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February 23, 2021 8:49 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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February 23, 2021 8:49 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Did God the Father make some promises only specifically to God the Son and, if so, how does that affect us as believers---2- Are the prophetic gifts alive today---3- What is the correct interpretation of John 3-5 and is water baptism a possible interpretation---4- Do you think -Church of Christ- members are Christians---5- What does Acts 22-16 mean in relation to water baptism---6- What is your opinion of Jonathan Kahn---7- What does it mean that the earth was formless and that there was darkness, what does that mean exactly- Was that when the fallen angels were thrown down---8- Is there symbolism related to Christ in the sun, moon, and stars in the Genesis account of creation---9- The repeat caller from a cult asked again how Jesus' name could be Greek if he was a Hebrew---10- What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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A previously recorded mats like show wrestling.

Why is the founder and president of the Christian apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine.

Why rises blind. 7720722762276 bills wonderful CAR realm the Christian apologetics research ministry hope you will recall, and that we can blab this will let you know that we are going to be trying to go to Israel next year. If you want to join us for fun, really before want to go again did a few years ago, but he writes if you are interested, just check out karma CAR M one word no hyphens and I can check it out if you're interested in going to slightly form for questions that we know people are planning to an end you figured out to do some out all right so I think that's all that is further there and let's see, let's see. So I think that's like a couple things will tell you we have schools with online schools. If you're interested in taking checking out some theology when not to do theology always gives good good karma to work/school and it will forward you to the right information.

You can check out the issue of phone schools that are there all right and that cost $33 each.

But if you cannot afford it but you really want to have them you can afford the schools that I go to do is just say hey we can afford if I want to him and we can do for free. We do like to use and help keep the lights on.

All right, so there's that. We have three open lines were to give me a call 877-207-2276.

Let's get to James from Wake Forest, North Carolina. James welcome you are on their question, God the father, promises or valves just to God the son, Jesus, and if so how does that affect us, we would say is an eternal covenant spoken of in Hebrews 1320 where the intra-Trinitarian covenant relationship was decreed fluff before the foundation of the world we would do is say that there was a covenantal agreement so we consider promissory and that the father would give to the sun. The elect as part of a promise and the sun would fulfill the requirement of the atoning sacrifice of those were given by the father to the sun to atone for and to also the proof of the resurrection would be that not only did Jesus raise himself. John 219 to 21 but also the father will be involved in the resurrection as well so that the father raised up Jesus to so that it was a promise to not let the body of Christ. Get to the point of decay and so would not see corrections part of the promissory stuff so you can know it would be the promises or valves made in order to convince him to come to earth and then go through all the horrible things that are going through is no convincing necessary it wouldn't be that many modern son to go. Can you get it. Luckily tell you why this again will I do it. It wasn't like that. Okay doesn't work okay okay Matt, thanks doctrine in the angle: trinitarianism called apparent paresis. The clerk paresis is teaching that each of the members of the Godhead intermingle and intertwine each other because are all one substance, and in this we have the manifestation of the one will of God but yet in the three persons was a definite mystery to it definitely paradoxes in their but the father son and Holy Spirit all worked covenantal. He from eternity past to bring about the redemption of of God's people incident with the many disagreements or arguments in the Godhead, but there was always a decree anything about this since God knows all things from eternity there would never have been a place and a time for you to make a decision because it was all known in all decreed within the Godhead, so was already there. The wood could be no disagreement about the mystery issue and I talked to actually some agnostics about this.

We get in these discussions and my just talk like this and think you can explain better to start this way it is okay right right match. Thanks you. Welcome couple of things all right folks are going to give me a call. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276. Let's get to John from Wisconsin John, welcome your near you think you like your love, your answer cholera, the portal unit) 1.right time so the reason I'm calling the question about the prophetic to be blossoming recently in recent days, month-end and even here like the prophetic gifts are coming alive and I'll preface little complex to say that sometimes you know before you speak, and sometimes sometimes we see a body of evidence. So, for example by finding and some people the combined type. How do you know that some of these after life experiences. You know how you Israel from somebody to counter about how Israel would need a real next bike by someone think that we can look to the connector debacle and other parts written up that you have a body of evidence of people who have died in the bed and whether they have a heavenly experience or hellish experience of thinking to see the parallel is another king of their experiences when they had no contact with other witnesses of the same mind to think in accord a body of evidence, and so parallel that I get that that evidence into the prophetic. We see a lot going on in the prophetic and a lot of people feel you know just by the nature of how changing so rapidly big feet and kind prosthetic coming. But that didn't been a groundswell of prophecies very, very, very vocal in your youth leader of the first is dozens and dozens of local question to question though. I guess my question is not specific about any one thing that you figure she said but how does I like to hear you speak. I found the body of evidence of how God speaks through God speaks through the prophet before you and what what that all knew about the really the groundswell of voices and in the garden. Only then does he want to know about God's house God speaks through present-day profits and charismatic gifts absolutely okay. All right. Well we know the Old Testament names 37 it says that God will do. I will not do anything less. He reveals his counsel to the prophets the prophets of the Old Testament sense are done away with because along the prophets were until John. Luke 1616 so that Old Testament style, a prophet isn't here. The New Testament style profit is a little bit different to go to first Corinthians 14 what we see, there is the issue of prophecy and so what is the first book goes charismatic gifts of life for today me.

My opinion is yes, they are all here for today. I believe in all of them and I don't believe, however, in an individual who is the prophet in a particular area and he speaks for God in the old estimate sense in the New Testament times. I believe that I don't believe an individual has the gift of healing and you are healed but all that kind of stuck know the God works through his body of believers in different ways at different times I've prophesied one-sided word of knowledge and you have been doing this for 41 years and only had these two occurrences like this. What this means I have the gift of prophecy. It means that God condescended to use a lame headed moron like myself to speak the truth to somebody. It does mean I have a gift except my wife says to be obnoxious or taking an anointing which then settle Kayla perfect was gifts that you so the thing is of the Christian church.

We want to do is understand that all prophecies are well is different ideas that all prophecies are to be judged by the church by the elders by the people of the says pursue love enforcement is working one yet. Early is this pursue love.

Yet desire earnestly spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy. So some people want to know what is prophesying is is from the group the great Pocatello it means to prophesy to speak forth now speak forth what speak forth truth and or speak forth in the future. So when we talk about this we had to be careful because it says in verse four, but when he prophesies edifies the church and I don't have all the answers for them to tell you. So what is it mean to say that someone who prophesies is prophesying them and edify the church, how was it possible. How does that work is it. If your tomorrow somesuch is going to happen and it happens edifies the church is certainly what it could also be that the prophecy is the proclamation of God's word as some commentators have said edifies the church, but then it says I wish that all of you speak in tongues, but even more than you would prophesy now so it gets more complicated and will and I can't tell you exactly with the prophecy is in that sense. In the New Testament. However, when we go back to acts chapter, Lewis X chapter 1 next to acts chapter 2 it says in the last days will pour forth my spirit and all mankind. I will in those days pour forth my spirit, and they shall prophesy. Now that's a cook in the Old Testament and the it seems to be that that quote the Old Testament as to do with predicting the future because that's what it meant. In that context, so we can make the case, then, that the spiritual movement of the Holy Spirit upon us the charismatic sense speaking in tongues word of wisdom, word of knowledge and actual prophetic utterances. So now would we do if that's the case with these people who have said Pres. couple have a second term. Maybe he will. Maybe there's going to be a coup and again to get rid of the treasonous people and put him in. I don't know, maybe he might win in 2024. I don't know.

So we don't know what's going on if they were the same can happen in a certain time and it doesn't come to pass as a problem. So we always have the judge prophecy by Scripture and one of the things people tend to do when charismatic gifts, removing is a put the emphasis on the gift is that of the word of God. And I mean that a double sense Jesus and the written word because we want sensation we want easily want to be wowed instead of wound by the subtlety and magnificence of God's eternal powerful word written in Scripture is inspired we want the quick and easy amazing fix that we get from saying something charismatic.

We have and how things are bad, but we did have a balance word of God has to be primary in a rambling little bit, but that help all of it. If I'm encouraging them all about flyball and pellet the rented. I like the affect keeps her eyes open to keep looking and thinking right and I believe I do.

I believe in the charismatic gifts in a and is a reform individual is not a common but I'm not loyal to the denomination on the ball to anything except my Lord said to Jesus, I read the word is okay automated that was John hey folks five: 72077Y call 770727 charismatic sling back to give me a call please do 72072276 we have for open lines of the McCall let's get on the phone with Edwin from Alabama you were on the air. I am at writing an inability to I got a question enough RDF on the Church of Christ people they believe will their heart that John 35 is thinking about water baptism window" at birth all the time.

My question is not what is being correct and diverse and water baptism is a possible a possible interpretation.

In John 35. Let's let this take a look now me to tell you what my opinion is of the verse in the most of the tell you that my opinion is not the majority opinion held by most people who study this multiple study okay hold of the idea that it has to do with the water has to do with the word of God.

The spiritual movement of God and personally I don't agree with, and I'm not saying they're wrong. I'm just saying. When I look and I don't see that it could be that I'm wrong but I'm a tell you what I believe about it and why I believe it and you can say yes or no. When I bring this up to the Church of Christ people they can't refute they don't accept it, but are not able to refute okay and here's my position. This is what what I see the text as Jesus says in John 33 he says is talking Nicodemus truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.

Nicodemus said to him, how can a man be born when he's old pencil Nicodemus obviously is thinking about entering the second time into the mother's womb is exactly what he says he cannot enter a second time in his mother's will to be born County Jesus response to what Nicodemus said says. I tell you, unless one is born of the water and the spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of God Church of Christ about missing the water has to be baptism but look at this in John three will which baptism is it because there in the state has to be the Trinitarian baptism of immersion but yet that's not what was in place here in this context is not talking about that because it hasn't happened yet. So I asked the Church of Christ people about this and was able to.

He was speaking prophetically in this blessing is Jesus says, unless one is born of the water and the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. Now he's responding with Nicodemus said enter a second time into the woman. Jesus, as was born was born the water and the spirit and in the next verse he says that which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born the Spirit is spirit. So because of verse five and six.

What Jesus says unless one is born of water and the spirit and then he says flesh is flesh, and born of the Spirit is spirit. I think that the water is referring to the natural birth. The brick in the water because he's Jesus as that was born. The flesh is flesh and spirit of spirit and previously said for the water and the spirit. I see the parallel there. This is my opinion and settle sales again. Most of the scholars that I've read do not agree with that and they have the reasons for a and so but this is what I see and so that's my position when I talk to the Church of Christ people on and bring it up as Jesus said water and spirit and flesh and spirit, so I think he's talking parallel they don't like. It's in the ghetto wigged out and say that I'm wrong. This evil shall be from the context that I'm wrong and the can't, because you can't say exactly what it is for the context but that water is sensor tensed, the issue of of natural birth is in verse four and in verse six and by so easy.

I'm saying it's so.

Evidence for how could it be water baptism. I don't believe that's the case because water baptism is not necessary for salvation. Here's what I'll say to the Church of Christ people in all Church of Christ people who are listening right now are we justified by faith.

The Bible says yes because it says, Romans 51. Having therefore been justified by faith.

The question is are we justified by faith. When we have faith as if were justified by faith, then are we justified by faith we have faith and answer courses will yeah otherwise were not justified by faith. So what they'll do is they'll say while you justified by faith. When you get baptized estate. The twisting and I'll say what so gratified by faith.

When you get baptized if that's what it is is a so you not justified by faith we have faith is to cc the problem yeah and so sometimes it they'll do a little one step further and say what kind of faith you talking about Matt. They want to do essential versus fiduciary and varying kinds of faith in all the stuff I say oh enough lipids, 129 it says that God grants that we have faith so the faith that God grants to us is that faith that comes from God. Is that enough to save us if were justified by faith.

Faith that God grants us is a good enough where they can say that I back you have one Church of Christ person.

Satan know it's not good enough lead to know just talking absurdities for the gift that God gives us is not good enough to save us the faith that he gives us were justified by faith is not good enough. We can do at that point it is only just occultist behaving like a cultist so that you believe that people like their Christian no date. Enough and they may believe at this moment we generate our people are not happy had to be baptized in water going to be saying something they add a work to salvation and a ceremony, regulating the Roman Catholic distinctive Roman Catholicism also has a false gospel in Galatians 31, you foolish Galatians was bewitched you before whose eyes Jesus Christ was publicly portrayed as crucified. This is the only thing I want to find out from you. Did you receive the Spirit by the works of the law or by hearing with faith. Are you so foolish. Having begun by the spirit or enough perfect flesh and we talk about your circumcision, that he was on the Galatians chapter 5 and he says he says I testify get everyone who receives circumcision is under obligation to keep the whole law. So if you do one thing circumcision you could keep the whole law. Will this would Paul's teaching even after the crucifixion of Christ in his resurrection and ascension into heaven for people who wanted complete the work of God by getting circumcised because it's an Old Testament law thing. The Church of Christ, or to so I know it's not the new Old Testament law. Baptism of the New Testament. An on-site visit along is something you must do in order to be saved just as they were saying circumcision something you must do in order to be saved and I show them this I would go to Romans 411 and he received the sign of circumcision, a seal of the righteousness of the faith which he had while uncircumcised, so circumcision is a seal of the righteousness of faith is what Paul says about circumcision.

We would've Colossians 212. Also as having been buried with him in baptism. This is the circumcision made without hands. Verse 11 actual even circumcised with the circumcision made without hands in the removal of body flesh for the service you should look Christ have been buried with him in baptism. So baptism, if were continue with the relationship all seem to be establishing is a seal of the faith you already have is what baptism is, of the covenant sign, but they're saying the covenant sign is what saves you the side of my marriage is my ring ring is made my everybody hold on right back after these messages, folks, please see Matt's leg why call 77077 charismatic slave, so that answer the question sufficiently. Are you able to comment on acts 20 yeah it's it's wash away your sins, calling on the name of the Lord, the calling on him is what washes our sins away.

Not getting dumped in water okay my my my confusion.

Matt is what already they before before and and and he is telling him do it any thought.

Why is the Bellingham enough to wash away or spend calling on the name of the Lord. He Artie had done that is a phrase calling on the name of the Lord, the Old Testament and is called upon the name of Yahweh. It means prayer, worship and adoration that occurs in Psalm 116 for Zachary 13 nine it is in reference translated into the Greek Septuagint's call upon the name of the Lord is a difficult Yahweh the Old Testament in the Greek call upon the name of the York Lord and is applied to Jesus in verse contains 12, and so the issue calling on his name is a reference to the Old Testament in reference to Yahweh, signifying that it is Yahweh who is the one who cleanses us. That's the power of the phrase calling on his name to get baptized and wash away your sins, calling on his name so theaters upon going on because in baptism. Sorry about that. Some people think that baptism automatically necessarily must mean immersion not always the case when you go to acts 228 Sumi Joel 228 it says the Holy Spirit will be poured out in an and on actual 217 and 18 it says the charismatic gifts in the movement of the Holy Spirit on you.

The spirit on you is pouring out you would ask 15. It says that John baptized with water, Jesus will baptize you the Holy Spirit that that second baptism has to be pouring on. That's how it's used in the context now in John's. In Romans 61 through six roughly. You can deftly find that you been buried with him in baptism. We can also find about teams always use of washings in Hebrews 910 in the context deals with sprinkling and when Jesus was baptized a court of the Old Testament law, which is why he said he had to fulfill all righteousness. Matthew 315 the requirement of the man at that eight that time a court of the law was to have water applied to him to have literally have water sprinkled on him in order to be part of the entering into the priesthood next number is 87 so I can show you that through very quickly.

If you show you that the word baptize has three different meanings for different meanings actually in the New Testament, immersion sprinkling, pouring, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit kind of means.

This movement of God upon you. But it's it's really kind of hinting at the pouring so when we see the idea of God call out this calling on the name of God. It is this Old Testament phrase in the context of all of this deals with the issue of being cleansed by faith in Christ, which we know I don't do versus on after the Old Testament so that was going on so could be baptize is a covenantal sign in the covenant sign of it is replacing circumcision for Colossians 211, 12 so that we are demonstrating publicly what our baptism is and it is upon in the washing of it, but it's not the actual thing that removes our sins because the Bible says the blood of Christ is what cleanses us from our sins. So all this granite is the alternate I'm sorry what would you cite what they think or this bit commandment and any I can't tell you he was or was not okay because I don't know with the Bible to Texas and say that I can point you to acts 1044 through 48 and in acts 1044 to 48 people are speaking in tongues, glorifying God. They received the Holy Spirit just as the disciples had in the money the baptized, so they were saved for the baptism okay. Thank you, you fabricated tobacco so much in a prominent quality time a folks, we have three open lines 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Sheila from North Carolina. She will welcome you here. I yes, what time were you I would be wary of him because there are some instances it looks like false prophecies of these made so for that reason, just I okay quick and slick folks therefore open lines of you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 Michael from Raleigh not Michael you're on the Michael Rivera and think though God created the and iron but boy he created. They have been 50 out the spirit of going over 50 are so minute of talking about the water and that it would only pitch black dark dark employee day that light and it was formed. If the Bible talks about the earth been on the length of the Bible been informed that that speaking of land teacakes by unit demon out of angels out of air vent and make my way into this answer that I was on the compound will meet back up and just a couple of things with it says that the earth was in darkness because light had not yet occurred or been invented or created by God. We don't know if that's actually the case because first Timothy six 1617 says that God dwells in unapproachable light and so if he is light in one of his characteristics that he was there to present it is possible that there was light shed upon the earth at that time because of his presence. And then God made the sun missing so had elaborate that the Bible to that he created light, it let there be light in family to be visible and in a fit of it was already there, but it couldn't claim hold see if something is this article that have eyes to see if there's no people on the earth to see it in the bin is on initial disability, so the condition of life's existence would be out of God's nature, himself, as this is a minor point, that's for clarification.

But God did say B light was light. Light was good answer for the life of darkness and light call day and night, so we assume that there some inch instant serve green. The sun focus what you're talking about you was called the gap theory, between Genesis 1 and verse two I do not hold to the gap theory. There are people who do because he says he craved the heavens and the earth and the earth was formless and void. Wait a minute, he created the earth, how can it be formless, was it mean to be formless because if because even their own logic works against them.

They want to say heavens and earth, but the earth was formless and void that means something happened to the earth. Wait a minute. Verse two the earth was formless and how could it be in earth if it was formless and it doesn't make any sense, but really would skate on the way of saying it was it was empty.

It was a waste and was emptied was nothing there, nothing real, order but that could be the case to an God just simply visit it in that thing called the void and he said the earth was formless and void and darkness was over the surface of the deep core of the waters.

Which means, or has to be shakes was not necessarily formless. We're not sure what's going on here and we can't read in two but in between the lines here verse one to and say there's a fall where the Angels came to earth and laid waste to the angel to the earth and God had to remake it and some people will even go supple, so far as to say that in that instance in that situation there was a pre-Adamic renters and that God liked amount and Adam was the new start and it's is not there in the text. It's not there so we should not go beyond what it says okay so yeah it's it's a tough one and the only thing I would look to for further information on this would be very very early Jewish commentator on this if they said that there was some theory back in ancient times.

Well, okay, we still have to consider that, but it doesn't mean that it is true and so the modern times the gap theory, between Genesis 1 verse one and verse two is II don't believe substantiated by the necessity of that text cannot however the reverse order questioned into yeah well it was it was light, light and darkness.

I know that in the Bible, God called what they like the children of light.

Both of the children of light and the children of darkness rather than as the children of the evil one, and so that this time. This time the moment the stars so I will Bible Society, and how they are very different break a folks before the line you call Matt slick live call 770776 charismatic slave about everybody call you for open lines 877-207-2276 Michael you still there all right okay so let's continue forever. We were questioned whether I was reading and try to catch up with the Old Testament and out, but I'm not really familiar with the Old Testament, but I was early in and you know God placed on loan and the stars and the relative God to give the light was that kind of revelation lightens either that Amanda signed the greater light moaning and the lesser light as the church and the stars are being like the believers don't know just talking the commission become calendar I stuff like that.

They just got a B like it was like you could do is separate like the darkness they called dark but it was November 3 on okay what can I get out would wake I can see there is no symbolism but I don't see how can you reason to say that the sun deals with Jesus and the stars of the church or whatever. I wouldn't go that far because if we are going to go that far, then we can basically kinda make it saying we want to see the problem. I like what I was reading it and I mean it may fit because Jesus is the greater deal of the greater light like he came to die quickly out of salvation, but he also came to give us a light to the letter know what we would know I was longing to turn from that wrongdoing and get us out of darkness so he is the greater light and when it was reflecting on them only in the church also get the whole you doing is is you centering away from Scripture: Jesus, the greater light I would say show me that in Scripture what we like a lot of people tend to do is read into the text phrases and ideas that are just not there. The Bible has the phraseology it has for a reason is not to say we can't come up with the phrase know that the doctrine of the Trinity or atheism because concerts are taught we had to make sure that what we're saying is biblical to say he's the greater light that means there's a lesser light is greatest light in all these kind of questions and come of it becomes problematic. That's why recommended people for as much as possible. Stay with what the Scripture says is much as you possibly can and then a derived from what it does say what the truth might be okay okay I make that make thank you Matt, you're welcome. And God bless, all right, let's get to Kent from Durham, North Carolina Kent, welcome to the show year on year. If so, what we want to get into this time.

I hung was this was Jesus Greek, Hebrew or Latin.

Jesus was Johnny he was. Jesus was a Jew gal you okay I will. We would say that is probably the Greek name Jesus. No, because last night.

What's your name Kent, was an English name were to come from where is Kent's come from lately lately see Kent is from the British Celtic origin. Okay, so it's Celtic so there's a pronouncedly bit differently in the original Psalm shouldn't shouldn't you really go with the original pronouncing the name right. What was what you originally mean so name is Andrew Andrew Ms. Manley line on Andrew wouldn't say that about but that's okay so Andrew was a Greek name know that some files will find you a great day. What what was I got get you to show you something in Scripture. Peter was Hebrew, was not his name was Peter's name was Peterson. What's said the Deutsche Bank, which Peter's name original name in Hebrew.

What is called Peter right okay so what Peter's Hebrew name and if you don't want to call Jesus by the Greek. Why would you call Peter by the Greek's. You obviously are inconsistent. The point is this what we have been told is that you shall call his name Jesus in Matthew 121 this is what God chose to have the New Testament written and was Greek. You can say that his name was Yeshua the Old Testament.

I don't have a problem with that, but the Greek equivalent to God. I Greek inspired version is the Greek word Jesus, which is used over 900 times in the New Testament are you saying then that all of the occurrences of the New Testament writings of Jesus or the Asus is a pronouncedly Greek or all wrong.

Okay go get goat right so are you saying we had to pronounce his name properly and for what reason oil cement on the shelf women.

Women with women, says in an accident talk about the name of Jesus by Dr. Lindemann.

The book of acts was written by Luke says in verse 10 of the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus of Nazareth and you consolidate and then he says there's insufficient to know what her name so you're the one. Okay, hold on. You got a big problem because the Bible continue to listen for seconds. The Bible says that the name of Jesus.

He, Jesus is the name by which you have to be saved to can't say issue will get to see Jesus as of the Greeks as we sing is all wrong.

Israel not listening to me. Let it be known to all of you and to all the people of Israel and by the name of Jesus. Jesus okay Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom you crucified and got rid the dead by this name. This man stand here before you in good health. He is the stone which would rejected by the builders of which became the chief cornerstone in their salvation in no one else, that is no other name under heaven which is been given among men by which we must be safe so that they was the Greek Jesus right so no that's not what it says and does say that this is a when they were Jesus and Satan. It doesn't read is what it says.

I'm looking at the Greek okay and do on the mic to gaze decreased due to soda saying is that by the name of Jesus. Jesus Christ.yeah I have that occurred in 425 through Greek manuscripts from way before that time. 200 years before that time and have the were Jesus and so they didn't think they would if they did they have the changes in every Greek manuscript.

All of the Mediterranean area because all the ministers that spread out all over the have to change it in every place and they are still finding manuscripts periodically in different places and they still have the word Jesus in their I don't think you belong to the lungs. Study acts 10 and ask for 10 through 12 okay, let's get to James from Richmond, Virginia James welcome back there. I went back to the just for five yeah so are you saying that water baptism are using marbles in a time raising water baptism is necessary for salvation is curious that okay good guy that you that's exactly right. And I tried your correct go-ahead by is that the reason he was baptized Jesus baptize.

He says will to fulfill all righteousness and us from them is the Old Testament law so it's out of numbers eight.

Leviticus 4 and numbers for Leviticus 8 exit 29 actually those of the requirements I needed to go through in order to be a high priest to be 30 years of age verbal blessing given oil both represent the Holy Spirit applied to him to be sprinkled with water. This is what Jesus had to do to enter into the priesthood after the order of Melchizedek Carnegie for six muffled your muffled it's hard to understand asserting his soccer and then this can you can do that by cross-referencing Romans 411 which says circumcision is a seal of the face and all my references. Colossians 11 to verses 11 and 12 and relates baptism as I Colossians 2 verses 11 and 12 okay I through talking relationship.

There okay okay that no death and resurrection, as is the death and resurrection of Jesus the baptism of the Holy Spirit is the charismatic gifts movement coming down from from on high, which is prophesied in Joel Joel 228 and next wanted to you and you can also asked that I alright was a perfect time but will God bless. Okay hey folks, we are at a time of the Lord bless you and by his grace back on here. Tomorrow will talk to that you questions, you

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