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November 17, 2020 3:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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November 17, 2020 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses Philippians 4-6-7 as it relates to the time we are in.--2- What is your take on near-death experiences---3- Can you explain Matthew 24-36-51---4- Is the church the bride of Christ or Jerusalem like in Revelation 21---5- I was baptized LDS before becoming a Christian. Is that baptism acceptable---6- When a Christian dies, are they with Christ until he returns---7- I will be meeting with some LDS missionaries soon. What should I expect---8- Does Ephesians 5-11 apply to everything going on in the government today---9- What does baptism represent-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research what is really found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a max Y rises Matt slick slick union. You will recall, we are five lines 877-207-2276. Of course the election results were not in yet that is just a little bit disconcerting sometime. This is how it is. So this crazy world of ours. Right know that was remember God you control he allows certain things happen for certain reasons and as Christians we need to trust him and I have a siding trust and beyond her ability to understand you don't mind me there's a Scripture that were focusing on right now little bit considering everything that's going on.

This is this is 467 babies are great versus be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God and the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus finally broken, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute there's any excellence and if anything worthy of praise dwell on these things so that those are good words of looking for verses six and sold like 464-6846 33 objects for nothing for someone like myself who is a type A personality do work. It's a little bit difficult for me to submit that scripture because I get anxious. So many things to do. The challenge is to learn how to trust God through everything is not easy is not easy because so we have life issues of Renton family problems and automobile problems and no health issues. Work stuff and there's always something very, very rarely that we have these moments where we have no pressure on a significant spine so we are called to be trusting in Christ. I don't tell you is it's tough. I admit it stuff we can always do it, that's okay, you know, does say be anxious for nothing and everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. So you know if or trusting God in prayer and everything. I think that as anxious as neatly as he is difficult time and this is difficult thing some time to trust that you're praying you know the peace of God, such as the word word I need to know that you do to. You will do all right hey folks look if you want to give me call you talk all you do is dial 87720722765 open lines and for those of you who are in the chat area if you want type of question can address it that way as well is read and address it will find that they had cold here this cove is going around. My wife has it and so you exposed to it for days and days moving slowly but couldn't get things done so well there you go my gallantry left when she sees the fevers going down just get better after the eighth day of fever, so praise God just sent to you about her except the good woman is looking bad taste in men and to love the Lord. That's my wife described very quickly there, so she's good for tics and then she looks like a get all the women look good. You know I would just look good men we look like a bag of logs and women to just look good and she was good she did got anybody and she lowered her standard substantially and here we are married later on. All right, looks at five open lines when you give me a call 877-207-2276 and if you are interested in checking out some theology works in theology. We have three online schools. I do recommend them. Yes I did write them.

And yes, I'm a little prejudice about them, but I can tell you this. I spent so many many decades.

Learning theology on the streets and in seminary and in college and I know what is needed and what is necessary in order for people to understand the basics and a little more the basics of the Christian faith, so I didn't and not include a lot of this material in the school of theology apologetics in critical thinking is not something is good honorable copy sentence put down the know know know know this stuff that I know actually works actually is relevant naturally is important.

So if you're interested in checking some things out. Your theology is not that hard.

90 lessons with her short lessons and you can scroll through them at your own pace and error to sequential and one thing leads to another area we can ask questions or answer questions, and it's a self-guided and selfless of a big deal.

You can do that check things out but really do. And people have thousands of thousands of people signed up for lots of praise reports from people have really appreciated them so you can check them out and as I always say that we are weak and we keep the lights on with those schools only charge for them.

But as I've always used to tell you if you want those schools you can afford them. Just email it to say I just need to schools that can afford to begin to make that sits on the radio to do and I will ask a question about it, was there you go. Access is granted, and that is our goal is to cook body Christ not make cash. Our goal but we do have lights on.

The missionaries and things like that. So you go. All right, let's get on the phones with three open lines.

Let's get to the seat number is actually distracted her to zip 877 while eight 772-072-2760 McCall three open line. Steve from Utah you're on their, our all do all right hanging in there. We got hey I just wondered what your take on their Spirit… All matter what's going on.

No. Well let me go to go to skew the cost because of the covert stuff on the house. I have it or not enough like I'm coughing Mike down to go to our second Corinthians 12 and talk about some stuff here. This is what it says it's a good idea 12 to I know a man in Christ who 14 years ago, whether in the body or I do not know or out of the body I do not know God, no such man was caught up in the third heaven and I know how such a man, whether in the body or parka, but I do not know Godwas caught up in the paradise and heard inexpressible words which a man is not permitted to speak so most people think the scholars think is probably Paul talked about himself when he was left outside the city, stoned, and yet it and maybe the call in on their death experience and go in the binder of the body right there is the clue and he saw things so is it possible it certainly seems to be the case right there not actually studied NDE's near-death experiences and more than one book Baltimore on on what convinces me that there's some legitimacy.

I got noisy background, but could you get a better that's that's much better. You look your tumbling on a hillside. So what I've read NDE's accounts were people who were born blind never seen. They have family members in the hospital either emergency surgery or whatever surgery and they died so to speak on the table and they have when they wake up covered the best you described different people and they were able to recognize people, not by sight.

But my voice and he would point that you are here you are over there you over there and is no way to explain that other than I the NDE was legit in the Bible does say that the soul continues on after the body was Dragon bodies around their value what you got going on down the number, so I looked though better yet yeah yeah it's best if the seeking understand people doing things on on when on the phone line audio listing the cars on the freeways and what they hear satellites turn the radio down.

They hear sound that can imitate sounds of a car can distract them if we want to make sure that clear. So what you asked my view. I think that there's legitimate legitimacy to them. We can't just throw them all out all at once, but since the ingredients to executive 12 two through four seems to support that idea okay what about Dr. Brady actually every died before so I I don't know I may not die greater what's going on would believe pride board last year so in §28 is the account of the witch of Endor, and Saul said they have blessed us with he comes back and so I summoned so that this happens right. So for some 20 all right, so you know it's something to be going on but we can't get out of them. That's what I okay will I appreciate it all right okay hence I all right got Lewis was Steve from Utah, folks. Therefore wide open line 20.

McCall, 877-207-2276 only from Florida.

Welcome you are on the air guard all right hanging out waiting on that but I was wondering about Matthew 2432 one.

I was wondering if the command from data, whether or not we should actually be interpreting time profit the me that you get the kind of bank like if you're interpreting me things are actually looking at it the wrong way… Kind of like you to read little to end the first section 36 241 is really important to the date or the hour no one knows not of needles and having a man the son.

The father alone. Incidentally, what that means is that the ideals of the wedding feast of the time when the bride and groom work betrothed they had to know the day of the wedding so that relatives food wine could be produced and delivered and so they had to know it wasn't just a shotgun wedding on the back of somebody's yard of it was a big celebration and the son's job was to build onto the house and extra room so that when the father would say.

Now you go get your bride is always on that day. It was an idiomatic phrase in your bride and he would go with the trumpeters. What if you on hold waiting in a go get the bride come back to that place and to know that Jesus says I go to prepare a place for you and I will come and receive you back to my own uterus. He's talking about the wedding feast and what are the idiomatic phrases that the friends of the son would say is what is your gag and let you in safe. No one knows the father alone phrase is important to talk about after the break the hold on okay like that death is vestiges of mass like why call 770727 is Matt's leg going to continue with this stuff. I never worked like you do some research on it just has to the wedding feast. Not many people know about it and I forgot where I learned it but some years. So I was at a conference and we were out eating afterwards and this Jewish guy who's a Christian, a very Jewish Christian love the Lord.

He heard me talk about this and he said he was amazed. He said he never heard of a Gentile, ever, ever knowing about the city are right, but some Ford also says nurses for the coming the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah. Know what I have on my screen. My computer is 2437 I met in Luke 1726 which says the same thing as it says in Luke 17, just as it had happened.

The days of Noah, so shall it be a look man for 30 supplement for the coming this other man would just like the days of Noah, to say the same thing okay and he says they were eating, they were drinking or giving in marriage of the knowing of the ark. They did not understand the flood came and took them all away and express 24 in Luke 17 it says they were eating. There were drinking or giving in marriage to the day that knowing of the ark of the flood came and destroyed them all to the ones were eating and drinking and marrying are the ones were destroyed and so most people think that this is a rapture verse is not the rapture occurs, but it's elsewhere, and so this is about destruction of the wicked in situ mental bean field was taken was left. It's the wicked were taken and so when you go to Matthew 13 do this corrupt for people. Matthew 1330 words, the parable of the week. The tears are people saying we know Jesus says do allow growth to go together in the week that Ursula will them both to grow but first gather up the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them together the week of the marks of Jesus as a first once gathered at the end of the harvest of the wicked excess and in Matthew 20 4X the wicked were taken in Luke 17. They asked Jesus will where the taken he actually answers the question of the people were taken when the field one is left one is taken. They asked him where he says in the Luke 1737, when the body is there.

Also, the vultures will be gathered taking the place of death and destruction write letters going on there and if you go to the second part of the rickety therefore be on the alert, for you do not know which day your Lord is coming, but be sure of the state of the, the head of the house had known at what time of the night the thief was coming, you have been on the alert would not have allowed his house to be broken into. For this very reason I say be ready. The Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not think he will that's interesting and we don't think you will a lot of people say that is going to happen in a certain day. Okay the read Matthew 2444. When you think so also about this pre-tribulation rapture the court of the theology of credulous rapture seven years later that when Jesus returns, all you do is add seven years to the day of the rapture and you'll know when he returns. So Bobby don't touch me.

When Jesus is no man will know this is the Son of Man is coming at an hour when you do not think you will will not I'm sorry but it was heaven or jubilation. Seven years later because you know yeah so I let them out there like here is your bid mid-trip but yeah but music videos to separate anyway there's a problem with is faithful and sensible slave who was better put in charge of the household for the proper time lesson is a slave whose master finds doing when he comes.

This is really important because now I do believe in. Dr. Brett sent got it, thinking there a lot of directly thing with another Christian day and a lot of the out there think like that.

I think the old and nine will always looking for the end of the world growing, looking but I feel that the burden point of that right now.

Not exactly what are we supposed to be doing. That's the key. Who's the faithful and sensible slave who was Fatma his master put in charge of his household. No, we are the ones Christians who are so to speak, put in the in charge of the kingdom here on earth in a loose sense kings and priests, along with Christ in the loose sense were to be preaching and teaching the gospel that her job is not to get bank accounts not to get a bunch of stuff and healthy and wealthy. All this is idiocy that is stalked.

God may want it for some people, but he may not want to pursue people so that's the whole point and so one of the things I recover when I say this I will post tribulation rapture and if you believe pre-that's okay. It's just whenever I'm not knocking at the guy just not convinced of it but one of the dangers is dangerous for every position.

Okay, but one of the dangers of preacher bluish position is that it can bring people to the place of not occupying you know neck and worry about because we rapture do I get an education.

Why do this why you don't and look at Radford any day now and don't do anything in the Bible says that that's the opposite with keep going work.

If I knew that the Lord was to come back exactly 7 days from now I would be out there going door-to-door well on Morgan radio and Internet thought is coming back. You can get pretty average would get busy. You have to be doing well. I got home in more than very much. God bless God bless you mix complex solids in Florida.

If that's is what you become free open lines to open lines 877-207-2276 look at the Jeff from Iowa. Jeff welcome your field.

I am so glad you do. At least that's one person good. I will include pretrip rapture and also noted the church is the bride of Christ. Now I was doing some studying yesterday and I came across Revelation 21 and it told me some totally different that the bride is actually the city of Jerusalem, heaven, and I just want to look good you got all words knew the meaning context right so we always have to to look at them just because the word bride appears in one place as meaning means the same thing and somebody simply sells right okay so we are the bride after not write book of Esther that I see that in the Old Testament says that the Jews were God's bride W break.

Okay hey folks live with my 77 mass Y call 770776 tares mats like I welcome you back on the show after we got there, it will now convinced that it is not coming until the end from right foot.I was still looking at the bride of Christ, back to the New Testament and I see Paul referencing that he married us through his speaking married us to Jesus in our fornicating with other Jesus is just a metaphor. I don't really find anywhere.

I was one of the lessons for that because when he would is talking about here. The bride, the analogy of the bride with the church is is analogous to marriage and adultery writers is considered of spiritual flirtation or worshiping and serving other gods, so our church or my believer.

God issues Israel rate of divorce for their idolatry, which was a form of spiritual adultery. Is this a threat. I came across that also trying to get the answer for this, but it's just that the verses that I'm CN all John the Baptist says it is Christ friend not as bride, will you understand something just because he said Jesus friended Smitty's not in the bride situation set up.

Ultimately, don't.

Don't make the mistake of thinking he says I'm a friend if he decides that it does mean something else right. I was just trying to well because he so clear on the sand.

The Jerusalem is come down to that show you the bride. What is Jerusalem. Then he shows you Jerusalem, Jerusalem, all that's it also says that is paved with the same cloaks to their bright and clear what got I said that he also gives a physical description of the all 5000 mile Square coming down out of heaven and in their noticed water coming out. Notice what it says in 21 two when I saw the holy city Jerusalem coming down out of heaven made ready as a bride as a right right yeah it just is made, it is the bride. It's just that you knowledgeably dressed up in oh okay what about just down the path that when the second reference that I do have it written down in your shaman the and I wanted conquers will have it. I will be of God, and you will be my one lucky son and a bride. I see the verse have to look at executive or so that the red light .137327 okay that loud voice from the throne saying, behold, the tabernacle God is among men. You will dwell among them, and they shall be as people, and God himself will be among your wife will the cheers the B death, no more crying in pain existence from behold making all things new site is done on the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end will give the one who thirst in the spring of water without cost to overcome these things will be his God will be my son. All right. Okay so in verse nine. Talked with bride here will show you the bride, the wife of the Lamb. That's the church.

Well, that's what I would think the very throne in the city of the life of the Lamb.but will short the issue is because in roughly 19 the rights of the church like the Lamb mixed with tenants from new Jerusalem is adorned as a bride to say it is a bright right click forgot I was going to bride any take them to a high mountain city of Jerusalem, coming down so I got the I was like reading that maybe were not the bride or just a guess that fits with some parables lurk in all of you… Just get people to come into the wedding well know this is a difficult area Scripture to interpret logical will pick up on this, but it says in verse 11 that is up to 10 and he carried me away in the Spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me the holy city Jerusalem got out of heaven, having the glory of God. Her brilliance was like a very costly stone is a stone of crystal-clear jasper in excess 24 nine 211 they would if they see the God of Israel and under seat was a parapet of sapphires clear as a Skype some references so there seems to be something but the very nature of heaven impurity. There represented by stones. Believe it or not in a Taco Bell gay pearls then, so it's just tough and old. It's tough.

It's tough to to interpret. I wouldn't I would interpret it too literally in relation because in order to understand Revelation yet to go through the Old Testament letter to said verse 11. The crystal-clear jasper will that's the place were the throne of God is in exit 24, 911 so we sent me you know it really becomes involved. A lot of people will do is they'll only read one little thing and drew interest in Revelation is a that's what it means they can't do that, you got a really good your homework.

It's considered the book of Revelation.

Look at the index to the entire Old Testament and wants references references also but I think it can stand alone and then everything else that we can't imagine yes kind of yes with the idea and you have to do research if I was little, I Revelation I would expect to your study started to study you to your study that is prepping. I would expect all right and I appreciate your time is a great day YouTube goblins. All right, let's get over with the most welcome throughout Merriweather okay okay I I've got it where first. I'll call her all right.

Longtime Christian and but I have to question for you if we have the time. Okay, so my first question is though, when I got into the Mormon church. I was baptized in the Mormon church and then I got out of the Mormon church not because of what I know now know my weaknesses but I does not baptism… Him that I was baptized away at an alarming third even though I truly believe that I did before God and before Christ that affect the book before the Lord is not a true baptism is a false baptism in a non-Christian cult so you baptism there has no bearing has no relevance is not true has no efficacy. You need to be baptized in the truth and eject Trinitarian cents and get baptized is a lot okay without much ado, but will look like real fast. Okay, I went diving crying. I was there that we stand before the Lord and we are God….I died with Christ back from death to life on Google so little spirit so reverently going back with the church in either Angel or or or are they allowed to come back and even showing the child. Some people claim you know there's a chasm between there and here blessing 1619 2131 and come back so familiar spirits that imitate loft lost loved ones is for the purpose of deception, swing Christians die they go to the place to be with the Lord. When the unbelievers that I think of a bad place. The judgment later occurs seat. The white throne judgment. Things like that to cast a good eternal darkness and to eat eternal rewards.

This way future. Okay okay so I appreciate your time. I appreciate you after my call you thoroughly thought you are really cool you and all your friends, and again just get go get baptized okay and that Malott Mall Dominic of the yet. Well, not not now that I know now okay there yet but I'm okay right let's get to Craig Texas Craig welcome you near I got there with you. Yeah I yeah I got employee wanted them to call in about an attached Topic JW before I handle on how to interact and wallow in bed all tomorrow I am going to get to meet up with them Mormon missionaries there church and really what I need now is generally what what to expect as far as I'm going to align stand being aware of the terminology that they use and attempting to either confuse or have any garden-variety brick home on Québec Facebook line 877 mass Y call 770-7276 charismatic slave Craig back on here all all tomorrow and go get some missionaries shop shop talk and whatnot and now is never interact with Mormons forced out what what what to expect going into their church. Yet, they invited so I would do for review.

This is spread before you go in July 1940 before with your wife whatever display preferred the opportunity to be present in the true gospel enough to get celestial coatings okay so go to the charge go a little bit early and asked to be shown around asked to show the building because the building is designed around their family ministry work in the central area and it's worth looking at the building you'll see pictures of the car blew up on your block Caucasian server Jesus on the walls and if I were you I would even asked to go much ends on Sunday and go to church with him on Sunday. Don't cause any problems don't go to a disrespectful disco set and just watch and observe and I want to tell you what you might observe or lack thereof that I want Shay Joseph. I would recommend you do that and if if you do call back on Monday to set thought I'd look like to hear your impression their notes. I've done this before churches and mortgagors many times that I've been asked to leave. Despite showing up your that's like yes yes believe that I didn't do that a lot don't gotta go.

Okay, but most the time you can find this to be very friendly.

They're not there to deceive you. They are deceived but there good folks, you know, if you were to drive your car out there in the parking lot get a flat tire to help you right there there decent people. They really are. Mormons are great folks for the most part there's jerks there like anyplace you know how it interact so just listen to them, take notes on what to tell you that to tell you about the pasta ceiling to tell you how Joseph Smith restored the true gospel etc. etc. to stick notes and if you want to confirm they do have a sales pitch that oh yeah, you have a routine that they go through and the metrics will talk to you and the females unless it is an unusual circumstance but you know and and are not out there to hurt you are not out there to to do anything bad to you. They are there to help you. That's what their intention is not there deceived they will false God allows Christ, false gospel, but you'll also find out that the average 19-year-old, 20-year-old Mormon missionary is very ill-prepared for any difficult question of the study very much they just told the pitch, so to speak, is enough to have a manual to go through the showing picture. Sometimes this and that and him you know I would just take notes and even to the point where you don't say anything just say what now I'm interested.

Thank you for the information I come to church on Sunday. They would love that, and take more notes then you'll be ready to be able to witness to them a great deal better because I didn't know what you're up against going to a Mormon ward actually chapel is something to recommend people deal you want to see what's there and see what's not there and see if you pick up on that. I think if you go call me on Monday or Tuesday. Let me know. I slept really well and I want grant them think I'm starting out. We are watching Lucinda Walter Martin and what he is like. I don't think the 19-year-old boggy school 90% of what he's talking about. So would be kind of Stephen go there yeah and I met Walter Martin several times before he passed away so that privilege of meeting him yet. I agree with you they don't know much. I've met a few Mormon missionaries over the years who do know some stuff for the most part I don't and I'm not knocking them. Come on I body I study this stuff they don't and so right that are expected to know very many things, but after a couple years of missionary they've done their homework more and more they learned more so you'll find a link. The really nice guys really helpful. Okay, I'll just take Daniel advisement kind of backpack that I was leading down. I was just trying to try to get more likely feel for you gone – shall I let me know what happens okay. I'm certainly well call me Monday that I be the way all right. I thought that okay great all right let's get to Frank from Arizona hey Frank, welcome hello hello you're here with Matt slick yeah yeah I called about Ephesians 511 pertaining to what going on in the government today that applies to that which I assume it does, yet it's very diverse. In fact, it was written on the board before fricative call. I look at verse and only memorize at verse Ephesians 511 do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness but instead even expose them. You know now it's it is a great verse and the unfruitful deeds of darkness occur everywhere in our homes and our churches and our jobs and our governments. We need to pick and choose how we do that we are called descriptions to expose evil to deal with it can be very costly, but here's the thing was that as Christians what's unfortunate was happening in Christianity today is sitting summarize it with a fragmented faith were people bigger and throws rocks at each other the.

The Christian firing squad is a circle. They often glided literally because of the domination federal all over well there stats and because you know I went to a Lutheran College of Presbyterian seminary. You don't attended Calvary Chapel of the two Baptist churches in their good Christians everywhere. The casino is to learn with the essentials are and keep our eyes on the cross and the blood that drain down on that wood to the dirt and saves us.

That's what we need to focus on this person work the sacrifice of Christ, not in preach of rapture post-trip rapture not in Calvinism, non-Calvinism, we need to focus on those issues that unite us and then we need to march forward in righteousness. Together, the enemy of the gospel wants us divided. The denominations are a sad sinful embarrassment in the Christian body as a whole, especially among Protestants. What we need to be united in not only denominational problems but there are heresies being taught inside the Christian church that it were the heavens also does good… Limited atonement come into play. I mean I am a believer that it's all of Christ and an EE one that God is near not not my choice, but his choice yes you draw hands docs 44 grants we come to Christ. John 665 and he grants we believe is 129 that these were the Bible says our prayers are to ask God to save others that he uses us. We don't know how it all works are jumbo I SOS we do. I know I would witness a lot of advantage lies a lot.

I'm always look for opportunities to share the faith always now a and doing the gospel said limited, and they brought up when you going to bring up limited telemedicine in-house debates on with Jesus and the sins of only the elect, or every individual who ever lived, but now I just just tell people looking to Jesus you know you need to repent of your sin come to Christ you trust what Jesus Christ did. He's got a flash. He died the cross he rose the dead three days later, that resurrection proves who he is and proves it. What is through the trust in Christ.

That's what we need to do and you will you know and if you receive Jesus, then your life will get healthy and wealthy. Inevitably nice is not true. Well I don't know.

So we need to be let present the gospel message. A lot of Christians, but even with the gospel messages okay. Another question will be get to the callers waiting for the winter while solidity to them. Okay, call back Monday. All right all okay will do thank the primary got blessed. Hey, let's get to Al from Ohio. We lost and let's get to jump from our strong man must go to Ajo welcoming on here, met yes I can as I can when he got buddy.

Are you going out with her workbook event. So I my brother bought them from Allstate and get the pause in the last minute because equal good people just getting so expensive.

What is baptism but the why believe it's a sign and the seal of the covenant, the face of righteousness. We have so were baptized as a public declaration identification with Christ and in Romans 411 it says that Abraham received the sign of circumcision, a seal of the righteousness of faith. So circumcision was a sign but is also a seal of the righteousness of faith which he had while uncircumcised.

I bring this up because Paul in Colossians 2 1112 says even circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, having been there with him in baptism. So Paul relates circumcision baptism a lot it really does right there in Colossians 211, 12, so since he does. And since Romans 411 says that circumcision is a sign and also a seal of the righteous the faith. I affirm my belief is that baptism is a sign and is a seal of the righteous, the faith which we have in Christ. It's the New Testament equivalent circumcision involve the shedding of blood on the male organ federal headship male representation. The shedding of blood, which is a typology of the sacrifice of Christ the mail the man headship I could expand on.

We have much time left and so it's also a seal of the righteousness that is there in the covenant that's that's an aspect there and Paul mentions assume the righteousness of faith. So he was circumcised. Abraham was while you he believed he was circumcised or still records the faith which he had while uncircumcised to oppose making special point there, but so I think the related to exactly what extent I believe that the baptism of the very least, is a sign as well as a seal of the righteousness that we have in Christ about New York got all I would feel in my path about a great expert faith that their cousin represent you thought include the old man invited them again. It can if you can represent that had an efficient six, four, five and six talks about because it says in Ephesians 6 we were crucified with Christ and efficient form are buried with him also will.

If we were buried with him about people think it just means baptism, but not necessarily so.

Since this is were crucified with him and I think it was interesting as we go to Romans chapter 6 quickly, because the time you can read it. Our old self was crucified with him for six we been buried with him to baptism verse four visit his baptism. Baptism does nothing but leave very least, were identified with Christ. Go back Monday okay what I know are going to write the blessed folks ready time the Lord bless you have a great by his grace

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