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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 41 - And There's MORE

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 5, 2021 8:51 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 41 - And There's MORE

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 5, 2021 8:51 am

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Starting the Vau or Vuv section of the Psalm, Robby shares the more of loving kindness and salvation as the Wisdom of the Vuv.

Psalms 119:41

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Treasurers of always one letter that as we get to enter into a whole new realm and so very fun we're going leave the hay section and today go into the vav section and the cool thing is that I don't know anybody who could write above gives just straight line going down. Oh, you know were just jumped on in here. I think you'll see there's all just a mouthful when it comes to this letter so verse 41, the first verse in the vav section which we know would be the wisdom of the five and you can clearly see that in this verse as it says let by mercies come also under me oh Lord, even thy salvation according to thy word. Just an amazing amount of wisdom.

There and you may note if you want some fun. You can go to the 13th Psalm and look at the second last verse has the same concept of mercy and salvation coming together and the words mercy in Hebrew, you might know his Hasid is like at the end of the 23rd Psalm you will surely goodness and mercy will let Hassett his lovingkindness and so here in this vav of the psalmist is asking for this Hasid to come also. Which speaks to the vav completely okay because the vav in Hebrew means that there is a continuation or the word, and that sometimes would be used for the vav but the idea that I think expresses it better is like one of these commercials where they keep saying and there's more. And there's more Johnny and so much more and that's what the verve really is the neat thing about the vav visit makes up the letterhead which will get to hear in a couple weeks but it is a male energy that is coming straight down and is thus a straight line coming down and it means more, but obviously a male energy coming down from heaven would be Jesus, a like every letter is Jesus in its own way. This one is really cool and is often explained as Jacob's ladder that in a Jacob's ladder was where the Lord ascended a member. The Angels were ascending and descending on the Lord as he pointed out. I think it's in John 151 and so I'm in the verse all comes together with Jacob's ladder. When you think about that let by mercies come also under me oh Lord, even my salvation. According to thy word. So in Jacob's case right he saw the ladder and he was assured that the Lord was going to be with him and he was assured that he was gonna be okay through his journey, yet his name and get changed to Israel which starts with Uniden has that same shifts sort of Intel he wrestles with God. So you can kinda see that in his own way that he got Jacob.the Lord mercy and lovingkindness and then came this wrestling match which kinda changed everything, including his name. One thing the Jews teach about Jacob I think is so beautiful or Israel.

Whatever you want to call his name is that he is the one patriarch in which all of his children end up in heaven. In other words, they all finished well as they are the 12 tribes as they move forward that you know when we are truly truly blessed by God's Jacob was then our posterity in our real you know and there's more. And there's more right because, as you look at the larger story of the great narrative you know we are the posterity of obviously those came before us and there's more. And so if we keep the word of God and we asked Jesus into a hardened and were blessed to have children that do that and there's more. And there's more.

And there's more old as you think about is verse is that it is definitely the wisdom of the vav and the story. Mattel today is little different in that as I studied this verse I I love to watch it Hebrew teaching on and there's a rabbi named Kaplan that is just brilliant and I love love love is teaching and so is he was teaching on this verse.

He actually had you get over an hour video on it using the starts off very humbly says I don't think I understand this verse because to me the word tender mercy and salvation. Essentially convey the same thought, so I don't know why he says even I salvation because can anybody out there and he asked the class, is anybody out there can they give me an example of you lovingkindness. That doesn't include salvation. In other words, if you help me out are to solve my problem and have thought. Oh man I wish I wish I was in the class because I be right raise my hand.

If they pick me, pick me, pick me because I think the perfect example of this, that unfortunately the Jews miss out on was Judas right. He got Jesus his lovingkindness.

I mean, he washed his feet. There at the Last Supper and so many different ways.

Judas got his lovingkindness, but he didn't get salvation right and and and therein lies a big issue like a lot of us are accepting and loving on his lovingkindness, but we have to to some extent like Jacob wrestle with God to some point to where we actually are born again where we get the salvation were we get you shoe it right and and again, if you go back to the 13th Psalm which is a beautiful solve all this, like, how long will you forgive me Lord forever. And as you go through this Psalm you can see how he is lamenting his struggles against his enemies, but I love the that when it comes to this verse that mentions these concepts together. It says, but I have trusted in the Lord's Hasid. I have trusted in your lovingkindness and in my heart I will rejoice in your sheet you shoe so after all the struggles that King David of the psalmist is having here then all of a sudden he trusts right is lovingkindness and then in his heart. He's gonna rejoice in the salvation and why is because that to an extent. Obviously Christ comes to live in our hearts and then were born again and then we get that that you shoe that we can rejoice within our hearts.

Unfortunately for the poor Jewish rabbi, which I pray about all the time and I and I is that he didn't see his need for you shoe I didn't need to see his need for salvation because he thought it kept the law. He done all his mitts was in all these things he's done all his life right because unfortunately the way that Judaism points them through their all their traditions is that they can earn their way and that heaven will don't work that way right. We have to accept that we need something greater than those sacrifices that the that the Jews are counting on.

We need are actually Yeshua. The one sacrifice that would make us righteous which this whole Psalm speaks to you in so many different ways but not one of the things that I think it points out beautifully is, wow, do you think you need salvation right.

I know we all want lovingkindness agreed we would want that, but you need more than that to you need salvation right.

Do you believe that you've done anything that really needs forgiving right do you believe in your heart that when you when you get to heaven right this is what makes you think you're you can come in them. I have and that you know all the only reason I can come in the heaven because Jesus died for me and covered my sin and that quickened me in righteousness and that brought rejoicing in my heart. I mean, this verse has everything to do with salvation and thought we all got ask ourselves even today. Do I need your Yeshua and will I rejoice with that thank you for studying with me today.

This is an exciting section of the vav because believe me. And there's more. And there's more. Don't miss that it says bring my loving also because he's actually continuing on from the hay section and of course right on into the assignment. Thank you for studying with me today

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