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REShow: Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 12, 2023 3:10 pm

REShow: Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 12, 2023 3:10 pm

Rich and the guys debate if they prefer higher floors at hotels which leads to a funny recounting of Rich’s adventures at a celebrity charity golf tournament. 

Rich and the guys react to reports that the Knicks are using facial recognition at Madison Square Garden to deal with fans who are outspoken against team owner James Dolan. 

Rich lists his ‘Top 5 Teams on Upset Alert’ in the NFL’s Super Wild Card Weekend.

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What attracted you to Colorado Prime? Rick George, man. This is the Rich Eisen Show.

Let's kick it off. You know, coaches don't get official visits. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

We don't get to fly in and check it out, you know. Earlier on the show, NFL on Fox analyst Mark Sanchez, senior writer for Sports Illustrated, Chris Mannix. Coming up from the Showtime drama Your Honor, actor Bryan Cranston. And now it's Rich Eisen. What a fun show we've had so far, and Bryan Cranston's making his way to the Rich Eisen Show studio right now here on the Roku channel. It'll be a lot of fun to talk with him. We've got a great celebrity, true or false, all lined up, all good in this hood. Great chats with Mark Sanchez in hour number one, and then Chris Mannix in hour number two, and then with you at 844-204-rich, the number to dial here on this program, here live on the Roku channel, which is free, by the way.

Free 99. On every single Roku device, all Amazon Fire TV, select Samsung smart TVs. Does that mean some Samsung TVs aren't as smart? The audacity. Correct. Okay.

Older models. Understood. And Rich, you said Roku up to 70 million? 70 million unique users. I need to make sure I got these words right.

It could be 71 at this point. I'm just a caveman. We're live here on the Roku app. The Roku channel is on the Roku app. The is the website if you want to check us out on the internet.

844-204-rich. You know what the story I think of every single time I say the word website? You don't.

That's a rhetorical question. Here's a great story. Here's a great story. I'm just telling stories. I got time to tell stories. I'm a storyteller. You know what I mean? I have stories.

I tell them. And so this is way back in the day when I was... A young boy in Staten Island? No, no, no, no. I was like year three, year four of being on SportsCenter. Oh, it was like 99. Yeah.

2000. It was actually the Super Bowl in Tampa between the Ravens and the Giants. Ravens, okay. Got it. That one, the one with the Ravens kind of had their day. Not a good one.

Not a good one for the G-men. But anyway, I'm at a charity golf tournament. Okay. And we go on a bus to go to the golf course. And I'm on the bus with all the other celebrities. Name job.

Who we got? It's the one where Brooks Robinson was there. You know that story, right? Okay. I like that story. Okay.

Should I tell both right now? Because I'm telling stories. So here's the Brooks Robinson part about it. Brooks Robinson.

Brooks Robinson. I don't know about you. I don't know about you guys. When I am fortunate enough to be on vacation. What's that? I like hotels that go up. Yes.

I like facilities and places, resorts that go up. You don't like the sprawl. I don't like going out.

Okay. Oh, I see what you're saying. When I check in, I like to say, where's my room? There's the elevator, it goes up. I don't like out. I don't like, well, you got to take this cart, that thing, and then suddenly I feel like on a saddle. I feel I need to be close to the lobby. That's all. I don't know what it is.

I don't know, Rich, if you're taking a cart somewhere, that seems like you on a resort. I know that. I get it.

I know that sounds weird. I don't like going out. I like going up.

You won't be self-contained. And here's the reason why. I go out. It's one of those Florida, it was in Orlando, I'm going out. Orlando you're going out. And it was like a half mile from the lobby. And it's time to be picked up to go to the golf course for the charity tournament.

Okay. And they tell us the night before at this charity, hey, pickup time is 6.30 in the morning. And I'm like, what time does the shotgun start?

They say 10 AM. And I'm like, what are you talking about? Because I'm already over-served.

I would have had a different approach to the evening. Sure. Now you tell me. A little late.

Horse is way out of the barn. Okay. A couple of glasses of red in it. Not back then. Not back then. I wasn't so refined to hit red wine at that point. He's a caveman.

I might have not learned the phrase of what beer and liquor makes you. Okay. Young pup.

Pre-Suzy. P.S. So I'm not happy that I got to wake up that time of morning. I wake up and I am hung over and the boss to take us to take me to the lobby for the charity tournament that told me it was coming, wasn't there yet. Now I'm up. I'm late.

And I am far away from the lobby. You know, if I was in an elevator, just go downstairs and go, it's time. I have to now, because I went out, I don't like going out. I like going up.

Up and down. So I'm going out. So I call the lobby from my flip phone. I call, you know, I put the antenna up on my flip phone and I call the lobby.

Don't try to text on that. And I'm like, is there anybody here from the charity golf tournament? And the person at the front desk goes, is there anybody here from the such and such tournament? Someone goes, I am.

Get to the phone line. And I'm like, okay, be calm. Be calm.

Relax. I'm like, hey, I'm waiting outside of, you know, cabin, whatever room, whatever the bus is supposed to be here. Do you know where the bus is? And they go, the guy goes, what bus? I'm like, oh gosh, what bus?

The bus that I was told that would be here at six 30, even though the shotgun start is 10, it's not here. And the guy goes, well, I'll get right on that, I guess. And I'm like, you guess like you'll get right on it.

Yeah, no, I'll get right on it. Just stay right there. I'm sure someone will be there soon. And I'm like, okay, who is this? And the guy goes, this is Brooks Robinson.

Oh man, what? And you're like, not that Brooks Robinson, please. I'm sorry, Mr. Robinson.

I mean, like rich sweetheart of a guy just like, oh, I'm from the charity. I'll take that phone call. You're just earholing Brooks Robinson. You gritted on Brooks Robinson. Fantasy team name for baseball. You're holding Brooks Robinson. I did.

Felt terrible. So smash cut to half hour later, I'm now on the bus with Brooks and the rest of everybody else. And there's Louis Tiant is on the bus. Louis Tiant, the famed Cuban pitcher who had this great, as you remember, wind up, back to the plate, all sorts of action and the wind up. So he takes out cigars for everybody and hands it out. And I'm thinking to myself, how cool is this?

I'm getting a cigar from Louis Tiant to smoke on the golf course. And I turn to him and I look at him cause I looked down at the cigar and the cigar band is of him in full windup. And I'm like, are these your cigars?

And he says, yes. And I'm like, how can I get them? And he says, you can get them on the west side. And I'm like, west side of Manhattan? He goes, well, the west side everywhere. And I'm like, west side everywhere?

What's he talking about? And I'm like, what do you mean the west side everywhere? He goes, you can get it on the west side. And I'm like, oh, websites. And he's like, yes, west side.

Not on the west side. And I'm hungover. I'm hungry. I did not see where that was going. Neither did I. That is amazing.

On the west side, www dot. Okay. That's what I think of whenever I say we're available on the website.

It's happened. But, but anybody, but is anybody, is there anybody else by the way, Chris? We are all over the place right now. This is my favorite. Is there, is there anybody else though, out there that likes going up instead of out?

Am I, am I just crazy? You know, it's funny when, when we were in Amsterdam over the holiday break, we checked into the hotel and the guy asked me, you know, you're going to be on this floor. And then he goes, oh yeah. I was like, oh, anything on a higher floor? He goes, ah, Americans love high floors. And I go, yeah, we do. I do like being on a high floor when I go to a hotel.

But so is that, it's an American thing? Apparently. I don't need a high floor. I just want to go up.

You know what I mean? Like if, if. But what if you're like, go to Hawaii, right?

Like, and you're at a resort. Oh, I mean, obviously. Then you're going to go out. You got to go out. You got to go out. You got to go out. You got to go out. I can only say in my entire life, I've never even thought of this conversation or this going up and going out. I, you've just broken some new ground here for me. No, I'm just, so think about it. What's your take, Mikey?

What do you got? Or you have not been paying attention in the last 10 minutes. I have to be paying attention. Yes. I like going out.

Out? I like the lower. I like going up. That's why I love Hawaii. Unless I watch the towering Inferno, then I'd like to go out. I mean, it's like being, being in a higher elevator floor, like when I used to produce shows for DirecTV, we were in Texas shooting a boxer.

And we luckily. I think all of us run like the second and third floor. And the night that we were leaving to catch our flight, power went out in the hotel.

We had about a no lie, probably 40 camera cases, Pelican cases that we had to carry down two flights of steps. And my whole thought was like, something like this happens. I'm glad we're not higher. So I always try to get like a lower floor now, just because what if the power does go out? You got to get out of there real quick or something.

I don't know. When I'm in Vegas, I like to be the higher, the better. You're talking about the floor, right? My hotel floor. What's wrong with you?

Thank you for clarifying. Elliot in Kansas. You're here on the Rich Ozzie Show. What's up, Elliot?

Probably 844-204-Rich is the number to know. What's up, Elliot? 11-11. Hey, you and Mark pretty much said everything I was going to say. I appreciate you taking my call, by the way, playing without money.

I really think Seattle can win this game, but I also have a little bet for you. Would you be interested in that? Let's hear it first. Elliot, Elliot, Elliot.

Is that something you might be interested in? Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, we've just met. And you really, you're creeping me out. I'm not going to lie with the way you just said that, you know, the manner in which you just said that as well. But I'll still bite.

I'll still bite on it. What do you got? What do you like? What do you what should I be interested in?

What do you got? Oh, you there? He's into the abyss.

Thank you very much. Thanks for the call. We put him back on home. Did he hang up?

Because I said he was creeping me out and he just hung up on me. That took a turn for the worst. Man, when I call the Kansas court, he just went, oh, really? Yeah. Oh, my God. He went into the corn.

Would I be interested in that? Elliot, call back. Am I wrong? Did that sound he didn't hang up because of that? No, you don't think so?

I mean, obviously you're kidding. I'm really curious as to what this bet would have been now. I mean, I think that we were going out, not up on that one. Patrick and Napa Valley, you're here on the Rich What's up, Patrick? Hey, Rich, how are you?

What's going on? I'm the one who sent you the bottle of wine last year. I hope you enjoyed it. I got to say, Patrick, I still have mine. Haven't opened it yet. Yeah, I gave him one. I gave Chris one.

Oh, awesome. Hey, reason why I'm calling is I wanted to get your take on the Raiders. Um, do you think that they're going to get something reasonable for Derek Carr? And what are they going to do with their current guy that's there right now?

What are your thoughts on the Raiders moving forward? The current guy's not on the roster. He's not on the roster.

That's a fact. I think Jared Stidham performed very well. Can he be another Brock Purdy or something like that? Can he be another guy who comes and gets his opportunity and makes a run? Of course.

And then I'm that guy on TV that, you know, has his old take exposed or something like that. I mean, that's entirely possible, Patrick. But I can't imagine that Josh McDaniels in year two and Devontae Adams says, I want to have a say in the quarterback is going to say Jared Stidham. Let's go. Let's run that back. Hey, Raider fans who just watched our team have one of the most disappointing seasons ever, despite taking multiple touchdown leads in a handful of games and winning one game, gifted to us by what would you call it? The hail moron, Chris, right?

I mean, one of our wins was gifted to us and gift wrapped to us. I mean, so I can't imagine they're going to turn around, Patrick, and say Jared Stidham's the guy and Devontae Adams will be. Oh, yeah. So I'm glad you just, you know, bounced my my college teammate and best friend. And I'm and I'm still sticking around because this is the business of football. And you go with Jared Stidham. You know what I mean?

I can't imagine that. So the question is, who's it going to be? And then you start sitting here thinking, well, who runs the McDaniel system that could be available? There's Jimmy Garoppolo potentially available. There's also potentially available Mac Jones. If the Patriots, you know, decide to go in a different direction. I mean, do they take their car and send send Mac Jones elsewhere?

And then you got McDaniel's, who was his coordinator in his revelatory first season. Or do you go the ultimate and say, hey, Tom, you know, you and Gronk were coming in care of Dana White and everybody else, as we heard. Do you want to you want to run that one back? Because, you know, the head coach here says yes, as opposed to apparently the last time. I don't know. Or do they draft somebody and go that route and start from scratch scratch? I don't know.

But I would think the veteran that runs his system is the way to go. Patrick. Awesome. Thank you, Rich. Thanks, brother. And more of that juice, please. I'm not ashamed to ask.

We didn't talk about this. DHOP's available. What if the Pats get DHOP signed Derek Carr?

Let's go. One guy they're not getting is Derek, is DHOP. New England?

Why not? Do you see how much money he wants? Oh, is that a situation?

Why do you think he's available in Arizona all of a sudden? What did you see the hard knocks clip of him and Bill? Just mutual admiration society. Bill's got mutual admiration for a ton of guys like that. Bill likes greatness.

I don't know. But it was there was a lot of love going on there. As well they should, as well they should. That got me excited. I'm sure it did.

I'm not going to lie. Is Bill going to want to spend Tyreek Hill money on a receiver? They already have the highest, you know, capital. Because they're spreading it around to a bunch of guys that aren't DeAndre Hopkins ability. Let's go full DL. Let's just cut a bunch of these guys. Yeah, right.

Get DHOP, let's go. All right. I have been told that the 405 is wreaking havoc.

It's undefeated like the Van Wyck. Yeah, I believe Mr. Cranston will be on tomorrow's program. Oh, dang. So we're going to get that done. That's Friday though. That's the way we go into the weekend. Yes, that's the way we go into the weekend.

All right. And also on tomorrow's program, we've got none other than Tyler Lockett. He's going to be on as well. And I am also seeing, hold on a minute, hold on a minute. This is breaking news.

Yeah, I'm getting all of these news right now. It looks like Mike Evans will be calling in tomorrow. Hey, now, wide receiver Friday.

I mean, does Brian Cranston play wide receiver? We'll find out when he comes in. Okay, so there you have it. Okay, we got an open rest of the show.

I mean, I broke out my bottle of Dos Ombres for Cranston. I'll keep it sealed till tomorrow now. He's coming. Yes, we'll keep it till tomorrow. I just don't believe today is the day. All right, so people call us right now.

8442 if you like going up around. We're going to come up with some top fives. What's our top five?

I'm going to come up with the top five in the break. I just if you were at the forum last night, call if you took a picture with me. If you met TJ at the forum last night, call us. What else? If you want to go until two fo's boat. No, I went out yesterday.

No rides this weekend. Actually, you know what? I got a story to tell you too, since it's story time. What I did on the break. I got a story to tell.

I want some place on the break. Oh, you know what other story you really never got into? Because we had a little break. You spoke about this earlier. How cold it was in Pittsburgh. We never really got a chance to discuss this with you.

There's no reason to tease it or discuss it. It was really cold. It's freezing. What was your heat situation in there? Did they have a little heater or in in the in the? Yeah, they had heaters above and below and it was still no bueno. Oh no, it was great. Calling the game was amazing.

Please, unreal. But it was cool. Yeah. But as Michael Irvin once tweeted out, man, when we was in that cold weather, we was cold.

It was cold. 8'4, 204 rich, number to dial right here on the Rich Eyes. Don't go anywhere. We're going to have a fun Thursday show and then a dynamite Friday. How about that? Title lock at Mike Evans and Brian Cranston on that one.

Stop. Catch up with season one or start season two on YouTube or wherever you listen. Back here on the Rich Eyes and Show 844-204-rich, number to dial. The Rich Eyes and Show radio network powered by Grainger.

With supplies and solutions for every industry, Grainger is the right product for you. Call or just stop by. Just walk in. Just stop by.

844-204-rich is the number to dial here on the program. So guess what I did over the holiday? I don't know. I flew in from Pittsburgh to New York City. Susie was there with the kids. Her mom lives in Manhattan. They were already there. Manhattan. And I flew into New York and I met him and I went straight to meet them at Madison Square Garden. Rich, was you entered?

Was Elton John playing or something? No, there it is. The photograph of me at a Knicks game.

The place that I swore I would never walk into again. You really did say Knicks. Rich, look at that.

Never again in sports. Now then, let me explain myself. Yeah, please do.

Please do. Let me explain myself. What happened, Rich?

Well, two things have happened. He has children. One thing, one thing I will, you know, is yes, I have children. And Susie's like, how about we go take the kids to a Knicks game on Christmas day?

Which, despite my dearly departed father's lack of caring or knowledge at all about sports, at all. Like if it wasn't for my brother, I would be doing the Rich Eisen show just on Judy Garland movies. Okay. Are there enough of them? Hell yeah.

I don't know if we'd be on the Roku channel. Yeah, she had a ton of them. Very honest with you.

Very niche podcast. My dad and my mom did take Jeff and I to games on Christmas day and Martin Luther King day at Madison Square Garden. I remember being grown up. Oh, that's awesome. So here's Susie saying, you know, hey. Your turn. Yes, thank Jeff for the Rich Eisen show. For me being recognized at the forum last night. Thank you, Jeff. Yes, you know, so when Susie's doing that, I'm like, okay, I'll do that. And then the other part.

Full admission. Kind of like the Knicks. The way they're playing.

Oh, Rich. They're a fun team. Dude, Julius Randle. The only thing that's weird about watching Julius Randle, as you know, is he's wearing Bernard King's number.

Right. I like. Jalen Brunson, as you know, is on my fantasy team and I just like the way he plays.

RJ Barrett. I like Mitchell Robinson. I like the bench.

I like Grimes. I like the kids that they've drafted quickly. I like the coaches, you know.

I kind of kind of like the Knicks. Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in. Yeah, yeah. So I text my brother, hey, guess where I'm going tomorrow?

Madison Square Garden. He says you better hope they don't have facial recognition. And I'm like, okay, whatever. Whatever, whatever. You know, I know I say what I say about James Dolan being a schmecke schmecke.

And, you know, and he's the one who dragged Oakley out, watched Oakley get dragged out and put in jail and overnight. And that's why I was done with them. And I'm not going back to the garden and all of that stuff. And I made fun of Knicks fans for going back to the garden. And here I am, one of them. I'm fully admitting. But I'm like, he can't possibly be that insane.

James Dolan to stop me from entering the arena. Right. It's not me.

Dude, I'm not. As you know, we all have egos and certainly people who are on television, we have egos. But I'm not sitting here thinking what I say is heard so much that James Dolan has heard it and would hold such a grudge against me to have a photograph of me like, do not let this guy in. James from New York's on the line. Nice. Thank you.

So James from Long Island, Long Island. Right. So so that said, when it came time to getting in the arena. Were you nervous at all?

Like in the back of your mind? That said, outside of witnessing a snatch and grab on the corner of eighth. You did a snatch and grab? Wow. Yeah.

Snatch and grab. But I entered I entered. Susie brought the kids separate from me. I came straight from the airport. So I got I got in the I got I walked in and I put I put on a mask. No, just to walk through.

And little did and little did I know. Yes. Smart move. It was a wise move. Right. Wise move. Yes.

What did you tell me? OK, so this is this story is a couple of weeks old now, but according to Ethan Strauss, who used to cover the league for ESPN and now has his own substack, he has kind of done a deep dive on what the Knicks and then Dolan are doing at MSG. So they have facial recognition everywhere and they flag certain fans on code levels zero to five. What's the code like?

What's the level? So Spike Lee is a code two. OK, which means he's like he's rarely approached. He might have a code three status for a publicized standoff with security over his choice of entrance. But like code zero is someone who's not to be admitted to the building at all for a specific event. Code five is a permanent ban. So like Michael Rappaport, our buddy, is a code five.

He is permanently banned, according to this reporter. This is according to Ethan Strauss and his his substack. So wait a minute. So wait a minute before you continue before you continue on with the code. You're saying what my brother texted me facetiously is actually happening.

One thousand that there is a facial recognition. We assume for security purposes. Yes. Primarily. Yes. Yes. That is also potentially being utilized by Dolan's minions to flag Kevin's Kevin's and to flag certain fans for their stances against the organization and Dolan. Yeah. So and they're either banned from the stadium or the arena or what else? Yeah. So this guy, Ethan Strauss, talked to someone who claims that he now regularly gets flagged via racial, racial, racial, because he on James Dolan's JD and the Straits shot Facebook page once wrote, sell the team. And so now this guy gets harassed every time he goes to the Garden for Rangers and Knicks games. Come on. So there are like I said, there are six levels.

Code one is the only positive level. It's for VIPs. The celebrities that you see sitting courts. Mac and Rose, Ben Stiller, Hank, Bobby Cannavale. Exactly. Okay.

Exactly. Our buddy Hank is area. Jerry Ferrar. Code three.

Yeah, Jerry. Code three is described as security needing to, quote, have a conversation with the person letting them know that we know that they're in the building. We called that a stop and frisk when I was a cop.

And that is racially motivated. I know that. And to basically be like, oh, that level three. Sorry. Level three is basically like, hey, we know you're here.

Like mind your P's and Q's. Code four is stated as the need for a conversation, letting them know that what they did is not tolerated and not accepted. Like we saw your tweets, we saw your post, but you're allowed in. We don't stand for it. You could come in, but this might be your last straw.

But what's the difference between levels three and four? That's like, we know you're here. You now know we know you're here. Yeah, they're telling you. Right.

So don't mind your tone. Don't remark on the age appropriateness of whoever's sitting next to James Dolan or his schmecke scarf or whatever. And so the last one, level five is fully banned. And so in this article by Ethan Strauss, he says, yeah, Michael Rapaport is a five.

He's banned. He's going to be approached by senior leadership. Pretty much senior leadership. His case would be a director or above.

Now, the way they do it, they have the lawyers attend every event in every venue. Oh, yeah. Because this also includes, I imagine, Radio City, Beacon Theater, Radio City. I think he owns the Forum too, TJ, so be careful. No, I think he's out at the Forum.

Oh, really? Doesn't Bomer own the Forum? No, I don't know. I think they D Dolan him.

D Dolan. So they would have a conversation with the Forum here. And they might be they you might actually, if you're on Code five, whoever is approaching you might be with a cop.

Yeah, that's a hit. Just in case you retaliate or they could say, hey, you're trespassing. So either so so again, if they're flagging somebody for saying, sell the team on a Facebook page of James Dolan's Schmecke band, then you clearly I'm I'm I'm I have I have tell them, Mike, I'm clearly I have to have a level associated with my you just made the list.

Thank you. I got to think, Rich, you were probably OK, so you're probably Code two, which is with Spike Lee. We know you're in the building at all times. And then the Code three, like we know that you're here and want you to know that we know that you know that you know that I know that you know that I know that you don't finish that from raw.

OK, so what's from Eddie Murphy? You know, I know. OK, so I think Rappaport has gone way to the extreme on his. So so I mean, yeah, so yeah, I definitely have a code.

So then there's there's two things after this is at least a four. Yeah. Two things I have to say, because I heard I heard I read that like some lawyers that have, you know, litigated against him weren't allowed in Radio City.

Yeah, they got kicked out of Radio City because they got flagged by their racial. But it's like I keep doing that facial recognition. So so rock me already in racial recognition. I be careful with your pig Latin, sir. So here's the deal. Here's the deal. It's like, hey, two things I want to say, two things I want to say.

First thing is both are directed at Dawn. OK, Rich. No, no, no, no, no, I don't care because these two things these two things can be true. And they are. These two things are true. First thing is like, bro, you've got billions.

You've won. You own the Knicks, you own the Rangers, you own these buildings. Who cares what anybody has to say?

Sell the team, whatever. Why are you so damn thin-skinned that you are using facial recognition, which is there to keep your patrons safe? I would imagine for the purposes of grinding your acts and settling scores.

Like, are you kidding me that you have actually there are meetings within the Dolan organization about assigning rankings of these photographs and this and somebody's job is to go up to somebody and say, we know you posted on some page or whatever. And so like, how do you like why? Why?

Like what happened in his life that he's so damn petty that he can't just say, you know, I I've got gajillions of dollars. I own these teams. Life is great. I can play music and in this awful band and still and still own the Knicks and the Rangers and live life that you've got to reach down to this level of pettiness and thin-skinnedness in New York City, where you're supposed to have the thick skin and the city never sleeps and results matter. And you are of an organization, plural organizations that represent that. And also Jules on the planet, Jules on the planet, like Radio City Music Hall, Beacon Theater and then Madison Square Garden, because the second thing is true, I guess because my face was covered or the recognition wasn't working or maybe I'm not associated on the list.

I don't know. I got in. It was delightful. It was great. Oh, the garden is beautiful, brother. It's it looks as good as it's ever such a nice place. The you know, the the the bathrooms were accessible and clean.

I'm serious. Like you could go to the get concessions. The concessions came to your seats. The people who came to your seats to hand off the food and whatever couldn't have been more professional and nice and welcoming. The stuff on the scoreboard was fun for the kids. The game was fun. The team's enjoyable. But if I say something about the owner, I'm not allowed in there to enjoy that. Like I'm you're crossing me off a list. Come on, man.

Get over yourself and own a team. And yes, when and what you're, by the way, doing currently fifth and so both things I just said can be true, right? You would assume facial recognition would probably be better used for, I don't know, like terrorists and people who really represent and I'm sure they do it again. It was a safe, fun atmosphere. I didn't think a second about it. Yeah. And so maybe, maybe I got it. The photo they're using is from Sports Center. Oh, it's not.

That's right. We don't recognize this guy. Actually, it comes back. What happened to his head? That's it comes back. What happened to his head? You know, they got me with the full Dan Aykroyd.

The Flock of Seagulls thing I had going on in the late 90s. Yeah, no match now I walk in, you know, I'm bald. I'm tired.

I got kids from Pittsburgh City. Don't let this man in. And I'm like, fine, don't. He's long gone. Who's he? One billion.

The Forbes has the Knicks. All right. Come on. You won, Jim.

It's insane, Jim. You won six. OK, you won. You can get the tapes back from the producer. It's not a YP.

It's the same probably level of music. You've got the touch. You've got the power. No, see, we need the tape so then we could sell it. We understand what you got to do.

But that's a that's a that's a YP. You got to tell. Come on. All right. The segment went better than I thought it would. You got the face.

I can't believe you went to MSC. I did. It's beautiful. I saw the picture on your Instagram story and I was like, oh, oh, look at that.

It is so beautiful. I was telling the kids there's no ceiling like that in an arena. And I just said, listen to the sound. Just listen to the sound.

The crowd. It's different. It really is. I have goosebumps. Did you tell the kids if anyone asked your last name is Schuster?

Just so you know. I don't know what you're saying, sir. But nobody came up to me because they recognize you. Maybe I'm just not on the level.

Maybe not. Oh, I'm on the level. I want to do that level.

I level. You should be rich eyes and oh, that's Susie eyes and thank you, Charles. Eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on the program. Don't go anywhere. We'll back take your phone calls.

Wrap it up. Ron Cranston is going to be on tomorrow's program, along with title Mike Evans. Look at this Friday show.

Boom. Look at that's a show back here on the rich eyes and show eight four four two oh four rich number to dial. Josh and Savannah. George has been waiting forever. What's up, Josh? Hey, Rich, how you doing? Long time listener. First time caller. Where you been? I know where you've been.

Savannah, Georgia. What's going on? Not much. I just wanted to talk about Justin Fields and the Bears draft strategy. Why not? Why not? You mentioned the other day that you were thinking that Justin Fields could be leaving Chicago. I don't know. I feel like the Bears are just talking about that just to generate a little bit more interest in that first overall pitch.

Oh, yes. Josh, thank you for the call. Here's the way it's going to go for the next two plus months. You're going to hear at some point it's already started.

OK, it's already started. You're going to hear at some point. Bears do not like any of the quarterbacks. They love this guy on defense. Some point you're going to hear that. Then you're going to hear.

Wait a minute. They love this guy on offense. They love this quarterback and they're going to take him. And then you're going to hear. No, they love Justin Fields. But they're willing to listen to offers on him. It's all going to be all three at some point. I don't know the order, but you're going to hear it.

You're going to hear all three. They love somebody on defense. No, they really love a quarterback in the trade fields.

No, they love fields. And they're willing to trade the pick. Somebody's going to come get him. But if the defensive player becomes all world and everybody wants him, then he might consider trading that pick, too. And it's all three options, and it's going to be like one carousel after another after another. And it's going to go all the way up until draft week. And it involves the Bears.

And we can already see the level of interest of people calling in and watching videos on our show on YouTube through the roof. Bears fans aren't used to being in the first overall position. And you got a quarterback like Justin Fields, who has balled out this year. Are they really willing to trade him for a rookie and start from scratch? Two more years of control.

Really? And if so, who wants Justin Fields? And will they get more for Justin Fields than they would for the first overall pick? Oh, depends on who loves the first overall pick and which quarterback is that and who loves those quarterbacks.

And then suddenly those teams that might have a quarterback will have a microphone put in front of their face saying, are you really willing to go up and trade for that first overall pick and ditch your quarterback? It's kind of like that old Seinfeld. How was your day today? What is your day? How was your quarterback today? How was your quarterback? And you start talking about your quarterbacks.

That's what happens when you get married. How was your day? Talk about your day.

How was your day today? That's the way it's going to go. Odds on who will go number one, Rich, according to the FanDuel right now. Bryce Young, your favorite, minus 125. C.J.

Stroud plus 210. And then two defenders of five to one, Jalen Carter from Georgia, Will Anderson from Alabama. Who loves them? Who wants to go tell the Bears? And if it's a quarterback, oh, suddenly that gets lobbed into your locker room.

What about your quarterback? Chris, I know you mentioned two more years of control and I get that, but is that worth setting your team back those two years? Oh yeah.

No, it's not what not if you think the kid is already going to come out of the box. Right. Yeah, but what are the chances of that happening? Two more years of contractual control or everything. It's a big deal.

I get that. But if you've already got a guy who's already been on the field knows your offense, you've kind of build around him and he knows what it is to be a starting quarterback. Now you're going to draft a rookie and you have to go through that whole process again just to buy yourself two extra years. It might mean it.

It might mean it. If you love your quarterback and you think the kid's better. If you think Bryce Young is better than Justin Fields, just do it. If this was Caleb Williams, Justin Fields, adios. Like Kyler Murray and Joshua.

Am I mistaken? I thought Justin Fields was that dude when he was in college. I know. And then and then and he was that dude this past year.

And he could have that leap like Jalen Hurts just had. Yes, sir. Yeah, I know. Well, he doesn't have the the receivers that Justin Fields better get ready because this is going to be nonstop for two months. He should just go on. You know, he should go on a resort and make it the long way and not up and down and just go just go out, not up. Got it.

No Wi-Fi. You know what? Again, Brian Cranston is on tomorrow's program. This just shows you how quickly we can pivot. Omaha.

I've come up with a top five list on the spot. Look at that. And the Rich Eisen show production staff is ready to support it. Let's go. Top five teams on upset alert. Super wildcard weekend. Hit it, Mike Del Tufo.

Thank you. Super wildcard weekend upset alert. Dallas over Tampa. Yes, I wasn't going to put them on this list until you told me about the weather on Saturday. I mean, the weather is a great equalizer. And if Walker could run that rock and so it's going to be awful weather. Now, clearly McCaffrey and Elijah Mitchell can run in that weather. What about Brock Purdy?

Does he stay crispy in rain? What's going on? It's supposed to be brutal and Seattle's coming and all bets are off when it's division game. Sometimes I'm a little concerned all of a sudden upset alert. I'm putting them on upset alert, but the lowest level of upset alert, just level five, level five.

Now in the world that's banned, that's highest level one. Number five on this list of the 49ers. Number four in this list. I'm I'm telling the Los Angeles Chargers you're on upset alert and they're the road team. Jacksonville Jaguars beat him by 31 earlier this year. And I love the way the Jaguars are playing and they are young and they don't know what they shouldn't know. And I don't know how healthy the Chargers are going to be going to this game. I am worried for the Los Angeles Chargers. I'm putting them on upset alert. Point and a half favorite Chargers. OK, so I'm putting them on upset alert.

Number three on this list. Hey, Minnesota, Brian Deball and the New York football giants are coming to town to one and done you. And if you show up the way you showed up against Dallas and for much of the game against Indianapolis or for the game against Green Bay recently, you show up like that. You bet Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley and Kayvon Thibodeau are going to put you on the couch by sundown. So you are on upset alert number three of super wild card weekend. Super wild card weekend.

Thank you very much. Number two on this list. Monday Night Football. Dallas Cowboys, baby. But we're on the number two on this list as the Dallas Cowboys. Upset alert.

So what are you saying? That like I'm saying that the way that they have been playing and that they're going to take on Tom Brady. So Tampa should be on the upset alert because they're favorite, right? Excuse me. They're not favorite. Excuse me. Tom Brady is a home dog.

Home dog. And we don't buy that. And he knows what is at stake. And the rest of the world knows the Dallas Cowboys were one and done last year in the playoffs, and they can ill afford in many different ways to be one and done this time around. And they are flat out on upset alert. And that would lead who could be number one on upset alert if the Cowboys are number two?

A very simple answer to that question. Dallas Cowboys are number one on this list. That's how much on upset alert I'm putting the Dallas Cowboys. They are one and two on this list. That's how much in the upset alert crosshairs America's team is.

Upset alert crosshairs. One and two. Two up to one. Whatever the DEFCON system is, they are top two.

Tier four and five. Settle down just a little bit. I appreciate that, Mr. Jones. Hey, Mikey, what would Tyreek Hill have to say about this?

Am I reading this right? Disrespect is real. Yeah, the disrespect is real.

OK, the disrespect is real. That's my top five list of super wild card weekend teams on upset alert. We're in a little okie doke on your like if the Cowboys are.

That's what I said. I was like, really, you're going to put the Bengals on upset alert? No, no, no. Cowboys. No, no. Cowboys top two. I hated that list.

I don't know. The rest of the guys seem to enjoy it. I enjoyed it a lot. Hey, but at least you're on the list. Our teams are not on the list, and it's not because they're on the upset alert. They are just upset that they did watching on television. Yeah, like the rest of us. So she got that. Oh, thanks. I'm glad we didn't make it.

Last year, we lost by 30 in the playoffs. That was dumb. You'd rather not make it at all? Exactly. I don't know about that.

He's got a point. I'll tell you on Tuesday how I feel about that. He's got a whole weekend to wait.

Mike Evans tomorrow. Does he have to call in? Yes, he does. And by the way, to say he never does this sort of stuff is 1000% true.

He never does this sort of stuff. He was on my fantasy team this year. So I saw him in Munich. We chit chatted with each other. We're good. We're cool. We're cool like that. Okay. Are you cool like that? Yes. And Tyler Lockett's going to come around on a scooter.

Like Takeable Planets? And Bryan Cranston, your honor. We last had Mike Evans four and a half years ago. He doesn't do these things. Yeah, he doesn't call in the shows. He doesn't have to. He doesn't like it.

He doesn't usually do it, but he's going to do it for us. We're a safe space here. We are a safe space because we go up and not out. And we have no facial recognition when you walk in. You have no facial recognition. You can walk in. It's code two!

I'm a code two! Wow. For over 40 years, Jim Ross has been the voice of wrestling. Nobody has stories like Jim Ross, and he shares his tales with co-host Conrad Thompson on Grilling JR. Bess McMahon was the top heel in the Attitude Era. It was a fresh character. It was new. It was material that we had not seen or heard to that date. We couldn't have created a bigger or better heel.

No. We wanted to make more heels, and we tried to make more heels, and we did. But nothing compared to Vince. The Grilling JR podcast. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.
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