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REShow: Hour 3 (1-6-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 6, 2023 3:12 pm

REShow: Hour 3 (1-6-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 6, 2023 3:12 pm

Rich and the guys debate which would be the best neutral site stadiums for the AFC Championship game if the scenarios that require it play out, and gives kudos to the Doug Pederson and the Jacksonville Jaguars for going from having the #1 overall pick to the doorstep of winning the AFC South.

In ‘What’s More Likely’ Rich weighs in on the AFC and NFC playoff pictures, Jim Harbaugh and Sean Payton’s coaching futures, NFL hot seats, and more.

Rich reveals the top 5 matchups he wants to see most come NFL Super Wild Card Weekend.

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This is The Rich Eisen Show Live from The Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. Earlier on the show, NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero, ESPN broadcaster and host Chris Fowler.

Still to come, your phone calls, latest news and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of The Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

Great first two hours, if I may say so myself. It was a great chat with Tom Pelissero who joined us in hour number one. My colleague from the NFL media group walking us through the NFL's contingency as well as revised plan for the playoff seedings based on the fact that the Buffalo Bills Cincinnati Bengals game that we all know stopped on Monday night will not be replayed. And in light of the terrific news coming out of the University of Cincinnati Hospital where DeMar Hamlin is now breathing on his own and talking and getting better. Everybody feeling better about turning the page towards playing football this weekend.

The league came up with new rules and it is a new rule to go ahead and change the seating process like this but it is clearly a unique situation. Tom explained the why and the how and the league has since approved these rules. Chris Fowler joined us here in studio hour number two talking about the national championship game, talking about the Ohio State Georgia game that went down to the last second as the ball dropped in New York at the same time.

The Peach Bully talked about that. Growing up on SportsCenter just like I did, albeit he got to ESPN 10 years before I did. Just some great memory lane stuff, some great Lee Corso stories. If you missed it, we re-air right as soon as this hour is over on the Roku channel. We are also placing some of these videos up on our YouTube page, Twitter as well at RichEisenShow.

Also our podcast is available to you, a video on demand service with Roku. Quite frankly, there's no way to avoid us. And in this hour, we get back to our usual Friday fun of what's more likely. Chris Brockman, you'll come up with some ideas about what is more likely to happen this weekend. Shortly, I'll give you my top five wildcard matchups I'm looking forward to seeing.

I'd like to see the most. As we all know, we don't know any wildcard matchups. Specifically, just yet, we just know only one seed is locked in in these playoffs, and that is the Giants at six.

That's it. In the NFC. The AFC could land in many different ways. The AFC South winner is going to wind up as the fourth seed. We know that. We just don't know who that's going to be. And Jacksonville has a chance to be the seventh seed, even if they lose tomorrow night against the Tennessee Titans. Lots to discuss on this front.

844204, which is the number to dial. Of the, I guess, resolution that the NFL membership and owners just passed, again, the decision to cancel the Bengals and Bills game and what that means. And we went into it. It's very arcane. It's very confusing. Tom Pelissero did his best to explain it. But the cancellation, essentially what it means is that the Baltimore Ravens have no shot to win the division and the Bengals have no shot to win the one seed. And the Bengals aren't terribly pleased about the fact that if they lose to the Ravens, if they lose to the Ravens, it goes to a coin flip as to whether the Bengals, despite winning the division, have to go on the road to play the Baltimore Ravens in a wildcard game. Again, these are the scenarios that have been created to try and make everything as fair and equitable as possible, because again, had the Bengals and Bills played and concluded, and obviously we hope that would have been the case for DeMar Hamlin and his family. It's possible the Bills would have won that game and then the Ravens would have a chance to win the AFC North this weekend. That possibility is gone, as is the possibility of the Bengals to win the one seed. But the issue that the Bengals apparently are having is the fact that the tie break when games aren't fully completed usually is you go to winning percentage, at least that's the way it was during the COVID years if they were going to not play all the games. And instead, the fact that the Ravens won't have a better winning percentage than Cincinnati, and that's the way Cincinnati technically wins the division, the fact that they're going ahead and saying it's now 50-50 shot Bengals that you don't get a home game.

Zach Taylor, the coach of the Bengals said, quote unquote, it's black and white, it's in the rulebook, talking about going by winning percentage. As far as I'm concerned, we just want the rules to be followed and let us play seven home games and nine road games, he said, and then try to take a home playoff game away. That's what this team is built for, meaning to play at a home playoff game.

So not terribly happy about this. And in terms of making it known and then turning the page and playing the game, Taylor said, quote, we've got to fight for our teams in fair and equal, equitable opportunities. It needs to be said, I want to make sure our players know we're fighting for what's fair for them, then drop the it is what it is, and that he was proud that the guys won back to back divisional titles for the first time in franchise history, and now it's on to the bigger goals.

That's what you have to say. You can't blame the Bengals for being upset. The Ravens have a chance to be, you know, reason to be upset that they can't win the division at all. I understand that the Bengals might be upset that they don't have a shot at the one seed. That the Bills beat the Chiefs, you know, in the regular season and won't have a chance potentially to use that tie break. They had a win and in scenario to win out, and they're not going to get that opportunity potentially.

The win and in scenario is it belongs to the Chiefs. I get it, but. When it's all said and done, there was no fair and equitable manner. I guess they in which to come up with this.

Fix, not everyone was going to be happy with it. Or buy it, it's it's kind of that simple, and this is the one way to not disrupt the entire playoffs. The NFC playoffs along with the AFC playoffs.

So now comes the question of where to play the. AFC Championship game if it's a neutral site that is required, and there are many different scenarios that. Might actually be moot based on the results of the upcoming weekend. But we come out of week 18, we will know what the scenarios are, how the playoffs need to play out for this. AFC Championship can be to be played at a neutral site to make it fair that OK, bills, you didn't have a shot.

At the. Winning in scenario at the one seed, but you still get a chance to. Play in the AFC Championship game at Kansas City, no, you'll have to play it in a neutral site, at least as a nod to them.

For having beaten Kansas City and so on and so forth. Let's have this conversation now. As I know, I know how you feel about it. Yeah, that you wanted to be indoors. I think it's like a Super Bowl. I think you need to play it in the best possible conditions and I will.

Push back not like we're setting this up as a first take, but. I will say it should be outdoors. It should be outdoors because if the game was in Kansas City, if the game was going to be in Buffalo, the game's gonna be in Cincinnati is going to be outdoors. And I know you can't mirror the same.

Elements is whatever would be. On game day in Cincinnati, if you're somewhere else. Outdoors, but you should play it in a cold weather site.

Why? Because it would have been in a cold weather site anyone and these teams are built to play in the cold weather. And that's the way it was going to be, so you might as well have it outdoors.

Are they built for cold weather? Because Green Bay is a cold weather team, but they're not built for cold weather. Kansas City, Buffalo and Cincinnati play their games outdoors. But Kansas City is built for indoors. They can't run the ball.

AFC. The championship game, if it was going to be hosted by any of these three teams, would have been outdoors. So I say play it outdoors and you play it out in Chicago and the in zero degrees. Snow.

Sure. There's no player that would sign for that. I know there's no player that would sign for that, but it would also be. Somewhat understandable for me that it's a cold weather site, it would have been cold in Kansas City. You know, how much colder would it have been in Chicago than Kansas City or don't have it in Chicago if you're concerned about bitter freezing weather? I mean, I guess it could be just as bitter freezing weather in Cleveland.

If it's in Kansas, if it's between Kansas City and Cincinnati, I prefer to choose a cold weather site that has direct flights into that town about MetLife. But Kansas City did send Kansas City to New York. You want Kansas City fans to either have a short flight or a drivable distance. Got it. That's what you want.

I got you. So you can't have it in New Orleans. Like, by the way, let me ask you this question, if you have it indoors in New Orleans and you it's between Kansas City and Cincinnati, is that a not a home field advantage for Joe Burrow? If you've got fans that want to go root for Joe Burrow, I'm laugh all you want. No, dude, Joe Burrow. I bet you Joe Burrow will never buy a meal in New Orleans again the rest of his life. That's true.

Seriously. We all know when you win as a college star in especially a small town, not the ones in small town, you are legendary. So, yeah, like Joe Burrow is a legend there in New Orleans. And Jamar Chase, Joe Burrow and Jamar Chase show up to play an AFC Championship game in New Orleans. You don't think Kansas City would be like, what? Also, like Clyde Edwards-Eleyer went to LSU. So there's, you know, other teams that can.

But yeah, when you're the quarterback, let's just put it that way of the national championship and you were in the Heisman Trophy and you were the number one pick. Yeah, I think it's the same same Buffalo in Kansas City. Yeah. You know, you know what one neutral site they won't be using that fits outdoors if it's Buffalo in Kansas City, Cincinnati. That would be somewhat disrespectful.

Yeah, I would imagine. But is there a scenario, did Pelissero say there was a scenario that it would be a neutral site if it's Buffalo and Cincinnati? Didn't he say that? I think he mentioned that there was like if Buffalo- I'm not sure. Tom had my mind blown, Rich.

He said that- Tom was like the beautiful mind jig. If there is a neutral site, Buffalo and Cincinnati, that's required. I've got an interesting one. And I know that Pittsburgh- Pittsburgh, yeah. Acresure. It's right down from Buffalo and it's right up- It is pretty much in the middle. It is in the middle. But their field is so horrible. But also though, you know, I mean, I don't know how many, you know, if the Bengals would be like, that's not neutral to us. Yeah, I'm sure the Bengals would enjoy it.

You know what I mean? Here's the thing, regardless of indoor or outdoor, I think it should be outdoor because it would have been anyway. It would have been outdoor anyway. I think it's indoor because if you're going to have a neutral site, you want the game to be played in the best possible conditions. That's the Super Bowl mentality of removing weather from the equation.

That's my opinion, yes. But you've got to have it in a spot that has got a ton of nonstop flights. You want the fans to be able to go to the game. And driving. Like if we can drive, it's somewhat drivable. It's not like Larry David considering a 90 minutes outside of town is a destination wedding he won't go to see.

Don't go. Like what? Four, five hour drive. You know, 10 max.

So think of what you got. I don't know. I mean, Nashville's not bad. That's actually, yeah. Nashville for Cincinnati and Kansas City? Kansas City.

Yeah. I mean, it's... Nashville to Kansas City... That's not a bad one. 500 miles in Nashville to Cincinnati. It's much closer, I'd imagine. It's closer.

It's 280 miles. Three. I mean, this is the sort of stuff you have to consider. You can't just say, you know what? Send them all... Send Miami and Buffalo down a... I mean, send Kansas City and Buffalo down to Miami or Atlanta.

I mean, you know what I'm saying? Charlotte. It's decent enough. The weather will be okay. If you wanna play outdoors. Right. And indoors, Detroit is pulling up their turf. Indianapolis has got a volleyball tournament. Minnesota had a Super Bowl.

They're ready. Minnesota, but they might have a home playoff game. Minnesota might actually be active, brother.

That's right. You gotta think of teams that aren't gonna be... I don't know what other dome situations are in the Midwest.

That's kind of centrally located. You can go to Las Vegas. Yeah, but what are you gonna tell Cincinnati fans? Go fly out to Las Vegas? They will. Buffalo fans fly out to Las Vegas. I know they will.

They will. Chris, I understand that. But you've gotta also... Let's be convenient.

Right? Let's be convenient about it. And plus, I would imagine they wouldn't choose Vegas because they got a Pro Bowl there the next week. I mean, logistically, this is... Do you understand what this would mean, logistically? Obviously, hotel rooms would be easier to get in Las Vegas than many places. I mean, there are some intersections in Las Vegas that have more hotel rooms than certain cities that the NFL plays in.

But yeah, I mean, you gotta choose somewhere in the Midwest and preferably outdoors. That kind of goes to the question I wanted to ask you guys, like, what are you rooting for? Are you kind of rooting for chaos?

No, I'm not. What I'm rooting for is something that would have just been anyway. Yeah. Yeah. You don't need to add chaos to this scenario. Just anyway.

A wildcard team makes it and takes on one of these teams in the top three and they host one. Yeah. That's the way I'm hoping. I would hope for. That we're not sitting here, championship weekend going shoulda, woulda, coulda, while DeMar Hamlin's sitting wherever he is, hopefully getting better and taking this in and going, you know, am I the cause of this? Something stupid. We're three, four weeks from now, we're like, well, if DeMar Hamlin didn't almost get killed on the field, this would be different.

I don't want to talk about it in the same way everyone turned the page, I just want to focus on this kid getting better and football separate. That's what I'm hoping for. You know? And in that regard, I want to say one thing here before we take our first break of hour number three, and I've got my wildcard games that I want to talk about.

And then what's more likely? This is obviously everything's, everything's been lost in the NFL world this week, fallen by the wayside and gone. But now that we are turning the page and we're talking about this playoff season and the regular season games to come here, and what is at stake in these games and just talking football, do we understand? We're not talking enough, I think, about the fact that the Jacksonville Jaguars are hosting a de facto playoff game center.

That's a real thing. That Trevor Lawrence is going to take the field in Duval County, okay, against a Titans team that is a shadow of itself. With all due respect to Joshua Dobbs is getting, you know, the start of his life. And I'm sure he's got, you know, ideas of his own success in his head and making the most of his moment.

And it's an incredible story. He is an incredible human and the opportunity in front of him and Derrick Henry and the reigning coach of the year and what they're able to do on Saturday night. But the Jacksonville Jaguars have been playing spectacular football in the last six weeks. They have taken Trevor Lawrence and Doug Peterson has taken Trevor Lawrence and put them on a rocket ship that has taken off over the last six weeks. And this team was first on the clock in April. First on the clock. After being first on the clock the previous April. And they made some great.

When I say, I mean, great decisions in free agency that were questioned about the price tag, obviously Christian Kirk is the most prominent name for that price tag. Again, I've been saying it all week. I'll keep saying it because it's a great line.

I don't need the best players, I just need the right ones from Miracle. They put it together. And of course it does allow me one opportunity, again, to do one of my favorite pastimes, even though I've made a new year's resolution to be kinder and gentler, just like everyone else in 2023. Except when it comes to- Urban Meyer. Correct. Honestly, the bones were there. I mean, obviously they did add some free agents and they did not have Travis Etienne last year.

And you could see what he's doing now, right? But seriously, what Doug Peterson has done and how dreadful last year was, for them to turn around and host this de facto playoff game on Saturday night, I'm looking forward to seeing what that crowd looks like. And I'm really looking forward, because these fans are nuts. You criticize them, they'll be in droves on your Twitter. Are there Jaguar bots? Do they have bots? I don't know. Are there other people somewhere in Russia who are big Jaguar fans or something running a bot farm? I don't know.

You're everywhere and you're passionate. And so this is a big game Saturday night. Is this known?

Maybe you can ask to research, Rich. Has the team ever gone from first on the clock to winning the division? I think it has before first on the clock to winning the division.

I think it has. I'm trying to just wonder, because sometimes teams choose first on the clock because they got the draft choice. You know what I mean? Where they lucked out. They acquired somebody's draft choice in the previous years and it turned into being the number one pick.

But I don't know if... I mean, worst record, number one pick, boom. Win the division. Correct. Right. And again, it's a testament.

If they do it, it's a testament to their free agent maneuvering, obviously, and not in this order because I'm mentioning free agent maneuvering first, talent on the roster, and the fact that Urban Meyer was so friggin terrible at his job and totally messed up the most golden ticket the NFL has handed to a coach in recent memory. Enjoy the night, Jaguar fans, on Saturday night. Let's take a break. What's more likely? And I've got my top five wild card matchups I'm looking forward to seeing the most.

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Can do it without you. We've got a great season two coming up. Catch up with season one or start season two on YouTube or wherever you listen. Back here on the Rich Eisen show and the Rich Eisen show radio network powered by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grainger has the right product for you. Call click or just stop by Travis and Washington state's been hanging on for a while. What's up, Travis? What's going on?

Hey there, Rick. Thank you for taking my call. I have a couple ideas about how I think the NFL should have handled this playoff situation. I think they got way too complicated with it, to be honest with you. I agree that it was appropriate to cancel the rest of the game, but I think they should have made, first of all, the Ravens-Bengals game this coming week, basically a win and you win the division game. One game playoff for the AFC North, loser gets the wild card, winner wins the division. Then from there, based on that, say the Bengals win, for example, just do a series of coin flips for the feeding the rest of the way. So if, for example, the Chiefs, Bengals, and Bills all win, the Bills and the Chiefs would do a coin flip for the one seed. If the Chiefs win that, the Bills and the Bengals do a coin flip for the two seed or the three seed.

And then you go from there. It already pains me that there's a coin in the air between two teams that have been playing their guts out all year long. The Ravens win both games against the Bengals, and then all of a sudden, we're flipping a coin to see who gets to go.

One coin flip's enough in my mind, Travis, and I appreciate the call. The reason why it had to be that convoluted is you do have to tip the cap to the Bills had already beaten the Chiefs and the fact that the Bengals have already beaten the Chiefs as well, and the fact that the Bengals should have a chance to be the two seed. There was no equitable... I don't envy them.

There was no equitable fairway, certainly since there wasn't enough fairway left on the hole here. The season's coming up at the end. Chuck in Connecticut, you're here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up, Chuck? I just said that. Good afternoon, Rich. What's going on? I wanted to say the decision to end that game the other night, I think is a very generational decision meaning of our time. Yes.

I'm 68 years old. That game never would have... There would have been a pause, he would have been taken to the hospital, the game would have been played, and then the aftermath would have been completely different. Now, as we see, the playoffs are somewhat tainted. Anything you do to work it out for the Bengals is just wrong. It's not going to happen. Now, I understand that people say I'm not empathetic. I'm a sociopath, but I don't believe... I just think it's a very unusual decision.

People have been taken off the field in an ambulance, the game went on, they end up paralyzed for life. I totally get what you're saying, Chuck. Here's what I'll push back on here, okay?

Although as you know, I clearly disagree with your assessment. And I know you called up anyway knowing that I would, but I'll just push back on saying that the playoffs are tainted. We don't know how week 18 is going to play out yet. And I would proffer to say when the game is played, yeah, it may have a bit of a conversation beforehand about, well, this game could have been somewhere else or should have been somewhere else. And if the result doesn't go the way of the team that loses, there will be a lot of that. But there really is no... There was no way... And I appreciate the call, Chuck. There was no way to do this without upsetting some people. And again, he is right, it is generational that we're in a day and age now where players see a comrade of theirs getting CPR on the field and his heartbeat shocked in and they don't want to play football and everyone understands that, yeah, that didn't happen back in Chuck Hughes' day when he dropped on the field at Tiger Stadium right in front of Dick Butkus, who will probably tell you today when you see Dick, hey, did you want to play the rest of the game that day?

No, they did not. Bears versus Lions. And back in that day, they're like, play on. I prefer to live in this generation where we look at the players and understand they're human beings and that there's something called mental health. And that's why you can't replay the game.

Like we mentioned at the beginning of the show, and I know it's jarring, you even audibly reacted to it, TJ, when you're going to play this game and start from the spot where Damar Hamlin needed to be resuscitated. That's the line of scrimmage, right? Really? Yeah.

Yeah, I didn't even think about that. That's where we're starting. That's where we're starting. I know. That's where we're spotting the ball. Oh, right there. Oh, really?

What happened there the last time we played? Yeah. That's the line. Also, with all due respect to Chuck, as you and I discussed earlier in the week, if you've never stood there and watched that process, trying to save someone's life right in front of you, guess what?

You can't just flip the switch and then, no, it took me years to get over what I saw. And I know what Chuck just said, and there are definitely some people that might agree with him, and I just respectfully disagree with him. Let's get to What's More Likely. You got it over there, Chris Brockman? Let's get back to our Friday fun, our usual Friday fun. Hit it.

Go for it. What? What's more likely?

Never say never, but never. All right, NFL Films Music. Chris Brockman, give me some scenarios.

What do you got over there? Scenarios. You know, something we hadn't talked about yet was the finalists being announced for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, so I just wanted to throw that out there real quick. What's more likely this year, we get more first ballot Hall of Famers or wide receivers enshrined?

Oh, gosh. I don't have a list in front of me. I have the list, Rich.

I have the list. So the first ballot Hall of Famers are Joe Thomas. He's getting in. Darryl Revis. He's getting in. And Dwight Freeney.

I don't know about Dwight, unfortunately. Those are your first ballots. So that's two, and who are the wide receivers? Wide receivers are Willie Anderson, Tori Holt, Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne, and if you want to count Devin Hester, you can count Devin Hester. I don't think you do, because Devin should have his own category. Dion will tell you he should be the first ballot Hall of Famer from last year and didn't get in. He was really irate when Devin didn't get in. Do you think Revis makes it?

I do. He should. I think Revis and Joe Thomas make it. I think Demarcus Ware should get in. I mean, I think Darren Woodson should. I'll say more first ballot Hall of Famers, because, you know, these voters are weird when it comes to wide receivers.

Really weird. Yeah. Every single one that you mentioned there. I mean, Andre Johnson, I think, Tori Holt should make it. Reggie Wayne should make it.

But I'll just say, I'll go with first ballot Hall of Famers, and then you're so surprised Darryl Reeves being a first ballot Hall of Famer. Just wait. He'll come in and he'll claim him as a Patriot.

It'll be wonderful. Well, who did he win? I got it. Move on, sir.

What else you got? This guy. Move on.

Move on. Hey, who's more? .org. Who's more? Who's more likely to be coaching in the NFL in 2023, Rich? Mike McCarthy. Sean Payton or Jim Harbaugh. Kevin McCarthy. Sean Payton or Jim Harbaugh. Mike McCarthy. I'll go Sean Payton.

I'll go Sean Payton. Yeah. Jim Harbaugh said he expects to enthusiastically be coaching the Michigan. No, he always keeps. But he's also fronting it with the no one can, I mean, you know, he fronts it all with the no one can tell the future. He could tell the future.

You have a device that can tell the future right next to your desk. Taking the crystal ball on. What do you think about the rumors popping back up about Sean McVay to TV? I heard that, too. Sean Payton slides right into where it lands and yes, so then I'll take Sean Payton more likely. Well, here's the dildo, Chris.

The Rams don't have a first round pick in the Saints reportedly want a first rounder. Yeah. Well, of course, is in a beach that Sean likes a lot. Yeah. Yeah.

What else you got over there, Chris? Hey, who's more likely to jump the Patriots for the seventh seed? Dolphins or Steelers? Steelers. Steelers. Steelers beat the Browns.

Bills lose to the Patriots. I don't know. We got two on the screen, but you might as well put Mike Glennon in teal on the screen because that might be it to Glennon in teal, by the way, is a was the I think Glennon in teal was the original no, it was the original working title of John Hughes's pretty in pink Glennon in teal. Not as good. Not as good.

Not as good. Here's Ducky. Didn't Ducky didn't like Glennon, by the way. I just loved Molly wing roll back in the day, man. Oh, my goodness.

By the way, did you guys know something about pick it really quick? I thought you were gonna say you knew about Molly ring. I knew about Molly ring.

Well, with him, you never know. It's like, you know, who was in the barn the other day watching football, Molly Ringwell and Allie Shady. It was crazy. Oh, Mila.

Mila knows Molly from where Molly was on that 70s show that one time she may have been OK. Can you pick it? Yes. First rookie in NFL history, guys, to have a game winning touchdown pass and the final minute of back to back game. He's good. Never been. I was right.

I'm claiming that I was right about just pay the man. Hey, who's more likely to rich to be the seventh seed in the NFC Seahawks, Lions or Packers? Packers. They're coming.

They're coming. They're playing the best football out of all of the most consistent. This is going to be a good game, though. They're on a winning streak. I think I think if what's more likely, I think Seattle beats the Rams and I think game 271, the Packers win it.

But I think it's going to be great. Anthony and Dan Campbell on the Lambeau called. Certainly if the Lions have, quote unquote, nothing to play for, by the way, this whole idea that the Lions have not. That's why they put this game there, not only because the Packers can be winning it in. They know that if the Lions are somehow eliminated before the game, I think they want to knock Green Bay out.

Excuse me. This is part of Campbell's winning brand and brand building a winning brand in front of the nationally televised audience, knocking out the Packers to show everybody that the Lions are good enough and would have been good enough if it's if they'd only beaten Seattle what back in week four, week five, whatever that was. That's the tiebreak that would be put on the table here by Seattle to go to the playoffs. This whole idea that the Lions might not play harder. Get out of here with that noise.

What else? Here's a fun player one. Here's a fun player one.

What's more likely? Patrick Mahomes breaks the single season passing record, five thousand four hundred seventy seven. He needs about four hundred and change. OK. Or Josh Jacobs sets the Raiders rushing record seventeen fifty nine. He's about a buck fifty shy of Marcus Allen. Oh, I think Mahomes is going to throw for four four bills against the Raiders in this game.

Yeah. I mean, look, man, what do you think? I'm going to sit here and choose the Raiders against the Chiefs after all this time. One final time, one final time to go Raider Nation. I have I have one more. I have done finally the good fellas turn in my back on I got to try and turn in my back.

OK. The ultimate turn in my back. You know, one mile Raider Nation know how I feel about this team and how I felt about this team. And I have one of this team to do well. And, you know, if it's knowing the Raiders, they'll take a 10 point lead, lose it. And Mahomes is still going to break it. Mahomes is going to be slinging the rock. I'm going to sit here after all this time and go with the Raiders against the Chiefs. No, sir.

The Mars is going to be slinging the mark. I'm telling my son in the rock, Chris, you know, all right. Over under guys, what's more likely over under coaching openings on Black Monday? I'm going to put it at six. We had 10 last year. That's got to be currently three opening right now. I'm going to put it at six on Monday. Why do you think Lovey's going to get got? I mean, I'm not in charge of the graph. Well, we got Kingsbury, Saturday and Lovey up there, huh?

Well, Colts, Broncos and Panthers are already open. Yes. I'm saying there's going to be, I don't know, you think there's gonna be three more on Monday? I don't. I don't. How about that?

Yeah, I don't. You think it stays at three? I think there'll be one more that we don't see coming and then we'll be surprised by it and we'll see what's what. What'd you think of the Mike McDaniel rumor last night?

Which is what? That he might get got. Get out of here. That's the rumor. Well, there's only one person you should ask to see if he wants to, if you, if you want, there's one person who you should ask if Mike McDaniel is going to be the coach there next year. And that's Tom Brady, apparently.

So does Brady want to play for him or not? Do you think we need one more? All right, we'll get one more. Rich, it's week 18.

I've heard that. Okay. I don't know why we're playing an extra game, but there's a lot of weird quarterbacks getting starts this week. Nice guy. Just say Joe Flacco and be done with it. I'm not going to say Joe Flacco.

What do you got? He's a Super Bowl winning quarterback, TJ. That's a fact. What's the higher total? Oh God. The number of L's Kevin McCarthy takes today or combined touchdown passes from Skylar Thompson, Nathan Peterman, David Blough, Josh Dobbs and Sam Howell. So how many, by the way, great photograph of Kevin McCarthy.

If I ever thought like there's any McCarthy mentioned, it would be Mike, not Kevin on this program. So he was 0 for 11 over a two day stretch or a three day stretch, a three day stretch. He's already 0 for 2 today, but he's gaining votes. Yeah. Oh, is he? Yes.

Okay. I think he only needs three more. Oh, is that Ray? Wow. He's close then. He's already taken two L's.

Oh God. So he's already taken two L's. Maybe he takes one more. Do you think any of those guys throw any touchdowns this weekend? I'll take the McCarthy totals.

Yeah. I'll take the Kevin McCarthy totals. Skylar Thompson, the Peterman is starting by the way.

I'm talking about Peterman. David Blough, Dobbs and Howell. Can you name all the teams that they're starting for?

Oh, nice. No, I'll take the quarterbacks. Okay. I'll take the quarterbacks.

Did you rhyme that on purpose? Dobbs, Blough, Howell? Well done. Dobbs, Blough, Howell.

Well done. This NFL postseason, every Westwood One NFL broadcast streams live for free. The wild card round, the divisional round, the AFC and NFC championship games, the Pro Bowl games and the Super Bowl in Arizona. You catch all the action on the Odyssey app on via Westwood One station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports. Mercedes-Benz vans, they've been sponsoring our phone line for months and we're thrilled to talk about Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans with you because you unlock your potential when you unlock the doors to be your own boss and steer your own success. I talk about blazing your own trail.

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If it's wanting to start your own business, guess what? You can do that. If you just want to go drive around maybe in advance of one of these championship games, the championship game that might be at a neutral site. As a matter of fact, Jordan Poirier drove from Buffalo to Kansas City in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van. How about that? Mike Del Tuvo could drive from here to Arizona.

Sixteen body types, your choice of a gas or diesel engine, thousands of ways to customize now available in an all-wheel drive. Unlock your potential. Don't wait. Inside a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Phone lines are lit and I've got my five wild card matchups I want to see the most. That's coming up. Let's go to, who's been waiting the longest? Let's go to John and Dallas. You're here on the Rich Ozzie Show. What's up, John? Jim. Jim, you're on. Sorry, Jim and Dallas.

What's up, Jim? Yeah, Rich, I got an alternate site for the playoff game and I got two comments. The alternate site's the original Cotton Bowl in Dallas. Ah, outdoors? It's a real grass field.

It's outdoors and today it is 67 degrees. Ah. Okay. What else you got? Well, I got two comments.

What do you have? Fear the Frog and Roll Toad. Roll Toad, he says. Okay. Were you one of those loud, drunk people wearing purple I saw on Phoenix last week, Jim?

Unfortunately, no, Rich. I paid for a tuition to TCU, so I'm a loyal fan, but the ticket price is a bit high. I bet. Hey, look, I'm wishing you the best of luck. I want to lose to the team that wins it all.

I'll be rooting for you Monday night. That's for sure. Seriously. Thank you very much. You got to take care, Jim.

Thanks for the call. I'm going like this at me. Take that and, you know, put it somewhere Sunday night. Roll Toad.

Is that what you do when you're sipping on ayahuasca? I need NFL films music because it's time. These are the wild card matchups I want to see the most. I came up with them the other day, but obviously I didn't feel it was comfortable enough doing it. I wrote them down.

I sent it last night. I don't remember what number five on the list is. So my costumes, you got to remind me, but I am looking forward to these games. All right.

Now I remember. Here we go. Number five on this list. The wild card matchup. I am looking forward to see. I want to see, I want to see, cause these aren't, this one I think is going to happen.

Yeah. I'm going to say it. I want to see Daniel Jones play wild card playoff game. I want to see Brian Day ball, take these giants against the Minnesota Vikings. Saquon Dalvin cook, Justin Jefferson, and whoever those guys who I've never heard of catching passes for Daniel Jones are. That's what I see Kayvon Thibodeau aiming for Kirk cousins, big Z aiming for Daniel Jones.

I want to see it. Two guys who spent much of the year with coach of the year, candidacies going against each other. Kevin O'Connell for the Vikings, Brian Day bowl for the giants. That's number five. Number four. We've seen this matchup before this year, and it was a glimpse of the future that nobody thought would be possible. The four number four on my list of top five wildcard matchups. I want to see, I want to see the Jacksonville Jaguars hosting Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers.

This is number one for me. I think I want to see teal versus powder blue. I want to see it all and I can't, I mean, Justin Herbert V Trevor Lawrence. I want to see this matchup will be dynamite. Now everybody thinks, you know, Jacksonville Jaguars in the playoffs, what are they going to do? They're like the TCU of the NFL playoffs, right? Probably. Uh-huh.

I want to see the Jaguars and the Chargers might not want to see the Jaguars thing they saw earlier this year. What was it? 41 10 was the final of that one. Something like that. Premium hair. Oh yeah, certainly for us, we want to see the flow. That's number four in the list.

Number three. Now I don't think he's going to play, but the last time he did play against this team, it was in the snow and it was a heck of a game this year. I wouldn't mind seeing dolphins bills one more time in Western New York. And I don't know if Tua can play. I'm just hoping he can. And I understand the whole idea of wanting him to play might be putting him in danger.

That is not what I want. Obviously if he can't go, I don't think the dolphins are going to make it, but if the dolphins do make it, I think this is the game that I want to see. And hopefully Tua would be back and healthy and unable to play it.

But I want to see that. I want to see that matchup we saw in the snow on that week 15 Saturday night NFL network triple header. I want to see it in the playoffs. That would be an amazing playoff game, wouldn't it? For a wild card game.

Number two on this list. I want to see Aaron Rodgers make the playoffs and I want to see Aaron Rodgers go to San Francisco and play the 49ers. I want to see Packers, 49ers in the wild card round. Oh my gosh. You're going to bet against Aaron Rodgers that game?

I don't know. Rodgers v. Purdy, Niners v. Packers. Come on. Who wouldn't want to see that? Who would not want to see that?

That would normally be number one on my list if it wasn't for the Dallas Cowboys visiting Tom Brady. Come on. Come on, that's all I got to say. That's all I got to say is come on LFG the Dallas Cowboys. I know you've got ideas in the one seed and you'd like to make it, you know, I know you TJ are going to this weekend thinking the Eagles they gonna lose they might lose against the Giants team.

That's the only team locked into a seed in a playoff spot going in a week 18 the only one they have zero to play for except pride they getting their momentum pride right going to Philadelphia you they take care of business somehow to 49ers wind up losing to the Arizona Cardinals and David Blough Jay Jay what might go on I'll be pretty and JJ Watts last game I know you're seeing that and then on top of it. I know you want to take major tuddy and turn him into bacon. Bacon's delicious. Bacon's good. I said ham. I don't want to see that.

No. Why? Because boys Tom Brady and seen and seen hey, you can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on Westwood one via Westwood one station streams are by asking Alexa to open Westwood one sports sponsored by AutoZone. Thanks to all the listeners and viewers of the show for chiming in this week. Thanks to you guys. Thanks to the entire crew. This has been an emotional week on this program. It's for everyone else in the sports world.

Have a great weekend. For over 40 years Jim Ross has been the voice of wrestling. Nobody has stories like Jim Ross and he shares his tales with co-host Conrad Thompson on grilling Jr. Best Nick man was the top heel in the Attitude Era. It was a fresh character. It was new. It was material that we had not seen or heard to that date and we could have created a bigger or better heel. Now we wanted to make more heels and we try to make more heels and we did but nothing compared to Vince the grilling Jr podcast listen wherever you get your podcasts.
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