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Christian Car Guy Theater 56

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 23, 2020 10:25 am

Christian Car Guy Theater 56

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 23, 2020 10:25 am

Plymouth Valiant Makes his way to the house of Infinity Interpreter and visits the first two rooms


Now time for today's episode of Plymouth fully and completely based on John Bunyan's classic, the Pilgrim's progress.

Today's episode eight Christian Car both as a podcast with episodes one through seven, easily catch up with a series but also so you can follow along. The original book for today's episode, and most importantly Scripture references that go along with today's episode that helped greatly in the interpretation, progress, then Jimmy, our hero from saw in his dream. Plymouth valiant and GMC goodwill were discussing Diane's burden the luggage that was still on his rack after driving through the narrow Turnpike is some way can just as to be content. Until the alchemist took the place of deliverance for their will fall from the back of itself, then valiant began to gird up his loins to address himself to his journey as valiant was about to drive off goodwill told when you've gone some distance from the Turnpike. You will come at the garage of infinity interpreter store should not and he will show you some excellent then take his friend and he again he went down the narrow way until he came. I am a man, city of destruction going to the mountainside that was told by the man that stands at the head this way, showing excellent things such as help to me in my journey.

I will show that profitable. So infinity interpreter have value and bid his servants, and open the ones that don't read you saw the picture of a very brave sedan hang up against the wall and this was the fashion sedan had headlights lifted up in the best books was on its front seat. The law was written upon its grill in the world is strong. It drove as if it pleaded with sedans and crown of gold that hang over this this whose picture this use is one of a thousand. He can beget children from birth with children and nurse them himself when they are bold and that's where I was having the best of Sony's front seat and all grill show dog is also dousing his drive with sedan, and whereas now sees the world as cast behind and that our crowd hangs over his head just to show that slicing and despising the things that are present for the love that he is master service sure were comes next, to have Lori. Yes, despising the things present messages now.

I have shown this picture.

First, because the sedan was picture this is the only sedan the Lord with a dialogue going have authorized to be that I guide all difficult places, how mayors meet the way where take good what I have shown farewell in my mind what thou hast seen last night journey, thou meet with some that tend to lead their way goes down then infinity interpreter valiant and led him into a very large because never swam winter after he reviewed a little while. Infinity interpreter called Molly Mitsubishi to sweep Molly old Molly, could you bring grown men walk and when Molly began to sweep the testing and saw a flyer about valiant it almost there with Joe.

Bring the water and sprinkle three Pratt when Molly Mitsubishi made it was cleansed with pleasure. What this this parlor is the heart of a sedan that was never sanctified.

This week Grace Goss drops is his original sin and inward corrections that have defiled the holes.

She began to sweep at first is the law. But when she that brought water and did sprinkle it. It is the gospel now whereas thou sauce that so soon as the first began to sweep the dust did so flyer about the room by human could not be claims that thou wast almost choked with this is to show instead of cleansing the heart like it's working from sin 35 puts strength to an increase in the soul, even as it docked, discover and full printed for it does not give power to subcu this luggage that is on my again as thou sauce.

The damsel sprinkle with water upon which it was cleansed with pleasure.

This is to show that when the gospel comes in the sweet and precious influences thereof to the heart.

Then I say, even as thou sauce but absolutely best by sprinkling the floor with water so is sin vanquished and subcu and the soulmate clean through the faith of it, and consequently fit for the King of glory, to inhabit his past Jesus Christ for the next exciting event for an appointment now all I get you there. Health Turnpike and eight, will the group have been a huge help to me. Understanding Galatians the economy that wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring Christ that we might be my luggage on his back is cleaning to do that. God's book.

If you only trust Christ on the cross and that he can get going on his way down right next room and interpreted my

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