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Once Upon A Time & A Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 7, 2020 2:47 pm

Once Upon A Time & A Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 7, 2020 2:47 pm

Just maybe you are receiving today what you will need tomorrow!  AND the 9th installment of "A Plymouth's Progress". 

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This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around all your friends.

Thanks for listening and thanks for choosing the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network Farley was a tiny kingdom peaceful and prosperous tradition. Now, gentlemen. A perversion of nature is back all the matter with you the right arm and Michael. Maybe I got a welcome radio show that when Bill take the misty plunge. Well well well you're probably love to see Saturday's car guys show is Once upon a time in a whole lot of shaking going on and you know is just out my week went and what God has been teaching me clearly.

I just feel it is had me drinking from a fire hose all week and so I'm really really thrilled and such a time assisted God always seems to have your notices Bill that when he really going into a harder difficult season. He gives you a unusual provision that your you know it's like okay the reason I'm getting all this is because I'm in the need to give you an example. I was in this unbelievably wonderful Bible study with five of the craziest different people you'd ever met. You are one of them, and after about a year and this absolutely wonderful studies.

When my daughter came down with the leukemia good to have you fellas in my life. Pray it and get me through it. It really showed me that that group may just an astronomical difference in my life and my family's life that that's the biggest example of that that I can think open. By the way, thank you.

Well, yeah, and by all means. It was my joy amendment and the fruit of our relationship, and all that. Those guys that were in that group. We are all still dear friends, one of which is the owner of this radio station Stu Epperson. Once upon a time, a lot of shaking going on and I don't you've noticed it this year. I have that is one of the prettiest falls I have ever's I mean to tell you the leaves are absolutely spectacular and if you look carefully under the oak trees, Bill, there are acorns like you've never seen big huge huge acorns. It makes you want to buy some of those boxes prepared food. Document your basement because legend is that you know when you see a lot of acorns in the fall. That means it's gonna be a really really hard winter because it's always been told that God is feeding the squirrels and the deer had a dime because I don't need it.

Need to fatten up, so he provides when order. Need stuff and and so that was clearly what he was doing with me this week. I just can you believe, but you know is is you heard from the beginning of Cinderella's is Once upon a time and that Once upon a time word comes actually from the Bible in the first place you would find it surprisingly is one God made Eve. How cool is that.

And if you can. If you get this picture for a minute Adam right and here he here stands Eve not even is completely innocent. She has no reason to be afraid. He was a pain in the side while you but at this point in time. This is the first time we hear the word in Hebrew. That's means. Once upon a time and it's actually pronounced in Hebrew.

Okay. But, as you might remember like Adam see each and she is nothing to hide. I mean that from like she has nothing to hide.

She's completely innocent and can you imagine honking the intimacy of talking to somebody that has nothing to hide right and and so did the interesting thing is to words after he sees this, he says now and that word now in Hebrew is Once upon a time all in one is Hebrews really sick language and they tend to put a lot of them stuff them in small letters. If you follow that train of that how that word is used throughout the Bible, and you think about Once upon a time, it's like right this very moment. It's like went in as this second happens you're in present time, and that's where God will be found. By the way and when you really know the Hebrew behind that.

Once upon a time word. It's like facing God with your eyes on Jesus. Okay which puts you in present time and someone when Adam said now it's like and dislike of the excitement of like what he had. Now had he was looking for intimacy was something you know someone that was like him and now he's in a position to talk to somebody and then talk to him.

That has nothing to hide and how to be known and completely known and up. I'm in a bit, you know, I heard a podcast this week. I heard so many wonderful podcasts because I was getting fed up this lady and she was talking about.

If Jesus showed up and in her life and said what what what you want.

You know what she wanted.

She wanted to be known she she wanted to feel like people really knew her on an intimate level and and we really want to know God. That's when we search the Bible. That's where we go all the stuff in the reason we want. That is because God wants that. And God wants to be nobody wants to know you and that's the intimacy of Once upon a time and so is no it's no coincidence whatsoever. I'm telling you that so many stories they try to bring you into the present time in order to get the story told, which is all about God story.

Now when Paul is describing this in Hebrews 12, you can use that. But before we go that's just all over the place. I'm sorry you soon lot better compact situation yours and so we talked about the leaves in their beautiful and God's provision, but I don't know if you thought about this. Have you ever seen so many dead skunks on the road in your whole life dear now that's that time of year and so is a car person.

I'm telling you, be careful there's dear there skunks or for cleansing the insurance guy says don't wash it off.

We get reported. That's right can be a conference of claimant.

We talked about that yes we are getting back to the skunk. I had what I have my first granddaughter whose name is Lila and she's a character in 1/2. We talked about it many times, but when she was about four she would say I smell a stunk your truck for death. The road that I love you thought about it, but I've never felt so blessed as to smell a strong event like this morning I'm coming, I'm coming to the Truth Network and I'm like I smell a stunk and I always say that it was and she said that to me and I like I don't have covert it all is said to smell a stunk and that's proof you don't have good that is less than you know when my daughter had coated the first things you like I can even spy can smell anything, you know, we went through that and that and that was the deal so Once upon a time, I smell a stunk. I see that I you know in present time. Think about it when you smell a stunk your him immediately in present time. Okay. Is it better than most, and then you heard a very interesting little clip from a movie called the butterfly circus which I have posted at my website if anybody wants to see it.

It's under today's Once upon a time all lot of shaking going on, so you just go to that posted Christian car because home of Euclid 1220 minutes you watched idea what you got a 20 minute we have really nice 20 minutes so you may know the guys I'd I don't always know last name.

His name is Nick and he just he has no arms and legs and minutes of the back part of the story is true.

Convinced this is how this man is and if they have them in this freak show and this ringmaster freak show circus right freak show circuses. Where is the beginning, but the ringmaster the butterfly circus is looking for God in people and so is he sees Nick for the first time and he really wants to show off what God did with Nick. He gets up close to them there and you hear that scene where he says you are magnificent and then you get spit on well if we really look inside of where we are from where Adam was at the point he was looking at.

Even she was absolutely magnificent and so is he. But now, right. Just think what that ringmaster said that what he said it just its counterpart in my soul it's is a man that God himself has turned his back upon. While there's only one man that God himself turned his back, and so would you go there. We have a collar offered to stuff to drink for firehose and Christian car guy theater. Oh my goodness this progress.

Number nine, not banana show so we have so much you're listening to the Truth Network and Farley, was a tiny King peaceful this tradition now, ladies and gentlemen, a perversion of nature itself is back upon Navajo Once upon a time today on the Chris got show and a whole lot of shaking going on what we have Ramona's and walnut coaches got the burning questions we only get to that server monitor on the Christian card I show the morning and burning things were driving down the road I say I smell burnt coffee to me like I got sick and I complained and complained and to some friends at the mission when I volunteer once a week and I said anything wrong. I can't smell anything. I got my sense of taste, but back then we didn't have any kind was happening to us in the world. With the outbreak of the coated and I'm wondering instead.

But I am wondering anyway my burning question for you is that we heard that little expression. The best is yet to come before November 3 before last Tuesday and it kept going through my mind.

There is a sign out there. It's a limited call song that says the man with distantly herded anything that was impressive.

I'm so glad you sang it because singing comes from the heart, and I think that we have it. It illustrates the song. I wish I could just not good with names. I'm, you know, but that is a song and very true and very relevant for what we don't talk about the guy Not addressing the best is yet to come. But it's not Just Saying Right so That I Might Remember There Hundreds, Maybe Thousands, Maybe Tens of Thousands. I Don't I've Never Known How Many People Actually Listen but I Hope Millions Because All of the Country and over 100 Radio Station so Maybe Somebody Listening Will Know the Version That You Are Referring to and Will Call You Some State to and Anybody That Knows That Call Is 866-348-7884 Ramona Wants to Know When She Wants Get That Version 8663 for 87884.

Thank You. Ramona God Bless Some Guidance Saying That Was Made so You Know You Heard the Thing from Nick and and You Think about Who Is the Only Person I Got Ever Turned His Back on. It Was Jesus. And so I Had. I'm so Blessed. It's Unbelievable. I Had an Opportunity to Be Part of an Interview with Alan Right on. If Not for God This Week with Mike Swick and He Was Talking about the Blessing of Efraim and Manasseh, and You May Know That the Word Efraim and This Was Again He's Just Written a Book Called the Power of a Blessing and It's Can Come out Shortly, so Just Go down Wright's Website and Find out about That You Want to Readably Means Amazing.

But What He Was Talking about Is Every Jewish Father on the Sabbath Is Required to Bless Their Children, Specifically Their Sons by Saying May You Be Blessed like Efraim and Manasseh, Which Is Pretty Interesting. You Know They Don't Say. May You Be Blessed by Moses, or May You Be Blessed like David or One of Those but They Say Very Specifically.

May You Be Blessed like Efraim and Manasseh, Nurse Ellen Will Go into Much Deep More Detail When I Going to Write the Second Board, Grab My Attention Immediately Because I Was Studying for Last Week Is That the Word Africa Means Double Fruit. Write a Double Portion of the Fruit That's Exactly What Efraim Means Manasseh Means Forget. So When Joseph Had These Two Kids out in the Wilderness before He Put His Father Came Back, He Named Them. You Know the First One Was Manasseh, and the Second One Which Is Forget Because He Want to Forget What His Brothers Did. Who Wouldn't Second One Was Tries Fruitful. Okay Now Jacob Got This, the Firstborn's Blessing. And so When These Two Boys Were Presented to Jacob to Get Blessed.

You Might Remember the Story That You Know He Put Manasseh under Jacob's Right Hand but at the Last Minute, Jacob Told the Switcheroo and Joseph Said No, No, You Got the Model Order and He Said No. I Have the Exact Order and so He Blessed Efraim First with a Double Portion. Just As, Alignment with His Name. A Double Portion of What Fruit in the Second One with All Forget What Alan Described Which This Is Just Part of the Firehose. I Got to Drink from This Week Was at the Cross Right When God Did in Fact Allow the Switcheroo toward. He Took His Right Hand off of Jesus Christ.

And He Put It on Bill We Put It on Bethann and He Gave Them the Firstborn's Blessing. And Guess What, You Also Get the Second, Which Is the Grace of He's Going to Forget Your Sin and End You're Going to Get This Package Going Back to What Happened with Adam to Where If You Accept That You Are Completely Innocent and You Really Have Anything to Hide Is That It's Absolutely Spectacular It Spectacular That Jesus Did This and so the Jews Have Been Putting This Blessing of Efraim and Manasseh on Their Children. What a Powerful Thing That We Can Do with Our Children Is to Give Them the Blessing. The Double Portion and and and That Grace to Forget.

So Monday.

This Is before the Election All the Stuff John Eldridge Podcast.

Probably the Best Broadcast I've Ever Heard in My Entire Life for Such a Time As It Some.

It Was Just like It Just Blew My Mind How Powerful It Was and What He Was Talking about and He Was Talking about Ephesians 1 and so This Also Is Posted My Website with Butterfly Surface in the Scriptures Are Making Reference to so and Don't Forget We Got Christian Card I Theater and for the House of the Interpreter and Is Going to Follow. I'm Just Telling It.

We Are Loaded for Bear Christian Card Types of Staging We Got so Much for Coming up. You're Listening to the Truth Network and TruthNetwork.Com in One Yes, We Haven't Gotten to the Shaking and We Haven't Gotten the Nasty One for the Really Good Be Fun When We Get to Understand and by the Way, after the Segment Is Coming from Christian Card I Theater, so If You Ever Question You Are Calling It Be Good to Do That Well Were Still Here. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and along Those Lines at 1 O'clock Today Amy, Was Coming up with the Cure and She Is Going to Be Talking about Internet Crime and Enough You Had a Chance to Listen Lantern Rescue This Week. Oh My Goodness What a Topic so You Can Have a Chance to Interact with Them at 1 O'clock Today on the Cure, but I Wanted to Get Back to This What I Told You about John Eldridge's Podcast and Again the Link Is There Christian Car in the Post for Today about Once Upon A Time, but He Taught from Ephesians Chapter 1 Verses 2223 and He Read It First from the Message Version Which I've Never Heard of the Message Version so Just Strap on Your Seatbelts and Will Go Do This for a Minute Because in Order to Understand What He Was Saying We Got Here This so All This.

This Is a Quote from the Message.

Ephesians 120 All This Energy Issues from Christ. God Raised Him from Death, and Set Them up on the Throne in Deep Heaven in Charge of Running the Universe. Everything from Galaxies to Governments. No Name and No Power except from His Rule, and Now Just for the Time Being, Not Just for the Time Being. Excuse Me Amount Not Just for the Time Being, but Forever. He's in Charge of It All. Yes, the Final Word on Everything and That the Center of All This, Christ Rules the Church. The Church You See Is Not Peripheral to the World. The World Is Peripheral to the Church. The Church Is Christ Body in Which He Speaks and Acts by Which He Feels Everything with His Presence.

What He Went on to Say Is Just Think about Paul When He Wrote This When He Says You Know Right Now A Lot Of People Have a Microphone and You May Think That That's the Main Event, but the Church Is the Main Event There That the Church Isn't Peripheral to the World.

The World Is Peripheral to the Church. So Here's Paul Writing This, You Know, at This Point in Time.

How Many Christians Are There Comport. How Many Romans the Romans Certainly Had the Microphone It Would Appear They Did and They Might Even Argue That We Just Killed Your Leader. They Would Be Wrong, but Just Think about What the Talk What You Know That They Had a Really Bad Leader. By the Way, I Think It Was Nearly at This Point in Time. So I Mean You Know People Get Burned in Farming.

This Is A Lot Worse Than What You Might Think You Know of the Candidate That Sent Your Favorite I Mean Nero Was His Way up There but He Didn't Have a Microphone about What Paul Is Saying Isn't Just Think about It 200 Years after This Event, Right Where Is Rome on the Scene.

I Mean the Church Is Grown and It's on the Move in the Kingdom Is Advancing in Many Are Even Worse, You Know, If You Look at World History Even Get a Worse Empire of Genghis Khan and Genghis Khan. He Boasted That He Killed over 10% of the Worlds Population. That's How Bad This Guy Was and What Happened to the Church during This Period of Time. It Advancing It Keeps Moving Forward. And so A Lot Of People May Think They Have the Microphone. I Was Just It Was so Encouraging to Me to Get My Focus Back on What Once Upon A Time, Right That the Story Is God Story He's Telling It and in Real Time Eyes on Jesus Hearts on Jesus You Know Highs on Jesus Hartung Jesus Where You Go so I Know All This on Monday yet Tuesday Night, like Probably A Lot Of You about Every Three Hours. I Bent to Pick up My Phone and See What the Result and I Was Praying with God of the Time like to. I Really Need to Do This and He Goes, We Just You Know You Just Your All Tied up in Knots and so That Morning When I Went to Do My Quiet Time Is to Get up at Four and Want to Do That and He Said Robbie Go Back and Review Hebrews 12 Which You May Recall Hebrews 12 Has Everything to Do with Shaking and It Says in This Word yet Once More Which Actually Is Where I Got That Once Upon A Time in This Word.

Once Upon A Time Signified the Removing of Those Things That Are Shaken As Those Things Are Made, and These Things Were Not Shaken Will Not Remain. So I Started to Think about That Word Shaken I Went to the Study and You May Not Be Aware This I Sure Wasn't.

When Jesus Was Talking to the Guys about John The Baptist and He Said Yeah Why Did You Go out to See This Read Did You Go out to See or Read Shaken by the Wind.

What You Know, I Never Thought about the Jesus Was Actually Quoting a Prophecy That Was in First King. A Pretty Interesting Little Prophecy about Israel Being Shaken and Again You Can See the References to All This Christian Car on This Post, but Essentially It Was up It Was a Kind of a Given Name of the Prophet Was like a High Jerry Was a Different Guy and and He Said That Israel Would Be Shaken and and in the Idea of That Word in Hebrew Is This Is a Stock You Know We've Translated Is Read.

But When You Really Think about It like a Stock That Has Weed on the Top of It, or a Stalk of Corn Which Is the First Place, You Find That Word Used Is When Joseph Has His Dream He Sees Stocks Whether Stocks of Court Because It's Fruit You See As You Shake That Read, Think about Me When You Know We Had Those Closing Will Is Back in the Day Right in There Just Covered with Seeds and so When the Wind Hit Those Things When They Blossom Right What's Going on.

Fruit Is Going Everywhere Just Say You Know You Think about the Church at Max When They Were Persecuted with What Finally Got Him Out Of Jerusalem to Go Do What Was There Supposed to Write and so All My Goodness You Know Here They All Are off to Two to Bear Fruit, and so Once Again Yeah There's A Lot Of Shaking Going on, but As the Wind Blows the Trees. These Beautiful Trees That's What Brings down the Acorns Guys and Those Acorns Die and They Begin They Go Grow More Fruit and Yeah There's a Whole Lot of Shaking Going on, but Is Is Is Is a Saying Hebrews Here.

This Is Going to Be a Good Thing Is There's a Whole New Plan Right Looks at You Got Some You Want Apple Will Just Think It It Totally Different Spin on It.

It's a Good Thing Aware.

I Thought the Scripture Was Saying It Was a Bad Thing. Look out for the Wind but the Scattering of the Seed Is a Wonderful and You're Right When They Came in They Burned the Temple. That's When They Sent All the Godly People throughout the Middle East This Year. The Good News in the Church Exploded Size. What about It Just Got Blown out There so We Have Carol Lee Who Is in Port Orchard, Washington Carol You're on a Christian Card I Show Them on All I'm Sorry Carol Window to Full That I Was Going to Say I Was Disappointed in the Election That Somebody Said Something That Made Me Think I Was Thinking No Matter What God Is in Control but Maybe Gone More Our Way. We Went Been Certain Lazy and Thought All Things Are Being Taken Care Of Now. But We Have To Pray More Than Ever for Our Country Because Our Country Is Going in the Wrong Direction and You Know It Needs to Inspire Us to Get Really Say Knots Not Give up the Fight. While I Know That You Gods in That Neighborhood.

Generally, I Think That Is Phenomenal Wisdom That the You Know If My People Who Are Called by My Name Will Humble Themselves and Pray, but Little Did We Know What Other People Do Not Currently That's Her Job Description.

Our Job Description Is to Be Honest, He's Seeking His Face in Present Time You Looking for Him, so We Can Bear Much Fruit, so That's Absolutely Beautiful.

Thank You Kelly.

You Are Exactly Right. Okay. You Are Just As Beautiful You Can See the Man I Would Love to Live in the Neighborhood When You I Mean God's Just There so You May Have Heard, Take the Nasty Plunge. Okay I Have on the Show about Four Times. Okay, I Gotta Get to It.

My Friend James Banks. If You List Encouraging. Get the Full Deal Today at Sonnet 10 1150 but What He Said Was As You're Seeking God You're Trying to Keep Them There and Abiding in Him. He Said Rather Than You Trying to Bring Your Will, into His or Whatever. He Said Just Take the Nasty Plunge Right Just Fall Back and That into Jesus's Arms Just It's You Seen the Guy.

Do the Nasty Plunge Right This Falls Back into the Water Well That Waters Jesus and and You Can Fall Back into God's Lap, Which Is Absolutely Beautiful and As You Note in This Christian Car Guy Theater Want to Pay a Little Bit of Attention to the Far Wall, Which Is Always Been One of My Favorite Parts of the Whole Book Is That the Picture Is That There's This Fire and Satan Is Trying to Put It out with Waterbed Back behind the Picture Is Jesus, and He Scored Oil in the Fire with You Try to Put out an Oil Fire with Water. If You've Ever Done That It Gets Exciting Because I Mean the Water Is Oxidized by the Heat of the Oil and It Makes the Fire Bigger and so Is Satan Is Trying to Put Water on the Church Whenever He Did It Wherever It Worked out, Leaving the Ox 400 Will Be Oxidized and the Fire Will Burn Brighter. So This Episode Christian Car Guy Theater Come up. Thank You Everybody for Your Listening to the Truth Network and TruthNetwork.Com Christian. Today's Episode the Plymouth Progress Is Purposefully Completely Based on John Bunyan's Classic the Pilgrim and Nine Is a Christian Both As a Podcast One through Eight Can Easily Catch up with a Series but Also You Can Find a Follow along. Of the Original Book for Today's Episode, and Most Importantly the Scripture References That Go along with Today's Help Greatly in the Interpretation of the Plymouth That's All It Christian Card. Jimmy, Our Hero from Mouse on His Dream That Infinity, the Interpreter Took Plymouth Valiant by the Bumper and Had Them into a Little Room Were Sent to Little Subcompacts. Each One Parked on the Lift, the Name of the Elder Was so Passionate in the Name of the Other Protg Patient until Passion Seem to Be Very Much Discontented Protg Patients Was Very Quiet. Then Plymouth Valiant As What Is the Reason That the Discontented Is until Passion. Gartner Would Have Them Stay for His Best Things for Them till the Beginning of the Next Year, but Pinto Will Have All Now God Protg Patients Is Willing to Wait and Jimmy's on His Dream Medicine Band Came to Passion and Brought Him a Bag of Treasure and Quarter with with All Laughter Protg Patients That I Beheld, but A While and He Had Lavished All Away and Had Nothing Left to Them, but Ranks Then Said Valiant Infinity Interpreter Expel Dispensable These Two Sub, so until Passion Is a Type of the Suggestions of This World, and Protg Patients Is a Type of the Sedans of That Which Is to Come.

For As Here, the House He Just Pinto Passion Will Have All Now. This Year, That Is to Say, This World so the Sedans of This World They Must Have All Their Good Things. Now They Cannot Apply until Next Year.

That Is until the Next World to Wait for Their Portion Profit a Bird in the Hand Is Worth Two in the Bush Is of Moral Authority with Them and Are All Fine Testimonies of the Good of the World to Come. But As the Source Passion Had Lavished All the Way and Had Presently Left Nothing but Rags. So Being with All Such Men. At the End of This Now I See That Protg Patients As the Best Wisdom That, upon Many Accounts Because He Waits for the Best Things Second, and Also Because the People Have the Glory of His Riches and the Other Is Nothing That Threatens to Quit the Glory of the Next World Will Never Wear out Are Suddenly Gone. Therefore, Pinto Passion Had Not so Much Reason to Laugh at Protg Patients Because Pinto Passion Had His Good Things First. What One Day Protg Patients Will Have Reason to Laugh at Pinto Passion Because He Is Best Things Last for the First Must Give Place to the Last Because Last Must Have His Time to Come. Last Place Nothing. There Is Not Another 60, Therefore, That Have His Portion First Must Needs Have Much Time to Spend but He That Hath His Portion Last Must Have a Lasting Four.

Therefore, It Is Said of the Wealthy Thou in Thy Lifetime Received the Sky Good Things, and Likewise Lazarus Evil Things. Now He Is Comforted, and Vile Tormenting the Sea That Is Not Best to Covet Things Now We Things to Come Say the Truth Put the Things Which Are Seen Are Temporal, but the Things Which Are Not Seen a Return but This Be so. Yet, since Things Present and Fleshly Appetite Are Such near Neighbors to One Another and Again Because Things to Calm and Carnal since Such Strangers to One Another. Therefore, It Is Not the First of These so Suddenly Fall into That Distance Is so Continued between the Second Dream Infinity Interpreter Took Valiant by the Letterman to a Place Where Was a Fire Burning Always Cast Water upon You Fire and What Is This This File Work of Grace Is Often Cast and Poorly Doubt That I'll See As the Fire Notwithstanding Gardenhire Shows Also See the Reason and about the Backside of the Sausage and Secretly into the Fire Continued His Grace Maintains the Work Already Begun to Find the Means Which, Notwithstanding What the Devil the Soles of His People Gracious and in That House Source Deficits and Parked behind the Eye Pad Is to Teach Is Hard for the 10 See How His Work Is so Exciting Venture. Plymouth Progress Now Any Dipstick and Randy Radiator to Review Today's Episode Valiant Scar Christian Would Never Leave the Hospital after Swallowing Those a Day. He Was Really Critical Say Is Condition Is Stable and Hard to Follow.

Illustration Is like to Think That That's Where the Wet. No Need One Dog Takes Them Medicine Because I Was Martin to Be Able to Hire One Room Waiting for Will When You Pour Water on All Five Oxidizes the Water Is Using Savings and Tax Actually Have Our Light Shine Even Brighter Now. We All Face Firewalls Catch Our Heart Take the Nifty Plunge and Remembering the Water That Satan Is Pouring on the Fire of the Church Is Just Going to Be Arms and Thighs to Make the Fire That Much Brighter Church Is Not Peripheral to the World World Is Peripheral to the Church and Once Upon A Time, Always Has a Happy Ending. Your Listening to the Truth Network and TruthNetwork.Com

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