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Becoming a Kingdom Husband

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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June 1, 2021 8:00 am

Becoming a Kingdom Husband

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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June 1, 2021 8:00 am

Nobody wants to submit to a leader who's lost. That’s why Dr. Tony Evans is here to tell us how to become the kind of husband a wife will be eager to follow. In this lesson, learn how you and your spouse can stop finding fault and start finding answers.

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It's a position it's a responsibility Dr. Tony Evans says that responsibility goes beyond you to your wife. What is wrong with celebrating faithfulness. This is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the alternative husbands. If there's trouble in your marriage. Dr. Evan says it's possible there is enough dying going on in the relationship. Let's join him as he explains me see you came from a single-parent family and father growing up so you never knew what was supposed to be working you around one so as you learn not good we can raise we can see what we can do is see God make you and me into what he wants us to be before God created man will life God expects the mail to follow. When the male follows that the children will follow the alignment body going wrong. Verse 23 chapter 5 understand like I understand that perhaps you been abused by a man like that because when you see this in relationship to what God's suite verse, verse, that man is the head of a woman that brings me for a man to be Jesus and 11 three God is the head of Christ.

Christ is the head of every man and a man and a woman just like in verse 23 is in the Bible have shipping like the head of state with governing responsible way with the responsibility to achieve the government is supposed to produce which is in this case the management of God's kingdom. God's kingdom through your family way to pursue God's purposes in history and enjoy the process.

The challenges along the way. One of the keywords that belongs to headship his responsibility not to blame, you'll still responsible why because it's a position it's a responsibility responsible that will provide, protect government to headship how does headship work. You are to size the responsibility of the ship context of low word around without fully understanding its biblical import and what it means because we typically define love in terms of emotion know how I feel about something or someone I love you how I feel and certainly emotion is a part of the definition of love actually righteously officially pursuing the well-being of another.

When the emotions because love starts with a decision that sometimes you will emote with other times you will emote with but if you passionately and anxiously and sacrificially pursuing the well-being of another. You according to God for God so that he gave his only begotten was seen in his willingness to provide well be his love expressed a man needs to know if you is that he is to be his Savior. Verse 25, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave himself up for you see them speaking in the his/her language so you may finish loving you came in the shape of a cross now is because it will. Christ became our rescuer. We need to be rescued from some Savior just as Jesus is the Savior of the world.

What does that mean that what is wrong with your responsible to deliver kingdom has been because he's reflecting something bigger than himself. Christ and the church becomes my sanctifier. Verse 26 somebody might think that by her, having cleansed her by the washing of the words that he might present to himself the church in all glory, having no spot or wrinkle or any such thing would be blameless for Pfizer. God say Jesus saves us in the process of finding patient means you need will gauge me for something or someone you immediately and make it special like the dishes and dining room kitchen with the regular stocks is unique special not treated like all the other dishes. Milk glass Because the dishes are special so he says because your son provides for her is unique or special occasion take somebody from entering the whole purpose of site location. When you got a problem this appeal. All of our mistakes and weaknesses didn't disappear into the joy of transformation and transformation when you, your wife married her history.

When you get married if you're single, you married that person's history. They hear from you while you were dating know you would like this always been like that policy now augmented rebellious will show you that you put a ring that will shock and surprise just one like it is now the security of the ring that you know you would like like like to see the sanctification would make your job is to establish if you're going to be a kingdom. The reason why many of us are married today is because of how special treat that women are treated like we treat a man. It would've been nice if fat something like this when we first showed up at the truth be told, she told a girlfriend like you I like you got a call and started treatment nice nice and pretty. I like walk like talks like it's children tension open conduit measures like getting from dropbox doing all the stuff all the stuff she began to feel special and what is special. She began to relate to you. So she went from like I she went on the nice to women were created to seek God's response mechanism that women have the mental response mechanisms so they can respond to their brain to respond long enough dictation taken place formation taken place to respond to the text because the father mother father mother wife likes to become one first which is the man moving in the manly man enough to respond, says to do you know Jesus loves us what works is called eternal security because the even when you don't return. Dr. Evans will come back with more on how women respond to real kingdom manhood when he continues her message just a moment away, says to man up talking about things you can see money, status, social media followers was God's rise up in society.

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Contact us right away to take advantage of this special double offer before time runs out. Visit Tony or call our resource request line at one 800 832, 22 team members are standing by around-the-clock to help you. Again, that's 1-800-800-3222 when I hears Dr. Evans with part two of today's message decision to become a leader that God has called you to be finally satisfied. Verse 28. He says love is a robotics. He who loves his wife loves himself. For no one arranged his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ also does the church okay Christ. Also, the church is not just about you and it's about Christ and the church. So your job is to make a good job make the church look good so there is a mini model of that relationship in the house where you live.

Now I know most people don't have the support of reference. They didn't want talk this over so vague that they were not encouraged and held accountable to. But until we do with the divorce and having World War III living in hopes because everybody is out of alignment. The man of God the parents and so you got all the man gets in alignment where I go. Taking ownership is to be the wise satisfied you know Jesus take responsibility for meeting on you meet the if it's a legitimate need, and you have the capacity needed to meet. That means you're willing to find out what the need is now. I know ladies talk to me like is one of talk. They want conversation. I'm happy you know when you unsay I hope you went to happy hour work all day long. I'll place you will be happy between the two okay to go home because I will talk like anyone to talk solution because they want to get out and look at what you can sneak and I know by experience. I try to sleep we compete no game coming on football game, no one gave way. Meeting the needs 37 says understanding when you understand the need time that you're not missing too many meetings as a man is to meet the needs knowledge mean to you with comfort and meeting me out with your wife it means to make yourself at home. It means to all the responsibility of taking the time to understand and address is five went to was that the temperature is cold, but if you make will be responsible for what is this guy's daughters. One was extraordinarily beautiful and one was extremely homely. One was just just not a brick house. My only thought is back years ago when they used to give animals for father to accept the dowry to take the dog found out that this rich guy to give him a lot of money for the milk and meat can count. The guy was going to take one extremely beautiful daughter and one extremely so the day came, he presented his two daughters man brought the 10 cows and cows out here. My two daughters shot shot shot shot shot given the 10 count when she came out she was the prettiest thing she was prettier than when you 10 counts will start looking like a 10 count value placed on me so you have an my life like you, Dr. Evans will come back in a moment to pray for us as we wrap up our program so don't go away. In the meantime, today's message becoming a kingdom husband is part of Tony's current series called the kingdom family. It's an eye-opening look at God's original plan for life in the home, and by following their plan is so vital for each of us. As I mentioned earlier, we are offering this six message collection on both CD and digital download is our gift to support Tony's ministry with your financial contribution, and if you do that right away will include a bonus gift of the kingdom, family devotional, a 52 week journey through the most important concepts of the Christian faith. Just visit Tony you can make the arrangements to receive these helpful family resources again. Tony or let one of our team members assist you when you call our resource request line at 1-800-800-3222 again the number 1-800-800-3222 God has set up the chain of command for family life and sometimes even speaking about it can make people uncomfortable, but tomorrow Dr. Evans talks about the purpose behind the plan and the difference it can make in your home right now though he's back to lead us in the final word of prayer. Let's pray, thank you for the opportunity to serve you by serving those who are friends or listeners.

We know the world today.

Go for pain and pressure.

I pray that you will bring families together in a supernatural way to overrule the framing that the world is trying to impose upon. I pray for every man that you will be a kingdom, that he will leave his family righteously. I pray for everyone with a shoe picking one with should be a full partner in realizing what God wants for the home. I pray for the children. They will follow their parents as they follow Christ is not abandon the faith in their teenage years and so many attempted to do that.

I prefer the single person who winds up trusting you. For me, but who estimates to live for you. This single state that you will you will become their mate and their fulfillment until such time as you change the circumstances so we pray for family together so that they can strong solid witnesses. Jesus, the alternative with Dr. Tony Abbott celebrating 40 years of faithful thanks to the generous contribution. Listeners like you

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