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They’re Going to Indict Trump

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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August 17, 2022 3:23 pm

They’re Going to Indict Trump

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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August 17, 2022 3:23 pm

Make no mistake about it — the political ruling class is going to indict Trump. Will it sway your opinion of the former president?

Lt Col. Oliver North, Mary Walter, Harry Hurley, Rep. Pat Fallon join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM liberty University viewing movies to see Charlie since conservative Joe Missouri from all I that was said to the entire nation but a message that was really directed at the political ruling class American Marlin, the Federal Bureau of investigation are so good to have you with us today. A late night last night as we were watching election results coming in from Wyoming and Alaska, but that the story coming out of Wyoming, is simply a remarkable because the Congresswoman Liz Cheney, her political career is now gone with the wind. I minutes over so look I want to go through this today and it is.

There's a lot to unravel here. The fact of the matter is that Liz Cheney is done. Show her goose has been cooked up but I forget her she's done that's it turned out the lights, the parties over.

That's it. It's over with. But like a wounded animal that's been quartered that is the most dangerous time in a political campaign and that's what we're watching right here she's going to be burning down the political party she's burning down the Republican Party and if if that means another four years of whoever the Democrat side, so be it. That's what Liz Cheney said last night in this weird weird concession speech.

And I know this morning they are treating her like she is St. Elizabeth of Wyoming. But Liz Cheney is a political hack now right out of the gate here. I just I have a question about Liz Cheney. She and her husband were attorneys all right there were just regular run-of-the-mill. Nothing out of the ordinary attorneys, so I'd like to know how she became a multimillionaire since she entered Congress. Her worth her net worth has gone from what $7 million in the first in her first congressional term. $7 million to buy some estimations upwards of $44 million. How does that happen.

How does a woman like Liz Cheney take $174,000 paycheck and turn that into a $44 million treasure trove. How is it humanly possible.

So maybe, maybe Liz Cheney is just simply him in the wrong career path here. Maybe she ought to be a financial advisor because clearly she's made some pretty darn good investments to to take a $174,000 your salary and turn that into $44 million. That's pretty remarkable when you say ladies and gentlemen.

Unless, of course, something nefarious is been going on, unless unless maybe somebody's been funneling money into the military industrial complex side of the Cheney regime.

But anyway I'm a I'm a student of history.

Many of you know that I'm a big Civil War buff and I was I was really taken aback by by some of the.

The Civil War imagery that Liz Cheney shared with us last night in this concession speech and it reminded me of a lot of the storyline. The plot line of gone with the wind. I me when you think about it that's what it reminded me now at the end of the day the Wyoming voters and and I thought this was this was a pretty remarkable take the Wyoming voters said hey look yet.

This really isn't about truck. This is just her being out of touch with who we are as Wyoming voters. This is this is about. This is about us is not about Liz Cheney is not about some woman's will some woman waging a war, a one-woman war against former president Trop that's not what this is about now.

Wyoming is a small state population wise, and they only have one congressperson and there one congressperson has been ignoring the issues that are important to Wyoming voters and she's using her platform in Congress to destroy Donald Trump in the Wyoming voters said hey hole appear when I get to do this anymore, but anyway, this speech was just weird. Did you see any of the spirit was just weird. She's invoking the name of of Abraham Lincoln. She's invoking the name of Gen. US Grant see through Ed Martin Luther King's arc of justice.

I mean she really is laying it out there that she is some sort a very political savior for the world.

Liz Cheney is but her goose is cooked so anyway and we'll play some of this audio I does he get's hilarious truck. She's got a run, she's gonna run and I hope she does. I hope Liz Cheney rods for the White House in 2024. I hope that she is up there on that debate, stage right alongside Donald John Trump that's going to be some good TV right there.

Laser gelatin, some great TV but anyway she's talking about how you don't she's and she's and she herself is a student of history and she recounted the whole story of Gen. Grant and Robert E Lee and saving the union and how her own great-great-grandfather save the union.

I was wishing on the Yankee side of the of which side of the Mason-Dixon line. I guess I guess her family. They were Yankees so they were part of the invading horde that burned down the southern states. Is that right I will. It's a zip file.

Liz Cheney thinks that she's a Civil War general general Elizabeth Tecumseh Sherman on some sort of a political crusade to burn down the Republican Party and set free.

Everybody who's been enslaved by the America first agenda, but here's my take on what happened last night of Wyoming. It was in fact the good people of the Cowboys state who seceded from the unholy union of endless wars and open borders and globalism. And last night I say last night.

They declared their emancipation from the Bush Cheney political dynasty and man do they love her today. She is just like a rockstar.

She's like the new Princess Di all there just gushing with glee, you brave woman use seem to have a woman you must run for the White House, all it was terrible.

Did you see savanna Guthrie's interview on the today show. Oh, it was vomit inducing and there she was.

She had on the big fake eyelashes and she was letting those eyelashes about flirting with them. Maybe showing a little bit of political ankle as they tried to get her to admit that she was good to be running for the White House but here it is ladies and gentlemen in front of God and country.

Liz Cheney stood up and she said, as God is my witness, I will light housing is not what you I don't 844-747-8868.

That is our telephone number. That's 844-747-8868 our

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She wants to get to the truth. Her voice will not be silenced.

She's tough. She is lauded as this heroic individual. I think she's fearless.

She has fought a valiant fight. History will be kinder. She is fighting the good fight. I really admire her.

She really is impressive.

Probably the standardbearer for integrity inside the GOP was lectured in this letter Liz Cheney standing up against evil, and he wouldn't be able to run as a writing and maybe maybe prevent him from winning the Gloucester congressional race like� A. Saving 58 it happens it doesn't mean your political careers over no luck folks.

Liz Cheney is done, but she is going to try and destroy Donald Trump now this is something we do need to take somewhat seriously and I go back to the I go back to the George W. George H. W.

Bush, Bill Clinton race, where George dubbed George H.

W would have Rod had Ross Perot not waged a pretty successful independent race. Keep in mind Bill Clinton did not did not win 50% of the vote. Not even close. So it's possible that Liz Cheney could and it is possible could draw away enough independent votes and establishment Republican votes that in a close election race that could throw the race through the Democrats and she's willing to do that. That's what you need to understand she is. She is willing to burn down the nation to destroy Donald Trump. She is on a a personal she hot.

I've never seen anything like she is literally blowing yourself up because of her hatred of Donald Trump are, let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Stephen Central Arkansas. What's a user video of interest to you awakener now due to political valve you are going there parts in low-income is Abraham Lincoln political will, because he was rejected by the law, our government, and it looks like what her political preacher because she's been rejected and that is a big difference. Well, she thinks that she is on a righteous campaign here and she is clearly delusional, but she's gonna blow it up. She's going to try to blow it up and it depends on whether or not enough establishment Republicans join the effort that that's the question.

But it still bottom wire to wall that's it that's it right there.

Bottom line, I don't know about you, Steve, but I'm tired of sending people who barely have two nickels to rub together, they go to Washington DC and they turn $174,000 a year salary and a $44 million warchest. I got a problem with that.

It stinks to high heavens and that's why we've got the deep state in the swamp. They're not looking out for the interest of the people there only going there to become wealthy, and that's all that you Liz Cheney.

There's some sort of a saintly a political Joan of arc, no that's not it at all. She's a super wealthy elite toast and a globalist that Susie is Steve.

Gotta run. Appreciate the call 844-747-8868.

Meanwhile, you have Donald Trump out there and NBC news. They have an interesting observation about Donald Trump. Let me see your cowboy analogy and raising the Star Wars analyses I'm told by one source. The Cheney staffers are really big fans of a recent editorial the comparator to Obi-Wan Kenobi and defeated initially, but ultimately part of the force that works to take down Darth Vader or in this analogy, Donald Trump, but I think it gives you a sense and how Herzing is kind of testing this as a bigger, broader, almost Galactic fight here all right there you go folks now. They think that Donald Trump is Darth Vader again, and this bears repeating. And we will say this over and over and over again. Not once has this president been arrested. Not once has this president been charged with a crime. As a matter of fact, all of the allegations that have been made against Pres. Trump have thus far been disproven. Every single one of and I suspect at the end of the day when we get through whatever happened to Mara Lago with the FBI raid working to find out that nothing happened there as well, except for the FBI stealing documents that they had no business stealing but and we know that because they've already been caught in a couple of lies about the rate remember what they said we didn't take Pres. Trump's passport. That's what they said leaked that information to CBS News.

CBS News says that the FBI contrary to the accusations of Pres. Trump. They did not steal his his passports and now we know. In fact they did because the FBI admitted that they had taken president trumps passports. This is where we are in America right now, ladies and gentlemen they're going to indict Pres. Trump there to find something they are desperate to destroy this man and there to come after that. It doesn't matter if PJ walks, though getting for that. This is how insane you if you don't think you'll think these people are right minded you don't think there that they're thinking this resistant bullet look at Liz Cheney that what just happened in Wyoming. They don't care neurology hot. It's kinda like the you know when you have the jetliners flying into the buildings. They don't care they want to blow themselves up because they believe they believe in there.

She hot let's go to Cordova, Tennessee bill on TWA EMR flagship station bill. What's on your mind and owe everything you got me on a soapbox here with this campaign warchest back in 2002 think it was done looking and Russ Feingold passed legislation campaign right reply campaign finance legislation that revamped everything in problem with that warchest you're talking about is you and I as individuals can only donate $2700 a year per election per campaign were the devil primary to generating donate $5400. The problem is you donate to a pack that Pat can accumulate millions and millions of dollars, and that you get every bit of it to one candidate and that really value yours in my and and it bad way to do it.

In my opinion that never should happen. I don't think Baxter corporations are or Zuckerberg, for example anything more than you and I can give to a campaign to candidate will build those numbers. We were talking about.

Those are not campaign warchest. That's your personal bank account.

I want to know how to somebody making $174,000 a year. How did they turn that into a $44 million bank account. I think that's a pretty darn reasonable question to ask of our elected officials and by the way most of the bill are in fact millionaires up there on Capitol Hill. You think you're looking out for the interest of all of us. Donald think so Bill got a run. Appreciate the call 844-747-8860 that is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the concert there's no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd starts and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds and traditional markets.

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You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them legacy PM Pres. Trump was a mighty good mood last night and he believes that Cheney losses a referendum on the never-ending witchhunt. Do you agree with that assessment. Do you believe that the voters Wyoming were sending a message to the rest of the nation that they're sick and tired of these investigations.

The committees the weight chart the attempts by the political ruling class to destroy Donald Trump. You believe that's what this was a referendum 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 here's what Pres. Trump wrote on true social.

I assume that with a very big Liz Cheney laws and by the way, it's what the will of the worst political defeats of incumbent and modern American history. It's unbelievable. She only got 29% of the vote, Trump goes on to say the jet.I assume that with the very big Cheney laws far bigger than than had ever been anticipated.

The G6 committee, a political hacks and thugs will quickly begin the beautiful process of dissolution. This was a referendum on the never-ending witchhunt the people will have their say it will see let's go to the phones mark in the villages in Florida part. What's on your mind. I personally think they were, you know they they were at their probably trying to find stuff on Michael Lynn May had given him bomb you know the date date date violated client confidentiality with his attorney.

If I was Trump I could file a lawsuit. You know they use the code as an excuse they wanted leverage is currently Cheney did you hear her trying to get the Democrats to cross over and vote for her.

I like are you kidding me when you become a Democrat, get it over with. Well, what's fascinating about her loss. There were Democrats who did crossover, and that there was a big effort to do that. Otherwise she may have lost by maybe. I mean she may have only garnered about 10 or 15% of the vote, yet I think it would make for great even if you get up on that day to get truck that would be a lariat but as I said before, I don't think there after the code they were looking for something else and they use the codes as an excuse so that they can gain more leverage current empty get leverage Him for the midterms in 2024 people aren't stupid out.

They know what they're up to. And that's why they're losing elections in various states like Alaska get on the double-click these people. American people are sick and tired of it, but it's not just Republican could I talk Democrat they're getting tired of it there totally get tired of it and they're sick of everyone's like all people are going to get tired and you know like what's her name was St. Laura Ingram already hired and more out there to get war out when I wore out were more more energetic now to go by even more and have them get Trump back in there because what it would gain by not trumping their core, you possibly going to put in your eyes. I love the Santos but I don't think he's ready like I've been thinking to getting you can't put him in yet consulted walk all over him for who you put in there to put this country back to where it needs to think about that put their bring our gas prices down the economy back to where it needs. I don't know of anybody I'm I'm encouraged that you are. You're still enthused because if Fox news channel makes that turn and they tell all of their on air hose that they got a start, you know, tamping down the Trump stuff and encouraging people to get out there. Maybe look at other candidates.

I am concerned about that because there are a lot of people that are still listening and so watching Fox News and their buying into a lot of the stuff that's been shoveled out that they that they say is conservative but it's not at all.

I'm concerned I know what Laura Ingram was thinking when she gave that interview, but I'm glad to know that you're not one of the people. That's exhausted and that you understand how important it is that we got it. We gotta fight the good fight.

Now is the time we have to double down on people like Fox News in late Ingram ghetto Carl Sean Hannity. They seem to still have you know that there still on our side. Everything, but when you start turning into light and CNN and NBC and all that. That's just I turned them off I go to Newsmax now I don't listen to them. I tell everybody to go to new fact that they need to know about me back and I talked it many many many people a day, and I'll tell you I told you might get to go to new fact that Mr. get the right story because I don't know. I think Ingram just trying to hang onto her job because you caught up in the mark really was there. Good call. Appreciate that 844-747-8868 are you exhausted or are you are you recharged, the, the attack on our lot go to that recharger. Political batteries 844-747-8868 now Eric Trump was on Hannity last night and you the city that the FBI told the folks at marl I go ahead, you gotta turn off all your security cameras. We know what you people see what were doing and they thought that the staff at marl I go had complied with the seven bar Lago they don't answer to the FBI. They answer the Donald Trump and it's our understanding that the that the cameras the surveillance cameras were were turned on and Eric Trump. Last I don't Hannity says hey look for to be releasing that footage will you you still have the surveillance tape. Is that correct will you are you allowed to share that with the country absolutely shot at the right time in your body cam point was spot on. That's why cops were body can they don't tell you to turn off cameras they want transparency and, as I would have been here and you know for a fact they asked for the cameras to be turned off gas for the cameras to be turned off. They asked for the cameras to be turned off.

Why do you think they did that folks.

And it's a great point here we are. You got every Democrat of the country demanding the police officers have body cams and and I'm a big proponent of the body cam's because a lot of these cases you actually realize that what the police offer of what the police officers been telling you is in fact the God's honest truth.

So why would the FBI go in a bar Lago benefits all of the up and up. Why would they going to bar Lago was a gotta shut down all the surveillance cameras we don't want you guys to see what were about to do and that's what leads me to wonder did they plant listing devices that they bought bar Lago did they plant evidence. What exactly were they looking for is it possible that Trump had dirt on Peter Strock and Lisa page about to the other deep state actors inside the FBI. Keep in mind, it was Peter struct and Lisa page feet. The text messages where Peter struck said they would never allow Trump to become president.

They had an insurance policy will clearly that did not work so what exactly was Peter struck talking about he he's never been asked to explain himself what he mean by that. So yeah, I've got some some grave concerns about the legitimacy of whatever happened down there and if in fact there was evidence was that evidence actually planted by the FBI 844-747-8868 is our toll-free telephone number patriot mobile folksy. Gotta get yourself hooked up with patriot mobile. America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier and they are fighting for us every single day fighting for our freedom fighting for our constitutional rights. Patriot mobile has incredible nationwide coverage that use the same towers. The other guys use and they have plans to fit any budget along with incredible discounts for veterans and first responders and you you I said what I need and I need multiple lines will there to give you a discount for that to patriot is the website patriot also give them a call 972 patriot. That's 972. Patriot and I get this used by Provo code Todd there to give you a special discount and free premier activation that's patriot so ever since gas prices went sky high.

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Amanda held. If this democracy fails, I think history will look back and say it was to to the commodification of news media empires selling consumers the fiction they desired rather than the facts they needed entertainment rather than info. It's propaganda for the sake of profit again if they want to talk about profit. Let's talk about Liz Cheney. How does a congresswoman a full-time congresswoman on a salary of $174,000 a year increase her personal birth to $14.7 million. How does that happen. I'd like to see what kind of investment she's been making but I don't eat you can blame the mainstream media for this. The reality is that the mainstream media has been spreading lies about Donald Trump for years now, but clearly that's not what she's talking about. Ms. held she's suggesting that conservative news organizations are the ones that are responsible for all of this. Well, I would. I would disagree with that assessment. If nothing else were trying to establish the facts of what's happening in this country was go to Bob and George W GUN hey Bob what's on your mind. I'm a new life. I will start boycotting boxes that Mark Weiner John Hannity show his boycott of and another thing I want to bring that get a list of things that you do anything to get Donald Trump out of the office. That means live feet feel in the field against the Republicans in my head and follow like Dick Cheney. I'd be against him. Bob received a call. Thank you for that 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number by the way Laura Ingram last night Harriet Hagemann was on it. I I really thought she did a good job of explaining what happened in Wyoming last night Harriet Hagemann, the Wyoming congressional candidate who just defeated Liz Cheney, Harriet, first of all, congratulations.

I remember talking to you before you decided to throw your hat in the ring for real. And now we have you got it girl year, the year that can be the nominee for the party and I can imagine you won't be the next Congress amends the great state of Wyoming. Well thank you Lawrence.

Wonderful to be back with you. We started this a year ago about 11 months ago and here we are with all of the hard work in the support of the great people across the state of Wyoming and all of our volunteers and supporters. We been able to succeed. Did Liz Cheney call you and congratulate you. How is the tone of that conversation. I haven't had an opportunity to visit with her.

We have been kind of wrapped up in all of the stuff associated with what's going on downstairs weatherwise party.

As you can imagine, we have several hundred people downstairs ready to celebrate have been celebrating and so I have not been able to even look at my phone so I don't know she's called or not I so I don't really have anything to report on that interesting to you happen to hear that part of her speech was a continued vow. Harriet to make sure Donald Trump never steps foot in the White House after what happened on January 6, which was is not surprising that she said that by your reaction tonight. Well again I have not had a time that opportunity to even see or hear what she had to say think it's something kind of focus. I what's going on here. It doesn't surprise me that she would revert to the same old talking points because that's really in large part, whether it was not her defeated.

She's not focusing on whaling season, focusing on our issues. She still focusing on an obsession about presidents from and the citizens of Wyoming. The voters of Wyoming sent a very proud message tonight. We have spoken and that is not what we are interested in in terms of our loan congressional representative whaling is entitled to have a representative that represents our interests to listen/that addresses our issues. That isn't Liz Cheney and the fact that that's where she went back to with her speech tonight.

I think demonstrates she really isn't listening to Wyoming. Now she hasn't for quite some time and that's why we needed to replace or we need to have a representative in Wyoming who listens to us and Harriet when I was lucky enough to spend quite a bit of time in Wyoming in July things that I heard most often from folks there were inability to get workers. The cost of fuel and the cost of just basic living rents and food.

No one was focusing on top anyone I talk to that wasn't top of mind no insulation illegal immigration and protection of our energy jobs are the issues that are the most important to Wyoming accountability. We actually expect our representatives to represent our interests.

I said that a couple of times now, but that's what I've heard so much on the campaign to trail so I'm excited.

Thank you for having us in say it's a wonderful evening Harriet, congratulations we can't wait to see what the future holds for you.

You worked hard this campaign. We really appreciate it. Are there you go Harriet Hagemann who is going to be the new congresswoman from from Wyoming and and and she said something that I thought was interesting. It wasn't about Trump right it was about inflation. It was about the fact you can't go to the grocery store and buy what you could buy just a few months ago.

It's it's not about it's not about Trump. It's about illegal immigration and the fact that we have hundreds of thousands if not millions of people crossing that border every year.

Illegal it's about the fact that were paying out the Y zoom for gas prices. Those are the issues that concerned Wyoming voters and hearers. Here is a concern I have that nationally, Trump cannot make this about himself and he cannot make this about what happened in 2020, the, the presidential campaign. If he decides to run has to be about those issues. The issues that are impacting the American people. If Trump makes it about himself. If Trump even makes it about Laura Longo.

If Trump makes it about anything other than the issues that are impacting the voters. I don't think he's going to be able to pull off.

I don't think you're to be able to get the vote. The voters out, it's about what it's about. We the people. That's what this is all about. And so the Trump campaign needs to be very strategic here.

That's one of the reasons why we are beginning to see some of these Trump nominees struggle in places like Georgia and Pennsylvania and Arizona. It's because they've got to focus on the issues impacting the people and their pocketbooks, and if they don't do that it's going to be a tough sell. And that's why you're seeing the Republican senatorial campaign moving millions of dollars around. They see the writing on the wall and I know their people listening right other very angry with what I'm saying but you cannot put your head in the sand. Here and if you think Joe Biden or Connolly Harris will be the nominee for the Democrats in 2024 your smoking what Hunter Biden Scott there to pull somebody out there will be somebody running that we don't believe we would be very surprised by this. I still suspect it's going to be Michelle Obama, that's that is my that's my longshot pick but it could be somebody else.

It would we've never heard of its Michelle Obama guess what happens the base of the Democratic Party. It it's not that they got energized.

They're going to go nuclear. So we gotta play smart here folks. There are warning signs look at that voting. Kansas what what happened in Tennessee got we got a play smart, you gotta play smart politics are people 844-747-8868 will be right back University studio in Memphis Tennessee hello everybody surge radio so you're doing well. Write down our telephone number today for 788 68 that's our toll-free telephone number touch as our website, you gotta read by column Liz Cheney and the and the references to gone with the wind. I think you'll enjoy that one today over at Todd's there's report out of the Florida standard will witness Jonas Westerberg are the authors and the headline certainly caught my attention. The there's been a lot of concern over well the past couple of years now about the vaccines.

There were no clinical trials, people, we, the people or the clinical trial. I was I was one of those who was told by my doctor to get the vaccine, and I ended up in the hospital relatively quickly with myocarditis that I have them adjourn a vexing the headline, nearly half of pregnant women advisor trial miscarried. This is according to Dr. Naomi Wolf, who runs a crowd sourced project to analyze about 300,000 Pfizer documents, those documents were released because of a freedom of information act request.

44% of the pregnant women who participated in the drugmakers China virus vaccine trial lost their babies by the way, Dr. Naomi Wolf is a feminist activist so not exactly up a person friendly with conservatives.

She says again, 44% of pregnant women and Pfizer's Cove in 19 vaccine trial lost their babies the documents that she analyzed were ordered to be released by a federal judge back in January, Dr. Wolf, by the way, was on Steve Bannon's war show earlier this week. Quote women will understand how tragic this is.

Pfizer took those deaths of babies those spontaneous abortions, and miscarriages and recategorize them as recovered result adverse effects. In other words, if you lost your baby. It was categorized by Pfizer as a resolved, adverse event, like a headache that got better. The documents are troubling.

Ladies and gentlemen because many of the people that were involved in the creation the development of the vaccines. Many of the people who were demanding that all of us get the vaccines every living, breathing human being in the world. Those individuals, many of them are advocates for deep populating the earth and at the time. Anybody who dared bring that up was somehow categorized as a lunatic. They were categorized as conspiracy theorist and their ideas were just shoved to the side, but now here we are and we're living in a country where every single day. There is some sort of a headline about somebody dropping dead a perfectly healthy young person, usually between the ages of 16 and 3035 very athletic people that are just subtly dropping dead and what is the first question you just think about this. Be honest with yourself. I know there are many of you out there that are pro-vaccine. I'm not. I'm not anti-vaccine.

I does have a lot of questions, but that makes you a bad person these days if you dare to ask a question about the vaccine that makes you some sort of an oddball rabble-rouser.

It just seems to me that if you got perfectly healthy people. Now suddenly that that there dropping dead and you're telling me will.

That's just part of the evolutionary process. I'm not by I'm just not buying that. But you be honest with yourself even you pro-VAX. Let's say say you're one of those people out there that says every every person in the world has to have the vaccine. And if you don't get the vaccine in your will support the vaccine. You're an evil monster right even you people just think about this and be honest with you I want you to be honest, where is grace but grace. I want you to be honest here okay to answer this question, I'm ready when you hear that a perfectly healthy young person drops dead on the playing field. What's the first question that comes in your mind what were they on what kind of a drug. Were they on what what was in their system that cost him the.because I think that's completely absurd. It would never naturally happen. The question that goes through my mind and I think every other human being on the planet that they have the buck did they get the vaccine did they get the vaccine word they vaccinate. Yeah it is. The question now.

It's like what were they injected with before that happened.

That's it. Thank again this is about. It's a very simple question and if you're honest with yourself, you know you you ask yourself that question just the other day there was some young young athlete who dropdead first thing that popped into my mind.

Okay. Was he vaccinate, and the reason were asking these questions is that was an unusual occurrence before the China before the China virus vaccine as a matter fact they told us early on you and you look we remember all this stuff early on the doctors of the medical experts.

All those people were out there saying hey look, there's no chance of you having some sort of a heart issue. If there is is just a coincidence. Don't worry about is what happened all these people started developing heart conditions.

As soon as they got the vaccine as of then they had to come out. The pharmaceutical companies big Pharma had to come out and they said oh yeah this turns out to be a side effect. But it's really not all that it's not all that common uncommon and elder habit is a yeah this is a pretty common occurrence. Todd Hassinger, we can see the commercials with the coronavirus vaccine and psych go get your current virus vaccine today. Possible side effects include vomiting, diarrhea, and quite possibly death is a great question and you know the.

The trial attorneys are already out there and working to start seeing the of the billboards that if you've suffered some sort of a side effect from the China virus that you could be eligible to bid for millions Brazilians and dollars. But this story out of the Florida standard is just heartbreak. All of these 144% of pregnant women and Pfizer's Cove in 19 vaccine trial lost her babies you think that was a coincidence, the CDC still recommends that pregnant women get vaccinated and spite of the study is a dangerous thing a dangerous thing.

Now we can even share this on social media because all to shut it down and you'll get punished for sharing this on social media.

Steve Kirsch is the founder of vaccine safety research foundation.

He is a tech billionaire multibillionaire. He says that according to his numbers out of a worried office.

He says around 12 million people worldwide have been killed by their governments as result of taking one of the vaccines I have when you hear reports like this. It does make you wonder what was the whole point of this and it does make you wonder if there was some sort of a conspiracy to depopulate the earth because people are dropping dead women are losing their babies something's not right here about people want to talk about that because you know it's not that they'll accuse you of being a nut job or loon Billy they'll accuse you of being on Alex Jones or Steve Bannon but it does make you wonder if what's the endgame here, what, what's the point of all of this.

All these young people perfectly healthy dropping dead women can have babies anymore. It does make you wonder, does it not what is in zone 844-747-8868 that's our telephone number. That's 844-747-8868 were to take a break with the phones here. This is the Todd search radio show smartphones. Welcome back to the time surgery is fellows go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 James in Memphis Tennessee K WAN Margaret affiliate James what's on your mind.

Hello James Earl, there you you need to get hold it down promptly and get a big day can be about no matter libeled Damian back to 20 getting me about dad find out if they're gone on in your country so you shall put it on the day that I got one damn bit of a million kind of weird.

Click, and I didn't want that Lamothe day I got relative dragnet LMA together let Emily get but you know to be limited.

Democratic Party correct and again went to the blackout, Nadim that I really ridiculous map people become a man chained a man, but God cannot congratulation and make it about each year.

You have a wedding date God not hello you killed J. One thing about okay, I'm looking directly at me, but I would vote for no Democrat is overclocked another demographic for you as a pollutant.

But God from my went. I might be a good lad know he is Gloucester Clinton glass get Bush and use the chain and if he go along with that Barak listed in America didn't have me playing God become Brent Maxwell was a map indignantly and free phones.

Remember that with James free phone student James got a run, my friend. Good hearing from you and thanks for listening to us on K WAN. You know I will see you know what James brings up some some great points here and this is Donald Trump literally defeated. Pull up three political dynasties, the bushes, the Chinese and the Clintons and when you see it they'll pal around together they vacation together. They hang out together.

It's part of the political ruling class. That's what it's all about the political ruling class throw Barack Obama into that mix as well. So, but but again James repeating what I said in the last hour. If if Donald Trump makes us about himself. I'm not sure he can guarantee himself a win, but if Donald Trump makes us about the people folks like James people that are struggling to pay a bill. People that are struggling to fill up the gas tank people that are struggling to go buy groceries which is an overwhelming number of the American people right now if you can do that if he can channel that anger and that frustration he's gonna win a landslide. That's what's going to happen, but if he makes it about 2020 if he makes it about Mara Lago.

I don't think that is going to energize the base in 2024 844-747-8868 that's her telephone number art I wrote me a note from WH KP are great affiliate in Hendersonville art, says Todd. Your remark about Cheney's $44 million was, not a warchest personal game was right on target whiles what all the here blowdry politicians run year after year after year. There simply out for themselves.

Doesn't take a mental giant to figure out all of the stuff my friend Ari will appreciate the comment by the way, there is a story out of Texas and I am stunned that this kind of thing is happening in Texas. The headline a Texas school has pulled the Bible out of school libraries. This is from Vice Matthew Gault is the writer a Texas school district pulled all versions of the Bible. I guess that's the the King James version. The new King James version. The Holman standard version that's the Baptist Bible pulled ball out.

They also removed a graphic novel version of Anne Frank's diary from its library shelves.

The band happened in Keller Texas. That's a suburb of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

I'm sorry, but what kind of an idiot removes the Bible from a public school classroom and of all places, the Lone Star State, you may as well just go ahead and announce that you're going to take Turner's school into a vegetarian palace and band brisket. Anyway, according to vice Jennifer Price who was the executive director of curriculum and instruction sent an email to the school district principles. Attached is a list of all books that were challenged last year by the end of today. I need all books pulled from the library and classrooms and then do so on so forth.

Among the other books the Bible all versus that's it. They just flat out said, gotta get rid of God's holy word. The school district released a statement on its website defending the Bible. Damn. Unbelievable.

So now apparently this is all over these new rules and regulations know what this is. This is blowback from the from the alphabet people.

They are all upset because a lot of these public schools had pornography disguised as literature in the libraries for these little kids and moms and dads rose up and said no to know where I'm going to tolerate having alphabet people porn or heterosexual people part when I get to do that when I get to play that game. That's not happening in our taxpayer-funded public school library and so then to turn around and I I told you this was gonna happen� I got a dollar of the Bjork grace right I'm gonna learn angular hay more Chick-fil-A for me so I'm all about it but I told you so. I told you so. I told you so make it a supersized meal. Grace I told you they were to come after the Bible, but again folks. What is the point of the of the terrible stories in the Bible. The point is, people. There was there was a consequence, there was redemption and of the case where the rape cases of the Bible in the sky with the Bible stories were there were not stories or redemption. There were consequences bad behavior had consequences there is a difference between that and a book about some three-year-old who identifies as a transsexual cat book banning sins and are calling about.

This is not banning books. This is about age appropriate material. Can we all can I I know everybody likes to play around with the with the facts, but the truth is, this is not about banning books. This is about age appropriate material and again I am stunned work were not talking about Berkeley were not talking about Brooklyn were talking about taxes. Gotta pay attention to gonna wake up.

You gotta understand what's going on here folks.

Quite frankly, the problem the problem with American public schools right now is that they are not teaching the Bible in the classroom. It's an anything goes Society right now there learn the hard way. What can I say, are you gotta take a break your 844-747-8868. Should they remove the Bible from from the schools 844-747-8868 our website. Again, great stories enjoyable to read that one as well. This is the Todds turns red. I want to back America. Good to have you with us. This is the Todds turns radio program. This report coming in from Newsmax, the president's attorney, Christina Bob is now confirming that FBI agents when they rated Mara Lago. They not only did they search Malani at Trump's closet. Her personal closet but they refused to allow the president's attorney to actually observe what was happening. They said that she had no legal standing to be there to observe the raid of her clients home or go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line always an honor to have a great American patriot and hero with us his brand-new book the giant awakes coming out today. There don't want to read that when folks will get a link to it on the website. It's our good buddy retired Lieut. Col. Oliver North Ali good to have you back with us. Great to be with you again my friend know we've launched of the last four books all but want you so you have been good to me and I like to be good to you.

I just want to hold my stomach every time I hear something about this god-awful read: the process you know and it reminded me of how they treated you and your family back during the day, you're no stranger to this deep state coming after someone coming after their family I what was your reaction when you saw what they were doing to Pres. Trump. Well, you know, we ended up to be included a lot better because really, Republican Pres. Ronald Reagan and we had a good attorney general crook another criminal, a person likely got today that meets with the Atty. Gen. and so even though it was a special prosecutor in the Congress of the United States was putting us through hell itself, it was because we had good friends that we were allowed standing. We knew we were given an opportunity to defend ourselves and look what happened in this Congress, particularly the Troy because it is leading our country right now. The speaker of the house majority leader of the Senate and the president of the United States are acting as a troika in a regime that is basically obviating the constitutional protections were all supposed to enjoy no one supposed to be above the law and no one supposed to be below the law, what you've got happening right now is this country is being led to perdition by the leadership of this country and that's what that's why these books come out when they do, because I want the American people to we got one last chance to turn things around to be the election this November election in November 2024.

We have a chance to save this country from the crazies that are running right now I'm certain you're taught you to appreciate this mixed them up and bring one of these mugs with back in my day the FBI was a great organization. Okay, the FBI alerted my family.

The fact that terrorists were on the way to build. I was on a trip with a comment out of the Marine Corps and this descent FBI people to our house to protect Betsy and the kids get them out of the way because six terrorists launched by Islamic Jihad from Libya on the way to our house to kill Betsy my kids in the door to kill the dog on unbeknownst us they'd actually been in the house before they went got the house plans. You can't do this anymore just walked in and said currently the design for the house that was approved for 703 Kaplan Dr., Great Falls, VA. I printed off with any evidence. Some of the evidence.

It was gathered against them was they had that map with him, but not the map blueprint with copy of the blueprint in our bedroom and written husband-and-wife in Arabic and on the door that connected the garage to the lower level of the house was a split level they had sometimes little sometimes left open to that actually been in the house before the doggedly poisoned.

We thought it was some of the doggedly turned out it was actually strychnine and so my friends in the FBI give me things like this, a coffee mug of drinking out of right now it says good morning.

I see the assassin subfield again that's the cup of coffee while I write books about things like the FBI agent is in charge of this book is a good guy is an undercover FBI agent is a former Marine. Okay since the that just happens. The two Marines know how to read and write and we set the Lord working on the next. It's that you enjoy Rosenberg you have your novels come out and they really are for such a time as this event something almost prophetic in nature and and this is one of them will redo it as an audiobook out the ability to sweep you from page 214 understand this Jake this is Lieut. Gen. Peter Newman talking to Jake Cruz, protagonist of the book China is our biggest challenge of the world stage, the Chinese Communist Party is out to destroy the nation by any means though chickens and terrorist like the cackle in the drop in egg. The Chinese know not to advertise their successes affect them. It's light the night and make counter allegations. If you read this book, America's number one adversary Jake shook his head no, was published in 2020, written by three senior staff member Ronald Reagan National Security Council John Poindexter and Bud McFarlane, Pres. Reagan's national security advisor and Richard Levine was Reagan's NSE security policy director, reaching into his old well-worn map case.

Maj. Gen. Newman pulled out a copy of the book, and Jake and said if you want the straight scoop what the try comes up to read this book in just a few hours to read about all POC is doing to take us down.

What happened in Ukraine didn't change any of what this book is goes to dominate Europe using pins goal is to dominate the whole world, including us.

She is a much more dangerous is much more dangerous than ever could be. That's just one page of the book its current events. It's the real thing is you know I've said this before with the changing of the deepest times names and places you can convert what's currently happening into a novel look at locked up in this course we never give away real secrets don't know. It's fascinating a phone she got to get a copy of the book itself today in bookstores.

The giant awakes Holly. There have been a lot of calls for the complete dismantling of the FBI. What needs to happen and and how do you do believe that they are.

Are they beyond redemption or is there a way to salvage the FBI will think that they're doing now are beyond redemption and so what's gonna have to happen is a whole new set of rules has to be done not just for the FBI, but for intelligent services liquid.

The Obama administration did with would basically covering up crimes were being committed by then the vice president son what they've done now as they've intruded well beyond what the Constitution, no president of the United States is ever been subjected to what this prison.

Donald Trump was subjected to and still lives there going out now under collecting up phones for members of Congress and state legislatures. All this looking for a crime which they can then have somebody prosecute the way that this is all being done. That's what needs to change. That means leadership in both the Department of Justice and the CIA and the DCI, and all of the other NSA all those organizations that participated in the attack. The original text. The FISA violations. All those things really are violations of law and people want to go to jail for committing acts, reorganizing the FBI could and you could end up very much like what happened with the Bush administration after 9/11, you could end up with things like the patriot act which is all kinds of terrible consequences, and so what I'm suggesting is real leadership change begins this November as follows up with the change in the Senate house. Hopefully this time around, and a new president understands the word integrity for the American people. I'm with you on that, and we been reminding people over and over and over again. The president's never been arrested never been charged with a crime and and and look just just the other day that the president went on to say that even so, my passports, the fence commencing. We never did such a thing that's outrageous.

CBS goes with it. And then they turn right around and then the FBI admits that they did in fact steal his passport. We can go what's laughable is the fact that these guys are so this this could make a great comedy you know of such a kind of comedy of all the boneheaded things that they've done with malicious intent. Look at the goal of the Inquisition against me back and in the summer of 96, 90, 1987 that long ago that some of the goal was to get enough information to get charge with impeachment Ronald Reagan that was the ultimate goal. The special prosecutor and everybody knew it was never in the paper that way nobody wanted to speculate, but that's exactly what they were doing. They just picked the wrong two witnesses that allow them to testify at the required Adm. Poindexter and me to testify in all we had to do was tell the truth and so the end of the day. All of a sudden, the case against Ronald Reagan goes away. The charge was violating the Boland amendment, which were no political consequent no legal consequences whatsoever.

Simply said, the defense authorization and appropriations bills. No funds made available by this act may be used for the purposes of which would have the effect of providing direct or indirect support for military or paramilitary operations against the government in Managua 70s, the communist government that's outside and they can never they could never hang a case in Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan declassified everything through stuff that was top secret code work couple lines deleted and obliterated deleted from the from the documents but they were on the wallpaper at the spy Museum when it opened two years later. You know, I'll eat when you go back and look and study political history here in this country, you realize that there really is a political ruling class. Ronald Reagan was an accidental president that was that was supposed to be George H. W. Bush is run for the White House and there was that huge struggle. The huge fight between Reagan and the bushes.

And yet, these accidental presidents like Ronald Reagan and I think an argument could be made for Donald Trump. Those are the most the most history making culture shaping presidencies of at least the modern American.

The modern American political era and will bless the little unit terms. Yes a lot of things that Donald Trump started for example you try to turn back on the research that was being done under prior administrations on hyper velocity weapons. These are very, very important work to reduce the warning time included nuclear weapon is launched, the nuclear war it is launched on one of those weapons instead of 30 minutes warning time. You could have his he was 11 minutes warning and so you could decapitate the leadership of this country unless we build defenses against it and build our own not not because we simply want have better weapons. The only purpose of weapons and the people we have an Armed Forces is to deter war and if you can't deter it to win it as quickly as possible at the lowest possible cost.

That's the only purpose of an Armed Forces.

This administration is obliterating our forces the reenlistment rate among senior noncommissioned officers is next to zero.

The return rate of officers coming back and staying almost 0 and 30,000 short on new enlistments. Why all I can give you one word Afghanistan. The right thing to do was to get out of that war unfortunately was done the wrong way by this administration and its catastrophic that's affected everything again see motivation.

If it hadn't been for what's going on in Ukraine right now, you mentioned that this book if it hadn't been for Ukraine. She would already be in the process of taking Taiwan only got about a minute or so. There a lot of dumpster fires burning in this country right now. Once the one that keeps you up at night. Once one that really concerns you will I look at the moral depravity of this country, lack of sanctity of human life and grandkids.

My goal in life is to make sure those kids know how to fight the good fight, finished the race and keep the faith. That's not hard for me to say that's what I want in the back of my tombstone. I want this country to return to its roots that the book became a just before this one, but that theme is carried forward in this book hoping that there's a moral spiritual revival in this country to return the value systems of the only two documents in the whole world created country in the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, Jefferson and Madison go back to those two documents because of the only two in the world to pay homage to God Almighty, the crafting of that's what this country is going to do is go back to those terms. The oath that I took so many times as an officer to support defendant not of that a panoply of another political party not a person, Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. We need a president and a Congress that believes that and restores that that's what keeps me up at night.

All he really was there, and congratulations on the new blog and thanks for letting us launch this thing is so exciting folks.

I got all of his books in my library and you need to have them in yours as well. Congratulations on the giant awaken. Thanks Ali � but it by the way discount by going to the faithful I love it. I'm always looking to save some money to all right Ali, good hearing from you take care now.

What a good man right there and he's an excellent author and seriously we got that we got a link to the book on our website on

The giant awakes and it is out today.

What keeps you up at night. Ladies and gentlemen, what is it about our nation.

One of the issues that are keeping you up at night. Ali just shared his concerns. What about you 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show. All right, let's go to the 40 844-747-8868 and Jordan. What's on your mind. Good afternoon Friday, faithful, great yesterday here 99 on my way back your is not right. What will we appreciate you listen to K Wam and the week you guys have a great station there and James will WT UM that so that my own sake and the purpose of the call on two new channel morning I hear an interesting data point gaining 2017 net worth �5 million to Congress today seven years later she's worth 43 million he make Hillary Clinton cattle futures looked like a poor man lock.

Well, it's a it's a fair point.

I've heard that I've heard numbers open secrets actually says that her net worth is rent 14 million. I know Tucker's been using the 44 million.

But regardless, Tom. The issue at hand. Why in the world are all of these people going to Washington DC and all of a sudden there becoming multimillionaires and is not just Liz Cheney are not just picking our lives. I know it's all about it and tell me.

And I want were not that stupid. No, no, were not Tom and an end.

That's, that's my concern is what who's who's giving them this money and what are they getting in return for it, and we know that the trainees are very well connected to the military industrial complex that I think one of the reasons all right what time one of the things that's fueling Liz Cheney's anger is that Trump took us out of wars and when you do that, there's no need to spend all this money on weaponry and military forces so in an ineffective Donald Trump was hurting her bank account in her pocketbook and that's one of the reasons that she so fired up. I agree. I hear that with you. I did not. Tom appreciate the call. Thanks for listening, Chris Wallace says Cheney declared war on Trump and the Republican Party sold. I looked at a I think he's right. I think she has another question is what sort of a Republican Party does Liz Cheney want and this is what blows this is what gets me folks I like to Liz Cheney. I really did as a matter of fact, her voting record.

She was one of the most pro-Trump people in Congress, Liz Cheney. So what I just II would love to be able to sit down and just have a conversation do a deep dive into what was behind all of this, it makes no sense to me like Hank got a take a break your folks 844-747-8868 this is the Todd start from Liberty University. Do you see is yours. So now I America Welder the times and radios get a little bit theatrical. Thereafter, Liz Cheney's invocation last night where she compared herself to Abraham Lincoln. The Civil War Gen. US Grant and Martin Luther King Jr. and I have to imagine as we watched her political history be gone with the wind that we invoke the name of the great Rhett Butler by saying frankly my dear, we just don't give a damn, welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Todd certain's radio program so honored to have you with us and I want to go right to the patriot mobile newsmaker lines, dueling lines. Today we have the great radio goddess herself Mary Walters joining us. Barry hope you're doing well. Todd, thanks for having me and the night at the mayor of Atlantic City, New Jersey. The guys got a street named after him. He's one of the best talkshow host in America. Our good friend from WPG Harry Hurley hey Harry and Mary and what an honor to be welcomed on the cot started out with carrots theme. Yet Wes about how about that you know I was guys I was I was watching Liz Cheney last night and and Mary were to start with you and Harry just jump in.

This woman is completely she is consumed by this hatred of Donald Trump II just don't get it that she is and she's a wonderful representation of TDS Tina trumped arrangement syndrome and people laugh at it, but I do think it is real and you see it if you just want to know, MSNBC, CNN, and some of these other channels or you watch someone like Liz Cheney or Adam Kinsinger. And you know the left. I was watching watched morning Joe this morning just to punish myself because I love waking up in the morning to begin with.

Let's watch that and it was amazing how there there making her just an iconic. She was the one who is defending democracy and this just goes to show how far the Republican Party has fallen and how there now to destroy this country. Here thinking this is opposite worlds, and I wonder sometimes I question myself like wow, I wonder if I am the one who really is not seeing the writing on the wall here, she wasn't listening to her constituents of the food in her but I think the Democrats and plans for her.

That's just my thought Harry Hurley well I would just echo everything and second Mary motion there emotion, and here's what I thought of when the great analysis was done that Liz Cheney's speech would be studied for generations to come. I mean, you want to drop in your mouth just a little bit.

But here's what I thought of and my twin brother actually came up with this and I think it's pretty darn good. Donald Trump has retired about this for the first time this January for the first time there will not be a Kennedy Bush Cheney Clinton, Obama or McCain in office, Trump is retiring more people than Social Security. To quote the Apollo Creed� On top of everything else pretty, pretty amazing. You think about it here guys. We we were literally, the name Judas Radloff that is the political ruling class of these are people who went to office many of them did not come from great means and yet now there multi millionaires many times over and and that to me is the bigger story here is how these people earned and how they got there, well fed and earned that they were given this money. I want to know who's pulling their strings. Liz Cheney went from whatever was several million dollars to many many millions of dollars in just six terms are three terms rather six years in the people's out how to do this. I thought there that they can be so busy he's busy trying to get a ruling from his life time to make all these millions words all come from nowhere comes from but this is my dear so against him because he has the same questions and they're afraid that the gravy train is good and which isn't which is a reason why I think you got a no Mitch McConnell out as well because he's made a ton of money doesn't want to see it and I would not count Lisa Cheney or any of this people that you mentioned that the royalty of the party.

I wouldn't count them out just yet. Obama's pulling the strings in this current White House. I think we all pretty much knows that him Susan Rice this is Obama's third term, but you want to Democrats of any use Liz Cheney in order to keep maintain or even gain more power. I don't think it is beyond her to Ryan as a disrupter to my mind as I on on the Republican side, even to try to split the vote in on our agenda right in running but what what is apparently what you got 29% of the vote in her own state what what difference will you make at the national level thinking get her to run as a Democrat. There's a 10 ton Democrat will put a ton of money and or what is a moderate Republican year the GOP the way it used to be. It's not a matter party and she runs the anti-maggot candidates pull a lot of people in from the middle of the people who just can't stand trumped the people who don't want to vote for a Democrat, but they don't want to vote for Trump. She may be able to get that vote and the Democrats will find it even though she's running as a clinical Republican II hope there is a prime.

I hope she runs as a Republican, so we can see some of those primary debates.

Can you imagine her and Trump on the stage. I got the Baptist Martini and Michael Redenbacher ready to go guys what you guys one by one, take them down low energy cabin you write down the list you actually eviscerate her. The people that know were the best throw her to the curb yesterday, but doesn't know where Joe Biden got elected president by campaigning from his basement. We rarely saw him write this rated him and some of the debates and in some of the dates I think Trump took the bait. When he shouldn't have, but I need brought nothing to the table and so I would not necessarily count her out in a debate against him because of the people who just can't stand trumped the form. I would put back only in so far as to say that was a once and forever type of election it basement you worked because it was all vote by mail it with the pandemic environment.

Everything was different. The American people are gonna want to see for their next president. Is this this Teleprompter you presidency that we have with the Prime Minister claim and Susan Rice nobody's buying it, even Democrats don't like what's going on right now.

It's interesting that Mary bring you bring up a good point. So I don't go back to that 92 election where H&W would've been reelected had it not been for Ross Perot being in that race and I just wonder how many of those establishment Republicans could Cheney draw away their dislike for somebody to vote for. She pulls it pulls off enough independent independent voters, it could make for very tight tight race only if it was like a Bush V Gore and you vote would would decide that Liz Cheney is a loser now and not on on the Scarlet letter order for Ed well was very viable and he was leading the whole race. At one point we got out that a member is crazy in the basement. He said you get back in. I think that the different scenario idling was Cheney look I'd rather not run because who was it Ollie North good friend of mine said to the same can't be one of the same, and when Marshall Coleman got in the race truck route wound up winning again so I get the point. But I think that Liz Cheney would be very weak. Jerry Hurley on the Petrie mobile newsmaker library Walters on the Petrie mobile newsmaker line.

There are a couple reports circulating in the political world about the Republicans fundraising not going very well. Democrats outpacing them all those numbers also moving around some money and advertising dollars and one race in particular Pennsylvania with Dr. Oz and I want the kicking off part here. Mary Dr. Oz facing some some humiliation because of a grocery store visit he was purchasing ingredients for his wife's crudit�s because the average American shows up in the produce aisle with the film crew. This is like Michelle Obama and Michelle Obama went shopping at target to prove that they were one of us. There just happened to be photographers.

There was also where she experienced racism because someone asked her to get something off the top shelf and had nothing to do with the fact that she's really tall and everything to do with you know the fact that she's black and so it was racist but you now put something in the Republicans are just making some mistakes and I'm just shocked at Oz is not the best candidate. I think we all know that I'm dictating Republicans are counting on name recognition for him, which does go a long way you made who should begin easily to feeding. He says a lot of things that you be easily defeated and can be used against him. Democrats are far better than the message at the messaging.

The Republicans are and Republicans refuse to learn from the Democrats and use the tactics that day use and at a camp a lot of people calling crudit�s but they're using it to make them seem like an elitist which it it's working it's working.

Fetterman runs around he missed only own black hoodies have given you these black hoodies is a man of the people should be easy to be, but I honestly think I lose, I do because the Democrats are better thinking I have to agree completely. And I don't want to put a very good primary candidate primary election candidate in a terrible general election candidate. This Fetterman is running basically from the hospital emergency room and like Mary said it in these these really sketchy hoodie sweatshirt and the limousine liberals pretend that it's the Republicans that are rich and that there there there somehow poor.

It is ridiculous, but I do agree for right now it is working.

And somehow, someway, Fetterman is winning that race and if this doesn't write itself. He's going to win and I would be a Democrat pickup that becomes a problem. That means that Herschel Walker doesn't beat Rafael Warnock Democrats are to keep the Senate and that's a challenge, guys. We got your week. We've got a lot of listers in Georgia. Walker has the name recognition of the laws do not going toe to toe working to see how well he does and that the pain that could get ugly pretty quick. Rafael Warnock has a warchest that that exceeds I think four or five other Republicans running out there and other races combined. Mary again because the Democrats are phenomenal at raising money. Think don't stop I can someone explain to me why Pres. Trump endorsed Oz in Pennsylvania understand that.

Why did he do that and I think that's one of the things that put eyes over over the top.

In addition to his name recognition. It never should I actually think Herschel Walker is a good candidate. He's in far better then I'll Rafael Warnock and some of the things the Democrats are saying about Herschel Walker just downright racist.

But where are the Republicans picking that up and using in the messaging and I think a lot of this goes back to the national which never wants to get involved doesn't want to spend money until you when we Saudi New Jersey which accurately ran in. I know that Harry can speak to this national was nowhere to be seen. Where were they didn't think they won't endorse it would help you until you win and then the canal with the cash they like to hold onto it like my grandmother did before. She was nice. You hold onto the of the family silver really great you not take it with you. So idling national for a lot of this really great and I try to make this you know Barney or something like purple people love each other here, but Mary is correct about all of it, including jacket really should be Gov. right now the support he did everything you could ever ask candidate to do on Pres. Trump is a loyal friend that your answer get credit for this, but he is extremely loyal.

That's why he endorsed there was a relationship there friendship their television friendship, legitimate friendship, and he endorsed them.

If he didn't. I think Mary had a little bit. There's no doubt that Pres. Trump did not endorse loses Trump control that raced like he controlled many of them up-to-date and I agree with the comment on Herschel Walker.

He's a much better candidate that is being given credit for anything interesting that only a Republican African-American can be trash can you imagine it Herschel Walker's entire story was exactly the same and he was a Democrat and you called and in some dumb jock and always all these criticisms you be a racist. You be canceled, but they can track him with impunity. Are you guys were yelling, we gotta take a break your word and leave it there.

Harry Mary always go to heaven.

Both of you on the show will get you back on soon you brought it today very clearly because you're brilliant Mary Hurley Mary Walter on the radio combo platter here. I gotta take a break 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868. All I will say this.

This is one of the few hilarious headlines I've seen a long time New York Times posting a brutal review of Jared Kushner's new memoir, calling it soulless. They said that Jared Kushner looks like a mannequin and he writes like one to you know he's a leftist, Jared Kushner, one of the big problems of the bushman assertion about the art. Gotta take a break here. This is the Don Sturgeon Florida back to the radio show. By the way, if you have you tried a glance of life changed the love that I see there having a big summer sale buy three get one free life changed the amazing natural, gentle, cleanse your 1112 herbs comes in three delicious flavors natural peppermint and pomegranate and they are an amazing amazing company get the that's the website. Get the doubt write down our discount code Todd 1030 to give you an additional $10 off plus free shipping. So when you add all of that up the buy three get one free the $10 off free shipping over $50 in savings right there. Get the use my discount code Todd and the number 10 that's Todd, 10, and that your to be having a wonderful wonderful beverage in the next few days, folks. Wow, we've got a great guest coming up in just a few moments were to be checking with Congressman Pat Fallon at our border.

It's been completely overrun, completely overrun. Nobody wants to talk about that in Washington DC solely talking to Congressman Pat Fallon in just a few moments, but right now over at our website. I want to encourage you to get a copy of of my book the culture she hot how to stop him from killing a nation. You guys need to read this book and Amazon they got a great specials like five box which is a pretty good deal. Really good deal.

But you need to read this book. This is the outline of what the Democrats have done to our country.

What they are doing to our country and what the endgame is you need to understand the end of the game so you can prepare to fight back and that's what I do and culture. She hot how to stop a letter from killing a nation and if we do not you and your Oliver North say this. We've got to two opportunities. Number one the midterm elections.

That's a stopgap that's the firewall retake Congress. The presidential election 2024.

That's where you can finally drive a stake through the heart, the evil ugly dark heart of the socialist movement in this country so we got opportunities and so II would encourage you all right now get a copy. It's five box by a couple I give them to your friends. We gotta start raising up an army of freedom fighters of this country are gotta take a break 844-747-8868 this is the concert are people walking back to the Dodgers radio show. Hope you're having a pleasant day and thank you for joining us Monday through Friday noon to three Easter let's go to the patriot bubble newsmaker line.

Great to have with us from the Lone Star State. The fourth Congressional District Congressman Pat Allen Congressman, hope you're doing good again.

Your great American well thank you sir Congressman. We have there.

There a lot of dumpster fires burning across the country. But the big one and hardly anyone talking about this the. The tens of thousands of people that are still coming across that border down in down in Texas. Unbelievable� Really remarkable urine on you and commentators you talk about things that matter intelligently attributed by commissioning many� By omission Joe Biden's work in Italy at 234,000 were caused which is 1250% worse than what people, not only to be equipped by May. With nearly 240,000 which was 930% worse than last night. I cannot make 17 straight month of 150,000 border crossing 4 million people cross the border illegally on a Job, I block you can actually talk to about it and at the grocery and the sheer hypocrisy, though this is what gets me you got the mayor of New York City. You got the mayor of Washington DC Congressman Noah Crimea River my friendship with you hundred bucks up in New York City that that the military quite really, several million. We know that it is Joe Biden has made every state a border state, and I think honestly thought we should have an express claim to take these folks up to San Francisco because he never talk to Chuck for your and Delaware to the coast where Joe Biden had. I think that would turn Delaware red if you because it is a military crisis and we need to control the work and take that control away from the evil looking people on the planet with you.

Meanwhile in New York City others a lot of hullabaloo over a plan to house the illegals in a luxury hotel. It's the old Milford Plaza. No Congressman, you might you might remember back in the day.

Kathy Lee Gifford she she was the senior should the lullaby of Broadway is a big TV commercial and Kathy Gifford was the spokesperson for this fancy hotel which is right there in Times Square and upwards of $400 a night that the taxpayers are to be footing the house as many as 600 illegal alien families like something you get more of what Joe Biden made artwork at the that go "they know that all caught and released in the United States front didn't wake Mexico at that all you know that I like about my really go without you wake Mexico on the UK let the method that's why the numbers drop that like to make the perilous and dangerous.

July the got attendant Fanny Devonshire. A lot of my work at the college. The record should be impeached like you like or securing any get gotta not like dictate letter saying that they are the border that is The wicked Congressman Pat Fallon on the patriot line folks are Congressman, I we've also been paying close attention to what's happening down in Florida with the way tomorrow I go in the fallout from that tomorrow we understand there is going to be a hearing to determine whether or not the. The search warrant can be unsealed gets me the Congressman is that the FBI has of a pattern here of lying to the American people and they just got called a few days ago lying about whether or not they took the presidents passport which they said they did not. Turns out they did do you trust the. The Federal Bureau of investigation and that all that lot lot is something that they are you know we grew up like admiring the yard, thinking that they were unimpeachable but they didn't fit the political arm of the Democratic Party is not only disgusting but highly dangerous if you're going to do something. This unprecedented you better find Jimmy off the body of Mara Lago.

Okay because this is to get the judge that Reinhart felt Obama donated to Obama. If you're going to do it, you would probably get a federal judge. You could then look at the appointed judge that outlawed order just about all the but then the DOJ refusing to instill the affidavit and then to try to cover their tracks. Max of eight political job like that, which we never think it does.

I think we all know where this is setting there there trying to indict this president that they're looking for something, anything, whether he's jaywalking runs a red light.

You may be turned the wrong title of the try as best as they can to indict this guy really look at it as 1/4 impeachment they impeach the president's wife, second time observing with two weeks left in office. The January commission gone out for you that like the third impeachment in this graded like the port they are so well because literally got the American taxpayer and that's why I called today the Manhattan billionaire connect so closely and powerfully, with the working class. Anyone because you care in your authentic and you do curious. It's also about the dinner house the president doing it is. He encouraged by what's happening out there with the primaries. Now I would want everybody endorsement one fabulous record.

He told me I got what is a map of lumber and maybe a couple. And then of course with the Live Meeting locket not like the 300 block of Wyoming and help.

Agamemnon I raise my anthologist. I just got off the Wyoming now and Harriet did a great job. I really wanted to begin with. There we saw this Cheney running against Pres. Trump and Harriet Agyeman who actually lived Wyoming was running for think she is running for limited government load that reasonable regulation is the responsibility energy and etc. where in the Wyoming voters 66% were for Harriet. 29. Can you comment that speaks volumes yeah know it really does and I'm curious your you're out there talking to people in Wyoming did what was what were the big issues on on their mind was a Trump and Mara Lago.

Or was it the economy. Everything one thing never Congress that you be with okay whatever, but an end in that wasn't just that it was Katie good luck Virginia. She lived in McLean Virginia right now it in connection with connecting with them wasn't representing Wyoming priorities where Harriet was and Harriet ran a strong grassroots campaign like 40,000 miles on the car and that's why she one by such a wide margin.

She is a great candidate, and they were also sticklers straight.

All right.

Good stuff Congressman were to leave it there. Always appreciate your great work and do your great American patriot. Well, get out of my cheapest actions look like they should do about was all right and happy birthday Ari Congressman Pat Phelan. There we go from the fourth Congressional District 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 know it's interesting, I got a call from was at SRN news, which is the same radio news Townhall dues and they want to interview me about the violence in Memphis, Tennessee, and it's, it's insane. The amount of violence of the shootings of the carjackings and many of the people that are committing the crimes are like young kids 14 years old so yesterday there was or night before last, there was a big shooting or what six people got gunned down in front of the hospital. One of the hospitals and it turns out they were actually in a stolen vehicle so the victims were also in fact criminals they saw. They figured out who shot the guys but it turns out that apparently these people are also responsible for that carjacking. I saw one about a week or so ago and in one of the suburban cities of Memphis. It's insane out there.

We are controlled by Democrats.

Progressive Democrats we just elected a radical George Soros district attorney and we can only imagine what's going to happen with that guy gets in office because his first order of business, I get this the new district attorney is right out of the Los Angeles inference San Francisco progressive protect the criminals element. So this guy wants to raise the age of juvenile crimes to 25 years old.

In other words, if you're 25 years old and you go out there and you shoot somebody or to go to juvenile court and the district attorney. The guys name is Prof. Steve Mulroy and this guy actually thinks that you are in your mind is not developed enough at the age of 24 to be tried as an adult.

So therefore you should be tried as a child, even though your 24 freaking years old now. Hear me with that and I and I said this on the morning show at K WAN.

We were talking about this and I know it's on you to say this when the other folks over at Salem radio news interview me after this program.

Would you rather be robbed by a 14-year-old or a 24-year-old. Personally I'd rather be robbed by the 24-year-old because I think their minds are developed enough to where they're going to realize hey I just want money and get out of here. I think the 14-year-old would shoot you dead there, folks.

You gotta listen were raising a generation of evil children of this country. A generation of evil kids. That's like the little spots of Satan are being born all over, all over Memphis. It's unbelievable. Parents are not doing their jobs are letting the kids just it's just unbelievable what's happening out there and it's dangerous. It's dangerous so sooner or later people are gonna wake up. I don't know how many I will how long it's going to take for that to happen, but if you're coming driving through Memphis, Tennessee. Make sure you've got bulletproof windows anywhere in Kevlar. It was go to the phones North Carolina Patty WSI see our great affiliate there Patty what's on your mind hello hi I love the comic when called my God.

I believe you can get indicted� I believe all you know you cry thinking you know you very smart. Thank you in coming out.

You can count think million people would react to Patty if they haul him out.

They do the perp walk and all that kind of stuff. I think were going to see 80 million mega people in this country think I do get. I do not disagree with that, Patty. I think that's exactly what they're hoping for there hoping that the macro world will go for fullbore nuclear that's what they're wanting.

That's why I called and I want to know what you thought about that right now I'm a nervous wreck. I believe her walking believe in handcuffs. Yeah, I followed with this look and here's the challenge you say well will base what will they do. You see, I'm still not come.

We still don't understand what happened on January 6 Patty we we know that FBI agents were there, but they're refusing to tell us how many they refuse to tell us how many FBI agents were involved in the planning of January, six, or the execution of January 6 and and I am one of those people that believes that whatever happened on that day was meant to was meant to destroy and hurt Pres. Trump.

That's what I think J during the six and I say that because the FBI tried to do that during his campaign.

The first go around.

Once he got elected Peter struck Lisa page. We got an insurance policy.

He's never to be able to be president. Okay, what did they mean by that. We never got a clear explanation of all that. So yeah, I believe there's some crazy stuff going down and I'm very concerned about what would happen if they perp walk this president. I know I keep buying in my head what happened to Ray at that's a great question that the FBI doesn't want to answer that question Patty and that answers your question, I come out and washed all I think he can find.

I believe I hope he does and I and I think he's gonna win. If he again if he sticks 2020 forward. Don't go backward. That's it. That's right, that's right, Patty.

Great call and focus your she's right to be concerned. What you think would happen if Pres. Trump got a dog and they perp walk the president 844-747-8860, it will be right back are both looking back to the sides or radio show Todd great stories up and announce a great opportunity for you to head over and sign up for the newsletter. We've got a newsletter command just about an hour or so and Grace on you to get some Bob, I will.

But the time that the liquid Tylenol. Well, it's a no shows or what a nice rainy day in Memphis Tennessee. I well I got I guess I need a nap. I don't know but what he called this of the NyQuil of the night will take NyQuil in the afternoon until dinnertime to chug a couple of our lunch was go to the phones. Here Paul North Carolina online hey Paul, what's on your mind about what the juvenile delinquent age� 25 to do that, then change the voting age 25 as well. Completely agree with that, Paul.

I think that's a brilliant strategy say okay, find your to raise the age to 25 make that by the way, not just voting Paul, but what about car show me with a lot of car accidents out there� Raise the drivers license age. Okay, the drinking age.

I I thought my dad was a complete idiot all the way though I was about 25 then I realized that he was right about pretty much everything he ever told me, though there may be some truth of God, but then again back don't matter feeling better so Paul, I love it and you're you're on the something we gotta run. Appreciate the call. Thank you for listening.

Love all of her friends at Morehead city of the talk station all right, folks, that's gonna wrap it up for the day. Again, Todd's turn, start, sign up for the newsletter. The podcast free of charge, and then again get yourself a copy of cultures she hawed now sign a copy for you over the website, but you did get one for about five bucks over Amazon and buy a couple we gotta get the nation reading this book folks for to take back America. That's the starting point out there.

Have a great day Ari, folks. I know that's a Pres. Biden says were at 0% inflation growth but we all know what's really going on here and a lot of folks very concerned about their investments and what they need to be doing and that's why we always turn to our good friend Charles Margaret Oberg over legacy precious metals.

Charles have to imagine you must of let out a big laugh when you heard what the president had to say the other day, I know. Actually, it was like a couple tears actually that week we have a system where they don't believe they have to come close to the truth anymore. They believe they have the slow train the doctors tell us anything and we believe it is a sad state know what it is and people people are really struggling and and people are beginning to suffer them in their folks to can't afford to buy groceries.

In some cases folks getting ready for retirement and nursing their investments really struggle right now of the reality, though, is that people who have invested in gold and silver are actually a heck of a lot safer than everybody else here that is archer and we see his big pullback in the market and gold is that a job Sobers done his job is been that edge and unfortunately this is the beginning. That's the thing that a lot of people don't understand this correction is unlike other corrections. This isn't just a flash correction. This is a correction that happens when you have a system that says were not value money were not kind of value being a country of integrity of taxing what we need you and not overtaxing and not overspending. So this is this is a correction that will have like legs as we call in the industry. This is something is going on for and that's important for people to understand because Charles you been doing this for what well over two decades.

What do you what are you forecasting what you see coming that people need to be aware of the biggest concerns we have right now. Again we talked about food, you know, this is the biggest increase in the cost of food since 1979 so we have to those of us who understand what that means and what happened late 70s early 80s know that there was a big correction then to really change things.

Banks closed financial institutions ended, they had to be merged we see the same something happening again. We have now just recent legislation � which is more money spent more deficit on top of deficit last year and now taxes the big promise that they made was no taxes on the last.

It's impossible for this tack plan to not tax everyone just this is what could happen. So we see is a scenario where we could lose if urine in equities markets just themselves. You can lose 5 to 6 years of potential growth and once we get all that point you'll see what we call a crab movement in the industry just move sideways and there's no growth thing you can't do with your retirement is not have growth you need time of growth and we lose that that that's the devastating part, girls, let's let's take people through this process because you're at it like I was when I started investing in gold and silver. I was little nervous I didn't know what to expect and and people. Maybe they think the first question a lot of people have is okay.

Why should I do this, why should I consider investing in gold and silver gray question and I think the easy answer is it is a hedge against inflation and the dollar. It doesn't make us non-American. But we have to understand we know it stories my grandfather five cents a gallon for gasoline over time things cost more.

That is what inflation thus our government is run on a system of borrowing money now and paying it back later. So in the interest of the government spending, it makes sense for them to inflate a little bit every year because what that does is 20 years from that bond comes to $1 million isn't as impressive as it was million dollars. 20 years ago so that's the theory behind it. Okay so we say with goal this really go back to the old standard and say my money Wayne something safe and let it grow over time, but it's not something that's truly manipulated.

This is what gold and silver.we know dollars going to get weaker.

We know when that happens. Gold goes up, so that's what we we do we we put the gold and silver away. We say, 10, 15 years from now I know I'm gonna have that growth without the risk of a market that can be manipulated echoes up and down swings wildly like the equities work. That's the basic idea of investing metals and in one of the great things you guys do it legacy precious metals that you offer a free gold guide and it's really helpful to people that are just getting started on maybe you know even young people that are in is 20 of their being super wise and start starting their investing their investments very early in life.

This gold guide you guys have is so incredibly helpful and of course there's ulcers of information on the website legacy PM that's legacy PM investments.Tom, Charles, always good to get Intel and in real time so that people can know that what they're doing now can really help them down the road in a very positive way.

Absolutely stick your head in the sand about that hard. Charles, thank you, my pleasure

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