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September 13, 2021 7:50 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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September 13, 2021 7:50 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What is James 5-9 talking about---2- A caller from yesterday who wanted to debate the Trinity called again.--3- Why is Shepherd's Chapel so bad---4- A caller wanted to set up a formal debate regarding oneness verses the Trinity.--5- Were there prophets in the New Testament- Does God not speak through prophets anymore---6- Could you explain the hypostatic union---7- How do you respond to those who say that Romans 1 proves that all homosexual persons can't be saved-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass like why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found you have questions of our Bible doctrine. What Y rises goals and responded to your questions and Matt slick everybody welcome to show it is me Matt slick really good day though I don't know yet. I tried last night, so I'm eating some nachos and when my teeth corrected so I had to go through today and go to Dennis to Lakefield. The drilling and that will that stuff so got that figure mostly we can achieve.

Someone asks, I don't know. It was just a split was a four cheese, which would you know my wife when she makes natural she's a good cook.

You know she will heat up the oven. The broiler she does a hold the sheet cuts up avocado. She put since I don't know what kind of spiced amici she's awesome than the right kind of cheese me. I just throw chips into a paper plates throw some cheese on it.

New kit and so that's that's what she does a good job and see the thing is if I start doing a good job starting my food. Should you want me to start doing it so when him and I hope some of us know this my secrets out will find out later. She looks at me and you know you that look lives give you you are tapping her foot with her hips on his and her hips are staring at you with the look will see what happens. Hey, look at what you may call you to do was die like 772072276 and if you're new to the show is the Christian apologetic show answer questions on theology and a whole bunch of stuff all kinds of things you non-co-vintage I would learn a great deal research and what I'm doing right now. Well not the moment one here right now. But what I was doing.

I stopped in order to get on the air is. I have found some sources must see for the relationship I found some sources of total populations. Total code cases total cobra deaths per population.

I do this Excel spreadsheet formulas in figure what percentage of this and find another group and the website that tells how many people are vaccinated per percent per population of the whole country and I'm still developing that and then I do is compare them and graph them to see if there's a relationship tween vaccinations and covert that's going to find out will get just don't like to do stuff like that. I know that issues all right hate to open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Nelson from Bakersfield Nelson welcome here you mad yet.

A good that you gain by cutting a letter to the euro euro your thoughts on this first line 5 Jane people in Alaska going out. Can you pull up again by diversifying sure and do not complain that do not complain brother against one another so that you yourselves may not be judged on the whole adjust to standing like the door, the question I was thinking that cannot be good. That person to forgive another brother in Christ. They tried to think right to forgive another person living Christ because that they are judged door. Well, just different questions with the Texas saying is don't complain rather than against one another that you're in a sense judging you complain against another legitimate complaints and there's illegitimate complaints. I think what he's doing here is talking as he says that every patient better until the coming of our Lord, the farmer waits for the precious produce of the soil, being patient about it until it gets until it gets the early and late rains are you you to be patient, strengthen your hearts, for the coming of our Lord is near. Do not complain bitterly against one another. So stop what you know it's a form of judgment when you complain against him with in a different levels of judgment that you can give our levels of complaints you can complain.

I want to get a shirt that's different than I don't like that guy doctrine on all the rapture.

Whatever it might be or this person has been very nice and so you continue to complain about that person which becomes not gossip but it's a it's a lack of forgiveness, a lack of love and humility and so is this so that you yourself will not be judged. And so the idea judgment here is not of of for salvation is a pass on to Jennifer in Christ.

Romans 81, but we will all stand before the judgment seat of Christ. We are all going to do and have urgent works judged and these are works she were justified by faith alone in Christ alone. Everything we do is going to judged so how are you talking to your wife or your friends or how do you know did you litter that day and no one knew something out the car window to get things that you don't think of me to be an issue to be an issue. Everything we do is moral because God is the sovereign King of all areas of life, and I mentioned littering was he's at this continued example even the trash that you throw away and how you dispose of it within a proper order is part of the judge the moral requirements of God. People don't realize this but the truth so but it doesn't mean you saved me, or lose our salvation based on it just means that we had our work should be judged okay thank you Mike work that I want a picture of me. I really according or that were okay. Work clarity that the room number seven on all right my head held Smith think I got less all right.

Let's get to see Jerry from North Carolina.

Jerry welcome your on the yes there are. Matt understand you might have taken that late last night all the questions out that guarding the Trinity that I posted my question was, the defendant reacted okay but you said you birthed yourself lack yes I did and cried what Christ directed in the fine white only. I have done some study. I have gone from studying all day at throughout the New Testament, starting with Colossians 317 and I have a question on first Corinthians p.m. Number breakout just a minute if I am not offended by your reaction to what it says here give not the Jews know the Gentile alter the character of God, and I was wondering why my disagreement with the Trinity would call you direct that like all because of the left of but it's not because of the secular, it's that I asked you if you can eat. Okay you out each house we have a debate let me go to sleep you want to beat you all debate on the Trinity. Okay, what's the Trinity. You don't even though it is funny why it failed late, but why your credit is supposed to bring the gospel back in the Trinity is not the gospel. Okay, you're making all kinds of is not true. Okay, no, no, no, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, stop, stop, stop.

How come that you did the thing is we need is when people asked me to debate them. I want to know if you're qualified to debate me, that is not because I'm arrogant and prideful.

Sometimes you want to beat me. They have no clue what the issue is done this for years. Okay, so I'd ask about the going to be the Trinity will what is the Trinity and you said you didn't even know now.

The question then becomes how can Jacob keep the Trinity if you don't even know what it is that's the glandular debate you could explain what it is that doing that out and I don't start with Colossians 3 covered think whatsoever that do it on the name of Jesus Christ. Okay, I was under the impression that that wasn't baptism all went jumping on a place to live.

Yes you is Jesus God in flesh okay and are you a oneness person.

Yet okay so UTC at the baptized to be saved right yet in order to mark okay I got a question for you.

You know what justification is and will tell you what justification is not justification is the declaration of righteousness that's achieved by faith. Romans 45 the one who does not work or yes when it does not work the one who does not work but believes his faith is credited as righteousness. His faith is credited as righteousness. Righteousness according to law justification.

Romans 51. Having therefore been justified by faith okay with me. I would argue doing the unthinkable and so Romans 51 says having therefore been five my face reset. I just quoted to you.

So do you believe that were justified by faith. Okay, Philippians 129 says that God grants that we have faith clippings 129 Duke affirm God grants we have faith, I found that your firm a good so what are we justified by faith. When we have faith will good that you don't need you baptize for salvation.

Do you good. Your justified by faith we have faith that when you get baptized. Okay God I didn't quite understand what got to get all that is showing you name out okay will obligate spoke, but I don't know now showing you you're an occult okay this could tell you you're a non-Christian cult, the oneness Pentecostal know that errors in cutting five no doubt occult chart is a client it's occult non-Christian cult you require baptism for salvation yet to be good to keep yourself safe before God yet to be baptized in Jesus name, which he failed to understand that in Jesus name is a phrase, use of authority could accept for verse seven. For that, in what name are you doing these things they said in the name of Jesus. We do this. That's what that phrase means generating you're not real in the name of Jesus Christ as according to acts 838 according to Matthew 28.

I think we do what Jesus told you to do right. He says in the name of the father son and Holy Spirit.

That's what they did so to be baptized in the name of these by the authority of all read you asked thoughtful when they had placed them in the center. They began to inquire by what power or in what name have you done this. Then Peter fill the Holy Spirit told him is is in the name of Jesus definite that naturally you crucified by this name. That's what it means in the culture is what it means in the context of the Bible, but you guys in your cult when you do is you deny the doctrine of the Trinity. You fully deny the fact the true incarnation of Christ, you deny justification by faith alone in Christ alone and you had a formula for salvation and you go to acts 238, which is not about getting saved is not about getting saved is not a formula for salvation because faith is not mentioned in the back. The gift of the Holy Spirit is this charismatic movement the charismatic gifts which is that's what he's talking about when you go to action to reread we do context and acts chapter 1044 to 48 they receive the Holy Spirit speak in tongues before their baptized urine non-Christian cult. Okay you hold for the break after the wreck the jury arrived at a break. Sorry focus what it is. Oneness Pentecostals non-Christian cult right and the groups think Christian when they're not one instills witnesses, Catholicism, signs you etc. right back after these messages, please say that I call 770727 charismatic/homerun back to the show. Let's see Jerry right right back to Jerry.

Jerry will lost anyway. 30 go all right.

Let's get on the phones with the herb from Raleigh, North Carolina are welcome on the air out going well with the hearing on the right will think I got wet and said oh it's not you want to look at the day, like what what you want that found out. Wait a minute I got a call Matt held break them not to do that and I won't know would be attacked back at my recent that we don't want okay yeah let's see. Where's my stuff on Sheppard Chevalier Eagle so I did a lot of research on them years ago and wrote these articles back in 2002, so they deny the Trinity. They didn't deny the existence of eternal hell deny the doctrine of the rapture. Now those are just two of the things. So where's Rico some looking at their statement of faith right now and for example it says we believe in the God of the Bible that would assess as a statement of faith.

We believe the God of the Bible doesn't mean anything just doesn't mean nothing. So let's see what they are to premillennial. Let's not real heretical. We believe" John 316. Bibliographical of the world. We believe in the Holy Spirit and his mission, and that implies the personhood of the of the Holy Spirit necessarily and we basically believe salvation by grace through faith is gift of God not of works must be preached and is necessary for all that water baptism is ordained forgot about that believe but didn't say what you note it is not very specific and let's see them looking too small. We believe the Bible with God's laws, statutes and judgments was given to Israel and to Israel's prophets can okay hasn't risen much either so there's a lot of sentiment they probably have changed things and I've had to I had a challenge but I still would would debate among on the TV thing less to bank selling another physical direction of the believers. That's what was this is from their notes that I I was given. Someone gave me correctly, a bunch of information from them from inside their organization and I downloaded on all of their newsletters and I went through the newsletters I felt was information but here's one of things that's that's really important interracial marriage is wrong. They say this is for my research back now. Hopefully the change of position, and you know is that interracial marriage is not wrong. Okay not a problem at all.

This is when it's really bad. The key nights. Cain killed Abel and they teach that Cain is the offspring between the devil and Eve because they had relations and produce the offspring of Cain and then get out, with not it's yeah it's there's a process called stupid. If Acacia Avenue partner is stupid. If Acacia and so what else would more commonly known as ISA, Jesus still read into the text and the kind of thing that they will do is take a word in original and break it down and then they'll imply things about being broken down in the illustration I uses was a butterfly out of my yard okay will take the word butterflied. Let's break it down the ladder and a fly. That means that really there was some have dropped off butter in my yard or flies on it and so is this kind of of exegesis story ISA Jesus until do and it's like no your wrong is not what it stands for. To do this with the issue of Cain and some other stuff and so they teach that okay and and I think American the brick in Britain of the lost tribes of Israel and people were alive any preexistence that units all lacked. Now, you probably should update and see if I can find the most current stuff. What I need is to be able to interview some people just a bunch of questions and interview them, but they do not respond to the father Elder where I stand over there, I saw the old vandal Dale found something you hold valid they'll remember that that got yes it's a matter of fact I'm remembering something I'd forgotten about for quite a while. Shepherds Chapel seat Arnold Murray Lindsay, I still didn't have this recording.

Let's think teach which looks like the Christian identity movement but there's a I have a recording or had recording removed the site we've done stuff like the recording is where he or somebody was on the set and who raises an objection in the audience or something like that and if you are bit of a scuffle, but not much, and Arnold Murray says here take this gun to that boy it's like to have you here at there's a lot of old thing. Dr. I needed right that it could not think what it was. There might only Mac wanted know the answer.

Think about when you think you're looking well, praise God. Thanks to fax you can go YouTube Arnold Murray pulls a gun and the victim looking to see if it gets a beat to play. I could probably do that in the minute 40 not have to go through and stuff like that city. Oh right now that lot you can find yeah he's so is bad news.

Okay thanks a lot higher praise gun. Praise God rightly God bless. Okay thank all right, let's get to Craig from Kentucky hey Craig, welcome your near remote click my name is Craig. What I remember, unity of, and I would like to set up a time for us to the date when this verse the Trinity. Okay be coming up on the first and you qualified.

Lisa Wright will. Here's a thing if you want to debate me if this is what I'm doing now. I release that you have to go to Ireland I wanted to do a formal debate, not just the two. That's fine either way. And so if you go to okay.

Do you be a TE S will forward you to a page cultivates.

I have debates from different people enlisted and there's one there questions for one this hold on is you have to answer him okay now how Allah explained after the break.

They function it right back after the break meant so much heresy, so little time that I call 770727. Here's Matt back to Craig from Kentucky.

Are you still there okay so you're one of well certainly in order to tutor. But when I would. I don't believe in inerrancy and a lot of those questions presuppose presuppose inerrancy and you would say no. You deny okay so it is so is the Bible the final authority within no what is the final authority whatever that Hades can or cannot discern it at any given moment in time for the plate. Can you just need to find the truth is truth of the actual or real state of matter and how do you let definitions accurate justice just as well as you go that Bible is inerrant is questioned the magic question how I know that definition is the right one was proper because what you're saying is a universal principle truth principal about truth you offered a definition of truth to build a defendant that definition atrocities right log sir. I'll give you a an argument from the impossibility to the contrary, if that wasn't the right answer would naturally have been meeting with all the time and therefore everything would be relative, which is health logically, as you well know that the question there so you believe God exists is so we with you. Do you believe the goddess is the nasty fight on the I'll show you I'll show you you believe got access to believe God yet.

Does Ozzie know everything absolutely all the time.

That wouldn't truth is that then wouldn't truth be that which corresponds to the mind of God were those two things mutually exclusive with this and that I gave in the deposition will not my definition rests in the heart and mind of God.

Yours is in philosophy but a lot philosophy and theology that are eventually are not mutually exclusive, but rather one and the same as you know, listening, how would you know which is true is your ultimate authority is not the word of God, your ultimate authority ultimately is proven errantly.

I think it will not or will not see your ultimate truth is not God's word, but the ultimate truth then rest with yourself. You're the going be the one who is notifying truth and let me finish. Let me finish. I finish got me finished that he finished because your truth is not right. Resting in God's character God's mind God's knowledge, God himself. You're a humanist, you will have humanistic philosophy that you impose. You deny the authority and insufficiency in inerrancy. The word of God. And so what you do is less. Wouldn't truth is you give me a philosophical human-based idea you want to try again with what truth is defined again, but what you said it was not are not known to get away with saying the same thing yet I find I was again defined truth again.

The actual legal aid of a matter as well add that my good thought is that I can change it forever. So the notes right so then ask you which statement was to begin with.

Craig you want it anymore or let Craig so you have two definitions that you offered to you negate the first one that wasn't true right truth wasn't was actually asking for initial response of I didn't ask about that. I got a little crank correct content.

Craig you offered a definition enough then what you did was you corrected it. So are you saying your first definition of what truth is Craig Craig. Are you saying your first definition was wrong. No, not at all. Why was it not resting in the heart of in mind is not the real or actual now. Truth is the corresponds of the mind of God. You can't know what is negative is line command theory like tenant is not a blank right out of the notes not really. I mean, you you you would say that God doesn't do it because it rather because God uses your request is alive by crank Craig got not the way that crank hyper crank with Craig K. Craig need to go down. Craig, you just gave me the youthful dilemma.

Do you know that it's a false dilemma.

What the youth referral dilemma you have been trying to cite a little bit of philosophy. Then he went into it's called the youthful dilemma this guy do something because it's good or is it does he do something arbitrarily that's good youthful dilemma. It's used by atheists.

Do you know that is a false dichotomy or what talk about this except when it's on the part way that guy Marguerite Cragg hello Craig Craig, you're right, correct Craig Craig triggering any of my Christian Craig, the false dilemma is could you ask. It was not why we correct the text.

Click on the television show or radius Craig you asked me that is not on the carpet definition Craig Craig, you asked me what was a false dilemma and I was trying to tell you when you interrupted. You asked me questions and answer questions and I was doing that and then you interrupt me as they don't answer. It's a false dichotomy because the third option is at rest in the mind of God's revelation of God.

That's what it is you go to my website. Look at the youthful dilemma EU TH youth referral dilemma. Look it up so Craig wanted Craig Ron MacArthur Craig falling that Greg barred under the birdlike mayor. To Craig Craig reason I'm doing this with you on the air, is to show people that you don't know how to debate you don't know how to put set Craig Craig all the Craig went watch that ready real, 321 all silence is golden, have the power of the so folks will see if he still on when I come back on her. But this is what I deal with a lot of times it is pretty difficult. It's with someone who pontificates but doesn't have the understanding in the area that they pontificate about and witness a good example. So he changed his definition and this is how I debate with people is okay so you first definition was this that you alternate are you saying Africa was incorrect. As a citizen, corrected how they know what truth is, what standard are they having wishing to judge what is universally true and have a standard of truth and have an ultimate standard good is not God's word so it has rest of themselves ultimately so we know it's just like shooting fish in a barrel. Not that it's a, I'm smarter, everything is just that when someone doesn't have a Christian worldview then it's it's true that okay so there you go. Let's try one more time. Craig is still there Craig, you're not. You're not winning any points with me to be able to be worthy opponents are excellent?

Instead, ask another week. Our debate topic. The from oneness and Trinitarian. Your initial presupposition of inerrancy.

We destroy their student, she would be a bold desire which is relying on the subject is also defined by NCS on their can you define what inerrancy is rhino the way to go there I go that would find it. I just think it divine inspiration of the word of God in ultimately autographed in the autograph.

You won't even say to what we have right now is that you'll push it back to the autograph so you if the divine buyer perfect word of God in the other graphs.

So how you would you be able to argue against the autograph so we don't have a because I would question your logical, yet having anything that even remotely close the autograph to never use the autograph I would but I would say I would say presupposition was because I would miss up on you and you know it is not exactly like your new. Oppositional charismatic split argue on the part of medical help.

My theology form and by geology begin to believe the authority to Scripture some white wine because of fan theology is based on Scripture, a critical regular Craig Craig if you don't believe the Bible is inspired in the Thor and authoritative question I quoted to you to believe it right is rejected and versatile] certainly, I can certainly use this to demonstrate how your while. Well into the clouds. I would hang on her know I know that nobody even been up intellectually on our conversation a few Clinicians I gave you just lost the opportunity not just lot.

I just hung up on whenever someone starts attacking my character that's done. Okay you not even let you honest okay let you know what is done with the contact me personally I'm sorry you consider agree with you that's fine because that's fine. This is the reality. I hope you guys enjoy the devices I did will be right back after these messages, please stay tuned for matters like why call 770727 charismatic rifle back in 40 a right welcome. I bet I have acquired about all the prophets.

I agree with that but you know how it acts 11,000. Profit came down from one of them for the profit if all the propaganda that John the Baptist will actually there are New Testament prophets as well.

In first 2013. The kind of profit that it is is a charismatic kind of thing where they tell the future and the interpretation of it and the elders were the be the ones with the judge these things when you talk about Luke 1616. The law and the prophets was just talking about is the Old Testament. The Old Testament divisions the law. The first five books and everything else assessing along the prophets and his work until John.

Now the NTSB says work proclaimed until John and I go to other translations is over there is why this initial M what it says and I let's see the ESV were, until which is I think I like that. But in the NTSB in that particular cases as were until were unfilled and but there is no verb there is a law and the prophets until thought says until John. So what's the right verb to put in there were, that's fine.

Work proclaimed that's fun to do so anyway, what's going on since that time, the gospel of the kingdom of God is been preached the brunt of the Mormons of the Mormons will say that Joseph Smith was a prophet and they say he's a prophet in the Old Testament kind of sense because her to say that as the quote Amos 37 God will do nothing unless he reveals his counsel to the prophets, so the quote that it was a Joseph Smith was the latter day prophet and that he saw God, which is impossible, but that's another thing.

And so how I will use a cell site.

Joseph Smith accorded her own theology was a prophet in the Old Testament style could write Scripture perform miracles spoke as a as a spokesman for God. And that's who Joseph Smith was the law and the prophets were the less Old Testament style that's done is when Jesus Christ going on.

He speaks to us through the Bible says so. That is going on there. The New Testament prophets are those who were in the church context to be more than one you can have different prophets in different provinces areas churches people who would speak in tongues, people who could that discernment of spirits, someone who had gifts of services and others who were prophetic and in the church was to judge these things for Sprint's 14 this was going on there different okay okay so after Mormon fed, but what about the profit that you dictate the different kind of profit right now different in a prophet is read to context and that is good for 2014 that if someone prophesies and here's the thing to go to first Corinthians 14 and let me five verse 42 that will show you how to use this lets he prophesy spell). It helps first and the here we go minutes is a first for Schmidt's 14 one pursue love you earnestly desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy. Wait a minute. So now what Paul is saying to the church. He we want you to to pursue the issue of prophecy. So why would they do that white if if prophets like Joseph Smith were in the back 1800s and why is it that that Paul is saying to the whole people of the church that you prophesy. That's what he's saying that you want people to do it but anniversary but when he prophesy speaks for the edification and education cancellation and and consolation and one who prophesies edifies the church and now I wish that you all spoke in tongues, but even more that you would prophesy to say now once he wants it all. If you would prophesy graders one who prophesies that when he speaks in tongues, so this is a charismatic gift issue of movement in the Christian church and so what this is what the New Testament prophets were spoken of in the Old Testament style and sense writing Scripture seeing God that Joseph Smith said he did with the Bible denies as a possible godfather that is so that help. Thank you very much you welcome very much right right. God bless, but all right is good to Chuck from Burlington, North Carolina Chuck, welcome your on the air. Thank you Matt. I appreciate I was so I don't know simple explanation about why me not have to be kind to your you know really a document, like I don't know how much I question answer.

Could you explain the hypostatic union of Christ church doctrine teaches that in the one person of Christ are two distinct and simultaneous natures that Jesus is both divine and human. They're not mixed into a new third thing that would be called modify citizen.

That's not is not it, nor are they mixed so much that you can't distinguish them. That's called you to ecumenism, nor is it the case that the two natures are two persons divine person, and a human person in the body. This story and is him is instead the hypostatic union is that there's one person and there's a nature for the two natures in the attributes of those natures are claimed by the one person so Jesus said I am thirsty I will be with you always end of the earth the same I is speaking and so he's the one person I and so when we cut we say that the attributes of those natures are described to the single person is called the doctrine of the communicative to you. If you do a lot to him. The communication of the properties. The properties of both natures are risk are communicated to the single person is why Jesus would say I am thirsty I'll be with you always. So the union I was that union relates to the committee got to it. You might and if Christians can learn those doctrines basic.

They can learn those doctrines that they can answer probably 8090% of all the questions that might be raised against the person of Christ. So Jesus would say, for example, of the Father is greater than I. Well, that's in the other 10% or so because she was incarnate under the law. Galatians 44 so that's another verse that's helpful is being made under the law and swipe my teaching on this. I save unison hypostatic union communication of the properties and being made under the law, you got 98%. Basically all the issues to address can be answered by understanding this document using the right one reply to work great.

Taking the article, God blessed. All right.

Okay this good today from Salt Lake City winning 41 minutes. I think I skipped him accidentally. Sorry about the date of your listening call back gets rid of the top Dylan from Cleveland Dylan welcome your on the air hello hello yes you are. Second, I have a card that will employ my question really about the interpretation that they think they will have the correct file court with actual behavior is a moral here, but I'll have it on the people that you have been getting the community and give it over to pray 540 time and basically people like even gave a lot of people have been input. I am unfortunately having using it. If I think I have law after I get them out of the carpet and make the same ever cadaveric. If there they look like they never get line there are not things out death by ivory, first. In the 11 stately makes a hero stay here just to be okay you was one look at the text first is as much. Another verse was one stay where you're at initially so when Romans 118 and Easter saying what about this text that you need. You can then come such as, I cannot be saved or given over to depraved mind over our argument on animal that God will never allow the will. There's more to it than that, because if you read and it says they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer. And these people are saying that they do acknowledge God will not acknowledging the true God and the true way but there filled with unrighteousness, wicked, evil, etc. that goes on in their dirt's sake.

This applies to them. So what we have here in Romans 118 to 32 is a basic description of the judgment of God upon those whom he has given over to the depravity of your heart and minds, not that all who are in that are given over but the ones that are given over. That's why he gives them over. That's the mistake of not able to make this a all this is a formula that if you do this and this will give you. Given over and therefore is not what it's saying it is. It's a formula for being given over with. He did this and God chose to give them over, but doesn't mean that he chooses. Give all people who committing varying degrees of sins like this does mean a government all over. Okay, so that's a fundamental logic error that I can I'm sorry individual that are given over not I can. Oh my God will give individuals over and over to absolutely we don't know who they all are, because you could have some of his actual community and he could be Flamer and get saved. That would only be my God You like to point out because I like that by following the black thing section.

They've been attacking Dr. Michael Brown a lot here this year and that basically because the that is my baby who teaches him such as could be set on who teaches at Mike Brown and does he say they can be saved in repentance that come to faith, but they leave their homosexuality is a great way to yak out of the shirt but the people that bought an endocrine consultative calm. Still, Stephen Anderson, let's just say doesn't have all his logical fieldwork pathological pause in the litter box. Yeah, I got an iPod, and have a Bible better if I will know what you think. With an effect if they get over there for a moment. Go back I will probably want to say and it doesn't mean that kind of people I will and totality of your argument for fake individuals that God give Bella like Barrow wrestling is nine but it does not say here does not say here that everybody who does this is given over that's with the reading into a sink. See that's the formula in the federal okay alright I let her time arrival. God bless great questions read good stuff.

Okay folks are bought them at a time in the Lord bless you call back Monday but the music thing? And I hope you all have the Lord bless Monday I got another program powered by the Truth Network

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