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Prepare Him Room 2021- 4

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 1, 2021 5:00 am

Prepare Him Room 2021- 4

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 1, 2021 5:00 am

A New Years Special Treat From Robby's Favorite Book in The Bible

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So, happy new year, so wonderful to start out 2021 with you. I'm so glad that you tuned in to hear our last episode or prepare him room for 2021 about to be fun to do.

It actually on New Year's Day so for years. Actually, this is such a treat for me to be able to share something I actually been puzzling about for years and years and years and you may remember in the story of the Grinch by Dr. Seuss that he said he puzzled any puzzled until his puzzler was slower but there's been a passage in the song a song Solomon's song of Solomon. I have puzzled and puzzled and puzzled for years and years and years.

I God's given me glimpses of this and glimpses of that many many times and so he gave me another glimpse the same verse that I was in the back at trying to understand and I feel like I have a better understanding than ever.

But in so I thought I would share that for you because it seems so relevant to where were at today were start in the new year we have a new opportunity and ice personally see so much hope in this story but you gotta stay with me will bit because I'm sure like me, you're going to be a little bit confused until I can kind of take you where God took me so.

Song of Solomon chapter 5, verse two, a lot of people are familiar with because it's pretty famous verse from the standpoint of you heard it says I slept but my heart was awake and what is going on.

There is the song of Solomon.

Most people agree and I certainly do that is an allegory of Christ and the church. So the shoe might woman or the bride is in the story is, since the church wanted me personally. Robbie and and so I really see it that way and so when this love story is going on. It's kind of the love story between me and Jesus and and so it's extremely relevant to me in one of the things first made me fall in love with this book was in chapter 2. When the king is essentially chasing over the mountains and the part that just hit me right in the heart was when it says he peered through the lattice at me now.

When I was a young man I was pursuing this young my first love that I remember I found out where she lived, but I was too nervous to call an entire was coming over there but I just like to like I guess you got stocking down I would just go down to her street with the hope that I would get a look at her because I was just so infatuated. Well, the thought of Jesus actually coming into my neighborhood and peering down to find me in and getting a glimpse at me through the lattice gave me a sense of how much Jesus love me like a mountain since it's encouraged me for years and years and so as you go through the story you get to chapter 5 and here you know they've had a wonderful wedding night and and things are beautiful, but things go a little south here for second because of course that the bride is the church and sometimes we are asleep, and I've had a lot of fun.

Through the years comparing chapter 52. Peter's life, especially from the night of inner Jesus at the trail so we need says no that I slept but my heart was awake or you might remember Jesus couldn't get Peter and John and James wake up and he actually came out there so to get a song of Solomon chapter 5 verse five you just give you little context by starting at verse two, so it says the Sheila, might I sleep, but my heart is awake is the voice of my beloved Enoch, saying open for me, my sister, my love, my dog, my perfect one for my head is covered with do my locks with the drops of the night, I've taken off my robe. The shoe might of answering verse three. I've taken off my robe.

How can I put it on again. I wash my feet. How can I defile them, my beloved put his hand through the latch of the door in my heart yearned for him. In verse five she says I rose up to open for my beloved.

My hands dripped with murder my fingers with liquid number on the handles of the lock at at end. I was always intrigued. What exactly is going on with this murder clearly is often used in conjunction with an it was used as part of the anointing oil. It was used as part of the sweet incense in a very much.

You know, a part of the biblical narrative. So what exactly is going on where this happened, so to begin with. As I studied this years ago at Matthew Henry comments that in the Middle East in those days that doors were cut my hat when you know what you would see an old farmhouse for the top bar the door open without the bottom door.

The private door to be open so that air can flow through the building and and so for her beloved to reach his hand through to the Doris bolt.

In other words, you know, they use the old wooden bolts to to lock the door but it was the lower part of the door that was bolted in so he could easily reach his hand through because it would've been open to try to unbolt the door and at that point time she in our hearts moved and she gets up to get a minute, but when she gets up, he's gone and she touches the lock and she gets this liquid murder or what is going on there. While as I really began to think about that. Jesus left in my opinion this is my interpretation, Jesus left his anointing at the door.

In other words, at whatever point time because she was obviously asleep but her heart was awake and she was engaged like Peter was engaged in prayer that might not fall into temptation and then we got engaged. You know he chopped off the air.

This high priest to me just all over the place. But the point is, when you finally begin to get engaged Jesus's anointing is waiting on right so as you get up to unlatch the door to follow your lover as this woman did here and the rest of the chapters absolutely work worthy of reading in and comparing to Peter's flight that night and denying Jesus three times. I think you'll see that that like the bride in this when he gets his veil torn off, which is what I observed, that night is just a beautiful story but the thing that I never forget that I learned this week as I was preparing him room for 2021 is Jesus know sometimes around the asleep certainly am unfortunately too much. But the good news is when we decide to engage when we rise up, the anointing is waiting for us and there's a beautiful passage in Psalm 92 where King David is saying my horn shall be exalted like the horn of the unicorn which is conical as as I did with fresh oil is Psalm 92 verse 10 that word fresh is is actually similar to the word in Israel with the word green in Hebrew and and the idea being that when something is flourishing when something is fresh it's green and if you think about it. If you'll stay connected to the vine, then obviously you're going to get a fresh anointing in it.

In what it sounds like here because here's King David.

He's clearly anointed to be king, but he's talking here about a fresh anointing, and so it seems like as I go through my day.

I sleep through most of but whatever point in time that we want to rise up and we want to open the door and go chasing after Jesus we got unbolt about when we do is you touch that block and he stated stood at the door knocked at your member.

Well, he's going to give us a fresh anointing will be connected to the vine and once again will be able to bear much more fruit in 2021. I'm so grateful that you listen to these this week with me. I've had so much fun doing them and I do hope that I pray actually, I pray that God would make you I would bless you immensely shy in his face upon you that he would give you a fresh anointing in 2021. Thank you for listen

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