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#422 "...In these Uncertain Times"

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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June 20, 2020 12:46 pm

#422 "...In these Uncertain Times"

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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June 20, 2020 12:46 pm

A recent opinion column of mine sparked an interest the subject of "In these uncertain times." American Family Radio asked to interview me for short spot that airs on their network. 

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Peter Rosenberger is the host of the nationally syndicated radio program, HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER. He and his wife, Gracie (who has recovered from the COVID-19 virus) live in Southwest Montana.



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While in the emergency room with my wife as she was struggling with the coping 19 verse for silver looked aggressive in her skin. She still would have been through worse certainty of mankind's history with uncertain an article by Peter Rosenberger and then as her fever was approaching almost 103 she started singing in Christ alone. I place my trust from glory and the power cross. That's how she has anchored herself in the certainty of Christ through her huge medical journey that is included eight surgeries both of her legs hundred doctors triggered 12 hospitals and now the coping 19 and so when we live with those kinds of uncertainties, anchoring herself Christ and Christ alone. That's the only place we can run to whether certainty to read this article and more. Visit

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