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Pelosi Defies China's Threats, Arrives in Taiwan

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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August 2, 2022 12:45 pm

Pelosi Defies China's Threats, Arrives in Taiwan

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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August 2, 2022 12:45 pm

[00:00:00] Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI)

[00:18:28] Allen West

[00:37:11] Iulia Joja

[01:06:11] Simulcast w/ Varney & Co.

[01:13:42] Michael Pillsbury

[01:32:04] Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

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Brian would kill me. Thanks.

Was rubbing her buddies, the right to me. Joe will come with you on this beautiful Tuesday in the middle of the summer were ready 42 days into August. Allen West of the bodily our bridges inside that probably governorship, which is single digits.

Now just starting to make as well as of the big Hispanic vote leaning towards Republicans for the first time in my lifetime center Ron Johnson standing by.

He's also up for election to weigh on the issues of the day. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three inflation reduction act seen that much inflation, reduction that according to the Penn Warden budget model impact on inflation is statistically indistinguishable from zero, crunching the numbers on the inflation reduction makes mention still look like a climate tax-and-spend bill. In other words, it raises taxes denials just don't cut it until his community located is our hear your earlier this year. After carefully considering clear and convincing evidence of the location I authorized a precision strike that would remove him from the battlefield once and for all. Yup we got them but we found and where we found it makes me wonder is the worst yet to come. So here he drowned droned into hell fire fell.

The fact is, he was out in the open in Kabul with the president said Al Qaeda will no longer be relatively roaming through Afghanistan.

That's why our troops left that can clearly is not the case, why is he doing out if House Speaker Pelosi insist on visiting Taiwan, China will take resolute and strong measures to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Let's wait and see if she dares making the visit, I looks like she's making a visit Taiwan here I come. Reports leaked despicably.

In fact, landing in TypePad type A sometime today. Maybe during our show China promises a violent response. Your move president she let's bring in center Ron Johnson Center. First off your reaction to the killing of Sauer hearing about it. Walking freely around a Kabul so yet You concerned about what other Al Qaeda operatives are being given free reign inside Afghanistan's rug pulled out so there's no doubt about finally got the job. She deserves 20 some years later, right, no doubt about us in the present that announcement yesterday.

It's good to know the fact that he was in Kabul the country's capital with in a hug.

Connie house, who is the interior secretary of that ridiculous horrific government makes me wonder if you get them being more blatant violation of the Doha agreement saying there be no alliance between the terror group and the Taliban correct, you're correct and that's why I always describe the lien withdrawal everything in dangerous minimum we could've left special operations forces at bottom Air Force Base maintain that base to support the Afghans. Course I don't think it would collapse that a particular resurgence of Caliban the way we have. But that is completely bungled and dangerous for the world part part process is also just conveying to other adversaries.

Russia, China, American weakness in Bayside. I would argue that attempted Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine and commit his atrocities and war crimes. I'm sure was not present. She is my disease that guilt salivating over Taiwan China when it pivoted out, but I do want to ask you about two, when Michael Walt said. As you know, he thought there with Greenbrae with Green Berets cut 26 Al Qaeda said Africa it's in Syria. Obviously it's growing again and Afghanistan. This is a threat that is going to play just for generations as long as the ideology of Islamic extremism is alive then. Then we have to stay on dark so is there a sense behind closed doors. Al Qaeda is growing again. I don't hearing about that but I'll just expect it would be. You have That battlefield certainly of the state where groups can congregate and plot and plan is dangerous. The whole rationale really going Afghanistan to deny them that for payment may have the faith. Even now, so lesson Ron Johnson. I guess running for reelection when security formulations so as Thomas Friedman writes in today's New York Times says it's a reckless thing for the speaker to be going on. It's a reckless thing because evidently the Chinese need to be saluted for not taking part in the war against Ukraine with Russian not supplying them drones and arms. We get. This is the belligerents were dealing with from their spokesperson cut 1C laydown if House Speaker Pelosi insist on visiting Taiwan, China will take resolute and strong measures to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

As for what measures exactly we will take.

Let's wait and see if she dares making the visit. Will she make the visit, what you expect the repercussions to be center so bungled from start member relations committee and when I travel I will always be talking to State Department to find out what their policies were really trying work in cooperation with them that I was to happen here Taiwan you understand your your your poker.

The type Yep is it worth poking the Tigers do it, do it quickly. Okay, just go there and yelled make the statement don't telegraph don't give the Chinese a lot of time to think about it and start issuing these trucks I meant. There's no doubt about this and horribly bungled at this point in time the situation I don't think she can back down and out the terrible signal even further weakness right now that that is the most dangerous thing is for the world to view America as a week power is going to tempt tyrants like Vladimir Putin, my present. She bumbled entirely from the speaker to the administration just a very unfortunate situation will see what happens from here, there probably going to take it out on Taiwan in particular is a trust pressing John Kirby this morning when we got to get them the defensive weapons to repel a for a China strike. Well first of all, I reject it would be history to Taiwan. Never been overly aggressive in watching defensive weapons, establishing a strong defensive posture so I'm happy to have United States record freedom loving people were willing to defend themselves. Ukraine made it kind of hard not to help support people that are fighting for their freedom.

The family there territorial integrity that I think we have the same 54 Taiwan but people Taiwan also have to wonder as well be don't have a real good track record over the decades of clamoring for a very strong defensive team like the US, pushing the more than them asking for help salts center. I did not know that because they saw it happen. Hong Kong and they saw how that by that bastion of capitalism got steamrolled and now there forever change for the worse and now they know they would be been a thorn in China side busy represented democracy and freedom and what it can all be. We know that 67% of all our chips come from Taiwan yet you don't believe there's a clamoring and II did not know this is a clamoring for defensive weapons to make sure that they're not the next Ukraine.

I think now there I opened by what happened Hong Kong. There probably is elected on the couch taking a stronger stance at typing but last two decades been a pretty Filed, everybody wants peace right so this is a very ticklish situation between China and Taiwan and US but in the end it's got to be the people of the nation that want to fight and defend their freedom and do it consistently over decades, but again I just need to be careful you shouldn't be poking the Tiger you need to be smart your diplomacy and what is happening here the speaker in the nutrition is not benchmark. This is been completely bungled and is not a good situation again. I'm not defending trying there's no there's no reason for trying to save forever. Now I had been a Chinese ambassador in my office last week is not a pleasant conversation. I told him exactly how he thought about the path they of trolls and how unfortunate it is there aggressiveness therein the South China Sea Islands audio their support for Russia.

So China is correct. There's no doubt about it, but it's a powerful threat and we need to use caution in dealing with them. I want to get a big deal. I talk about is this biggest self force inflation reduction act.

If you want a colder climate bill. I'll deal with it. That's what it is, but they call it something it is actually not an Joe mansion, who I really give credit for trying to keep our government are sustainable in our democracy intact seemed to of been duped or caved here. He is trying to explain his way out of a bill that's going to cost almost $1 trillion, cut 33 about the fact that taxes on those making $200,000 or less.

And there's nothing on taxes at all is not one penny of change in taxes. I have no idea where the coming let me tell you anything. The only thing that was done is basically we looked taking everything out that could be looked to be to fanning the fires of inflation on flaming and there's nothing there that is just not true. I mean, you have Mark Zandi of Moody's came out to this would do nothing to the deficit. The Wall Street Journal saying I and and a nonpartisan joint committee on taxation analyzing the bill saying that is going to cost everybody that makes over $10,000 year money on their taxes.

The more you look at this, the uglier cats that would increase tax revenue by 16.7 billion for Americans earning less than 200,000 and about 14 billion for people that will or or earn between 200 and 500,000 was at the gold in the middle of this will apparently not let me just About Half of the Verdict of the Text and Follow Manufacturers.

We Want to Make More Things As an Elder Penlight Manufactured How Well You Is That Why Is That You Do Manufacturing before You Did This Politics Thing and It Collected Taxes Are Going to Force People to Pay the Tax Based on Book Income Where There Pretty Inapplicable One. Time We Put in more needed expensing of things like depreciation to incentivize people to invest to increase manufacturing basically take about a way but here's the attitude of a business personal taxes are cost and how you what you do with the cost you trying to cover it by increasing your price so that there's no way this is inflation reduction at the tax aspects of the things going to put pressure to increase inflation. Certainly the hundred billion dollars government spending sparking place to begin with, the complete Orwellian title.

Once again the Democrats are great at this title on a build hoodwink American people to go work out and find pleasure in place reduction would provide the exact opposite is probably true. So 538 just did a appalling, for the first time it looks like the Democrats have enough momentum that looks like they are predicted to get the Senate. How do you feel about that.

What is the feeling on the ground, especially you've always had a tough race regardless of the year and who's in, who's in the White House. But what are you sensing on the ground race is certainly one of them about Ron Johnson drive for me but come back into my investigation, but the top environment you you got the Democrats would have the media in their back pocket and that's probably our biggest challenge is just in my recent little is the true person life distortions in court have nothing and you can't run on the record for the record is disastrous.

Their collusion with the mainstream media and every lie. Every distortion is amplified by mid mainstream media bite my race little use for truth versus lies, distortion I'm buying (but the truth, and prevailed in Ron Johnson drive helmet · you will be in the show. Thanks so much appreciated everything you guys in Ron Johnson homeland security as well as foreign relations covers it all in our big 3186640876690 if you want to write me a brain tell and you just click on comments in a go right to my email about my email box so I don't move Branko Mitchell newsmakers and news breakers. First, I can only show on Fox News contests network Janice Dean Fox News senior meteorologist to be sure to subscribe to the chanting or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine precise personal power is America's leather team in the palm of your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast fastest three hours in radio you're with Brian kill me so kind has has wanted to use Afghanistan to use Taliban control of Afghanistan to rebuild their capabilities there fairly weak there now they want to rebuild their capabilities and what this dies more than anything else is says to them that we have to worry first and foremost about our security even in Taliban -controlled Afghanistan because the US can reach us there that will make it more difficult for them to rebound.

So that is a good thing that is the main benefit of the strike.

Over the weekend. I agree with him wholeheartedly. Please, a former CIA acting CIA director's Deputy Sissy and CI director briefer of Obama as well as Bush and that's by chlorella CBS so I agree with that but I think the other thing that bothers me, which I think he would if he was here right now, I'd say it is leaders are usually travel by themselves. Bin Laden was hiding out that 25 shall be still a ton of women to turn a family around him.

Morel excuse me as micro would tell you first and foremost the sour here were the leaders in Kabul. That means within the HUD Connie house.

That means obviously there security for him. Not good. Good is on the second bar by about maybe they were downstairs on.

Many people expect to get hit by a droning Kabul as sovereign country. Now that doesn't contain any US presence but I worry about that. The rest of the soldiers the futsal to the other Terrace been trained by Al Qaeda that were surrounding him and might of the ghosts I know they might feel less secure, but they live to die anyway, here's more from micro mount Morel cut 20 1C, who replaces him right, it could be somebody younger it can be something more dynamic. I'm certainly somebody who was influenced by him.

He was one of the most violent members of Al Qaeda when his Egyptian group emerged with Al Qaeda years and years ago Al Qaeda became more violent. So to the extent he's mentored the next leader you know that that will tell you something about that person.

So I think that's the most important thing to keep in mind is who replaces him.

What is that relationship with that with the Taliban look like and how aggressive will we be and will will we maintain our focus on Afghanistan and so far we have and help you continue, but I can say that we have like it say that we got intelligence and we have some people that will probably unveil to us will happen will how we got this we have intelligence but one person but I am not convinced that our presence there would allow us to see where the rest already. Keep in mind could not find the guy that blew up us. Oh blew up our guys and killed 13 Americans in at the Kabul airport. We killed the wrong guy. We know we thought you guy was filled up his coat groceries. We city was up with gas for something else. We said that he was the Terrace operative so that we were still on the ground but I love the fact that he said I am not convinced that they were the worst is behind us. I will say this when you look at Mohammed at Taft who was defense minister for the Al Qaeda when you look at bin Laden himself. When you look at all the Libby only other center in Gitmo and beyond. This is the last big guy from the original Al Qaeda group over the 9/11 families.

This is especially great day so we come back. Lieut. Col. Allen West, one of the big stories. It happened this week and really happened last week that splitting into this week is that you have two mayors from Democrat run cities that are overrun with illegal immigrants coming from our border and now there's an exchange between the governor of Texas and the mayor of New York City. Could there be some political forces that make this administration pay attention to the 4 million will come here illegally Fox News time tasks network and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast. Listen now by going up Fox News five will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen.

Fox News five just the talkshow that's getting you talk are with Brian kill me. The sadness and attraction. Why did we let the Sorbonne for 20 years.

We should've realized earlier that as long as Pakistan. Plaintiffs claim they were confronting the Taliban, Al Qaeda, but actually sheltering them.

It was frankly a waste of time.

The war was lost. So it's a tragedy. But again, the threat remains.

I know Americans don't want to hear that, but Al Qaeda's long-term goal is to attack the US again and we see again and again Connie is that there very closely aligned with the ISI pack size intelligence service Pakistani intelligence likely new sour hearing was an nice villa in Kabul so you got originates, but not with ground troops. So Ellis military Col. Allen West. That's David Brody was actually road, who's actually captured for a while and they got them out easy executive editor of New Yorker brings us with the New York was with the New York Times we think about that.

Lt. Col. was the minute we knew the Pakistan would not give up their alliance to the Taliban we should just pulled out thinking we should put more pressure on Pakistan and to be with you Brian that the real problem in Afghanistan was always Pakistan. Pakistan was allowing Terrace sanctuaries there all along the border. That's what I saw the two years I was there in Afghanistan. We know that okay so Yuri supposedly in a nice complex bear in Kabul. Well guess what we found Osama bin Laden in the exact same place father, Bob Pakistan with their little Terry Academy is itself Pakistani. I did not know there so that's the real issue is that Pakistan is playing both point, especially toward supporting the Connie network all these other groups because they want to destabilize that they don't want to start was amazing to his is Pakistan now made alliance with China chances that you have no infrastructure. May we can help you that they think this relationship is China now invested all this and want to get paid back. Pakistan does have any money to pay them back. Think of themselves while we actually had a good relationship with the US that we were screwing up. Now you this is your bed, now you have to lie in it weed on this sailing contact with them on a daily basis like we use to wizard tell you that we found them in a safe house or a villa owned by the hook. Connie's in the hood. Connie is missing one who runs the Interior Ministry of the Taliban government. A blatant violation of the Doha agreement correct what you expect of me you put the exact same people to talk about back in the power to change their stripes they are and when you read and study and understand the one belt one row strategy of China. This is exactly what they're doing there going to all of these different countries especially building up port facilities, what have you to include in a place like Athens Greece, but I believe it's Karachi Pakistan there on the on the water and because they're looking at port facilities in the giving them access to these countries and minerals and resources that supplies things of that nature, but then of course what China wants to out control and they want to be paid back. Campaigning back that they want control and that's why China's political foe Merck.

The president said yesterday about the future of Afghanistan cut 18. Now, we have eliminated the Mirabelle kind you will never again never again allow Afghanistan become a terrorist safe haven because he is gone and make sure nothing else happened as commander-in-chief is my solemn responsibility to make America safe dangerous world. You feel safer. No delusional statement because the elimination of solitary man's Islamic Jihad is gone is totally wrong that they would eliminate some of that lot that made it was gone. Eliminated that I felt like that. It does appear that you don't have to go to you to put pressure on the these groups don't have the knife them sanctuaries without a doubt, you have given them Afghanistan once again and Afghanistan sanctuary where they will train and recruit resource and eventually plan and launch attacks out of that region. Some kind of courage. I do the same story almost every last three years. Two years and that is that the board is broken and the resilience to come to cross the border. The border patrol is distracted, undermanned, underpaid, underappreciated, with only 30% of the force actually is trying to stop the bad guys and we paid for wall the trustee in the desert but something is changing. When this liberal mayor from DC is complaining not only about your governor shipping illegals to their's to their city, but also New York's Gov. St. stop the flights into New York City. We need some federal funding for this I and I get to that I get the sense it with the with Mayor Adams relationship with the present United States that there's something really is getting to the point where they're about to break for them to do this. How do you feel about a letter written from the governor of Texas to the mayor basically saying now you know we getting use to why you tell what you tell the present to take action think it's quite hypocritical that you know so many of these leftist mayors declared sanctuary cities that now all the sudden they're being overrun in their self-declared sanctuary cities and so what you see people living with downhill of the board of Texas there start to experience up there and and so yield turnabout is almost the FairPlay. I think that without a doubt, we need to start deporting individuals out of the United States of America here illegally, but the real concern that I have Brian not just apply the bond administration is pushing on the fact we have believe now close to 800,000 over the past year have two years got away these of single military age males. We don't know what they are. That's greater than the combined active duty military strength of the United States Army in the United States Marine Corps wars.

We have a ground force in the United States of America of single military age males that we have no track of whatsoever is insane and so easy right side the Christ demands the attention found by demonstration response will secure the appointment of leaders across the country.

Unfortunately, Biden's borders are vice president have refused to see the crisis for themselves remaining willfully ignorant of this crisis that they created your recent interest in the historic preventable crisis is a welcome development, writing back. The mayor says instead of a photo of the boy. He gets invited to the border since of a photo of the board. We hope Gov. Abbott will focus his energy and resources on providing support and resources to asylum-seekers in Texas. How would a clueless ridiculous response. This is not about us, about an invasion. This is about what the Constitution ofAmerica talks about the rule of law you cannot have this open-door policy and just allow people to come in and all of a sudden you expect hard-working American taxpayers were dealing with inflation there now supposed to provide resources. Many taxpayer funds the people that are here illegally stuck on stupid and so the number one thing that should be happening is to turn them around at the border to start empowering eyes to start empowering a poor control but that dog don't hunt with this card by the administration. That is the price open borders because this is Congresswoman Myra Florez who pulled the upset of the century by winning as a Republican woman from Mexico born in Mexico and their brands Republican in a predominantly Democratic Hispanic district and now she wants to do it again. I was a special election and when it again because they redistrict her. But here's what she said because keep the minor husband is a border region cut 3918 underwater. When you become a part of the trade and it was just heartbreaking.

I'm the kind I want every child have the same experience whenever they can't state no child should go to such abuse. Now understand that I don't care where these children are friend their children we not protect any serious problem in this country we have.

When the number one child sex trafficking and we want to stop that we must secure our borders, just about politics.

Yet, it isn't.

And she realizes that what do you think about the Hispanic vote in Texas in particular that you're seeing Col. because you traveled when you were trying to get a nomination you were traveling the state when I was the state party chairman, and we started out more engagement down itself along the Rio Grande Valley area is flipping is turning and all you have to do is look at the polling of Job on the bottom administration in the Hispanic community is worse, then I think a 30 Clinton, 32% and is definitely lower than that in England and in South Texas because they want safety and security.

They want better education and economic opportunities.

They don't want to see this rapid open borders policy and you have 05, it comes down to set a toenail comparative static breakfast tacos. Yes I Col. I hear you now direct to the American constitutional rights union. Thanks much for joining us all of the part brought you take care I go get him. That is, unless we come back I'll take your calls. 186-640-8766 I will finish up the hour.

So whether is Joe mansion being duped or do you think he duped us both.

We have the same results. What do you think about the killing of seller hearing what we all rejoice in that moment, I actually think I'm more worried today that was before he was taken out because of the place. He was taken out in and of course the big news is Nancy Pelosi any minute could be landing in Taiwan. The promised response from China, what we can expect on the brain to meet you in your knowledge base. Brian fill me show some Fox News time just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News time.

Just don't come or wherever you get your favorite contest is so busy. He'll make you kill me will not take the bait or engaging saber rattling at the same time will not be intimidated operating in the season, the skies of the Western Pacific. As we have continued support cross street peace and stability support Taiwan. Of course, defend free and open in the Pacific and were still menacing to maintain lines of communication. Beijing well it's not working out too well because the demonstration can't get on the same page with the speaker the house from the same party. She's also in Taiwan sometime soon. I think within our show today. The big question was going to the Wall Street Journal. Their sources reveal that the big question is will they spend the night in Taipei at Taiwan or just visit and move on my senses. You can't back down now.

But I think the administration would like to back down. I think there's gotta be some deal behind-the-scenes I see Thomas Friedman saying that the speaker the house should really backoff this is reckless and that China's actually cooperated with Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine is in trouble and that it these drones which are produced in China, for the most part were given to rush it would thoroughly balance it against even more severely against Ukraine and then not doing and they say that because of that that could blow up if the speaker and lands in Taiwan, I couldn't care less about that.

I don't see I think China something to do and find the oil that's doing enough damage. I really don't feel like they owe him anything.

I'm shocked by the rhetoric coming out of China. Did you feel bold enough to try to intimidate us not to do it. Evidently on the phone on the conversation with the present United States in the prison of China is wiling to do that because I don't tell her what to do and she makes her own decisions, Tom cotton, believe it or not, went out of his way to say hey Ms. speaker okay how this happened.

You can't stop now cutting that I saw Nancy plus a last week aware conversation I had with her.

We disagree on most things, but once the Biden administration Lake this trip. I think in an effort to deter Nancy Placer from going. I thought it was essential that she go, that she show that United States will not be pushed around by Chinese communist Chinese communist not tell any American citizen, much less an elected member of the United States Congress.

When and where we can travel I'm disappointed the Biden White House is trying to put pressure on the speaker of their own party not to travel to Taiwan which is a long-standing tradition as Newt Gingrich said earlier American legislators traveling to Taiwan because of our relationship with that self governing island. Well, that is, time can't make you clear so the Chinese post this the Chinese military posted a video and see this. It looks like Sunday from Tom Cruise movie everything that they have every explosion they ever have, every rocket was ever in the air. Every troop that they had a marching they put it all out there. The change will post a video launching missiles, grabbing weapons, taking off of fighter jets ahead of House Speaker on they were not to say the speaker insisted that the sequences of visiting Taiwan, China will take resolution strong measures defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity for measures exactly we will take. Let's wait and see if she dares making the visit China will take even more action. Should you continue.

I don't what is she going to do she go to go to just try to buy one of these. The smaller islands on the outside maybe of some Taiwanese died, they would say look at the blood is on Nancy Pelosi's hands.

Biden tried to explain to the present. She that as a long time for member of Congress himself. Right is not. He cannot control.

Pelosi that if she makes her own decisions. You offer Beijing to turn to turn a potential visit consistent with long-standing US policy into something of a crisis or conflict. They said is a pretext to aggressive military action is totally unnecessary to will try to approach this rationally there acting irrationally. Ned Ryan was on prime time with Jesse last night is with the father American majority cut nine.

Let's be honest, a photo shoot doesn't do much at all. If we were serious about standing with Taiwan in the face of the Chinese communist will be serious about getting Western economic dependence off of China. If we are so concerned about we stop buying so many Chinese got you think it would really have the ability China would to be having this threatening stance towards Taiwan if we hadn't funded it because I think we need to be honest, just as Europe, €1 billion a day in Russian energy was funding close adventurism in Ukraine. I think we need to be honest that China has been empowered by us to take a stance against Taiwan. If you want to be serious is not photo shoots. It's being serious about our economic dependence on China. That's funding all of this absolutely and I just got this email to Ian from Robert. He writes, can you please can you please do a story what's being done to bring our pharmaceutical production back to the United States.

How about nothing. We have are pursuing all the spices within our borders. In the United States that we allow most of which are in a college as we do nothing. We pull back on that program. So if you do a comprehensive pullback and is somewhat of a divorce between the countries bring manufacturing back even if it means higher because I think that American people be thoroughly behind it. They would understand with the sacrifice was about, I think so anyway.

Mike Pillsbury was on with me last night.

He's from the Hunter Hudson Institute. I asked him about Nancy Pelosi come in in the belligerence it's coming back out and what it's going to mean for the two countries cut 11 starting to shift. Now the Congress is very angry that Taiwan is kind of a sitting duck. There's no real deterrence power and so basic military common sense tells a lot of people in Congress can't have this one China policy be so inflexible. We got amounted offensive Taiwan because of China's threats over the last two or three years. That's the crux of the matter. Nancy Pelosi is not declared herself on this. If she goes in takes Taiwan side that's with the Chinese nightmare. It shall come back as an advocate, and as you know Brian back in the 90s. Nancy Pelosi used to be a China hawk.

She loves the Dalai Lama she got him a gold medal. She went to tenement Square demonstrated with the flag herself, hoping they would arrest her. I guess as a congressperson so there watching Nancy Pelosi to see if she'll support these new policy changes that actually Pres. Trump initiated or not. And please do not leave the tariffs they do some damage such they do more damage then how do I know that because the term Citroen put in place the Biden left in place have the Chinese complaining and if it was no problem.

Why think. Why would they be complaining every chance I get.

And why do we have other people were chatter apologists, and yet might lift the terrace and don't do anything if they didn't do anything, then it would be complaining to get them lifted list of the brain tell me, child.

Don't get one nation setting 19 o'clock and 11 and Frank to is we can find out about the live events on stage and they are so much fun. If you're in Oklahoma member November 13 K RMT listeners I'll be there in the November 12 LB and Brandon, Mississippi, and more importantly, August 27 new work New Jersey Fox News radio Studio City New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer. Brian kill me.

I wanted Frank Kelly come in here from 46 in midtown Manhattan heard around the country were heard around the world, especially in the Ukraine and Taiwan were expected.

Speaker the house, it's touched down at any moment. Yup, it's going to happen are also if you want to write me is supposed to call me or write to click on contacts in the chance to not only get in touch with me can also find out if I'll be in your town on stage and have a chance for for us to interact LB in. Of course, Newark, New Jersey on 27 August September 8 in Albany, New York. Hope to see all the listeners there and then we have our Tulsa November 13, and Brandon Mississippi right after that. So in the meantime, let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian is a three number three inflation reduction act doesn't seem to have much inflation, reduction in that according to the pan working model impact on inflation is statistically indistinguishable from zero, right crunching the numbers on the inflation reduction package makes mention still look like a climate tax-and-spend bill. In other words, it raises taxes denials just don't cut it tells community located so here earlier this year.

After carefully considering clear and convincing evidence of the location I authorized a precision strike that would remove him from the battlefield once and for all. While we got them to where we found him makes me think the worst is yet to come, was our hearing dead hellfire missiles has him in health, but what is left of Kabul you really think he was the only Al Qaeda member Al Qaeda member in Taliban territory.

Not a chance. I usually know if House Speaker Pelosi insist on visiting Taiwan, China will take resolute and strong measures to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity. Let's wait and see if she dares making the visit.

All now she has to make the visit and she's about to make the visit Taiwan here I come reportedly to speak will come the promises of violent response you remove president she will come to move. We expect will will discuss and take your calls on that and now it's welcoming usually Joe, Jacques, Dir. of the frontier European initiative senior fellow at the Middle East Institute, former deputy project manager NATO ally command, an adjunct professor at Georgetown.

Yuliya thanks much for joining us. What do you expect which I was China capable of doing in response to the speakers imminent arrival. Thank you for having little more likely all right over the last year they could lawn so they could threaten more grandpa you know that Tori or we could actually see a conflict fighting but then they you because publication date for I but in fact, about China we mean when you know there being a lot of depression in the expert China big bad but they ever find a war they don't have combat it. And unlike United may enter know if they would bleeding start a war because our speaker is landing Taiwan banning Dave sweetie no more valid and current how bad China is, how much of it is, but I tend to be on the cautious side. I don't think it can be more than that to make a bit of provocative action. It would really be something that we haven't seen before in humanity that a major war is going to be find it just because politician. Taiwan, the island for 23 million people remarkably productive and capitalistic, who have 67% of all the chips we buyer from that island. We can afford, even for own personal security.

To do that as a country. Do you believe that we should be massively divesting from China. I think we said we should be on the cautious side and highlighted our ally, but they are dependent on them to do a quick ticket ID when it comes to semiconductor well beyond you know back to Rachael Ray and or exclamation action. There is there are really read them like trying out quick line to stay away from that they would have unbearable, entering the lakefront back to your question, Brian.

I do believe that we should be leading off China and we should be pushing our ally, particularly in Iraq and across the land to be weaning off of China because we don't want those dependent and we felt inclined to need in any way trying out that it no authoritarian dictatorial regime. I just think that there is a pressured Speaker Pelosi's under pressure to land and I think the Chinese under pressure. Show some strength visit basically promised it in morning so she would end up what happening. There was pivot we can to the killing of sour here in the Middle East for me as much as I love him dead. I worry that if the leaders they are living openly in the bill of Rome by the owned by the accounting network. The interior minister. There's many more Al Qaeda in that country.

So that's what I worry about. Here's with the president said last night, cut 15 to relentlessly seek is our hearing for years under prisons push Obama and Trump are tells community located is our hearing earlier this year and moved to downtown Kabul to reunite with members of his immediate family. After carefully considering clear and convincing evidence of the location I authorized a precision strike that would remove him from the battlefield once and for all so shaken full credit for what is it mean to you and I think you're right that there might be many more like I'm harboring again and I like history all over again right, but I think that a consequence, on the other hand, we should try that that the consequent up withdrawing from Anthony without taking each thing into consideration though. Right now we have moved in in the war against terrorism to you know here and bear and minimal strike strike on the light giving quick very print by. We have managed to avoid any elegant caroling.

Unlike previous time so technology and American know-how is an invented Mac plant. I think it will mean that that our intelligence services will have a lot of work to do in the mind. And we will likely seem more in time and I'm gonna Yuliya George Georgia Susan and she's also currently professor at Georgetown, an expert in this area in the womb comes to the Ukraine Russian war. They just all the time now for six months… Or Ukraine is making enough progress in the Tucson area that the Russians now shifting troops over there and stop them. Of course they're worried about Odessa man with a love to get back your son. How's that were going from your perspective.

Well I think we're All the Ukraine Sunday managed to destroy that range in searchlight late to me that the truth in the Russian troops that are in her article because it is a quick 50 week affidavit for grain shipment out of Ukraine.

I cried that happen.

It's really important not Ukraine, but particularly for those country crane when it comes to the counteroffensive of Ukraine. I think we have to be patient. I think it's going to take another few weeks a lot more battleship over and bear and MBE stuck Ukraine in the Dunbar and a lot of it depends on the shipment Western and parent explained the biggest different being thanked by the high mark but Ukrainian will need a lot more info if we point them to just psychically and quickly when we got that shipment.

Yes, stop with the incremental just get on with the need to let them fight Leslie when it comes the oil and gas in Europe.

I understand the Germans and some Germans. German cities are saying. Do not take cold hot showers and get ready for some rationing jacking up of energy prices because the Russians are beginning to stop the flow through the pipeline Nordstrom, one would you hearing you know I am a proud European throughout Germany.

They here enter here because I question they're doing now helping your lot galactic mind and strength up leaning all compression And oil, but the Germans don't want to restart their nuclear plan that would be a lot safer and target call though it's going to be a hard fall and winter your and am hoping that the German volcanic crap and management problem batter because it not been there in the treatment a lot of monarch in treatment in Iraq depend on that to Russia is blackmailing peak time with Stinson house. Even their interest to do revenue from something totally need that European revenue so dear rationality so I don't get it back to me.

It basically at the restaurant there playing up who is blinking for actually if you look at the number the rash in Europe where interim theft apply them to get there. At that point, with American help the Russian war and strength of demand, and no matter your heart not realize how strong it actually is not particularly the European Union, and I wish they would just play better and not blink for because then Russia will have a major probably won't make it with family coming out of the plant that are fighting hard working. We just have to not blink her die. So thanks so much for your expertise appreciated Yuliya Joe job.

I appreciate director the frontier European initiative. Thanks so much. It is a time in which the world is looking at a very tense moment not only in Europe but in in China and in Taiwan and we will keep you up-to-date because we expect the speaker to land sometime within the show use of the brain.

Tell me show don't move something new every day, Brian show information you want to truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show that it is quite ironic that congressional Republicans are complaining or are have a false outrage on kindness inflation protection act that is actually going to do something and help the American people lower-cost and have offered nothing to do that.

Okay, that this was ironic about that. The problem is within the bill. It really doesn't lower-cost what it does. It provides additional subsidies for Obama care. I'm not sure how that relates to inflation what they do is find out it I believe, to a degree mansion surprised by this. Going to the Wall Street Journal this this tax bill that they're talking about, that they called inflation reduction bill will increase tax revenue by 16.7 billion from Americans earning less than $200,000 and nearly every bracket would pay more in taxes with those making below $10,000 per year seen the largest optic so for those people really up against and making that little money.

Good luck Chris Murphy says the only tax increases in the inflation reduction act are the requirement that the biggest corporations pay some corporate tax fee in the closure of an egregious loop over some billionaire millionaire investors.

These dollars are used to cut drug and energy cost for regular Americans.

Couple things.

What was explained to us effectively I thought was Sen. Ron Johnson. We start up a business and manufacturing particular.

You don't have a lot of money up front, so that's where you want to get your greatest bit of revenue and then when you start doing that. If you have the initial investment. So taxes go up, so if you happen to have a minimum 15% when all your initial launch is all expenditures. That's the issue. So a lot of times people that make these rules don't aren't in business like what businesses Chuck Schumer ever run. None will the opposite Senate Finance Committee and Ron Wyden's office also says what Chris Murphy says a family making less than 40,000 will not pay one penny more in additional taxes. The problem with that statement is. It flies in the face of this nonpartisan group to keep looking at this, saying it doesn't reduce and fight inflation and does increase taxes so you could say it all you want, you can call inflation if you will, but when it comes out to what this actually means the 720 to 725 page bill is really a climate activist bill. This is why Sen. Elizabeth Warren is astoundingly happy by this bill is why AOC is been quiet, it's because it doesn't attack inflation.

It brings money and subsidies to electric cars and so-called clean energy. That's the crazy thing because that's what it does and sat with Joe mansion said it does. Every time a study is brought up at the Wharton school of business or though not nonpartisan budget committee. When is brought up to Joe Mancini basically says. Well, those 17 Nobel laureates were wrong when they said inflation would be transitory.

Why these other experts are wrong now. I'm not too sure that that really flies.

Here's more from Joe mansion yesterday is to be on Fox News shortly by wake up 34 with agreement is a difference in my college or my friends from this and I will continue to work with them anyway shape or form. These are things that we've all talked about bipartisan groups. How can we start paying you take take our finances circular financial support.

This are things we all talked about and we also this is something that a change. This is in this bill.

In normal times. This will be a bipartisan deficit but the problem is it's not as they appear in the question is did manage to get duped or are we getting duped mansion 33. What about the fact that you taxes on those making $200,000 or less. And there's nothing on taxes at all.

There's not one, one penny of change in taxes. I have no idea where the coming let me tell you anything. The only thing that was is basically we looked at taking everything out to be to fanning the fires of inflation on flaming and there's nothing there which you have is Moody's Mark Sandy my opinion moves left. He said this bill as its red were $739 billion city would only lower consumer prices .03% .03% of the cutting call it deficit reduction bill over the course of nine years, nine years we don't know if this nine months is to keep the people in place to put this in place now.

The other big story with the drama really kicks in his Senate Christian Cinema. She is not committed to voting on it so we might be debating something. The second pass anyway so what is your problem is the carried interest when she said I want the parliamentarian to a parliamentarian to weigh in.

What is that mean when you have a reconciliation bill.

It's gotta be all budget related. That means you don't need a just a simple majority only the 60 votes.

If there's anything in there non-budget related. It gets Nick's then shall decide if yes, take a stand. She believes I think the carried interest could get next. So that's gonna be interesting to see if in fact carried interest is the problem we come back I'll be able to go through your emails and take some your calls also do a simulcast with Stuart Borneo. Finally a chance to see what I look like not only on Fox nation but on FOXBusiness be there right tell to contact me from his mouth to your peers and kill me. It's also important to reply can effectively retain fine fix and finish capability and it's also important to note that we had to collected intelligence reflections that we actually got the lottery and that's all based on on the most sensitive intelligence so it's important that we retain that capability. I think it's also key for us to keep in mind is as many have that the fight continues.

We've got lots of Al Qaeda operatives and ISIS and Afghanistan's a petri dish growing threats to the region and to beyond and what we can celebrate today this this very important victory against a key terrorist target we have to keep our eyes on on the threats that remain in Afghanistan yeah I no doubt about it when you Will Hear You Who Is so Much American Blood in World Blood on His Hands at Me Me Keep the Money Was about the Anwar Sadat Assassination after He Said That Peace Deal with Menachem Begin, Thanks to the Dude, the Refereeing of Jimmy Carter and Then Anwar Sadat Paid for His Life, Recognize Israel's Right to Exist. Now Is Always Here. He Was Jailed for That Torture That He Never Should Been Allowed out Because of That He Forms His Own Organization Feeds up Muslim Brotherhood Ends up Hearing and Forming an Alliance with Bin Laden and Then down Go the African Embassies down Go the Call and Soon, down Go the Twin Towers. Now He's Gone and That Provides Some Closure. I Think the 9/11 Families Accommodate Taft Bin Laden Himself. Al Libby, Abu Abu Is Abide These Guys Were All the Originals.

So That's What Mike Burrell Said Micro Remembers Briefing President Bush on This and since Our Yuri's Death Means A Lot to Those Families That Might Be Listening to Us Right Now, Especially the Ones Listening in New York City and WABC Cut 19 Is a Place to Start Is with the Victims of 9/11, President Bush To Chart of All of Those Al Qaeda Operatives Responsible for 9/11 and He Would Cross off Individuals As They Were Captured or Killed and on This Weekend Was the Last Person on the Last and That Was Our Hearing and He Was Crossed off so That Should Bring Some Degree of Closure to Those Victims of 9/11. Yeah, I Feared That We Were Getting Tired of Looking for Them and We See Him As a Charismatic Leader like Bin Laden and We Lost the Passion Again about Why This Was Probably in Pakistan and Now They Tell Bit of Taking Afghanistan Back They Fell Impervious to Go There Impervious of You Went There Was Going to Happen to Me.

I Got Al Qaeda Operatives All around Me.

There Probably Still There.

Maybe the Running for the Hills Now, but They're Used To It. That's the Life They Lead in the Shadows. Jennifer Griffin Was on Prime Time Last Night and As These Events Unfolded My Tularosa Keeping Awry on Taiwan Because We Understand Is the Truth That Is at Her Plane Were Not Sure They Look like Her Plane. The Plane Could Be Landing at Night so That Another Channel Will Find out That Is, but Her Plane Supposed to Land There Any Minute, and of Course China Promises Some Type of Violent Reaction You Jennifer Griffin on on This, Our Hearing Killing Cut 23 Is Largely Believed to Fanning That Border Region Went inside Pakistan on the Other Side of the Afghan Border for Years.

Again He Was Very Sick for Some Time but Will Hopefully Get More Details from the President about Some of That Intelligence, Though I Highly Doubt That They'll Really Give Away the Source of the Tent, but It's Interesting That There Was That $25 Million Reward Will That Reward Be Paid out Was Their Attempt That Will Lead to Some Sort of Reward Being Temperament Paid out. Yes, You Don't Care about the Tip to Reward Him If He Does, It Does Its Fiber Plus If You Want to Get Paid out. You Don't Say to Anybody You Could Say That Somebody Got the Money We Still Get What about the Doctor That Was Able to Expose Were Bin Laden Was That Dr. Still in Jail in Pakistan.

He Might Be Dead by Now. So Last Night. It Filled in for Laura Ingram House. Gen. David Perkins When He Was When He Was Glued to When He Was Col. Perkins. I Actually Stayed with Him in Kuwait One Week before the Invasion.

He Ended up Leaving the Thunder Run and Made Such Had Such a Sterling Career As a Battlefield Commander Ends up in the Pentagon Retired Four-Star General Cells That Are Talked about the Challenges of China. We End up Talking Buds. Our Hearing This, He Was in Afghanistan to Obviously at the Planning Stage When the Pentagon Knows about the Danger Cut 29 I Think Bin Laden Probably Was Sort of That Figure Had Probably Not Involved in the Day-To-Day Operations Are Here. He Always Has Been, As You Said Sure That the Master Planner and Operator Pulling All the Pieces Together Working the Laura Logistics Is the Transpacific Role so so Him Leaving the Scene Bold Is the Designated Leader and You Don't Really Follow Horror Bin Laden As Well As the Key Operator over Decades Is a Major Hit Al Qaeda. No Kidding.

Is Who Else Is around. There, That's Could Be the Key and If Something Else Happens from There and They Go to Our Southern Border. How Could You Possibly Not Look to Present Biden Is the Problem in That That to Me Is a No-Brainer Will Come in about One Year since the Disastrous Exit from Afghanistan. When I Asked John Kirby That Today's Eye Well Why Don't You Focus on How Many People Got Hundred 24,000 in Kabul and a Record about a Time in My Answer to This and It's Not the Admiral's Decision to Do It. You Created a Problem and You Want Credit for Lessening the Amount of Damage Done by That Problem, Some of Which Is Some of the People We Left behind While We Got Hundred and 24,000 Evidently out A Lot Of Those Planes Left Almost Totally Empty. But If You Look at the Totality of What's Happening. You See What Happened with the Invasion in Ukraine under Present Biden's Watch. You See What's Happening Now with the Belligerence of China under Present Biden's Watch. You See What's Happening with China in the Panama Canal and Central and South America. Their Presence and with Bolivia and Venezuela on Pres. Biden's Watch. And Now We See the Speaker the House for Freelancing Landing in Taiwan. Now I'm for That. But I'm Not for a Situation Where the White House Is Pushing against the Speaker Leaking the Trip in Order to Get Her Back off. That to Me Is Anarchy. And That's Reckless Tucker Carlson Pointed This out 31 His Withdrawal from That Country Almost a Year Ago Was the Single Most Humiliating Moment in American Foreign Policy since the Fall of Saigon in April 1975. There Are A Lot Of Ways to Pull Out Of Afghanistan. Biden Shows a Path That Seemed Designed to Inflict Maximum Damage to the Interests of the United States. He Did That Kind of Debating. Biden Is Not Ashamed of It. He Was Ashamed of It. Then He Something of It Now. He Goes on Cut 32 Tonight.

Biden Gave a Speech Boasting That He's Killed Al Qaeda Figure in Afghanistan Right Feel Safer Pushing Them.

Nobody Does. And the Reason Nobody Feel Safer Is Biden's Response to the Disaster in Afghanistan.

Robin Pause and Learn from It Be Fire the People Responsible for Not Simply the Self-Destructive Withdrawal from Afghanistan, but Also the Point Was 20 Year War There Brother. Do Any of That. Like a Normal Person Would Do Immediately Set off in Another Direction, Provoking yet Another Conflict, This One in Eastern Europe and He Provoked Yeah and That's What's Going on and That's Was Happening. We Understand That the the Speaker the House, Landed Two Minutes in Taiwan While Matt You Are in North Carolina.

He Met with Anyone. The Likelihood of Going through the Going down Lines in the Pentagon Is Look to All the Scenarios and Not Letting Us Know What Is What I Think Is Going to Happen. I Think You Going to Try to Blast One of the Taiwanese Islands. One of the Smaller Islands to the South, Then I Think If There's Some Taiwanese Citizens Die. I Think They're Going to Say. See That's on America's Hands Because It's All Reckless Because There's so out There.

Matt with Their Threats They Didn't Say, Well, They'll Be Sued down the Road There Might Be Said There Might Be by Price to Pay. They Are Saying That As Belligerent As Five Ever Heard China, You Better Not Do This Almost like the Way They Treat the Dalai Lama so There Backed into a Corner. Now They Have To Have a Strong Reaction with Bill Do. I'm Very Curious Because What Can They Do Let Them at the Wheel of Move the We Moved Our Seventh Fleet Even Close to the USS Ronald Reagan Is Moved. It Moved in. They Said That If We Have Military Jets Escorting Policies yet That We Have a Right They Have a Right to Shoot Them down, Really, Would You Shoot American Plane down. Are You Ready to Go to a World War Because the Speakers Doing Something a Congressional Delegation Did in November That Mike Pompeo Did Two Months Ago. Really Now You to Do It. A Soon-To-Be Ex-Speaker of the House Comes to Visit. We Gotta Get Stronger All around, and That That's a Problem and We Look We Go around and Rose in Reaction and It's Good to Be the Best Enough to Get the Prove Yourself. I Feel This Demonstration after Afghanistan, As to Prove Themselves Cut One You Know If House Speaker Pelosi Insist on Visiting Taiwan, China Will Take Resolute and Strong Measures to Defend Its Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity. As for What You Measures Exactly We Will Take. Let's Wait and See If She Dares Making the Visit. She's Going to and She's about to Land and I Think I'm Looking at a Plane You Guys Seen That Right Now I Do It Looks like a Plane Is Landing at Night in Taipei in Taiwan. That Is the Capital One Things to Look at Other, the Speaker Is Going to Be on the Ground Disembarking from the Plane with Her Delegation That Includes New York Congressman Meeks, I Think We Can Be Seen Were Seen That Now 10:45 PM the 12 Hours Ahead 10:45 PM from Singapore.

The Speaker the House Is Landed by Your Move Your Move China You Told Her Not to Do It. She's Doing It the Present Said She Makes up Her Own Mind, It's Not Me.

I Don't Want to the Centauri Government Works with You Though Explained That We'll Talk about That, I'm Sure with Stuart Varney As We Do a Simulcast and FBN Louis the Brain. Tell Me Joe, so Glad You're Here Now That Brian Kill Me Show Joins FOXBusiness Is Varney and Company with Stuart Varney Live on Your Radio and on FOXBusiness.

Here's Brian Kill Made so Here We Go Here We Go into Going There for You in a Moment by the Meantime, Let Me Just Tell You It Was Happening. Speakers Playing along with the Democratic Delegation Has Learned in Taipei, Taiwan. Despite the Warnings of Red China That You Better Not Do It Well. She Did She's There. It's Night. It's 1050 at Night There Exactly 12 Hours Ahead of Us.

We Do Not Know Should Be Spending the Night There. I Imagine She Will. Let's Listen in As We Get Introduced When You Make a Pelosi's Trip. She's Arrived Just Done It, but He Say Bobby Will Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal, Let Us Know That She Should Be Doing This and Watching Her Now Disembark As We Share the Screen with Her and the Things You Have No Choice. I Mean, How We Could She Have Looked Had She Not Landed in the Word Is the Biden Administration. At This Point Said I Don't Even Want to Stop Her, Because Now Everybody Looks Weak. If She Does It. The Word Reckless Comes to Mind. The Whole Thing Is Reckless. Now I'm I'm for Showing Strength Because China Only Understand Strength Just like a Run Just like Russia Anytime We Say Let's Be Rational about This, Let's Talk about That. They Say Week Week Week. I Understand That. So You See Seeing That That Would Be Our Strategy. Can We Have a Strategy. If You Get up with the Speaker of the House into the Reason for the First Time in 25 Years and into Taiwan for the First Time in 25 Years.

The Sitting Speaker, Then You Should Be Say Hey Miss Present during the Pretty Much Help You Get into Office. I Always Go to Bat for Every Time We Can Wear the Same Party We Go to the Same Parties. Can You Let Me Know How I Get on the Same Pages As You with This Was Supposed to Be in April and Couple Folks. He Got Covert and Now She's Fine Again and Now It Is Huge Deal. The Present United States Outed Her. Reportedly, the White House Put This out in the Financial Times to Make Her Back off and Then When Asked about It after That Ridiculous Me to Massachusetts. She Said the Pentagon Doesn't Think It's a Good Idea, Really, Can You Guys Handle That in a Text Message or Something. That's a Massive Total Mass but Should We Now Be Making Available to Taiwan Really Good Weapons Model Weapons That They Need to Defend Taiwan Should We Make Those Weapons Available Say so Now I Think so You Know I'm Shocked As We Watch the Speaker the House Could Get off the Plane. I Was Shocked to Sen. Ron Johnson Told Me 90 Minutes Ago.

In the past He's in Formulations. The Taiwanese Were Not Big on Getting A Lot Of Weapons. They Thought It Would Be Looked at Is China from Mainland China As Provocative but after Witnessing What Happened in the Ukraine and the Steamrolling of Hong Kong. They Change Course Now. What I Also Found out from Gen. Jack Keane Is Crispy Chapel Kirby Today I Want to Know What He Thought.

He Said for the Most Part He Knows Will Be Serious If We Start Doing the Same Wargames You Do with I in the Region with South Korea to Go to War Plan against North Korea. We Should Be Doing That with Taiwan Because This Will Toot If Taiwan's Invaded and We Want to Help. There Is No Rehearsal on How to Do It Right and We Can Wing It from the Military Perspective from the People It Keeps These War Colleges You Have To Lease to a Computer Model and He Says As Far As He Knows, and Keep in Mind, Jack Keane's Friend Heavily Institute a Study of War. There's Been No Tabletop War Planning with with Taiwan and I Think We Got to Natalie That Not Only Because Our Ally Because 60 to 70% of All Our Chips in Our Computers As Well As Our Cars Are Bought and Manufactured in Taiwan.

You Want to Give China Control of All That. Don't Think so. I'm Going to Write Him to Leave the Video of Speaker Pelosi in Taipei on the Leave That on the Screen. I Want to Talk to You about the Droning of I'm on Al's a Watery Killed in Afghanistan in a Suburb of Kabul.

He Was Definitely Osama Bin Laden to the 9/11 Attacks, but Present, Biden Has Said That Al Qaeda Was out of Afghanistan. Apparently Not. I Call That a Contradiction While You Call That a Contradiction in Which His Play This out You Winter He Told Us This in Al Qaeda Presence in 15 Provinces within Afghanistan. Now What You Some Logic so Here He Was Understood to Be in Pakistan.

Why Was a Place to Hide. And We Didn't. We Were Going over There Aggressively Is a Sovereign Nation since the Taliban Have Been Back for Almost a Complete Year Now the Taliban Are Back in Power You Have the Leader of Al Qaeda Staying Right out in the Capital Right outside the Governmental Buildings in a Government Building That's Owned by the Interior Minister, Which Is the Last Name of Her Connie of Another Famous Terror Network. You Cannot Say Not Only Is Al Qaeda There While Taliban's There, You Can Honestly Say the Government Is Supporting the Test of the Al Qaeda Again. And from What We Know about These These Terror Networks Did They Travel with Just the Leader by Himself or Old Dominion's and Soldiers and Little Terrorists and Training around Them. So the Great Story It's American.

When I Got to Say That Brian Is on Time Coming up against the Heartbreak You Can See Speaker Pelosi and the Pink Pantsuit That She Has Arrived in Taipei I Gotta Move on.

Still Ahead. California Steward 40. This Is Pretty Cool so Let Me Strike You with Happening.

It's Night.

So Where We Have Lighting That's Going to Highlight Only Certain People, Especially Somebody Dressed in Pink As a Speaker. The House Is Now Waving to. I Guess Some Taiwanese Citizens.

Yes, a Huge Delegation Showed up Because Look, Taiwan's Thrilled with This Army to Know the US Superpower. The Third Person in Charge in Power Speaker of the House Has Landed. Anyway, in Defiance of China's Urgings Not to, and the Threat of Violence to Maybe Shoot Rather Sky That Makes Taiwan for a Little Bit Better. There's No There's No Downside There. Also, We Have People on the Ground There Training Some of Their Troops in Order to Repel an Invasion Number One I Understand.

I Once Got a Formidable Force Number Two in Order to Do That and Fight off an Invasion Force and If You Want to Know How It's Done, and with Jim Servetus, Wrote a Book Allegedly Fiction Air Quotes but Based on What They Think Would Be the Form.

The Chinese Would Invade Their with a Claim Is to Be Their Own Sovereign Part of China Which Is an Island off China Run Was Wishing Kai-Shek Was in Charge. He Was Run off the Isle of Run off the Mainland China by Mousey Tonk Chang Kai-Shek Setup Government on the Outskirts We Recognize Chang Kai-Shek Is Extensively It Was a Representative Democracy, but He's the One We Represented. We Recognize for Years until the 1970s and Nixon Want to Mainland China to Really Set up a Counter Active during the Soviet Union to Rain to Unaccounted in the Cold War to the Soviet Union so They Said Okay. They May Be Communist Will Get along so Will Keep You Up-To-Date with Happening That's Close on the Ground so Far without Incident Will See the Rhetoric That Comes Out Of China Sure They're Ready to Go with Something That Had Plenty of Time to Plan Use of the Brain Killing Children Big News Day. So Glad You're Here. Live from the Fox News Radio's New York City Rash Office Set up Fox and Friends Saw America's Receptive Voice Right to Kill Mike by One of This Nation's Foremost Chinese Experts off of the Breaking News Is Speaker Pelosi Has Landed in Taipei at 1045 1046 in the Evening There 12 Hours Ahead of Us and It Went without Incident. She Landed Easy Standout Work Thanks to Person Next to Her Cleavage Comes from Meat Will Buy Food to the See That in the Dark and Those Huge Delegation That Turned out to Greet Her, Also This out to Be Joined by Sen. Lindsey Graham. Two Things Really Talk about Predominantly and That Is Is Our Here Is Killing Things with Hellfire Missiles That Shot out on Saturday Just Reported on Monday Night and of Course the of the Landing of the Speaker the House First One Sitting Speaker to Go There in 25 Years into Taiwan.

Despite the Threats Flat out Physical Threats from China. Now Keep in Mind the Speaker Has To Be in Singapore Was in Singapore Will Be in Malaysia, South Korea, Japan and Now Taiwan.

The Question Is, and after the It's That about You in 1045 and I to Spend the Night There Were the Questions with Which He Spent the Night There with Happier Acquiescence or Compromise and Will Spend the Night. They'll Just Visit, but I Doubt a General Comment Night at 1045 Then Leave.

That's Embarrassing Taiwan's Tall Skyscrapers Lit up with a Big Welcome Message for the Speaker the House like Pillsbury Joint Just Now Directive the Chinese Strategy at the Hudson Institute, Author of the Hundred Year Marathon China Secret Strategy to Replace America's the Global Superpower Would Probably Cross out Secret Michael so Far. Woody Would We Know She Landed without Incident. She Wasn't Shot Out Of the Sky. Thankfully Well. One of the Most Fascinating Facts of This and I Got a Reply to Fox about 15 Minutes Ago Fox Asked the Pentagon Officially Did US Fighter Aircraft Escort Nancy Pelosi's Air Force Jet When She Was Coming into Taiwan and the Pentagon Answered by Saying What We Don't Discuss These Matters but We Are Very Concerned about the Security and Safety of Members of Congress When They Travel up to Me Was a Close.

Yes, That Was Followed by Their Telling Jennifer Griffin a List of All the American Warships That Are within Two or 300 Miles of Taiwan, so This Is Taken on a Different Aspect Than the Last Week or so When We Had Widened Kind of Hinting That She Shouldn't Go Because Military Didn't Want to Now What Fox Is Recording from the Pentagon Is Our Military Is Involved in This Trip and I Would Call It Supportive to Provide the Protection so When the Prison Came out Two Weeks Ago and Asked about the Trip Used To Take Us Think It's a Good Idea As Jennifer Griffin's Pushback and They Said We Never Said That We Just Consulted on or Consulted with Her about What to Expect and What the Risks Were and That's a Paraphrase of Jennifer Griffin but She Said That Wasn't True. So Once Again the Prison Says Something That's Contradicts with Somebody Else Says so Here's Here's What I Can Tell You Right Now from the Congressional Delegation Statement on the Visit to Taiwan Pelosi. The Visit Is in No Way Contradicts the Long-Standing United States Policy. America's Solidarity with the People of Taiwan Is More Important Today Than Ever in Our Discussions with Taiwan Leadership Will Focus on Reaffirming Our Support for Our Partner in Promoting Our Shared Interest, Including Advancing a Free and Open Indo Pacific Region Now Is Anything She Say Find the Fact That China Says Taiwan Is Part of China Trying to Stick up for the Old Policy One China Policy As Interpreted by Our Side That It's Okay for a Congressional Delegation to Visit Because Taiwan Doesn't Really Belong to China Otherwise. Nancy and Her Team Would Need Visitors from Beijing. They're Going to Chinese Territory Talking to the Chinese Interpretation. So You Claim an Air Force Passenger Get and You Have Some Protection Implied from the Pentagon. I Wonder Where This Air Force Aircraft in a Park Tonight. The Old Approach. Brian Was the Air Force Would Drop off the Congressional Delegation in Taipei. Then They Would Fly to Okinawa a Couple Nights so They Would Avoid Giving the Appearance That the Plane Actually Would Stay There Is Again from Beijing's Point of View This Is Chinese Territory. Nancy Pelosi's Visiting without a Visa. One China Policy, Who Owns Taiwan Beijing's Very Clear We Own Taiwan US Is Never Said We Agree with That US Keep Saying We Acknowledges We Don't Challenge It Is Kind of Vague Answers. So What the Question Remains in from Taiwan's Point of View They Own Taiwan.

They Are the Government of the Island and They Have a Flag to Have Armed Forces Want to Be Treated That Way.

So It Will Be Watching in the Next Few Hours.

Will Nancy Pelosi and Her Delegation Act As Though Taiwan Is a Real Country Bully Use the Proper Titles Presidents Hi for Example, Will They Enter into Government Office Buildings, the Palace of the President Is Called the Governor General's Office from Your Japanese Days Will Nancy and Her Delegation Not Accept Chinese Claims of Sovereignty over Taiwan Island That's the Core Issue of the Strip Right in. Maybe China Will Somehow Have It to Have a Military Response to Taiwan Directly. Maybe Some of Those Islands That Are Next to the Big Island That's When We Way People Say That the Invasion Could Take Place. So China Has Warned in the past of the past Few Days, Resolute and Strong Measures with the Two Could They Prevent Her from Leaving. Could They Prevent a Plaintiff If the Plane Does Leave and Go to Okinawa and Come Back to Pick Her up.

They Prevent That Plane from Coming in a Wide Range of Options That You and Paying Us to Look at. One Is Trade and Economics Is Punishing the Taiwan Economy. I Wanted Very Heavily Invested in the Mainland China. Just like We Are. Taiwan Has Enormous the Factories in the Mainland Got a Huge Set of Exports to Go to China, Including Chips so Beijing Could Do Some Kind of Economic Boycott or Punishment Could Also Do Something in the Cyber Area They've Already Reportedly Been Making Trouble on Taiwan's Government Website so That the Military Options Remind Me of How People Can Get Out Of Control. This Kind of Emotional Atmosphere You Know Back in 2001.

There's a Chinese Fighter Pilot Made a Long Way to Superhero It and Tried It out against His Fighter Aircraft Right in Front of One of Our EP Three Recon Aircraft. It Was Damaged and Make an Emergency Landing a Long Way the Pot Dog Pilot Was Killed. Now That Seems to Be His Own Initiative Is Just Trying to Show It to Get Great Patriotic Years, so It Chinese Ship Captain or Jet Fighter Pilots Somebody in the Next 24 Hours Thinking He's a Great Patriot Could Also Cause Major International Incident. Very Interesting. I Do Remember That the First Few Months of the Bush Administration That Took Place so This Is since Late April 1, 2001 Size That You Remember Much of My Close. Our Guess He Had Wrote the Book the Hundred Year Marathon. China's Secret Strategy Replace America but You Know I Was Talking to a Military Expert Today Said the State Department Is Micromanaging What Weapons Taiwan Is Getting That They Should, and Receiving in Order to Defend Their Island Nation so the Pentagon and State Department a Ride Loggerheads Because the State Department Worried about Upsetting China with at the Pentagon Is More Upset about More Concerned about Defending Taiwan Problem for 40 Years, the Pentagon and the Taiwan Military Have One Definition of the Balance of Power in the Kind of Weapons They Need, Including Training in Joint Exercises with Us, Which Is Been Banned for 40 Years, the State Department, As You Say Is Much More Concerned about Getting As Close to the Chinese Position As They Can. Basically Taiwan Is Somehow Part of China. Therefore, We Have No Legal Basis for Arms Sales Henry Kissinger Had a Famous Meeting with the Staff and Pointed This out Back in 1976.

So Arms to Taiwan. If We Say That There Part of China That That Never Got Resolved so Much, Mike McCall Is Already Revealed $1 Billion or More Backlog of Taiwan Arms Sales Purchases That Have Not Been Reported to the Congress for Final Approval. That's A Lot Of Weapons That Are Sort of Stuck in Limbo Somewhere. I like to Statement from Marco Rubio Yesterday on the Series of Events Leading up to the by the Way, We Just Confirming for People Just Tuning in 30 Minutes Ago Speaker the House Touched down in Taipei, the Capital of Taiwan. I Pray Leaders of the Communist Party. This Is Going to Rubio Yesterday, China Will Remember Ancient but Wise Advice When Anger Arises. Think of the Consequences. We May Have Deep Domestic Political Differences.

In America, but We Will Respond with Unbreakable Unity If Threatened from Abroad, and of Course If You Threaten Number Three Knows You Say Well That's a Big Deal.

She's a Democrat Young That's out the Way Americans Gotta React.

I'm Not Too Sure the China Understands That You Think They Really Understand Our Culture Better Legacy Better Than the Russians Do Is a Russian Ptosis down Me How Their Assumptions Are Way off While Brian A Few Chinese Experts on America Met with Them over the Years They Have PhD from Berkeley or Georgia University to Speak Fluent English.

That Small Group Understand America Only Too Well, but the Top Leaders Including Change and Paying Himself Really Have No Foreign Language. They Don't Visit Foreign Countries, Very Much so.

They Tend to Respondent Terms of Ancient Chinese Conflicts and They See the World Today Very Much like It Was 2000 Years Ago in China That Rival States Are All Competing to See Who Become the Number One Hegemon.

That's about. That's How They View This Kind of the Test by the Americans Would They Assume That Biden Sent Nancy Closer Which I Think Is Totally False, but They Assume That This Is Some Kind of Probe or a Test of Their Strength and Their and Their Resolution over Taiwan Response Is Probably Going to Be Based on That of Ancient Thinking We Better Respond Somehow to This Old Hegemon. The Americans Do Something That Frightens Them so They Won't Do This Again Is Not Likely to Give Us Way Too Much Credit. There Is No Present Biden Secret Agenda in Nancy Pelosi's Op-Ed in the Washington Post. She Brings up the Support We Traditionally Had over the Last 40 Years with Taiwan. It's a Democracy, Even If It's under Threat. Beijing in Recent Years Has Dramatically Intensified Tensions with Taiwan. She Notes and Goes on to Mention China's Actions in Hong Kong, Tibet, and Genocide against the Uighurs, so None of Those Statements Show Any Type of Backward Steps Even Though She Didn't Answer Anybody's Question. When Asked, Will You Visit, She Is Actually Being Quite Direct. And What We've Seen so Far Very Cleverly Taken Away an Election Issue for the Midterms That the Last Couple Years. The Impressions Been Built up That Republicans Are Tough on China. They Don't Want China to Steal Our Stuff and Still Our Jobs Course Older Neighbors Claim the South China Sea Is Theirs and the Democrats Look Pretty Weak.

A Lot Of Democrats Are Involved with Investments and Money Only Going to Well from China. So That Was a Really Big Plus for Republicans Going in the Midterms. If Nancy Pelosi Succeeded Looking like a Hardliner against China. She Takes Away Some of That Republican Magic That Were the Only Party That Can Deal with a Rising Threat from China. I Accepted Analysis, but upon Further Review Which Is Not True yet Depressing. I Is Not Wanted to Go the Pentagon According to Reports Did Not Want to Go and There Was A Lot Of People on the Left by Thomas Friedman. I Consider Them a Left-Wing Columnist Urging Her Not to Go, so That, Yeah It Was Busy since All Relates to the Ukraine That He Says the Chinese Have Been Cooperative and Not Cooperating See Us of Severely with the Russians by Not Allowing Them Have Drones Weapons, but They Are Buying Their Oil and They Said They Will Do Anything They Need to Be Get It Done.

So That's One Thing Is Clear Well and Whether Nancy Reverses Herself Is Very Very Important. She Refused to Cooperate with Kevin McCarthy Couple Years Ago to Form a Bipartisan Task Force on China, so Kevin McCarthy Did It Would Only Republicans Came out with about 70 Excellent Recommendations on the Democrats Were Forbidden from Working with That Republican Task Force.

Now They're Going to Ask Nancy Again. How about a Bipartisan Task Force That We Asked before. If She's Affected by This Trip in a Positive Way.

In My View, She Will Say Yes to Kevin McCarthy, Let's Have a Bipartisan House Task Force on China, but We Just Don't Know until She Gets Back. Dr. Michael Pillsbury Thinks Clearance Analysis with Following Events so Far.

The Cameras Are down. We Don't Know If the Plane Stayed on the Tarmac. We Know the Delegation the Democratic Delegation Is Now out and There in Whatever Facility That They Wanted to Be into but They Got a Big Welcome This Highest Got the Biggest Skyscraper in Taiwan Lit up with a Welcome Sign in a Big Delegation on the Tarmac to Greet Him. I'm Sure China Is Not Happy in the Mainland. 100 Miles Offshore. Michael, Thank You Thank Brian Got a New Territory That I Know Is Great Talking over You. I Think Twice in 12 Hours so We We've Set a Record. Thanks so Much on Me While We Come Back I'll Take Your Calls. Could You Take 1-866-408-7669 Sen. Lindsey Graham Will Join Us to at the Bottom of the Hour, but Niche Is All about You, Giving You Everything You Need to Know Your Brian Kill Me Talk Show That's Real. This Is Brian Kill Me Show You Murder Your Pelosi Is Just Here Talking about How I Have Not Seen Those Reports and Is Right Is No Need to Shoot down a Plane.

That's a Great Point and She Such a Brilliant Press Secretary and Also According to Adm. Kirby Kirby Is Really Fantastic yet. Biden That That's Really Good.

I Mean, and She Hadn't Heard Anything about It, Will They Plan on Doing Should Not Apply for Some Hearing This, It Doesn't Sound Good. I Told Ms. No Need to Shoot down a Plane so That Is Another Press Secretary Yesterday Talking about the but the Possibility of the Speaker the House, Going to Taiwan to the Capital. Turns out, the Speaker Went so She Landed about 10:46 PM There in the Pitch Black. She Landed Lights on the Plane Got off No Incident. See Her in a Pink Outfit No Problem That We Understand Her Itinerary Looks like This. She Will Meet with the President Tomorrow so She Spending the Night There, Then She's Going to Meet with Taiwan's Parliament That You Take off China and Then Shall Move on to Go to Japan and South Korea and She Just Came from Singapore, Some Getting Some Your Emails and Getting to Some of Them. Jeff Black Writes Me and Says the Whole Pelosi Deal Is Not China Can Take Taiwan by Lunch Tomorrow If You Want to Have Kirby and All These Experts Saying Otherwise Is Just a Flat out Lie. They Own Land at Both Ends of the Panama Canal Then Stopped Ships from Taiwan, the Early Goddess That's White with the Other Big Story and I Don't Think We Spent Enough Time on I Will Try to Is the Fact That in Panama That the the Chinese Commit with All This Money to Give the Panama Who Suck and Win Financially and They Say Control of the If They Do in Fact Take Control Panama That Jeopardize Our National Interest.

Why Do We Let That Happen. Then What Carter Never Actually Sold Back to Panama.

We Built It We Made It We Revolutionize It. We've Actions Single-Handedly Rude Revitalize That Whole Country Which Is Built on That Canal and Now We Gave It Back with in the 1970s, but Now China Is Going to Come in and Have Control. That to Me Is Not Dead to Me Is Not Something I Can Subscribe to so That so Would Continue to Follow Those Events That Are Happening over There Are Other People Writing in and Ready Writes This a Question, a Question for Anyone That Wants to Answer Why Do We Even Care about China What China Do Their Thing Will Do Our Thing Says Bill from Wisconsin. I Don't Even Know What Kind of Planet Whereon If We Pretend As Though Will Going to Actually Live in Our Own Land, and That's What People Are Saying.

So the Posy Thing Is Happening. They Will Do Warnings to Not Happened for the First Time in My Lifetime. I'm Seeing a Party the Same Party in Power Divided about Something That Is Such International Consequences As This Personally When She Announced in April and Had to Postpone It You with Her a Million Times a Million Different Events Saying the Speaker Why We Just Let This Peter out.

Things Are Heating up or You Say You Know What, Go Ahead, Go Must Be Provocative Held Dear. They Do This, We Have Direct Number of Interactions Introductions Happening in the Sea and the Sky. I Will Tell Them This Is Our Pushback, but It's Not.

There Are Separate Pages Right Now and I Think My Toes for As Much As I Respect His Analysis Politically. This Is a Win for Nancy Pelosi Not for the Party Because the Pentagon As Well As the President Did Not Want Her There and See What Happens.

Radio Show like No Other, Kill Me There and Wanted to Become More Coercive and Aggressive in the Region. They're the Ones That Are Intimidating Their Name There Ones That Are Fortifying and Making Man-Made Island, and They're the Ones Who, Having Just Recent Weeks Ventured Closer to Taiwan and and Conducted Some Provocative and Unprofessional Acts in the Air and on the Seat. We Recognize That What Were Saying Is There's No Reason for Them Behaving That Way Because There's No Threat from the United States.

We Haven't Changed Anything about Our One China Policy Yeah Will See Them Getting That Message.

So in Case You Don't Know Just about 50 Minutes Ago the Speaker the House Landed in Taipei, China, 1045 at Night. It Was Used Delegation on the Tarmac Was Clear Was Her. She's Wearing Pink Right in the Middle. The Rest of the Democratic Delegation Was Greeted Warmly Big Side of the Skyscraper Saying Welcome. We Understand Her Itinerary Will Be Addressing a Meeting with the President and Then Addressing Parliament. So China Has Said This, China's Defense Ministry Says This the PLA Is on High Alert Will Launch Targeted Military Operations to Counter Pelosi's Visits to Taiwan so It Goes on to Say They Will Carry out Joint Military Operations around Taiwan Island from August 2.

That's Today, Tonight, Local Time, Will Conduct Joint Sierra Trading Airspace North Southwest, South East End of Taiwan Island Conduct Live Firing off in Waters off Eastern Coast of Taiwan Military Operations Are Targeted Recent US Actions in Taiwan. So Essentially Lucite to Get Us around the Island While Sen. Lindsey Graham Joins Us Now, Ranking Member of the Senate Budgetary Committee Member of Appropriations As Much Knowledge about International Relations. Is Anyone in Washington so Center What You Think about the Speaker Landing We Think about the Chinese Response. Good One at the Chinese Communist Party Are a Bunch of Bully and They're Trying to Shake Americans Resolve When It Comes to Supporting a Democracy in Taiwan.

The Speaker Did the Right Thing and All This Bluster Will Be in the Column of Bluster Will Be No Real Action against Taiwan. However, If the Chinese See Us Abandoning Ukraine and Still Standing after He Invade Ukraine and Actually Successful. I Think It's Almost Certain They Will Invade That This Response to Pelosi Is a Domestic Politics inside of China.

I've Never Seen Military Operations Us around the Whole Island 100 Miles from Mainland China. That's Good to Be Some Sensationalistic Operations You Seen Wargames before You Seen Drills. That's Got to Be Something to Say. Yeah, I Mean What They're Trying to Do to the Videos in This This Action Is to Basically Demonstrate Their Ability to Surround the Island While It Is an Island so It Can Be Surrounded but What People Have To Understand Is 25 Million People Plus in Taiwan Who Were Ready to Fight for Their Freedom If Necessary. This Is Not a Change in Chinese Policy by Her Visit.

This Is Just Reinforcing the Relationship between Two Democracies. So It's One Thing to Do Military Exercises. It's Another Thing to Go into a Country and Try to Take Freedom Away from Those Who Experienced It Is Not Going so Well for Russia and Ukraine and If You Think Ukraine Is Been Hard for Russia. Taiwan Would Be a Nightmare for China, While a Couple Things without Pelosi Essentially Meeting with This Government. They Looked at Is the Government of Taiwan Is Really Mainland China Prison She Pelosi Say No Meeting with the Present Female and Me with Parliament Acknowledging This Democracy and China Also in Her Statement in Her Column Brought up the Weaker Torture and Were Talking about the Uighurs and What They Do with That.

So Your Reaction to Those Statements Because This Is the Speaker Doing Her Own Foreign Policy with the White House on This What She's Doing What the President Should Be Doing. She's Taking a Bold Stand against China. So Our Policy Not to Support Independence by Taiwan, but to Recognize It Is a Democracy and Have a Relationship with Taiwan, Which Was on the Money That We We Sell Them Weapons Slamming on the North We Don't Have the Right Defensive Weapons by the Military Experts If They Don't Have Enough Nineveh Were Gone There Got 63 F-16s in the Queue Here but yet We Should Do More Militarily, We Should Help Them More, but There There Military's US-Based in Terms of Weapons so She's Going to Department to Recognize the Democracy Call Taiwan. This Is a Great Thing but Biden Is Just Sent Every Wrong Signal You Could Send and I Want to Congratulate Them on the Strike against Our Hearing but This Should Be a Five Alarm Fire for the Entire System in the United States You Had Been the Leader of Al Qaeda Has Been on the FBI's Most Wanted List for Years on the Balcony of the Home Owned by the Minister of Interior and the Taliban Government.

If This Is Not a Brace and Sign That Al Qaeda Is Back in the Game in Afghanistan Working with a Tele-Band.

I Don't Know What Would Be Back to Back to Taiwan.

The Statement by Pres. Biden Where He Urged Her Not to Go, or Military Said You Shouldn't Go Was Dumber Than Dirt and It Really Did Create a Problem That Was Unnecessary. No Kidding. And Now We Understand Jennifer Christian Says the Pentagon Never Said That the Pentagon Says the Anxious to Go Dance. Pres. Did You I Asked Austin Pointblank Did You Tell Her Not to Go Well. We Gave Our Advice, but We Can't Control Her. He Didn't Deny Them so I Don't Know What's Going on but I Know This. I Know the Present United States Basically Urged the Speaker of the House Not to Visit an Ally Call Taiwan at a Crucial Time in Their Their Nation and in Our Relationship with Them in Our Stance against China. It Was a Really Dumb Thing to Say, and Speaker Pelosi.

To Her Credit, We Disagree on Most Things to Her Credit, She Went and Did the Right Thing the Right Thing Is for Americans to Show up in Taiwan and Show Support for Taiwan but We Do Look like a Keystone Cops. I Mean This Is the Same Party. We Did the Step of Debate, the Case Don't Cops and I Think That's an Insult to Keystone Cops in a Bind. Foreign Policy Is Just beyond in Disarray. Okay Were Talking about Giving the Ayatollah Who's a Religious Nazi $50 Billion to Further Dismember the Mideast. They Want to Deal with the Iranian Regime over Their Nuclear Program, the Biden Administration Called the Glass to Get This Statement about Taiwan Really Sets Us Back and Got the Speaker Is Is Trying to Fix the Problem That Byron Created. I Want to Just Let Your Listers Know I've Never Been More Worried about the Reemergence of Radical Islam in Afghanistan That I Am Now. So How Did This Happen, How Could the Leader of Al Qaeda on the Most Wanted List for Years of Not Decades Show up in Kabul to the Point That He Could Be on the Balcony of the Home by the Minister of Interior and Taliban and Al Qaeda Not Working with Each Other. The UN Said a Couple Weeks Ago.

There 10 to 15,000 International Terrorist inside of Afghanistan so This Is a Breeding Ground for Radical Islam. Just like It Was before 9/11, and We Have a Broken Border. So the Next Cow to Take over from Sauer Harry Got Approved Himself on the Streets of Radical Islam.

How Do You Do That You Outdo the People That You're Taking over from You Hit America, so I'm Telling the Biden Administration Right Now That All the Signals I See Come Out Of Afghanistan Is a Building Attack against the American Homeland Right's. Please Use the Presidency Feels Differently.

Cut 17 Landon or Military Business Can Send Almost a Year Ago I Made a Decision That after 20 Years of War, the United States No Longer Needed Houses on the Ground in Afghanistan to Protect America from Terrorists Who Seek to Do Us Harm and I Made a Promise to the American People That We Continue to Conduct Effective Counterterrorism Operations in Afghanistan and beyond.

Done Just That. So He Says over the Horizon Worked.

It's a Good Thing We Left.

Number One, There Was No Al Qaeda Present Only Left That's One of the Reason for Leaving.

Mission Accomplished.

We Destroyed Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

The UN Suggested 10 to 15,000 International Terrorist Are Flocking to Afghanistan Not Lindsay Graham, the UN Support of the Strike Tell You It Tells You That Is Our Hearing, the Leader of Al Qaeda Is with Us No Longer, but He Was so Brazen in Its Relationship with Tele-Band That He Was Staying in the House of the Minister of Interior Took Joe Biden Present by.Understand This Is the Strongest Signal yet That Al Qaeda Is Alive and Well inside of Afghanistan Is Incredibly Dangerous.

My Biggest Fear Is Coming True That We Pull the Plug on Afghanistan. It Would Fall into the Taliban Hands and before You Know It.

International Terrorist Will Reemerge in Afghanistan like before 9/11 Their Training Camps All over the Country.

We Do Not Have a Counterterrorism Program That to Stop the Reemergence of Al Qaeda and ISIS in Afghanistan, Killing One Person Doesn't Destroy an Organization. I Am Glad They Got the Guy, but I'm Here to Tell Your Audience That Al Qaeda Has a Foothold in Afghanistan Is Growing by the Day and Isis in a Fight with Al Qaeda and the Tele-Band Is a Complete Mess inside of Afghanistan and the Likelihood of an Attack on Our Homeland Is As High As I've Seen It since 9/11, the Southern Border Sealed I Mean Isn't Sealed so They Just Got Point through 4 Million so Far. Rhody Was the Age. As You Know, Was a Prisoner of War in Got out Knows the Region Well and Says We Should Be Doing This Cut 27. There Needs to Be a New Set of Engagement with the Taliban to Set up the Deal Essentially Behaves This Way We Will Support You Economically, and There Has To Be Engagement with Pakistan Liquid Lost in Afghanistan for Multiple Reasons the USA Mistakes the Afghan Government Was Corrupt.

We Lost Because of Pakistan and Again I'm Biased but When I Was Kidnapped by the Counties.

I Was Taken from Afghanistan into Pakistan. They Sheltered Osama Bin Laden. They Held Me Captive There That Al Qaeda Regrouped so until We Get Pakistan to Change Its Behavior.

This Threat Is Can Exist in the Long Term Says Oh Yeah, Great. We Don't Send Back in Troops That We Can Ignore Afghanistan. I Would Urge the Vitamin Stretching to Engage the Taliban in Case of Pakistan Diplomatically As Center Grant, You Agree No. Do We Not Appreciate His Service to Our Country. We Do Not Need to Engage the Tele-Band Economically.

We Need to Consider Them a Threat to the American Homeland Would Need to Go to Pakistan in the Surrounding Regions and Say Now That We Know the Leader of Al Qaeda Was Openly and Cahoots with the Tele-Band That They Are in Fact a State-Sponsored Terrorism That the Taliban Are Providing Safe Haven to Our Sworn Mortal Enemy, Al Qaeda and Their Ineffectively Fighting ISIS.

So What I Would Tell Pakistan in the Region Is America Is Going to Have a Ford Presence Were Going after the Training Camps and You Need to Help Us Because Al Qaeda Reemergence and in Afghanistan so Threat to the Entire Region. So Rather Than Trying to Buy the Tele-Band off I Would Use This As an Opportunity to Clearly Define Our Relationship with the Tele-Band You Are Harboring International Terrorist You're Creating Conditions for an Attack on the American Homeland and Were Coming after Any and Every Terrorist We Can Find inside of Afghanistan and We Do This through an Alliance of People in the Relieved Region. We Move Assets Forward so We Can Better Deal with This Set up Bases in Pakistan. I Would Ask Pakistan to Work with Us to Have a More Robust Presence to Go after the Training Camps. I Cannot Stress Enough Just to Center. I Will Pay It. What Well What That That Letter, Let Them Tell Us Know I Care so the Borders Broken: It Says It Secure. That's Just Crazy with Lost Operational Control of the Border.

We Had the I and Al Qaeda Presence in Afghanistan That Is Unchecked by the Tele-Band.

We Have Verizon ISIS. We Have 10 to 15,000 International Terrorist Flowing and Afghanistan. According to the United Nations and We Don't Have the Presence We Need to Stop the Training Camps before It's Too Late, so I Would Urge the Biden Administration to Change Policy Isolate the Tele-Band Consider Them a Terrorist State and Work with Partners in the Region Who Did Not Want Al Qaeda to Come Back.

Leslie D. Dementia Consumer Bill That Hasn't Passed yet If Cinema Says Yes and the Others Get on Board. It Will Have To Parliamentarian Signs off on It. Did Sen. Mention Get Rolled or Did Mitch McConnell. I Think What Happened Here Is That We All Work in Good Faith to Try to Get Chips Made in America That Are Central to Our Military and Our Economy. That's a Good Thing. Supported Infrastructure Built by Slimmed-Down Version. I Thought We Needed, but We Were Told by Several Democrats That a Another Round of Reconciliation Was Not Going to Happen so We Were Misled. I Think This Is Going to Gas on an Inflation Tire. All of These Tax Increases Are Going to Be Passed on the Consumer the Joint Tax Commission Indicated That Every American and All Income Levels Are Going to Feel the Burden of This Bill Calls, Corporations Will Pass It on the Consumer and That Will Lead to More Inflation. So Yeah, I Felt like Not Only We Were Misled That Sen. Mention Is Embracing Policies That Are Making Inflation Worse, Not Better. And He Told Us American Rescue Plan Would Work.

It Didn't. This Is Not Going to Work so Yeah I'm Pretty Upset about It but Only Say One Thing to the Mount Sinai South Nassau Hospital for My Niece Is Having Surgery Today. Dr. Bina Staying God Bless You All Were Been Treated so Well This Are Great Asset to the People of New York and I Just and on a Positive Note, That You Know My Sisters, My Niece Is Going to Surgery and Asked for Your Prayers and Support and Never Realize That You All These Important Issues Are Real but You Will Have Lots to Live so Printer Everybody out There That Have Sick Sick Once and Loved Ones in Distress among the Top 10 Hospitals in the Country and yet Have and Are There in WABC Listeners Who Were on Board Is Only WRC and Dell Dell All of You. You're Speaking to Them so That They Best of Luck I Know She'll Be Fine Soon. Lindsay Graham Thanks for Your Insight and Information Appreciating That It Will Come Back and Wrap Things up Trying to Meet You Use Makers and News First Occurs. First, I Can Only Show the More You Listen More, You'll Know It's Bright and Kill Me.

I Always Wanted to Do Something I Could for My Country and This Is All about My Country and My Politics or Someone Else's Politics Are My Friends on the Republican Side for My Friends on the Democrat Side or Whoever's Upset with Nothing to Do about Any of Us Is about What We Do for the Country and Right Now, Inflation Is the Greatest Threat That We Have. It's Hurting Every West Virginia and I Can Assure You at the Gas Pump at the Food Store and Their Energy Bills and Just Their Daily Lives.

If We Have a Chance to Set This All on Fire Had a Chance to Have an Energy Policy That Was My Balance and We Can Basically Make Sure Were Producing More Energy for What We Have Going around the World Asking Other People to Produce Force.

Should We Do That, so the Writer Joe Mentions Only Harris Faulkner Just Saying There's No Tax Increases. In This Bill and the Deep Inflation Will Be Less You Discern Him with His Nobody Sees How Inflation This Is Inflation Reduction Bill Inflation Will Be Less. He Says He Will Have an Impact on Inflation They Say in Nine Years It Could Go down .03% That These People to Do It for a Living, Then the Prince of the Center Just Said All the People on the Nonpartisan Committee That Looked at This and Says It's Only a Risk to Raise Taxes on the Make under 200,000 x 16 $0.7 Billion and People to Make over to the Tune of $14.2 Billion Is His Mother Was Only Done by the Republican Side of the Nonpartisan Committee. I Don't Even Understand That Definition Either Sooner or Later the Numbers and Tell the Entire Story. One Thing I Thought Was Very Telling That When Brett Asked Sen. Mention, Who I Think Is Well-Meaning Might Be Naïve and That When He Said When You Signed up for the $1.9 Trillion Rescue Package.

You Said It Was Going to Hurt the Economy. It Ended up in the Economy, Leading to Inflation. Inflation Says Well I Do Want to Make That Mistake Again. We All Don't Want You to Make That Mistake Again with the Fear As You Did.

Hey I Want Chance to Meet You in Person Could Bring to Click on so My Live Events of the Carried on Fox Nation. Some of Them. August 27 Right Newark New Jersey Thinned the Egg in Albany, New York and Then over in November 2 Dates 01 and Brandon, Mississippi and One in Tulsa Oklahoma. See All Their Brain Kill Me Choke Even Here Will Follow All the Breaking Stories and There's A Lot Of over 100 Meteorologists and the Worldwide Resources a Fox in Your Box, Whether Podcast's Personal Powerful Subscriber Melissa Malik Fox News or Wherever You Did Your

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