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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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January 20, 2023 1:16 am

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sport Brief / JR

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January 20, 2023 1:16 am

The Ravens make it clear they want to keep Lamar Jackson for the VERY long term, but will that work for Lamar?

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It's the J.R. Sportbrief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Happy Thursday night to you. I hope you had a good Thursday. I hope you're having a good Thursday night. I'm going to have a good Thursday night. So if you want to hang out with me, you're more than welcome. I don't have no food for you.

I don't have no candy. I'm not inviting you anywhere. But you can hang out right here on the radio. I'll be here for the next three hours. I'm being joined by super producer and host, Dave Shepherd.

And you, you're part of the party all over North America. Whether you're listening on the free Odyssey app, you could be tuned in right now on your local CBS Sports Radio affiliate. Shout outs to my friends. You could be on the game, you could be on the loop, you could be listening on the score.

I don't know what you're listening on, but I'm happy that you're here. I got friends everywhere. Vegas, Baltimore, here in Georgia, San Diego, Maryland, Texas, Dallas, Texas, Austin, Texas. Boise, Idaho, Portland. Did I say Baltimore already?

Maybe. New York. Shout outs to everybody.

WEEI. Yeah, we're everywhere. Hawaii. I miss Portland. I like Portland. I enjoy Portland a lot. Shout outs to everybody in Portland.

Anyway, however you're listening, wherever you listen, I'm thankful for you. We get started at 10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. If you missed the first hour of the show, it sucks for you. We were having a good time. We were talking about the Super Bowl halftime show. We were talking about Lamar Jackson. And we're going to talk more about Lamar Jackson momentarily. Because right now it just really seems that the Baltimore Ravens are just trying to put their best foot forward. The Baltimore Ravens are trying to let everybody know, yeah, of course we want Lamar Jackson back.

And I believe they do. But they're playing the media game that they need to. So if and when things don't or if they don't work out with Lamar Jackson, they can always go, but we said we wanted him. He didn't want to be here. Don't blame us.

Blame him. They're setting the stage for it. And so in a few minutes, we're going to talk about Lamar Jackson. I want to talk to you about some of the upcoming divisional matchups in the NFL playoffs.

Get you all warmed up and ready for the weekend. And then we'll talk about the Pro Bowl as well. It's just very interesting. We'll get into the New York Giants and the Eagles. We'll talk about Dallas and San Francisco. I know that some people were thinking that maybe maybe there was a reason that the Cowboys kicker missed all those extra points on Monday night. And the NFL. There might be a reason. The NFL is trying to enforce some rules regarding kickers.

And maybe that's why this guy, Brett Maher, was a complete bum on Monday. We'll talk about it all. If you want to talk to us, it's simple. We got a phone number.

It's connected to multiple lines. If you can get through, good for you. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. Me?

I'm online. I'm at JR Sport Brief. Super producer and host, Dave Shepherd. You're the Good Shepherd, right? Underscore?

Yes, sir. The Good Shepherd Underscore. I'm not cool enough where I can get away without an abbreviation. What's abbreviated? Well, there's no abbreviation. What is it called?

Like italicized? I should know this. But like I'm not important enough where I couldn't just get away with the Good Shepherd.

Someone already had it taken and I wasn't verified in time. Oh. Well, who cares? Fair enough.

Who cares? You're the Good Shepherd Underscore. We like you.

I appreciate that, man. Whoever is the other Good Shepherd, screw them. I don't care. They could be Moses.

I don't care who they are. You're the best one. Thank you, sir. Anyway, we got a lot to do here.

And I want to start off at this point. We went through, and if you missed it last hour, listen on the FreeOdyssey app. We had a conversation. Stephen A. Smith, he had to apologize. He should have got on his hands and knees and apologized. But he had some comments about Rihanna not being Beyonce. Rihanna's going to be performing at this year's Super Bowl halftime show. And he realized you need to keep Rihanna's name out of your mouth.

He learned the hard way. But right now we're going to talk about Lamar Jackson. Someone who actually plays in the NFL. Well, he's healthy enough to do so.

Something that he hasn't been able to do over the past two seasons. At the end of the season. Is it an ankle? Is it a knee?

Does it matter? He wasn't available. And we know Lamar Jackson is one of the most dynamic players that you have probably seen in the NFL. He was selected number 32 overall in the 2018 draft, which is the last dude selected in the first round. And he had to sit down as bum ass quarterbacks were selected right in front of him. Sam Darnold. Baker Mayfield. Josh Rosen.

And here he is. He won an MVP. He's been to the playoffs.

But unfortunately, things have kind of stalled for the Ravens the past couple of seasons. His exits have been awful. Couple of seasons ago, the last time we saw him was against the Buffalo Bills in the playoffs. And he was concussed. He had to leave last year. We didn't see him in the season because Lamar Jackson had an ankle injury. Sayonara the Ravens didn't even make the playoffs. In this season. About a month ago, a little more than a month ago, Lamar Jackson suffered a knee injury. And, you know, before the playoffs, this man put a message out going, hey, I ain't playing.

My knees not stable. Sorry. People like, whoa, that's selfish. Well, this man got beat up by his own teammates. This man got got beat up by Sammy Watkins, who hasn't been good in six years. Doesn't feel like Sammy Watkins has strung together two games with one reception.

And he's saying that, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Lamar should play. We got Mike Vick.

Someone who ran for a living. Saying that Lamar Jackson should have just put a brace on and went out there. Who are you to tell Lamar Jackson what to do with his injury? And here's the situation. We know about his contract. He doesn't have one. He wants one of these guaranteed deals like the stupid ass Cleveland Browns decided to desperately give to Deshaun Watson. Not going to happen.

That's what happens when you're desperate. We've had plenty of owners, including the owner of the Baltimore Ravens, Steve Biscotti, basically come out and say, man, that was a dumb ass deal they gave that guy. Did it help Lamar Jackson's case this year that he ended the season watching from home?

No, it did not. And so Lamar Jackson might have to settle for not having a guaranteed deal. Poor guy. You're going to get paid, right?

Either way. And if they can't come to an agreement with a long term contract extension, the Baltimore Ravens can put the franchise tag on him. But he can balk and say, I ain't playing. Today, the Baltimore Ravens spoke to the media. And they already and rightfully so, they started to paint the picture of and for Lamar Jackson sticking around. We want him here. We don't imagine him not being here. We're planning for him to be here.

The only thing that they didn't say was. It's up to him if he doesn't show up. It's up to him if he wants out.

A matter of fact, don't take my word for it. General Manager Eric DaCosta said Lamar Jackson wants to be a Raven his whole damn career. I truly believe the more wants to finish his career in Baltimore. I just believe that in my conversations with him and just watching him and talking with him and communicating. I think John feels that way, too. So all of those things kind of work together for me. That tell me that we still have a chance and that I should be as optimistic as possible.

Still have a chance. John feels that way as well. Well, head coach John Harbaugh. The other Harbaugh, the Harbaugh that won the Super Bowl with Flacco. Sure. He wants Lamar Jackson back.

Why not? Who wants to play with an unproven QB? Not John Harbaugh. This is what he had to say about Lamar Jackson. He loves him, loves him. Hundred percent.

You know, 200 percent. There's no question about it. Lamar Lamar Jackson is our quarterback and he's been our quarterback. Everything we've done in terms of building our offense and building our team, how we think in terms of people and put people around them is based on this incredible young man and his talent, his ability, and his competitiveness.

You know, he and I were talking today, too. And the things about Lamar that, to me, stands out, he's an incredible competitor. I mean, Lamar Jackson, all he wants to do is win. I've loved Lamar.

Eric loves Lamar. And it's not going to change in the future. So, you know, I don't know anything about the details of the whole thing, but I know one thing. I'm like all the fans out there and everybody else. You know, I'll have my fingers crossed and my toes crossed and I'll be saying prayers. And I have every faith that it's going to get done.

And we've got the best people in the world doing it. They love Lamar. They love him.

That's fun. Does Lamar Jackson love your back? It's like one of my favorite Teddy Pendergrass songs.

Hey, shut up. You like Teddy Pendergrass? I do not.

It doesn't mean he's bad. I just don't like him. I'm offended. Oh, you shouldn't be.

He just doesn't do it for me. That's all. Okay. Anyway.

It's so good loving somebody. I don't know who I am sad about, speaking of musicians. I'm not going to sing the song. I'm not going to sing the song. I'm not.

Nobody wants to hear me. I'm not Teddy Pendergrass. But it is so good loving somebody when somebody loves you back. That's true. You know, we did lose a huge time musician today. Well, Teddy Pendergrass, he's not here. No, I understand that. But David Crosby.

That was a bummer. Who? David Crosby of Crosby, Stills & Nash.

From what? He was an integral on rock and roll. He had the walrus mustache.

Does that have the cul-de-sac on top of his head? I like Teddy Pendergrass. Got it.

Got it. Wait, you've never heard of David Crosby? Who? From what?

What is he from? No, no, seriously. He was part of the iconic three-man band, Crosby, Stills & Nash.

And it was along the lines of the same influence of Rolling Stones and Beatles. No. Okay. No. I know every single person in the group that you just mentioned, but not them, no.

What kind? I like Teddy Pendergrass. But it's okay to each his own. There you go. God rest his soul, that guy with the walrus mustache.

God bless him. But it really does suck. And it's amazing when you love somebody and they love you back. I'm not so sure that the ravens, that the love is reciprocated. Maybe Lamar Jackson says, all right, I might get hurt again. Let me just sign a deal. Or maybe Lamar Jackson takes the approach of, damn, they ain't gonna guarantee my cash.

I need to leave. The ravens have deteriorated since this man won MVP. They've tried signing wide receivers. Hi, bum ass Sammy Watkins.

Shut up. They have tried drafting wide receivers. Can they stay healthy? They got running backs. They run the ball and run it and run it and run it some more. These guys can't even stay healthy. Last season before this prior one, I feel like everybody on the team just got hurt. The offensive line guys are retiring. They're quitting.

It's just, it's a brand new team. I can't watch Lamar Jackson throw the ball to Mark Andrews anymore. I can't watch that. And what everybody in Baltimore wanted. Greg Roman. He quit.

I ain't coming back for this crap. Fans want to be fired. Team want to be fired.

So I'm gonna find myself. This is what Lamar Jackson wants to come back to. The Ravens have no choice. The Baltimore Ravens have put everything into Lamar Jackson. They've built around him. They have used and abused every element of his physical skill set, but they need to do more. They've taken him for granted.

They've taken advantage of him as they should. He's the quarterback. He can run. He's unique.

Use him. But they failed in putting great talent around him. And that's not to say he's an absolutely amazing quarterback. I don't think anybody's walking around, you know, mistaking him for Peyton Manning. He's improved as a passer. Is he the best?

No, he's not. But if he actually had better guys around him, imagine what he'd be doing. Maybe he wouldn't be running around blowing out his knee.

Maybe his ankle would be fine. So if they don't come to an agreement, Lamar Jackson will be tagged. And then we've got to figure out whether or not Lamar Jackson wants to play hardball. Is he going to say, screw y'all, y'all really don't want me?

Or is he just going to say I'll sign on the dotted line and force their hand? They can't tag this guy more than two times. The Ravens are doing and saying what they need to. We love Lamar. We want Lamar Jackson back.

He's our quarterback for the future. We love the guy. They need him more than he needs them. And they know it.

And he knows it. So all things considered, whether or not Lamar Jackson is sticking around with Baltimore, he goes elsewhere. Somebody is going to pay him. And Lamar Jackson, he's the one who has the, he has the leverage. Lamar Jackson holds the cards. He may not get a Deshaun Watson guaranteed deal.

But he can push buttons towards pretty much trying to go towards what he wants. And the Ravens are going to have no choice. Otherwise, he's just going to leave. They may have to let him go. They may have to trade him. They got no choice. The Ravens have no choice.

When it comes down to Lamar Jackson. They are in too deep. It's cheaper to keep her. Or him. Because if he goes elsewhere, if he's gone.

The Ravens will be just swimming in the toilet. Ain't nobody trying to be there. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Phone lines are open. That's 855-2124 CBS.

That's 855-2124 CBS. I'm going to take your calls on Lamar Jackson. And then we're going to get into some other coordinators who are gone.

Greg Roman is. And there's another one too. I'll tell you who it is. I'm going to get to your calls on the other side. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Music.

You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Thank you, man. We love you down here in Texas. Okay, Joe.

Hey, how you doing, man? I love your show. I love the topic. Thank you. I'll be listening again in the future. This is a great show.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. We're playing Rihanna because of the Super Bowl halftime. Yeah, Umbrella. She's going to perform this song. She is. Absolutely. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. Someone that we are not witnessing perform on an NFL field. We haven't seen him perform on an NFL field for about more than a month.

And now we won't see him until next season because he's been hurt is Lamar Jackson. His general manager with the Ravens. His head coach for the Ravens.

They both are singing his praises. They say that he wants to be a Raven for life. They say that he's the starting quarterback that they want him back. Well, pay him. Because if you don't pay him, then you can tag him.

And if you tag him, that doesn't necessarily mean he's going to make life easy and just show up. You may have to trade him. It's been reported that Lamar Jackson on the trade market would be worth three first round picks. That's a lot.

If you have assets on your team already, maybe it's worth it. We're going to find out soon enough whether or not he still wants to be a Raven. He has the leverage.

He holds the cards. And the Ravens, I got to tell you. They got no choice but to kiss his behind. They have built, and it doesn't matter how well they built it or how much it's deteriorated.

They built everything around this man. You better keep him. You better try. He don't know damn well he ain't getting one of those Deshaun Watson contracts.

And if he wants one, man, he better look elsewhere. 855-2124, CBS. Wally is calling for Maryland. You're on the JR Sport Reef show. What's up, man? How are you? I'm amazing, Wally. How are you? Oh, man, I'm good. I'm just getting home from watching my turps knock off fishing tonight.

I saw part of that on television. Congratulations. It was a much-needed win. We're about a month away from spring training. My nerves are going to be better this year. Obviously, the main topic in Baltimore is Lamar Jack.

Yes. My big thing with Lamar is, I mean, honestly, he's great. I think the Ravens want to keep him. They had their end of year, what is known as Baltimore, they call it the Myers Bunch.

Because they basically tell you what you want to hear and make everything look good. I would love to keep Lamar. I would. But they need to be able to put some talent around. And the last time they faced this was with Joe Flacco.

He won a Super Bowl. Wally, your phone line is not good, man. I'm sorry. I got to let you go. The phone line is going to send me to a new dimension.

I'm sorry. He's still here. He's just got to fix that. Huck is calling from Jacksonville. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Huck? Hey, man, a very good Thursday evening, the 19th day of January in the year of our Lord, 2023.

You and the Good Shepherd, my man. What calendar are we on? We're on the Georgian calendar. What are you, Julian calendar? Which one?

Well, I used the Julian calendar when I was in the Marine Corps, but it is the 19th day of January. I don't know. I just get up, man. But if you say so, I believe you. I don't know.

I don't know what it is. I just get up. All right.

So I got a couple of quick things. But if you would appease me for the moment, I can sing to you. To be loved. No, I don't want that. I don't want that.

To be loved in return. It's the only thing that my heart desires. Oh, no, no, no, no. Teddy doesn't approve.

Well, go ahead. What else you got? I had Teddy's greatest hits, man. I love that. I love Teddy. I love him, too.

I got the album. Hey, man, two quick things. I would love to see Lamar. And I don't know what the Dolphins got, what they can give away, but I would love to see him come back home to Miami, man.

You want to trade one guy with concussions for another guy with busted legs. Well, I don't. I love Tua, man. I do.

I love Tua. I think he's a hell of a guy, man. He's a good dude, man. But three concussions in a year. So I'm not saying move on, but, you know, just, you know, maybe making second string. And I like that Skyler Thompson, man.

I do. If you ask the NFL, it's only, air quotes, two concussions for Tua. I'm asking you, what do you think? Oh, man, that guy's brain got rocked three times minimum. What are we talking about? Come on, I feel bad for the guy. Like, ain't nobody head supposed to be bouncing off the turf like that, as he ain't a basketball. And it makes me sad because he's such a good dude, man.

I spent 30 years in South Florida, man. He's such a good cat, man. He's a great guy. You know what? We talked about this last night with the top six list.

I don't know if you heard it. We had a whole discussion about athletes who stuck around too long. And these are the situations that these dudes know that they get into. I mean, if you are a football player, you certainly know the risks of what it could do to your neurological function as you get older. If you are a boxer, come on. Ain't nobody supposed to be getting hit in the head. I don't care if you got a leather helmet on your head or whether you just in there with a ring getting pounded with leather gloves.

Nobody, nobody's supposed to be getting hit in the dome. It don't work out for you. No, it doesn't, man. And I'm 54. And it was the first time I heard, what was it, last year, two years ago when Aikman came out and said he don't even remember his third Super Bowl because of his concussion. Listen, unfortunately, he had a nickname in my house.

He was Captain Concussion. That's not good. I know. Not good. Not good.

It's sad. Just one more thing before I let you go, brother. Listen, man, I'm 54.

Like I said, man, I have a hard time shutting my brain off at night to fall asleep. So please, please, I know you're an educated man. Don't be busting out words like pontificate on me at night.

Oh, my God. I'm sorry. I'm an educated man.

How do you figure? Well, I never heard that word before in my life. I apologize. Well, you don't have to apologize.

I'm just saying, you know, I'll try my best not to use too much of, you know, superfluous words. I apologize. I'm sorry. It's not my fault.

I don't know. Well, man, I appreciate you, man. I don't know what I would do without you, my man. Well, listen, Huck, if it makes you feel any better, there's some places I know in Jacksonville where the only vocabulary I need goes for about two sentences, so don't worry. I think I know those places, my man. Yeah, I know them too very well, but you didn't hear that from me. I just told people on the radio.

They didn't hear it either. Hey, Huck, thank you, man. All right, man. I appreciate your time, my brother. Well, thank you, Huck, for calling from Jacksonville. Oh, man, I have some.

Hey, Shep, do you want to hear my stories in Jacksonville? Why not? I can't tell you on the radio.

Got it. That's a hell of a tease for the next segment, then. I can't. It's not for the next segment. People are going to have to use their imaginations.

Hey, let me tell you. There wasn't a lot to do in Jacksonville before Trevor anyway, right? What, Trevor Lawrence?

Yeah. What about him? I mean, you had Mr. Old Man Burnell. You had Blake Bortles who got hot for like three weeks. What about Mark Burnell?

What about him? I mean, there's not a lot to do but do other things in Jacksonville if you get my drift. I went to a Florida-Georgia game, right? And I went to the game, and I don't remember the game.

I was there at the game, but I remember the game, but there was everything after the game. Oh. On the other side of town.

Okay. Just a good time in Jacksonville. I should drive down to Jacksonville tomorrow. Hey, Shep, you should come to Jacksonville with me.

Hey, listen, man. We've been dealing with a lot of rain in New York City these days. I would not mind traveling and migrating south, being a young snowbird.

I wouldn't mind that at all right now, JR. It's raining in New York? That's all it's been doing, yeah. It's been nasty out.

Well, it sucks for you. It sucks because if you get precipitation at this time of year, you want it to be snow, and the weather just can't get it right. If it's going to come down with precipitation, well, snow is a lot better than rain. Right.

We haven't gotten it. We got some flurries one Sunday morning. In New York City, it snows, and then there's garbage in the snow. Yeah, but- And a dog pees? I'm pretty sure you take your dog to pee in the snow.

Who wants that? Yeah, no, I hear you. I mean- Does your dog pee in the snow? He pees everywhere. He pees everywhere, unfortunately.

Oh, good to know. I mean, it's almost like his target audience is like garbage bags, and I feel bad for everyone who does garbage in New York City because they're just touching dogs at number one. Well, the rats eat the garbage in New York, so that's what makes it an amazing place.

And then dogs have no problem eating those rats. It's a scary place to be, JR. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio 855-2124 CBS.

That's 855-2124 CBS. I'm going to take more of your calls here on Lamar Jackson. We're going to talk about Byron Leftwich because he got the boot. We're going to talk about the Pro Bowl captains.

We're going to talk about the Bengals and Buffalo, the Giants, and we're just going to talk about everything. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You know, my daughter listens to you every night.

She's got her radio next to the bed. I don't get to listen to you often, but I'll tell you what, when I hear you're a gentleman, you never cut anyone off. You never back down. You're an excellent sports jock. I'm going to tell you that right now. Call in now at 855-2124 CBS.

It's the JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio. I know we've been talking about Lamar Jackson and the Ravens professing their love for him and what he might do. Of their offensive coordinator, Greg Roman is gone. You know, it's a tough way to go when you have fans driving up to the practice facility, leaving flyers. Saying, fire Greg Roman. And at the end of the season, the man quits or gets fired, depending on what you want to call it.

It's a hard way to go. Fans didn't used to care about the damn offensive coordinator. Now they rolling up to the guy's job saying that he sucks. You can't leave that at the stadium. You can't chant, fire Roman. You can't bring in signs saying, fire Greg Roman. You got to leave flyers at the man's job.

It's quite intrusive. Anyway, he'll be fine. This next guy will be fine as well, and he got the boot. You heard Julian Edelman. Tom Brady ain't going back to no Buccaneers for what? Todd Bowles is still the head coach for what? They got rid of five coaches today, including Byron Leftwich.

And why not? Somebody has to be the scapegoat, right? Byron Leftwich, he's been here with the Buccaneers. He just became the offensive coordinator a few years ago. He was coaching and working with Bruce Arians. He worked with Tom Brady from the minute that he got there with the Bucs.

They won a Super Bowl. Byron Leftwich was getting job offers. He was, he could have went back to the Jacksonville Jaguars, damn it, where he played, and he just got fired.

Not completely his fault, partially. The offensive line was garbage. Guys retiring, guys moving on in free agency like Kappa, Jensen hurt. Couldn't establish a run game.

Everybody is forced in the pass. What was Byron Leftwich supposed to do? He can't build a wall for Tom Brady, but it was pathetic for them to be one of the worst offenses in the league. And so Byron Leftwich got the boot. He'll be OK. 855-2124 CBS.

That's 855-2124 CBS. Let's go to Baltimore. Let's talk to K.C. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. What's up, K.C.? Hey, how are you? I'm a fan. You're what? I'm good.

How are you? I'm a fan. I'm from France. We usually, we listen to your show every morning, four o'clock in the morning, where I'm at in France.

And we can find you different. So I promise you, once I came to this game, I'm visiting here right now in Baltimore. Once I came here, I will do everything to make you or talk to you. Oh, well, thank you.

My dream come true. Well, K.C., thank you so much for calling me. Wonderful. And thank you for listening from Paris. Every day. Thank you.

I thank you. But let me ask you this. And if it's none of my business, then tell me to shut the hell up. What the hell are you doing in Baltimore? You got family up there? I'm visiting my brother, yes.

Oh, OK. I'm visiting my brother. He lives here. Do you like him? Do you love him or do you like him? I love him. I love him. OK, good.

Yeah, you have to really love your brother to come from France. Oh, yeah, yeah. You have a good time. He's a football fan, too. Good.

He's a Washington Red Skull fan, so I'm different. But we love you. We love you. I just want to let you know we love your show in France.

I work in the kitchen and we cook every day at 4 o'clock in the morning. We can't wait to listen to you because you're different. Thank you. I love the program, but I love being different. I embrace my differences. Hey, one of my good friends, his name is Seb. I love him, too. He's from Paris. Oh, not too far from here. I mean, all here. I love it. Well, what do you – you have something to say about the Baltimore Ravens?

Yes. I tend to have an idea about Baltimore. I think Baltimore, they need – Lamar has done so good on his own without the agent. They should tag him and give him a tool and find him a too-good receiver, too-good receiver, and see what he can do to do it. And after that, I think they have to tag him like 50 million or whatever.

That would be like every two – maybe two years, that would be like 100 million. It's easy money for him. Yeah. I think he did good. He needs a new contract, and you're correct.

He needs weapons, K.C. Hey, you know, since you're visiting, my French is not good. Right. I only know one thing, and I know how to say a few things in French. I'll share one with you. Je te coupé. You know what that means, right? Je te coupé? Yeah, you know what that means, right?

You work in the kitchen. What does that mean? Je te coupé?

I don't know exactly, but coupé means catch. Yeah, I'm a – Well, thank you, K.C. Hey, Shep, when I'm not on the radio next week, you know why, okay? Well, I mean, we do have a certain button that we press, and I was – I don't know what pouty, too. You know pouty, too? I wasn't going to take any chances. Pouty, too. Your show is turned by too many people for me to take chances with that. It's a beautiful language.

I just don't want to jeopardize you or – I don't care. Pouty, too. Oh, God. Rudy, The Rock, The Rock, The Rock, Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

Oh, God. The only other person – Didn't he call people pouty, too? Yeah, the only other person that's more in your face than Stephen A. Smith in terms of every single show he's on. Rudy Pooh. No, Rudy Pooh. Rudy, what did The Rock say?

Not Rudy Pooh. He said if you can't – what was it? If you smell what The Rock is cooking.

That's what he said, right? The Rock used to say. He used to call people Rudy – it was Rudy Pooh Candy Ass.

How clever. And so, what's this guy's name? Dan Snyder, who hopefully sells the Washington Commanders like soon, he's a Rudy, too. Well, he makes James Dolan look like Jerry Buss and Al Davis rolled into one. All these idiots got each other on speed dial. They probably sit around in their robes and talk about how bad they're treated. Bunch of idiots.

They don't go to massage parlors, though. That's Robert Kraft. Yeah, I know. This is just him.

Nobody else, just him. 855-2124 CBS. 855-2124 CBS. Hey, Ryan is calling from San Diego. What's up, Ryan? Hey, how you doing?

I got a couple of things. So, I called last week about Lamar Jackson and I think that he should definitely leave. I think the front office is saying all these things to make him look like a bad guy whenever he does decide to leave.

And I might say something controversial here. I have a real strong feeling that the NFL likes to take advantage of black quarterbacks. You look at Geno Smith, Tyrod Taylor, all players that are on short leashes. Same thing with Brian Leftwich. He just won the Super Bowl as offensive coordinator and you touch on it as him being a scapegoat for the Buccaneers' downfall when in reality it was Tom Brady's play in the ability of the Buccaneers to not stay healthy. So, I think it's in Lamar Jackson's best interest to walk and find a team that has the weapons that he's been looking for for about four or five years now. So, it's sad to see him go and Baltimore loves him, but for Lamar Jackson's career going forward, he needs to go. Oh, wow. Okay.

Well, thank you, Ryan, for calling from San Diego. I don't think his statement was controversial. Not from a quarterback perspective. If you want to talk about from a coaching perspective, yes. There are plenty of black coaches who don't necessarily get the same chances, opportunities, and they don't get recycled in the same way as their counterparts do. That's not controversial.

That just is a fact. Godfrey is calling from Maryland. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, now. Hey. Awesome. I'm going to tell you what. Your show is off the hook. So, put it back. Yeah. And I'm going to tell you what.

This is what I want to say about the Lamar situation and even the offensive coordinator situation. Byron Leftwood, leaving Miami at this time, and he's from what we call the DMV, the District of Columbia. V is Virginia and M is Maryland. Yeah, I've heard of it.

I got a house there. Yeah, you go. Anyway, Byron will be coming back home. For him to come to be offensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens right now might not be a bad thing. And it depends on how he gets along or him and Lamar gets along together. Well, I think we got I think we got to do one step at a time here. How about a Lamar Jackson actually commit to the team before anybody starts worrying about who comes in as OC. At the same time, I have heard this. I think many of us have because it's not some type of secret. I think that the Ravens have also said that, yeah, Lamar Jackson, we want him to have input on who the offensive coordinator is.

How do you have it? Yeah, there you go, Byron. Oh, man, Byron Leftwood should be good for Lamar, I believe.

Guess what he might need? They are going to need some outside threats, though. You can't just keep on relying on your tight end. Yes.

Godfrey, I'll tell you this. They need Randy Moss. They need Jerry Rice. They need, I don't know, fill in the blank.

They need them all. Too bad they're old. Conners here from California. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, Connor, you're live. I don't know where he is. He ain't live no more.

He's off the phone. Look, teams will always try to manipulate the media to get their message out. What the players have nowadays is social media. The players can say and post and share whatever the hell they want to try to counteract. It's no longer a day or age or an era where you're a team and you speak. And if you're a player, you have to get your message out through a reporter through an interview.

You can just put up your own post. There's a reason this is all back and forth. This is all cat and mouse. This is all about his contract. There's a reason that Lamar Jackson went on social media last week before the Ravens playoff loss and decided to let everybody know about his knee.

He has to be transparent because, look, he sits back and hangs out in the in the cut. People draw all type of conclusions. They will. And whether Lamar Jackson wrote the statement or not, it's all applicable to him. The Ravens want him back.

They do not have a choice. Sorry. It's the JR Sport Reshow here with you on CBS Sports Radio. When we come back, we're going to talk about the other team participating in the AFC North, the one that actually happens to be in the playoffs right now. We're going to talk about the Cincinnati Bengals. We're going to talk about the Buffalo Bills. I'm going to give you an update that you probably heard right now by now about DeMar Hamlin. And then we're going to talk about the teams that are not going to the Super Bowl and the players that will participate in the Pro Bowl games.

Yeah, the Pro Bowl games. We'll talk that. We'll talk some Niners. We'll talk some Cowboys. We'll talk some Giants. We'll talk some Eagles. We got it all.

It's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio. Don't move. Goalie gummies get you so close to your goals, you can actually taste them. The trick? Simply start with bite-sized steps like Goalie's Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies with added B vitamins for daily health. Or Goalie Ashwagandha Gummies to help you relax, restore and unwind.

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The trick? Simply start with bite-sized steps like Goalie's Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies with added B vitamins for daily health. Or Goalie Ashwagandha Gummies to help you relax, restore and unwind. Tastes like wellness just got a whole lot better. And when goals taste this good, it's easy to achieve them. Goalie. Taste your goals. Learn more at today. Tastes like wellness just got a whole lot better.
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