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Draft for (Hour 2)

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December 26, 2022 3:47 pm

Draft for (Hour 2)

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December 26, 2022 3:47 pm


Segment One--NFL: It's The Day After Christmas. Who Has The Biggest Buyer's Remorse Around the League?

Segment Two--NBA From XMas Day: Scuffling Warriors & Lakers, Harden Back To Houston?, Joker MVP Three-Peat?

Segmewnt Three---NFL Guest Jason Cole -

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

What's Right with Nick Wright is a rapidly growing podcast from the Fox Sports Podcast Network. You may know Nick Wright from co-hosting FS1's First Things First. This podcast gives Nick a chance to develop, deep dive, and defend his sharpest opinions. During the show, Nick faces off against a ticking clock, a team of producers, and even his own family to try and get his points across.

New episodes drop Monday, Thursday, and Friday wherever you get your podcasts. And we will skip the pleasantries because we have breaking news in the NFL and it actually works out perfectly with what I had formatted to start the second hour of the program. I was going to talk about buyer's remorse the day after Christmas returns around the NFL. Not a happy holiday observed for Nathaniel Hackett.

Predictably the Broncos have fired their first year head coach after yesterday's disaster here in Southern California. 4 and 11 and that's it for Hackett. The news breaking within the last 10 minutes.

I found that out because I was checking my Twitter feed and we're going to give you instant analysis straight ahead. That's B.W. Weber. Weber with two B's. If you're a Bronco fan you want to weigh in, I'm sure your reaction could be, why did this take so long? The phone number 1844204rich.

We got more serendipity because coming up in 40 minutes we'll bring in our first guest. Jason Cole, longtime NFL insider, also wrote the definitive biography of John Elway. So he knows the Bronco franchise very well and we'll get his thoughts on where this team goes from here. Not about the interim and wrapping up a miserable year but who will be the names attached to this opening? Does Sean Payton want it?

I think Sean has been great on TV but clearly he's just killing time for the next big opportunity. Think about all of the money available in Denver and I hate to be this crass but if you have any doubts, not only in sports, just in life, file the money as we learned in All the President's Men. The new ownership group and that was another wrinkle yesterday, the ownership group that paid over five and a half billion for the Broncos has Walmart money. They destroyed the Rams yesterday owned by Stan Kroenke who married into the Walmart family. So I'm not saying that was one more thing that led to the predictable demise of Hackett but it certainly didn't help and this has understandably been building since the first game. Go back to that debacle on Monday night in Seattle where Hackett looked like he had no idea how football was played. Remember he was playing for what would have been a ridiculously long field goal and he never gave Russell Wilson a chance to take a shot at winning the game.

He was playing for a field goal that would have been 65 yards and I know kickers can do it. I know Denver has a good kicker but it just exposed Hackett from day one that he was completely clueless and thoroughly overmatched. So as the season evolved after just joining us, the second head coach this year has been fired in the NFL. Matt Ruhl got paid to go away in Carolina landed on his feet as the head coach of Nebraska.

A rebuild of course but a legacy brand. Hackett I don't see him ever being a head coach again and remember he was not a legitimate offensive coordinator. Yes he had that title and those duties but Matt Lafleur the play caller in Green Bay. Hackett got the job. There was a theory that hiring Hackett would be part of an attempt to lure Rogers to Denver if Aaron Rodgers was going to leave but we found out after all of the intrigue and what's going to happen to Aaron Rodgers. Where's he going?

He wasn't going anywhere. He was just looking for more guaranteed money but it was predictable that Hackett was going to have these kind of issues because he just seemed lost. Now it didn't help that Russell Wilson fell apart before our eyes this year. The question becomes was it mostly derived from an incompetent head coach or does Russ have real issues moving forward?

We'll get to that coming up but I had the inkling watching that game yesterday and if you didn't or you turned it off after the first half I can understand. The way that Baker Mayfield of all people. Baker Mayfield number one overall pick now on team number three still on the first contract because Cleveland wisely would not pick up the rookie option.

Baker Mayfield looked like Johnny Unitas against Denver. Flat out humiliated that team. Now Russ didn't help and if we're going to be fair with accountability remember Russ with those picks on the first two drives when you dig that kind of deficit that team's not coming back.

But from an optics standpoint to play that badly on national television I mentioned the family connection and you had Kroenke sitting there I'm sure smiling and his in-laws with all that Walmart money flowing around SoFi Stadium. That was the final catalyst for a move that should have happened weeks ago. I don't know why it took I don't know why it took this long other than they figured it's a loss season. We have absolutely nothing to play for.

We don't have our first round draft pick because we put that in the package to get Russ from Seattle. Maybe they were just trying to have a degree of dignity to allow Hackett to stand on the sideline and look confused but just think about the arc of the season. Early on beyond the butchering of the clock management on the road in Seattle in the first Monday Night Football game part of that doubleheader. You get back to Denver the crowd is chanting and counting down the play clock because Hackett had something like two or three delay of game penalties because he could not get the fundamentals of clock management correct. Then they brought in a senior advisor to handle that element of the game. Then he gave up the play calling so what exactly was Nathaniel Hackett doing other than looking like he didn't belong on the sideline and I hate to be this optics driven but perception is reality and every time with the Broncos playing there was a camera shot and it doesn't help his last name is Hackett because of all the jokes that he can't Hackett. I'm Brian Weber I can't Hackett either that's why I'm the fill-in guy in for Rich Eisen. This is the Rich Eisen show the value being live on a holiday observed other places they're playing some tape best of not rich because he believes in the integrity of what we do and I really appreciate him bringing me in the day after Christmas so I can give you real-time analysis and we're going to keep talking about how things move forward for the Broncos 1844204. Rich twitter is open for business BW Weber Weber with two B's it was abundantly clear after four games I'll be generous because maybe there were nerves or jitters or Hackett just like anybody else who got a job that he was not qualified for now it's not his fault they hired him if somebody came to you at your office it would take a lot of self-awareness for you to say if offered a promotion if offered a promotion and more money let's say there's only 32 of these jobs in whatever industry you work in and they came to you and said here's the opportunity would you say no now if you were self-aware you might say I'm not ready but you never know if that phone's going to ring again so it's not Hackett's fault he was hired but he was completely clueless and Denver has become a punch line to every football joke now it didn't help either you had the kerfuffle I love that word the minor disagreement on the sideline with the offensive line yelling at Brett Rippon who I think was defending Russ yesterday I stayed with that game I was going back and forth with the Celtics and the Bucks and we're going to talk a little bit of a NBA in roughly 15 minutes but we'll continue to give you instant analysis of the breaking news Nathaniel Hackett out after the 4 and 11 debacle in Denver and yesterday's disaster 51-14 half a hundred scored by Baker Mayfield and the Rams but as the season has unraveled you had that incident and then Romo's bored and can we just have a conversation about Tony Romo please clear your throat does anybody at CBS watch those games with the sound on and look it's my business I understand but if I had that consistent raspiness I would hope someone would come to me and say Bri are you okay have you gone to a vocal therapist do you need a lozenge I'm over the Romo thing but he's not going anywhere he's not working on the day after Christmas because he's making 18 mil but Romo was so bored he broke down and the video was great because of all the terrific sight lines at the new Taj Mahal football here in Southern California what might be going on within the dynamics of that team you have Russ being mocked across the NFL for all of these cringy things he's gone from one of the most admired players to another punch line remember with Russ documenting volunteering to the media when Denver went to London that he was up in the aisle of the charter flight doing deep knee bends because he was rehabbing an injury and yet other teams just making fun of him clowning him the whole thing is a mess and don't forget Denver's on the hook now moving forward for a contract for Russell Wilson with a paper value of roughly 245 million and the full financial impact has not kicked in yet now no need for a GoFundMe or a bake sale given the Walmart money last time you went to Walmart was it crowded the answer is yes they're doing just fine probably not so good going to your local grocer if you still have one Walmart has squeezed them out although they're sponsoring the show I love Walmart I'm gonna go to Walmart right after this program my point is this the folks who own the team and I will look it up officially the Walton Penner group because there's some Penner money in there that's Rob Walton's daughter so more Sam Walton money from Bentonville Arkansas I've been there lovely town these people not only took too long to make this decision and maybe they're trying to be patient year one the NFL they have unlimited resources so now it becomes who do they want to write a giant check to Hackett was making small money by NFL standards so let's go around and think about the usual suspects now we're further down the line remember Bill Cowherd was linked to every job he's not leaving the CBS booth so I don't think we have to go through the retreads Bill Parcells is not walking through that door a name you should file away and this is me wandering through the road of rumor innuendo but if Jim Harbaugh had the official interview with the Vikings last year that was not surreptitious that was not clandestine why wouldn't he take a meeting with the Broncos because by his own admission he has said repeatedly he has unfinished business in the NFL namely because Niners had that terrific comeback coming up on a decade ago in New Orleans fell just short losing to the Ravens and he lost to his own brother and Harbaugh has a history of four or five years I realize it's different at his alma mater and he has them at the top of the sport but is he going to be Bo Zhembecker is he going to be there for another 30 years why wouldn't he listen to the Broncos if they offer him insane money because they can and then Sean Payton is the name you're going to hear repeatedly because he was shrewd and realizing I'm not going to preside over the rebuild here in New Orleans Breeze is gone I hung around for the extra year and that's that and if you just connect the dots in Miami it should have been Sean Payton and Tom Brady but for the Brian Flores lawsuit and the scandal there so Payton according to people I talk to I'm here in Southern California I'm Brian Weber in for Rich Eisen one eight four four two oh four rich you can hit me up on Twitter BW Weber Weber with two B's reacting to the breaking news that occurred about 10 minutes before we started the second hour of the program the Broncos predictably firing head coach Daniel Hackett after the 4 and 11 debacle and the misery of yesterday's beatdown applied by the Rams people I talk to I do television as well in the industry who are around what Sean Payton does say he is open and candid saying yeah I like TV but I don't know if I want to do this for the next 20 years and why should he good chance to get rejuvenated lay the foundation for a future career because nobody coaches forever other than Bill Belichick looking miserable on the sidelines but if you're Sean Payton do you want to wait for the inevitable firing of Mike McCarthy whether it's this year and it could be this year of this team underachieves in the postseason if Mike McCarthy has another another brain cramp like he did with the play call of Dak with the clock winding down against the Niners in that ridiculous sequence last year in the postseason if you are Sean Payton do you want to work for Jerry Jones and all that comes with it or go work for the Walton family with unlimited resources you can name your price and you don't have to deal with a meddling delusional owner now I don't know the degree of meddling but they're not the GM they have shown remarkable patience and giving Hackett 15 games you could have made an argument he deserved to go after game three or game four they were not impetuous but if Sean Payton wants back in now Denver makes all the sense in the world then you get to the can he fix Russ aspect of it well you go back to what Seattle did namely make sure that Russ has more design rollouts he and my opinion and this is just as a educated viewer of the National Football League he's not at his best with just the prototypical drop backs I'm not saying you let him run as much as Jalen Hurts because we've seen it already with Russ there's slippage there's a regression but the play calling has to be more creative and more innovative well that's exactly what Sean Payton is renowned for so none of this is novel I'm not throwing you lava filled hot takes but if you're just looking around for winners and losers unfortunately Hackett's been a loser since day one just based on the scoreboard not a personal referendum Sean Payton could be a massive winner financially if he wants back in coming up in 25 minutes we'll get back to today's now dominant component of the program as Denver makes it official Hackett not even able to survive year one he's won and done after 15 games we'll check in with Jason Cole longtime NFL insider and it links up nicely author of John Elway's biography Jason wrote a terrific book called A Relentless Life so he's got a sense of how things work in Denver historically understanding things have changed now with the new ownership group coming up because I've done an hour and 15 minutes solely of NFL understandably I'm going to do just a little bit of NBA not going to break down the games yesterday mostly because I want to remind you there were NBA games played yesterday Christmas day used to belong to basketball like everything else the NFL has hijacked that and the ratings will absolutely crush what the NBA generated but I'll use the games as a template because a lot of you start sliding into basketball with the NBA now becoming more front and center with the conversation NFL teams pared down when the postseason kicks in so this feels like the transition time I'll talk a little bit of NBA here and the more reaction to Hackett being fire and endeavor when we check in with Jason Cole when I tackle the NBA we'll tip things off with some thoughts about the Lakers Anthony Davis unfortunately just not able to stay healthy he's made of glass LeBron did everything he could yesterday Lakers lost again to Dallas is there anything the Lakers can do to salvage their season that starts in my opinion with finally trading Russell Westbrook that is coming up all part of a jam-packed edition of the Rich Eisen show I'm Brian Weber in for rich when you open up a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van you're opening up more than just doors you're unlocking potential the potential to do your own thing be your own boss steer your own success and blaze your own trail each and every Sprinter van is built designed and equipped to let you hit the open road and take on any goal you set to help you follow your own passions reawaken that spirit of adventure and check all of those big bold fun and exciting experiences off your bucket list owning a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van lets you live work and play out your dreams no matter how far off the beaten path will take you and with 16 body types your choice of a gas or diesel engine thousands of ways to 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internet i'm in for rich we're live on this day after christmas technically a holiday for most people but rich is a not only real sports journalist that does not have to be a jumbo shrimp military intelligence kind of paradox rich is also the steward of this program so a lot of shows don't opt to bring somebody in live the day after a holiday or a holiday observed rich is so mindful of the content and wants to bring you everything possible as a listener kind enough to ask me to come in today and i'm glad i'm here for a variety of reasons mostly because i do have a lot of things i do have a computer that i check but as i hopefully am displaying i don't have 17 writers this is stream of consciousness i am prepared when we have the simulcast you will see reams of paper destroyed i am not as green as i should be i write things out so i have stacks of notes available i did have an inkling that hackett would be out just based on how grizzly not grizzly atoms just how awful lost that was yesterday and we'll get more analysis coming up in less than 15 minutes when we say hello to our first guest jason cole long time nfl insider currently working for and he happens to be the author of a terrific biography of john elway elway arrests relentless i'm restless a relentless life so jason knows how the broncos have worked historically new era when the walton family paid roughly four and a half billion to take over that team which made it all the more surprising that hackett was given this long of a runway because i hate to be prisoner of the moment but i watched the nfl closely week one that monday night game at seattle he looked completely lost and the clock management never got better and you had reports of sniping within the locker room you had that mini altercation i'll use that in air quotes and that happens all the time in the nfl it's a passion-driven sport but it didn't look good when the offensive line was yelling at the backup rippon who played last week you put it all together the situation was awful and you have ownership with unlimited resources and high expectations and they want to run this like an actual business what a novel concept so hackett who in my estimation never should have been hired a reminder while he had a nice title in the org chart in green bay he wasn't calling the plays that smat le floor's responsibility hackett though just based on people i talked around the nfl respected seems like a good person that goes a long way but just because you're a nice dude and you sat in the same room with aaron rogers doesn't mean you know anything about coaching and he was exposed from the very first time he was on an nfl sideline in a game that counted and it never got better and yesterday was rock bottom i will not do jim ross rock bottom rock bottom it was a absolute beat down it was embarrassing on so many levels let's not overlook it was baker mayfield shredding denver 51 14 rust didn't help now rush should not be overlooked here and we'll talk about that with jason cole coming up when we say hello to jason in about 12 minutes what's it going to take for rust to jump start his career because there was talk in seattle the regression had begun the last couple seasons if that was the foundation if we can use the old cliff metaphor for tom brady who's avoided it so far and found a way to get it done once more rallying against arizona last night winning it overtime looks like the bucks will win that lousy division the nfc south but if we add the metaphor of the cliff and brady well russ has fallen off mount everest and the question is can he get up i've fallen and i can't get up hack it out in denver more reaction coming up i want to fulfill my pledge in forward promotion i'm talking just a little bit of mba and then we'll circle back to wrap up the program coming up in an hour and 10 minutes 240 eastern time our takeaways will be addressed here and then we'll bring in the expert analysis of kurt helen lead mba writer for nbc the mba used to control christmas day and i don't want to yell this too much having done 90 minutes exclusively of nfl not even any college football i'll get to the college when i'm back with you on thursday and friday because if you've not been paying attention 20 bowl games coming up in the next five days these are watchable matchups and will get you set for the national semifinals rich has to be ecstatic with michigan playing at a high level taking on tcu and then georgia and ohio state will match up in the other final four game the mba to me is a better watch in many ways than what we had yesterday on the docket now chu was implosion coupled with green bay finding a semblance of offensive rhythm made that game entertaining i don't know how you watched more than a quarter and a half of the rams and broncos i watched the whole game it's my job after all and i cannot fib here i was flipping around a lot during the cardinals and the bucks and brady for three quarters of that game looked like he was 117 years old with the two grizzly interceptions so i'm watching tulsa king sliced alone my man is back he never went anywhere but good show on paramount plus i came back for the bucks rally and overtime but as i was trying to hang in there with all of the brutal miscues on display from denver i did watch the mba i didn't watch any of the sixers in the nicks that's why we need kurt hillen to tell me about the loge bomb that dropped yesterday ho ho ho merry christmas james hardin is open to going back to houston makes sense because hardens his own dude and does he really want to share the basketball with joelle and bead it's working for now and unfortunately and bead is always hurt he's not full-blown anthony davis status but when healthy he's one of the seven best players in the league he just can't stay healthy but you saw yesterday once more when he's on the floor he's devastating didn't watch much in that game mostly because i believe the nicks are a regular season story only i did watch a good chunk of milwaukee and boston and if you just take a moment to think about where the celtics are and how unusual this season is it's rare a team makes a run to the nba finals after they come alive for only half of the season go back to last year boston was mediocre at best all the way up till roughly around the all-star break and then turned it on down the stretch they always played solid defense but they found the rhythm and you know how they parlayed that to the nba finals well you get there then you have the coaching change because ima yudoka clearly violated team policies we don't know all the details but i don't think boston came up with a reason to get rid of them you throw in a guy joe mazzullo had no head coaching experience in the mba nor major college and nothing has diminished in fact you can argue that boston's playing better than last year and tatum probably should win the mvp now although and i know most of you are paying attention especially given what time that game was played last night but again it is my occupation and i still love this stuff i'm only 53 give me another decade and i'll mail it in are you paying attention to what the joker is doing in denver i mean it's insane the guy has won back-to-back mvps last time somebody had the trifecta three mvps in a row larry bird why voter fatigue is real because obviously jordan could have won it every year lebron at the height of his power could have won it three consecutive years so that's what jokic has to overcome last night another triple double 41 yes he had overtime to get it done but go back to the week before how about this stat line 40 27 and 10 and nobody's talking about him because he's tucked away in denver the mba has so much star power it's an abundance of riches but we gravitate towards the bright shiny objects like the warriors and i'm not going to tell you anything matters for a team with that experience and that championship pedigree in the regular season but they have been abused as of late last week brooklyn scored what 91 in the first half on a beaten by 30 that felt like an important game albeit in the regular season for golden state just to say we're still here and we're gonna hang on for a while until steph comes back that is a phenomenally intense rivalry between golden state and memphis can't get enough of it let's do it again in the postseason after what happened last year and i mentioned the lakers back to bright shiny objects and maybe i'm guilty of geography geography driving some of my decision making when it comes to formulating content i have to start ignoring the lakers they're just irrelevant anthony davis saw him in the final four in new orleans in 2012 he was a revelation when he was healthy and spry and young remember he didn't grow until the end of his high school career he was a guard till he sprouted up you know he can handle i figured he'd win multiple mvps by now in his career and he's unfortunately just incapable of staying healthy the rest of that roster is hot garbage and i realize russ has played better and that's a low threshold statistically there's no way he could be worse than last year but if the lakers have any designs on even just being competitive i'm talking back in the play-in hunt they gotta move westbrook get anything you can in return still we know who's calling the shots maybe it's jay moore he's canoodling with genie bus i did not see that coming i work with jay briefly a fox i'll save that story from my podcast but it's lebron and if lebron wants russell westbrook around he's gonna be there whether it makes the team better and it doesn't whether it even makes basketball sense and it doesn't we know lebron is the ultimate decision maker i did not deceive you that was about five minutes of mba we'll get back to it to wrap up the program in an hour when we check in with kurt helen lead mba writer for mbc straight ahead back to the nfl and the breaking news no surprise but it's a official now no interim has been named in denver as nathaniel hackett relieved of his duties as we say in plain english fired after the 4 11 start the embarrassment of 51 14 the rams destroying denver yesterday press conference tomorrow noon eastern in denver with more details on the way so with hackett out who's going to be coaching this team next year is it sean payton's job to turn down we'll cover it all when we say hello to jason cole nfl insider for i'm brian weber in for rich it's the rich eisen show did you know that driving high is considered driving under the influence that's right driving under the influence of marijuana is against the law in every state even in states where marijuana is legal that means driving high could get you a dui and if you think law enforcement officers can't tell when you're driving high you're wrong your friends can tell your co-workers can tell even your parents can tell everyone can tell so what makes you think that law enforcement officers don't know when you're driving high driving under the influence of marijuana can slow your response time and change how you perceive time and speed so even if you think you're fine at drive when you're high you're not because the bottom line is if you feel different you drive different and driving high is driving under the influence so remember drive high get a dui paid for by nitsa so i'm ryan weber in for rich eisen it's the rich eisen show you can be a part of the program one eight four four two oh four rich one eight four four two oh four seven four two four hit me up on twitter bw weber weber with two b's let's say hello to our first guest an old friend knows the nfl extremely well been covering the league for decades jason cole nfl insider for and we have some serendipity with the breaking news about the broncos jason the author of several books and you should check out his recent edition elway a relentless life jason merry christmas happy holidays how are you i'm fantastic how are you brian i am doing well always a pleasure so i want to talk about sean payton to denver momentarily but let's just start with the immediate item what took the broncos so long to fire nathaniel hackett well i mean i think there's two things number one you you you want to play out plus what's the urgency once you have him i mean do you gain any big advantage by firing him before christmas um and getting in line i don't think so so i mean i'm sure their mind's been made up for a couple of weeks and they just decided to let him get through the holidays and move on i mean again there's no advantage to to hiring to firing a guy too early you want to fire him early enough so that you know you start your search process and certain area candidates but you don't need to be absurdly early about it it's not you know indianapolis got real frank reich i thought that we saw that played out i guess they could have avoided the embarrassment of yesterday with a competent head coach in my opinion i i don't think that yesterday matters yes like yeah yesterday was a a full-on disaster the team completely gave up they weren't they weren't interested in playing uh russell wilson was the at his worst um yesterday i don't think they care um but i don't think that yesterday matters like in the grand scheme of things okay you took a bad loss you this season was already gone nobody's gonna remember that game as being you know it's just not that that's not one that's imprinted on the history of your team you know you're you're this is a loss season the season is a bad one and you need to figure out who's your next guy which gets you to the issue of sean payton and all the teams that are going to be in line for sean payton at the end of this year and like a wonderful nfl insider and a veteran guest on programs you got me to where we should be going so if you're sean payton understanding the walton family has unlimited resources they can write a massive check is it pick your own number can you walk in and say i want 12 million i want a piece of the team how much leverage does he have oh yeah i'm like wherever he goes he's going to have leverage whether it's the chargers if they decide to move on from brandon staley whether it's you know the who whoever wants sean payton he's going to get i don't know 15 20 million a year do you want a piece of the team okay i don't know that you know that those things sound really good but they're not really worth what you say they're worth okay you can't resell them you're just going to sell them back to the team at some point in time so really the math the the math is just are you getting 15 you getting 20 million dollars a year you get 18 or you get 25 million you know you can name your price um the question is do you want that job do you want to deal with russell wilson what do you think of russell wilson do you think that russell wilson is actually done um because you're stuck with russell wilson whoever the next coach is they're they're not going to be able to trade that contract and nobody's going to take it you can't cut him because there's too much guaranteed money in there so you have to have a coach who's willing to work with russell wilson who has the gravitas to do it which sean payton certainly does and he would have a lot of respect from russell wilson because russell wilson was a huge fan of drew breeze i wanted to be a pocket guy like drew breeze that was part of the you know that's been part of why russell wanted out of seattle um for years and years and years because he wanted to shift to being more of a pocket guy the problem is i don't think that russell wilson can be a pocket guy because he's just too short to live completely under center and you know in the pocket all the time he's got to move around he's going to get open space he's got to you know it doesn't have to be more than half the time but it's got to be 30 to 40 of the time you move the pocket with him and again does sean payton want to do that or does sean payton want to wait it out and say let me get you know just a herbert and i'll i'll get that i'll get that game going because i can have a quarterback for the next decade excellent thoughts although i don't think hispanos family are writing him a check for 12 or 15 million because they don't have it nor the willingness to pay i'm ryan weber in for rich we're taking you across the nfl with one of the best in our industry jason cole nfl insider for final thought on the broncos beyond sean payton what other names should we be talking about as potential folks are going to bring in to be the next head coach i would bring in damico ryan's right away even though he's not an offensive guy um i think he has the gravitas as a coach to come in and tell a player like russell wilson how things are going to be run um i think that he can take advantage of what they have on defense which i think is is more advanced than what they have on offense shockingly um because they've got judy and sutton i mean it just it amazes me that they're not better on offense but i think he can probably attract an offensive coordinator who can work with with wilson i don't think any of the other guys who've been offensive coordinators whether it's walter and up in um chavo right now he had him for one year farrell bevel have had him for seven years and brian schottenheimer none of those guys have the gravitas to tell um to tell wilson how how they have to run the offense so none of those guys work they need a guy with a big personality who has the ability to say no to russell um because again russell's the most powerful guy in that i mean he's the guy who has to stay and he's the quarterback so he's the most powerful powerful person right now you need to have somebody who can do it i will also say this i know the spanish family doesn't necessarily have the money but there's a certain point where you know that the rams are going downhill pretty quickly you need to invest if you're ever gonna it's not gonna happen jason i live here more people support the la sparks than the chargers in terms of brand awareness i'm not talking about butts and seats the chargers are irrelevant here in southern california but if you're ever going to be well this is the window i agree have they shown any willingness in the past in san diego oh i look trust me i i know i i preach into the choir uh yeah yeah you're you're look you're talking i mean look i know dean spanish really well but dean spanish has ever if there's ever an opportunity for him to sit there and say okay let's be relevant let's get a coach for the for the next 10 years is going to turn my franchise quarterback with all the tools that i have put around him into this you know 40 touchdown a year playoff bound juggernaut um that could at least compete with kansas city because we've shown that ability to compete with kansas city even with mediocre coaching right if we're ever going to take advantage of all the talent we have assessed right assembled right now and make sure that herbert's good for the next 10 years go get sean payton and pay whatever you have to pay it's 15 million it's 20 million do it do whatever you have to do just make that investment this is the time this is what you have to do this is what you have to do do it stop wait stop wasting your time well he's too busy writing the rent checks that he owes kronke he's not going to spend that money on the coach jason you are the best he's not i i'm being facetious i i have a bias against his panos family that i i'm well doc at least i reveal my biases hey what time is stanford's bowl game is that today or tomorrow are we playing i don't think they have basketball we hired a cal guy oh i'll leave it i'll leave it there are such bigger problems that we have i wish for a tail all the best i hope it works i covered him in a high school all-star game long long ago and far away seems like a nice guy yes i'm very very fearful of a much bigger issue i'm starting with the fact that our president is under investigation oh well that too so remember our degree looks better when the football team struggles that's what i say jason love you pal happy holidays we'll chat with you soon see you see you jason cole another stanford grad i think i've only mentioned stanford twice in two hours i did not intend for nathaniel hackett to hijack this program but the nature of breaking news dictates that we follow it wherever it takes us so good thoughts there from jason cole gave you the hot coordinators and it's a good time to be sean payton and everything jason said was logical and rational but the spanos family never spend the money because in large measure they don't have it the team is their atm but i'm going to let that go because it is the holiday after all and i'm trying to be a little more festive since we're talking nfl a reminder you can listen to the nfl and the nfl app on the autosea app on via westwood one station streams or by asking alexa to open westwood one sports sponsored by autozone it's time to say good night to that check engine light with the free autozone fix finder service it'll help troubleshoot the likely cause of your life for free restrictions apply get in the zone autozone it's one more hour to get to and i got a ton of content that i've been unable to address because of the news that broke roughly at this time an hour ago so i think we have fully covered nathaniel hackett i realize the audience is always changing especially on a holiday week so i'll get back to what's going on in denver we'll run through some other potential names and we'll expand the focus because i spent a lot of time talking afc i have to be balanced here jump over to the nfc was philadelphia's defense remember the most opportunistic in all of football led the league in takeaways heading into the dallas game was the philly d exposed as dallas put up 40 i realized it was gardiner minshew not jail and hurt still four turnovers and 40 points allowed should have the very sane and level-headed people in philadelphia responding i'm sure in an even and rational way on wip in philly if you want to scream at me we love angry person radio pick up the phone 1-8-4-4-2-0-4 rich hit me up on twitter i'm about to log on right now log on to this it is bw weber weber with two b's and coming up in the final hour of the program since i only spent five minutes on the mba we'll go in depth taking across the association with kurt haitland lead mba rider for nbc but we'll start the final hour with more nfl and get you set for the monday nighter chargers and colts big opportunity for la in terms of playoff season it's always an honor to be in for rich my name is brian weber this is the rich eisenhower did you know that driving high is considered driving under the influence that's right driving under the influence of marijuana is against the law in every state even in states where marijuana is legal that means driving high could get you a dui and if you think law enforcement officers can't tell when you're driving high you're wrong your friends can tell your co-workers can tell even your parents can tell everyone can tell so what makes you think that law enforcement officers don't know when you're driving high driving under the influence of marijuana can slow your response time and change how you perceive time and speed so even if you think you're fine to drive when you're high you're not because the bottom line is if you feel different you drive different and driving high is driving under the influence so remember drive high get a dui paid for by nitsa
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