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Democrats push "extreme" republicans ahead of midterms

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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September 12, 2022 12:24 pm

Democrats push "extreme" republicans ahead of midterms

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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September 12, 2022 12:24 pm

[00:18:25] Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL)

[00:36:47] Michael Goodwin

[00:55:09] Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA)

[01:13:32] Gov. Chris Sununu (R-NH)

[01:31:54] Bret Baier

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We have a lot to discuss and really get to all of it knows what was your weekend. I hope it was a safe one.

And of course this the coverages be consumed by the Queen and the new King, I get it.

There's a lot of interest in it all for the next two weeks I'll cover some of it but started to dominate the schedule.

We have a lot of things going on and you know this is mostly symbolic and to the country. I know link to us, but for the most part I think we gotta stick with things that are more substantial, more substantive and have some fun. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three, sponsored by crunch fitness interested in owning your own business in a growing $30 billion industry checkout crunch fitness number three happening with lightning speed advancing Ukrainian troops in the taking back lost territory by casualties along the way the game is amazing Deborah Potter our report reporting for CBS making major games. That's the only way you describe the remarkable offensive from Ukraine forcing Russia to retreat from khaki and your son in some places and Putin's feel generally fired is still general. After 16 days.

This is all chose to me a degree of panic with the best yet to come.

Very very limited ability to see into Afghanistan right now. I said I think we got certainly less than two or 3% of the intelligence capability that we have before we withdrew Frank McKenzie the general in charge of the withdrawal that was a disaster 9/11 Afghanistan. The war on terror than ever. And even though we pretended had differing views about the threats facing America and who the real enemy is will review what matters what's going to matter here and what the Democrats were so concerned about threats to democracy.

Uncle Carl thing I've seen is the money putting into Republican primaries to try to nominate Republicans were election deniers is so true. Gov. Chris Christie talk about that 2022. Never seem so close is the last primaries backing a punch in New Hampshire's them cynically. Try again to pick the Republican to face against a very vulnerable center, her son, while gloves come off in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin will be later in this show will gotta be speaking to Gov. Sununu not to shower.

If not, will get you get online again on the podcast because he definitely would have one that he is extremely popular Gov. very successful very successful, well-known family and I met him. He skied very impressive and I would say that he would crunched or crushed her, but he does not like Gen. Baldock and Gen. Baldock is right now the front runner over Chuck Morse and Chuck Morse is is somebody to a trend by think double digits. He is more in line with McConnell more in line with Sununu and and I like bolder keys please been a good friend to the show and read certainly has his military point of view that rankles a lot of people then that's fine.

I appreciate the services given to this country but is also said things about Sununu that the is a light sensor news, a communist sympathizer, a Chinese communist sympathizer and for the conspiracy theory about 2020 that Bill Gates was using Cova 19 vaccines were plain chips and Americans.

I have not heard them say that but that's what they're saying no leaders in both parties believe Baldock will be too far right to win. Now they have about 25 million that they have millions of dollars put aside for whoever gets this nomination is Republicans need this seat. I don't know if they get it. If bulldog wins because they don't believe he has a shot. I think they'll be wrong because the people of New Hampshire have a right to pick who they want Republicans in New Hampshire right typical they want if they pick him and you have money for me gotta do it but will see that no one can force them to do anything. What is pretty clear is Democrats went on their way to put money into Baldock's campaign.

How about this, they spend more than $3 million to shape the outcome of this that is more than bulldog putting himself so he benefited from that as they attack Morse on his behalf open their win. Now if you were Pres. Biden, and some the Democratic party really think the market is at stake pipe because election deniers all refuse to admit they did present. Biden won the election. Why are you pushing these people. He could very well win in Colorado and now governor of Pennsylvania, and now Senate for New Hampshire. What makes you think the design of good qualities that these men and women have, to overcome what many people think is a minor thing about January 6. The people think that's a horrible incident that came and went. Here's more from Chris Christie cut for what matters what's going to matter here and what the Democrats were so concerned about threats democracy for setting a horrible thing I've seen is the money putting into Republican primaries to try to nominate Republicans were election deniers. If that's such a threat to democracy want want to make one of those people to finalize to, then that is so true Kristi went on to talk about the attacks on America. Keep in mind now. If you are present.

Biden you're focusing on by your your bipartisan infrastructure doing a bipartisan gun deal to build the mini bill back better you jam down our throats, the Joe mansion and I'll talk about this later got totally duped into signing and then you bring up well this a dizzy Democratic super packs that are putting money into these far right wing candidates because they think they can lose the general. That's one thing but he's actually running the Democrats are a threat to democracy that mega ultra mega there are semi-fascist among the Republican party and you are actually having super PACs in the Democratic side propel these candidates, possibly to the Senate and gone governor seats. Here's more from Chris Christie cut three Democrats think that is a winning argument for them in the midterms to do with the president did during that speech and attack personally attack the people who have supported Donald Trump 74 million of them who voted for the 2020 as a politician.

I say great go-getters.

The president because what people don't like donning politics and you know this is people who govern against brand.

He ran to be a uniter. He ran Savior bring the country back together.

Then he stood on that stage with a blatantly red background, surrounded by Marines and attacked 74 million people here if you want. I'm not a Republican. Did you feel attacked.

I did because I voted for Donald Trump in 2020 and write any work for him and immediately when he was clear he started with the primary huge. He jumped on board was never Chief of Staff was really chronicled in great detail in Jared Kushner's book but now it looks like it is this town terms can be the nominee. I think Gov. Christie runs, but he's got a cat creates a momentum and maybe Kent and Pennsylvania according some momentum I think is Dr. Oz he's going into the suburbs. He knows he's got a win there.

He knows that's where he's trailing and he also knows what to talk about any doesn't have to manufacture. It is not to use any controversy, crime if you talk to anybody. I'm talking about people of wealth and working-class people left to use mass transportation or want to go to Barnes & Noble witnessing crime happening right in front of the mismatch and grabs at a CVS in a right aid.

You don't have to be somebody that's to go into a gang infested community to see crime that we used to see in Chicago in certain parts of New York and Philadelphia.

It is everywhere and that to Dr. Rogers pushing any smart to do that he says he puts himself the son immigrants living the American dream. He doesn't talk about having house he got but he shouldn't run from that statement.

Betterment comes out and says well.

Dr. Oz does army have. The guy became a surgeon.

You don't do that. I don't care how much money have let you gonna actually sweat it out work countless hours not make any money to like 33 years old and this doesn't matter what your parents do, who basically had nothing and started to emerge when you get a syndicated show and you still a surgeon and you become internationally known this up in a run from NRC should be embarrassed that he's wealthy, that's another story. I was also told actio's. The crime is emerging as a top issue along with inflation and Federman is extremely weak and not weak on crime. He wants to talk about abortion. Federman wants zero cash bill and all that is true.

He is extremely weak candidate coming off a stroke. There's no way he's got a 10 point lead in Pennsylvania. He would have it I don't eat up a 10 point lead. New York next Wisconsin Ron Johnson is trailer by about two to Mandela points now. If you follow Ron Johnson's quarries always trail and he always ends up winning this time their poor imploring over $50 billion into a campaign to stop him you believe this just to stop him from getting six more years in that seat. That's what Democrats see him as such.

A major threat. So a major major theme to the Johnson campaign is going to be corruption yes results are talking about crime which is great. Nowhere is that clear into the negative ad blitz that he's receiving now he's going after Mandela barn simply on crime and that will deftly resonate with the people of Wisconsin and you know he's using to the National Republican Senatorial committee is doing in ad featuring an SUV featuring the Waukesha Christmas parade when that crazy murderer just drove through and through in a parade of innocent people and killed them at a Christmas parade and naturally leads to types of crazies that this guy if you look at his background. Born in prison, he got out and he killed again.

You probably spend the rest of his life there and I guess the point is this Federman want that guy out on bail. We know the same people commit the same crime over and over again.

We know that they want to empty the prisons they want to be able to react there certain people that are on re-habitable and that should be the theme. If Republicans can be successful or if Democrats want to have success. You see Sen. Tim Ryan Congressman Tim Ryan try to be Sen. Tim Ryan and basically talk like a Republican. Talk about being tough on crime, not going for student loan forgiveness if my goodness to be successfully kept alive back to like something else is not bizarre, I have to forget about everything. I ran on everything. I voted for change my opinion on everything in order, duped the people to vote for me. You should run on the fact that you passed all those things you supported all those things that Joe Biden supported that are so popular that Joe Biden son asked to campaign anywhere just raise money for people everywhere, so the other big so story is that China role, Harris out.

I just can't believe Chuck tied give such a soft interview to, Harris. I guess he's desperately trying to make her look good, but it's almost impossible she just is.

Talks nonsense all the time thought about the courts.

She talked to the border being sealed course, being an activist court. You could talk about decisions but going attack another branch of government as a vice president I think is not listen to her content and this is an activist court. We had an established right from us half a century and this court that constitutional right and we are suffering as a nation because if it really returning this to the states is suffering as a nation because it they had a reason to do it. You could attack the decision, but I think it's really dangerous. Imagine. So if one of the supreme court justice is where you had an illegitimate present but with the big deal that's what I think that's a lot of people think whether it's Biden or Trump or Boyd sure Wargo or mobile yeah got it illegitimate present okay.

They'll be so inappropriate. But is it exactly was happening for Federman in particular, he is doubling down on you as much about crime as we come crime is much about crime facility murders at a prison only comes to abortion. He's talking about wood, Harris also talked about she wants more Senate votes to blow up the filibuster and to do election integrity, which means she wants to nationalize a federal election laws, which is extremely dangerous because states want to have a shot yet to go tell Washington state.

For example, you get to just salad my mail and outvoted in more you want to tell New York County dropbox is to have you and it's a take some of those drop boxes out in Georgia is a tenant governor John Federman who wants to be the senator and he also knows this, that if you get over 50 votes and you nullify cinema and mansion you could do anything, cut nine months. The first bolt sounds like you sound like you wanted to be if I was not that the personnel first right of the filibuster right next row.

By the way if Democrats are really that dumb that they understand that there's a 90% chance that the Senate flips if it doesn't flip in 2022, 20, 24 they know there's an excellent chance at a Republican replace any Democratic nominee you want to hand over the Senate to the Republicans in two years that you try to jam everything down everyone throat. Hope you get everyone on the same page but to me it's the ultimate short term, shortsighted approach this whole thing. 1-866-408-7669 will go over the latest. We also have a special master looks at the president of the former president Donald Trump is going to submit his criterion something suggestion for special mastery of notes being challenged in court. The Department of Justice once you choose one of the people. That's farcical to will see if they can agree on this.

It seems to be a brawl for all and will discuss that we come back to want Afghanistan 21 years since 9/11 events foxing an incredible job covering it. I think many people are noticing it.

I love that they sang the national anthem and took over from the singer Ed in New Jersey at the check game yesterday where you just shut it down, almost like the Islanders did Nokia need to let the crowd take over the coming two years from when they were taken any of the national anthem and some knuckleheads still are. I love the fact it is totally flipped on its head now and the NFL televised the national anthem, which I think it's great goose of the brain kill.

We chose so glad you're here driving deep into today's top stories Brian kill me what your business is supply chain challenges too much inventory many disruptions. If you have a vision for improvement Fastenal pin Taylor solution help you get there from automated bins that monitor inventory 24 seven defending devices that let you control and track the products to keep your business running national has the ability and experience to help your supply chain to see how they do it.

Go to if I precise personal power is America's liturgy, your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your project is so busy will make your hands Brian kill me, a humiliating defeat main post, the attempt to save face from Moscow going to reinforce Ukraine folded by the steady supply that it needs mold to keep the momentum going for the matter of the now occupied minutes of Paul, either in favor of that said the reporter for face on face the nation. CBS foreign correspondent talk about the stunning news of Moscow abandon two major areas in the Ukraine khaki region Saturday after Ukraine forces choked out a major supply point of Russian troops, Putin at the time over the weekend was at a Ferris wheel did Ferris wheel dedication they still hold 1/5 of the country, but Putin is gotten rid of a general that he put in place just 16 days ago after this crushing defeat in eastern Ukraine. Some say that they picked up 3000 mi.� something can we cannot confirm that. But we do confirm about 1158 miles have been reclaimed by the way the Russians are so panic they are throwing off their uniforms wearing civilian clothes hope to not be recognizability in their military vehicles as well as their tanks and just running for their lives.

I mean, they wrecked the place, no doubt about it, but the running towards the border that listen to this, the leader of the Chechen Republic.

This rhymes on cardio of this horrible person but he has a fighting for lethal fighting force. He was actually put into the fray by Vladimir Putin. He says his own fight. He sent his own fighters to crazes if they are not immediate charges and Russia's conduct of the invasion, he would have to contact the leadership of the country to explain to them the real situation on the ground so that having fights amongst themselves.

They're in control of the social media.

This social media thing telegram and the only put pro-Russian people on their pro-war people on there and they can't believe the ineptness in which there witness the pro-war bloggers somewhere better with Russian troops either frontline or amp to for amplifying the Kremlin's false message that Russia's fighting Nazis egg to go ahead and say everything is supposed to. When it comes to actually seeing what's going on there also. Same with a supposed to. And that is this going terrible that Ukraine moved has moved to Crimea following its annexation 2014 there start to do some Kroger activity. There just got 2.3 million telegram followers and there start to be honest saying that they're calling for the present Vladimir Putin to just go ahead and call it draft and call it a war, but Putin knows they'll be a disaster for the Kremlin if they had to do that is a just so call the special a special action.

We go back I'll expand on this also on collegiate Mohammed possibly getting a plea bargain. Can you believe that as well as his other 9/11 hijackers. That's not 9/11 with the message was from Sunday with the reality is 21 years later in Afghanistan. Fox News network find and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben Dominic's podcast to strive and listen now by doing a Fox News five Fox News network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox News or wherever you get your favorite contest information you want to truth you demand is that Brian kill me show. I know since leaving the position share is present by not to drive down to zero out to leave a residual 2500 troops in Afghanistan, right. The commander-in-chief to keep his own counsel reject the advice of his military commanders if you felt so strongly why didn't you resign once civilian leadership makes a decision, even though I might disagree with that decision. It is my moral responsibility to execute that order to resign is not in the biz not enough in the history is not. It is not something that US officers are typically done and it sends a very bad signal is a political act by an officer who must need and must be and remain a political one. Number one. I know a lot of people would leave and number two I know you sector defense of the time but when the when the press United States present from sample know the troops out of Syria. Joe Madison you know I you could take take my position. I want to quit, and they basically the presence I could just give it to me now and these you me switch it out and we had a new Secretary of Defense so Gen. Frank McKenzie tells a present.

Yuki can leave now if you leave all the troops in the Bagram airbase. We are know it's good happens to so present as I'm doing it anyway and he kept his job. McKenzie famously got the call from bar door who is running the tell abandoned you could go got they got him out of prison. They negotiated with them at Doha. They broke every but they broke every axiom in the every rule agreed upon into Doha during the cusp thing. Coppola said you want me to take the capital, because every, but all the Afghan troops are left including Gandhi is left where you take the capital, and we like idiots in which to keep the airport and now 9/11 crystallizes all this. Let's bring in Kirsten Michael Walt's function walls is a break with tradition for general to say I'm leaving command. If you pull out all the troops. Is that something that you that you can't says traditional. You just suck it up and do with the with the present does want you to try it out it 9/11.

It's always difficult and painful, but I have to tell you this one was especially painful. Seeing Caliban caliphate now in place, which would be which is the realization of Osama bin Laden dream he met caliphate with all the powers of the government and army staff with our equipment and Al Qaeda back in Afghanistan to your point on on general McKenzie. I can't tell you how many times by Laura and and he make that point that hey resigning would've been a political act and I have a responsibility once present here in my life that just carried out what you know what. He also has a responsibility to the 13 soldiers that are no longer Marines that are no longer whether Coppola yet responsibility for the future American if we ever get hit again that you will no longer be with their loved one.

We have some kind of pulse nightclub or cockpit 9/11 any other responsibility to the soldiers that are gonna have to go back to clean up this mess and if we go back to 2011 when Obama yanked it out of a rock with no plan, which owned by the way who is in charge, then what then Gen. Lloyd Austin now Secretary of Defense with no plan.

We have Isis exploding on the scene.

Hundreds of thousands of dad across the region attacks across Europe and the United States, and we now have more soldiers back there cleaning up that mountain. A rack and we have their back in 2011 so those are also a general responsibility and I think the ultimate responsibility is to the troops and to the troops under his command, and I absolutely think he should've resigned. I don't understand the four stars I don't work in the four stars that do a kind of a legacy tour after they've retired chronicling up their legacy when when they could have taken the stand when it mattered about when they were in the job. Absolutely. And by the way maybe to the present.

Amos present is my advice but I will tell you that if you don't go with the advice I would have to resign II can't your part would either of something I know will be the biggest disaster in American history. I can in good conscious that obviously don't have any faith in my ability to analyze a situation even I've been doing this for 50 years. So you deserve somebody else anyway and just a I verify the record, I'm sure you know VP Biden was in charge of a rack and Gen. Mattis was there any try to convince bind the polling in 2011. All the troop shall be a huge mistake.

Not only do we have a mute we almost lost Baghdad and we got Isis and then we had to fight our way back in convince the Kurds to fight for us and sadly present trump to a degree abandoned the Kurds in a way in which I never agree with nor did you but you did not overly he kept a presence there, at least, and when Mattis didn't like it. He left as Secretary of Defense, so I'm not buying this McKenzie repot apology tour nor the mark Millie I should stay and I should stay in power tour. Let's just take a brief run through history that the three areas of the world that Obama gave the Biden chart dividing the focus on or Ukraine Iraq and China and let the light let's look at how all three of those went with China marking across the South China. The militarized euthanasia Ukraine getting invaded in 2014 and in and the explosion of life in Iraq but yet Biden believes he is the smartest man in the room is been a politician, typically 20 not a speck of dirt under his fingernails and and he ignored the military life and that Kate Ryan and you know if we if we do put the house when we put the house there will be accountability there is not been a single official that time been fired and really for this debacle that was worse than Saigon because at least with Saigon out reach by expectation that tariff organ of flow from Vietnam back into our homeland, but there absolutely that that is what is going to happen in my you and in the intelligence community you from as a result of this disaster comes Michael Walt's with us so I 20 years or so, once again, I do agree with said McKenzie said is when the when the ministration says I point also hearing an over the horizon attacks do work they did want to hit in one year does not show me there over the horizon's effective use McKenzie cut 23 I would be careful about drawing conclusions about our ability to operate effectively in Afghanistan in a counterterrorism sense based on a single operation.

I think what's most concerning about that. The CI strike that you mentioned was the fact that he was living in in very good accommodations in downtown Kabul.

That should give us all pause and also speak directly to the ill intent of the Caliban in negotiating with us as we work with the Delhi agreement, which was the attempt to find an end the war in Afghanistan. I think it manifest example of their of their inability to keep her work fundamentally.

So he's even seen stop bragging about being able to get Al Qaeda it's a bad sign that he was there anyone there alone. His lieutenants are back you end up paying 15,000 court fighter flowing is that you become the Disneyland America global terrorism right under the umbrella of the Taliban and Al Qaeda E back I was growing they fully intend to hit us again in their developing the capability to do so, but at least we had to go back to a rock grind or we have the Kurds to work with. We had that government in Baghdad. We had bases all over the region.

We got none of that Afghanistan.

But McKenzie testified that when he was here before he retired that hey we can take care of it now after he retired, he tell Annette that we have 2 to 3% of the intelligence visibility into Afghanistan and we had before we left, and not should air every American and there, there has to be accountability for the real clickers like it's Ukraine collegiate Mohammed Ramsey pinouts even others. Getting a plea deal in order to these will avoid the death penalty should we be cutting deals with the hijackers and the and the mastermind of the hijacking that the ministration, the Obama administration. They just want to wish terrorism away point on pot about to go away right, but the bad guy didn't get the notice that Biden had to fight the war on terror would get that email memo and you know it we have to have somewhere to put the people.

The only other place we had beside Guant�namo with Bob Romero. We saw what happened with that and a mean this is different to 50-50 her head in the sand strategy try to reach a plea deal and and and make it all go away so that they can focus on the green to deal whatever they want to focus on but let the enemy get the boat in there, Brian, no question. Sadly I Ukraine unbelievable news of the weekend taking down thousands of miles back, pushing the Russians across the border in khaki so we also know that as I mentioned earlier, Vladimir Putin was at a dedication for a Ferris wheel. He fired his general after just 16 days all we know is his is akin to secretary of defense is been sidelined to other code Ukraine, the Army chief says that they're advancing the south and east and now in the North.

What is exactly going on Congressman yet. Well, I think the combination of US intelligence, coupled with the long-range missile that you know that Ukraine has been aptly important for the war hi Stan and worked at the high bar right after finally getting and I think we should have given him what you call the ATAC comes with even have a longer range. How much more effective. Could they be if they fully had everything they been asking Corbett but like this is great news.

This is exactly what went in our meeting just a few months ago when I went over there was hoping for.

With the shift the momentum and shift the line so that Russia couldn't be again this winter when they start turning off all of your gas so that's fantastic.

I'm very focused Brian on the D Putin meeting that's coming up the first since before the Olympics.

Last year, but also that the arms deal with North Korea that couldn't have growing will get a briefing on that later this week and and the nuclear plant but still in the middle of the fighting in the South. Now, Europe's largest and and it just the nightmare scenario there.

So this is great news, but we have a long way to go right for examples. These I hearing to sign it slow-moving to paying a price. But if you have to go see's you know so up the other areas of the battle of the battle lines. You might have to the band get some of that for strength and move it elsewhere in the Thorson girl activity in Crimea and elsewhere that will further to spirit and concern with tapping in Russia you can get on the offensive by getting behind enemy lines because there stealing children, sending them into Russia hijacking families. I mean these guys could not be more cruel. This is no time to take to save yourself. Okay, let's cut a deal.

They still have 1/5 of the country that right and that some of the most productive from a manufacturing, mining, and in the port along the area that wanted the most data into your point. I don't think we have a real picture of how brutal the Russian occupation is going, but we have received reporting what they call it filtration process and and meaningful. Obviously the Russians don't do conventional land warfare very well.

They do secretly, extraordinarily and brutally well and I'm just thrilled to see the areas get labor liberated from that brutality.

But again we have a long way to go. I'm watching China closely and watching the North Korea deal closely� Could come to the rescue. Lastly, have you gotten briefed yet being mature your place unknown services and elsewhere about what was in prison blues at Morrow Lago.

We have not. That will go to the intelligence community, and I know they requested that and mean it for for so dire that right. It was reaching the level of a crisis point. At least that's what the Department of Justice want to believe that they had to operate the home, then the big day. You know that the leadership of the House and Senate and the intelligence committee should be buried and if there was military intelligence than I would expect our committee to be great but we had nothing, zero, zilch from from the Department of Justice is just unreal because Michael Walt's house on services committee over in Florida. Thanks my skunk smells good to talk to you. Thanks Brent, I 1-866-408-7669 I'll finish this out will question some calls and also go over some of the things that you need to know today as we watch the ceremony as the body of the queen is being escorted by the king through Scotland.

Your knowledge base.

Brian kill me show will came close to Fox and friends weekend as I share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. So just subscribe and listen to Fox News contests from his mouth to your ears. Brian kill me just extraordinary bank of internal knowledge that she and her and her scar in her mind. Having spent time with this entire span United States presidents and leaders from all over the world.

She spent time with mother Theresa. She traveled to India, South Africa, Nelson Mandela just embodied in this one person. She had this extraordinary wealth of experience which is just phenomenal. Starting with Winston Churchill and World War II all the way through to the present day comparable human being who has that kind of wealth of experience and I think that's why you see this is such a significant moment I'm trying to think yourself into the next what would be the large event that would be even comparable to it really is difficult to think of anyone who would even come in as a number two right except for Geraldo who you think Geraldo would be number two Billy King, Geraldo maybe, but he does have I landed on Fannie Mae think my one regret is I never actually met the cleaning was up to him that he would later I was so busy sailing or screen keeps calling one person. If you could meet the queen and wanted to see somebody almost equally accomplished and Geraldo was on a boat and without a shirt on where you go well if you Hillary Clinton, you go right to the speaker's house got 42. Nancy Pelosi got woman in politics right now because she has shown through all kinds of turmoil and challenge what it means to somewhat like the queen to be drawing an analogy here get up every day, put on those high heels.

She wears a suit up to fight for their values and ideals that she strongly believes in unbelievable that's really good and she's out pruning a terrible show on I think Hulu so she's out doing things and commenting and of course every time she spotted she talks of people want to pay attention because Hillary Clinton and sometimes you can't believe what you hearing. That's exactly that's exactly again. So the Queen right now.

The sermon is been great is been classy.

I think the Andrew Prince Andrew, now King Prince Andrew Prince Charles, now King Charles III. I think he's been awesome. I think he's been right on the money at these very natural, obviously.

But think about his entire life. Either is pretty amazing.

Others paraphrase Christine on the poor, the foreign correspondent with CNN.

One of the few people still there.

She obviously toward the left and pretends to be an analyst code is extremely smart. She's extremely biased. She says I really think at some point the king is God.

It would dress and apologize for oppression and offer reparations to the colonies. The once colonies of the Brits. Are you kidding me give money to people that were in alive. The things that happened 200 years ago when in a lot of cases there were huge upsides to the occupation by the British, but you can't go back. As we been saying over and over again 200 years. The peopling of long dead buried and say I like to apologize for people. I never met either. They lived in the country held the position that I now have never been a work hey Brian kill We had a great time everyone to visit us in Albany.

What a live show at the egg looking to be in Brandon, Mississippi as well is beautiful Tulsa, Oklahoma on November 12 and 13. She's got a Brian kill in order to don't forget December 2 in Newark, New Jersey. Brian kill me. You always seeking solutions versus selling Brian kill me I would want the latest moments of the brain kill me, Joe, 46 in midtown Manhattan around the country heard around the world think our company way to monitor with having over in England as they finally spent about a week to bury the queen and the king is getting used to his new job. Very touching moments and it seems the whole world is watching Michael Goodwin's going to be with you shortly.

The whole world listening to him and encouragement Darrell ice will be here so we like to discuss. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three it's happening with like things bouncing Ukrainian troops in the taking that territory by casualties along the way the game unbelievable major gains by the Ukrainians. The only way you describe it, a remarkable offensive from them. While Russia is humiliated, they are changing their clothes out of the uniform dressing like civilians in order not to get killed there, leaving Corky there being for pushback and curse on and around that country.

They could be in Don Bott soon Vladimir Putin firing his field general panic time for the brewskis we have very very limited ability to see into Afghanistan right now. I said I think we got certainly less than two or 3% of the intelligence capability that we had before we withdrew pretty cool that Frank McKenzie is trying to change his reputation because he was in charge of the Army. They fell apart and pulled out and allowed Afghanistan to fall to the Taliban in record time with Al Qaeda now in Kabul is that great 9/11 Afghanistan.

The war on terror never ended. Even though some are pretending it has and blaming other people domestic terrorists as the real threat.

I doubted what Madison was going to marry hearing what the Democrats were so concerned about threats to democracy for Senegal horrible thing I've seen is the money putting into Republican primaries to try to nominate Republicans for election deniers Chris Christie 2022.

Never seen so close as the primary season is packing a punch in New Hampshire as Dems cynically try again to pick the candidate the Republicans so extreme they believe will have the most likely lead to success for center Hassan in that very vulnerable sentence. He also delays in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. I was praying Michael Goodwin, New York Post, Fox News contributor Michael welcome back. First off one when it comes to 9/11 I thought was really classy 21 years later. I think people really paying attention. I love the fact that if the jet game full voice. The singer stopped and they let the whole stadium saying two years ago or two about who's kneeling now. We talked about who's not singing. These are positive things, at least for the people that we sought not forget I really wonderful story on on the baby or babies who were born after their fathers were killed on the trade center now 21 years old and quite quite a thing to see that no whole generation has come upon us since. And yet, as you point out that these incidents proved at the stadium. A lot of Americans have not forgotten and never will. Will you getting his real threat is as a border is wide open and to people on the terror watch list have been found. People think it did right wing extremist of the biggest threat here with sleepwalking to the threat that still exist. Al Qaeda is back in Afghanistan in a way that you could say that in fact over the 20 years when we were down a stand and we were on watch at home and abroad around the world for any signs of this writing up again, we succeeded in any the fact that there had not been the kind of major terrorist attack in America.

If there have been a lot of individuals, small groups, but you haven't seen the big mass casualty attack that so many of us feared what would become fairly routine after 9/11 got one seemed fairly easy when we knew the details of it and yet and I know myself and many of the journalists felt it's going to happen again. I once said that to Ray Kelly than the police Commissioner's it doesn't feel inevitable to you.

We'd gone through a stretch of a number of foil plots and he said I don't feel that way at all. It's my job to make sure it doesn't happen where all the time were due enough and I really felt almost embarrassed how stalwart a lot of the law enforcement and defense people were about the Senate and didn't happen again. And so now when we take our take her foot off the gas.

When we withdraw completely from Afghanistan when we lose the eyes and ears on that part of the world what you know this, you can send in the drone to kill somebody from far off, but you can't necessarily hear what they're saying on the phone or you don't get any human intelligence on the ground and so I think we are now in a heightened danger of this kind of radical Islam us once again as we saw all that Al Qaeda with his warranty was back in Afghanistan coming back how it all started. That's where 9/11 was hatched in Afghanistan by Al Qaeda and their back again so to McKenzie's trying to rewrite history maybe selling the truth, but he did not see half of what he said now that is retired.

Listen to what he said to Margaret Brennan face the nation 20 I know you have since leaving her position shared that same size present. By not to drive down to zero out to leave a residual force of 2500 troops in Afghanistan, right. The commander-in-chief to keep his own counsel reject the advice of military commanders if you felt so strongly why didn't he resign once civilian leadership makes a decision, even though I might disagree with that decision.

It is my moral responsibility to execute the two resign is not is not in the history is not. It is not something that US officers are typically done and it sends a very bad signal is a political act by an officer must leave and must be in my mind a political attending this easy decision. If you tell the president that emphatic that this decision is so wrong that I will resign. Maybe that presently changes his mind. I don't know. I believe that the right one for the military or the Secretary of State or something like that but I think if you're in the military you follow the civilian leadership. You may not agree but nobody nobody can be 100% certain, and so you you do me that's the way our system works.

If we had people resigning every time they disagree with the commander-in-chief right to something this catastrophic well pulling out of a country that's about to be overrun, even though you're telling the present site that's not can happen you know differently is present. If we leave bar Graham airbase. This whole country could fall okay. It's all right if US. I can't let you live. I think Gen. Miller left because of that reason when it became clear that we were going to leave that country and we even though there's NATO forces were even informed he basically quit. I think that that will happen from time to time but I think the import of Margaret Brennan's question was when you disagree, why don't you resign. I mean, I think. I think his answer was a good general answer to most situations.

Now there will always be exceptions are always be individuals who believe it's a bridge too far, but I thought his answer is the right one for the military because I think the alternative is to get this where does it end. In other words, what, how do you draw the line about about an issue that's important enough to resign over for a meeting this whole thing with the woke military. You haven't had anybody resign over that, but I think there is a general sense among many of the leadership you're weakening the military with this woke nonsense so I think that it's always a tough call for an individual on the line to resign in protest. Generally you don't achieve anything. Generally, you know you wash your hands, you walk away, but it tends to me I think demoralizing for the remainders, and particularly in the military. It's a different code, Harris is out and about and she was asked to send some of the things the present by the said about about semi fascist Notre magna use which he said cut to Joe Biden has spent his entire career is on for all working across the whole career. Sometimes size for believing in bipartisanship for believing in compromise for believing in working across the finding common ground is been moments in time when we have to also care about our coaching right arm play Chrissy. I think we want that are in chief.

The present United States was, and raise the online about what this means our strain and our future much less time to file you feel as though the vice president meters made sense, partners in perspective, that's the most coherent. She's been some very funny things on Twitter or words solid statements over issues. Obviously, the issue here is the detail when he says, defending our democracy the way it came across in Philadelphia the way it comes across when he says that virtually every time that anybody who disagrees with the Democrats is a threat to the democracy and this is this is being used not for the good of the country but for the good of the Democratic Party in the midterm elections and I think that's the sinister and cynical nature of this and of course Harris is going to defendant.

That's her job to but it just strikes me as a really serious misreading of the public and II think it's going to so evermore seeds of discontent and disunion when you talk about people that if they don't agree with you. If they if they say something you don't like the democracy so she had to go to send that in terms of let's see how that resonates, which he had to say is defend semi fascist and ultra magna and also saves you Job I spent his whole career as unifier that's that's tough sell. While the same time you said the Democratic super PACs are are putting millions of dollars into those so-called ultra magna candidates to make sure they get the nominations. I'm not sure those two worlds can exist together right.

The other problem I think the biggest one outside crime is the border, Harris is in charge of the border. She's been an abysmal failure. Absent on the job. Here's her answering this question some very easy questions from Chuck Todd cut 35, Porter secure the border is secure. But we also have a broken immigration system particular over the last four years before we came in and it needs to be fixed. Too many people cross border for the first time ever confident this Porter secure. We have a secure border and that that is a priority for any nation including ours in our administration, but there are still a lot of problems that we are trying to fix. Given the deterioration that happened over the last four years. They keep saying over the last four years the border was never more secure, as it was over the last four years I lived and what she believed using that as you could say with a straight face the border secure him to ridicule so often and for me, I mean this is this is checked on lick spittle best, which is never to confront her with the facts never to really say how can you say that how can you say is secure when more people have come than ever before. How can you say it secure when you have people coming from all over the world through the southern border. People are coming from around the world to come into the United States to Mexico. I mean think of all of that and raise those things that would be contrary to her claim on me that bad, bad reporting, but with him.

It's been a part of the course. I will see was going on will continue once the Queen and King coverage while the same time seeing the Sprint towards the midterm elections were now 60 days in as well as watch what's up with the special master and Donald Trump.

Mike Goodwin was great. Thanks so much. My pleasure Brian, thank you, Tom, M. M.

Goodwin_NY Post we come back will take your calls. 1-866-408-7669 then in studio Kurtzman, Darrell Iser, California.

Don't move. Trying to meet you.

You need to know basis. You need to kill me talk show that's real.

This is Brian kill me and show tactically.

This is really hurting the actions but also is the loss of manpower, the loss of morale as they watch this unfold the Russian troops operationally went Ukrainian section notices they can conduct a complex dual front, if you will, often said, set of operations using combined arms very effectively. Thirdly, strategically, think how this is playing today in Beijing where their preparations for not being meeting with Jeannie and Lieut. and how this is being portrayed there and try and make it look better than against fourth and finally, I think most obviously huge psychological uplift for the Ukrainians look at that flag flying look at the faces of those people as as one would say about war morale is to material the equipment.

S3 is the one. This is a pretty good moment for the Ukrainians. Yeah, that was Adm. James, diabetes, and this is a major offense of 2000 and 3000 miles gained over the last three or four days and there's no sign. The Russians looking to make a stand or not make as much progress in Tucson but they made tremendous progress in khaki and elsewhere, and if they gotta take some forces at a clear sound to help the other areas that allow them to move through that region. So maybe they can start doing some guerrilla warfare in the nonbiased area in Crimea and start rattling to their core we do and we also know that Vladimir Putin goes with Ferris wheel opening at a time in which his armies phone apart. Alex was sent WABC hey Alex morning Brian, thanks for taking the call, but generally it is talking about a James McKenzie why didn't Pres. Biden why Pres. Biden wanted secure Bagram airbase.

Up until now I didn't hear reason for that yet and so resigning wouldn't be just a political move wouldn't even be like Gen. McKinley was resigning because he had had a different opinion on the president resigning would be because it was a completely responsible mood.

Not a secure Bagram airbase and with no reason behind it. So with absolutely careless that the president couldn't tell Gen. why he doesn't want secure Bagram airbase, then he's just completely careless and he should resign to show protest and there would've been a certain amount of the Coming from the military in this country from people at the layout you brought up a good point because when McKenzie resigns that's a huge move. Why is it that the man in charge of Afghanistan is leaving because he knows how bad this move is.

It might sobered up the present to realize my goodness, if this guy who's not against me sees my decision so bad, he'll quit. Maybe I should rethink it, maybe 13 more people are alive in 25 would be in the hospital radio show like no other. Porter secure the border secure. We also have a broken immigration system particular over the last four years before we came in and it needs to be fixed. Too many people cross border for the first time ever confident this Porter secure. We have a secure border and that that is a priority for any nation including ours in our administration, but there are still a lot of problems that we are trying to fix. Given the deterioration that happened over the last four years.

I cannot believe she's even saying that considering that almost any official border patrol or anybody homeland security not politically compromise would tell you the last four years they had gotten a hold of the border in a very pro-a prolific way and will be one of the best thing they could just leave it alone. Instead, they broke it with me right now is Congressman Darrell Iser, of course, you have 80 miles of the border. Your district exactly and we also have 147,000 pounds of fat and all the methods from the last years seizures loan sitting in our lockup for prosecution. If you get that much it means there's so much coming through. They can afford even lose that it's probably 5% of what went over that part of the border, but it's enough ethanol to kill everyone in the casino California just just what did Masaaki say that she knows different. She was a senator from your state which was also the Atty. Gen., but she's also a pathological liar on behalf of the administration and I don't use the word lie easily. This is something where down is up. Up is down there perfectly willing to say the border secure what it isn't they're willing to say that we need immigration reform. What they really want is they really want wholesale amnesty for everyone.

It's already here. They want to take what happened in the Obama administration. Obama Biden administration, which included normalizing. If you will. People that were here illegally. They want to make him citizens that's their program to increase the Democrat party.

It's a brilliant program. The problem is it's not good for Americans is not good for inner-city minorities is not good for minorities including Hispanics who were already here who are looking for tour jobs and the opportunity to move up uncontrolled border is a problem for the very people they say they represent will. Where is he getting off saying he was a broken system was abused by the previous four years. It wasn't smooth present one through a few homeland security directors. He was down the border you have no one to build his wall. He found a way to repurpose money to do it though 435 miles of it very interesting that her tactic is just to say was broken. When I got it the last time we made any major legal change to our immigration policy was during the Clinton ministration and before that it was the Reagan Administration.

There is no question at all. There are things we need to do.

The problem is there not the things they want to do what we need to do is have a guest worker program that works we need to do is make it easier and quicker if you were coming here illegally to get through the process of, and oh by the way, we have to do what Trump did for the first time in a generation, which is make it hard to come here illegally. Right now coming illegally make sense when I have people from Afghanistan or Ukraine were having trouble getting in here illegally.

I have to tell them if they fly to Mexico show up at the border.

They will get paroled and then we can work well there in the United States. I have to tell him in a sense to circumvent the law because it's a lot faster and easier. But then he could also get a bus to Chicago or to New York to Washington DC because the if you get through Texas and of course there's a chance to do that because this Gov. Abbott is aptly fed up. This is a Texas problem being ignored. I am watching city fighting city state fighting state because the federal government won't even acknowledge that there's a problem here. Have you ever in your life seen this Texas fighting with New York Texas fighting with the mayor of Chicago and the governor of Chicago. All because he's trying to convince them that this is not just a border problem border city state problem. What started as something we thought was sarcastic by the got by Gov. Abbott turns out to expose the hypocrisy of the so-called century sanctuary city sanctuary state I'm in a sanctuary state, but they don't want this unless they get federal money Washington DC the ultimate sanctuary city is furious because if they don't get money from the federal government they might have to take their billions of dollars of surplus. They presently have and use it on some of these people will they don't want to do that but that's what you're going to have to do we have 2 million+ people who been paroled in this country and yet we don't have enough people to farm. We don't have enough people to work in a rather Irish. One of the reasons is there not coming in as part of an immigration process where were assigning them to meaningful work, or even for that matter, encouraging them if we had those 2 million people in a coming in a guest worker program. We would've filled all of our shortcomings, particularly in agriculture, but that's not what were doing these people are coming in and quite frankly going into the social safety net. In some cases they don't even know what they want to do because they simply knew that it was time to come to America, many coming we pay for their hotel rooms in a five-star hotel. That's when you're choosing to do that would put them in school systems or they don't speak the language they need special services and they go over there pond on New York city tax dollars Chicago tax dollars in the getting involved in our school system where they're going to get a free phone going to probably get close and they get a place to stay. That's is not the center. This is now, that situation can actually sustain and now New York you why people leave New York is because this reason, the pain, all this money in taxes for services are not getting what you would mayor Lightfoot says tell me if you think this is accurate. Got 36. Don't treat people with this lack of respect.

Lack of dignity, putting them on processes to an unknown destination with very little food and water. They had very little they need when you're on these multiple our cross-country bike strips they sign up by their own volition witness by New York delegation was sent down there. Nobody's forced to do anything to go into an air-conditioned bus into going to a city like Chicago so this is void. That's what I think told Brian if they told the truth, who would really want to go to Chicago. Absolutely crazy. I mean, it's not. It's not house it is the misinformation that they're coming to a place where they have no greater opportunity. In most cases. But remember she what she's really saying is you should do it like the administration given food tickets and they put them on an airplane to the place they say they want to go without telling the governors or the mayors, even of his democratic state absolutely. But remember, the absorption of 2 million people and counting and it will be 4 million 6 million 8 million is a cumulative problem that the cities are just beginning to see and it's a problem of nothing wrong with the people for the most part, good people coming here, but right now Ryan as we speak. I still have people who helped us in the war in Afghanistan that are still sitting in Carter and other places trying to get here.

I have people sitting in Poland who were displaced to have family and connections here that are hoping to come here while the war rages on and can't get here. Why, because our system of coming into the front door is broken but coming in the back door through Tijuana is completely open right I remember is California working extra rail sports radio please go to one old time to go over there and just have a good time and you want to come back. I think people think twice about doing that now correct because of the drug cartels taking over Mexico because of the uncontrolled fennel passing through their it has become more and more dangerous. It is killing the ability to have tourism in Mexico and quite frankly it's going to kill Mexico as a independent country because the cartels have enough money to buy off the government down there and it's money because were not controlling the flow efficiently not the Mexican government to put their 20,000 Marines on their southern border, letting everybody know this is not the time to come in the be a situation where there will be assistance to makes it somewhat easier to get Ecuadorians condors are Venezuelans in you okay W system. II tell you I had interviewed. Talk to so many people are walking the business by asking how it's going and they will.

They say we want these workers no restaurant. I know I said I have enough help. They want to workers they most people they want to work, but they're afraid to hire them because they don't want to get nailed for dues and they also patriotically don't want to do it either and there's no system to do what they want to fill out the paperwork and be able to pay them aboveboard. Listen real quick and be as we can back on some of the Ukrainian war how it's changing some Ukrainian refugees. You need to get out. Why is the Hispanic vote, going to Republicans and it's at a rate in which I didn't think I would see unless it was an all-out offensive at your part to get what what's going on here. What's happening is a great entire group is realizing as president.

Trump said how's that working out for you.

Voting locks take that Democrat they finally realized that this was not in their best interest that the Democratic Party does not support their values, but it also doesn't support their best interest under the last administration employment in their community went up opportunity went up the border being controlled meant that they had an opportunity that ones that were already here to move up in the chain and to prosper all of that disappeared practically the day Pres. Biden was sworn in, which is a shame because the Hispanic vote. Does Chris go to the Republicans precipitously if you want to see Democrat cracked down on illegal immigration. Let them know that they're knocking to be your voters when they're eligible to vote. Sadly, that might be the reality that gets that there are reality real. There's never been a question. My grandfather was a died in the world Democrat because he came in that era. By the time my father got home from World War II. He was a real believer in Eisenhower and a real believer in the Republican Party that's at maturity that's happening to this is large immigrant community that is now come of age and by the way, Hispanics have more aspiration to start small businesses population as a whole.

Small business is the backbone of the Republican Party in your self-made business success story before you got into politics and also serve in the military soon expert in a lot of areas.

Carson, Terrell Ison, we come back. The major progress only made by the Ukrainians, the impatient, some Americans are having right now by writing big checks Ukraine we could be used hear your take on that and so much more use of the brain to meet show one more.

Brian download the podcast Brian Kelly every effort so exclusive interviews on demand more. Kill me coming up. The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me. The next three months to do things like this to gain some momentum as the field is. This will help locked-in Europeans there very worried Europeans go through a dark winter of the winter of our discontent that she described that short of seeing military progress on the ground. They might become much more wobbly in their support of Ukraine. So a lot of this is not just about military events. It's about shoring up Western support, Ukraine getting them through a very difficult winter where the skin to turn off the tops that is Richard Haas foreign policy guy on MSNBC with me right now is courage Madero ISA all over try to get refugees out of Afghanistan. Will the government was failing or not being interested. He was doing that just got back from Taiwan, but a military person like you work in a unique situation. Ukrainians are fighting they do. Had they would do need to win for all of Western Europe.

It's not propaganda. This change in momentum. What do you take away from it. We've gotten they've gotten between 1003 thousand miles back at territory from the Russians who were leaving their tanks and military gear and some uniforms and running.

You know before they went into Ukraine. We used to think that Russia probably was the second best military in the world.

We now know that the second best in Ukraine because you have a motivated people day there.

They are reasonably well trained, but there were extremely motivated and now they been back first by old Russian equipment but now by US and Western NATO equipment. It's making a difference its tactics and its motivation that is causing it.

And now that they're winning momentum is on their side now that they're relieving people to been under siege. It's on their side. The one thing Brian we need to be aware of, though, is that we have used up a massive percentage of the available Western weapons harpoons stingers you name the type of weapon. We are short. All of as I said is I mention I just came back from Taiwan where they have billions and billions of dollars that they pay for of American equipment that they have on order. It's on backorder and one of the challenges is we got ascended Ukraine because he needed today. We got sent to Taiwan to create if you will, the deterrent from China going in and were not producing enough. What is that jet Cushman we we can make the stuff. It's sales its money and we have to replenish our own coffers with the holdup we can make it one of the problems with the defense system is its use to getting orders years in advance, scheduled, and when you tell them that you need to search their very bad at it and we got to get better at it we got it.

We gotta find a way to some of it may cost us money, but all of it has to be done because if we actually went to a major war� Assume that we were in a conflict directly with one of the super other superpowers. We do not have the ability to search within NATO right now and we need to have it Afghanistan. We fought over 20 years. We scheduled over 20 years of the equipment and as time went on we needed less and less of it. So some of it is the kind of equipment you think of his capital equipment. The Humvees, so to speak, but a lot of it simply ammunition, particularly advanced smart bomb smart rocket smart missiles out so that's one of our biggest challenges is and you mentioned the money before we went on break. If were not willing to provide the means to the Ukrainians to save their country, then clearly were going to have to spend far more to prepare to defend our own country, but this occurs when you know Georgia goes next if they if Ukraine would quickly George would be gone by now Moldovan would be next.

And then those going to start pressuring the Baltic nation saying that you want invasion or changing your leaders to stop putting my candidates and will start infiltrating their life and to be five Baltic nation. Same for my own survival and have to give into Russian influence, but if you stop them here. Then there's an excellent chance they're going to the good have to change leadership. They don't have to think internally then realize they're not that fighting force.

They were billed as and then Georgia starts realizing they could fight back in Poland and others this at this. To me this matter so much in Ukraine. Why hasn't people missing that on the Republican side to absolutely and you know it's it's so easy to to forget about how we got here 60 years, we we spent a lot of money and a lot of troops in Europe standing up against the Soviet Union to where we finally a bankrupted them and be liberated. All these countries right now are back in peril. It's a domino effect that we can go the opposite way and if it goes the opposite way. It has it has an effect on us were back into a cold where war against the superpower.

The reality is, Ronald Reagan called Russia Soviet Union that evil empire John McCain was able to call them a gas station up or impersonating a country difference was the size of their economy if we can keep them from getting your economy the size of Italy with satellites like Poland like you hearing if we can keep them from getting back there. Yes, there are new since but they're not a superpower. That should be our goal look Sweden and Finland, Poland.

These countries have money, so let them by your equipment will provide the training to help pay for the training and they will be the fortress. We don't have to be there correct, absolutely just in the last year of the because of this, the NATO members increase in orders represent tens of billions of dollars of additional US sales. The quite frankly will be profitable to United States, but it also means were not spending that on defense JR that's what is important on Taiwan to that's what you went that Taiwan is a cash paying every cent they pay out of their own budget. We need to support. No downside. And like Ukrainians, their willingness to fight casino. The alternative is what freedom is exactly expense fastest growing radio talk show and kill me.

Thank you much for being her buddy is the right to me Joe company from 46 in midtown Manhattan around the country around the world where with pleasure having Brett bear on the bottom of the hour, set the table 60 days left to the midterm election. It is a sprinting governor Kristin sooner was standing by. They have a primary on Tuesday. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three happening with 19th balancing Ukrainian troops in the taking back territory my casualties along the way the game that's reporting on the ground crane making major gains.

That's the only way you describe with the remarkable offense and from Ukrainian forcing Russia to run for the hills and khaki and may be in Pierce on Vladimir Putin seem to be losing it. He was at a christening for new Ferris wheel.

No joke. We have very very limited ability to see into a stand right now. I said I think we got certainly less than two or 3% of the intelligence capability that we had before we withdrew. No kidding Frank McKenzie laying on the line.

The general who is in charge of the evacuation which was such a disaster 9/11 Afghanistan.

The war and terror. The never-ending even though we pretend it has differing views about threats. America should face and is facing some say it's only from Islamic extremists who thinks it's Republicans. What matters what's going to matter hearing what the Democrats were so concerned about threats to democracy postsurgical horrible thing I've seen is the money putting into Republican primaries to try to nominate Republicans were election deniers is Chris Christie.

And he's 100% right. 2022.

Never seem so close is the last primaries packing a punch in New Hampshire and Dems cynically try again to pick the Republican to face interest on who they think is easiest to beat so is that we want to billions of dollars. Is that what you donated. Now it turns out it's general Don both Baltic and he is he is against Chuck Morse and Chuck Morse is the pick governor sooner than most of the favored candidate of the Republican establishment to and receiving over $4.5 million and reinforcement from Econo aligned super pack so that's chose Posey keep them in. I guess contention but if you look at the real career average.

It's bolded by substantial amount he post conservative grassroots support.

He's God seems as though not a blatant endorsement but prison trumpets says hasn't endorsed officially but says he's a tough guy.

He praised him as a strong guy and a tough guy sinner assigned unbelievably vulnerable governor sooner would walk right through would be up by 15 points. Right now she is act like Republican.

She says I'll stand up to present Bidens administration.

Really I'm going to secure the border. Really I'm listening to frontline personnel I'm against the student loan forgiveness suicidal say anything to keep her job including do something. She has even voted for, it looks like that the governor endorsed Morris on Thursday saying this, the stakes are very in this election are very high for present drug not officially endorsed but you know where he stands bull ducks came out and said some things are governor sooner stating essentially that they believe he was under the influence of communist China which I did not know was even possible for Gov. Sununu to possibly do, especially with his family is root's knowledge of foreign policy.

I think he might be the last one to do it. He also said he's venting conspiracy theories in 2020 that Bill Gates was using covert 19 vaccine to plan chips and Americans.

I want to see if Gen. Bolduc would actually say that that's the putting out there, but millions of democratic dollars are now putting his campaign here is more from Chris Christie country. Democrats think that is a winning argument for them in the midterms to do with the president did during that speech and attack personally attack the people who have supported Donald Trump 74 million of them who voted for the 2020 as a politician. I say great go-getters. The president because what people don't like donning politics and you know this is people who govern against brand. He ran to be a uniter. He ran assays to bring the country back together. Then he stood on that stage with a politically red background, surrounded by Marines and attacked 74 million people not a Republican. Did you feel attacked.

I did because I thought for Donald Trump in 2020 governor Chris Christie spelling Abby.

Second, I thought to when you say Maggie Republicans people are embarrassed by downturns.

Policies may disagree with them personally. Some of the tweets we took his election January 6 and whatever the rally had when you get his policies from the defense buildup.

You do a strong defense but try to get in spew for conflicts as possible. The trade deals that have been building up of the border.

Now many Republicans had a problem with it with right now is Gov. Chris Sununu said continues to be a rising star in the Republican side governor welcome.

I know you're busy today primary tomorrow so you know and you can't do in politics start bubbling. It gets pretty exciting here but well know that what were question here but we sort out our primary.

I know this. I know that there's lot of the Pennsylvania establishment.

We disappointed MS Triano getting the nomination in Maryland. I know Gov. Hogan says mind and supports Republican nominee. There is going to replace him because he's term limited out and I know your firmly for Morse and not for bulldog but going to the polls governor.

It looks like he's trailing significantly in the last couple weeks so I think it very closely. Everybody decide what you're doing.

Kind of in the last couple weeks. I think we haven't had a pole in the last like candy is Dorothy. I don't know. I really don't know.

I will be back in 2016 when I had a four-way primary airport like every week, not like I didn't want to the polls art are more fast and furious, but I think everything kind of in our first Congressional our second congressional district and our Senate race are all up for grabs. It will be pretty exciting when one thing I can tell you though, no matter who went after that election we are unified in in New Hampshire again because the state New Hampshire were unified of the parties. You cannot win. Indeed, confident independent if you're if you're coming out of the broken party becoming out of extremists versus moderate turmeric to your point, we all want regulatory form.

We all want tax cuts. We all want somebody to get in there and put some Band-Aids on the inflation crisis that Biden has caused the thing that galvanized independently Republican together. That went on in November governor desk last night so I you so much more experience in politics, and I grew up in it and with your dad, your brother, but when he was saying 02 Maggie magnum seem to see understand what the acronym means make America great again and the policies it surrounded not just sayings but what they did for four years.

So if you want to say I want a weaker border. I want higher taxes. I want more foreign wars. I'm just out with them seamless of what's going on here you what is your take on what it would about the strap guy got up and read 25-year-old socialist turkey out of out of the White House wrote for Biden strategy.

I don't think he's driving the method of bribing some sort of Democrat strategy here. They told him look. You are now the political head.

And you're gonna drive political points and put that ahead of being the leader of the United States of America and bringing folks together and if you look at exactly what he said to not be trickled red lights in items like South Yana what was going on that design alone. The White House is feeling much adult except that but then you look at what he was saying that you know ultra mega stuff is violent and� Ignore all the rights awoke like the 2020 burning of the city, because we don't agree politically burning of the city because this injustice and all the violently anti-police and public safety rhetoric that was coming out of the Democrat public ignore all that right.

He's not. He's not driving the boat here, man. I don't know I have some suspicion but I think we all do but then bring the speaker they told me to read. That's why feel the time let out all Biden exactly where he belongs under that bucket she created the problem without a doubt. But let's not forget the Democrat party problem. Don't you spend it on one got the Democrat and he wants people to Trump on the ballot there and that's it. That's 2024 so Gen. Bolduc is raised $527,000 for the entire race up to the end of August.

Know this Democratic super pack put in 3.2 million to attack more somebody that you are backing. So what is your take on that. I know in the past. They say the Gen. Bolduc says that you have been bought and sold by China and I did not know that bought and sold by China and that I guess that you're not trump that even know he doesn't officially have the Trump endorsement.

Could you get behind Gen. Bolduc, would you talk to him if he gets the nomination, whoever wins the biggest responsibility for leading the party New Hampshire we agree on everything you know. Not everything we have the time, yes, absolutely.

But that doesn't mean were going to throw a broken party into the mix to let Democrat strike first to potentially be the 51st note that Joe Biden we are not going to let that happen here New Hampshire� The president trump by about a week that we could go to great conversation think that the conversation turned to quarterback you get involved in the right going to do it but that's okay, but we had a fantastic conversation took what we can have our differences here and there. We got given style driven approaches, but folks across this country have to remember that if you let your party to fight divide within your state your congressional district, whatever it might be like those personal things in and look at Chippy. We all know primaries can get a little tricky but you have to put that ego aside. You gotta stand above and take. We have responsibility to the citizens would represent, and that is bring your wing home for the Republican party and that only happened when we give confident independent. We look solidified and we talk about the kitchen table issues that drive people to the polls think that there's going to be a change not just talk, but an actual change in going to help us bring inflation down bring Christ down, bring electricity, write down whatever day you don't focus on just because they talk night vote for someone that actually can get results and bring something home. They represent Syracuse with Republicans evidently do the GOP Senate leadership fund reserve $23 million in ads against the signs of the general election. But if Bolduc Winfield nomination. This is since they might cancel it will could you tell me of what would you recommend a leadership fund do.

Would you would you yell if you want more right one right you want more you wait one week you'll see the polls with Bolduc within striking a center happen $35 million in the past year and her approval number had gone from 42% to 42%. I don't get they spent 100 million on the Democrat side. The citizens of New Hampshire want her out that were going to need some help from Washington and raising money with a very short general election. We always do, but we have a candidate no matter who come to primary where can I have a candidate that is within striking business, or maybe even ahead until it's just a matter of looking at the polls. Looking at the reality and and knowing that we are very close if not pushing it over the line.

I cook confident the money can it be that the support can be that the natural empathy that we need to defend center happen packing. That's exactly what can happen soon, you would be up by about 20 points right would have any primary opponent.

Do you have you rethought that little dude comes out of a tough decision for you now to be over. Go ahead, try that again.

I, Mr. McKinney, member number we created you think created you and your people losing you little bit. But as we try to get you into a better area real quick about you personally. When people start talking to you successful government extremely popular use to me popular right now I would point we you think about when you're going to run for president Lynn try to get with you and try to get back we got a couple minutes of the segments which I get back. Meanwhile, this other big races. Ed Rendell joined me on one nation yesterday. Excuse me on Saturday and we talked about where this country setting and how divided the country is in my theory is if you want to really be the uniter and she finally can't be that on every issue, especially during elections, but my point is, when it comes to challenging elections when it comes to challenging elections. Both sides been doing. It is unhealthy for the country if you point out both sides are doing it. Let's start fresh in 2022. That to me is leadership of Gov. we got you again.

We got a rambling on a great rant there promoting my state.

I have no doubt China got involved. They didn't like that again in a capitalistic success of the come after me again.

I get it all right.

Nothing new to the role we are united out the big guy that is good to know I did not know you get behind Don Bolduc. If he does win so just two more quick questions for you. Number one fentanyl is the one or two biggest issues for the people of New Hampshire is a true. It was then and it still is for a week. Look, we remember to in terms of overdose deaths in the country were now number 25 I blew up I created a holy system would look that'll work and were getting where were now the only cut the country over the increase in the last two years and 20, 21, we still have to stay right on top of that my message on fennel across the country that it is a hold of the ballgame cartel driven to the borders wide open. It is in your candidate cartridges. If there mixing it with marijuana there mixing it with Adderall. There mixing it with Xanax right there mixing it in very different ways to cart children folks don't think that exceptional think a minute take out all give my kid out all I think that Genex are my guiding and getting hooked whole different ballgame to work on if they had a message and let folks know there's no thing experience the drive toward on it, but it is a big issue for vacations 45 seconds. At what point we decide with you in or out of the 2024 presidential race. I'm sorry, but I could repeat that I could hear your breaking up. I know I love you. I gotta get you 22 I kill everyone, even if all the present get better focus on 22. As Republicans we better close this deal in November. Across the country and you have a lot of energy and finally just so weird when you break up right in the heart of my conversation with my best class I the Chinese again, thank you Gov. Frank kill Michelle will be back because this moment. If you're interested in Bryan's talking about your with Brian kill me and very fair that intense running and I will be running Probably.

If he has million. Probably I guess I don't know if I should be to presumptive. I think Perez run again. I know Ari Fleischer's on the record. Other saying this impossible. It's not really keep Ronnie's got that machine. There is got people that want to stay there that will be invited to stay if Avenue some runs and wins or, Harris runs a WinZip. I want to keep their jobs. They know the influence they have. They know the limitations of the current officeholder.

They know they'll have even more latitude after I think Susan Rice is a run the whole thing especially see the matter. Scriptural foreign policy on ongoing and you heard what Darrell Rice was telling us at an earlier hour he came out and instead were basically running at a weapons for ourselves. We are selling and giving so many Taiwan Iran is not yet in Ukraine and giving them outselling them giving them get whatever it takes. These other new NATO allies once a weapons in Poland wants to be rearmed and we get it. Most of their stuff is from the Soviet Union union era, but what about us. We know these gotta be like Susan Rice decisions she gave us the great evacuate the killing of Gadhafi in Libya basically turn it over to Russia to give us the exit from Benghazi. We know that in the explanation.

It didn't work and she also gave us let's not outlets on the Ukrainian disc and blankets radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show think it is a winning argument for them in the midterms to do with the present Internet speech and attack personally attack the people who have supported Donald Trump 74 million who voted for 2020 as a politician. I say great go-getters. The president because what people don't like donning politics and you know this is people who govern against brand. He ran to be a uniter. He ran essays to bring the country back together. Then he stood on that stage with a blatantly red background, surrounded by Marines and attacked 74 million people not a Republican. Did you feel attacked because I thought a frittata truck in 2020. Gov. Chris Christie is easy great analyst he really is and I did. I always thought it was but I didn't get it without your mag a semi fascist. Let's bring people together, but not all Republicans when most Republicans agree with almost all downtrends policies is really almost all of them except the part of Syrian certain that moves in Afghanistan but for the most part you not alienating Republicans and saying that you try to get down Trump involve the election. Prepare knows all about this people to go anchor Fox news brush host a press report you want. Listen to and watch him every night. Six and Brett, do you think they'd be Gov. Christie has it does a good job analyzing the problems. Biden has with that message Brian. I think you're put his finger on it, that there will be some Republicans who voted for Tromp and again we talk about this a lot who voted for the policies that invoke where everything about Pres. Trump is able to put policies that were correct in their lives and they feel somehow lumped in with the present attack here through tapping to your point each one of these candidates for the Senate is taking that message and running with it as a threat to democracy and sometimes in places that are fairly purple and maybe even reddish purple like Ohio, that message doesn't really translate very well so I think Tim Ryan has his hands full latest USA Today poll Suffolk poll has at one point, Katie Manson, Tim Ryan and in a Republican leaning state back to talk message to self, so we also, if you want to motivate Republicans to make sure they get out of the Senate. The Senate could be slipping away to some difficult races there. I say things like, Harris said I cannot wait to get her eradicated filibusters get rid of the filibuster codify Roe V Wade and also election reform that's gonna motivate Republicans to get to the to get to the polls and listen to what Lieut. Gov. John Federman said in going after you. Of course you want to be Dr. Scott nine months sounds like you sound like you wanted to know if I was first Buster right now it's well we thought to motivate Republicans mordant did help Herschel Walker, Dr. Oz, more than ever, yeah, you can count upon row on 51 books you can possibly get rid of the filibuster first and then do it but you're going to have a lot of institutionalists that are going to step in the way of that some demographics and so getting to that 51st vote first. It can be tough but you're right it is a double-edged sword on this issue and it does fire up the base.

I think they're there cowed a little bit by the spending on pro-choice and that really are going. All around the country, but I think over time, people realize that it's up to their state legislatures and that's where they should be lobbying to affect policy in each state.couple of things that Joe mentioned deal so Joe meant to get this deal about drilling oil and some cold things in simple something on fossil fuels into detail so is it because you gave me that for West Virginia and you do have some provisions there fossil fuels. I will sign on to many go back better and he did. Turns out it's a separate sheep. This is nothing to do with budget so it doesn't belong and reconciliation and they gets it and it turns out, about 70 Democrats in the house. They are not voting for this and Bernie Sanders says in the Senate, 40 for this either, so I'm not sure what Republicans were on board the Joe mansion get duped to move it this week and if that's the case, and he doesn't get this it's going to be an interesting thing to watch Joe mansion deal with this publicly because people at the time were saying this is like an Olympian pop. I know I will gladly pay you Tuesday for cheeseburger today and most deals are not done that way especially when it comes to health issues in Congress. So if this permanent doesn't move forward and will know by Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. That will be a major major blow for mansion and Chuck Schumer's integrity to be done down the line to the embarrassment of Joe mansion a me know immediately. He is going to look like he's been made.

The full right and Schumer will have to explain it publicly because it was it was a public deal mansion when I'm talked about all the things that he got out of the steelmaking and if it doesn't come to pass something I will be so very interesting you think this is significant will say John Robert spoke over the weekend and he said this about the court in light of Roe V Wade: the court has always decided controversial cases, the decision is always been subject to intense criticism and that is entirely appropriate that I don't understand the connection between opinions that people disagree with and legitimacy of the court and that's because, Harris said discontent. This is an activist court. We had an established right from us for half a century and this court constitutional right and we are suffering as a nation because if it so mean, I beseech you, and stumble into that she was in court on the tarmac and got hit by my field. She wanted to say that calling another branch of government. Government illegitimate, not a great precedent for all the talk about direct democracy and a threat to the Republic and Mager Republicans are ardent threat when you start talking about a different branch of government by duly appointed lifetime terms in the US Supreme Court that goes through a process in the Senate that Republicans and Democrats make those nominees and whoever is the president becomes the person who puts that nominee for you start saying the system in some way is broken or illegitimate energy or the vice president state that is a big deal.

It's a big deal. And when you start saying that they took away a constitutional right. The opinion writers for the Dobbs case would say where you see it in the Constitution that abortion is a constitutional right gone. Yes Mariner article to everything else that doesn't fall in the Constitution by article 10 goes back to the state to be decided closer to where people are living and how the Constitution was written according to the opinion writers stops a lot of experts to look at the back this weekend on 9/11 when you kill bin Laden, he changes the perspective on 9/11 when you don't rebuild the World Trade Center takes forever to get going. It changes your perspective on that day.

Over the last 21 years. In my opinion it was think about what's going on the world and the legacy of that attack the legacy of this attack. This year is the way we left Afghanistan and is such an embarrassment to our military and so unfair to the men and women that fought there lost their lives. There, and a part of their body general Frank McKenzie was asked about that and why he didn't resign, listen to this cut 20 I know you have since leaving her position shared that she is present by not to drive down to zero out to leave a residual force of 2500 troops in Afghanistan, right. The commander-in-chief to keep his own counsel reject the advice of military commanders if you felt so strongly why didn't you resign once civilian leadership makes a decision, even though I might disagree with that decision.

It is my moral responsibility to execute that order to resign is not in the biz not enough in the history is not. It is not something that US officers are typically done and it sends a very bad signal is a political act by an officer who must lead and must be and remain a political decision not to resign that you sent the way it's done from a military perspective, something that they think about a lot they having covered the Pentagon for almost 7 years and know that commanders think that way that they may totally disagree with someone's decision-making. They can advise on the front side can't really affect on the backside and they feel it's better to answer the order them to make a political statement. That's where the purists are there others who say no. I have principles in this principle I can't cross him. It's one more need to step aside such a disaster. The decision that you wonder how can I execute that you wonder to is Joe McKenzie says listen I am enough to quit this present.

This is so wrong. If the telephone weeks not months, weeks, and it's so wrong I can't be a part of this decision so hope you understand. I'm in resign may be present buying changes his mind like that. That's one way to look at it. I agree there have been people group done by a McKenzie. I didn't feel like he was in position to do it. I will say that I mean it affected a lot of things look back at that moment and how foreign policy. Perhaps the trajectory of a number of other things change, the boldness of China boldness of Russia with Ukraine may have been affected by how that looked on the website, but you have to run in one hand, the CEO of Bank of America, the economy, and what's coming up for a few letters on reflections of the Queen plus a look at politics and then got my panel and I don't remember going to clean. I did not matter from afar because I cover the White House when she had a steak dinner at the show. I was in the press pool for that but I did not have personal cases as you question how we can be doing this for next week. We are not something I will the pomp and circumstance of the moment is a spectacle and it will only build up the funeral so I mean it's a world event, and one in which will cover in balance right is interesting that the soap opera behind it. That history did sear the matter prime minister she's met and will be doing a lot of it. So keep it.

Don't don't blow it all tonight.

Right now it's okay Lawrence, thank you. Appreciate it all right. So we come back I'll take your calls or maybe find out there's more to know you list in the brain. Tell me Joe, so glad you're here something new every day, Brian kill me show breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me show the wealth of this empire was derived on the time of the people of the of the Empire.

There is the generation of multicultural and diverse with one this onset who want to see them on it.

Finally, talk about what it means and what potentially the idea of reparations you believe this is time for the king to talk about reparations with things that happened 200 years ago when we just pull down every statue we get a hold of as well and get rid of the Wellington and your great admirals from years past, and you know I'm sure Winston Churchill must've said something that wouldn't route fly today. So let's get rid of him unbelievable that you have Christina report so woke as their foreign policy course, but I'm not saying she's not smart and with great connections which is what Abilify free to current weight of the left great knowledge, great connections, but anything that makes present by look bad there that colored trump did nothing right reparations need to be done, though with the West world needs to apologize for moving the planet forward and that same attitude, which is take down these statues are the same attitude you heard right there. Can you imagine if the king comes out. King George III comes out can choose me, King Charles III comes out and says first off I'd like to provide zillion dollars to all the places that we colonize through last 300+ years. Okay, great. So take out all the structures they built all the citizens they put in place to as well. All the money that they financed all the a that they've given.

Let's get rid of all that you they want to pay back so let's forget.

We did all that so I think it's it's not one thing I was getting to before and I thought it was Gov. Sununu. I want to finish up on so if you want to be unifier a lot of hills and we mean unify everyone so Doug and they have their thing. They want to get past they have very sure they want to get through.

They have their philosophy. That's gotta get verified and when at the ballot box. I give you a prime example.

I thought I let out a pretty easy example to understand and Saturday since both election since both parties been challenging every election, outside Obama's two elections. It was so with his win was so big against McCain and substantial against Romney was really challenging.

Right. But besides that everything so close and will be close from here on in. You and keep same way. I really want. I got robbed I really want to got Rob with the core people we saw with Carrie people we saw with Donald Trump didn't really win illegitimate in 2020 down from back to the way he acted all of it is wrong challenge legally. Make sure it's on the up and up for the good of the country but you cannot stamp your feet and say I was cheated I was robbing no proof so I asked Ed Rendell that the former DNC chair and Gov. Pennsylvania cut six. It's part of the overall problem we become so polarized. For example, Anton Scalia was concerned for the Supreme Court by 97 to 0, 97 to 0 is where current 92 that would never happen today. Why why is person as traditional ability and honesty. We lost election confirmed the person I think the one thing that your presentation and it was exactly the one thing key factors. The Democratic candidates for president in those two elections conceded almost immediately after the results were clear to the screen court made this decision obligated magnanimous speech. I remember the chairman that I think the same thing was true in 16 conceded the morning after the election of the governor forgets is factually that day that they decide the next day they decided to have this Russia hoax part of the trump administration and make that an investigation that flourished in a way that they didn't think was possible. I'm sure expanded past the role of expectations that was in that was in a book Democratic operative book that talked about. They launch this whole rush infiltrated the election right after the candidates in conceit are given credit for that, but afterwards out boarding the plane but only Clinton never stop complaining over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources. A Fox box whether podcast precise personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox News or wherever you get your

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