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Christian Car Guy - Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 10, 2020 4:26 pm

Christian Car Guy - Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 10, 2020 4:26 pm

Apples, pineapples, bananas and more.  Robby and Bob Young get fruity.  It's fun and encouraging.  Hang on - at the end ANOTHER installment of Plymouth's Progress.  Valiant moves further!

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This is Rodney from the masculine journey podcast. We explored manhood within Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just a few seconds.

Sit back and enjoy it, share it, most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network day radio show Bob, just say that Marvin Gaye had a voice in a while since I heard down I believe it was on the loan commercial that today show is fruit salad yummy yummy.

And for those of you ever listen to the wiggles sing fruit salad. It's one of those mine models that you can all share you the car. I'll spare you the chorus. Other than to say fruit salad yummy yummy so you might guess that we talk about fruit today on the Christian Car Guy showing. I know that immediately. You may think of lemons like I like the lemon tree that that that's that's too easy you know where were going other places you know I love to hey Mr. Tolley man telling me bananas.

Did you know Bob really is adjustable from the fact that I really enjoy that what he's talking about is if ever done telling Marjorie with 12345 mean draw the line. That's what he was saying telling my bananas. In other words, you go 1234.

Then you draw the line across that's tally marks I've used them a lot, but I never knew what they were count and another call tally marks and that's what he was wanting to tally his banana sometimes tally and Strawberry Fields. There's some fruit and for those of you are really fruit lovers. I bet you might've caught that that was the Orange Blossom special that little violin Concerto there which I certainly loved and of course I heard it through the grapevine so have you ever danced to the Orange Blossom special.

I have your flat better. I can see that his legs are not tried, but I so herein is John 15 eight. Herein is my Father glorified, that you bear much fruit and so you be my disciples. And so what is that look like practically when you have you seen that in your life. Somehow or you seen somebody that was just like bearing much fruit so much fruit that that you just said man, God must be in that because it's just beyond cool or have you ever felt like you were not bearing much not getting better. There have been through spells of my life where I just felt like yeast today so many good things for so many people in and then you know you're not doing things for other people and it starts to drain and is been brought to my attention that I need to pay a little more attention to the calling and answer a few more cows and and make a few more calls and contact some folks and I got those opportunities presented to me this weekend. Part of me has me sitting in that chair when I listen I'm so glad we don't talk about different kinds of fruit there's good fruit and then there's the kind that you got to nip it in a little later, but the good fruit so Monday night you know you know I cut my finger with the hedge claim or tremor you might be familiar with that story and you might be familiar that the following week I got an infection from that into my leg and I ended up in the hospital. What you may not be familiar with this in the following Monday night. My life is like. So every Monday night, we just go to the hospital so he had a standing appointment. I guess I do, because all these biotic antibiotics got to my stomach. I thought and I will get meant I didn't wake up. I couldn't go to sleep Monday night, until finally I said I guess for grammatical emergency room that is had this pain in my gut, and you we got down the manual and the doctor told me I have acute it's really beautiful at night but they said it was cute so I think it why does allow the viewers seen it acute. If you receive an acute direct it was in more antibiotics and more like what it what what interesting week.

I have as a result of all this, but as I was sitting in the hospital waiting room waiting for all the stuff but there's your seamless MTV.

That's plan you can't hear anything but the subtitles are running and wheel of Fortune. It helps to speed read, write, and I'm just watching wheel of you know I wouldn't normally watch wheel of fortune on the bed, but I'm certain I got nothing else to do. So here's this and there's this delightful young lady and then to other people playing with her and the game starts and every time she spends is like lose your turn or bang that I and I was looking at the expression on her face and she was not bothered Bob. I mean, it did not bother her at all.

As a matter fact, apart, to just simply shocked me was his these other people were winning. She was genuinely you could see it in her eyes that she was like excited for them and I was like I can't believe this woman's attitude.

I mean I would be so upset that I got bankrupt I was watching it I was like this. This is amazing this woman. I just never ever forget it because as I did. I've said that has to be God because that that's just not normal what she's you know the way she's acting towards use of the people you know who won the game bomb I feel it must've been her. Yeah like from out of nowhere, all the sudden she wins the triple Duper whopper you know thingy and she and and she ends up winning but hurt her delight in her own wedding was no different than the delight that she had when other people were winning and I thought that's that's what I'm seeing right there that's it. I mean, that's a beautiful thing to see somebody actually rejoice at somebody else's that their own expense at their own expense, and so I was to sit there and I was like okay God. How do I how do I get that little you know what, what am I missing. I know myself too well. Bob to know that you and when I hit that bankrupt.

This is not happy. Robbie, so he took me into the Lord's prayer, which I just have this never ending struggle to understand the Lord's prayer.

I especially struggle with that lead us not into temptation. What is that exactly mean and then deliver us from evil. So interestingly as I go to pray. The next morning Mrs. after all the shenanigans with my whatever and then he wants me to look at the word please and and so I look at the word please.

In the Old Testament.

What that what I am up with is actually going in the Exodus where it talked about not, please, and in Exodus 21. Actually it says is she not please her master when I looked at that in Hebrew, Bob the word for not please was the same word is evil and all the sudden it was like a lightning bolt hit my headlight and I got to shows you some pay attention. Robbie Pam hits on the side of the head with this. Wait a minute I got that this morning and deliver us from not pleasing now. Evil is like oh I get it, like if I'm not pleasing you, whatever that may be in the topic of whatever I'm not abiding to the whole idea they were to bear much fruit right comes from John 15 you says apart from me you can do nothing that that that phrase just echoes in my mind all the time, apart from me you can do nothing. So if I am not doing anything that doesn't please him like if I write delivered me from not pleasing him then all of a sudden you know there you go, and then as I was studying the right deliver me ever leave me not into temptation.

I looked closely at Exodus 1717 works where the Lord was talking about Mayor about and the people were saying is the Lord among us or not. And that's why they called it testing the Lord so when you start saying G I'm in a place where God isn't, whatever that looks like then you're in a place of temptation. I have this friend who struggles all the time of this feeling of God's always for everybody else's never for me. Everybody else gets what they want. I never get what I want. Does that sound familiar like that let you know what and that place right there that's America.

That's like God's not for me.

God not in this God is not with me that's not abiding, C, and so if I can get back to deliver me, not from places where I don't think you're there for me to get to your calls during a minute I hope you got here. Episode seven this, the end.

And so we got all sorts of stuff, and stagehands are much more Christian card Diane Bob you're listening to the Truth Network and will see bottom that actually can be. If the orange blocks and facial don't make your feet may be might need to see a doctor fruit salad yummy yummy today on the Christian card I show course as always, we would love to hear from you.

866-348-7884 and we are get into this fruit, but I want to mention speaking of fruit, you know, we can all improve ourselves in today on the cure at 1 o'clock on the Truth Network Amy combo show she's going to have Faust Rogerio.

She's a therapist speaking about how to improve ourselves. And so that's a live show someone o'clock Eastern on the Truth Network ants on their app. It's called the cure.

You can get the podcast live actually and call in and enjoy that today at 1 o'clock so as I was continuing in the Lord's prayer, trying to figure out how to buy a few and every thought about this but I I once was listening to the Truth Network long before I worked for the Truth Network.

This is probably about 2003 has listed James Dobson in this person was talking to some Focus on the Family back then and they were talking about that this man had lost his wife and after he lost his wife. Of course he was lonely and needed comfort and it says he just started praying more and more to Jesus and he said it was, like I was picking up the phone and I was calling Jesus and he said, and then I got to the point where I never hung up and it was like wowsers like that that that's it that's that's that's what I want right there so how do we get to that point, Bob in our life that we are abiding in Christ. Just like you've picked up the phone right is so amazing. He said pick up the phone because the thing that hit my mind is when you said how do we abandon is it's by listening and then you say pick up the phone and I was fixing the write it down to make sure I mentioned it, but I get to mention it now listening to what God still need a day and act on and ran into a gentleman this week and I knew they'd had some problems in his past. As we all have and his problems and my problems have a lot of similarities and everything I knew less press attempting the first time assignment to get a chance to talk to him were supposed to get together next day.

Yesterday I was going to be leaving that.

I told my wineglasses. I have got to talk to this guy before I leave today and I insisted and she didn't have any problem with it because she knew where the cow came from and everything and that so I went in a founding and we had a very, very, very good to and it made a difference in my life.

If it didn't and he is and I hope dropped little freight in his basket because it was it was a it was fruitful for me and it all started by listening and I ignore God so many times he know okay but need to do this and and I you know do what I want to do instead of what God's tell me today and that is never fruitful and it's just such a great feeling of sin there this morning texting with Jerry and Ashley and if we could swap weeks this month and God sent me and heads into one of Robbie's got some money on home show with a miss morning I texted Robbie acid.

Do you have against and they responded that come out and I jumped in the car and I read it here and instead of sin there on a rainy day. Be in a cast potato and then I got hit and I came appearing I could speak with Ali and Ann definitely has dropped some more fruit in my basket and the awesome Anita Springs in the community because there's so much in that passage in John 15, about love one another. We are supposed to love one another. How do we do that and and what is that look like so wanted to tell a story about some trooper got dropped in my basket and then I want to hear your stories by the weight 866-34-TRUTH 7884 is when I first got connected with the Truth Network. Actually I met Stu Epperson, who owns the Truth Network which I was well over 20 stations.

I ended up investing in something that I really been rethought. While this might be end up in the best of the best investment I ever make in my entire life, but it really did turn out that way because I was that I was the car dealer in Marksville. You know and and Stu wanted to start the station. He was a good friend of mine in and he shows up one day and and he's like Robbie, I want to start this new teaching and taught Christian stationers in a format like this in North Carolina that's like what I'm talking about and I really think this would be good. We can do teaching and talk Christian not music just teaching and talk and this is this was his passion. I could see it was at and so would you consider you now help sponsor this whatever and in and so I know the same thing you did Bob. At one point in time you invested the same way in the Truth Network family did so the you know it's a funny story really from my point of view. I ended up sponsoring more and more in this time went on, you know, I was investing more and more, but I didn't do it to so many cars and I never sold any cars you know you just never happen and and so this was in a 1998, 1999, 2000, so by the time 2006 rolled around and I got called to do the Christian card I show you know I talk to Stu about doing the show I said when I go on the Sharma drop all my advertising is going pay you what I know what I've been paying you but I wanted I want to conflict of interest anybody would come by a car because you know my affiliation here so it to seem like the right thing to do while after I dropped all my advertising is what happened. Bob. But now, think about, I invested whatever money and all those other radio stations and you how much money did you spend advertising 109 yen yen I spent I don't want to know how much money I spent do know is about $20,000 month plasma car business up to the spent in advertising on other stations and all that I did, but the small amount comparatively that I spent on the Truth Network think about the fruit of what that ended up being like would provide my family. Not to mention you know what it did for the kingdom. Obviously you know your I am years later and like all I did was listen just a little bit. So what's your story, 86634 truth 866-34-TRUTH seven you're listening to the Truth Network and and but in the car. I have to let it run as we're talking fruit salad yummy yummy in order to have fruit valid yummy yummy Bob can't let Bernie find because it will get nipped in the butt at the Ford fruit yeah and there's this beautiful passage in the song of Solomon, which while I'm waiting on your stories, which I still want your stories. We very much will have this one segment giving a Christian card I theater coming up here in a minute like Pilgrim's progress. Chapter 7 so awesome. I meant to tell you a little spoiler alert Valium is going to make it to the narrow gate and it's going to be awesome synonymous that, but while might not know stories that 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Go to talk about nipping it because I love that I've always loved it. You might know about that but anyway there's a passage in the song of Solomon chapter 2, where it says you know he did the song of Solomon is the story of actually Jesus being our lover and the church and so he is calling to us and and I love this. He's calling him for his lover to go away to the vineyards at an you know I'm one romantic thing right to get off to go somewhere with your bride what he wants to do that without us and and think about any retreat you ever went on you when you got to be a camper wherever it was an you got to be alone with him or you could smell the flowers and all that.

That's all part of the deal because he wants to get you there were, and then it it it says where we can smell the blossoms but then he says very specifically catch the little foxes nab him grab them little rascals before they nip it in the butt because there's all these distractions that will cause the young grapes not to happen. So in apparently and vineyards back in Israel. Solomon knew that there were these little foxes and probably some kind of escrow that would beat the buds off.

The author finds which had yet to catch those little devils and in the way it actually says it is a bridge in Hebrew is pretty strong like you got to map these little devils.

I mean, you gotta give him nip it in the don't let him then let them little levels before then. It is otherwise your budgets and you know you know it's it's it's it's a beautiful thing and so you gotta go back to your own life right and in even my prayer life. In the morning I I have to catch these little rascals come to get me going off I'm mad at somebody that I got email you know and I'm start running scripts about what I need to tell them because they've upset me know and I'm supposed to be praying, but it's time to grab that little fox that's gonna knit my you know little fruit in the bottom. Let's just get back to Jesus led him deal with that.

You see, are you see in the picture, absolutely. Rather, I'm smelling what you said and then there is so little different idea of nipping it right so it's a make sure we don't get that nipped because in order to bear fruit, right you're going to need some sap and you can meet to be connected to the vine, you need to be listening what you're going to have to be in a place where you know God is with you. You can't hang up was soon as you start taking after people and quit loving on people Jesus counted. This lets you go on off on where you're going and in an essentially there's no more sap that can get to your fruit is pretty awesome. I got some in the I got see some of my freight this week and I had looked at it like that until this morning when you started talking about this, but I one of the guys from our youth. Great is ground that man is in the Navy and he was home and he was spending time in his stepdad and I got the time to hang out with them. We got to play golf together and we got to piece together and to see somebody that I've had an impact on their life and he's definitely had an impact on mind.

We were really close.

Back in those days, but see what a fine young man. He's grown up to be and denied it might've had a little bit of something to do with that. It was just so great for God to show me that freight the fruit of our our want to collect labor but it one labor.

It was was doing what I list showing how calm today so you know how hard is it to go play golf with somebody but how cool the labor market.

Having the part of the past.

As you know, when we know right understood when you teach yet that just to see the fruits of of that was really really really awesome because he is a great young man and that he's doing really well in the Navy and will he capture how did you find out about well his stepdad italic out and tell me that he was going to be coming down and that they were going to be doing some staff and he did mention may be playing golf and and I was excited. It was great to spend time with them and the fish and just kinda happened fish three days with him really and but anything about it. In a 20 year from now. I remember how that Bob let me know. I met him at church onward. You know that came from. In other words, just like when I looked at that girl and you know wheel of fortune you can see got like that's something that everybody doesn't have been so he's reflecting and what it it glorifies the Father in heaven when you bear much fruit, and it always has to do with loving other people write exactly.

And every time that you know I think I'm doing something for somebody else. It always ends at that hoops payee on the one to get publicity about what I was talk about investing in the Truth Network I was doing all this for no reason other than just to support what I knew was good enough Christian broadcasting all you know to seem like the thing to do right and then all my goodness did it end up blessing me.

My family life would know that that would be my livelihood for the next 13 years since I've worked full-time for truth broadcasting memo against pretty amazing stuff. This is wild. Have a what we we start out thinking something's going to be. Oh wait a minute guys got another plan. You know here let me show you what it's really all about, really, because I look back I can hear is this little bitty amount that I paid to the Truth Network members is gigantic amount I paid everybody else. I think what was I think. But you know you had a business to run and and and obviously we needed to sell the cars and that was the way that I supported my family at the time and that advertising word like your advertising just had to make the best decisions you could which gives back to the Lord's prayer. What were talking about right is like if it's pleasing him is not evil is not pleasing him is he right and and don't let me go someplace where I'm not thinking you're with me informing you let me stay in that place and and think about it. I've been doing that all week, actually like. As I was thinking about different decisions going.

This is actually one time I was. Should I get a soda or should I drink water that security should be there always antibiotics up Thursday all about surveys like water okay all right right but it's a beautiful little touchstone to go as it is this going.

Please goddesses can lead me someplace warm grown closer the goddesses can lead me someplace where I'm going. Further ways is going to keep me someplace where I'm not hanging up the phone or is this can be someplace where I feel like I'm I'm I'm getting closer and that's why I'm so glad you coolthatGodwouldhaveyoucomethisformyouticklemewhenyoumentionedthecenterofthewaterwhenIwasyoungerIdrinkabouttosend.Anditdidn'tshowup,butifIdrinkitnowitlikelingersaroundmybeltlineandthatIhadjustbecomeapermanentthingforme,thewatersalwaysabettercowthanthesentencebutIsuredidloveMountainDew.IcanpictureyoubanteringtothatOrangeBlossomspecialanddrinkingyourMountainDewanditwasaguywithJesuslaborlead.Wehadsuchatremendousweek.Ohmygoodness,youmayknowthatwe'vehadthis83-year-oldwidowthatwedesperatelyneedacarforanditlookslikewe'vehadacardonatedandthemoneytofixitupforher,andreallyreallyreallyexcitedaboutthatI'mI'mexcitedaboutthisothercarthatwehadthatthatwearewonderinghowintheworld.We'regoingtogetitfixedandreadyforanothersinglemomthatwasoutthereyoungsinglemom.ItcangetajobuntilshegetsacarandthatmoneywasprovidedinalltheiritChristiancarguy.comwhereyoucanalsofindtheupcomingfishingcardItheaterallthepastepisodesofprogressasyouwantto,justasyoucanhearthenextinstallment.ItalianisonhiswaytoMerrillTurnpikeandtheawesomestatethatthankyousomuch.You'relisteningtothetruthandTruthNetwork.comtimesoJohnBunyan'sclassic,thePilgrim'sprogress.Today'sepisodesevenisitChristiancarguy.comonethroughsix.Youcaneasilycatchupwithaseriesyoucanfindafollowalong.Oftheoriginalbookfortoday'sepisode,andmostimportantlytheScripturereferencesthatgoalongwithtoday' after this excellent evangelist called aloud to the heavens for confirmation of what you said and without there came forth from the that made the pain.

This vendor has many works of the law is written, cursed is everyone which are the law that began to cry out lamentably cursing the time in which he met with Wegner worldwide still calling himself a thousand fools to his counsel. He also was greatly ashamed think that it was sedans arguments flowing only from the flesh and pregnancy with him to cause him the first thing the right.

He applied himself again to Edsel think you will go and sit back she saw his dad's counsel, the mice life is great is committed to how has forsaken the way to school to trade in full God of the Turnpike receipt has goodwill only take.

He turned aside again. List all perish from the way when his wrath is kindled even one smiling God's one-on-one hate is breaking any sitting by the way he vouchsafed them in answer. He went like one was all the while treading on for could by no means think himself say again got into the way. So, in the process.

Turn now. It was written and it shall be opened once or twice a into his soaring national to sing his lasting please hi there came a great name GMC goodwill who asked who was there and where it came from and what we hear is vengeance find Mount Sinai dysfunction.

I am going to Mount Zion that I may be delivered from the rough to come.

I would therefore say since I am informed that my distant bike is the way to oh I am willing with all my heart and with that GMC was driving in GMC gave a little distance from this Turnpike to resurrected a strong castle which beetle Beelzebub is the From vents both he and them that are with him, shoot arrows, this Turnpike. If haply they may die before they can drive in Julie's someone valiant was God in the pickup of the Turnpike asked for who directed him for the event is not used to tell me what I must an open door is set before the no man can shut now I begin to read the benefits of my guys but how is it that you came along because none of mine made this change as I saw my did any of them know if you're coming yes, my wife and children sold the fast and cold after me to turn again. Also, some of my neighbors crying and cool enough to meet but I build up my Windows is not soaking my way but did none of them follow you to persuade you to go back. Yes, I went previous came away why did we came together until we came upon into the which also said I need previous and would not adventure well forgetting how to get him back side. He told me I should possess the great country in the winters when I last for Sudan is the celestial glory of so small a steam with him counterfeit not work.

Running the hazards of a few difficulties to obtain advice should say the truth, it would appear that is no detriment to myself. It is true. Went back and decide to go in by the conduct of one would owe like he would have had you not ease at the hands of Lexis legality.

They are both. She but did you take his counsel.

Yes, as far as I just I went to find Lexis legality until I that stands by his garage would fold their holsters that Mountain has been the death of many, will be the death of many more as well. You escaped being by pieces, truly I do not know what had become of this thankfully is the sign I was seeing.

It was Goldsmith see that he came to me again as I had never come out and on such a one is I had in the by that Mountain that dust just talking with my all entrance and no turnings no findings by which a stranger may lose his way we make no objections against any notwithstanding all that they have done before they come, they are in no wise cast out. And therefore, good value, little way with me and I will teach the about the way that must go look before the spell see this narrow way that is the way, stucco it was cast out patriarchs, prophets, Christ and his apostles is as straight as a rule can make this is the way, stucco, no turnings, no findings likely to stranger. Yes, there are many ways but down upon this cricket I just now made us distinguish right from the wrong right only being straight and narrow. Soon for the next exciting venture progress. Now here drain the radiator to review today's sound.

I on the want to know why for the last time in my you're listening to the truth and

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