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U.S. in a Holding Pattern While Russia Stares Down Ukraine's Border

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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January 26, 2022 12:24 pm

U.S. in a Holding Pattern While Russia Stares Down Ukraine's Border

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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January 26, 2022 12:24 pm

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[00:10:57] Congressman Pat Fallon

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Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive Brian kill me.

Thank you much losing everybody as the brain kill me.

Joey God Congressman Pat found with a small house on services committee one talk about Ukraine with Tapley is also an Air Force veteran nosy of the reality of combat and Rich Lowry put it all in perspective for Republicans how they feel about Nancy Pelosi saying I signed up for two more years even though I have 20 retirements just a four member advantage.

She's also looking to secure the border of Ukraine. But you got looking to secure our border, which is ours. Also to be part of the show the Prince United States is going to do something that he didn't do yesterday and that is something he had the day off really. He's got three new 50 million people to lead. If you didn't want the job. Why did you run for it or pretend to run for it. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three luck in Florida.

We just anticipate hostility from this administration, that's just what they do, they are much they are much more interested in picking political fights than they are actually being there for the people in our state need this assistance and they're talking about of the antibodies that can help you get over this virus. If you get it they said well the kind that you guys want boot help and that's why Ron DeSantis found it taken away from him battle on all fronts from Baxter boosters to Masten schools America squaring off for the for this deathmatch. Oh yeah.

In other news, the worst of the coven. 19 viruses over which I should would shoot which should matter to you. Also how it started and what St. found she knew I made it clear to remove Ukraine, including significant economic sanctions as well as I feel obliged to present on the Eastern front holding pattern seems the West deciding how much they're willing to do to stop an invasion while Russians wait, watch and observe all knowing the two levers they are prepared to pull are still there, invade and take over their neighbor and then stop oil and gas shipments to their best customers Europe in the middle of winter. Should they face sanctions from us the game plan. I think we have that will counter it as I'll share it on illegal guns is important first step. We must also address bail reform, not pretrial detention system must allow judges to take dangerousness into account is the only state in the country does not allow the judge to detain the defendant poses an immediate threat to the community crime and a pledge of punishment by the Democratic mayors met with a rebuke in New York City and by the state legislature. This, in the wake of the death of a second cop after being shot on Friday. How much longer are the American people going to let left-wing criminal apologists run their city. It's not just about New York, so we know the second and we we we did get were that this was true that the that he became an organ donor yesterday passed away at the age of 27 after being shot on Friday and Noel did in its execution. Now the question is Eric M says release the tape. Let's see it. He has been wearing body cameras you could see how dangerous it is to be a cop also factoring another police officer was shot and killed on a routine traffic stop on Sunday. Same thing in Texas. A routine traffic stop by God is been on the job. I think 27 years. He was shot just pulling somebody over and right now the suspect is still out and about how we gotta change this.

In all these major cities. Bill Bratton weighed in on the city that he laughed in the city that we are left with after Mayor de Blasio got done with it.

And of course the pandemic hasn't help because of it.

Here is Mayor Eric Adams on what he would like to do cut three illegal guns is important first step.

We must also address bail reform in our pre-tap pretrial detention system first must allow judges to take dangerousness into account. New York is the only state in the country that does not allow the judge to detain the defendant poses an immediate threat to the community. True. So what about another commission of those things are good.

The state legislature in the city legislature is not for it. That is tragic. Mayor hate Democrats listening to me right now you have to wake up and this is not just about New York. It's about Chicago, Detroit to San Francisco and Los Angeles, and Philadelphia specifically hears. Bill Bratton says okay that's part of it, but yours have a big other problem that you never bring up in this the meeting at the Manhattan DA cut for Kate Walters is going after. Chris violence and right now the current justice system in New York City.

New York State is not structured to restrict attorneys state legislature went up to the governor have not been supportive of getting tough on gun crime is a clarion call out from this mail which you gets on board with them.

Eric is the right man at the right time to let you about the Russian political establishment in New York State. So let's see I would think it also from Washington, there still about police reform. Believe it or not is tone deaf president is going to be looking still at police reform. They don't know the tide is changed. We need cops you force and from the job you defunded them and asked him to do a job without taking days off with their underfunded and understaffed. It's nuts. More from Bratton as he talks about the other challenges in straightahead cut six New York City 2008.

He was the safest it's ever been reduced police to control behavior, but they took away so many the powers of the police.

That's what Eric is trying to get back try to get the cops will collect results or listing the public to support instead of attacking that would be nice, wouldn't the other thing that said to keep in mind two is a use Tuesday to officers which have five that have been shot since there was a vigil outside NYU Langone yesterday so all this happens, it's pretty you do. It's pretty unanimous.

It's a tragedy when you think you know who's to blame when you agree yes. Not according to the city Council is a city Council member, were they in Harlem where this shooting actually took place. Her name is Christine Richardson, Jordan, and she wrote on Twitter on Tuesday lives lost due to broken publics.

Here goes city councilmember tweeted this at the lives lost due to a broken public safety mental health system that spare nobody.

She put out my deepest condolences to the families of officer Jason Rivera nice officer Wilbert more appropriate and was Sean McNeil you know LaShawn McNeil is usually killer and then she writes that it's the broken public safety mental health system let him down.

The guys try to kill cops, and she's talking about how the public health system, and mental and mental system and his mental ability and didn't get the health care he needed. That's why he shot two cops and he's had a life of crime really since 1998. This woman's got to keep her job. How does that happen incredible so we got smashed and grabs across the country in the most highfalutin areas possible and then you have the random killings and the other subways and I think the biggest story that's underreported is the amount of homeless. As I mentioned before Russian Ukraine. The standoff continues. The good news is with every day that goes by Ukrainians get more more armament. They have about 150,000 men and women in their police forces, gives me in their military force, but the Russians are building up to the doing and they're doing some exercises off the coast of Ireland and the Baltic Sea and there's a sense of this invasion all happen.

The question is does it happen before or does it happen after the Olympics, or does Vladimir Putin say to himself, I really don't want to fight or get sanctioned by my best oil and gas customer that Europe I don't want to deal with more economic strife and isolation that will be happening. According to the Wall Street Journal today.

The Watson post earlier as they tried to attack them at their rare earth with a need to support their tech industry with a need support their iPhones.

We have a way of corralling that and the and denying that Wall Street Journal gets at the details on that. You also could personally sanction Vladimir Putin and his other oligarchs and though they'll feel the pressure so javelin missiles are being delivered to the Ukraine US troops could be heading over to Europe this some doubt about that, and submits messaging but about 8500 be going mostly to Poland. So, almost, almost helping kind of helping $200 million with the weaponry.

But you know how much more the Russians have so the present yesterday says go to get tough on and off on buying it. What's at stake.

Amy Walter waited and she's with the Cook political report, we know how the presidents numbers have suffered since the Afghanistan debacle which is solely to blame for cut 16. They are also looking to see whether the president can live up to this moment. Crazies shape perceptions of the president's president already has had one crisis, which is the coronavirus Chris perceptions of handling that had sunk considerably.

And of course on Afghanistan's perceptions of how Colette went very negatively. So whether or not people see that he has control of this issue can be very important for them going forward in gaining the trust of the American right. If you get a right and there's a lot that could go wrong. We arty know that we know the UK stepping up and Germans to step it out sooner.

Lindsay Graham knows as much about foreign policy through eyes on target than just about anybody out there cut 17 support sending more troops to the Baltic Regents members of NATO as Putin tries to dismantle Lake NATO we need to make it stronger and have a greater presence in his backyard, but the one thing only with the night. Ukraine is far more important than just the Ukraine. The Chinese are watching and if it gets away with dismantling the Ukraine. The Iranians will break out and try to get a bomb because they see weakness everywhere.

So if you care about world order. You better get Ukraine's right I hear you.

We come back. Congressman Pat Fallon expands on that the Democrats might be in agreement. Use of the brain kill me. Joe don't move giving you everything you need to know you're with Brian kill me Truth Podcast Network Janice Dean Fox news senior meteorologist. Be sure to subscribe to the chanting podcast and Fox News or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine on a talk show.

That's real. This is Brian kill me show you if you were to believe that he could turn or a lot less than 12 for Russia only in terms of economic consequences.

Enormous consequences worldwide.

This should be the Lord to remove and almost worshiping the Lord will change the world, but they do supply most of the oil and gas to Europe. Could they stop that, if sanctions come through and are there already being affected by that comes when Pat Fallon knows there's a lot at play here.

He's with the House armed services committee serve in the military as an Air Force veteran Congressman, first off, how perilous is his situation, would you be surprised that there was an invasion before the Olympics provided that it would come after that I would be right. It was, it would be before either because potent is that of predictability that dangerous that dangerous. Have you been on the ground or I've not been so what do you what you wanted the Ukraine people to know that America support were knocking to put troops in there. We have given $200 million worth of hardware correct really doggedly related million dollars all in. Last year when you start argument Ukraine is does anyone think it would be witnessing the same situation we are today. Right now Ukraine had 300,000 well trained, well equipped, world class troops.

I don't agree what and if the nation wants to protect itself.

It it it's got to step up, we can't do it for they have to do themselves and unfortunately Joe Biden made a lot of missteps along the way. In the past year as well so we got to the situation how much pressure is on. Present Biden to get this out.

If they do take this country by Maputo be satisfied by just taking the Ukraine. Well, let's look at past history brightening the first time that he is a territorial aggression 2008 he invaded Georgia install two provinces and 2014 he stole the career from the Ukraine. This is been a pattern, and you know that the you you look at the most of Europe. Most of an AOL I don't even spend 2% of the GDP on the military but Ukraine spends 4% because there right next door to Russia know what that that Armenia is almost 5% because there's the quaking in their boots there there boring a bully and is held that the teams on reconstituting most of the old Soviet Union, please. Today a bipartisan briefing on the Ukraine will questions the I would like to know exactly what they'd we've given them. Why there when we knew we knew about this built up in November and ranking member Rogers and Inhofe requested. They sent a letter to the immigration requesting that air defense and antiship weaponry would be sent. Then what did it's inexplicable to delay why are they just getting the stuff that we knew about this for three months ago.

There's something called the current when you're discussing it. You know, aggressive dictatorships and as a bully and if he cost so he comes in with the roughly hundred 50,000 troops militarily. They'll probably succeed quickly. We hope not, but we have to look upon that you know is in with not rose-colored glasses but in reality, but that what he do that he hold Ukraine it would take probably 350,000 Russian troops to hold a costly crater country 44 billion people, so he got a lot of issues, you got it you don't deal with as well. So one thing clear.

The terms is not important. People are outraged Berliners refuse to sell weapons to Ukraine is pushed to open up a new pipeline for Russian gas that bypasses Ukraine as unit when Germany's Navy chief, this guy KR can show shown lock said last week, the Russian prison environment to deserve respect to the trying to win back Crimea and expect by Russian 2014 was a lost cause. Next he knows so much controversy he resigned.

But Germany hasn't change stances will talk about the notes from two pipeline green lighting that and not throwing his many robot could still do it yes and we should do it in every immediately.

It's ironic that he cancels the keys that affect capital Keystone pipeline, thereby hamstringing and yet greenlight that the Russians did giving all that.

Having the ability to provide all that energy to our major economic power. We should also division of ever delayed illegally and we know you haven't been there.

You're not signaling to the Russians that you're taking Ukraine in your showing me the importance and the priority when you don't even have a master there for a full year. We have analysis paralysis here in this demonstration is been idle in the sleep of the switch so much as you present. Biden said yesterday cut 14. See yourself personally sanctioning him.

He didn't think you can see that we haven't done that to this point, but is one of the richest men in the world. Could we meet that we should we should have all made at our disposal and in everything should be on the table. That's why I you don't signal to your adversary. What you do. You say all option on the table and Biden signaled that you actually not put troops they would put troops near Ukraine on it or not I want to put troops in Ukraine either. I would've gone into the chief months ago, but also the worst thing he said Brian was a minor incursion that you just are you signaling that it's okay to take the Eastern 30 Ukraine's what was Crimea, a minor incursion was Georgia minor incursion's ridiculous sound. Finally publishing for the Washington Post had initially taking a page of the trumpet ministration playbook like they did with Huawei. They're going to start stopping the export of Russia and various products that the Russians used for microelectronics based on US equipment software technology so from their iPhones to the high tech equipment within the stock started wrestling it, collecting it and stopping them from getting it from what you know.

Could this work say that we find we need to outline all of the economic sanctions right now we need help exactly what happens. Whatever consequences it should be all hands on deck. The economic sanctions should be immediately morally filleted.

Right now we should completely sanction the door to two pipeline. We cannot allow Germany to have a veto on elected policies.

Thank you, when you really need to reinforce their our NATO allies as well. You know I type a lot of folks in the fourth District of Texas tell me that worried about the security of Ukraine. What about the security of her own southern border with Mexico points Rich Lowry next. Thank you Pat found a nice person is America's socks weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen. Now it's on space-time or wherever you get your podcasts radio show like no other and kill these monocle owners were highly effective against the Delta variant the key people out of hospitals. We have been using them with patients coming in during the omicron wave and we have seen success.

Anecdotally, no, we haven't run a clinical trial, but neither did the FDA that relying on one study, which is an observational study.

It was not a clinical trial was, not peer-reviewed. That said, the two monoclonal are effective against crime.

It was done by a consultant for one of the rival drug companies now if you do clinical trials maybe lined up being the case, but man that's very flimsy evidence to take this treatment away from people and we had thousands of people in the queue in our treatment sites in Florida. Laura and they all of a sudden wake up to saying that you're out of luck because of the whims of the Biden administration what they're doing is fundamentally wrong as governor under Santos just wanted to get a therapeutic that was effective and found that it was taken away because the government and one study says it didn't work. Jen Saki answered the same way they always answer they look at him as a huge threat cut 23. Let's just take a step back here just to realize how crazy we've approached covert treatments like telling a medicine cabinet were not relying on one type one brand or treatment. We invested in continued to buy a variety across antibodies preexposure prevention therapies and oral antivirals.

When the FDA is making clear is that these treatments the ones that they are fighting over that the governor's finding of right do not work against omicron and they have side effects.

That is what the scientists are saying we have sent them 20 71,000 doses of treatments that are effective against omicron and are effective.

Also against Delta and they are still advocating for treatments that don't work. They took to away from one study so this guy is doing these things and leave the Washington loves getting back in governor Ron DeSantis and they always lose Rich. Larry joins us out of the nest.

Review author of the case for nationalism. A rich, welcome back. What you take on this latest sparring session.

I don't know what to think particular treatment, but it just been bizarre throughout the entire pandemic. The left hot headache at a simmering hostility against treatment and the end they they've been much more favorably inclined to mid-evil way of dealing with the pandemic meeting many of the way social distance, you know, you stay in your house and you wear masks. Note that those techniques haven't changed and hundreds and hundreds of years, but the advantage of living in a modern 20%. Society is that you know you learn more and you get treatments and you get back to you and you call that so I haven't done this one in detail, but it seems to fit with that theme, hostility towards treatment and people can get the virus we've established. Now, with vaccinated or not people to get the virus that you get sick so you have to deal with that fact that there's a cop an attitude of shaming people for getting sick or saying there's something wrong with them or actually saying they shouldn't get treatment, or go to the back of the queue at hospitals so these to go back and forth and treatment. Of course it didn't preorder any of the therapeutic from Pfizer or Merck. So when I can really see any type of substantial distribution until the spring is get a total pass on now for just the standards that applied when trumps resident don't apply now where anything went wrong in the entire federal government. During the first year the pandemic was attributed to trumpet and attributed his ill intentions and it will Inuit accused of cold-blooded murder over it and that that will totally based on so rich area gets rich with Fox special report on Fox is running a special about Anthony Saatchi and what is cadre of so-called experts were up to what they knew about this pandemic when it started and seems as though this is since been some degree of collusion when it comes to this being a lab league this a timeline here I think is noteworthy fact, she was told that the NAIA D have been indirectly funding the Wuhan lab of through echo health that's on January 27 on the 31st Dr. Christian Anderson noted virologist at the Scripps lab privately told factory they have to discuss with colleagues the coven 19 features with possibly engineered in the genome is inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory same day. Later that you organize a call with dozens of worldwide virologists and notes for the meeting obtained by special report revealed the suspicions of a lab league theory were suppressed over concerns of how the public would react to hold onto something to news of possible Chinese government involvement. A consensus was reached in the call that the lab origin should not be mentioned in the paper because it will add fuel to the conspiracy theories we would is your reaction for what felt not an opinion. What we know you know it sound like a bad movie right that the scientist would be an involved in research at the lab that is laudably foreplay will never know. Probably one way the other, but the buyer and and then they try to suppress that information and just this just in, it would just scientist doing and yelled and ended up being all all the gatekeepers of the media and social media trying to shut down the view that this might come from a lab and we have more more indication of the possibility of that view. And this is just incredible dereliction of duty not to be forthcoming about this and try to hide the ball and start at the beginning we know more about how it started at the beginning, but we've also seen in plain sight, you know, under the questioning of Rand Paul Anthony thought you have been extremely lawyerly at best and we usually about this and that's just not what you expect or should accept in your public health authorities tell us the truth you know and that there were fuel conspiracy. That's not their concern that the facts of the concern something that it had such great consequences in the country and around the world. Let us know the truth and they try to hide the ball from beginning lab league theory was that so much to sit into the no longer being band of shelflife you tweeted something like that out. But think about the these communications. We know that he had with the with Mark Zuckerberg. We know these communications anyhow to Bill Gates and suddenly when you write things like that you have the best credentials and the best background your your social media sites were trying to down right in your YouTube video was not allowed to be shown, even if you're sitting senator and yet you see collusion with Ouchi and these social media heads who are titans bigger than some most countries in terms of their volume in their power.

And then now you still see people like Ron DeSantis who will go along with the program currently being vilified to them about the establishment in the country and that the people and in power and just that there's so many areas. Just look at Expo masking if you didn't get your your news very loosely from certain cable outlets are reading headlines that might you have no idea that around the world. The United States is the only country that math kids in school the way we do. The only country that maxim so young, the only country that has a public health authority that recommends masking kids, she would above even though there is zero chance of the math that wearing and make a difference of zero chance they can wear them properly all day long. There is zero chance that can be not be degraded by you getting wet and and whatnot and the kids aren't a major threat for transmitting the virus in the first place and thank God are really not susceptible to getting 36 and zero cents at any level, but there's been a kind of gospel and orthodoxy created around that and around other issues that just didn't have a factual basis like that and I think people. For example, I located the Washington Post and CNN's Josh Rogan widening that leaving with him. These were the foremost experts on this whole lab situation and China's government specifically why is it the Jamie mezzo who work for Obama and Clinton's organization and his advisor.

The WHO has one welcome outlet, it's Austin, 60 minutes in one thing with them. But besides that anytime he wants to go want to talk about the lab and make not not political congressional races.

He only has interest from us yet we are all affected by this pandemic. Now the other subplot to this. It's what's happening, you just mentioned with kids and masks.

We know that we have another run to Santos like mind meld going on with Gov. Junkin.

He wants to put the power back to the parents even though it's very much a purple state like Florida. He said guys no longer have to master kids. It's your decision now. The schools are pushing back and say yeah it's my decision as disk as a school superintendent where the masks here's a little of the outrage from last night in Loudoun County cut 26 photographs and so with the governor's mandate.

They went to school without master. They were segregated in a certain area and they can only go to the bathroom a certain bathroom and only get water in certain time and we saw the New York they had an order that was backed up. You could not have indoor mass mandates. They state that order.

Parents showed up.

The kids didn't have mass. The superintendent's pushback and a lot of different counties and districts, and then the state ordered crating total chaos and confusion. I know where I stand on this, giving parents control when you think the American people stand where we are winning this debate and the tide is turning and you find that I'm not sure about the legal authority that a Executive Order. I think it is a nebulous area but just politically and in terms of shining a light on this and empowering the parents who want to pushback it is it been really useful and and II just to let you know where where I live in my local community people are sick of it to begin the get the message that it makes zero cents so I think I think the tide is turning on this one.

Yeah, I guess we'll see where this goes. Lastly, surprise Nancy Pelosi's gonna run again for Neverland and we think the Democrat leaders older old now and there in the upper 70s and 80s I get to put into the 90s.

You know what life she had a choice you think is because if she says I'm not running you know she's hard enough getting people to listen to you going to be the minority leader or not leader that if you say you're not if you say you're not running or if you say you are running makes it more relevant please call Ryan. I thought made a huge mistake in announcing and holding back an example that could be played into that heard her thinking here and Ryan did by being honest about an upfront about it right at the outset, when it made the decision did it make render himself a lame-duck rich Larry, thanks much appreciated rich Larry enter this review. When we come back we'll put the phones 18 664-087-6690 was in the brain to Michelle your calls next your knowledge base. Brian kill me show Fox News contests network and on the next Fox News contributor daily newsletter.

I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week to bend on its podcast listen no Fox News five The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me.

So much for your around this media plays a role in your form is put out today.

After that, I think causes a lot of strife and stress for people and I think because I don't watch the news or don't subscribe to the same type of mainstream narrative. At times, and there's anger thrown my way that I think is sphere. So I do have empathy for those people were caught in this fear state around open that has been continually pushed and went further by media by some of the narratives that are out there and I do have so and Rogers talk about. Not only is loss in the game and starting wanting to decide which he must play for next year and I think it's got a guarantee for the packages and come back please talk about the anger. This directed towards him when he came out he wasn't vaccinated and and from Howard Stern on down. He does could not care less if IQ seemed to thrive on the unrest, but he said these people were so enraged and incited.

He blames the media. I actually blame the miss messaging from the so-called experts from people on high. In the beginning we didn't know what hit us. But there's really no excuse.

Now they still will level is how it started. They don't tell us that mass were an effective now they tell us and 95 then they told us original. You can have a 95 mask as a gotta be fitted to you now that I mail them out to us for free. They tell is that enough test that we didn't have enough test.

Now their mailing of status and there from a place they told us they would never subscribe to again and that's China look at the box it says made in China coming from the post office we ever going to learn not only does their stuffed sock but we should not be going to China for these tests still Rob was in the Fox News radio app in Westchester. Hey Rob, it was a month will look month ago by equating about treatment from Florida. Yes right yup now because you got monotone. "It only get them from burning. This should be the world around him killing people understand how you looked into it and his three monoclonal antibodies this it only ones affected. But then he looked at the study says this is one study done by somebody that has a horse in this race.

I want to get away. How how they get away with not giving you medicine that you could help make you better is unbelievable to me and that and that's you Rhonda Santos. Gotta keep fighting and hopefully embarrass this administration to do the right thing. Teresa North Carolina he Therese 309 suite in November and I get you that we barely had a bad year players here now line that read every line right and and example are North Carolina girls basketball team went down by 14 in the fourth quarter against Louisville and they came back and be in my you sell you already Democrat you know the competition. You don't know who's running you don't know what people they may be saying everything Democrat right here right we do not know war in Europe. Number one, number two, we don't know if Roe V Wade to be overturned.

That's going to incite and energize and anger people all at once so that could deftly change things. The one thing that I'm watching Mark Penn now have a very steam to put a glamorous. He said yeah you could deftly say that you could deftly say the midterms. If you, Joe Biden, but you gotta change is no indication Therese that he's changing but thanks much for the call. Good point. Don't don't act like the house is yours. She's gonna focus on the Senate.

I'm for that. I understand that but I also thought is interesting is that the big fight now is on freedom, not so much to go in the park or travel. Although it is to a degree, because everybody wants a vaccine card but is also the willing to speak and get other point of view.

So Anthony found.

She says it.

And if everyone agrees with you could see on YouTube because they are 20 says social media, but if you interview somebody like for example in my space that is esteemed but might have a counter view of a pandemic. They clearly summary the so-called experts of gotten wrong. They ban you. As I mentioned before, Sen. Rand Paul does an interview with Clay Travis on his radio show they put it up on YouTube and they get there they get the the interview band because he didn't like Rand Paul was saying in the same thing now with Joe Rogan.

He's interviewing people with great resumes that really don't like what's going on in this country and everyone's trying to cancel the latest guy to try it. Who's totally clueless on the power that he has is Neil Young he's saying the legend is saying me or Joe Rogan. You had to make a decision for Simon to pull my music off spotted by a Neil sorry I'll miss you. Fox News can't just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News time or wherever you get your favorite contest I Fox News radio studios in New York City set of Fox and friends, America's receptive Brian kill me.

Thanks much for being here. Everybody in the crime-ridden New York City right now but heard around the country and around the world and cannot get the show live in which you can what you do, please download the podcast this hour can be joined by the about former about to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, who I think is going to if Donald Trump doesn't run the leading contender to be the Republican nomination. Dr. Barnaby Carey's got a brand-new editorials about the canal. The Wall Street Journal help review exclusively for us right here and it is explosive.

So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's 33 or do we just anticipate hostility from this administration. That is what they do, they are much they are much more interested in taking political fights than they are actually being there for the people in our state that need this assistance battle on all fronts from Baxter boosters to mass in school. America's squaring offered deathmatch.

It seems in other news, the worse the cobra 19 seems to be over and maybe were turning the corner but don't let that slow you down and by the way St. factually turns out he knew a lot more about a lab leak than we ever thought he did made it clear to remove Ukraine significant economic sanctions as well as I feel obliged to do we just wake him up, holding pattern seems the West is deciding how much they're willing to do to stop the invasion of the Russians while they wait and they watch you, they observe they have due to levers of power never want to get this big army they could cross Ukraine. It seems in the gestapo oil and gas shipments to their best customer Europe. Should we sanctioned them should they would if they do both.

Will that put us into nonaction like let's say Germany illegal guns is important first step. We must also address braille reform, not pretrial detention system must allow judges to take dangerousness into account is the only state in the country that does not allow the judge to detain the defendant poses an immediate threat to the community, crime and pledge of punishment by the Democratic mayor is met with repute by New York City legislator New York State legislature this in the wake of the death of the second cop they were shot on Friday.

How much longer the American people going to take left-wing criminal apologist and let them run our city streets into the ground and be overrun by homeless. So what shall that conversation and you get on board and talk about it in 15 minutes.

1-866-408-7669 was told by the number one issue almost kitchen tables and dining room and classrooms and that is what happened with the pandemic document carry in my as a Fox News contributor surgeon, a professor and a professor of health policy at Hopkins line, author of the price we pay them I wrong to think there will about. We are turning the corner in many states on this variant. We are primer in a good spot where the numbers are showing a steep decline. There still some parts of the country where the virus is still still peeking in the hospitals are going to be strained. Hospitals are not necessarily strained from the influx of patients alone. We normally have a massive influx of patients every winter from a number of respiratory pathogens. Sometimes it's a bad flu season. The difference is this time we got a massive staffing shortage. One in five workers in healthcare have left and if you look what happened in Washington state they fired 55 workers from this hospital system called multi-care, and then they were so shortstaffed they told people who tested positive for working even if you have Kovic come back into work even if you have symptoms. We are that shortstaffed. That's the problem with the staffing crisis.

The people don't know about. So you are saying let's reinstate the workers fired under the VAX mandate because the new data shows natural immunity as equal to, if not better immunity then the vaccine we saw how the vaccine was so I guess inadequate when it came to this variant to begin with, along with boosters were seeing all these double VAX booster. People suffering and getting this variant so you're saying on fire them, bring them back. You need them.

It's time to reinstate American workers who were fired under the vaccine mandate for a number of reasons. Number one, it was unfair. Number two, we have therapeutics now that really mean no one should be dying of coping and number three turns out, many of them had natural immunity. And when when employers fired workers with natural immunity. They got rid of the workers least likely to spread the infection. That's the great irony. The data are now in its clear the CDC itself has a study in Johns Hopkins. As you know my team is been doing a big study on natural immunity and we just got the early results which I put in today's Wall Street Journal piece so what more can you tell us about the editorial that has not come out yet and from the study that you guys conducted well. One of the arguments that public health officials have used to discount natural immunity and were one of the only countries that blows it off as they say, we don't know how long it lasts. Well, the NIH has for $42 billion want to just study you could do the study with about 100 people you just invite them in. Who infected in your two years ago and test their blood so we did that study and we looked at 295 people with natural immunity. They were not vaccinated. We found that the immunity was strong nearly 2 years out from the infection. So it is now a settled science, natural immunity is durable and effective for as long as the infections been around a very personal person to the very on the size and gender of the person, 1999% of these subjects were studied had antibody levels that were almost as effective inconsistent as they said had in the earliest time of their recovery. And there was some small variation but were talking within the 1% of that sample pretty amazing. I mean, because I know people. He got it had natural immunity and they had test there any byes, and they seem to have faded. But you didn't find that it turns out that there is a low level X of exposure that we think people have so even once you've recovered from Kovic there sort of almost a low level. Stimulation of that immune system because it's everywhere and certainly with omicron we know it is everywhere, even public health officials now are finally admitting everyone's going to get it so not only is healthcare workers were asked to work through the night and through this. All the questions of this pandemic to get fired unceremoniously. Would you also say that should go beyond healthcare. What about the truck drivers. What about the, the other walks of life. They were told they can. They can't work because they not vaccinated. Look at this point if someone is on vaccinated either. They've been so hardened by these what they see as excessive government policies are probably not to get exit when really not seeing new vaccinations. At this point, and chances are that they have natural immunity. Now, 50 to 60% of truck drivers are not vaccinated. What are we going to fire them and have our country wounded and no supply chain so we can't get chemotherapy in the hospital that we need.

By the way, we are seeing shortages and chemo or are we gonna recognize they got natural immunity in the pandemic is reached very low levels and essentially hundred percent of new infections now with omicron which now the data shows is less dangerous than influenza.

So go to reinstate these truck drivers, supply chain, we gotta get the country moving people don't just die of viral replication die of hopelessness and poverty in all kinds of substance abuse and mental problems we been blowing that that date off and those soldiers who were dishonorably discharged. Need to immediately be reinstated with their rank and back compensation, including restoring that period of lost pension pay so Dr. Martin Carrie is revealed Hopkins study that shows that if you had the virus. Two years later you are the anybody's to still have immunity so that is huge news.

To add to that, but if you were vaccinated and then you had got it a breakthrough case or you got it and then got vaccinated that W immunity and increases it by 3.8% so hybrid immunity yes is more effective.

But remember the vaccine give you almost a sugar high of antibodies where that will wear off in terms of its protection against getting the infection and your protection against hospitalization and severe disease is still solid, with vaccinated or natural immunity. What is boosters fall into this study.

Again, boosters can give you no boosters were studied 10 weeks after the booster in the UK and the protection against getting the infection plummeted. It plummeted to 35% with Pfizer and 45% with no turn I just 10 weeks after the booster, so either we get boosters every three months. No thank you. To realize the protection against severe disease is solid enough that we can live our lives where you stand on masks right now.

I was kinda shot a few weeks ago a watch.

Even Dr. Scott Gottlieb, yet it turns out cause mass only can only protect you 5%, but it's worth doing.

And now they said we need better masks number one, I'm not wearing a 95 mask unit one of the first things I heard from doctors is and 95 mass need to be fitted. Now we just forgot about that.

And number two is instead of taking them off. They just trying to poke him up is is that it is that what's going on in the medical community. While these arguments are going to fall apart in three weeks when there's almost no infection in the community and remember were fighting omicron now it's really not covert. It's acting and behaving like a different virus because only there's only been one death at a 52,000 cases in that Kaiser Southern California study, which is lower than influenza. So what can I do next school year when rhinovirus circulates are a kind of virus or power influenza virus and have kids wear masks for ever in perpetuity, in full disclosure, I'm an advisor to Gov. Young can and this is a hot issue in the state in his feeling is that if the kid is struggling with a mask. The parent should have a say when you have a disabled child who is vaccinated and is forced to wear cloth mask in speech pathology. The parent should have a say.

And ironically, there's a lot of focus on Virginia but not the blue state of Pennsylvania, which is an masks optional the entire time. That's not the subject, media scrutiny, but somehow giving parents the option in Virginia is seen as sort of a step backwards cloth masks don't work best with the data show and you can either strapping to a respirator or 95, which by the way I wear those in the hospital. Not easy to wear long term.

Some people do find with them. Some people struggle with them. We just got a realize we have to learn to live with this because we have a mental health crisis, we cannot ignore that data. True dizzy true. They have to be fitted.

They work best if there fitted, but now tight I see nurses and doctors loosened at the end of a long shifter 90s aware for long time, one should bring into this controversy. I know you have patience and teaching about monoclonal antibodies. I guess there's different types Gov. Ron DeSantis. I want to bring you into this conversation is having cut 21. These monocle owners were highly effective against the Delta variant to keep people out of hospitals. We have been using them with patients coming in during the omicron wave and we have seen success. Anecdotally, no, we haven't run a clinical trial, but neither did the FDA that relying on one study, which is an observational study.

It was not a clinical trial was, not peer-reviewed. That said, the two monoclonal are effective against so micron it was done by a consultant for one of the rival drug companies now if you do clinical trials maybe lined up being the case, but man that's very flimsy evidence to take this treatment away from people and we had thousands of people in the queue in our treatment sites in Florida. Laura and they all of a sudden wake up to saying that you're out of luck because of the whims of the bite administration what they're doing is fundamentally wrong wrong and if you meeting, resulting in people suffering unnecessarily what's going on here. Do you know the bureaucratic what was going on with this bureaucracy behind the scenes were what were seeing is the heavy hand of the federal government in reaching into the doctor's office because Florida has argued that sure this new monoclonal antibodies don't work against omicron hardly at all or very well but you know what maybe there's some Delta floating around out there. Maybe doctors have had a different experience. Maybe doctors want to test their patients to see if it's Delta or omicron. And if it's Delta, which is more likely to make you very sick and they may want to use it. What we also saw was an erratic announcement you had people driving to their appointment to get the monoclonal antibodies told when they got their own, you can get the government just announced you're not allowed to take this. How about some morning or heads up about the right to be frustrated absently how you know that your team Delta and omicron. With these tests. Are they the same test they do they look different. I mean that you know yeah that rapid tests are the same, but the PCR machine can do an additional test called an S gene mutation, which is an indicator that it's omicron and it's pretty, pretty accurate, and so I talked to Dr. Lynn.Bowen in Florida they thought you know some doctors are using that test. It takes a little special work to get the lab to do it but you know it's helpful in figuring things out there that has been over the last few weeks when when Delta still been around Dr. Karen's big news Wall Street Journal column will will expand on it, but you believe the we should reinstate the workers fired into the VAX mandates because new data shows the natural immunity that many had is better then the vaccine itself and end right now when it comes to the hospital workers.

In particular, it is a five alarm fire. You are so shortstaffed, so absolutely thank you Sharon, Connecticut is rehiring workers now. They got rid of the vaccine mandate. Starbucks is doing it. America needs to do it. Thank you Dr. Martin care the voice of reason.

Thank you sir, thanks 186-640-8766 we come back your turn to talk.

That was extremely informative. I hope you agree. And then we go international with one of the best in the business investor Nikki Haley, this is the brain can only show learning something new every day, Brian kill me show will came close to Fox and friends weekend as I share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscriber list Fox News contests. If you're interested in Bryan's talking about your with Brian kill me.

Just another $200 million of assistance. Security is training courses. We have put an additional $8500 just yesterday to have to go. Perhaps maybe have been deployed yet to bolster the NATO response force were not ruling off the table. Any unilateral US troops. Also inside you are poor even going to Europe to help bolster our allies and reassure them so I not not to mention the fact that that we been very clear with Mr. Pruden about the severe economic consequences that he might suffer the might and he also could make European suffer because your visor was old oil and gas. He said even when the Soviet Union was phone apart. They kept going oil and gas because for one thing, selfish reason Russians that's all they have for the most part export number two. It was the control he had already Europe is nervous about this is causing oil and gas prices to rise of the prospected sanctions would cause a return sanction to the European allies.

But why are they dealing with this so this a quick push now to get their oil and gas from Middle Eastern customers are partners like the UAE and Saudi Arabia to redirect why Europe and why. If I'm a leader in these European nations. I would subject my people to the whims of the Russians in this Vladimir Putin is totally responsible and the Germanys case there so in bed with the Russians. They basically surmise we just bow out the NATO they want no part of it. You can have an over flight over Germany if they have weapons for the Ukraine held them.

Not only are you not helping you taking a side by not helping you helping the Russians and you were worried about your energy and I guess the strong Russian element within your country mean that's embarrassing Amy Walter on what's on the K what's at stake for present buying cut 16. They are also looking to see whether the president can live up to this moment crises change perceptions of the president. This president already has had one crisis, which is the coronavirus's perceptions of handling that have sunk considerably. And of course on Afghanistan's perceptions of how Colette went very negatively.

So whether or not people see that he has control of this issue can be very important for them going forward, gaining the trust of the American public.

We don't have an ambassador right now in Ukraine that doesn't help is nobody nominated and that's ridiculous.

Investor Nikki Haley be with us former Abbasid to the UN cheese hotels which you would you their experience with Vladimir food is actually like and had a rush him back and would present five is not doing.

We all hope he does that story radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show you were turned country or a lot less well for Russia, not only in terms of economic consequences.

Enormous consequences were one of the Lord to remove and almost 4th, the largest change the world.

Do you agree to let us investor Nikki Haley best-selling author as well.

Former governor of South Carolina investor, welcome back is same here. First of what about you think he was overstating it largest invasion since World War II would probably not write this that would be it doing anything about that character that will pay you look back at during the trust administration. We very first Security Council beach was against Russian aggression in Ukraine and we know whether we were taking on Russia or North Korea or Turner line.

The whole point in you stand talking stand strong and you let them know you mean benefit and when you do that you determine what he showed weakness everywhere.

I mean it started when Afghanistan he wants ice basically found our allies you thought Americans fall you're looking at, Russia one UK.Norge string to you. You came to when it came to Germany and linearly calling them out which competent and all of our administration did on Norge string to you now are sitting there just waiting for you should bind should be doing something now. He should be doing transient.

Now he should be strengthening the NATO now becoming antiaircraft and planchette anti-technical because that's what Lester doesn't want a nation being an election where they are a one industry country should be hitting them and winning the energy sector. Any need to talk about Kennedy.

So here's what they say 25% of the embassy personnel are gone by is not seeking any more aid to Ukraine that has already been authorized to 200 million that sanctions against Russia will remain reactive, not pride, not not be put in place.

Dowson Lindsay Graham is talking about US made it clear US will not deploy troops into Ukraine and cannot deploy troops to NATO but can and cannot, to the point troops in NATO countries, unless a formal request is made by the US in all 30 NATO countries agree.

I do not know that all there any wonder that their 30 plane flying over Taiwan right now. I think they need being big complicated know this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity keynote that he'll never get a week US president like that again. Any taking advantage but the reality and one thing we did with NATO and one thing that prompted really well with Stephanie NATO spine, wine, and that not letting Germany get away with things to making an online their defense budgets, perspective, and there when Russia tried to pull something way making sure that we lead the charge on what was gonna happen right now. Anything NATO all over the place. There is no leadership America don't know what to do and it only bring body vulnerable and should be literally meeting with NATO right now. They should have a united nation be doing that in a way that other countries want to join and everybody> like they want to cut in line at the danger room in the world well is actually true. Yes, he took off.

Looks like you just took off and got ice cream about 4 o'clock.

Can you believe that with so telling that no telling some right now talking to Germany just want to get people on the record in this is not to say Germanys and with a still actually making people if you want to fly and drop off what this Ukraine you can use their airspace. These refused to sell weapons to Ukraine. And we know the Navy chief KR can show the Embarcadero.

If you no one said last week that the Russian prison environment who deserves respect. They try to win back from the Crimea, annexed by Russia is a lost cause. So they say well it's embarrassing you have to leave, but they have no interest in taking part in this, and they are the economic behemoth of Europe that's devastating about us or when I was one of the things that we placed online and present promptly to all of our European allies like we could not let Germany get away with. That's why Norge string to was on hold. We basically told the other Europeans don't let them do this. Team Russia will hold you hostage. We got to stop that link That day. There is not enough talk about what Biden did literally change on Norge string to the vacated Russia very thing they wanted Biden gave fresh in your extreme tail. Biden sent back one of them that keep the printers that we had that they wanted had been accused of cyber attack literally given Russia so my not holding Germany account what they should be doing at forming a NATO meeting right now and Callan terminated their conflicted and can't make any defendant because every decision they're making itself and it it's got to stop and this is a really good opportunity for for the US impregnated a call out Germany for what it's doing, which is really putting everybody else in harmful and would certainly help if they did something positive, Abbasid Wall Street Journal at a store that was imposed began three days ago. This is used preparing to impose export controls on critical sectors of the Russian economy and withhold different things that they need for their weapon systems in their iPhones. This is something that they are reportedly something that the you guys did under Pres. Trump with Huawei and it destroyed their count really hurt their country their company.

From what you know is this look like something that's potent that what you want to do is you want their energy sector. You want to get the financial sector and while he is a great way to look having a look at the dynamics of Russia is not popular in Russia right now for putting 10 paintbrushes don't want them to do it.

I don't want to lose line they know noted cost planning OT can't do it different than leveraging to see what he can get. He doesn't want Ukraine and NATO.

He doesn't want NATO to expand any pushing the envelope and start thinking get an opportunity right he'll go in there. So what we have to watch and what are the dates that are really in question. He's not regulate during the Olympics because he cares a lot about athletes winning metals during the Olympic between February 20 and March 1 February 20 thing the last day the of Olympic and March 1 20 have to get the state of the union address. Biden administration need to be looking at the day I may need in public that hard. Thank you. Now on, things like Huawei where the Russian people file that get backlash from that back how they have to be looking at it.

One of the Russian people want because when you do that put the pressure on on current doctor step back and back. The current thing that we gotta think that you don't wait for them then David to let you do it right now that he start to feel the pressure so Richard Haas form of Castle formulation said this in response to the Wall Street Journal editorial about hitting their tech sector Wall Street Journal.

It's one thing to prepare for sending all the sources to allies. I get it that's a smart thing to do to reduce any warning time. If we have to do it but don't think we should do it yet. The whole idea is to signal to. And that's one of the prices you will pay if you go ahead the whole idea is to still changes calculus about the costs and benefits are going and where exactly right to prepare those forces put them on a short warning time but not not to send them to go to be held in reserve. We can do it if if the time should come the pig naturally and intervenes in Ukraine so we still reactive and you're not. For that you know what, first of all, I don't think we have to go in and enforce it. I think you going mental and anti-quite mental.

That really does affect you going you start affecting their financial factor and playing restrictions on plant that affects you going effect possibly what would happen with the Olympics and start playing look that the Olympic is about Pete. You can't have that Russian can't be there.would put pressure on thanking their energy sector.

Now that's what makes him pull back. You don't want to be reactionary with just the wrong approach and and I disagree with anything so it's is DR the number one customer to Russian gas and oil is Europe so this theory is that there is the Russians could sanction severely they will punish NATO, the EU, by denying them oil and gas that others would say wait a second. It is there that usually literally fuels our economy they be hurting themselves more what you think.

Whatever food because you have to play this year to play this chess game through you think he does. If you have if you do have the sanctions you to talk about why I think that because the white people feel any sort of something to cry or I think that's what you have to do when we have been killed until it can multiple times well back down, he knows where scary thing it right now all what Biden get going right going right for Ron going right or turning North Korea back and read anything elder: in the world based on it.

I kind of funny and so look at me.

Nobody wants to go to war.

I don't think Russia wants to go to war?

The thing on my thinking that and I think that's what they're trying to do and I think with the world's most importantly, when America needs to realize is why when you go and they think only the most important thing why that your and 95 master made in China.

Why when you're trying to get When you turn it over.

It's made in China. Why were still getting energy from Russia.

Why were not going and having our big NATO stop all their dependent feel like you wake up America like at what point are you knocking away like were doing this ourselves. So that's Nikki Haley with this invested in particular right now a lot of people are saying I'm subtitled war.

So if you have Afghanistan turn happen a rack. I cannot believe we care more about the wood doing this in the Ukraine. What you have to say to my listeners as a lot of them. The think who cares so I think everything that you want to carry a stronger rush to get the more we don't think for that were not healed cyber attacks from Russia that were not in start to heal energy restrictions or labs that were not start to feel more chaotic electric. Being strong to turn all that think I don't think we should go to war under saying my husband and in that letter came in handy Ukraine.

When I am paying it. You can Metals You Can Kind of Equipment for Ukraine Protected Company. Don't Let Russia Dictate License Trying to Dictate on What They Don't Want NATO to Do Mail like This Guy and to Deter Russia If We Start Caving in the Russian Letting Them Have Their Way to Continue to Move the Goalpost. What You Don't Want about a Strong America.

And When You Have a Strong America You Have a Safer World Gardening Going to War When It Does Mean Is Using Your Voice. What I Thought the Land Was When We Spoke, Other Countries Followed Because They Don't Want to Follow Russian. They Don't Want to Follow China May Want to Follow Free Country and We Have To Use the Power Bar Voice to Do That and That's the Thing I Don't Think You Have To Go to War but I Do Think You Need to Lean and Leaning Requires Responsibility and It Requires Actions on Another Level That Makes the World a Safer Play and Finally Limit My Pantheon Yesterday Talked about He's Putting Together a Pretty Formable Pack to Help in the 2022 Elections in and Go around to the Biggest and Smallest Races out There, but As We Know There's No Small Races. We Can See Wood with the Impact of the DAR Mayor Residencies Messages Pandemic What Exactly Is Your Approach to 20, 22 before We Talk about 2024 Why We Need Anybody and Everybody out There in the Field for 2020 till We Get Endorsed Wesley Yesterday and We Endorsed Right and That in Practice Together. Today We Were Fighting for Glenn Young and We Were Fighting All across the Country Last Year Were to Continue to Do It in. I Think We Have Been Good.

Really Good Winds with Virginia Almost 1 New Jersey. We Went A Lot Of Referendum. What We Don't Need to Do Is Be Arrogant.

We Need to Stay Humble. We Need to Hunker down.

We Need to Focus on Solutions to Initiate and Not Just Saying No to Bible Belt What We Would Do Instead. And When We Win in 22, Which I Think Will Win the House, Defendant and Governors Right We Have To Prove That We Deserve to Be There by Getting Things Done, Not Waiting till 24 but Actually Leading to Show What We Can Do and I Think Back to What the Goal Should Be Here. We Should All Be in Alignment on on Whatever It Takes to Seize and Seek Americans Not Reposing Because Americans Have Little Bit of Investigative Fatigue. What Is the Right Balance between Investigating Things like the Evacuation of Afghanistan and Other Things at the Same Time. Do Something Positive Right Now. One Thing That Is Not Being Talked about Education in America Prior to Co-Lead Brian Article That 5% of Fourth Graders Were Not Profession Reading Graders Were Not Proficient in Reading and Back Percent in Our Country Then You Add Kelvin and You Have an Entire Generation. You Think We Have Labor Issues and Graduate High School. No One Is Talking about the Quality of Education. No One Is Talking about the Helplessness That Parents Are Feeling One Job Job to Make Sure We Get It Right. Parking Was Failing on. But What Are We Doing to Make Sure That Our Communities Are Say When Crime What Are We Doing about the Border Where a Country of Logic and Country Want to Give up Everything the Country Was in a Line. You Gotta Look at Inflation at What Point We Can Balance a Budget and Then Finally Quit Spending More Than You Make, the Parties That Need All about Fighting Back Will Start Getting Things Done. We Are in America by the Day and We Allow That to Happen. So Your Military Family Your Mom Your Governor and Yours Have the International Relations.

So You're Pretty Your All Your a Five Tool Player Gov. Thanks Ambassador Thanks so Much for Joining Us Appreciate Your Insight Always You Got It We Come Back We'll Let the Phones As I Give You Lot Your Lot to Discuss Their so Your Next Use of the Brain to Which You the Fastest Growing Talk Show in America You're with Brian Breaking News Unique Opinions.

All Brian Kill Me to Show the Most Dislike Political Figure in the States Today.

It's Even More Inexplicable That She Is Running and Therefore the Hero Poster. I Think We Are against the Democratic Party. The Republicans Will Use an Older Four More Years.

Two More Years of Nancy Pelosi Were Mistake yet Judicially Necessary and Be in Leadership but She Says I'm in a Run for 19th Term, My Goodness, This You Have Anything Else to Do the Job. Like 100 Grand Children May Meanwhile Maybe She Wants to Do Some More Insider-Trading. It Seems That Her Husband Got Really Rich When She Got That Very Important Job among the People, Not for That Was Mark Penn. By the Way Democratic Strategists among the People, Not for a Political Heavyweight Himself, but Kari Sellars Said This on CNN to the Prospect of Pelosi Sticking around for 37 I Firmly Believe That It's Time for New Leadership in the House Democratic Caucus.

I Think It's Time for New Leadership throughout Not Only Do We Have To Get Younger We Have To Be More Vibrant and We Have To Have Bigger and Bolder Ideas to Bring in a New Generation of Voters. Nancy Pelosi Will Go down in History Is Probably the Greatest Speaker All Time. There Comes a Time Whether or Not You Nancy Pelosi or Whether or Not Your You Know Tom Brady That Sometimes You Have To Hang up the Cleats When It Comes to You Being a Leader of Your Particular Party Leader of Your Organization.

Yeah, I Think It's Time for a Hang up. I'm Actually Not Somebody You Think Is Even Close to the Best Speaker Jesus Trapezius First Female Which He Never Reached across the Aisle Never Did Something Creative. She Hammered Her Own People to Get in Line. Congratulations and How Is at Work Lately She's Been Totally Inept with Every Lever of Power Slight Advantage but an Advantage Still Wasn't Worth Never Impressed by Fox News New York City Said of Fox and Friends Saw America's Receptive Voice Brian Everybody's Brain Fill Me Show This out and Return by Martha McCalla Michigan Sector Prayer for Her Show Come up a Little Bit Later.

We Have A Lot to Discuss with Them.

Of Course the Big Story in New York Who Relocated Is the Passing Away of a Second Officer Was Shot on Friday. He Was Barely Hanging on for His Life. That Only Did He Give His Life That He Decide to Serve, but He Also Donated All His Organs by NYU Langone Right Here. New York City Said That He Cares Come to This but the Police Officer and Just Incensed about the Level of Crime and the Lack of Support Leading up to This New Adams Administration, but I Would Really Is the Same Story in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago, You Have Places in Detroit As Well As Los Angeles and an Import to San Diego Is Just As All the Criminals Call the Shots and We Seems to Now Were Seeing Some Smash and Grab Here New York.

Hey Okay to Walk in There Again and Ask Him to Go to Crack Open A Few Jewelry Counters. I'm in a Walk and Will Write a Take Everything I Can. What Are You Going to Do Was Get to the Big Three Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Number Three Luck in Florida. We Just Anticipate Hostility from This Administration. That Is What They Do, They Are Much They Are Much More Interested in Picking Political Fights Than They Are Actually Being There for the People in Our State That Need This Assistance.

That Is Going to Run to Santos Another Pitched Battle with the White House Is about on All Fronts Really from Baxter Boosters to Masten Schools America Squaring Offered Deathmatch.

Oh Yeah, and Other News, the Worst of Covert, 19. The Deathmatch Itself Is over for the Most Part, the Worst Is over, You Probably Don't Want to Hear That. I Note St. Found She Doesn't Especially Comes to the New Revelations on the Origins of This Virus Made It Clear to Remove Ukraine Significant Economic Sanctions As Well. I've Been Obliged to Do You Have a Give You Anything Less Inspiring Holding Pattern Seems the West Deciding How Much They're Willing to Do to Stop an Invasion of Ukraine by the Russians While the Russians Have Two Levers of Power. Number One There Military Number Two Oil and Gas Their Best Customers Europe If They Are Sanctioned, Will They Sanction Europe Illegal Guns Is Important First Step. We Must Also Address Bail Reform Pretrial Detention System Must Allow Judges to Take Dangerousness into Account Is the Only State in the Country That Does Not Allow the Judge to Detain the Defendant Poses an Immediate Threat to the Community. There's A Lot New York Doesn't Allow Right That Is Mayor Eric Adams, Former Captain of the Police Force Talk about the Crime and It's He Has No Honeymoon, and These You Start to Realize That As a Second Ofc.

As I Mentioned before Passageway Five Been Shot since He Took over This Thing Is a Moving Target and We Gotta Stop It, a Series of Violent Crimes in the US Is Put Renewed Spotlight on This Issue and Present Biden's Desk. The Question Is, What Will He Be Doing about It. Talk about Police Reform Would He Be That Tone Deaf to Follow through on That. Meanwhile, Yesterday, with the Passing of the Second Ofc. Wilbert Mora, City Council Member from Harlem Offered Her Sympathy for Both the Relatives of the Two Cops and Their Accused Killer You Believe This, Listen to This Tweet. My Deepest Consultants of the Family and the Officer and Officer Rivera and Officer Mora and LaShawn McNeil. By the Way, That's the Killer Christian Richardson Jordan Wrote Lives Lost Due To Broken Public Policy and Mental Health Systems and Spare Nobody Harlem Stand to the Familiar of the Fallen. We Will Not Stop Fighting for a Safer World for All. This Is the Fund. The Cop Woman As I Talked to Ray Kelly Today on the Show. Ray Kelly Said This Is a Cop Killer Wants to Kill Cops. This Guy Was in Trouble since 1998.

The Question Is Will Eric Adams Have Any Success Doing Some of the Reforms He Wants to Put in Place before a Micro Analyze Them. Here He Is about What He Thought Needs to Be Done First Cut Three Illegal Guns Is Important First Step. We Must Also Address Bail Reform in Our Pre-Top Pretrial Detention System First Must Allow Judges to Take Dangerousness into Account. New York Is the Only State in the Country That Does Not Allow the Judge to Detain the Defendant Poses an Immediate Threat to the Community.

Gotta Do That You Know They Said No Don't Think so, until by the City Council and the State Legislature Move Almost All Democrats and They Said Even Though Republican House Members Have Sided with Eric Adams Reforms. Then Eric Adamson What I Gotta Do Is Be Able to Take These Teenagers and Put Them in Criminal Court Said No.

I Can Change in Their Way to Get Rid of No Cash Bail That Every Decision Let Judges Decide If He May Be Her but Usually He Is a Danger to Society. Right Now the Judges and Other Power Know the City Legislature Said Yeah I Don't Think That's a Nonstarter. You Know, the State Legislator Said Yeah When I Take That up so They Don't Care about Us.

The Question Is How Will We Put People in Power Simply Because They're in Your Party When You Have Standards and Demands. If You Have To Vote Democrat When You Going to Demand That That Democrat Care about Your Family. I Just Think You Should Have That. So I Want You to Hear This.

It's Not Only Carjacking. It's Not Only People Being Pushed on Subways. It's Not Only the Murder of Cops Where There Is No Routine Traffic Stop and There's No Routine Domestic Dispute. There Is No Small Episode. So Michael Rappaport Who Said a Successful Actor Decide to Put on Instagram We Taper This Phone and That's More of These Brazing Shoplifters How to How We News, but Here's a Little of the Cutting Guide Tool Bags up with Everything in Writing. Right Conferred on the Street like Gucci. I Was Watching the Whole Time.

My Mantis Went Christmas Shopping in January and Went on for A While and He Must Know This Is Going to Take Place. So These Guys the Smash and Grab It As Probably Get You, so If I'm Working a Writing and I'm a Security Guard. I Am Not Empowered to Make an Arrest or Anything so I'm Not Carrying a Gun and Less on Hiring Private Security in Their and Their Bonded so What You Do. If I'm Working for Otto Minimum Wage. Let's Say $20 an Hour in Incomes with Three Guys a Suckling at the Shelves I I Don't Know If I Went up on My Lives on the Line to Save You Know, Tried, and Chewing Gum and Different Shampoos.

I Don't Think That's Where You Want to Go out the Blaze of Glory.

I Just Think We've Lost a Sense of Law and Order Values, Ethics and Morals and Now People Are Saying When You Take It If You're a Black Man. Well, That's Reparations. How Long Will We Get It, except That, How about Zero so Is a Present Serious about Crime Is a Serious about Taking the Right Approach to Crime Content Murder Rate. Here's a 25 Year When He Consider Maybe Trying Something Different Trying Something Other Than Supporting a Massive Plastic and Funding from His Predecessor Cracking down on Gun Trafficking in Gun Violence, Which Is a Major Driver of the Violence We've Seen across the Country Working to Support Community Policing Programs and Police Departments across the Country. I Think Most People Who Want Crime Would Agree That's the Right Approach Right Exactly. And You Know Why You Putting Funding into Those Departments Because Individually These Democratic Red Cities Have Defunded the Police from Minneapolis to Seattle to Portland to New York Lost $1 Billion Out Of the Budget We Know It Austin, Texas an Absolute Abomination and We Have a Great Affiliate in Austin Know Exactly What I'm Talking about Even in Mighty Texas Law and Order Land Where They Take Law and Order to Their Own Hands of People Have a Sense of Responsibility That Is Not the Case in the State Capital. So Nobody Believes You Doing Enough. Nobody Believes It Because You're Afraid to Say It Because Most of the Left We in Your Party Want Nothing to Do with Men and Women in Uniform Military As Well As Police Officers. We Do We Always Will. So I Would Take a Timeout Come Back with Martha McElligott Continue to Move the Stories through and Talk about Something Else Spotted Faiz Been Asked to Make a Choice by a Rock Ledge in What Choice Would You Make What Choice by Talking about That Story.

We Come Back to You Need to Know Basis Because You Need to Kill Me the Fastest Three Hours in Radio You're with Brian Kill Made the Corporate Media Is Trying to Manufacture Something or Something Doesn't Exist, but When I Ran for Governor. He Endorsed Me When Everyone Said Don't Do It and He Had My Back and Then When He Ran for Reelection We Had His Back in Florida Raised a Bunch of Money. He Had a Great Margin of Victory in Florida. We See Eye to Eye on All the Big Issues and so I Have 00 Animosity or Anything and They're Just Trying to Create Divisions and Why Are They Doing That Laura Because They Know by His Failing the Worst First Year of Any President in the United States History since the 1800s, and They Know He's Failing on All Crime so They're Trying to Divert Attention Away from Those Failures in Trying to Create Fissures in the Republican Party and That Is of Course Ron DeSantis Taking on the Question from Laura Ingram Is Their Problem between You and Prison Trump. There's No Question. I Think Think Everyone Would Agree in Front DeSantis Is Not Get the Backing of Prison Trump. He Does Not Get the Nomination and That One Point When Which I Think Is Gonna Look at a Double-Digit Win.

Now Martha McCown's Here She's a Host Most of Her Show. The Story at 3 O'clock Today and You Can Follow Her at Martha McCown. Her Full Name, a Martha, Welcome Ryan. So What Are Your Thoughts Was Governor DeSantis Being the Hundred Percent Candid Writer Now I Am Mean You Know You Heard Is You Further Sums of Course You Know I Have Heard That. I Think They're Both Very Competitive Man Who Want to Who Want to Be Number One. Sigh.

And I Think That They Had a Very Symbiotic Relationship for a Long Time.

I Think That Ron DeSantis, Gov. DeSantis of Florida Has Had Stellar Career As the Governor of Florida. The People in Florida Love Him and He's Done a Great Job Dealing with A Lot Of Things Cannot Call That Economy Supply Chain.

All That Stuff Right. He's Also One of the People Who Has Said That He Won't Say That He Won't Run If Presidential Bronze and I Think Competition Is Healthy. I Think That You Know for Republicans and Democrats You Want to Certify the Person Is Can Best Represent Your Party in the Presidential Election and He Gets A Lot Of inside Baseball and I Agree with Him That Any Sort of Rivalry between the Two of Them Is Some You Know Is Just Too Delicious for A Lot Of Folks in the Media to Pass up. And Now Playing about They Can, but in Ending That Popular but Interesting. I Think There Probably Is Either the One Area Says One Regret I Have Is That I Didn't Push Back Harder When They Said Shut down Two Weeks to Slow the Spread Yeah Because If You Know but It's Been Three Years about Really Flown by. Yeah, and the Other Thing Would Be Behind-The-Scenes.

They Say That They'll Trump Assaying the Governor on Dissent Essentially an Ingrate and That Should Just Tell Everybody If You Got a Boost or Not Does Run the Sentences That Want to Say for Certain Whether He Had a Booster That Yeah Understand Why People Have To Be on the Record with the Things That They Don't Want to Be and to Me Anything Public That You Eat yet He Anywhere Where Does It Say That Because You Become a Public Figure You Lose Your Right to Your Medical Privacy. I Don't Think You Be Able to Get the Paperwork That Says If You're a Public Figure You Give up the Right. But You Got Good You Grew That Right Now Is Martha's Demanding to See It. I like to See That That Issue That He Brought up about the Lockdown. I Think That There Are Going to Be Increasing Questions There Already Are, but I Think As Time Goes by There Going to Be Increasing Questions about Whether or Not the Lockdown Made Sense at All Very Beginning.

And Boy, How about This Harvard Tops Study These Two Doctors from Harvard and Tested Today Came out That Said, the 95 Mask Is Not What We Think about Masks Where It's like I Wear My Mask to Protect Year When You Wear Years to Protect Me. It Protects the Wearer Okay Which Is Why You Saw the Vice President and the President Start to Wear Them before the CDC Right at You Name It Dispatched a Child. Hello, These Things Have Existed since before the Beginning of the Pandemic on It Just Is so. It Just Goes to Value Its Name. So It's like You Don't Settle This Babe Getting Back to DeSantis. There's You Know You Have To Me.

We like You Covered It but but but Martha Just Said Couple of Things Away Brandy to the Wall Street Journal Editorial Is Coming out Tomorrow or in Our from Morning to Carry. He Is Calling on the 95 I Asked Him I Said When They First Came out the 95's. I Was Told Directly on the Air off the Early Don't Get Them Because Need to Be Fitted. If You Know If You Were Wrong That Uses Great Guy and There's Expensive Okay and a Hard to Where Emily Denton You Face so Okay No from Now They Tell Us That a Month Ago All Cause Mass to Help You 2%. So Really Only Change My Life Where This Little Seven-year-olds Nodding but Wearing at School, with the Only Western Get Our Country Is Wearing Putting Our Kids in Mass but Don't Know I'd Let Don't Know What That Slowly Bite down like Whoopi Goldberg but a Couple Other Things One Carries Coming out with This Editorial That Essentially Says Hopkins Did Their Own Study and They Said We Keep Hearing Natural Immunity. We Can Count It. We Don't Know about Storability Six Okay to Have Peers and Let's Do a Study They Did It Finally Comes out It Comes out That the Durability Is Strong in the 395 People That They Work with 395 People. They Found out Had Strong Immunity and They Believe It's It Is Just As Strong If Not Stronger Than a Vaccine Went on to Say He Is Calling for the Reinstatement of Fired Medical Workers Because of the VAX Mandate Saying If They Have Natural Immunity More Likely to Because What They Do for Living. Hospitals Are Suffering to Such a Degree. They Lost One Out Of Every Five Hospital Worker and All Skill Levels Is Gone, Burnt out, Fired, Whatever It Is We Need Them Back, Put Them Back Little Truck Drivers and Everybody Absolutely so He's Calling on That and He's Not without Credentials. You Know What Time. I Think That Everything Is You Learn A Lot in Hindsight Learn A Lot in This Process, but the Very Fact That Existed on All of These Things from the Very Beginning.

For Instance, the Mask Right and the Effectiveness of the Mask Immunity. I Had a Doctor Who Told Me Exactly What He's Saying in the Very Beginning When When When People Do Get This, They're Going to Achieve a Certain Level of Immunity. The Vaccines Don't Last That Long Either. Apparently, Selina, for Some People Immunity Lasts a Long Time for Other People. We Need a Very Easy to Get Antibody Test across This Country. I Can't Believe This Hasn't Happened yet Were More Than Two Years and Where You Get Your Antibody Level Testing and If You Want to Get Another Boost Initiative… But the Fact That We Don't Recognize and College Students across the Country until You Need a Blister Combat, despite the Fact That Much of Them That Had Once Had It Twice so That Needs to Count Towards Their Immunity.

As Dr. Siegel Says If You Had Called Then You Had an Extra Shot Right so If You Had Two Shots Booster and Kovic There Any Witnesses Where It Is and Right Must Recognize Natural Immunity in This Country and Also People of Any Benefit That the Mutations Mutate, so the Variance Go to Fight Back Tears like Okay You Think You Could Stop Me out to Show You and They Come Back Again.

But Each Time He Comes Less Severe Idling to Bring This up and Bring Anyone down but You Will Is the Worst Is over.

Julie's We Turn the Corner on This Because We Look to the UK in South Africa and We See Was Happening and You Mention Mild Symptoms Max Immunity so Were All Getting Them Immunized.

It Is Easy to Catch, and Easy to Be 99% Easy to Beat Almost Every Various and with Everybody Gets It. I Think the Numbers 99% Say That It Is the It Is the Omicron Variance Yacht the Delta.

Almost 100% of the Cases That Are out There Now Are Omicron and You Know I Had Shots to My Medical Story and I Said I Shouldn't Have To Me Now, but I Have To Shots Booster and Omicron over Christmas I Signed All and I Had This Same Cold. I Would've Gone to Work Every Day I Would Have Gone to Whatever You Know Christmas Event We Had on the Schedule with You Now like a Little Sniffle and Totally Fine Right Now. I Mean It's and so I Was Lucky and I'm I'm Glad of That Extra Immunity at This Point I Want to Really Test Your Versatility When We Come Back Ukraine and Russia. Martha Stuff It's Going to Be the Story with Us in the Final Have To Write the Talk Show That You Are with Brian Kill Me If You Were to for A Lot Less Than Four Russia Terms Economic Consequences Norms Consequences Were One of the Lord to Remove and Force the Largest Change the World. So That's a Semi-Martha, I Mean with You Watching on TV. That's One Thing It's It's Never Inspiring That Set a Style I Guess Woodrow Wilson Was Not like That II Guess Calvin Coolidge Was Also Understated but He Says His Energy Was the Energy to Talk about a Possible World Conflict with the Timber in Your Voice. I Was Wearing a Mask, but Still That's All We Did Yesterday When He Feels That He's Not Energetic Enough and Not Showing the Timber in His Voice Make and Sell It As a Joke on Yes so That That Doesn't Really Work Either. You Know, I Don't Know What That Means Is That Mean That He's Not Not Really Engaged or That He's Not Passionate about What's Going Is the Disconnect Now Because I Mind My Feeling Is Always That When Someone Speaks You Can Tell Whether or Not Daycare and Hacking and They Don't Have To Work to Convince You That They Care, and They're Engaged. It's Obvious When Someone Is Connecting and Presence Here Going out at All the Times and I Think of a Flat Speech That It Really Look at the Speech That Closely We Saw That with Previous Presidents, but This Is a Pretty Big Moment and I'm I Can Think When I Listen to Him Say You Know That the Consequent Is Would Be Huge Is That Change the World. I'm Thinking That I May Put Wanted Yeah Jason Is Going to Change World to Change My World. I Want My World Back the Way It Was When I Had You Know When We Have the Soviet Union and I Think Nobody Can Stop Me from Moving into Credit Doesn't Appear South As We Said Policy.

You Think That You Master This Usage Policy by Questions Yes Right Questions.

It's Our Policy in the Event Go Away. I Don't Think so Will Do Is a Show We Were to Miss That Something Worth Considering Is so Weak That You Do by Questions. So, Joe Biden Says This Pretty Significant Question Cut 14 Yourself Personally Sanctioning Him If He Didn't Think You Can See That. Okay, I Get Sanctions over Those Powerful People in the World Personally. Which by the Way, Is a Huge Move I Would See That Yes, I Guess Is Gambling so so with What I'm Encouraged about Is Each Day Goes by. They Seem to Be Getting More Weapons so We Get It We Are Pledging $200 Million Worth of Weapons UK Stepping up Big Time. I Think They're Using This As an Opportunity Show This Is What It's like When I Can Operate outside the EU and This Is Going to Be Our Policy and They Pretty Tough to Notify to Set the Biggest Force of the Greatest Money and I Think Boris Katz Is Looking to Distract a Little Bit so He Think They Had Only If You Left It All Went Dollars Parties Drink Often and Then He Lifted All the Colored Restrictions and Sent a Bunch of Weapons.

Ukraine Right Which I've Done Way to Change, like When I'm Going to Parties. I Should Know I Also Will Lift Weapons and Weapons Yes Jurisdiction about Way It Was. It Really Just a Phase. As of Yesterday the Cell Happy They Were in Ukraine. Anyone with a British Accent, Appropriate Passport They Will Drink for Free.

There Was Saying He Wouldn't Really Call It Was the National Anthem God Save the Queen Was That They Sing That in Canada with a Scene Can Eric Tina God Save the Queen, with a Little Look It up in the UK Yeah They Think That's What It Would Save Our Gracious Clean. Okay Things Okay Okay Right. That's Tricky. So No, I Ukraine I Wasn't Happy That the Boat about 100, 550,000 Troops and Then There's the with All This Armaments Coming in.

The Biggest Story It's under It's Underreported Is Germany's Doing Nothing and Almost Nothing, Absolutely Cannot Do Overflights with Weapons over Their Territory. That's Right. Russia Did We Have McFarlane Yesterday Is Is Jeremy Still in NATO. I Was Curious Because They Don't Appear to Be and Their Alliance with Russia and They Push so Hard for North Dream to and They Obviously Want to Be Beholden to Russia for Their Energy, so It's Quite Clear and You Have To Judge People by Their Actions Right and They Won't Allow Flyovers of Weapons. They're Knocking to Send Any Weapons to Ukraine You Know Any You Can Perceive It in a Number of Ways That They Would Say What Were You Were Member of NATO in Ukraine Is Not in NATO, We've Given Most of the Concessions on That You Had Today Were to Get That Response to the Questions on His History and Trite and Certain Labrum Was Smiling and Shaking Tony Baggins and Transfers Are to Our Demands Yes to Return Our Answers to Their Demands, Most of Which We Have Basically Already Suggested That Were Okay with Right Back Your Missiles Away from Reporter Turn Them in Another Direction Don't Offer NATO Don't Invite Any of the Countries That Are NATO along Our Border to Be in NATO Anytime Soon and $0.30 Not to Do That What We Have Said No Craig I Don't See Said You Cannot Eat.

He Refuses You Ukraine Will Not Be a Member for the Foreseeable Future, Which Meets the Criteria. Anyway, They Would Just Try to Be an Associate Member Because of the Corruption in Their Government, but That I Think I Understand People to Make Their Argument Silly. Why Are We Going Why Really Helping.

We Don't Trust Them Enough to Make Them a Member of NATO, but We Are Very Concerned about What Can Happen to Them and Working to Send All of These Weapons but Is Not about That.

It's about You It's about Minor Pollutants, Expansionist Desires and Whether or Not Will Stand by and Let That Happen Because of the Precedent That Sets A Lot Of People Don't Think We Should Be Doing Anything at All, and Clean. I Know Tucker's Commands and What Are We Doing Here Laura Is Now Two and Said What Are We Doing Here but I Did Actually Feel Differently. I See a Huge Problem If They Take the Ukraine.

Those Baltic States Are Toast to Reconstitute the Soviet Union and Is What They Do. Along the Way They Think of the Assets and Materials in an and the Raw Materials in Their Country. For Example, They Get the Baltic Sea. They Get Everything Ukraine Has the Oil and Gas That's underneath That Crown As Well As the Territory. So It's Not Just Well the Neck to Be Able to Reconstitute the Server You Now You Know Mean If If Everyone Is Showing They Won't Do Anything. How Do You Know Anything to Get Close, They Become More Affordable As They Expand the Ammunition Piece in the Journal Today by Holman Jenkins Which Eight Makes the Argument That They Do Not Have the Strength to Retake Those Countries and That It's Not Likely to Happen and That That Report and It's Just Sort of Fino Spitting into the Wind and Wishing That He Could Get Back What He Had Never Can Happen That This Is Not Nazi Germany. This Is Not Them the Lead up to World War II, and in a Number of Ways. Because of the Strength of Some of These of These Other Countries on I Don't Know the Answer to That.

I Don't Think Anybody Does House Watching Is Really Interesting Show Last Night about Munich Prior to World War II and Neville Chamberlain and You Know It It's Very Hard to Have Hindsight Winner in This Moment.

I Think That Both Arguments on That Are What We Need to Hear about It. We Do Remember You Can't Just Say That Was Then When I Talk about Ancient Greece Were Talking about.

I Take the Check to Czechoslovakia Because the Sudetenland Because His German Speakers There. So I Think We Can Take It Useless House That Does Have That Will Go Because It Doesn't Feel like That's Happening Right out Ukraine Absolutely like That Right Took a Portion of It Already Did Best Region Already, and We Thought They Did with Crimea Right and Know Now Don't Go in There Okay That Happened and Nothing Right and Then We Sent Ukraine Meals Ready to Eat for Four Years under the Obama Administration and John McCain Is Your Member Was Very Incensed about That. So It Has Been Chipping Away over Time and and Clearly That's His Goal Right That Is Well One of the Goals I Want to Take a Timeout Because I Want to Come Back and Do More to Know before We Do. I Thought Is Very Unique Feel Flory the Great NHL Players for Years, Pointing out Something Sappy Canada Right Now They Think Is Going to Be Happening Here in Place into like a Seinfeld Episode Exactly Dr. Mortimer Kerry Said He Said It's Time to Lift All These Mandates and All These All These People That Were Fired Because He Would Get Vaccinated. If They Prove in the Study. The Natural Immunity to Same Specially Truck Drivers Never Should've Been Involved in This but in Canada They Are off the Charts Locked down Central Here Is Feel Flory about What Is Happening Today in Canada and How It Could Be Happening Here Shortly Cut 25 Great Now in Canada We Have One of the Biggest Revolutions Happening. You Probably Haven't Heard about It Because Nobody's Talking about It, but Great. Now There's 50,000 Truckers and about 1.4 Million People Headed to the Parliament Auto Wall and There to Stay There until Trudeau Resigns or Give Us Back All of Our Freedoms and Rights. I Do, I Do. I Mean We Saw a Demonstration Washington Last Week, We See What's Happening in the School Board Meetings across the Country, We See That Masks Are Now Determined to Be in on the Right Mask Protective for the Wearer, Which Liberates According to the Scientists from Harvard and Tufts. Everyone Else, Now It's like You Want to Protect Yourself. That's Fine If I Don't Want to Wear It. I Don't Want My Children to Wear Them in School and Wanting to See People's Faces. I Want Them to See Smiles and When I Understand Their Psychological Development and Social Development Has Been Set. These Kids Are Going to Be Stamped As Covert Pandemic Kits for the Rest of Their Life Is Going to Have Long-Lasting Impact on Them.

So Yes, I Completely Agree That Because of Where We Are. That's the Problem Is the Risk You Have To Take Years.

The Science Were a Courageous, Brave Country Knowing What We Know, We Balance the Rest and We Go on with Our Lives. Absolutely Whoopi Goldberg Howard Stern Everybody on the View All These Other I Guess Everyone All the Late-Night Talkshow Host outside Bill Moore Therefore Caved in the Ark, so Condemning Anyone Your Eyes Are Beer Culture and I Think You Know When I When You Look at This New Information That That Brett Bear Availed on Special Part Last Night and We We It Becomes Ever More Clear That This That There Were Very Significant Reason to Think This Came from the Lab Right and Dr. Redfield Said to Me Months Ago and Because It Came from the Lab. It's Supercharged and That's Why You Get These Very Strong Aryans That Spin off Right Cooktop to Created to Be a Very Resilient Virus That Lasts Forever Right so You Know, for All of These Reasons, and for All of the Great Steps That We've Made Me Have To Live Where We Are Now We Have To Understand That We Have Freedoms to Let the Lady When Left Now Mother Sing My Song I Will Shake the Show Would Be Better If I Disagreed with You but I Can't Say Hundred Percent Agree We Come Back We Find out If Martha Needs to Know More and Then of Course You Tell Me Who's on Your Show That's Way Works Is the Rules Could You Make Sure Those Are the Rules.

Thank You.

Educating, Entertaining and Enlightening. You're with Brian Kill Me Is so Busy Will Make Dear Brian, Kill Me Brightens up in a Rough Time. The B of a Press Conference This Week. At This Event Went on for Two Hours. Two Hours over the First Hour Was Just about How Kids Bikes Good News to Be so Complicated, so I Was One of the Most Benign Things Said His Stand up Was so Much about Being Covert That He Is Now Being Canceled by the Left. Martha McCown Is Here Martha, before We Build a More Know What's on Your Show Today Three so Intact. Dr. Robert Redfield about All of These Developments and Call Van about the News That We Got from Special Part Last Night about Burying a Story about It Being in Coming from the Lab. So Were Looking for to Talking Him Also to Talk to Former Ambassador to Ukraine about the Imminent Situation.

Cyber Attacks and All of It Right.

That's Promotion and a Little Bit Bragging If You're Watching Fox News and My Light under a Bushel. You Saw the Swagger.

I Lets Find out There's More to Know Okay so the Washington School Board Removes to Kill a Mockingbird from Their Curriculum Due To Racial Sensitivity Were Anything about That.

Well, a Bloop Surprised Because Number One I Don't Remember a Thing about the Book. I Know We Got a Blessing until REMIC Just to Say Something, Remember Anything about the Plot.

Okay, I Read or Watch It. Probably Every Year about the Entire Point to Kill a Mockingbird Is That It Teaches the Evils of Racism, Okay, and That This Incredible Lawyer Is Defending This Man Who Would Need in Defending Who Was Accused of Attacking This White Woman, and He Defended Him and Teaches His Children Incredible Lesson about Racial Sensitivity. So, I'm Thinking People Always Teachers and All of Them Who Think That If They Probably Never Would Understand the Point of the Entire Story Right to Do That on the Saturday Show by the Web Show on Saturday O'clock Linkin Park the Next 10 Rock Is Releasing an Antibiotic by Anti-Pouches, Single with That the Music with Let's Go Brandon Chorus. Can We Hear Little of It. No, We Don't Have a Good Night's Rest.

I'm Not Sure It's As We the People in All We Do Reserve the Right to Scream after You and Your Shouts in the Song We the People Released on Monday Where Your Mass.

Take Your Pills Now a Whole Generation of Mentally Ill Is Really Wrong but I Get It. I Agree with It Are Saying Whatever's on Your Mind and on. It Can Be about the President or Politics or Anybody Only Certainly Seen That over the Last Four Years and We Just Don't Know If It Is about Brandon Brown, the NASCAR Race or They Might Be.

So Please Get Eric, Please Look That up Next so Disney's Rethinking Snow White. After Peter Declared She Called out the Use of Dwarves in Their New Music Already Were Talking about a Tape It's a Supposedly Progressive Live-Action Remake on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and He Basically Says That They Need to Avoid Reinforcing His Stereotypes When He Thanked Why You Member This Story Forgot That 12 at the Queen. She Wants Hunter to Cut Snow White's Heart out Right I like about the Old Snow White.

The Oldest Is Doing with the Top Right and so the Towards Protect Her. Okay They See Her Heroes in This Story and Then She Positive at the Prince Would Be Whether the Problem Is They Thought It Was Bad. That the Old Seven Dwarves Lived Together in a in a Cave. They Live in They Live in Their Own Cottage That Work in the Mine and Adorable Little Cottage and One of the Sexy. She Sneaks into Their House Because She's Running Away from the Hunter and She Goes up the Stairs and She Liked All Their Beds and Falls Asleep Martha.

Here's the Problem Though Is He Apologized with. They Say They Said to Avoid Referencing Stereotypes from the Original Animated Family Are Taking a Different Approach to the Seven Characters Have Been Consulting with Members of the Corpus and Community. We Look Forward to Sharing More As the Film Has into Production after a Lengthy Development. But You Know Peter Dinkins Is a Big Star and Time. You Know He's a Great Actor and He's Upset about. Next, More Cubans Got a New Project He's Going to Be Selling Drugs Is Officially Launched Its Mark Cuban, Cost-Plus Drug Company Officially Launch of the Company, Saying the Goal Is to Show Consumers.

The Wholesale Price behind a Drug All Drugs Are Priced at a Cost of 50% +50% Sign-Up and Share Your Thoughts and Experiences with Us.

The Pharmacy Price Reflects Actual Manufacturer Prices Plus a Flat 50% Margin and Pharmacist Faith, One Medication Available at a Reduced Price Is Solely for Leukemia. According to the Press Release. The Retail Price of That Drug Is $9657 per Month and Got the Hundred and 20 a Month with Common Voucher with His Medication. It's $47 a Month so He Wants You to Know Your Insight about Your Co-Pay Someone to Make A Lot Of Money Here by Keeping Us in the Dark Whenever You Stop It Is Fantastic Idea. I Think Him the Last Several Presidents Have Tried in Vain to Bring down Prescription Drugs Is Great Example of How Capitalism Can Step in and Equalize the Market and Create Competition IMing on the Face of Something Accredited. They Said They Will Only Accept Cash and Not Health Insurance Percent. Prices Will Still Be Cheaper Than What the Patient to Become Vacations That Just Cost Thousands and Thousands and Thousands of Dollars. Absolutely Out Of Control.

Next, so the Athletes He Is Slashing Standards.

The New SAT Is to Be Shorter.

Two Hours Completely Online and Will Allow Calculators Want but I Think That I Heard the Know Number Two Pencils Were a Couple Years Away on This Correct and Someone Else That It Can Be Easier to Was Incorrect.

Everything Is Dumbed down. Now, I Accept the Fact That I Was Not a Great Test-Taker Say This Would Have Been Great News for Me Is a Challenge That Everyone Has To Face in Life and You Have To Take the SAT Test. The Thing That Bothers Me about It Is That All the Kids to Can Afford It Get They Get All This Ethic to Training and Tutors and Then the Kids You Can Afford It, Don't Have As Tutors and Give Them an Advantage.

I Think There Should Be No SAT but Really I like to See Some Standardized Eyes. We Can't Get Training for My Kids Don't Get That Training so It's Not Standardized.

They Said I Was a Good Test-Taker but My Negativities Was I Was in This so I Can Apply My Camera Calls about C3 over 100 Meteorologists and the Worldwide Resources a Fox in Your Box, Whether Podcast's Personal Powerful Subscriber List Fox News Five Just Go Wherever You Get Your

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