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Biden: Threat of Russian Invasion of Ukraine "Very High"

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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February 18, 2022 12:45 pm

Biden: Threat of Russian Invasion of Ukraine "Very High"

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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February 18, 2022 12:45 pm

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My name is Joe Kelly and were coming to you live from the Florida freedom zone where we had probably the best 2021 ever here in Florida with 118 million Americans visiting Florida. The highest number of domestic travelers in the history of this state all during a pandemic. We had a phenomenal year last year will get into that come up a little bit later. My name is Joe Kelly and I am with Brian's flagship radio station in Orlando, WDB.

Oh, and I'll be filling in for Brian today. You can join the show at 866-408-7669.

You get details. Of course, when you go to Brian kill me and and we were to start off with a talk in a little bit of Russia. Here is Thomas Graham is going to join us. He is a distinguished fellow, the Council on foreign relations, cofounder of the Russian Eastern European and Euro Asian studies programs at Yale University. Thomas, thanks for joining us here on the Brian Kelly Joe, we have been hearing the warnings and each day you know we wake up in the end and think, well, has the border been breached have has the Russian troops invaded Ukraine yet.

What is the what is the latest there along the border hundred 50,000 troops surrounding Ukraine. At this point, there have been some skirmishes between our Ukrainian court ordered Ukraine ready and guided conventions not part of the world United States should not be. The administration is saying that Russian bacon could occur any time in your picture.

We had a very contentious UN Security Council yesterday with United States and Russia triggered arguments over the blame for the situation Ukraine situation. That said, still a diplomatic track, Secretary of State Bentley blinking with the Russian Foreign Minister somewhere in Europe next week to see whether we can find a diplomatic solution to this ongoing crisis since it is really interested me is the reference to false flag events.

Yet there is a time in which false flag events were were just the domain of the conspiracy theorists and and now were talking about it like it's just part of how you do war or how you do foreign relations make you kind of address that that that the false flag notions you know that information now become a very important part of our older narrative put on it can on what is trying to do and what the other side is kind of concerned about false flag operation believed that Russia will create publications that will serve as a treatment for the launch of the military operation into Ukraine Ukrainian estate tax that make it look like they'd been attacked military so all of this I think is really control the narrative and to cast the blame on the other side of major military conflict breaks out, Thomas Graham here on the Brian kill me show my name is Joe Kelly Thomas is with the Council on foreign relations and of course were talking about Ukraine and and Russia. What is the endgame for Vladimir Putin. Here's a guy who is named himself effectively president for life and it just the audacity in in 2022, with the whole world watching your playing these kind of games and when you're playing with fire here a couple of things.

First, certainly. The court would Western leaders traveling to Moscow to negotiate with them to find a way to use this crisis is a large recruiter like I think Russia well and that is that there decided on the security arrangement in your network. Develop 30 years ago. At the end of the Cold War. They believe in a time when we can therefore Russian weakness was exploited by now regain her strength as he commanded disarray. Find the last certainly in Europe are trying to revive Cold War settlement to to their advantage to get some context here. I want to play a cut from Joe Biden at the White House talk about the threat of a Russian invasion being very high. Cut one is one that they are that's on his Graham the.

The president has made clear that US troops are not good to be sent into Ukraine. Ukraine is not an outline, no obligation Ukraine we do have an obligation under native members in many countries in Eastern Europe that border on not Ukraine, so what the president is trying to do it.

Other means to do what we call deterrence to raise the possible cost of the military operation by the Russian Bell Atlantic okay and were doing that sanctioned economic sanction because the banking system I give them the high-technology companies are really doing that by sending a small number of American troops to country Ukraine to reassure those allies that we want that their account but also to persuade Moscow that goes Ukraine.

It should not figure spending any military operation beyond that NATO territory Thomas can you address the timing of it all for us.

The Olympic Games wrap up this weekend. I believe the closing ceremonies are Sunday I mean it didn't do did the Olympics play into this scenario with Russian Ukraine, although the Comintern there you would not want to major military operation during the Olympics because the Olympics is so important that attorney trying on the international stated on one on anything to attract attention from that binder has been a fairly close relationship between Russia and China built up over the past several years of Russia depends on unkind diplomatic support. It will depend on economic support United States and now I let it shine himself thinking you would mark the Olympics but after the limits are concluded. Then any good use of military force in a very provocative fashion. So Monday you're saying. Well, that's not wanted there is a possibility but there a few other things to bear in mind that is the cost of any type of war are quite great.

Are you running tremendous risk.

I want to start a war is not clear how it's going to and second unit, nothing to compare direction population for a major major conflict in one of the things that you would want to do it contemplating something like this should have popular backing if you don't do that, then you risk a reaction of some sort.

When you know Russian soldiers were killed, but understand clearly why the military operation. Lastly for you, Thomas Graham, again, thanks for joining us here in the Brian kill me show it. Yes, if not the United States and then who made who, who, who are our allies that could lead this effort to to do whatever needs to be done to keep Russia from invading Ukraine are getting Russia out of Ukraine as quickly as possible.

Here, the United really no other country that quickly goods operation. We have military intelligence capabilities care with those of our upper European allies, Germany, France for concrete, but not nearly as capable as we are watching the actions of American leadership even greater disarray in Europe and that would be an incentive for Russia to act more aggressively so let me just end by saying that the United States is done a tremendous effort over the past month and rally our NATO allies were partners in Europe to a unified front against Russia the way on the way to Kremlin thinking about what next steps, Thomas Graham, thank you so much unsettled from the Council on foreign relations, Thomas Graham joining us here on the Brian kill Michelle, thank you so much and have a nice Presidents' Day weekend. Would you please.

Thank you, thank you very much. You can join us here on the Brian Kelly Joe at 866-408-7669 and will take some of your phone calls coming up straight ahead if you want to jump into the phone lines you do so now.

At 866-408-7669 also working to get to some Hillary Clinton coming up in the in the next few minutes as well as Hillary as his voice definitely sounds like she's beating a drum to throw her candidacy in once again will get into that come out of it a few minutes I'm Joe Kelly. You are listening to the Brian kill me show your knowledge base. Brian kill me show Fox News contests network London � Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week. This depend on its podcast listen no Fox News by's personal powerful is America's weather team in the palm of your flocks.

Weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen no Fox News or wherever you did your project talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show page Joe Kelly and for Brian kill me here in Orlando Florida which by the way, this weekend is good to be the Daytona 500.

If you're not familiar with how Florida works Daytona Beach is just just of 45 minutes or so to the north east of the Orlando area and plenty of people get to be here in Orlando this weekend for the Daytona 500, and then just announced that Paul McCartney literally as I went on the air.

Here hosting for Brian today they announced that Paul McCartney is coming to camping world Stadium which is our former citrus bowl here in Orlando is good to be here May 28, so if you're planning a trip to Florida May 28. Paul McCartney is good to be live in concert hard. Let's jump to the phone here at 866-408-7669 Patrick in Pennsylvania, nice alliteration, Europe first on the Brian kill me show a Patrick hey good morning Joe, thank you for taking my call so I question is that a moment ago you were saying we don't stand up to Russia. Who's going to a couple days ago Brian committed to meet was saying we need to stand up when you show him who's in charge. I think this thinking is very concerning what the potential could happen with standing up to Russia that can lead into a nuclear war. How would United States field. If Russia had troops say in Mexico or thinking back to Cuba will be like okay with it. I don't think Poole is asking too much to sing with.

We don't want Ukraine to be part of NATO and the thing that you are propagating. I'm either Republican or Democrat. It's very frightening like what could potentially happen standing up to Syria rack was heading up to Russia to get that point across right but you understand that that as we heard our guest, Thomas Graham mentioned bananas. As I said is not us, then who. And I don't think anybody I don't think there's a single person in America that wants to get into a land war with Russia out do we just stand by and and allow them to invade sovereign borders and sovereign nations with without so much as as pushback repeatedly in the Middle East, whatever time we want to go to war we pick a fight with a rack or outlander Syria so we do that with impunity and old saying the only bidder being aggressive obviously got a nice guy. What is it worth it.

Do we need to stand up.

We can and protect our own border. Yet we want to send our military 10,000 miles but no one is saying that no one is saying sending our military 10,000 miles away.

Whatever was he just said note. No one is saying that there is in fact present. A bite is made clear.

He's knocking us and troops. In fact, almost dangerously saying he's not gonna send troops and we just taken the most effective weapon off the table and that is putting troops in Ukraine you think a good idea to send 3000 troops to Poland to put them there near the area.

What what good is it going to come from 3000 certainly 3000 troops compared to the hundreds of thousands of Russian forces is inconsequential. Other than it being simply a show of force, and Gina just having a US presence which means now we have a US interest to me. What one has to ask, what is the US interest in Ukraine and I would say are our first and foremost interest is the preservation of our own soldiers lives and not putting them in harms way and I think you would agree with that. Yes, I don't agree with how your your your propagating that I think is very frightening. We don't need to put our soldiers there.

We don't need to be involved. We could do it with with embargoes we could do it other ways but we don't need to have our troops there and by by saying we do send a statement to Russia is very frightening breakfast concerned about 3000 troops right but the potential that this has could be catastrophic and here individuals are like all we need to do this we need to stand up. I don't see why I don't see why, consider the consequences and you were talking about that obliteration. If this goes toward United States under the work that this is some country fighting a war which they been doing 400 years really work. The work are US soldiers. I think I understand. Thank you for your call. Patrick and I totally understand that level of compassion you have for our US soldiers and I don't think there's any one of us, the ones to see our soldiers over there, getting involved in an deadly conflict with Russia over Ukraine. No doubt about that. Let's go to Jim in Portland Oregon tuning into freedom 970 Jim you're on the Brian Kelly Joe no I wanted breakout I think Russia would invade and occupy successfully but in World War II we all all supplied underground.

The French underground Yugoslavian partisan underground. The Vietnamese and French occupied Indochina with the most explosive, small arms, stuff like that. I think you it to be part of a policy to make the Russian occupation of Ukraine. As difficult as possible and when these casualty rates begin to go back to Russia on people are aware of it may be very thing twice. Ukrainian should be fighting their own battle how exposed the Hague and Geneva conventions don't protect partisans, but if you know if they wanted this war if they wanted this war. They wanted this occupation.

You know they could be dealing with a formidable underground II think we ought to think in those terms. I think I think that's exactly right in Michael's back Jim to you why 3000 US troops in the 3000 US troops is not enough to stave off the Russian army but it is enough to put a presence on the ground there so that we can help facilitate some some underground beetle back channel measures that make life more difficult for Russia and I think that's what you're getting out you to make that occupation really difficult, very unpopular in water to your guest said that the Russian population is prepared for news coming back like this you know you remember the more you know that Argentine government wanted to be popular in Argentina because they were I got. I can let you go rough on a heartbreak.

Speaking of which, that was one of the clues last night on Jeopardy I'll have you know I got that one right. The Focalin course was on it was on Jeopardy last night, my name is Joe Kelly.

This is the Brian Kelly Joe will continue with more of your calls will gain close to Fox and friends, we can enjoy and share my thoughts in a wide range of pop-culture politics and business. Subscribe and listen just Fox news on just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news but or wherever you did your favorite radio show like no other reason supporter bank account. You will be in attacking Canadian families across Canada nationality Weiss my 13 children.

My dog cotton 15 to lock people too.

I drove the bills and will be will to get groceries.

He's not just is not born out of the truck drivers buddies going after Canadian families and that's pretty concerning that nobody else is calling about on this and the media hearing is quietly something that needs to be done.

It's very concerning. That is a truck driver. His name is Harold Yunker.

He was on with Hannity and of course talk about the convoy of freedom truckers across Canada. You're listening to the Brian Kelly Joe, my name is Joe Kelly at talk radio Joe if you're looking for me on social media. You can call in right now at 866-408-7669 and adjoining us now is Liz Peake she's a Fox News contributor, columnist for Fox and the hill Liz, I'm so glad you joining me here on the Brian kill me show you. Thanks for having me on and I look up in Canada and when when the trucker convoy protest first got started. There was a part of me that was like a this is called the Canadians are becoming more like Americans in their rallying and their taken to the streets but there is such a key difference because when Americans took to the streets last summer we burned a whole lot of things and caused a lot of damage but those truckers aren't there not burning things and causing damage and and yet in some people's eyes that they are the devil. I mean there there there are what's wrong with Canada. Well, pretty obvious that Justin Trudeau was scared. After all, didn't meet with them. He never walked outside and sat down with these guys and said what are your grievances at talk this out with my right Liz Raven some challenges. Hearing you John Holden and I get to write back and we'll talk with Liz Peake, Fox News contributor, but in the meantime, you can join me at 866-408-7669 tonight could limit lipstick J online one here. First, what we get Liz back on with SJ here on the Brian kill me show with Joe Kelly how are you about two very good thing just called called at about the freedom truckers are outlined by quadrilateral flags peaceful protesters well for what it's worth, I think they can certainly go out. I know you're you're speaking in hyperbole, but they can certainly go out and buy some black lives matter flags and and and waive those flags as well, but it did, but it is. It's frustrating is it not J that that how they're being vilified. These truck drivers right off the bat you now there is said to BJ a similar protesters can be coming to the United States exposed to starting in Barstow, California and make its way all the way east to Washington DC.

Are you a truck driver and and and you hear anybody talking about Unum and American convoy, but I'm not sure I think they should join with them pushing back against the yacht that Justin Trudell is just talk and had an opportunity to address this and to deal with that.

But at this point it's it's just not going anywhere with which frankly that was the point of the of the movement was a lack of movement right up to block things down to stop things down so that their grievances could be heard. Critical J thank you so much I appreciate your call and into the Brian Kelly Joe, I do believe we have Liz back with us. Liz peach and that we were talking about Justin Trudell and his his reluctance to meet with the truck drivers he could've stated he could've handled this long before got out of control and what is right wing extreme and basically to even acknowledge their case. 5% of those truckers are already vaccinated.

Most of the day alone in there And by the way, I think that's an Trudeau could have done dropped the vaccine mandate or part of the mandate.

My guess is that because these truckers to go home as well handled it poorly, but it come to a place basically being very fearful of people seeking freedom thinking beach etc. and I think even though Canada is obviously divided on whether or not they want the trucker protest to go home then people balance the people came out to cheer them on the official. They made it illegal to stand on a highway and waive the Canadian flag to cheer them on. It was really incredible teaching pain kind of crackdown for no reason whatsoever, crackdown address, go fund me in social media and how they have been dealing with these. This is the freedom convoy well similar to the kind of crackdown that Facebook and other media giant have enabled in the United States against political enemies of Joe Biden in the Democratic Party.

I need to use their power in this case, the idea that go fund me when he threatened to steal the millions of dollars that people had contributed to eat and how is the truckers because they believed in their cause. It seemed criminal to me. They did back down on that and they were they were talking about taking the money and converting it to other causes and then they agreed that okay you know what responded to the people who gave it. Now they're talking about talking people are putting them on the list that they can't really saying her normal average. There had not been widespread arrests.

I gather today they began arresting the truckers, but there's been no looting, no burning of buildings.

No violence against anybody. These are truly peaceful protests at the post and BLM protest last year.

These actually are peaceful and yet they are being squashed by what turns out to be the Canadian version about an authoritarian regime thinks Liz what are you sure about a similar effort here in the United States.

Well, I think there will be there now three different groups trying to get convoy started one to go the southern route, all ending up in DC different with different groups but I think that it was. It will also be met with hysteria on the part of the Democratic laughter will be likened to January 6 will be called an insurrection or something, but my guess is if you get trucker convoy is going across United States waving American flags talking about freedom. People are so set up, show with that COBIT restrictions that make no sense and are not grounded in science but appear to be an open call again authoritarian measures taken by a very fearful government. I think you're going to see a lot of support for these truckers and and here's the thing Joe Biden pretends to be the champion of the little guy.

These are the little guys. These are the people she's supposed to protect and be on the side.

The Teamsters union came out big for Joe Biden campaign they put in a lot of money, a lot of man-hours, etc. this is the moment where Joe Biden could help out the people who actually are part of that union. But the irony is, he doesn't care about the workers he cares about the union bosses who are funneling tens of millions of dollars in his campaign. I think it is such an incredibly blatant hypocrisy that II think an awful lot of Americans artistic Fox News contributor Liz peach here in the Brian Kelly show. My name is Joe Kelly in for Brian today broadcasting here in the Florida freedom zone of Orlando at the Daytona 500 this weekend. A lot of exciting things happening here in Florida and and we've we've enjoyed so much freedom and liberty here during this pandemic and I don't want to sound like I'm with the Florida tourism department, but we had 118 million Americans visit Florida last year. That was our highest number of domestic travelers in the history of the state of Florida. We had the biggest numbers ever in 2021 because of our red state freedoms because I'm a bit, but people like Alexandria because the El Cortez came to vacation in South Florida to enjoy the Florida freedom zone to get away from both of the blue state craziness where I'm at right now in Florida and here more than that, I ran into 20 New Yorkers who are here to and by the way member that rumors I I've had people down here confirm it while she is in California, New Jersey, New York, they are driving people out and the fact that the Democrat legislators don't understand that it it really is a shocking thing but they are new think they are losing the battle they're losing teeth in the House of Representatives. The money they're losing people eat, you would think that they would begin to learn a thing or two from the states that have done so well in you touched on a little but a little while ago but with the blue states that have been dropping their mask mandates. They been dropping all these other rules and restrictions so rapidly and and you used it back and say will wait a minute, is this this is the science we following the science of the following political science and is this just changing political realities or is this changing medical realities. Well I don't know if you heard Rachel had around the whole issue of mask policy want to change map quality. Even as she recognizes that politicians across the country are changing it without that without her.

I think I think because voters are basically saying and not for tired of that. Really I'm almost sympathetic to the Democrat running for office. In this cycle because you and Joe Biden at the head with approval rating on a pattern about you Dave shocked me. I mean I really didn't think it would be so bad so quickly.

Policies that are hurting every day Americans on all fronts. Whether energy prices or the cost ran constant and mortgages going up, etc. everything that could go wrong has gone long.

So right now the only thing you can apparently line claim. The president's right-hand man in the White House Chief of Staff went to the Senate Democratic caucus and said don't worry things are getting get better and Joe Biden is getting gave inspiring state of the Union speech about how it is. Successful policies against COBIT now is exactly the policies that are under the gun that are causing things like freedom convoys trucking across the United States and deposing people running our school. It caused Glenn Yunker's victory in Virginia. They really must be out of their mind not to move on this peak is joining us.

Fox News contributor for Fox and the hill you'll find her at Liz peak PE K if you're looking for her online list. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us here on the Brian Kelly show. I certainly do appreciate it.

Thanks for having a look at your calls come up. You can join us right now at 866-408-7669 your listing to the Brian Kelly Joe, I'm Joe Kelly going to need to know basis because you need to know the right to kill me.

The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me that we are in uncharted territory and make no mistake our adversaries around the world are watching Republicans are defending coup plotters January 6 last year with gift to them because they know something we need to remember, America is only as strong as our unity and receipt allows us to be is good to hear Hillary Clinton to get on the radio. What's that you can join me at 866-408-7669 your listing the Brian kill me Joe, my name is Joe Kelly McClinton last night speaking to some of Democratic fundraisers in New York. She really is the gift that keeps on giving. And I don't know about you, but if she decides, for whatever reason to throw her hat into the ring and may be challenged Joe Biden or something along those lines, I think that's good be great for the Republican Party. I think the Republican Party would would would absolutely just eat her lunch room and just take her to town because we've already figured out Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton is a is a known quantity of the thing that threw everybody off about Barack Obama was nobody number there was no history that we didn't know anything about Barack Obama we know everything that there is to know about Hillary Clinton. I think Brian kill me. Not just because I'm filling in for Brian today, but I gotta think Brian kill me because I got a question right on Jeopardy last night because of Brian kill me.

The category was Abraham Lincoln. As you might imagine, and one of the one of the clues in Jeopardy last night was the the African-American that Abraham Lincoln met with to discuss the condition of the of the that the black troops there, and Isaiah's Frederick God bless. I know this one.

So thank you BK for for helping me get a clue right on Jeopardy last night. All right, 866-408-7669 let's go to John who is listing on W HIO in Dayton Ohio I John John the Brian kill me, Joe. Joe is a moral obligation to send troops to protect Ukraine say that because 91, when Ukraine gained its dependence that about 1/3 of the Soviet Union's nuclear weapons. They were the principal design and manufacture for those weapons so about 2000 nuclear weapons states suggested and insisted they give up those weapons and for that activity is 94. There was a treating side or we would protect them if they gave them up if now and we pledge to protect their integrity as a country and I don't think people disagree with you John, but to when you talk about a full on land war did send as many US troops into Ukraine is necessary to protect semi me where does it end to get there.

Nuclear weapons was hailed as a tremendous nuclear proliferation. Success is not disagreeing with you, but I mean, but how far do you take it absolutely certain troops in there and so in the military and we promise to defend their territorial integrity. What that promise doesn't mean anything. Why should any other country in the world forgo nuclear weapons. And they will United States will protect me.

Well I think I said I think we just recently learned that lesson and Afghanistan haven't lead the way we left Afghanistan we did. We did we leave that country in a better condition than then we arrived at that country did we leave that country are ready to to manage and and control themselves without outside influence, not broken or obligations before decreasingly why should any country believe that's exactly right.

That's your exactly right the way we left Afghanistan is exactly right. Why would any country ever believe us again. Certainly, that's gotta be sending a message to China to Taiwan mean they've all got to be concerned about that right and the same thing with Ukraine. If the nuclear weapons right now. Ukraine realizes they realized that the time that foregoing nuclear weapons is probably a dumb idea. John, thank you so much. I'm so glad you called. I appreciate you listening to the Brian kill me, Joe, my name is Joe Kelly Fox News radio studios in New York City. You opinions and facts with positive it's Brian kill me.

85� yesterday in Orlando Florida. I'm Joe Kelly and for Brian kill me ever coming to you from the Florida freedom zone here under the government governance of Rhonda Santos. Of course we have enjoyed the great freedoms here during the pandemic. In fact, the governor pointed out yesterday that we had our best year ever when it comes to domestic travel. We had 118 million Americans visited Florida. The highest number of domestic travelers in the history of the state.

So Florida is open for business and has been open for business. And I gotta tell you I five traveled only a little bit during the pandemic right were not supposed to be traveling a whole lot but in traveling during the pandemic. I'm I'm startled when I see other states and and how they're handling the pandemic when it comes to facemasks and all the other mandates and and mostly the blue states.

Of course, because here in Florida there has been very long stretches under which it seems like we don't have a pandemic and and yes will still go out sometimes and I'll still see people wearing their facemasks and you try to keep their distance and all, I still see a lot of knuckle bumping and elbow bumping and that kind of stuff are not as much shaking hands and hugging. I get that but otherwise it really does seem as if it's business as usual here in Florida which I again of any state.

I could be living in during a pandemic.

Thank God that I am living in the great state of Florida. You can join me here on the Brian Kelly Joe at 866-408-7669 get details I'm Joe Kelly. Let's get to the phone here that a lot of people want to talk will start off with Bruce Sousa tuning in on the Fox applicant New Jersey Brewster on the Brian Kelly Joe Joe, I don't give you got one doing real good show today truly understand you keep flowing along real good and well is that like a statement and with the mask, and all that and what I think what they're going to do is Gov. Murphy said the master coming off not because you said you could take them off, but he goes waiting until March. Why not if you take a look take off right now what I say is going to happen is Pres. Biden's state of the union is going to announce we finally think this thing science lines up with everything and is about tonight, announcing that may have to come off in schools all over the country as of now, and that's what I guarantee you he does, that's interesting. That certainly would spice up a what would be an otherwise boring state of the union address and by the well say that that any state of the union address is generally good to be boring a mentor all pomp and circumstance. Their all for show and there's there's very little substance that usually comes out of the state of the union addresses but I find it interesting. Bruce and and the only thing that would give me reason to pause and say maybe not, is that the government is still ramping up the mask distribution scheme that we have going on right now that were you were sending people masks and were sending masks to drugstores and now there even though Biden by just reading yesterday the Biden administration was working on a on a strategy to make sure that children, the day the children as young as five who can't get the vaccine can still get facemasks so there still ramping up production of facemasks doesn't mean they can't change their mind by March 1 at the state of the union, though I think they're doing that show their doing so all that in spending doing all that money money you all those mask out and all that kind of stuff but I just think that's what's going to happen and Ukraine. I really think we can't do much but I mean with one gentleman saying that I delete a nuclear war.

Well doesn't want a nuclear war.

I mean if you pick a white them out.

Yeah, I agree with you like I don't think he was getting out that we get to nuclear war. I think his concern was that we would be protecting them because they gave up their new Spruce. Thank you so much and when it comes to the government ramping up these these programs of the mask distribution me. Did anybody order your quote unquote free coven test. We spent something along the lines of $36 million for those free coven tests that everybody was able to go online and order at a course, if you flip the box over, you'll find that they're all made in China, which just just on on face value alone hurts it hurts to think that where in this economy that were in right now that that we are so jacked up on supply line issues and production issues and with no matter which way it got here the virus.

The coronavirus whether it came deliberately through a lab that was released deliberately into the populace, or if it was totally an accidental. We know that it came from China.

I don't think there's there's there's no discussion, no debate.

No dispute on this so it just hurts it doesn't feel right.

It doesn't pass the smell test that are so-called free coven swabs that were getting from the government are all made in China that how is that not problematic you with the US what what is a cult of the production act where the United States can commandeer production lines here in the United States. It just seems that giving that money to China for the production of the test kits and probably for the facemasks is well. It just sucks honestly go to Stuart who's listening in the Virginia Stewart you're on the Brian Kelly Joe: comment on the Ukraine situation have a degree opposite reaction. This is some time person for Chilean diplomacy okay. Geopolitical reality is we cannot do anything. Ukraine okay. The Ukrainians are primarily Russian Western Ukrainians are basically second-class Nazis on the live shows between Stalin and Hitler.

But the fact of the matter is we need to go to go okay what can you give me for this, you know, we don't throw Americans in the front of everything that happens in the world but leadership. The leadership all right understand we do we have the leadership emplacement. If you say we need a Churchill is Biden the Churchill well-known don't know.

We doubt the Biden's individual capacity for negotiating the deal, but wants to talk about 3000 Americans. What's the point of that. Well, it's called a tripling daughter before okay to stop the steamroller but is like okay what Americans think change rights, stop all of that nonsense deal with Putin on his on his Gallic coolant is a land bridge to the Columbia long the seal is all okay.

Who cares deal with them and give them something for that was the point of having a NATO if it doesn't matter whether you're in team off the team to go to the mat for you. Anyway, that's what you have. Okay, I just think it still Americans always want to try to" do the right thing. Internationally the right thing right here is to look out for America. They could do so, the least baby lean more toward us in the Choco thank you Stuart.

Glad you called Frank in New York Frank you're on the Brian Kelly show Joe, you know, I'm a little bit concerned about what Vladimir Putin wants to do because you have been talking to colleagues of mine here in New York. They say that like an old-school type of gangster that no ability or power to conduct some sort of major invasion that would disrupt the operations of all our government didn't involve us in a political turmoil situation in which a senior saying that your friends seen the Putin isn't that guy will power to create a large scale a problem worldwide blocker, but I'm concerned that based on the troop buildup is going in and our president Joe Biden is reinforcing these already sent the 82nd airborne that will have to deal with a situation where maybe we are going to go into a similar look like we did with Al Qaeda and that I'm saying that I'm very concerned that Ms. not dealing because writing talking to United Nations about his issues dotting certain problems because he seemed to believe that Pres. Biden is some sort of some sort of scandal ridden president is very old and I feel like you need to expand your friend base just a little bit because I don't think there's a lot of people to doubt whether or not Vladimir Putin could or would do it. It's simply a matter of whether or not he will do what I mean, he's shown you believe that believe a man when he tells you he is in the end he is already shown us who he is. He is already annexed the Crimea mean we we know what he is capable of. He is certainly capable of of causing great deal of trouble along the border with Ukraine including and not limited to invading Ukraine well you know we are born into a over there that either England and Canada were not cooperative world country because they actually say that they don't want to get involved in subjecting country only provides troops when they needed their economic need to be met, and I don't want to be insulted, but the fact is that our our service people lost many many lives over the years and effects of conflicts that go on for years and years and we really don't need another one of this nature. Thank you Frank. Glad you called. You can join us here in the Brian Kelly show at 866-408-7669 my name is Joe Kelly will get more of your phone calls coming up straight ahead stay with us here on the Brian Kelly Joe something new every day.

Brian kill me show if you're interested in it.

Bryan's talking about it with Brian kill me. The potential future requirement for an additional booster shot for mRNA or third shelf to J&J is being very carefully monitored in real time and recommendations if needed will be updated according to the data as it evolves the voice of Dr. Anthony Felty there.

Of course, my name is Joe Kelly. This is the Brian Kelly Joe, thank you so much for joining you to find out more details go to Brian kill me you can join me at 866-408-7669. I honestly don't know how we are still taking marching orders from Dr. Anthony found she the American public has lost faith in the American healthcare system. I'm if that is not one massive take away from this global pandemic is that we just don't trust. I mean, it's not even about trusting our political leaders and our bureaucrats trusting people from the CDC were supposed to have faith in the CDC and the FDA. These are agencies letters that are supposed to garner immense trust with the American people and and now when you hear found cheese voice was supposed to be the preeminent expert on infectious diseases in the United States when you hear his voice.

How many how many of us are rolling our eyes thinking. I don't know if I believe him or not. I don't know if I trust him or not you can join with your thoughts. 866-408-7669.

In the meantime, let's talk about Ukraine. Rita is in Spring Hill, Florida, listening to WX GABA Rita Kyte well all I just want to know why our government is so concerned about another country were not even protecting our own country so you worry about Ukrainian border, but not our own border. The government is right so were pretending like there's not a problem at all. Our border while we are justifiably concerned about the sovereign borders of a sovereign nation but where do nothing about our border. I had seen right grandparents from other countries. Here in America the legal way way government laws on the books but with discard those logs on laws on the books and we're just gonna let people write in our country where you and I why we had proof and then why you everywhere and no proof of vaccination to say the biggest disappointment about what you've just described is is not so much as a function of our government, but the function of our media and in the legacy media outside of of networks like Fox News that have just abandoned any kind of coverage of what is taking place at the Southwest border members because of my views are not well educated maybe common sense well okay I'm just like I cannot break it down and get real here.

Rita don't don't lose family members over this stuff okay. Families important well all right read on why I hate to hear that II would like to think that our families and this is where I think you know things like this pandemic organ. I have a net positive effect.

I hope I hope that in the aftermath of this pandemic. We realize that our families are important and that we realize that that maybe maybe politics the you we don't trust it as much as we thought we we once did.

I mean our faith in our government, our faith in our bureaucrats is as just never been lower. Rita, thank you so much for calling Chris real quick in Michigan.

Chris you're on the Brian kill me show you good yet so United States they're basically the Karen's of the international community who you know we we tell people that they can't do this may can't do that.

All the while were doing the exact same thing. We've got military bases all over the world got troop appointments everywhere but here is Russia moving troops around in its own country, you know I'm not saying that you know we shouldn't have a discussion, we shouldn't have a little bit of a talk about it all. But it's only actually going but violating the police here. You can't convict people for their entire weight. You don't want to wait until the lime so bad it clich�s you want to wait until the. The barn door has closed on the fire you want to wait until too late to do something about it. You do what you can do another people freedom you cannot know that it is easier. It's easier to stop Russia from going into Ukraine, then it would be to get Russia out of Ukraine. Don't you think in what way we were to negotiate some sort of terms with Vladimir Putin that that would keep him from invading Russia excuse me, invading Ukraine that would be an easier act of diplomacy, then once he has invaded Ukraine us trying to get them out and bring your inside letter. You know that you have intentions of absolutely invading Ukraine. You don't know that for sure you're right you're right you're right. I believe that a lot of this is just like the training through entertainment, but it's really just like bedtime stories are located is not really what happened just like the last caller said well and Chris and Chris, thank you so much for your call and it but I but I go back to again like you said, with a last call we talk about trusting whether or not we have faith and you said that you know use use said that they haven't moved into Ukraine, but we have to have faith in our government leaders, which frankly, at this moment. We just don't have. We don't have faith in president by we don't have faith and found she certainly don't have faith in Vladimir Putin.

I'm Joe Kelly.

This is the Brian kill me show radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show I been really encouraged by something about this pandemic and that is the balance between work and life. I been encouraged watching as people have realized that life should not be all about work. It shouldn't all be be about. They do the pursuing financial goals and there should be other goals in life. Other priorities in life and I think the worklife balance is really been helped so greatly during this pandemic is odd as that may sound, but because of the people been working from home and kind of reintroducing themselves to their families and thinking of different ways to do things and and necessity is the mother of invention, and we've come up with all kinds of new ways to get work done and talk about here for the segment on the Brian kill me show my name is Joe Kelly.

You can join me at 866-408-7669. I asked Jean Marx to join me.

Jean is with the marks group. It's a small business consulting firm, you'll find him at Jean Marx is also a CPA Jean thank you for joining us here in the Brian kill me show thank you very much for having me on. I'm so interested to see what work is gonna look like in the years ahead.

And you know in the beginning days of the pandemic.

It was two weeks to flatten the curve, we all kinda thought would go home for a couple weeks and then would all get our lives back and everything would go back to normal now. Two years later we're still trying to figure out what that's gonna look like as you advise clients and and workplaces. I mean, what is that gonna look like you and I just admit that the millennial right all along.

I believe about your clients in our business. Most of like the average small and midsize business owners over the age of 50. In this country get out and before the pandemic. It was the millennial generation never saying we should be working more from home we need more independence.

We need more flexibility in most of his owners were like that. That's not enough to come to the office about the big wrench that in doing then the pandemic kicked everybody goes home and like you said earlier, when you know the work manages to get done and secure, and that was good and so generation was right and that is a permanent change in the way workplaces are going to be. Although I will tell you one thing, it is not going to be as extreme as a lot of people are expecting an evidence of that. Some of the largest tech firms I mean Facebook to find its largest lease in its history in London for square footage, Google has been leasing a picnic sonic a billion-dollar lease. New York City just recently as well. Some of the largest tech firms themselves are snapping up office space and you think like you to be working from home but now it's like that in the future. It's more of a hybrid and the big brand companies. They know that that's going to impact all employees are to be employed wherever they are. I you are so right about the millennial's and a lot of people chalk that up is is is there being lazy. They're undisciplined, but really think they were onto something with with realizing that life should not be all about work and I think you know for a lot of us, we got that from our dad's generation and from grandpa's generation but you know with with all of the advancement in technology we were promised. I remember the promises Jean, we are promised that life would get easier but it's not.

It's getting harder is getting more complicated.

Today everything is more complicated than it used to be and and the notion of having a little bit of time at home and finding a balance with your life outside of work is just to me to be the long lasting benefit from the pandemic. Truly joking of the word you heard of the buzzwords about working from home and working from anywhere in the four-day workweek, which is another thing we can talk about this before Thursday looking into that. It really comes down to one thing, it's flexibility now and you don't listen you know should be grateful for the technology and the cloud-based applications are available right now I can hire people to do services for my company anywhere around the world and I can service clients anywhere around the country. I don't care.

My company has been completely virtual since 2005 I have 10 employees and about a dozen contractors we don't have offices.

I shut them down in 2005, but beware, I mean as much as my overhead is been saved as a business owner I think I run the world's most dysfunctional company because we never see each other so we missed out on innovation and social a lot of people like going into the office and being with their friends at the community so combination of things that is going to come down to flexibility. How can we just get the job done where ever that job is being done. You want to do it in the office you want to do it from Portland or you where you want to be those of the smart employers are gonna be practicing those parts of your workplace goals. We are talking to Jean Marx with the marks group. You can follow him at Jean Marx and I know that here in Orlando I live in downtown so I have watched with great interest.

These last two years as first it was the offices that closed in again. Everybody thought it was good to be temporary so that when the office is close. The restaurants closed when the restaurants close the bars closed and then two weeks later, nothing reopened and everything stayed closed and now we have so much vacant office space that is available and when you mentioned that these tech companies are buying up office spaces. I wonder if some of that is just an investment strategy and not so much about a work strategy just because the prices are so affordable on commercial real estate these days yeah I agree it is one of the combination of a few things to me. Number one is that the tech company. No, I mean if you're working for Microsoft or Amazon or Google. I mean, so much is involved in face-to-face interactions. You can't innovate and to product development and make strategy entirely called.

It's gotta be whiteboard. It's gotta be human in together so that you know they know that and they are going to be requiring their employees to be coming home like Yahoo when Marissa Mayer took over as CEO. A number of years ago. They used to have a bunch of people working from sheet ended that practice and brought people in IBM about 10 years ago before the pandemic. Obviously they worked their whole build businesses built around remote working, and they require their employees to now check in a few days a week to their offices as well. So you a lot of companies know that one. One other thing that I deal with a lot of small and midsize companies. Joe I living outside of Philadelphia. All three pandemic when you drive around the suburbs of Philadelphia and you look at the parking lots in the corporate centers in the industrial parks they were filled with cars. The minute that the smaller midsize company can get their employees back to the office they got back to the office now.

The smarter ones again are giving more flexibility to their employees but they also know that they need to be there. They need to see that they need to talk to them know that that's the way business still get done and it's going to be done for a while so the middle ground you gotta your employees and your demographics to figure out what works best for people and Jean and verily anytime there is any sort of a beneficial human effort is good to be ne'er-do-wells on the other side who are mocking things up for all the rest of us I have. I've watched with interest as people have developed devices that simulate that their keyboard and mouse is at work during the daytime.

I found people putting up fake green screens are giving the impression that there actually at work or working when they're actually outside fishing or doing something else. How do how do we keep these these ne'er-do-wells from screwing it up for the rest of us. Well, yet the policies you know that that you know it's only one or two people become a writer for the rest, but you still need to have written policies about the proper kind of behaviors that lead to having when you're not in the office of the expectations of his employees.

Having said that, though. Listen it. People don't you people don't realize when when you sell something you have even reserves businesses is reserved for bad debts you have reserved for bad inventory. You know your reserves for four projects that go over there are always going to be those types of costs and one cost you're going to have when somebody is working from home if there is going to be a small percentage of employees that are not going to be following the rules and taking advantage so you have to make sure that you consider the cost of doing that business sometime. Listen, you know, I mean there's kinds employees usually get found out after time and as long as you got a written policy in place of the procedure for following up on it you can deal with that employee when ultimately that person is to come to your attention, and while there are some bad actors on the employee meant side.

There are certainly to be some bad actors on the employer side guy.

I have read some instances where some employers have taken to surprise visits to people's homes to see what their work situation is like at any given moment. And if that's not troublesome. I don't know what is the opposite of what you should be doing the whole point started off by talking about the millennial grown people. Now you know you have to give them the respect do their jobs and and the competence to get done what they're supposed to be getting done at the time to be checking up on them.

You know it's not you.

You are a smart manager knows that there is much better way that they should be spending their time wanting to one of the biggest issues that we need to be aware of these employees working from home is security ransom where attacks have gone up like over 300% over really well. Frankly, you and I will list the exhibits don't take offense were all kind of notes you know working from your place sharing your computer sometimes with your kids, you know. He knows full well what you're talking about and so all these employees are working from home not in a very secure environment. The hackers they know that and they're looking around to take advantage of those employees and they can get access to corporate networks. We've been doing a lot of work advising clients about that showing on some of the things you need to be doing. Of course, is making sure your employees get trained so that they know when to recognize and attack you know or potential phishing email or something like that. Most importantly your employees have to all be running the most recent operating systems on their device. You know whether it's a Mac or Windows or for Microsoft because it would have the most recent security protections in that much. I guarantee that you'll be protected but if you're a hacker there's so much low hanging fruit. If you if you hit Jo up near a computer that's got the most recent version of an operating system running, you can attend to avoid is just too much work for you and you can minimize lastly also say to you that that I think the sum of the unsung heroes of this pandemic has been America's IT workforce because getting everybody set up to work from home had to been an IT nightmare and even in my case, semi-broadcast from home and it's no simple measure, setting up a radio station at a home but I broadcast from home just like everybody else did for Donna 280 some odd days or so and and it's the IT cruise that is not only been working so hard to get everybody set up in their home offices. But as you say to make sure that they are also secure you imaginative pandemic hit in 1980 yeah 1990 yeah the impact that would have had on workers and cost of the pandemic.

I mean you. I know that big Texas got its faults and I clearly understand that, but you are absolutely right.

We should all have some appreciation of the times that we live in. And you know what that what the tech is done to really help us have a much more flexible and balanced in a work life and I think that you know that only improve as things go forward and hopefully become more secure.

Jean, I just hope that my own IT crew was listening so that the next time I spill coffee to the keyboard. I'll get a little bit of a little bit of credit for being such a high praise for them that are too busy to care his neck so that I could talk to all day thank you so much for your expertise and for your time again. You can follow Jean Marc saw with the Marks group. It's at Jean Mark's Jean thank you so much. Thank you Joe enjoy Florida.

I'm jealous. 85� and we got the sound of 500 come up tomorrow so were selling me. Thank you brother. You can join us. Right now it's 866-408-7669. It's the Brian Kelly show what you get a do or you back to the office for you to go back into the cubicle farm outside our cubicles are empty.

We open our office. Actually this week at the radio station and and most of the employees of some thus far chosen to not come back to work there still working on. I'm certain of that.

But they're not coming back to the office quite in the way that maybe we had anticipated and let us know what your plans are. 86640876699 Joe Kelly you're listening to the Brian Kelly Joe giving you everything you need to know you're with Brian kill me breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me, Joe typically does he ask for things in the world so he can add his propaganda machine take over the narrative and put America on the defensive. Since we are in a position of leaking national security. Under this administration is running two schemes, one publicly and to behind the door to disinformation scheme which I believe he's trying to convince the world that he's actually going to invade Ukraine but I don't think he ever will.

Well, we certainly hope that's good to be the case. That's a cash Patel Fox news at night that you put in is just doing this to to do to expel propaganda and doesn't actually plan to invade Ukraine so just getting everybody all hot and bothered for nothing. That's awesome. 664087669. This is the Brian kill me Joe, my name is Joe Kelly a you can join us right now to Christine who is joining us in Virginia hey Christine, you're on the Brian kill me show the Chinese Communist Party and the way he's treating that. Is it with my nature of the party and mediator is done without media keeping the public uninformed.

What do we help the Canadian well I don't know to what extent we can help the Canadians. Christine at this point other than just getting them are our emotional support and financial support.

But we don't even know if the financial support is going to get to them. Thanks to bill you to go fund me and then then withholding money and trying to decide whether or not that the truckers are a threat to Canada or if they are good citizens and servants of of Canada but it's it's good to be coming to the United States for genius were to be able to see him so I Christine were to be able to see what that's gonna look like when when it comes here to the United States. In fact, let's go to listed above whose listing in Orlando right now. Bubba your listing over here to WDB L Infante Bubba you're on the Brian kill me, Joe, thank you all you plan to integrate the black and Jack are are my 16-year-old twin sons and their new and wonderful mob, a black that is wisdom teeth removed yesterday so he's a little yeah I love I received your call. Thank you so much yeah we went. He had his wisdom teeth removed.

I am I'm responsible for bringing ice cream.

I am to make sure he's got is his ice cream Bubba so everybody's everybody is good so thank you very much for that. My name is Joe Kelly. This is the Brian kill me, Joe, and you can know join me at 866-408-7669 you'll find me online at talk radio Joe that's good be on Facebook on twitter Instagram tick-tock MySpace friends there Facebook, you name it. I'm there at talk radio Joe you're listening to the Brian kill me, Joe live Fox News radio studios in New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive kill me Joe Kelly and for Brian kill me today. You can join me at 866-408-7669 coming to you from the Florida freedom zone in Orlando where it is expected to be 85� here today.

Compare that to the temperature where you live and you'll see why so many people are coming to Florida hundred and 18 million people traveled to Florida last year. In the middle of the pandemic. It was the highest number of domestic travelers in the history of our state and to borrow a phrase from Mark K. The league of extraordinary governors with Gov. Rhonda Santos at the helm. It has been nice to live in Florida during this pandemic of time in which nobody wanted to live through a pandemic, but it been in being able to do so in Florida has certainly been beneficial for well for those of us who live here. We have had deaths just like any other state has had we've had our issues just like every other state has had, but all things told, I think we've done a pretty good job and I'm satisfied with the job that Gov. DeSantis has done Shannon bream is joining us. She is a Fox News, the chief legal correspondent anchor of Fox News at night Shannon, I'm so glad you joining us here in the brain kill me. Joe, thank you. Name I saw last night and by the way, I do want to get to, I would.

I'm really excited about talk about your book in just a couple minutes and I want to get to that in just a few minutes but I saw that Hillary Clinton was back on stage last night's she is is blaming whole lot of people for a whole lot of problems and she is blaming Fox News for the durum reports and and I'm just blown away at the the absolute discounting of the Durham report by pretty much everybody but Fox News back and forth to the filing earlier this week that an interesting allegation that he is making and you're right most people are going to remember that we all do the people who are ignoring that the people who won prizes like pop journalism prizes for the reporting on the Trump Russia alleged collusion until new light on that story or something that doesn't line up with their narrative.

I guess I'm not surprised that they would want to report on it. But you know Michael legal team found everything you try to take the jury pulling you're trying to inflame bank still interesting to me that durum file Visio pleading after day on basically saying that the weak control how people interpret that part of the government's case. So of course were to file it is far from over.

Had a feeling, why is it that that that people can just out of hand discount what durum is saying not new or that it's not accurate.

The way that it's being pretrade and meet their best interest.

You know, of course, if it's someone like Michael legal team to defend their client, but others are.

They want to minimize any kind line up with the reporting that they stuck with for a good two years sell their interest in interpreting it in a way that is negative for them don't know everything, we have some details that are in the filing that for me answer a couple questions but leave many more questions, so there's plenty of room for interpretation there and I think that those who benefited from the other version how they wanted to go are not going to be interested in a person what credibility does durum have been generally speaking, and it is is is is he someone that that that is earned the right to be to be listened to and when he was first appointed.

I thinking that we stop pointing out across the board. I pray for him, saying, this is a guy who was well respected nonpartisan is very meticulous on testing by the box so early on there was plenty of praise for him from all quarters. So I think for the most part that continues down the mall or port report played out in people to decide on that one.

We see a lot of parallels the time of how people are reacting to people still think that there was Russian collusion with the election going to motor report and get them to check for themselves and that I can't find any conclusive evidence that allegations that were made that I die, don't have it in my framework on the right questions about things that you were can be interpreted a couple of different ways, but the overall conclusion that there was no collision, he found it clear, and if you don't like, you can take it up with Robert Muller, which again everybody was prating when he first assigned to the case bream Fox News chief legal correspondent anchor of Fox news at night and Shanna.

What is what is next. Then for the Durham report in his work is clearly not finished any theory very quiet very methodical about that tiny little rumbling of something that's going on, but for the most part I think that he is living up to the reputation that we were told he had on the front-end, which is to follow every potential lead.

He is going to not be a respecter of person and affiant follow the fact he needs to do it immediately. Even investigative prosecutor and so I think I'm working on his timeline, whatever that is the absolute lack of leaks that have not come out of that organization is breathtaking.

In today's standards it really think about how everything around here in Washington we think of it being so many links and I covered the Supreme Court that wanted a very tough place to get anything you want people involved there will be leaks. So for the prosecutor to keep his team together. Clearly a group of investigators that he try and they had been very confidential through this whole thing back then an enormous credit to them. Does Hillary Clinton have anything to worry about now. He had very successfully been able to separate herself from a lot of the allegations out there and if it did, two or three disconnected there's a law firm involved that maybe she has had over her campaign. It had been connection to care maybe and level of tension and separation, and a lot of folks that person gets one will say what was happening was legal access to information on the way that it was being used. It was legal. It may push the boundaries, you know like okay it's not to touch her. I saw some of the message boards on Reddit, and everybody is once again does seemingly having fun chanting lock her up, lock her up. But if if that hasn't happened. At this point I don't I don't know how that's gonna happen moving forward. She seems to be rather tough.

Lonnie collated a stretch to think that that would ever happen, better for her team or someone connected to campaign all certainly possible. I think anybody who is looking forward to her rooting for her to go to jail.

It's going to be very disappointed but you book the mothers and daughters of the Bible speak lessons on faith from nine biblical families.

I so I just did to give you my perspective.

I've been a get a check the box Christian my whole life I was raised in the Catholic Church, but that I kinda drifted with my own way and thought I was in charge, which was just a terrible mistake, realize that that that I am not the master of any domain and I I came to God about three years ago and said all right I understand I have made some mistakes and and I'm to follow your path. Now I will I walk with Jesus now and and it said it's a big part of my life and with this pandemic you know a lot of us have lost contact with other people and with that human emotion that human contact and II think about you don't know the mothers and daughters of the Bible speak in lessons to be learned. There is so much to learn here about just human interaction and human contact. Women in the Bible. I wrote that during the first very frightening part of the panic wonders how much we didn't know when people are frightened and separated. It was very comforting for me to look out over time these stories to the Bible the old and New Testament and were doing that again contacted mothers and daughters relationship. We had a netbook aren't the biological mother and daughter but spiritual mother and daughter or a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law and the way that the encouragement and mentors for each other in a spiritual sense of spiritual motherhood and daughter everybody can be a mom and daughter and the daughter cell, but there are there lessons that are woven through their translate to 2020 dealing what you said about the feeling you are away from God and coming back because many of the stories and guys always there waiting & I think the stakes I sent every day thinking and for his mercy and forgiveness and we see through the story thinking always working even when we make the state even when we get off track and we all well I'm able to use it for good. As I was getting dressed this morning.

I almost put on my iron sharpens iron's that I just thought I that's always my work choices which T-shirt do I want to wear to work today since I'm on the radio doesn't really matter, but I almost wore my iron sharpens iron shirt, but that is so you know that that the notion that we make each other better people.

We can accountability and encouragement.

All of the things we need each other, we need community. I think that we were created that way and we didn't eat after these relationships in the Bible and he wanted it. My favorite hearings in the new book and Mary the mother of Jesus and Elizabeth. Her cousin was much older had one child for Kate and had not had those prayers answered both at the same time had the miraculous pregnancies that were only through divine intervention, a little bit much, much older than anybody with ever thought and Mary much younger than she would've expected at a time that she had not been with a man and a whole virgin birth, but that God gave them both and experience the same time. Today were able to share it together and say like the rest of the world may not understand what's going on with us, or believe our story each other. We nearly had divine intervention and he could encourage each other Mary went to live with Elizabeth I the month of her pregnancy, and I love that picture that got gave them to each other for help in that time and they needed it most. I'm stumped just to get so much to learn and read the Bible and I was get confused by the Mary's. There are so many Mary Mary Mary's Bible and start all the Mary's and going to bring me love you here in Orlando and in Florida come here anytime. Please.

I will have morning rape and pampered. That's good. All right, Shannon Brame's chief legal correspondent anchor of Fox News at night Shannon, thank you so much great weekend YouTube Presidents' Day weekend is that we got the Daytona 500 happening this weekend at the Daytona 500 in the Daytona Beach Bible. I don't know this but the Daytona 500. The origins of that they literally raised their cars on Daytona Beach.

The sandy beach was was the origin of the Daytona 500 race go on YouTube. You can find some of the old black and white film on YouTube from back in the day when these to race on the beach these days you can still drive on the beach. You just can't race on the beach. My name is Joe Kelly will take your phone calls come up straight ahead here in Brian Kelly Joe, it's 866-408-7669 you go to Brian Kelly, educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me.

Best is three hours in radio with Brian kill me. We could get lucky just very well may be masterful in the next week or so. Keep going down that you really got to know you don't want to say is absolutely wrong decision is understandable why people want to take the mask off the kids right now. Given the level of activity that we have is risky. Dr. Anthony file tree are nations of the premier experts on the coronavirus by the way, speak about our nation's premier experts on coronavirus.

We just got this in the Surgeon General has just announced that he is tested positive for COBIT. 19 for Vic Murphy says that that his four-year-old daughter also had the virus and that his wife and five-year-old son were also positive for the virus. They all had mild symptoms his daughter. He says he's doing okay. She has an improving fever. He added, so get well soon to our Surgeon General Vivica Murphy from his diagnosis of covert, 19, my name is Joe Kelly you're listening to the Brian kill me show you can join me at 866-408-7669 let's go to Paul who is listening in Wayne, New Jersey on WABC hey Paul, you're on the Brian Kelly Joe Michael doing a great job thanks but I know the feeling. But don't rub it in. Okay 85� today. I was back every time EEE makes a statement, but I just want to read something real quick. 20 seconds United Church of McCarthy and Montgomery were some people who went out to the field to see what was actually happening on the waterfront, shaking hands with soldiers and civilians, but the biggest hit on slouchy is he suited to the throne tower distant from anyone and then criticize the people that were in the trenches.

Why is he an expert mouth golf world health organization says thank you Paul listen I IIII agree with you I think your I think you're right about that.

I think the American people lost faith in Anthony Fouts Yuma there's there's no doubt about that.

And just as you've heard, and I'm just were not were not covering the ground here, but as Brian has pointed out numerous times as Hannity has pointed out numerous times. I mean, what does Dr. felt she do what is he doing is not on TV talking about the coronavirus when is he actually in the trenches as you say you are working with people and getting stuff done to Gainesville, Florida, K. W. Is joining us on the Brian kill me show okay W. Michael show great comments the other day. He said Ukraine had their liberty choice and now at the same time he was doing that later on earlier he was talking to the Prime Minister in Canada like dictator and Julie love, and he told him crackdown on the protesters from the vaccine mandate for truckers up there inside your mouth and I'll never saw love to try to push in that direction again six months left in Afghanistan and properly little EC was pushing for me and you.

Do you think that we using the Biden administration is pushing for war, for what reason why why would the United States want to go to war with Russia was wanting to Russia when we were in Syria and she wanted all along one the election Russia. It's all about money wanting you know compact and in and around Russia is a lot going on here. No doubt.thank you for your call from Gainesville to North Carolina. James, I got about 45 seconds for you. James go ahead, you talk about the homework yes will. I'm a truck driver so we use to dispatch a workers list of adult background background list with all the crap and it is time to call it takes 30 minutes to explain. I got a flat but calls they don't speak English so that's interesting. Well I James said thank you for your call. Thanks for the update on that. My name is Joe Kelly you're listening to the Brian kill me show and we will continue with your phone calls come up straight and stay with us, you can join me at 866-408-7669. This is the Brian kill me show talk show that you talk your with Brian kill me. My name is Joe Kelly in Orlando, Florida, filling in for Brian kill me today. You can join me at 866-408-7669 and I'm really excited because just as I went on the air here today at 9 o'clock in the east of filling in for for BK today we got word that Paul McCartney had booked camping world stadium for a live concert coming up May 28 in Orlando.

Paul Hartley very excited like 60,000 a camping world stadium and I don't know how to be arrange for the concert around her. At the end or whatever. By the way, Pres. Biden is expected to give an update on the situation with Ukraine that are becoming up till 4 o'clock Eastern. You'll build a catch that.

I'm sure on Fox news a little bit later today I want to welcome him to the show Daniel Hollander, Danielle. I'm excited to welcome you. She is the the visit Orlando chief marketing officer and a Daniel this this is not a commercial for Orlando, though it may sound a bit like one, because we got so many great things to talk about with Orlando hello how are you I'm great how are you excited about concert and it's amazing that we are funny we got Billy Jolie. That's an amazing coming to Orlando. We really do. It's a destination Orlando has long been thanks to uncle Walt's destination location but never more so than now and Tina speak about Florida and and broadcasting here in the Florida freedom zone.

I had mentioned earlier here on the Brian kill me, show that last year, and these are the numbers that came to us from the state were to kinda boil it down to local numbers but 118 million Americans visited Florida had the highest number of domestic travelers in the history of our state that that me that takes me by surprise and I and I know how cool Florida is and how people wanted to get away from wherever it was that they were to come here to the sunshine and perhaps more at ease coven restrictions, but that is a phenomenal achievement for the state of Florida to see such domestic travel were thrilled to hear that number will obviously everybody to kind of ahead in 2020.

I can travel to Orlando for 2021 strong more anticipating that to continue and you know and work some of our international back we had Mexico was really well good for our flight back from Brazil from the UK primary market so we are really really pleased with the way things are going and recovering much faster than anybody, and to what about the conventions and there's a lot of cities that rely on conventions. Orlando's is certainly one of them. I'm in Las Vegas is reliance in large part on conventions of a lot of major cities have massive convention programs how how is Orlando doing what it comes to ramping back up with the garden-variety conventions and conventioneers that we once saw pretty regularly.

Everybody works well together and between the convention center getting their GMAC certification airport hotels working together in a transportation company yell Orlando health and or other healthcare providers working with our sales team Orlando actually been the leader in face-to-face meetings we've had over 200 live event that have occurred since July 2020 we have actually led the industry back.

We had another hundred conventions that are booked for 2022 and we recently had the professional golf Association shall last week we had homebuilders national kitchen and their reporting great numbers of the 60,000 people where they are so this is something that the teams and the community have worked really hard to ensure the safety protocol that our meeting planners and the delegates were looking for, and we've really been that leader some real proud. The whole community for bringing them back in and you know if I'll do all tied the ship. I need to have all of that to can keep to keep the success by Weir outperforming our peer area you working just as hard with meeting planners to make sure that we are able to accommodate whether it's at the convention center in our hotel when they had the Reebok so it is looking sickly optimistic. One of the big events is that if I'm not mistaken, very soon is good BDC pack. The conservative political action conference, and that is that is good to be fully attended. I would imagine coming out here last year that will be coming up shortly and you know we all all types of convention work we have Megatron believe that the different industries that choose to bring their whether the corporate groups that were there Association group territorially help.

We are so synonymous that with our theme parks and address how the theme parks have played a part in in leading this discussion and getting people back to their comfort zone, of being out amongst other people and milling about in and engaging with others and and enjoying our theme parks, capital of the world which we are, you know, that was one of the key things and all of the parts work together with the CDC with the health official to ensure that they were opening back up the way so that the visitor is you know we've always visit her safety is always been number one, the county here in Orlando so it was very critical that we brought visitors back. We brought them back in an estate way way that they were comfortable experiencing on the destination so they had limited capacity. They had differing safety protocol yelp mass requirement depending on where we were in and the various urgent is really help people feel comfortable coming back and you know when and now everybody can come back and experience all the new thing.

In fact, we have a new theme park opening next week. Theme park so will be the first one here in the lab so that will add to our great lineup of theme parks and Disney celebrating their 50th anniversary new Jurassic world blocked the culture universal and I just wrote an icebreaker world yeah you things to experience and you know at our theme parks and parking there a lot of people who make their way to Orlando via cruise ships through Port Canaveral and at the beginning of the pandemic.

As you well know, the CDC put the kibosh on on cruise ships were were getting back into the cruise ships these days but but touch on that if you will and and what kind of an effect that has about 45 minutes from Port Canaveral which is the largest cruise port had a variety ships that that in and out the port and one of the things that a lot of the group that would like to come over and combine their crews with a land stay over in Orlando.

So yeah, when it went down was all shut down. It certainly did not going back and forth. You know we have some wonderful things that were on the costar peaches are amazing. You can watch that that shuttle launch is the artist based wanted so you know now that they're coming back. We will see those folks coming back and doing that landed me but that's one of the great things about Orlando being centrally located. You can combine your trip with what you want to go kayaking you want to be out on all of our lay all of our want to go paddle boarding but there's so many options in every direction that you can come to Orlando and then experience things that surround the destination as well coolest experiences that I've had in Florida was was being at the beach one time and and visiting some friends and as I was making my way back I drove past the port. Port Canaveral and there on one of the barges was the was one of the stage I boosters for the space X falcon nine rocket for those that don't know. I mean, our space Coast is right next to Port Canaveral, Cape Canaveral is next to Port Canaveral and when they launch those space X falcon nines and land the boosters on a barge they barge them in to Port Canaveral and you can literally just sit there and watch with with awe as they off load of these massive booster rockets and prepare them for lunch once again with all the rocket launches. I'm very fortunate I can go out in my backyard. Many people can hear and watch the and have done that many times you know whether it from your account from your after visiting from your hotel room, but if by going that it's it's an amazing experience really is not until feel noticed a guy like you could literally stand in like Main Street USA at Magic Kingdom, and if it's a sunny day you'll see you'll build to see the contrail of the launch, but you but you could theoretically be sending summer watching fireworks from the Magic Kingdom, while at the same time looking to the east, and seeing a falcon nine launching off in the distance. I minutes. It is an amazing place to call home now between wildlife care way really groundbreaking. We talk about all of our attractions and it would take you over 100 days to see everything in Orlando but that is really glad a lot of local neighborhood a lot of public are we amazing dining back them excited to work Michelin Florida guy coming out this year, which is include Orlando restaurant that really meant to what happened with our culinary culinary travel as and as part of the influence we get visitors from all over the world. We have people from all over the world and let here call Orlando home. And that is really found its way into our culture into our food and were so excited that working to be recognized through the Michelin program later on this year is pretty cool Daniel Hollander. She is the chief marketing officer with visit Orlando, you can get details.

Just go to visit Danielle it's a pleasure talking to you. Have a great weekend.

It's a holiday weekend and of course we got the Daytona 500 on Sunday so still more things to do this weekend. Thanks Danielle. That is again Daniel Hollander with visit Orlando you go to visit for more our state is wide open. We would love to have you. Though I can say right now that I got like a million Floridians yelling at me to tell her to tell me to stop telling other people to come to Florida right we got enough people here stop particularly yeah you know if you're fleeing a blue state and keep in mind that Florida is not the reddest of red states were were purpleish. We certainly have our our Democrat centers here in Florida but but if you're if you're coming here. Leave. Leave your blue state politics at the border.

If you would please. Thank you. It is 866-408-7669 your listening to the Brian Kelly Joe, my name is Joe Kelly will continue with your calls next this weekend. Check out Brian's new show on Fox news channel is Saturday so rowing your weekends to take it easy build that really hurt coordination with Brian Kilby Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox news channel more Brian coming out you so busy you'll make your Brian kill me. So I was reading a radio trade magazine during the break there and I was just reading this about Joe Rogan and spot a fie so Joe Rogan as you know is is get paid $100 million price modified to take his podcast and took over the spot. A five euro so ago, but the New York Times did a piece and says that that the reports that he was getting $100 million are not accurate and I thought all yet because that's a lot of money. When $100 million is know is getting paid $100 million for a podcast so the New York Times is no it's not 100 minutes to hundred million dollars. That is what the contract was Joe Rogan and spot a five, $200 million.

Wow, that is, that is, no achievement.

What an amazing amount of money for a podcast. Congratulations to him. He is not to believe in there anytime soon and evidently it's a three step three and half years left on the deal and there's options for more after that as well. Jeff was listening in St. Louis. Jeff you're on the Brian kill me Joe how are you sir. You know I would find it surprising the Democrats you know they that a systematic care about children.

The mask obviously cause psychological, emotional, educational, I'm a teacher talk for 30 years. I teach at the college level. Even at the college level. It impairs education mutation, but you know it's not surprising their consistent mandating these vaccines for children with little or no upside, with likely negative things they really don't care about children. Jeff misguided in and what they're doing well. Look at people and say you know what a six-year-old should be related on the altar of transgender is are you telling me about children that had escalated so quickly. 696 saying, but I just don't know that liberals wake up in the morning thinking how can we harm children, but I think I think they just might be misguided and how they do that, let's go to Larry in Michigan hey Larry, you're on the Brian kill me Joe how are you good point that I believe is a little bit longer to your self and your gift from the I believe was the Marks group about thanking the millennial's for how they have changed the work ethic digester the work pattern inside state. Sure, I think it just just be clear for you but you didn't hear it. I don't know that he was thinking the millennial's per se as he was saying that the millennial's were right in and that working from home was good was going to be a thing but I it wasn't the millennial's who did it.

It was the coronavirus that did it. Please go ahead and I guess maybe being an elder white man I'm probably one of the enemies of the millennial good at this point because all problems of the country, but if we do not get people to not work at home were not going to have that chair to sit on the desk that they said computer that they're working on roads that they take to the restaurant food being delivered to them the house to keep them warm. We need people in the trades we need people that are willing to get out of their house and work now there are seals under which that is going to be a requirement is not even open for discussion in certain fields but are there not other fields that are perfectly suited for working from home.

Absolutely there is certain for the most part they did very well.

For doing the work from home. But the point is that most of them want to work from home and we keep we we have to have a difference in that work there needs to be people that get out and do what needs to be time for the infrastructure and and everything else there's a shortage in all three there. There certainly are Larry here. You are right about that.

We got a workplace shortage that is widespread.

Larry, thank you so much for your call.

Thanks to to Pete and Allison and Eric and everybody for putting the show together we I greatly appreciate it. I Joe Kelly your listing to the Brian kill me, Joe. 100 urologists and resources. A fox in your box with your blog just personal powerful subscriber Melissa Miller Fox is not just

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