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Democrats Absolutely Tank in Polls, May Not Recover Before Midterms

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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April 18, 2022 12:36 pm

Democrats Absolutely Tank in Polls, May Not Recover Before Midterms

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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April 18, 2022 12:36 pm

[00:02:46] Dr. Marty Makary

[00:18:35] Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI)

[00:39:35] Dave Rubin

[00:55:12] Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.)

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This episode is brought to you by Samsung unfold the all new galaxies. He fold for and expands your world with flex mode it stands on its own, so your hands free to get more done during calls and with multiwindow view. You can use up to three apps at the same time plus the edge to edge screen allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite games and shows. Visit to learn more about galaxies he fold Fox news is New York City fresh set of Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice kill me. Thank you much Lucy everybody's the brain to me Joe, hope you had a great holiday weekend with Passover Easter jet to spend with your family or just to decompress were back in action today. Dr. Martin Kerry standing by for the latest on this be a two variant should we be worried. Why is Philadelphia masking up again and Carson by Gallagher as you know your transportation infrastructure. For more some poorly armed services. We gotta get to the latest on what's happening over in Ukraine. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's phase 3 number three is a danger to twitter and to freedom of speech known to say some of the most transparent and homophobic things to his millions of followers creating an arena for hate to me sounds like she out of her mind.

Yes, that the Democratic strategist Daniel Moore were moody must mania and his quest for twitter why this must happen. Why so many worry it will Moore should worry. If he doesn't recently asked the public. What are your top concerns.

Of course, economy, and the cost of living was number one. Second strikingly to Midwest government poor leadership. Other presidents have been able to recover from these sorts of setbacks but I think the public has judged Biden judged negatively that I think so too the juries in Dems have a feeling of doom and its well-deserved yet.

The economy, foreign policy of the followed president and almost and who's basically lost the confidence of the American people and for the Republicans. Donald Trump was his personal power on the line by backing some Republican underdogs in their primary despite the Russians gathering and consolidating their forces here. I think the equation to give them a hell of a tough idea and there's no certainty that the Russians are going to be able to accomplish what they want here in the South. I hope not just the epic battle losing Don Bass as Russia amasses forces to take the East and perhaps the South would still strike while still striking the north was the West doing to arm Ukraine to win as Russia's cruelty barbarity hits new lows in Ukraine strength gains global respect. So let's put that on hold for just a second. Dr. Martin Kerry Fox's contributor surgeon, a professor of health and policy at Johns Hopkins school of public health and author of the book, the price we pay, and a voice of reason throughout the last two years of this pandemic bursting document carry what is your take is a medical professional. Studying everything the way you studied about this pandemic and seeing China lockdown 25 million people without food or water. You heard the screams from Shanghai means assistance does this book follow you well it's scrolling there and you see the human rights violations by and there which are hard to watch but separate from that from a medical standpoint it's ineffective scientifically. It's an invalid strategy because they were able to contain the Wuhan originals strain you with those severe lockdown's but you cannot do that with omicron is just so much more contagious.

Remember we've been numb to it, but almost every variant that we've had Beta Delta omicron BA one BA two has been 30 to 4050% more contagious than the prior so were looking at a strain. Now that is say 3 to 4 times more contagious than the other one people of gotten it in hotel rooms with no contact separate hotel rooms. I mean, it jumps around so it's just not going to work and they didn't use the time they bought wisely to really vaccinate their population well with the effective modern advisor vaccines in J&J. Instead, they use their own vaccine and they didn't really encourage it strongly among older people. There's 50 million older Chinese people that are at risk right now probably nobody wants their vaccine. BA two is out there hospitalizations are down. This is 1464 daily hospital admissions this week compared to 70 average of more than 21,000 in January. Deaths are down to 512 nationwide in a country of 300 million.

That's down 21% cases are up. So the question is, for all you medical professionals, shouldn't someone go.

Oh by the way, the BA two is the least mild thing that we've dealt with over the last two years.

Should that not be a factor as we watch Philadelphia mascot by no colleges or masking up again. Well, we are at an all-time pandemic two year low of covert deaths and the cover decimal numbers that we have arm more and more inflated as time has progressed because you get more and more incidental positives.

The more contagious the variant is so the number right now.

I believe is inflated the number of covert hospitalizations and covered us and we are still at an all-time pandemic low what the public has absolutely no tolerance for at this point is public health officials to say going to continue to use our emergency powers that are very granted with self granted for health emergency just to watch things a little more and that's exactly the logic you heard by she's jar at the White House in announcing whether keeping the TSA restrictions just so they can watch things a little more people have no tolerance for it. What here is Dr. Xia. Now he's in good from an analyst is an insider Nalco 25 Prieto is causing an increase in cases where you want to watch that carefully. See if it translates into severe disease. At this point it's much more about paying close attention seeing what happens and that's what were doing right now right so they can continue to what she went on to pull people over 60.

Maybe look at it Israel cut 26 the data out of Israel's pretty compelling and that's what really drove both the FDA and CDC to make the decisions. It did so my recommendation right now. Following the citizen FDA guidance on that since there over six that you should go should be out there you should be getting that second booster you feel you agree compelling. I would not say the data were compelling or significant. I mean, as I read this New England Journal of Medicine paper that came out after the FDA authorize the fourth dose the benefit was in one and 42,000 seniors and that it was in a subgroup beyond which the FDA authorize to the author, the FDA defies her more than they even applied for.

They gave they authorized five 1/50 study just looks at those over 60 and 65 and the benefit was so small and we believe the benefit there was for those with immunosuppression that was tens of thousands of people in that study, but they didn't tell us those with whom those would subgroup benefited but we believe that is the subgroup that that's I wouldn't call that compelling data and that's why the expert advisors at the FDA said really know were not on board with SMEs or top people. The editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, told CNN he is not on board with this. He didn't see the day that he didn't think it was compelling that was just before the FDA authorized it. I spoke with Cody Meisner another member. He said there's really no scientific case that he sees right now right you look up all off it. He said we've got booster mania. This is you pull off enemies like the top backs and allergist in the country since he's not even giving his son who's a twentysomething of the first booster he doesn't believe in it he says we got booster mania and companies are acting as our health agencies yeah-no kidding. By the way I looked at my I got my electronic thing so I got booster twice.

I a guy I got vaccinated is my second was April 19. So it's off tomorrow. Does that mean when people say are you vaccinated. I will say no if it's up for the shareholders of these former companies you might be getting a booster every Monday morning at work because the effect is only transitory. When were talking about reducing the risk of acquiring the infection. You basically get a sugar high for several weeks after the booster. And that's why even Michael Oster home who's a Democrat party loyalist will tell you this is not a strategy, read continual boosters is not a strategy, no good studies that come two weeks ago that showed that the primary vaccine series activates the B and T cells.

And that's what's giving good protection against severe illness.

People should feel good about that protection. I would hope so, but I want you to hear. This is would did the diverse opinions are and being generous obviously don't agree but everyone's entitled to their own opinion when were you not doctrinally listen to Howard Stern over the weekend. You would think that if he steps out of his house. He is going to be destroyed by a virus so we won't solicit disowning hosting who's a host on the view when it comes to mass mandates that they are there because people just aren't great people and that that's the bottom line. Americans just aren't great to each other. We just are.

And so when it comes to things like flying. Matt Manning is supposed to be lifted. April 18. I don't want to get on a plane with super spreaders. I don't want to get on a plane with 214 other people to be breathing on me with their covert breath I Dr. McGarry do you want do you want to get on the plane with a breather you there covert breath but it's framed that way. Of course it makes it sound looks the duties or arguments designed for zero Cove. Did you know so she should never swim in a swimming pool because there's always a risk of drowning and the question is at what point do we accept a little bit of risk. What we need to do is offer small the doctors conferences. Brian people are not wearing masks. Thousands and thousands of doctors in these auditoriums at social gatherings outside parties. I've attended several of these doctors conferences in the last few months. Nobody is wearing a mask, with the exception of maybe one or 2% of individuals so why did they feel that covert zeros for critical women doctors are comfortable with the risk right and what is the protocol. My last question to you doctors normally if I cushion of the year euros charging me something to take advantage of our relationship on the air.

What are the rules. For example, if you take a test because of so you want to go to a concert you know you feel fine and Leo you are positive. Of course, you have no symptoms. What should we do well. I think what she should what the CDC would tell you to do is to go into a cave for 5 to 10 days, but I would tell you avoid people who are high risk. If you have our fury and close indoor contact with others for more than a brief moment where high quality mask at a courtesy for at least five days or so and live your life. I mean, we've been doing this the entire our entire lives. We just need to now adopt more commonsense practices which means if you're sick stay home and if you been exposed.

Be careful for about five days or so okay why because you know about the horrific shooting of the subway in New York City.

Our mayor tested positive had no symptoms. He said a little bit of a stuffy nose. One day in the he had to stay in his apartment because he said that's the protocol if he was not high profile in an emergency situation like that these do the right thing. For example, knowing that you have a leadership position in a major city.

Are you being overly cautious at the detriment of not doing your job. You know the days when people would say you'd see somebody at a gathering that sake. Actually, I don't want to shake your hand. Please, please, I a little bit away because yeah I might be sicker's that's what we need to do it. I miss her comments and strategies profound isolation has medical harm. I can tell you I've seen seniors die from it and were seeing our mental health private crisis among children, so the idea just throw everybody in the in the cellar for a week you know any time anyone Scott potential close contact is not an effective verbal strategy Dr. McGarry. Thank so much as Conoco you're in DC, the Bureau we have literally just like a two camera show on Fox nation so you benefited the country for doing that appreciated that you value value absolutely 1-866-408-7669 we go back I take the because I know you have a lot to say this after we can with your families. Theoretically, in the Mike Gallagher of give you the latest have not talked in detail about the war. We need to get into it.

This is the right to we chose.

So glad you're here in your knowledge base needs that Brian can only show precise personal powerful is America's losing in the palm of your Fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen ON Fox News live just on, or wherever you did your project on a talk show that's real this is that Brian kill me show recently, concerned course economy and the cost of living with one second government or the other presidents have been able to recover from the sorts of setbacks but I think the public has judged Biden judged negatively and it's going to be hard for him to change that perception. No matter what happens I don't use any doubt about it. That's what is about 35 to 38% approval rating. That's why when it comes to the economies of 32%. What I think Democrats are really getting concerned about is they are losing the younger people 18 to 34, only 12% said the economy was good at it when you asked was a bit was a poor 87% 18 to 34 report interesting theory on that for the most part when something comes out and is brand-new.

Whether you know any type of cell phone is probably the easiest example. It comes out will expensive be waited out, it comes down for the first time in every young person's lifetime. You watching prices actually go up you not had a chance to deal with inflation.

I didn't know the 80s you're really into you hear about it but are really discussing and merrily buying stuff on the teenager in high school, but now you have 18 to 34 say why is it so expensive to shop why the interest rate to 5% makes it harder for my first home. And why doesn't he get rid of my student loan which is a tragedy. We should never you were the student loans.

And here's why.

Every student loan you get rid of. I admit they should be more consultation.

We need to get apparent load with the student loan intuitions a $70,000 bad for the situations like that, especially medical and legal degrees. Your law degree and get it however is open to €40 €35.50-year-old who paid off the loan and feel like total suckers digging to be outraged that we haven't, so that you decided that these people don't have to pay back the loan. 22 to 30 because I don't know the pandemic happened two years ago.

It makes no sense for in terms of Democrats and their hopelessness. Chris Christie pointed this out and what he was on a panel on this would be tours of Annapolis and Donna Brazil just made a point earlier. Here's his follow-up of 14 or another gas.

The terabytes giving us a five dollars a gallon.

That's or not were running on five-star gasoline were running on 8 1/2% inflation during a failed withdrawal from Afghanistan.

We are running on a president who in the Democratic Party that their own party. People like Larry Summers and Joe mansion just sit this week created this inflation through the rescue plan in January so I said this last week are more the thrill for Donna and her group to continue to run on what's happened over the last 1560 months. If they do, it will be over be in 1994 bloodbath is all there is enough seats left and play George to get to those numbers but I think you see a 35 to 40 C win for the Republicans in the house.

If it continues and you can see us at 52 or 53 in Senate and that would be interesting to get, 53, down from 49 when they threw in the street in Georgia and that a lot to do present trumpet his alienation of the Atty. Gen. Gov. people as he might say no, they were wrong they should overturn the election.

They had no proof to overturn the election. That was the problem with the friction that Took Pl., January fifth when they lost both seats.

We are paying the price right now for this for the collapse of the border for the terrible economy. Thankfully, Joe mansion Kristin cinema stood up, you know, the Democrats want to do you know the game plan is to convince Joe mansion, but there big thing is let's be nice to Joe mansion was threatening more big be nice to Joe mansion get him to do a skinny build back better plan really a whole bunch of social spending when were overspending of those people keeps a wealth Joe Biden is cut the deficit cut the deficit because we are writing checks for the once-in-a-lifetime and I have pandemic and when that money evaporated because we put into the system. Of course, the deficit would be less of the following year.

So that's with the other big issue omitted talk about throughout the show today is that you know who's going to run against Trump on the other side. So this is a thought out there. The paint is running anyway is a thought out that Chris Christie and Glenn Larry Hogan a good run anyway. That would not surprise me pants wouldn't shock me or make a very awkward but also Mike Pompeo joined Matt one nation on Saturday night.

Says he's getting ready to run.

I personally don't think he or Nikki Haley run against Trump but he be a part of that but only if trumpet 75 says I just want to this, but I am but if he tells us to orally get those crowds and will not be a sought after Amera Lago Fox News time tasks network mind and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast constraint and listen now by doing a Fox News five radio show like no other. Get the sense that Vladimir is viewing reality and what's happening in Ukraine or is he getting a dressed up picture of the war. No icing two years now in his own wall logic.

You know, he sings the war is necessary for security guarantees for the Russian Federation. He doesn't trust so the international community. He blames to cranium, so to form Dennis eves Tennessee exam. The numbers region so well. He is no in his world, but icing. He knows what is going on loan agreement oh would not really sure that needs a headliner that was. He says he thinks he's going to rethink his winning. I think he wants to make sure as many people die as possible while he tries to win and most of them are wear uniforms.

He's actually targeting civilians henchmen Mike elders with the staff in Wisconsin. He is also the armed services committee are Congressman will your reports say do they say that the Putin knows he struggling AMI losses.

How many commanders now. It would be impossible not to know.

Clearly his initial strategy. Strategy failed, so everything I'm hearing suggest that he is now scaled back to concentrate on the east and southeast and his objective may no longer be controlling all of the country, but rather just establishing a land bridge from Crimea to Russia taking control of key cities like Odessa and variable, and though it is a testament to the Ukrainian picnic forced him to scale back his ambition if he is able to achieve that more modest ambition, it would still be a disaster for Ukraine and I think the one thing that we've learned throughout this is that prudent really you he believed human life is cheap going to sacrifice a lot of his own soldiers as well as innocent Ukrainian lives in pursuit of his objective so clearly encountering friction, but he still is trying to grind out some modest victory through Christian worker and if he gets more of a lifeline from China.

He may be able to persist far longer than Western analysts understand so much as you know Ben Hodges had to say.

He says that we gotta get more weapons into them and quickly but he thinks he thinks the pressures on the Russians cut cutting, but I do think that the pressure on the general staff to deliver material will finally ahead of nine may is immense non-native courses. This annual celebration in Russia of the end of World War II, or what they call the great patriotic war.

The huge parade in Red Square every year.

So obviously they need to have something to parade good to show as a victory on nine may swelling the state does does have importance or while I think would be important in the perfect world, but he missed so many of the deadlines is about three weeks. That's about three weeks to do some substantial in the Don box region Mary Opal be the link between Crimea and Don boss, and right now they're still holding on unfathomably unthinkably but we eventually are giving them the most. The latest shipment to go out to them is the most lethal. I just wish we would be doing it so gradual give the Russians give give the Ukrainians what they need to be successful even though they are about to take on the Russians in an open field to an old tank type battle usually will, but Jack Keene said who do huge cheers the and Institute for the study of war cut seven I am done underestimating these Ukrainians. They have the scale we have the will and got the leaders and they are determined and with the proper equipment in their hands they are going to do very well. Would you think, with a tone in armed services you guys have stuff to give are you having trouble getting quickly to your point, I think it's very important. More than 80% of the securities that we provided Ukraine since the administrative department had come after the Russian invasion on February 24. So I can't help but think how many lives we could save if we hadn't underestimated Ukrainians.

The general Keene's point and those weapons had been in their arsenal before the conflict started. We may have averted the whole thing is back.

My question at sector defense Arthur Kerry often and the chairman of the joint Chiefs general Millie last week about that one. They admitted that the turns tail which they had admitted before and to date that the only thing that might at the church prudent once more. Hard powers show up to your immediate question about this latest age package. Okay at the positive step forward about 800 million in insecurity thickens for Ukraine. You know I am 17 helicopters howitzers artillery rounds.

Javelins are vehicle etc. two things we haven't given them know that I think would be very important to make out a bit you in the weeds but wanted something called NL RS long-range artillery as well as antiship missiles leave me to have reports that the Neptune nickels are going to be backfilled by American provided harpoons but clearly I think there's more we can do on that front.

And if if if Ukrainians can think more Russian warships like we saw last week in the narrative Matthew game changer and that a huge humiliation for Kuhn and I will have a long-term impact on the Russians ability to dominate both the Black Sea, as well as our ability to hold their fleet at risk in other areas such as the eastern Mediterranean, and the fact that we effectively surrender the Black Sea. At the start of this crisis we get another self inflicted wounds. So bottom line right there is much more we can do and Ukrainian have stepped up and eight shown how a numerically inferior force that is armed with good weapons and his superior will fight can have a devastating impact of modern war, very true.

Now this is we can and talk about what's going on.

There is no doubt about it as soon as Russia invaded the got kicked out of the world. Coptic stop Grand Prix races there.

They don't let them compete their club and the club championship. I get it is hard to see that. But when it comes to China is a different story and you point out that if, for example, look at the nets owner tell me about the new Joe did the Brooklyn Nets owner well anytime you have someone with clear ties to the Chinese Communist Party owning major assets in America like Joseph sky are you going to have a massive conflict of interest and I that you listed the guy who back in 2019, wanted Darrell Morey who was running the Houston Rockets to be fired for a tweak that was supporting the people of Hong Kong and it just illustrates how certain industries NBA and Hollywood are foremost among them have sold their soul to China in order to make a profit and for whatever reason, and any canter freedom was the one who pointed out this contradiction became people are are quick to condemn Russia and say we stand with Ukraine when it comes to slave labor in China when it comes to the brutality of the Chinese Communist Party. There absolutely silent because they're making money hand over fist, and I don't want anything to kill the golden goose in China and furthermore Brian.

If we look at the conflict in Ukraine to be scratch her head thinking how can the Europeans allow themselves to get to a position where there are so dependent on Russia for energy will we are in a similar position with respect to China.

Now if not for energy, but it's for the manufacturing of all sorts of different goods whether microelectronics or other key industries and rare earth metals we have allowed ourselves to become dangerously dependent on China into one of the lessons of Ukraine for the MBA Hollywood for American manufacturing writ large particular intersect with the defense industrial base that we need to wean ourselves off of our addiction on China before it's too late and I don't care at the Brooklyn net owner wants to make money. American national security takes precedent in China remains our biggest long-term threat and if anything Russia is going to grow more dependent on China the worst. This mortgage is merely becoming she's sadistic psychic and there engaged in the same enterprise which is to undermine and ultimately destroy the law, we know that Joseph Tsai's cofounders Ali Bob, we don't have new business partner disappear.

Jack Ma comes that we have much heard much from him. He was beginning to talk negatively about the Chinese government suggests I live here and paid a lot of money for the for the nets. All like some other owners seems to really value the Chinese market like Lebron James you like Michael Jordan is one of the owners of the Hornets under percent.

And I think the biggest long-term back of the last five years and a lot of credit goes to a lot of people. The trust administration of the pretty early that we are going to have to go through the painful process of selectively decoupling from China in key industries particular threatened her nap security and for a lot of American business leaders. They are going to have to choose, I'm sorry. I wish I wish it were different, but there are some areas where there just can't be just can't start at half profit off genocide and slave labor in China and there's gonna have to be a stark difference and I just think too many people in America have yet to reckon with. It pricked me see that particularly in the world of Wall Street in high finance with the very same people that are lecturing us about climate change constantly and trying to infuse so-called PSG requirements into every decision that American free enterprise makes are the same one that are increasing their investment in China and China did not care a lick about the environment. So whether Larry Fink at Black Rock or other people that lecture us about how bad America is. These are the same people that continue to double did not trickle down on their investment in China and onto stable Brian it actually unthinkable. They will have to choose at some point and if you choose the side of America either American theater American companies that can act like I'm wondering too because he saw a couple of athletes dissected China born in training in America is China often return the money yet. I wonder what's going on there. On top of that to Joseph Tsai wanted to send that shyness is most people they are very happy and he talked to you does really says he might be financing slave labor, but never admits to that. He also reportedly asked for Tara Whirley to be fired when he expressed support for the people of Hong Kong and he is denied that Apple will have to see it well. I'm sure by the pain, and bodily shame on NBA Commissioner in that whole episode completely just bent the knee. She can paint in China and did whatever was possible to throw Darrell Morey under the box and enter as well as some of the players amendment I mentioned and it canter freedom is been absolutely maligned by line because they had the temerity to criticize the totalitarian regime in China, so the MBA is just showing what hypocrisy looks like when it comes to China and nothing is worth selling your soul to an evil communist dictatorial regime like that, you will see what happens. I see people have the same courage is with this whole story is going to be in everybody's lab soon we have to be over in arming Taiwan bill pay, don't write the checks bill will train them and just let them defend themselves. That's got to be our new strategy, my calendar, thank you so much that you got a 1-866-408-7669 we come back I'll take a similar phone calls were also talk about what's going on with the war litigated to annexes and Branko Misha newsmakers and news breakers. First Brian until meeting show, Fox News can't just network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox news but just don't come or wherever you did your favorite contest. The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me that is also going viral of Pres. Biden finishing a speech in North Carolina then apparently turning to shake hands with an invisible name is, see that is a little of SNL which goes out of their way not to really hit Joe Biden, but that was as close as they got. I mean Joe Biden is in some of those embarrassing things imaginable and it's a gift to things like SNL but they still are overdoing trump the shift from him from his full pause to his walk backs to over the weekend. You had Jen Sarkissian a podcast negative things about Peter Ducey and you go back and forth about one letter per secretary use an expletive to describe a reporter. I mean all this stuff is just right for, you would think but it's not so much for similar but more from SNL from the other.

We can update the rest was almost unwatchable, but yet here is here's another cut.

I got the best news of all.

We got we got this so yeah was in the suspect turned himself in the press Result when the Mets sees inclusion.

She recalled sexy bread for that is hysterical. That is a crime that was Eric Adams. I do think they do a good him and Eric Adams, likes it subtly to stop it doing that, but it was a time when SNL would actually make fun of the fact that Barack Obama was maybe asleep during one of the debates member when he owes getting an easy time against Hillary Clinton. They would have fun with that those days are over. They left for Will Ferrell. I guess I imagine remember Will Ferrell made fun of Bush and when I'm plotted on a Broadway play, and yet was negative but it wasn't mean-spirited. It was comedy making fun of all the things that President Bush had to make fun of Gerald for being clumsy job George W. Bush possibly be not be the most eloquent and interesting on the big story is what's going on with you on musk and twitter so as you know, last week he offered $54.20 a share or twitter $43 billion and to listen. Everyone's going to make money.

The shareholders make money.

Let me have it. Instead they are so worried about Elon musk taking over twitter and making it a place for both Republicans and Democrats. My view they say will go take a poison pill and devalue the stock so over the weekend.

Eli musk is come up with the brand was tweeting and coming up with a strategy. What I think is going to do is try to put up to the shareholders. Some of things that he tweeted it's got interesting because he found out that none of the shareholders own NEC skews me know the board members on any twitter stock went second so you are going this.

I was best for the stockholders which only Ernie stock so David Sachs who is the president of a venture capital firm wide respect to craft ventures tweeted this. If the game is fair. Elon will buy twitter if the game is rigged and there will be some reason why you will be able to or about to find out how deep the corruption is you one must grow back right after that, indeed, so he is dug in on this. So Eli musk also got some people who are talking out against him, which I think it's him go even more.

Use what he said Elon musk years would Daniel mood Moody said of on MSNBC cut 20 is a danger to twitter and to freedom of speech. Now to say some of the most transfer and homophobic millions of followers creating an arena for hate to me sounds like really, I don't know him to be homophobic or anti-trans phobic I just desiring these can be initially conservative, but when it was time to invite people to the White House to talk about what's next with electric cars was thick with space or widow who the best businessmen and women of the world to come on and talk about how to get that deficit down and keep you do grow the economy down some invite everybody except you know that some haters would invite you only talk about electric cars. They talk about space, this administration doesn't invite you one must think I was space X and Tesla will gain close to Fox and friends weekend as I share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. So just subscribe and listen. Fox News five just Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts without positive it's Brian kill me. Thanks much for being here. Everybody's the brain to me Joe company from 46 heard around the country and around the world.

46 in midtown Manhattan where people come back to work but evidently there's like a million people who are not working in New York City. They get a deal with their company really like J.P. Morgan 8.can't go on. No will walk on eggshells to make sure you don't upset people. They don't sue is coming back this pandemic. A lot of people like to get back to work. They proven to be with me in a matter of moments will talk about that and so much more than a brand-new book out in the body out of the latest on the war and things are changing the governor general Jackie will be here from the Institute of the study of war and he is probably the best information in the country about what's happening in Ukraine so is get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three is a danger to twitter and to know to say some of the most transfer and homophobic millions of followers creating an arena for hate to me sounds like it's not musk media in his quest for twitter why this must happen. Why so many worried it will in mortuary.

If it doesn't gallop recently asked the public.

What are your top concerns. Of course, economy, and the cost of living was number one. Second strikingly to me was government poor leadership. Other presidents have been able to recover from the sorts of setbacks but I think the public has judged five and judged negatively. Yeah I be the only start with Afghanistan to three. That's when everyone stopped giving Ben for the dev Dems of the feeling of doom and its well-deserved the economy, foreign policy, and a befuddled present has almost all the confidence out of that party. The question now on the right will be. Is it still Donald Trump party, as he puts his personal power on the line in the midterms backing some underdog candidates despite the Russians gathering and consolidating their forces here. I think the equation to give them a hell of a tough idea and there's no certainty that the Russians are going to be able to accomplish what they want here in the South epic battle looms in Don Voss as Russians amassed forces to take these two perhaps the South while still striking in the North. As of today.

Six dead what's the West doing to arm Ukraine to win as Russia's cruelty and barbarity its new Lowe's Ukrainian strength things global respect was.

Dave Rubin or the deep thinkers in our country host the day room report. Best-selling author brand-new book is doing exceedingly well as well.

Don't burn this country. Surviving and thriving in our woke to a dystopia. They welcome back that I was doing my research this morning and I could not come up with one homophobic your trans phobic tweed from a lot but creating success, but nothing about her trip so that David is using up every day, saluting transsexuals right but I think Caitlin Jenner doesn't so I don't understand what it is. But let's start there. Can you explain Elon musk, who is not exactly Newt Gingrich of of inventor's resort.

Thomas Edison right this guys just it just somebody's a deep thinker cares, but like he tends to be in between what why some people so upset of them might buy my buy twitter simple answer to that because the guy wants to defend free speech everything, regardless of whether you agree with him politically or not he's actually at your site not very political history.

Political beliefs are not known that well you got libertarian beliefs for Shorty -like capitalism in the open market. But at the same time you got government subsidies Don Kaplan think he's a little bit of a mix which is probably what most people are at some level you hold no radical position that anyone knows you come in for a I want to defend free speech. I want twitter to be an open platform and I'm a crazy premium to do it in the funny thing that people need to understand twitter situation is that when twitter went public in 2013. Their valuation is basically the same I think was a couple weeks ago. So the company had not grown in any really effective way.

Then he comes in for hate. I will pay you guys a lot more I can tell you this right as you know anybody who would ever started a company or put a dime into a company good dream.

The ultimate grievance to get that call from Elon musk. Hey I want to buy your company. So the fact that he think I'll pay more and the board now is basically out the shareholders because the court is saying or not to do it. The average shareholder of twitter stock. Of course you want to sell to Elon musk and actually has almost nothing to do with politics you want to sell because why you buy statement accompanied by state so that you can make some money. So this thing really has exposed some very very strange things related to health, free speech and big tech and big business all operate together by couple things is an fundamentally I get security issues of the day member, we had five flu influence about issues facing Americans inflation, no doubt about the war in Ukraine, no doubt about it was going on aboard. No doubt about it. I know where you stand roughly the same places I stand but I have no problem cigarette with the issues are. What is copy by surprise over the last few years is pretty much what you wrote the book is people over sudden tell me about pronouns I thought was a joke. I know you would be talk about people tell me about where our country is built on stolen land and on slavery, weight, our histories being attacked and now we hear about transsexuals and kids in hormone blockers and €12 something of myself. Who's coming up with this agenda.

Have you figured it out with the woke mob came from what Julian dollar question. Where they came from because what they've done. I would say that you have to give the devil is like what they're doing. I know that we don't obviously your listeners don't either but you have to acknowledge that they have done some real destructive stuff here and that's what their goal is to get the first day. Okay you guys have done partly what you become what you try to accomplish.

And there's something to be said about that. Even if you like what they've done. Now they've done things such as 2+285 boys or girls that are history is racism and non-racism is rated in the rest of it. So where did it come from and there's a couple arguments around if you know some people think the long march through the institutions that sort of communist and Marxist God and usually treat Ivy League schools in the 60s and they just sort of get it all on the DL.

I would say in a modern context that's really how most of us are talk about it now. The last five years of very radical base figured out how to get into the Corporation. They figured out how to infiltrate the big tech companies and now you've got people like the CEO of Disney Bob tropical.

Obviously I don't agree but to become the sealed did you got have a pretty good pedigree you not yet the acquired company that expanded by the opportunity you got describe groveling groveling to his LGBT Q plus whatever it is begging for forgiveness and think will be a better ally and it's like man you assigned your own death warrant because you are now hostage to your own radical group. So where did it come from. It probably came from all of us for not standing up a little bit faster but I don't think it's too late. I leader because I think the backlash is taking place.

I'm watching it now and what it is is in a way I'll I'll give the devil his due. And from what you said, but also say you overplayed your hand you activated people that had no interest in getting involved in school boards no interest get involved the power in the particle process, who pretty much what moderates were Democrats or sandwich saying if I don't vote a certain now for Republicans. I would end up with agenda were my kids going to go midnight, send of my sons can feel like a girl one day and sweep able to get a subscription for a prescription for hormone blockers. I showed you don't have to be a Republican but you cannot be a Democrat might think that that's where a lot of the country to have your traditional, conservative Republican voters.

But right now the average person that you're talking about that parent in Virginia most likely was good about Democrat and then they realize that critical race theory and all this crazy gender stop within their school you went after their kids. And then suddenly what happened claim young people in and that is a good matter if you are Republican or Democrat. That is a good win for America for freedom and rational thought and all of those things. So it's sort of you know I moved from Los Angeles to Florida in the last three months I can tell you that I feel like I live in a different country. The state of Freedom in Florida is so strong thanks to not only understand this, but the people who voted the right way.

Thankfully that that there is a flourishing here while California crumbles, so people have to make decisions for their life you want to live in places that are going to indoctrinate your children destroy your businesses that make you live in a place that is unsafe because the criminals are homeless people or you want to take a chance and and be part of Freedom and it's a little messier but I guarantee you much better on the other side with the stone for this country is named this book Dave says that something's going on that up there pretty overwhelmingly bad.

Number one is anyone pro-homeless encampment because that's what happened know is in you is anyone pro-to funding the police you if they're afraid to say it now except what you Cory Bush with the squad and now even Nancy Pelosi speaks of as I gotta make it clear I don't go along with that, but in 2020. She never would've admitted that, can you give people out there some hope for my giving them for false hope in pointing out the people are getting outraged because those those homeless encampments really don't tug at your heartstrings their violence. 90% of them are violent mentally ill may be armed committing crimes. Democrats are extremely good at giving words seemingly good answers to very complex problems that actually create things were so of course I care about homeless people. Simple answer without thinking any further is okay put more money toward and that is what California had done relentlessly for decades in an accident and it is made the problem much, much worse. We can talk about mental health. We could talk about getting drug to treat all of the policing what you just said.

Look at every one of these Democrat cities that we watched Vernon 2020 year letter to Portland Seattle where you are in New York City, San Francisco, etc. they defunded the police. They said to people being more lawless, New York City right now as you know you can jump the turnstile and at the subway and they will not arrest you will find you little crimes like that start little but then start bubbling up into bigger crimes because you say to the people who are the law-abiding your soccer bandwagon. The 254 three box for the subway because you could just pop it like like these guys so everywhere that that the Democrats let the inmates run the asylum basically let the squad ideas take over destroy the city. So the hope the whole.

I'm not very hopeful that the Democrat will suddenly turn around. I don't think that there's enough moderates left. I think they destroyed the old moderate Democrat Col. Mira Democrat you're basically a Republican at this point. The hope is that the red states will strengthen and the red states will do the right thing and that good decent people will have to figure out where they want to live it somewhat depressing reality in a way but remember were founded on federalism the idea that either the United States of America meeting. The states are different and individual you can figure out where you want to live your feet of space with high taxes, high crime, not a good combination is time to move to Texas or Florida. And that's when it's been happening in this country with the Moore and South Carolina. I was in South Carolina a few months ago and they said that they get the biggest problem was we let we invited tourism to come here and then the biggest problem is now that they've decide to stay. So a lot of the states are being infiltrated by people that want to come and don't want to change. That's a scary thing.

What else of these interesting do you think there's a chance state that if a guy like Joe mansion maybe 70 something, maybe not him like Joe mansion emerged on the left who centerleft you think you would get to the primary process.

Now I don't unfortunately I think the entire machine is quite big. Check it again in the mainstream media would be against and they would treat him. In essence, probably a tiny bit better than they treated Donald company would treat him no better than they would tweak a rod and that really is the problem because once they let the cat out of the bag with this thing once they said all of our opponent to write all of our opponents are homophobes, etc. left no for anyone decent to be in every which why that's why guy like Chuck Schumer. If you took Chuck Schubert 10 years ago.

He was a moderate Democrat. Even Nancy Pelosi. I know a lot of people find it hard to believe she wasn't a completely crazy leftist 10 years ago, but they let the squad run and run the narrative and the media went all in on it so I see no way for a moderate look.

There was a moderate grand in 2020, unable to talk to Gabbert right. She talked about being proud of America. She talked about how identity politics and bad in the party completely destroy her Hillary Clinton called her Russian asset as did Mitt Romney.

By the way, and they left no rehearsal.

If you are a moderate Democrat. If you are a future Joe mansion you have to be a Republican right now. Let's coalesce around that and then we can go from there and then if you know the public into the final thing we can argue about all the important stuff we can argue about tax rate. We can even argue about abortion and other very tightly held issues, but we gotta save America first and then we'll deal with some of the ancillary issues. I just think that maybe somebody who is left like Gilmore when he comes and goes tense. Stop smashing crap.

I think that was a radical idea.

It also I when I go to guys like that who clearly are liberal can understand with the parties. That gives me hope. Not that he's going to change for that that he could just point out the idiocy of what you've just outlined in your book and final thought on that. Well, I hope you're right and I talked about go more often because I want guys like questioners.

I like your bar when you vote for people who actually stand up for the things that you believe and vote for the people who dependably spoke to the people who are against CRT and against will write you just screaming into the void but but I do get it right and I hope you're right. I hope he can convert people and they'll get the end of the road, even if he did not debris when congratulations in the book don't burn this country. Surviving and thriving in our will dystopia. Good job Dave. Thanks.

Join me, you got it out of the Elgin project team next to you. 1-866-408-7669 Brian kill me, Joe giving you everything you need to know you're with Brian kill me if you're interested in Brian's talking about a door with Brian kill made scales right now.

It should very heavily in favor of the forms of left well intended. Some leaders, but to file and what we have as a result.

This is going. Crime is going actual amount of crime is evidence in almost every major American city.

So that is William Bratton making a comment I believe on on ABC making his comments that he's worried about crime anything to come from bed policies among the woke left so when they played that George Stephanopoulos played William Bratton, who's been helping out Eric Adams for police Commissioner.

There, this would Eric Adams said he said you would you agree with 31.

Yes, I believe he is right and he understood what we had to go through during the mid-80s early 90s we had to transform policing major mistakes made throughout the years that destroyed the trust that the police Commissioner is talking about whether we build the trust but we can't rebuild their trust by allowing those who are dangerous and they have the repeated history of violence continue to be on our streets after an bottleneck to court.

Too many people during coping with courts close down have not served their time have not been in the courtroom and then we have to be honest about some the things were doing generationally that has created the crime problem that we are facing right now and that is why we believe in intervention and prevention to solve this issue that we facing about it easy to identify the issue. There were the same time and also called a black lives matter that I was in Brooklyn and the Bronx, Brooklyn, the Bronx, I think was two days ago and he said he visually shootings going on and it's all black against black crime wears black lives matter. There the same time we know about black lives matter wasting millions of dollars so is the sum of their board members can buy mansion since a joke. So Eric Adams does. That gives me great hope.

At the same time he blames ghost guns and wants to Masco, four-year-olds, so he stopped and starts. I think them for the most part in New York City, which leads the way and so many things, including crime. I think that if he can start making some gains.

I feel more optimistic because I like is also out somebody's not quarantine right now, grand larceny's of hundred and 10% crime overall year-to-year in New York City's up 37% any took over ends only ticked off Gen. Keene next radio that it makes you think this is the Brian kill me show many of the antiaircraft. The anti-ship the idea that the Ukrainians could down one of the biggest warships of Russia has in the black sea.

Who would've thought this know we were told me over four days and now they could actually win this war if we would properly equip them.

Also, Sen. James Baker last night's focus is Institute at Rice University that we target what would Reagan do you know what his response was, you know what he would've done a lot more and a lot sooner that says it Joe Jenkins in the day-to-day of this war and continuing to be pleasantly surprised. Like a Bible actually show my own thoughts about what you think about how far how great the Ukrainians are fighting but they are against impossible art. Our poor varied stuff tough odds. Joe Jackie joins us now. Jim, of the Institute for the study of war, foxes, Senior strategic analyst general welcome back. Brian is always so gentle couple things we do there still hidden hitting the north, there still hitting the capital Kievan is still hitting Aviv.

They kill five people with long-range missile strikes and they had a few blocks over the weekend through missile defense.

What is the would've the Russians try to do just create a sense of terror throughout the country. Even if they're not physically there and they wanted. People still feel that vulnerability and shortly intimidation and coercion and pressure to put pressure on the government as a result of the fact that innocent people are being killed is their way of war to conduct military operations against noncombatants and the purpose of that is to break their will.

So they're going to continue that that campaign. Most of those muscles get delivered by air launched cruise missiles from airplanes that are outside the Ukrainian border.

Not all of them but most of them deliver that way and of course as you mention were on the cusp of of a major fight in the South. It will be the most significant fight that's taken place so far and the fight favors the Russians in terms of basic consolidated now probably about 50 or 60 of them giant tactical groups are north of the bombast region and they intend to encircle the Ukrainian forces which have been in the bombast region so audience understand since 2014. They been there the Russians about presence with the separatists in the Ukrainians have fought them from trying to expand over these last eight years and now they're going to try to encircle those forces in this fight favors the Russians because the terrain is open and flat, and they can bring up their armor forces supported by artillery and air power. I will refer to as conventional combined arms warfare.

The Ukrainians will attempt to invent that from happening and that is one of the reasons why they have been asking for advanced weapon systems longer midrange air defense tanks and armored vehicles, artillery, artillery battery fire which is radiology very important and they're getting some of those systems and what the administration did last week or so. Good thing that step in the right direction and getting them this is going to be a very tough fight. Brian and I don't think anybody could predict the outcome at this point. Shortly the Russians have underperformed and I likely they will still be able on on the form but quantity has a quality all of its own, as we have seen the Russians are prepared to take on the usual amount of casualties and stay in the fight and just grind down the Ukrainians and news estimates that these casualties they take their actually higher than reported and could be as high as 30%.

That's really true that exceeds the casting rate in World War II and in the Korean War, which was really quite staggering. But it's it's a mindset and and I think what you're saying is their determination to resolve to really take to get tired.

Bombast region and that's what this focus is based solely their strategic objective is to control the entire southern coast to Ukraine forced Ukraine's landlocked country which would devastate them economically and would likely result in Zaleski having America some serious concessions to the Russians, but this was a fight and unfold in the next couple weeks so but to lock them in by land that McAleer Nikolai would have to fall and then Odessa and do you believe that Neptune rocket or missile did.

They took out that ship that backed the Russian Navy out of the Black Sea to a safe distance may be prevented amphibious to be his landing we thought was inevitable not ready for that yet because they committed their naval victory for the fight and married called and so they had great difficulty approaching Odessa from the land as we were reported on Fox on a daily basis and they have not reengaged that activity did not think about that until Mary pole falls and are able to consolidate their forces in the bombast.

I think what they would do if they have forces left over after the siege of Mary pole and not damaged those forces would initially I would imagine assisted in bombast region fight which means they would have no right to dissipate in the encirclement and then at that bombast is taken, the land bridges established they would think about moving west to address a broad and there that there's nothing coming through it into those ports in the best now because the Russian Navy is out there and match in the black sea and effectually has a blockade in place so they have they have shut down the imports and exports that Ukraine would normally get pricey right to in terms of them getting the weather Ukrainians in the weapons and need a new lease.

It was a step in the right direction, but having more steps do we need, and to what they want tanks. Can anyone get them tanks bricks are sending them tanks and the chapter starting up.

Thanks one of the problems we have with just running out former Soviet republic vehicles which is what they feel they have brush of equipment and there's just so many countries that have that available then as countries of the stuff in us coming the country in the world that has been most Russian equipment of the Russia India and they won't part with any of it because of their relationship with Russia, which is quite frustrating. I know the administration is working hard on.

Which also has Russian equipment to try to get the equipment out of there but what what's happening is you started this list we sent them 155 artillery as opposed to 152 which they have an that that means some kind of a training program in all click one that didn't do it in a neighboring country but they wouldn't have to rely more on natal equipment you estimate it will quit because we just running out of Russian equipment to give them an in depth that there's problems associated with that one is training some penetrating will have to take place to the repair parts system know they have a repair parts are simply Russian equipment now because they've had for years. They have no repair parts system and a natal equipment so that a sentimental long and then there's going to be a concern about certain types of equipment that we have that may indeed have classified technology associated with it and we don't want to part with it like this: the hands of the Russians so those are three challenges that are coming to us as a result of us having to rely more on US natal equipment than on the on the Russian equipment think this is if this is important as this is factors into this battle. This is a Lieut. Gen. Ben Hodges on face the nation cutting but I do think that the pressure on the general staff to deliver malleable finally ahead of nine may is immense. Nine may have courses this annual celebration in Russia of the end of World War II, or what they call the great patriotic war to huge parade in Red Square every year. So obviously they need to have something to parade just to show as a victory on nine may swelling the state does does have importance or would you think I think that's desirable for them and I think that pushing for that shortly in advance that celebration. I don't like the pull out every stop thing out just to accomplish that. I think they would like to be well on their way. Also by by that date.

Having some success with the bombast region as well. But listen sort only of substantial prior prior to this invasion popularity because of the economy and because of cold what was in the 60s. Now that our president would love to have ranges of the 60s as the previous president of potent ratings 11. What is not as high as 78 so they were in the 60s prior to 2014 21 inch of Crimea in eastern Ukraine. The ratings jumped up into the 80s. The rate is now are in the mid 80s as a result of this military invasion and why is that because of how he portrays back to his own population he portrays it as the United States and Ukraine and NATO are the aggressors and he is defending his Republic, the Russian people against this aggression from the West and because he just runs on state media over and over and over again. Many of the people in Russia who do not have access to social media because it's all shut down nobody up to it. The young people who have other ways to get into social media because there are very familiar with how to take advantage of the system technologically and they also have outreach to young people in other countries that much more savvy about what's going on. Some people have been arrested for protesting more biological young people the moat the everyday working person in Russia is buying into this faulty narrative that the United States, NATO and Ukraine on the aggressors and that's wise popularity so high I don't think there's as much pressure on him as people are making out the beat despite the obvious failure we had in the north might think he's he's told his commanders will finish this finisher on our terms, and that's where that what you are about right now.

I generally is thing is so they want to get the attorneys in open field. They want to tank that only one. So why Ukrainians can play into their hands.

Is there a plan B, you can create a forest. I understand that why give them what they want is some like you who lives in as a military historian your own right is something Ukrainians can do tactically the maybe the Russians who have shown the inability to adjust anything possibly catch you by surprise, level and are likely going to do it at the study of what were tracking the movement of the Russian formations moving down into the bombast region, and a great contact with Ukrainians and and Brian will it's amazing.

They are continuing the same tactics that they did north of P. In other words you wrote bound not maneuvering when they make contact. They don't do well about that. They haven't take advantage of the armor that they have imported and formations unsupported with artillery, so we may see some of the same ineptitude in this battle and Ukrainians are very flexible on the day they attacked from the flight they attacked from the rear of the attack at night, so yes they're going to take advantage of their own ingenuity and imagination to deal with the force that significantly outdoes them and outnumbers them yet so weak we cannot underestimate Ukrainians in this fight crime scenes tell you we felt the frustration of Iraqis were slow to understand and be trained up and be ready to fight, and in the Afghanistan and Scott Afghanistan had very small number of forces were actually competent but we got our dream. Here we got a very competent fighting force with tremendous will determination and they really seem skilled so in a way, this is what we had hoped for in the war on terror. We got it now.

Now we just gotta do what I think is the easier part. Give them what they need to succeed.

I totally agree with that. I do put the administration was on a different page initially spoke about it on numbers of time on Fox.

I think their stated goal was to assist Ukrainians unstated goal that you want to provoke an dénouement to protect a provocative action as a result of US or NATO escalating and not held back some of the support that Ukrainians should have received but I bet that much more on the same page now with Ukrainians that they were in the past but I know for a fact that the chairman of the joint Chiefs, Millie and Secretary of Defense Austin are spending hours every day on this very subject making certain these guys are getting some things that they absolutely need and that's only has been reflected in the recent list that they formulated it on the grossest thing that we've got to get other countries involved put pressure on them as well because there's a lot of equipment and NATO Brian spent an what's your make up your mind and not enough Russian equipment around Logan have to give them natal equipment will obviously all NATO countries except for the former Soviet republics have natal equipment and we could get that movement to them. Even though we may have to do some training programs and listening Ukrainians are very imaginative people and their quick study, so I bailed to a training or something in their minds are it is not all that of the challenge and get on with Gen. Jack Keane all over this appreciation 00's great talk, great talking to you and your same here me. 1-866-408-7669. You are now got the cutting edge information on the war as well as politics.

Next, your calls, 1-866-408-7669 learning something new every day, Brian kill me show breaking loose unique opinions. All Brian kill me show the whole things on the fact says that is a massive divide that the board and then there's the shareholder. 20. Thomas is a very good deal for the shareholders sensible shareholder to decide sure what will South Elon musk was very good offer but then there's the board is twitter itself, and that doesn't seem to be interested in the good offer and then the question becomes, okay, so what is it that trying to protect what is it a try to hide I think is a lot going on behind this is not just that they want to hold on to the point that they believe is theirs and theirs alone and must always be I'm to the point of the radical left where you can be signs 70s fixative Eagle musk acquired the company we might as she find out what is what is been doing maybe that said, I do know is there something he been doing besides to boot. We see with a been seeing behind in that shadow banning that started we probably picked it up in 2018. I didn't see anything about this in 2016. Then the massive suspensions after 2020.

And now, which is understood that if the one thing goes January 6 it talks about election fraud of the vaccine might not work. Next theory suspended got no one to answer to, or or complained to Civic Ramaswamy was on with Dan bunching over the weekend cut 22. This is really dangerous for the government.

Government is Mark my words come after him in one way or another viewed SEC or otherwise, because the government can capture. Twitter is an existing twitter to get your hate speech and misinformation at the government defined musk run twitter may not be able to do that any government sector to come after him to is my prediction here, but I was coming to the manager class does. That's how they operate.

Wow that's unbelievable. I mean, they will see what happens because of legal and must in the technical way and if something gets attacked publicly or attacked by the SEC publicly. This can be backlash on that two people that have classy wonder about the doubt of this. The overlord and if oh and if you can bring Elon musk to heal put kids to wheel live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City fresh office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice kill me I switch to be nearby.

If the right to me Joe, do you from 46 in midtown Manhattan around the country and around the world, especially in Ukraine). Join me at the bottom of the hour. He's going talk to Sean Penn maybe about his past movies and what he's been doing with his new movie and that's doing a documentary and what's going on Ukraine listing I saw the jump and since he might just start fighting with Donald. That's a good idea if they were to capture two British soldiers am parading on television in Russia. TV rushes just indiscriminately bombing. They said the bomb 300 targets throughout Ukraine today just long-range bombing feel they did, they don't like fighting the Russian Ukrainian military is a loose they love killing civilians because they're good at it, let's get to the victory now stories you need to know Brian's three number three is a danger to twitter and to know to say some of the most transparent and homophobic things to his millions of followers creating an arena for me.

Sounds like musk mania in his quest for twitter why this must happen. Why so many where you will mortuary. If it doesn't gallop recently asked the public.

What are your top concerns.

Of course, economy, and the cost of living was number one. Second strikingly to me was government poor leadership. Other presidents have been able to recover from the sorts of setbacks.

I think the public has judged five and judged negatively and have a feeling of doom and its well-deserved the economy, foreign policy of the funneled president has all has almost all the confidence of his people on the other side down trumpeters personal power on the line by backing some Republicans who are underdogs in the Republican primaries despite the Russians gathering and consolidating their forces here. I think the equation to give them a hell of a tough fight here and there's no certainty that the Russians are going to be able to accomplish what they want here in the South.

Wow, epic battle wounds and down boxes, Russians amassed forces to take the east and perhaps the South was still striking over the North was the West doing to arm Ukrainians for wind as Russia's cruelty and barbarity hits new lows. Ukrainian strength gains global respect. So let's bring Michael Goodwin and now for the New York Post, Fox News contributor Michael first off you surprised at the level of barbarity and an indiscriminate killing the Russians are doing well, good morning. I would say shocked, but not the prize. It is shocking to the conscience. When you think of the cruelty to be bombing hospitals and firing just firing into cities and not even necessarily knowing where it's going to land. Just knowing your hitting civilian targets I meet. This is against all the rules of modern warfare mean it when we say barbaric. That is the way wars were fought for thousands of years. Modern warfare goes to great lengths to prevent civilian deaths to make in the military battle only.

But this is Russia. I mean this is the Soviet style. It was always best for them may never look at what they did even on World War II. I mean they work wherever they went.

They not only were victorious in eastern and central Europe, but they but they held that territory mean they conquered it and kept it. That was what the Soviet Union was and this is this is a throwback to another time and when you see the civilian suffering when you think about the thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians killed millions of people uprooted 4 million people have fled the country. I mean think the human suffering involved in that the trauma on children that will last their entire lifetime and and some of that.

We know that trauma gets passed on to their children as well because it shapes who they are. So yes, and this is all all because Vladimir Putin wants Ukraine. I mean it's just nothing more Ukraine that he wants to dump us trees with the iron in the oil.

You can try take that, but it's pretty amazing that the only thing our factories which he said is that they lose almost every time the deeds Ukrainian military and instead of that understanding and try to be the military and say well there's some there's some collateral damage they start aiming for civilians adults on bicycles blowing up children in schools with theaters & was away.

Second, do they have no shame other then you have any sense of courage and honor at all in the fight. There's nothing there's nothing glorious about winning a battle when you're fighting against 80-year-old women know people say you know trying to address mothers in Russia of the soldiers and say do you know what your sons are doing.

I mean, do you see how cruel your sons are and hopefully some of this will get through to ordinary citizens in Russia course are tightly controlled about what they can hear and Putin is telling them this is a fight for survival against the Nazis which which refers back to World War II when it was communism versus not to use them throughout much of Europe. Hitler hated communist. The Soviets hated the Nazis who has tried to re-create that same mentality by accusing Ukraine of being ruled by Nazis and how this is a special mission to not Sophia Ukraine.

I mean it's all made up. You know there's no truth to it, then so Russians themselves have been bombarded with his propaganda and you would hope by now more and more Russians would be seen through the body bags come home and then soldiers are not heard from you would think that the Russians would begin to get some more accurate sent, but everything I've read coming out of Russia is that the intensity of the propaganda within the country. The restrictions as to what else can be heard, the arrest of protesters.

All of that has served to create the whole of feeling that this is really true. We are fighting the Nazis in Ukraine and never going to do attack Russia you know NATO was going to attack Russia mandate date, been sold. That bill of good and sufficient numbers of people by that there's no internal threat to pollutants are not consistent… A topic so was to move through it in the political realm. Donald Trump is going to the lamp endorsing JD Vance one time big critic of Trump Susan anti-Trumper and now going for Dr. Oz over Dave McCormick, Chris Christie said as well as going for Sen. perdue to be the next governor of Georgia over sitting Republican governor Inc. in camp cut 15.

It will always be a factor because the former president has influence inside the party, but I don't believe his invoices will be determinative on. I think you see that the polling you see in North Carolina where he's endorsed.but Pat McCrory still had the polling there you see them going all out, a fact I am a person.

The whisperings of his own money in Georgia. On the bright kept in fingers realize you did surprise me a lot and it's only $5000 so thought to do anything in the race with the spending tens of millions but he's losing their she's Dave McCormick is winning in Pennsylvania right now. Despite the Dr. Oz enforcement so I don't know what it's About McConnell is right at core that if Republicans don't nominate folks who can appeal to the general electorate.

Then all this momentum will be stunted in those states if they pick the right people then another governmental beast, especially in the in the in the Senate is what you think about what we speak about Chris Christie's right.

The only thing I would add Brian is present. Trump back and not on Presidents' Day. I asked him if it was a litmus test for him that the people he endorsed for the people who voted for him even supported him still. If they had to believe that the 2020 election was stolen and that to me is is the great tripwire because it Trump is only going to endorse people who believe the election was stolen or who will say that in exchange for an endorsement if he only if he keeps making that appeal. I believe it's a very narrow appeal. I don't believe that you will become the next president. If that is part of his campaign he can. He can believe and I think he does believe that I don't think he's no floating at a trial balloon. He believes this, but I think the country wants to move ahead and if you're going to make it about 2020. I think these candidates whom you're endorsing now, many of them are going to as Chris Christie says, many of them are going to fail in a general public because yes it's true something like 40% of the public thinks there were phony things that happened in 2020, 40% is not a majority, and you can you can make a big showing out of that, but I don't believe you can win election in most places.

If that term. Your main position to produce and lose. I think that Dr. Oz was in a dead heat before the endorsement. This could put them up, and I think it's any variance in JD Vance is telling by about seven in most polls. I think this could be the difference in Ohio where I think present very popular will save anything if you're if you're running on 2020 was was rigged.

I think you're done I we have no interest in 2020. With so many other problems to deal with Michael last question I want you around.

Dermer said about this policy of going back into this terrible deal with the Ron Ron term as a former US ambassador. The former is really Abbasid United States 11 other countries in the region are just not going to sit on their hands.

You can have the sounds go maybe to the Pakistanis to get nuclear weapons will sink Turkey will see Egypt try to develop nuclear weapons programs of their own. Now you're taking the most unstable region in the entire world.

We got a lot of fanatics running around the Middle East and you're gonna turn it into a nuclear tinderbox and you don't have to do this steel.

They said they've done. They did for deals in two years with Donald Trump. Two years they did to in 40 years. Prior to him coming over in this administration just doesn't even acknowledge the Abraham accords the Abraham accords our you had you had Israel and America's Arab allies working together and that that force that force of United countries opposed to a Ron Ron is what a Ron as an enemy is what the Arabs and the Israelis have in common and Trump seized on that natural alliance and forged friendships and trade agreements and even some mutual security exchanges by would shatter that whole Mideast idea by making the deal with the Ron by cozying up to a Ron I mean it's pretty it's pretty striking when you think about it when it goes back to Obama making that first deal with the Ron and what was it was to bring the Ron from the cold, but but when you when you look at it now.

Ron never changed it stripes it still wants to foment Islamic revolution throughout the region and so until it changes it stripes you cannot treat it like a normal country and yet that's what Obama did and it failed and it's what Biden is doing again amoebae is like on automatic pilot with this thing. There's never been a public discussion.

Really, it's just that this is a good thing.

It's not a good thing know the region thinks it's a good thing. How can it be good against this demanding to be voted the vote on this.

They don't want to let anybody vote or see while the Russians negotiated and make a profit off it is a going to take all the all the enriched uranium into their country so well. We sit in the other room and let the Russians negotiate is by far the craziest thing I've seen in my lifetime as foreign affairs as as crazy as the evacuation of Afghanistan was only this will through talks to one day live in a war criminal that we trust him to negotiate the Iran nuclear it's nuts. I'm well aware this is like your head wants to explode when you try to gather both of these thoughts together. They don't make any sense. I don't live together for Thursday column for one thing, I did a lot. Michael Goodwin thanks so much. Got him fired up there the bottom of the UNIX 186640876696 thanks to Bryan's got a lot more to say. Stay with Brian until made the fastest three hours in radio with Brian until made easy a stupid or is he playing a citizen of well he works for network okay, that provides people with questions that nothing personal to any individual, including Peter Ducey that might make anyone sound like a stupid son of so Jim, thank you for the big audience on pod save America. A bunch of Obama lights try to get her to say sub achieved she had plenty of time to think about it.

She didn't have a knee-jerk reaction. She thought about it and said that a network provides him with questions and make him sound like a stupid son of son of a bench so that was unbelievable.

Number one was a do they think the questions are good. You might like the questions and see comes up with his own question. You can't possibly have this type of case of doing this five days a week for two years and then the campaign in between what I want to answer the questions because they are like why isn't present by doing more for the environment. This you want those questions as opposed to you have left 2.2 million people into this country while vowing not to build the wall and yet you doing investigation you're doing is on the horse soldiers who you claim will whipping Haitians so that is makes him a stupid ass will be amine the questions in the Astoria or not extraneous questions and and went with the referring to is when present, Biden calls Peter Ducey at his stupid ass will be because he is aware standing in front of a microphone that he was standing from microphone everyone heard him. So here's what she said about the fact that Joe Biden called up to apologize to Peter Ducey after son asked him about you know what the president had sadden what he said back, and he could have been like he is the son of a crime, standing up for for whatever could have said anything and instead he said he called me in a really nice conversation. I'm just asking my questions he doing his job, so I will say I was a moment of grace. You have to like everything Peter Ducey says or does. That is certainly a moment of grace by Peter Jesse yelled at me and that didn't take that that that's noteworthy that we should come up in meeting the Gentiles had a huge problem with an is a fact that she's going NBC so she still doing her job, while all but signed to NBC if stuff like that happens, usually happens months later, out of the box you hear about rumors that will begin but even NBC seems have a problem with that is to pray for things is just around the corner. He's got Sean Penn tonight and Trump and said down Sean Hannity couple weeks ago using the brain to Michaux so glad you're here. Talk show that's getting you talk your Brian until made sense that Vladimir Putin it is doing reality and what's happening in Ukraine or is he getting a dressed up picture of the war.

No icing tedious now in his poem wall at church. You know, he sings the war is necessary for security guarantees for the Russian Federation.

He doesn't trust so the international community.

He blames to cranium, so too for Tennessee's Tennessee exam and almost reaching so well.

He is no in his world, but icing.

He knows what is going on no great but I just want to follow question at what is he think is going on Ukraine.

He knows now knows what because call new hammer is the Austro Austrian Chancellor they are neutral but they want to people to boo should before he went to visit in Moscow since the war started. This is his first visit with the head of state, and he went in there.

He says he laid on the money was very blunt the Putin think she's winning the war and but now he knows reality of what's going on to what is it he rested. I heard 100 intelligence officers were arrested arrested so with a compiling of cooler they just sucked their job and they predicted that Ukraine would fall in 72 hours. Kind of like our intelligence agencies with me right now is always already yet okay I thought he was up there, but I bet they'll be joining us shortly. So here's Vladimir Zelinski on he is not into talks right now I don't blame him. We think the whole world should be worried about what Vladimir Putin is capable of.

After which he seen so far.

Got three, the director of the CIA warned that he is worried Putin might use a tactical nuclear weapon in this fight are you worried, and autonomy.

I think with all old quality conscious to be important because you know that it can be a nontrivial information about candidates and tools.

Think not be afraid I'm in that differing the ready months that in on the question put to Ukraine only for the folder for all the world I think so look, nobody knows for sure, but he is losing tens of thousands that he lost. They that we believe the Ukraine say 20,000. Some say more soldiers measured 20,000 little how many are wounded right now I am Belarus. How many quit them and shot themselves in order not to fight but he's got a lot of resources, but he can't have that much he's gotta go beg the Syrian war fighters to come in there coming.

The Wagner group to expand and that there that shows a seriousness is and I just think that we gotta make you go out of her way to make sure they did that Zelinski in this last battle in this last battle wins so Atty. Gen. Ben Hodges had a lot of things to settle is very interesting yes and face the nation. One things. He also said is that Vladimir Putin's got no play. This is the second phase of the war, and there is no indication there playing for third phase. Here's what if you're planning for third phase of the war you have already called up all your reserves and you got them training and getting ready and re-acclimated to possibly coming up.

Should you not be able to secure the Dunbar's region and begins it talks after any is even done that yet Sue makes it think they're all in on this, so that's interesting.

Here's Chris Coons I want you this, the dimmer did the man he became the next center of Delaware when Joe Biden became vice president content.

Are you arguing present by Margaret was wrong when he said he would not send troops to Ukraine. I am asking him to set a redline. This is a critical moment. If Vladimir Putin, who has shown us how brutal he can be is allowed to just continue to massacre civilians to commit war crimes and throughout Ukraine out without NATO without the West coming more forcefully to his aid. I great I think deeply worrying that what's going to happen next is that we will see Ukraine turn into Syria. The American people cannot turn away from this tragedy in Ukraine. I think the history the 21st century turns on how fiercely we defend freedom.

Ukraine and that Putin will only stop when we stop them.

I agree because a category for the mulled over right after it's around the cage very non-NATO nation the Don Bass analysis goes like this Don Bass about the eye, about the size of New Hampshire with the frontline stretching hundreds of miles Russian borders. It kind of an arc from the north to the east, and most residents speak Russian. Although they're not loyal to write your name for the rich Donatist basin of coal seems just the service, the region started with Soviet era mining and factory towns across the sprawl of sunflower fields and grassy planes. They also have oil. They also have iron now the question is who's got the advantage will in the open field. They say Russia's got the bandage but is defending force which Ukraine is they have the advantage in striking from entrenched positions at Russian troops as they advance overground in of the artillery range secured with Gen. Keene said last hour he said the Russians are still using only roads they're not going off road and when they are engaged. They're not gloves. They're not aligning or setting up formations were artillery is guarding against the tanks.

They still are on their own. They seem clueless when engaged. They got about 40,000 troops.

It's hard to tell how many Ukraine has a don't have any survive they want to keep that somewhat secret. The big difference from the northern phase of the war and the others in the apartment is kind of an urban environment military Allison forecasting all-out putty battle that is very much like world war two. Prediction it'll be long it will be slow moving the frontline still move for weeks, but we'll see who's got the best weapons. The West is the best weapons, but they only seem to be trained on Soviet era weapons. That's what's got a change. Believe me, if you want to become a a NATO nation got really use Western stuff and we had to sell it to a Bulgari can write checks let Latvia Lithuania. They can write checks. Of course he could do in in Finland and Sweden. If we have to keep getting himself Soviet era things fasting to see the Gen. Keene since her reaching to Vietnam because they have all their Soviet stuff in the Vietnam is more of an ally to us then to Russia. They don't know if they want to get involved directly. So right now that Mary Poole is holding on. My feeling is the reason why Chartist golf was able to survive even always being pummeled.

Is this a realtor bring in reinforcements force the distraction of the troops to go and block the re-entrance of Ukraine and there were the fourth Russian deficit. This is not worth it to hold this area. We are wrecked the place were going to go.

Meanwhile, senators right now both grant mostly Democrat. I guess a role Democrat.

It is going to be center Julie Branson or Cory Booker Sen. Mark Kelly Congressman Montero Jones are all going to pull in the UAE, India, Nepal and Germany over the next nine days. The group is issuing didn't want to get some statements out there, let them know you need some help. The biggest disappointment is India.

They have all the Russian stuff, but they do not want to alienate Russia, even though the largest democracy in the world and their enemies were China.

China's loan to Russia deleting job thrushes knocking to start invading India, they're making their choice and doesn't like getting a lot of pressure from us right we come back will find that this indeed morning now and see we catch up to Brett and by the way tonight. I just found out I am hosting for Jesse at the seven prime time and always remember Saturday. Set your DVR for one nation Saturday, eight and 11 use of the brain to meet you diving deep into today's top story. Brian, kill me is so busy he'll make dear Brian, kill me that is very cute. Problem indicative problem that John Ansell and said Democrats are facing a very dire situation in November and just to put some numbers on that more than 72% of Nevadans rated economic conditions fair or poor.

This is the state that is kind for the Democratic candidate for times in a row of Democratic presidential candidates to state that fine wine on the cell's approval rating.

There is below overall politics 35% and most scary, and perhaps most ominous is the peeling off of Hispanic voters in Nevada on slump of approval rating from 73% a year ago to 52%.

Now you just read that. Democratic candidate or posting read it and call that's going on here. Also, Nevada lacks all the Republican nominee Louise Cortez Mastro by 4340 and the governors race Republicans Lisa sitting governor by two points. When Bardo they're joining me now is our bread pair bread. It seems like the Democrats of getting the world ready for a bloodbath when it happens on Dell this a look at. We predicted it burned or caregiver expectations right if you're staring it up. A red wave which really looks like a red tsunami at this point are you preparing the body you say this is what happened but if you click off of your there.

It certainly a win. The bottom line is that this book is underwater on every major issue and you have Democrats breaking away from the president on inflation.

You have Democrats breaking away with this present on immigration. Specifically, title 42, when you have a Senate candidate in Arizona campaigning on against the sitting president of his party on one big issue. That's a big problem. I was a so so I looked anxious today. Had these the outlay. Mitch McConnell's outlay of money to support Republican candidates. Whoever the nominee is against Warnock 37 million to make to hold birdseed in North Carolina 27 million to me 24 million to hold that see in Pennsylvania to beat Mastro in for 15 million Johnson to hold his seat 14 million. Here's the big question in New Hampshire even though his son a mega sand is very vulnerable. No money yet is there not one good candidate in New Hampshire since Sununu won't do it. I don't know what a blow for Republicans when governors said no but one would think that you could consult Republican who could hold their own state that you be a focus in a couple years anyway and so I would imagine that there are some candidate who emerges, but there's not one yet not one yet. The other thing is that we know where these down trumping prestige in line with Dr. Oz is basically a flat footed tie with Dave McCormick in Pennsylvania and by going with JD Vance usual Chris Christie said about the power the Trump still wields cut 15. It will always be a factor because the former president has influence inside the party, but I don't believe his endorsers will be determinative on.

I think you see that in the polling you see in North Carolina where he's endorsed type but Pat Cory is still having the polling there you see them going all out, a fact not present away springs of his own money in Georgia. On the bright kept everything. The guys you did surprise me a lot and it's only $5000 so thought could do anything in a race with the spending tens of millions but he's losing their she's Dave McCormick is winning in Pennsylvania right now.

Despite the Dr. Oz enforcement so I don't know what it's About McConnell is right, so we you think I knew Gov. Christie wants to run for president. Do you think that he's he he thinks it the prestige of downtime is really an ally in these races.

Some analysis about that. You have to look at his endorsement and say, does he have the Jews just by the endorsement to bring across the finish line and some of those endorsements I think are in question. I think they were producing trouble in Georgia and I do think Dr. Oz is grab his hands full with Dave McCormick and not primary in Pennsylvania show I think there's a question about the former president and his coattails yell this coming year, and for midterms. Yeah, I think it's as easy to be very interesting. Now you have it begin to you tonight, Sean Penn did you do it already, or tomorrow were doing sometime tomorrow in the conversation actually between Robert O'Brien. Poor national security advisor and Sean Penn talking about Ukraine. His recent trip in the interview with Zielinski and his documentary as well as their strange tied together in the O'Brien and Pam have a previous history of dealing with each other when O'Brien was heading up the hostage negotiation think should be US. Anyway, it's a conversation with the Nixon library tomorrow and Morgan air piece it on special report, middle will be afforestation our yeah, it's interesting what's happening there because most Holly was actually in support of Ukraine in a way not not like Chopin, I mean the guys actions on the ground but I don't remember a time in which more people in America from different sections are in support and is was brought up to me over the weekend with. I was talking to Douglas Murray.

He says the most. The division is really amongst Republicans, while Republicans think that we should have nothing to do with Ukraine and that we will provocative in allowing NATO to get so big and threaten Vladimir Putin. I was shocked by that I agree and I think it's an interest being taken if it is the split in the party that has the waters in the national security interest, but I think there are many people, including yourself, who articulate their national security interest of stopping food from expansion pretty well. So the party is is split on that issue and you're right, but unity is is in different places that usually don't sit how hard you study to get ready for this segment with my show. You don't want. I spent a lot of time reading and no matter what module I think so, but I will throw you off because it is can be impossible to prepare for this one topic Robert Gronkowski on what he plans on doing next, and who we wants to fight next pretty cool to have Barack come back to face the rock or have a mess like acting partner because you get people out of all that. It would also be cool have about my squad maybe like the Generation X bring them back we contact universe them pretty cool. Maybe Val Venus can come back with one of my favorite. I love the old school guys.

I want want to go over someone like the big show or the undertaker author just to massive massive Manders 611. I don't like when I go over Skype and I like to be the biggest guy to win about Caskey going against the rock or with the rock.

I've never seen this before you and your team. If you move it could be a political ticket from 24 never know. It was definitely so that you must be the best debate ever has to come back right.

I do know I think so. I'm about my Washington commanders. I think you have a quarterback now don't you went to Carson when and you never know. Stranger things have happened than a good season, Washington.

Well, I simply believe you adapted to the name commanders already called for short time we were doing when we call the people we call the Indians again. They are all of you already. This is terrible or the look at the Guardian starting you Mr. Branson nicknamed of the Commies was a star that I was laughing hysterically. That would be good. That would've been a very interesting that would be very very funny. I listened I would enjoy your mixing airing of the Robert O'Brien Sean Penn sparring session tomorrow and yes it will be a big week to read. Thanks much for joining us and he's got to be tossing to me tonight because I'm hosting for Jesse on prime time so that only a make sure he catches there and set your VCR right now. TVR 499 VCR or DVR for one nation Saturdays.

This is a right to me choke you. Over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources a fox in your box, whether podcast precise personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox News or wherever you did your

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