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Flawed Appetites and Fatal Attractions | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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September 14, 2020 8:00 am

Flawed Appetites and Fatal Attractions | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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September 14, 2020 8:00 am

We live in a world of victims; nobody wants to take the blame for anything. But God’s Word heeds warning to those who would dare blame Him for their temptation to sin. In this message, Adrian Rogers explains the process of temptation, so that we can recognize and rebuke our own flawed appetites and fatal attractions.

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One of our favorite games these days is the blame game, but do we truly understand how dangerous it can be listened to Adrian Rogers crippled almost all essays written by Paul somebody make me do it. God would've made me this way.

All rights aside by minimal our God-given life saving your life aside and says I don't blame her glance you might know personally.

You will not be. You will the blame game is a fun game to play. But you will always be balloons welcome to love words featuring powerful insight lessons of the claimed pastor Adrian Rogers in part one of today's message.

We learned that sin is an inside job begins within as long as we live, there will be temptation. We can play the blame game all day long, but will ultimately lose. How can we stand firm against temptation. If you have your Bible turned out of the book of James chapter 1 will begin in verse 12. Use Adrian Rogers to share how we can stand firm.

Even when the devil provokes our flawed appetites and fatal attractions message today I want to get down and your heart and in your life. Sin is and in side job.

It starts in you notice again what he says in this passage. In verse 14 Everyman is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lusts, his own loss and enticed. You have a what he is saying here is that sin is very much like a seduction like a man may seduce a woman are a woman may seduce a man that's what the word drawn away live in me that there is point number one and get it down. Good. There is a courtship that leads to a consent now the devil is going to court you. Temptation will come your way to entice you.

Everyman is tempted when he is wrong away to see that word drawn away doing that word limit means it was used in that day of men who were trappers who would trap around heart was used to fishermen who would catch a fish with a bait all over.

It's a word to entrap to ensnare to allure this is what it's all about I'm in the first vast cyber caught with artificial I thought no bass could be this stupid. Somebody said you take that piece of wood with those hooks on and throw it out there by those lily pads and I was with some other people and I wanted them to think I was macho man these guys believe in this kind of fish and I will believe it and I walked up and down the bank of that canal. There, and guys were way off over there I could hear them talking and just nonchalantly on throwing that thing out, getting it snarled up and trying to undo it. Finally, get back again and I threw that plug at all of sudden the water exploded thoughtlessly come out of the water. That's one of those things were just not the plug out water but was in his mouth.

That line type and the fight was all his was so excited I didn't even really mean. I backed them out about dumb fish fish pain on Senate. But there was something in bass that said, I want and when enticed Broadway but uses the word here not to talk about Bassman about people. Everyman is drawn away of his own loss. Here is the anatomy of a San there's a courtship that leads to a consent. The devil flirts is made, he tries to draw you away.

It begins with a rotation now the devil will throw the match, but the devil has to have the gasoline of an unholy desire in order for to do some good.

Now Satan throws out little Satan throws out the bait. Satan likes the matching is all this being draw all people away, but there must be with that courtship. There must be a consent the sinner says I do, there's a courtship that leads to a consent.

You cannot blame God. You cannot blame the devil. You cannot blame circumstance. The Bible says you are drawn away of your own lust. Point number one. The courtship that leads to consent.

Point number two the consent that leads to conception. First, there's a courtship, then there's a consent and then there is a conception like you will numbers 15 then when lust has conceived in bringing forth sin. There comes an unholy union that brings an unholy child and that unholy child is sin. The mother of sin is inward lust, the father of sin is outward attraction. And when these come together. There is a sand that is produced. There is a fatal attraction that's the father. There is a flawed appetite. That is the mother and when these two come together. There is a conception that when a baby is conceived many times as great joy in the physical realm. People say look, we are having a new baby and I home and so it is sometimes with sin.

Whatever it is at the moment. It may seem so joyful it may seem so pleasant. It may seem so beautiful.

It may seem so natural and so you might be going on right now hi why the handsome living and said having a wonderful time. Lust would have to say bring a full set. What a beautiful baby. Any kind of sin, but I was the third thing there is the conception that leads to the consummation. There is a courtship. There is a consent there is a conception and then there is a constellation look at it again in verse 15 then when lust has conceived it, bring forth sin, and sin, when it is bring forth death. When it is finished.

That means when it is literally full-grown, so you can see sin when is a baby. He must've been a beautiful baby but maybe look at you now you can see San when you feel so good when seem so not what essential right you think perhaps you beat the game, which is not the sole it Senate that usually by the wages of sin is death sand when it is finished ready for dad first sin fascinates that it assassinates first thrills that if you lust when you have conceived bring forth sin, and sin, when it is used. Bringing forth Dan the child of lust is sin, and the grandchild of lust is been in lust when I have to say bring forth sin, and sin, when it is finished report lusts in their estate that young people see this today young people don't listen to what about first policies really not my fault. Somebody made me do it.

God would've made me this way. It's all right, society is a blaming look why we even have a no-fault divorce give me a break.

Our God-given blame. Save your blame or circumstance is your blame or glandular blame. No, Everyman is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed and lust would have conceived bring forth sin, and sin, when it is finished ready for death. Listen to me you will not be getting you will hear will not beat again.

The blame game is a fun game to play. But you will always be the loser without notice how sin and says let's just take something for example, alcohol liquor, thereby because all it's all right to drink today. We've humanized God and I.

Society minimize sin universe, but in the margin Proverbs 23 verses 31 and 32 look not thou upon the wine when it is read when it giveth his color in the cup, when it moved with itself. All right, that means what is permanent is a time when the wind is not permit papers. I would Jesus drink wine. Jesus did not drink water bottle today and call wine that in the Bible would definitely be strong drink condemned look not thou upon the wine when it is read when it giveth his color in the cup, when it moves itself awry at the last_that now at the last listen at the last at the last it might've like a set and staying like a matter not of the first, at the last one of the most beautiful advertisements on television and magazine and on the billboards liquor every five they never show some teenager with his face like Scott having gone through a windshield. They never go down to the emergency room. They never show the drunkard in the gutter covered in his own vomit with flies. They will show that they will show the last only show the first base guy sin and that bass boat and they say it never gets any better than this right, it always gets worse. Just ask that it might've like that in Florida I am an artist to paint a billboard to put on the parking lot in the church in Fort Pierce where I was pastor and he showed some garbage cans and a big rant about 8 inches long and a drunkard down there with a broken bottle lying by those garbage cans in the back alley and I have put underneath that painting the finished product of the Brewers are because there was a bear that was advertising the finest product of the Brewers are so I just put the finished product of the Brewers are hypothetical in the parking lot for the boys and girls to say I got a call at home. I mentioned to you later and I guess I am the pastor the church as I am patient will I am the distributor for this in such a beer and said you got a sign on the parking lot. I need to talk to you about this. Upon reaching soon as you get mouths I'll be there right and I said that is what you want talk about@four. He said that sign discriminates against my product message or product is broken with tears thinking with blood and flavored with death if I were you, I do my knees right now and ask God Almighty, have mercy is a while they said I don't think I will. I said I do to Isaac.

Please assume you want my picture on the front page of the newspaper. I won't that billboard on the front page of newspapers and I think you got a lot of nerve you come and holds with your advertisement. You come with your billboards, magazines you come with this and that I put one billboard on a parking lot for boys and girls in semiskilled and you will like to make a deal with you.

You take down all your signs up a downline at the last bite psycho separate and stings like a matter want you to see the end about immorality everything today is run by sex proper fibers and three provide listen to this for the lips of a strange woman drop is a honeycomb, and her mouth is smoother than oil all honey lips this year what God's word says, but hurry as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword.

Her feet go down to Annas take all all hell did I go to break God's laws. God says flee fornication menu I go to break them with impunity are broken on God's word says thou shalt not commit adultery sand when it is finished bringing forth when we can talk about so many things human pride is that why my bliss is great to know you is I have my own ideas. You may Proverbs 14 verse 12 there is a way that seems right into a land but the end thereof are the ways of dad you can say I have my own really dry my own ideas. I'm going my way will help yourself but the end thereof are the ways of dad sin when it is for the pastor this church like our daily said you gave this court. If you want to choke you on the call, the bread of the cedar suite, but afterward a man's mouth shall be filled with gravel. So what we have we have a courtship where we consent, we have a conception we have a consummation sin when he is finished now the sibling rep is where is the problem. Sin is an inside job. Remember Mark seven.

Jesus said all these things come out of the heart. You can blame anybody.

Everyman is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. This is an inside job.

Would you like to get rid of temptation as long as you live as long as you exist, there will be temptation.

So what are you going to do the only thing you can possibly do is to have an inward change to get your heart changed in your guitar change saves not just up tempted to get guitar change to see you got to get to one fixed.

That's what Jesus did for me when he saved me. Okay, something I sent all I want because I don't because something happened in me. When Jesus save me little tiny preacher named Lester Roloff a burial preacher, Lester Roloff told most incredible stories about a man who was having difficulty, and he went to see the doctor and he said Dr. I want to do something for me. By the way, the name of the doctor was Dr. Law LEW Dr. Lawson will what's a matter since my eyes. My eyes are looking at the wrong kinds of things I'm looking at pornography in my hands.

My hands are doing things and taking things that don't belong to me and my feet. My feet are going places all not to go and my problems my eyes my hands my feet. Dr. losses no is not your problem. Your problem is your heart knowing says don't know knows my hands Maisano Dr. losses. Trust me, is you are well okay Dr. Larkin you give me some medicine. Can you give me some exercises know what I thought what you I only diagnose and I'm telling you, you got a fatal disease is going to kill you and your problem is your heart to Lori me and I want to die is a no go.

So what cattle we need a heart transplant out what you need a new heart will continue to assert all know I don't do a circular I just diagnose what does Dr. Grace Dr. Grace Wilton were stuck break right across the hall drive to make a point on the PC immediately, what will it cost nothing you give me a new heart.

Yes you do right now absolutely. I just know it. Yes and it won't cost anything. Note what it should remain in their but you need a new step across the hall telling that I sent you man steps across the hall and knocked on the door. There comes a most kind looking man is ever seen Dr. Grace.

He says Dr. Grace Dr. Law sent me here it says I got a bad heart did you do anything for me. Yes, I can.

Dr. Grace puts me on this table and reaches in with his hand and takes out my heart and what I see it is sold.

I'm still awake during this operation is file it stinks. It's a little some I never dream how corrupt my heart's and then Dr. Grace puts within me a new heart immediately. There is a change with my hands with my hands and with my feet because I have been given a new heart, a friend, if you read in James chapter 1. That's what James is talking about.

After he talks about that old heart that old desire that all of us. Then he says of his own will begat he's. That is, we are born again. First of all, there's the conception of sin. But then there's the conception of the new of his own will he begets us with his word. I'm not perfect. You say I already knew that pastor I'm not perfect but Jesus gave me a new heart. He gave me a new power that I need to live victoriously and I don't have to make excuses. I will have to try to blame God or circumstances.

But I can say, by the grace of God I am what I am changed change you need a new heart today and I'm telling you Dr. law cannot save you, Dr. law just says the wages of sin is death, Dr. laws made a good diagnosis but Dr. Grace will save you today's name is Jesus with your prayer prayer like this prayed out of your heart dear God I am a seven.

The problem is my old heart and I stop making excuses.

Lord I stop trying to blame somebody else, it's me, it's me, it's me oh Lord, standing in the need of prayer, old Lord Jesus give me a new heart today change save Lord Jesus Jesus.

I believe you died on the cross to pay for my sin. I believe in God the father raised from the dead, and I believe you saved me if I trust I trust you today. Save orgies if you pray that prayer I want you to think this way. Thank you for doing. I don't look for a sign or ask for feeling I stand on your work. Begin now to make me the person you want me to bring your holy name I pray, if you prayed to receive the forgiveness that Jesus has offered you. We'd love to also offer now and insightful resource on our website. It's the Discover Jesus page you find answers. They are that you may need about your newfound faith. We also want to hear about it and celebrate with you on the website. There's a response section where you can share your decision with us. Go to and click discover Jesus at the top of the page again and click discover Jesus welcome to God's forever family. We can't wait to hear from you if you like to order a copy of today's message request one by the title flawed appetites and fatal attractions. Call us at 1877 love God's message is also part of the powerful serious challenges to the cross for the complete collection, all six insightful messages: 1877 love God or go online to or you can order by writing a set love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183. Thank you for joining us in our study of God's word today. Are you being tempted to sin. Don't blame God or circumstances.

Instead, ask God for a change of heart for the strength to refrain from sending and be sure to join us tomorrow for more timeless truths from Adrian Rogers on the love worth blister in Ontario, Canada shared some words of encouragement with us recently. I want to share them with you now. She writes dear love worth finding these daily devotion and messages are helping me grow day after day.

Such a blessing to me and to my family and friends as I share with them as well. Praise the Lord for the living word.

Thank you for sharing that note with us you not love worth finding it's her passion to turn consumers into distributors and to equip you with resources as you share the timeless truth of the gospel this month as a thank you for your generous support. We want to send you our critical issues booklet collection Adrian Rogers explains how to combat critical issues in a five booklet collection, including popular messages such as this character count and tolerance. The good bad and the ugly request is bundled when you call the gift right now. 1877 love God. Again, thanks for your generous support. Love worth finding

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