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GOP & Trump Ruining a Strong Hand by Focusing on 2020

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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February 7, 2022 12:27 pm

GOP & Trump Ruining a Strong Hand by Focusing on 2020

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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February 7, 2022 12:27 pm

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Live Fox News radio studios in New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me. Thanks so much for being with us.

Everyone's the brain to me Joe, hope you have a sensational weekend were back in action today. Mark Brockovich will be joining us to the Atty. Gen. of Arizona who was with the next governor of Arizona. Certainly, first it would be getting the nomination and you'll be joining us live. Also, he's gonna be talking about the border and possibly joining this lawsuit against go fund me. Do you think did governor turns out people who want to support those truckers in Canada in Ottawa that have stood up because they were against the vaccine mandate want their freedoms back the raise $10 million on the go phone beep rates. You know what happened go fund me says all this violence in some of the situation so we are keeping the money and then they said you can keep the mice that were sending all the money back. Have you heard anything like this.

They allow the chop money member. The chop zone where a guy died maybe two died in the chops on this lawless area. They raise millions of dollars, black lives matter delays 90 they still have 60 left 30s gone. There's no leader black lives matter being investigated right now they have no problem with that, the George Floyd riots the supportive people of the George Ford rights people who were bailed out after writing and burning down cities no problem with dabbling a problem with this even go fund me is gotten political will to see if he's there join that lawsuit.

Let's get to the victory. Now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three all anybody talking about this weekend is this resolution rather than talking about the failures of abiding ministration.

People are tired of hearing about the 2020 election from Donald Trump from some who support what they want to hear about his work. The Republican solutions for 2022.

Fuel politics January 6. He just heard Gov. Christie referring to it as Republicans boarded up gerrymandering when no means for 2022. The horrible ideological really immoral gerrymandering that Is Taken Pl. in New York. They look could lose up to four seats now where else is that happening, this is Eric Holder's brainchild as the GOP does its best to ruin a strong hand by focusing on 2020. Something has to give, will discuss were seeing a massive military buildup.

This is unlike anything I've seen since the American 2003 buildup before it launched the war in Iraq really dire intelligence assessments coming out if there was a war that could be 50,000 Ukrainians killed Richard Engel reporting from the border of Ukraine and Russia, Ukraine, Russia, China, and the worst Olympic Games ever in Beijing will discuss all the trauma and the drumbeats of war. I we know who COBIT kills 75% of covert desks are people 65 and older, 98 to 99% are un-vaccinated, doesn't it make more sense to focus on helping the vulnerable. Stay safe and let the rest of this go back to living normal lives and behind him was a map highlighting Scotland, England, Spain, Lithuania, Ireland, and we know there's other countries that have all said goodbye restrictions live your life. 70% of Americans want to do the exact same thing time for an outright revolt. More politicians who call who called to massively mask up our kids caught doing the absolute opposite in front of us all. Stacy Abrams Eric Adams Congressman Bowman right New York master obtains a messed up toddlers while they sit there with their mass off the mandate to restrictions just have to receive this is the week it's done ME New Jersey there drop in it. You can see another two-year-old or another to second-grader with a mask on and pretend it's not hurting them. You notice it's a signal to shut up. That's what it is and when people like Bill Moore pointed out, it means so much more than if other people living: the same thing like me for the last year and 1/2 do the same thing. Dr. Scott Gottlieb medically face the nation. He knows the problem. He brought it forward. The problem is if you want us to pay attention if it gets bad again. You better loosen up when he gets good again like now cut for. I think governors are agitating for some clear guy poets that define what the on and off ramp is finished.

When do we start to rollback this medication. We don't have a agreed-upon set of nomenclature and metrics for measuring that if you look at CC right now many state authorities and public health authorities talk about 10 cases per hundred thousand people per day being a metric that rates you being a sort of a low level of Sprite.

If you look at CBCs guidance.

They talk about 10 cases per hundred thousand people per week that's 1.44 cases a day that the level of spread a sufficiently low level spread that we've never been at any point is pandemic and that's with CDC that defines a low-level spread that would justify removing masks.

For example in schools is I think the governors are sensing is that we need to we need to agree upon a set of metrics when looking to start to rollback these mitigation steps I give people a light at the end of the tunnel. What is that point when this stuff gets turned off so I'll give you an example, some quotes from unlikely sources. Quote people are exhausting the pandemic.

After roughly 2 years and health advocates want to pandemic rules and that wanted changed and they know these rules can last forever. Quote we cannot remain a perpetual state of emergency, says LeeAnn when a public health official at GW people burnout. No kidding. Another quote this from Jeremy Faust Prof. of Harvard met at the Harvard Medical School if we don't take off the ramps at Tate don't take the off ramps. Nobody will listen. We need them to get on the on ramp great philosophy. Put briefly and succinctly.

It's happening in other countries. You know the risks you know if you have diabetes you know if you're overweight you know if you smoke you know you had a lung removed you know if you have cancer you don't have leukemia, you know, if you vaccinated or not. If you believe the stats you're better off being vaccinated than not, you can make your own decisions. You don't look for me or Scott Gottlieb Anthony patchy Joe Biden or Donald Trump. You told this is two years ago will be two weeks it's been over two years. Bill Moore opened up a show and just knocked out of the park got one contrary to popular lore covert is not Russian roulette. Of course any virus anything can kill anyone at any time, but we know who COBIT kills 75% of covert desks are people 65 and older, 98 to 99% are on vaccinated 78% who died or been hospitalized were overweight. If you're obese and unvaccinated, or 85 and still crowd surfing at music festivals. Yes, this will likely go badly for you to stop being my responsibility.

Doesn't it make more sense to focus on helping the vulnerable. Stay safe and let the rest of this go back to living normal lives. We would really gets me is the people making these decisions are so in-your-face they told everyone in Britain you lock down you don't go to the bars and you don't go to work right to go to bars to go to work anyway to go to restaurants to go to games and what I want to stand empty and then it turns out the Boris Yeltsin Boris Yeltsin bars Johnson had 16 parties they said I didn't attend him some establishment brought their own beer.

There's pictures of them coming out today will I care about British politics.

I care because a lot of times were taken a lead from them because they were there were usually a month or two ahead of us.

So they locked down.

Think of myself were locking down. Meanwhile their partying why is he locking down so ruthlessly because he was not suffering at all and then we watch the mayor of London. London breed Mayor Sam Cisco the mayor of Gog Los Angeles and the governor of Los Angeles, the governor of California. At the NFC championship game with no masks while they told everyone of the stage about a mask of the Super Bowl. Everyone said a word and 95. I think Stacy Abrams want to be governor still does admit she lost the 2018 election tweeted this out.

Spending time with Glenwood's amazing students, faculty and staff ranks is spectacular, delightful and outstanding. Thank you for having me what was in the picture.

I know are not a visual medium unless you're watching on Fox nation stream but is a picture of her sitting on the ground with what looked to be second graders there aware masks.

She's not Brian Had a field day. Stacy Abrams want state governments mass mandates for Georgians and their children, but it looks like they wouldn't apply when she's attending a photo op that kind of a box exactly why Georgians see her campaign for governor 40 truly is a quest for more power they produce anything. The rent for the Republican nomination.

Jamaal Bowman disguises socialist Congressman Democratic New York City is making sure that they enforce mass mandates even outside and there shows a picture of Bowman with New Rochelle high school students.

Guess what, January 31, arms around them there aware masks. He's out where and mask Eric Adams called masses days after doubling down the mass mandates for schools. The photos of of atoms and proxies in the Bronx by Little Italy on Instagram, not realizing how ridiculous he looks with people with masks.

While he doesn't, so I'm I am so fed up with this. I'm beyond feta and then to see love docile Canada have them take over Ottawa and basically say with their trucks and then everyone came out for demanding freedom to go to restaurants to go to Jim's to get back to their lives and have Justin Trudeau pretend as if he's got COBIT 19 I'm sure he doesn't hiding on some of the location: fringe groups and then have go fund me page ring they are bringing take their $10 million away from their effort. Meanwhile the guy arresting people are bringing gas to the truckers who have reigned to Ottawa to think about bringing the Army and give them their freedom listen to their people there not asking for favors or money they're asking for their lives back that you had no business taking away maybe feel differently what I want to do is give you choice.

That's all give you choice 1-866-408-7669 end of your parent. I will put you first. I like to know the effect on your kids leave your kids like a like a new lunchbox with my great mask. I know any kid that does, and hopefully will never used to because I know want to live in a society in a country where kids where mass just because they might be getting a cold or they might get the flu when we come back your calls, 1-868-408-7669 then Mark Brenda Mitch Ike Spano was happening overseas and I tell you why it matters here at home. This is the brain kill me shows so glad you're here politics and current events and use that up. Thanks to Brian's got a lot more to say.

Stay with Brian until made precise personal powerful is America's weather team in the palm of your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your projects information you want to truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show. I had no right to overturn the presidency belongs to the American people and the American people along. Frankly, there is no ideal more un-American than the notion that any one person could choose the American prison under the Constitution.

I had no right to change the outcome of our election and that was a little of the speech from Mike pence on Friday that rocked everybody's world on the Republican side because he said down troubled wrong sitdown trump was wrong to think that I could change the election and we know with the riots that took place after we know Chris Christie came out to Donald Trump started. I don't think he started he want to send a message by sending his people over.

I don't think he would ever if you're gonna find out that he want to breach the perimeter whether a shoe spoke sooner or not but go ahead.

I don't think this investigation is is worthy of the 9/11 style that we use to work to his nonpartisan and pretty effective in a book came out of it, which is still a handbook on what you needs to be done a lot of stuff we did do to save us from being the target of another terrorist attack, but is so significant that Mike pence came out against Donald Trump and many people think that he's running for president. Even if Trump runs again I be shocked but if Mike pence is as well. Down trump is anyone of the planet as well as any member of his family for him to say that it's free because Donald Trump left him no choice. He basically said Mike pence. Let everybody down and Mike Penn should be investigated. So what you wanted to and I thought the rest of his speech was very complimentary towards a present were allowed to happen. And Rahman, Rhonda McDaniel made a big mistake. Here she brought up that it was a politically was a normal political discourse January 6 giving Democrats something to talk about this. It looks like she was being dismissive about the danger that day. It was sent chanting hang Mike pence no one disputes that a lot of people are in danger.

Nobody disputes at Michael Wahlstrom. He broke the leg of a chair, took some older lawmakers put the minute office was ready to fight for. That's a Green Beret guy so he can see danger. Mike Walt is really a fan of Donald Trump at a big conservative that's the mood.

If you're in the building so like it or not, you can soft pedal and I Microsoft Outlook it was of a January 6 and Donald Trump just kept his powder dry welcome Job out of the White House to say I got real problems with that election. I got real problems with the pandemic exceptions that we put together Inc. in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin in Arizona and but the Bidens hears the White House he be at 58% approve right now because all of his policies and all of his instincts are better than all the policies and all the instincts of Joe Biden and believing he would be winning over minorities and certainly winning over Hispanic votes. Marty listening in on WDB Owen Orlando and Marty when it comes to the RNC revolution in the resolution is about who we are, or nation, that the rule of law we have logged in, but it requires me to turn on the discovery and a lot of those guys are sitting in jail basically charges that have had a chance to bond some of them absently but you say it only if you wanted to disseminate to say is a lot of people either out-of-control and they were due really with threatening people. We seen that video, there's no we can soft pedal at others have been wrongly arrested without being charged. And that's gotta stop and list their names and that's a huge difference and I think people really be able to get behind, but instead they are allowed to rounded off and talking generally about it.

Allowing Democrats get off the hook all weekend and all the Sunday shows on the need to be tried and not placed on hold, but I'm absolutely coming up on the year, absolutely, but not all of them. I mean, some of them have been charged and the ones or just sit there the whole right now will smash and grab Javin across the country while nobody ever got charged for Minneapolis, Wisconsin, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia for the damage they did you write but that's a big difference from how it's Rhonda McDaniel characterized it. Joe was in WRC Enloe around a Joe Brian good morning question about that man child. What did not. My wife went great glory not dictate that a king would a man you cannot rank, track, lay it out by senior in high school when a man on outside and I think about what that something comedic out the video every day. They can all you need to be vaccinated quote you want them Obama to glide want to work correctly. Not even she can't let you know and believe China what it don't do it, don't you, my baby get to your Outlook dog and cat, American picking up on its quality not only people need to change. I listen Joe I can't. I can't argue with your passion. I can argue with your premise, I can't argue with the facts. Your hundred percent right. Steve Hilton said that pretty clearly to throughout the show. He said alas I cutting faith for that stupid rules actually save the lives they would've constantly broken them to some of the French laundry policy at the Hass Solomon breed of the nightclub feeling the spirit rubbing it in our faces the football game last weekend and now Stacy Abrams in the classroom. They know that rules are a joke. Steve, I hear you and you been all over this to Steve Hilton has been very strong on this two weeks or so.

The spread is been 2+ years I we know about the variance to hit our state predicted it and if you actually want to get people on the same page. You set the criteria set up the numbers and then it becomes compulsory maybe and then we debate the fact that cloth mass don't work and if you have pre-existing condition, or you just really paranoid and overprotective mom would turn and put your kitten and then 95 mass and then deal with it but don't put every kid in it because you're worried about it and actually don't blame the parents they be conditioned to act this way. Brian kill Michelle AG Ravitch next Fox news broadcasts network and on the next Fox News contributor and other of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the been Dominic's podcast.

Listen now by doing a Fox News from his mouth to your ears. Brian kill me is theft on the part to go find the limits of the Canadian truckers are heroes. They are patriots and they are marching for your freedom and for my freedom that they are those truck drivers that God bless them there defending Canada but there defending America as well.

That is, that is courage on display that the government doesn't have the right to force you to comply to their arbitrary mandates and there standing up for freedom. And of course big government hate sickness trying to crush them. And of course that is to cruise the astonishing story the go fund me has frozen the $10 million given out by the American Canadian people imagine people around the country that wants what those truckers who had boycotted and put their trucks and rings around Ottawa because they want freedom for their families. For themselves, and to make a decision when it comes to the vaccine and this guy Justin Trudeau would embarrass many years to any free society is hiding out calling them a fringe group so God finally gets $10 million versus it they're keeping it now.

They say they can give it back. Other organizations have moved forward.

Now they're being sued will Atty. Gen. Mark Brenda Mitch join that lawsuit, Atty. Gen. Brent Rich, welcome me on will you join that lawsuit will actually we have our own nation. Beginning on this because it is aptly unconscionable.

Anytime you get these private entities are especially government entities trying to violate the law complicate and undermine people's property rights and so you don't want skin based on what we hear.

This is your part of being a good litigator is getting to the bottom trying to the facts and evidence, but it looks like that go fund me essentially trying to confiscate more than $1 million of this money that was meant for the freedom truckers and they basically were systematically redistributed to their favorite charities and it kind of reminded me of what were seeing and likely Google will be sued Google Google got sued the plaintiff lawyers make a bunch of money is a bunch of money to their favorite pedal causes or people are supporting them and the consumers of the one that ultimately (handing the back because the corporations specialties tech companies they think they know what's best and they all leaned left and they're all manipulating taken advantage of us. So yeah, I mean you know Brian, I got multiple lawsuits against the bike administration. Everything from the border to the unconstitutional vaccine mandates which we are very successful on I want to see the Canadians as well. Now let's talk about something else about as much to you. You are arguing at the US Supreme Court to defund the public charge rule which the bike administration abandon last year we since this could you come across a border you don't have a view it is going to be causing his food stamps. If you have to tap into unemployment or things like that not to get a green card.

The public charge rule simply as a requirement been around the statutes on the books 100 years is the bedrock of the entire US immigration system. It's basically the principle that new arrivals must be financially self-sufficient if they want to gain admission or status, such as a green card or a path to citizenship. So if the migrant and they want to trump administration data. They basically sent look they interpret that rule initiate formal rules affinity migrant is unable to support themselves as if they are on welfare or government benefit more than one year of the first three years here, they couldn't become a US citizen.

They can stay in the country and so it's really a commonsense rule because you know I'm a first generation American. There's nothing inherently wrong with people think the people in the country.

But this is the way it's a land of immigrants.

It's not the land of the welfare state, Brian, and what the left is done with the binding nutrition and recent proceedings rule. Contrary to law was basically create an incentive to create economic incentives where people could basically come here and be entitled all sorts of government benefits and that essentially streams an already overburdened public systems program I think unconscionable. And I know you get this. The fact we got home, was that the fact we have mental health in this country are being addressed and yet were to go ahead and encourage people to enter the country illegally or people to enter the country were essentially open up government benefits, and to them. Once you think that incentivizes people to come here for the wrong reason and ultimately this is the land of the free plan of the welfare state. So when you talk about setting the borders could to Gov. to see me doing more likely we should all we can always be doing more writing first part of our lawsuit against the binding ministration and receipt of over building the wall next to a policy. Obviously, the interim, the primary guidance for the binding ministration essentially a thing for sure slot so there are things that we are trying to I'm trying to courtroom but yeah I think absolutely that there are things that we should be doing more, we should be more aggressive when it comes to going after the cartels and trying to stop them.

You know from wreaking havoc along the border and it's not fair that Arizona and Texas have to be doing this because quite frankly when it comes to national security or security. God is when the federal government kind of added apex of power, but but the reality is that you know the cartels against the deceased essentially operational control of our southern border and as a result of that line, we are seeing a record amount of drugs Sentinel phone country gang prosecutor and the federal prosecutor for years and I'll tell you what I've seen just what I've seen in the last year. Licensee wiretaps cases against you, gang activity price. For example Sentinel pill is falling from about a year for about $20 a pill canal about five dollars a pill.

Consumer seems dramatic decrease in prices of Sentinel and methamphetamine and it breaks my heart is apparent to think that my goodness you the price of milk going up the price of everything you need and the only flippant thing that's declining in price are illegal drug. And that's because the plaintiff ministration has seized control of our southern borders to the cartels and so this is not just an Arizona problem Texas problem is the national problem of those drugs do not stay in Arizona, Texas, in these and they've actually found the National Guard. There are some problems with that.

But are you guys doing that well. I think we could be doing more.

We deftly could be doing more or any part of the challenge, sometimes Arizona faces is that a lot of our land along the border is either federal or tribal land.

And so, for example, there are areas to recapture the wall work is actually incumbent on the federal government to do more but without a doubt.

I mean, I think we can and we should be doing more because essentially the cartels and the games what they are doing. I think all essentially is great thanks seized operational patrol in military terms of our southern border, we see that with the violence we see that with the dramatic increase in the tens of thousands of got away and you know what worries me is a prosecutor is that you know what they're doing is you have these groups of migrants come over there essentially just been the border many times told essentially let's go across and there were those of us that worried that the binding ministration was abolished.

Right now essentially just abolish the entire southern border patrol is working on those individuals possible individuals and meanwhile the cartels and people maybe on the terror watch list people criminal record, but people do not want to be apprehended that are coming across the border. A lot of times, younger males men 18 to 30 hearing range wearing camouflage or black you wearing your carpet on their feet so it can't be detected in their you know who knows what they're doing but there's tens of thousands those godly people are trying to do everything they can to avoid detection. So yeah, we definitely need. I think we need to have other states working with us to deploy more nominally National Guard resource law enforcement reasons resources to basically help plug those holes in the gap and to make sure that we are aggressively stopping people from the country and when people to come in and border patrol is your processing people we would have the weather to the garter authorities working to go out to those guideways and apprehend people using criminal law applicable people. So it is one of those things were obvious to state Supreme Court precedent. Here we can enforce immigration laws, but we can do things when it comes to criminal law and I think your start seat Texas attorney do not even using their criminal trespass laws and so yeah, I think we aggressive and dedicate more resources, but once again it's not fair that Arizona especially Texas.

You know have to spend so much time and resources and financially commit to doing this because this is truly a national security problem and it's a problem, especially cartels can impact every state what about the disease needed irises getting on the election law. You know the present firmly believes he won Arizona you believe he won Arizona in 2020.

Well I we have actually an ongoing investigation in the Senate sent an audit to us. We supported the Senate's right to do the audit but people reported no prosecutor worth her salt will get a comment before an investigation is complete. You can write Atty. Gen. to recap some people that question. Some of the methods and and what happened and so were kind of going through all that just tell you this practice to the bottom line. No one did more for election integrity last night when I did, I literally the casebook of expediency.

I personally argue that the US Supreme Court. It's not me because I took on the D&C and high defendant Arizona law that limits about harvesting in the precinct voting and so I think that the risk like chaos, Tucson, Pennsylvania, for example, you different counties extending curing. All sorts of stuff that you think we actually have obligation to stop that from happening Arizona so we were very aggressive. I try to do everything I could even her County recorder try to send out mail in balance over there? But I think that we all know people have opinions on 2020 that respond investigation going on, but the bottom line is we should all be focusing right now. What can we do to preserve the integrity and confidence. Confidence. The resulting of the spine so the governor right running for the U.S. Senate U.S. Senate. So right now you Mark Kelly use in the cinema.

I look at cinema and matching. They basically save the country, and not because I mean when you see what they will get a pass on what the bone of the filibuster republics were in charge and dramatically would ripped it right then would been ripped left. I mean, the country never would've found his equilibrium again and I firmly believe we need 60 votes in the Senate. Do you believe the center cinema is on the right side of things, and one I wonder what you think where you think Mark Kelly is on this. We'll see him in all I don't like politics.

I've never run for office before I ran for AG and I'm very proud. Back in 2018. Even I was outspent I got more votes in sin, orbit, sound like a higher profile rates and that's because I'm the principal Arizona and I grew up here understand the value and the reality of someone like Mark Kelly, I don't get whether it's on the second amendment.

I've been in the forefront of defending our secondment rights in court, whether collection integrity and of course the Democrats of loose so far left me at one point she described herself as a socialist 15 years ago and now she's too moderate for the Democratic Party. It just shows you when you have someone like Mark Kelly, cartel Kelly who cares more about appealing Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden protect Arizona fly here. I mean people to grow. People are people understand we have a great Western tradition. We believe in law and order. We believe in the light repertory tightly tax time, but we want our constitutional rights offended and so Mark Kelly is completely out of touch as I can. I grow. My kids are here to make sure we leave this a better place and I think it is scary because it seems the left with her to nationalize election socializing the economy essentially you eliminating our southern border.

I mean, they are all about anarchy, chaos, and bring Chuck Schumer's vision tonight states of America and it was someone whose family lived under communism look to World War II.

I just think that's crazy and I think that we have this key moment in history.

Trying to do something we have to do something now or also to be like Ronald Reagan used to say that I want to look back 25 years from now how my kids asking what did you do to save our republican form of government everything I can to fight for what is said they need that seat so there's a lot of pressure to get the nomination, you'll probably have a lot of Republican support among Prentice Atty. Gen. Arizona thanks so much. Thank you, Brian Gauguin, 186640876 exam. We come back and take your calls and also to find out to weave pure politics to the Gerrymandering Is Taking Pl. in New York.

If that is a worn a lawsuit. I don't know what does. Don't move your knowledge base. Brian kill me show some of Fox news contests network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite contests on a talk show.

That's real.

This is the Brian kill me show what we're doing. The kids is unnecessary and horrible and I don't even like kids mask up like bandits. Unfortunately, the thing that's getting stolen as their education, their sanity and their social skills. No doubt about it. It was a monologue worthy of cutting up inherited today so Bill Marge is saying exactly been saying they basically last year and 1/2, but especially now know the variant starts hitting people so San Juan's mild symptoms and vaccinated.

I'm not been hospitalized but is simply spreading them. People going okay I get spread. That means if I have it even of my nose is running him out five days so clear the economy was affected people's lives are affected business was affected, but omicron has fallen just like you did in South Africa and the UK and Israel off the cliff. Literally, please go case going down in 49 states hospitalizations are down 28% cases are down 60%. So you gotta get out of this, they're just not letting these mandates go then outline the mask go there, not letting people get back to work and Bill Moore's among the people willing to be canceled. To say this country study this week from a professor at Johns Hopkins concluded that the lockdowns we all suffer through had little impact in reducing covert deaths. Okay, that's kind of a big one to get wrong last July. Pres. Biden said you're not going to get covert if you have these vaccinations well I ready knew that was wrong then and now we all do the former director of the CDC, Robert Redfield believes covert originated in the lab and now our intelligence agencies agree it might have, but for months on social media was banned to even discuss it as general agreement saying that absolutely we been saying that yes now I'm noticing even on the early morning show on CNN before Jake Tapper show they were saying. These numbers are going down there was Johns Hopkins report that Hopkins reported was out last week. They like on Sunday they go we might want to visit this because Monmouth and Depaul.

70% of the American people say enough of the restrictions we have to live with this virus. It's never thoroughly going away.

How do you as a politician not see that. But in the Madison medical world you're still flabbergasted now that the been drugged into the political world and Johns Hopkins. Also, the study natural immunity is good if not better than the vaccine cut five and got a small group of doctors making all the decisions in the United States. My sources tell me there's been a number of recent meetings among these like-minded doctors.

Dr. found she and others politically charged aligned think similarly they've shut out other opinions. They've tried and talk about.

Should we end this and come out like the UK has. They decided against it. They asked should we recognize natural immunity their own experts were divided and so they said no we should not have that level of concentration of power. Deciding what is reasonable information and what's not when the data came out on boosters not found.

She said this was quote unquote dramatic data came out of Israel from the data out of Israel came out on natural immunity. Not a word didn't even talk about it. This cherry picking of science that were seen nowadays that Barnaby care initiative introduced in my bed. Dr. Martin care. He recognizes whispering out from Johns Hopkins, so he's not deleting insane. I think he's saying this is what the data shows that's what has me enraged. What about you they go to Brian kill you can order Thomas Jefferson, the Pirates for president freedom.

Five. Will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business subscriber list Fox news contests Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive approach. Brian kill me. Thanks so much for losing. Everybody is the brain tell me Joey come to you from New York City crime ravaged.

I heard around the country and around the world. Dan Hettinger the bottom of the hour, Wall Street Journal, deputy editor, editorial page an opinion columnist.

He is weighing in now on why we need to end this. All the restrictions in the pandemic right now.

There's going to be another area nor more than likely, and the way the tradition has it that way.

The science tells us is that it might be easier to spread was going to be less dangerous. Anything else we have to get back to lives there so shutting down thing leave that for New Zealand not for us, we did for China not for us to weigh in on that of Michael Goodwin on the wake-up call that we all need the country all needs that we got last week in New York City. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three all anybody talking about this weekend is this resolution rather than talking about the failure of the Biden ministration. People are tired of hearing about the 2020 election from Donald Trump from some who support what they want to hear about is where the Republican solutions for 2022 yeah no kidding dad move up your politics. January 6 gerrymandering what it all means for 2022 as the GOP does its best to ruin a strong hand by focusing as you just heard on 2020.

Something has to give him were seeing a massive military buildup. This is unlike anything I've seen since the American 2003 buildup before it launched the war in Iraq really die our intelligence assessments coming out if there was a war that could be 50,000 Ukrainians kill yeah pretty significant. Richard Engel on the border of Ukraine and Russia, Ukraine, Russia, China, and the worst Olympic Games ever in Beijing will discuss all the drama and drumbeats of war, but we know who covert kills 75% of covert deaths are people 65 and older, 98 to 99% are on vaccinated, doesn't it make more sense to focus on helping the vulnerable. Stay safe and left the rest of this go back to living normal lives in the crowd roars time for an outright revolt. More politician to call to massively mask up our kids caught doing the exact opposite in front of us all from Mayers to Stacy Abrams to Mayor Adams here in New York. The Congressman Bowman here in New York. The science says get them off, they smile while we are muzzled that the politicians of courts with cases and hospitalizations cratering the mandate to restrictions just continued to recede by the day. Michael Goodwin joins us now. Michael first up before we talk about crime in the city, and there's a lot to talk about. This is really getting out of hand's infuriating to see people like Stacy Abrams pictures with second graders there in masks and she isn't to Bob Goldman in New Rochelle with high school students there in mass and he isn't. And Eric Adams a little Italy in the Bronx everybody in masks and he isn't.

I mean, what is this going to stop and you're right it.

Dr. C is unbearable at this point. If people really I'm led to think about what that hypocrisy is telling us.

On one hand, these people are preaching the necessity of mass mass keep you safe. They keep the other people safe. But when they don't practice it then does not tell us they don't believe I made the same with all these the Gulfstream crowd that talks about global warming. If they really believe that flying that Gulfstream was going to contribute to global warming and maybe kill millions of people and killed the earth would they still do it no you have to believe they'd be that the murderers to do it so they just don't believe in it and that's what I did the same. I draw the same lesson from the mass is people don't really believe what they're telling us to do. They don't believe it's important they don't believe it's true what they're saying. So by all means let's at least come to an agreement on mass I mean if if they are that vital then you must aware of them and if you don't you will be penalized.

I mean that's what they're doing to other people. Whether it's ostracizing the kids to come to school without them not letting people into venues not letting you fly with me on and on and on it goes. And yet, the political class somehow doesn't abide by these rules, so therefore they must not believe them and if they don't believe them. Please stop preaching them and please stop enforcing them for everybody else. It's not just that of inconvenience you actually retarding the clouds grosses the growth of kids by yard stopping to learn their ABCs or stopping them from interacting you getting them depressed. You have the parents paranoid you know the other issues can be. And I can understand it.

Some parents are so worried you have trouble taking the mass off the kids because I feel as though this could be their last day if they do it so that'll be. The other thing but I rather be in that situation were parents have a choice. And right now were parents roster size door like these Washington state high school kids these kids is to say we are going to school without mass, hundreds of them and they got all thrown at a school they say will try it every day until you give in because they have had it there. Becoming young adults, and they want to say in their lives that they they've they see the damage being done and they're not sheep but I wanted five segue to what happened here in New York you believe we got a wake-up call New York City and do you believe that anything will change here the murder of the two police officers was a defining moment because as of now seven police officers in New York City have been shot so far this year. Seven and I think the outpouring of law enforcement the public eye.

This witness murder of these two fine young officers shook the city to its core. I think it crystallizes the sense of things have gone off the rails. It's it's basically that if the cops aren't safe and nobody is safe. If the if the bad guys don't fear the cops that they feel like think that there safe enough the first to kill the cops then then the rest of us really should be afraid because is no limit, and that's always the test I mean is the public fearful and if you talk to any New Yorker now they are afraid of the subways. They were afraid of walking on the street. They are afraid of random gunshot afraid of getting my I mean the sphere. Maybe it's maybe it's beyond what's real, but it is it is something that the political class must address because it city can't continue like this you you still have most office workers have not come back. You still have subway ridership way below what it was. The economy is still clearly just limping along a lot of closures still empty storefronts and so if you're going to get the city back. You've got to have people feeling safe and I think nothing has made that underscore that point more than the murder of these two police officers also point out the is seen some of that that horrific memo that he put out they cannot charge you for any crime. If you're caught with a gun and stick up you shoot the gun. When I can prosecute if you have a nice it's nope it's not a felony. He's walking some of that back already. Does that make you think that he's getting the message I not certain how far you will go out and brag. Manhattan DA was just elected and but he did I just say write a new memo reversing some of the most egregious policies of his first memo is day one memo where he famously said no. I was elected to not put anybody in jail is much as possible. For me that's his goal was to keep people out of jail and so yes I do believe this is a sign it's a small sign, but Brian, I think we have it to understand what is happened here. I think it to me.

It is the fact that one of the America's two main political parties was taken over by people who believe that the cops are the bad guys and the criminals are the victim that that is what animated house in brackets one animated that defund the police movement and yes I know not every Democrat supported defund the police movement, but most of those who didn't support it didn't object to it either. And so it became the identifying mark of the Democratic Party defund the police. Joe Biden didn't call for defund the police but he said there is systemic racism in law enforcement. That was his contribution to the insanity and he has not gone down that road of condemning the violence in strong ways that would signal to the party where again saluting where against arson even in the name of black lives matter. We're not going to use an event as an excuse to loot and burn and Rob, but that's what the party has done it has either been silent on the big issue I know so finally Joe Biden came to New York met with Mayor Eric Adams, who was leading a plan of attack on crime in New York, and Biden wanted to be seen with a with a Democrat whose pushing anti-crime measures. So, in the hopes it would rub off on him.

Biden said before he came. I don't believe in the polls level but you know he is reading the polls when he comes to New York to be seen with Eric Adams to talk about law-enforcement he's reading the polls. He sees what we all see the Democratic Party has been tarred with this barrage that it is anti-police and pro-criminal and brag got a piece of that memo to. He's now changing his tune on some of the most egregious things but there's a long long way to go so much as you would like to sit Friday the 24th. I had no right to overturn the election. The presidency belongs to the American people and the American people alone, and frankly, there is no ideal more un-American than the notion that any one person could choose the American president under the Constitution. I had no right to change the outcome of our election and he said he started out saying down Trump is wrong so that significant.

It allowed the whole dialogue over the weekend and through the all the political chose to be about Republicans when it's the Democrats that are really suffering sucking wind in the polls so I don't blame Mike pence for speaking out the present former present call for an investigation of him. He could not of change anything and he shouldn't have changed anything.

So what is your take on whether Republicans are at right now.

I think any time that about 2020. They're losing but can anyone get through to Donald Trump's that that is indeed a fact I backward looking the most unappealing part of the Republican Party right now. I think you got a deal that play the hand you're dealt and the and the Republicans have been dealt right now is a very good hand on the Biden presidency and to the extent that we are talking about 2020 and you know which of course is what the Democrats want the Republicans to do. That's why they formed this commission. They want to keep Donald Trump in the headlines they want to investigate and prosecute and ultimately they fear him which is why they're doing it, but I think he is he is giving them the rope by continually talking about about fighting with pants look a lot of people agree with him. Every time I write about it and talk about it. I hear from those people I know will recite the list of suspicious things that we all saw and heard and learned about, you know, on the night of November 2020 in the election. The other bags of ballots appearing after the counters went home. All of these things. I look, I don't want to say there was no egregious cheating because I don't know. Either way, but I do accept the result that it's over and we have to move on. You know I watch sports a lot you do and when you see him call from an umpire or official know how much it burns up the players and the coaches, but they have to move on. It's over. You know that that call might have cost you the game with the games over, and I think that's the way the Republicans need to like 20 Mark short said, his teeth, the chief staffer, Mike pence Meet the Press Jessica 25 I think.

Unfortunately, the president had many bad advisors who were basically snake oil salesman giving them really random and novel ideas as to what the vice president could do but our office via resource and recognize that was so I eat that's free it's pretty nosy notable that he's calling the presence advisors Saco salesman and they were crazies by the present Trump in those last days, there have been things written. I've talked to people about some of those events that happened I mean Cindy Powell coming in with these extreme ideas that she was going to be a special Council of some sort that would give her almost police powers within the Justice Department. I mean it was it was a total breakdown not now Trump did not agree with some of those things to his credit, but but I I agree that he needs to focus on the future if he intends to win and run and win again and I think you very much plans to run. I don't know these are hundred percent there, but I think he's very close to that. But I think that he will be shocked at some point that the public, despite the distrust and dislike of Joe Biden then Democrat the public will not support him. I mean them.

The winning majority will not support him as long as he continues to talk about 2020 in ways that there's nowhere to go with it so frustrating because it's only good things that he did keep focusing on this, it diminishes it and puts people like Adam Kinsinger and Liz Cheney from seven directors of the Republican Party with Brian if he makes it a litmus support that not will be fatal to his campaign. Mike Goodwin thanks so much in your post, starches contribute and Psalm at M Goodman_NY Post thanks Michael my pleasure Brian, thank you.

186608766 and we come back I'll take your calls. Then Dan Heninger, the Wall Street Journal will talk about ending this pandemic now and also bring you the latest on Ukraine and why I believe that it is not a done deal that they are going in to that country until about the Russians. This is a brinkmanship diving deep into today's top stories Brian kill me on a radio show like no other. Brian kill me. Hey, welcome back, everybody has the right to the phone and you listening over Peconic New York and how you might have children in school and we noted a week or so ago that said, if your children are unvaccinated. They will still have to be quarantined if they're exposed to a positive child in school. The CDC recommendations they're going by. Yet, if you are unvaccinated on a fully vaccinated.

You do not have to be quarantined and then I went to the board of that meeting with this letter and with the CDC wrecking the CDC information that came out as point-blank CDC expect at any moment omicron infection can spread the virus to others even if they are vaccinated. I informed them that I will have had no choice. If they try to quarantine my children to violate the formant dignity for all students act against them and the ministration so this is discrimination and harassment that our children are now getting on top of math clearing against their own rules of Dr. Knotts and it's so aggravating.

Hopefully this this lunacy will be in the rearview mirror.

Soon Logan Lucille Fox nation are watching approximation actually Logan hold that thought we come back will be joined by Dan Heninger, the Wall Street Journal, then when I come back to Logan watching Fox nation stream anytime. Another reason to get it you get to see a live show as well as all the other great stuff like what made America great on their have a look at Ellis Island and Woody was like when immigration was done the right, the more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me. Contrary to popular lore covert is not Russian roulette course and a virus anything until anyone at any time that we know who covert kills 75% of covert tests or people 65 and old 98 to 99% are on vaccinated 78% who died or been hospitalized were overweight.

If you're obese and unvaccinated, or 85 and still crowd surfing at music festivals. Yes, this will likely go badly for you to stop being my responsibility. Doesn't it make more sense to focus on helping the vulnerable.

Stay safe and let the rest of this go back to living normal, will we be saying this for a while, but when you have though the way laughed saying it and then there trying to cancel because of it, then you know things are out of control, but I hope coming or direction Dan Henniker wrote about the Wall Street Journal Debbie enter their editorial page and opinion columnists Dan welcome back 30 think it's noteworthy that Gilmore's been saying this for the last few weeks. Noteworthy for sure. Have no pressure problem living with go there for two years will we simply overwhelm people omicron bipedal lot with that writer would fact that after Delta people thought they were merging all the cold that all MacCallum appeared nothing about omicron was that while it was not damaging. Delta was much what the transmission rate infectiousness was extraordinary. A lot of people were quote unquote think about. I think with that. A lot of thinking, especially among public officials something assembling that good early in the pandemic early in 2020, March and April so we have the lockdown that we had all the talk about testing came back unmasking social and in the event the masking and the testing collapse eat of confusion and people through upper arms and I just can't go forward anymore dealing with trying to think about Colbert all the time that Mars, left and right side not enough. Johns Hopkins is a study nobody covers it that says all the lockdown shutdowns almost no benefit.

Johns Hopkins's audience is natural immunity.

From what they've done what they've noticed is as good if not better than the vaccine. Nobody reported Dr. Mortimer.

Carrie says this is weird and he's with Hopkins. He said this cut five and got a small group of doctors making all the decisions in the United States. My sources tell me there's been a number of recent meetings among these like-minded doctors. Dr. found she and others politically charged aligned think similarly they've shut out other opinions. They've tried and talk about. Should we end this and come out like the UK has. They decided against it. They asked should we recognize natural immunity their own experts were divided and so they said no we should not have that level of concentration of power. Deciding what is reasonable information and what's not when the day came out on boosters not found. She said this was quote unquote dramatic data came out of Israel. When the data out of Israel came out on natural immunity. Not a word didn't even talk about at this cherry picking of science that were seen nowadays and he's not lying administered doctor that you spell flabbergasted that no one else is going by the science when it goes against anything. This is lockdown shut down or get vaccinated you writing your column Anthony fatty thank you for your career of service but you should except you said Joe Biden should accept his retirement correct, absolutely correct date of the union marked for an out. I think the only stop entirely. I think about that.

We have the Lord that it is time for people to get back to normal life.

That's what happened in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway that could happen in United if the president will make a pickle about five inaudible return to normal live already happening around the state. Just in the past 24 hours.

Our government will not be in New Jersey be no more mandates for the school Democratic governor Tom Wolfe in Pennsylvania had gone Republican Greg Abbott, Florida. Well, so the mandates are collapsing all around. Brian and I think we left for the president of the United States himself step forward and say hi to move on.

We no longer need mandates or masking testing and the vaccination question, will he have the courage to step up.

Yeah, I mean he has to dizziness in the settings in the public since we have to live with the virus.

Knowing yet the same time say that I'm gonna react to it's happening now I'm in a talk about the vaccine really not doing much to stop this version of the virus talk about the therapeutics. Admit that you did not order enough. I had a time. Admit that you didn't emphasize that because the people around you only care about vaccines and then once that comes out that's what you do and you have to learn to move on and live with it and most of all, you have to urge all these middle schoolers preschoolers primary school students, teachers, this is the role no more masks. If you have an underlying conditions. If, sadly, about a leukemia and 95 step protects you.

The other mast totally ineffective and will start manufacturing them at home. Massive move to manufactured home that to Scott.

It will company this if you want to be a leader and not be present of AOC's fan club. Well want to point club or or point with the American people a political proposition for Joe Biden to bring down the curtain on the pandemic's polling numbers are in a freefall across the board. The American people are losing faith in the president is a good question whether the prefall can be stopped. Point but I'm convinced that if he were to make the announcement. It would help them help politically. Course the White House must surely understand they've got a get cold off the table molding all around before simply turning against the authorities on coal good, just something White House I would assume understand they have to get behind and I know was speaking the same language.

Standbys have to mention it between Stacy Abrams mayor London breed Mayor Garcetti between the governor of California.

Newsom between Congressman Bowman and die mention Stacy Ames all call without a mask around kids of all different ages with masks there at a stadium demanding people, where mass there in boxes not wearing masks so they know this doesn't work they enjoy the power and the suppression or else they wouldn't be caught that way that only they being idiotically ever making it apparent there there flying in the face of the oppressive things are putting in our face. They know it doesn't work at the corals. They begin their self-preservation mode. The other thing that needs to be looked at is early on we started trying to find out where this came from to know what were dealing with. There seem to been a movement judged by a freedom of information act request on emails among the higher up college and vouching to make sure we made sure that the word out to the rest of the world.

Was this came from nature not to woo hand lab Mike Gallagher is poisoning, get back to maturing the house to start investigating. Listen to him. The congressman from Wisconsin the multitrillion dollar question is what changed in 48 hours the genetic sequence of the virus didn't change what they found. She and Collins tell them we know based on notes based on these calls Collins in particular warned them not to write about the origin of the virus for fear that it would fuel conspiracy theories, and of course all of us drawing attention to the lab called conspiracy theorists worse.

We were counting racist.

It was racist and Asians to suggest this came from a lab in Wuhan and braces to say China does the flight from China should come here right how big a deal as this stand. If you year with your instincts and experience is this. This is this something that you can begin to see real traction with the Republic of the house.

We will Gallagher very smart guys he would produce really beautiful. On the subject have to be brought up what exactly what the help link back at the beginning of the traditionally a highly respected part of the government, but the email and such that we fly about you call I think are quite damning early in the case of Dr. Collin predict the point I had a higher opinion of, but the idea that they had suppressed that somehow by I think mainly meant their own projects underway. They put out grants and so forth have the phenomenon, the fox reported all the things I really see how this could be back origin change their minds and then got grant from the NIH that looks terrible and I think if you look under the rock of the grantmaking cross that I you're going to find a lot more activity that really I think NIH is certainly under control have to be rethought. They perform poorly during publicans ever do get the majority and craft the goal those doing have to be changed on this note. Talk about how under Joe Biden more deaths by a wide margin.

The Donald Trump we have a vaccine would trump took office, and we didn't even know was getting us.

We need to know the virus. They said wasn't human to human transfer. They said there was there was no asymptomatic spread.

I mean he was Donald Trump, sinusitis, and still the deaths double everywhere greater under Joe Biden. Nobody talks about that knowing talks about the fact that he never letting anything with the scientists sit there without any psychologist or therapist or a child expert to develop an expert by his side to say you what is worth it.

Here you I get a pressure the unions go up wasn't too concerned about the next generation.

There was none of that ever done or developed, and he never preordered the therapeutics like prison. Trump preordered with warp speed and then we find out through your newspaper through your columnist that turns out he was so against everything Trump that he derailed operation warp speed. He no longer was willing to invest in these pharmaceutical companies to finance their experimenting to bring these therapeutics quickly to to market because he didn't want to anything Trump was going to do but pump it up so much about Democratic behavior, right from the arrangement syndrome. Donald Trump.

They had to do the opposite. No matter what Trump and the Democrat hole for terms of years of trunks present at the could never distinguish between crop personally and Donald Thompson policy with a functioning government that would work every day and executed policy but operation warp which was an extraordinary and to be so blinded Democrats invited to come into office in reverse all comp policies including regulatory beings with which he brought vaccine market operation warp speed was irrational was saying Brian and the American people.

Quite for that arrangement because of the role. Some of Trump walloping over the card. Dan hopefully people. I got a powerful column, hopefully to some rational thinkers out there since we have no choice because we get back to life is normal. I just feel so bad for these restaurant these gym owners and in all these kids especially going to school three-year-olds going to preschool with masks and crying about it and I don't blame them.

Dan, thank you.

Really good Brian. Fingers crossed that things will get better. I know hopefully 186-640-8766 and we come back to take some your calls and finish up the shower strong with on your mind with you watching on Fox nation eliciting a local affiliate. I appreciate it. Don't move giving you everything you need to know your Brian kill me if you're interested in Brian's talking about your Brian kill me present to run for reelection. I believe he would be providing not one, Harris to have the power vice president over time.

Not like and I don't think things I concluded back in January 2021 Donald Trump was wrong was I said I just know that the vice president has that power because the resin has that power. Donald Trump would defeat Joe Biden in four years or two years and, Harris can decide not to overturn the election. I don't want to wind up there this, so that's what they were focused on all weekend long, and that was opened up by the RNC who came out and said that was put up with discourse and then Mike pence you made a speech which I think he I don't blame them for making St. down Trump was wrong. Hey Logan you're watching on Fox nation. Thank you for that would turn your mind, Brian went you're talking to you about Donald Col. you know he keeps talking about 20/20 and it really concerns me that you know he might get the nomination for the Republican Party and I continue to talk about that it could cost the 2024 now the watchman and his rally couple weeks ago in Arizona and in the first think about or talk about the 2020 election and it's almost cringe worthy that he keep talking about it you notice about me. I had to turn off the lot, huge truck support. I listen, I can't say I was I was with one of his best friends the same age and he saw he called them up after the two of them and they don't and I did to me separately after that Arizona rally not Texas. He said Texas is better, but after the Arizona rally. They call them up and said that was the worst speech you ever gave his nobody cares about your topics, you have to go there so much to talk about. They did the matters to you and I Logan right now about what's happened in the Ukraine. How China is just forgetting about phase 1 how they are beginning to militarize everything around them about the take Taiwan backward Tampa here in this country with the spending programs or blowing up the filibustering and judges in and what he's doing in terms of bubble blowing up warp speed and continuing these restrictions. That's what people want to talk about. It's not hard stuff.

You can honestly say this is what I did to the border. This is what I was trying to do with the border.

This is what I'm able to do since I left republics have gained in Hispanic votes. Pastor was where Bush was in 2000. I mean, there's so much legitimate thing to talk about and I I don't like could not care less about part about sex. I care about America and right now nobody cares about 2020. Nobody and everything that he said and the challenges he major to been done before the election, and they did a recount. Arizona and the recount showed no difference almost any came on said it showed that they want Arizona. That's an outright lie. And please stop wasting our time with that because he's capable of doing so much more.

Thanks. Watching Pamela listen WSJ be in Brooksville, Florida) temporary hey Pamela yeah I tell tell Paul that when I hear people say lack get about 2020 will forget about what was wrong what was wrong. Okay one 2000 will minutes coming out right now they're coming out all the mailboxes all across the whole United States. There's still a long election.

They need to be fixed there so many people are fixing it. One by one in the states. There's things that are not reversible and you don't send your vice president in to say reverse everything with delegates ghost delegates and not there just as upsetting was in 2016 when Joe Biden's vice president at the gavel down all the crazy Democrats who kept yelling the Trump and Russia Trump in Russia. Finally Joe Biden have the gavel damages and didn't and certified live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City fresh office set up Fox and friends, America's receptive voice Brian kill me. Thanks much for being with us. Everyone's the brain to me Joe 1-866-408-7669. You will coming to you from New York City heard around the country and around the world is the crime capital of the country and he used to be the safest big city in the world though things are certainly changing. I want to see them change back our bread, barely with the chief political anchor for Fox News. I'll be doing is great fundraiser to benefit Children's Hospital on February 19 on the All-Star panel event. Jesse will be there.

I'll be there. Shanna bream will be there. Harris Barker, Dana Perino is going to be a blast. I hope to see everybody there and Byron York is standing by to talk about the weird world of CNN. Yes, they are imploding makes my heart skip to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three all anybody talking about this weekend is this resolution rather than talking about the failure of the Biden ministration. People are tired of hearing about the 2020 election from Donald Trump from some who support what they want to hear about his were the Republican solutions for 2022.

No doubt about it. Pure politics. January 6 gerrymandering what it all means for 2022 as the GOP does the best they can to ruin a strong and by focusing on. You just heard Chris Christie say at the last election were seeing a massive military buildup. This is unlike anything I've seen since the American 2003 buildup before it launched the war in Iraq really dire intelligence assessments coming out if there was a war that could be 50,000 Ukrainians killed. Yeah, I mean where they came of the number. I'm not sure but it is serious. That's Richard Engel reporting right from the Ukrainian Russian border will talk about Ukraine, Russia, China, and the worst Olympic Games ever. It's in Beijing will discuss it all in the drama along with the drumbeats of war, but we know who COBIT kills 75% of coping tests or people 65 and older, 98 to 99% are on vaccinated, doesn't it make more sense to focus on helping the vulnerable. Stay safe and let the rest of this go back to living normal time for an outright revolve more politician to call to massively messed up our kids are doing the actual opposite in their life in front of the kids. This is a disdainful apocryphal look at how not to handle any emergency situation with their making us do. They don't do it because they know it's all theater.

Join me now is Byron York chief political correspondent Washington Examiner Fox News contributor and we want to talk about your last column, but Byron I do also want to talk about what's happening with these mass mandates.

New Jersey is lifted New York's is will to look at vaccine rates before he lifted we see Scotland the UK we see Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, just flat out lift all restrictions and get back to normal. What is it going to take for the politicians realize where they are now happening in most places is that the politicians are actually following people and I know I see it last two weekends I've gone out quite a bit around Washington DC without yesterday, and there are thousands of people out there living their lives or walk around are going to things there there eating out there in it. By the way they're eating inside restaurants project out in the cold and they've gone back to living their lives and so is exactly what Bill Maher was talking about and there is still mass mandate in the District of Columbia. For example, and to go to a restaurant you have to show not only proof of vaccination, but photo ID which you don't have to do the vote.

By the way, so that was used on these mandates. But despite that people are all going out and living their lives, and Byron. It's it's got to stop because the signs he did not even sing ignore the signs because of people getting restless.

The science and Johns Hopkins comes up with its exact immunity as good if not better than a vaccinated American and then when they talk about what will go to the lockdown to the mandates they say almost nothing so we come of the studies and how shocked are you they know it's even covering a Hopkins study, you pull away a little bit, but the idea that the lockdown didn't help. They did enormous economic damage. We know that and and taking children out of schools has done enormous developmental damage to those children in this two years now and so so that that's a big deal, but I'm telling you, people are just going out and starting to live their lives, no matter what all of these rules right in the Sicilian simply display this. I think this is with the journalism is cut five Dr. Marty McCarrick got a small group of doctors making all the decisions in the United States. My sources tell me there's been a number of recent meetings among these like-minded doctors.

Dr. found she and others politically charged aligned think similarly they've shut out other opinions.

They've tried and talk about. Should we end this and come out like the UK has. They decided against it asked. Should we recognize natural immunity their own experts were divided and so they said no we should so that's the story.

Who were these people why you see Joe Barber to be a leader and letting them run this thing where this is where's the child psychologist. The therapist, the economist and every one of those meetings that any leader would want to part of the conversation.

This one-year-old guy is running our lives in saying that you would always follow because science is divided about various experts are divided about this. You have You right 81 years old should've gone before. Coronavirus ever happened and and the other thing is when people take a public stand for something, it's hard for them to admit they were wrong or back down even if they were wrong to admit that things have changed and they now need to change their position that as a human being, that sometimes difficult to do and it's having the worst sort of repercussions in our society right now. I want column he said will see it and it's hard to have a worse week know we had our share of controversies your socks in my nose and they did movies about it. TV series magazine strike that I never liked it right but none stop by Wednesday another book about this that I lived.

It's totally knackered by the way, I saw this column in the New York Times today about Fox world most everything about it. I know for a fact is just not true about the premise of Donald Trump, Roger. I mean we know.

I know I'm not to bother bother you with it when you talk about CNN, MSNBC does not carry coverage at all is another news network with the CO fires himself because he's about to get fired with Chris Cuomo's lawyers think there's former so a high rated highest for them rated show host highest profile he's trying to blow up the place and sue them for the money.

He says he is owed and you watch the ratings drop 76%, and yet they did tell me the state of affairs. As you see them why I had a better insight into it but but they're all a lot of talent over there and others disagree having a nervous breakdown CNN over the firing of Jeff Zucker and I have this this meeting in the Washington DC Bureau with the head of Warner media who had done the firing and was very emotional and they're all standing up and there were so afraid that that without Jeff. They'd be directionless and that that that they just wouldn't know what to do it with. They needed that leadership knew such a great leader and he wasn't all that and then you think, but he was running CNN and to listen to this list of the media article just happened a few days before Zucker got fired CNN over the last this year over last year was down 74% in total viewers in the daytime and 77% in total viewers during prime time. They managed to run off three quarters of their audience. In the course of a year. How could they not have a management change after something like that grade point and the other thing is the sacrifice any integrity had because it was a personal vendetta against Al Trump who declared war on them and just suck some day he Jeff Zucker use that place in my humble opinion to try to even the score against Donald Trump are so many embarrassing things that they did in the Holdcroft Russia matter all you know they took a lot of criticism from the left forgiving truck too much airtime in the 2016 campaign and they did. There's this famous screenshot you know they picked up a shot of an empty podium like breaking news waiting for Trump to speak to take a lot of black on the left for that. But then when Trump becomes president. The absolute disgrace themselves with their coverage of the Trump Russia collusion theory and remember they were the there were a major player in the role to get the dossier out into the public. They made serious errors that they never corrected and I was just thinking now that Michael Abernathy is been convicted now in a second trial. They were the major offender interning Michael Abernathy into a star even speculating about him running for president as a serious proposition, so they really kind of embarrassed himself over and over and over. Meanwhile, the audience was drinking and drinking and drinking so so by the other thing to keep in mind to do is just suck was caught on tape coaching Donald trumps in for debate.

Tell them what to do and what not to do what to say and what not to say before debate so mean. How does that look and I'm wondering if there's some coaching going on that that's going to come to the fruition that he was coaching Andrew Cuomo to have message and so if he is firing Chris Cuomo for consulting his brother. Maybe Chris Cuomo says when second you are doing more coaching that I was doing well. I certainly filter stuff like that Chris Cuomo will make sure that it gets out. Apparently, you know there been reports about this emotional meeting district of Columbia Bureau here that Jake Tapper, the anchor stood up and said you know Chris Cuomo was basically blackmailing the company to get all of his contract pay blow up the place up. He couldn't blowing it up so I feel that were there's going to be a lot more revelations about this. I can't listen I'm I'm not an insider, I don't know exactly why he was fired. What it was.

It was totally the stated reason was there more in any event, the Cuomo thing certainly needs to be reported out not only what Chris, did but what the top management statement. It is well looking from the inside out. I get it, but I still am friends with a lot of people in the outset I talked everybody. The foxes we do have differing opinions. You could say lean one way liens the other way. I get it. We have also interesting people and I will tell you you walk Washington. I walked New York big egos around here that I walk on water to make eye contact this on a lot of that and then you find out the two opponents 42% of Democrats watch us so when he asks them if we only think one way and we're only playing one song why does that number fly in the face of that it would never occur.

And we have research in the past that showed that more Democrats and watched Fox News then Republicans watch CNN foxes always had a diverse audience and it was always a mischaracterization to say otherwise, and the other thing, using Outlook, Fox News contributor euro near there so they sent foxes always simply done television better than the competition. That's something that's not spoken about enough.

So much discussion of cable news from Fox is done in terms of political positions this thing missing this thing that supporting this person proposing that person but television is also a craft and Roger rails that it extremely well and he created the system at Fox, which continues to do it extremely well. That's something that's really important when you want to get viewers exactly that to get involved with this management team to an integrated two militant Dallas but now it's never been more up in a time in which they say everybody's on that you know that everyone's unplugging cable on their still streaming and they're still watching and that number was 42%, 25 to 54's would actually bodes positive for future because I think of mostly our viewer my humble opinion is pro America and when you are when you saying okay how is it going the politics well okay I'm against crime. I'm against spending $9,000,000,000,001.9 trillion of money we don't have with the pandemic that we've already addressed to the tune of 4 trillion in terms of art or defense.

We want strong defense for our own country. There's a lot of these issues don't take a lot of nuance. So I think it just if I think it plays into what foxes but Byron great calm. As usual the world world of CNN.

It should be another less than exciting week for them greater talk to Brian. Go get them. We come back I'll take two calls for 186640876690 Siena Monday.

You have a lot to say you been talking over the weekend you been listening and watching, now's the time to vent. I'm here for you and then Brent bear the bottom of the hour, and also thanks everyone.

The watch of the weekend. One nation on at 8 o'clock on Saturday.

Appreciated were tuning in 1811 Brian Kelly Joe disagree with Ryan's call now and tell him why somebody attacked me for 866-408-7669 Brian Kelly radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show. I wanted to be clear, there is no US combat role in Ukraine.

There isn't going to be one.

I don't know of anyone who supports and not even the Ukrainians. That said, I think that blood report have to pay a high price. If he does this, not just for him to pay the price. But for other countries to see the high price of doing that kind of thing and other leaders and I think that price should be a his economy should be crippled and hurt badly. That will require unity not just from the Europeans but other countries around the world, but beginning with Europeans and then I can impose sanctions and stick with them than that then over overtime. He will be able to blunted that is Marco Rubio talk about Ukraine only to bring that up with the latest with Brent bear and mentor moments for right now. Try to market Florida hey Mark, good morning good morning which anyone you think the trumps gotta move on from 20/20 right well here to be on your Brian only good thing about 20/20 no-brainer will know it was stolen right and under what I got to talk about thing that we gotta forget that we can have that kind of corruption in America. Brother will where we're was going where was like wearing specific we were stolen body more, Mark.

You can't say it. You have to show it. The presence got a ton of money at a ton of lawyers they will throw up their hands the recounts not adding up. So that was stolen. It is is so they did such a good job, no one's revealed how they did it yet.

All you know why because a lot of people that were bought through the blood of certified big boat but now we have ridiculous God.

They can even manage a crosswalk in front of the school president.

We know was stolen. Gotta cut the crap. I don't II can't you say I will say the lenient way in which we handle the pandemic and the shot downplayed to Joe Biden's advantage.

The way in which we dig did not have the Republic said no offensive when the legislature did not go ahead and try to stop the governor of Pennsylvania. In these other rules of the drop boxes aplenty all over Georgia but they have to do it Mark in Florida can reign in the Georgia election rules or Pennsylvania or Wisconsin Republicans given a ton of money to guard against that. Thereafter action approach was knocked down by every court game over. Go back and do it right and win like Andrew Jackson did breaking news unique opinions.

All Brian kill me show we work very closely with the government. As you know, the Chancellor of Germany used to be a finance ministry were in a great deal of time talking to his colleagues and the Germans have worked with us closely in terms of building the sanction packet we would implement if Russia were to take these actions to help produce ideas that are part of the things we've implemented a point. What I can say about North Stream two was that if Russia were to invade Ukraine stream two would never go online so that was the Deputy Treasury Secretary I thought he was very effective yesterday and at that is very direct and saying some of the sanctions, making it seem as though the same should be so stiff the Russians might actually not invade but he says he been working hard thanks to the present. Given the ability to do it to go ahead and come up with some sanctions that have captured Russia's attention will say Lucite brushes building up at a dizzying pace word is 70% of the troops. A need for innovation are online with me right now on the line Brent bear cheaply groundless for Fox news anchor special report weeknights at 6 o'clock, author of to rescue the Republic a bright, welcome back and run so it seems like we we could talk about Ukraine. Nevertheless, each week says something could happen immanently imminently where you think right now I think it waits until the end of the Olympics and everything points to the direction of Russia going in there just doesn't seem to be any hesitation with the buildup of troops there.

We don't know how these talks really go with manual micron, the French president in Moscow today and there are other toxins in Ukraine and so I think but it's closing the windows closing grant hard to then they roll in. The question is will they rolling hard and stay in be subjected to some type of guerrilla war were move on. Jake Selden was on every show yesterday. How do you feel about these so printed strike on the type at a false flag operation me tell you about actors, Russian actors going to pretend to be all body and dad and make it seem like Russia has to retaliate. How how unique is it free in your experience of the State Department to come out and to end and and predict what Rush is going to do by saying that the glad their declassified intelligence and I goes to the lengths that try to go to make sure that the world knows that you know there brushes the bad actor. I'm not sure in on the diplomatic front. How that moves the ball but they chose to do it and it is unique you hear that before it happens year is there's a couple things going on. I guess you could say that there is a build up there. I think that a bunch of Italians, 70% of their forces are in place. The Ukrainians are sitting there practicing what would rifles when embarrassment bread how we can we get them enough guns thereafter play play war in the in their backwoods and finally some weapons in there, but it's not just not hot and they're not the best trained army, but they are a different armor that they will and for the Senators to one overnight. Code L they came back all of them saying that the Ukrainians are ready to fight this time which could get really blunt on both really generally tonic masterful national security advisor to Pres. Trump was on with Margaret Brennan to face the nation cut 23 general ad that companies face back in 2018 was the first to give lethal aid to Ukraine is anti-tank systems. It didn't deter Vladimir Putin from what appears to be a plan to invade. Why not will it improve knows what to turn Barr's heart up to the sword prove a negative course. Rush will push will push until he meets strong resistance and so what we really need what you're starting to see I think is deterrence by denial convincing Putin that he can no longer accomplish his objective for the use of force and and so if you if you if his objective is to divide NATO what he needs to see his and date of comes together with it with a stronger higher degree of unity if he wants to. If he wants to weaken Ukraine to keep it under storm.

He's going to see. Optionally, a rise of national sentiment, and in Ukraine and Ukraine is doing everything they can to strengthen themselves not only militarily but also economically and would like to do is see the whole world, amplified Ukrainians, voices, and actually support militarily but also economically. As well, and you're more than I think we see that this past week some anxiety on the part of Ukrainian leaders because, as Russia continues to prepare for what looks like a renewed massive offense because Ukraine is remember the already invaded Ukraine so I get there in the Don box region.

They took Crimea and there was really no hell to pay.

With that, certainly none that get their attention and everyone saw Vladimir Putin present she at the Olympics so that people see that they help that'll be a force so sewer that were that goes. Any thoughts here on what your sources are telling you about when something could take place if something did take place. Where does NATO go from there if you heard anything about intimidating sanctions. This something that they haven't seen before their German air. It has been although there saying the right things now. I will note that the US officials are the one thing that North Stream two would not go forward. If Russia goes then I had the German restaurant and asked that specific question. She said that would be an option. You know, so it's not as definitive as as treasury or state or saying to me from the German side and that's part of the deal is is they have to get on the same page to stand up so this this set stood out over the weekend how everybody was talking more about Republicans in 2020, and that Donald Trump might've had a defector from his side in my pants when he came at the outcome was long I could not do anything about the election on January 6, Matthew continuity who you've had on lots in the Washington the examiner that he was on Meet the Press yesterday and said this about the Republicans cut 32 Democratic ads right themselves and you can see from this program. Contrast that statement with the video from January 6.

There's her attack at I think the Republicans believe every minute they spend talking about 2020 January January 6 is an opportunity lost. You heard it from Mark short and they want to talk about inflation they want to talk about mass they want to talk about the border. Fourthly, the person is making them look in the rearview mirror is Pres. Trump and he wants to force the issue, I think, to the detriment of the Republican Party and I was sick to his own detriment to forget Trump had a forward-looking agenda when he ran for president in 2016. All he cares about now is revenge. You challenge many of those statements I just buy what I think he's smart. As far as the inside politics. I don't think it's shocker that there's a large portion of the party believes that every time the GOP talks about 2020 extensively to go backwards.

There are so many different possibilities to attack Democrats offer Republicans going back and relitigating 2020 is not a winning formula.

Chris Christie is the same thing. Others have said something and I think eventually you're going to get to the point where the party stands up and says something similar to the picture panel today while you have Britt Hume on and I am going to have held toward Molly Hemingway and Byron York think that's what I have observed Nikki Haley after the seasonable want to talk about China brushes well absolutely semi-great in your subpanel then is getting closer and closer is coming up February 19 you guys are sold out, but people want to get to the Children's Hospital. He could still do that right yes All-Star panel author You can donate organist stream the things you could watch. There is great vaccination. We'd like it to be your context or listen, I'm going to use all my power at Fox get them here full-time now I'm in a try to try to get that streamed him to see what I did the only thing I always think of.

Are you getting ready to play Pebble Beach you play. I just finished and did make God, but it was a fantastic fantastic week I played with Grayson Murray Young Probert missed about you shots but I did sunshine was awesome musty window that's like I haven't seen Sasha in quite some time. Oh, about to read. Thanks so much appreciated 186640876 exam we find out what's on your mind. And if there's more than educating, entertaining and enlightening.

You're with Brian kill me the fastest three hours in radio you're with Brian kill me. I think governors are agitating for some clear guideposts that define what the audit offramp is fitted when do we start to rollback this medication. We don't have a agreed-upon set of nomenclature and metrics for measuring that if you look at CC right now many state authorities and public health authorities talk about 10 cases per hundred thousand people per day being a metric that rates you being a sort of a low level of Sprite. If you look at CBCs guidance. They talk about 10 cases per hundred thousand people per week that's 1.44 cases a day that the level of spread a sufficiently low level spread that we've never been at any point is pandemic and that's with CDC that defines a low-level spread that would justify removing masks. For example, in schools, as I think governors are sensing is that we need to we need to agree upon a set of metrics when looking to start to rollback these mitigation steps I give people a light at the end of the tunnel. What is that point when this stuff gets turned off.

Yeah, I like to see the light.

Now Eric was NW DBL Eric.

Brian on the map real quick. I think I like the Masters. Call me crazy but they stop at the facial recognition so less people get elected. It seems like everything that works.

They don't want hydroxychloroquine might not be the answer for everybody at work and it I've been acting may not be the answer for everybody.

Now here in Florida. We had great success with the monoclonal antibody FDA just told you can't do that is not approved, so what's going on Brian. What's your take on what I think is a totally blew it.

The operation warp speed.

They were so against it, that they were to set everything down from they see what I can give any money to the pharmaceutical big Pharma. So if you're going to come up Merck with the therapeutic pay for yourself if you can come up Pfizer with a therapeutic pay for yourself. They said okay.

Really fine I'll do the experiment minimal cost, and that what works you have to buy it and this can be huge ramp up time doesn't matter because they're more focused on the backseat of my humble opinion. When they finally get it in October, November, they said okay will order it okay how many one or 10 million 10 million we have 330 million people in this country, then the order of the 20 million. So when I can get to the spring.

That to me is sinful. It's vengeful and people die because of it.

If Trump did something like that. They would been flipping out, they so much it makes me wonder if there's even more to know. Know what I just got a give you an idea of how civil politics once was. You know how the bushes got along with the Clintons with Lori never really got along with Elise Bill got along with George H.


And George W. Turns out that George H. W.

Was great friends with Gerald Ford. You talk about thoughtful a leg. This came from the Ford library, a letter, 1996 to Jerry just talk about how HW was so so thankful for their friendship, said Bob Dole lost with the benefit of one thought I know what it's like to lose you must be in a lot of pain.

I can imagine what you will like and how much you wanted to win and you barely lost that much pain you're in. I just want to say what a great friend. You are mean people should take a lesson from the Bush family. They really get it in terms of class next. 55% of high schoolers. This does not surprise me because I have two kids in college 55% do not think college is needed for a successful career. They took a survey of 2000 American students. They found in high school. They found that 1/3 of the respondents have no post-graduation plans. 82% agree. The most important thing to do is to do something their passion about regardless of where their career is seven in 10 believe it's important have a job immediately after graduating over have a student survey believe the college is not a requirement for success, I may look at Bill Gates never graduated looking look at Steve Jobs never graduated. I'm pretty sure they were okay. They happen to be geniuses. I do not find that surprising.

Two things one is this is a great thing when micro comes on a couple of days shall the other thing is not your chair, your daughters, friends, are you seeing less of them going to college going, but there just feel less passionate about it. There's something about those year in high school last year in high school that sucked the life and momentum out of them in there like is it really necessary to be doing all that they could pandemic a lot of the yeah a lot of want to make money a lot of attire to being impoverished here which happens with every teenager next survey, two and three GNC workers will leave their jobs within one year. The pull of 1200 full-time employees commissioned by Lever and conducted by poll fish two and five, say, the only plan to stay in their current job for you are less however staggering 65 percentage ends ears are played to do this. It's not all bad news though is always there willing to pay up survey finds the biggest motivating factor which gets workers to stay our salary or potential bonuses at 46% 21% say opportunities for internal mobility. So that's pretty good having their money oriented to capitalist society. I hope still yet you only thing one thing else is one in three. No claim they would actually take a pay cut.

Just so they can change positions against things up while yeah I mean people try to be on board next mothers to be, who want their kids to get good grades in school should take fish oil while pregnant, that according to fish oil. People imagine omega-3 fatty acids, others dosimeter that the quality of maternal nutrient supply during the period of time, help brain development. Well, listen, if you're pregnant, listening, and that's the most of our audience.

Please take it.

It's worth a shot. I don't think you'll regret it. Next, humans feel more comfortable talking to female robots, according to a study of the hundred 70 people. People have a tendency to feel more comfortable being cared for by females even if they don't exist. Apparently, an assistant professor of hospitality management at WSU's Carson business College universe releases study, the gender stereotype appears to transfer to robot interactions during this study participant encounter four different scenarios involving AI service robots at a hotel in one situation available brought with a human like face name Alex greeted participants. Other names Sarah better idea, and much more better, much better interaction with Sarah. It's a-ites more soothing.

I mean even on the phone if you deal with the automated voices I find myself getting less angry when it's a female voice on the phone next sports top NFL rivalries. The number on. I'll start with the least I'll start with the number one robbery in the NFL. No doubt about a green bag in Chicago. I don't feel it but I see it I mean I don't care who wins those games, but I see it.

Another one is Giants Cowboys and not both good at the same time now to be good next one is Eagles Giants yet that that is a big already in the Cowboys Eagles Cowboys audit Cowboys Chicago Giants at central Chicago Giants and they'll play every area that's not especially NFL piece is your plan regarding a four years baseball. The biggest robbery Red Sox Yankees Cubs Sox is number two, number three is cut, Dodgers, Giants, I identical Z that goes back to the in your face and then number four is St. Louis again.

Chicago when it comes to the ABA Lakers Celtics know that about it. They have a class quite a few years. Clippers Lakers is number two, number three is Celtics against the net that's and that's higher than the Knicks versus the Celtics. I guess because it's re-in recent years and that's been the better team right and that's a quick look at what it's happening now you know more now you know more. Thanks to Brian kill me show forget we got this the show and say 90 o'clock if you want to get the prison freedom fighter of Black history month.

That's what it is right now go pick it up. Frederick Douglass, Abraham, like in the battle to save America. So to bring to in order straight through only other books are personalized to my office over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources a fox in your hands box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox news or wherever you did your

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