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REShow: Rick Stroud - Hour 1

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August 29, 2022 3:09 pm

REShow: Rick Stroud - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 29, 2022 3:09 pm

Rich reacts to Tom Brady’s return to the Buccaneers and his postgame comments over the weekend that made him more relatable as a father and husband.

Tampa Bay Times Buccaneers Insider Rick Stroud tells Rich how Tom Brady’s recent absences and comments to the media show a rarely-seen vulnerable side to TB12, why the Bucs are not as concerned about their rash of O-Line injuries as some pundits in the media, what expectations are for WRs Julio Jones, Chris Godwin and Tampa’s receiving corps are this season, why Jon Gruden and the Raiders said ‘no’ to adding Brady back in 2020, and if this could REALLY be Brady’s final NFL season. 

Rich and Brockman break down the Buccaneers’ 2022 schedule and ponder if Tom Brady can win another Super Bowl and ride off into the sunset.

Mike Tomlin finished the pre-season showing he’s already in mid-season form when addressing the media which leads to a heated discussion about Brockman and TJ’s Kenny Pickett bet that has yet to be paid.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry, clean feel all day. From the top let's go. One, two, three. Earholing Hockey League is a great fantasy team name. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Get ready for it. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Get ready for a lot of those.

Illegal contact, penalty, common because the competition committee wants a call. Today's guests, Tampa Bay Times, Buck Speed Rider, Rick Stroud, former NFL executive Michael Lombardi, NBC Sports Boston, Patriots insider Tom Curran, Stanford head coach David Shaw. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes it is. Well hey everybody, welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. It is the final Monday of August in 2022 and that means preseason football is over.

And to that I say thank God. Thank goodness preseason football is over and we got ourselves an NFL playing season that starts a week from Thursday for crying out loud. Welcome to this again edition of the Rich Eisen Show. 844-204 Rich is the number to dial here on this program. We say hello to our YouTube stream slash Rich Eisen Show for everybody out there listening to us on Odyssey and also listening to us on this terrestrial radio affiliate Coast to Coast on the Rich Eisen Show radio network. We say you want to see us, check us out on our YouTube stream. Starting in September, which by the way is right around the corner as I mentioned, this show migrates to the Roku channel which you can get for free on all Roku devices, Fire TV, select Samsung televisions.

Also you can on your mobile device get the Roku app because the Roku channel is free there and the same with the Good to see you over there Chris Brockman after this very busy weekend. Good to see you. Very busy weekend, I feel great. College football has begun.

That has happened over the weekend and the professional football season starts as I mentioned a week from Thursday night. How are you Jay Felley? Hey I'm great. DJ Mikey D is out again for portions of this week. Good to see you DJ Jefferson.

The candle is already lit. How are you sir? Oh my god. Somebody somebody sabotaged the mic today. Okay somebody sabotage this all right.

He's sitting in that chair. What's up? I'm great man. Operator error. That's like me.

It's like me you know blaming uh blaming my golf clubs which I never would do but you know it's operator error. Good to see you DJ Jefferson. How are you sir? Great man. Got to watch the Mets old-timers day this weekend. Oh that's great. It was amazing. Yeah Jesse Orozco uh facing Jose Reyes at one point is what I zoomed in on. Did you retire Willie Mays' number?

Yeah that was the other thing. That's weird. Well it's not.

Why is it weird? Because when he he he was terrible. He may be the worst player ever when he played for the Mets. Well I mean he's this guy this guy doesn't get it rich. I'm hoping he's not from he's not from New York City. You don't have to be from New York City to understand it's Willie Mays.

Well I know that. You know the Giants used to play in New York and then they left and went to the west coast after the team from Brooklyn did the same thing right. So they lost all their teams in New York City with the exception of the Yankees.

They stayed there then the Giants um came you know um went west and then Willie Mays went from the Giants to the Mets whose colors partially are uh are you know as you know the Mets colors are orange and blue those are the two colors of the teams that left. Heads the color scheme. So there's a history there's actually some. Is that really why they're orange? Yeah but that's what I always thought. Interesting. There's some DNA woven in there but didn't think I was going to be giving a Willie Mays New York baseball lesson to start this show but I'm here I'm here whenever you know whenever it's needed my head can be on a swivel here I can pivot.

Also I can pivot. When Mays signed with the Mets 50 years ago this was kind of promised to him and so it took 50 years to come to fruition. All right let's get it off your nose when you're sitting there cooking for 12 of your friends going through a fantasy draft that takes forever.

So much food. Imagine being upset because arguably the greatest baseball player of all time got a number retired. For the Giants. Well okay. Okay so we shouldn't retire number six for Bill Russell. Back to your quarters literally and figuratively let's start this program. He only played for the Celtics?

Bill Russell wasn't crapola on a different team. I you know and I liked it better when your mic wasn't working. Yeah you know my ear was off at this point so we'll have to hear this. Guys my god can we start the program or what?

Sorry it's Monday. It's good we're good. So here's the deal as we know Tom Brady had a mid-summer training camp sabbatical that the Buccaneers said was planned and and it's weird because quarterbacks don't usually leave in the middle of training camp for a pre-scheduled personal reason and that would mean somebody's maybe is Brady hurt? Does he need surgery? The answer was no and then what how could it be and everyone is everyone is family okay? Well that would be the very definition of of not planned and then then again it's also you know unprecedented but so is Tom Brady as a player. So is Tom Brady as a face of franchise in Tampa and so there was a lot of unprecedentedness about all this but Tom Brady every single step that he takes on an NFL field and every snap that he takes and every throw he's about to take again that's just extending the unprecedentedness that we may not see matched again in anybody's lifetime. So it was something to say the least and the question is what and rumors flying everywhere and Brady returned a week ago today and then played in the final preseason game quick cup of coffee got some snaps broke a sweat and got out of the game in Indianapolis before anything stupid could happen and unfortunately more unfortunately more stupidness happened with injuries up front that's a very banged up offensive line now that's protecting a 45 year old man but in between his return and in between playing in that game Brady did not speak to the media. He did not speak to the media but you're a starting quarterback in the National Football League you speak to the media after the game. So it had not been asked of Brady the very I guess basic question that we ask of friends and people who were familiar with after something out of the ordinary happens the genuine question of what was up with that. I don't think that's the way it was posed of Tom but that's the general sense that everyone was wondering what's up with this like what what happened and it was clearly something very personal for for Brady who sounded maybe the most relatable he's ever been. Think about it this guy lives a life that everybody would want to live everybody would want to live considered the greatest ever it's something that you do professionally. Your personal life looks as beautiful inside of a frame as it does on an Instagram page as it does what would think from the outside looking in and generationally wealthy beaten father time I mean that's exactly what we want to do we want to live happy and healthy and obviously wealthy would be a good cherry on top that's what it appears to it and be living but this sound bite just jumped off my phone at me when I saw it hit my twitter feed after the pre-season game over the weekend. Brady was asked essentially what was up with his mid-summer sabbatical and here was his answer.

It's all personal you know everyone's got different situations they're dealing with so we all have really unique challenges to our life and I'm 45 years old man there's a lot of going on so you know you just gotta try to figure out life the best you can and you know it's a continuous process so. It's a continuous process so I mean what is more I don't think he's ever said anything more relatable where anybody who is a parent anybody who's in a marriage anybody who's working and I understand we we all don't have his bank account I don't think anybody does maybe if you're in the sound of my voice and you got his bank account to salute um that may be the most relatable Tom Brady's ever been. Yeah you know Rich I saw that uh Saturday and a few things really stuck out to me first off I thought when I saw the quote just in print yeah I thought it was kind of like haha I got a lot of stuff going on and everyone in the room laughed and then we moved on that was not the case. I saw your tweet you said he sounds like every tired dad and I thought that was spot on.

And he looks like a tired dad this guy that was the first thing I kind of noticed is just how tired and exhausted he looks. Well we need to be careful because again there's so much to speculate about. We really have no idea. But right you don't know if it's his kid you don't know what's going on at all but what it is for anybody who has a lot going on in their life personally clearly something's going on that that we shouldn't pry. Let's let the guy figure it out himself that yeah he's got a supermodel wife I mean that you hear about it he's got you know he'll probably when it's all said and done he might be up there with LeBron about a billion dollars in in in net worth. He's got a bunch of businesses you know he's got the Fox thing coming a movie and all of that I can only imagine though you can only imagine though and and and you have to tread lightly because there are so many people who are watching us and listening to us right now who have a lot going on in their lives who don't have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and multiple gajillions of dollars to fall back on who might be like Crimea River but I can't imagine doing this job with three kids if this job took me out of the house at five in the morning and put me back in the house at eight o'clock at night and also on the road what 15 weeks a year maybe if you're if you're lucky it's maybe like 17 weeks a year right and he chose to come back but that's why I hear that and I'm thinking to myself in the ways that he's always defeated father time this is the way for father time to just remind everybody what time it is that there's a lot in his life that's pulling on him and I saw that I heard that and I'm like you know what just let the guy figure out whatever's going on in peace and then the issue would be does he take it on the football field and of course he doesn't he looked terrific he looked like he was a jackrabbit didn't look like father time and tapped him on the shoulder at all and I know it's preseason blah blah blah but you could see it and then after the game this exchange jumped out at me too because I think he's kind of I think he heard a lot of the speculation about how can he leave in the middle of his training camp season he's still quarterback in the nfl boy those reps are going to be something that he's going to need when the season hits I think he definitely was hearing a lot of the speculation for sure I didn't it makes sense listen to this exchange I don't know if you heard this one over the weekend jason light had said he thought you would come back from this break even more focused do you think that's the case I feel good I feel good I played football for a long time so I'm pretty good at it it'll take long for me to remember how to play it it'll take long for me to remember how to play it I'm pretty good at it doesn't take long for me to remember how to play it's just like understand I just like y'all were like wondering why I retired and then I'm came back and everybody's like happy about it and just take a look at the buccaneer schedule and see what it would have been like if Kyle Trask was starting every game I know this is like what what were they really thinking but it's just like okay now I'm now I came back and I just needed a break I needed a break everybody wants to know why I need a break well I'm a 45 year old guy there's a lot of s going on and I'm here playing football I'm pretty good at it um it's it was really just a fascinating exchange in the press conference because that doesn't sound like a guy who's going to take a banana costume off in front of my kids on a on a on a whatever night the mass singer's on on fox okay no okay we can put that we could put that to bed you could put that to bed that ain't happening and also not a lot of smiling no I mean could you imagine anybody did anybody again I didn't hear the whole press conference and Rick Strada the Tambay Times is going to join us because when he shows up and he's basically laying bare hey everybody I needed this yeah no one's gonna ask him well did Dana White set you up in the in Vegas right no one's gonna come come with that yeah that nobody asked I don't know did somebody do that because I didn't see anything I didn't see I mean that quote obviously would have made the rounds I didn't see it yeah I wasn't on the mass singer I know I had fun with it in a you know in a post for my my underwear by the way he did that's literally what he did for any of this one's thinking that I'm using it's really comfortable so yeah man Brady's back he looks good can't wait to see him against the Cowboys in 13 days baby pre-season's over pre-season's over the Seahawks have made their quarterback choice the Steelers might have and Mike Tomlin's playing a little cat and mouse on all that also on this program we will turn to Michael Lombardi long-time executive in this league whose son is the offensive coordinator in Vegas and the Patriots were just there the other night and the Patriots looked terrible on offense the only time they looked cohesive was against the twos for the Raiders so now the Patriots enter the season getting set to take on the Dolphins in 13 days with the fan base mostly I think you can say Christopher in full panic mode over that offense it's not okay not great it doesn't look good Matt Jones doesn't look like he's about to take that year one to year two leap the guys who are calling the offense have never done it before even though they're longtime Patriots assistants and smart guys and so Tom Curran is going to join us I sent up the bat signal for Tom E. Curran he's going to join us top of hour number three college football has begun David Shaw always fascinates me I love talking to him he knows both worlds having spent time in the National Football League and also is now the Stanford Cardinal head football coach for a second decade there by the way and the Pac-12 seemingly falling apart USC having left to go to the Big Ten along with UCLA and his second game coming up on September 10th what a huge weekend that's going to be Stanford is hosting USC in Lincoln Riley's first game in the conference is that Stanford so I'm sure there's lots going on on David Shaw's mind to say the least let's go baby but coming up let's take a quick break here on this program so we can talk to Rick Stroud because we didn't even mention that offensive line is so banged up up front they should call Andrew Whitworth maybe well I don't know I don't know brother three it's really the interior that's their problem that's the issue and that's where you want to rush Brady yeah because he's got 45 and he's 45 and he's got a lot of you know what going on I'm 53 and I got a lot what's going on I get you Tom we're two Michigan men Rick Stroud Tampa Bay Times when we come back welcome back to our show here on our terrestrial radio network we're sitting there on our youtube stream slash rich eisen show Michael Lombardi uh who's got a pod and a show on v-sin that's uh that's that's Musburger's spot in uh in Vegas where we're on every single day on Raider nation radio which we're thrilled about um he's going to join us in our number two overreaction Monday is our number two as well and since this show serves in certain ways a form of therapy for Brockman on occasion Tom E. Curran of NBC Sports Boston will come on the air to tell us what is going on with the Patriots offense now 13 days before taking on the Miami Dolphins who we think is whose offense is going to be uh fresh out of the box with points of Palooza. Lombo's not the biggest fan of Tua I don't think coming into the league so we'll talk to him about all that and David Shaw of Stanford and our number three and you at 844-204-rich being the number to dial with all the news coming out of Tampa with by the way this just in Tom Brady's 45 and has a lot of s going on and the offensive line in front of him certainly in the interior is banged up going into the season opener against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night football coming up on NBC and two Sundays from now here to talk about on the Mercedes-Benz phone line from the Tampa Bay Times our friend Rick Stroud back here in the program how you doing Rick?

Hey Rich I am not 45 but I have a lot of s going on. You do I was saying that's the most relatable Brady's ever been I mean Brockman has pointed out he thinks uh you know stumbling off the boat after the Super Bowl win junk Super Bowl that's something that that could have been but but Brady came out and just without being specific kind of laid bare um there's s going on uh what what did you make of that Rick? Yeah you know Rich he's been um really ever since he got here but of late in particular in that night um has been very vulnerable you know has shown that vulnerability um to himself and you know for a guy who is as public as he is um and becoming more so right with his corporations and his underwear and everything else he's doing some of it more public than we cared for him to be um you know I I think you do kind of he allows you to see the human side of him as well and that's maybe something we didn't see you know earlier maybe even late in New England um but they're you know look the you know superstars not superstars public figures whatever um they have lives away from you know the arena and you know clearly there's some things going on and you know he's not shying from it I mean obviously when you miss work right when it affects what you do and he's the every rep counts guy and you know he takes 11 days away from his team during training camp it's not something you can really uh you know really hide but by the same token I thought he was very honest and it was very very raw without getting into any specifics. Exactly because it didn't seem like that's a guy went and did the mass singer or or there was a planned vacation that you know that he couldn't get out of no matter how many honey do lists there might be at home you know what I'm saying like that's that seemed like something is up which means to me it really wasn't planned you know Rick that's that that's and again it's none of our business but it didn't come across as a planned absence to me you know. Well I mean without getting specific um I think there are I think there are times in your life when you know you have to address things um and and so in terms of plan I think he made the bucks aware um that this was when he was he was going to deal with something whatever that is right um and so you know plan from the standpoint of is you know his plan so to speak was he was going to come in work the first two weeks of training camp they do all the install you know in that period for the new players and and you know Tom's third year he got to get to work with Kyle Rudolph he got to work with Julio Jones he got to do those things he wasn't going to play against Miami or um against Tennessee um so really you know if you if you break it all the way down and go well you know what days did he actually miss a practice you know some of those are walkthroughs before the game that he's not going to participate in so really it's about three maybe four at the most so it's not as if you know Tom Brady after 23 years um can't afford to miss that time but but I do think that whatever it is and there is some there there it's not the silliness of of the other things um I think he knew that this was the time that that he was going to do that and so he he you know he made Todd Bowles aware of it and really there's nothing that uh uh that they wouldn't agree to um but it is out of character from him from the standpoint of you know this is the guy that you know is constantly telling his teammates you know we gotta get better every single day every single rep and here he wasn't going to be there for a couple weeks yeah I mean soundbite from his press conference we also played to start the show I don't know who asked him about um Jason Light saying he thinks that Brady's going to come back more focused from all this and Brady's like yeah you know I'm I'm pretty good at football and uh it doesn't take me too long to remember how to play it I found that very revealed what what how did how did you take that answer well I mean it's true right but again it's extremely uh uh rare that you you get that from Tom and and you know because he he's always been the guy that doesn't want to be set apart from everybody else that's what makes him such a great teammate you know guys guys come to the to their team and and and he'll walk up to you know the most insignificant player and say hi I'm Tom Brady and they go yeah no bleeps you know I like you know and but but he genuinely wants to just be one of the guys when when he's in in the locker room and on the field and and so for him to say yeah I'm pretty good at football uh that was interesting I thought the other thing was and this this was strange to me was that you know he was asked of course you know last time we talked him the day after the Miami Dolphins um you know were were uh analyzed for for tampering and all that back in December last year um and Tom started talking about how much he he loved playing here but he also mentioned all the play I mean after a while it sounded like a retirement speech all over again like I read this you know before when you retire when he talked about all the great guys he played with he started calling them out like Santa's reindeer you know there's Edelman there's Ambola there's you know and and he went through about 20 players and I was like what am I sitting through here you know this is a post game from a you know preseason game um where he played you know all of about 10 snaps and and yet he's kind of being um you know retrospective about his his career and where he stands and so it was very interesting and um and I think clearly um you know he's gonna have to work through that and we'll see you know it is the football field you know uh great sanctuary for him or um obviously if if there are glitches to his game or you or they start out poorly um people will look back and say well you know he's affected by this this is there's something bigger here that's that's affecting I don't know how that's possible to be honest with you Rick I mean that that the thing that might affect his game more than anything else is the fact that no matter how great at football that he is and he doesn't have to take much time to remember how to play it nobody's good when there's a 325 pound man sitting in his lap after the ball snapped and that's the genuine concern I have right now it's not Brady's readiness or mental state or anything like that my concern is that line up front what can you tell me on that front right now well I mean it was tragic they lost Ryan Jensen on the second day of no pads right that was one of those etiquette things I think we talked about where rookie was going hard and he beat Nick leopard into the inside he pushed him into you know into Jensen Ryan Jensen and he was out so I mean from that standpoint it's bad Robert Hainsey went down he's the center that's replaced Jensen and my information is you know that that's an ankle situation that's not going to keep him out of the Dallas game the preliminary reports are good levered also hurt his shoulder later in that that game and and and the reports are good on him as well so I don't think they're going to lose those two guys now is it ideal that you know you have a first-time center no you'd much rather have Jensen but but the Bucks prepared for this and that you know they drafted him a year ago out of Notre Dame knowing they were going to move him inside because Jensen was going to be a free agent and if Brady doesn't come back he's probably with another team right now right so they they've gone down this road and and maybe it's just wishful thinking but when you talk to the guys who get paid you know to do the evaluations and have actually picked these players to protect Brady they're much more confident I think than fans are you know whether it's Luke Gadecki or somebody else a rookie you know out of central Michigan you know they they feel a lot better about where they're at now they can't sustain you know any other injuries and that's the problem right because it's a war of attrition and you've got 17 games and it's very unlikely you're not going to have more they think Kristen works will be back but you you you raise a good point and yet you know they go out there against the Colts defense and you know Brady throws it on almost every down and he's getting rid of the ball so quickly he's he's perfectly accurate so the best protector of Tom Brady has always been Tom Brady and his ability to know what's going on and get the ball out of his hands and yet I've seen him get hit like he did in Washington maybe the second or third play of the game and he was done he played hot potato with the ball the rest of the day you know so he's not about standing back there and getting hammered and and they've got to find a way to protect them but I don't think it's as dire as some people outside the building think Tampa Bay Times reporter and man who's all over the bucks columnist Rick Stroud back here on the Rich Eisen show so what's Godwin's status Chris Godwin let's talk about the rest of the offense around Brady yeah what he got for me there well he's rich he's done everything he can do you know that injury happened late it was December 20th he got operated on January 3rd there was some ACL damage obviously a tear and then maybe some more no one works harder than Chris Godwin he's at it 24 hours a day it seems you know and doing everything he can do to get ready he's wearing a brace which is absolutely I think going to be a problem you know for him to adjust to when he does get back out there he has he has done gone from you know individual drills to one-on-ones to seven-on-seven to teamwork all he's done hasn't done is contact full contact and they're not going to take him to the ground out here and practice right so whether he plays against Dallas or he plays against New Orleans the real litmus test is he's got to get hit below the waist and he's got to get back up and I don't care who you are if you've been through what he's been through that mental hurdle is real and if he's going to be Chris Godwin that that process has to start does it start against Dallas if the doctors say he can play I mean what else can they clear him of except you know you're okay to get hit now and so I think that's the next step I do think he'll be ready for Dallas I don't know who's ultimately it'll be the the medical you know decision but if they clear him he'll be out there playing because he looks like he can do everything now will he be the same guy this year as he was before he got hurt I don't know you know it may take that that's a process and we've all seen it but um I think he's in really good shape and what about Julio Jones I just know all those years doing Thursday night football on NFL network I a couple times when he went against Tampa he just he just saved he just saved his best man he just torched him I mean so many times it's weird for me to see him in the uniform I'm sure it is for for many people in Atlanta and even in Tampa how much of a role do you think he's going to play this year well I think he's going to play a big one I mean you know again that's another situation where he's missed 14 games over the last two seasons with that foot injury his problem in Tennessee and I know John Robinson um you know it was was that he couldn't practice I mean you know which didn't exactly make his game day performance all that great um and then he missed the time right now rich he's healthy whatever that means at his age he's he's completely healthy and I have seen him do Julio Jones thanks I mean he is he is leaping over guys he is you know uh running routes he's physical he can block he he you know he played his first game and they threw one ball to him for 20 yards I mean you know so um him and Brady uh have have already gotten together enough uh to have you know great chemistry because he's such a great player he's so smart and he knows the game so well and his hands are as good as anyone's that's ever played so all I know is they got to find a way to make up those you know 50 something catches 800 something yards and five touchdowns from Gronkowski they'll do it a different way Kyle Rudolph's not going to do that but Julio Jones could and they don't have Antonio Brown we know what an impact he had during the Super Bowl year all I know is if you can put Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Julio Jones and Russell Gage out there um that's a problem you know along with whether it's Cam Bray, Kyle Rudolph, a good running back um in Leonard Fournette so there's there's a lot of weapons for Tom Brady and they didn't want to wait to the the middle or the end of the year when they sustained injuries knowing Godwin might might not be ready at week one but you know it was let's go out and get the best player we can find so we're not you know having to uh you know pull guys off the practice squad or you know go get a Burchard Paramin it was on his 13th year um we'll have somebody in house that we can play with and they got a they got an abundance of receivers. Tam Bay Times, Bucks Reporter, Sports Day, Tampa Bay Podcast host Rick Stroud here on the Rich Eisen Show uh two more Brady questions for you sir uh first one for you uh uh is his um dalliance with the Raiders that everybody put out there thanks to Dana White um he put it out there Gronk was the one who first mentioned it and the number of people have basically confirmed it to me since then I've lost track and uh was Brady asked that over the weekend or did his I'm 45 and I got a lot of s going on take all that oxygen out of the room did anybody ask him about going to the Raiders instead of the Bucks well he got in front of it like he does a lot of things he uh he talked about you know hey I read I read all these stories about all these teams I'm supposed to go to and all I can tell you is you know this was a team I always wanted to play for and then and the only team I wanted to play for and that's why I'm here yeah um except for you know that that's probably not entirely true he did he did uh contact a lot of teams or they contacted him I mean we know about San Francisco we know about the Raiders we know about Miami we know about Miami that sure as hell way in advance we know about Miami you know so right right and we said the joke you know going around uh is that um you know Gruden has won two Super Bowls for the Bucks and one in 02 and then the one that he gave them when he didn't take Bob Brady you know so it's like all the old uh I tell you what man I screwed that up didn't I um on the other end of the line here all of a sudden fantastic sorry Rick go on years years of John Gruden man I can you know uh so yeah it's it's it's sort of I mean I think it would be revisionist history for him to completely deny all of it right but um but that you know Tom Brady was the greatest free agent of all time I mean who the amazing thing is and everybody's trying has been trying for years to figure out who the MFR is you know like okay so which team who said no to Tom Brady to keep their quarterback was it Derek Carr was it Ryan Taneyhill was it right in my opinion it was all of them you know what I mean like anybody that said no to Tom only one team said yes apparently I mean I think saying I think the Chargers wanted them I think you know there might have been other teams in the picture that we may not be aware of um but in terms of you know if you didn't have them it's probably because you said no because he he was the one making the decisions and you know um I just think that that Tom you know wants to get everybody uh but but certainly um you can understand why they made the decision they made at the time and and Brady has won a Super Bowl he's been in the playoffs twice and and for my money I think they're you know right back in the picture again this year well the 375 million dollar question is this Rick um I think I know where I'm going with it is every game that Brady plays this year at some point certainly if it's going to be a blowout of some sort it'll get to the the question of whether Brady's done if this is his final year he's not going to clearly mention it at all the last thing I think he wants is a tour you know like Big Poppy or Coach K or anything like that or Jeter so the question is is you know he's 45 he's got s going on I mean I can only imagine what it'd be like 46 and has going on do you think this is this is it do you think this is going to be the last ride for Tom I've said this before you know I think this is his last year in Tampa for some reason and that may not make sense to some people but he had an opportunity if he wanted to um they have a lot of dead cap money you know they're going to pay for Brady for years and and he didn't add another year to his contract uh if he was looking to go to Miami they would have had to have done something you know in terms of a trade um to get him out of that so um you know I I guess the answer is I don't know tell me how the season ends you know tell tell me how it ends does it end with confetti is you know is he actually gonna gonna win another Super Bowl and walk off you know and it seems rich like the greater the athlete you know um they they stay at the party too long right the vacuums are running the lights are on everybody's going home and there they are you know at the bar so to speak and and I just I just think that you know I would hope Tom is not he's not going to play if he's embarrassing himself but hell he just led the league in passing yards and touchdowns a year ago he had 719 attempts at age 44 and he's got his peers respect he's number one on the top 100 list on the NFI network he's number one why do I right why do I quit you know but no one wants to see him limp around on one leg like Tiger Woods no one wants to see him you know play for the Wizards the way Michael Jordan did not that I think Tom Brady's gonna play basketball but I'm just saying um so I I think you know he'll know hopefully when that day is but it's definitely coming soon um but we know that he was you know look he was considering a lot of things in the off-season right he was considering becoming a minority owner which I still think he'd like to do and you know what maybe part of that is I come play quarterback for your team for one year and we try to win a Super Bowl you know like I don't know what what his you know business dealings or interests are beyond this season but it sure feels like you know that we're getting to the end the difference is you mentioned the 375 million is that unlike last time when he retired for 40 days he didn't know what he was going to do and now he has a definite outing that you know if he chooses to to say he's done playing he's going to be in the number one broadcast booth with Fox and he's going to be you know involved in football at least you know for 20 something weeks so I think it's a different picture for him I think he's gotten that picture when he was out uh this past off season so it won't be as daunting for him he's retired once he can do it again but um it feels like this could be it it's definitely going to be it I think uh definitely I think listen to me uh that in Tampa but um I he's Tom Brady I mean when are we going to stop putting parameters on this guy maybe he does play to least 50 I don't know what his personal circumstances are his kids are older seems to be a lot that he wants to get to do but uh football is still what he does the best no doubt Rick Stroud great to chat with you again greatly appreciate it uh I do hope to speak to you on maybe the first week um get your thoughts on what happens between Tampa and Dallas on a Sunday night what a great week yeah let's do it love talking to you rich right back at you Rick Stroud at NFL Stroud I follow him on Twitter you should too man he's great and ladies can't sit here and say that sounds like a guy who wants to get out who regrets staying in I mean I think he loves the sport who knows with what this guy's going to do because as he said it could end in confetti if it ends in confetti I think don't you think you're right off into the sunset that's what we thought two years ago too right two years ago four years ago I mean every time the Pats won or the Bucks are you like okay this is it right nope you have the Bucks schedule then we'll take a break just think about this like I said every game every game it's going to be something Dallas then against New Orleans and we all know that New Orleans the Saints have definitely performed well against Brady better than any team maybe in Brady's career consistently against that to start then there's Atlanta that one's weak right at Pittsburgh how many times has Brady been there and every single time he shows up at the old Lang Syne week right Baltimore with Lamar Jackson passing torches the Rams would have been his last game if he didn't retire Munich the whole world will be talking about that one no matter how the Seahawks play what if Garoppolo is the quarterback for the Seahawks in that game all right then after a bye it's at Cleveland last game that they don't have Deshaun Watson right the Browns once again New Orleans San Francisco the team he grew up loving Joe Burrow versus him then it's him versus Kyler Murray Carolina Atlanta that's when everyone's going to start looking over the steering wheel and wonder how much of a chance does Brady have to win the Super Bowl is that going to be the end of his career blah blah blah it's set up man talk about season-long storyline arcs this is now like career storyline arcs you're going to be talking about for Tom let's take a break 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial what is Pittsburgh and Mike Tomlin thinking a quarterback well we kind of know that's next chrome soft golf balls I use them you should as well they are awesome they make me feel more confident standing over them when I'm about to hit the shot I know all I have to do is make a good shot and I'm gonna feel it I'm gonna watch it fly my problem is the bad shot that always occurs when I think that but I do love using them and I use the chrome soft regular chrome soft because it's for the widest range of golfers you get more distance incredible forgiveness a better feel I even feel it when I make contact with the regular chrome soft if you are somebody who is a little bit better and you want something that gives you excellent spin consistency tour level short game control there's the chrome soft x the chrome soft xls gives you a lower spin golf ball longer shots firmer feel but still with a high spin around the greens bottom line is when you add it all up it's pretty simple chrome soft is better for the best and better for everyone find out which chrome soft is right for you at caloe chrome soft so uh last preseason game on sunday last one lions stealers tj watt rushing the passer or thinks he is post snap here comes tj hockinson tight end goes low on him hits him below the knee and I thought to myself do not tweet do not tweet smart move will blackman former nfl player he puts on my twitter feed discuss nfl twitter and I retweeted it saying I'm not waiting in on this one I just hope he's okay and mark schlereth then responds by saying for good context tj watt stayed in the game for you know a few more series before leaving right he's apparently okay mark schlereth I'm monitoring my twitter feed since two weeks ago who knew he's like the eye in the sky for me anytime that's why I didn't tweet stink I don't want to I don't want any piece of your smoke but even cabron hayward who is very involved in the players association said I know it's a legal play right now right now that's what he said we've cleaned up where the db can't shoot the gap and go with the old lineman we should work toward player safety because it's a bang bang play where a tight end goes up and goes straight for your knees luckily tj isn't fully injured is what he said get mr hayward on the phone let's get him back on the program right but the news out of this game man is mitchell trubisky 15 and 19 a buck 60 in a touchdown he looked really good and then kenny pickett got out there he went 10 of 14 for 90 yards to complete his first preseason he missed on only seven of his 36 passes 29 of 36 261 passing yards three touchdowns no picks and a a quarterback rating just less than 125 they didn't go against a lot of the ones all right so let's go to mike tomlin and ask him what's up mike tomlin what's up i might but you guys not gonna have it today again like i told you guys the other week man we're not gonna make knee-jerk reactions and statements following the performance we'll go through our proper professional procedure we'll evaluate the game we'll meet with our front office people we'll have discussions we'll talk internally we'll talk external possibilities we'll go through our normal procedure this time of year and we'll disclose it to you at our at our leisure to be quite honest with you importer exporter internal external that's what's up that's awesome not high on our damn agenda i love it the look he gives at the end i'd be quite honest with you yeah okay stop asking so stop asking so quit asking right quit asking you went full you went full mick saber right through you so quit asking ask it i got a couple more media availabilities maybe one before the game i'll tell you when i tell you yeah mike yeah not giving uh not giving any hits you know all right tell the bengals the damn thing i think it's gonna be trubisky you go with the vet if he doesn't do well then you go with the kid i think it's just that simple but picket looks good picket looks good everybody oh man so um and george pickens is knocking people on their asses here we go he's so good here we go the stealers always gonna be better than you think always gonna be better than you think how are they so good at drafting wide receivers they're very good at drafting wide receivers get it and the coach man he knows what he's doing i just love tomlin i love it i love it that was a first take topic today um will this finally be tomlin's first losing season you know what would be a great topic bar here will kenny pickett throw an actual nfl pass before chris brockman pays tj jefferson the money tj was owed from the draft day that that went we sort of worked that out did we know how did we know how great job so you know we're splitting the entry for the latrulio league and i was and i was just like yo just send me you know minus the 20 okay and you agreed as we were leaving on friday so okay you know what though that's not no no no that is exactly what happened if you want to see if you want to like just completely pull the curtain back you said do you want to pay me the 50 or do you want to let this 20 ride and we can keep talking about it that since that is what the conversation was and you said i'll just pay you the 30 no i said i'll pay you the 50 here's the thing though here's the thing here's the thing when when wagers like this linger and i understand part of it may be in your mind it's better for the show to keep talking about it which i by the way truly appreciate content now here comes the bus okay content now here comes the bus that when it takes this long how much it's 20 bucks yeah you want to see andrew jackson in the palm of your hand not some venmo straight cash you don't see a paypal oh it's pay me pal yeah it's straight cash homie homie yes like like pa ingles used to say a little house in the prairie you want to see the barrelhead like if it was if it was draft night he could have he could have electronically paid you this money on the spot didn't do it months ago didn't do it and that's not for the show that's just because he's got this fist it's so damn tight and that has been established in the near eight year history of this program okay so when it takes this long electronic payment or let's just fold it into you owe me money now it's just like you now you owe me so let's on the spot of you owing me so eliminate let's settle this let's settle this owed payment that's now six months in arrears almost four four months okay five months no four four months in arrears four months i'm exaggerating perfect hey now go ahead for the show so yes i agree with you this is a separate transaction separate you want to see old freaking hickory hickory 30 never okay the the number 30 was never discussed that is crap i never said that is crap out the door i was like just pay me the 30 you're like all right man that's fun i swear to goodness that is not how that conversation with don't do it that is i swear on all the holy that's not how that conversation went see now see now i can't which is this i can't i can't i i can't confirm or deny all i'm saying is twenty dollars cold hard american cash at this point right there andrew jackson old hickory peter gammons whatever you want to say that's my two cents on it he's such a bald bastard that was uh josh scat about who chickless that's right chick chick two of the nicest guys just fun shrapnel okay let's take a break right here we're back in 45 for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans super dome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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