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MON HR 2 092622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 27, 2022 12:32 am

MON HR 2 092622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Bundle discount not available in all states or situations. Donate and listen to the podcast at Alrighty, we're back. And you know, Joe, on Fox News, it seems like they split it in half. Those that are telling the truth and those that are not. Those that are telling the truth, like Tucker Carlson, Jesse Waters, what is that little guy, what's his name? I'm Cutfield and Laura Ingraham.

But on the other side, you got those that are not. Bret Baier, for example, when he tried to tell you there was no evidence of election fraud, Neil Kabuto, Susan Smith, and they knew when they knew they were lying, you could tell the way they looked in that camera. They knew that. They knew that they were lying about that.

You know, also sometimes how they kind of look away. They knew it. They knew that they were lying. They knew that they were contracted to lie.

They were doing and they're told to do it now. We know it's called a tell when you can look certain moves and gestures in psychology. It's called a tell. It's a way people, FBI profilers and people tell who's lying by their tells.

Right. Well, one of the ones that for the most part has been telling the truth is I think he's done a fairly good job as Jesse Waters. And now he's got something to say here to tonight about the paperwork, you know, with Trump's paperwork scandal.

So let's let's go to Jesse Waters. Here at prime time, we still have some questions about why the feds stormed the house of Joe Biden's political opponent last night on Hannity. President Trump raised a pretty good point about the raid.

Listen. Under the Presidential Records Act, there's no retribution or prosecution. You're supposed to negotiate. We're talking about documents. We're talking about documents that actually are being watched over to a certain extent. And I would say to a large extent by the Secret Service. Trump's documents were stored in his home, guarded by Secret Service and locked away.

Now, I'm not a lawyer and I'm definitely not a librarian. So I can't tell you every little step a president's technically supposed to take to move around his paperwork. But what I can tell you is what past presidents did and how they were treated. Let's start with President George H.W. Bush. His presidential records ended up in a strip mall, a store that used to house a bowling alley and a Chinese restaurant where bowling shoes commingled with top secret documents.

I don't know. I'm not a national security expert. But if your storage room shares a parking lot with the Chili's and a JCPenney, is that secure?

Who's to say? Then there's Bill Clinton. Where did he store his records? Other than his sock drawer, secret underground bunker, remote military base?

Nope. He sent his records to an abandoned car dealership in Little Rock, Arkansas. I'm sure Slick Willie had his fun in the back of a few Oldsmobiles, but it doesn't seem like the perfect place to store classified docs. What about George W. Bush? He stored millions of documents at some warehouse in Texas. Bush had an army of trucks and planes bringing them across the country. They even had thousands of artifacts like Saddam Hussein's 9mm Glock. What about Obama?

He's never done anything wrong. He must have had top notch security at his facility. This is where he secured his documents. What's this building? Well, it is a defunct furniture store right across the street from a McDonald's. That'll definitely keep the Russians out.

Look at that. Why a furniture store? Did Obama have his aides hide documents under mattresses while he and Michelle shop for a new couch? Mar-a-Lago's a fortress crawling with secret service agents. All of a sudden Trump sounds like he's handled records more responsibly than any president in the last 30 years. But HW, Clinton, Bush, Obama, none of them got raided.

The FBI didn't go through their wives' clothes. Why? Well, the Trump raid all started with a liberal librarian, David Ferriero. Remember him? On Inauguration Day he was watching TV and saw Trump's entourage carrying some boxes in the Marine One, quote, I could remember watching the Trumps leaving the White House and getting off in the helicopter that day and someone carrying a white banker box and saying to myself, What the hell's in that box? Give me my box back.

That's my box and I want to know what's in it. He was an Obama appointee and he loved Ferriero. Obama made him feel special, sent chills up his leg. He told the librarian his record keeping is just as important as anything else in the government. We were fortunate that President Obama in his open government initiative recognized the importance of good record keeping. And in fact, he used a quote from us in his executive order that the backbone of open government is good records management. And we were just dancing in the streets when we got that attention. Obama tossed your precious records in an old furniture store, buddy.

Does he really care? But you didn't call the feds on him. It's only Trump who's guilty until proven innocent. And we have records that show that Barack Obama had classified documents in the furniture store and had to send them back to the librarian at the archives.

Mike Davis is the president of the Article three project and former Senate Judiciary Committee chief counsel. I don't think anybody knows about this, that they had strip malls with classified information from former presidents. Did you know that?

I did. But what it shows, Jesse, is there is a clear political double standard with Trump and a willful misunderstanding of the law. And they're using this willful misunderstanding of the law to get Trump. He has the absolute constitutional power as president to declassify anything he wants. And he has the absolute statutory power under the Presidential Records Act to take his records when he leaves office. And as you talked about, he went to the office of former president of Mar-a-Lago. That happened to be where he used that as an office while he was the president.

It was very secure. These these records that he had never leaked for 18 months until the Biden Justice Department went down there and did this unnecessary, unprecedented and unlawful home raid to get back these documents that didn't belong to them. And they they have they have misrepresented the law to the courts, including to the 11th Circuit. And I hope President Trump files a new motion under Rule 41 G of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure to get back all 11000 of these records, including 100 documents, documents weren't classified that he clearly declassified. Now, Trump says on Hannity that he can declassify a document just by saying it's declassified.

Is that true? Well, actually, that's not all he said. He talked about by ordering the documents to go to Mar-a-Lago, they're declassified. That is exactly right, because that is that is what a 2012 Obama judge ruled. Oh, when President Clinton had eight years of audio tape, 79 audio tapes of highly classified conversations in his sock drawer. So that is absolutely legally correct that by sending these documents to Mar-a-Lago, they are declassified. So, Mike, I mean, just so the audience understands, Bill Clinton had tapes, classified tapes that he hid in his sock drawer.

And an Obama judge said those are personal. You could keep them. No one raided the sock drawer.

You get to keep. He kept all his tube socks and all that stuff. Is that is that what we're dealing with?

I don't know if we want to look in a sock drawer, but that is that is that is exactly right. Those are those are personal records that he was allowed to keep under the Presidential Records Act. It didn't matter whether they were classified. And that is that is exactly how the Presidential Records Act works. Okay.

They wanted to go through Melania's drawers, not Bubba's. Very interesting. Mike, thanks so much. Good work. Thank you. All right. Very good.

There you go. You won't hear that on NBC, ABC or CBS, will you? No, you're not going to hear that.

And one of the other things you're not going to hear much. Do you remember a man named Carl Icahn? Carl Icahn.

The name sounds familiar. Chairman of Icahn Enterprises. He's a very, very rich, very rich man. And he has billions and billions of net worth.

I can't remember like twenty four, twenty five billion dollars. Anyway, he was a corporate raider on Wall Street way back in the 80s. And he's one of the most respected business minds. And he says the worst is yet to come for investors and those of us that have retirement plans or union plans. And he said he compares our inflation coming, what's coming to the fall of the Roman Empire. And if you look at the other headlines that nobody's talking about, Europe is heading for deep recession, deindustrialization. Europe is ready to collapse. Europe's collapse will be the launch of the great reset. And I think I've got about 16 things here where they're all talking about Western Europe is facing total financial collapse.

This winter, when there is no heat, no money to buy natural gas, they've already, you know, all the firewood around was already sold a month or two ago. There's a lot of bad things coming. And like I said, if you look at some of the headlines on our major news, they're not talking about this war that could be hitting. If Europe collapses, it's going to hurt us. No, they won't look. They'll talk about what George Soros and the globalists tell them, here's what you're going to talk about. You will say this.

Now, I truly believe this. I truly believe that right there in St. Louis, Joe, out there in your neck of the woods or in Cleveland, or if those in charge there, the Soros and Sows, and they were to tell people on the local media, NBC, ABC, CBS, I truly believe this, that they were to say that St. Louis is going to get bombed. It's going to get nuked on Monday morning. And you've got the whole weekend to get out of town. Don't mention it to anybody, just your immediate family.

Don't mention it to your friends, to your neighbors, so you can get out of town and move because we need you in another city. I believe they'd do it. I mean, they're contracted to liars. Now, every now and then, you have some of those in the mainstream media who say, I can't take it anymore. I just can't take it anymore. And they come out and as soon as they start telling the truth, they get fired. They're taken out right away.

I guess the reason I'm trying to say this is not to scare people. There is much that can be done, but it would involve having the Republicans take over the Senate as well as the House, and they would be able to at least thwart Biden from being able to make things worse. They would be able to impeach Biden and they would be able to remove Biden because there's nothing but proof that this guy has committed high treason. Nothing but proof.

Ten percent for the big guy. I mean, we've just done so many stories, but I guess the whole point is, we've talked about how many of the Christians out there aren't registered to vote, that many of the registered Christians do not vote. They've been told to stay out of politics. The pastors of politics is kind of dirty. We don't go there.

We'll just preach the gospel. We don't get involved in politics. It's unchristian like. When the devil is running the government, when the Antichrist system is controlling your children, brainwashing your children, allowing children to be aborted, allowing children to be mutilated and messed up their puberty and their growing up years, whether they face lifetime horrible medical consequences, pain, suffering.

You know, that is your business and it is very much your business. God put you in a country where you have a right to go vote and elect. In fact, our founding fathers said you have the right, as well as the privilege, to elect Christians to represent you.

Well, the Constitution, they made it very clear that we were a religious and moral people. Yeah, before they did that, Joe, before they did that, God said you have the charge. God has said you have the charge to do that. In other words, he tells you very clearly that resistance to tyranny is obedience to him.

Now, if you read a book called, it's in the book of Hebrews, chapter 11 in Hebrews is referred to as the heroes of the faith. If you read that and pay close attention, it tells you what we're supposed to be doing. Well, right now, let me tell you what we're going to do, what we're supposed to be doing, and we're going to drop a bomb. Well, Hillary's been out there. She's back. Her and her and Slick Willie are back and they've geared up. They've got their very, very corrupt machine going, again, the Clinton Fundraising Machine. Yeah, well, let's listen to a little bit. Let's go and see what the Infowars has to say about Hillary. It's coming. Get ready. It'll be there.

Live radio, folks. Can you imagine what damage has been caused to this country? You've seen it.

You don't have to imagine it. And all of it was caused because dirty politicians like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder were so scared that their crimes were going to be exposed and prosecuted if Hillary Clinton didn't get into office that they launched a propaganda campaign, the likes of which we've never seen in the history of this country, to foment so much hatred and anger to a genocidal level against Donald Trump, hoping that that would protect them from being charged and investigated for all the crimes that they've committed. And you know what's sad? It worked. It worked because the mainstream media went along for the ride because they didn't want to be called a racist and they didn't want to be called a misogynist. And so they had to stand up for Barack Obama and they had to stand up for Hillary Clinton. All right, ladies and gentlemen, I'm calling a quick audible here because that new Biden video just dropped and we just did that segment covering Biden's creepiness. And then the crew is putting together a short compilation of Biden acting inappropriately towards little girls that we're going to air in the next segment. But so I'm going to sandwich that now with Obama's corruption. Corruption is treason.

This is from And this is just Barack Obama. They say scandal-free president.

Well, you tell me scandal-free after this. What is Fast and Furious? Fast and Furious was designed to capture Mexican drug cartels in 2009 out of the Phoenix ATF office. Guns were sold to suspected criminals who were allowed to walk into Mexico without interference from agents with the intent of later tracing the guns. No attempts were made to trace the more than 2,000 guns. The guns were used to commit crimes in which Americans were killed as well as the 2015 terror attacks at the Bataclan in Paris. The Obama White House used executive privilege to try to halt the investigation despite denial of involvement.

Attorney General Eric Holder was charged with contempt of Congress. Hundreds of deaths have been linked to these guns. Guns funneled by the Obama administration resulted in murder.

That's Operation Fast and Furious. Scandal-free, they say. What is Uranium One? Rosatom, Russia's state atomic energy agency, purchased Uranium One in a series of three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013. Shortly after Rosatom announced their intention to purchase Uranium One, Bill Clinton received $500,000 for a speech in Moscow from a Russian investment bank linked to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock. Despite having made an agreement with the Obama White House to disclose Clinton Foundation contributions while serving as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton did not disclose a series of transactions totaling $2.35 million from Uranium One chairman to the Clinton Foundation during this time period.

Uranium One shareholders would donate $145 million to the Clinton Foundation over the course of the company's sale. Ultimately, this granted Russia control of over approximately 20% of the United States' uranium deposits. Remember that Russian collusion? While they were lying about Russian collusion with Trump, everybody covering Uranium One?

Remember that one? Remember that corruption from the Obamas and the Clintons? Maybe not because the media covered it up. What is the Iran ransom payment? In January of 2016, Iran held five American prisoners. The Obama administration transferred $400 million in U.S. assets to Switzerland and other nations which were converted to foreign cash, including francs and euros. American officials permitted Iran air officials to take control of the money and depart from Geneva only once the U.S. hostages were boarded and wheels up on their way home. The $400 million in foreign bills stacked into pallets were flown from Geneva to Tehran in an unmarked cargo plane. A further $1.3 billion was transferred in a series of 13 money transfers of $99,999,099.99 from the U.S. Treasury Department Judgment Fund.

Each transfer was one cent less than the $100 million limit imposed on such transfers. Attorney General Loretta Lynch pled the fifth when questioned on this matter. Isn't that amazing? Trump pleads the fifth, liberal media freaks out. A Trump supporter in contempt of Congress, media freaks out.

But when it's Holder and Lynch, nobody bats an eye. What is martyr transfer? Just before leaving office in 2017, President Obama authorized the discrete transfer of $227 million to foreign accounts. Of the funds, $221 million went to the Palestinian Authority, the self-governing Palestinian body established in 1994.

The Palestinian Authority 2016 budget included $175 million for the care for the families of the martyrs, as well as $140 million reportedly allocated for prisoners, payments to prisoners and former prisoners. Obama just giving cash, cold hard cash to Palestine. What is Obama slush fund? The Department of Justice under President Obama acquired billions of dollars from corporate settlements.

As an example, a $1.2 billion settlement was made by Volkswagen. This money should have gone to the Treasury Department. Rather than be given out to the consumers it was meant for, $3 billion of this money was in turn funneled to left-wing activist groups like La Raza and the National Urban League. There is now compelling evidence to suggest this money was funneled through a series of steps to Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, as well as Obama's Organization for Action. They stole your money. What is the TARP heist?

The Troubled Asset Relief Program was a program in the late 2008 under President Bush, through which the United States federal government purchased approximately $430 billion in troubled assets in order to slow the damage of the subprime mortgage crisis. In 2016, files were leaked from the Clinton Foundation, which contained much or all of the Democrat National Committee's internal fundraising documents. This suggests that the Clinton Foundation was a front organization for DNC fundraising efforts. Included in the DNC fundraising documents is an Excel file, which strongly suggests that big banks and corporations agreed to donate certain percentages of the allocated TARP funds to Democrats.

Now, you may notice a common theme here. Obama stealing money and the Clintons stealing money. And when you understand that, you understand now a lot of the deep state crimes that were committed against Donald Trump in 2016. And it's really sad that Americans have been duped into such a radical hatred of Donald Trump. I mean, folks, it's a genocidal hatred that they have for Trump and his supporters. The brainwashing is so powerful. The propaganda is so powerful. It's turned these liberals into genocidal maniacs in their hatred of Trump. And the whole thing was derived because Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were stealing money, hand over fist.

And so here's how it went. All of these politicians were dirty dealers. Now, Obama knew Clinton was a dirty dealer and Clinton knew Obama was a dirty dealer and they did a lot of dirty deals together. So when Obama's time was up, Hillary Clinton made sure that Barack Obama knew that, hey, I know all the financial crimes you've committed and I'd hate for that to become a bigger issue.

You better help me get into office. You better help me beat Donald Trump or all of your financial crimes are going to be exposed. And so Obama, obviously obligated to protect his own self-interest with his financial crimes, said, OK, fine, we both did a bunch of financial crimes together when I was president. I'll help you beat Donald Trump for my own sake because they weren't exactly the best of friends.

So that's what happened. Barack Obama illegally spied on Donald Trump. They tried to frame and set up Donald Trump. And it was all because they were scared that if Donald Trump got into office, all of their crimes would be exposed, investigated and perhaps even prosecuted. Now, none of that happened under Donald Trump. Sadly, he said he would do it.

He didn't. Probably his biggest failure as president was not taking care of the deep state. And now the deep state is worse than ever. That's a fair criticism of Donald Trump.

But nonetheless. Can you imagine what damage has been caused to this country? You've seen it.

You don't have to imagine it. And all of it was caused because dirty politicians like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder. We're so scared that their crimes were going to be exposed and prosecuted if Hillary Clinton didn't get into office, that they launched a propaganda campaign the likes of which we've never seen in the history of this country to foment so much hatred and anger to a genocidal level against Donald Trump, hoping that that would protect them from being charged and investigated for all the crimes that they've committed.

And you know what's sad? It worked. It worked because the mainstream media went along for the ride because they didn't want to be called a racist and they didn't want to be called a misogynist. And so they had to stand up for Barack Obama and they had to stand up for Hillary Clinton. And now, as we're about to hit the midterms in 46 days, the Clinton Foundation is back. And John Podesta is back.

And they're once again making money hand over fist. They got away with all of it and Trump did nothing. Now you notice Democrats run on politically persecuting their opposition. Just look at Letitia James in New York City. Will a Republican ever step up and say, I am running to criminally prosecute the crimes committed by Obama and Clinton and Biden?

And I bet if one did, they would win the election. Alrighty, we are back. And let's, Joe, what he said is true. This is, you know, he's exactly right, but you have to realize that, first of all, let's start with what he said about Trump failed. He failed to take out the deep state.

Well, it's not that he didn't try, okay? He didn't realize just how deep it was. And he was in a snake pit.

He was in a snake pit. They were, not only that, the fix was in and whoever, you know, Bill Barr betrayed him. You had these people all around.

Now, we don't know what the opposition used. We know that often what they'll do is they'll say, they'll come after you and if you're not going to be bought, if you say, no, I'm not going that way, then they'll say, well, you know, you've got, you know, your daughters had these problems, or your sons had these problems, or your grandchild, and it would really be, it would be bad if all of this came out and people knew what was going on, or it's too bad if they wouldn't get that position, this and that, just because, you know, you didn't listen to us. And they'd do that. It's blackmail. They use blackmail and every kind of thing. This is why Chuck Schumer, when he threatened Trump, when he said, if you take on, you go ahead and you take on the intelligence agencies.

They've got six ways to Sunday to get in you. Now, he knew how corrupt they were, how corrupt, and he knew that that was already planning on that, because the FBI had really just become a part, they had become a strong arm, a bullying part of the Democratic Party. And he knew about the corruption. Look, as far as the CIA goes, President Reagan wanted to get rid of that, President Kennedy wanted to eliminate the CIA, and so did President Trump, because they'd become an entity unto themselves of corruption. And so, Trump was, you know, we don't know what he was up against, as far as the corruption. We did know he got betrayed every time he turned around, didn't he? He definitely did, and then of course they were going after all these people like the general, well, I haven't seen your moment, Flynn, the people that he were picking, they went after, got tied up in courts, and couldn't get approval, so a lot of things happened to him. If General Flynn had been able to get in, a lot of things would have been different if several of the people he wanted would have gotten their positions, but that didn't happen because of the deep state.

They got the corrupt judicial, the courts that they got to them. And I don't think he saw that corrupt court coming. No, he didn't. And so, anyhow, and the other thing too, because Trump gets a lot of criticism for pushing the Vax, you know, getting it out there, and he's still, right now he should come out and tell the truth about that. For some reason, of course, we don't know what it is he knows, but we do know that here... I think some of those documents that they took had some of the proof that he needed, and that's why they had to go get it, personally.

Yeah. But see, Trump understood something. Under the Geneva Convention, you cannot force people to take a Vax if it's experimental.

If it's experimental, you cannot... that's under the Geneva Convention. Now, what happened, Trump knew that, and he knew that the Vax was coming, he knew that it was going to happen, and if he tried to stop it, then the fake media, the fake news media was ready to pounce upon him. And so, what he did is he said, well, if we bring out these experimental shots, the people cannot be forced to take them. Even our military, what our military did was they broke the Geneva Convention, when they forced... And here's what Milley and Austin, who were there to destroy our military, they were there to weaken our military, and what they did... let me ask you this, Joe, are the brightest and the best in the military, are they going to be the people that know better than to take the poisonous poke, or are they going to be the ones to take the poisonous poke? No, they're going to be the ones that say no, no way. And those were 60,000 of them right away when our military is hurting, okay?

And they're still not allowing for religious exemptions or anything of the kind, even now that we know that natural immunity is better, the shots don't work anyway, and actually the poison poke causes harm over and over and over, all these things. But they're still, because they're trying to cleanse the military and make it woke, and make it a tool of the executive branch of the federal government. So they're doing it on purpose, and that's the only answer why they're doing it. They're trying to destroy our military.

Right. They are literally trying to... Or make it weak enough they can control it. Instead of fearing the military, they are trying to make the military under their control, their own private army. Well, that too was the same idea where they... you're right, and then on top of that, Abomination said, remember, we need a civilian army that's every bit as strong, as powerful as the military. And that's the whole point of 87,000 armed IRS agents. And the question, are you willing to shoot Christians?

I mean, that's the point. Are you willing to shoot people? Hang tight, we'll be back right after this. Remember me, I helped you get elected.

But you haven't done one thing you said you'd do. But even though you'd rather not remember me. I'll remember you. I'll remember.

I'll remember. In November. In November. As I step into the little booth. I'll remember.

In November. To vote for anyone but anyone but you. Remember me, I served my country proudly. Remember me, I love the USA. Remember me, or am I just some bumpkin? Who you didn't think would notice the bounce checks and midnight raise. Remember me, I wrote you all those letters.

Thinking that you cared what I thought too. But even though you often just forget to remember. I'll remember you. I'll remember.

I'll remember. In November. In November.

As I step into the little booth. I'll remember. In November.

To vote for anyone but anyone but you. We'll remember. We'll remember. In November. In November.

As we step into the little booth. We'll remember. In November. To vote for anyone but anyone but you. We'll remember.

In November. To vote for anyone but anyone but you. We'll remember. All right, you hear that, you deathocrats? Especially you, Jamie Raskin. You've been lying again. Congressman Raskin, you've been lying again.

Anyhow, we'll talk about that later. But that was Carl Klain. Carl Klain was quite a patriot.

He was a real patriot. A real Christian man. And he walked into the church into the church. He walked into the church in 2019. Boy, what a talented fellow he was. What a talent.

All of his songs were great songs. So he was a real hero of the faith too. All right, we are going to, I think, open up the phone lines now, Joe. I've got a quick Deja vu if we can. You remember Obama and Iran, of course. money and when there was a rebellion how we were real quiet the u.s. didn't say anything yeah when the people rose up well right now headlines dozens dead 1200 arrested as Iranian regime warns of decisive crackdown they've cut the internet access and whatever the people have been out there many many killed 41 killed and the people are protesting there's been a lot of days now I can't remember they're risking their life they're going up they're trying to expel these molas they're trying to take their country back and what are they getting from Joe Obama same as they got from Joe Bob Obama Joe before crickets instead of backing people fighting to be free giving up their lives in the street fighting a very dangerous evil regime the our government is silent again and as a Christian I just I can't help but we need to be praying for those people even though they're Muslim they're fighting for freedom to make their own choices and the Christian Church needs to be praying for those that are resisting that evil regime all right you're absolutely right we have some calls and I'm sorry who did you say let's go Ken and Boston Ken's got a prayer request go ahead Ken you're in the air hey guys how you doing we're doing okay how are you thanks I talked to you guys about a month and a half ago my wife worked at MGH and they were trying to choose us go out maternity and they were trying to fire for not taking that booster shot all that yeah you guys pray for us we really appreciated it ended up her boss who's a lesbian which it's interesting but she God used her to get my wife's position as the exemption extended until after the baby was born so praise God for that the maternity was everything went through baby's good but now that runs out in a couple days and they're gonna make her take the Vax to go back to work right and now it's basically like you know well after eight weeks it goes to the state to pay you so I guess even if she gets terminated she gets paid but they're just like you know we're gonna terminate you beforehand so that you don't have a job afterward well you know kid what's happening now they're turning that around our people our site are getting they're winning lawsuits all over the country yeah all over they're winning these lawsuits a lot of these nurses yeah these yeah so I would get yourself a good lawyer and go after them big time there are Christian lawyers out there to handle these cases go after them they need to you need to go after them yeah Liberty Count was the one that did the Illinois the big one the ten million dollar one yeah yeah so they like playing petty with like the forms like you know we're putting in the religious exemption form and I put it in wrong at first my faults and then they get back to me and I tell them you know I sound your your letter so thanks for that and then they you know ask for the reason why you know you took the first one because she took the Johnson just it was you know and and so oh you took the first one what in your religion makes it so you can't take the second one you know well it's basically like well I don't want this poison in my body and you know it might have been a sin against God to do it the first place but now you know we're sure we repent about that and we don't want any more of it the end right well again you know first of all those things they're not first of all you can assume on the fact that they're not actually vaccines so you know they're pushing to call it a vaccine when they're not when it's not a vaccine and so but again like I said here we had a number of people they got our religious exemption forms and wrote me back let me know it worked that they they put the forms in and their company took it and and so in fact they I got several asked me if I would call and talk to certain people and you know when I did that I told them I said you know that that is their religion you are open for a lawsuit just so you know what you're doing you're violating these people's rights here and not only that okay but letting them know that that is even against the Geneva come to mention and and so many of them are have backed off I think what was it what was the Southwest Airlines which one is the airlines that just said forget it we're not good we're just not gonna do it yeah well you got to stand up yeah you know get your reason in paperwork reasons or you will be denied denied by Wednesday so it's like I guess we just say you know how personal can I get with you like why you don't want the second shot after you took the first shot and well you know like what's what's what in your religions allowing it now you know or not allowing it now like I don't know what to say so please pray for wisdom on what to say and if not I'm just gonna regardless if you lose your job or not we're still gonna get a lawyer well I mean that's like say look at the job yeah that's okay here here's what I would tell him look I realized what I did by taking the first shot was a sin and I realized now that that was a sin okay instead of commission and I don't want to I don't want to add to that sin okay it's called this is what I'm doing is called repentance and and what I did it could harm me and it's against my faith okay so you know that you know that's like I mean you know it's it's not really complicated she she knows what she did was wrong to do that in fact I've had several people tell me that I took the first shot but I'm glad I heard you on the program I'm not gonna take another one and so more and more of them are doing that this is about killing people it's about killing people so alrighty well thanks for call we'll keep her in prayer in fact uh Joe would what's your wife's name okay what you did it dropped off you want to do a prayer for her but you didn't get the name right no well no it's Ed his name was Ed right what was his right Ken his name was Ken go ahead Joe and ask to pray for Ken's wife dear Heavenly Father we heard the voice of someone who's frustrated upset maybe a little frightened angry you can tell the emotions he cares about his wife his family and willing to you know wanting to stand for the truth and defend his family and Lord that we would just ask that you would bless this couple this family that you would watch over them Lord that you would protect them that you would help them defend themselves and their and the right values that you would put that hedge of protection around them and see that they come out triumphant and that by standing their ground and in Jesus name that they will be the triumphant that they will win that the evil will lose and we just put it in your hands precious father in Jesus name come in thanks Joe I hope people were praying with you all right let's go to Judy Judy you're in the air hello I'm doing okay Judy how are you I'm fine I'm not gonna talk long I just want to tell everyone the reason why on Trump back the best thing it was in his briefing when on dr. Farsi said that they would not have a vaccine for two years and we cannot keep the country locked down for two years so that's the reason why he I quote I think they called it war feet that's the reason why he put together a team I guess doctors or scientists or whoever came up with the vaccine he put that team together so that they can come up with that vaccine to open up the um the country because the Democrats were going to keep it shut down for two years and that's the reason why he did that well that yeah that's that's part of it the other thing too he knew that again that they could not force you and the idea was our military could not force our soldiers to take that and they were they violated our Constitution they've they've they violated the Nuremberg now they know this that there's a group of about 500 international lawyers that if they want to hold Nuremberg trials okay and they will and they've already come out and they've said they want Fauci they want to put Fauci and that Britain and all of these others on trial for for war crimes and the Democrats know this they know that if they win that they lose that election and they know after what they did to to all the people on the January 6 the Oath Keepers and what they did they know that they know if they lose the elections they're out of powers they either got to leave the country or they're going to jail they're going to prison after what they did to our people and this is why I'm telling the people out there I'm gonna tell you listen if you will not register to vote if you're eligible to vote and you will not register you call yourself a Christian I don't even want to look at you I'm so ashamed I'm so ashamed of you okay you got no right to call yourself a Christian I just want to say this but Trump didn't demand people to take me he he left it up to us it was a choice and the other thing is that heard some doctors on the radio I'm saying that when they are trying to force me to take these bad things that you need to know that Lord the new the new Newman's Lord that's what you call it Nuremberg yes and he says you need to present that to the doctor yeah absolutely okay so thank you very much Judy okay very good Ryan you're in the air go ahead hi this is my reasoning here and you touched on it a minute ago minutes ago if all our efforts to recall people aren't going anywhere like in Michigan we had unlocked Michigan we call a governor and nothing happened because the judicial is so corrupt why don't we go after the judicial we call them first so we can get some done or you can't do that well for two reasons Kate the judicial depends on you know they're either elected or they're appointed and you know the Federals they're appointed and so when you have corrupt people they're going to appoint corrupt judges and they don't get anybody hear anything they're corrupt they won't hear the recall things they won't hear that anything well now you gotta look once you get right now we're in a position if we get take back the house and take back the Senate they can they can take these cases they could go right by they can go right by the Department of Justice is totally corrupted and they can remove them okay through judicial order but they can take the cases right to the US Supreme Court where right now we have an advantage at this time on that court but these people should be I don't I don't know state government or I don't but if we wanted to remove our Michigan court justice so they're not we can't you can't do that you can you can you have to if you have a recall petition and you have enough votes on there but the problem that we have with your corrupt courses is getting by for them to say well these are these are good votes or these are bad votes like they did here in Ohio for example you had a fellow running for as an independent for governor here in Ohio and we had him on the radio program here and what they did because we had a rhino on Ohio Supreme Court the fix was in the fix was in okay and what happened was they said with the signatures on the touch screens and the signatures on the ballot cards don't match well you know when you go in I don't know if you voted on those touch screens but people just take their finger and they just really grub it against there even they they know you can't write a good signature on that and so what happens is no they're not gonna match they're not there ain't no way in the world they're gonna match okay what you do with your finger what you do in a pin right and so but we're out of time but Melissa thanks for calling but we have to move on okay Joe you know what time it is it's time to give an invitation it certainly is and well you know what I'm gonna say here here you go Joe heaven or hell which one will you choose now Joe if you're gonna go to heaven the Bible teaches that many seemingly very good people are going to help that's what the Bible says okay because because believe that because all have sinned yeah Romans 3 23 I've had I've had people tell me well I think I I've done more good than bad that won't get you to heaven but there's not a just man upon earth that do with good and not sinned ecclesiastic 720 sin had a price the Bible states that the soul that sinneth that's it shall die Ezekiel 18 4 for the wages of sin is death Roman 6 23 now you might be wondering what happens to people who die in their sin well the Bible teaches that it's appointed into men wants to die but after this the judgment we find that over where in Hebrews chapter 9 27 right and whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire revelation 2015 that's very very real if there any hope he has God sent his only begotten Son that the Lord Jesus into the world to pay the penalty for your sins for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth on him should not perish but have everlasting life John 3 16 familiar verse now but God commanded his love toward us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for our sins now the Bible tells us that God desires to save everyone the God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance second Peter 3 9 and Jesus said him that cometh to me I will in no way cast out John 6 3 37 so do you want to be saved the Bible teaches that there are several things you must do in order to be saved one you must again we always talk about this you must pray to the Father okay you know the first thing you got to do those realize there's nothing you can do to make yourself worthy of heaven not by works nor by righteousness which we have done according to his mercy saved us and that's in Titus 3 5 15 with the bottom line it all comes down to this that Jesus made it simple he did the heavy lifting he did for us what we could not do never do for ourselves he was the only one that could have done it he was the only one that could provide a perfect sacrifice which was required to he tells you pray to the Father pray to the Father in the name of the Son and ask for forgiveness of your sins as called repentance to ask the Lord Jesus to be the Lord of your life all of your life without any reservations and then you will be in dwelt by the Holy Spirit a new creature or born-again believer and you'll be on your way to eternity you've got God's word on them and we're out of time for tonight so Joe until tomorrow good night and God bless always always keep fighting the fight thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor Ernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content
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