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30 FBI Agents Raid Home of Pro-Life Leader

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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September 26, 2022 3:40 pm

30 FBI Agents Raid Home of Pro-Life Leader

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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September 26, 2022 3:40 pm

As many as 30 FBI agents raided the home of a well-respected pro-life leader. And yet they turn a blind eye when pro-life clinics are firebombed.

Doug Mastriano, Rep. Mary Miller, Kellie Fiedorek, Lorie Smith, Carrie Schween, and Pastor Greg Davis join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM delivers universities through you in Memphis Tennessee is America's conservative little George Stern radio program. So good to have you with us today. We have a lot of information to get through a lot of good stories. The breaking all over the weekend, including one that the were to start out with today from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I just want you to imagine something. Imagine that you are in the privacy of your home that you are just getting up getting ready to start the day you you have your wife their seven children and all of a sudden you hear banging on the door and you realize that your home is surrounded by an army of heavily armed FBI agents will that's exactly what happened over the weekend with with with a prominent, a prominent member of the pro-life community. We have the story up on Todd and this should alarm every single freedom loving American in the nation. It's absolutely reprehensible what happened at this home when these FBI agents took into custody a very well-known Catholic leader pro-life leader and best-selling author Mark Houck is his name and in front of his wife and children.

He was shackled with a gun pointed at his head.

Very few Republicans are speaking out about this but one man in particular is and I really respect that this man has the boldest come out and condemn what happened in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He's the man who wants to be the next Republican governor of Pennsylvania Doug Thomas Triano and he is on the patriot mobile newsmaker line today, so good to have you with us or you really going on.

And that you could try to read we do it again no third heavily armed by milk a great weapon. We need about 30 a lot and got many vehicle and that God was with breaking down the door and I bet that what happened at the house been delayed in answering hi I'm with you� That's what I was expecting you.

The battering ram. The whole 9 yards.

Can you give us some background on what happened, what led to this raid apparently about a year ago.

Mark good by law counselor at aquatic.

Apparently one of the pro-abortion counter got into an opportunity with Mark 12-year-old. And apparently there be around all over and I District Court in Philadelphia for the cake out� I note that the Bible got you there federal charges in federal aid while I look that's fine but show up with greatly going to pick up a card card. You do what you have to do obviously thought it by then they signal per gigabyte awful all out. Good luck on that you go again you walk down and comply.

I think you're right. And we that we did the homework there. We walked and apparently something which is what he is accused of doing her sobbing would be a misdemeanor is certainly not worthy of sending out an army of what 30 there telling us up to 30 FBI agents to some guys home.

I think you're right. I think this is meant to again send a message much like the FBI and the and the Biden administration sent a message when they dispatched FBI agents to the homes of moms and dads raising concerns about school boards bring it up. What we own it. You didn't let any rock or government shut down your kid Matt according idea to have boys and girls that my opponent Dr. Carol walked to make that the data that credibly, and I say that because he did that during the David never came to the defense of parent do to keep it down even more waiting. A political war again dedicate their lives to helping the poor over and I bought the level of tolerance, but apparently only when you yet.

You're absolutely right. And of course we seen over the past couple of days. Republican Republican campaigners volunteers that have been attacked in Texas. I want to Massachusetts and of course that horrible story of North Dakota for the poor kid was was mowed down because he was accused of being a Republican extremist that I think the message here is that that words matter and this administration is trying to bully and intimidate conservatives and Republicans go on the sidewalk outside when it out where it picked up where the night raid Outlook all night raid again left winger that had been burning down and vandalizing where where it reacted against that horrible man in North Dakota running down a beautifully get over agreement and the only thing that the application of heavy-handed weapon. The date of the day it on our side and have people got law and that I doubt that the I'm calling for people leader the FBI that the lie got somebody I just following orders. The work we need to have equal application of the law and we need personality and everything that we cannot right now working on her freedom here anything and Doug Thomas Triano is the Republican candidate for governor in the state of Pennsylvania. We got word over the weekend, Liz Cheney, the outgoing Republican Congresswoman from Wyoming says that she would campaign against and she singled out two people carry late in Arizona and and you and I like your reaction that he wrote about a man character based off thank you live, but it dad I have to fight three of her daddy wars and Cheney family get rid stop work here Wells well said. It's a great point.

Let's talk real quick about the campaign you're fighting not only against the Democrats, but those establishment Republicans.

How are things going out there for you week we are out everything that might be going out, that will be out Maryland state that the battleground of but really our theme.

I thought it $20 million and add terrible hyperbolic against retired Army Col. 30 years. My entire adult life in fighting wars out and try to label people like the extreme. Get I get extremely comes to defending the American people as long I lay down my life defending our rights and our weekly but it had to work weekly, but very cold out there from reliable group in Trafalgar had a poll about a month ago I was behind Emerson College that week later three points behind all week and 1/2 a point behind Richard Barrett group I have.

I were doing only the Democrat lead Democrat County be cut in half and admittedly not even running the ad and were about to start doing it or harden a conversation about the people and back every each and every other day never interacted up in Bucks County Saturday with lots of crop are very importantly and it only had a platform thank you for going directly online media and working with movement across the state that incredible well I'm looked at any time you need to come of the cell between now and election day you let us know you have an open invitation of very excited about your campaign and menu button you can take a lot of hits from from the establishment Republicans and the Democrats which tells me your your your hit your head in somebody where they need to beat it and I really appreciate you standing up for this. This pro-life leader. This author absolutely reprehensible. What is happened to this guy a dog wouldn't have to leave it there and I know we have a link to your website but tell folks where can they go if they want to get more information and help out the campaign we get it right course for all right.

Very easy and very simple folks get involved every vote matters. Doug appreciate you come on the show today all right. Likewise, Doug Thomas Triano, a military veteran served in two wars and now he is in a political war taking on establishment Republicans and the Democrats there in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, but folks again. Put yourself back in the shoes of this pro-life leader Mark Houck who was a good and decent man. He shoved the accusation as he shoved a pro-abortion activist who was getting in the face of his 12-year-old son and saying all sorts of horrible things and I suspect you mom and dad would do the exact same thing of the federal court throughout a lawsuit.

But now the FBI is cracking down and sending 30 FBI agents. Your tax dollars at work 30 FBI agents in an early morning raid on the family home over what is in fact all the books in Pennsylvania, a misdemeanor crime. So if you don't if you don't believe that the Biden administration is using the FBI as a bully pulpit you better wake up because it's happening.

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We gotta do our part is are fighting for our freedom at the Supreme Court, aren't we better take a break here 844-747-8868 if you want to weigh in on this raid on the pro-life family. That's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show we are all feeling the pain at the pump and at the grocery store to the market is plunging and Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, but even worst seniors are struggling to survive. It's not time to panic, but it is time to act my friends in a Mac the Association about your American citizens will help you save money on things like cell phone plans travel and restaurants but eMac does much more than offer senior discounts. Your membership will support their nonprofit eMac action which takes the challenges against our Constitution and the free market straight to Capitol Hill. Joining is easy just go to a Mac .us/starts to start saving today.

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That's a Mac .us/guards and get to the amazing story of I'm telling you folks, Donald Trump not only revolutionized politics or the United States of America. But he had a global impact on politics. This idea of spreading freedom around the world. You know this was the whole that was the whole plan for George W. Bush and and Liz Cheney's father. Daddy Dick Cheney daddy Dick wanted to one of the wage.

All of these wars so that they could usher in freedom across the Middle East, but to find out that the people of the Middle East really don't want freedom they really don't want to coexist with Israel what they wanted us to destroy Israel and they want to destroy Christianity. So they had no interest in an American-style democracy.

They had no interest in our way of life for our freedoms and how many thousands of American soldiers lost their lives.

The amount of American treasure lost because of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney's wars again.

It's an and you can go back and study this in history will no doubt detail what happened, but instead of taking care of business in Afghanistan what happened.

We up and ran and got ourselves into a war in Iraq. So what's happened. While there is no freedom when you look at. And honestly, if you're standing there as a military veteran, here's a what was the point of all of this but meanwhile you have Donald trump the one president who did not get us involved in another war. Donald Trump went out there and he was preaching the gospel of freedom and the American way of life, and what's happening. People are embracing a look at what just happened in Sweden. And then yesterday in Italy with the election of Georgette Maloney, who by the way there. There they want you to think that she some sort of a female Mussolini. Even some of the conservative news networks are buying into the. The language calling her a far right extremist unwanted. I want you to hear. This is what she said earlier today, but she is preparing to be the first female premier in the country's history. Here's what she had to say in Italy quote we defend God, country and family built on opposition to gender ideology and the LGBT lobby alongside support for strong borders and an end to limitless mass migration while who does that sound like ladies and gentlemen. All she needed to do was come down a golden escalator and talk about how huge her platform wants to say so anyway she is. She has really triggered the establishment elites all over your and their freaking out over this but I'm telling you something she's got a backbone of steel. This one, and she's� She's not. I tolerate any of the threats coming out of the European Union. I got a take a break here 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show. My pillow is having their biggest sheet sale of the year. All of help build my pillow into an amazing company that it is today. Now, Mike Lindell, our good friend wants to get back exclusively to our listeners. The percale and Giza dream bedsheet sets are available in a variety of colors and sizes and they're all on sale for as low as 2998 with our list or promo code you better order now because when they're gone they're gone. Per Kelly Giza dream sheets are breathable and they have a cool crisp field and they come with a 10 year warranty and a 60 day moneyback guarantee, so don't miss out on this incredible offer. There is a limited supply. So you better order right now. Call 1-800-986-3994 and use the promo code Starnes. That's 1-800-986-3994 or you can go to my That's my use the promo code. Starnes back to the Todd Stern's radio show broadcasting from our rocky job a. What a great football. It was it was pretty close therapy ahead.

But you know the walls.

We we never make it easy. We always want to keep people right on the edge of their seats, and huge win for the program. Congratulations Coach Josh hypo Linda by the way, now ranked number eight in America, and I don't know if you if you have a bid to Neil and stated you got a go to Nealon Stadium. It's an absolutely incredible experience and especially will be to the checkerboard which is yet the orange of the white checkerboard. I can't imagine a more beautiful scene and all of America Sony all that to say we have a lot of Southard Southeastern conference of football fans that listen to the program and at least during football season. We may have to. We may have to be cordial enemies. What can I tell you what were coming after you. Georgia workout after the Bulldogs are eight 844-747-8868 answer toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 10 I tell you about this crazy story out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. First of all I have to give a huge round of of of thanks and gratitude to our listing audience, and especially you folks on KWIC M we KWIC M and this talkshow by the way, we're the only people telling you about this crazy Dragon show that was supposed to take place over the weekend at the Museum, the Memphis Museum of science and history and all you know what broke loose when we started sharing the details.

Now the local media. They were talking about the story at all to me. They were completely ignoring the story, but we were telling you guys about it and we encourage you, urge you on the show Friday to call the museum to raise her concerns to email the that the media spokesperson at the museum and to share your thoughts and opinions on how inappropriate it is for children to be cavorting about with drag queens at a museum that supposed to be about science. So anyway we ever we had a reporter down there are very old Ben Jeter will try to get on the show later this week, but he was the eyes and he was the eyes and the ears of the program and it turns out that the event was canceled. At the very last second and our understanding is there were tons of kids there. Some of them were in pajama pants and the police come in the Memphis Police Department and they shut it all down there. They said there were armed protesters as of the museums. Why want to set the record straight because we have the video.

It turns out that the proud boys showed up along with a number of Christian organizations and they were they were very peacefully assemble. Yes, they were armed, which is their right here in the state of Tennessee.

But there were no threats, there was no vile language. As a matter fact, the only people that were arranging raging lunatics were in fact the drag queens. By the way couple of the drag queens were dressed as nuns, so they were mocking the Catholic faith.

May I just ask a question here. Like I said it's a rhetorical question but could what would've happened if you had people out there mocking the LGBT community, you think all you know what would break loose.

But you know it's the Catholics, so I guess there are fair game.

So anyway, all the news reporters come out all the news coverages is very sympathetic to the drag queens and one mother was talking about how well she was so disappointed because her little girl wanted to go to her first drag show unbelievable but the good news is thanks to you, good people, the children in Memphis Tennessee were protected from this nonsense not the case in Chattanooga Tennessee.

I don't have a lot of listeners in the Chattanooga and Cleveland, Tennessee new got radio and I'm curious to get your take on what happened over the weekend at your child friendly drag show. So here's the story. There was a Chattanooga youth pride Day celebration.

I guess Friday is what a 24 seven event now.

Used to be just for the entire month of June, when Jesus gets Easter and Christmas. But anyway they got a whole month plus whatever happened over the weekend in Chattanooga where they had something called Chattanooga youth pride day. It was hosted at a brewpub.

I know you can't make this up, the wonder linger brewing company hosted the drag show for the children and this was specifically for under age kids some of the some of the drag queens were dressed like Disney princesses. And what's the one idle and I'm not a big Disney person, but apparently one of them is like a fish, a mermaid or something. I don't anyway. This particular drag when they invited the children up on the stage.

We have the video on my website and I don't mean to be overly graphic, but you need to understand what happened here at some point the children were invited on stage and there is video of a child stroking the private area of one of the drag queens and again these are men dressed like women know what I find to be horrifying. Aside from that, is the fact the drag queen. Not only did not stop the child the drag queen implied through his expressions.

His facial distortions that he was enjoying the moment. Beyond that, not a single adult in the room tried to stop the child, not a one and it seems to me that everybody in that room over the age of 18, ought to be charged with child abuse or at least aiding and abetting in child abuse. So I went over to the wonder linger brewing company's website and I will. I was hoping I might go find some statement, but as soon as you go to the website of the brewing company something very interesting happens there's a message that pops up and the message on the wonder linger brewing company's website specifically asks if you are if you are of drinking age so I thought you know what I mean. Answer no.

I'm just going to see what happens.

I minute answer no and we will see what happens. So I hit the no I am not of drinking age and all of a sudden a big website alert pops up and says because I am not of legal age. I am not allowed to view their website. I took screenshots you can see it on my website so here we are at the website you have to be of a specific age over the what is the drinking age now is a 2121. Thank you Kyle when Kyle how do you know that nevermind so anyway that the drinking age 21. If you're not over. If you're not over the age of 21 then then you're not allowed to going to the website.

So why is it that they they have more mechanisms in place to protect underage children on their website and they do in the actual brewhouse itself.

You telling me that it's okay for a kid to caress the private parts of the drag queen in your brewing company, but God forbid they go on your website. Let me explain this because there's nothing humorous about this or something funny about this. This is disgusting and what happened in Chattanooga at the wonder linger brewing company is the classic definition of grooming, forcing the children to accept something that is unnatural by the way they had a drag queen storybook time in the brewing company. This was all designed to make children believe that all of this is normal wealth here you come again Todd you're just attacking the LGBT community. How dare you attack the transgender. This has nothing to do with LGBT I don't I don't know anything about the sexuality of these drag Queens drag is not a part of the LGBT alphabet drag is grown men dressing as women they could be straight.

They could not beat that is not the point we're watching we're watching very provocative performances as a matter fact there were plenty of people defending all of this will, Todd.

This is nothing more than then a contest like a singing competition like a talent contest. How dare you, what would you say Todd about those beauty pageants featuring the little girls will you know what, that's a great point.

I think those are pretty awful to and I've been pretty vocal about that. I got a big problem with anybody sexualizing a child and I hope you do too. I don't care if it's in a little kitty beauty pageant where you got your kid dolled up wearing next to nothing on stage or if you're taken the to do a drag show I'd say there's a lot of blame to go around. Can I just say this to me not just leave the freaking kids alone. By the way, lurking in the shadows. The something that was once called pedophilia in this country, but now they're calling it minor attracted persons you just wait and see what's about to be normalized. Next, in the name of the sections and the revolutionaries are, let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Delinda from Tennessee is calling us Glenda what's on your mind. I granddad and I like her liberty in Chattanooga. They are a grassroots patriot group that are following Lori and we are back basically work it tested and appalled about what is happening here in our people have the right doll have the right to do what they want to do, even if it is against all the moral standard that that we have met my neck. I bringing the children and were speaking out and and we been sitting here talking with talking together and we had discovered that there is a 10, the Miller cat and eight from 1970. They determined that it entity standard way too rigid for prosecutors and they adopted a three-part cat and on. This has shown that like happening here. We've got the video we got everything a video being and it cannot be cannot continue. You got the videos you got the videos from this weekend so we are saying we at the Atlanta video yet. We have everything Glenda as a let me let me jump in here for a moment as as someone who lives in the Chattanooga area. You guys were very religious conservative community. Were you surprised her and her people in your group surprised at the at the low level of sexualization that took place in that brewhouse now and we can say were appointed to know at high and hot like being allowed in article we've gone to the school board. We've we've read that porn that is on article library shall kill article board member to say I know that's not an article when we actually took it off of the shell and found that things that our children are being contacted to Andy when I, government propaganda Institute and they did it surprised me with excitement at the hearing to have gone to the government propaganda Institute are actually bringing their children to the show. Children don't want to be there handing their children dollar bill to give you the sexually limited performers and empty them. We got the video my mom and handed her child to this man. Let everyone a comet and dressed in leotard and the child immediately turned to mom and I getting out here getting out here mom student following Glenda. Here's here's what I want to do because rapping is to break.

I want to put you on hold and let's get working to get all your contact information and also I want you to send us those the rest of those videos. We have some I have seen the one you're talking about with the child.

You know, the parent giving the child a dollar bill to stick into the fall of this man.

It is its appalling Glenda we have a philosophy and I think Tim VanHorn who regularly fills in all this program says says it like this. If you're over 18 you be you.

You live your life however you want to live your life that's between you and your maker but if you're under age. That's what we have to address this kind of nonsense and and this is just absolutely appalling. Glenda you tell all your friends and neighbors in Chattanooga listen to do the radio were talking about these things everyday on our national radio program and we are not afraid to just were not afraid to address these people were not afraid at all our Glenda you hang tight your great American patriot. Thank you for that. So let's get her information votes. We gotta take a break here 844-747-8868.

Again, that is a toll-free telephone number. What you do what you tell these moms and dads who are sending their kids to these drag shows. This is the Todd Stern show.

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At least that would've been covered up a little bit. I'm just say it's a lot of flesh lot of flesh are, let's go to John listing to us on the K Wam John, what's on your mind, Starnes. You know, I remember that they tried Florida and Gov. to stand as I double check told his attorney general to investigate the parents are allowing their kids going to the bars and do the drag queen and go that drag queen showed a family thing. I would love to see Gov. Kenneth Kenneth the order the Atty. Gen. to investigate the parents possibly have those kids removed out of it.

On that type of environment you said it more than once and so did other parent that they are grooming kit and they are putting them in danger so I just want to hang up.

Listen for your comment.God bless you brother God bless you and a lot of cities and towns actually have laws on the books addressing things like burlesque shows, and in strip shows now this is not a strip show incentive everybody kept what what little clothing they had on stayed on as a matter fact, that was a big argument in Memphis, Tennessee. The Museum, the Memphis Museum of science and history actually came on. Said will look the reason why this is family-friendly is because the drag queens are keeping all the close on but folks, I'm telling you, and the videos are are pretty shocking. This is behavior that you would see at a strip club.

I'm just telling this is this is pretty raunchy stuff, but the kids were being exposed and look not 100% of this is on the parents on me. They know what they're doing when they're bringing their kids out to these kinds of events and the wonder linger brewing company out there. A private company, they can do whatever they want to do and I know they're trying to backtrack. Now they're trying to say. Well, we didn't know what was going to happen really, you think do you believe them folks. I suspect a lot of their longtime customers, both liberal and conservative is that you know what we get our beer somewhere else, I gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Starnes radio show University studio in Memphis, Tennessee since conservative commentary from inflation in the economy of American economy right now not only independent thinking that Republicans do a better job of handling the economy, all points with extraordinary challenges for Democrats trying to keep the house and borrowing books I'm telling you, even the mainstream media now were talking about ABC MS NDC at MSDN see CNN you go down the list every body now talking about what we've been talking about for ages on this on this radio program that the policies of the Biden administration will result in a massive eye and I'm predicting a massive win for Republicans in the midterm elections as a matter of fact, the Biden's former press secretary.

We called her circle back sake in the day Jen Saki knelt MSDN see, had this to say is a referendum on the president. They will this and they know that they also know that crime is a huge vulnerability for Democrats. I would say one of the biggest vulnerabilities. There you go. If if it's about Biden.

Then there to go down in defeat that's coming from the mouth of a Democrat want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line always honored to have a great American patriot. She represents the 15th congressional district in Illinois.

Congresswoman Mary Miller Mary, welcome back to the show. I want to tell your let's start that I will person a farmer and grandma who had it on the sideline and is not by water great country be destroyed, and I know many of your let's start feel the same way. People are waking up in an action is not an option here.

No, it's not Mary and we've all got to get out there and do our part and I am and I are you encouraged by the polling data this out there what people are saying in and telling CNN and MSDN see that there they're just there sick and tired of this and they want to change very encouraged. I feel confident that we got back the house and probably even and I do believe that the way to that independent and even the Democrat in the economy outrageous crime problems that we have a what's going on in war and also energy energy impact everything in the fact that Joe Biden and his people have shut down or energy independence outrageous. While it is outrageous and when you when you look at some of the. The other issues, and especially on the culture war side of the. The embracement of some very radical sex and gender policies regarding's transgender is him. I know you been at the forefront of talking about these issues, but these matter to moms and dads who want to send their kids to school to public school to learn how to read and write and add and subtract in the said they're coming back home and they don't even other pronouns anymore directly controlled by public school are diminishing parental rights actually going after parent that show up at school board meeting people are very concerned about it. We need to protect our children says a lot about us as a country and culture about how we treat our children, Congresswoman Shirley's ago you posted a message about the 87,000 IRS agency and you said that they were hired to target Christians, conservatives, small businesses and and farmers and we have certainly we certainly saw that in the Obama administration with a weapon Heisey Internal Revenue Service.

I got caught up in all of that mess.

How concerned are you that that Biden is going to follow through and and use that army of ages to go after Christians. I'm very concerned now hacking Americans were thing to do just that. The FBI and now the IRS are going to go after parent school board meeting pro-life order conservative income support were thing it already and to the employee over the weekend we got word of a very prominent Catholic pro-life leader in in Pennsylvania who was targeted I think they said upwards of 30 FBI agents swarmed to the guys house he and his wife and seven kids were just horrified to watch. These agents come in. This is getting condemnation from a lot of Republicans out there and to your point, it does make you wonder what what's really going on here with the FBI. All my question is that they have the time and budget that Sentinel over our border in record amount I'm calling it a chemical impact on their children. Human traffickers are coming over and we know Tara are among them. How is that that they can target people like this man, and it no over-the-top go out and do that in front of his children. No justification for their extent that the Biden political opponent Congresswoman Mary Miller on the patriot mobile newsmaker line today Congresswoman the commitment to America. I was announced on Friday. I'm my head is off to you guys.

I think this is a brilliant plan. I like what we've already heard.

Do you think this is going to be the winning formula of the secret sauce.

Absolutely Republicans are united on or we want to investigate the impact we want to preserve our free.

The last one I like that though they have no opposition and we want government accountability. I I with several of my other colleagues are calling for defunding the FBI.

I know that the press and the left to go after think they that were anti-police if we do that, but I do want to say that the practice become powerless later joke out of themselves and people when they started thing men can become pregnant and breast-feeding. You gotta get your best vaccination shot. The virus didn't come from China. People started turning in and often and betting on their newspaper and they have become an echo chamber. People are turning to radio programs like yours to podcast to get their information and so I want to say to my Republican colleague that we shouldn't be fearful about how they are to portray us because people have been turning them off and I say thank you as well Congresswoman you been out there and you been talking about very important issues that some some conservatives are shying away from, but I I know that you are good friend of Tony Perkins was a friend of this program and the work they're doing at family research Council, but those are still important, vitally important issues and were seeing that with this out near the the fight with the other transgender activist and and what's happening in our public schools absolutely. The American people break our Judeo-Christian heritage and value. No thing all God bless America great on or and to continue down this path going to bring the judgment of God, and we should hearing God and repent, think I know that what that word but it means to change your mind and go in a different direction to trend gender minor children just beyond the pale.

And I know that Marjorie killer green bell that I signed on in several of my colleagues that will make it illegal to transgender, a minor child, we've got a new caucus without being protector and caucus and you are worth standing up protect our children that the first thing we need to protect our babies and our children aren't a Congresswoman leave it there. We appreciate you coming on the program today but thank you for having me keep up the great work. We need you.

All right, Congresswoman Mary Miller ladies and seven on the patriot mobile newsmaker line and she's not. She's not wrong I you do wonder where all of this is going and you heard that the Congresswoman say that she is very concerned about the spiritual condition of our nation and whether or not this is all going to lead to to some sort of condemnation down the road you you really do wonder. I mean these radical surgeries that the LGBT QI A+ community wants to open up to Boys and Girls Club. We just think about that time you were talking about irreversible surgeries that they want, seven, eight, nine, 10-year-old kids to undergo as is just mind blowing. I think the average person out there when they they see these reports of the stories on the news there single with what what what are you kidding me, but that's one thing but that's where all of this is going.

By the way Pres. Trump on Friday. Huge huge rally out in Wilmington, North Carolina and the president weighed in on this horrible story out of North Dakota doubt the mainstream media is completely ignored the story and it's as if it never happened but to refresh your memory, an 18-year-old by the name of Keeler Ellingson was literally run over by a guy who accused him of being a Republican extremist using the language that has been coming out of the mouth of Joe Biden. Here's what Pres. Trump had to say-year-old man from the code. I'm sure you read this over the last two days Taylor Ellingson, a young man so handsome so handsome beautiful 18 years old was targeted and killed run down in cold blood with an SUV by a radical left maniac use a radical left. Stupid person, simply because he was a Republican and he was so proud of being Republican.

And this guy ran down and one mainstream media network is even mentioned this horrible crime. Think of it the other way. The other way.

Supposing a person ran down somebody on the other side, it'd be the biggest story you've ever seen this great you people should be ashamed of yourselves go out the parents and the friends this young boy this was a young man wonderful with a great future and I'm just telling you to so handsome, so beautiful and so great and he got a run down by a radical left job and hardly anyone is talking about that story now the president is right. Pres. Trump is right. Had this been a somebody in a in a pickup truck with with an American flag and in the Bakken Maca bumper sticker. Well, you would still have anchors broadcasting their news from North Dakota I give another example this happened over the week you didn't hear about this on the national news.

But in Collierville, Tennessee. That's a suburb of Memphis, Collierville, Tennessee police officer trying to arrest a man who had threatened to shoot his girlfriend. One of the police officers was trying to apprehend the guy they had them stopped in front of some hotel gunshots fired there.

The hotel was packed with people attending a soccer tournament and down.

None of those people got hurt. But then that the suspect a guy by the name of Keith Houston Junior slammed on the gas.

A police officer ends up on the on the hood of the guys car, he falls off the car and then this guy aims his car at the police officer and runs over the police officer just like that get up and North Dakota got mowed down in Collierville, Tennessee police officers in critical condition. We hope is going to pull through work in a prey that is going to pull through but you didn't hear that story on the evening news that you, as a matter fact, the local news reports and I'm telling you some of the reporters in the Memphis area. I mean these people make NT 4.0 look conservative. One of the reporters actually asked police. Well, excuse me, my police chief did the did the police officer fire at the suspect. When you know what I hope he did, and I hope he unloaded his revolver, he was get run over you idiot part trying to control my blood pressure today, but it seems like a little reporters were more worried about whether or not the police officer tried to fire a gun at the suspect, who was trying to run him over the fact that you had a guy out there trying to run over a law enforcement officer. This is the news in Memphis Tennessee find a lot I know it's just like that where you are.

I get. But the point is, just think about this. Let's just say for example that the police officer was in pursuit of the guy in his patrol car. The guy was on foot and the police officer runs over the suspect there would have been all you know what breaking out across across the nation, but I just want to point out here all these so-called civil rights groups, you know the ones where they haul out all the preachers in the Memphis you know what you I'm talking about and they do it in your community to but all those preachers talk about. We gotta get control of the violence, people marching in the streets. Not a word from any of those people.

Not a peep again because of Memphis, Tennessee.

All lives don't matter. I just throw that out there. We gotta take a break there yelling at me 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8860, it will be right back in America. Welcome back today Monday let's go to the phones North Carolina WSI CR rate affiliate there and Patty was actually at the rally and Patty, I know we asked you to call back and give us a report.

What was it like one is that in Patty's are people out there. I like 12 people out there, but I do not think you look like a game, a lamp, and couldn't talk like that but people 0.0 well, that's a good point.

So what was the mood to set the scene for spending my guy, but really I so you you're really that encouraged I mean I am to Patty. III just feel it in my band. I will follow me as you question you ever thought you ever think about maybe running for office. Out on your spring chicken case study like much like he could market calendaring, leaving us, I got you because I can't talk you guy girl I might want to lock the groomer. So Patty just hang tight because if this hour the next hour and a place of audio from one of the members of of that group so you don't want to stick around and Patty.

I hate you this but you know we got the music, not that means we gotta go.

But God bless you for going and thank you for calling back and we love you.

Really I love had five votes. Gotta take a break. There 844-747-8868 Patty is pretty encouraged are a good people welcome Todd Stern's radio show.

By the way, got some audio to share with you a little bit later on this this hour, the Atlanta Braves world champions World Series. So went up to the light, said it did not go well and I will be posting the video as well is I think one of the interesting moments is when Biden told all of the.

The 15-year-old student to come up to the platform and they were very hesitant. Apparently those young people are very well read so far eight 844-747-8868 answer toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 so there is a very important Supreme Court case that is going to impact a lot of people. It is a major free-speech case. I will go to the Alliant to the patriot mobile newsmaker line and were honored to have some very important guest with us today Kelly for Doric is the senior counsel for alliance defending freedom and Lori Smith is their client, welcome to you both all right. Well Kelly. Let's start with you in a nutshell, explain why this case is so important to to free speech in America well really know why you are what you believe to be for the state something that I like to can extend all the free and convey it to create interconnect convictions without fear the government and in Colorado for the past six years of trying to center Lori and forced her to create art, create website and violate the very core of who he felt were thrilled to be going up the thinking client actually speak to protect Lori and really the freedom of all of that queue to live consistent with our DSL connection. Lori, let's talk about about you are you are a graphic artist and you're a web designer and you have your own studio 303 creative tell us a little bit about the work that you do well and I graphic and minor, and I've always wanted to create a passion of mine for a long time started my business over a decade ago that I wanted feeling that my kind and I parent cannot messages that I really care about my work with other people and all people, including those identified EI and I need to come out on I had in the interesting condition and that the unit think what will the cat here in the next couple mine because the government is forcing you not only create any time to celebrate messages that violate my belief and if I don't bend and hopefully a different punishment and Lori you live in in Colorado that your home state and I have to imagine that you are paying very close attention to a very similar case involving our friend Jack Phillips of the Masterpiece cake shop and an Sweet mercy man. They have been after him for such a very long time now for wanting to basically do the same thing as you correct. During our creating for laying it was very clear to me treating people essay that on any fault they only confirmed really that they believe they have the power to compel each and know that in court by the end of the year. Now Kelly I let's try to maybe use some most recent examples here and see if I'm on the right path so as to say, for example, a there there is a business of their having a big family friendly, drag show, which seems to be the big controversy these days, and they go to they went to Lori and said we want you to create a poster supporting and promoting this family-friendly drag show if she said no that she could not do that. That would put her in violation of the law. Right now, different, and what the government our argument, it is basically thing and if that by anyone. You are United air there like everything right now could threaten their ability to create promoting trying to create promoting biblical beliefs about marriage ballot.

If you have no appropriation of photographer. They may not want to take photographs of the marginalized, regardless of who you are and what your beliefs are the First Amendment protect all of what is essential to illustrate that I didn't know what were asking for and Lori Kate that Colorado respect her for each gender that you respect anyone and not force anyone to create art and to promote a message and violate what they believe in Kelly again going back to the Jack Phillips case you even after the Supreme Court victory. They were they were still coming after this guy were dealing with some some people that are pretty ruthless and they're determined to force people of faith to violate their religious beliefs now using this product out the Lori have been coming after Jack ring out over a decade that is now going after Jack wants to correct errors in thinking, anti-Chinese account of the locket you have to think about that time he got back to Colorado doing the line delete it and having your impact on their business. I Lori and Jack both, and other Effect and their families every day and the uncertainty of being in litigation. Living in fear of knowing that the government won't allow you to tell Landon to speak freely into it a very unfortunate place in our country weren't really hopeful that the conflict and got an air ruling will help Lori to help Jack Philip fellow truly benefit all of the American Re: I know we live in an age where people of faith are being told to to just be quiet. Even some in within our own circles or sink.

Well, we shouldn't really we should really push back we should just accept what what comes.

I'm just curious what was it that compelled you to say you know what I got to take a stand here. All Americans have the right to challenge I'm just live and treating people.

I sat back and speak freely at the rate that's guaranteed. All of that. I really didn't feel like I have much of a choice other than to think you don't have to have the same views on marriage as me you understand important significant other. I can speak freely and in the right to think freely is guaranteed to all impact in the government is not in a plane to threaten some people because it doesn't focusing on unmarried, so and it has been a very long here journey and I'm so incredibly grateful to alliance defending freedom in court that kicking at the K All-American including graphic designers and artists out in Kelly. I think it's important for our listeners to understand that what you guys are doing you do free of charge. You don't you're not charging Lori you're taking on this case and relying on people like our listers to help pay the bills only aren't they an honor and privilege to represent Lori and I think I can either represent their freedom and Lori mentioned she and Jackie both their everyone. If I Colorado ticket agree that Lori served and worked people from all walks of life, including the BTC chicken great asking that they think beach and felt like a grateful for the many supporters is the core 80 work that were dealing with people like Lori that all that I can let out about iron delete without fearing that the government can, in contrast, well I wish you both the very best as you get ready for a later this year when the Supreme Court will hear those oral arguments, Lori. We appreciate you Kelly. We appreciate the great work you guys are doing. Analyze defending freedom all night. All right, there you have it folks, and this is why, in a nutshell, this radio program supports alliance defending freedom were dealing with a war and there are people on the other side who do not believe and live and let live.

They want to shut you down. They want to force Jack Phillips to violate his religious beliefs. They want Lori Smith to violate her religious beliefs mean could you imagine that what that Colorado there telling this woman. This graphic designer.

If somebody from the local strip club comes into her. Her establishments as a we need you to make a poster supporting a strip club night whatever kind of an event, and she says no she's in violation of Colorado law.

That's just outrageous. This is the canceled culture that that we talk about a lot of this program and that's why all this month were helping to raise money for alliance defending freedom. Look, here's the deal.

If whatever you give this month. Your gift is going to be double thanks to a generous friend of 80 up. So if you give $100 that hundred dollars is going to turn into a $200 gift some of you may want to give even more, and that the best part about one of the cool things. The best part is, were standing up and were fighting for freedom, but you're also going to be getting a tax deduction. So if you go to Todd right now just scroll down and you'll see you'll see legacy precious metals banner and then you will see the alliance defending freedom banner.

All you have to do is click on that banner and it'll take you to a special page that's been created just for listers of the Todd Starnes radio show again. Todd and click on the alliance defending freedom banner article.

My personal goal. I'm I'm thinking that we can raise $50,000 this year. So that's our goal and we need your help to make that happen to be great if we get this to all of the first week, but it may take a couple weeks again. Todd

Click on the alliance defending freedom banner and your to be helping of folks like Lori as she takes her case to the Supreme Court, are we going to take a break your 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show is just a few to have a school board unit who is a diehard American first make Americans rated and she was I believe Mrs. Tennessee and one of the other pageants a couple years back very nicely. Her name is Carrie Schwing and she is from bite my town Germantown, Tennessee. Folks can I just say I had no idea that I had moved into like a liberal enclave. I mean who knew but anyway I Carrie is a school board candidate and she got attacked over the week. It is the craziest story were to be talking to her also great new book out called standing strong in the storm were to be talking to the author, Greg Davis in the next hour of the program as well.

Serve it out again. We get hate mail on the Todd Stearns radio program okay pretty much every day. It's not every now it's every day we get the hate mail from people and this one in particular, I thought I would be to you of this individual is very upset at yours truly. Because of my my opposition to family-friendly drag shows.

And as I pointed out the the Memphis these to go with the pink palace but now they called the Museum of science and history M OSHA: the Bosch. That's the cool thing these the boss.

So I suggested what they really ought to call it is the Museum of sexual hijinks, and so I anyway got an email from someone named Colin price any of you guys know Colin Price out there. I'm not even sure if this is the person's real name. We did a Google search on the email and nothing popped up so I'm not sure if this is a legitimate name or not they may be using some idle well some some alias but anyway, here's what Colin Price wrote sexual hijinks like Todd Stern said is what straight white men due to children all the time. Literally all the time, and anyone who pretends otherwise is a psychopath. Okay I will. He goes on. Actually, I was a public high school student at Germantown high school when Germantown Baptist Church invited us to have our track banquet dinner at their church where a preacher gave a sermon about homosexuals sitting in hell with weight once. I don't tell me stop here for this moment. I don't believe this. Do we really believe that a Baptist preacher's invited to a track banquet and is giving a lecture to the students that any of you any any day people out there the credit. I gave her a call and well. Does anybody really believe that happened tonight I just say I did I just say normally, when you invite a preacher to a track banquet dinner typically at some sort of an inspirational message about what running the good race right the New Testament limited to, yet know there's more to this trust right so anyway I he's going on. I got a backup because I stopped in the middle of the sentence or so to advocate says you a preacher, a Baptist preacher gave the keynote address at the track banquet and the said homosexuals are sitting in hell are they really sitting in hell I don't know if they are not. Do we have any reports of the first team reports what's happening of the lake of fire today. I don't maybe they are. I don't know if you are sitting your to be sitting in hell they don't sit and have about theological discourse are again let me back up. I got up and I'm it's it's the grammars not so great here anyway. So there at the track banquet dinner. The preacher giving a sermon about homosexuals sitting in hell to a group of children so actually Christians in the religious right are the ones indoctrinating children and doing so using nefarious means and races sexist, homophobic, trans phobic psychopath like Todd Starnes should kill themselves to make the world a better place detecting a little bit of rage since that happened to me as a high school student. I cannot go out in public without hearing about it. So all of you religious right wing people are literally sick of the head and retarded. Oh, I don't think you can use that word: price I'd I think that's like really inappropriate to girl out to you that even call it the armored but anyway I'm just reading what the guy wrote your folks.

You people need to die to make the world a better place the world would be a much better place without people like you. I this is my favorite part by favorite part of the entire eight letter from Colin price C. if you'd like to reply. I studied stem at an Ivy League university. I will always be smarter than you know you are going to have to kill yourselves, you evil trans phobic psychopaths signed yours truly: price though I had a balance board will violent their Colin price of an Ivy League university. I don't believe you. But then again maybe did. I mean, you know this.

This is the behavior and the language of IV leaguers in general. So anyway yeah for the record, though, can we go back to a just a little nugget of fact here yet.

Drag queens are not transgender. Their dunes dressed like women so the other man parts. I gotta tell you how to take a break here thought you trans phobic psychopaths out there says the Todd Stearns radio show universities. Do you see we evident you, and I was a little nervous because I realize I had community coffee.

Specifically, the pecan probably never. It was very delicious. Waiver.

But you want to be polite and you would be considerate when you have a studio so I go next-door into the palatial newsroom of TWA have our flagship radio station and I run into Caleb Parker's or managing editor and Isaac Hayes on the Caleb I got. I have give a breath mint. You have some gum to have an Altoid and so we pulls it got that he has this huge bag and he's got the is the healthy directors who's got the Mont you and all these vegetables allow this kind of stuff and so that Vinnie pulls up this little tiny but it's a teeny tiny little thing he says here, I just put one of these on your tongue so is like a drop and see if the open the tiny little camp and you put the drop there on so as soon as I do that I lost all feeling in my lips and my talk and I don't know what was going on in them and then Caleb tells me oh yeah this is from back in 2001, so I don't know if I've been poisoned or not, but Kyle if I if I keel over your in charge of the rest of the ship as well throw that out like I walked back to the Todd Stearns radio show. So glad to have you with us today 844-747-8868 is our toll-free telephone number I will go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line. We have a very special guest. Her name is Carrie Schwing and she is running for the school board in Germantown, Tennessee which is the town that I live in and carry II have to tell you right away ever to get into your story. I was shocked to discover that Germantown, at least from the elected official perspective is run by liberals as well. At that right so you're a member of the moms for liberty group and we love the great things that that organization is is doing and you decided to run for school board now II want to give the little bank store before we get to what happened to you over the weekend but I understand that Pres. Trump was really instrumental in getting you involved in politics.

Is that right that's right I'm trying to put it and fell out lately and very bad right now that people are here so you're a lifelong resident.

You have deep ties or you went to school there and your kids are currently going to Germantown schools.

What was it that compelled you to throw your hand of the ring and decide you know what I get a run for the school board. I am not a pilot. I know I'm on three but really lying are here in Germantown and exactly why I got that Orion and it scared me for my children community and in control of our children values and moral and outside for their Stock. What you mean by national headlines well in Florida over the election bear that brother turned out exactly what needs to happen in Germantown, Tennessee.

Now I know that it that some of the big national issues like critical race theory, and the, the LGBT stuff is that happening in Germantown schools as well politically right and gender, sexuality, learning and curriculum and I am a conservative Christian and I want to wait on that that board of education and and strong voice for I did not what we need to be behind the classroom door, so no I get it I'm with you a thousand percent and and I think there are a lot of parents like you across the country and they saw what happened in Florida. They saw what happened in Loudoun County, Virginia, and they said hey you know we don't want our kids exposed to that kind of nonsense in the classroom and that means I gotta step up to the plate and I got a run for office on me to do it and then that's what you did. In Germantown we find ourselves in the greatest struggle of our time traveling to have their voice heard and at the light back again for a very government I cannot sleep at night napping my name like Cindy Gary need to break it to you but I've been on the other social media boards and all that kind of stuff and man the establishment in Germantown. They do not like you. Well not been attacked and it very concerning that you know that my community and county. Definitely not been very fair to me well and I suspect that there there to have a wake up call on election day when all of the good and and and true conservatives get out and vote in that school board election. So you're out there over the weekend and I want to get to this part of the story, which is why you're on the show today. You're out there doing what most candidates do on the weekend and your canvassing going door-to-door and passing out your literature and I want you to tell our listeners what happened to you that way tiny down library that allowed them to doorknocking between I'm tired baseball game and I had a handful as my pressure.

I went to a neighbor had a couple miles away from where I live and literally going door-to-door on people answered the door. Allie and I did not downtown, when I'm about to pour into their story. If they had any questions or concerns that I can't bear in mind, does not door and clearly nine the nation on their door that I've been doing that you really care about five-week on yesterday. I think Taylor Street and headed back to my car and I netted down the Carly I'm coming my direct line down so I immediately thought stopping Dell in a dead the car. Whatever is out on the window and Gary clean school board in Germantown and on the way, I can still get any radiate. At Carling Avenue on your material.

I'm not going to ever come on my property again. I am not like you and for your country and I immediately liked my body. I would like to start a little bit taken back out.

I was immediately frightened and then let them hold me when she spit on you yet absolutely did, and what happened to that so so she's she's going off. Clearly one of these leftist loons and that she spits on your what happens next.

Right now I'm not interlocked Street downtown Atlanta taken off guard back early and packed me that Donnie and on my car. I like it in my car are and there underneath my list of and review what it that I have all ears here. I am just blown away that this was happening in in my town.

She's a low.

What is one of the note say I'm starting letter he read on not important front burner like you, hope you your country while at the base of the individual sign that the name Rosa decided on their lap. But it led written by one 100 cowards, cowards tell time.

Now that you have fired me. I got even more by many people.

I need to doorknocking on you that's that's what they want. I would probably where you member the back at Wendy's of the old, they would have the salad bar, they have the spit guard. You know maybe maybe you could get one of those you know like cove advisors to wear just in case I would do we know this woman is. I don't want you identifier, but you have the police got involved incredible and they are actively involved good because again you don't know who this woman is that you don't know, she could have some sort of a communicable illness or disease. You don't know me that that is that's disgusting but it's also against the law and we should be tolerating that no matter where people live in America and get grade 11, their neighbor and community calling, but I think Kerry that the issue is that you have struck a nerve and that there are people and maybe their posers that they say they're conservative but the really not. And we know that because a lot of these left-wing school board policies that are coming out from the China virus and the masks all that kind of stuff CRT and out of the sex and gender stuff.

I think a lot of people are waking up and I suspect you're going to have a lot of support out there moving forward so that I get it out there and get people to interpret and actually go about real quick. Your carry our time is expiring. Where can people go they want to get more information about your campaign.

Everybody here, Kerry IRR i.e. aware all right there you go will carry glad you're okay. If I were you I'd bring somebody up there with you and I bring a cast-iron skillet and some bear spray valid think there that'll take care of the attackers.

I carry good luck to you again Carrie for If you want to check out her website. A great conservative patriot running for school board in in Tennessee. Kerry appreciated you folks can you believe that King again this is not Berkeley, California. It's Germantown, Tennessee. I talked to my realtor. I had no idea that I had moved into a leftist enclave.

It makes Portland look conservative, for crying out loud on be believable, but the message here folks, and pay very close attention to what I'm about to tell you it is dangerous out there for conservatives Joe Biden of the Democrats have literally put targets on your banks and we saw this in North Dakota. We sought there is a horrible story out of Massachusetts where a what you want. I will save that story there yelling at me to take up and I'm I'm long-winded today. What can I tell you, sorting into that but folks all I'm saying is you gotta be careful out there.

If you're going to go out campaigning. Take somebody with you. Make sure you got that video camera ready to go just in case. And again, if you're in Germantown I and I campaign with cast-iron skillet, bear spray 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show those ways that are preferred live stream was spray goes about 20 feet are. That's helpful.

Andrea says you know like Michelina's campaigning. Maybe some of us Republicans are going to start helping everyone that's running for office. Start protecting our own what I think that's a terrific idea, but folks, you gotta be smart out there and if you're going out campaigning. Make sure you have somebody there with you document everything and be on guard because the Democrats want to hunt you down. That's what Joe Biden said that's what Maxine Waters says. Gotta take these people seriously take them at their word by the way crazy story out of Florida and we told you about the video police officer in Collierville, Tennessee, who was one over by some criminal fog of this story coming from Pinellas County where a deputy sheriff was killed by an illegal alien driving a front end loader struck and killed the deputy and then just took off and they were able to catch the guy Mike Hardwick is the deputy sheriff who was killed, a veteran law enforcement officer just a horrifying story and again the killer an illegal alien.

Have you noticed by the way, that all of the conservative media outlets.

Now they don't use that phrase they call them migrants know they're not migrants or illegal aliens. They came here illegally.

844-747-8860. It was go to the phones Tom in Gainesville Georgia. I listen to us on WDs you and Tom what's on your mind what you just said illegal alien, but that's not why I called, glad I could clear that up the illegal � the legal definition for these people legal terminology, I should say okay so we have rhinos we know what that means but where is the church on this lady.

You had earlier from Colorado and on, Jack, Philip, where is the church. Whatever the religious version of rhinos is that's what most of these people are these people are like what Eric von Hopper back in the day in the Nazi days tried to encourage them to step up and speak out against Hitler before it was too late. He failed so here we are again. Now Erica taxes the author and the talkshow guy has a new book and it is he's pleading with the American church to call a letter to the American church. We just bought it today bookstore and he's pleading with the American church leaders not to do this again. It's happening it and you you you have the guest on their earlier big example and these people need to step up to the plate to not be shy to call the devil. The devil or whatever the case or AR era child molester child molester or pedophile, not a minor attracted person and stop stealing our symbols. The rainbow was a gift from God. At the end of Noah's mission on the ark. It was not to be perverted by these evildoers from the left who want to come after our kids and are coming after our kids will time and to be running out of time here so I appreciate the call and I'll try to respond you look what a person wants to do in their own life. If there over the age of 18. That's between them and God.

They are afforded those rights under the United States Constitution. I may not agree with it but that's my right under the Constitution as as well. The issue is a we now live in a society that is forcing forcing an agenda down everybody slips even preschoolers and I got up big big problem with that, but unfortunately a lot of church pastors these days are cowards we can afford to have cowards in the pulpit are you gotta take a break will be back to Kaiser's radio show rate to be broadcasting border to border, coast to coast across the fruited remind you that one of our great sponsors patriot mobile they are mobilizing freedom all over America patriot mobile by the way, America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier. What is that mean it means that there actually supporting things that we care about. As a matter fact patriot mobile was single out by NBC news and they said that patriot mobile was responsible for a lot of the victories and school board races across the country are only able to do that because you subscribed to patriot mobile and they got a great deal set up right now use my promo code Tanger to get free activation and a free gift. Again, they've got plans to fit any budget along with some really incredible discounts for veterans and first responders so again patriot is the website that's patriot if you want to call you can do that. 972 patriot.

That's 972 patriot. Whatever you do, folks.

Be sure to use the promo code. Todd all right were very excited and delighted to have a special guest in the studio. His name is Greg Davis and he has an incredible new book algebra to be talking about that as well.

Pastor Davis, welcome to the show. Thank you so much. Every year, and congratulations that the new book called standing strong in the storm and I think we could all use use of some guidance on how we can do that on our own lives as were all going to an evident navigate storms in life from investors part of living in your pretty personal. You opened up in this book and you talked about some some very personal things that you've gone through in your life really over short short amount of time exiting short amount of time and long amount of time we got as we had seasons. So our family has basically navigated about a dozen life-threatening health issues face death with my son with my daughter with my wife and then myself wow that's me. That in itself is an anomaly. I can imagine that happening to anybody but the entire family. Absolutely everyone, and so we have we have faced much adversity and the theme of this book is basically helping people the Lord in prayer. One day I was kinda complaining. I know if you ever complain in prayer, never, never got complaining in prayer one day about all the things that our family had been true been through while I was actually pastoring a church and trying to do God's will and the Lord showed me that all of this was training for his next assignment for me and that was to be an encouragement and a resource to people to help them go through adversity.

God's way so that they know some people are refined. Some people are ruined by their storms and others are refined by their storms and how we approach it and how we go through.

It makes all the difference in the world. So kind of like the Old Testament story of Job and all the things he went through an hearsay hole by Ice-T is what I've been through and so you put it all in. In this and the spoken folks, we got a link to it in our live show block again the name of the book standing strong in the sermon. I guess people to find it.

Really, wherever they get boxes out right yes it's on Amazon. Actually, I just looked and said there's there down to one copy but there will be more there is on Amazon. The audiobook is a study guide is always got things is also on Books A Million's website and Barnes & Noble and then also you can. You can also be purchased on my website.

So what you tell people that they come to you and they say pastor. I am going through this difficult season of my life. What are some of the things that you encourage them to do this book well. This book is not just is not just our story is not like you know an autobiography. Our story is woven in through the book, but basically 90% of this book is drilling down into you know Jesus would tell the story would basically talk about a farmer sowing seed. His goal was not to teach agriculture.

It was to help people see an example that could help them understand a kingdom principal and so what I've done of this book is drill down into various storm stories in the Scriptures and pulled out the nuggets of truth that relate to how we should approach adversity and how we can navigated in such a way that we come out stronger on the other side instead of weaker and come out better on the other side is that a bitter what once let let's just take what you are listeners and we got pretty good size audience out there there's a good chance somebody's going through at one of these storms. What is the first thing I want to give away the bulkier of what is what is the first step that you would encourage people to make as they as they began to make their way successfully through the storm well the thing about it is, is it to really navigate a storm, you have to have the proper perspective and really we encourage people to to have a genuine, real, true relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ because that relationship will help you in your perspective. The thing about it is it that you know none of us like it when our comfort zone is invaded, but the fact the matter is, is that you know what we care about comfort but God uses adversity and resistance against us to be able to build our strength so that we can get stronger and be more of what he has designed for us to be.

So we have to view it, not from a situation of all my goodness wise my comfort zone being invaded. We have to look at it princes you dismissing the Old Testament you know Job when you think think about Joseph in the Old Testament.

You know what Joseph saw as the pit.

God saw as prep for the palace and so that's what we saw what we see many times as trauma, the Lord sees as training to help us to become all that he has designed us to be so that he can use us to encourage and help other people. The name of the book is standing strong in the storm and you cannot get yourself a copy wherever you got your books also go to Greg Davis on that's Greg Davis I'm curious. So how was the family not everybody make it through these of these health crises. That's the thing it's it's it's it's an incredibly miraculous story and so encouraging because my son was born with five separate heart defects.

He had his first heart surgery when he was seven days old and and essentially we didn't know that he was going to live or not. And there was that there was a medical professional that basically said to me the day he was born. They said well we think he will survive in the ambulance to get to Le Bon or so his short-term survival was that precarious while and and so he essentially at this point is gone through six open heart surgeries. He had six open-heart surgeries. By the time he was 17 years old and so his survival was was very, very precarious, but now he is 30 years old. He is not only healthy, he actually plays sports and so it's like that God has brought him through that in such a miraculous way. And then when he was to my wife Nancy almost died from an autoimmune disease, and she was bedridden on and off for about six months and there was periods and there were she could name for yourself so he was a toddler as I was feeding him and feeding her that it is in this is why I was in youth ministry and and so but the Lord has brought her through that it was six months before doctors would even say they thought she was going to survive. Is that right yes and so she is in better health. Today than she was when she almost died decades ago and then after that we adopted a baby girl from China and she was one year and two weeks old, and 30 days after getting back to the United States with her. She was diagnosed with brain cancer and so this was another storm. Obviously and and she was given very little chance to survive.

We went through the whole St. Jude chemo and radiation and all the all the things that they do for you at St. Jude and so it was that it was an amazing story, and some of the details are in the book, but that they said that if she did survive, she would probably never walk, talk, for yourself or anything like that. She might just be you know, just like a mental vegetable sitting in the chair staring at the wall and then her testimony is that she's now 22 1/2 years old.

She's finished three years of college.

She's engaged to be married and she is an amazing young beautiful girl you would never look at everything she been sick a day in her life.

Every storm that God has brought us to.

He has brought us through with victory on the other side. But the reason for that is because there are biblical principles that will that we need to know and understand that that's what I'm teaching in this book. Teaching people how to go through adversity in such a way that you come out stronger because that II think is that there are a lot of people out there that think that once you beat become a Christian and you start going to church that all your problems are over and that is just simply not the case that a lot of people are surprised when they realize. Wait a second. II thought life was good to be smooth sailing now exactly well and you know and that in our human nature does have problems with that. I mean so many times I was praying during all 70% of the things our families been through. By the way, you know this.

I almost died of a massive heart attack last November and they almost lost me twice that night and and then three months later I was diagnosed with two brain aneurysms and so yes we been through a lot of adversity, but 70% of the things we've been through happened while I was the lead pastor at cornerstone church in Southaven, Mississippi, and one of the biggest miracles at all in our testimony is that anything ever happened. Because every time I turned around I was being faced with the a massive crisis. But God got us through our storms. He calls the church to grow and to expand and we had with you plan a campus in Tupelo, Mississippi, and that is that campus is going incredibly well and so God is done so many miraculous things and brought us through these storms in victory but again it's how we navigate. It's how we navigate the storms that really makes a difference and that is the purpose of the message of this book.

All right folks it's it's a great read and I would encourage you to get yourself a copy. Greg Davis

By the way is is that I get a copy there as well. I suppose they sent that the others limited supply. But there will be after do have to reprint stuff and so but it is available on Amazon's available books a million. The website right with that, but you can get it on his right of the other thing about my website is is that there are other encouraging materials like we let people can sign up for a weekly encouraging devotional email. If they would like that there are others of the material there on the website. Greg Davis all right and had to leave it there. We've got to take a break. Greg congratulations on the book again of folks get a copy wherever you get your books again the name of the book standing strong in the storm that standing strong in the storm. Pastor Greg Davis pastor. Thank you God bless you. Thank you Todd. All right, folks gotta take a quick break were going right to the phones when we return, 844-747-8860 events or toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 may I tell you about our friend over our friends that's right. Michael Dell has something credible opportunities for you for the listers of the time charge radio program, all this week they've got a great three-piece towel sets of you don't have the bipolar towels. You don't know what you're missing. These are great towels Billy Jennifer 1998 with our promo code. Starnes that's a pretty good deal. Also Christmas right around the corner and what better way to celebrate Christmas and getting some incredible bipolar products, whether it be the slippers the bipolar mattresses or the incredible Giza dream bedsheets now as low as 2998. Again, little scroll through and find all of the great products used by promo code Starnes in your to get some great discounts will be right back all right. Pastor Greg, I like what you say you need to get a copy of that book Fred Davis is the website but Paul is will Georgia wants to wait on and on.

What pastor Davis had to say hey Paul what's up. He was really hit the nail right on the head.

That's now the Lord things in people's lives is what you go through your individual particular ministry and you know that's the reason so many people go through so much and you talking earlier about the church standing up.

I heard what you gets talking about that course are calling and I'll know which one it was, but nobody can stand up on their own. Things like go through that pushes them through the door to go into things. A lot of things I don't want to deal with but they're stuck in a position that they have to deal with in this morning's out. They are not it actually is not being built is being brought out of them and that's how the Lord does so when the chart stands up his bad when persecution hits, or is it good if it is going to bring something good from it. I would study we can look at it in a different life with that man really had his finger on the button and I appreciate you get like that. Well glad to do it.

Paul and I looked, I as I was listening to his historian and going back to 2005 when I shockingly had to have that open heart surgery. I mean it was it was one of those storms and had it not been for that. I can tell you right now I'd never go to Bennett Fox news channel. I would not be sitting behind this microphone right now so there there is good that can come through going going through these storms in life, so sorry Paul appreciate all our right and to get yourself a copy of that book. By the way, let's go to the villages, America's friendliest hometown bark is now our hurricane EMS correspondent Bart what's going on down there for all day and can't plug it right in the middle of the date looking like it better be a direct hit on it could go above as well handle but right now they haven't got the both tracks are coming together yet, but you would think we went to a COBIT pandemic. You can't get water.

There breaded breaded on nightmare aerate downspout seniors right now most of their furniture so that they can be prepared for it because you know that it is not able to do it themselves. It's amazing. Marguerite is probably one of the most populous parts of the state. That whole metro area and they haven't had a direct hit from a hurricane or one over hundred years. I was reading yesterday. Unbelievable. But you know we got that off.

You can guarantee that a plate with everything in place of what's going to happen dark. Here's what I would do. Here's what I would do Bart, I would put I would put DeSantis right there on the beach in St. Petersburg and to give and put them in a robe and give them a rod and let's see what happened this I just say the hard part.

The Gulf of Mexico yeah IVD.but you can get the I my prayers go out to everybody here in Florida and everyone say get through this. Start tomorrow, but I'll keep you abreast of pictures of what's going on Billy please do Mark and you know you'll be safe. Give us a call. We love to and and really, that goes for all of our folks in Florida and we want to know how you guys are doing and call him no matter what were talking about Mark. We want to know how things are going out there you just want to mess around with those of those big storms. What you guys know what to do. I will take for our Florida heart. Mark you be safe out there on Mark from the villages or official hurricane Ian correspondent by the way, if you have electric car.

Now is the time to go ahead and get out so you can you think get recharged because of you stay put up our baby out and you may be stuck so nobody was to be stuck in the middle of the storm like that but one of the they're saying it's going up it's going to be a major hurricane nursing. What category four so that could pack a pretty big wall up and then you folks in Georgia are you guys are to get the those the storms as well. So just be careful out there folks and be sure listen to your local radio station. Just remember when the power goes out is the gradual transistor radio there and your local talk and new stations can get you through the the big troubles I don't forget if you have not already done so were starting today launching our big alliance defending freedom fundraising effort trying to get the monies they can fight these cases at the Supreme Court. Todd scroll down look for the alliance. Defending freedom banner and it'll take you to a special website just for us our first got us get out of here for good America MBC for

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