around Riviera yesterday.

Yes. It was, but now we can get into more of it later because I know you're a big golf guy, Kirk. It was phenomenal just to see the crowd's back. Tiger was back.

Slight limp, but not as bad as I kind of thought it was gonna be. It's great to see these guys up close. You're like, you watch him on TV. Oh, he's not that big of a guy.

Matt Fitzpatrick. I don't know if you've started watching Full Swing yet. The Netflix docu-series. Little guy and a little guy in person. How do you hit it so far?

Please teach me. I feel bad. Almost ran over Justin Thomas. Media night.

Okay, media night. He was there walking around. Literally, like, almost ran him over because I'm trying to interview like Lin Val Joseph and Dama Kinsu, right? I'm like, oh. And I'm like, like, not necessarily nudged him, but there's a bunch of cameras around. I'm like, what is? And I look, I'm like, oh, that's Justin Thomas.

Okay. He's not the biggest of guys, but definitely he can swing it probably two or three times more than I can swing it. And it always, too, and last thing before, I want to get into something here in a second, but Tiger Woods always has this new drip. And when I say new drip, like new outfits, right? He always get outfitted with the latest. And then I try to buy it, but for some reason it doesn't look the same on me.

You ever see this? Like, Tiger Woods wears these brand-new outfits and I'm like, wow, that looks pretty good. And then all of a sudden I put it on my body and it just doesn't look the same. So I know we got two different body types.

I was gonna say, you still got the thick, the linebacker thickness going on. But, man, Tiger Woods always wanted a more real dress. And even, just one more thing with Tiger, because I don't be gonna get into that, and how I think golf is now, has a much bigger spotlight than it has in years past.

Obviously, PGA doing a great job, so we get into that. But, saw Tiger Woods has to wear like an ankle sort of compression slash brace. Like, he's not out there just full, just, oh, put a sock on and go. He's, he's got to go through some things. He's got a, he almost looks like Patrick Mahomes ankle wrapped up before the Super Bowl. That's what Tiger Woods has to do for a golf tournament. And they were saying, too, like, because he was in the afternoon group yesterday, and then obviously the early tee time today, they said he probably was only gonna get a few hours of sleep because he has to wake up so early to get his body ready to walk.

And like you said, he's got regular sock, another sock, a compression sleeve, a brace. He's got everything on that right foot, you know, that he obviously almost lost in the accident now two years ago. But, just great to see him out there. Great to see him competing. He closed with three birdies yesterday.

Back to back to back. You know, he's threatening to make the cut, which I think people thought coming into the weekend was gonna be kind of a long shot, but he's looking good out there right now. Yeah, I can't wait to talk to Brando Chamblee in the next hour, and we can talk about the controversy surrounding Tiger, by the way. The controversy, which is Nike shoes versus FootJoy shoes.

That's the big controversy right now at Riviera. But, I want to take you guys back to Sunday, Super Bowl Sunday. And no, this is not a take on the game and the final, the call in the fourth quarter on, you know, James Bradbury.

Nothing like that. I think the better team won, the Kansas City Chiefs. But, it took me probably about 15 minutes after the game to truly understand and realize what was actually happening. Like, Super Bowl 57 was something in which I am going to always remember, and it's because I'll remember it for what I think it means moving forward.

I told you guys, I'm a guy who always thinks about, I guess, the Bill Bella check in me, right? It's, hey, I'm on to this, on to that, on to the next. All right, moving on, moving on. But, it's hard to kind of move on and not celebrate what we saw. What we saw was Patrick Mahomes be at his best when his best was needed. We saw Patrick Mahomes win his second Super Bowl MVP.

We saw him win his second overall league MVP for the regular season. But, more importantly, what I really think that we saw, we saw the passing of the baton. We saw the passing of the baton because earlier that week, the greatest quarterback in my lifetime, Tom Brady, had decided to, you know what, I'm okay. I'm done with football.

I can still play, but you know what, I can move on. And Tom Brady retired. And you always say, when the great player like that, a generational player like Tom Brady retires, how will the game be left? How will the game be left? Who is the guy that's going to now carry that torch, carry that mantle?

Who's going to take on the legacy of what Tom Brady did for multiple decades? That's what I saw. I had a chance to take a picture right after the game.

And that's what, that's how I kind of got into this little, this thought process. I'm after the game, I'm taking the picture, you know, I got my media credential on, and right over my shoulder, my left shoulder, is a picture of Patrick Mahomes. It's a picture of Patrick Mahomes, and I'm saying, this is the next generation's Tom Brady. My daughter's six years old, and she saw the picture. She said, Dad, that's Patrick Mahomes. It's like, you're six.

How do you know this? But that's the conversation. She is witnessing, and the thing is, all she will know is greatness from Patrick Mahomes. He's been in the league six years. He red-shuttered his first year, let's call it a redshirt, and in five years of him starting at quarterback, he's won two MVPs in the regular season, two Super Bowl MVPs, went to another Super Bowl.

He's, she doesn't know an AFC championship without going through Kansas City, because they've hosted the last five AFC championships. And so it furthermore got me thinking, just about decades and quarterbacks. I kind of put this together, fellas.

What do you got? I put this together, and this is, this is my QBs of the decade. You can fight me if you want to. You can do this if you want to, but this is my QBs of the decades. I grew up in the Bay Area, San Francisco Bay Area, so the 80s were dominated by Joe Montana. He was the quarterback of the 80s. Troy Aikman, I know, yes, you can arguably say, hey, but John Elway won multiple Super Bowls and bred far, but the 90s were dominated by that guy wearing number eight, Troy Aikman, and the Dallas Cowboys.

That star became what it is in the 90s because of some of the bright personalities. But the quarterback of that team was Troy Aikman. Now, Tom Brady is, I mean, come on now, he had two careers, right? You had the 2000s Tom Brady and the 2010s Tom Brady. Those two decades, that was Tom Brady was the guy. If you think about it, we just started the third, wait, you want to say the third or fourth year of this, of the 20s. Patrick Mahomes is already quarterback of the decade.

We still got how many more seasons to go? He is already the quarterback of this decade, and I thought about it even more was the crazy part was that Patrick Mahomes is not even in his prime yet. Like, when do quarterbacks hit their prime? Like year, like quarterbacks, it's usually like eight, nine, ten, right?

Or you could say seven, eight, nine. Late 20s, early 30s. He's 27, right?

27. He ain't nowhere near the prime yet. He's still learning, he's still in, I always say, he's still in his kid body. He's not even in his grown man body.

If you think about it, he's not even his grown man body. Had a chance to talk to Pat Mahomes, right? The father, right? Kirk, that is on cloud nine by the way. After a game, you put a microphone in Pat Mahomes, right? Patrick Mahomes' father. He is like, yeah, you know I already knew he was going to be like this. Kirk, you know what I love? There are so many people who may not have realized that Patrick Mahomes was even black, right?

Some people. But then when you see his dad, you go, wait a second. Because Pat Mahomes, former baseball player, very good. He doesn't really look or act like Pat and he definitely don't look or act like Jackson.

So a lot of people got taken aback with it. Like, he sounds like he smokes a pack of Kools a day, you know. Smokin' Red Joe Burrow. Patrick Mahomes, that's my son. But like all of that being said, like as we start this era of football, of quarterbacking, this era of football and quarterbacking, as Tom Brady exits, possibly Aaron Rodgers exits as well, we don't know. We'll ask Andrew Brant in a little bit. He'll be coming up next. He's our next guest.

But with all of that being said, Patrick Mahomes, I felt Super Bowl 57. We should have cleared away the Fox set. We should have brought in the people of Game of Thrones. And we honestly should have had Tom Brady there to put a big giant throne up and for Tom Brady to come out with a huge sword and literally knight Patrick Mahomes. Literally knight him.

You know, sword on one side, sword on the next side. Or we can go old-school, you know, movie style like Juice. You know, say, hey, you got the Juice now. Like this is your league. Like this is all, like Patrick Mahomes right now is the best quarterback that we've seen in the early part of a career in NFL history. And we really have to sit back and understand what we're watching and realize this dude ain't going nowhere.

He ain't going nowhere. And that's what I realized this week. That's what I realized moments after the Super Bowl.

Like, is this for real? And for the long haul. This ain't going nowhere. So salute to Tom Brady, by the way, because think about it.

We haven't talked Tom all week long because of how great Patrick Mahomes was on Sunday. But more importantly, what we think he will project to be in the years to come. Wow. And I do have a thought about that.

And I can't wait to ask Andrew Brant. Remember when Patrick Mahomes signed for $500 million? Got a question. Think about it. Is he underpaid? Seems like a bargain now, right? Is Patrick Mahomes underpaid? That's the question I'll ask Andrew Brant. Coming up next here on the Rich Eyes show, Kirk Morrison filling in for Rich. at arm's distance from the ones you care about.

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The regular season is history and we all know the playoffs are no time for messing around. It's time to get off the sidelines and go to and win the job hunt. Back here on the Rich Eyes show, Kirk Morrison here filling in for Rich. 844-204-RICH.

844-204-RICH. Oh yeah, follow us on Instagram and Twitter at Rich Eyes and Show. If you missed the early part, we do have a poll question for today at Rich Eyes and Show. Let us know what will you be watching this weekend, our first weekend without the National Football League? Is it NASCAR? Daytona 500? Is it NBA All-Star weekend? Is it the Genesis Open, right? The Tiger Woods Open as we should call it? Or what else? XFL's debut part 2?

Or if there's something else you'll be watching or like many of the men around the country having to get the start to put in work on the honey do list? Let me know. Let us know at Rich Eyes and Show for sure.

Oh man, what I got here? Oh here we go. The Rich Eyes and Show radio network sitting at the Rich Eyes and Show desk is furnished by Grainger. With supplies and solutions for every industry, Grainger has the right product for you.

So call or just stop by. My guy joining us, Andrew Brant, he is the executive director over at the Morad Center. You can reach him on Twitter at Andrew Brant and IG Andrew Brant T2. The host of the Business Sports Podcast and Andrew I just want to just get right to it because I always love your expertise but when you think about a couple years ago when the Chiefs presented Patrick Mahone with this humongous contract, oh five hundred million dollars, oh my god, but now after seeing what he's done in his first five years as a starting quarterback, is Patrick Mahone's now underpaid, Andrew? Hey Kirk, good to be with you.

Always good to be on the show with you, with Rich, with Suzy, and enjoy my time with you guys. I think that what I tried to do is sort of break down the reality versus the PR, for lack of a better word, on some of these NFL contracts and I think we're just we were just faced with that this week even where there was a big deal done six months ago for a guy named Derek Carr. That contract has now turned to dust. It was a four year deal and it's gone and it just shows everyone that these contracts are more quote-unquote suggestions in the NFL compared to the NBA and major league baseball. What Patrick did, I don't know exactly why, but he committed his whole career in one contract to the Chiefs and before we even get to the numbers, let's just put aside the numbers for everyone listening.

Right now we're not talking about 30 million, 40 million, 50 million. The fact that the Chiefs got him under contract at any number, any number, I repeat any number for 12 years is a win. That's a huge win.

That's a huge win. Patrick Mahomes will never ever see the light of day in free agency unless he's whatever 37 years old. So that's a monster win for the Chiefs before we even talk about the numbers. Then you get to the numbers and you know like I said the PR is out there, 459, 500 million, whatever it is, then you get inside the deal and I look at markers like the first three years. So first three year cash, forgive our cap, what's the first three year hard money coming to the player? And the Mahomes extension, I couldn't believe this number. Not that anyone would thumb their nose at 65 million dollars over three years. But think about that, 65 million in his extension over three years. You know what Ryan Tannehill got in his extension over three years? 90 million. You know what Derek Carr got? 100 million. You know what Kyler Murray got? 105 million. You know what Russell Wilson got? 115 million. You know what Jared Goff and Carson Wentz got when they did their extensions? 85 million. That's just a ridiculously low number. His signing bonus was 10 million dollars. Matthew Stafford last year got 60 million dollars. So I just don't get it and everyone says, well it's gonna bump up, it's gonna bump up.

Maybe. I mean the number next year is like 36, then it goes to 37. You don't get to like 47 million till 2027. So again, when you hear the big numbers about a deal like that, you got to look closer.

Yeah but look closer indeed. He is definitely underpaid. But I think Andrew, I guess the next part will be looking at the quarterback that Patrick Mahomes faced in Super Bowl 57, which is Jalen Hurts. He is now eligible for a contract after his three years of service in the National Football League. He will go into a contract year.

Maybe it gets there, maybe it won't. Maybe they sort of use a different mechanism after the season if they don't get a deal done. But what should the parameters for you as a former executive in the NFL, what should the parameters start to look like for Jalen Hurts type contract? Well you got to put Hurts in the same category now with Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert. They're all four-year players coming in their fourth year. As people should know, you can't even do a deal with a contract with a rookie contract guy until they've hit three years in the league. Right.

So now they're eligible. You know this discussion always to me comes back to the elephant in the room about quarterback contracts, which is the Sean Watson we talked about it many times. The question becomes for these three guys and Lamar Jackson, again, not how much, but how secure. How secure. Watson's the most secure contract in NFL history. It's five years fully secured.

Nothing can take away that money from him. And I know people are saying, well they're never gonna cut Joe Burrow or Jalen Hurts. I get it. But you have to look at contract negotiations as allocation of risk. Right. When you're guaranteed, the team takes all the risk. When you're not guaranteed, you take all the risk.

So I'm looking at the Hurts and Burrow etc. contracts. Sure they'll get into 40 or 50 a year or whatever it may be, but are those real years like we just talked about Derek Carr?

Or are those phony years? And the way the teams have operated, as I know from doing this in Green Bay for ten years, is like yeah we'll guarantee year one, maybe year two. We have no risk in doing that.

You're a young player. But they don't want to guarantee beyond that. And we'll see what the rubber meets the road about the Watson contract. He's Andrew Brant, the host of the Business of Sports Podcast, former NFL executive joining the Rich Eisen Show. Kirk Morrison here filling in for Rich. Andrew, you've mentioned his name a couple times so far, the Derek Carr.

Now you said the contract that has kind of disappeared in thin air. He's got the early head start in free agency. If you're Derek Carr, obviously you have the time to look at what's out there for you. But what should be the big thing for Derek Carr moving forward?

I feel like it shouldn't be a money situation. It's about the right fit, the right team. But if you look at the contract, what type of contract can be afforded to him before the start of free agency? Well he took a risk. If truly the Saints or maybe another team wanted to trade for him and he said no I want to be released and hit free agency to pick my team, he took a financial risk because if someone traded for him they'd pick up 41 million dollars of guaranteed money. 36 million this year, 5 million the next year, whatever it was. So he's banking, him and his agent are banking on the fact that we get out there in free agency a month before the free agency and we get more than 42 guaranteed.

We'll see. And if he doesn't get that, what we'll hear is that I just wanted to be an ex-team and the money was not the primary factor. So you know Kirk, it's going to be the most interesting quarterback market in my covering the league or being in the league ever because we don't know what's gonna happen with Aaron, there's Derek, there's Garoppolo, there's Daniel Jones, there's Geno Smith, there's five rookies potentially in the first round.

It's gonna be musical chairs so you got to get in while the getting's good because some of these seats are gonna get filled pretty fast. I know a lot of teams don't want to be in the situation because at some point you just say you know what we have to do it, we don't want to do it, we know it has to happen at some point and I feel like this is finally the year Andrew. You've been around the organization before, the Green Bay Packers. I feel like this is finally the year that Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers finally agreed say you know what we've done this dance, this two-step for far too long, let's just move and go on separate directions.

Ultimately how do you think this thing ends up with Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers for this season? Let me be clear I don't have inside knowledge. Correct. Obviously I have great resources at the organization and I know Aaron but I have not talked to either side about this but I agree with you.

I think it's time. Yeah. I think we're yeah but the question that unanswered is which I'd really like the Packers to answer which they won't is okay if Aaron emerges from his retreat and says well I think people expect him now to say yeah I want to be traded or retire. What if he comes out and says you know what I want to be back I want to be Packer another year or two whatever because I don't get the sense they want that. Right. Now that would be an interesting case if he comes out and says I've decided I've gone on it I want to be back with my team I've been with the last 17 years I don't know if they want that and this is so much deja vu so I mean I'm just I shake my head think about it we drafted Aaron we put them in the bullpen for three long years yeah three years they drafted Jordan they put them in the bullpen for three long years right we decided we love Brett but it's time for change and I think they're deciding they love Aaron but it's time for change now if I'm wrong I'm wrong but can you imagine I know no one cares about Jordan love but can you imagine going to Jordan love and saying hey by the way we're not gonna play you to your fifth year I mean that's really and that we in they'd say trade me but they don't want to trade them right so this is really interesting very interesting I think what's even more interesting and I think this is more because we were just out there in Phoenix in Arizona last week for Super Bowl week that I'm very interested Andrew in what the Arizona Cardinals decide to do at quarterback because there was no guarantee on the timeline for when Kyler Murray will be available to you so how do you bring in that bridge starter I feel like it's sounding real Jacoby Brissett ish if that makes sense where you bring in a guy say oh we can start but we know he's just keeping the seat war for the next guy but you've got a new head coach now and Jonathan Gannett so I'm trying to figure out what the money you just gave Kyler Murray now you got to go out and find someone just to keep the seat warm for him and who knows if that guy's playing better or not I know it's college possible job but man I feel like there's a lot there in Arizona that no one's really talking about seems to be a bit erratic with him and the contract and the homework clause I mean he is a talent and I think Jonathan Gann said that he is an elite talent he has been since high school I think the whole world knows that can Gannon bring out something you know it's gonna not gonna be him because he's defensive cut right but can their offensive coordinator bring out the best and unlock Kyler Murray who again is gonna make Wow plays every game you know as far as a bridge guy you know these are what teams have to decide when you have a Kyler Murray do you want to bring in a a Jacoby Brissett type or do you want to develop somebody under Kyler right and you're dealing with some ego there too so I would think they probably bring in one of these stopgap guys and that by the way that's usually who's on the market this time of year it's the Jacoby Brissett the Tyrod tailors but as I just said there are a lot of interesting names beyond that he's Andrew Brent the host the business of me the host of business of sports podcast just a couple more minutes here on the Rich Eisen show up the one thing I do know Andrew and you can help me out here is that the NFL salary cap is going up by close to what seventeen eighteen million dollars with all this new money now flowing into the salary cap who does it benefit is it benefiting the quarterback is it benefiting the middle line veteran is it better for the rookies I see contract I mean see salary cap go up I'm thinking it's great for everyone but what position in particular gets the benefit of the increase in salary well I think people have to be caution you know when you hear about the seller kept going up seventeen eighteen million dollars that's already taken right I mean there's no new money for teams have 53 or 60 players on your team so that's an average increase of what like three hundred thousand dollars per player right and that's not a lot so you got some players at the top going up three million a year so seventeen million is not a big increase when you're talking about 60 players because there are contracts always go up no one stays the same so that I think what you have to do is figure out where you're going to spend that's the goal of cap management most teams prioritize quarterback and left tackle and edge rusher and and corner and then figure out the rest but it's what everyone's doing right now they're trying to prioritize their spending and they're seeing where it's going to go the wide receiver market was the big winner last year right and we'll see what happens this year you know there's interesting running backs out there with Josh Jacobs and Saquon Barkley and Tony Pollard it's going to be interesting to see where that market goes I'm curious about that so you Sam the it the NFL's running back market may see a bump I'm excited to hear that right well these are special players usually no but you know you saw Aaron Jones was gonna make 16 million he took 11 because he kind of probably looked at that's the top of the market now so that's probably where we expect those other guys to go yeah the Green Bay Packers made a deal with air the with Aaron just not the other Aaron right they made a deal with Aaron Jones and not Rogers and we'll see what that looks like now moving forward but Andrew always appreciate the time my man I'll let you go back to relaxing and getting ready for as we get ready to start the new fiscal year of the NFL in the coming weeks thanks as always Andrew thanks Kirk some people are tweeting about the newsletter see go to you can get get my newsletter every week I talk about this stuff there we go there we go appreciate it Andrew talk to you soon my man thank you that was Andrew Brent the host of the business of sports podcast a former NFL executive always had great knowledge he was there he was there in Green Bay when Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre and how that was all handled and it's like deja vu all over again it's happening right now and to his point enough is enough time is time but we shall see what happens in Green Bay but the one thing I was also thinking about fellas and I want you to love kind of ponder this a little bit TJ Brock del tufo want you guys to think about this as I left Phoenix Arizona first of all tip of the cap to the people in Arizona the hospitality was great an unbelievable Super Bowl city or environment an area 75 degrees on the day of Super Bowl 57 and I'm like wow this is pretty cool but then obviously I've told you guys the mentality of Kirk Morrison is always okay here we go on to the next so I'm thinking about Super Bowl 58 well that 'll be in Las Vegas Super Bowl 59 well that's in New Orleans Super Bowl 60 t be D where should Super Bowl 60 be held fellas I'll let you just ponder on that hmm and you can go ahead and give me your response as well at rich eyes and show on Twitter at rich eyes and show on Instagram 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich where should Super Bowl 60 be held what venue what city and also can we bring back the idea of neutral site conference championship games we're going to discuss that all right here on the rich eyes and show Kirk Morrison fill it in for rich give us a call for decades Rolling Stone has set the bar for entertainment publications today Rolling Stone music now takes over in podcast form you seem like a person with a pretty high level of anxiety but you also seem fearless artistically I feel like ideas have more power than identity like the excitement overrides insecurity that is the only way that I'm ever able to accomplish anything Rolling Stone music now wherever you listen back here on the rich eyes and show Kirk Morrison here filling in for rich TJ Brogdale twofold the guys are in great stuff Andrew Brent on the last segment man a lot to to look forward to when it comes to the NFL in terms of the quarterback carousel and quarterback contracts obviously we have the quarterbacks who are eligible for the big deals the Joe Burroughs and Justin Herbert's Jalen Hertz but then you have the quarterbacks who are now free agents the Jimmy Garoppolo's like he mentioned the Derek Carr's right Daniel Jones so it's gonna be fun to see first of all what kind of contracts these quarterbacks get but where do these possible starters in the National Football League where they decide to go but Super Bowl 60 has not been announced by the NFL yet and I am still waiting I'm still trying to figure out possible sites for Super Bowl 60 I think about where we've been over the last couple years right this past season we had it in Phoenix great venue great time Los Angeles year before Super Bowl 56 hey it was in our backyard I had a pretty good time it was cool year before that we know was the kovitz Super Bowl not everybody was able to attend it was in Tampa it was Tom Brady the Bucks they had no one to sue well I didn't get a chance to go so I can't really give you the feel of the Tampa Super Bowl because it was still very restricted amongst our country at the time there were fans but it's there are fans but yeah wasn't media row there wasn't all that fun stuff normally you know we get to do in the in the media at a Super Bowl right so you had that the year prior was Miami remember that one Chiefs and 49ers that was pretty cool only thing about Miami is there's so much to do in Miami like you've got the beach you've got downtown you got brick oh yeah Coral Gables you got that I mean you're just all over the place and it's all feel like it's too spread out but it's always a great venue and then before that we had Atlanta Atlanta was pretty cool right and then yeah let's not talk about Minnesota again that was the first time by the way I'd ever been in negative temperatures negative yeah I'd never been a negative before I literally walked out of my hotel at the Mall of America and immediately you ever see that Homer Simpson not Homer Simpson it's a grandpa it's a grandpa yeah walking in that's I was right back yeah he walks into moles literally it like turns around yeah that was exactly me I said whoa I'm not doing this had to go back in had to change my whole outfit for the day Minnesota was something that's yeah but I think Houston could be on the dock it was a good time yeah I'm gonna start with you rock what do you think should be the venue for Super Bowl 60 I will say I had a little birdie just a little birdie I'm not a little I'm not breaking any news here I say when I was on the red carpet at the NFL Honors Jerry Jones the owner of the Dallas Cowboys did walk down the carpet and we presented the question to him hey Jerry no Super Bowl 60 coming up we don't have a venue announced yet would Dallas be interested and all he said was we would love another crack at it so I don't know what that means I don't know what Roger Goodell how the NFL views returning to Dallas which I think they definitely deserve a second chance because that first one I was there in Dallas when they first built the stadium and they had the ice storm and it was a mess total mess so I can see Super Bowl 60 in Dallas what about you Super Bowl 16 down I did not go Mike but I remember how much of issues with the ice storm and just the not preparedness to handle the elements kind of down there we talk about this a lot here about Super Bowls I think that it should be literally like a four or five city just rotation yes now that we have SoFi Stadium here in LA the best stadium in the country that should be in the mix Las Vegas now that they have a new stadium oh yeah and just how awesome Las Vegas is in general correct we'll see how it goes next year but they should be in the mix New Orleans that's a great city that's a great spot for Super Bowl that should be in the mix and then Florida let's just call it Florida because they have okay you got Miami they South Florida they could do it Tampa we know they could do it Jacksonville has had success hosting Super Bowls so let's just call it Florida maybe lump Atlanta in there so just like the whole SEC like they get a CCC just that little like southern swing across the whole country that should be the mix for me Dallas you had a shot you blew it you do know I stayed on a cruise ship in Jacksonville oh yeah is that cool or not it was so cool by the way yes because we stay on the cruise ship they brought me they didn't have enough hotel rooms in Jacksonville for the amount of people that come to a Super Bowl so I stayed on a cruise ship and you actually had gambling oh the gas on the cruise ship at the casino and it was probably better to stay on the cruise ship than it was today you already know I'm a technical guy yes the technical having done 20 Super Bowls and yet been involved in it I look at it technically I don't care where the stadium is it's just got to be a stadium that's good for the technical side of it and it's in a sense Miami's amazing New Orleans after they redid it was amazing obviously the black when we lost the blackout yeah Beyonce I mean but at the end of the day I I agree with Chris I think there's like kind of it should be in certain spots and be like kind of cycled around and in reality the best spots I like San Francisco though also San Francisco should be in there Vegas should be in there Dallas should be in there Miami should be in there and New Orleans should be in there but I get why teams want to you know they want it there because it's like it makes money for the city a lot of money a lot of money Phoenix should be in there I got two wildcards for you and it won't happen for Super Bowl 60 but maybe 65 and I'm talking about the new stadium gonna be built in Nashville for the tightness so you got think they're going to get into the rotation when the Chicago Bears get their situation going they get a roof when they get a neither a roof on soldier field or they go out to I think the Arlington Park Arlington where they they're gonna build their new stadium it's gonna have a roof Chicago is a great place for you and we saw what they'd looked like for the NFL Draft so that's another great place TJ which what are you thinking man Super Bowl 60 where you going I mean I literally think between the three of you you've listed every city in America just go have it at AT&T well then if you're just gonna eliminate the places that I'd want to go even here in Southern California at so far that way when Super Bowl happens we can all stay in our own cribs we could sleep in our own beds and ain't gotta go nowhere that would be my personal preference the weather here is great you know why not let's keep it here if we all had the opportunity and the NFL said you know we're going to do it and we all were able to bring the shows that we're all a part of would you want to go to London for a Super Bowl oh yeah but does it take away from the is it a dome Stadium it's gonna be cold it's rainy in February yeah they're all open field this could I mean if they can put a little roof over there be easier to go to Mexico then yeah if you could put a roof on it and anywhere with a roof that's all I care about I don't like the outdoor stadium is always cool but you got to have a nice spot for like having the roof open in Phoenix was great yeah like it was like lucked out when they had it in New York it was just a nice day that yeah and then following the next morning all of a sudden it had the full-on snow blast and I wake up and I'm like I hope my flight doesn't get delayed I hope not but it was still fun though but I think Super Bowl 60 for me Dallas you think I think it's gonna be Dallas yeah yeah because I'm looking at where are the places that can handle yeah a Super Bowl I think it's gotten so massively much more bigger like Jacksonville was oh five and they had a tough time getting it and they're just thinking about all the people how many events were going on fellas in Phoenix that weekend great I mean you had basketball games it was packed everywhere every hotel filled up and how many cities can truly handle a you know a Super Bowl yeah and the only thing Dallas has to I'm sure they've learned from when 2011 last time Super Bowl was there right when there's ice yeah so it's not sand and I think in the decade plus it's maybe someone who's in charge of handling that will understand that you don't put sand out what's that more hotels down there well now that you bring it up TJ I just like I said my mind is always going a million miles a minute you said I was a decade plus I was the last time we saw Aaron Rogers win a Super Bowl yeah and was actually in a Super Bowl and true that Wow I think how long ago that was we're talking about bringing it back up whoo well you know what I know somebody who's got a comeback who's bringing it back Tiger Woods I go at y'all we get an update on Tiger coming up and talk to Randall Chamblee come up here on the Rich Eisen show you love Lala Kent on Vanderpump rules now get to know her on give them Lala with her assistant Jess la it can become suffocating did something happen where you felt like I have to get out of here do you just think it just happens sometimes I think it just happens but also just everything going on in my personal life like I want to get on this mic and be like this is what I've been dealing with for 14 months give them Lala wherever you listen
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