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April 23, 2021 4:00 am

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April 23, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- Matt discusses why God is a Trinity--2- How should I best approach and talk with a person who affirms socialism---3- Where exactly was the soul of the rich man in Luke 16---4- Have you ever heard of something called the Book of the Samaritans---5- What does objective morality mean-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a max likewise branches called responding to your questions at 87707276 Matt slick Matt slick. I hope will show you got questions or comments you will discuss certain things. But the Bible what I do for the newbies is that your questions on the Bible doctrine and various issues and things like that and if it sounds interesting. You know if you have questions about your personal relationship with the Lord will know how God works and lives were no with the Scripture says about certain things, topics, ideas, all you do hopefully is so give us a call and I'll give you colors and on will be able to. Hopefully I got grace after questions hi Terry.

In the chat room is great and we have a chat room to look people in it right now, but usually look the 50 or 60 within the first few minutes. If you participate in a chat discussion all you do is go to and on the homepage will find the that the video of me sitting here is exciting stuff all interesting. It's exciting.

I'm sitting here with a headset on looking into a camera will enter questions in a chair so that your kind of a hug and I give a good time then the you know you can watch but the really good stuff is that the great people in here who are good Christian people and good chaps and people become friends with what we see a lot of regulars there.

That sounds good like you want to get involved in all you do is just go to CAR and the homepage you'll find that the girls go to YouTube and the finest air on Facebook just-karma org you can find all the links and all the kindest of England without weight now through and in the call 877-207-2276 and omega five lines that leave the bridge waiting right now I want to give me a call so I'm working on an interesting article is been something to think about for a long time. We had a caller it was Monday or Friday.

Not sure and why is God a Trinity is women working on for a while when I got this article right in front of you looking into my screen. You can't see it is not released yet. When the car websites, but I've been wondering about this for a long time.

Why is God not one person wisely to persons. Why isn't he, four or more why is he, 390, that God is a Trinity, but I wondered why is God a Trinity and so I'm going to continue to work on this. My couple friends of mine who I think are logically, philosophically, biblically minded enough to be able to interact with you on this little bit on the releases article.

Hopefully tomorrow next day next and whatever and then maybe we could discuss it then. I think that's it's important that I was talking to some Muslim Muslim last night's on chat room area and I ran some of the ideas around and doesn't work quite as well with the Muslim because of the lack of thought of Scripture in the Quran, which says that were made in God's image. It does say that in the Bible so that carry certain requirements with it. Communicable attributes noncommunicable talking to Muslim about to rebut his view of God. And there's a word and I've known the word that I forgot it that I knew it again. I forgot it again.

It's not Tumbleweed taught something where it means that the God of Islam is so holy completely different than us that he's basically unknowable and I'm trying to find information about that second word for that.

I think it's of weakness is that of Islam.

But on the good of that is another topic, but nevertheless, for now work in this article. Why is God a Trinity and going through a bit of a technical article in some aspects going to trinitarianism introducing the idea of abstracts, abstractions and physical requirements and properties and things like this split slowly, with a little bit of time so that the article by time a person gets through it if they're still interested in her eyes haven't role of the back of her skull found out they might have a better understanding of why God to Trinity and I think it has to do with the of the aspects of personhood and free will and hopefully have brought those out in the article is talking is talking so anyway you give a call 877-207-2276 is good to Jeff from Michigan Jeff welcome on the air that how you doing I'm doing all right hanging out. I got up I got feedback I can hear myself so I went right now. Okay right so we got a II would work for customer, a retired older lady told me it with a let a prickly burning burning fabric the border and dog in the court conversation, I found that out and I have wondered what your what your take is on what it in for my attitude in a conversation with Bert that no adequate then I made what what thought good the garden in the background of my mind as I wrote you know her belief that her we always do is ask the person who affirms something to define. Always do that. I remember back in little bit ago when the when Trump was running for office ability. To the left is Michael Sanders was promoting socialism and downtown Boise by different Boise Idaho area. These two people is this guy and a girl were promoting Bernie Sanders in the whole bit and and I said so you leaving, and socialism said yes I said to tell what it is and they stared at me like a deer in headlights dealer socialism. This indeed is a good that you are advocating it. Tell me what is define it explained to me how it works economically explain how it works without rights and property. They did nothing to say.

This is look at the street you don't even know what it is you're promoting. You're just swallowing whatever the news media wants you to chew in and swallow in and just participate right as it gets her shameful and I walked away that you didn't have an answer. So this is the thing. What is socialism is a political and social system in which private property and the distribution of income are subject to social and centralized government control. So it's a tape of the political social system where the distribution of means of production and distribution are controlled by the government or centralized is controlled by the government completely. That's communism when it centralized in, and governmental increase of government control that socialism. Socialism is just communism liked the problem was central with the with socialism is that bureaucracies become notoriously inefficient because of the interdependence of the bureaucratic system of people who were trying to cover their own rears and since they can't know sufficient means of of caring for individuals to have to pass laws that govern all people all at once, so such things as when you have gun control would either tax everybody social Social Security.

These are socialist ideas where they trying to gain control of individuals through the lid legislation of the general but the legislation of the general more generally speaking, removes our rights increases government control. So here's a thing as the government gains control we get gains power, we lose power.

That's how it work is only 100 units of power in society. It distributed 50-50 is distributed. You don't 70 for the people and 30 for the government, which is where democracy republics multiply roughly and that the numbers are really relevant to get the point in communism. It's 100% hundred units are in control of the of the government and so in order to do that, you'll notice that private property has to decrease in private rights of the decrease because as government gains power it has to pass laws and disarm people in order to retain its power. This is how it works. This would socialism is it said it in economy, and it does not encourage private ownership of property or private ownership of businesses, but prefers that governmental ownership and control of the economy and businesses occurs for the benefit of all people.

Socialists want to the benefit of all people. That's great, but they can't think the way to the wet paper bag when it comes to this topic because you have to ask questions if socialism Stroop, who were the ones in power who distribute what to whom and how did you just demonstrate the efficiency of the procedure, how do you know it works where the socialist countries. Right now in the in Europe that's what you say this, but there aren't any debate whether there's something very socialist governments of France at NLB different relatives. I think it's they said 80% of their income is confiscated and goes to the estate, which then distributes it out to people all over the place so you work for the government, 80% of the year kind of thing and so I got problem socialism. Yeah, I mean obviously I agree with all that the velvet that delete all demonic.

I think especially in at green foreman and communism. No biblical faith before that.

Basically against the true and reality and how people are, you know, and in the way we we are made in God limited, but I would think more the my attitude toward the person out about their doctor know that all the thought and had lectures by deserts out there by I'm sure she rasped, but I'm sure she's a leftist automated who does not out excited on its back on plan in terms of my my attitude toward current apartment like personally that I think of her and approached my conversation with her with an attitude informed by the fact that I believe the know liberal left the dark look wacko who can't take away great wet paper bag, and therefore is pretty much an idiot and and I could look at her and thought and regret that now that I see her as adult wacko left the moron to treat her as someone who's been brainwashed by the leftist media and the leftist agenda who doesn't understand what the issues are just opposite likely biblical interview enters the stance of the way to get through to people like this is to ask questions and ask my little honey I got my question is that I die and I have been no so disdainful, but if I'm thinking to myself what apartment adult wacko moron wet paper bag at Adobe can't you know it is that left the brother country vibe, loading the and I would immediately if I had that in my mind obviously I'd be like what apartment the enemy now that well and then and then add my enemy. I meet how it creek if I think that attitude toward her. Will I be more. I think the more wacko okay – so we do is and will I be more widely read and how you will be an adequate and I do hope like that. I love that list I will give one of the line 877-207-2276 mass Y call 770-7276 charismatic slave all right just to prime the pump little bit. There were times in the Bible when it's appropriate to call people names Jesus, call people hypocrites whitewashed tombs of lawless Viper serpents consider concealed tombs, liars and things like that when people run righteous as Jesus did. And Paul did also. It's appropriate to call them what they are to identify them for what they are. Now if someone is a murderer or an abortion Dr. same basic thing, then how should we go. I think of them. We should think of them as as evil people who have done evil things that they repent come to Christ praise God. We should also think of them with pity and with sorrow because they are lost and they need the truth, and so because of that we should pray for them and work with them and help them to seek the truth and find it in Jesus Christ with a repent of their foolishness and come to Christ and so this is what I said vibrate with that and work out that love but that there wacko moron left with Their way out of a paper bag. It has ranked as the net it would that be appropriate to let them know that right away that way. Delete bad, I could lead with that. I could say it out for I find out. Now they are no more okay I'd like you know that right out. I think you're a moron and as a conversation or better think of them at the apartment created in the image of God he died either on the van and egged on by the wicked one delete lives and are in bondage, then an answer thought that when I meet meet wacko left this morning. Once I find they are ultimately working for the demise of our country. Though they don't know what and they really can't think through these issues properly and if your course nonbiblical.

When I try and do is provide opportunity to be able to witness to them. If I call them names like that right away. The listen on the radio all say this because it's radial. But the thing is if you meet an individual, you might want to say that you might not want to say that whatever you think is appropriate and I have spoke with individuals and I called them you've your father the devil, I've said it to be before but that's usually after the case when they dip a demonstrator that is the case, so I think that we should be talking to somebody talking to Prof. like the somatic call you right now left Democrats.

Please never call you right now on the hunt on the phone and on your fellow with they've heard if they felt they had an overly bad oh, is it okay for them like they say, you know that's kind of you know, that's not helping out the willing, do a conversation with you because you're basically telling us moron, like well okay I guess I will be thought to be about that because the call. You are already nowhere where you stand about me personally it looked like you doing over and over and over. The thing over and over and over again. I got your point along title. So Lori answered it and this is the radio people say things in the readiness with a do not you wash leftist news you'll find how much they call the people on the right basically evil people that are terrorists and things like this will return evil for evil to all right know we don't. But Jesus certainly did call people names didn't yet know there are, yeah, and we can know their intentions by their actions if their voting say what you say if someone is you know pro-homosexual procommunist and is pro-abortion.

You find the center talking to somebody. We can do that although the idea that a little guy.

Good okay that's what I would do. I would ask questions of the individual say why do you hold this position so that I would undermine the reasons for those positions. If they were to continue on in their sinfulness rebellion against the truth. I would then say something effective. Do you know that you been brainwashed by the left.

You can't think things through clearly. This is why you have a problem.

I've told people this is they sometimes need to hear this because if we would be so nice he YC all the time. To the left to anybody who's in instant rebellion against God. Well, okay, you know, but there are times to call people out for what it really is and label them for what it really how do that perfectly well that I don't know how to do the right time to do it on the radio here. I will use the phrase because the I just think is more descriptive and it's radial entertainment.

While I appreciate you calling awry things like I like my job plus all right just get to Duane from Australia. Duane welcoming all year I I got my X. The lemon I got a quick question, looking into the iron Cross.

Okay, now I'm not in the right you know that I translated that from the Hebrew to the Greek that they fit the vehicle for three with all right. I want to know when you have the great idea which is to guide me and then you has the IM with your hello Neulasta, maybe I lost you guys hear me little technical problem so maybe let's see sometimes we do have a problem. I'm still in the air. We don't have him list them on hold and hope to get a connection come back and if you want to call it a try. Come back we can do to fix that. Let's get to Jay from voice Ajay. Welcome on their got all their legal have a tech problem.

Okay man what he got well so question about the river that would be chapter and verse, but when Lazarus is speaking with the rich man in hell 80s to be more so the current date. If you like, and it appears to me that the man is absolutely being tormented by even hate and I've been traditionally taught that 80s is actually just sort of like the old right. The grades generally, but here it appears to be contrasted with Abraham's bosom at the place with it are at so I was wondering if you might be able to help me out with that.

She always Hebrew word Hades a day's is a Greek word, and so generally speaking, Hades is a corresponding word for the Old Testament trouble in its use by Jesus in the Gospels seasonally and it occurs in acts and in Revelation, so it probably is is a subterranean abode of the dead in it, and what you're referencing. It was Luke 1619 to 31 Lazarus and the rich man so he was conscious and torment after death right so I let my question would be then regretted like it further if I make because it is a great deal of both the right back after these messages we have about one of the line 77 mass Y call 770-7276 charismatic slave get back to Jay from Boise. Ajay would welcome welcome still there are right. So what was your question about the I need the right kind of run included is it seems to me like it. She only are roughly equivalent one writing the return of the other being the Greek term and you know we have the data here where Hades appears to be a plate where a wicked man tormented where rights man is not being in Abraham's bosom instead. It seems to me like there's an issue with with the theology we have on one hand we have with people who would say that young even the even the righteous thing like Jacob and David, for example, expect to go to heal, but I don't expect any of us believe that they were tormented and yet Hades appears to be used as a place where there tormented for the event. To add to this seems to get even worse when death and Hades are thrown into the lake of fire like that and the place where people are tormented are thrown into the lake of fire and the like kind of a big myth for people because I've always been thought, 80s Gahanna they're different that separated the not the same thing all the kind of stuff right to enter the reference to the place of torment in Hades is a place for the dead are but the here, it appears that they needed actually the plate of torment and lad with the regimented need in their yard. So the problem when we discussed discussed will be going to study these things I've done studies on Gahanna tech terrace, which is another word that's used in Greek Hades simple and I've not been able to conclude my satisfaction exactly what the nuanced differences are between the and we know that death and Hades are thrown in the lake of fire.

Well, what is that mean because Hades is Hades a place here's another question that gets in the dishonestly was difficult. In Luke 1619 to 31 it talks about the afterlife and one of the theories is of the people who died beforehand. The wicked went to this place of suffering and the good. There is a holding place a brand's bosom and then after Christ died and is interim.

She then went to proclaim the gospel to them and raise them up into heaven with him and that of Ephesians 482 11 seems to imply this number is true.

Now we don't know, but it's it seems to be the case there's some evidence for that. If that's the case then it would seem as though there's been a change in the nature of Hades that is only place of the wicked.

If that's the case, and the wicked are thrown into the lake of fire and Hades being that they both go to that for the part of destruction or does it mean that Haynes assembly just like a fire you want to winded your phone went… And so we get into this it it's like okay so what sense is it meant mean when is it a thought in the lake of fire because some people like annihilation seal that means it doesn't exist anymore doesn't mean that the people in Hades. If it's a place are thrown into the lake of fire. The whole place is and it's all joined as one big massive punishment is difficult to answer them so that when I went in your phone and so yeah it I'm gonna that moment and you and I talk before what you're supposed to send me an email that is your him to Boise.

Actually, I did get an email sent to you. Actually, I was so I don't know that I know you're probably fairly good.

I'm not sure what you read what you have but I think I emailed one that included a list of reasons why I personally am a annihilation of another one, including an interview that I would be doing like 24 minute thing on mentioning about Michael now with Chris date. I've got physical with liquidated heresy last. I do agree with a lot of the night. I agree with that. Also, I think that you got a lot of interesting point in regard to hell that I agree with.

I take Anna and the figure that I'm not a Greek expert and I'm also fairly young person you know I am.

I'm only 22 so I'm open to being wrong about this, but it sounds to me like this pathogen particular is almost indicating that there is a place of conscious torment for the center and then that plate, the conscious torment along with the center is destroyed in the lake of fire problem with. I would think of you that the problem is to punished, and punished for a period of time. This correspondence of the laws they broken for the sin that committed right I yeah yeah I would a group that locates Alyssa say that they suffer from 1000 years not the right number.

Whatever disease is illustration after they've been suffering for the appropriate length of time, then that means the punishment accorded that Lawson finished right right well I not I get there early. I wouldn't then what is like if there punished or punished according to with the law requires who and where does it say that in the Scriptures how much punishment a person gets from whatever law they broken line versus murder still in the paperclip versus murder.

It doesn't silly people get to suffer in the afterlife or pretend before they're annihilated. There's logistical issues. There we could use ill variables and say welcome responding to certain value of sin dignity suffering for certain value for the time that means is, according to the law. That means a law satisfied when they pay that punishment within why they annihilated for second judgment upon.

There may have a double jeopardy and this is a problem because if the laws been completed by their suffering wanted to go to heaven because they've met the requirements of the law is a problem in the quite certainly I think initially couple.

Thank you come to my birthday minute mind at the you wages of sin, being that and what it almost seems like to me is that there every time you commit a thin, they've actually like to separate offenses about the activity act of committing a thin itself, which is rebellion against God is worthy of a death penalty and about the beat that they got you actually committed right and is physically standing with the actual act is dissent okay well and though I what I do with the credit, but by what I need right though the company eating for example for right that and somebody murdering another human being.

Both have a equal quality in that they are direct rebellion against God's law – and I'm guessing that my initial question was if some of the punished according the law for their sin and then once the requirement has been satisfied should be. Then according to the law and then that we think that the requirement of the law are they annihilated it doesn't make sense to logical Brando's deposition may be correct. If an answer.

Try to what I think the reason I bring up this sort of I like double pronged idea in a way right, it doesn't seem to me like you are punished for not rebellion right that that element that they have in in in tandem with each other and that penalty of death. But then also, what is the penalty for the specific tasks and I see what is death. This is the thing that annihilation is presupposing death community of nonexistence or or annihilation.

Later on, not for specific nor a specific initiative socially with her topic. Have you read the articles on, you know on these topics. When annihilation is I have recently yeah because I did want to have a live in the same area actually 11 asking if the dent delete it with bottled. I like it even it in person debater interview with it but sure moderately that requesting a status.

My question is is have you read the issues that I've done on the word studies regarding punishment and destruction have you done that I've done this trip studies to show how they're used in Scripture. There are places where destruction is used arithmetically. 546 destroyed with the word destruction never means nonexistence the place where does it does not.

Why is it that the annihilation is to choose which one is conveyed is because of the prejudices, not because the text requires annihilation as it was quite weak. If you think about annihilation is nonexistence. How is nonexistence of punishment isn't it is nonexistence good is no attribution to it. It is nothing. This is what rocks think of house at a punishment annihilation the same things. What rocks think of as a punishment problems.

Okay well and then we got a go for the break.

Okay you know we get okay all right yeah they folks we actualize what he recalls a 707 sexually right that mats like why thinking of the 770-7276 charismatic slave after the show, lines 877-2276 John from Texas.

Welcome all rights regarding good personal God wanted that man you find out really acquired by banks on day annihilation backboard format.

What he said completely melted down for mysterious which which part basically allow that a punishment that may just all things just nail down main doesn't make sense. The call to nothingness a punishment that has nothingness. Anything.

It just makes sense to call upon the will know that the extinction processes. Punishment was at last for a millisecond just doesn't make sense. I guess that I could say mixing pot.

They know that they punishment no method had. It is like you were before you existed. It was nothing house that punished the same thing you're not missing anything good you'll exist just don't talk into it got so good to a guy you know I try to talk to him about all that got you read the Bible and naïvely created by alien that he would same be said he read all the Samaritan and I get married dancers of that either. And I don't back. Are you aware that you broke up you unless you like five seconds or so. Samaritan what are you wearing a bug. I think it's called the American know not okay. I guess I get what it identified 2000 years before the Bible there late dinner, whatever there was Jesus like gator that died and rose the third day. I'll let you know where that are so well with the say thing like this. You always have to ask for documentation and usually with a something it's real spurious is something written like an 800 A.D. that about a rumor they heard long ago and it is not good evidence for anything so I always ask document okay.

Always document death assessment would same if he was ago that older staff at May God said, let our brother be able to leverage your yeah I'll do that documentation on that is the documentation I owe you because they can make the statements as though their true except to demonstrate that they are some of the other. Just don't let out correct.

I get it all right they got okay let's get to see Joseph from North Carolina, Joseph, welcome you on here. Are you doing today I got grace doing what you had mad a couple, Carly and Scott turn on your radio station automatically a part time listener, first time how are but a guy that was talking about tolerant people named the Bible want this to be jealous, but God norming that were supposed to be bold and stand out and collect evil, evil and another thing is the Bible say they'll be people inhale beat with few stripes and they have been people inhale beat with many stripes love what you asked a lot about that and encourage they remanded to turn out.

If you're a true believer in grass. You don't have to worry about hail dancing. This drug got your child and the light nags out of the dark and be jealous for God, carry people to be bold and stand there because right now that's why our country is black and that Holly had Mike did not, as Molly has been my demonic activity going on in the Congers Mableton and thereby as if thou demonic and if the Bible fulfillment they'll cracker down my brothers that this is to stay in Fayette and strong and look at David's line when he went up against Goliath and Christian community is going up against Goliath right now because our government is good laugh and league at the Stamp Act and have faith and I encourage you in man-to-man you don't know me but I love you as a brother and I encourage you for doing what you're doing in any bag listening right now. I just encourage you how to do God's work. He learns the way where we are bound to go to drowsy through the day that I am I laughing a demand Brian I went down I was 22 years old, but today I am not the same guy was when I went behind and I think a good little for me and let me down, go to Haley. Let me state give me insight. I learned a lot about faith and not by sight and I encourage my brothers did that thing got good news is do you government nine. The use air China do away with the and is notably as a better place like nomads on his plate does because that I like this place does kick us out. Interesting. They eventually going to get that man you. It's right in out lately night and we don't need to gain as a unit with questions of you have colors when you have a have a question in the comments great. I appreciate it will not my play in it for your listeners. I want to hear about more zealot great things in our country. I wanted here about our fight may go on and I fight the good fight of faith. I want to hear that from everybody listen Mike Layton a year.

The adman don't let him keep you out there was not up to me it's other people who oh who own the station stuff like that.

I was kicked off the year at another place, we don't know exactly why the suspect was because of my suboptimal Catholicism and we found out that I my later recordings when it… Catholicism music came over and said of the Mike my my speech about his Catholicism so bankrupt within the weekly think that's what happened and people don't like a lot of stuff. It's a couple of censoring and people do it all over the place so that we have you heard anything about have you heard anything about Jana coming out with their new United Kingdom gain regarding Bible not having hired HED paying it down to good news burdened and again gained Bible into American. I have not heard it today. What if you got documentation for that. Then then contacting then let me know next time you're very sure that that could you how you know that you have a day thereby be blessed okay email it to me to get information okay that we good yet there arrived God last day.

Let's get on the phones with his weight is Josh was Mino Joshua welcoming on the year. I will all right where are you in Idaho or Lane I thing I thought we got but I'm not. A couple times regarding objective morality versus objective morality. Okay, one of the things that have been coming across a lot on public forums is that so when I my S objective morality with with people still counter and say that objective morality is false because objective is without feeling and if you have feeling then those are subjective so like they are in order for something to be at the not informed so objective means not depend upon your own person.

It's something that exists outside of you subjective it's all right something out there subjective me just depend upon you so objective moral silhouette objective morals could exist and have them and they have universal properties or universal application is universal mind because morals are abstractions and abstraction is something that occurs in the mind.the physical realm, as in it's a physical priority like redness around square straight. We can measure those things that you can't measure abstractions like love and fellowship in and things like that in a moral is an attitudinal thing because of how to slap some of the face.

Is it right or is it wrong depends on the motive to save them from injury or to cause injury you so morality is related to the intention of the actor of the one who performs the action so if someone considers no objective morality.

We are saying is there is no God. And if someone says there's no objective morality then I'll ask him a question I say is it true or not true, then it is wrong for everybody to torture babies indefinitely for the personal pleasure. It's a statement I've used yet. I doubt that okay and what they say about that but I posed that question to that question that you that you just went in there and not enveloped all of the current date.

Well, it's my opinion there's a trap here's a trap.

Is it right or is it always wrong for everyone if they say yes it's always wrong it's her opinion that is their opinion that there's a universal moral absolute deceit right there stuck if they say no, then you're advocating the idea that it's okay to do that thing I said and give me examples. When that's the case with essay 13 environmental and you gotta right and then I and then I pattered on both lack of adequate Allstate fate will yes it's always wrong, but that's just my opinion that it's a opinion that it's always wrong for everyone, so you get your opinion that universal moral absence exist right and then then I'll say so it's your opinion. I made it make I didn't think I conflate the argument by saying that their opinion and then I got his young family got you so you what you say is Allstate again so you're saying that it's your opinion that moral absolutes exist but you just said they don't. So how is it I doesn't, so that's what you do okay that I had this exact Conrad nation many times you do right and then met and they do say that that it is that it know that it not only wrong, then that all civil give me a case of word okay if you know of any and lumbosacral wealth. There's people who do do that. I don't know of anyone part personally in the hell you doing down the line if they say that people who do that.

So you say you know people who do this for the beach. We had the right legs now and then will try to equate the argument and that I'm telling you how to respond to it is you do with your opinion that they do is moral absence to exist right with just my opinion.

I said everybody but your opinion is at the exist. Right. That's the whole thing to say it over and over that your opinion is that they do it so they don't. So how's your penis is what you say another hundred yourself. Nothing rational. Okay buddy time that the RMN got Vlasic Amos from Texas was in the comedy sort of Doxey and Carter from Mississippi about the questions love both those topics. Please call back tomorrow and by his grace will talk to you folks about a time of the Lord bless you will be on the air board will and tomorrow another program powered by the Truth Network

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