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REShow: Matt LaFleur - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 3, 2023 3:17 pm

REShow: Matt LaFleur - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 3, 2023 3:17 pm

Rich weighs in on the New York Giants’ disastrous Monday Night Football loss that saw Daniel Jones sacked 10 times while throwing a backbreaking pick six against a stout Seattle Seahawks’ defense.

Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur and Rich discuss how Jordan Love has handled being Green Bay’s QB1 this season, Aaron Rodgers’ season-ending Achilles injury, facing Davante Adams and the Raiders on Monday Night Football, and more.

Rich and the guys debate how long the Taylor Swift-NFL whirlwind will last and what they would do if they struck it rich by winning the lottery.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. Please welcome Rich Eisen.

Owen Forbears, go figure that. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. What the hell is happening in Chicago?

And if Justin Fields wants to stay in Chicago, he better keep winning because Caleb Williams is coming. The Rich Eisen Show, today's gasps. Packers head coach, Matt Lefler, comedian Lewis Black, NFL Network analyst Gerald McCoy, plus your phone calls, latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. Exactly. It's a great show. Exactly.

Honestly, I'm not just saying that because of the name of it. Welcome to the Rich Eisen Show, where you've got a head coach in the National Football League, the head coach of the Green Bay Packers. You've got Gerald McCoy, former NFL player my current colleague on NFL Game Day Morning in studio.

And then Lewis Black, who is one of my favorite comedians in studio. All in three hours. Week four is all done. Your phone calls, we take them because we're interactive like that. We want to talk with you, not at you. 844-204-rich number to dial here on Sirius XM Odyssey. This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate. We're live on the Roku channel every day from 12 to 3 Eastern Time. It's free on all Roku devices. Select Samsung Smart TV. It is free on Amazon Fire TV's.

It's free on the Roku app because the Roku channels in there and the Roku channel dot com is free because it's on the Internet. How about them apples? We're also happy to be here one month into the NFL season, just as the NBA starts getting completely lit. It's a lot of fun. Don't go anywhere.

We're having a great time already unless you're a New York football fan. Good to see you over there, Chris Brockman. What's going on, brother? What's up? D.J. Mikey D's and he's not to see you, TJ. Why do you have a wig? What do you what are you doing over there?

Butler kind of inspired me. Maybe it's time for me to switch things up a little bit with the hair. I don't know. That looks more like Spinal Tap, doesn't it? Does that work? Yeah. OK, let's see it. OK, you know, I like it.

Is that me? I think it is you, Jimmy Butler. Very good. It's Hemi Butler. There we go. What I think is what he did.

What is happening? Oh, my God. We got wigs. We got props.

We got some on it. And you already have a lot of hair. You don't need to put a wig on in front of the bald guy. That's true.

Well, I was going to offer it to what are you doing? But you're on top of hair and you know, so does hair on top of hair even counter what we've got going on? Yes, that's a double disrespectful. I think it's just a look I was thinking about. And just again, people might not be watching on the Roku channel. And if so, you know, we understand.

But why not? Did you get a fresh shave, too? Did did you did you do fresh?

What do you mean? Like it looks like really saying your head looks especially shiny. No, it looks like it.

We want to do it every day. OK, good. I didn't know they get a little stuff put on. I didn't know. I had no idea because you had like a five o'clock hair shadow a little bit yesterday. I couldn't help but notice.

But you could check that out on the honestly. Look at the overreaction Monday podcast, maybe because it was after the show. When we taped. Well, I mean, I shave it like six a.m. and then tape it like one p.m., honestly.

And I didn't think I'd start this way. There is nobody in our business who grew a five o'clock shadow before noon faster than Adam Schefter. Seriously. Yeah. Schefter would have a five o'clock shadow by 10 in the morning. Ten.

Unbelievable. And I'm like, did you not shave today? Yeah, I shaved three hours ago.

So anyway, we're off and running. Keith used to grow a spite mustache. Keith would grow a mustache out of spite overnight because ESPN management didn't like facial hair.

All of that stuff. That's why you tune into this program. Well, we're trying to turn your front upside down, Giants fans. That's what we're trying to do, because this is a team that won a playoff game last year. It's not just a playoff team from last year. They won a playoff game. They were part of the final four in the National Football Conference last year with the Cowboys, Eagles and Niners. This was a team that went into Minnesota and won and done to Kirk Cousins, because Daniel Jones showed up like Colin Kaepernick in Green Bay. That's how he showed up to Minnesota last year.

Didn't miss throws, didn't miss an opportunity to just punk you down the field with his legs, too. Also helped that, you know, wait a minute, let me look this up. Oh, yeah, Saquon Barkley was on the Giants that day, too. And it's amazing how during this game they showed on the Monday Night Football broadcast, Buck, Aikman, the whole crew.

Interesting. They showed a graphic about how Saquon is worth three points a game and basically about extra 40 to 50 yards per game in terms of when he plays and when he doesn't play. And that's the guy that they held the line on on salary. That's the guy that they're basically saying, no, no, no, no. There's a market and we must pay you market value and then make sure that you curse on a podcast before you come back and will salt your contract with a nine hundred thousand dollars of incentives that unfortunately, because he's missed two games now, will be very difficult for him to make.

And that's why these guys want their money when they want their money. But that was for another day back in the summer and maybe for another day next spring. But this day, on this day, the New York football giants look like one of the worst teams in football. And the Seattle Seahawks came in on a Monday night flying all the way across the country.

And essentially held the Dallas Cowboys beer from the first. Sunday night of the season, the Giants have played two home games, two nationally televised home games, and they have lost these games by a combined score of 64 to three. The good New York Giants season ticket holders and fans have yet to see a touchdown with their own two eyes unless they flew out to Arizona.

Maybe to San Francisco before the boat race was on, and that was just an unfair fight, short, weak, no Saquon. But this Giants team. Having a Seahawks team in their house that, you know, the Rams kind of showed what you can do with a.

A defensive scheme. Holding that team to nine yards in the second half, the Seahawks have won three in a row since then, they're three and one. They look like a playoff team from last year. They look like a playoff team from this year, too. And that defense that the Seahawks brought last night.

248 yards of offense, they held the Giants to the Giants were six of 16 on third downs. There was a pick six last night, Devin Witherspoon introduced himself. To the nation, as certainly with Christian Gonzalez, now out for the foreseeable future as the defensive rookie of the year, this kid from Illinois. As he was running to the end zone, 97 yards, you know what I thought to myself? I'm like, that's the guy they got in the Russell Wilson trade.

Check that box. They got another stud on the back end of a defense, Rick Willen, another one from last year, they're building a team. The press returned last night, unfortunately got concussed.

Jamal Adams expected back after the buy that the Seahawks now set for week five on at three and one. Oh, they forced a fumble on Daniel Jones. There were more sacks last night than out of Tom Rinaldi's mouth in that NFL on Fox commercial that runs every two seconds these days.

Mm hmm. Sackety sack, they didn't talk back. All of that happened last night to the Giants. Eleven sacks, ten of them on Daniel Jones. Two turnovers on downs for the Giants, including the first drive. So their first drive against the Cowboys ended with a stalled field goal attempt. They blocked back the Cowboys. The first drive for the Giants last night ended on a if if Philly's running the city of brotherly shove play, because we won't call it the tush push here. Please don't call it that.

Please. What what was the what were the Giants doing? I mean, it's a copycat league and they need to work on it, because as the Manning's talked about in their Manning cast, the Peyton's talking about somebody should get the left cheek and someone should get the right cheek of Daniel Jones and shove. And neither of them got hands on their quarterback. They're there to push him. And the Daniel Jones got separation from his own lineman trying to push him.

That didn't work. I I picked up Coop from his travel ball practice last night. I did, you know, my usual Monday gig of studio work on Westwood one radio after halftime, got in the car, listened to Kevin Harlan and Kurt Warner on a call. Kurt, by the way, a guest of Suzy Shuster and Amy Trask on today's What the Football. And Kurt, listen to them call that ninety seven yard pick six. Just when you thought Daniel Jones and the Giants put together their best drive of the game, it's fourteen three. And here come the Giants after going forward on fourth down. They're going to score and they're going to score a touchdown and maybe go for two and make it a three point game.

And even if it's a five point game, we have a game. And then I don't know what the hell happened there. Witherspoon jumped a route. Either Jones threw it to the wrong guy or one of his guys didn't run the right route, and that's on him and it looks like it's on Daniels.

And whatever it happened, this kid, Witherspoon, who brings the wood and closes like a demon, snatched that one out of the air and took it the route. Ninety seven yards. So then I get out of the car and I get ready to pick Coop up. I missed one drive. I missed the next drive before I, you know, turn the game on on my phone. Because I'm a professional.

And by the way, best dad ever. Right. Well, Sue's took him to practice, so at any rate, long story short, I look at my phone and I'm like, what was the drive the Giants just had? And I saw this on my phone. I screen snapped it because I can't believe I've never seen this before.

Nine plays, two yards, four minutes and 43 seconds. I'm like, this has got to be a typo. All right, I'll bite. What is it? I hit the button.

And I look at it. A first down run for no gain on their own, 25, a second down 12 yard pass play for 37 yards first down. Play three, three yard pass to the 40, play four, two yard pass to the 42. Play five, a tip pass. It's now play six fourth down and five. Daniel Jones, six yards first down at the 48.

OK, we're going here. Next play, a 12 yard scramble called back for a hold. That's play seven. We got to replay it again. So play seven wound up being a sack loss of eight to his own 30 because the holding penalty brought it back to his own 38.

So now we're on the 30. Play eight was a pass of six to the 36. Play nine was a sack loss of nine to the 27, just two yards gained from the 25 yard spot that they started the drive in. Nine plays, two yards.

Four minutes, 43 seconds. I've never seen anything like it. And this from, again, the guy who the Giants signed, and I know Brockman, this is exactly what you were talking about when the Giants signed Daniel Jones, let's put a pin in that for the moment, because we saw Brian Dabel, the reigning coach of the year. Go really right at Daniel Jones after that pick six. And it did not it didn't look pleasant to be straight up.

Didn't look very pleasant. After the game, Coach Dabel was asked about that very exchange. What were you trying to show Daniel on the interception? The camera's about you showing the tablet to him. I was trying to show him kind of see what he thought and then kind of tell him what I saw.

But they were too happy to kind of toss the tablet as you walked away. I mean, what was supposed to happen on that route? Was it?

Yeah, I'm not going to get in the particulars of it. Just we didn't get the job done. What did you want him to do on that play? Yeah, obviously not throw an interception.

So I mean, I don't mean to laugh, but you can't help but laugh. I mean, what I tell him, what do you tell him? I told him, you know, just let's not throw picks like six.

Daniel Jones after the game. I mean, what else can you say except what he said after the game? I think we're all frustrated. I think we're all frustrated. So, yeah, I know I got to play better and I'm going to work as hard as I possibly can to do that. Obviously, I didn't didn't play well enough.

It was unacceptable. And I let the team down. So I've got to I've got to fix it. I got to work hard to to get it right.

And I'm going to do that, you know, to be fair. My next guest, who's joining us in a few minutes, Matt Leflore, the head coach of the Green Bay Packers, said after the loss to the Lions that started week four about Jordan Love, can't throw from your back. I think. Daniel Jones was sacked 10 times. The 11 sacks they gave up last night because Paris Campbell, I guess, was behind the line of scrimmage in a certain way that. He got hit, too, technically.

Right. They called it a sack because it was thrown backwards to him. It looked like they were going to go a wide receiver option. And Devin Witherspoon closed from about 20 yards out in a flash.

That dude had a game. I believe that was a sack. He had his first career sack just straight up on Jones earlier in the game. So that needs to be said completely fair for Daniel Jones and.

At least he's fully knowledgeable of the saucepan in which he is currently cooking. Because when he was chosen by the Giants in the draft in Nashville, Tennessee, out of Duke. Interestingly enough, he was the sixth overall pick. Which made him pick six of that draft.

He fully heard. From Giants fans when he was slow to start. Despite his first career start, I believe in Tampa, and he had a day to show you to show you how he can actually perform.

But no greater pressure. Is placed on a New York athlete. Then one that doesn't perform after he has gotten significantly well paid. Just ask Carlos Redone blowing kisses to Yankee fans, and then in his last start of the year, gets pulled in Kansas City.

Zero innings pitched, eight earned. Ed Whitson saying, oh, that's bad. Well, that's what happens for Ed in.

Yeah, he didn't think he'd get caught, right? But that's what happens. That's what's happening right now in New York, and even worse. Is what lays ahead. Their schedule. Oh, my goodness, they've got to go on the road now. Two more games, which is great, because since again, they've been outscored 64 to three at home in their first two. They're at Miami and at Buffalo. Next to and then home for Washington, who, as you know, just damn near handed the Eagles their first loss on the road. Home for the Jets. Say what you will say what you will. But a Jets team can bring it like the Seattle defense can bring it.

And they had my home's kind of twisted, almost picked him off three times. If not for, you know, I don't want to go there. But see what I'm saying? It ain't pretty. And I just got to wonder to myself as you're sitting here and the Giants are staring at a one in six, maybe one in seven start directly in the face. And I hate to say it because these are prideful men who play National Football League games. They do not want this to happen. Nationally televised like the game against the Bills is going to be, by the way, on a Sunday night. Oh, my goodness. In western New York, where the Bills just laid it on the Dolphins.

And in terms of the commanders, you saw what the Bills did to the commanders. What are they going to do to this team that can't protect Daniel Jones? I couldn't help but think as the Giants are beginning to sink in 2023 that somewhere in Los Angeles, California, Caleb Williams is pointing at the screen like Rick Dalton. There it is.

There it is. Kid who clearly doesn't want to be drafted first overall by certain teams. Hey, Caleb, you want to go to the town where people like Justin Tuck sell sandwiches for 10 years off of that career.

Where Victor Cruz is still selling salsa. You all saw where Stray got his start in becoming the Dick Clark of his generation. Phil Simms has a gig in 2023.

He played in the Super Bowl when Reagan was in the White House, the actor. Dude, back to the future on. Do you think Caleb Williams would like to play quarterback for the New York football Giants because whatever they gave Daniel Jones and whatever might be a cap problem for them, if they wind up with the worst record in the NFL and a team that played last night, I know we're marathoning, we're not sprinting.

All I'm thinking is what a match that would be Hertz versus Williams, Dak versus Williams twice a year. Giants go to battle that way. Because this stuff with Daniel Jones, giving it a whirl, giving it a try, four games in, despite the win in the playoffs last year, that's how quick things can turn a New York minute. This appears to have turned. Darren Waller, that ploy, that plan, oh, we're going to we're going to be successful. He's turned into the Alan Robinson of of of tight ends for the for the Giants. Where's Jalen Hyatt up top? Why don't we just try to take the top off? I don't know.

This may be easy fan type, non looking at the film, things to say. But I'm I'm trying to go all in here to start this program on what I saw last night. And the Dolphins are next. I mean, Bradley Chubb must have been watching that game last night and doing the Rick Dalton jiff, too, and then and in the bills. That's not like a one in five to you. Von Miller, it's been has been having his practice window opened up.

Looks like I'm seeing him in London this weekend against the Jaguars. Hey, I think I've made my point. I don't know what the hell happened to the Giants. They have fallen.

They cannot get up. Daniel Jones looks lost. Saquon Barkley.

This is exactly another reason why he deserved to be paid. This team is lost without him. Nobody's scaring you. The defense just got beaten by Geno Smith, the guy that's been um, Geno Smith, Andrew Locke. I mean, no offense tiptoeing down the sideline. Can somebody shove him out of bounds? I don't know what the hell happened last night. And they're going to be on national TV again in two weeks against the Bills who are rampaging. Look out. And Caleb Williams sitting here in Southern California, looking at the Bears, looking at some other teams going on.

He'd be like, OK, stick me in the New York market. I'll make this stuff in USC look like child's play. Eight, four, four, two or four, rich number to dial.

Oh, yeah, we're off and running. Matt Leflore, the Green Bay Packers. I also have my top five most disappointing starts of twenty, twenty three in the National Football League.

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Get the podcast wherever you listen. We're back here, everybody. We're back.

Back. And then, you know, obviously we'll talk Seattle a little bit later on the program. Look, I grew up liking the Giants just as much as the Jets.

You know, obviously I'm a jet fan and you're a jet fan. Yeah. Got it. Yes. By the way, every single time I'm looking up during my open, I see something peeking up from top here. So I'm just removing it one by one.

Because I'm aware of my surroundings. Take your time. There's an umbrella behind you now, Rich, to write. Oh, they're setting up for the bear here. What's going on this week? The fair or the bear? What the bears coming here to cook?

Yes, that'd be great. The bear. Have you caught up on the bear yet? Yeah, I finished it right away. Yeah. Yeah. Are you caught up?

I am. I finally caught up. When did I count on summer travels that Christmas episode? Oh, my God. It's one of the greatest episodes of television I've ever seen. Ever. It's one of the most chaotic hours that I've ever seen in my life. Who do you pick from that episode to win the guest Emmy? I know.

It has to be, man. She does melt down in the kitchen. But I'll tell you, man, our guy Odenkirk. He was good, but she was. But Odenkirk was next level. Bernthal was terrific.

Bernthal was great. Even Mulaney, like the weird guy who's part of the family for marriage. It's awesome. Well, he's a brother in law. Yeah. Oh, my goodness. Gracious. Great. Great. Yeah. That was that episode was amazing. And it explains so much. And and. Oh, yeah.

It's on Hulu, which is available right here on Roku. Look how I'm just turning it back. Well done, Rich. For us. And by us, I don't just mean us in studio.

I'm talking about the entire Roku platform of us. I made an omelet the other day and put chips on it. Well, did you really? You see how Sydney made sugar? You know, it's just like, why? Why not? Why not?

Why not? Indeed. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, along with our Roku channel stream, I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grange with supplies and solutions for every industry. Granger has the right product for you.

Call click ranger dot com or just stop by. We'll talk about the Seahawks end of things from last night. We'll talk about the rest of week four in a moment. We see phone lines lit.

It delights eight four four two or four rich number to dial. But right now, zooming in from the great state of Wisconsin is the head coach of the Green Bay Packers. Matt Lafleur back here on the Rich Eisen Show. How are you, coach? Doing all right. How are you? I'm hanging in there. I appreciate you taking some time here early on in a week for for a big game. What are you thinking about right now? One month into the season, I'm going to macro with you to start.

What's going through your head right now? How we can get better. That's all I'm thinking about is just we've had, I would say, some up and down performances at times. We looked pretty good. And other times we have not performed to the level that I think we're capable of performing at. So just trying to make the adjustments, trying to make sure that we're putting our guys in a good situation. And, you know, just that constant quest for self improvement. And Jordan loves performance.

How would you rate it at the quarter post point right now? Well, I think there's a lot of good out there. Some of the things that you can't coach in terms of hanging in the pocket when it gets muddy at times, making some really tough throws, I think a lot of it is we've got to make sure that the 10 guys around him are playing better. And as a whole unit, I think there's but I think there's been a lot of good moments to kind of build upon moving forward. And then obviously staying healthy.

That's the ultimate things you can't control. And as a control freak, which all head coaches are in the National Football League, that has got to be somewhat maddening. Were Christian Watson and Aaron Jones maybe not 100 percent because it was a short week last week? Let's just say they might have looked differently on a Sunday as opposed to a Thursday. Yeah, I mean, we knew going into the game. First of all, we didn't really quite know until about Wednesday whether or not they were going to be able to play and then just going into the game that they were going to be on a pitch count. And so, yeah, and on a short week, you don't have that practice time.

And it's never an excuse. I mean, every every team is deal dealing with injuries. Every team has, you know, going into that Thursday game.

Detroit had the same set of circumstances. And unfortunately, we didn't get those guys as involved as we would like to have in that game. So walk me through, what is your week like with Jordan Love? How much contact and conversation are you having with him and to make sure that he's he's locked in to your.

Happiness coach. Well, we're we're in every meeting together, so I'm always doing it when we do individual meetings. I'm always in there with the quarterbacks, making sure that he feels comfortable. And he's been he's been awesome to work with. He's really putting in the time to make sure he's got a great handle on the game plan, giving me his thoughts in terms of what we're trying to get done. So I think he's done an outstanding job just being prepared and being a leader, because there's been a couple of games now where we've been down and to see the resiliency that he has, watching him build up his teammates, really encouraging them.

I mean, versus New Orleans. That was that was something else to be down 17 points in the fourth quarter. And, you know, I know he was frustrated. I was frustrated. I think everybody was frustrated, but there was no flinch. And he kept going and battling. And even versus Detroit being down twenty seven to three and having that opportunity right there to cut it to an eight point game on the two point that wasn't successful.

But I just thought the resiliency he showed has been huge for us. Has there been any moment in a game at all on the sideline in any of the meetings that you're referring to where he said something or did something you're like, oh, he got that from Rogers? Anything? Anything? Nothing comes to mind. He's nothing. Yeah. OK.

Nothing. He didn't pick anything. And I know he's different, but I mean, he didn't. He must have picked something up from 12 over his time.

He's picked up. He's learned a lot from Aaron just in terms of just how to go about preparing for a game. I think one area that and Aaron's the best at this is the cadence. And I've seen Jordan's cadence get better and better and better. Matter of fact, it's it's we got to have a little bit more discipline on the offense line because he's he's drawn our own guys outside the few times.

Is that right? Yeah. Because that's what I was referring to, where you're like, OK, now now the three years that he was sitting there, that's something that he he picked up from 12. Yeah, there's been so many things. I think, you know, just how he, you know, has been changing his arm angle. He's done that more than I've ever seen him do it. And I think that's something that Aaron could always do. And you'll see it in practice more so than in the games when all these guys, they love to throw these no look passes nowadays, sometimes successfully and other times not. But that's something that I know that he got from Aaron as well.

Right. And did you hear about the text you received from Aaron after the Bears game? Coach, I had I read about that.

Yes, you did read about that. OK. About that, he's appreciative that ownership is still in in the proper hands for something like that. Are you in contact with Rogers? Did you reach out to him after he got hurt?

Anything like that? Yeah, I certainly I reached out to him, you know, any time a great player like that, and especially somebody that you have a relationship with, you never want to see that. I just wished him well and a speedy recovery. And from the looks of it, it looks like he's doing pretty good. I was surprised to see him out of a boot.

And I know that he's recovering a hell of a lot faster than I did for my Achilles. Yeah, I was wondering. Yeah, you didn't have the speed bridge, though, right? Coach, you didn't get that speed bridge put in there supposedly. I didn't know what you're talking about. Apparently, he got something. He got some newfangled thing put in there called the speed bridge. It's supposed to speed up his recovery and whatever. So, I mean, I don't know.

Maybe he also just knew that Taylor Swift was in the house and he's a big Swiftie and he wanted to look as best he could. Coach, you know what I'm saying? Yeah, I know what you're saying. What's it what's it going to be like when you see Devante Adams on Monday night, do you think?

Oh, man, that's a tough one for me. I love Devante. Got so much respect for him, just not only as a player, but as a man, as a person, how he goes out there and competes on a daily basis, how he led our wide receiver room. And shoot, he was a captain here and did a lot of great things for our football team. So it's always hard when you see a guy of that caliber go to another team. And I'm always I'm always rooting for him. And he knows that except for when we have to play him. Yes, I bet.

And I'm sure you already know what what type of game he's going to bring. So were you again, we haven't spoken, you know, since this time. But were you surprised that he he left with Rogers staying coach? Did that surprise you when that all went down in green? Nothing surprises me in this business. I mean, yeah, it was surprising, but like, you know, it was what it was. And unfortunately, we couldn't work it out and, you know, just wished him the best.

All right. And now, obviously, you're going to be seeing him on on Monday night. And what what do you think the challenges of this game for the Raiders having lost three in a row, you know, it's important to them as well. What what do you think is going to be your main challenge on this Monday night, coach? Well, every week is is a challenge in this league. And you better bring your best.

Otherwise, you're capable of getting beat by anybody. But I do think they have an extremely talented team. Obviously, this last game, not having Jimmy G at quarterback. Definitely hurt him a little bit, but they've got great players. They got a hell of a running back. Josh Jacobs, they got obviously Tay and Jacoby Myers. So they've got a lot of talent on the offensive side of the ball.

And then, you know, you look you look on the other side. And Max Crosby is he's pretty damn disruptive. So offensively, we're going to have our hands full.

We've got to make sure we have a great plan for him because he is a guy. I think he had what three sacks in the game. He's a guy that can wreck every play.

And and Jordan Love will obviously have to keep out for him. And the the the chemistry that he has with the young receivers so far. What is your assessment of that love and these receivers that obviously last year that was the conversation between the OG, you had a quarterback and the young kids.

What about love and the kids who are more if, you know, just not telling any tales out of school, more in his age group coach? Yeah, I think it's still a work in progress, quite frankly. I think there's been some times where we've had everybody on the same page and we've been able to operate at a high level.

And then I think you saw it the other night. There were a couple of plays where there's a little miscommunication here or there. And, you know, we throw an interception and we don't pick up a critical third down early in the game. So there's still some moments and still a lot to learn. And I think as we move forward with the whole group as a collective. And again, you're not a doctor, you don't play one on TV.

Bakhti Ari, do you think you're going to get him back? What's your concern level here with that's very concerned. I mean, because this isn't I mean, this is year three of this now. So obviously very concerned. And when you saw it and when he played against Chicago week one, I mean, he was playing at an elite level with not a lot of practice. That just kind of speaks to the type of player that he is. And he knows how to get his body and mind prepared mentally to go out there and compete at a high level.

So any time you don't have a pro bowler like him in the lineup, it is a concern. All right, coach, I really appreciate the time right here. Have a great Monday night. Let's do this a little more often. I appreciate you taking my call.

I greatly appreciate it. Any time you want me on, man, just tell our people, OK, Matt, I'm going to take you up on that. Be careful. And then, you know, obviously the draft's coming there. Not next year.

Two years from now, we've got a lot of time. Dinner at your house. Is that all right if I invite myself? You like wine, Rich? Huh? You like wine? Oh, yeah. You had me.

Hello, right there. Red. Are you a red guy?

Are you a red guy? What is it? What's your choice? What's your choice? What do you open? What are you opening? What are you opening when I invite myself over to your house for the draft in a couple of years?

What do you got for me? I'm a big Hall guy. I like Hall. OK. Does that pair with Oats?

I haven't had Hall. Does that pair with Oats? I mean, what do you mean?

It pairs with anything. OK, very good. All right.

That's the label. OK, very good. You haven't had Hall, huh?

No, I've not. OK, I got to go. Casa Pianas, one of my favorites. I'm a Brunello guy. I go Brunello. I go Brunello. I gotcha.

Absolutely. I go Brunello first and then a big booming cab. You know, Pinot.

Like if I had to go, that's my job. You know, like if I had to go, that's my draft board. That's my wine draft board.

I would say for me this time of year, I'm more of a red blend kind of guy. OK. And then Pinot. OK, look at us right now. All right. I'll bring the cheese.

I have a feeling I can find some in Wisconsin. Yeah, there's there's some cheese around here. Take care of yourself, Matt. LaFleur, appreciate the time. Thanks, Rich. You bet.

All righty. Fun stuff with the head coach of the Green Bay Packers right there. It's not right to ask another man, how do you maintain the tightness of the beard?

Would that have been weird? Like you get you get 12 minutes with the head coach of the Green Bay Packers and you like, I would never have asked home grin about his mustache, you know what I mean? But we're impressed. He's very impressive. He's a good looking guy. So, you know, it's perfectly maintained and lined up. That's his maintenance maintenance. His beard is proper. It looks like my man, Benny Blades, hooked him up. Like, hey, look at you.

It's tiny. Are you trying to get a free a free cut out of something? Benny won't give me a free cut.

So now Benny's got some big time people going where TJ gets his hair. Oh, is that right? How do you know? Well, we've talked one of the greatest. I'm glad you talk. We've talked. We've spoken about it. One of the greatest musical gurus in keyboards goes in with TJ.

I want to meet him, actually. True. Yes, I want a deep dive on when did Devante Adams say I want out and when did Rogers tell the Packers and Adams I'm coming back? I know this is dead, buried, page turned. But that sequence led to Roger's final year playing out the way that it did in Green Bay or led to the fact that it was, in fact, his final year in Green Bay. That's I want to know when did he decide that he was out in relation to when Rogers let it be known he's not going anywhere. And then from that, I want to know what was Adams told by Josh McDaniels and the Raiders about Derek Carr's long term viability as quarterback there, because the Raiders he chose for various reasons. And one of them being his BFF from Fresno was there. And then poof. Home for Christmas, never to return, Aiden O'Connell has his number. I mean, four through to 17.

It looks really weird on Sunday now, but it was Aiden O'Connell. While Derek Carr. Is playing for the Saints. I want answers. I may not be able to handle the truth, but I want I want answers. Who ordered it? I don't know. We all know who ordered the code red on Derek Carr.

I don't know if anyone cares what you think you are entitled to, because what? Because that decision that you heard the coach say, nothing surprises me in the NFL. But it surprised him that Adams is like, yeah, I'm out, Rogers is back, but I'm still out. Because I want to go to Vegas. I've always wanted to play with Derek Carr and the pros. And Vegas is closer to. The coast that he wanted to be very near and and that's it. And now he's there. Derek Carr isn't.

And Rogers isn't in Green Bay right now. Jordan loves finally getting his shot. And that was all born out of those that sliding door to ships, whatever you want to call it. I mean, I would love to get an answer to that one day. Do you think I will get it? No. Maybe Devontae Adams sit down in like two years, maybe. I don't know. But I'm I'm fascinated about that. I don't know.

But what is what purpose does it serve him to, you know, talk about it right now? Doesn't. Maybe like the Aaron Rodgers football life or. Yeah. 30 for 30 that gets made before he goes to the Hall of Fame in like seven years.

He's, by the way, Devontae Adams, so good. This just in. But I mean. Breaking news. Unbelievable.

And I'm sure it's got to eat him a little bit. We're talking Justin Jefferson, we're talking Jamar Chase, we're talking Tyreek Hill, we're talking about. Those three guys. And he's still he's the same guy, he's as good as he's ever been.

Only 30. As good as he's ever been. And the Raiders are one and three taken on this team.

Green Bay on Monday night. A little bit of a reunion. It's good chatting with Matt Lafleur. 844-204-RICH is the number to dial right here on the Rich Eisen Show.

We'll take your phone calls. And there's a lot of NBA chatter going on. Guess who's the face of the Los Angeles Lakers?

It's not Austin Reeves. What? Susie Schuster and Amy Trask present offbeat conversations and expert sports commentary as they ask, what the football? When my family found out how long it took me to figure out why Charles Woodson named his wine intercept. They said there's a reason that you had trouble in school. You know, not everyone knows, you know, what I think about a little intercept. They don't know that I play football.

Well, what I've learned is a smooth defensive back can make smooth wine. That's what it's all about. What the football with Susie Schuster and Amy Trask. The podcast is available Tuesdays wherever you listen.

We're back here. OK, I've been told there's a photograph of the owner of the New York Jets. I need to see.

I have not seen it. Oh, look at that. She's.

That inspire you? You know what? Does that make you want to throw the towel? No, I again, I am not I am not here for the Taylor Swift to hate. I'm just not here for it. No, I'm not ready for it. Whatever you want to say. Just not here for it. I know she's completely overexposed to the NFL fan right now. And everyone's like, yeah, we get it.

OK, I'm just. I'm happy for one of my favorite players in the league that we knew way back when he was way back catching Kelsey. I can feel it. We go way back.

You know what I mean? We go way back when he was that was his first appearance on this program when he was promoting his reality show that I can guarantee you if he's watching out right now, he would like me to not mention anymore. He's like, yeah, Coach Reed's not too happy about it. Remember he came on a few years later in the Minnesota Super Bowl, right? The day, by the way, I believe the day they traded away Alex Smith and he's just like, you know, that's my guy. You know, it's it is my home's his time having no idea that his life was about to change based on that trade. And then he was talking about, you know, his girlfriend or whatever.

And I'm like, oh, is that the girl from Catching Kelsey? And he goes, it was it is not. There's been like a Jonah Hill GIF of like his commercials, his commercials. You know, right now there was one for Experian that made me laugh out loud.

Experian was funny. It made me laugh out loud. He's got four different spots going on. And I see, you know, the the the Pfizer spot that he's in is now got the far right. That's now being anti Taylor Swift because he's taking, you know, a vaccine or promoting the vaccine.

It's nuts what's going on in this country. Oh, Cooper loves the Mahomes, Maoto commercial is really funny. Loves that. So we're referring to Kelsey as Maoto in the house now. Back here on our show, talking about Kelsey, who I think the world of. You go, Travis. You go and I'm out here for the Taylor Swift backlash. Do you think that said, let's go in.

Do you think? She will appear. Oh. At Minnesota this weekend. What's the weather like in Minneapolis? It doesn't matter. It's yours. It's yours. By the way, beautiful stadium.

Spectacular. I bet you she's played it. I bet you she's. By the way, she has played in every stadium she's appeared in.

That's true. I mean, maybe more than some some NFL. She's probably played in more stadiums than actually NFL players. How many days was she at so far? Six, I think so. Figure if you have games, who's going to be in so far more this year, her or either one of you combined? Oh, that's a great that's more likely because you guys are right. Are there any Eagles fans are going to take my ticket?

You are just literally spending every day on on what? You know, by the way, game time. That's perfect. We've got him up there. Get on there. Shall we do it? Get your tickets on game time. You can shoot me a DM if you want at Chris Brockman.

Put it on there. Who's going to be who's going to be in so far stadium more this year? Taylor Swift, because I'm imagining. Wait a minute. Casey is at L.A.C. at the end of the year. She's not on her because we checked. She doesn't start her world tour until late February, I think, or early February.

She might be in her pre. Concert tour bubble, but she's in Japan weekend of the Super Bowl. Oh, she'll be in Vegas. She'll be at Vegas Week 12. Yeah.

New England. That's Thanksgiving cold. That's Thanksgiving weekend. You hang out with you, you have you have turkey with the Kelsey's and you get into Vegas.

You think it's still going on by now? Oh, you're terrible. You're terrible.

Here we go. I love how many locations will she be? She will be maybe week 18 and so fine. She was in so far, 16, six dates.

So I'm only going to two games. So she got so she got you to get by for Chris. We're dead. We're done.

What's more likely? Her movie comes out October 13th and then it's over. I'm going to see her anymore. You're just you know what? You, sir. I'm a hard hearted. I'm a real. It's not all about dollars and cents, to use the good Godfather phrase.

Yeah, but hard dollars and it don't make sense. So thank you, TJ. Terrible.

I would say she's going to be at so far more than me. She's definitely got me whose house? Great season. Take it over there. So great.

You guys are awesome. Nick in Birmingham. Is this are you calling from where I'm heading, Nick? Right now? I am rich. Yes, bonjourno from the number one golfing continent in the world.

Fantastic. Yeah, I wanted to chat about a couple of things. We last spoke like over a year ago about a ridiculous fantasy football draft.

I was in, but I'm 33 years old. I've got a lot of s going on. So I haven't called recently.

I recently became a girl dad, which is pretty nuts. But so a couple of things. So in reaction to Chris Long's call yesterday, young chicken eating Brett Hart is a fantastic name for something I don't quite know what yet. But it's great. Sam Hall is that dude. OK. Making up for second the secondary and the offensive line being pretty woeful.

I genuinely thought we were going to get rolled by the Eagles on Sunday as much as the build rolled over us. But yeah, I also wanted to give you some recommendations for your time in London. I know you've been over here. A number of times. Yes, sir.

But you're a guy who likes your food and just said you're a guy who likes your wine. The restaurant my sister-in-law works in Studio Pransen has actually got a number of Brunello vintages on their wine menu. Studio what? What's it called?

Studio Pransen. It's actually in the top of Harrods in Knightsbridge. Oh, OK. Top of Harrods. That sounds very nice. Nick, if I wanted to have, say, a meetup with folks like you and other Brits who might take in this program or NFL Network, say, on a Tuesday night, would that work? I mean, where would I go, Nick?

I mean, that would definitely work. Actually, my second recommendation to you was going to be a small business in South London, which is run by a couple of friends of mine. One who actually personally knows Aaron Rodgers. They've kitted out the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings in vintage gear, and I'm sure they can hook you up. OK. What's the name of that establishment, Nick? What's the name of that establishment? It's called National Vintage League. National Vintage? Is that what it's called? National Vintage League. So, like National Football League, but slot football.

National Vintage League, the NVL. OK. That's the one. OK. Now, that's easy to remember. All right, Nick, I appreciate it. Maybe we'll all hook up at the NVL sometime next week. How does that sound? Sounds great, Rich. All right, Nick, thanks again.

We'll send one out, like a tweet out or something like that. NVL. I'll bring Kurt, right? Yeah. Hey, Aaron, where are you? Maybe at the NVL. I was going to say. Maybe he's at the NVL with his speed bridge, the London speed bridge. Hey, Aaron.

London speed bridge? Yeah. What? All right. By the way, Nick sounded completely up on the program.

Yeah. Completely up on it. A young chicken eating Brett Favre. Young chicken eating Brett Favre.

Chris Long was on one yesterday night. Nobody won Powerball. Oh, look at us. Well, you know how you know that?

What is it up to now? You know how you know I didn't win? Well, we're all still here today. I come in. Excuse me.

Excuse me. Would you really leave if you won the lottery? You'd leave. You wouldn't work here anymore.

No. Well, with all due respect. I would. I 100% would, too. Rick, you and I are different.

I would be here. You and I are different. What if I said, I just made a billion dollars. See you later. You go find another job.

I'd say congratulations to you, man. That's why I'm saying you and I are different. I'm not the boss. I'm the employee. So I got things to do and golf courses to play. Yeah, but I need you. I need you. You'd get me pride for the rest of the year football season.

Oh, OK. Yeah. Rich, I'd stay, Rich. I told you on Friday, Rich, we had this conversation.

How am I supposed to take that? I'd stay, but I'd have security sitting out here because I'm rich. I would land on the...

There's a building with a heliport next door, I'd tell T.J. You guys wouldn't hear much from me. By the way, you are so... You and all of us here would never quit. I would never quit. You wouldn't still work. No, I'd park my... Mike, you wouldn't quit now. Your modbok, you'd have your... You'd have your selfie and your modbok smiling on the way to make sure the Angels and White Sox sounded great on Baby Fox. You'd still do that. You're a little right.

That's because of laughter. 100% I will quit. Well, I love what I do.

Why would I quit? He would threaten... That's why I'm saying to you, you don't love what you do? But he wouldn't actually do it. Don't answer that. I do, but I'm a billionaire. Brockman would go golf.

He would be like a month off for sure. I don't need to get trolled by 49er fans when I'm a billionaire. OK? Facts. That is true. Facts. Money can't buy you that sort of fencing, sir.

Money can't buy it. Look, talk about the most sensitive fan base. What is it? 49ers. Oh, dude. Jesus. Calm down, everybody. What did you say to me in the end? Be careful. I said they would get smoked by the Bills if they played tomorrow. Hold on a second.

And it was just like, this guy doesn't know. Hold on a second. Most sensitive fan base. Niners or Swifties? Oh, Swifties. I've been attacked. I'm going to trust me.

I'm going to put up a part. Niners. Swifties. Be careful, Chris. Don't do that.

Do not engage. I would rather engage the Swifties than the 49er fans who, by the way, go all in on me when I'm talking about. How dare you say that about Trey Lance? And now they're like, who?

Explain. They're like, who? They're like, oh, my goodness, Trey Lance.

He absolutely has a chance to start. And why would you even say that? I'm like, I love the guy. I'm not criticizing him. Why are you coming at me? And now they're all like, who? Why does this guy throw so much shade at the 49ers? Who's that guy?

Where were you two weeks ago when I said Brock Purdy was a top five quarterback? It's almost like you're looking at a 12 year old and you're saying, you know what? Are you ready for it? Not that good. Say that to my daughter. Fighting words. It's like, it was like. I don't want to fight. I don't want to fight your daughter.

It was like telling. It was like, no, you don't. I don't. You don't. You beat me up.

You don't. I don't want to fight her. We're trying to tell her that. I'll say, I almost say we're trying to tell her nut taps are not cool. Oh, they're not cool fans like to honor her brothers on the West coast.

She hits the brothers. Oh yeah, people are insane. Be careful. Don't engage.

And that's why Taylor's number one on your ranking and just congratulate, do not hate. Every Monday, rich Eisen and Chris Brockman react to what's happening in the world of football on overreaction Monday dolphins final four AFC team. Oh, that is not an overreaction at all. I'm with you. You're in. I am in the other three final four teams. If you were asking me to call my shot, this is the overreaction podcast entertainment purposes only. Unless I'm right. Yeah. Chiefs dolphins, bills, Ravens, Ravens final four overreaction Monday, the podcast wherever you listen.
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