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Biden DEFIANT in Excuse Laden NBC Interview

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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February 11, 2022 12:46 pm

Biden DEFIANT in Excuse Laden NBC Interview

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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February 11, 2022 12:46 pm

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Fox news New York City set of Fox and friends saw America's receptive kill me. I hope not bye-bye Brian Kelly Joe, thanks so much Felicity. 1-866-408-7669. I think a lot of you because I know you have a lot to say this heartbreaking during their show and then over the over the last 24 hours were still following with tapping over in Canada was so seeing how it's affecting us here at home are also exploring the fact that these this freedom caravan is threatening to start again in Southern California possibly ring around the Super Bowl because we want our freedoms back as a country and these truckers are just the ones to do it. Adam Curry's going to be with us at the bottom of the L get his take on this. The most successful when most successful podcasts in the country. He's also former MTV MTV VJ he'll be with us to. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three this morning March 5 day of the nation's most lucrative trade route remaining closed as Canadian protesters blockade the Amb. Bridge. It's forcing truckers to drive to a different smaller border crossing about two hours outside of Detroit freedom convoy coming to the Super Bowl near you. That's the human security report talk about the incredible trucker inspired blockade is virtually shut down Canada as they demand freedom from the coping crackdowns by the way so doing, even the restrictions in four provinces have been lifted trade between our two countries is basically granted to all. I'm not kidding they're blocking the bridges as the White House arrogantly tells Trudeau to break it up but ended, Mr. Pres. In recent days received numerous governors from blue states rollback indoor mask requirements essentially getting head of the federal government. The CDC are those governors wrong. Well, it's hard to say with science is saying mask work mass make a difference using one for the registered Democrats was the truth. That's what Joe Biden is saying to governors rapidly taking away the pandemic restrictions is what's the rush, I should say is detached ambivalent approach to five science and arranges me as he just does not know the sacrifice, Americans have made for apparently no reason. While kids still wallow in masks in school and clarifier you rejecting the conclusions whether the accounts agreements Army report rejecting really not good. You just heard part of the defiant answers to NBC's Lester Hall. I'll bring you more and dive into Biden's terrible approval ratings and when he said he he was objecting to them. He's talking about the Pentagon report about what took place leading up to the catastrophic exit from Afghanistan so he's basically calling them liars as interest rates, threatening to go up because inflation is going flying up and will talk about that. So inflation is affecting all gathering the D asked the question is how can you absorb it if your one not one of eight of 10 Americans living paycheck to paycheck.

You wouldn't really feel inflation that much you not really worry about how much the bread is in the gases.

It's like wow that's this is a disturbing whose fault is it, but if you're actually living on a tight budget and you're saying yourself. That's how much you guys to go out to eat.

That's how much it is to fill up my car I just went shopping. I have two bags, a step three and I spent more money than I did in prison. Biden said flat out, it's not. It's good to be transitory a year and 1/2 ago and it is not. It's now 7.5% when he took office.

It was 1.4%. So here's the question to Lester Holt, so when do you want one can Americans expect some relief from the soaring employee according to Nobel laureates for to numb the contact from a number of corporate leaders.

It's going to be a horse start to taper officer go through this year yet but he said it was transitory right member.

This this is July cut to some folks of raised worries that this could be a sign of persistent inflation.

Our experts believe the data shows that most of the price increases. We seen art were expected and expected to be temporary, yellowy wind that was July. Obviously he is wrong. So, than the present was pressed about the inflation rate, which went up to 7.5% hours before he probably would love to talk to Lester Hall the week before we had it for 2000 jobs illicit.

I'm pulling for the economy. I'm I don't care.

I have you been doing the right things you allowing us to drill you getting rid of trade restrictions you're pushing for manufacturing and bring it home and inflation slightly goes up and you work with the Fed and on interest rates. I was jostling instead he's actually going to events pushing to spend more. He still put on the on the folly the Don Quixote task of pushing for go back better when Joe magic since I could happen and inflation should say you don't want to spend another 1.4 trillion which is really $4 trillion. So listen to Joe Biden again get a little testy when Prescott three back in July said inflation would be temporary and a lot Americans are wondering what your definition of temporary us well in your being a wise guy would understand that your job can look at the time. What happened was, let's look at the reason for the inflation's reason for the inflation industry supply chains were cut off reading that the products for example automobiles. The lack of computer chips to be able to build those on bills so they could function as computer chips were not available. So what happens when a number of cars were reduced new cars reduced made up with 1.1 third the cost inflation because the price of automobiles. Thanks for that. So that explains used cars that explain new cars up 12% shelter whether it's that tent under the bridge or whether it's the place you're renting up 5% said that been electricity up 14%.

That significant energy prices up 27% that's self-inflicted as is gasoline up 40% overall. Whether you have diesel gas or oil 40% in used cars which you just referring to 40% paying more for food, you betcha.

Overall, up 7% home food. If you cooking home 7.4% eating out 6.4% so all this is affecting his numbers. He's now at 39% of a friendly CNN poll has met 41%, but some of the numbers in the CNN poll have to be really concerning to the White House for the reason why you see Stacy Prince that show up when the present appears in Georgia part of the reason why you don't see you see Baidoa rocks. They don't help me, Democrats, and I'm now pro-gun and pro wall because I would be the next governor of Texas.

That means Joe Biden. I don't want you to come to Texas where he always claimed he was making inroads and a chance to take it. What could be done about this will could be done. Mark Penn was out with Laura Ingram.

You know, is longtime Clinton poster and he looked at the numbers and just to give you an idea with the CNN numbers play and and will help bad. It is, I'm in the numbers of for Gallup. For example, the Gallup poll says 82% of Americans feel that the country is heading is on the wrong track right now that's pretty good and being sarcastic. There in terms of his own poll numbers as I mentioned this in 41%, where it is posed in terms of disapproval, 56% disapprove of the president.

So of the country. Do you approve of the way present.

Biden is handling his job as president with 58%.

Listen to this. What is par present buying done that you approve of 56% say nothing at all. 15% say the economy 6% say the coronavirus wow personal traits for percent that I find totally unlikable foreign policy 4%. Other issues to percent sees a hideous number so Mark Penn was asked what can you do about this. That inflation, the economy, immigration, crime, virus, all of these issues seem out of control and the president in the White House don't seem in control of any of them and that was today with 7.5% inflation.

This is a dire situation if you're in the White House. I have seen something like this before.

It does happen to presidents, but they got asked for God to lead and we have not seen anything right now is a recognition of the of these kinds of numbers in the kind of discontent we see in America right now and let's look at you doing anything and he has no staff around him. He's totally alone. On the other area and they get into this later especially that will separate us, or is he still on the show and whatever is he is okay. Good times yeah times he canceled.

He'll be on the different hours but at most every this I will go over that with him, but they did.

Never after action report their hideous exit from Afghanistan, at which time they talk about him getting tied to a troop level ignoring other warning signs that Kabul is about the fall, not evacuating the embassy in time not getting our people out with the gun correct urgency despite the fact that our military men and women were pushing him to do and try to tell him that and he basically called the report wrong and a lot you move Pentagon.

Do you have any pride at all.

You sucked it up and dealt with what you knew were bad decisions before now when they go into an after action report you tell the truth.

He's saying your line sonogram is okay to take that will consider all the other big story.

They were talking about is with Tabitha, Cova 1951% of the country says it's time to live with the virus. 48% say stopping the spread is key. So I know that the whole countries on the same page when it comes to kids.

I believe you have two thirds of our country on the same page for me. A lot of these people don't want to go back to work as they know what the discipline they don't want to get into their close they do or they just have legitimate fear of getting on a train or plane or getting in their car and coming to work and be with other people go see a therapist and do what you have to do, but as a country we don't have a choice we have to get back to work. So we see the leave the 11 now because Nevada yesterday to Maryland this morning to a degree they have set standards to going back to normalcy getting the mass of kids in 11 Democratic states, not waiting for the White House to move so he was asked about that know what's going on why these other states doing what they're doing and what he said is basically I would have it, if you read between the lines that have no problem criticizing Duncan and DeSantis have a little bit of an issue now because they're defying me, but I had a pretend like they're not cut cut eight are you afraid that some states and cities are moving too quickly to loosen indoor mass mandates well you know it's so I can cry committed that I would follow the science, the science has put forward by the CDC and in and in front of people and I think it's probably premature, but it's a tough call cut nine, Mr. Pres. In recent days received numerous governors from blue states rollback indoor mask requirements essentially getting head of the federal government. The CDC are those governors wrong. Well, it's hard to say whether the room here's the science is saying mask work mass make a difference. Start and that's the whole thing. We have found out the older masking which shut kids that it's on their chin, they getting yelled at, told to stay home, thrown off planes not even affected to stop it. It's a feel-good method was evident 95 mask you can keep that unless I decide to be a surgeon to stop Dr. Mortimer Carey between the vaccine mandates between the ignoring of natural immunity and the inadequacy of the average mask. This is politics cut 13 start manufacturing criteria to achieve something which you know that for which the person setting the roles is both the arsonist and the firefighter. The risk is not equally distributed in the population, and this idea that we have to vaccinate every single human being down to a newborn in order to get over this pandemic is one that's no longer supported by the science right and the science from Johns Hopkins. Not exactly fly-by-night operation.

I didn't think 186640876692 looking at all these things too and I think the most fascinated on this Cova 19 story is the freedom convoy hundreds of thousands of demonstrators and in trucks have been paralyzing the streets of downtown Ottawa.

I've seen that what you probably don't see but here about our three border crossings that they have close Windsor at Coots Alberta opposite Montana and Emerson Manitoba across from North Dakota and they basically are halting trafficking trade between the two countries directly affecting and I know some people will eat we have blisters all around the country. I don't want you to feel the pain, but our leaders have to. That's the only way and to marginalize these truck drivers and saying their extremists or white supremacist were knocking to buy it.

Nobody buys all this you're a terrorist you're white supremacist, because you don't want to be locked down while you see what your leader does yoga and sits there in his mansion. Your life is ruined or you kicked at your job because you do not want to get a vaccine that just came on to the scene here is John Jim Singer is a Canadian trucker, just an average guy doing an extraordinary thing cut $19 leaders of the supply 2+2 years and supportive, with little borders closed for knowledge alone is going on, cut 20 with America be in the forefront of freedom.

All right, we've always love to fight for what's right and I believe that having the freedom of choice talk Canadian brother is actually just trying to get in receive. I think that it's a no-brainer. You know why not stand on the forefront of those guys and show our solidarity with that country and say hey we are against mandates. We are against force against tyranny of government we want the same thing that everybody else wakes up and desires. That is the freedom of choice, so I've always been grown-up to know that is my body, my choice what's going on now, which going on now is these leaders are frustrated because no one is listening to many were even dug for the conservative in Ontario. He wants me he wants to make a move to cut off the funding for the protesters by successfully asking the court to freeze the millions of dollars in their give send.

Go page. And meanwhile, Trudell was getting pressure from our government to end this blockade and they're concerned it's going to spread beyond their bore our borders into the rest of the hemisphere in France. There, moving against it already in a preventive in a preventive way so I am I am all with these truckers.

We did some interviews with them today. They are well-meaning people.

They don't have a lot of means they got it they deserve that money people a pledge that money, they have no right to take that money people at the protest.

I think even in Canada and they are hundred percent right.

How you feel back in a moment. 1-866-408-7669 Branko Mitchell precise personal power is America's leather team in the palm of your thoughts whether updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen. Now it's on space-time tests done, or wherever you get your podcast from Fox news broadcasts network mind and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben dominance podcast.

Listen now by going to Fox News talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show really, what you say enough is enough, enough with the restrictions.

Does he not understand that that that's an option.

When Eric and Justin Trudeau of Canada never like that guy totally in love with himself for no reason. Let's go out to LeeAnn is losing Panama City for the alien good which undermine our Wary bottleneck or we are right now I'd like that. We need the word and what were bottleneck with our and I don't do it right. Think like that the likely that we can only people that are now science and they're already getting all the reports back from all that You may realize nothing and not getting much reports about people about these Hopkins reports and others that say the masterwork natural immunity does and also went on to say that all these restrictions not really saving lives not hear enough about that and I don't know what Fox News can't just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now in Fox News or wherever you get your favorite contest will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen. Fox News five just a radio show like no other. Littlest Wahlberg battle and marking Mark and the funky Bunch turning out good vibrations at the top on the countdown this week and that's the whole enchilada.

Please check out next week brings a new power generation or John Mellencamp make the top $20, the top 20 are determined by compiling national album sales video AirPlay MTV request an empty research. Until next time a lot of prayer reminding you to look to the left look to the right cross the corner and walked with a light gun in Adam.

That's why he was the best BJ MTV ever had cohosted no agenda podcast Adam.

That was 1991. Do you remember that good morning Brian, unfortunately, yes, but fortunately I still have all my hair that's good that's very good news. If not, I'm sure you would've adjusted end and looked in fashion and adjusted the local together Adam. He realized inflation was even low was lower back then and is now back to the 80s people of the back to the 80s to see what was the hot song then driller and others to see when inflation was at 7.5% yeah and unfortunately I think that this was completely expected.

Not because of some come back to reopening trade order or supply chains and demand. It appears in my personal opinion, Brian. I'm a conspiracy therapist at this entire lockdown. Certainly in the closing of the economy was a financial issue that had to be solved. It certainly wasn't for health as Johns Hopkins is now clearly shown that they were pretty much ineffective.

So now that restrictions are coming off. I think were going to see a lot of turmoil ahead in the financial markets Adam one thing I can say for sure is that the people have had. I mean you have 11 states now forcing their governors to open up his people stop listening and now you have a whole nation of Canada was more lockdown than us protesting. It began with truckers, but don't you agree this is gotten so much bigger yes it is. And the problem is that the in general. The mainstream globally is not showing what's really happening.

I grew up in the Netherlands. My daughter lives in Rotterdam at the moment I friends in Germany and France in Spain and Italy, a family in Italy and it is exactly this that the protests are everywhere. You never see the regularity you never see the size and really I think were seeing the pushback from the middle-class working people who have been pushed down by the ruling class, who used to be middle-class working people with just hate them.

I think now and now that the payback is coming.

Usually, Justin Trudeau said that would keep in mind they shut down two bridges main thoroughfares for trade with this country called the United States and so now the trucks are grown or are jamming up the bridges there forcing some of these temporary closures in Ford and Toyota to shut down because you can't get a good again get into Michigan for the most part, here's with the print instead of saying why you know what's going on here which is painted by his extremists Justin Trudeau continues to double and triple, down from an undisclosed location. Cut 18 are suffering supports, but does he not understand.

He even calls himself a quote relationship manager. He is really just an obviously a pretty man who is there to communicate and to take the blows. It's not that much different than our president except the obvious cognition. How about this, Adam told Adam Curry got a great podcast. No agenda, Adam, but you have your agenda today. Thankfully I made your list of things to do and places to be, so are our president basically is surprised and feels that were opening up a little bit too soon here in this country and reportedly the White House is pressuring Canada to crack down on the truckers we don't you think that that is above form of meddling that is unacceptable. It shows and solidifies the theory that yours a yet this is this is this is clearly the globalist making their move and trying to keep the plebs down and under control and this was possible just briefly if you look at the culture of countries, how they responded in to these these restrictions is kind of their culture. So you have Australia love them has always been a prison colony. They went straight into the lock is down completely, the Netherlands.

They capitulated in World War II within 24 hours did the same. Have a very strong resistance. Same for the French in America we typically come back shooting, but we haven't been pushed far enough in Canada. They complain and this time they mean it absolutely so Adam before I go any further. Talk about. I'm sorry with the Joe Rogan podcast just about you.

Would've you been doing since MTV and and what is your where you living now.

I'm living about 90 miles west of Austin Texas. I had to leave Austin after 11 years to reenter the state of Texas now in the hill country ice. I invented podcasting with Dave Winer in the 2004 spent quite a while helping that flourish and then two years ago right after I did my first Joe Rogan appearance I saw was happening. It was just before this Apple actually started to the platform whole bunch of podcast and I started podcasting 2.0 we now have taken away control back from Apple.

We have 15 new apps which makes the podcast you love un-cancelable amongst many other features. You can find one a new podcast it's all open source open project protecting extending and preserving podcasting as a platform for free speech. So Adam lived for non-techie like me. What is it mean you pulled it away from Apple means I don't through the App Store to download your podcast correct you can go to new podcast there's that there's lots of apps some of them are current apps but not the legacy apps. So Apple and spot if I they want control over podcasting. They have no features.

They take you down at your whim. We have over 4 million podcasting the index more than Apple spot if I have, and any app that uses podcast index that is going to be a podcast that will not be taken down for any reason. Tested were just an index like the Google of podcast. So when you when you say that you saw was having Joe Rogan two years ago.

You mean had his rise or his impact or the fact is it people were tribally they knew he was uncontrollable both the first part, I knew Joe was going to leave. That meant we knew Joe Rogan's and they need to be protected, but I also saw is that Apple and Sue and Facebook and Google I think but there was one night coordinated takedown of about 10 different podcasts, and Apple was a part of that. And so when you have a cartel doing that is not the stance that podcasting is an open protocol decentralized by nature. So we just have to make sure people like different apps to get it without the control from Silicon Valley. Very interesting. First off, so Joe Rogan in particular you think that he was blindsided by this by that the this so-called which seems to be a coordinated attack on his podcast. Here's what I think happens to factions. I mean obviously we have the woke faction who were always making problems for him, but the mainstream news media really didn't do too much with that until Joe Rogan started through the seer's sheer size of his audience, possibly convincing people not to purchase pharmaceutical products. That's when their lackeys in the mainstream got activated. That's when it started, so want to hear what he said the other day just about what's been happening to him merely cut out of all bunch of things using a montage of them using the N word in the past. As you know that he's multifaceted.

The standup comedian UFC commentator podcast or probably does a lot of other stuff to use one of these fighters just came to is to say to to his defense at a press conference yesterday. Listen, I had a question for you around here. Okay there's been a lot of controversy out with him all black. I can look at this game is a lot of accidents cannot be in this fight game since 2008 and Joe Rogan is one of the nicest coolers working with understand that the noise may you know what they try to be. You can't control the amenities of the biggest platform in the world right now so that's my Rogan. The noise you say that sentiment right, of course, in any just kind of goes back to the middle of the middle class working middle-class, being hated by the ruling class, Joe.

Besides, indeed, having launched maybe 50 careers with podcasting. His over 10 years. He is indeed one of the nicest men I've ever met� Really thought himself as an MMA fighter to where he is today, and they hate him heat.

He embodies that guy. He is the guy who's moving your refrigerator in your color TV and the money for nothing video.

This is why the ruling class hate this guy because the working class loves them. Here is on a platform I don't think you're too happy with, but I want to get your taken house modifies handle this. But here's Joe Rogan cut 14 but I think the problem what were dealing with these new sources is a sinking problem or talk about the view in this income problem they're talking about me is that the answer to like if people morbid people believe me or trust me or want to listen to me talk. The answer is not to silence me the answers to you to do better.

The answers for you to have better arguments when you're on television talk about how I'm taking horse paste and you know that's not true I'm he's taking horse dewormed instead of saying what she should've said hi. Joe Rogan get better so quick right that's the logic of Joe Rogan's approach to podcasting and she's right about the criticism, exactly, and that's what it should be no reason you shouldn't be able to hate something and tell people about it or love something and tell people about it is about control and yes while Joe is it's bona fide they will always have some level of control. He will always have to apply some level of self-censorship at the beauty as everybody knows, including spot a fight including people who want him gone, that it doesn't matter if you lease bona fide and just sets up a server tomorrow he'll have the same audience and have ample means of making money. So this is the we just need to make sure is protected now in what way because a very takedown from his podcast and now they have a disclaimer on some of the interviews that they deem controversial.

We need to protect his sanity remained need to make sure he knows that he is loved and appreciated and respected through. Here's what he went on to say after that cut 15 this is my perspective. If you're in business and your business is the news you want to get more people to pay attention, you should be honest and my my thoughts for CNN my vice and MOH unit. I think of them every day for the news until the surfer can hate on me if you want to do better.

Just change your model. Change what you do it.

Stop this editorial perspective with guys like Brian Stelter and Don lemon that nobody listens to what he is like chiming in and saying oh yeah, finally read the voice of reason.

Nobody thinks that it is underwritten right he gets what, 11 million or 14 million downloads there getting 500,000 people watching them around the globe did not in the same league exactly the reason why the number one financial year of cable news and television in general is the pharmaceutical industry. Look at the ads they will not have it that someone is promoting and that's why CNN blatantly lied, they couldn't bring themselves to to speak a medical name is fibronectin. They had even went. Joe had son Jacob to honest and why did you live he's I don't know the answer is the news television news certainly is mainly under control by the pharmaceutical companies do not talk against their products.

We will send our lackeys after you. That's what it is right and are you concerned overall. Being that you're in this business from the from the as is one of the founders. The Marco Polo are you concerned about this about this standoff, we seem to be in the middle of right now know because we will always win the standoff on on a technical level, there's no way they can. They can get rid of us. It's just just a stupid thinking you can remove bitcoin but I'm more afraid now of just the things our government is saying if you look at that terrorism alert from the Department of Homeland Security. This is now going into places that are very dark. Okay I you mean you talk about the, the truckers coming in human centered desert.

The vertebral bowl. The truckers going to the Super Bowl right this this entire this huge bulletin DHS put out and said, hey, people who are talking about a coded 19 and these are spurring on to domestic violent extremists questioning pharmaceutical narrative. It's all in there Brian that the government is out of control and what I'm what I'm pleased. That is, it seems like it's a bottom-up transfer out of this with omicron dipping. There is no rationalization they could possibly keep us from Capone's school without mass going on planes without masks being able to go to open up that restaurant.

Being able to being able to do things without vaccines, and I think the most aggravating thing that came across over the last few hours is it looks like at the Oscars. All they need the celebrities is a test they could sit there without masks, but if you want to go watch any of the movies you have to be vaccinated or you cake into a theater. How do they expect to us to digest that. Well, we don't have to because there Brian, the scientist change. Now you can now do one way masking you don't have to worry that much. This is the biggest hoax that is ever been perpetrated upon the American people in particular, these these these mandates which are very arbitrary. The lockdown of the closing of small business and attack. I hope our truckers block every single interstate every single roadway. I'll be out there making sandwiches. We need to get together because this has to stop, Adam Curry go jeweled look them up on no agenda and your podcast platform is digested.

No agenda on your and you can't you go to new power podcast.

That' for a brand-new modern podcast for your favorite podcast can't get canceled.

Go get them Adam, thanks so much. Great talking to you too Brian, I 1-866-408-7669 ICU close up there will get to return Branko major educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill made the more you listen Memorial no Brian kill made many military officials and officers self administration, ignoring the handwriting on the wall.

Another described trying to get folks in the embassy ready to evacuate encountering people who were in essentially in denial of the situation that ring true. You know, no that's not what I was told there is no good time to get out but if we had not cut now and acknowledge that we would had put a hell of a lot more troops back in and there is no way we were ever going to unite Ukraine should be around Afghanistan.

No way that was. And so this is a much wiser thing to do is to clarify area rejecting the conclusions of the accounts that are in this Army report rejecting that's unbelievably just what they didn't tell me no you with their life. You were there.

Then someone else is running the government.

He basically is going.

The Pentagon report a lie so you should fire everybody because that means they just embarrass you, Mr. Pres. and lied about the biggest military disaster in American history and your role in it so I love the fact Alecto brings it up to them, but the left him totally off the hook so you should follow-up in St. so you're saying that the generals that wrote this up and signed off on it, which is backed up in their sworn testimony is all not true and if that is indeed the case, why do they still have a job because they're lying about you.

Is there a chance that you remember it in your memories down as we also the result we've never seen people more less prepared for a catastrophic result then you and everybody around you.

This is so wonderfully loose in the brain can we chill make sure you listen to and watch my show 8 o'clock Saturday one nation Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with positive Brian kill me. Thanks much for being here lies the right to me Joe, do you live from New York around the country heard around the world where our mayor teared up yesterday thinking about how we failed our assailant. This would be criminally failed. The multiple multiple fronts.

While I appreciate having a motion is good to see somebody out there in the streets. But Mr. Mayor, I kind of think we have victims to worry about. First, I love you shed a tear for the people used to work at Rite Aid, they have to close it up because of the been ransacked of you shed a tear because of the number of carjackings in the street people have lost their cars and for the money they get from insurance can't rebuy them. Let's get to the rig's big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three this morning marks the fifth day of the nation's most lucrative trade route remaining closed as Canadian protesters blockade the Amb. Bridge.

It's forcing truckers to drive to a different smaller border crossing about two hours outside of Detroit there trying to send a message to the freedom convoy coming to the Super Bowl near you. That's the Homeland security report talk about the incredible trucker inspired blockade that is virtually shut down Canada as they demand freedom from covert crackdowns which are illogical and and really draconian even of the restrictions in four provinces have begun to be lifted trade between our two countries is granted to a virtual halt and guess what our White House arrogantly telling their president, their prime minister, to break it up and ended, Mr. Pres. In recent days received numerous governors from blue states rollback indoor mass requirements essentially getting head of the federal government. The CDC are those governors wrong. Well, it's hard to say with the sciences saying mass work mass make a difference. Yeah, that's a prison United States yesterday. What's the rush that's what Joe Biden is saying to governors rapidly taking away the pandemic restrictions is detached ambivalent approach to fight science and arranges Maisy just does not understand the sacrifice.

All Americans have been made to met with force to make way too long for a reasons that D5 science don't underline science for clarify area rejecting the conclusions of the accounts agreements Army report rejecting unbelievable so the Army comes out with a report about the horrific departure from Afghanistan and he just rejects them. Since he didn't even read them. You just heard part of the defiant answers to NBC's Lester Hall are bringing more the dive into present binds terrible approval ratings partially do to the rates of inflation eating away at America's collective wallets with me right now is Geraldo Rivera. Geraldo how much money you have in your lawn left that I had yesterday. Brian right it's worth less.

The purchasing power. I can go weeks without actually using money.

Did you ever use money anymore. I am a big tipper and I love the tip and I, with that when I come to New York with you that weekly because of the 5I, the pocketful of five and 10 because I just feel it. Even though it's a relatively little amount to get them on the fiber or 10 spot. It is a tradition that's the kind of a Frank Sinatra, a buddy so everybody with the doorman. The driver you know the person help you with the bag upstairs that even the front desk.

I try to give everybody a little something is not much but enough that maybe they could buy a couple coffee when they could buy a lot less than I did yesterday somebody and get the same feeling you know it's the same money doesn't have the same a lot, Geraldo. I got a bring to an area you know quite well in the country you know which way to well that's Afghanistan you noted as Astrid was yeah how inept everyone was now the general said hey you know was my call. I had this troop level. In this way had to do you have the Secretary of State command said we had no idea cobble fall. Nobody did, the report says there were indications, there were warnings and they go into great detail that seem to have alluded present Biden cut 27. Many military officials and officers said the administration ignored the handwriting on the wall. Another describe trying to get folks in the embassy ready to evacuate encountering people who were in essentially an denial of of the situation is that ring true. You know, no that's not what I was told there was no good time to get out but if we had not gotten out and acknowledge that we would have to put a hell of a lot more troops back in and there is no way we were ever going to unite Ukraine around Afghanistan. No way that was can happen. And so this is a much wiser thing to do is for clarify area rejecting the conclusions of the accounts agreements Army report rejecting okay Geraldo what's the Army do now you know you have a lot of seminary, but you know how you can't remember the kids name you call them that you eat you talking to Simoni as a solar. The bell boy's name and I need to hear the president. I think the here Lester holds in question and then pray about evacuating starting with Ukraine and then Iraq and then Afghanistan finally getting to Afghanistan was you got the question obviously was about.

So I feel so I think that Joe Biden lately has been really dropping the ball in terms of this communication skills seems like an old man is only eight months older than I am defeating the you know sometimes baffled the eBay make appointment to get someone's name and I know that those are maybe superficial things, but have a president without charisma, without verb, without the ability to use language to make his point is, it is very unsettling, and I I feel bad for president by McCarthy's vice president, Harris that some of the same narrative different by communication for us. You know how that when I was a prime surprise you that I was good to be a bigger person and not but I wanted to see mankind yes exactly, but Geraldo, I have given given that I will say that when he said the Army report is not correct that to me.

If I'm in the military already frustrated that my civilian command.

My troop shrinks down to a level in my intelligence and I relayed was ignored and I watched the result. The worst's decision in the history operation. The history of our country. I which I would argue, and then you say what I don't believe the after action report is true. You know the military is a way to gain their point across, so the intelligence community. What do you foresee is going to be the answer to Joe Biden for saying they lied. I connected the question I don't know how many American still have the same acute you know concern about Afghanistan that we did get out. We should've gotten out. It was asked backwards that you know how strongly I feel about you know evacuating the military before you evacuate the civilians that made no sense then make those now. I believe that many people have moved on from Afghanistan discussed they don't want to feel or think about it.

He got inflation yet covertly got all the other issues that are more urgent.

Again I stress I'm glad we got out about the horrible place. I spent way too much time there in my life. It disrupted my family too many people came home in pieces is not dead or injured outside or inside we got nothing out of that we get nothing out of that relationship. Now I II believe that the Taliban and let the Taliban have it you know it's all there. But having said that, I just want to drill down on he just called marked our military liars. And I know to the people that worked on this report and they went to the Abbey gate specifically what happened there.

With the explosion in the death of 13 and the wounding of over 100 and they went into great detail and if you wrote that report Geraldo and set their camouflage and did it in and did all the interviews and you want suppress United States basically say it's not true. You have pride it's already bad enough.

The suffering that went into that knowing that you attached so that to me you cannot, you have to go press come to the resign or say.

I would just like to say that I stand by the accuracy of this report that the White House ignored the, the, the urgency of the embassy workers as well as people in the field I made.

I just would not let that slide. If at one point, I stand up for themselves. I hear you hundred percent right. I predict with with a great degree of confidence that this will not be a major issue because nobody will� Right now it is too humiliating and you know unraveling and it's done I I believe with inflation so urgent that the truckers stopping trade with Canada and with masked vaccine mandates, you know, it suddenly on the verge of being abolished across the country. The Democratic governors leading the charge. There is a lot of urgency that right now Americans at the dealer. I empathize with with you with I with the authors of that military report.

The after action report. I I totally get that historians and political scientists, and others will will read with great interest how we screwed that up. I have the president screw that up. But I think that is issues right now, particularly his inability to communicate with any confidence what the country is going to do about all of the II don't think it would be upset that you click about Joe Rogan what he's been through the last two days at sea to apologize to a lot of people think he should have clean from the president about stuff he said in the past and then people say that he's got an disclaimer now and he interviews Dr. that somebody doesn't think is good. I don't how they can do that but he also is an MI MMA commentator, as well as being a standup comedian and at a press conference yesterday.

Dana White was the introducing the fighters. One of them was Israel. I decide and kisses what he said when the question came on about Joe Rogan whose account is going to be a commentator at the event got 30 around. There's been a lot of controversy out with him all this came as a lot of snakes and this cannot be in this fight game since 2008 and Joe Rogan is one of the nicest coolers working with understand that the noise may you know what they try to be. You can control the amenities of the biggest platform in the world right now so that's my Rogan. The noise that I think the road that in a time capsule is one of the nicest endorsement and most sincere and believable endorsement of him and just generally wonderful and I I totally get that. I have no beef with Joe Rogan. I'm not a listener. If people are into it. Let them be into it.

I think that you know I've been on television a long time. All of those clips of me and every one of those things. I got my nose broken.

You know when I open Al Capone vault that I get the clips exist, they will be there for ever the people that want to delve into it.

Use anything I said now embarrass me. You have to live with your your archived Brian and Joe Rogan have to live with his and it people like that Israel fighter. I know I'm so articulated sincere good for good for Joe Rogan that he had spanned with that kind of loyalty is a fighter and real quick.

I saw that you tweeted out this former Alaska Gov. and VP candidate Sarah Palin kicking New York Times ass in their libel trial for the Chinese paper falsely claims panels rhetoric because assassination for the to kill assassination attempt to kill Gabby Gifford never apologize, never does less force. Hope she crushes them and then it was written up today by Eric Wemple. Alva Darcy writes of CNN. How did Sarah Palin do the witness stand in the defamation suit against at times not so well if you ask Eric Wemple Wemple wrote that Palin bombed in court on two on Thursday. No words pellet uses conservative provocateur TV personnel and outspoken critic of the lame stream media have ill prepared her for any venue in which the federal court rules of evidence hold sway. Wemple added that this time Palin chose the wrong venue for media critiques during ordinances if Fox don't stop and ask for citation specifics supporting evidence. But that's precisely what happened in the courtroom to your lawyer is whose right. The jury because it seemed sincere even if uninformed. She got screwed by the New York not like I think I got it. I did the Hurricane Katrina when I was coming out of New Orleans I got a call from John Hannity.

He said did you see with the New York Times.

The thing about you and basically that I stayed a rescue of nuns who were trapped by members by the flooding waters and then I pushed aside a non-get that that's what they, the authors set out after the fall. It never happened.

I told her because it never happened. We gave them all of the footage including the outtakes the ombudsman at the time reviewed it. He agreed with me 100%.

It still took them weeks to grudgingly say okay the video doesn't support the New York Times contention that wasn't even an apology. It was that the videotape didn't support them by their full of crap. New York Times.

They don't apologize. I hope you kick their ass what they did to her was shameful.

They admit that it was a mistake to say it wasn't a malicious date.

Therefore, under time, though not actual kick of my right so real, real quick.

I you never pushed in on you can stand by that. I never put the I love the I would never put her right leg which I will write you one more thing never pushed a creek. Thank you. We come back let's light up to the phone bank 1-866-408-7669 your knowledge base.

Brian kill me show if you're interested in Bryan's talking about your Brian kill me back everybody 1-826-408-7669 e-business and WHO in Dayton Ohio. He did run ideal blood. You pulled three bangles know well I'm landlord on it's okay with you want to talk about math you know the course. I finally settled on cloth mask that I've been screening blood and murder about the past two years that they gave everybody a false sense of security when they were going out in public and anytime I show my wife a video now and she'll ask me if it's about mask because she has no interest in hearing me talk about it anymore. Makes you look like you said that Anthony Saatchi, the thing about man gives you a false sense of security exactly and Albert help me and 95 mask well you know that that's a huge mistake in that there are OSHA requirements surrounding these and 95 mask if you do in industry and I've been doing environmental health and safety in industry for 30 years.

Huge long medical questionnaire yet fill out form a pulmonary function test, a fit test if people have beards or scars or any man they don't work if those same people have a heart issue or a long as you like COPD, it puts them at greater risk than not wearing the mask. Right now I find out. My daughter has to wear and 95 mask in school at evening school. Jim believes that it's nuts and that's live in the beginning they said and 95 mask thing about them. They gotta be fitted to your face of their ineffective we just forgot about that is that will be hard to fit their base face to stick it on the pillow stop talking I radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show back in July said inflation would be temporary and a lot of Americans are wondering what your definition of temporary well being a wise guy with beds. I understand that your job look at the time.

What happened was, let's look at the reason for the flesh reason for inflation industry supply chains were cut off reading that the products for example automobiles. The lack of computer chips to be able to close on bills so I could functioning computer chips were not available. So what happens when a number of cars were reduced new car is reduced made up 1.1 third the cost inflation because the price of a little bit. Okay, that explains it. Jackie Heinrich trying to sell Fox's White House correspondent Jackie welcome to kill a job in the press room every day and not easy. But now the this the storylines are great. Last week the jobs the 40,000 jobs a great storyline for the ministration.

The 7.5% unemployment not you think he adequately explained as well as baby Jen Saki would hear that we were wrong that transitory Fairmont now and it only got worse and Amber went back. He probably president that now where a month later. Looking and shortly reason for that. When ever questioned about what you doing about it or try to start the supply chain were in court and that can connect back to the future long-term short-term collation and energy practice across the barrel of strategic Brightness and economy of that country to say it's a shame because it goes against the green agenda and you'll get the left side in my opinion, get the left side of this is party angrier at him, but in terms of what about I was wrong. He says you be a bit of a wise guy don't know what you did what he thought about what Jodi said to Peter under his breath when he said that inflation is stupid SLB now listen to this. Just so you know he was wrong. This is him back in July. Cut to some folks of raised worries that this could be a sign of persistent inflation.

Our experts believe the data shows that most of the price increases receipt and art were expected and expected to be temporary. That's not true to say well you know this is what happened I don't have to explain to me the car thing sums pretty surprised by that. You think the administration is worried about the 39% approval rating now beginning to recognize Democrat midterm and wildly when a pal community and people can forget that don't get better incorporate messaging into the parent band and whenever they attract the question at the White House shifting their language very defined about blaming it on the prowl, and a worldwide problem. It comes down to another country and shutting down because of outbreaks in what is one key chain were not quite as much anymore. After hearing a little bit more empathy toward the situation but what were not getting any new solution me nuts and solutions at all. And of course he is a constant situation with Ukraine but with the present sits down to talk. He is doing this for the first time that I can remember. He doesn't have the Democratic governors on the side. It seems like Jackie Dave this week in front of you have gotten the Democratic governors now Nevada.

Now Marilynn starting in New Jersey, Connecticut, the role deciding to start loosening up restrictions not waiting for the White House what's going on behind-the-scenes if they just not running those conference calls with governors anymore with a surprise that this happened to pride watch anything around it that luck did not support relaxing mandate time that we look at wastewater we look at the base rate look at different variable and are going messaging that they are being very careful not to criticize what you heard when it was more about how the loud you know when we found that we want to have local leaders make very very careful not to like lay any of that credit.

I drank a Republican governor to working out paying attention to where where people were long and fang people don't want intersection. People can have where if you want to, but government and I think now they're beginning to recognize that people want more choice don't like mandate and showing up in the calling that there we trying to out and I'm done checking some of Washington's Jackie switches to back up what you just said here's Joe Biden dancing around the fact that these glue states are not in concert with the White House cutting are you afraid that some states and cities are moving too quickly to loosen indoor mask mandates well you know it's I can cry committed that I would follow the science. The sign says put forward by the CDC and the people and I think it's probably premature, but it's a tough call. So he's dancing around it more adjoining it. And I guess there's a theory running around this place that he wanted to make a big cut Titanic announcement good biomass for schools and everything in at the state of the union address.

Have you heard that you believe there's something to that, and that these glue just don't want to wait probably got in trouble back in July, declaring independence and cried and it can't like it was premature for him to make a statement like that heard any word about general given the it's also the latest thinking in decades that we've ever had. His first data at the presence first in the union, so I thought there waiting for something River omicron to dip and it has so I would bring it to someone else. What do you and this might be conjecture what is the administration doing with Justin treat. The reports are there pressuring him to break up these caravans. The homeland security says they are getting reports of these caravans.

Ephraim caravans that might go by the Super Bowl and wooden but the moment is to prove this is a global movement. Paris is now blocking the caravans from entering the capital of that country of France with his art.

What is the US role in the Canadian politics, make sure they don't run into my chain and after Brad getting there can be a major chord are the United States without the I practicum Ron temporarily shut down production because Conway have the ad attorney and they are make sure that there meant to both the union and all the kids are there that they're watching but I don't know you know what more they can do. Run the rank cannot drown me again that I debating and drawing more market their map and acting requirement shut down by the court little bit different dynamic.

And this is such a big story that we thought was his can be about truckers being vaccinated and now it is a bunch of frustrated Canadians and now this. Stopping the transfer of goods on two separate bridges one into North Dakota wanted to Michigan and now they're threatening to have this movement that could actually end up around Washington DC and they have one thing in common. It seems Jackie these people every the American people are tired of the restrictions and have lost faith in the conclusions of the so-called scientists think about what it becoming irrelevant and there moving on and fang let you know we now we have.

We want to, but people should have a degree of joy and how they want to live their life restrictions for your and they run the red and being put on the back burner while making the patient based on Polytech and made only intersection of politics and science right Democrat that we found the time informed that politics is becoming more and more trail that technically are talking to people buying whatever political conditioned air and I is wearing on people. Me and the thing that I agreed to and that is the present.

Basically said the deed, the Pentagon report about what happened in Afghanistan. It was put out by the Army.

The present basically says it's not true and I just don't know how you bounce back from that with credibility with your military, which is very pretty beaten up. I want you to hear this and tell me if you think this is going to become a bigger story cut 27. Many military officials and officers said the administration ignored the handwriting on the wall. Another describe trying to get folks in the embassy ready to evacuate encountering people who were in essentially in denial of the situation that ring true. You know know that's not what I was told no good time to get out but if we had not cut now and acknowledge that we would have to put a hell of a lot more troops back in and there is no way we were ever going to unite Ukraine Afghanistan no way that was. And so this is a much wiser thing to clarifier in rejecting the conclusions of the accounts that are in this Army report rejecting the mean yet that is that's game on his recall general told me all Italian or group of 2500. Knowing that we should give that back them up and then you come out and find back Secretary of Defense at Lloyd and Nelly both encouraged Gary thing to happen. I think that banning clinically. We reject that better betrayal because 11 is reporting to Jack that when an absolute statement. I lied about proof to the contrary.

Right now reflection have basically department and the low rolling action on Afghanistan. How much bureaucracy when you have time 19 waiting in line thing and we cannot talk about anymore. You got it the way I think that action and happening now again with Ukraine that general Nelly on Capitol Hill morning lame.

Ukraine and Ukraine keep following three day on either side at Ukrainian private pretty stark language come out of the mouth of the man who also know you have to wonder if the net thinking about having his name out there warning about that because I think people look at Nelly abstract and I think now talking to lawmakers on the hill and being very very blunt about what's happening and encouraging action. The claim, I think there's some frustration between the military and an absolutely in the ED basically said he said it is not true.

And these guys in the military already have their reputations tarnished because they believe that civilian decisions hindered their military decisions and now they write a report up and they're told it's not authentic. It's not accurate. At what point do you say it is accurate laser gentlemen here my stars. I want to leave with a little bit of credibility I have left so I just don't know if we if this ends here. My sense is it doesn't Jackie continue do a great job. Thanks much for your time I go get them. 1-866-408-7669 I'm just enraged by that last soundbite maybe him alone and that I'm not let go of that story Brian to meet you use makers and news breakers. First, I can only show breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me show the national Democratic grand rumor because I frankly don't show up or not, will question I don't think reported a lot more John tester target for Montana how we keep swinging. I don't know now is talking like a moderate like Joe mansion, but he never takes a telephoto never goes against his party so I am not buying it.

That's cool political survival. Gary listener W NDB in Daytona he Gary know your overall I like her, although I chuckle many times with different people and in all.

Joe Barton making gaps and giving computers and like what you pointed out really not fair for yeah yeah I don't care about his reelection.

I care about our country. The other thing is I really concerned about, and inflation in the border and apply for not gone I think. I'm hoping he misspoke when he said pretty much quoting him that Afghanistan told her all the American people are more concerned about inflation and I think a lot of people are still due to Gary, hope you're right because I hundred percent agree with you I never forgot it. And that's why play that clip. I am more incensed by that clip than anyone I can remember quite some time. He basically called the Army liars. So who we supposed to believe a guided doesn't remember anyone telling him that Afghanistan's evacuation could go bad. Then he says it's going to be messy and then he says it went great when he considers how many people got out in that short a time. Then he tells us.

I could've got enough troops and better protect our people getting out but he put 6000 and in 10 days, 6000. You can't have it both ways you we couldn't do with 6000 troops would help Baghlan airbase. Those terrorists would still be in that prison would have a view there of China, Russia and Pakistan. Now, we have nothing we are blind right live from the Fox News radio's New York City set up Fox and friends. Some Americans receptive to kill me.

I will write a Brian kill me.

Thanks much for being here is the right kill me show what a week. We've had a lot to cover covered all over the release of the pandemic restrictions in some reluctance to do so in a massive global movement for freedom will discuss that. Also, according to reports of 48 hours and have a Super Bowl to be good one and I think is almost a return to normalcy after last year's bazaar one with Tom Brady one easily bought was stand to have Paul there was no blood, leading up to it. People tell me that this feels much more like a Super Bowl week J Glaser NFL insider will be joining us from Fox sports and 34 after Bill Hammer lifetime bagel. Fanny knows they have been here in 30 years he's gonna leave the set.

Come join me of America's newsroom and with the right now is Adm. James Chevy.

This he's going to be joining us in a matter of moments, but I do want to give an understanding about some of the major global events that are taking place before he joins us and if I can. Let me bring you to a tapping their major or wargames operations. I guess good taking place over in Belarus with Russian troops.

Sen. Tom cotton noticed that on America reports and mentioned this is what he thinks is going to happen is you know the military was in the infantry cut 26 military drills in Belarus and are nothing but a cover for a likely tell us that their sins are starting so same that we can be down to a matter of days not weeks for that potential invasion.

I'm not sure that any action Congress could take with the carveout of this point is fairly late in the day. This state was reached after a year of relatively weak in appeasing policies by menstruation ports. Russia would favor very stringent sanctions for months on Russia and Belarus for that matter, what supreme Allied Cmdr. of NATO, the former one I should say Adm. James Chevy this Adm. you agree with seven welcome. I do agree with center cotton to innovation could be imminent. Judging by this. The scope of these. I guess these wargames applying. I do think that you don't have to be a veteran like Tom cotton nor gymnast apparatus to feel that way any common sense. Observers simply looking at the satellite photographs to build up that's occurred anyone's commonsense meter would say like this is gone beyond what would be required in the case of exercises, and in particular writing center cotton try to focus on what's up north Belarus in the reason for that.

Brian is that that's where the capital key is located just over that border really less than 100 miles from this buildup.

So if Newton decides to go and I think it's probably a two and three. Chance two thirds chance that he will go. I think he could drive PT very very quickly and in things fall apart swiftly in combat. When the high command is taken out and do we know in the big picture why because he doesn't like them.

I mean, because he wants them.

Part of it because he feels as though NATO membership was imminent.

I mean, think about this year we cheesy carpeted day by day, but in the big picture.

There is no reason for this. If you were with Vladimir.

He would tell you three reasons he wants to invade Ukraine if he were being honest. Number one is makes him look big and powerful and important on the global stage is playing to an international audience, including pricing.

China number two it makes him look capable strong indecisive inside Russia. He's got a base just like every national level politician here in the United States.

He is playing to his face and number three your point Brian. He honestly believes that an expansion of NATO threatens the borders of Russia he would give you those three reasons. I don't agree with any of them in terms of creating a valid reason to invade a sovereign state, but that would come from.

So do you believe that there's some fracture within the Russian government on whether this is a wise move or not you get heard about her dad. Boy I wish I had but if we know anything about Russia that it is a unitary decision-making process which resides between Vladimir Putin's ears and let's face it, blindness is in the history of Russia for a thousand years and sometimes it works out pretty well for Russia you get Peter the Great and because he's a unitary decision-maker, you can open the country to the Renaissance into the West. On the other hand the next time you get Ivan the Terrible one time you get Joseph Stalin a disaster.

But then you get a Mikael Gorbachev so it goes back and forth for Russia with his lack of a democratic system but the bottom line is there is only one decision-maker, it's Vladimir Putin and by the way, I'm not sure Vladimir Putin himself has decided whether he's ultimately going to throw that switch. I think it's better than even that he will he will be the decider in chief right and you tell me in the past.

It's not really that costly to well up troops on the border so close your signed on with Dell border that you share. We were very aware of the cost of building up in Kuwait getting ready for your activation and things to that nature correct this different if you're in the region. It is absolutely cost benefit analysis is pretty good for food, and by the way, in fairness, whether or not we think these exercises are a cover for an actual invasion. They didn't derive military benefit when they conduct these exercises. Their training gets better, and their fitness gets better command-and-control networks are exercise their connections to space are emphasized. So they derive real military benefit from this. Whether they do the invasion or not. In yes the cost of doing this when it simply mobilizing your courses within a given region, as opposed to air bridges and ships and all the expensive cousin that he can do this and it's not very cost prohibitive for Vladimir Putin also stand down, but he needs a face every measuring NATO is not given it to him and EDU in the US hasn't present was asked about that cut 25.

What are your plans toward American citizens who are in Ukraine and might be there during invasion. What scenarios would you put American troops to rescue and get Americans out there. Not that's a World War I American Russian start shooting at one another wearing a very different world, not even on behalf of simply evacuating Americans know how you do that even find this is not like I'm hoping that if in fact she's foolish enough to go in. He's smart enough not to.

In fact do anything that would negatively impact on American citizens. He told him that yes you told him to Americans will be aligned that they can't cross I have to tell not spoken about that.

He knows that you know it's loan to that's not what I masters American citizens should leave should leave now so that interaction you get the sense that he thinks it's going to happen, being told by the US intelligence community that is 80 to 90% chance and I get that from my sources in the Intel community. I'm sure there given the present the same assessment. That is how the Pentagon sees it. I think they're still personally Brian I think they're still up the higher opportunity for diplomacy, but I think anybody would say at this point better than even chance probably to increase chance he's going to go back to those American citizens. Yes, they should be leaving, but American citizens who do not believe are a redline.

I think any president would believe that to be the case, and I hope we are communicating that with very direct means to the Kremlin and by the way, if push comes to shop in their Americans at risk. I don't doubt the Pentagon would be capable of going into Ukraine and extract an American citizen diplomacy over the last three and four months and we see they still go when they end up stronger. They absorb a lot of Ukraine they become more formidable and they also become bolder. It's just to me such a disaster for our efforts. If everybody gathered in these and told him and warned him and he still did it was that say to China.

I do want to get to one last thing before you go and that is Joe Biden responding to the Pentagon report there.

He's fine to the Pentagon report that he basically was worn a bunch of times by getting people out and various people in the government ignored it. I want you to hear what he had to say that and my head ready to explode and listen to it cut 27. Many military officials and officers said the administration ignored the handwriting on the wall.

Another described trying to get folks in the embassy ready to evacuate encountering people who weren't essentially in denial of of the situation that ring true. You know know it's not what I was told no good time to get out. If we had not cut now acknowledge that we would have put a hell of a lot more troops back in and there is no way we were ever going to night Ukraine Afghanistan no way that was. And so this is a much wiser thing to clarify area rejecting the conclusions of the accounts of this Army report rejected will you do if you drop do you draw your military and you rode up that after action report, and you find that the present just rejected them, don't you have to say something to defend yourself. I think you will see a variety of people who participated in that report off the record in those who detach from the service in due course, talking about it.

I will say this to report Ray included me and I think that you know presidents are paid to make hard decisions and present Biden made a hard decision and let be honest, it did not come out well and simply then turned around and checked a report that's put together by the Pentagon. I think undermines the credibility of the investigators in the credibility of the Pentagon, that's not good for anybody since it is thanks so much. Thanks Brian.we come back to him on a lighter note, why he believes the Cincinnati Bengals will win right back fastest three hours in radio with Brian until made and I'm with Bill Hammer so you're trying to tell me that I would still hammer together we are. I'm talking to the news anchor who is become a partisan you care about Super Bowl-six. I heard that you're not wrong about that line just say I think the rams have had an awesome year incredible team. It's going to take a very strong effort in order to win this game. If you're a Cincinnati fan, of which I am what I just think that me don't tease pretty much equal also.

I just think the advantage for the rams that they both either easily, lost the championship in those both could easily date they kill us again before that, the conference game but I would do this.

The main advantage I have for the rams.

Is there Plato that's the main thing while they really feel comfortable and they and then I can get all the hoopla is have a coaching staff that is 2018 did the same thing true when they lost that game in Atlanta to New England. They were Terry Sean McKay played wide receiver at mime of Ohio. My college cradle coaches grew up in Atlanta as athlete of the year he was having fun with that and evidently he was athlete of the year in Ohio. He was like Ohio sportsman of the year who shall McVeigh not think it was Joe Burrell know. Listen to this. No repeat he beat Megatron and that's why there was so much of this will feature Megatron was actually in Ohio and he beat him proudly the one that's good that's good Intel I go to Google and make sure it's right right.

The rams quite at home. Here's what I don't like the idea. Elsa could you could you tell him them so that I am wrong, I just I haven't heard about it.

I should have okay I just I want to say is that I'm not prepared for the interview right now. You do not mind my head so the rams have been home Brian for three weeks yet in LA yeah I don't about you, but for a game like this. I want to be away from my family. I want to be away from my friends.

I want to be away from as I want to be on the road and that's were Cincinnati's been at Nashville being the number one seed in the AFC hard to do. Went to Kansas City beat the Casey cheese on it overtime down for the second time in 28 days. People remember they played four weeks prior.

That's pretty impressive so your point about an even match up. Here's how I would analyze it.

I think it is rare when before big game like this you know exactly what the strength is of one team and how it's diametrically opposite the weakness. On the other team. In this case, the LA Rams defensive line is fierce right and our weakest point the entire season has been our offense of line. How do those two played out. That's where the games decided to print out ferocious thrushes, but it is just pressures when you sack him Joe Burroughs eight times the tide sat down nine times anyway. Okay, also went now and that's the number one seed conference. They led the league in sacks.

Brian right and they also led the league in fewest penalties so that some amazing date of this you lead the league in sacks for your quarterback and you lead the league in the least penalized team. These are the bungalows for 30 years. Yes, it's extraordinary what good coaches can do, and the power of one person hears while tell you that I know that the players on Cincinnati's team knows that Joe Burrell will not respect them if they don't play their ass off. It doesn't talk to them. It's an understood every second second-year player who had a massive injury. Only 15 months ago help how confident this is got me is that amazing. I like what he said the other day. He said if you're going to work out and posted on Instagram and then don't do that.

Where are you for the next four days. Please click people who were trying to brag on social media, any symbol what what's happening here between this time about those cool, so do you believe right now if Cincinnati is to look at three quarterbacks Boomer sizing Kenny Anderson agile borrow. You believe that he will emerge as the best. Don't know yet don't know can seem so Anderson was so good. 8 to 10 yards out are getting hit you. Every time Boomer sizing was a natural born leader right.

Joe Burrell is a natural born leader. But see what happens on Sunday and maybe you can ask me that question at a future projection if they have found a way to beat the 49ers and Joe Montana said losing by three today have a little different trajectories for their team. Louis Billups dropped a pass in the end zone and went right through his arms before Montana hit Taylor to win it all. In 1989 and that was the year of the miraculous catch wasn't was at the year of the catch with a beat everywhere.

Everything walls got beat in the end zone by Dwight Clow yes no that was in 1981. That was different yet into January 30 two when they played in Pontiac, Michigan and the Bengals lost a great game, 26, 21, it is still to this day the highest rated Super Bowl ever watched in Americanness and not too there were two banner teams back then right in their use of the night is winning back okay Fairpoint I don't understand why so many Americans watch that game right was a cold.

I was called in Michigan.

If you are an American and you watch that game and haven't watch one since call 186640876 except Bill go to the Super Bowl game close and will see what we get what you prediction we need one more no predictions hope that hope and optimism, let's go get it one more talk show that's getting you kill me tremendous organization that supported us through thick knowing.

So it's been a fun process to go through. I'm glad that we went through the no really, because now we appreciate everything that's happening for us right now because we've seen the worst of things and now actually received the best things in. I can't think of any better way to go on for that is that Kayla head coach of the Bengals because he was able to just fire coaches. They hold onto them and Zach Taylor did not have the great success. Even when Burroughs was a rookie. His knee is out that have a strong year and this year everything came together. You know they're in the Super Bowl and they are the underdogs by just a few points to the home Los Angeles Rams. You still have to check myself what I said LA Rams. I did all sports radio X TRA and everything about the rent. I Forget to say St. Louis now check myself. He still before I say Los Angeles that is not a problem for Jay Glazer. He immediately makes the adjustment and he rose would change his NFL insider extraordinaire he's on Fox NFL Sunday he's joins us now from Los Angeles is got a new book out called unbreakable how I turned my depression and anxiety into motivation and you can to J welcome you know you got wrong Rams novel technically not yeah Bengals here is the home team even though the note. I did have the other rims moving out of there. Their houses yet into a hotel has a been treated just like it's a typical Super Bowl even though their home yet.

"Like it normally would enroll. Technically the world know where for the help that you coupled with a little ironic is that Bill Hammer and he thinks the Cincinnati Bengals and and he said it's an advantage for the Bengals to be a hotel together, as opposed to the Rams scattered out throughout their homes. Have David as they look to form that NFC hotel feeling okay there will hotel beach. I don't know the smart thing to realize that select pregame warm-ups and talk to God about this with you looking at helping to creatures of habit like structured like an older girl with curly God will have the fitting routine over and over and over will you go back and lock about 12 minutes come back out the sub case you got all the pageantry right you bless America and you have beautiful national after these awards are given out since a lot of times Rams were to tell them a listen you guys to go after talk about water early you will click, relax, relax. The Bengals don't have that couple of things to get to quarterbacks, very respectful, very nice guys.

You know them, especially Stafford could you tell your audience about what kind of people they were all the culture change or so Bengals are not for a long walk you something look like a really smart coach you will click on your scalp to scout the goat better quarterback and altar stranger.

You also see like that you Bengals you establish mindset of something went wrong all know Scott is falling with Joe borrowing there.

Something goes wrong now have the showing up good you were all right no problem at the huge difference for Stafford no it looks dapper so we counted so much stuff in practice you oh my God, where you smart is not really expand are often felt for Stafford use the same offense you had with Jared Goff much but quarterback tell Matthew Stafford that I wanted Matthew Stafford waiting on former giant and Cleveland Brown Odo. Back in the season. Culture occurred or some would say here's what he said about the ODL that he sees cut 43 chapter 7 and you know what he's embraced his role is grown and the role only asked to come in and learn as much as you learn half a season basically and still played a high level. A lot of times to see her any other position you step in and you're still thinking and learn, and sometimes the physicality the physical parts of the game you know drop off a little bit because you think he's done a number little job blocking on his on his plan on his role in our offense and play fast so nothing but love for will be used on number little job and why is it working. The quality and if you are able to just go about the flight at 737 knowing exactly what you're supposed to do that flows you up tractor second that can make all the difference in the world so he can when Robert Woods went down click perfect on intuition, is Robert Woods. We'll learn completely get that room for the rest. So much for the work applicable guys like "Robert would like to buy what we bought in that better bargain that got us all offense of line like a man who would work. Don't see a lot Jay Glazer with me. This book is so important is important� As we think the Super Bowl is after Super Bowl lands on this book you pick this up, especially during the depression in your life at any level of people that you know are this will pay off our lifetime is called unbreakable and Jay by telling your story you're telling the story of depression which is not a matter of really in your control, you were born this way, when did you realize that I learned when I was crying it was like blocked my room still won't feel like my world is crashing down around me and the sky was falling and never left me something I can look quickly, but I had to use ways out of it so it would work to right now, right before he came on with you first wake up with the person that loved the sky falling wheelchair I get what you day and clinical depression, anxiety, and my physical and my joints on the left side of my got my heart and I don't makes no sense logically like my life is much talking to you about the Super Bowl. I get it. My life is a dream come true to my your socks and I'm not able so instead of caving in my depression, anxiety to go to such glory so I get love from the outside it to me. Maybe it's something one may merge in the middle and hope to get a little love from the inside out what this book is so important.

We all talk about mental health but nobody describes like who describes it and God blessed me with. So I want to put words out of the spot whether the person pandemic were told to socially isolate working isolate some sort great or just going like health and social media go compare myself to real destruction of the second my life sucks when what you think it does something like to prescript the book how I get people through the Great Depression during body right now.

Something horrible epidemic. I want to be the voice for the board for all right and really one big team together to start the gradebook back so couple things number one to do with did you and he is running your family and and number two, so we really family is stressed out. I was on the top. I like my mother just told me that my mom cut short throughout the right output yet. My grandmother, mom, grandma know you like I'm talking to like that anxiety panic attacks and started 2005. Back then we don't talk about mental health or we talk about doctors getting treated suffer in silence for all these years. When I do a TV show, even though not just I call my abuser when I do panic attack have a heart attack my start going back and forth. I start swimming my word wall start to forget what's going on almost literally wrestling with my talking to my abuser while I'm talking to you at home is very quickly last joke out quickly like the greatest laughter so I will let you know I make sure I'm a service to people. This book and my BP charities a way to be of service. I make sure will have teams whether the mic felting to fight things like communities of God is like to live in my teens also thought I don't isolate I don't suffer in silence to work for the book. How can help you be of service and fight back you so Jay we'll first so you have this going on but you still you train all the time, you train other people you have expertise in ultimate fighting mixed martial arts have an expertise in football you also have a knack for breaking stories, which means creating relationships. So the question is for people listening right now.

Can you therapy this out.

You need medication.

Can you say anything universal right now for anyone listening that the matter who you are and what you've accomplished and what you haven't, that you work through it looking like her so great to wake up crying in the morning.

My life is great. It's phenomenal. I don't think your choice right will have all the trouble a lot of what I will tell you talk to people suffered so I did it for my friends used to just be like okay crazy and I try to make a joke of the pain I was now that I've talked to my friend about the world is gotten so much closer together with people.

People if you go talk to people to help yourself. You'll be shocked at how many of you know how to start the conversation with one big huge team fight back talk to therapist medication that works for you medication. I'm unfortunately one of the medication.

I'm just I haven't watched truck 36 wow 3636 and got me in trouble but I will.

One thing I want to ever stop crime definable I'll spend my life trying to find the blue spend my life try to get the wheels looming lots of being at the absolute top your game the profession you chose to. Congratulations. I mean, you gotta take up this book for for you to learn more about Jason but relations was when one through number two if there's anyone in your family has similar symptoms and similar anxiety, maybe they haven't diagnosed to get it's called unbreakable how I turn my depression and anxiety to motivation and you can to Jake. We managed to thrive through it. I have even more respect for you and more phenomenal through quarter getting the word out to people who would like to eat your gravel mother reach out. Thank you for the first time. I like your I now have the words to have this conversation with my husband and my kids and my grandkids (my daughter is going to look at her back so I can understand or more. I want to give voice to all of us with this play took to lift you up for me. Honestly, work in progress. I'm still open myself. Just thank you honestly think you can.

Thank you, not ING NHLBI with me Saturday night on one nation to so Jay, thanks so much enjoy the game. My notes work on the game club you got back at you unbreakable the name of the book we come back. I wrapped things up and find that this indeed more to know this weekend. Check out Brian's new show on Fox news channel because apparently he's cheaper than infomercials for nonstick pans. That is not true that really hurt one nation with Brian Kelly Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox news channel Laura Brian coming up is so busy he'll make your Brian kill me, it will go back just a reminder don't forget to tune into one nation.

At 8 PM and 11 PM Eastern time that a great show on tap. Tyrus will do the news dual Adam Corolla will be joining me put in perspective was having the Super Bowl as well as Kathy Munoz and Jake lazy her little bit of them you get more TV also weighs in on where he thinks are Rogers will end up. I hopefully someone asking that and then Trey Gaudi as well as how 42 great shows. I hope you enjoyed a real quick thousand just handed me this Ontario's Premier is a conservative's name is Doug Ford. You know his brothers is crazy guy in Canada is declared a state of emergency as the truck convoy protested to disrupt traffic. He's going to start arresting them give him a year in prison. $100,000 fine maximum go rest. All these truckers, they are absolutely insane. How about listening to him and releasing the restrictions on the cries phone apart incredible. Yeah, I guess just to go on with that story will convene his cabinet use legal authority to urgently enact orders that will make crystal clear.

It is illegal and punishable to block and impede the movement of goods, people and services along critical infrastructure. That's why believe that I said this today if the mice in the break with a need to do in Ottawa. Probably most logically is have a press conference let everybody know that your top three men and women and come out and speak say exactly what you want to accomplish and then put all the pressure on the lawmakers to either fulfill it or ignore it will know exactly what they're fighting for because right now they're looking at a Confederate flag and seeing something some desecration say that's them. They're not extremist. Thanks.

Which was never one to write to or to any my history books, including the president and freedom fighter I can personalize inside him the perfect gift for Valentine's Day. Almost every woman agrees and man over 100 meteorologists and resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber and listen now if Fox is not or wherever you get your

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