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Not Presidential: Biden's loathsome, MAGA-hate speech

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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September 2, 2022 12:45 pm

Not Presidential: Biden's loathsome, MAGA-hate speech

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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September 2, 2022 12:45 pm

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Thank you for being here by you throwing to Michelle 1-866-408-7669 this jargon to be joined by Ned Ryan and Bob Liao, Jonathan Turley, Ned Wright go to get the political side Jonathan Turley legal I would come to the present. What is looking at Ingmar Lago and the chances what where that story setting, as well as the LC here are the generous experience of coming up again. They go back to keep going back to help right up until election day, maybe even on election day because I keep getting new revelations about Cassie Hutchinson and other people that don't know exactly what happened but no was bad. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three. The reading scores are back to where they were 30 years ago.

This is really a disaster.

So the kids can't read, reading and math predict your stay in school, they can have success huge learning loss. This generation of school age kids, thanks to a lockdown fervor during the pandemic, much of which could have been prevented and the money set aside to catch the students up is wasting away will explain as the CDC said to demand.

We take another booster shot problem.

They barely tested it and we don't need it heard today from the hearing that the judge really pounded away on the government's lawyers because she kept saying, what's the harm what's the harm from the special master and you're right I think a special master. It's a neutral referee supervising the process Tom Dupree weighing and I've said this all along. The judge might approve of wrath, i.e., special master to examine what was taken from our Lago NY what the judge said, and where this debacle is added as present Trump heads to the stumps Saturday night for his first time since the raid by Donald Trump of the mag Republicans represented extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic. Yeah, here we go again nice unifying speech purely on presidential that's how I label the Biden belching the drab building file. Belching address in Philadelphia last night vision was the intent from folders for the target supporters of course will be the term supporters.

Also, the target will be effective in limiting the red wave in 65 days. Sadly, maybe it is working. Maybe it's the abortion ruling. I'm not sure, but the Wall Street Journal did a poll and they asked people when it comes to what you Navona the generic poll is not good for Republicans, despite more than two thirds of the American people saying the country is heading in the wrong direction.

They found in the Wall Street Journal that 47% of registered voters would support a Democratic candidate for Congress and 44 would support a Republican 9% said they were unsure the same poll showed Republicans 46 of 41 in March, 13% were unsure now look, I'm not big into polling, you're not big at the polling I don't think anybody should be married to and roll ups did so off the people think elections are stolen or or manipulated ethic that plays into it, but the present speechless.

I was ridiculous. They want to give him a red white and blue background at Independence Hall right in with the kids, Carol read, so you really look like he was coming to you from Hades or from linens where talking about mega Republicans mega Republicans, Trump's history make America great again is something Republican signed on for. Nobody signed up for January 6. Nobody loves the way the president acted after the election. Very few that has nothing to do with the agenda he ran on the when he got elected on the one he implemented despite of film phony Russian hoax. I could not believe how wrong the stone felt cut to too much of what's happening in our country today is not normal.

Donald Trump of the mag Republicans represented extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic. There's no question that the Republican Party today is dominated, driven and intimidated by Donald Trump on the mag Republicans and that is a threat to this country.

Look, if I had his report card. I would like to chat. I would want to change the focus. I would want to talk about the border dereliction of duty. We busted it. I wouldn't talk about the Iranian deal that even God Democrats upset because it's a top-secret deal with a terroristic nation that might allow their sanction to be lifted. Billions of dollars to flow into their coffers which will write into terrorism and ballistic victim of missile technology.

I would want to talk about Afghanistan.

The biggest debacle in American military history authored by present Biden I would want to talk about the weakness that he showed overseas with China taken full advantage of by the Chinese by the Russians by the Iranians. I would want to talk about that I would want to talk about locking down a country way too long for a vaccine.

They said would do way too much for boosters a card. The people when they posted up and said no way they were fired from the military on down and kowtowing to the teachers unions I would want to talk about inflation. I would want to talk about a rescue plan that even treasury experts who work for Pres. Obama. Almost all of them said, is a train wreck will inflate inflation, which it did.

Kevin McCarthy got out in front of this he have the so-called of a pre-bottle before this before the speech: citizens are forced to make agonizing choices. Every single day just to pay the bills. No more than 20 million American households. That's about one in every six families have fallen behind on the utility, the amount they owe has doubled since the beginning of the pandemic and winter is coming. I mean, that's the economic news that's a little grim.

I mean, obviously he's not try to win over voters trying to paint a picture of what he wants people voting on how to do. How did he do now is making Donald Trump's name every other day for the long time longest time. He says my predecessor, the other guy and now is changed. I asked him you want to rally your base able at what cost you use the Marines in the backdrop of Independence Hall to give a partisan speech. The only thing missing was a balloon drop at the end Kelly and Conway on what she thought knows a lot about messaging cut 15 first full of politics is that he want to engage in bringing our enraged people. We don't insult or inspire people and we try to get that present anyone who ran affirmatively on that platform must get one last thing, I don't have anything at 1834 at the 589 days Joe Biden has been in office 234. He has either been on vacation and some other leisure percent and had nothing to do with his job leading, and when he � I was never shown That's terrible stat and it's unbelievable that he run for president three times been in Congress since 70s first ran in the 80s of failed, the year Barack Obama ran got the nomination and the ultimately the presidency is in his campaign blew up literally the first day literally the first day when he call Barack Obama clean clean guy who I think was first interviews with Letterman, but he was also marked by Johnny Carson is joke that he gets the job only does his bike in Delaware. Some people liked it. Democrats loved it.

I'm not sure all of them did cut seven. But here's what some said was so CNN and MSNBC to give the units to impose the incident analysis from the post game show that snakes like Joe Biden that that H was actually why Pres. Diane ran for president in the first place seem to be re-claiming patriotism is more prone USA than a speech. And I think this is exactly what that cancel what Democratic voters wanted to. This is like 1860. This is like 1940. You have to talk about the large issue in the room and just as is Lincoln gave the house divided speech just as Roosevelt gave a speech on the state of the union about the four freedoms. Here is a time when Pres. Biden is chosen. Unbelievable. It's amazing that you talk about two Americas. I mean, what channel is she watching, he yelled himself through the speech I play some cuts of the but is such a turnoff to save it for a bit later. The other thing that's happened because of the presence policies and kowtowing to the unions and the slow pace in which he actually opened up the schools. He had no interest in taking them to task. In fact, he was different than most of his time trying to squelching shut up parents, who was speaking up. It the school board meetings because it goes into the curriculum on zoom and said are you kidding me. Is this what my kids are learning so during the pandemic times after it. As he began to become clear that you couldn't you have the key people 6 feet apart, get out of those classrooms and they did. They said we need some money. They passed another spending bill $350 billion and you wonder where is that money should go to an annex like the Huntington learning center kids.

You have to work harder when you done at 3 o'clock I think three days a week. You gotta put extra help in or how do you do that if you shorted on teachers. I'm thinking to myself why not do Huntington learning Center have any other learning centers are out there that might be able to and other teachers want to make extra money to help kids out divorce 5% in math and 7% in reading capability over the last 18 months.

So put some of that money.

So where is the money will turns out only 12% of the money earmarked for elementary and secondary schools for learning for catching kids up has been spent only about 70 billion of the 350 billion allocated for state and local governments has been spent just over 100 billion of the money was good was actually contractually committed to be spent. Why, because these because these states had act in a responsible when they got the money.

There was no mandate.

There was no penalty. So they took their time spending it is some of things they spent it on from fake detectors to police vehicles to restorative justice. The green cost share programming mind-boggling mind bogglingly irresponsible. We come back. Ned Brian puts in perspective. Am I overstating the negativity of that speech he will put in perspective, founder and CEO of American majority. This is the brain Kelly Cho Brian kill me precise personal power is America's limiting in the palm of your flocks. Weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your project Fox News network. I'm been dominant Fox News contributor and other of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the been Dominick's podcasts and striving. Listen now by doing a Fox News five he's so busy you'll make your Brian kill me back to where we were not too long the patient how mismanaged the pandemic response. How 47% of schools were less than six months. Our schools went from 40% 46% to two open to nearly all of them being open to full time. That was the work of this president you unbelievable that the she would actually say that out loud. The press secretary trying to say the prayer it was present trumps for the schools were open. Ned Brian founder and CEO of American majority and former speechwriter for Bush 43 Ned what your take on that spin I might my progress with that last part I can't believe the boldfaced lies not even trying to tell the truth course stroke wanted I would remind people and and in April 2020 12 wanted to reopen all the all of the society.

After two weeks and sent a letter to Paul's reopen company Republicans wanted to make sure all of the schools. Everything went back to normal as soon as possible as soon as we got a grip on what code was all about and the ones fighting it was making sure the schools were shot with the teachers union and the Democratic allies and now the fact that they are trying to place the blame on Trump for what they overtly and adamantly did. I guess I shouldn't be shocked Brian but I I am, shocked at the bald-faced lying that is coming out of the White House about this. The fact that the teachers unions basically pressure the administration and the CSC to say it's not safe in the 6 feet apart was from 1918 prevented any kids to go back to school because 6 feet apart, you can fill up a classroom everything along the way with you to manipulate and get what they wanted, which was keep the school shut down mean when you think you want to think we can look back in a few years on even looking back right now going. I can't believe this complete idiocy.

Grip the entire nation 6 feet apart, where mass that are ineffective. All these crazy things walked down the entire economy of the subject absolutely insane that we did it, and the damage that we have because only to the economy but tour kids.

I mean, the fact we put them months and months if not years behind in their education.

The reading the basic skills it's pretty shocking again when you realize the what what color it was really about it with not not the Black death. It was not the black plague. You know we had a ticket Thursday on some level, but it was not what it what was originally thought to be in, and the damage we have done were still working through, and I think will still be working through years from now. This money that we do is put aside for that schools and the ridiculous rescue plan that does the rocketed insulation they put $350 billion 70 billion of its been spent in New York City. They spent they spent 4.9 million for a no stopping New York ad campaign, Montgomery, Alabama. They did state detectors to prevent close contacts and sharing of paraphernalia is a big education campaign that cost millions New York City public schools also budgeted 12 million of the med rescue plan to expand restorative justice programs. Minneapolis 10 clean cost-sharing programs so and a lot of it is just flat-out unspent Seattle spent over 20 to spend money to upgrade over 25 miles of neighborhood greenways.

Are you kidding what to do with the children that occasional thing that you point to be made here. One, Brian. First of all I think it's becoming pretty obvious that our our public education system that we the taxpayers are funding their more indoctrination centers might not centers for learning for actually learning basic math and reading skills.

All those things are indoctrination centers in which the teachers union and their leftists want to basically do massive social experiments to create what they want, not actually for the betterment of children, but I think I hope that more more people are realizing the teachers unions are actually your enemy. If you want your children to succeed. If you want them to have the best opportunities in life. The teachers unions as they exist currently need to cease to exist. Get a little taste of the present speech of the night. It was magical.

Use a little of it blaming a certain group cut for macro forces is determined to take this country backwards backwards toward America where there is no right to choose.

No right to privacy. No right to contraception the right to marry who you love right.

First, the first portion was the Supreme Court, the mega Supreme Court, what would you have written a speech like this.

While I would have up. I would've written in German. I think I think it sounded much better than the original German Brian. I mean it was a from the setting for the words to the tone it was a loathsome senator speech mean to put a fine point on the entire speech. The Biden regime, not administration regime made it very clear last night that it views its domestic political opponents as enemies of the state and when Biden talks about the extreme maggot agenda. I'm really what that's about it. We want secure borders we want to reduce inflation. We want better economic growth for this country want to lower taxes. We want to protect the nuclear family. We want domestic energy production for energy independence. We want uphold the Constitution of the founders originally intended it about Americanism. That's what Biden and his regime view as extreme and I think if if the American people can have the ability to fully understand what he is proposing and what the America first, people are proposing the America first. People want America to succeed, we want all of the American people to succeed on all fronts and for Biden to say that in that setting and use that tone.

Unbelievable. I was beyond words, and I was done with the 24 minute screen says that thanks so much, shows always enjoy your perspective thanks Brian, we come back Jonathan Turley on the race the special master so much more. So, graduates of the brain to me Joe on this special Labor Day you might be getting it today offer thanks so much for making this a things to listen to list some of Fox news can't just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News by or wherever you get your favorite contest will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. So just subscribe and listen Fox News by just information you want to truth you demand.

This is Brian kill me show that the judge found their way on the government's lawyers because she kept saying, what's the harm what's the harm from a special master and you're right I think a special master.

It's a neutral referee, it might slow the process down slightly, but at the end of the day. I think it would give people a lot of comfort that there's an independent, neutral third-party referee supervising the process and making sure that any privileged documents are properly secured. Yet the FBI did you do not like when you question them.

I think were getting that drift now when the administration pulled when the former administration pushed back to the present pushback eventually will Saturday night. Then I can like that and then when you asked of the affidavit. They said no. The judge says yes give us a redaction last week and then we get a 36 page explanation on why we don't need a special master try to point out how egregious this situation is with the form present United States and the paperwork he brought back in the judge they're talking about is Eileen Cannon at which time she said basically what would you want to raft.

Unless of course you want to be control the outcome. I got a get Jonathan Turley's take on this law professor at Jade George Washington University. Jonathan, what's your take on the stand so far of Judge Cannon in the right question rather obvious one. This should laid out by the department justice. The legal position. In my view, were just transparently absurd.

Maybe the argument that the appointment of a special master would violate national security or threaten national security is ridiculous. Linda Fishman answered her pointed all the time. Some have clearances attorneys like myself are often cleared in national security cases. I long had it shipped SCI clearance like it. Look at this type of evidence to what the government was saying those papers is just absurd and I'm surprised if that Atty. Gen. garlic sign off on filing because the former judge. You know these arguments are absurd answer.

She pushed she kept on after question and by the way, not only is a special master completely protective of national security by these documents are entirely the control department justice. So the computer previewed in a skip in a secure location so it's unnecessary that the presence of the form presence can be happy with the special master says he might say yet is there is X, Y, and Z there and there's a supersecret documents therein and by the way you your socks and hear your loafers so they do understand the sort they've they said really separated. Some of these boxes.

There was a 520 pages 64 sets of documents that the Justice Department said the filter team came up with the review that belong to present trump to attorney-client privilege.

Why can't you just accept our review.

They say with the filter team. They say fundamentally I know it's sad to say but your filter, your team that filter team is your team so willing to come up with to make me feel secure that you're working on my interest to him is in my thinking on the right lines.

Jonathan think that are motivating the questions from the judge thinking Violet. They have routinely been criticized for failing to be protective or sensitive to the classified or privileged material with the other weird thing is something that we don't have to give anything back because either our holy you just said that you likely collected attorney-client material, not yours. You know that the point for special master to separate out the documents we know what were dealing with judge Mark Corley knows what she even on stuff that is outside the intent of the warrant. The scope of the warrant. The Department of Justice actually said we will give that back either. They said that the evidence that he mixed classified material with unclassified material.

Again, that's absurd. You have a record of what was in the boxes you have to keep it going to a crime scene. It's filled with furniture, you'll take all the furniture you just take a picture of the crime you document what with in the rule these arguments that just leave you that anyone would actually file in a court of law is. It's almost as if from my perspective you with this stuff every day. How dare you question me and it's one of the season you ghetto on the other parent here how dear you question your you're six years old. You're eight years old that I know what's right.

Will my way or the highway, and they just not used to this type of pushback you think from what you know now.

Do you think they are surprised that it got to this that their raid was looked at as a raid that the blowback was as intense. You think they are surprised by the level of of this cry to a federal court to check on their authority made. What was interesting in terms of the situation that nonlinear statement made in this filing, in my view make no sense at all like this is coming after they claimed that no redacted affidavit could ever be released or at least not before you charge it would damage necklace. No one, the court forced them to do it and it really a lot of information they have a lot of redaction but they confirmed a lot of point there was no danger to nationals. You will read that material so they worry that they are generated and now they're making the same argument with the special master in the filing. There's a footnote which is incredibly talented know you can appoint a special master could endanger national security within the drop a footnote that the we may release more information if we feel extraordinary circumstances justify what that felt a lot like will give you more information if you just don't appoint a special master yeah so what did trump from right now. So what you see what moves to his disease legal team make that you question that by not filing a motion of the day after the rate also having the material monologue over the state.

I don't care if it was if he believed it was declassified or not there was a reasonable argument that this might not of been declassified, but more importantly, the government considers this to be classified at the highest level.

I think that you should yield to those of you monologue all is not equipped to hold highly material at the TFS you when I feel that material in the case. I've got a bonus gift I can't bring in microphone litter. I can't bring in anything. I think that was a mistake. Question why make your life more difficult, especially if you know you been a target January 6 investigations happening in. It's not like to present was in a rush to open up a library I did. It's not somebody member user was looking at these briefings is something that should be told whom you want to read it. Then he knocked it down to one page.

That's just the way he operates. Good thing about the Prez in which I know it's been confirmed which I've seen is his like any clutter. His debts are always wide open so it's what the user was working on. So for him to be a hoarder, and to want all this stuff is odd. When I see the video of which seem to be twentysomethings just with file boxes and suits casually bringing it in the broad daylight onto Marine one were stacking them up outside it's hard to imagine that's the way crimes happen.

I am looking to do something so diabolical.

I went to get some guys who in their last day in office will just pack up file boxes together and stacked them up and wait outside for a government helicopter. It just doesn't seem sneaky, it doesn't seem diabolical how you how you try to do something evil that way on the reasons why the department or moving it over to the structure payable to because with obstruction. You don't have to prove that these were classified document. You have to prove that your effort to investigate classified document was obstructed, and in their filing of a state agent believed that they saw obstructive conduct in this history now is a criminal offense. I gotta tell you that type of statement always worries me because you're worried that they are committing themselves to a path through the hard to get them to walk back from a statement like that I and what may be motivating.

This is they know they could try this case in DC which is a nightmare. Juror heard for Donald Trump but I still think that there's a lot of real estate tween here and the conviction, and more importantly look. Holding a conviction on this is not going to be a lead pipe cinch of the cake understood when you're investigating Anthony. We like the FBI was doing stumbled on may have a Dean's laptop.

I guess he was using it to get Hillary Clinton's emails against combing cheek opens up an investigation when I get to do.

Can I make the same parallel to why one in there because he had documents it didn't belong to him and it turns out that a lot of these document some of these documents help to January 6 investigation, can I hand them over to the Tatum Kinsinger and company what we can learn from master, what are we talking about for example, the department there were three classified document in the president that the classification doesn't tell you what the documents are classification can be a confidential classification that something we put on phone books in the in government case so we can learn more from the special counsel, but also the reference to the other case is the key where Carlin has a responsibility to treat like cases alike and there are like issues raised with regard to Clinton's email me those were those containing toxic material on the left, secure location digital form also includes people did not cooperate with investigators. The State Department had a heckuva time trying to get them to hand over computer. They sat on actual laptop containing this information until they could negotiate further went on for mom and so it's a very similar pan but didn't see a raid you didn't see any real. Move towards prosecution. Oakley had the only press conference so they're going to have to go to prosecute Donald Trump offer some explanation and that may be why they're looking at obstruction because they know that there is a glaring contradiction with Clinton.

If they go after the retention of classified material so the Clinton's bleaching part of the hard drive smashing other parts of it being interviewed on a sleepy Saturday with their with their attorney was also with will a witness played into this and they also did confirm that a foreign entity had breached into those digital documents so that was also concluded, but even forgets about what about is him. I'm just wondering if they did walk out with something in this and one of the platform, said January 6 outline two to blitz the capital can they turn it over to the January 6. Group requested because the material classified could find its way through one of the intelligence make like Adam Schiff committee they can use the argument that we need to see the damage assessment and the document but also where Carlin is also looking at the January so they most certainly can get that material over to other prosecutors for the January 6 into dictation which apparently is still limping along on the DOJ got it job with no shortage of cases we talk about Georgia, where that's going.

Thanks so much on have enjoy your Labor Day weekend we should pay him time and 1/2 as much as he been on television and radio we come back to return. We do this weekend.

1-866-408-7669 a you somebody look at their bills and saying change my plans where you someone say the heck with that been in for two years finally got a public setting want to go to. I'm going anyway don't get one nation I'd examine these thing from the consumer level and the macro level about the country. How were affected by what's going on on one nation. 8 o'clock on Saturday right here on Fox news show don't move diving into today's top stories Brian kill me from his mouth to your ear Brian kill me know when you asked me about the Megan agenda, especially in the Congress is elected officials is one of the most extreme agendas that we as a part is extreme part of the Republican Party and were talking about.

They want nationwide ban on abortions they want to get tax cut to billionaires and corporations while raising taxes on middle-class Americans is totally wrong and mean and nobody would fact check that correctly. If you if you fact check that statement is totally inaccurate and that's not her.

That is not a radical agenda. Cut regulation is lower the tax rate to something more competitive to Ireland.

The rest of Europe and China and awarded also did took 1% of the top tax bracket 1% that you sit and and by the way they have been fact checked by Kessler in the Washington Post and you totally wrong.

So you feel you could say anything, and most of the press just sits there docile because they're so used to say Republicans give tax cuts for the for the rich and the famous is just not true on either count most of their bases were as blue-collar now, and that's a fact. And now it's becoming a Hispanic base, Stephen Lewis, NW NDB in Daytona hey Stephen, cold, and so last night would I was watching was what I believe is Biden's trying to get his base stirred up to potentially cause violence to conservatives after they lose in November. It's very similar. How when the Russians invaded Ukraine. He first blamed Nazis in Ukraine. That's what he told the military and now here we are. He's talking about Nazis and then the semifascist to red states and all this and I think it's just an attempt to stir up the potential violence on people like me. After the Democrats lose all that she said right away you get a question busy came out when the election laws were passed in Georgia and ends up being not been sensationalistic to the point where Stacy Ames had to redo her USA Today editorial and he called the Jim Crow 2.0 when there wasn't what they did is they they would stop, stop, signature matching. They also have a mail-in voting which got a have ID to vote and 85% of the country or for that and they said that Jim Crow 2.0 and Stacy Abrams never admitted she lost Hillary Clinton multiple times says she had election stolen from her.

Donald trumps an illegitimate president.

He never brings that up. What I worry about. Steve is if the Republicans do well. I think you do much better than everyone saying they're doing right now abortion.

Roe V Wade and all because they look that's with a change of the election laws illegitimate. We can't let them do that. I don't believe this election, but one of the things he said is they don't they like collections until they lose it on except Donald Trump EPROM setting except election laws. Nobody likes January 6.

Nobody that I know off on the Republican side. So if you don't label people on their worst day, instead of looking back at all the black lives matter. Riots that you allow to happen without ever ever saying a word until last Tuesday and you keep saying we'll that's the party. Generally six is a party or you doing most people know 99% of people listening Republicans, listening say never have over that guy again not to listen to a word he says again. That's a blatant lie. And I certainly am more motivated Fox news radio Studio City New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer.

Brian kill me. Thanks.

Was forcing everybody is the brain to Michelle privilege that with us in the matter moments or other Rivera he's got a thing about it was Hampton's house and have to return to the Midwest, Ohio Dr. Martin Macario be here something interesting about the new COBIT vaccine that they had about the new attack of the variance there been really tested on human mostly animals their big breast to get it out and by the way on the crime pretty much disappeared from the landscape. The CDC recommending it. What a shock Dr. McCarty to put some some some logic and some sanity into the shots. So before we get to Geraldo and of course come at you from 40th and six in midtown Manhattan. Let's go to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three reading scores are back to where they were 30 years ago.

This is really a disaster.

So the kids can't read, reading and math predict your stay in school to get out success. Yeah, that's all you learning lost this generation of schoolkids. Thanks to a lockdown fervor during the pandemic. Much of this could been a prevented and the money was set aside to help the students catch up. I'll tell you where it is and is not going to the kids will explain, but won't make excuses heard today from the hearing that the judge really pounded away on the government's lawyers because she kept saying, what's the harm what's the harm from a special master and you're right I think a special master.

It's a neutral referee supervising the process judge might approve a raft, i.e., special master to examine what was taken to bar Lago Jane taken from in the raid with the judge said, and where this debacle is that Donald Trump of the micro Republicans represented extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic purely on presidential that's how I label the Biden file belching address in Philly last night.

Division was the intent to trump voters supporters. The target will be.

Will this be effective in limiting the red wave and 65 days was free. Geraldo Rivera Geraldo just take that question if you would you or your characterization of the address. If you had a chance to watch it and is it effective inlet allowing the Democrats accomplish their goal. I don't think so, but I love your characterization file belching diabetics very, very vivid, very vivid, I agree someone I die. I think that it was uncharacteristic for the night sky quote unquote president, I thought it was an unfortunate lazy stereotyping a lot like the basket of deplorable holes from my Hillary you have the same rebound effect, it will not make people afraid to vote Republican. I think you have them take another look at Biden say this sounds like the desperation of a politician I feel is very unfortunate.

I wish he had not done it. We don't need that kind of rhetoric.

The country is divided enough as is and he supposed to be the healer, not the divider, and I think that this was again I was uncharacteristic but it sounds to me like his political operators are manipulating him into saying they know now it is a tough got one thing O'Brien and I think it's very interesting I think made with varying the lead is that after he went on with that belching bile. He singled out abortion is the issue that the Democrats should then are rallying around and I believe that in that aspect that that smaller aspect of what he said. I think it's a valid big abortion will be the issue that motivates many Democrats you bring something new for the first time couple days ago.

He never brings up the border. He does never want to talk about Afghanistan certainly likes to run from inflation so right now here's this flies in the face of what we both said the Wall Street Journal, Depaul, and despite more than two thirds of American saying we are on the wrong track. As a country and that is been the situation. The Wall Street Journal says that the Democrats now have an advantage in the generic ballot by three points where they were trailing by six in March is do you believe her other affair. This says everything do with the Dobbs decision, I do.

I think that everything is maybe too sweeping but I think it has principally to do with that. I when you consider immigration as the output point issue.

For example, if you're not watching Fox News you're not seeing the caravans of migrants coming across the border then being bus the various cities you may hear the local mayor espousing some outrage, but it does not seem yet, or maybe ever, that immigration will be the issue on which people will vote abortion. On the other hand, and then more broadly personal freedom to gay marriage. All things that Thomas for one said the Constitution did not support her did not mention. I think that those are the kinds of things. I think that this report did not do the Republican Party any favors in handing out jobs at this stage of the game they could ponder that they could've postponed it because it made a much more narrow ruling is all heading ultimately in the same direction, but to do it in one fell swoop.

I mean I was in DC with you after the inauguration, and in 20 2017. You saw the demonstration that happened after the Gratian women sponsor puts the hats and all that that was real energy that turn up bigger than the inauguration turn well with the pro-life CD you just as well that was to be one of his focuses well on it.

It became so with the Supreme Court fix and I think it is the issue on which the Democratic Party has staked its it's still slender chance to avoid it debacle in November.

So, couple things the present United States did not want to mention Trump for year and 1/2 to my even when he was going against him. The guy in the White House used to be here.

My predecessor does want to mention that we can't stop mentioning them so Trump speaks Saturday I noticed cities already agreed to wait on his decision till after the midterms, which I think it's huge. What role should the Prez of former president play now all current president should get a new stage manager because they terrible made him look like he was in Dante's Inferno. You know it flames behind you should warn you know the devil's horns and a pitchfork melodramatic.

I don't know what who is thinking of what I with that background in terms of what present juncture.

Do I write to me and you know I love the guy all those years. Best good friends and colleagues, and you know that I was a celebrity apprentice with them 2015, just before his big run. I think he has to to me. I think that he has to address January 6 he has to say. There was misunderstandings or I'm sorry it turned out the way it did.

But look at my record. Look what I've done in terms of the border that turned positive but he's got he's got a deal with the baggage of January 6 and look at the Senate of the states for Georgia in December. The Republicans would have control that I think that you would have had all these trillions of dollars of expenditures unless there was truly bipartisan support for I think Trump screwed up Georgia with his his narcissism and that this this app sorry. I want to characterize it over, you know to shortly but it was really a terrible disservice to history to the Constitution and to the nation and he just said that and I'm sorry for it was a lawyer. Although we get them in trouble.

We have a quote from you here and you can say this about Mike pence we have your lawyers can be friends, year, and this is what Cassie Hutchinson said so could meet you probably recommend against as a lawyer. Yes I am American you would you like to hear it, but as a lawyer, you probably say Tony Bryne. Let me make a broad statement here. I do not believe any of these legal actions against the president, up to and including the radio advise Ray tomorrow I go will have any impact. I don't think you will be found guilty of any crime.

I don't even think you will be charged with any crime.

I think that it's all a bunch of nonsense. You know with what the Atty. Gen. lived in New York, James Leticia James their lean and hungry political ambitions.

She she went after Andrew Cuomo and then announced she was going to run for governor the next day she's she's just such a transparent, hungry politician looking for next day. I don't think that any of that stuff is you have any effect on on president's problems are that he went out of control when he lost it was a spiteful, childlike behavior that really affected the country in a very negative way, but yet he still could rebound, but I said I would react to covert reaction we concerned that we have some numbers behind how much our kids of loss in reading and math. Five and seven points I think is probably even more as they were told to stay home.

Various communities for about a year and 1/2.

And guess who played the biggest price black and Hispanic kids for the most part they did not sit for the zoom and did not have. Perhaps the parental pressure to do it now or the ramifications when they didn't. So guess what Karine Jean-Pierre knows exactly who to blame Trump cut 25. Let's get back to where we were not too ongoing as president walked into this administration. How mismanaged the pandemic that response the pandemic was how 47% of schools were in less than six months. Our schools went from 40% 46% to two open to nearly all of them being open to full-time.

That was the work of this president. My goodness she says that with a straight face. You know how we used to struggle to get every school open wouldn't take on any of the unions would not push back to get the kids in school would not back off the vaccination demands of the teachers I mean could you believe that whitewashing of history. I think that Lori light but certainly no friend of Pres. Trump country where her frustration with the teachers unions in Chicago and their refusal under the most reasonable conditions to go back into the Chicago schools and the resulting edges using Skype as the microcosm of the resulting disorder and an absence of education that happened in that city where so many of the children do not have laptops they don't have the you know the kind of family structure where you can have the discipline.

You must sit down now little Johnny it's 830 and okay you get a break at 1030 year lunch at 12 and the result. The result is you know, as we all say that was terrific, consorted with my own teenager that no year and 1/2 away her friends and colleagues. You know it's it was a I forgive us out to you and the scientists a lot because they were groping you know they were looking desperate, but the political actions that followed and to politicize it now is really is really terrible limit just one if you want conspiracy.

Every investigation investigate when the vaccines were really ready to go. Distribution if they had come out a month earlier. It came out in November and November.

The big heroic announcement from Pfizer if they held it back for political purposes. In the same way that the FBI urged. You know the media to stay away from Hunter by I mean it is really it stinks. It really is is that if they really did that the truck they really screwed up that way.

Imagine that the people who could have been saved lives say it, but for politics if it if I mean a lot. Pfizer has been discovered to have done that but if Trump wants a legitimate argument that's beyond the lawsuits or speculation. It is going to be that the club that works be produced a vaccine before the election, and number two that the big story that directly affected the candidate turned president was suppressed by all social media led by the FBI whose maybe chief architect of that suppression was walked out of the building last week. Geraldo is worth pursuing ICA Fox nation special with you the great idea it would be a great special locale Explorer love you don't mind giving me some credit in your bylaws better than that out loud give you a talking head really had appearance as long as his background so that I could fit into your schedule grand tour of the Northeast. What are you selling exactly nothing. I want to be like you to any speeches you you have trouble too, because if somebody comes conflicts with sponsors and people are when you speak since it would likely my own event where I could talk about all my books red white and blue get a chance to talk to the audience a guy doing the show and have a chance to meet one-on-one and instead having two minutes at a Barnes & Noble or at an event for radio. I so would I create my own to be worked out some things to do something to theaters shall be next Thursday first time since a pandemic be Thursday in front of an audience. I think it is probably the most fun I have will vouch for your charm and they are able ability to articulate your political point of view and your your overall kindness. I shine through very much to have a great I will be on a boat in a tight shirt with very good build.

That'll be Geraldo and I'm jealous I can even sell and not nobody, you can sell asked me to come it's so sad back in a moment both sides.

All okay talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show sounds like a long-winded description and definition of what Sec. Clinton called the poor people that present botanist is talking about some of them support from all the people who get up every day go to war by them all pay their taxes try to teach their kids morals. They are proud of America. They do want to make America great again. They just don't agree with Pres. Biden's neo-socialist woke agenda. They don't believe in. They don't believe in higher taxes. They don't believe in more debt.

They don't believe that we turn our cops in the social work very disappointed that the president would call people who don't agree with him, night that Sen. Kennedy with us this morning on Fox and friends, I'm more than disappointed. I'm outraged frankly see the foxes radio Abbaye Frank hello Brian this is Frank Montana asked what we were doing this weekend. Earlier you were on our way up Noel hunting just like we done every year even during cold and isolated in the tree stand Sylvia some of you altered any of your life because 9% of the 9% inflation gas prices double or be said to heck with that of been in for two years. Do whatever I want. Yeah well I have semiretired in all my retirement, what you need. So I went back to part-time job.

Well, that I altered my lifestyle so that I can continue my lifestyle and that the second thing I wanted to mention. Besides that was.

I vote for Trump and twice and up you had a interview with Jared Kershner. It was excellent and he said something like the fact that the trunk wasn't the way. What made it and I get all of that, but not my first choice this time around because I agree with what you and Geraldo just talked about needs to get a little humility and he needs to come come before popes and say January 6 was not good he can still believe the election was was altered well know that because COBIT but that the end of the day. My big thing is the I'm can't stand because I'm dying.

I'm a white male is a great person. I just don't see winning radio show like no other city announcement is getting vaccine boosters which we expect to provide additional protection and the variance of circulating the American people while we wait for the state to make clinical recommendations. Is there still another step to be very clear about that. We've been working for months to be prepared for this moment to get shot arms this fall and through the end of the year. Really, what shots omicron shots. What excuse me, and what kind of testing of you gone through and I believe the CDC is now recommending we will get these boosters or it's a matter of a matter of a few days.

Today, the Washington Post of the CDC said that millions of eligible Americans, including those as young as 12 can get an updated omicron targeted booster shot to bolster defenses against serious illness and death during a potential fall outbreak will cut testing that they go through and was omicron to variance back I'm just a pedestrian citizen. A possible recipient Dr. Martin Kerry does this for a living, foxes, contributors, surgeon, a professor of health policy at Johns Hopkins. Dr. Carrie we ready for the omicron booster are you well I like to see more data because they used data from eight mice to authorize this. There was absolutely zero. Clinically available data that was made available to the public so they claim that there are some human studies that they've seen that they've not made public. But the reason that there's probably not public, is that this was an over crying vaccine designed for the earliest omicron's variant, not the current one which is also on its way out and another one is coming so what are we doing you know as well get a vaccine for the Spanish flu at this point right and in she went on to say Wilensky endorsed a recommendation by the advisory panel, paving the way for some clinicians, pharmacies and other providers to begin administering the shot as early as this weekend look you know if if I'm dealing with cancer treatment, I might say to myself, you know, II said make sure okay you know if I'm doing with some other underlying illness all right. I would have a different approach, but there's just no way that I would if I was bringing this forward. Then I would go do this the American public is weary about this and we already know we passed omicron in the numbers.

Even the New York Times publishing these numbers. This is not a problem we gotta get out of this mindset, don't you think Pharma has been pushing hard for a year now to say publicly and say to the FDA. We need a process to approve new COBIT vaccines that we develop so that we can get a mountain time for new variance so they been pushing this hard and if you look at what the FDA did they basically did everything. Pharma asked for. They authorized it with no publicly available human clinical trial data and then the members have their own FDA advisory committee that is the act.

External experts they didn't convene, and they didn't have them vote which is typically what the FDA does now when they know the experts are not going to vote in favor one of those experts, Dr. Paul office of Children's Hospital thought I could probably the most respected expert on the committee said that this new variant: the omicron vaccine should be treated like a new medication and he felt strongly that it should have the same rigor and process of a new medication.

Recent new vaccine rights new MRA strain is creating a new protein in your body. We don't know what that means. So this is the Pfizer vaccine chief Dr. Anil Alicia Anderson 11 to get this vaccine to generate niche and ice and original variance and on the combat hands dancing between you.

Remember we had town downstairs that chance Amy provides the boldest action against that and at 19 they found that out from looking at nine mice yeah cures cancer and stroke and heart disease. While probably something about so what they're getting at is an important thing I want to just talk about Brian. There's two vaccines in this new over crying vaccine in the bottle where they dropped the syringe. There's the vaccine to omicron, which they newly developed results of the original COBIT vaccine that is to the Wuhan strain when you give to together like that your body is going to preferentially see the Wuhan strain vaccine. The original vaccine and the immune response will be selective. It's called immune preference thing. Why will the immune response sort of massively preferred the original Wuhan strain and not the only con is because it's already been sensitized several times from prior vaccinations to the wind strain and prior exposures to COBIT so that immune response. Many scientists are concerned is can be so preferential to the Wuhan strain you're just getting another Wuhan, you know, sort of immune response and it's gonna prefer that over the omicron vaccine in the solution.

I find the whole thing exasperating bullet. Let's move on.

If I can something else, we discover that you have been talking about. Along the way. See you are the few doctors they could say what what about the kids and what about the socialization aspect of isolation as well as the masks and the ramifications. He did a study and actually think the studies kind.

We lost five points as a from grace primary school to middle school Five Points reading seven points in math through the last year and 1/2 of lockdowns.

Was this all preventable or part of this preventable and your reaction to those numbers. It was if you remember a group of scientists and said we gotta keep schools open and they even signed a document called the great Barrington declaration Martin called Dorfman Harvard J Botticelli from Stanford's Samaria physician and epidemiologist at Oxford. Hundreds of thousands of people sign our petition back in October 2020. The first year the pandemic said we got to do focus protection and keep the schools open. They were canceled. You couldn't even find this thingy detected in the Google because Google ranked it so low.

Bergson found she trashed that they wouldn't even meet with these individuals so and and Francis Collins had the NIH famously called the Friendship immunologist. Turns out they were hundred percent correct got lifelong learning loss got a mental health crisis that's been ignited got kids that have been lost in the system they don't shop at school ever again and forever gone and you know when we talk about crime being Think about the number of kids in Baltimore city that just never logged on to Zoom and they never showed up when in person learning resumed. So I want you here.

Dr. Sergey said just last week to Neil Caputo cut 27.

I don't think it's forever a irreparably damaged anyone, but I think obviously and you if you go back and people selectively. Neil pull things out about me. I was also one of the people. That said, we gotta do everything we can to get the children back in school go back to some of the clips that you and I had on your own show.

When I said that that it's very important that we protect the children from the collateral effects of keeping them out of school. The racket I have said that so many time we would always follow-up singly. You want people locked down. You want 6 feet apart. You wanted you wanted to be isolation in the quarantine and we would bring that up. You never ever would bring that up and I would just drive us nuts to be other channels.

No one would ask him about it. Do you think he's rewriting history while he is when he says nobody is really been harmed by me not to me that somebody was out of touch DC in the Beltway bureaucrat politician who happens to have an MD behind his name.

Gosh, he's been wrong on warning the pandemic and how it spreads from touching things he didn't think it was airborne and they were pushing cloth masks even find research on anything important except long COBIT at the NIH hospital visit know this is kind of what I found.

She does hospitals shot out family members from visiting their loved ones a human, which is a human rights violation.

My opinion it was tragic and he says nothing is totally quietly shut schools down. He says yes I want schools to be open but nothing happens.

They shut yo convention out of immigration. He can come and compete in the U.S. Open says nothing. This is what he does. How do you have a scientist, a medical doctor agree hundred percent with the policies of the CDC. It's impossible. You can't statistically have that, you know, level of agreement with another government agency to me.

I find it absolutely incredible that he still wants the doctrine that if he ever brought up the so social aspect of it to the point where I used to try to find see a school psychologist to come on the show to balances out getting so caught up in in the vaccine in the therapeutic cycle insane while we doing this. These kids are sitting at home and I had two kids in high school at the time. I know what was going on and I was beyond them. They know they had to do with the assignments were. Lastly, the teaching was terrible. The news that I'm not blaming the teachers either they would doing the best they possibly could. They got very little cooperation. I'm in an ominous solid school district from the parents to push and we we saw the phone downstairs. I could not get anybody to talk about the social aspect of it, but will have to see. And hopefully we learn from it to, but I see something like Berkeley Berkeley is now saying if you don't get a flu shot.

You have to wear a mask in school.

Now you are gotta wears a mask when you go to surgery. Should we be wearing a mask. It's a little get the flu shot I went to the Kennedy Center for the performing arts in DC and they require you have to wear a mask in the auditorium. I'm thinking is this is this for life now. I mean there's there's mask lifers out there, they just don't want to have any interaction with anyone unless they were mask on this when doctors get together for their doctors conferences and I do a lot of speaking of doctors conferences I've been to about six major doctors conferences with thousands of doctors over the last in the spring of this year okay when we have even higher levels of: none of the doctors are wearing masks not of maybe 5%, maybe not that's fine for them if they want to do that. So what these schooled administrators of young, low risk people know that doctors don't know really what what's the disconnect again found she is on the sidelines and mean somebody's double masking is there playing golf. He doesn't say anything now � he should say that you know is low risk and your you know you're going to lose the human connection. If you were mask forever.

I would say so when you go to these conferences and being that you're so willing to speak your mind. A lot of times it goes against the conventional wisdom of the time even know you end up being proven right you notice people trying to isolate you yeah I mean there are certain conferences where you notice on suddenly disinvited and it really comes from the public health sort of group in America. The public health, academic community has an association called the American Association of public health. They canceled work moved Louisiana when CNN's medical doctor and former CEO of Planned Parenthood, she was on a panel and I guess she said something like we have to learn to live with this on CNN and they disinvited her they because there is protest. They told her we no longer have you at our national conference on a panel I mean eating their own now. Minutes basically let you know this martial law exits McCarthyism in medicine if you saw the California just passed a bill saying that if you disagree with the quote "contemporary scientific consensus that you can use it you lose your license while you we would've lost her license 18 on 18 different issues that jaybird tried many of us have been speaking out against almost every one of those issues.

Science has subsequently proven what was considered information is now true. I think you said I think fundamentally, I guess.

Doctors who you know II gotta make.

We can't be living a life on zero risk and wishes. Explain the two people I don't want to ruin your life.

I was say there's a little bit of a riskier these are things you can do. Make your own decision and I think that's what built up the resentment that they just took that decision away and they excoriated you if you were to show up or will lesson 6 feet apart or show up without a with two masks I had. Dr. Burke say to me I should consider wearing goggles goggles easy on television goggles to goggles are you thoughts and fairly.

In fairness to her, if you're going deep sea diving. I really recommend goggles but I there's no there's absolutely no benefit walking me back. Look at what's happened with monkeypox saved a completely different standard okay because a lot of the COBIT policy was just aimed at these, you know, the so-called trunk voters right we have to smack these dumb people in line and tell them what to do. Even though 40% of the unvaccinated were African-Americans in the United States. That was the largest group of unvaccinated. That's not that wasn't the narrative monkeypox.

They basically say oh just want do have sexual activity with no male sexual activity with other males do it safely. And here's how were going to suggest that the CDC you can do it a look have special activity a little more safely. Whereas with COBIT.

It was were not going to allow you to put yourself in any situation you might get the virus grade point will see. I just I just have so little faith these institutions. At this point, I'm always going to look at a second opinion when you she just take it as it came. Dr. Carrie have a great three-day weekend.

I hope is three days for you is I support you got it.

Listen we I know you have something to say something you listening for the first time of the road, so we are on route to vacation semi-often. Your essay what's on the radio this time and normally at work. Thank you. Your calls annex 1-866-408-7669 your knowledge base, Brian filming show.

The more you listen more, you'll know it's Friday until made hey let's go out to West Lucy online Washington hey Wes there. Brian very altered for letting me on, first time caller but you and your colleagues allowing the don't have a voice to get out. Talk no problem. Do you sense that the presence message last night is getting through. I think it is. I don't think it falls on deaf ears to the rest of the country. I think that you taught me talking to one side of his mouth and therefore five other voices out there that that letter saying an absolute different thing.

I think that really you know it's hard to two.

Half the country and the unifying everybody difficult. Thanks so much. Thanks much for the call Allison sent WABC hey Alex and Brian, thanks for taking the call.

Actually the speech to get through. It got people through the roof because this is insane. What he said yesterday about and I divided the country in United but I wanted to but the student loan debt that it's really so stupid of the bond administration to forgive all those that walk because not only is in it disgorging the colleges from continuing with his crazy prices, encouraging them to continue in this is actually so with Obama care with the drug prices were too high so bombs that only won't bring down the drug war to do that will just paper everybody's medication and that in this case with the by ministries really should be doing as they should be taken away all the privileges and all the special money that the colleges are making because they're officially educating our kids. They should be giving it to the colleges that are charging a little. Not a lot of money for it referred to both of those colleges that would be slow.

Colleges that are in charge a lot of money to build themselves up and get your good professors and educators. Then we can keep the price of going to college now instead of having to use our taxpayer dollars.

Lily, you march these these these provosts in these heads of colleges and you see guys got to get this price and how do we work together than we do with car companies we do oil manufacturers green energy producers. That's a way to do it.

Thank you, live from the Fox News radio city is New York City show set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice kill me.

I will write to me what the latest moment of the brain to me Joe the final hour of this week show Mike Schonberg will be with us, a matter moment Lieut. Col. Scott Mann will be with us in a few minutes. I should take Schonberg at the bottom of the hour.

As you know Scott Mann's book to extremely well told.

Operation pineapple express the incredible story of a group of Americans who undertook one last mission and honor the promise in Afghanistan because this administration did not in the way we left was not okay with him and so many others so they do they that they explained in this book. What exactly they did with their own money and some contributions because they feel a moral obligation.

Something administration did not feel I happen to know through multiple venues and sources that the president never even got took a briefing on what went wrong in Afghanistan didn't read it didn't get a verbal briefing on it. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three reading scores are back to where they were 30 years ago. This is really a disaster. So the kids can't read, reading and math predict your stay in school to get out success.

That is Bill Bennett first education Sec. use were wearing loss for this generation of school-age kids, thanks to a lockdown permit during the pandemic. Much of this could've been prevented and the money set aside to catch up. The students wasting away her today from the hearing that the judge really pounded away on the government's lawyers because she kept saying, what's the harm what's the harm from the special master and you're right I think a special master.

It's a neutral referee supervising the process they go. That is time to pray.

A judge might approve a breath, i.e., special master to examine was taken from our Lago will explain why Donald Trump of the micro Republicans represented extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic. That's the tone purely on presidential that's how I label that would Biden's mild belching address in Philadelphia last night vision was the intent trump voter supporters. The target would be effective in limiting the red wave and 65 days.

First thing first.

One of the reasons why would disqualify the spreads and forever be successes away left Afghanistan defined most almost all of his military options and leaders. All of them kept their jobs. The evacuation was was done such a haphazard way.

The Afghan army felt abandoned so they disappeared the a lot of them died. Some other Taliban were able to take over walk right into Kabul. That was not okay.

Lieut. Col. Scott Mann because he had allies and we had citizens in there but it did was okay with the president never talks about it Col., welcome back to me on Scott. Were you surprised that the present invention this last night. It's just heartbreaking. I don't know how else to say it. I mean, not not only did get our there are warriors fight in and die and bleed in that country for 20 years, but you've got no all of these veterans who have just been through so much, not just with with the will, Brian. But with the withdrawal I just saw statistic that said that 42% of veterans who served in Afghanistan have mental health emergencies in the last 42% of veterans who served in Afghanistan in one year and yet you're not going to mention it it it it it it it. The leadership thing it's it's it's not even part of that is likely why are we not acknowledging the sacrifice of our veterans in the 20 war planes that landed in the people he got out.

They did a great job and willing to pay for them with their lives. 13. Specifically, others were wounded have fillet with the explosion navigate and they're going to be honored at the White House.

But you guys aren't well known for family night. My heart goes out to them fell to the to those that were wounded. All of our goals for family that fell. I'm so glad that they're being honored at the White House. They should be. And frankly, I think the men and women.

Brian went to Kabul international airfield and and did you know they did a great job they had to do this under chaos and enough talk about them a lot in the pineapple express book but what did not go well. What would be setting and the decision-making policy and strategy level about who got on the plane did this is a great affair left in history we saw Samantha simply slipped empty his presence and will hear anymore of duplicity, I want to displace your silliness of the left empty in the West were that we had no idea who were vetted and we had no idea really who came back home correct right back home to Austin to America other than the ones that the volunteer groups like done, good moral compass and an pineapple vetted. I think we served with them so we knew they were weeding where they were and they trusted us so we were able to present them responsibly. But that was a fraction know of the hundred thousand plus it may not believe in what partner now blinded a year later, I was just talking to one of the pineapple members and he said you know I think Jackie was the conductor of the Underground Railroad that we built you know he said this anniversary has been harder in many ways than the collapse because a year later, nothing is really change. Let me just share this with you. You know there's a freedom of information act was submitted by one of the volunteer groups and what we found is that 88,000 Ukrainians apply for special immigration pieces of those 68,000 were approved 66,000 Afghan we fought with for 20 years applied hundred and 23 have been approved in other words, 77% of Ukrainian SIV have been accepted by the business .19% of our Afghan them. 20 or more have been accepted. You fought with and trained as opposed Ukrainians were just giving weapons absolutely and it looked awful about supporting Ukraine but but this country, walking and chewing gum at the same time and in the fact that only .19% have been accepted. I mean, that is an administration by again not left as you write is an American issue.

Here's another thing that Ukrainian there's been no money spent by the sponsors or the Ukrainians themselves on the special immigration visas. No money spent. It's $575 per visa for the Afghan and a lot of that has come out of the veterans pocket to the tune of $20 million to pay the processing fee to get .19% accepted and you wonder why 40 some percent of our veterans are going through mental health crisis right now I get. No one is acknowledging any you guys feel about that and what can you do about it. You do have some inroads to million others means his weight is to at least address this right right will continue. We just I just attended blinded global plans for Afghanistan conference down in DC at Georgetown University yesterday and it will all these amazing Afghan volunteer group. There you wonder State Department when there department defense wasn't there. No one from the administration. With that with all of these people in the room.always evacuation the Afghans who had made it out. We were all talking about ways for to address the women's abuse issues in the country to deal with all of the problems of getting SIV that we settlement your United States. Not one single US representative was at the conference's that some of these issues they want to put behind that they do not want to read up because it's the biggest military disaster ever and so many people there were part of it are still there.

Do you know anybody that's been forced out. Scott what you mean about other jobs.

Mark Millie gone so don't know what to think. I'm asking people that I put in the pineapple book in the epilogue.

Please know when you pull the lever. This this midterm. Think about that from a ton of accountability. We need pressure on our congressional representative that their public hearings on this thing.

Here's one more thing.

I'll share with you the Afghan many of the Afghans you were at that conference yesterday brought you know what they said it was really moving to me with a look at a lot of the veterans in the audience very emotionally and they said I know you feel like this was at work at least 20 years in danger, you get your friendship lost family members, but what we will tell you is that we are not giving up.

We are not equipped we are going to take our country back from the Taliban and it was the 20 years of freedom that you gave us while you help us what you thought glad for us and we will not squander that I really believe that I think about this. The Russians came in there to grind up the Afghans in the region, out in the left only will we try to do is would you guys did is you try to go in there and give them their country and train them to work on be on their own.

I mean, the fact to the methods and practices had to be changed find that our intent was pure same thing a rack.

We don't want to dominate a rack. We don't want to occupy Afghanistan as soon as you're ready were out. Keep a base absolutely build an embassy for sure you have an ally, absolutely. But we don't want your country and what you want to mark the mantras of the worker felt out of a job.

That was why we train so deeply with the Afghan commandos, the Afghan special forces. The special mission pilot blindly carried 98% of the fighting. They lost over 60,000 people in the Afghan military over the last couple of years in the fighting and that narrative doesn't get told there's this narrative that the Afghans didn't fight. And yes a lot of the generals walked off the job along the Afghan police faded into the countryside but but the bottom line is the people that we are standing up for the commandos, the special forces.

The special mission pilot began MRG. They fought to the last bullet and were calling off on August 15 at the Taliban were coming in the city think circuit occupying what should I do for the higher-ups disabled the SCSI want to fight God he didn't want to stay so we left with a helicopter full of money that's just wrong. We stop giving them air cover and protect and they became sitting ducks Pakistan into being a staging area would became a world wide Terrace reporting camp in Pakistan and they came in without any help. So a lot of these guys fought in just say what they want to fight. We want to do must drive a guy like you Scott man crazy. It really got narrative because they didn't fight they did bleed and there's no reason like there are still commandos and special forces that are resisting right now and are under willing to resist more.

But here's what I'll tell you this was going to follow us home because Al Qaeda something else that came out of this topic yesterday with these guys are well-placed and they have people in the country and say Al Qaeda is completely reconstituted voluntary is been replaced. You have foreign fighters from Southeast Asia, north Africa training openly on the Afghan army compound that we trained on in Helmand and Kandahar burnout training in the open with clear intentions to strike the West again and how expensive is not going to be in blood and treasure when we have to go back into that country and we had 20+ thousand Afghan commandos and special forces that could affect the fight against Al Qaeda and I don't think of Scott's book. It tells the story would happen over the last year of the project as if it really gets under your skin would happen how we left, and the fact administrations and talk about it. Pick this up and you'll know the real story and by the way, the unequal status between the Ukrainians who I really respect to the Afghans who probably screamed.

I love the respect is just in unacceptable again one more time 1% of Afghans as opposed to how I Ukrainians 77% of the SIV Ukrainians have been accepted .19% of the Afghans.

And again, these are people that like we have fought with them. We we know who they are weak and not only vouch for them that we have tons of data on them.

There's no reason therefore more vetted that the 70 68,000 Ukrainians that came across. I guarantee thanks so much appreciated. And best of luck with your book you to be on Fox and friends this weekend. Talking to Pete about right now but I will appreciate all the support from across the country in operation pineapple express and really honoring the stories of our our warriors are important because the store that hadn't been told and thank you for giving us a voice on the ideas easy for you. Do the hard part. Lieut. Col. Scott man. Thank you that you will we come back and the teacher calls 1-866-408-7669. This is the brain can only show so glad you're here giving you you need to know your Ryan kill me if you're interested in it.

Bryan's talking about your with Brian until made.

I want to be very clear clear operon. Not every public and not even the majority Republicans are my not every Republican raises their extreme ideology. I know is not been able to work with these mainstream Republicans. What is the mainstream Republican people to follow. Donald Trump nobodies Pro January 6. Maybe make a sound mature.

Nobody. So what are you talking about those there's people you could deal with that. Actually what the border and force people you deal with it. Would like a corporate tax rate to stay low people that you deal with their want to fight back on crime and back. The cops those of the people you can deal with of those are not mega Republicans. What are you talking about Howard, Lucy, Boca Raton, Florida hey Howard with anyone you doing to point out a couple of things on the character so I could recognize psychological duration and I know that the basis of every psychological disorder OTT anxiety, PTSD is fear when you have survived and isn't really making a speech to Americans trying to energize and to vote because he recognizes that they weren't really so gung ho on his performance to do something to get them to vote casinos that had the pandemic.

Yet other things to get people motivated to vote against Kunkel whatever he needs to kind of energize me you dear and anger to get people could be emotionally there and unable to think clearly and not be repeated and repeated over and over by media other Democratic candidates Local and other local people to not hear sure that the cost just 66 days and I you started off at a 10 how it would more severe things is he going to say now they spring up down Trump on a regular basis. Bob was on WABC in Long Island to Bob last night hate speech. What the Democrats do is they call people sexist and racist. What I think Republicans have to do and I'm a conservative, Brian. They have to nail refer to the Biden ministration as the dictatorial regime and use that phrase over and over and over again. I hate to use it but unfortunately racist and fascist works and we have to set the narrative rather than what the Democrats do, every election cycle is they set the tone for the election, not Republican Republican said I agree with you get on the offense figure out where you stand on abortion and go with it resemble Marco Rubio came around to look on pro-life.everybody for his pro-life on for 15 weeks safety with young king that seems to be the universal accepted phrase others who are pro-life says that some of the Supreme Court said I get it, but you gotta be practical and again just your beliefs don't nationally do please have everyone in your state.

Number two, they got a go ahead and say crime the border Afghanistan you started in those three then you go inflation gasoline prices destroying the fossil fuel industry for a responsible reason Alex California Alex technical article effective Afghanistan is that we wasted sacrifice of our soldiers are men and women who died there suffered severe injuries he suffered for nothing because we pursued a failed strategy and the blame for this situation falls squarely on the American public because they failed to recognize a failed strategy now is let a bunch of different strategies is at big surges at little surges that let these people loan.

They had a backing off situation and a lot of training. The American people, not military experts.

We turned that over to military experts in a very difficult environment. They accomplish great things over 20 years will see where it goes. Now with this ministration, but the next radio makes you think this is the Brian kill me show Americans should be paying attention to what happens when you go with green energy because Europe is telling us a big story. Nobody's paying attention.

In America there was an article in the Wall Street Journal that the that the Brits are now looking at an 80% increase in their utility bills because they're hooked on the Russian natural gas liquids happening in some of these other countries like Germany and Spain. They don't have enough energy because they tried green energy in a failed so that why are we paying attention that the United States were looking at big increases in utilities this fall and winter with maybe 50% increases because we have a shortage of energy right and we want to do nuclear Europe didn't want to do nuclear Japan is getting a back online Europe so desperately my prefire of coal plant and then we see California say no more. When I guess only guess cars after 2035 and when to stop building gas stations is out of wide mood wise move. Michael Shellenberger joined us our best selling author's book apocalypse never and said in San Francisco is noteworthy and perfect for this conversation Michael, welcome back. Michael first offer you astounded that there the day after California makes those announcements they have to announce that don't plug in your electric car. I will get ready for rolling blackouts thermostat at 78� in the Navy just said they got FIVE banner scale. Later, they said well don't plug in your cars blackout the third year in a row. Blackout the government explaining climate change as the climate change is something that we've been hearing about 30 years to run into our conscience California state that is climate change to the excuse of climate change or failure of the governor and the legislature to purchase enough natural gas power plants if the crime I mean we are now restarting plants that burn fuel bill to keep the lights on in California and they want us now electric cars kind of collective matter is when I think about you wrote about this syllabus is Europe is about to face a winter in which they cut off Nordstrom into two never got online and one is about to be cut off any natural gas and we could provided in Canada could provide it, would we saying to Germany, France and the UK should be basically to drop that not expanding oil and gas production at the level that we should be announcing the president of France told Biden in front of a group of reporters in June that they can count on Arab countries to produce more oil. He was right instead of increasing oil production by line around the world to Venezuela, Saudi Arabia) trying to get them to produce more oil by expanding oil at home. Climate change for them. Are you asking this out to produce more oil we have the largest natural gas reserves in the world in the United States we have enough natural gas to supply ourselves in Europe for a thousand years. Why isn't Biden doing well because he's basically trying to deliver papers to the environmental insurance that really huge influence of the Democratic Party, but the result is that working at PQ's electricity price increase.

Your heavy industries, glass, steel, automotive without the Chancellor of Germany to Canada last week. The bank produce more oil and so this is the same unit we leave ourselves since World War II to protect our allies in Europe were supposed to care and take care of your were falling down on the present by several national shame, intentionally and just because of that ideology, not even a fly in a philosophy but not a practical plan. None of this is right. There is no country deacon look and said we had to do with their doing right. I mean, you can't. You can't make that transition. If you have a way if you set a medical nuclear nuclear could provide energy save energy but we don't want to do that and we also don't want to burn natural gas, which burns burns clean, especially the way we do it and then the responsible way in which we drill oil. We are the most responsible its exploration can country in the world, correct we practice natural gas produced nuclear power can ethically produce are patrolling with them ethically produce the solar panels all come from China. You know where the rare Earth wind turbines all come from China electric cars you're becoming the pendant on China. This is exceedingly dangerous. We just saw the danger that occurs to Europe when it became overly dependent on a totalitarian Russian got on Vladimir Putin is now cutting off their life and out. Biden wants to make us dependent on the Chinese government for our our transportation for our electrical grid. Absolute insanity is no excuse for it. We produce the cleanest, the electricity in the world and I we need to be producing more personal morbid for our allies in Europe and Asia. Rather than becoming dependent on China and exported all these good jobs abroad when they feel good jobs and installing for capital. All that is on boxing solar panels produce. By the way by enslaved Uighur Muslims in China living in concentration making solar panels that we pay our green army is this is a religion that the only way to understand the fanatical apocalyptic religion that have using fear to try to control the population making us make decisions that are ultimately very self-destructive.

Michael Shellenberger's with this also the author of apocalypse never in San Francisco which were witnessing want you to hear what Marco Rubio said about this whole thing cut 32 why the critical problems.

The left-wing policies like you see, from the Democratic Party these days is that they don't mess with common sense and reality in the real world. Frank so they have these policies now are going to go all the snow gets battery-powered solar panel. We don't have the infrastructure for that were not anywhere near that even though all the tax credits in the world are knocking to change that number to a lot of the materials that you need to build these batteries and solar panels all that comes from China. So you're empowering them. And number three is appointed out today and that is when you have the charging stations and if we do the telling people not to charge electric cars. Meanwhile, 97% of the cars are on the road, driven by real everyday Americans.

They require gasoline and were not producing more of it were not providing more than what what were doing things that are hurting our economy and really hurting people's pocketbooks. Michael is nothing he said that I don't think you have you've written about your written about before buying office. We don't have enough binary capacity.

We need more refinery capacity to turn the petroleum that we produce into gasoline and diesel fuel. There is a refinery in the Virgin Islands territory that has an older refinery shift needs to be retrofitted to $3 billion to make it state-of-the-art to polluting the decades-old retrofitted.

Instead, the Biden administration killed at the time of the first energy crisis in 50 years what they are blocking because they made the excuse that they killed because of polluting the polluting it because it did not allow them correct or music up again and again. It's like look, there's a lot of mystification height. It's just equipment that needs to be upgraded, you know, we can expand oil and gas production in the United States. Within a year to 18 month even in the midst of the crisis. By the way last year actually started last year Russia invaded the Euclid reported that Ukraine that made it worse, which made it even more urgent, take action, but by taking action on the note year year and 1/2 ago and takes about a year to get the production of rocket fire. You know how to expand oil and gas production volume initiation of the same people. He could not proceeded to baby formula is thing that we had no idea what when you took the number one plant off-line should know this is going to be a problem in a few months and now he says I want these guys and to pump more. They're making too much money in the Nellis Prince, the gas stations were making the price to why it's insane. But one guy that's not insane is Glenn Duncan, the businessman understands responsibility and understands two in Virginia do not get to be buying this California policy. Listen to what he told Parker Wednesday Virginians elected me governor last year. They wanted to put a stop to an effort from the previous Democratic land administration to turn Virginia into California won't let a little did they know that they had signed legislation and and tied Virginia to decisions and remain in California. So not only did they pick a state that has demonstrated has no idea how to run itself.

The types out there but they abdicated their responsibility to serve Virginians so we find ourselves today with this ludicrous law that Virginia has to follow California's laws and so were going to go to work and stop this because Virginians should be making decision for Virginians and that's what I hope I hope people with a sense of organization and responsibility that they don't have expertise as people questions instead of signing up for any religion okay were Americans. We like the different day Christians and Jews in Hindu me.

I know if claim ecology is yeah don't make your energy policy your religion because that's going to end up sacrificing people's lives in Mike and tell everybody your background that got you to this area where you felt as though you had to take action and write the stories in these columns.

I'm a lifelong Democrat now an independent advocate of renewal help persuade Obama ministration to make a huge investment in renewable and right away we start having problems. They must linger scandal, which was totally failed solar company much worse than that was a lifelong conservationist.

I really care about saving endangered desert tortoises and Golden Eagle and spotted owl. All of the animal that we care about threatened. We now know that if you expand the current US government scientists we expand wind farms, the amount they want to expand them if you kill half of all Golden Eagle in the United States so it because it takes 300 times more land at a minimum to generate electricity from solar or wind farm is a nuclear plant or natural gas plant. Those numbers have to matter to you. The other issue that solar panel among turbine are totally unreliable.

The more unreliable energy you have electrical grid. The more expensive it makes electricity. The more unreliable it makes what that's like California largest economy in the world can barely keep the lights on just added too much weather dependent renewable to the grid. Unfortunately got the Biden attrition plan for the future to make the rest of the night. I'm here to warn everybody at that bad road to go down need to resist actively resistant Glock. The expansion of foreign woman is killing wildlife making electricity expensive. Ultimately, I feel the kind of nihilism, a deliberate effort to undermine the foundation of our nation, which is cheap energy and by the way that leads to capitalism the world want to fly around and tell everyone that you're wrong they can afford to pay more for the people to go paycheck to paycheck all already scrambling because of what happened. One in six people listening to us right now will be late on the utility bill. If this continues, that number will be that that number will be astronomical. Michael, thanks so much routine to follow you when and thank so much be the voice of reason, Michael Schonberg, thank you. We come back and finish up with what is on your mind as we get set for Labor Day use of the brain kill me choke even my one nation is to be on at 8 o'clock special edition then repeated at 11 and if you're in Albany or around Albany this Thursday at camp loses Thursday, September 8. Make sure you find your way to the egg will talk about things like this show and also about our history. From the books I was able to write and research to the ones will be working on and would find out what's on your mind so that her brain kill you see it all their dumb of this commentary.

You need to know Brian kill me breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me show they walk back everybody just thanks much for listening all show along all week long to get set for Labor Day and got a great show set free on Monday to and remember if you ever want to show and you miss it. Did you schedule so screwed up were we use at work a brain tumor. Should I come get the podcast. It's all queued up for.

We cut the commercials out.

It's all me and my guests. So let's find out there's more to know know Serena and Venus Williams get a wildcard to go to the US open play doubles might be the greatest doubles ever the lost in and out.

They lost their first round of the U.S. Open doubles those to a Czech Republic team wind check triedNazca over and Lucy Veronica on Thursday were expected to be their final time on court together. My Venus is 41. A great career to no one even knows that the question is can Serena win tonight. Can she win Friday night and when she be the number two player in the tournament and she went again tonight and Friday. Tickets are as much is $45,000 for an unobstructed view. Why is Serena still playing at 40 and will she continue list, which he said is one of the main one of the reasons I'm here. One of the main reasons that I'm still playing so we talked a lot. He is really trying to get me motivated and has a few people you know he was. We were like okay we can do this together. You know, and it was good because it was like I know what I'm going to do just lost in to so many questions and when you can rely on someone like that can assist Tiger Woods� Is really helpful to get clarity right do you go that's why she still playing Plessis's Tigers are five years older coming back for the devastating injury will see how he does next hobos.

He dodged an extra 20% loss selling Nvidia stock in July right before the August US restrictions. As you know were pivoting over manufacturing, much as possible and pressuring companies to get out of China into Vietnam will guess what policies husband unloaded 25,000 shares of semiconductor manufacturing. July 27 sale came as the speaker faced intense scrutiny over husband. Purchase of this year ahead of the chip spell nearly a month later, August 26, the federal government place restrictions on that stock duty for doing business with China and Russia and there you go selling price of $165,000 in July that it Pelosi 341,365 they go unusual report. Pelosi is in trouble. That is a lot of scrutiny on a woman that's going to be out of Congress soon. Next pilots nationwide are picketing for a change ahead of the busy Labor Day weekend. You see this pilots were beyond exhausted there trying to get us to fly to the maximum. According to the pilots Association flight attendant joined pilots in the protest early this year. Flight attendants are standing with the Delta pilots as they pick it up for a fair contract. Now for too long. Delta pilots have essentially had to negotiate for all workers at Delta for the reason why you're late, the career way too many pilots in the pandemic.

These airlines got rid of too many people evenly got money to keep people employed now all screwed over 100 meteorologists and resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox News or wherever you get your

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