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The Trump Raid

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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August 31, 2022 3:59 pm

The Trump Raid

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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August 31, 2022 3:59 pm

The DOJ responds - with pictures!

Rep. Louie Gohmert, Hans von Spakovsky, Rep. Andy Biggs, and Mike Davis join the conversation!

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Summits can be very exciting show. You know I always welcome your calls throughout the show will normally turn my cell phone off here in case anyone says, I do have friends as they heard it asked for calls and then they'll call me or text me to be funny on my phone 844-747-8868 is my number if you would like to join me here in the liberty University studios so story.

I'm sure everyone seen the picture. Her seen round the world is this picture put out by the DOJ of carpeting in Malaga, which by the way, it looks like hotel carpeting, so it may have been like in a more public area on of these pictures look at losing a Tupperware box like pictures of stuff on the floor and of course they put it out there because well you can ask you why you why you think they're doing all this.

So what I did because the DOJ responded they had until midnight to respond to why the judge shouldn't appoint a special master which is what Trump wants and she allowed them they can have 20 pages and she led them to go over that. They say you get as many as 40 pages double and think they came in with a 36 page report, complete with pictures and and you know on the backwards like Alice's restaurant they pictures the crime scene descriptions on the back and if you're not old enough to know what Alice's restaurant is to look at what I did was I took a couple of different new stories and I called from each one. In order to get the whole story in chronological order because they jump around so it was making my head hurt so I did this work for you and I put it all in chronological order, and this is from the Washington Examiner and the Fox News if they had a baby it would be this so last week you know that what Trump's lawyers filed a motion requesting the special master and they want the special master master to assess the records what the FBI took because basically their warrant was you to take anything you need take anything anything you want just a free-for-all. Normally, when you get a warrant. It's for something specific that you say this person has like drugs in the bedroom door. No guns under the couch.

That type of thing. This is just yet, but we think he's got documents so they were allowed to search everywhere in all of Mara Lago to look for the suspect for these documents that he shouldn't have took a lot of stuff. There's a lot of stuff you know they took as passports, we know that they took things that God Trump says were privileged information. They had a napkin there was a bit that supposedly a napkin they took like okay so the so the lawyers say that it was a shockingly aggressive move. I think a lot of people agree with this and they made the filing two weeks after Trump was rated by the Bureau and it go when before Judge Eileen Cannon in the Southern District of Florida, and she earlier this she had indicated this weekend that she was leaning towards giving Trump the special master.

So the DOJ had until midnight last night to respond to this and they did, they they responded as I said with this 36 page document. What they also did was publish a photo of classified documents on the floor of Mara Lago and I guess it had little container next to it and they did this as part of the petition for the special master against the special master to review the articles they said we don't need a special master. Besides, they've already started going through everything anyway so there's anything privilege vision. Trump and his lawyers had eyes on it now. They said they did it with was called a taint team. We don't know who is on this team who appoints them. If the FBI and the DOJ are as biased as it appears they are, how do we know those people are bias. How do we know that that information is never going to be used later. You know they get to sale. We know he's got that there will how do you know well we just know we had a confidential informant. Maybe you saw when you went through this stuff so the hearing for the special master request from trans team is tomorrow. They can refile they can file a response to this response from the DOJ to what they just found to do today though because the hearings tomorrow and of course the FBI waited to like almost midnight to release this to give Trump's team to the least amount of time possible to respond. Now Trump has also made a request from the same judge by his team asked that she blocks the government from reviewing the materials that they cease from him estate until the special master is appointed, but since she hasn't done that they can continue to pot their way through all of this stuff in the meantime and they said we are doing that were going through everything we have right now but you can trust us. We got a special team of people to make sure we don't look at anything we shouldn't see now that image that put that was out there that they put out that the FBI put out there is also in this special filing now a little cynical. I think that this putting out of this picture is, she is just like the previous leak see her remember how many weeks ago, the Washington Post and the New York Times were told the Trump had nuclear codes right we heard that a nuclear codes and then at that story.this is just what they do. The FBI and the DOJ did this all through Russia gate. When they do, they leaked out little things here and there a little piece of information over the dossier has you Trump with prostitutes in the dossier has this in the dossier is that none of it was true, and they knew it wasn't true, but they leaked out tidbits to smear Trump based on past behavior. I look at this picture and I got there just trying to smear Trump with this jury pool of this diet. There's a kind jewelry for whatever reason, in any of this. They have this picture in their head.

People are ready for Connie at Lucky's guilty. There's a picture that is classified will, then it must be true. The photo shows as I said the dark.

It's on the docks on the floor. There's also with this. Some of these documents you consumers marked secret or top secret that doesn't mean that the president didn't declassify those the president has the right to do that but also it is a box with is a box of the framed copy of Time magazine with Trump on the cover that to. They were like the Grinch rating the houses when he took the last Cannon who hash they said everything, even his personal stuff they knew there was nothing there but they seized a picture of framed picture of the front of Time magazine. Why, why would you do that now. Trump's lawyers before the FBI obtained the search warrant Trump's lawyers claim that all of the records from the White House that were at Mara Lago were in a secure storage room on the premises and we know that the FBI asked them to put another lock on the storage room which the Trump team says they did.

They got the warrant after quote. The government developed evidence that a search limited to the storage room would not have uncovered all the classified documents at the premises.

Now if that is true. My question is does the FBI have a mold spying on the former president. We know that they did it when he was president. We know that they were listening in on phone calls me know that they were doing things they were not supposed to be doing so would it be beyond the pale to ask if they had a confidential informant with in Mara Lago, who knew a lot about the president who knew a lot so that's where my questions come from the filing they say that the FBI and amount of fluency matter of hours recovered twice as many documents with classification markings as the diligent search that the former presidents Council and other representatives had weeks to perform calls into serious question the representations made in the June 3 certification and cast doubt on the extent of cooperation in this matter. I Trump's lawyer Christina Bob signed the document asserting that all classified material had been returned to the government now again all we know, Trump told her I've declassify this. This is not classified information and she said okay and again the president has the right to do that.

The DOJ argued that trumpeting put this in the filing quote has shown no basis for the court to grant injunctive relief and they say prosecutors argued the appointment of a special master is unnecessary and with significant significantly harm important governmental interests, including national security interests.

The filing claims that Trump lacks standing for special master because the records in question belong to the United States not to him it's and they also said that Trump won't suffer any injury without an injunction and the harms to the government and the public would far outweigh any benefit president based on how the president is been treated in the past. I think the president needs protection. They've been pretty proven that they are biased towards him.

They have proven that they have treated him badly. They've proven that they lied. We know they had the hunter by the laptop in order to prevent him from becoming president. Why wouldn't anyone want a special master involved in this depends on the special master right who's going to get appointed cool points, but I don't know and maybe some of our guest cancer who points a special master is how we know that person isn't going to be all in cahoots with all of this you want to jump in a 4474788688447478868 coming up I've got more. I've got some some of what they found and more of what the DOJ is arguing saying why they shouldn't have a special master and honestly disappoint Arnold that matter, since they're going through everything anyway. They're just going through everything so doesn't even matter 844-747-8868 were coming up on the Todd Sancho Piper and Michael Dell has a passion to help everyone get the best sleep of your life by simply reading the bedfellow like green veggie look and feel great with me that even better night's sleep for me, which is crucial provide business bike around the world's best cotton called visa is ultra soft and breathable, but it's really beautiful white with a 60 day moneyback guarantee and a 10 year warranty is not usually public key so she will never want to sleep on anything is a dream come in a variety of sizes and likely does the incredible deal is the sale of the year for limited time you get used to dream receiver set forth what was 4999 by below� Click on the radio as per square and use the promo code start by not only this amazing offer but also deep discounts of all my fellow product so much: 800-3985

The promo code start and I were 47478868 were just talking about the filing that the DOJ ID gave to the court to protest a special master. They don't want one and they they lay out the argument as to why they don't need one. They said the filing says that the government filter team has already completed its work of segregating any seas material that are potentially subject to a tiny attorney-client privilege and the government's investigative team is already reviewed all of the remaining materials, including any that are potentially subject to claims of executive privileges. They also claim that the employment of a special master would impede the government's ongoing criminal investigation and then sew the left is always under a time to get on terms go to jail. And if the special master were tasked with reviewing classified documents that would impede the intelligence community from conducting its ongoing review of the national security risk that improper storage of these highly sensitive materials may have caused, and from identifying measures to rectify or mitigate any damage that improper storage caused then they also talked about his passports crystals and passports. They said that passports were found in a draw and taken by federal officials before being returned to the former president. The location of the passports is relevant evidence.

In an investigation of unauthorized retention and mishandling of national defense information. Nonetheless, the government decided to return to return those passports, in its discretion.

They so nice nice of them to do that return is passports you know what they they put that out there. You know I that what you know they put that in here because what would you sing on Twitter are you seeing on the that the six Internet's in the scum that that's floats around in their out. Trump has passports was ready to flee he had with classified material.

He was ready to flake yes that's why he kept it in a Tupperware box in Mara Lago there ego in its way to kept it in the desk drawer. If you if you classify patent documents and you're ready to flee to go sell them to Putin.

I think we would have a better goal than that right okay they say throughout 2021 United States national archives and record ministration had ongoing communications with representatives of former president Trump in which it sought the transfer of what it perceived or missing records from his administration. These communications ultimately resulted in the provision of 15 boxes from former president Trump to NARA in January of this year. Prosecutors wrote when producing the 15 boxes, the former president never asserted executive privilege over any of the documents nor claim that any of the documents in the boxes containing classified classification markings had been declassified that the FBI in a matter of hours recovered twice as many documents with classification markings as the diligent search that the pro forma Presidents Council and other representatives had weeks to perform calls into serious questions and representations made in the June 3 certification and cast doubt on the extent of cooperation in this matter. They say the on national archives reserve referred the case to law enforcement for two reasons evidence that classified records have been stored at the premises until mid-January, 22, and that evidence and evidence that certain pages of presidential records had been quote torn up and here's the thing that he had stored classified information until January 2022. Okay, this is not what about his and this is just about equal treatment under the law.

I get Hillary Clinton who had on as a server in her home.

She has no power to declassify anything she was. She was with the State Department right. She was the head of state.

She has zero declassification power but she on a server in her home which she then destroyed but they're upset because they say certain pages had been torn up and that he had dated they had been stored in the premises. Okay again.

Hillary Clinton's bathroom server or basement server. I've heard it was one of those two locations and and James Comey said he chose not to prosecute her because she didn't mean to break the law because you know they they can tell someone's intent and she said I didn't mean to.

After finding five documents marked confidential 16 marked a secret 17 documents marked it as top-secret at Mara Lago. The filing said counsel for the former president offered no explanation as to why boxes of government records including 38 documents with classification markings remained at the premises nearly 5 months after the production of the 15 boxes and nearly 1/2 years after the end of the administration. They added that a preliminary review by the FBI revealed 184 unique documents bearing classification markings, including 67 documents marked as confidential 92 documents marked as secret 25 documents marked as top-secret. The FBI then allegedly developed evidence that quote dozens of additional boxes remained at the premises that were also likely to contain classified information. Okay, who told them that.

Do they have a confidential informant inside the White House of most significant concern was that highly classified records were unfolded. Meeting on the in the folder. This was to be in intermixed with other records and likewise on properly identified during the August 8 execution of the search warrant at the premises. The government sees 33 boxes, containers, or items of evidence which contained over 100 classified records, including information classified at the highest levels three classified documents that were found in a desk drawer.

During the search, according to the DOJ but from claims that he doesn't declassified all the documents stored at Mara Lago and denied any wrongdoing. I know does that sound familiar to anybody.

He said oh no, stuff that I destroyed I swiped like Dwight did with the cloth that thing in the blackberry that I smashed. No, no, that was that was just about yoga, you know, because Hillary such a yoga fanatic.

Anybody buying that you I jump in a 447478868 I got more of this more of what's in there coming up on the Todd start show.

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They got a respond. I think I personally think that the DOJ held their response until midnight last night as close to midnight as they could possibly get in order to give the Trump team less time to respond today now because they have to. Now put they had to take the 36 pages this post be 22 space shorts was between pages that the judge led them more so 36 pages at the Trump team tends to go through and they have to craft a response to this about whether there should be a special master in order to look over the what the FBI says it took but by now. Sorry maybe I'm wrong I just don't have faith in the vanity again anymore. I just don't we know they're biased I give you Peter Strock and Lisa pages exhibiting James Comey and John Brennan and you know the rest of the crew that's just off the top of my head and Eric Kleinsmith and I can keep going and who was it to Bo who who left and indent in the guy who retired innocently on Andrew McCabe that there's a bunch of them. Now that we know worked to undermine the president of the United States.

We know that they withheld the Biden laptop in order to they said not to interfere in an election.

Yet they did. They want to bind away in the light interfere in the election because they knew that if they did Trump probably was going to win, so why should we trust that they've done everything by the book they haven't taken any of the stuff that they took from the house and spirited away, you know, weeding get that and I think in cash. Patel has been out everywhere talk about this that they were after a crossfire hurricane which was a rut Russian hoax documents that Trump declassified. We know he did. He even tweeted out that he was declassified all of that on and that that's what they wanted. They want to get their hands on that they didn't want him to have it for whatever reason.

Now maybe, maybe on the up and up. Maybe Dave turned over a new leaf and they see this is their opportunity to finally put Trump in jail to keep him from running for 2020 and I guarantee you this is going to go through the midterm and maybe after the midterm. What is all said and done, this will slowly die away is going to be nothing to see here and it's going to go bye-bye kind of like Trump had nuclear codes of heads and that, in my humble opinion, is the way it's going to go and you may feel free to disagree with. If you okay so what else do they find prosecutors said of the date written from the back as passports, here's a here's the thing to listen to this that we know in the picture that they put out.

There's a picture of from the front page of the, the type of Time magazine, the Trump on the cover and it was framed it was that they took it. The finally ended a personal effects are not subject to return for several reasons, including that the evidence of quote co-mingling personal effects the documents bearing classification markings is relevant evidence of the statutory offense is under investigation.

So another words were not given you any of your stuff back that we took the picture that frame picture in Time magazine you not get back whatever other personal effects. They took of Trump formalized Milani's closet. They were in her and in her bureau and her dresser anything that they talk they're not given back right away because as evidence now because we want to show where you know that that the documents were next to Milani is being abroad. Milani is 90 or whatever they're gonna trot all of this stuff out in public.

This in mind, my mind is just meant to embarrass Trump this is meant to smear him more because that's what they do and that's what they know and that's what's going on here if you want to jump in a 44747868 were going to talk about this more with a Congressman Louis Gomer in about half an hour. Hans months Makovsky will be joining us in about an hour and then we have a leader in the show. Congressman Andy Biggs and Mike Davis who is the project of article 3 when talk to them about that as well as some other things as well but I want to just go here to very quickly to Jonathan Turley on Twitter so I should have this out because that would have been prepared okay so Jonathan Turley says here he puts the picture and he says this filing includes this picture, which is being widely distributed.

It can however leave and obviously misleading impression and secret documents were strewn over the floor.

When this appears to be the work of the FBI agents and he says the picture is attachment F in the textual conference on page reference excusing on page 13 simply says certain of the documents had colored cover sheets indicating their classification status. It's curious that the DOJ would release this particular picture. The point is to state a fact that hardly needs an optical confirmation. The possession of documents would classify cover sheets which is why I question this. This to me stinks to high heaven. This is just something visual because most people don't repast the headline rightmost and outmost people read you know that at the time, then it's an end. That's part of the problem and but they know that nobody reads and so they could just put out put out pictures when people come to their own conclusions. Their conclusions are false.

OL Jonathan Turley goes on to say, the government could and did. Simply state the fact of the cover pages and would not likely be challenged on that point. Without the inclusion of this one photo for critics, the photo may appear.

Another effort with prior leaks to help frame the public optics and discussion means me to talk to me on the government does allege that classify documents were mixed in with nonclassified documents. However, the court clearly did not need the visual age of a picture of documents with covers to establish that there were such documents. It seems intended for public consumption and is donating to to read the comments underneath. You can definitely tell which way because it's such a Rorschach test. If you and I love for me. It's hard because the left during the summer of love when police officers view toward trying be burned alive inside their police headquarters in Portland and police officers were killed David Dorn for one of the Valium police officers security officers were being killed during the summer of love, the Democrats told us there was nothing going on mainstream media told us nothing to see here the dog.Democrat prosecutors in those cities dropped the charges against those people know that none of them were brought to just maybe one or two here and there.

That was about it. Vast majority there were zero repercussions for their writing and their looting and their destruction and the assault on police officers. Suddenly those same people think the FBI and the DOJ were beyond reproach so they just don't like the local police. But the big government, authoritarian police that they love. That's just a okay with them. To me it is so fascinating to see.

It's like Pres. Biden yesterday talking about how you know we need law and order, and he's appropriating all this money for the police while, Harris was running around telling people to donate to a fine to bail out the people who were taking place.

So if you look at any of these threads on Twitter and you follow them to me it's just such a fascinating like National Geographic moment because our RVUs are so biased. I think without us even realizing it. Based on what's important to us and it's based on feelings and beliefs which is scary. We can become.

We can't reach craft law at bay and politics based on what we feel is right to me.

It's gotta be based on facts and it has to be based on you know what order you can have people burning down cities just because they feel aggrieved that doesn't work that way. Remember in Baltimore. After George Freddie Greg.

It was after the foot during the Freddie Gray riots in Baltimore. The mayor of Baltimore stepped back and told the police to give them 24 hours to get their feelings out today could just think you have 24 hours to to vent 24 hours to to destroy minority owned businesses to set them on fire to destroy private property into assault police officers.

You can't govern that way. So that's why I think when I look at this and obviously a very biased diode. I acknowledge my bias but I look at this little wait a minute I know what they've done in the past. Why should I trust them now I'm considered a dose of skepticism. I can't look at the FBI in the DOJ and say all will now.

I'm sure they're telling the truth is you date somebody and he's cheated on you in the past and he told you, along with a cheat nine yen the whole button and he tells Ella's friends that you're the one doing the cheating. Oh my gosh establishes cheat and horrible.

I want to get rid of her. But I want to deal with the promise of the key and then you turn around and if I didn't know she was the one doing the cheating. You wouldn't trust him again right like would you continue to go out with him. Probably not. So for me it's the same thing so maybe I am horribly biased I probably am 844-747-8868. We are all feeling the pain at the pump and at the grocery store graham crackers of the day.

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That's a NAC .us/Starnes were coming up on the Todd star and show uncle Tom through is the eye-opening documentary everyone in America should see Todd's turn to your and uncle Tom to offers a compelling and brave analysis of the true history of black America.

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Don't miss uncle Tom drew from executive producer Larry Elder and director Justin Malone with Brandon Tatum and Brody Baucom and Chad O. Jackson watch the movie on demand or by the DVD now at Salem. that sale Salem Mary Walter invert Todd Dorrance tomorrow. You can join podcast if you go and you tubular for Mary Walter radio will bring it right up 7:15 PM Eastern time.

I it's also on gator I not have it just Mary Walter. I did have to go for Mary Walter radio action got Mary Walter on getters about 7:15 PM Eastern time. And of course you can always go back in and you older episodes as well and were to be launching a new podcast in October beginning of October facility to podcasts them. LOL coming up a Congressman Louis Gomer will be joining us on the border crisis. The Trenton update on the Trump read and abide in speech yesterday in Pennsylvania. This is interesting.

There are some rank-and-file conservatives who have already introduced impeachment articles in the current Congress against the present. Of course Marjorie Taylor Green, the most vocal of them. They accused Biden of committing high crimes in his approach to a bunch of different issues border coronavirus withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, so they are saying.

Some of these conservatives because they're expected to win the house majority. They want to move as soon as they take the majority to impeach the president and this is something to make a first order of business, Bob good at a Virginia said I've consistently said Pres. Biden should be impeached for intentionally opening our border and making Americans less safe on this is very much like what the Democrats did right and high times a day. Impeach Trump twice they would've done it much more they would've done it every single what is been a renewing impeachment every maybe seasonal four times a year. You know it was just a small group of very progressive Democrats who wanted to impeach trumpet that it grew right and they got Nancy. They died on Nancy Pelosi on board when they are. There was a secret whistleblower who came forward and announce it out trumps pressuring foreign powers to find dirt on his political opponents and in all that and so they did that. So they had the formal impeachment in September 2019. So that was eight months after Nancy Pelosi was became speaker of the house so get this.

The difference is this time, is there are quite a few conservatives who are voicing and need to impeach Biden and their either doing it in poorly or have come out and actually said that they support that and working to speak with a Congressman Andy Biggs about that coming up next hour I because he is mentioned in this piece that I'm quoting from so will be interesting to talk to him about that. I also wanted to share this with you is high nor depends on where you are right parts of the country that have a drought going on in other parts of the country.

In Mississippi, which is getting far too much water in there. They're drowning. There is it's horrible what's happening thereafter. Those people, but one of the things I don't have is power. Now, California California California Independent system operator which manages the states electric and warned yesterday that they're going to have to issue a series of what they call flex alerts over the next several diet days. Those are voluntary claw calls for conservation in the afternoon and the evening hours when energy use goes because the he can say the sun comes out, it gets hotter as the day goes on.

People come home from work there being asked to turn their thermostats to 78� or higher.

Which is funny because the thermostat in my home is set at 70� in the summer. Avoid using dishwashers or other large appliances and hold off on charging their electric vehicles from 4 to 9 PM, which I found interesting because are we all supposed to have electric vehicles. Now they tell us is in California no longer going to be selling electric vehicles after only 2033 which if they were serious they would make it 2023, but they're not serious so that it's 10 years down the road you were not to be allow you to buy a elect of gas powered vehicle in the state of California.

What charge it because everybody has to charge their electric vehicles after 9 o'clock when everybody plugs and what do you think happens to the system and I know a lot of people like I said, our air conditions at 70� during the day and at night it was down to 74 because have to be able to sleep Ray. If you can't sleep that's it's miserable so you want to be able to sleep. Let's go to Steve from central Arkansas, Steve, you are on the Todd star show high owner home I won't comment on them all in my opinion the whole way. I hated the very day they showed up wearing wooden oil. The earliest to your will, by Laguna and I tried to get him to shut out good. What else could. After that you trust anybody spiritually will exactly and eat. I almost feel like I'm the crazy person like you and I are in the same crazy voted sometimes because it when you read what people say about this and let both the FBI Trump is Trump is guilty Trump is doing this trip is doing that, but if you sit in the boat look with the FBI has done in the past I have people who tell me that the Hunter Biden laptop isn't real as people other than okay will, which is where you are improved. If I didn't write it on your home like you file you. You are all tolerant, the drill all your legal trial get all that of Mark is eight euros because of the water the restorer before and it's interesting because the FBI wanted them to turn off the security cameras and now people all over twitter likable trumps of innocent, why doesn't he release the security footage like security footage.

Now you want them to release no matter what Trump does. They want the opposite. It doesn't matter, they they just they just hate him so much. It really truly is some kind of mental deficiency. Thank you so much of the call appreciate you joining me coming up Congress in low regard will be joining us here on the Todd star Joe King's College as part it's restricted with the drive and dedication to grow in their faith and develop leadership skills as they wrote a bachelors degree. The Kings College offers programs online in New York City. I did a combination of deliveries, every major and minor is designed to prepare students for success. Find out more. Start the journey will just go to college Kings Kings College to Dutch to find out what the King's College has to walk universities. Do you see stars today great to be with you coming up about half an hour going behind bonds because from the heritage foundation now covers an entry Andy Biggs will be joining us and after debates will speak with Mike Davis, a founder of the article 3 project but right now you very special guest.

Actually my favorite moviegoer I know that you're on with me today how are you bored nor more married, don't always text me back to when I was a member of the boat and in mountain characters that would blight song and there will thereby dog boarding the words in their Florida him so bad really widen what people thought know Jesus. The Coast Guard like that about exactly well. Kyle, our engineer here was telling me during the break about how his dad when he was in the bed.

He said I know the songs I had alerted to be in the boat. What Nardo see Kyle if they gave.

They taught you because it is easy Joe Mary was lucky that emerging learning to draw the reader is probably doesn't know what that is because were old so you higher all once he did lead us to know if that is what I said well we have to play Louis Louis because that we gotta do that one of the people who shall not be named in the studio said. What's that really don't know that he literally well it actually there were other versions song Joe song mouth that's you murder God like a bad going on. I know I want to get to that. I want your reaction. I just spent the last about 45 minutes of the first part of the show discussing what the FBI has filed in regards to the Trump raid. I and what is your your opinion of what you saw what the FBI and the DOJ. Rather, has filed about what they've done with the Trump raid what they took the picture that was released, etc. will you know what, where I write and run in the arm of the human integrity of the people at the DOJ that did that but I just don't and is a former judge who would die for arrest warrant officer coming to you did not have a history of integrity or with a law enforcement group did not have integrity and impact you that you had falsified thing you should not punish the people also you really reluctant it created and made more evidence to justify a probable cause because credibility of witnesses is always relevant and material and we unfortunately have you to say it was just the top of the FBI. But that's where the problem for but going back to the mower day when mower would one thing like in the case, he would reward people for all the week created and then would punish anyone that was on about what and so it just credibility is a real issue when it comes to recurrent FBI so unless you're an illegitimate somebody by somebody that hates all loves Hillary Clinton loves you were going so much they hypothetically did you use yourself in your blog case involving your word. Clinton in that case well. The standards go out the window and there ready to punish part of the problem in our system and so they knew they were going to get the warrant. But this was unprecedented. Nobody had ever had the nerve to put our little experiment in self-government at such risk, which is what they have done and think about it. Mary put yourself in the place of Donald prompt and those that work with the care about the is a legacy you know that the FBI, DOJ went more here. First, get a warrant to spy on you your campaign that they fraudulently created for the warrant and went to the highest level of the DOJ and the FBI. She if I were Trump I would've been extremely concerned and still be about these guys getting rid of documents that would show just how sensitive the fraud laws and trying to make it look like some terrible things while he was president. I would be concerned about that if I will present my brother Donald drop so wanted big classified documents and keep them myself because I would not trust DOJ to do the right thing.

So and then plus he had authority to declassify the glass and so this was the document negotiation that goes on all the time in civil and criminal cases jumped out right you the danger they have put our government in so let me ask you know I like the way I look at this.

I agree with everything. Obviously, that you're saying but if it's true, as cash Patel has asserted that Trump had crossfire hurricane documents that he said he had declassify. We really remember the tweet that when out that I declassify all the stuff he wrote a letter to Wellwood on his last days in office, saying he was declassify all the stuff they didn't declassify it right think they chose not to honor that declassification. They didn't do it if you did have that paperwork. Is it worth it to the DOJ and the FBI to do what they've done knowing that they probably will never be found out. No one can be punished because no one's been punished or held accountable. So far, so it was worth it to them. Take the risk exactly and that I have gotten away with it. As I said before, I was hoping the directors that replaced.

Call me would come in and completely calling out the of the corruption just honesty and in my opinion Christopher Ray added to it instead of cleaning up what things under the rug not interested in really exposing them to stop the corrupt practices that have gone on so yeah it just cannot overstate how devastating the actions by the DOJ for the last well going back to 2001 when mower to go.

Just how much damage they have done, and the jury still out on whether or not we are going to be able to say about government but you have an Intel community that was corrupted and apparently still is, you have a DOJ that was corrupted and Mary exactly like you say I would held anybody accountable.

Go start with the trial would, but you know they knew they were trying to see where the jurors apparently say well, but they were lying to go out the public so that makes it okay.

This is dangerous and it's gotta be exposed. Clinton case and the way they call me.

I chose to exonerate her by adding intent to to the law to what he could have charged her with you with the improper handling of the documents, but because he did that does that set a precedent now for Trump trunk is a will.

I didn't mean to break the lie. I declassify these things, they can go back and forth and he gets a lot. Didn't mean to break any law wasn't breaking a law. I did let you know just like Hillary Clinton and have the intent to do so well longer to not drive the word very clearly be exonerated at any trial, but hopefully outward (it would not go back for because they are putting the country at risk and I really think part of what they're doing is trying to blame prompt supporters yet felt something else violent so that they can hold finish the total intimidation of border. Gotta start their people. There will never be part of a rally will drop, but I'll report you don't garlanded made clear he wanted to intimidate supporters what apparently they're doing one thing we cannot do is let them file it.

We claim these clowns out at the next election, and then we got to cloying the house get people who will cloying the house and you're not Dr. Jim Jordan number of times about it. They would get around are you going to get her going there to strike the judiciary committee, but the judiciary committee is got to start holding these people accountable, not letting them get away with the corruption that's been going on that site start yeah I'm running antimissile is that something you would do any what he did. The Republicans have the guts and the votes, especially with Mitch McConnell is the leader sorry I'm not a huge fan to actually do something like impeach Biden and use that as the first thing to start going after all these people to say were cleaning house with let's do that.

What they did to Trump by the that the majority would hold the push from the American people that it will likely send it up. What needs to be done because I think you'll see the house not do what Paul Ryan is speaker did but actually go after the laws and the corruption and start going in Houston. I know Jim is making clear going after that and you know Kevin McCarthy is saying he is going to make sure we don't report out. That's been the problem in the past we would get people that would say were going to do what I would do exactly the opposite not hold anybody accountable but this this public form of government with a little R, it will not stand much longer. If we do not hold people accountable that have engaged in so much corruption.

The Intel community has way too much power the DOJ through the patriot act got more power than they should never got yeah they continue to tell people on the judiciary all gosh, you know, we don't take this away working with America's public websites based say by having some of the what I would buy overzealous patriot act and we don't need those plenty of probable cause to get what we got. Without the final Newbery American which out going on.

Well, I would love to see my husband says I say this all time. I give him so much credit. He said the Republican Party needs a lot more women because they seem to be the ones who aren't afraid about speaking up and they don't care what the left says about them and we need more Laura billboards Marjorie Taylor Greene's lease to phonics is a don't care about being in Congress forever. They just want to go in there and get the job done and I would love to see you have a role in this because I do think that you you would be fair. But then again I'm biased as we all know there is that. Thank you so much and please, please, please tell them Willie please fight it's so disheartening to watch them not fight for Enos, the Senate, not watching them fight for these people who are running for the Senate in the midterms.

They put some money into Dr. Oz or some of these are the people lease they may not be the perfect candidate, but could the at least fight I would really appreciate that.

Thank you Mary have a great week and thank you for joining me on the patriot mobile newsmaker line. We got more newsmakers coming up hunts months McCoskey will be joining us in about 20 minutes on strontium, remember to eat your fruits and vegetables. We all remember these words from a child. Anyone have time to buy, store, prepare and eat the fruit and vegetables in our busy lives, balance of nature keeps it simple. Our produce is powdered after an advanced vacuum quote process which stabilizes the maximum nutrient content produced is then mixed into a scientifically researched design with your body and mind. Once these plans are encapsulated or packaged and sent right to your door.

You can get all the benefits of a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables every day experience the balance of nature different for yourself 800-246-8751 35% on your first order using very larger inferred times 24 port 747-8868 is my number. Let's go to Lee from Gainesville is sitting on W. Do you and leave you are on the Todd start shell hi. I will call Jamie about will you all back in euros I will go to law don't have to worry no doubt you will go out there arbitral people not involved in government come November will vote for income going for follow yes you you receive your commenting on what Congress ago but said that what she thinks may be happening here and I think he may be right is that they're just pushing and pushing and pushing to frustrate people who are not members of the party. People who disagree with what the Democrats do to get them to protest. They want another January 6 and you have to be careful because the truth will never come out just like if the if there are in it with their warranty for January 6. If there were government informants January 6 do that again because they got away from they've gotten away with it so far.

Once they'll do it again, and that's what he's afraid of, and but I'm with you in the sense that everything is on transport, I don't care going to protest. Absolutely not. That's not my style. That's not the way I roll. However, like that they don't know who the supporters are and who aren't in and they get really overconfident and then we get to hit them again like we did in 2016 and they never see it coming. Thank you so much. Coming up next. McCoskey joining us here from Heritage foundation natures fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one night at a time by what were your swimming yada yada yada always looking for something I following morning I woke up and I went well and we haven't stopped taking it anyway single thing that changed that don't know about.

Start your journey to better health with balance of nature right now: 800-246-8751 or go to the balance of to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance chart show. If you are just joining us will.

Where have you been on very well. There is sitting in for Todd start is a lot more talk about today as focusing a lot on what's happening with the Trump raid and the DOJ filing to the court they have it in by midnight last night when I delve into more about that with hunts months.

McCoskey he's the senior legal fellow from Heritage foundation and a great guy. Welcome to the Todd start show how are you I tell everybody about your amazing Christmas cookies from GABA IT will come down to pick him up this high hunts and his wife are phenomenal bakers and he's a great lawyer and hundred been talking about of the warrant at about exceeding the DOJ filing that that the gate to the court last night had happened in by midnight.

It seems as if they waited for the absolute last minute camp has to respond to that today they were allowed to file a response that was more than 20 pages Trump team effectively respond to 36 pages in 24 hours brought you. Hopefully they'd already been work even though they did know exactly what the government their lawyer. No guessing probably what the government was going to side with the government.

The affidavit which actually read the morning. I'm starting their pleading with the rebels morning that the president actually doesn't even have any standing to be making any counterclaim in court regarding charges record. These are the records of the guided actual records that you got no right to be in court in the first place and that we pick up the personal material personally and attorney-client privilege as well. Word file to keep him anyway.I look back at any of that.

We've already looked through all the old and we figured out what is attorney-client privileged and what is it and therefore there is no need for a special master to be by someone who could independently look through all the documents all edit any of that. That would just be terrible for special master to be appointed to because that would raise all kinds of quote unquote national purity warrant that they had to go to Malaga was a surprise raid Trump newly was notified of the Trump camp right was totally surprised need to put a big show out of of making this this huge raid with the sirens and that 3030 office available agents going into the warrant. I am not the lawyer was overly broad with the basically allowed to told that they could go in the date specify exactly what they were looking for. Are they allowed to just go with it and just see what they wanted to take while they were both ago where there were certain room certain other areas noted that they were. I look at others but they were not as they were clearly looking for presidential record. They can be properly denied.

In particular, classified documents by the way, everyone waited but they were supposedly never told before by breadcrumbs lawyers that these documents had been declassified as you know that from these documents were declassified by the credit issue really still has not been dealt with.

We've not had a here and that's really what happened to be a hearing in which father present evidence from folks present their evidence on the claim that all these documents were declassified and therefore there's really no justification for what the Justice Department is seen now that they've done this and if I put on my you know my polish up my tinfoil hat slipped on my head here what they've done. By doing this date. We don't know what they have. We only know what they have because of what they tell us they have so we have to trust them to be honest about what they have. So if cash Patel for instance is correct by saying will they went in because Trump crossfire hurricane documents and they wanted those documents because we know that he, Trump declassified a bunch of crossfire hurricane stuff before he left, and they never released it. They said no were not declassified. So with Trump that if he signed that letter date they took it never sees the light of day ever again right no real rep clear red wagon when we heard the light which I'm sure you thought that the special agent in charge of the date the office people resigned over the week that the guy who whistleblowers said not only stomped out the honor by 2020, wouldn't affect Joe Biden presidential run, but had been applying a double standard is a big left-wing liberal and the light is reported box that he was actually involved in the affidavit that the FBI search warrant so trusting the Justice Department what their stay polite little bit difficult to do when we got back out information coming out about the people who were involved at all, but date the Justice Department holds all the cards. Do they not hold all the power they hold all the cards so they could take Trump down on this and we have will never know because unless someone comes out with this information down the road and the other seven hit you with the end in just a second here so it is not the way to should be read that you know it's totally update Dave day one.

They have everything well at the moment they do.

But so far no prompting the put up a big fight and I think the biggest thing they need to do they need to get that evidence from cash all about the fact that these documents were all declassified and so there's no department is starting various statutes, but they really ready on the fact the president had classified materials. There and they really need to fight back on that. By the way things are fine but is all in all of this pleading for last night is to keep talking about the classified documents.

Unsecured areas therefore no unprotected all that. Excuse me but monologue protected by guests to the Secret Service so the idea that some for their foreign government from Ford agent is going to get by Secret Service to get into these documents life. I was nervous. I'd be highly fire department has been staying including in their life that is an excellent excellent point. They know that these documents were there. They said they that we did and they were being held in an unsecured area. I read that and I thought how they knew that do are they spying on the Trump campaign again.

Could they have a confidential informant side of the Trump home. Apparently they do there with your areas lacked out of the prior document they submitted which were concluded to be at the affidavit of the FBI or black out and it would stand today � probably gathered that from or somebody die bar log telling them about the deep and spying on this president since he came down the escalator in 2015 keeps going never changes slowly go right well I think a lot of what good is been a lot of your body FBI agent and it hasn't been corrected. Think about all the general the general report found out about FBI DOJ electronic eavesdropping on the Trump lecture from collusion of all things detailed by the IG of misbehavior by FBI agents misleading the five all.yet where is the information on all of those agents being difficult on being terminated on the defendant like this latest God. Five all reside over the not like his partisanship was any big secret. He had all the social media posts. I'll always antique from social media post almost radical left-wing stock like the leadership of the FBI does not care about that or do they not pay any attention to things like this guy should have been gotten rid of years ago is in there and there is an idea being floated upright Tolman who is the former federal Utah for former Utah federal prosecutor was on Fox yesterday and he said that the recent actions from within the Bureau and the DOJ are either that there unraveling for the rain damage control. I don't see it that way.

I think the they are in total control and they are saying presidents not control Congress is in control. We're in control, gas. I think you're right about that. So far they almost all people involved no consequences to what the Bible� Or by going for a partisan reason you get the collected pension and nothing else gets done but now.subject to any kind of penalty by the FBI or or specter general terrific about and I both know will be treated as a hero by King Congress. No do something to him prosecute him in any way for what he did know they can't go abroad. This is and I don't like lower right lower Lord learner. The Ira got away with all of what happened to her well retired like your pension bargaining roof you prosecute her contempt of Congress when she wouldn't answer questions about it and what's the latest well were about to get 87,000 more Lois learners at the IRS tinfoil hat for me and get your crystal ball and tell me what happens to Trump where does this go do they damage him enough. Are they successful in stopping him from running.

I think they probably been. I think there may have been intention here by liberal just bargain elsewhere thinking will go for why this will be the straw that broke the camels back.

And there's no way to run the American people will be how terrible you but you the reaction around the country. The exact opposite. And I think the trust department has been totally by the reaction in the same way that they totally miscalculated when Garland another label ^ Gordon Gordon as domestic terrorists and it totally rebounded on and help damage their reputation even more so to make a case against him.

Today is looking like an athlete on this question. You know James, he decided not to even charge Hillary Clinton with the improper use or handling of classified material because she didn't mean to. There was no intent. Their intent was never part of the law, but he made it part of the requirement to charge can HR go ahead then and charged for improper handling of classified information when they didn't charge Hillary Clinton. I think they would have a very hard time making candy. I think any good lawyer would bring up the Clinton K and they would selective part of prosecution and remember Donald Trump one big thing going for him that Hillary Clinton which is Clinton didn't have the ability to declassify all the�.He was looking at the president and he that would be part of is that I declassify these documents and nobody disagree is the ultimate authority on that issue.

No one can question since the DOJ says that he did have that authority.

It's great to talk to you think is taking the time to join us. I really appreciate your insight. Thank you.David sponsors life change team is having a big Somerset get this you buy three get one for free.

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If you would like to join me. I would love to hear from you as you quickly in a couple minutes or to take your call if you want to jump in getting here in the DOJ regain their reputations you know are having conversation after conversation about how tainted the FBI and the DOJ are at this point in the game and you don't I thought was scary when you talk to someone like Constance Makovsky and and by the way, it took me months to be able to say that name talking to someone like that were talking to Congress and Lugo partner like you know they're pretty much saying we could do whatever we want.

Coming at us because you're not can attach us as we have everything we want, we got what we wanted.

We've got whatever paperwork they were looking for that Trump had. We took it when returning anything when I return that the mementos that we talk.

We're not even going to return the personal things that we took the personal items that we took to the president or former president of the United states that to me is super scary and why because they know that there will be no repercussions for their actions, free rain free reign I can do whatever they want to a former sitting president in this country. What do you think they can do to you how it happened to me they don't want anything to do with me. I don't have secret documents on you know what they want to do to you. And that's scary coming up Congressman Andy Biggs. He just returned to the border in a talk to him about what's happening at the border and also more about the Trump rate coming up on the top nature is fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one night at a time by what were your swimming yada yada yada always looking for something I morning I woke up when I went well and we haven't stopped taking my wife the single thing that changed that don't know start your journey to better health with balance of nature right now: 800-246-8751 or go to the balance of to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance is Liberty University's studio. Now the patriot mobile newsmaker lying Congressman Andy Biggs out of Arizona just returned from the border. Some trees like to tell us, thank you for joining us. Mary you just returned from the border which if you're in Arizona you probably feel like you're at the at the actual border all the time. With the invasion that is happening there watching us an update on what you're saying or is it just the same. Same thing we been seen ever since we had Biden become president will more of the same. Always a little bit worse than before.

So here's a way to think of it yesterday afternoon I'm in Yuma with the poor fellow members of Congress that were there hundred and 15�. Mary and normally nobody's crossing the border, but we happen to be there just a Russian family of three crosses the border and surrenders to think about that because most of the traffic in Yuma from about 11:30 PM the morning and yesterday, but it ended encountered more than 600 over thousand 600 and people crossing the river at 115�. That's crazy. The facility that they have found a crisis handle 1200 people. 2300 people crowded in there and that's a slow day. Everyone wanted this is a slow day and that's what were saying, continues to worsen in this administration is very welcoming. They wanted this purposeful dumb question here and we would never have and I believe Arizona is doing as well by busing these people into New York City into Washington DC. I think they should send to Philadelphia if you want to help out Dr. eyes you want to get Republican Nancy start shipping to Philly because Fetterman wants and he wants to be a sanctuary state you start shipping to Pennsylvania as well.

Always places where we have Republicans who are running for the Senate in order to take the Senate. Why isn't why aren't Republicans on the national level, helping and doing something like this in order to make the case for Republicans getting those seats and I know that the governor, but they been trying to get there doing this because they want to. The narrative want to be open so that's why you need to be spread around like it was your strength as she was. They can only pick people who are willing to go there and so right now the people they want to get to New York.

They want to go to Washington and you know if they want to go to Philadelphia from world and I'm sure that the governors would be willing to get a better so important to raise the awareness of what's happening now sure, absolutely.

And anything my frustration in the point of my comment was that I don't think the national place.

The way Democrats do, and I wish they would play the way Democrats do the net. The national GOP they they don't put money into deceits. The sailor went to pull back the ad box but are you kidding me, but you can usually put money in doing things like this send them to Delaware. Why are they not in Delaware right but were Joe Biden and Sen. Rehobeth why why is that not happening.

That's what makes me so frustrating to me this is the perfect opportunity for Republicans to play the way Democrats do and play like they want to win, and that's why I was so through to see Democrat Republican governors doing what the national refuses to do and it's just very frustrating. As someone who really wants Republicans to win despite themselves no time with. I feel like we played with both arms tight behind her. Sometimes they come to my fight with the bike week that we should work with and I get so doggone frustrated myself because when I looked at the put up some of these real road containers yet is that there okay I think it is a fine idea and stuck them in these key areas.

Them in Yuma. Well, now you got people from the right, criticizing, saying, oh well you know it's not doing anything that Ashley is doing what config does funneling people back over the coming through the reservation that I think we have got it you got everything economy energy prices, high crime rates with one leasing for states to border security issue. Were there things that we could do to elevate the American Americans were center-right country.

They want individual freedoms they want to feel safe. Want a good economy and we don't � we just missed opportunity after opportunity.

The absolutely and it is just so frustrating and I hear from listeners all the time of no matter where I am bring this up because it drives me absolutely crazy that I sit here and think I can do this better than they can enter the professionals. How is this happening because they don't fight to win. Speaking to Pennsylvania and wanted to send them there. You Republicans supporting Josh Schapiro who is the Democrat nominee for the governor of Pennsylvania because the guy that he's running at the actual Republican I is based. They say that mastery I know he is a trunk back to candidate keys to extreme why why do Republicans I guess.

What is the explanation for doing something as I scratch my head and just like why we have in Arizona. All laundry list of Republican now, Republican or Mark Kelly got a good candidate Blake Masters was working hard, you will be a great US Sen., but the reason is, again, he was back by 12.

When was the last time you saw a list of Democrats say Democrats for you know and he picks Republican. You don't the Democrats don't ever leave their party Republicans are the most feckless people around always. Why should Blake Masters have to be fighting mayors and and County supervisors who were supporting Mark Kelly will have to face should be supporting him because Mark Kelly bows with Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden hundred percent of the time and Blake Masters is going to bring a better economy, more safety security on the border showing up in women's lateral force is mind blowing to me that we see this happen, but it happens all the time that stressed me crazy. Now I saw a piece about how conservatives that are preparing plans to impeach Joe Biden, and you happen to be quoted in this article you said my Arcus and Garland have purposely made our country less safe politicize their departments and violated the rule of law. In some instances they have instructed their subordinates to disobey our laws.

That is unacceptable and you have endorsed a save endorsed a number of impeachment resolutions this year. I say next January.

I expect the house to pursue my impeachment articles against my work us as well as Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor grains impeachment articles I cosponsored against Atty. Gen. Merrick Garland, why not go after Biden are defined on your report so so use their wicking that we can take him out what most we won't remove anyone from office. We will not have the third but we can actually shine a light on what they've done. And so I shine like I say, there were words I have signed on your guilt impeach Joe Biden, and so I continue to push this great leadership in the House of Representatives to have the courage to go forward and do these things and deliver a very forward pro America agenda at the same time which we can do my yeah I just don't know is Mitch McConnell would be behind something like that or if that's something that he would tell members to just lay quietly like okay were just not to do this. I just don't know if the Republicans going back to the theme of this conversation, the guts to play the game the way Democrats do. I again I I'm not a member of the Republican Party because I don't like to give money to losers who work at ease my money in a way that I don't think is effective member of the Republican Party and I'm an independent Blake II still cheer for them to fight like I would love to see them play the game. The Democrats did what it was. He was office eight months and she's impeaching trump no McConnell looked for yet every senator on the Biden memory orchestra will become a boat show so they're not going to hide.

I can imagine playing the game, but in the house and I was out.

We should be doing the best we can possibly do legislation with oversight of our constitutional requirements. Whatever it is we can't worry about the Senate but I get tired of his members of the house. So let's not try why why that's negotiating against yourself. The best the best bill most pro-freedom pro constitutional pro American legislation, you can put to the Senate and let them tell the American people why they don't want to do great conservative plan that will preserve the nation with them, but the but don't negotiate against yourself and don't give up before you fight yeah I think it is so used to having lunch. Their lunch money taken by the Democrats as they just voluntarily handed to them when they walk into Congress now in its history, to get so very quickly before banana time.

Joe Biden yesterday was supposed to be giving a policy speech in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, and it turned into a demonize the Republicans speech. The I think the rhetoric coming from the left. It is far as demonizing Republicans.

Anyone that doesn't agree with them is a fascist semi thatch is not full-blown fascist semi conscious is a signal I think to and teeth into a lot of their supporters show in 2020 was a will there Nazi so you can punch them now it's like, will there fascist GOP fight back against that rhetoric do you do something like laughter. Chuck Schumer and say hey you know what you're rhetoric got in an attempt on Brett Cavanaugh's life where holding you responsible when does that start and is it something that should start. How do you counter it you counted years ago next introduced resolution, leadership, you wouldn't you wouldn't put that forward maker, Margaret. I show I don't think you make Mexican waters mortar in the end though what you have to do is don't hold somebody accountable. There is no deterrent you are lawless. I the purpose for holding me responsible specific and general deterrence the person is detergent doing it again and you could general yeah you know I don't cross the line. I can go to lunch. We encourage free speech but not violent. If you are conservative support crumpled my girly field of 15 that's the kind of rhetoric that some kind of dog in 1/3 world nation uses against his people. Yeah, absolutely. And if you do go after Biden.

I hope you hold him accountable for all the Sentinel deaths from the drugs are pouring over that open border because it is just absolutely it's an epidemic and it's disgusting. Our children are dying correct over hundred thousand yeah well I good luck. I believe you have election coming up November 8. So good luck with that. And thank you for taking the time to join me have a fantastically etc. that's representative and he thinks 844-747-8868 is my number and I got some of your calls come and appear on the Todd Stern show. Remember to eat your fruits and vegetables.

We all remember these words from a child. Anyone have time to buy, store, prepare written vegetables in our busy lives, balance of nature keeps it simple. Our produce is powdered afternoon advanced vacuum called process which stabilizes the maximum nutrient content produced is then mixed into a scientifically researched plan designed with your body and mind.

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That's 972 patriot Mary, let's get to your calls. 844-747-8868 here on the Todd star and show Patty from North Carolina. Listening on WIS I see Mary talk you glad to my credit I went with all the girls that were going to the FBI thing here being raped and a blind eye girl good point yeah me ask you why your politically involved. Obviously listen to tide you call. You have opinions. When you have these conversations with people, though cool because they rated trump now the FBI is good. How did they do those mental gymnastics North Carolina rural area people are not because they live in a rural area of New Jersey, North Carolina, I find I all of my yard jersey girl as well. So is your my grandpa's bakery in Jersey City everywhere. Yeah, people who live in places like New Jersey we we do fly our truck flag here and you know a lot of times we get the honks in another time to get people shouting us entities out the window is so so I do think that you know obviously I'm to run into these people much more than you are, but I think it's actually pretty good that they don't know where we are and they don't who we are and they don't. How many of us there are, and we can vote once again and surprise them just like we did in 2016 and Patty. You have a nice couple coffee for breakfast. Mary loves her. My date is next on the Todd start so remember to eat your fruits and vegetables. We all remember these words from a child that anyone who denies store prepare written vegetables are busy lives, balance of nature keeps it simple. Our produce is powdered afternoon advanced vacuum called process which stabilizes the maximum nutrient content produced is then next into a scientifically researched plan designed with your body and mind.

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It is Mike Davis, the president of article 3 project Mike, thanks for joining appreciated. Let's talk about the DOJ and the special master.

So, the DOJ filed their response to Trump's team requesting a special master and they provided 36 pages. It was like on Alice's restaurant because they had pictures of places on the back and arrows and this other stuff to it and of course put out that picture that is now the picture seen around the world of classified documents just on the floor and more. A lot of the do that you resolve all negotiation. They don't understand the law through classified whether something is true. The total record personal copies of record Bryn Mawr law office in Largo right with staff throughout your legal copy of the crossfire. Records show damaging politically for Obama by right clavicle. You still need to calculate riskier because now that they have those records, you know, they never see the light of day gone by unless Trump has copy somewhere. Dear God, the first thing is that clearly they have an informant. They have a human, confidential human source inside the president Tom wrong is not legally possible for how he will 40 regulations back in 1980 directly to the books related to government records legally impossible to get a political document like so so but my point is ease the confidential informant inside Mara Lago died in and of itself. It seems to me to be a huge breach of I don't know if it's a breach of law, but I can imagine that that's an okay thing to do to spy on a former president. Although they spotted him through his entire campaigns. They probably don't care but to get these documents back. They clearly felt it was worth the risk. So what happens now just try do we ever see those documents or has the DOJ and the FBI one here today win by doing this because they know nothing about. Don't worry about your wall confirms what neutral master to walk and make sure you work for somebody called you to go to Newsweek you did not live documents. II you are clearly conflicted by the way my buddy I guess my question is we keep talking about the special master who was who appoints the special master. Okay, so hopefully she knows the special masters that are not biased because otherwise you can wind up with a special master who is biased against Trump and they were back where we started when but if the dealer if the FBI and the DOJ were going to all these papers they're going through everything they're seeing everything that Trump had, even though they say all know our tent. Our team team is gone through this were not seeing anything that's attorney-client privilege.

Wink wink nod nod. What's to vent them from just taking the documents that they're looking for spearheading them off and then Trump is wait a minute, I had a whole bunch of stuff on crossfire hurricane there like no you didn't, were all wanting you got your track record with you. I don't understand how you prove that they took something if you don't have it to prove that they that it's gone rated you know you prove it. I don't want look you will document the original. The only copy and they desperately need you back no wife.

Political position to give you record each of illegal general war on rated whole without probable cause but without luck to the nuclear option but it was unreasonable search way. But again, I guess. I guess the argument is well if he had just turned everything over like he was supposed to, and his lawyer signed that affidavit saying that he had turned over all the confidential information, but then what do I see displayed.

I see all the stuff marked classified secret tops. Even they said they know all these top-secret stuff.

Some stuff was in a desk draw some stuff was it was torn. I know is really back no will you will made by the warriors.

You know that they found later with you. There is no reason you should were legally permitted on legal and government records are not applicable record keeping very quickly in about a minute here. How does this affect Trump running in 2024. If that's what he chooses to do. Do Republicans work their way through this and get this cleaned up at least help him somewhat in order to not have this hanging over his head will be talking about so we can talk about all collapsing back from your mouth to God's ear.

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Just 00 I did that first day. I said that she would believe it was just literally my family and my in law. Yeah, my family, and laws that was it.

It wasn't like friends and stuff. It was literally just close family members.

Somebody took a few pics up front took a few pics that was about it.

Yet some of my problem. I met when as a kid my mother used to throw a party for dumpling which was who was our dog dumpling weighed 90 pounds and 90 pounds of stupid and but she was adorable babies was in Susan supersmart. She was my my house.

My father was like you write is not dropped in her head as a pop yet that's what were going on and I said, she is to do that.

My mother have a birthday parties for dumpling and all my friends would be invited to come to the party and they would come in because it was free food.

So that's how my mother got people to the dog's birthday party and have a cake she my mother have a cake as well. I had a fuming cake and a doggy cake will back in the day that it make sense for the dog. That's the easy thing to do.

Yeah, let's see. You have a tattoo of your own, no, no tattoos, six have a tattoo on pet parents feel complete when you're not near their pet 52% all does Merlot complete you. I will say when I've been gone for a couple hours like in a friend's house.

I just think I'm ready to go home and see my dog, but I wonder what she's doing so definitely in that sense yeah yeah we go away for like a week.

Bart will have little cameras we could see our neighbors will come in and feed the cats and everything. We will sit there at night and watch all of the video from during the day that he had seen a warehouse like this means I need a life on yet that's what that means. So much for having the time of her letting me sit in it. Of course thank you to Kyle for being so amazing and wonderful appreciate that and Chuck as well. Thank you guys so much for having me a great week everybody thinks wasn't remember to eat your fruits and vegetables. We all remember these words from a child that anyone combined store prepare written vegetables, busy lives, balance of nature keeps it simple.

Our produce is powdered after an advanced vacuum quote process which stabilizes the maximum nutrient content produced is then mixed into a scientifically researched plan designed with your body and mind.

Once these plans are encapsulated against instant right to your door. You can get all the benefits of a colorful variety of written vegetables every day experience the balance of nature different yourself 802 468-5135 percent on your first order using

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